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English, Social, 2 seasons, 59 episodes, 1 day 4 hours 50 minutes
Ever wondered what your boyfriend is thinking? What about the guy you’re dating? Michael and Josh give their best insights into relationships and dating from the male perspective… even if it’s completely wrong and they have no idea. Take their advice at your own risk.
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Ep 58 - Josh Has A Sugar Mama & Cassidy Gets Lucky In Public

Josh and Cassidy are back again with an exciting official announcement! Plus listen in to hear about Cassidy’s second date with TikTok guy aka “Teds dad”. We also discuss the lucrative industry of sugar babies & Josh reveals his experience as a former (& future) sugar baby.See for privacy information.
22/11/202335 minutes 34 seconds
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EP 57 - Cassidy Picking Up At The Beach & Fetishes

Josh and Cassidy are back in your ears to discuss the mystery hunk that caught Cassidy’s attention at the beach. She decided to call on the public via a TikTok post which has now amassed almost a million views.. to help identify this Prince Charming! Find out if this was successful or burned down in flames!! The two also discuss their biggest fetishes, one of them may or may not like to be tied up :/ This is an episode you can’t miss!!!See for privacy information.
15/11/202330 minutes 27 seconds
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Ep 56 - The Return!

The long anticipated return is finally here! There may or may not be some major changes, that you absolutely need to tune in to find out about. Season 2 is a game changer!!!See for privacy information.
08/11/202329 minutes 14 seconds