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The Growth Project| Journey to a life of TRUE freedom!

English, Finance, 2 seasons, 39 episodes, 23 hours 49 minutes
The Growth Project podcast will give you the keys to unlock your full potential and helps you reclaim your life. If you’re looking to expand your mind and learn about all things growth-related, look no further than The Growth Project Podcast. Hosted by motivational speaker and self-proclaimed truth-teller Sherise Fierce, this podcast is jam-packed with inspiring episodes that will help you ditch your limiting beliefs and create a life of abundance. This podcast is truly for the ones who want to make a real impact in this lifetime. Whether you’re looking to start your own business, travel the world, or simply live with more purpose, The Growth Project Podcast will guide you in a progressive, authentic, and unapologetic way. If you’re ready to say yes to more, tune in today! ✿ ?
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38. You were taught wrong ! -- Ditch self-criticism if you want to be MORE successful | Mindset Shifts That Transformed My Life + Biz

Heyyyyy babes,   In this episode, join me as I spill the tea on THE game-changing mindset shift I embraced in 2023, that unlocked a path to more confidence, radical transformation and booming business success. PLUS discover the neuroscience behind why beating yourself up won't lead to the positive change you seek and how a sprinkle of self-love and compassion can be the secret sauce to the consistency and personal growth you want. If you've struggled with staying on track or becoming the person you want to be .. this ones's for you!    Thanks for tuning in and catch you in the next one! ♡   . . .   Want to increase your confidence, self-worth and launch your business idea? Book a strategy Session with Sherise here: Jumpstart My Idea!
29/11/202338 minutes 11 seconds
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Did you experience a major ending recently? OCTOBER 2023 HOROSCOPES with Astrologer Umi Jenevieve | The BIG Finale! (All signs)

Hey Growth lovers! Have you had a major ending or feel like you've been pushed/pulled in a specific direction almost like if it was in destined? Eclipse Season is back and so is our monthly OCTOBER 2023 HOROSCOPE for all Signs In October we enter eclipse season and a cycle going on for the past 18 months will now come to an end. Did you learn what you needed to? In which area were you affected?    Stay tuned to here how to navigate these trying times and make it on the other side !   Til next time! S 💋   ----- For astrology lovers, students and business owners who want to use astrology for more: Learn how to use your specific energy to manifest the success and abundance you deserve with our  MASTER YOUR ENERGY MASTERCLASS : includes manifesting practices, tools, rituals and business advice. ( For ALL SIGNS)   ----- Times stamps (approximatel
26/10/20231 hour 11 minutes 57 seconds
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WHAT I WISH I KNEW BEFORE I SAID I DO 💍 ft. Love coach Felicia G. | The real, raw reality of marriage + DATING ADVICE

Join the Love Redefined Workshop led by Felicia and Sherise here : Ladies and gentlemen!! Join me for this super real, raw and relatable conversation around the realities of true commitment, growing in a relationship and the things you should consider before saying I do 💍 with the one and only @lovecoachfg of the Heart Conversations Podcast!   This episode is for those seeking commitment, longevity and the real deal about navigating the nuances of love and long-term relationships 💕 Thank you for tuning in 🥂✨ @sherisefierce 💎   Topics and Timestamps (approximative) 17:00 So what are some of the things you wish you knew before you said "I Do?" 26:00: What does a relationship need to thrive ? 35:00: The effect of covid on relationships
18/10/20231 hour 41 minutes 14 seconds
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Has September felt like a roller-coaster for you so far? Umi Jenevieve breaks down September’s (Virgo Season) forecast + gives us a preview of October’s BIG ENERGY! Tune in

Ever notice how chaotic September usually feels? Has your life felt like a roller-coaster lately?  Have no fear, My girl and Master Astrologer Umi Jenevieve is here to give us some clarity and guidance for the rest of the month on what we should work on (to move through the chaos) and what the transits are trying to help us with.   Thank y'all for tuning in !  (New Moon In Virgo, Mercury Retrograde and more)   #Astrology #Newmooninvirgo #Virgoseason #mercuryretrograde #astrology #cardinals #mutables #fixed #astrologypodcast    Want a natal chart reading to understand your life's journey and keys to success?  Book a reading with Umi Jenevieve here: BOOK Or leave a question for the podcast (& umi) below ♡ SPILL THE TEA HERE (ANON AD
15/09/202324 minutes 40 seconds
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Exciting News For The Growth Project + Want to know what it takes to run a successful business? You first need this! Pt.1 (requested episode) 1

Happy September Change-Makers!    As we wrap up the sizzling summer and enter into a new season.. we are also going through some upgrades here at The Growth Project also! Can we say VIRGO SZN OR WHAT? Listen in for the new and exciting juicy upgrades, as well as an introduction to a requested series around what you really need in order to run your own business or forge on your own path.   If you're an online creator, creative entrepreneur or just someone on their self-growth journey who's worried that they don't have what it takes to step out on their own path, this episode is for you!   Til next time! S💋 . . . #socialmedia #selfhelp #success #personalsuccess #creatoreconomy #newcurrency #businessisinnerwork #innerwork #growthmindset #onlinebusiness <p cl
06/09/202340 minutes 23 seconds
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Creating Genuine Impact: Don’t Make Art for the Critic, Make It for the Fan// Questioning your purpose, making content that resonates and letting yourself be seen ((Vulnerable Episode))

Are you holding back your creative genius because of the fear of judgement?   In this soul-stirring episode of The Growth Project Podcast, step into a world of raw vulnerability as our empowering host, Sherise, opens up about her own struggles with putting herself out there authentically and fearlessly addresses the age-old dilemma of creating art or content while fearing the critics' judgment. Sherise shares her powerful journey of prioritizing heart-centered creation and valuing her true supporters. Discover why creating for the critic hurts your authentic expression and how embracing your core essence attracts your real tribe. Tune in to unlock the courage to shine your light brightly and step into your role as a one-of-a-kind leader. Be inspired to create from your soul and witness your true brilliance unfold. Don't miss this empowering episode! 🎧🎙️🌟   Happy Full Moon In Aquarius Rebels!    -S💋   <p class=
03/08/202322 minutes 54 seconds
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Still believe that hard work alone = success? FLIP THIS SWITCH IN YOUR BRAIN! How to self-actualize, follow your dreams and live the life you came here to live!

FLIP THE SWITCH!    Hey there,  radicals!  Are you tired of living on autopilot, following the expectations and doubts of others? It's time to take control of your destiny and flip the switch to a life of purpose and fulfillment. In this motivating episode, join Sherise as she empowers you to stop settling for a life that doesn't resonate with your soul, put your dreams at the forefront of your values and goals, and intentionally create a life that reflects your authentic self!!  This episode is your wake-up call If you're done settling for anything less than extraordinary, ready to live life on your terms (unapologetically) and ready to embrace your purpose and destiny. Tune in and let this episode show you how to reclaim your life and live in alignment with your soul. A life you really love awaits – all you have to do is flip this switch!   Til next time! - S💋    
27/07/202338 minutes 3 seconds
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The Key to Success for Creative Entrepreneurs | Embracing Imperfection + The Art of Progress

Are you an over-thinker, creative or perfectionist constantly striving for perfection in your creative pursuits? Do you find yourself paralyzed by the fear of making mistakes, afraid to put your work out into the world unless it's flawless? If so, you're not alone! So many online creators and creative entrepreneurs share this struggle, constantly grappling with the pressure to be perfect in a world that values flawlessness. In this episode Sherise reveals the secrets and insights to help you overcome the pressure to be perfect and help you break free from the shackles of "not good enough yet". She introduces a mind-transforming principle that is guaranted to change the way you judge your work before putting it out there and perspectives that can help you take action towards your creative dreams. So if you're an online creator or creative entrepreneur who's tired of being paralyzed by the fear of making mistakes, this episode is for you.    #perfection
27/07/202324 minutes
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Mind Your Own Energy! | The Key To Staying Focus & Thriving In This Economy (They don’t want you to know this)

The hugest problem of our generation is constant distraction, over stimulation and information overloading our systems to the point of inaction, numbing or feeling lost. In this episode, Sherise drops some gems on what she does to stay super focused on her goals and business even when the world around her is spinning out of *her* control.  Your attention is fuelling a multi-billon dollar industry. Learn to harness it for your own success and abundance.   Til next time! S💋 #socialmedia #success #personalsuccess #creatoreconomy #newcurrency #energetics #selfdevelopment   Want to increase your confidence, self-worth and launch your business idea? Book a strategy Session with Sherise here: Jumpstart My Idea! Want Sherise's perspect
27/07/202325 minutes 55 seconds
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Hustling hard but still feeling like you’re getting nowhere? Let’s talk about this sneaky saboteur of success! The Perfectionism Pitfall Exposed!

Perfectionism Paralysis: Are You Stuck in the 'Almost There' Trap? Hey Boss Babes & Bros! Are you're ready to stop spinning in circles and start making real progress in your biz and life? It's time to have a serious chat about the sneaky culprit that's been sabotaging your success: perfectionism. Picture this: You're hustling hard, pouring your heart into your dreams, tirelessly working on every detail (making it "right) and that nagging voice inside your head keeps whispering that it's not ready, making you doubt your every move? and worse of all, somehow after *all* your hard work.. weeks later you look back and realize how little progress you have to show for it. Sound familiar? In this episode, Sherise gets real about the perfectionism trap and its impact on our personal and professional success. She breaks down the scenarios we can all soooo relate to (from obsessing over every detail to holding back from taking risks) and her own personal experience with this.
30/05/202336 minutes 26 seconds
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Tired of Endless Arguments And A Relationship That Feels STUCK? || Understanding THIS Can Help You Grow and Evolve Together (Love is NOT a battlefield)

Apologies to the Iconic Pat Benatar, but today we are diving into why love is NOT a battlefield! Understanding intimacy and depth to grow and evolve together Heyyyyy babes,   In this episode, I discuss the mindset that helped me create a relationship in which I could heal, grow and evolve instead of reacting from my triggers. As well as, practical ways you can foster more depth, intimacy and better understanding of each other so that your relationship can actually GROW instead of repeating the same cycles.   I trust this will be of value to you! Thanks so much for listening OG's and ttyl ! ♡ . . . Download Your Copy Here ♡ CREATE ULTIMATE SELF-TRUST WORKBOOK   Interested in connecti
22/02/202331 minutes 29 seconds
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A bond that hit’s different! | Our Keys to A Richer Relationship, Deeper Bond, Being Friends + MORE (feat. Moise M) *Valentine’s Special*

Heyyyyy babes,    In this episode, I invite the most specialist guest in the world to me - my boyfriend MO to discuss our relationship, our growth together as a couple, what we think makes a strong relationship, our future together and so much more. We talk all things relationships, intimacy, how we solve arguments, our likes and dislikes of each other, our tips for having a healthy relationship and even Andrew Tate! (LOL)   Disclaimer** I laughed sooo much in this episode, RIP to those of you listening in headphones to my cackling .. I just couldn't help it. xD   If you enjoyed this episode share with me in the DM’s and I'll try to convince MO for a pt2.     Thanks so much for listening OG's and ttyl ! ♡ . . . Interested in connecting with m
15/02/202346 minutes 45 seconds
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Re-invent yourself in 2023 with this simple practice! | My favourite way to grow and glow in 2023 and beyond

Heyyyyy babes,   In this episode, I spill the TOP way I changed my mindset and my life in 2023. I absolutely swear by this practice and it has gotten me through the highs and lows of my business as well as kept me on track with my goals. I definitely owe a few of my manifestations and success to this one thing, so I just HAD to share it with my soul fam so that you can use it to GLOW UP in 2023 too! Are you down to do a 30-day challenge in March? Let me know on IG    Thanks so much for listening OG's and ttyl ! ♡ . . . Interested in connecting with me? ♡ SPILL THE TEA HERE (ANON FORM) ♡ HOTLINE 💞(AUDIO) ♡
06/02/202350 minutes 53 seconds
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Don’t feel excited about your life anymore? Stop neglecting this one powerful part of your life! (key to finding meaning and fulfillment)

Heyyyyy babes,   In this episode we get real deep about a darker aspect of life; how to move forward when you don’t like your life anymore and nothing about it excites you. (Low-key depression) I talk my personal story of pulling myself out of that dark place and what made me advocate for healing so much. We talk emotional intelligence, finding meaning again in your life + my tips to befriending yourself and getting out of the place where you are right now.    No matter what state you are in now, there's always a silver lining & i hope this epsiode helps you find yours
05/01/202346 minutes 44 seconds
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💞EMBODY SELF LOVE MEDITATION & SUBLIMINAL | Increase your confidence and self love with just 15 mins per day

With each inhale draw in self-love and with each exhale release what is no longer serving you. Take a few minutes per day to sit with yourself or simply listen to this audio. Notice how you feel as you say these words to yourself. If they feel uncomfortable or untrue, be gentle with yourself, with time they will start to take the place of the out-dated beliefs that are stopping you from feeling full love in who you are.  Affirmations focus on confidence, body positivity, energy and self love. Remember these affirmations are what you want to see and embody in your reality so it doesn't have to FEEL true right now. Continue this practice and it will    Namaste  
27/11/202214 minutes
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The easiest way to change! | Slow down to speed UP | Shift states easily by doing this | life update + manifestation

Hey babes, Your girl is back and better than ever! In this episode I go through a quick life update with you as well as my most recent manifestations and new manifesting technique (really it’s more like a lifestyle.)  The true message of this time and why you need to focus more on quality over quantity right now.     What You’ll Get From This Episode:   Simple tools to get more grounded and immersed in your desired reality. What slowing down this year really taught me Why divine timing is not about waiting but instead creating My new and improved manifestation practice . So yummy Secret to change anything effortlessly .. shhhhh   Thanks so much for listening and ttyl ! ♡   ----more----</p
10/11/202242 minutes 31 seconds
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EP:21- Conscious Relationships | The Future of Love?

Hey babes ! In this episode we discuss the new era of relationships, soul mates, twin-flames, unconditional love and more.   What You’ll Learn from this Episode: My top principles when it comes to creating a healthy loving relationship How to attract/manifest the relationship of your dreams How to determine if you are in a conscious relationship and what to do if you're not Expanding and growing together in a relationship + BONUS: My secret to attracting your dream partner
09/09/202233 minutes 4 seconds
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The secret is in your subconscious | Re-wire your mind to automatically achieve your goals ! (Manifestation pt.2)

Hey babes, Have you seen the movie Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio? You know how they planted an idea (seed) in this rich guys mind to get him to sell his dad’s company (or wtv) and then he woke up, had a big aha moment that he wanted to sell his dads company and be a free man and ended up doing the exact thing they wanted him to do. Well this is what we are going to be talking about in today’s episode. This huge secret to change and to self actualization. When we get our subconscious to believe something it will automatically aid us/ create the belief into our reality. If your manifestations haven’t been going smoothly, I want to bet that this has something to do with it.   What You’ll Learn from this Episode:   Simple tricks to make the manifestation process simpler How to reveal what’s in your subconscious mind so you can
25/08/202231 minutes 30 seconds
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EP:19 Manifestation not working for you? Try this simple technique! | Learn To Control Your Mind

Hey loves!    Do you have trouble staying focused on your goals long enough to achieve them? Are you plagued by chronic self doubt and overthinking?  Do you believe that you just don't "get" manifestation?   What You’ll Learn from this Episode: How your thoughts ACTUALLY create your reality The many misunderstandings around manifestation and why it doesn’t work  How the subconscious mind really works towards your manifestation Living from Survival vs. Creation / Reacting vs. Responding + my method to shift The true reason why many of us do not successfully achieve our goals My mind surgery method that helped me learn to control my mind Link for episode mentioned : <a href='
09/08/202232 minutes 59 seconds
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EP:18- I QUIT. Goodbye ..

I QUIT!!  What about you?      Thanks so much for listening and ttyl ! ♡ . .   Interested in connecting with Sherise?   ♡ Find the community here: @sherisefierce ♡ Record a quick podcast question here: Record here [1 min] ♡ Receive 1:1 support here to reach your inner spiritual, life or biz goals: I want in! ♡   ♡ Join my Patreon for more tools + resources to increase your spiritual riches :   Become a mo
21/07/202220 minutes 25 seconds
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THERE IS NO COURAGE WITHOUT FEAR | Finding the courage to listen to our intuition + releasing the fear of needing to know EVERYTHIN

YOU KNOW NOTHING JON SNOW - A journey into the unknown AN EPISODE FOR OVER-THINKERS , TRUTH SEEKERS & PERFECTIONISTS   Hey loves! On tonight’s episode, we talk all about fear of not knowing enough, not knowing what’s going to come next, not knowing "everything" and why it's actually not required that you do in order successful on your journey. We talk intuition, following our hunches and inspirations and the REAL reason you feel stuck and loss right now ..  By the end of this episode you'll learn how to step into the unknown courageously and triumph through fear !   Thank you for tuning in. I trust that this one will bring you new insights!  ----   Interested in connecting with Sherise?   ♡ APPLY FOR RISE : The number one place to ditch perfectionism doubt + i
10/05/202235 minutes 25 seconds
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Last year after launching my podcast, I was going head first like I always do (Aries rising), recording like crazy , putting out weekly episodes + building an online biz from scratch and everything was going good, GREAT even, until .. I wasn’t inspired anymore :o *gasp*  Here's what happened next..    Hey loves! On tonight’s episode, I talk all about my 3 week social media break + all the reflections and insights that came with it! Re-gaining my inspiration after experiencing [small] burn-out due to running my business in a way that wasn’t supporting the lifestyle I wanted to create + my #1 tip if you’re going through this now! And last but not least, learning to rest without guilt, embracing my “laziness” +  letting go of harmful labels.   For all my "lazy" gals & pals out there .. it’s not over for you yet .. lazy and successful aren't antonyms but that’s for anot
22/04/202241 minutes 42 seconds
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YOU ARE NOT ALONE: The Truth About ADHD| Learning To Embrace My ”Differentness” & Accept my SUPERPOWER

Distractible. Inattentive. Messy. Impulsive. Chatty. Late These are some of the words often used to describe me and it wasn’t until my mid-20s and after a couple of [unsuccessful] attempts at juggling work, relationships, social life, college and the worst: DAILY LIFE that I suspected that I may have ADHD.    One rabbit hole led to the other and I received confirmation after confirmation that i wasn't the only person in the world having these struggles. That there was other people like me, I wasn't wrong , I wasn't broken and things I though were just my "personality" were now described as having Inattentive ADHD   But still ... was this just all in my head?    ADHD is a term that gets thrown around a lot, so in this week’s episode we discover what it is, how it shows up, and how to (possibly) spot it in yourself and others. ADHD is about so much more than difficul
12/04/202251 minutes 41 seconds
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Hey guys!   As you already know, *because im pretty annoying with it* haha I’m a HUGEE astro geek. This has been my all time FAVOURITE rabbit hole to explore and everyday I learn more and more about what astrology really is, how to use it and it’s place in our new age!   In this episode, you’ll learn how I got into astrology, how I learned it and how it has helped me discover more about myself and guided me on my spiritual journey and how it can help you TOO!   Y'all are in for a ride with this one! Thanks so much for listening and ttyl ! ♡ . . Interested in connecting with Sherise? ♡ Find the community on instagram @sherisefierce ♡ Record a quick podcast question/inquiry here: <a
27/03/202233 minutes 27 seconds
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HOW TO STAY CONSISTENT WHEN YOU FEEL LAZY | SURVIVING THE DIP + staying motivated| Creating true lasting CHANGE!

Hey guys!   Do you struggle with staying consistent, consider yourself lazy or have problems sticking to new habits / experiencing real CHANGE?   In this episode   We deconstruct a couple myths around consistency, the way we’ve been programmed for failure and my top tips on surviving the dip (of motivation) and persisting through in challenges of entrepreneurship, faith and dopamine deficiency.   Let me know if you guys really enjoyed this one!   . .   Thanks so much for listening and ttyl ! ♡   Interested in connecting with Sherise? ♡ Find the community on instagram @sherisefierce ♡ In need of advice? Record a
18/03/202232 minutes 25 seconds
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Hey lovers! ♡   This one is for self healers who have been expanding their consciousness/awareness but are BLOCKING themselves because they still just can’t let go OF LIVING IN THE PAST .. I go ALL IN about the importance of having a healthy relationship with your emotions,  being able to change your current STATE OF BEING (ex: stepping into an abundance mindset when you’re in fear and survival)  .. and LETTING GO OF THE SELF-CONDITIONING WE DO when we generalize reality based on one specific experience.   Stay present, let go, Choose your vibration, Reap your rewards!      Hope you guys enjoy this one! #aquariusseason . . .   Thanks so much for listening and ttyl !
24/01/202235 minutes 3 seconds
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The future is created now! - STOP wasting time waiting and get into ACTION| RANT ON PERFECTIONISM PT. 2

Hey lovers ,   Ugggh I love my rants. They are truly teachings straight from the heart . On this episode I go in on why waiting to be perfect, to be an expert or for the perfect time (that never exists) is what is holding you back and eroding your self trust and confidence! I also name the biggest time waster that you will want to get rid of if you actually want to achieve your 2022 goals faster and it's not social media!   This is the episode to help the over-thinking, comfort zone queens/kings get out of their own way!   Hope you guys enjoy!   . . .   Interested in connecting with Sherise? ♡ Find the community on instagram @sherisefierce <p
03/01/202237 minutes 25 seconds
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Hey lovers! ♡   Having trouble making real friends? Still searching for your tribe? (We've got our very first podcast question !)   As a self-proclaimed lonely girl, outcast/magical sheep of the family. I def had lots of trouble and a long (still ongoing) journey of finding my tribe, but then I had a HUGE realization that changed so many things for me and opened the way for new , more supportive friendships    This will be the first, in a BRAND NEW series of episodes based on concepts and understandings that I believe that every girl in their 20’s should know!    As always,  thank you for tuning in and I hope you enjoy the ride!     . . .   Interested in connecting with Sherise? <p cla
26/11/202125 minutes 58 seconds
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THE “F” WORD | How to stop reacting from FEAR and start tapping into your POWER

  Hey lovers! ♡   Remember feel the fear and do it? I have something even BETTER for you!   In this episode, I give you my best tips on how to stop reacting to your fear and letting it stop you from doing the things that are super important to you!   How different do you think your life would look if fear wasn't a deciding factor in your decisions? What would you have accomplished so far? In what ways would you be showing up fearlessly? . . .   Thanks so much for listening and see you soon!   Interested in connecting with Sherise? ♡ Find the community on instagram @sherisefierce ♡ Work with Sh
17/11/202138 minutes 37 seconds
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ARE YOU READY FOR THE NEW FUTURE? | Connection is key to the change!

Hey lovers! ♡   In this episode I preach why connection is key and my absolute number 1 priority right now and honestly, why it should be yours too throughout your spiritual journey. AND If your manifestations haven’t been going smoothly, I want to bet that this has something to do with it.   Forget about labels, having to always define who you are or be the right kinda way instead tune in to who you really are, what you really want (and why), what you can bring to the table and watch the how unfold infront of your eyes .   It is time to RISE UP girls and boys and truly shake up some shxt,  a new kinda future awaits!  . . .   Thank you so much for listening and talk to you soon!   ♡ Find the community on instagram <a href='https://www.instagr
09/11/202140 minutes 52 seconds
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You are in the PERFECT place for your next level! | How to tap into your inner wisdom + free deep dive session!

Hello lovers! In this episode, I talk about the most challenging part of my spiritual journey so far. The two big lessons that took me to the next level in my life + the decision to turn off the noise and only pay attention to my inner voice and heart and where that has taken me so far... in terms of alignment! I talk about triggers, self-trust and why it's so hard to let go of emotional baggage from the past, even if it literally weighs us down. I also talk about my simple way of tuning into my own wisdom and making the best decisions for myself (without having to ask others).    I am literally obsessed with discovering the hidden truths and gems of this world! As we have all discovered, there is so much more to this world than what we see with our eyes!    I truly believe that we have everything we need for this journey inside us, but sometimes, we just need a lil help to ignite it ;)   Schedule a "DEEP DIVE" below </p
19/10/202130 minutes 58 seconds
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I jumped 13 000ft from a plane! My experience + 3 Reasons why we need to face our fears today!

Heyyy lovess !   In this episode, I talk about my first time trying an extreme sport: I went SKY-DIVING and it was absolutely awesome! This was another stop on my journey of facing my fears one by one !   I also added some of my best tips to re-wire & calm your brain from overwhelm, doubt and fear towards feeling trusting and moving towards the best possible action.   2020 showed me that life was way too short to spend it doing the things I hated and even way too short to be playing it small!   Thank you so much for listening loves, I hope you enjoying listening to me  Talk to you soon!   Find me on instagram @sherise.fierce   My books are finally opened! Apply to have 1:1 support from me here -> <p cla
30/08/202127 minutes 51 seconds
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The only way to be TRULY be successful in this new age 2020+ |Becoming our highest self + having FAITH

  Hey loves ! In this episode I define what TRUE success looks like to me and how I found my purpose and meaning in life once I committed and took a leap in creating the life of my dreams ! I talk about why we all absolutely NEED to do the INNERwerk especially in 2021+ to start showing up authentically and start living a more fulfilled life! I add the one thing that ALL the coaches , entrepreneurs and gurus have told me when I asked them: would you do it all over again? + a feel good exercise that'll boost your confidence INSTANTLY! _ _ I know you’ve been feeling it We’re expanding We’re growing And we have a chance now more than ever, to step into a higher version of ourselves and it starts with who we are today, in this exact moment.   I guess it's a
16/08/202137 minutes 47 seconds
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The more you resist, the more painful it will be |How AUTHENTICITY improved my life!

Hi my soul lovers !   In this episode I talk about how my life changed drastically when I decided to let go of the “mask” I showed the world and stepped into my true authentic self. && essentially all the ways that finally allowing myself to BE, really improved my life and gained me so much support from those who mattered. I also give you 1 tip that that helped me solve about about 80% of my problems today And why we (as a collective) can no longer run away from not truly being authentic. There is just no other choice, if we want to evolve, we have to start by being ourselves! Thank you so much for listening love and talk to you soon!
01/08/202128 minutes 41 seconds
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Choosing my podcast name + my story: I was isolated before covid. Do you ever feel alone ?

Hi babes ! In this episode I did a huge thing for my future self and launched my fckin own PODCAST xD & on top of that, its a super vulnerable + imperfect one . My goal is to stay true to myself during this whole process and really show myself my own true GROWTH: Hence the name “The Growth Project”   I also talk about the things that made me isolate and be by myself i.e a lone wolf and how I got myself our of it!   This is my first episode (on a long journey of them) and I hope you lovelies enjoy !   Thank you for tuning in and showing love! See you soon. Your host, Sherise xo   Hang with me on instagram:
26/07/202127 minutes 58 seconds
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RANT on perfectionism , SOCIETY AND PROGRAMMING ON WOMEN… AND how I stopped beating myself up and got my inner voice on my side

Hi loves, Today I woke up and chose VIOLENCE on this episode. haha x)   I guess I was mad because I just let it rip in this episode. REAL , RAW TRUTH about perfectionism , SOCIETY AND social media PROGRAMMING ON WOMEN…   I talk about how perfectionism killed my confidence , my self worth and made my critical voice GO CRAZY. Since then I have learned to quiet the voice in my head making me feel like shit: the one telling me I need to compare myself to everyone out there  I also share how you can let go of those same beliefs and really create your true perfect life and stop blocking your blessings today!!   Edit: the saweetie & quavo situation at around 17 mins in PSA: I had a small technical error while uploading this video theres a 10 sec of silence in the beginning . sorry loves ! still figuring out all this tec
26/07/202126 minutes 16 seconds
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Should you leave your your 9-5 to pursue your passion? | How to know if you’re REALLY ready + MY TIPS on helping you make up your mind!

Hi babes ! In this episode we talk about a HUGE decision I made when I quit my job to pursue my dreams of being an entrepreneur and my own boss!   I go through the feelings I went through , the feelings of doubt and indecision that I had around my fear of taking this leap!   I also added my best practical tips to know if you’re really ready to take a leap and follow your soul’s purpose HOWEVER divine timing is the only timing that matters     Thank you so much for listening love and talk to you soon! ----more---- Hang with me on instagram ! @    Apply to work together 1:1 with me : Link in instagram bio htt
26/07/202139 minutes 9 seconds