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The Girl Who Can - Increasing Productivity For Women, Finding-Self Confidence, Create A Balanced Life Cover
The Girl Who Can - Increasing Productivity For Women, Finding-Self Confidence, Create A Balanced Life Profile

The Girl Who Can - Increasing Productivity For Women, Finding-Self Confidence, Create A Balanced Life

English, Education, 1 season, 96 episodes, 1 day, 19 hours, 30 minutes
Do you feel like you keep adding things onto your plate that are supposed to be “good” things like a new workout routine, a side hustle, a new job, or habit, but they just leave you feeling tired and overwhelmed? If you don’t stick to the goals you set for yourself perfectly do you feel that guilt creep in more and more? And does this cause you to slip into comparison because you feel like your confidence or routines doesn’t look like the girls that seem to do and have it all on social media. There are so many pressures around us, and really- it’s almost engrained in us, to strive, strive, strive, and never be satisfied with what we have. And I know this podcast is called “The Girl Who Can” so what am I talking about here? Well, I’m here to redefine what it really means to “do it all”. You can be the girl who goes to the gym, but also the girl who can rest, the girl who can work hard, but also the girl who sets boundaries, the girl who eats healthy food, but also the girl who can eat out of satisfaction. The girl who practices gratitude, but also the girl who can cry when she had a bad day. Listen, you got one life, and there’s not one cookie-cutter way you’re supposed to live it. I’m here to help you realize what you can do with the life you have with who you are right now. I promise you, who you are right now is more than enough. So, Hi! I’m Arissa and I’m a recovering 24/7 hustler who tried to do-it-all to reach my final destination of what I thought happiness was. Which only left me feeling anxious and exhausted. And honestly, I still check myself sometimes. I’m not perfect, and I don’t expect you to be either. On this podcast we talk a lot about strategies for self-confidence, healthy routines, and keeping realistic expectations. I am here for you and only want to see you grow into your version of the girl who can. And that girl, starts with saying “yes” I can grow and “yes” I am enough. But wait! I do have one rule around here, tryyy not to be the girl who thinks she can do this alone. Your wins are my wins, and this podcast is here to celebrate YOU. CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast Support: [email protected]
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Set Healthy And Productive Habits And Actually Stick To them

What is a habit? Is it different from goals? How come it's so hard to maintain a habit? Is there a 'hack' that can help you maintain and stay consistent with healthy habits? The golden question, right? Habits form your days, weeks, months and years. They have the opporunity to push you into growth and expansion or hold you back and keep you in a cycle of limiting beliefs. In this episode we get into the details around why habits can be difficult to form, but also finally be the girl who CAN ensure a habit that is healthy becomes second nature and longterm.  THINGS TO LISTEN FOR - The seven things holding you back from staying consistent  - The science behind forming a habit  - Why your habits are crucial for your personal growth  CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram : @ArissaBua @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  Support: [email protected]
7/19/202429 minutes, 23 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN : Find & Pursue Relationships That Support Your Growth, Creativity, and Passions

Losing Friendships/Relationships never gets easier, especially as you get older and enter different seasons of life. There might be relationships that expect you to be your "old" self when you're on a journey of growth and expansion, so what do you do? How do you approach the "tough" conversation? In this episode we talk about how relationships can 100% evolve and grow with you but also keep it real and remember that not everyone is meant to be in your life forever.    WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  - How to allow relationships to evolve in a loving way - Challenging feelings of rejection  - Importance of gaining clarity for yourself if relationships are shifting and needing to be let go of   CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram : @ArissaBua  @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  Support : [email protected]
7/13/202427 minutes, 29 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Get Back To What Matters & Brings You Purpose

Hey Friends! Let's get back to what you find most important in your life- but wait, do you even know what that is? A lot of times we might be putting our efforts towards something that ends up coming up short and not really providing any sense of fulfillment. What I DON'T want for you is to watch your life pass you by and not experience a sense of happiness. I encourage you to audit your time, energy, and definitions of success as you listen to this episode.  WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  - Understanding the difference between feeling busy and feeling fulfilled  - Knowing if you are using productivity and a million different projects to distract yourself from going for what you actually want   - Setting a goal to leave room for the miracles    CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaBua Support [email protected]   
7/3/202423 minutes, 36 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Put Wonder & Awe Back Into Her Life

When did life get so serious? From a morning routine that needs to look perfect, to an ideal job role, to how we spend our time, to the products we use. While I am not saying those things shouldn't be taken seriously- sometimes I think we forget to put the fun back into things. In this episode I share how i've been feeling lately and why my word I am embodying the word "wonder" for the rest of the year to ensure I keep fun and spontaneity at the forefront of my life.  THINGS TO LISTEN FOR - The importance of getting back to your childlike wonder and faith  - How to lean into leaving room for the miracles on your calendar  - Stop taking life so seriously  CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaBua Support [email protected]
5/25/202426 minutes, 15 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Stop The Self- Sabotage

Do you ever start something then stop? Or have found yourself saying "I know what to do I just don't do it?" Well then, listen up! This episode is for you. We all can get in our own way from time to time but the key here is being self aware enough to move out of the way, also- understanding and addressing where this might be coming from so you can stop yourself in your tracks the next time a self sabotage scenario comes up!  THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  - How to exactly identify if self sabotage is preventing you from reaching your goals  - Tips on how to overcome perfection and all or nothing thinking  - The differences between the types of self sabotage and how to address each of them CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @ArissaBua @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  Support [email protected]
4/12/202434 minutes, 24 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Own Her Goals And Ensure They Serve A Greater Purpose

So we've talked a lot about making goals- and you might hear all the "tips" to set good goals, but there's a difference between setting goals and following through with them. Also, making sure the goals you set actually inspire you. We live in a world where we might feel the "obligation" to make certain goals in order to define us as successful. But In this episode I ask you to uncover what actually lights up your life when it comes to setting these goals. And know that its okay for them to change over-time! THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  - Why working hard and resting well is pivotal in your goal setting journey  - What your life can look like when you take responsibility of your pursuits  - The importance of setting goals for the greater good     CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaBua Support [email protected]
4/7/202424 minutes, 38 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Command A Room With Her Confidence

Do you want to walk into a room and people just KNOW you're a force to be reckoned with? Well, listen up. It has nothing to do with what you're wearing, what your hair looks like, who you show up with- none of that. It comes down to a few key things we dive into in todays episode. Its not something you're "missing" either- you CAN be that girl who shows up and turns heads with the lasting impression you leave on people. Women deserve to be in powerful rooms, deserve to be heard, and it starts with you having the confidence to get yourself there.  WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  - Why its about leaving an impact in the room more than just showing up confident  - The Physical vs Non-Physical aspects of commanding a room  - The importance and how to set mantras for yourself    CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram: @ArissaBua @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  Support: [email protected]
3/27/202433 minutes, 1 second
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Breakthrough The Plateau To Level Up Your Life

Can you believe we're already two months into 2024, I might say it weekly, but time is going TOO FAST. Now that the "new year motivation" has come down, how are you doing? But really, how are you REALLY doing? I've been hearing from a few people lately the start to the year wasn't what they planned for it to be. So in this episode we get clear on how to break through a season of feeling a bit stuck, why that might be, how to face it, and how to level up from it.  THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  - What is means to surrender your worries and why that makes room for good  - Identify if you're setting goals from a place of "lack"  - Why thinking about what you want your future will look like might be be holding you back   CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  @ArissaBua Support [email protected] 
2/24/202424 minutes, 26 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Remember Your Worth Is More Than Just Physical And How You Look

As women we live in a society where we are susceptible to be insecure at some point- about our body, our skin, our clothes, some element of our appearance. It unfortunately is normal, but in this episode I aim to redefine what we've made as "normal" within out beliefs as it is needed, and long overdue. The good thing about this is you have a choice in what that looks and feels like for you.  WHAT TO LISTEN FOR - How to give your body the self respect it deserves  - Introducing alternative standards of beauty  - Redefining what it means to be confident  CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaBua Support TheGirlWhoCanPodcast
2/15/202432 minutes, 22 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Conquer Conflict In A Confident Way

What comes to mind when you think of "conflict"? Is it arguing, yelling, something bad, frustrating, stressful, or blame? Emotions can definitely be pretty high when entering conflict and often times we mistake conflict with arguing. Conflict actually has the ability to be something really productive, and give people an opportunity to learn more about you, your boundaries, how you communicate, and a chance to hold yourself to a higher standard. We cant avoid conflict in our lives, so why not learn how to embrace it in a healthy way?  THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  - How to Seek Solutions, Not Shame  - How to communicate and keep your boundaries within conflict - Setting realistic expectations around conflict in your day-to-day life      CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPocast @ArissaBua Support [email protected] 
1/20/202432 minutes, 27 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Focus On Who You Are Vs. Who You’re Not

One of the most important relationships you can have is the one with yourself- not future you, not past you, but current you. Who you are right now is a product of your past and a launchpad to your future. So why not take care of her? In this episode, let's talk about really being in the current moment and ensuring you are embracing whats for you, right now. There is so much beauty and opportunity right in front of your eyes thats too good to miss out on!  THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  - How to take care of our current self to set your future self up for success - How taking care of others means taking care of yourself first - Importance of stepping out of your comfort zone vs. relying on what you're good at  CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPocast @ArissaBua Support [email protected]
1/10/202427 minutes, 28 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Have Her Life Flourish In 2024

Happy New Year! To be honest- I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year as everyone talks about "resolutions" and "goals" and everyone is showing up with shiny motivation. While I think this time of the year is a good opportunity to carve out some time to actually think about goals, check your heart, and reflect on what you learned in the past year. I don't want you to forget that you CAN choose to feel this clean slate EVERY DAY. You have the chance to say yes to YOU and make goals every day if you choose to. Which is such a gift! This year my word is "Flourish" and in this episode I walk you through how we can see our life flourish in our finances, health, careers, and more! WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  - The art of giving and how it plays a key part in having abundance in your life  - Tips on how to reflect on this past year and how to make goals based off that  - Remembering that it's okay for your goals to change and why they actually should   CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaBua  Support [email protected]
1/3/202436 minutes, 10 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Operate From Overflow Vs. Overwhelm

"Protect what you allow your heart to be influenced by". This is something ti constantly try to remind myself of. It can be very easy to be influenced by chaos, overwhelm, anger, or jealously if we're not careful. The overflow of the heart the mouth speaks, and this is a concept I explain in this episode and encourage you to really take inventory of what you might be operating out of. You have the ability to live your daily life from a place of abundance, joy, and happiness. Even if there is chaos around you, listen to the episode learn how.  THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  -Giving yourself grace when things aren't the way you wish they were and understand overwhelm is a part of learning  - How to properly live life from an Overflow of the heart   - Putting your ego aside to use the community around you  CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram: @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  @ArissaBua Support: [email protected]
11/29/202327 minutes, 56 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Feel Ready To Step Into Her Calling With Who She Is RIGHT NOW

There is all this talk about finding your calling and following your passions- which is think is a great concept but can sometimes be taken a bit too far where we can get stuck at spending way too long trying to "figure out" what that looks like for us. We all know this is a space where I am always encouraging you to take action. So lets get out of our heads today and into our lives to start pursuing your calling with who you are today. I promise it can be done! THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  - How to see career and calling as different but how they can work together  - How to Figure out what your calling is  - How to not worship your calling, but begin worshiping the One who calls you   CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  @ArissaBua Support: [email protected]
11/8/202330 minutes, 42 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Give Herself Permission To Say ”No”

When you're saying "yes" to something- what are you saying "no" to in return? Sometimes saying yes can come the people pleaser in you, or maybe you genuinely want to help, or maybe you don't know what you want so you just say yes because saying "no" would be mean and make things uncomfortable. In this episode we talk about exercising your skill to say no more often. And yes- its a skill. Because did you know research has proven most people would rather say yes even if they didn't want to just to avoid a awkward situation? I think it's time to put up some boundaries.  THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  - Questions to ask yourself to know if saying "yes" is more harmful than helpful  - How to be more clear in your messaging to those around you  - The importance of boundary setting in order to be able to navigate things that matter to you     CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram: @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaBua  Support: [email protected]
10/28/202327 minutes, 10 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Forgive Your Old Self, Enjoy Your Current Self, & Prepare Your Future Self

Are you holding onto the past or living with some regret, grudge, or suck in "what if's"? Life isn't support to be lived there and its time to acknowledge the past, face it and learn to enjoy your present self. But wait- what if you don't like your present self and what you see in the mirror? Well, life isn't supposed to be lived in a state of discontentment either. So what do we do?! Tune into this episode to learn more on these concepts and tools to move forward with confidence.    WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  - The difference between accepting, acknowledging, and facing your past - How enjoying your present self sets your future self up in the best way - The P.R.E.P Framework to set your future up for happiness   CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram : @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaBua Support: [email protected]
10/20/202331 minutes, 51 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Not Settle With What’s Comfortable In Your Life

What came first? Being confident and then you're able to do hard things...OR Doing hard things then you're able to be confident. Let's talk about it! In this episode we talk about doing a self audit on your life if you're currently living in a spot thats comfortable, safe, and normal. The surprising thing is that- COMFORT is GOOD. But being able to use your comfort to propel you to leave it from time to time is key.  THINGS TO LISTEN FOR - How confidence and comfort is actually connected  - How Seeking reassurance and affirmation all the time might be holding you back  - How to follow through on what you put your mind to      CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaBua Support [email protected]
10/12/202326 minutes, 31 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Let Go Of The Pressure And “Lean Into” The Change

Are you living out a place of expectations, pressure, hustle or  someone else's narratives, dreams or timelines? Its tough to not "feel" like you're where you want to be or where you feel you "should" be based on this timeline you had in your head for yourself. It's really tough. In this episode we talk about riding the wave of change and letting go of expectations and pressure. This concept of "leaning into" the new helps you view your life in a more enjoyable, fun, and present way.  THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  - While direction is sometimes needed it isn't always necessary. - Why theres beauty in "not knowing"  - How to operate from a place that doesn't always come naturally to you   CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaBua Support [email protected]
10/4/202323 minutes, 3 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Get MARRIED! Insight Into Our Wedding Day- The Planning, The Drama, And Tips For A Healthy Relationship

IM BACK and MARRIED! I've been "The Girl Who Can" Enjoy The Moment for the past three weeks and it feels good to be back to give you all the insight into our bid day! This is a bit of a different episode but I think its important to celebrate our milestones and wins and this is me sharing mine with you. It's been a wild ride and I'm happy to report that our wedding day was everything we dreamt of. In this episode I'm breaking it all down for you if you're single, engaged, or married and want to know what makes a healthy relationship that is founded on communication and honesty.  WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  - How I managed to remain stress free during the wedding planning process  - How to remember whats important in your relationship and not get lost in others expectations  - Serving your partner in a way that is honorable and loving  CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaBua Support [email protected]
9/28/202345 minutes, 26 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Replace Her Fixed Mindset With A GROWTH Mindset

Do you have a narrow mindset or find yourself constantly using language like "I cant right now" or "Im just not good at it" or even "I'm just don't have good luck". These might be signs you have a fixed mindset. In this episode, we uncover and define how to rewire and practice skills that will allow you to have more of a growth mindset to shift your focus, strengthen your resilience over time, and see the possibility of life! THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  - Stay cautious of putting too much focus on just the results you're wanting to achieve  - How to use growth language  - How to reflect on your thought patterns and then learn mental skills that foster more productive lines of thinking CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaLujano  Support [email protected]
8/30/202329 minutes, 21 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN- Transform The Way You Work To See More Results

Hustle, Grind, Work Hard, Sleep When You're Dead- we've all heard it before. And I think for a lot of action takers out there we can sometimes mistake all of these things for what it means to be successful. In this episode Arissa talks about the importance of working hard, putting in the work but also understanding the need to find a balance and flow within your work. Because the moment of drive and spearheading within a business and work come from the moments of intentional rest and stillness. I'm not saying be lazy, or just "do it when it feels good" theres more to the story here.  THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  - How hustle prompts a lack of intention  - My personal story with work and self worth  - Importance of breaking your old narratives as it relates to work    CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaLujano Support [email protected]
8/23/202328 minutes, 27 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Stop Playing Small And Use Fear As Her Tool To Get Her To The Next Level

You are MADE for MORE. You know thats true and I'm here to remind you of what you already know. Is fear holding you back? Is the unknown holding you back? Is comparison holding you back? In this episode we talk about how you can use all of those "negatives" for GOOD and actually use them within your power to propel you and move you towards you goals. Spoiler alert- it takes some effort and action but you're here to be the Girl Who Can   THINGS TO LISTEN FOR - Why hanging out with average minds will keep you average  - The importance of mixing in the 'big leaps' with the daily 'baby steps'  -  How to have fear move you towards your goals instead of keeping you from them   CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaLujano Support [email protected]
8/19/202322 minutes, 58 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Prioritize Her Health & Nutrition To Feel Mentally and Physically Her Most Confident Self

As A Registered Dietitian, talking about all things food, nutrition, gut health, sleep, hormones and more. Al of these things are KEY in feeling energized, confident, and productive. Im not here to share any "quick fixes" or diet fads with you- i'm here to give you the truth- along with tactical tips on what you can start doing today to optimize your health, nutrition, energy, and lifestyle. Its not fun feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, or inconsistent in other areas of your life- but i promise you, if you start with nutrition and health as your foundation, other things will follow.  WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  Simple changes in your diet that you can start doing tomorrow to benefit your hormones How to support gut health and meet your unique needs  How when and what you eat can make or break your energy levels  CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaLujano 
8/9/202343 minutes, 4 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Have A Clear Timeline To Reach Her Goals

I want you to be the girl who is in it for the long-run, who doesn't give up and knows who she is so there is purpose for your life. Often though, I see a lot of women give up too quickly, or get discouraged because something "isn't working" or "they feel like they've tried everything" or it's "taking too long". The reality is your goals probably are going to take longer than you thought and more energy than you though. But the good thing is that there is so much growth in the waiting and this can actually be a good thing. Tune in to learn why! THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  - The difference between surviving and thriving and how you can identify how you're currently living your life  -The importance of resilience and taking actions that are rooted in faith  - How having value based goals can enhance your decision making and increase your focus      CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaLujano Support [email protected]
8/3/202322 minutes, 5 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Stand Out At Work And Make Her Workplace A Space She’s Happy To Be In

A majority of our lives are spent pursuing work- weather thats in a traditional job, as an entrepreneur, exercising your talents and gifts in nontraditional ways. At the end of the day- were all contributing in some way. In this episode we get honest about how you can use your place of work as a space to live your dreams out now. Often we're all chasing that "dream job" and sometimes we don't even know what that is. So instead of continuing to hope, wish, and pray- start with the cards you're dealt with NOW. Dive into todays episode to learn ways to stand out but also contribute.  THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  - The importance of asking for feedback and breaking down pride  - Checking your heart for what you actually are seeking out of work  - Celebrating others wins is a part of your success    CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaLujano
7/29/202329 minutes, 12 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Go ALL IN And Say Yes With The C.A.N. Framework

Do you constantly find yourself saying "I know what to do but i'm just not doing it?" Keep listening then- because you're not alone and it's time to figure out why that is happening. In this episode we get real about those feelings and define the difference between success vs fulfillment. Its time to go all in with your passions, goals, and dreams- they're just waiting for you to see what you can do with them.  THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  - How to have a foundation that will endure hard times  - Letting go of the worlds standards of success  - The steps to keep yourself accountable to consistency    CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaLujano Support [email protected]
7/20/202327 minutes, 17 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Have Faith In Your Story And Use Your Past For Good

Do you feel like you try to avoid your past? Or is there something you feel like you're currently hiding from an area of your life, trying to hide from others, or feel burdened by? I encourage you to acknowledge what you've been through or are going though. When you acknowledge your story you are able to believe in the value and impact of your experiences you have lived through. Whether positive or negative. WHAT TO LISTEN FOR -How to use your story to shape you into the person you are and use it for growth and development. - Building self-awareness and using resilience as a solid launch pad  - How you can use your story to help others  CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaLujano Support [email protected]
7/5/202327 minutes, 37 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Master These 3 Underrated Skills To Feel Your Best And Most Confident Self

I need to remind you of something...and remind you again, and again, and again haha! Confidence is NOT built by listening to one podcast episode or reading one self development book. Or even trying to binge 3 podcast episodes every day for a month. It takes self awareness, reflection, and action. So in this episode I give you some helpful reminders that should not be new if you're a returning friend around here.  THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  - How to navigate uncertainty and be more open to change - The Power of using your words to say more with less  - How to be curious vs. judgemental CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaLujano Support [email protected]
6/29/202323 minutes, 56 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Keep Implementing And Taking Action When Life Is Hard

Bad Day? Bad Week? Feel Like You've "Fallen Off Track?" This Episode is for you. There are moments where we sometimes feel like life is just so heavy, or were in a funk that we cant seem to get ourselves out of. Beware though, those are moments where your comfort wants to take over. Its important to rest and lean into the comfortable, but when you are comfortable for too long where its leading you to fear, inaction, and letting your dreams pass you by. That's where implementation and determination have to kick in  THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  - Why focusing too much on being constantly happy and fulfilled is doing the exact opposite - Why your most challenging moments is when your character is tested    CONNECT WITH ME  @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaLujano Support [email protected]
6/22/202326 minutes, 39 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Raise Her Standards On Her Relationships

It's time to surround yourself with people who inspire you, hold you higher, and that you can be honest with. You deserve that. Who you decide to keep around you can have a significant impact on who you become. That doesn't mean every friendship or relationship needs or should be perfect, its okay for people to come and go- its hard, but theres something to learn from that. In this episode we talk through how to establish standards and boundaries in your relationships and why this is important to talk about and act on.  THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  - How to take inventory of your current quality of friendships and relationships  - How to establishing and maintain relationships that are based on mutual respect, trust, and support How to have a voice in your relationships and maintain your individuality    CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaLujano  Support [email protected]
6/14/202335 minutes, 41 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Redefine ”Success” As A Female Entrepreneur ft. Laura Lambe

If you say you have life all "figured out" chances are I don't 100% believe you. Lets be honest- some of the people you look up to and inspire you also woke up today still trying to figure it out. The only difference is those people who you look up to lead their lives with patience and have the trust that their passions will help them walk the path. In this episode, Arissa sits down with Laura Lambe- female entrepreneur in the fitness and nutrition coaching space having helped thousands of women all over the world. Learn how she approaches her life with patience and trust to fuel her confidence to show up and lead her business and life.  THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  CONNECT WITH LAURA  Instagram @Laura_Lambe CONNECT WITH ME Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaLujano  Support [email protected]  
6/7/202335 minutes, 45 seconds
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BONUS: Give Yourself Permission To Live BIG This Week

You're here because in some element you feel like you are "The Girl Who Can" right? I promise you even if thats not how you feel right now you carry a sense of purpose. And that purpose is unique to you that allows you to live and love BIG this week. Start your week off with this dose of motivation to set some intentions for yourself this week!
6/5/20236 minutes, 9 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Turn Your Weakness into Your Greatest Asset And Use It For Good

"What are your weaknesses?" thats a question I think we've all dreaded answering at some point. Either it becomes uncomfortable because we don't want to expose ourselves OR we're trying to find something to say thats actually a strength and we're trying to pretend we can twist it into a weakness to make us seem like we're perfect. Let's be real, we all have a weak spot. In this episode we chat about how it's actually a beautiful thing to have a weakness(s), because it's a chance to grow. We move through examples and tips of what you can do to begin looking at the things you thought were negative about yourself in a different light.  WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  - How to leverage your strengths so you can create a more well-rounded approach to overcoming your weakness - Creating a Next Level You Vs. A "New You" - How Self Awareness is going to help you use your weakness CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram: @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaLujano Support: [email protected]
5/31/202323 minutes, 34 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Stop Letting Your Feelings Decide Your Decisions (My Unpopular Opinion)

We all want to "feel" good, happy, fulfilled, wanted, desirable. I am not saying any of those feelings are bad but what I am saying is that our feelings cant always be trusted. Often we're operating and taking actions based on how we think we should be feeling and in this episode I help encourage you to flip the script and ask yourself instead what should you do with your feelings. I don't think we need to be feeling "good" all the time and do what only keeps us comfortable and safe. Its an unpopular opinion but and honest and real conversation.    THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  - Understand if how you’re feeling is grounded in truth -Feelings are real but are not always to be trusted - Why letting go of trying to feel good 24/7 is actually more freeing    CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram: @ArissaLujano @TheGirlWhoCan   Support: [email protected]
5/26/202321 minutes, 32 seconds
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The GIRL WHO CAN: Find Her Voice In A World Full Of Opinions And Cancel Culture.

We live in a world that constantly feels the need to share their opinions, thoughts, ideas-- and I LOVE that. You have something worth sharing to this world, and its something that can make an impact. In this episode we talk about how to find your voice and form an opinion that is yours, not your favorite influencers or your friend or your family member. And more importantly how to go about sharing it.  WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  - The R.O.O.T Method to finding a sense of identity  - Importance of getting educated and staying aware  - Reflect if you are consuming or contributing      CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaLujano SUPPORT  [email protected]
5/18/202330 minutes, 33 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Make The Most Of Her 20’s- Navigating Career, Finding Your Purpose, Having Fun!

We're still in our maximizing your 20's series- this is part 2! Your 20's can be a really big time of change- especially as it relates to your career. You might be right out of college, or trying to figure out what you're going to do with your life as it relates to work but in this episode I give you the permission to know you do NOT have to have it all figured out. As well as WHY you shouldn't have it all figured out. There is room to make mistakes and try new things in your early young adulthood. There is purpose in the try and the messy, you're not behind-- in this episode we dive into how to use your passions for a purpose.    THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  Why that "Dream Job" narrative prevents you from actually getting your dream job  How to figure out what your purpose is in your career  Why saying yes to everything can hold you back    CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram: @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaLujano
5/10/202333 minutes, 53 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Make The Most Of Her 20’s - Relationships, Health, Boundaries Tips (PART 1)

What advice would you tell your younger self? Now, I know i'm still in my 20's and i'm no expect at life. But there are a few things I wish I knew or someone told me. Im honestly still trying to figure out life most of the time so this is also an episode where you know you're not alone. In this episode I dive into relationships in your 20's and how that relates to your boundaries and how important it is to priorities your health now.  THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  - Remembering to have a sense of self before showing up for anyone else  - How being single can be a blessing  - Establishing workout routines and habits that work  CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaLujano
5/3/202333 minutes, 11 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Own Her Opportunities

Today we talk about the opportunities you currently have-- now, before you tell me "Arissa, I feel so stuck and I have NO opportunities" Listen to this episode. We talk about reframing your mindset to what an opportunity even is. It doesn't have to mean something new or something that is going to make your life automatically better. But the opportunity you're given now-- Having a blank canvas is an opportunity and probably the best opportunity you could have. So that "I dont have any opportunities" is actually a good thing, so let dig into todays episode to make you feel like you CAN. THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  - Hustling more doesn't = more opportunity   - Audit your energy for complaining and how to turn that energy into something that will give you more of a return  - Redefining Opportunity  CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaLujano  Support [email protected]
4/26/202318 minutes, 59 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Manage Her Time Better To Feel Productive

"I don't have enough time", "I wish I had more time", "There's just not enough hours in the day". TIME- our most precious gift. But something we often just let pass us by or we take advantage of. In this episode I'm not going to tell you that "If you wanted it bad enough you would just do it." I honestly think that's BS. I'm here to give you some real perspective on time and why you might be doing the things you do, or not doing the things you know you want to do.    THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  - How to reduce resistance from what you're actually doing to what you want to be doing  - The influence your values has on time management - Urgent Vs. Important  CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaLujano  Support [email protected]
4/20/202327 minutes, 4 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Conquer A Season of Uncertainty

The fear of the unknown- a scary thing we all face at one point of time. I don't think it gets easier, we're all human and I'm not sure if I would believe you if you walked around saying you had ZERO fear. But how you react to uncertainty can change which defiantly increases your ability to handle the situations with more confidence and faith. In this episode Arissa gives listeners 4 tips to implement now to know HOW to handle a season of uncertainty like The Girl Who Can   WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  - How to learn about your fears  - Why fear is actually a good thing  - How to trust yourself   CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaLujano Support [email protected]
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Ditch Self Confidence And Have TRUE Confidence

The concept of confidence has gotten so complicated. I totally agree that it is a journey to develop your confidence and it's consistently something you need to develop and check in with yourself but we've gone too far down the rabbit hole with too much self love and all the fluff where we can get it mixed in with being ego driven. In this episode we talk about defining confidence in simple terms and what it means for you personally.    WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  - How to build your self worth on a foundation that doesn't change  - Take inventory of your confidence is ego driven or truth driven  - Investing in your happiness means investing in the people around you      CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @Arissa Lujano Support [email protected]
4/6/202324 minutes, 39 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Stop Faking It And Start Facing It

I have to be honest with you guys, I was faking it. In this episode we get real and I had to share what I believe we're all doing to some extent. We're told to say "its fine" and accept what we don't necessarily enjoy- maybe it's a job, a relationship, behaviors, even our own routines. You don't have to keep faking it, it's not worth your energy or time and over time keeps you from growing. I don't want you to pretend I want you do DO & BE. THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  - How your routines can actually just be distractions  - The importance of having the courage to be honest  - How to "just make it" CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast.  @ArissaLujano Support [email protected]
3/29/202321 minutes, 37 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN : Check In With Your Goals, Are You On Track?

Make sure you set goals!! A 1 year plan, a 3 year plan, AND make sure they are realistic and attainable--So.Much.Information about goals am I right? Honestly, it can get exhausting.  Were constantly told to make new goals and while i'm all for making goals and writing down your dreams- it consistently asks us to be 'forward' thinking. And sometimes it's important to look BACK at our goals, take a second to see where we've come and reevaluate where we're going. In this episode we dive deeper into this and how to really reflect where you're at. WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  - How to Make your goals and life exciting to actually want to follow through  - Different areas of your life to zone in on to ensure you're being intentional  - How to Eliminate Distraction to become consistent   CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram: @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaLujano Support: [email protected]  
3/22/202329 minutes, 24 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Be Taken More Seriously By Her Friends, Community, and Workplace

You have something to give to the people around you- in your words, your actions, your knowledge, the list can go on! You might feel passionately about a certain topic and want others to see how important it is...but for some reason people just aren't taking it as seriously or not taking YOU seriously. In this episode Arissa breaks it down WHY that might be and what you can do to be more aware of what might be going on so people can listen. This is not about impressing anyone or making it your life mission to have people respect you. At the end of the day its about having the confidence and respect for yourself.  THINGS TO LISTEN FOR - The Be-Do-Have Framework - Difference between having confidence and having an Ego  - Tips for speaking with more confidence    CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaLujano Email [email protected]
3/15/202323 minutes, 47 seconds
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INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY- What It Means To Be ”The Girl Who Can”

Happy International Women's Day! What a day to celebrate YOU. Your life and who you are is meant to be recognized, it's a wonderful thing to be a girl and this episode is here to remind you of that. As the title of this podcast is "The Girl Who Can"; Arissa dives deeper into what that means and the definition of who that person is. The main elements she digs deeper into are confidence, being an action taker and never letting perfection take over.  THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  - How to build confidence, not earn it  - Importance of knowing action doesn't always mean saying yes - Remembering life doesn't get easier, you just get stronger   CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  @ArissaLujano  Email [email protected]
3/9/202317 minutes, 54 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN:Implement This ONE Habit That Will Help You Master Consistency

How do I stay consistent? Probably the number one questions I get asked most often by clients. Often times we know what we "should" be doing or want to be doing- we just don't do it. It becomes a negative cycle of starting and stopping and never actually getting anywhere. Arissa lets you in on a secret that has helped her master consistency and take steps towards her goals to overcome the hard days, appreciate the good days, and everything in between. This episode hopefully will leave you feeling ready to reevaluate how you approach a task that you want to stick with. WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  - Redefining what it means to "Show up" - Identifying if the "All or Nothing" mindset is holding you back    CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram: @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast   @ArissaLujano Support: [email protected]
3/1/202321 minutes
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Stand Up For Herself And Be Confident In What She Needs

Calling all the women!! Standing up for yourself should be a non-negotiable in your daily life. Sometimes we don't stand up for ourselves because we don't know how, we feel like we're going to seem too 'mean', or in the moment we just get a bit afraid. Whatever the reason is, Its time to change the narrative you have that asking for what you want is out of the picture. In this episode, Arissa gives shares the WHY and the HOW to standing up for yourself. This episode can leave you with tips to increase confidence and some things to try!  THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  - Body language and verbal tips to stand up for yourself  - Importance of knowing your values/morals FIRST in order to stand up for yourself  - Being proactive vs. reactive  CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram: @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaLujano Support: [email protected]
2/23/202329 minutes, 9 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Cheer Her Friends On And Stop Jealousy

Your friend calls you to celebrate her new job offer, new relationship- something you've been wanting and waiting for. You so desperately want to be happy for her but there's this underlying feeling of jealousy and wishing that was you. Then thoughts like "When is this going to happen for me?" "Is there something wrong with me?" might creep in. In this episode Arissa talks though how to see your friends wins as your wins and how you can see their wins as a source of inspiration and reframe your thoughts to beat jealousy.    THINGS TO LISTEN FOR - How to cheer yourself on so then you can also cheer others on  - Importance of being clear on your goals so then you know what you are working on  - Challenge yourself to notice what you are doing or do have. - What people, thoughts, and things are holding you back?   CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast   @ArissaLujano Support [email protected]
2/16/202322 minutes, 37 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Stop Letting The Mirror Define Her Worth

The mirror- something we might have a love/hate relationship with. Some of us have given so much power to the way we look- and let it influence our mood, happiness, and sadly- our worth. Unfortunately this is common and I have walked through this myself and consistently have to catch myself when these thoughts come up. This is a very raw and real conversation about my journey with the mirror, tips on how to reframe your thoughts about your physical appearance and believe it or not use the mirror to your advantage to heal your relationship with your body.  WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  - How to recognize what your body does for you  - Identifying where negative narratives come from and how that impacts you  - How to reclaim your worth  CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaLujano Support [email protected]
2/8/202331 minutes, 45 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Protect Her Energy

We often hear "time is your most precious gift" I'd like to argue and say it's actually your energy. Because if you had no energy, how to you utilize your time well? Your energy that you put towards other people, yourself, your job, and your goals all require something big from you and if you are not actively trying to protect it, build it up, or reflecting if you even have enough of it-- you might be setting yourself up for burnout. In this episode I share with you what's been consuming my energy and why it's important to have foundations in place that physically give you the energy you need to then mentally have energy to give.    THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  - Three Questions to ask yourself to reflect on your current energy state  - How to Build up your energy NOW  - Importance of saying "yes" to yourself daily   CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaLujano Support [email protected]
2/2/202328 minutes, 32 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Feel Enough And Worthy To Live Her Most Fulfilled Life

Girl, you're worth it. It's so simple for me to say that to you yet so hard to receive it and believe it. We walk around so often questioning our worth and often struggle with our worth because we're told from the media or others we need to change the way we look, change our clothes, or change our personality in order to accept ourselves. This episode is a reminder that your value is not determined by what you do what you look like. Consider this conversation just one big affirmation. WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  - What is Body Neutrality and how can you use that concept to begin accepting yourself  - The Retire Replace Repeat method  - Understanding that forgiving yourself is part of the process to self worth  CONNECT WITH ME  - Instagram: @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaLujano -Support: [email protected]
1/25/202320 minutes, 4 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Overcome Overwhelm- 5 Ways To Refocus on your Goals And Stay Grounded

If i'm honest with you- i'm overwhelmed. Its still the beginning of the year and there are so many expectations to "set goals" and think about what you want to accomplish this year. Which is great! BUT if you're anything like me- a planner- this time of the year can also cause overthinking, comparison, and overall just feeling overwhelmed. Today I talk you through why we might feel overwhelmed and the possible lack of boundaries that gets us there in the first place. This is a honest conversation that also gives you insight to how to prevent the burnout. THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  How to Stop All Or Nothing Thinking And A More Important Question To Be Asking Yourself  Balancing your "yes's" and your "no's" How constant overwhelm can change what you believe to be true about yourself   CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  Personal Instagram @ArissaLujano  Support [email protected]
1/18/202333 minutes, 56 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Be Strong Mentally and Physically In Your Body

I think theres something so empowering as a women to feel strong in her body. When i workout- I workout to feel strength. This strength I embody in my workouts I've seen transfer outside of the gym to my life mentally how I approach situations. Strength isn't about what you look like or how much weight you can lift or the type of workout you do. In this episode, Arissa strips health and fitness back to what the foundations should be so then you can physically show up and be strong. This conversation transfers out how you can also develop strength in your day-to-day life.    WHAT TO LISTEN FOR Strength is not a one-size-fits-all approach  Importance of the foundation your strength gets built upon  Key elements to include in your workouts for strength  CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram: @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast / @ArissaLujano  Support: [email protected]    
1/11/202327 minutes, 39 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN- Be Brave In 2023, 4 Tips I Challenge You To Do To Be Bold

Every year I pick a word that I want to embody for the year, a word that helps remind me what I want to invite in more and practice more of. This has really helped me focus on what is important and set intention for the new year. Today I talk about the word I chose for 2023, and that is "Brave". I explain why this is and also invite you to join me by giving you tips on daily things you can try to invite bravery into your life.    THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  The key differences between being brave and bold/hustling  Importance of "Starting" Making more decisions as a leader    CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast Support [email protected]
1/4/202323 minutes, 35 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Set New Years Goals You’ll Actually Stick To, Sharing My Intentions For 2023

New Year, New Me- right? We hear it everywhere this time of year, the goal setting talk, how to make goals, how to keep the motivation, how to stay consistent, all the "good" stuff. Well- i'm burnt out on all of that talk quite honestly. And I think you are too, we've heard it so much that we don't even know how to apply it anymore. In todays episode, I talk about the journey to reaching a goal vs being so focused on the outcome. This was a huge game changer for me and I cant wait for you to absolutely CRUSH 2023 with this mindset.    WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  Why having such a specific goal can be holding you back How to be 'journey focused' when setting goals How YOU can help me reach my goals in 2023 :)    CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  Support [email protected]  
12/28/202234 minutes, 12 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Give Herself Permission To Be Happy

There's this little voice in our head sometimes that tells us "You don't deserve this" , "What if this isn't going to last", "I shouldn't be this happy". And even if its not as blunt as that, there are some actions that we do that cause us to self-sabotage good things we have going on in our life. In this episode Arissa is direct and clear that you are the only person who can give yourself permission to be happy. She also brings awareness to what you might be doing now that preventing you from being happy and/or people you might be relying on to give you that permission. WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  How to receive and have a joy that almost can't be understood by others Importance of giving yourself permission to experience  You don't need a permission slip from others to be happy  CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast Email [email protected]
12/21/202218 minutes, 54 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Speak With More Confidence

Public speaking- almost everyones biggest fear. But if you can master public speaking, you can master anything. When you get confident with what you're saying and how you say it this can be a game changer in how you go about your job, relationships, and relationship with yourself. In this episode Arissa talks through tactical tips on how to be more direct in your words, how to quiet that inner voice that is telling you your opinion doesn't matter, and the power YOUR voice has to create incredible things.   WHAT TO LISTEN FOR Ways to practice being a better communicator and public speaker daily  The importance of expressing your preferences and opinion  How to use your words to Influence  CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast Support [email protected]
12/14/202235 minutes, 48 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Be Alone Without Feeling Lonely

The Holidays can bring happiness for a lot of people, but can also being a sense of loneliness for others. Girl, you're never alone. This episode is for everyone regardless if you are alone or feel surrounded by many. We chat about how being alone is actually so important to have a relationship with yourself. You should't spend time with people just for the sake of spending time with them, protecting your heart and energy partly is being selective who you allow yourself to be surround by. Arissa walks you through her difficulties of being alone and how she worked through them and why being alone first is actually essential to loving other people well.  THINGS TO LISTED FOR  Difference between being alone and feeling lonely  Concepts and how to romanticize your life How to lean into solitude and trust in the quiet when your life is busy CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast Support  [email protected]
12/7/202232 minutes, 56 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Take More Risks And Overcome Fear - My thoughts on Manifesting Culture, How To Stop Doubting Yourself

As we head into the holidays and approach the new year, you might be thinking about goals you want to set. Is there something you've always wanted to do but are stuck in fear from taking action on it? Arissa talks about fear, where it comes from, and how to overcome it. A big focus in this episode is confidence- discussing self confidence vs true confidence and the differences. This is a must listen if you've even gotten trapped in the overthinking cycle that causes fear to take over.  WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  How the "manifesting" culture might be impacting you  How to identify what your fears are  Importance of Checking your heart before setting goals   CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast Support [email protected]
11/30/202230 minutes, 4 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Stay Grateful And Remember Whats Actually Important

The Holidays are among us! For me- Thanksgiving has always been a time that reminds me to be grateful. I used to be someone who was the opposite of grateful- I was carrying around a lot of jealousy and some anger. In this episode I talk about how to stay grateful in the midst of struggles, how to have a heart of gratitude and ways to stay in a givers mindset. I encourage you to listen and reflect on what you're grateful for and invite others into the conversation.  WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  Shifting your mindset from "I have to do these things" to " I GET to do these things" Ways to Practice gratitude like it's a skill  CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram: @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  Support: [email protected]
11/23/202225 minutes, 25 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN-Handle Rejection and Turn Failures Into Something Greater

Rejected by a job? Rejected on a date? Rejected by your friends? Not a fun feeling- it hurts, stings, sucks, all of the above. It's inevitable that you're going to go through one rejection or ten at some point. Sometimes it feels like it's never ending. In this episode Arissa shines light on this topic to give you a new perspective on how you can youse your rejection as a redirection to what you want. Also gets real honest about how we have to walk through the rejection and face the hurt and why thats actually so much more beneficial. THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  - How to not give rejection the power over you - Remember you aren't responsible or changing the people that facilitated the rejection  - Toxic positivity and how to avoid it    CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram: @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  Support: [email protected]
11/16/202228 minutes, 36 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN:Trust Herself To Do The Right Things

Do you ever feel like you don't take action on things because you're afraid it's the wrong thing to do? Do you need affirmation from someone that you're on the right path? Girl, it's time to know you're equipped to make decisions and trust in your ability to do good things. In this episode we talk about indicators to reflect on that show you currently don't trust yourself and what to do about it! You were made to live a confident life full of purpose, there are a few key steps that need to be in order to help you take action to get there.  WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  How looking back on your past can actually be helpful to trusting yourself more Finding Identity in things that are everlasting to increase confidence Importance of spending time alone to learn how to self-manage some situations   CONNECT WITH ME Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  Support [email protected]
11/10/202226 minutes, 30 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN- Have Confidence That Goes Beyond How You Look

As a woman there are a lot of pressures around how we look, how we dress, our body type, appearance, all the things! In this episode we have a healthy conversation around body image and self worth, how to carry a confidence that really is deeper than what you look on the outside and identify if you are putting too much pressure on yourself to be perfect and find affirmation in your physical appearance.  WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  Arissa's own Struggles with body image and how she reframed her mind Finding your worth in things other than your body  Redefining Confidence  CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  Email [email protected]
11/2/202233 minutes, 10 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Focus On Her Health And Nutrition To Show Up As Her Best Self

Today we step into Arissa's world of health and nutrition, Arissa is a Registered Dietitian and has coached hundreds of women to lose weight, gain energy, gain strength, and more! It goes far beyond the scale however. We talk about the importance of your health as it relates to your productivity, setting goals, and overall consistency.  WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  How to determine if you're ready to set health goals  The importance of focusing on HOW you do things vs WHAT you do  How you can finally see the results you want in your health CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast Support [email protected]
10/27/202239 minutes, 2 seconds
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BONUS: Deleting Instagram Helped Me Get Back To Reality- Week 3 Social Media Detox Complete!

I made it to the finish line- 3 weeks completely off social media to get out of my phone and back into my life. There were things that I didn't expect to happen and so much that I learned. Did I miss it? yeah! I'm not going to sit here and say social media is bad and now i'm never going to use it- that's just not reality and I do think social platforms can be a great tool. Tune in to hear my takeaways for the past 3 weeks.    CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram: @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  Support: [email protected]
10/24/202215 minutes
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Set Boundaries With Herself, Friends, Work and Relationships – When To Say Yes And How To Say No

The thing we've all heard about and know that we need to do...set boundaries. Sometimes we don't really know what that looks like because we're bad at putting boundaries in place for ourselves. Trust me, i've been there many times. So how do we put boundaries in place in work, towards our spouse, or friend? In this episode we talk about how setting boundaries aren't selfish act but actually increase your ability to care about others   WHAT TO LISTEN FOR How you can overcome 'boundary guilt' How to stop giving other people the power to control the way you feel  The importance of not relying on willpower  CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast Support [email protected] RESORUCES  Boundaries Book by Dr. Henry Cloud
10/19/202237 minutes, 34 seconds
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BONUS: What I’ve Realized After Deleting Social Media- Week 2 Update

I'm two weeks into being social media free, and it's much different than I expected. In this weeks bonus episode, we dig into what i'm learning and the importance of why taking a break from instagram, facebook, twitter, TikTok, and all other social platforms is much better for your mental health, business, productivity, and relationships.  CONNECT WITH ME Instagram  @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  Support: [email protected]
10/17/202210 minutes, 1 second
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously And Just Enjoy Life - 6 Ways To Find Freedom In Your Daily Routine

Why so serious? It's time to start breaking down those walls that hold you back from reaching your full potential. Do you feel like you constantly worry about the small things, constantly explain yourself, you're strict with yourself, or you avoid activities out of your comfort zone? Its time to loosen up and get a bit more freedom into your life! In this episode Arissa walks you through her struggles she's had with this and six steps you can take to overcome the cycles that might be taking energy and life away from you!   THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  How focusing too hard on your goals can actually make you less productive  The 5x5 rule  How to fail on purpose and the benefits of it   CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  Support [email protected]
10/12/202227 minutes, 7 seconds
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BONUS: Week 1 Social Media Detox Update

This week I am updating you one week into my three week social media detox. What did I learn this week? Was it helpful for me? What did I do to instead of scroll on instagram? Also I talk about what I realized about my confidence and how i'm leaning into some new perspectives    CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  Support [email protected]
10/10/202210 minutes, 57 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Stop Making Excuses And Finally Finish The Goals You Start

Easy isn't written about. It's time to start getting real honest with yourself and notice the excuses that might be in the way from you living a comfortable life and a life that brings you purpose. It's time to be the girl who can be bold, courageous, and stop with the excuses and easy routes in life. Im not telling you to work harder, in this episode I remind you that you have the potential already to take action and overcome the excuse cycle.  WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  Finding comfort in the discomfort  How to enjoy the journey and focus on the process more vs. the end result  The 'STOP' Framework to finally end the cycle of having excuses  CONNECT WITH ME Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast Support [email protected]  
10/5/202225 minutes, 23 seconds
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BONUS: Why I Deleted Social Media And What I’m Going To Do Instead

Hey Friends,  In todays bonus episode, I am sharing about the app we hate to love.  The app that we spend the most time on.  The app that can be a beauty and curse all at the same time. Instagram.  It is been an app thats been our new "hang out" spot, sharing our lives, our opinions, our beliefs, but are we really? Or are we sharing what we THINK others want to see from us? Sometimes, I don't even know the answer to that question. So i'm taking a break from IG. 3 weeks of no social media and i'm actually pretty excited to see what I learn, and I'm taking you all along for the ride! CONNECT WITH ME  @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast    SUPPORT  [email protected]
10/3/202211 minutes, 19 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Find Quality Friendships that Help You Grow And Be Your Best Self

Weather you're moving to a new city and trying to find friends, can't seem to find your gang, feel like you've been burned from toxic friendships in the past, struggle to trust other girls, are in introvert, are too busy to make time to hangout with friends- the list can go on about how finding solid friends is hard as you get older. In this episode Arissa talks through her journey to discover people who help her grow and she can also have fun with.  WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  The Red Flags of a toxic friendship that might be sucking the life out of you  The Green Flags of a healthy friendship that produces fruit in your life The difference between being alone and feeling lonely  CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast Support [email protected]
9/28/202229 minutes, 30 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN- Stop Playing Small And Live A Life Full Of Purpose

Do you feel like sometimes there's just more you could be doing? There's more out there for you? In this episode we get real honest with WHY you think thats true for yourself and the real truth about how our current goals for our lives might be actually motivated by fears, insecurity, or self-worth. There is room for you to take more risk in your day-to-day life, and Arissa talks about how thats not as intimidating as you think.   WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  Are your goals only impacting your world or are they changing the world  Small risks lead to big risks Risks you take will confuse the people around you CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast Support [email protected]
9/21/202227 minutes, 26 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Have A Bad Day (And its OK!)

The bad moment turns into a bad day, which turns into a bad week, which turns into a bad month. Oh no, how did you get here? Its normal to have bad days, bad moments- this is an episode reminding you that you're human and around here we don't expect you to be perfect and this is permission to stop holding yourself to that standard too. If you feel shame, guilt, pressure, or constantly just brush the bad day under the rug than this episode is for you. Arissa talks about her own bad days and how she navigates them to use them to help recognize the better days too.   WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  What is toxic positivity and how to spot it  Why its important to know why you had a bad day and not just brush it under the rug The importance of being kinder to yourself  CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  Support [email protected]
9/14/202234 minutes, 1 second
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: TURN 28! Arissa’s Q&A Birthday Episode!

Happy Birthday to our Podcast host- Arissa Lujano! In this episode Arissa sits down with herself (lol) and reflects on the past year as a 27yr old. The ups, the downs, the messy middles, and the highlights. Birthdays don't have to be so scary, it's an opportunity to reflect, learn, and grow from the "oops" moments and look forward to what's in store. Tune in for a party episode to learn more about your podcast host and what makes her feel like "The Girl Who Can".   WHAT TO LISTEN FOR How the lowest moments are needed in order to recognize good opportunities How Arissa prioritizes her health as a Registered Dietitian  Why Arissa pledges to be honest when she is 28 and beyond CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  Wish Arissa a Happy Birthday on her personal Instagram!! @ArissaLujano Support: [email protected]
9/9/202235 minutes, 51 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Embrace The Messy And Say Yes To Her Dreams

But how do you just START? Sometimes we're so paralyzed by fear that we don't even realize we're in our own way most of the time. It's time to embrace the fact that you don't have it all figured out but this is your permission slip to know you DON'T NEED to have it all figured out. Because surprise! We all don't know what we're doing most of the time. The key here is that you just have to start. You have to start your blog, your podcast, your side gig, your book, your weight loss journey, your small group. Whatever is on our dream list- it's never going to get done by waiting for the "perfect time" or by thinking about it. In this episode we talk about what it means to walk in the unknown and why thats a normal thing.  WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  What happens if you're unsure of what the dream project even is? What to do if you feel you don't have the confidence to start your dream Discern between an excuse and actually needing a season of rest    CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram -  @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  Support - [email protected]
8/31/202226 minutes, 19 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Stay Inspired And Motivated- 6 Things I do To Keep Myself Feeling Creative

We've all been in that "funk" know, where you might be procrastinating or pushing off that project you said you wanted to start; or getting back into the gym, or getting together with your old friend; or meal prepping for the week. The motivation just isn't there! So, the big question is- how do you stay motivated? Where does motivation even come from? And HOW do I make it last forever? Well, this episode is for you! But you might be surprised at Arissa's answer because she tells you NOT to rely on motivation all the time. Tune in to hear what works even better that motivation. WHAT TO LISTEN FOR The importance of saying "I don't know" Why you must pour into yourself first before you give out your energy  If you're the smartest in the room, you need to get out. CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  Support [email protected]
8/24/202233 minutes, 56 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Thrive In A Waiting Season And Overcome Feeling Behind

So you've been waiting, hoping, wishing, asking for something and....nothing. Feels like you've been patient and the thing or season that you want to happen so bad just isn't coming as quickly as you want or expected. I've been there- and it doesn't feel fair and that might lead to feelings of disappointment and frustration. In this episode, we talk about how to make the most out of your waiting season and search your heart to remember the waiting season is just as important as what you're hoping for. Arissa talks about how to even check your intentions around what you're asking for because being present in your current season might offer you so much more if you're open to experiencing it.   WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  The importance of checking your intentions around what you're 'wishing' for Why you might feel 'stuck' in this season of waiting  How to put enjoyment back into your 'right now'   CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast Support [email protected]
8/17/202226 minutes, 52 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Find Freedom From Shame And The Pressures To Be Perfect Ft. Manda Carpenter

Do you feel the constant need or pressure to perform in work, life, or even on a journey to finding your purpose? In this episode we have Manda Carpenter- writer, speaker, and an advocate committed to helping women grow in their relationships with God, self, and others. In this conversation she offers an invitation to shift your focus from performing to purposeful living from the inside out. She outlines this by referencing her new book "Soul Care to Save Your Life".    WIN a FREE copy of Manda's New Book "Soul Care To Save Your Life" by following @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast on instagram and DM us or Share in your story and tag us something you learned from the episode!   THINGS TO LISTEN FOR The importance of taking ownership of your path to growth How to embrace practices of soul care for your well-being How to find integrity and why it's a prerequisite for security     CONNECT WITH MANDA  Website Manda Carpenter Instagram @MandaCarpenter Facebook Manda Carpenter Blog BUY "SOUL CARE TO SAVE YOUR LIFE" BOOK HERE    CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  Support [email protected]
8/10/202239 minutes, 45 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Be a Leader In The Workplace And Put Fun and Purpose Back Into Your Work

Live to work or work to live? How about ENJOYING LIFE while ENJOYING what you do?! Sounds too good to be true, I know. Work is something we all have and it can be easy to attach out identity and sometimes our self worth to. How well we are performing, how fast we can get promoted, how much we get paid, etc. But in this episode Arissa talks about putting purpose back into your work, getting creative with your projects by utilizing your gifts, and how to remember you are valued so much more than by what your job title is. It's important to work hard and have personal and professional goals but you also have one life to live and this episode is a reminder to not let that pass you by.  THINGS TO LISTEN FOR Importance of experimenting and using your strengths and gifts to be creative at work  Make decisions based off truth not feelings  Finding a passion outside of your "work" CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast Support [email protected]
8/3/202229 minutes, 53 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Stop Living For The Opinions of Others

Do you feel like sometimes you get stuck in comparison? There is this fear that takes over from you doing that thing that you've always wanted to, or you don't speak up because you're afraid of what people will say, or you're stuck in not taking action because there is a lack of confidence you don't know how to shake off. You're not alone. And I completely understand feeling fear take over isn't fun. In this episode Arissa walks you through how to get out of this limiting mindset. Because you can gain the confidence, security, and boldness to get out of your head and into your life! WHAT TO LISTEN FOR  - The results of inaction in your life and where that comes from  - Approaching your thoughts with curiosity vs. judgement  - What to do to be The Girl Who Can vs The Girl Who Is Stuck   CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast Support [email protected]
7/27/202225 minutes, 42 seconds
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5 Tips For Better Time Management To Avoid Procrastination, Burnout, And An Overwhelming Schedule

Do you ever just feel like that task could be put off till later? But then later turns into a week later? Or you accidentally forgot about it which then brings more stress to your schedule? I totally get it. I had a full time job, a 2 hour commute, was in grad school and tried to have a social life. Time management became my priority and how I can best live a life full of productivity but still enjoy my time and remember to not let my life pass my by. In this episode I share 5 tips to use your time effectively and stay on track to hit your goals. These are things I do daily and I know can help you be the Girl Who Can, too!   THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  - Identify projects that are unnecessary in your schedule and not serving a greater purpose  - Using the 5 min or less rule  - Remembering to invite in "room for the miracles" to your day to experience less stress and more balance    CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast Support [email protected]
7/20/202228 minutes, 53 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN- Make Meaningful Friendships ft. Katelyn Nassar- Leaving Your Comfort Zone To Follow A Dream

Moving to a new city as a girl in her 20s-30s comes with trying to make new friends, establish new connections, and get out of your comfort zone. Today we talk to Katelyn Nassar- entrepreneur, and social media influencer who moved to different states and made it a priority to find solid friendships. She walks us through her journey of following her heart and getting out of her head to leave her hometown. She took the leap of faith to move to a city where she knew no one and helped her to grow personally and professionally. We talk about all things about finding your girl gang, how she started her own business Klear Cut Media , and life in the social media space. THINGS TO LISTEN FOR Remember to give yourself time to find meaningful friendships  Thinking about how you can serve your friends using your experiences/gifts Being a visionary to help you reach your goals CONNECT WITH KATELYN  Instagram @Katelyn.Nassar  TikTok @KatelynFletcher ATX Geneva Group  CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast Email [email protected]
7/13/202245 minutes, 50 seconds
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Changes I’m Making Right Now To Increase Confidence, Be Self-Aware, And Be Mindful (And You Can Too!)

There has been a lot of change happening in my life recently, and when there is change, there are opportunities to fall off track and confidence to take a hit. In seasons of the unknown or when you are in situations you cannot control it is important to know what to do and have tools to be self-aware to keep the confidence to get you through the hard and messy middle. In this episode I get honest about how I'm not perfect and go through difficult seasons too but give you tips on what i'm doing right now to help me stay grateful, stay confident, and stay happy and healthy.    THINGS TO LISTEN FOR  Taking inventory of your thoughts and if they are "truths" or "lies" of the world, and the importance of knowing where your truth comes from. Protecting what you're allowing to enter your heart Viewing your interruptions as an opportunities and how to re-frame your thoughts to do so.   CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast Email [email protected]
7/6/202226 minutes, 53 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN- Create An Inspiring Environment ft. Jessica Velazquez - Moving Into My First Home!!, Being Intentional About Your Space, Interior Design Hacks

Coming live from my NEW HOME. Being a first time homeowner has been so exciting and overwhelming, but as I sit in this empty house with my fiancé who better to talk to than an Interior Designer! Today we have Jessica Velazquez, creator of “The 9 Limiting Beliefs Sabotaging Our Home-Dreams” and host of My First Home in Canada. We talk about how to create a space- weather that’s your home, apartment, or room to make you feel like The Girl Who Can. We dig into how to find clarity over your space, to then provide vision, which then empowers you to take action. In this episode you learn how to refine your intentions that goes beyond what artwork is on your wall and helps you strategize your dreams.   WHAT TO LISTEN FOR Never wait till you have it all figured out to start creating How interconnected our surroundings are to our mood, productivity, and how we connect with others How to go through the steps of finding clarity, envisioning, and then planning to design your space with a purpose   CONNECT WITH JESSICA Instagram Interiors_by_jessica  Facebook Jessica Velazquez  Website FREE Guide- Your Home, Your Sanctuary   CONNECT WITH ME Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast Support [email protected]  
6/29/202243 minutes, 5 seconds
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How To Set Goals You’ll Actually Keep- 4 Tips To Remember You Can Do Hard Things

Setting goals equals success, right? Well, not always. We hear all the time to set goals daily, weekly, monthly and successful people are those who set goals and when you reach your goals that equals happiness. This can be overwhelming, and we can get stuck in a place of making goals, not really sticking to them, feeling guilty, and then the cycle repeats. In this episode Arissa talks about how we can get over this slump and why she thinks it happens so often in the first place. Whether your goal is to open a business, lose weight and be healthy, or even stop saying yes to everything- this episode is for you.    THINGS TO LISTEN FOR Why being flexible with your goals is the key to success  Not everyone is going to understand your definition of success so that’s permission to put action steps into the goals you see to be important to you How to set goals that align with your values  Saying "no" could actually be a key to success    CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram: @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  Support: [email protected]
6/22/202227 minutes, 45 seconds
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Why Taking Control Is Actually Holding You Back From Reaching Your Goals- My Story Of Moving To A Different State And Things Not Going As Planned.

Any control freaks out there? Whether you like planning things out in your calendar or want to make sure you've got the steps in place to control what job you get, the way your friends treat you, or where you're going to be living. We all like to have a sense of control over the circumstances in our life. Reality check, things don't always go as planned. Im sure you've been there before- disappointment sets in when the expectations aren't met. Arissa talks about how control might be keeping you in your safety bubble so much that its preventing you from having full faith in believing in the impossible over your life and dream bigger.    In this episode Arissa opens up on her recent move from California to Texas, losing a job, and how things didn't go as planned but how she chose to react to the circumstances.    THINGS TO LISTEN FOR - How control is really an illusion  - The importance of surrendering to perfection  - You cant control the circumstances but you can control how you respond to them   CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram: @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast Support: [email protected]  
6/15/202224 minutes, 55 seconds
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Just Because You’re Good At It Doesn’t Mean It’s Good For You- 3 Questions To Ask Yourself To See If What You Are Doing Is Bringing You Purpose

Have you ever been in a situation that on paper seems good but just doesn’t feel right? There’s something that just feels off and at the end of the day isn’t serving you anymore. Or maybe you’re someone who gets bored easily and goes from one thing to the next. This episode is for you, Arissa talks through her own struggles of pursuing two Masters degrees, multiple full time jobs, and having a personal life on top of that and how she still felt unfulfilled at the end of the day. There is a constant pressure to overachieve and be on top of the next best thing that Arissa gets real about how exhausting that can be. This episode is a reminder that you’re here to live the narrative of your life, not anyone else’s.   THINGS TO LISTEN FOR How to identify a distraction vs. an opportunity  The importance of using your gifts for good that help serve others around you and add to your purpose Breaking free from highlight reel culture and the pressures to overachieve in every aspect of life CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  Support [email protected]   
6/8/202225 minutes, 33 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Keep The Faith Ft. Gianna Larios. Stepping out in Obedience To A Dream Or Calling And Keeping Faith At The Forefront Of Your Success

Starting something new can be scary, and one of the biggest ways to have the confidence and peace that you're heading in the right direction is to have faith. When times are tough or you're going through a season of uncertainty, it can be easy to want to control everything around you hoping things will go back to normal. But in reality, thinking you're in control of everything might lead to disappointment and a lack of authenticity. This, is where faith comes in. In this episode, Arissa sits down and talks to Gianna Larios- mom, wife, worship leader, and owner of Agape Gold Events. We chat what it means to follow a God-led calling over your life and how to keep faith at the forefront of your success and day-to-day life. This is a refreshing conversation that highlights that you don't need to have it all figured out right now. Stepping out in faith is knowing God will provide along the way and part of being 'The Girl Who Can'.    WHAT TO LISTEN FOR When you're uncomfortable sometimes that means you're going in the right direction  Using your faith to overcome imposter syndrome and a perfection mindset  Focusing on the path that God is putting you on not the one you're trying to create/control  CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  Support [email protected] CONNECT WITH GIANNA  Personal Instagram GiannaLarios Agape Gold Events Instagram Agape Gold Events Website    
6/1/202229 minutes, 48 seconds
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It’s Your Turn To Be Bold And Courageous- Encouragement To Be Brave And Confident And Reminder To Stop Letting Life Pass You By

What does it mean to be bold and courageous? Often, being bold can be mistaken for being "too assertive", "aggressive", or "not approachable". In this episode, Arissa shares a different view on being bold and why it's important for you to show up courageous in your work, home, and relationships. There is power in being kind and gentle as well, and this episode touches on how and why we are called to not only step into our strengths as a bold and courageous women but invest in ways that increase your posture in clarity, peace, and bravery. If you want to develop confidence and get clear on what you want, not being afraid of a "no", and want to lead- this one's for you.   THINGS TO LISTEN FOR Why it's important to be bold in your ask and courageous in your delivery of how you act and speak  B.O.L.D Characteristics which equal more confidence  Kindness, Clarity, and Gentleness is a big part of being bold and courageous  CONNECT WITH ME  Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  Support [email protected]
5/25/202223 minutes, 25 seconds
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THE GIRL WHO CAN: Prioritize Her Health ft. Alyssa Justice. Tips To Overcome Diet Culture, Set Goals, And Invite In Accountability

We all want to be The Girl Who Can be and stay healthy, right? Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain energy, go to the gym, eat whole foods, or have better gut health- it is important to know whats important to you and why.  In this episode we have Registered Dietitian and Owner of Wel Nourished, Alyssa Justice to talk about what "healthy" really means. It's more than how we look or what we eat, it has to do with your mental and spiritual health, too. Once you decide why your health is important and what you want to focus on then you can get specific and clear on how to do that. Hear about Alyssa's Journey to becoming a Dietitian and why helping other women become their best self is her mission and how you can work with her!    WHAT TO LISTEN FOR Why its important to prioritize your health for you to show up as your best self in your work, family, relationships How to have a healthy relationship with food and overcome body image issues  Where to start first and how to set goals if you want to begin your own health journey    CONNECT WITH ME Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast Support @[email protected] CONNECT WITH ALYSSA  Personal Instagram @AlyssaKale Wel Nourished Instagram @WelNourished  Work with Her or one of her Registered Dietitians At Wel Nourished  3 Month Program  Bridal Program 
5/18/202232 minutes, 4 seconds
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Why I Think “That Girl” Culture Can Be More Harmful Than Helpful- Let’s Get Real About Social Media, Comparison, and Motivation

Social media can be exhausting, and you might not even realize its draining you from living a more intentional life. A lot of times, feelings of comparison and lack of motivation might be tied into how much time you're spending on social media. Arissa talks about her on relationship with social media and how it's led her to feeling 'not enough' and living for other people. And this is NOT a way to go through life, and in this episode we do a heart check to see if social media is a distraction for you. If it is, now is the time to take action and clean up how you're spending your time to do more things that give your life value.  THINGS TO LISTEN FOR Are you using social media to consume or contribute?  We might be unknowingly addicted to social media... how to know if this is you and what to do about it  Why living in a mentality that your life needs to be a "highlight reel" isn't real CONNECT WITH ME @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast @ArissaLujano Support  [email protected]
5/11/202222 minutes, 59 seconds
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What If It Turns Out Better Than You Expect? How To Stay In A Mindset Of Possibility To Overcome Self-Doubt And Fear

Have you ever wanted to do something but immediately thought "But what if..." and it prevents you from taking the risk or leap of faith? Yeah, we've all been there and the good thing is that theres a way out of that mentality. In todays episode, Arissa talks about why we do this, how she's experienced this in her own life, and how to overcome staying in the fear. She gives you encouragement to remain bold in the current season of life and stop wishing for the future to come sooner or wish things were different. There is purpose in the season you're in and it's time to think about it in a way of "What if it turns out better than I expect?"      WHAT TO LISTEN FOR How to overcome the "What Ifs" that cause fear  Why it's important to experience the possibility of the day  How to begin setting a purpose for how you approach situations    CONNECT WITH ME Instagram @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast   @ArissaLujano Support [email protected]
5/4/202219 minutes, 35 seconds
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Are You Selling Your Long-Term Purpose For Short Term Pleasures? Let’s Chat About How To See If Your Priorities Are In Line With Your Dreams

Let's chat about consistency, do you feel like you start a new goal but then have the motivation for about 3 days then all of a sudden it's nowhere to be found? We've all been there and in this episode Arissa talks about how to re-frame how you approach your goals, dreams, desires, etc. It's more than just wanting to do something, it becomes important to attach a value to it. We also discuss distractions in this episode, and Arissa helps you identify what might be in the way of your dreams, and surprisingly, it might be something you can easily remove.  It's so important to live your life in a way thats enjoyable for you, give yourself grace and invite in community. We discuss the difference between living a life of balance vs. a life of excuses. I Tune in to this powerful episode to learn more about:  How short-term pleasures might be preventing you from living out your goals and dreams Inviting in balance and grace to your goals and how to stay honest with yourself Understanding how long-term consistency beats short term intensity   CONNECT Instagram -> @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  Support -> [email protected] 
4/27/202217 minutes
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How To Say “Yes” More Intentionally In Your Work, Home, Relationships, and Towards Yourself. 4 Tips To Help Eliminate Distraction To Create Purposeful Productivity In Your Day

Being The Girl Who Can starts with saying "yes" to every new and exciting opportunity, right? Well, maybe not. Being a "yes" girl can help you get out of your comfort zone, and we're constantly told to say yes to new things, but Arissa digs deeper in this episode and asks you to really think about the things you're saying "yes" to. Are your “yes” actually making you feel like you’re growing or are they making you feel empty? Sometimes we don’t even realize what were constantly saying yes to throughout the day and Arissa helps you become more aware of your day-to-day decisions in this episode.   Tune in to this powerful episode to learn more about:  How to be more intentional with your decisions  Tips on how to bring more productivity in your day  Conversations on how to show up for yourself and listen to your intuition more frequently    CONNECT Instagram -> @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  Support -> [email protected] 
4/27/202220 minutes
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WELCOME- What It Means To Be ”The Girl Who Can” and How To Create Your OWN Definition of That Girl

The "Girl Who Can" podcast welcomes you into this space of growth to come as you are. Every Wednesday each episode reminds you that you can be full of purpose, confidence, and value. Your host, Arissa Lujano is here to help you realize what you can do, with the life you have, with who you are right now. This podcast is a reminder that who you are right now is more than enough because girl, you are the girl who can. You'll here not only from Arissa but other female business owners, teachers, artists, and creators who embraced their "Girl Who Can" in conversations that will leave you inspired.    CONNECT -> Instagram: @TheGirlWhoCanPodcast  -> Support: [email protected]
4/14/20224 minutes, 44 seconds