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The Good, The Scaz & The Rugby

English, Sports, 4 seasons, 81 episodes, 3 days, 9 hours, 52 minutes
Emily Scarratt, Mo Hunt & Elma Smit return for season three of The Good, The Scaz & The Rugby. Expect big guests, rugby chat and the usual rollercoaster of insight, laughter and tears.
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S4 Ep19: The Woman With All The PWR: Belinda Moore

Our Mo & her Gloucester-Hartpury girls are off to Sandy Park this weekend to take on Bristol Bears in the PWR Final! So, the woman in charge of the league, Belinda Moore, CEO of the PWR, joins Elma, Scaz & Mo to discuss how the season’s gone & what the future looks like. EQP, funding, sponsorship, TV rights & what headhunters look like are all on the menu… and the final, of course. Tickets to GSR Live Show: Tickets for the PWR Final:
6/12/20241 hour, 19 minutes, 28 seconds
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S4 Ep18: Semi-Final Week with The Circus

Mo’s Gloucester-Hartpury fly-half & co-captain, Lleucu George & Zoe Aldcroft, join the gang to look ahead to their semi-final match up against Exeter Chiefs this Sunday. The girls congratulate Scaz on her big mini-league win before discussing leadership, mechanical bulls & what might be this season. Get ready to RTT with The Circus’ brain trust.
6/5/20241 hour, 4 minutes, 46 seconds
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S4 Ep17: Going For Gold With The GB7s Girls

With the Paris Olympics around the corner & the final stop on the Sevens Series in Madrid this weekend, the girls are joined by two of GB7s finest... Abbie Brown & Jasmine Joyce-Butchers. The girls discuss the realities of being part of a programme where funding doesn’t match their competitors and what a shot at medalling in Paris after two consecutive fourth places means to them. The chronicles of the hall pass rumble on, Scaz & Mo make a plea to halt the purchase of croissants, Jaz’s dog story steals the show & Protein Pete gets in on the action.
5/29/20241 hour, 10 minutes, 32 seconds
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S4: Scotland's Next Gen: Edinburgh Uni

Scaz finally visits her adopted homeland, Scotland, with her Loughborough teammates, Rachel Malcolm & Helen Nelson. This season the trio have been mentoring students from Edinburgh Uni as part of GSR & Vodafone’s EmpowHER programme - connecting uni rugby to the elite game. So they catch up with two uni players, Cieron Bell & Nicole Flynn, who made it into Scotland’s match day squad last month & their coach, former Scotland player, Claire Cruikshank. They discuss the season that was in the BUCS WNL, Celtic Challenge & the Six Nations… & Scaz can’t hide the fact she loves being dubbed ‘The Beyoncé of Rugby’.
5/22/202453 minutes, 3 seconds
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S4 Ep16: Behind The Scenes At Saracens

The business end of the season is upon us, so Elma, Scaz & Mo are taking a peek behind enemy lines at StoneX Stadium. A home semi-final is yet to be booked for Saracens, so the girls are joined by two of their forward pack, Georgia Evans & Donna Rose, to discuss what’s to come… including a match up against Mo’s unbeaten Gloucester-Hartpury. They also get into Wales’ Six Nations & their upcoming WXV2 qualification match. Oh & Donna makes Elma blush, Scaz gets obsessed with a cupboard, & Mo can’t believe she was given a bird book. Twit-twoo. Tickets to Saracens Vs Gloucester-Hartpury at StoneX Stadium:
5/15/20241 hour, 1 minute, 57 seconds
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S4 Ep15: The Grand, The Slam & The Rugby 3.0

Chaos reigns as Scaz & Mo return from Bordeaux, and relive the big moments from their third consecutive Six Nations Grand Slam title campaign. They delve into Mitch’s impact & his emotional outpouring post-Le Crunch, as well as Ireland, Scotland & Wales’ final round performances. We also find out how many croissants Scaz would swap her shirt for, how many Barbaras are saved in her phone & which common British bird is Mo’s favourite…
5/1/20241 hour, 8 minutes, 9 seconds
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S4 Ep14: Six Nations Super Saturday Preview

The final round is upon us; will the Red Roses manage back to back Grand Slams? & who will snatch third place, to guarantee WXV1 & World Cup qualification? Elma & KDM have called in the two oracles of women's rugby to answer these questions - the founder of ScrumQueens, the OG women’s rugby website & publisher, Ali Donnely & BBC Sport reporter & commentator extraordinaire, Sara Orchard. Tickets to our Wales v Italy preview show at the Principality Stadium on Super Saturday: To donate to Erinne Reva’s Just Giving:
4/24/20241 hour, 9 minutes, 23 seconds
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S4 Ep13: Gwen Crabb & Ffion Lewis Say It How It Is

Bottom of the table Wales are having a tough ride in this year's Six Nations, so Elma’s called on our Welsh bureau in scrum half, Ffion Lewis & second row, Gwen Crabb, to give us the lowdown. They talk us through what they would change about the structure of rugby in Wales & interrupt each other more times than we can count… We also get some top tips on podcasting, ACL rehab… and start the Aoife Wafer fan club, courtesy of Gwen. Tickets to our Wales v Italy preview show at the Principality Stadium on Super Saturday:
4/17/20241 hour, 3 minutes, 16 seconds
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S4 Ep12: The Mid-Six Nations Parma Ham Epiphany

KDM joins Elma for a Six Nations fallow week catch up & Scaz & Mo pop by… mainly to tell Elma off for sporting an Italian blue shirt during the Italy game. Parma ham, Champagne & Swiss cheese are all on the menu along with thoughts on Jamie George’s appearance and the Italian away day after party. The girls look ahead to their clash with Scotland & KDM weighs in on World Rugby’s coaching framework backtrack and the ball size debate. Remember, to tend & befriend, one & all…
4/10/202458 minutes, 11 seconds
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S4 Ep11: Murrayfield: Inside Scotland Camp

Elma’s hopped on the train to Edinburgh to visit the the Scotland team in the fallow week of the Six Nations. A win over Wales & a close fought loss to France has been a brilliant start to the Championship for the Scots who’re going from strength to strength. Head coach Bryan Easson, takes Elma on a behind the scenes tour of Hive Stadium, the Murrayfield tunnel & the changing rooms - before Elma sits down with Emma Wassell, Rhona Lloyd & Elis Martin to hear all about life in camp.
4/3/20241 hour, 11 minutes, 53 seconds
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S4 Ep10: The Round One Round Up with Philippa Tuttiett

Pull up a chair, the Women’s Six Nations is finally here!! Scaz & Mo are in camp, so Katy’s back alongside Elma to discuss what went down in Cardiff, Parma & Le Mans in Round One & to look ahead to this weekend's match ups... The pair are joined by former Wales winger & 7s Captain turned broadcaster, Philippa Tuttiett… who's had a very unlikely career alongside her rugby journey.
3/28/20241 hour, 2 minutes, 42 seconds
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S4: Jill Scott, Karen Carney & Dame Laura Kenny at The Guinness Women’s Six Nations Launch

Elma is joined by Katy Daley-Mclean and Scotland Captain, Rachel Malcolm, to look ahead to the Guinness Women’s Six Nations Championship, at last week’s launch! The trio are also joined by legendary Olympian, Dame Laura Kenny, who announced her retirement from cycling yesterday, & Lionesses Jill Scott & Karen Carney to discuss the trajectory of women’s sport & share their own experiences of competing on the world stage. They also get into Olympic ring tattoos, splitting the G & the unlikely Lioness on the panel…
3/19/20241 hour, 1 minute, 44 seconds
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S4 Ep9: The Six Nations Preview

Nick Heath joins the girls to give us scoop after scoop on all the runners & riders of the 2024 Women’s Six Nations… whether you’re an expert, or you’re new here - this episode is for you. We hear about Scaz’s return to the pitch, look ahead to the Men’s Six Nations Super Saturday & say a brief goodbye to Scaz & Mo, as they leave us for Red Roses camp. Elma will be here (often joined by Katy Daly-Mclean) every Thursday for the duration of the tournament - bringing you everything you need to know, and all the guests you need to hear from! Cardiff Live Show Tickets: Auction for Gary Street:
3/14/20241 hour, 9 minutes, 46 seconds
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S4 Ep8: Ilona Maher: The Beauty, The Beast, The Businesswoman

USA 7s player & TikTok sensation, Ilona Maher, joins Elma, Scaz & Mo to chat about her social media game, her passion for growing women’s rugby and her body positivity mission. She gives Scaz & Mo tips for their own content, teaches Scaz what a thirst trap is & they look ahead to the Paris Olympics this summer. & we promise Scaz will give us the low down on her return to the pitch in the next instalment!
2/29/20241 hour, 5 minutes, 49 seconds
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S4 Ep7: Sara Cox’s Laws of the Game

Scaz & Mo are Elma-less again, but this time, they’re joined by the trailblazing referee, most capped female match official, & newly awarded MBE, Sara Cox. With the new Whistleblowers documentary, Hollie Davidson’s Men’s Six Nations appearance & Aimee Barrett-Theron’s viral ‘I'm not mad, just really disappointed’ moment, refereeing is all over our news feeds right now. Coxy sheds light on how tough it can be in the middle with such grey areas in rugby’s law book, how much she loves coming into England camp to work with the Red Roses & her FIVE hour long kangaroo court session in New Zealand two years ago.
2/15/202454 minutes, 20 seconds
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S4 Ep6: Scaz & Mo’s Lions Test Team

With the first ever Women’s Lions tour finally on the horizon, Scaz & Mo (with the help of some Irish, Scottish & Welsh friends) put their heads together to pick a starting IV Lions side. Without picking themselves, they come up with a team that spans the four nations - which makes their hearts hurt at the talent they’ve had to leave out. Oh, and Elma & KDM pop up to Durham to catch up with some of the university rugby team who are part of the EmpowHER project we’re running with Vodafone. To donate to Gary Street:
2/1/20241 hour, 5 minutes, 7 seconds
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S4 Ep5: 1994 World Cup Special: 30 years on, with Gill Burns

We’re back in action for 2024 - which means two things, it’s ten years since our Scaz & Mo won the World Cup AND it’s thirty years since England did it for the first time. So who better than Gill Burns, the legendary former Red Rose & former President of the RFUW to join the gang to relive that 1994 World Cup win and all the significant ripples the tournament has created since... LINK TO: The First Women's Lions Tour: Why Now: LINK TO: Sports Podcast Awards to vote for us:
1/18/20241 hour, 5 minutes, 30 seconds
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S4 Ep4: Babalwa Latsha & Aseza Hele: A Vibe

Christmas has come early for our cat lady, who can’t believe her luck at having two South Africans in the studio with her… the Women Boks captain, Babalwa Latsha & her teammate for club & country, Aseza Hele. Babalwa is such a force that every time she speaks at this time of year, sleigh bells can be heard - that is until Elma asks her to take her reindeer antlers off… Aseza tells the girls about her incredible journey to find rugby & become one of the best No.8s in the world. & Scaz & Mo can’t believe how early on Elma manages to wedge in mention of the postal service - it might be a record. Expect emotional moments, new friendships & pigs in blankets.
12/21/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 36 seconds
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S4 Ep3: Jo Yapp: Worcester to the Wallaroos

Scaz, Elma & Mo are joined by the newly announced Wallaroos coach, Jo Yapp… the former Red Rose captain, who for the last decade has been coaching top level rugby in this country… Most recently, she’s steered Worcester through an incredibly tough year, before finally losing their funding & place in the league last month. They discuss Worcester, coaching philosophies, pathways & what’s next for Jo…
12/14/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 49 seconds
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S4 Ep7: Up North at Sale Sharks with Michelle Orange & Katy Daley-Mclean

Katy’s invited the girls up to Manchester to meet her boss, & the only female co-owner of a top flight club, Michelle Orange, at Sale’s training ground. They roll out the red carpet & take Elma on a tour, before sitting down with Scaz & Mo to talk about the business of women’s rugby right now… That is until the beans are spilled about Katy’s nightmare group chat mistake…
12/7/20231 hour, 16 minutes, 59 seconds
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S4 Ep6: New Season, New Ear Lobes, with our Monumentas Mo & Meg Jones

The girls are back in action for season four & Mo’s brought her WXV roomie, Meg Jones, with her! Passing round the Percy Pigs, Meg & Mo spill the tea on their time in New Zealand with the Cowboy Crew. They get into Meg’s big hopes to medal in Paris next summer with GB7s & make it back into a Red Roses jersey for the home world cup in 2025. They also look ahead to the new PWR season & someone lets the secret about Scazzy’s ear lobes slip…
11/30/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 11 seconds
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S4 Ep5: The Big WXV Wrap Up

It’s been one hell of a tournament… England beat New Zealand, Sarah Hunter cried, Mo Hunt had a stormer & Marlie Packer was crowned Queen of the Universe (more commonly known as World Rugby Player of the Year). Elma, Scaz & Nick Heath reflect on the inaugural tournament & look ahead to what’s next… until they’re rudely interrupted by a CELEBRATING NATASHA HUNT, a South African guard dog and some bagpipes?
11/9/202342 minutes, 16 seconds
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S4 Ep4: A Red Rose, A Black Fern & the Chairperson of the Springbok Fan Club walk into a bar…

England take on New Zealand in Aotearoa this weekend, in a replay of last years’ final. So, Elma & Scaz call up a woman who knows a thing or two about this match up… the most capped Black Fern of all time & three time world cup winner, Kendra Cocksedge. The trio look ahead to the clash, discuss the legacy of last year’s tournament and congratulate Scotland & Ireland on their WXV 2 & 3 wins… well, when they manage to steer Elma away from her non-stop Springbok celebrations…
11/2/202356 minutes, 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

S4 Ep3: WXV3: Ireland on fire in Dubai

Ireland’s new co-captains Sam Monaghan & Edel McMahon (AKA Tricky) join Scaz & Elma to talk all things WXV3 and life in Dubai. They’ve been using paddling pools & ice vests to stay cool, but nothing could protect them from Mo’s long range burns about the heat, all the way from New Zealand. Ireland’s rebuild, their decider against Spain, the story of Tricky’s nickname are all on the menu, as well as France’s thrilling one point win AND our big live show news we’ve been teasing you with! For tickets to our live show, head to:
10/25/202339 minutes, 10 seconds
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S4 Ep2: Babalwa Latsha: Siya Kolisi’s Captaining Counterpart

South Africa’s captain Babalwa Latsha, joins Elma & Scaz to debrief on the Springboks & the Women Boks action over the weekend. Elma couldn’t be more excited to have B on the show - they’re firm friends & now that Babalwa has moved from Cape Town to Guildford to play for Quins, they’ve been braaing together over the summer. The girls get into the captains' photo shoot which had us all laughing & look ahead to this weekend’s WXV fixtures and World Cup semi finals.
10/19/202342 minutes, 17 seconds
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S4 Ep1: Kicking Off & Kicking On: The girls are back for WXV!

WXV is here… Mo’s is off New Zealand with the Red Roses, Elma’s in the All Blacks camp en France, and Scaz reveals she’s had a big old operation on her neck which will hopefully get her back on the pitch before too long! If that wasn’t already enough - they look ahead to the exciting new world of WXV, which kicks off this weekend. Expect more MONUMENTAS Mo-isms, more Elma banging on about the postal service and more Scaz being Scaz, this time (apparently) with jazz hands. Make sure you’re following Good Scaz Rugby on social media to stay up to date with all the WXV news!
10/11/202340 minutes, 7 seconds