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English, Education, 7 seasons, 129 episodes, 3 days, 3 hours, 8 minutes
Designed for curious, growth-minded, leadership enthusiasts like you—The Global Leadership Podcast brings you insightful, thought-provoking conversations with a diverse group of world-class leaders.
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Episode 062: Aja Brown and Jason Jaggard on Cities, Collaboration and Criticism

Mayor Aja Brown made history at 31, becoming the youngest mayor ever elected in the City of Compton, California. Under her leadership and focusing on community partnerships, the city is thriving with a 50% decrease in homicides and a 50% reduction in unemployment. In this episode of the GLS Podcast, Mayor Brown sits down with Jason Jaggard to discuss the way she approaches collaborative problem-solving and the importance of faith-based communities in city transformation. In addition, she describes the self-leadership practices that propelled her into leadership at such a young age.
11/18/201929 minutes, 40 seconds
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Episode 006: Sheila Heen

Sheila Heen’s excellent talk unpacks the challenges and opportunities we face when we receive feedback. She identifies three different kinds of feedback: appreciation, coaching and evaluation, and describes how clarity in understanding the kind of feedback we receive helps us understand it more easily.
7/17/201738 minutes, 7 seconds
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Episode 004: Craig Groeschel

In this practical leadership message, Craig Groeschel describes strategies for how both older and younger leaders can interact in more productive ways in the workplace. He encourages older leaders to invest in the younger generation. At the same time, he urges younger leaders to intentionally honor those who have gone before them.
6/19/201739 minutes, 49 seconds
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Episode 002: Dr. Henry Cloud

We will encounter different kinds of people as we steward our leadership visions. Using language from ancient wisdom literature, Dr. Henry Cloud categorizes these people as wise, foolish, and evil. In this episode of the GLS Podcast, Henry describes the characteristics of each type and gives us practical strategies for how to lead each one more effectively.
5/15/201736 minutes, 25 seconds