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English, Health / Medicine, 5 seasons, 75 episodes, 1 day 19 hours 6 minutes
Join Registered Nutritional Therapist Jackie Lynch as she takes you on a journey through midlife to learn how diet and lifestyle can help you take control of your menopause symptoms. Each month Jackie covers a range of topics, from managing hot flushes or dealing with anxiety to intimate health and strong bones. She'll introduce you to some fascinating guests who can offer real insight into managing midlife hormonal changes and challenges, so that you truly can have a happy menopause. Find out more about the podcast and Jackie's work by visiting ( or follow on Twitter ( and Instagram ( @WellWellWellUK.
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S5. Ep. 8. Blood Sugar Balance & the Menopause with Jackie Lynch, Menopause Nutritionist & Author

Blood sugar balance seems to be very much in vogue at the moment, so I’ve decided to dedicate this episode to talking through it, because I think there’s quite a lot of confusion around it. As a nutritionist, I really believe it’s one of the key pillars to managing menopause symptoms and Nutrition 101 if you want to apply a dietary approach to your health and wellbeing during the menopause. But it’s important not to overcomplicate things – if you get the basics of your macronutrients right, everything else will pretty much fall into place and your blood sugar will sort itself out without any help from expensive constant glucose monitoring attachments.In this episode I talk through:- the biochemistry of blood sugar, so you understand what’s going on in the body and the internal (and quite natural) reactions that occur when you eat (or don’t eat). - how blood sugar balance helps to regulate menopause symptoms by supporting the body’
07/12/202320 minutes 25 seconds
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S5. Ep. 7 - Invisibility and the Menopause – How to Get Yourself Seen & Heard with Dr Vanessa Collingridge, Broadcaster, Writer & Impact Coach

Do you ever feel invisible? Perhaps you struggle to get your voice heard. If so, you’re not alone, because this is something that most women have experienced at some point, especially as we move into midlife and menopause. But it’s not something we should put up with, because it’s not right and because, let’s face it, middle aged men don’t experience the same problem, do they? I’ve invited Dr Vanessa Collingridge to join me for this episode. I first met her at the Menopause Festival in Edinburgh, where were both speaking and I was intrigued by the title of her workshop  - The Revenge of the Invisible Woman. She struck me as just the woman we need to help us deal with this eternal problem!Vanessa is a woman with a fascinating history and I really needed a lot longer to talk to her! She’s a broadcaster, author and impact coach, who has researched and presented award-winning history documentaries; is the author of several books and she’s a communications expert too. As an
02/11/202337 minutes 29 seconds
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S5. Ep. 6 – A Bloody History of Menopause with Dr Helen Foster, Oral Historian

On World Menopause day it seems very fitting to look at the menopause from a historical angle and link it to women’s experience today. It hasn’t been an easy ride for middle-aged women over the centuries.  We’ve proven to be quite a mystery to the medical community, which has led to some unusual, hilarious and often very distressing assumptions about what’s going on with the female body. To help us unravel all this, I’m joined by oral historian Dr Helen Foster of the East Midlands Oral History Archive at the University of Leicester. As well as being an expert around menopausal themes throughout history, she’s also developed the Silent Archive, working with a group of volunteers to record women’s stories of menopause through interviews, personal audio diaries and conversations. I first heard her give a talk about The Bloody History of Menopause last year at The Old Operating Theatre Museum in London, and I was fascinated so I just had to snap her up for the podcast!<
18/10/202335 minutes 21 seconds
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S5. Ep. 5 Nutrition for a Healthy Heart with Jackie Lynch, Nutritionist & Author

The theme for this year’s World Menopause Day is cardiovascular disease. You may wonder what that’s got to do with the menopause, so here’s the thing: once you come through the menopause, your body will adjust to the new hormonal version of you and for the most part your symptoms will settle down, just like they did after puberty. But there are one or two key areas that you need to continue to focus on in the long-term – bone health is one, as I’m sure you’re aware. Heart health is another, which is why we’re shining a spotlight on it this year. It may surprise you to know that cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death amongst women, so it’s much more common than you might think, and your heart definitely deserves your full attention. I come across cardiovascular conditions quite a lot in my menopause nutrition clinic, so I’ve decided to dedicate this episode to sharing a range of diet and lifestyle approaches to support a healthy heart. I expla
18/10/202318 minutes 44 seconds
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S5. Ep 4. Healthy Cooking for the Menopause, with Fiona Staunton, Chef and Educator.

We all know that cooking with fresh ingredients can make a huge difference to our health and wellbeing, but that can be easier said than done when you’re juggling the demands of a busy life. And if you’re not especially confident in the kitchen, it can seem very daunting to start cooking from scratch if you’re worn out after a busy day. But help is at hand in today’s episode, as I’m joined by the brilliant chef Fiona Staunton who’s made it her mission to make cooking good food uncomplicated, quick and easy. Fiona is a Ballymaloe-trained chef and the founder of Fiona’s Food For Life, which specialises in in-person and virtual cooking demonstrations to create healthy treats and to take the hassle out of home-cooked meals for the whole family. She’s full of fantastic practical tips to make our lives easier and our meals more delicious. We discuss the barriers to cooking healthy food and how to overcome them, especially if you lack confidence in the kitchen. We also explor
05/10/202335 minutes 18 seconds
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S5. Ep 1. Exploring the FAQs of the Perimenopause with Juie Robinson, Health & Fitness Coach

To kick off Season 5, we’re looking at the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) of the perimenopause and menopause. Because let’s face it, we’ve all got questions and there are some subjects that you might not feel too comfortable asking about. But fear no more!  I’m chatting to the brilliant Julie Robinson, founder of Meno Health and Move It, Or Lose It, who’s helped thousands of women over the years. Her new book has collated some of the most common (and some not so common!) questions and concerns and she’s worked with a number of experts to provide the answers. FAQs on Menopause: Your Questions Answered is a great little book and I’d urge you to add it to your bookshelf, because you won’t regret it. In this episode, I pulled out a selection of questions from the book which cover some of the burning issues familiar to so many of us as we go through perimenopause and menopause.We discuss anxiety, facial hair, HRT, joint pain and managing the menopause at work and Julie s
07/09/202339 minutes 3 seconds
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S5. Ep 2. – Magnesium and the Menopause, with Andrew Thomas, Founder of Better You.

I’ve always thought that magnesium is every menopausal woman’s best friend. It’s a magnificent mineral and a mega multitasker. So it really does deserve a whole episode of The Happy Menopause! I’ve invited magnesium expert Andrew Thomas to talk us through everything you need to know about this marvellous mineral. Andrew is the founder of Better You, which is one of my favourite supplement companies. He founded the business in 2006, and it was the first company in the world to commercialise transdermal magnesium therapy and to develop the delivery of nutrients via an oral spray. We had a great chat about vitamin D in Season 4 (worth a listen if you haven’t found it already)  and he’s back to share his wisdom about magnesium. This episode is a real magnesium masterclass, as Andrew explains the 300+ roles of magnesium on the body, why we might be low in it and how magnesium depletion could be the root cause of a number of symptoms.  We also discuss the different forms of
07/09/202337 minutes 13 seconds
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S5. Ep. 3. – Reflexology for Supporting Menopause with Sally Earlam, Reflexologist

Have you ever tried reflexology? It’s way more than just a fancy foot massage! In fact, it’s been used for thousands of years as a therapeutic practice to support health and wellbeing. I’m a fairly recent convert to the wonders of reflexology and I know it makes a huge difference to me. So to find out more and to understand the research behind it, I’ve called on the help of expert reflexologist and teacher, Sally Earlam to share her wisdom with us. She has a background in nursing and has been a reflexologist for 24 years. She’s also a trained teacher and has previously taught the Reflexology Diploma, but now focuses on teaching advanced courses for qualified reflexologists in Menopause, Maternity and Mindful Reflexology.Sally explains the fascinating history of reflexology and the theory behind it. We discuss the emerging body of research around the health benefits of the practice and how it could make a real difference to hormone balance and your menopause symptoms, a
07/09/202336 minutes 4 seconds