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English, Education, 1 seasons, 7 episodes, 2 hours 28 minutes
the goodself podcast hosted by Lara Ajouz is a weekly podcast focusing largely on feel good topics related to entrepreneurship, beauty/skincare, health/wellness and mindful subjects. The episodes will feature a special guest each week where you can listen to honest and open conversations
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Healing from Trauma Post-Beirut Explosion Ft. Self Awareness Expert Abir Ghazali

On this episode I am chatting with Self-Awareness Expert Abir Ghazali about the possible ways to heal and deal with the trauma following the Beirut Port explosion. On this episode we go through detailed methods on healing, eliminating guilt feeling, and explaining what happened to the kids in our family. Follow Abir on Instagram @_abirghazali_ and follow me @goodselfonline. You can donate to Beirut
26/08/202014 minutes 30 seconds
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Career Changes Post Covid-19 & How to Work for Your Dream Job Ft. Career Coach Reem Ghannoum

In this episode I am chatting with my university friend and HR expert, Reem Ghannoum, about the career changes post Covid-19, as well as diving deeper into the concept of Career Coaching and its benefits. We also chat about realizing your dream job and how to work towards it. Follow Reem on Instagram @reem.ghannoum & follow me on Instagram @goodselfonline
24/06/202020 minutes 5 seconds
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Chatting About Life During Quarantine: Watching Series & Rethinking Career Choices

On this episode I am going solo and chatting all about my time during quarantine and how this time off gave me the opportunity to appreciate the small things and rethink my life. I am also going through career changes, and all the series that I watched with my husband during this time off. Let’s connect on Instagram, follow me @goodselfonline
10/06/202025 minutes 22 seconds
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Emotional Eating Chat with Dietician & Health Coach Rola Ghaddar

In today’s episode I am chatting with Rola Ghaddar, a Beirut based dietician and health coach. We are discussing emotional eating: how to live with it, managing the guilt of emotional eating, and the best methods to build body confidence and avoid the pressure of “the perfect figure” that we usually see on social media. Follow Rola on Instagram @rola_ghaddar and follow goodself on Instagram @goodselfonline
03/06/202030 minutes 2 seconds
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Turning Your Passion to Business Chat with the Founder of Something Blue Bridal Boutique

In today’s episode, I am chatting with Cynthia Nakhle the founder of Beirut based bridal boutique, Something Blue. We are discussing the fundamentals of starting your own business and finding the courage to do so in the midst of uncertain economical times. 2020 brides, there’s also a segment for you on the best ways to say “I DO” in these unprecedented times! Follow Something Blue on Instagram @somethingbluelb, follow goodself on Instagram @goodselfonline
27/05/202016 minutes 54 seconds
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Getting Your Yoga Certification Chat with Certified Yoga Instructor Miriam Awada

In this episode I am chatting with my friend and certified yoga instructor, Miriam Awada, on her yoga journey and the steps towards obtaining her certificate. If you are aspiring to acquire your yoga certification, in this episode we will answer the most commonly asked questions about the process, the financial details, choosing the right program, and much more!
19/05/202021 minutes 51 seconds
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Sustainability & Second-Hand Shopping Chat with the Co-Founders of Pink Attik

In the first episode of this podcast I am chatting with the co-founders of Pink Attik, a second hand online platform based in Beirut. We are discussing the importance of second hand shopping and sustainability in today’s world. You will also be able to learn how you can sell and buy on Pink Attik if you are based in Lebanon
12/05/202019 minutes 21 seconds