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English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 8 seasons, 146 episodes, 7 hours 15 minutes
Dave and Steve started their food revolution with a desire to make fruit and veg sexy. Believing that is not about short term diet, but about a long term lifestyle change, their philosophy is that the food we consume makes a huge difference to our whole well-being and how we live our lives. Throughout this podcast series they will demystify the healthy living clutter and bring you on a journey through conversations with real changemakers that will unfold the secrets of good health for the mind, body and soul. The Happy Pear Podcast is brought to you by SuperValu.
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Suncream, Natural vs Unnatural Cosmetic Ingredients, and Myths debunked with Cosmetic Chemist Michelle Wong

In this episode, we are joined by Michelle Wong, a cosmetic chemist and skincare blogger with a PhD in chemistry. Michelle has been sharing her expertise on all things skincare for over a decade, and her blog, Lab Muffin, is a go-to resource for those looking to learn more about the science behind beauty products.The conversation covers a range of topics, including the importance of using sun cream, the difference between natural and unnatural cosmetic ingredients, and more. Michelle shares her insights and expertise throughout the episode, explaining complex scientific concepts in an approachable and engaging way.We start off by discussing the science behind sun cream and how it works to protect the skin from UV radiation. Michelle emphasises the importance of using sun cream on a daily basis, regardless of skin tone or weather conditions, to prevent skin damage and r
17/05/202358 minutes 12 seconds
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Niall Breslin (Bressie) on Mental Health and The Importance Of Perspective

“Most people really struggle with just slowing their thoughts down. So, I always say ‘What’s your favourite song?”. If you close your eyes, and you can hear the creeks in the piano of the song and hear feet moving on the ground, all of the sudden, you are in that space. That’s meditation and that mindfulness.”This week’s episode is with the incredible Niall Breslin A.K.A Bressie.  What can we say about this man? We admire him so much. You would be incredibly hard pressed to find something Niall hasn't done in his lifetime. He is a bestselling author, podcaster, musician, philanthropist, and a former professional athlete. However, right now he is on a mission with regards to mental health. Over the past decade, Niall has become one of Ireland’s most formidable and inspiring mental health advocates. He has undoubtedly been one of the spearheads of the mental health conversation in Ireland and bravely steppe
23/03/202152 minutes 55 seconds
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Sustainability & Climate Action with Dr Tara Shine & Madeleine Murray

“Don’t create another committee. Talk to people where they already gather. Share ideas and that ripple effect will build and build and build.” Our guests on this episode of The Happy Pear Podcast is the amazing duo of Dr Tara Shine & Madeleine Murray, of Change by Degrees. Tara and Madeleine are wonderful humans. Tara has spent 20 years as an international climate change negotiator and advisor to governments and world leaders on environmental policy, most notably as a Special Advisor to the Mary Robinson Foundation-Climate Justice.  Madeleine brings a multifaceted background and is expert in employee sustainability engagement and helping businesses create and tell their sustainability stories. Together, they run Change by Degrees, an organisation dedicated to delivering strategic sustainable advice, employee engagement and specialised sustainability comms.  Tara and Madeleine a
16/03/202149 minutes 33 seconds
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Dr Rangan Chatterjee

“We aren't weak. We don’t lack will power. We’re just humans trying to get by each day. The world is tough. It is difficult at the moment. We don’t need to beat ourselves up. Let’s be kind and compassionate to ourselves.”Our guest on this episode of The Happy Pear Podcast is the amazing Dr Rangan Chatterjee. Rangan is a breathtaking human. He is a physician, author, television presenter, podcaster and much more. He has also been a medical doctor for more than 20 years and is a pioneer in the emerging field of progressive medicine. Rangan is best known for his TV show ‘Doctor in the House’ and for being the resident doctor on legendary BBC One's Breakfast Show. He also writes for the Huffington Post and pens a monthly column on lifestyle medicine in Top Santé. His TV shows have been shown in more than 70 countries around the world and in 2017, he came 8th in the Pulse Power 50 list for influential GPs.Simply put, Rangan is on a
09/03/202147 minutes 28 seconds
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Ella Mills aka Deliciously Ella

“Health is so simple. We can make it so complicated, but at the base of it is simplicity. That's what I have been focusing on and I can’t tell you the difference it has made” Our guest on this episode of The Happy Pear Podcast is the amazing Ella Mills, founder and driving force behind the brand Deliciously Ella. Ella is all about using her platform to share simple and delicious ways to take the complication out of healthy living and to feel better.   Starting from a personal blog, Deliciously Ella has evolved into so many things, from an app, to a deli, to a series of podcasts and even a hugely successful range of plant-based food products available all over the UK and now Ireland. Her story has a lot of similarities to ours, so it was so lovely to get the chance to sit down for a longer period of time with her. Ella started everything back in 2012. She had previously been diagnosed with a number of serious health issues and following
02/03/202151 minutes 9 seconds
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Russell Brand

Russell Brand is one of our heroes. An award-winning comedian, actor, author, public thought leader, a passionate activist for mental health and drug rehabilitation, Russell is also a great friend.His career thus far has been incredible, from starting out in his early days as a stand-up comedian, to then working in television, radio, film, while also subsequently becoming one strong voice in global political commentary and drug and mental health reform. He is someone who now focuses on creating positive change in the world and he is truly one of our heroes.  Russell has his own wonderful podcast, Under the Skin, available on Luminary.Luminary is a subscription podcast service with original shows you won't find anywhere else and listeners of this podcast can get a one-month free trial of Luminary by going to In this episode of The Happy Pear Podcast, Russel
23/02/202155 minutes 42 seconds
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Roz Purcell on Learning to Love Your Body

“Your body isn’t just for show, it does a million things for you every single day that you take for granted and by punishing it or wanting another body is never going to make that relationship better. I tried every single diet fad, every quick fix out there and I never went, 'now I’m happy'” - Roz Purcell Our guest in this episode of The Happy Pear Podcast is the amazing Roz Purcell. Roz is an author, chef, blogger, entrepreneur, podcast host, charity worker, former miss universe, a dear friend, and so much more. Roz always has several amazing projects on the go, from her food blog ‘Natural Born Feeder’, to writing her best-selling cookbooks, to creating ‘The Hike Life’ brand and community, to her amazingly successful podcast ‘Bite Back’. The real question is, what hasn’t Roz done? Most notably, Roz is currently one of the leading body positivity voices in the UK and Ireland today. Over the past number of years, she has used
16/02/202143 minutes 56 seconds
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Peak Performance with Gerry Hussey, Ireland's leading performance coach

“Yes, you might want to lose weight, yes, you might want to build muscle, but right now, you are enough. The moment you start to look in the mirror and feel inspired by the person you see is the moment you take your own power back.” - Gerry HusseyThis  episode of The Happy Pear Podcast is with the great Gerry Hussey. Gerry is a performance psychologist and has been in the human health and performance field for almost 20 years. In more recent times, he has been coined ‘The Soul Coach’.Gerry has been at the forefront of building high performance teams and individuals in all areas of sport and professionalism. His vast experience has seen him prepare and lead teams for success at Olympic Games, Heineken cups, World cups, and World and European championships. He has worked and currently works with some of the world’s leading sport and business teams as well as coaching for high performing individuals.He brings an unrivalled wealth of hone
09/02/202139 minutes 36 seconds
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Dr Megan Rossi on the Secrets to Good Gut Health

If you don't have good gut health, then it doesn’t matter how good your diet is. If your gut lining isn’t strong, then no matter how healthy you are, your body is not going to be able to digest and extract what you need from your food.This is the key message from our guest on this episode of The Happy Pear podcast. Dr Megan Rossi, also known as The Gut Health Doctor, founded The Gut Health Clinic in London to make an evidence-based approach more accessible and get people’s guts back on track. Her book ‘Eat Yourself Healthy’ has been an international hit, released in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Portugal, as well as the US and Canada. She also received the Young Australian of The Year award from the Australian High Commission for her contribution to science and public education. If that wasn't enough, she has also worked with Olympic athletes and a number of CEOs to optimise their gut health.  In this episode, Megan talks
02/02/202141 minutes 41 seconds
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Joe Wicks - The Body Coach

Joe Wicks is one of the world’s best-known health and fitness professionals. Author of 9 books, including Lean in 15 and a kids focused one called Wean in 15, Joe has played a central role throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, keeping millions of kids and grown ups fit and healthy through his ‘PE with Joe’ workouts on YouTube. In this episode of The Happy Pear Podcast, Joe describes his early years, his personal struggles, how he found his real passion in life, and how he balances personal family life and a hectic work schedule, including maintaining his hugely popular social media channels.In this open and honest interview, we get a behind the scenes look at Joe, as he reveals what he finds tough and how he overcomes challenges such as negative criticism. We hear how he keeps himself in a positive state of mind, what affects his mood, his definition of success and happiness, and what is next for him professionally. This is a really positive and fun con
26/01/202136 minutes 44 seconds