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English, Social, 1 season, 11 episodes, 4 hours, 5 minutes
This is not your typical self development podcast. Nope... this space is dedicated to helping you unleash your inner goddess. Join Kaaviya in a real-time journey towards unapologetic confidence and true fulfillment. The Goddess Pod is your accountability partner for achieving your goals. Whether it's sharing her own self growth struggles or offering advice, Kaaviya is genuine, raw, and committed to pushing you towards your dreams.
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It’s Never That Deep

This week, Kaaviya speaks on some of her goals and intentions for 2023. Hitting on topics like manifestation, SZA, elementary school bus rides, and shifting focus - you don’t want to miss this one!
1/15/202320 minutes, 20 seconds
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Divine Body: How I was able to Overcome a Decade Long Eating Disorder.

Another loooong awaited episode.. After a 7 month hiatus, Kaaviya has returned to The Goddess Pod with her most vulnerable topic yet. Her experience with multiple eating disorders. In this episode, Kaaviya shares her story and explains how she was able to find peace with her body after years of abusing it. 
11/13/202222 minutes, 51 seconds
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Spring Flowers: Finding Support, Stability, and Reassurance during Change

Spring has sprung!  With a new season around the corner, it never hurts to gain a fresh new perspective. This week, Kaaviya looks inward to explore the overwhelming feelings that tend to accompany large transitional periods.
3/29/202221 minutes, 16 seconds
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Puzzling Peace: How To Improve Your Daily Happiness Using Time, Thoughts, and Habits

She's baaaack (for real this time)! This week, Kaaviya is solving a puzzle: the peace puzzle. She explores three areas of life as "puzzle pieces" that we can fit together to take more control over our daily happiness. 
3/31/202126 minutes, 35 seconds
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Uprooted: Healing During Traumatic or Transitional Times

Welcome back! This week, Kaaviya talks about being “uprooted” and how to heal/find yourself again during tough transitional periods. 
1/29/202119 minutes, 27 seconds
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When It Rains It Grows: Discovering Strength in a Negative Situation

This week, Kaaviya shares her thoughts during a tough time. “When It Rains It Grows” is a raw, unscripted, and emotional conversation about fueling your Goddess Energy - even through the worst storms.
11/25/202019 minutes, 7 seconds
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The Glow Up: How to Channel the Best Version of You

The highly awaited “Glow Up” episode! This week, Kaaviya spills her personal philosophy on how to have the most ICONIC glow up of all time. Caution: You may harness your Goddess Energy in the process. 
11/8/202029 minutes
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Demons & Potions: Taking Control of Your Inner Voice

Happy Halloween! In this “spooky” themed episode, Kaaviya introduces you to “the Fear Demon”, and teaches you how you can make the perfect potions for your day-to-day life. 
10/31/202021 minutes, 6 seconds
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Starlight Session #1

Welcome to the first “Starlight Session”! In this episode, Kaaviya offers special insight based off of questions and stories that were submitted by YOU! This session's topics include colorism, representation, and "adulting".
10/25/202018 minutes, 9 seconds
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Finding Sunshine: Learning How to Create Joy

On this week's episode of The Goddess Pod, we jump into the topics of happiness and good moods. Even when the circumstances aren't ideal, we can hone in on the idea of joy and begin to unlock the underlying sense of joyous energy that resides within each of us. 
10/15/202023 minutes, 46 seconds
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Goddess Energy

In this debut episode of The Goddess Pod, Kaaviya sets the tone for what you can expect from her podcast, explains her theory on success, and defines "goddess energy". 
10/9/202023 minutes, 40 seconds