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The Greatest Stories Never Told

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Craig Clemens has used the power of storytelling to become one of the most successful advertising writers of the decade, his words bringing in well over one billion dollars in sales. Craig believes the best way to have your own story lead to a happier ending, is to listen and learn from those who have gotten to where you want to be. In The Greatest Stories Never Told, you’ll hear the outrageous origin stories of some of the world’s most interesting and accomplished people, from all walks of life. Put your phone on silent and get ready for a wild ride. These are The Greatest Stories Never Told.
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Unveiling The Hidden Truths About Your Food Supply w/ Dr. Steven Gundry

Dr. Steven Gundry is a world-renowned cardiologist who invented a device that's used in 90% of all heart operations across the world. Yet, a little over a decade ago, Dr. Gundry decided to stop doing surgery altogether, because he felt he could save more lives with nutrition that he put on the operating table. Since then, his nutritional philosophies have sparked a global phenomenon. He's the author of four New York Times best-selling books, including ‘The Plant Paradox’, which you've probably seen in the hands of celebrities like Kelly Clarkson and Alan Arkin (and that’s because this book just flat out works!) So today, we're going to dive deep into the backstory of how he became one of the top heart surgeons in the world and made these diet discoveries that have now changed the lives of millions of people. So pay close attention, because this episode will change your life (plus, it might help you live a little longer too!) You’ll discover: When opportunity knocks... open the doo
16/03/20211 hour 25 minutes 53 seconds
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Using The Hidden Power Of Mushrooms To Elevate Your Daily Routine w/ Tero Isokauppila

Tero Isokauppila is the founder of Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee, and is recognized as one of the world's greatest experts on how you can use shrooms to heal your body... and expand your mind in ways you never thought possible. In today’s episode, we're gonna dive deep into all of it (including the true story of how Santa Claus used to be a shroom dealer… and how mushrooms may just come from aliens themselves!). Plus, you’ll also discover: The 3 most powerful performance-boosting shrooms you can use to instantly elevate your daily routine (many of which are inherently designed to boost immunity, memory and even reduce stress) (14:43) The ‘one word’ copywriting lesson I stole from legendary marketer Dan Kennedy (a simple concept, but one that has proven to single-handledly ‘make or break’ your whole marketing message… so listen closely) (19:47) Was Santa Claus a mushroom dealer? Here’s the forgotten yet revealing story of how the whole concept of Christmas came to be (so tighten up
09/03/202157 minutes 9 seconds
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Using Novelty to Connect With The Rich & Famous w/ Jon Levy

Imagine having an Olympic gold medalist, an Academy Award-winning actress, and a Nobel Prize-winning scientist all show up at your house... to cook you dinner! That's the reality for my good friend, Jon Levy. He’s the creator of a secret, invite-only dinner club called ‘The Influencers Dinner’. So in today’s short episode, you’re gonna hear the story of how it all started (and how you might be able to sneak into an invite.) Plus, you’ll discover how Jon capitalized on the powerful 'IKEA effect' to get in the room with big celebrities, influencers & top businessmen (and how you can use the same proven principle to get more influential people to willingly invest in a relationship with you!)
02/03/202117 minutes 15 seconds
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Building a Massive Following With Compelling Storylines with Brendan Kane

Brendan Kane is no Joe Schmoe. He’s one of the go-to guys I turn to for effective strategies on how to use attention-grabbing storytelling to build more engagement and have a bigger impact with my messages. The man is brilliant. He’s helped mega stars like Taylor Swift grow their social following, and even built a personal following on Facebook of a million real fans... in a single month! I learn something new each time I talk to him. And today, he’ll share some of his most effective strategies for growing your brand (plus some mind-blowing discoveries about human behavior.) So buckle up! You’ll discover: How a short boredom spurt led Brandon to stumble on a hidden golden opportunity that allowed for his first major breakthrough (7:32) Struggling to form a new habit? Here’s the single most common mistake people make when trying to foster new, empowering behavior (doing this guarantees you’ll find it extremely hard to follow through on your wishes… here’s how to avoid it altogether
23/02/202157 minutes 11 seconds
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Capturing Your Audience With Contagious Stories with David Nihill

David Nihill is a force to be reckoned with. He’s taught some of the top TEDx speakers how to refine their talks, and students from universities like Oxford and Stanford how to easily hone their communication skills (plus, he’s really funny too!) He has distilled many of his storytelling principles into simple, easy-to-learn golden nuggets you can instantly use to boost your own speeches & presentations. So buckle up! We’re in for a good one. You’ll discover: Fear of speaking in public? Here’s the shocking incident that forced David to conquer his fear of public speaking (not only was he not ready… but he got thrown to the main-stage with no prior experience at all!) (23:15) Three storytelling laws to live by in order to completely mesmerize ANY crowd you're speaking to (Fortune 500 companies and proclaimed TEDx speakers vouch for these principles… ready to 10x your storytelling skills? Here’s how.) PLUS --- a short and sweet ‘5 point’ editing trick to instantly cut out the fluff
16/02/20211 hour 4 seconds
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How to be a Global Citizen and Network with the highest people in society with Michael Trainer

I hope you're all fired up... because my guest today is one of the most networked men in the world! Michael Trainer has thrown a music festival with Jay Z, and even done a podcast with the Dalai Lama himself. He has this unique ability to reach the highest level people on the planet and get them to come hang out with him and do impactful projects (one of which has raised $20 billion to help causes on the planet.) I'm pumped to have him on today's show. So sit back, turn your phone off, get ready to take some notes. This episode is gonna light you up. Here, you’ll discover: The time Michael managed to get jumped by a ruthless spanish gang in his very first travel experience (2:31) How to leverage the ‘anchor’ positioning technique to lure the heaviest hitters in ANY industry to attend and promote your social events (Michael has executed this strategy to perfection in order to cheaply mingle with the likes of Ryan Holiday, Maria Sharapova, Bill Gates and many others!) Who will you
09/02/20211 hour 24 minutes 34 seconds
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Aaron Alexander

Aaron Alexander is not only the author of ‘The Align Method’, but he’s also a master at helping people become more aligned in their bodies and in their lives. And in today’s episode, we embarked on a fun acro journey, where Aaron set off to become a real-life human torture rack... for me! He twisted me up and down with his infamous inverted pole on my tender muscles and joints (in the hopes that eventually... it was going to make me feel better.) Did he succeed? Tune in to find out. Here, you’ll also discover: If your muscles are feeling stiff, here’s the single most powerful tool to instantly loosen up like the soft sail of a boat blowing in the wind (this system will have you stretching parts of your body you didn’t even know were there!) (1:56) Wearing heels is absolutely harmless, right? Wrong! Here’s why persistent use of heels has proven to be extremely harmful for your health (and oftentimes… even lead to schizophrenia!) (37:27) How to use the ‘quadrinity check-in’ exercise
02/02/20211 hour 7 minutes 59 seconds
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Nicolas Cole - Top-Tier Internet Ghostwriter Reveals His Proven System To Rapidly Master Any Skill From The Ground Up

In today’s episode, I spoke with none other than Nicolas Cole. He started off his career at the young age of 14 as a professional gamer (reaching the highest ranks of the World of Warcraft battlefield, kicking everyone's ass in the process) to then drop it altogether to focus all his energies towards two main goals: becoming a champion bodybuilder and one of the top writers on the entire internet. And now, he's the #1 most read writer on Quora and even has one of the most popular blogs on Medium. Yet, what I love most about Cole is he has a system for writing that I have personally learned a lot from. So if you’re looking to learn how to create the type of messaging, writing and storytelling that literally demands your reader’s attention all the way to the end… then you will definitely not want to miss today’s episode. Here, you’ll discover: The 3-step ‘subconscious grandmaster’ blueprint Nicolas learned from playing in the World of Warcraft trenches to rapidly master ANY skill y
26/01/20211 hour 21 minutes
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Max Lugavere Unveiling the Fake ‘Health Foods’ That Have Hijacked Our Daily Diet

I hope you’re ready to get mind blown. Because in today’s episode, we did something a bit different. We invited New York Times bestselling author and recognized health guru, Max Lugavere, with one goal in mind: demystifying the fake ‘health foods’ that have permeated our American diet. Those foods which we’ve been lied to by the big, crooked food corporations (stuff that they’ve told us are completely healthy to consume… when in truth are the exact opposite!) So if you’re anything like the average person that first finds out about this information… then I believe you’ll be in for a huge surprise. Here, you’ll discover: The top 7 ‘fake health foods’ 9 out of 10 Americans would swear on their mom are completely healthy to consume on a daily (yet are scientifically proven to act as slow death sentences for their own body! Here’s why) (12:30) Thinking of going vegan? Here’s the single most important thing to consider BEFORE making this critical, all-important decision (07:14) PLUS ---
19/01/202145 minutes 11 seconds
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Roger Love: How to Unlock the Full Power of Your Voice To Instantly Boost Your Social Interactions

Roger Love is the go-to vocal coach to some of today's biggest stars. He taught Bradley Cooper how to sing for his role at ‘A Star is Born’, and even helped Tony Robbins become a better speaker on stage. And today, you’re going to find out how you can enhance your voice in every conversation you have (whether it’s one on one, in a group setting, while putting out engaging content on social media that makes people fall in love with you - you name it!) after just a few quick changes. So get ready! Because this episode may very well change every conversation you have from this point forward. Here, you’ll also discover: How to steal Roger Love’s “One Octave Goog” exercise to instantly unlock the full, hidden power of your untapped voice (Tony Robbins himself has used this exercise before EVERY live performance for more than 30 years… and the best part? It only takes less than 5 minutes to rehearse!) (59:00) Do you struggle with stutters? Here’s why singing has proven to be the secret ‘i
12/01/20211 hour 35 minutes 39 seconds
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Niels Juul: How Von Dutch turned the fashion world on its head with a Trucker Hat.

Niels Juul is not only the producer behind the epic, award-winning crime film, The Irishman... but he also was a founding partner in the brand Von Dutch, which became an international sensation. Yet in this episode, we went deep into the dark side of mainstream Hollywood (stuff that the friendly advertisements wouldn’t even dare to talk about.) Things such as what goes along behind the scenes and even the counterfeiters! So get ready… because you’re about to gain access to the dark underbellies of a world where most people only see the surface. Here, you’ll discover: Struggling to sell more of your products and services? Here’s how you can steal the single most important marketing strategy Von Dutch exploited to turn this small clothing brand from LA into a multimillion dollar international sensation (hint: it requires absolutely $0 in marketing budget… just flat out savviness!) (13:23) The #1 lethal mistake Von Dutch made that triggered the hidden ‘business collapse’ ticking clock
05/01/202113 minutes 47 seconds
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Nicole Arbour: Rediscovering Your Authenticity

Nicole Arbour is more than just a successful comedian. She’s a social media superstar who’s earned over a billion views on her videos online. Not only is she freaking hilarious... but you’ll be amazed to discover the amazing personal journey Nicole had to go through to get to this point. Going from a hospital bed to now the greatest stories never told stage. So get ready! We’re in for a good one. Here, she also revealed: The internal 'F you' moment that allowed her to overcome her personal Mount Everest (this particular incident left her in so much pain… sleeping on the floor became a lot more bearable than sleeping in her own bed!) (20:51) The single most effective negotiation technique you can steal directly from the 'FBI playbooks' to immediately SHOCK any bully that's giving you a hard time (simply do this on your very next encounter and watch how even the most abusive of them all starts treating you differently just a few seconds after) (1:03:30) Struggling to get noticed? He
29/12/20201 hour 13 minutes 30 seconds
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Murray Hidary: How to Harness Negative Emotions To Excel At Your Craft

Murray Hidary is as close to a renaissance man as you can get. He’s an award winning photographer, a composer who’s played in front of crowds in Central Park and the beaches of Malibu, and even a key contributor to the late 90’s .com Boom by taking his company public at the young age of 27! He’s simply done it all. And in today’s episode, we’ll dive deep into the exact lessons and life philosophies that have shaped Murray throughout his remarkable journey (and how you can apply them to your very own life.) You will not want to miss it. Murray puts on a private concert for us, no sheet music, just in the moment from his soul! Here, you’ll discover: The 3 books that threw Murray into the ‘spirituality rabbit hole’ and allowed him to tap into deeper states of pure consciousness at work (can they do the same for you? Find out here) (24:33) The single most effective way to shortcut your learning curve in ANY field ten times over (if you’re serious about reaching your full potential, l
22/12/20201 hour 49 minutes 8 seconds
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Former "The View" Host Debbie Matenopoulos on How to Turn Your Losses into Wins

She became an MTV host... as a 21 year old! Debbie Matenopoulos is a 5x Emmy Nominee and Co-Host of the phenomenal, quarter a million viewers per day show, Home & Family on the Hallmark Channel. And in today’s episode, Debbie pulled back the curtain and told us the in-detail stories of how she hustled her way from earning $75 a day to becoming the youngest host in Daytime talk show history (while sharing the many lessons she learned during her journey.) So buckle up! We’re in for a good one. Here, you’ll discover: The single most important approach you should NEVER forget to take in order to boost the chances you'll land your dream job by tenfold (9 out of 10 job candidates are oblivious to this… yet ignoring this simple 'hack' is the #1 way to guarantee you'll NEVER even make it out of internship status!) (10:00) Did you know there's a disregarded island in the east of Greece which holds the proven answer for ever-lasting youth? (So powerful, wisdom of old has called this place 'Th
15/12/20201 hour 11 minutes 5 seconds
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Alex Banayan: How to Crack Through The ‘Third Door’ And Soar To New Heights

How does an 18 year old college freshman end up cracking access to rooms full of the world’s most successful people? Alex Banayan is the author of the international best-selling book, The Third Door, where he set out to uncover how people like Bill Gates, Lady Gaga, Steven Spielberg (and many more!) broke through and launched their careers. And in this episode he unveiled many of the eye-opening insights he learned during this wild quest of adventure. So get ready! Here, you’ll discover: The sneaky ‘success principle’ Steven Spielberg stole from his first mentor, and how you can exploit it to catapult into massive success of your own (this strategy alone allowed for a huge chunk of Spielberg’s initial breakthrough!) (11:31) How to employ the 5 ‘third door’ storytelling elements to instantly write attention-grabbing stories that HOOK your readers until the very end (disclaimer: this framework is so effective, it was never unveiled to the public... until now!) (35:24) You can find m
08/12/202053 minutes 18 seconds
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This Dominatrix Became a Children's Book Author - with Ivy Kwong

Ivy Kwong is the author of ‘The Little Girl, The Ocean, and The Moon’, a remarkable children's book. But not too long ago, she was working as a professional dominatrix. Yes, you read that right! In today's episode, you'll hear it ALL - and it is NOT for sensitive ears. You must be 18 years or older to listen. Today, Ivy spends her time helping people heal from trauma, have better relationships with themselves, and a more fulfilling love life. Find her work at
01/12/20201 hour 24 minutes 33 seconds
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Max Lugavere: Do The Small Things Before It’s Too Late

Max Lugavere is the author of The New York Times best selling book ‘Genius Foods’. He has been on Dr. Oz more times than anyone (besides Dr. Oz himself!) he's been on the Rachael Ray show a dozen times, you've probably seen him on The Doctors... the guy’s everywhere. He has blown up, he's the health guru of our generation. And his next book, Genius Life, is coming out soon. Which we're going to drop into today. So get ready! In today’s episode, you’ll discover: The 3 most important habits you need to have in order to avoid serious brain disease in the future (if you’re looking to preserve your health… do THIS daily!) (52:53) If you’re struggling to crack the code of your fitness schedule, here’s how much exercise you should REALLY be doing (1:07:51) The single most effective meal you will ever find to instantly boost brain power and prevent disease (it’s so crucial, Max himself suggests you eat it up to three times a day!) (1:10:08) Eating Egg McMuffins once or twice a week is har
24/11/20201 hour 27 minutes 41 seconds
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Silverio Strong: "I Grabbed the Gun and Pulled the Trigger."

Can growing up in the wrong neighborhood force you into a life of violence and crime? For Silverio Strong, that is exactly the case. This episode gives you a glimpse into how it’s like to grow up in a place where there's violence and crime all around you. And finding yourself (no matter how pure you are) getting sucked into all of that. We’ll dig deep into the nitty gritty of his growing up, how that led to all the havoc he wreaked, and the lessons that have allowed him to not only recover and transform his life, but helping other incarcerated people do the same. So get ready! In today’s episode, you’ll discover: The #1 reason why 9 out of 10 people FAIL to create lasting change in their lives (beware: you may have fallen trap of it yourself!) (1:04:37) The ‘secret’ truth they won’t tell you about prison (PLUS - uncensored stories of exactly what goes on behind the bars) (55:57) The single most important thing you can do right now to ‘supercharge’ each one of your current relations
10/11/20201 hour 49 minutes 49 seconds
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Sabrina Kay: How To Make It As A Non-English Speaking Immigrant

Today on the show, we have a woman who immigrated here at the age of 18, not speaking a word of English, and went on to found seven different companies (five of which she has successfully exited!) Her name is Sabrina Kay. She's a dear friend of mine and her story is going to absolutely blow your mind. So get ready! In today’s episode, you’ll discover: How to obliterate the 'unconscious chains’ that are secretly sucking the life out of you (hint: They’re inherited!) (10:55) The ‘evil’ psychological loophole companies like Facebook and Instagram exploit to HOOK you like a crack addict sniffing a line of cocaine! (53:36) The #1 most effective way to guarantee everything you learn sticks like a shot of Loctite glue! (55:10) Why you’re already sitting on the most powerful motivator you can ever employ to catapult into MASSIVE success (warning: use with caution) (1:02:06) The 5 key ‘golden fingers’ you MUST address before starting ANY business venture (ignore them at your own peril!) (
03/11/20201 hour 37 minutes 25 seconds
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Tony Horton: From Non-Athletic Kid To World-Renowned Trainer

Tony Horton is best known as a creator of P90X, the most popular workout program of all time that has been used by over 11 million people! He's even trained celebrities like Tom Petty, Billy Idol, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Nicks, Shirley MacLaine. And today, he's gonna reveal all the wild stories that happened behind the scenes, some of which have never been told before (many of which people probably don't want him to spill…). So get ready! In today’s episode, you’ll discover: The hidden ‘pitfalls’ that come with such outrageous success and how Tony handled them with finesse (if you’re hoping to become famous one day… you will not want to miss this!) How P90X flat out saved a woman’s life and allowed her to rediscover her long lost zest for life once again! The time Tony was forced to ‘street perform’ in order to pay his bills and survive (and you won’t believe how good he actually was!) The very first paid client that allowed Tony’s personal training career to take off and served
27/10/20201 hour 13 minutes 53 seconds
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Taryn Southern: From beating cancer to changing the human brain

Taryn Southern is an AI Researcher, documentary film director, performer and content creator with 700 million views across her videos. She was the first person in the world to produce an entire album with artificial intelligence, and recently directed the documentary, ‘I am Human’ that just premiered at Tribeca Film Festival. But my favorite part about Taryn is... she just kicked cancer's ass! She was faced with a cancer that had taken the life of someone in her own family, yet she was able to overcome it to keep inspiring and changing the lives of so many. You’ll discover: The #1 strategy Taryn used to ‘fail’ for two years straight and still end up in a BETTER position than her peers (do this if you’re young and are looking for an edge!) The ‘New York Times article’ that threw Taryn into producing the very first ‘AI made’ music album in the world! The #1 way to connect with your audience on a deep level and make them EAGER to hear what you have to say (it’s very simple, but pleas
20/10/20201 hour 38 minutes 24 seconds
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Peter Crone: How to Upgrade Yourself

Peter Crone is known as none other than the mind architect. I heard about him from so many different people in my network, I had to check them out for myself. I've only sat down with him once, and since then, I've looked at just about every part of my life differently - from relationships, to performance to even how I host this podcast. Your mind is going to explode when you hear what this guy has to share with you, so get excited! In this episode, you’ll discover: How ‘struggling’ can actually be a GOOD thing (and how to flip every perceived hardship on its head and make the most of them) How Peter went from working in a bar to helping hundreds of world-class athletes to conquer their mind and unlock their highest level of performance The biggest key that allowed Peter to become the #1 fitness trainer at the Palisades (apply this to instantly become a better salesman) The exact story of how Peter got ‘picked’ to train a group of world-renowned actors out of nowhere (wait, you worke
13/10/20201 hour 34 minutes 30 seconds
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Preston Smiles: From Special-Ed to The Top Of The World.

Preston is a thought leader who has helped millions of people around the world find more freedom and power in their lives. Some of the most badass guys I know (business leaders from all walks of life), all seek out Preston to be their leader and tell them what to do next. And his story is so fascinating, I cannot wait for you to hear today. In this episode, you’ll discover: How Preston went from being the ‘dyslexia special needs kid’ to becoming an inspiring and transformational life coach that empowers hundreds of people’s lives on a daily basis How Preston’s world flipped on its head after he got caught smoking weed… as an 11 year old! (and you won’t believe what happened next) The night Preston ‘outwitted the devil’ by being a ‘bitch’ (this one decision saved him from getting killed!) The ‘paradigm shifting’ epiphany that allowed Preston to crack the code for the matrix of life The #1 biggest lesson Preston got from his Dad on being and staying wealthy What growing up on a vicious
07/10/20201 hour 9 minutes 9 seconds
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Sebastian Terry: Passion Inspires Passion

The shocking phone call that stirred him to jump off a plane… completely naked! That's what happened to none other than Sebastian Terry. A man who set out to make his life the ultimate adventure by creating the world's wildest bucket list that you will not believe. In this episode, he shared uncensored stories of how he went about accomplishing some of the wildest, craziest (and most dangerous) things inside his 100-item list… such as marrying a stranger, and delivering a baby! Plus, you'll also discover… How one simple 'act of kindness' turned into an incredible movement that's inspiring hundreds of people just like you to live up to the truest, highest versions of themselves The #1 secret for living a much happier, fulfilling and exciting life (avoid this, and you'll probably regret your life at your deathbed) The story of how I faced my biggest fear in life The simple, mind-blowing exercise that allows you to gain crystal clarity on what you want out of life (and how to follow i
29/09/20201 hour 2 minutes 56 seconds
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Terry Virts: How to Astronaut

You’re about to be blasted out of the atmosphere by astronaut, Terry Virts! Terry is a veteran of two space missions and has spent 200 days aboard the International Space Station. I asked him the tough questions, including whether or not aliens exist, as well as stories of close calls on the space shuttle and in the cockpit of an F-16 fighter jet. Grab a copy of Terry’s new book “How To Astronaut” here: Follow Terry on IG: See the episode on youtube:
22/09/202036 minutes 2 seconds
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Randy Jackson: Real Stories From Behind the Spotlight

From playing with the world’s biggest rock bands like Journey and the Grateful Dead, to discovering the world’s biggest musicians, to being on the biggest TV show, American Idol, Randy Jackson has done it all. Today you’ll hear the wild behind-the-scenes stories he’s never shared before.
15/09/20201 hour 13 minutes 11 seconds
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Elliot Bisnow: How I Managed to Buy a Mountain Range in My Twenties

How does a boy in his twenties buy a mountain range in Utah? In this episode, discover how Elliott Bisnow bought a ski resort, convinced Richard Branson and Tim Ferriss to be his next-door neighbors, and created one of the most powerful conferences on the globe, with speakers like Jeff Bezos and Bill Clinton. All before he turned 30! In this wild take of adventure, you’ll discover advanced strategies to getting exactly what you want out of life, by someone who has not only done it all… but helped thousands of others fulfill their dreams.
08/09/20202 hours 12 minutes 39 seconds
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Craig Clemens: I Shouldn't Be Here To Tell My Story.

Alone at night in Odessa, Ukraine and targeted by local thugs, I barely escaped to tell this tale. In this opening episode of The Greatest Stories Never Told, I share for the first time the story of the night that almost took my life, but ended up changing it for the better. It is my hope that from the stories you hear on this show, you are able to better handle the tough situations in your life, and always come out on top. But even if you don’t, I believe that our ugliest stories can become the superpower that propels us to true success and happiness. Listen in, and tell me what you think.
08/09/202013 minutes 9 seconds