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The Greek Shipping Podcast

Greek, News media, 1 seasons, 14 episodes, 7 hours 33 minutes
A podcast on the stories of the seas, shipping & seamanship. The Greek Shipping Podcast was created out of our love for travel and Greek Shipping.This monthly podcast aims to give a voice to the people of Greek shipping and to pass essential messages to the industry. Hosted by journalist Minas Tsamopoulos.
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Alex Hadjipateras

Alex Hadjipateras shares with us the origins of his family's successful shipping career, dating back approximately 100 years, driven by the aspiration to enhance their quality of life. With deep pride and reverence for his heritage, he openly acknowledges the weighty legacy and personal responsibility he carries, drawing wisdom from the past while keeping an eye on the future. He recounts the establishment of Greece's first tanker company, Dorian Hellas, in 1973, spearheaded by his visionary grandmother, who astutely invested in Gas Tankers. He also reflects on his father's pivotal role in the transformation of Dorian's fleet from Tankers to LPG, as well as the company's expansion by skillfully seizing opportunities in the global market.In a nostalgic tone, he shares his own poignant memories of embarking on his first day in the shipping industry, in faraway Japan. This pivotal moment provided him with an exceptional foundation, as he acquired comprehen
21/07/202338 minutes 22 seconds
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Irene Daifas

In this episode of the Greek Shipping podcast, Mrs. Daifa shares the remarkable journey of her father, Stavros Daifas, a self-made shipowner who achieved great success at a young age. He embarked on his entrepreneurial path by acquiring his first motor ship, which eventually led to the establishment of a fleet of trucks operating in the Mediterranean. Mrs. Daifa highlights the significance of her father's initial venture, Stavros Daifas Marine Enterprises, and the groundbreaking innovations he introduced by investing in newly build cargo ships during a challenging period of major refits.She vividly recounts her own pivotal experience with the acquisition of the company's first ship, Silver Cloud, which not only shaped her life but also left an indelible mark on her subsequent successful endeavors.Mrs. Daifa also delves into the profound bond between Stavros Daifas and Antonis Chandris, the longstanding president of the shipowners' union, emphasizing the importa
13/06/202335 minutes 54 seconds
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Danae Bezantakou

Mrs. Bezantakou narrates the story of her family's involvement in shipping, starting from her father, a captain in Thenamaris, with references to Mrs. Nounou Martinou and the power of collaboration, which is a fundamental principle of the family.She mentioned her, visiting as a child her parents' workplace, the rich stimuli, and her engagement in small jobs as a game, which made her love shipping deeply and become close, from a very young age, to the values and importance of the industry.She talked about the executives of Thenamaris as part of a large shipping family, which laid the foundation for their initiation in evolving and becoming big names in the shipping industry, by establishing their own respectable companies.She also elaborated on the Navigator Forum platform through which she was able to invite young people to the Young Executives Day at Poseidonia Events, initiating an open dialogue, in order to evaluate and assist young people who want
06/04/202334 minutes 56 seconds
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Charalambos Simantonis

Mr. Charalambos Simantonis starts this, quite interesting conversation, with references to his family shipping company in Piraeus (ships which were built at Hellenic Shipyards) and continues with his path in Merchant Shipping.He talks about the role models and the great personalities of Greek Shipping, as well as the influence his father had on him and on the way he perceives the industry, advising the younger generation to work in a plethora of different shipping companies, in order to gain a range of experiences.He also points out the necessity for maritime executives to be learning continuously to keep up with the innovative developments in the field, as well as the need for young candidates entering the industry, to concentrate on matters related to shipping, concerning the environment.In closing, Mr. Simantonis refers to the highly important contribution of shipowners to society and the basic elements that a newcomer in shipping must possess: perse
24/02/202328 minutes 42 seconds
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Dr. George D. Pateras

The interview for this podcast was taken in “Aplotaria”, the main comercial street of Chios island, in a very casual conversation amongst the bustling local market. This interview is a journey through time and homage to all the significant points that contributed to the success of Greek Shipping. An interview worth listening because it signifies the acknowledgment of Greek sailors by Mr. Pateras, the important role of women who supported Greek Shipping as wives and mothers, the need to impart the knowledge and the advantages of the maritime profession to the new generations and of course, the very simple assumption: The Greek Miracle is the result of the immense love for shipping and the ability of Greek shipowners to know the full range of a ship's operations, enabling them to make impromptu decisions.The Pateras family has been involved in the ownership, chartering and management of ships since 1870.George D. Pateras, born in London, UK, is the Dep
24/01/202331 minutes 14 seconds
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Stamatis N. Tsantanis

In this Interview, Mr. Tsantanis opens up to us in regards to the beginning of his banking career, up to his current position as the Chairman and CEO of Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp.; a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. He describes his involvement with Shipping, as something he particularly likes and also discusses the current needs of the shipping sector, such as Sustainability, Performance and Regulation; departments, which should definitely be at the focus of the newcomers, interested in working in the Maritime Industry.In closing, Mr. Tsantanis reveals the recipe for success, to an excellent team. The executives’ connection, the selection of the right people for the job, their character’s integrity, their managerial depth and the freedom to make decisions based on the team’s strategy, are just a few key elements, guaranteeing the best results.Stamatis Tsantanis (Bio):Stamatis Tsantanis, with more than 23 years of experie
03/11/202236 minutes 40 seconds
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John Platsidakis

In this interview Mr. Platsidakis describes us his personal story starting as a student of Mathematics and ‘leading his way’ through a series of ‘coincidences’ to be today one of the most influential people in the Shipping industry according to Lloyd’s List 100 Most Influential People.John Platsidakis started his career in 1978 at Bank of America in Athens, Piraeus and London. He resigned the Bank in 1987 with the title of Vice President and joined Marmaras Shipping Group in Piraeus as Finance Director until 1988.  In 1989, Mr. Platsidakis joined the Angelicoussis Shipping Group and assumed the position of the Managing Director of Anangel Shipping Enterprises.  Mr. Platsidakis also served as Vice President and Director of Angelicoussis Shipping Group Ltd., President and Chairman of Maran Dry Shipholding Ltd, Vice President of Maran Tankers Shipholding Ltd and of Maran Ventures Inc.  He resigned the Angelicoussis Group in 09/2020 and joined Costamare Shipping Group. 
09/09/202230 minutes 47 seconds
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George A. Tsavliris

Mr. George A. Tsavliris was born in London. He graduated from Athens College in 1968 and having acquired professional qualifications in Shipping (F.I.C.S., ACI.Arb), he concluded his graduate and post graduate studies in Shipping Law at University College London in 1973. He familiarized himself with the shipping and salvage sectors from a very early age by being engaged in the family business. Mr. George Tsavliris is a Principal at “Tsavliris Salvage Group” and represents the business on both a commercial and environmental basis internationally. Mr George Tsavliris was awarded the 2016 Capital Link Greek Shipping Leadership Award, in recognition of his unique and extensive contribution to Shipping and Greece and for his overall outstanding service to the shipping industry made by him individually, as a family and by his company as a Group. In Jan 2019, Mr Tsavliris received the Cyprus Environmental Award on behalf of CYMEPA by the President of the Cypriot Republic Mr Nikos Anastasia
05/07/202234 minutes 6 seconds
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Theodoros Vokos

In this interview, Mr. Vokos describes how the Posidonia exhibition has evolved to what it is today, from the 1960s, and also gives us an overview of this year's Posidonia which is set to reach the maximum number of participations, since the beginning of the exhibition. We discuss the perspective of the Shipping Industry development in Greece, the unchanged love of the Greek shipowners for everything Greek, their admission to wanting Greece to be the most advanced shipowner country, while keeping the Greek character of the Shipping Management and offering jobs to as many Greeks as possible. As he tells us in his interview, “Timing” remains a key feature for the shipowners, which one would dare to say is passed on from generation to generation, making Greeks open new successful paths in the global Shipping Industry. In regards to the future of Posidonia, Mr. Vokos predicts that in the coming years, the uniqueness of Posidonia will become the Totem of
13/05/202228 minutes 27 seconds
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Giannis P. Dragnis

Mr. Dragnis, in the interview he gave us last September, talks about the Yachting industry and the leading position of Greece on the world map, the important advantages of working in the industry, as well as the ever-increasing presence of women in it.In addition, we discussed the boat construction in Perama, the staffing of crews by Greeks, as well as the great development opportunities that Greek companies, offering yacht services, have.Concluding, he pointed out the challenges of the industry and the importance of minimizing carbon dioxide limits in shipping, as well as the way in which the Greeks will provide the -next day- solution.
15/04/202231 minutes 17 seconds
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George M. Foustanos

George M. Foustanos was born in Athens in 1948. He studied Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding at the Southampton College of Technology before joining his family’s business – Valmas Shipping Ltd. – in 1972. Between 1979 and 1989 he was the director and partner at the Seastar Navigation Co. Ltd. and head of its technical department. From 1990, he has been focused exclusively on researching maritime history and documenting the evolution of the Greek merchant marine since its transition from sail to steam. He has served as the publisher of the maritime periodical “Argo” for 25 years and is the author of 35 books on shipping. George M. Foustanos also heads the Greek Shipping Miracle, the first online maritime museum, which he established in 2014 in order to communicate worldwide, the timeless achievements of modern Greek merchant shipping.In this podcast, recorded in December, Mr. Foustanos talks about the motivation behind the creation of the online Greek Shipping Miracle and
04/03/202231 minutes 49 seconds
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Costis J. Frangoulis

In the third episode of the Podcast we have the pleasure to host Costis J. Frangoulis, the Founder and CEO of Franman. For thirty-one years now, Franman has connected Greek shipping companies with a number of the world’s leading suppliers of equipment and services to the maritime industry. During these three decades the company has equipped approximately 4.500 newbuildings. Today, Franman is considered a leading Trading House internationally. Costis J. Frangoulis among other, is also the President of the Propeller Club, Port of Piraeus, Vice President of the International Propeller Club and Ambassador of the Sailors’ Society.He will be discussing with us on the podcast about how the Frangoulis family's course in Shipping started.The experience he gathered and his memories from his family’s connections with the late Stavros Niarchos and the impact, that it had on him, as well as his first steps in the Shipping industry and his important voyage, whi
01/02/202229 minutes 37 seconds
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Harry N. Vafias

In the second episode of the Podcast we have the pleasure to host Harry Vafias, who at the age of 27, led StealthGas at the stock market and thus, becoming the youngest CEO of any shipping company, listed in any stock market worldwide.In today’s podcast we’ll be discussing about the starting point of the Stealth Maritime, the working opportunities that the shipping industry has to offer, as well as the risks that Greek ship owners undertake. What are the issues concerning the future of shipping and where the next generation of shipping leaders is focused on? Stay tuned
03/01/202227 minutes 12 seconds
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Manolis Vordonis a leading executive, for 45 years, of the Greek and global shipping industry.

On the first edition of this engrossing podcast on Greek Shipping, we are proud to invite Mr. Manolis Vordonis, a leading executive for many decades on the Greek and global shipping industry.Today’s podcast will be offering a great introduction to the roots of Greek Shipping, the core values that constructed this “Greek Empire” and a few personal experiences from Mr. Vordonis 40 year career as the Executive Director of Thenamaris shipping company. His involvement in discussions of the wider maritime trade, as well as being active in civic groups within his local and international community, will give us insights of the Industry.More info about our guest: Mr. Vordonis majored in physics focusing on the theory and philosophy of science and his post graduate studies and research were in systems analysis, control, cybernetics and complex systems modeling. He has participated in cross-disciplinary explorations in the domains of naval architecture, fluid mechan
22/09/202134 minutes 24 seconds