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The Great Speech Podcast with Kolarele Sonaike

English, Education, 7 seasons, 65 episodes, 1 day, 22 hours
What does it take to be a Great Communicator?How can you transform yourself into a public speaking presentation powerhouse? Kolarele Sonaike is a barrister, entrepreneur, and public speaking coach. With each episode of The Great Speech Podcast Kolarele examines all aspects of pitching, giving speeches and effective communication.
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Intro Episode - Why this? Why me?

Welcome to the Great Speech Podcast.If you believe that the world belongs to the great communicators; if you understand that it doesn't matter how smart you are  if you cant persuade other people towards your way of thinking; if you know that the world can only be changed if we can communicate our ideas convincingly, then boy do I have a podcast for you!I am Kolarele Sonaike, a public speaking coach, and I'm going to use this podcast to share thoughts, stories and ideas about communication and how we can all make an impact in our world by the way we speak and communicate.Should be fun!And if you're ready to improve your own presentation skills, I’ve got a great FREE LIVE WEBINAR coming up: “How to become an outstanding public speaker even if you are not a natural performer and without being overwhelmed by fear” me at thanks to Jaz Kahina for contributing the intro rap (talented lady so check out her stuff )Listen, subscribe & share - that's your first mission.
2/26/201910 minutes, 14 seconds