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English, Finance, 1 season, 65 episodes, 1 day, 22 hours, 36 minutes
Hosted by Scott Barker, the GTM Podcast has interviews with well-known tech executives, VCs, and founders. Dissecting a story from their past: what worked, what didn't and how things actually went down. You can also participate by sending in questions for the guests to answer on future episodes! GTMfund is our early-stage venture fund focused on B2B SaaS. We invest in startups with product-market fit, some traction, and are ready for hyper-growth.
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GTM 45: Employee 36 at Salesforce Built His Career off a Network Approach with Drew Sechrist

Drew Sechrist is the Co-founder and CEO at Connect The Dots. Drew spent over 10 years at as the VP of their High Tech vertical. He started his career in late 1999 as employee number 36 at Salesforce, beginning as the number one AE globally, and later to the number one Sales Manager globally. P.S. We're officially running a GTMfund giveaway program! Share our media content (GTM podcast or GTM newsletter) on LinkedIn and Twitter, tag us, and you'll be entered to win a pair of GTMfund Airpod Pros! What you will learn The importance of having a centralized point of contact who can act as a trusted liaison for your business Leveraging your network to drive revenue Knowing when to make strong asks in sales Introducing a Sales Ambassador role in your company Highlights (2:50) The premise behind Connect The Dots & Drew’s story building his career (12:56) The evolution of LinkedIn and problems we face with it today (19:05) The importance of patience and creativity to elevate your career (21:05) Scotts infamous play that he rolled out at Outreach that brought in hundred of millions of dollars  (27:35) How they built Connect The Dots (32:25) Drew’s successful play he ran at Salesforce  (39:34) Knowing when to leverage your network (42:15) Introducing a Sales Ambassador to your sales organization Links and Resources Drew's Linkedin: Drew's E-mail: [email protected] Connect The Dots Website: The GTM Podcast Don’t miss The .GTM Podcast dropping every Tuesday discussing true stories and experiences including trials and tribulations in the Go-To-Market world. And…monthly bonus podcast episodes dropping the first Thursday of every month.
6/20/202349 minutes, 54 seconds