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English, Cultural, 1 seasons, 120 episodes, 4 days 10 hours 12 minutes
Life stories, advice, and different current events. Support this podcast:
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MDUKE | The Ginn Podcast Ep. 106

N/A --- Support this podcast:
16/01/202448 minutes 27 seconds
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DEV CINÉ | The Ginn Podcast Ep. 105

On this episode I have photographer, videographer, and content creator, DEV CINÉ. We first get into his short film, Corner Pocket. We touch on why its called corner pocket, what the film is about, and dissect each act on the film. We end on the stages of grief, recent fashion changes, and the film release date. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
09/01/202439 minutes 14 seconds
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APE $TERLING 2 | The Ginn Podcast Ep. 104

On this episode I have Ape $terling back for a 2nd time. We start off on how he got into producing & how he produces most of his music now. We then go off topic & talk on a very serious addiction within the male community, pornography. We end on the current state of hip hop/rap & which artist we fucking with right now. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
02/01/202448 minutes 35 seconds
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RYAN HUNTER | The Ginn Podcast Ep. 103

On this episode I have graphic designer, and brand designer, Ryan Hunter. We talk switching from soccer dreams to creating a design business & how he even got into creating artwork. We also touch on the process he takes for oncoming clients & the current design apps he uses. We end on why he loves what he does & details about his own clothing line. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
27/12/202351 minutes 59 seconds
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ONLY3REE | The Ginn Podcast Ep. 102

On this episode we got the one & only, only3ree. We start off on early beginnings with growing up in SATX & traveling. We then touch on building an audience in different states, and growing his fan base organically. We end on being a model, the meaning behind different songs, and why summer never ends. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
19/12/202345 minutes 59 seconds
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NATALIE NICHOLE 2 | The Ginn Podcast Ep. 101

On this episode we got Natalie Nichole on for the 2nd time. If last episode wasn’t a deep dive, this one for sure is. We get into her recent album Evolve, some family matters, and going on tour. We end on working with Lil Flip, really being INDEPENDENT, & working so hard they can’t take anything back. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
12/12/202341 minutes 50 seconds
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MEET MY GIRLFRIEND | The Ginn Podcast Ep. 100

On this episode I have my lovely girlfriend on, Mckinnley. We talk on how we started talking, our relationship, and vacations we have taken these past few years. We end on some hilarious rapid fire questions. P.S. I love y’all and thank y’all for y’all’s continued support
01/12/202358 minutes 59 seconds
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RAW PERFORMANCE TRAINING 2 | The Ginn Podcast Ep. 99

On this episode, for the 2nd time, I got my guy Sean Garner on, owner of Raw Performance Training. We talk on opening a new brick & mortar location in SATX, several expectations for the new spot, why this is the perfect location, & my previous gym habits. We end on juggling family, friends, and relationships while doing what we love. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
09/11/202354 minutes 19 seconds
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JAY ROSS, VIEWZ MEDIA GROUP | The Ginn Podcast Ep. 98

On this episode I have fellow podcaster and content creator, Jay Ross. Ross is the owner of Viewz Media Group and creator of current success Weekly Viewz. We touch on the early struggles of creating a brand and creating content. We then talk on how he got into the OCDCreates team and how that is currently going. We end on his future goals for his brand, his platform, and personal as well. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
31/10/202340 minutes
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Jeremy King | The Ginn Podcast Ep. 97

On this episode I got the talented & inspiring, Jeremy King. Going on a 10+ year music journey, Jeremy has been through all the high & lows. We talk on his successes, the music, self love, & his growing mindset. We also touch on the struggles, battling addiction, rehab, & childhood trauma. We end on his upcoming album “Self Intimacy” that will be releasing mid November. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
25/10/202339 minutes 34 seconds
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TREBLA ART | The Gunn Podcast Ep. 96

On this episode we got the one and only, Albert Gonzalez aka Trebla Art. We first get into what he is up doing right now in his art business and how his Wabi Sabi series started. We then touch on the struggles he faced early on in his journey and how he persevered. We end on a couple projects he is currently working on and a little motivational speech. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
10/10/20231 hour 2 minutes 9 seconds
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ONWAXTHEPODCAST | The Ginn Podcast Ep. 95

On this episode I got a guest that has his own platform & is killing it. His podcast is called On Wax The Podcast. We first get into how he started the whole podcast journey and how his childhood friend is a co-host. We then touch on his early childhood and how that shaped his adult life. We end on different guests that we would like to have on in the future and the success of our platforms recently. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
03/10/20231 hour 7 minutes 1 second
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RON MRTZ | The Ginn Podcast Ep. 94

On this episode I have a very good friend of mine on, Mr. Ron Martinez. Ron transitioned out of retail and into entrepreneurship not only creating his website development business but also the brand I Make Money On The Internet. We talk about some struggles Ron has faced during his journey and all his business interests that he is currently into. We end on working with RDC World and Jaylen Brown. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
26/09/202353 minutes 38 seconds
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TB ROBBY RD 3 | The Ginn Podcast Ep. 93

On this episode we got the one & only, rapper/producer TB Robby. We first get into being a producer in the state of TX and what that brings to the table. We then get into his most recent success with That Mexican OT. We then end on his most recent projects and the content he has lined up for the end of the year. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
19/09/202349 minutes 26 seconds
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XBVALENTINE | The Ginn Podcast Ep. 92

LFG SZN 4 BABY!!! On this episode I got the only and only XBValentine. We get straight into it on how she got in touch with her manager Smooth Vega and the process it took. We then talk on her most recent album "Forever & a Day", and how all her songs are real life experiences. We end on her coming out as gay to her friends and family and the world wind that took her on. Such a dope and inspiring episode! Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
12/09/202356 minutes 45 seconds
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361 Representation, Life During The 9-5, & The Story Behind His Name W/ Miles Per Hour Ep. 91

On this episode we have Miles aka MilesPerHour. We first start off how he is from Corpus Christi, TX and the different oppurtunities between there and SATX. We then get into the lifestyle he is currently in and how he is able to still pursire his passion, music. We end on appreciation from both sides and the synchronization between his name, artist name, and brand. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
01/02/202344 minutes 55 seconds
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Readi; A Tech Startup, Dealing With Trauma, & Giving Back To The Community W/ Damien Dennis Ep. 90

On this episode, meeting him for the first time, Damien Dennis. We first get into our childhood and how past trauma can effect our daily adult lives. We then get into how Damien even got to where he is now; the journey, the healing, and the vision. Lastly we end on his tech startup, SATX community based social platform, Readi. Enjoy :)  --- Support this podcast:
29/12/202258 minutes 48 seconds
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Ape $terling On His Album Long Story Short, Grimey Rap, & The Courage To Be Yourself Ep. 89

On this episode we have Ape $terling in the studio. We get into early childhood upbringing and how that connects with his music. We then touch on his most recent album and the struggles & success's creating that had. We end on how he has a grimey style of rap and how nowadays some people don't have the courage to be themselves.  --- Support this podcast:
20/12/202248 minutes 36 seconds
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Embracing Your Flaws, Enjoying the Music Process, & Brotherly Love W/ Mando Vice & Uxkxowx Ep. 88

On this episode we got brothers Diego and Sam AKA Mando Vice and Uxkxowx. We first get into the a catch up conversation that leads in how we all have flaws in life and we just have to embrace them. We then get into the music and why they even started making music. We end on a couple of insights from songs they have together and some influences they've had over the years. Enjoy :)  --- Support this podcast:
13/12/202252 minutes 23 seconds
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RIP TAKEOFF, Inspiring Others, Finding A Mental Balance, & Sticking To The Basics Ep. 87

On this episode we got 10KSLIME aka my guy Tracy back in the studio for round 2. Started off as a friendly catchup conversation but soon led to Takeoff's passing & how he inspired others through his music.  We then get into finding a mental balance with just your daily life. We end on sticking to the basics when trying to find, or love yourself. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
06/12/202239 minutes 51 seconds
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Cody Freeman Paints W/ Mexican Intentions, Constant Self Belief, & Featured In SA Magazine Ep. 86

On this episode we have on independent painter, Cody Freeman. We get into his childhood and where the love from painting came from. Then Cody tells us why his paintings have heavy Mexican influences within them. Throughout the episode you'll hear both of us touch on having constant self belief and what that can do for your dreams. We end on Cody getting featured in a couple of local magazines, including San Antonio Magazine. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
08/11/202245 minutes 33 seconds
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Betting On Yourself, Breaking Old Habits, & Becoming a Personal Trainer W/ @IAMVEE_ Ep. 85

On this episode I have on Veronica Ruiz, better know as @iamvee_. She is almost 2 years into being full-time personal trainer so we get into that first and talk on her own weight loss transformation. We then touch on breaking old habits, whether it's with eating right, the gym, or just life in general. We end on betting on yourself by putting videos on social media. Enjoy :)  --- Support this podcast:
25/10/202249 minutes 2 seconds
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Creating A Pod/Brand, 800k Views on Tiktok, & Valuing Life Differently W/ Thoughts N' Players Ep. 84

On this episode we have the crew on from Thoughts N' Players podcast. We get into the struggle of creating a podcast/brand and the amount of work that gets done behind the scenes. We then touch on their success that has been found on short TikTok videos and on Youtube Shorts. We end on the different things we value in life and the similarity between us all. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
18/10/20221 hour 8 minutes 58 seconds
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Life Coach Angie Atwell Speaks On Her Own Battles, A Better Mindset, & Changing Women Lives Ep. 83

On this episode we have Mindset & Life Coach, Angie Atwell. We first touch on her own battles and how she overcame that by having a better mindset. We then get into the early stages of her life coaching career and what it looks like now. We end on how she is changing women's live by having different workshops around the city. Enjoy :)  --- Support this podcast:
11/10/202245 minutes 24 seconds
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Intangible Beliefs, Is The Long Route Worth It?, & Shaking Up The Algorithm W/ Swanny Ivy Ep. 82

Back for round 2 is Swanny Ivy. Known for his differential music, but what I like most is that he is demonstrating for creators to do things your own way. We first get into what beliefs what grew up on and what we believe in now, then hop into Swanny Ivy's journey and how good it feels to be taking the long route. We end on why he recently had to shake up the algorithm in his life. Enjoy :)  --- Support this podcast:
28/09/20221 hour 9 minutes 42 seconds
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Mateo Sun Talks Bella Thorne & French Kiss, Producing Songs, & Different Income Streams Ep. 81

Finally got Mateo Sun on, in a brand new studio! We get right into it, talking when he first starting making music and a little into the come up journey. We then touch on how Bella Throne used a chopped up version of "French Kiss" on one of her TikTok videos. Mateo introduces that he has been producing many of his songs lately and we end on setting up different income streams now so later down the line its easier. Enjoy :)  --- Support this podcast:
20/09/202245 minutes 27 seconds
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Nate De Leon Making Country Music, How To Be Confident, & Trusting The Process & Ep. 80

On this episode I have country singer Nate De Leon in the studio. We first touch on making country songs and the process that it takes. Next  the host and Nate talk on how you have to be confident when it comes to your craft and on social media. We end on trusting the process it takes, especially when outside things interfere. Catch Nate at upcoming shows in San Antonio and surrounding areas. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
06/07/202247 minutes 30 seconds
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Banco's Back Story, Getting Love from H Town, & Making Timeless Music Ep. 79

On this episode I got Banco (@Bancofromtx), in the studio. We get right into his come up story and how quickly things are moving. We then switch to the love Houston has showed him since the beginning. We end on the how and why Banco is making timeless music. Enjoy :)  --- Support this podcast:
24/06/202245 minutes 36 seconds
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DJing W/ AlecSoul, The Come Up, & Story Behind Lil Trucker Hat Ep . 78

On this episode we have AlecSoul. We get right intro the conversation about his come up for Djing and why he even started. We touch on the bar scene & how crazy that gets, & how he got the name "Lil Trucker Hat". We end on some of the future goals he has in mind and possibly a 3rd persona he might take on. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
24/05/202252 minutes 17 seconds
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Bamsworth Belli Recent Album, Facing Adversity, & Tapping Into The Present Ep. 77

On this episode we have Bamsworth Belli in the studio. We touch on his up bringing in New York, and where his love of music came from. We then get into tapping into present time but at the same time trying to find a balance to work on future goals. We end on his most recent album drop, "Hi im Bamsworth 2", that he had in the vault for 5 years!! Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
12/05/202256 minutes 34 seconds
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Natalie Nichole Working W/ Nick Cannon, Being 100% Indie, & Writing A Book Ep. 76

On this episode we have singer, song writer, Natalie Nichole! We first catch up on daily life since we haven't spoke in 10 years. We then get into her up bringing & what lead her into a singing career. We touch on her making it into the industry & working with Nick Cannon. We end on her being a 100% independent artist & she explains the reasoning behind her book. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
05/04/20221 hour 4 minutes 31 seconds
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Jesse "Bam" Rodriguez Talks WBC Title Fight, Noticed By Celebrities, & What's Next Ep. 75

On this episode we have new WBC Super Flyweight Champ, Jesse "Bam" Rodriguez. Bam goes into his recent title fight & how life has been after that night. Bam also talks about his training, & getting noticed by a couple celebrities. We end on whats next for Bam & his thoughts on a few recent boxing fights.  Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
28/03/202246 minutes 8 seconds
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WW3, 15+ Year Friendships, & Self Sufficiency Ep. 74

On this episode we got one of my closet friends on, Tony. We go into how our 15+ year friendship came about, he gives y'all a little history refresher on how the war in Ukraine started & we touch on being self sufficient in these wild times. --- Support this podcast:
18/03/20221 hour 25 minutes 1 second
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Signing A Shitty Record Deal? & All Artist Should Be Selling Merch W/ Wes Denzel Ep. 73

On this episode we have artist Wes Denzel. We get into the backstory of how Wes Denzel & making music came together. Wes then goes into detail about how  artists should sell merch to add another stream of income. We finish off on our opinions towards artists signing shitty major record label deals.  --- Support this podcast:
09/03/202251 minutes 56 seconds
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WE'RE BACK!!! Ft. Eddie "The Hunter" Ortiz Ep. 72

Back like we never left!! Back for a 2nd time, Eddie joins us in a coffee shop in downtown San Antonio. We get into why G took a break from the podcast/social media, our thoughts on some recent boxing fights, & Eddie's upcoming fight on March 5th. Enjoy :)  --- Support this podcast:
01/03/202242 minutes 1 second
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Wearing Fake Sneakers, Owning a Sneaker Store, & Upcoming Sneaker Event Ep. 71

One of the newest/hottest sneakers stores in San Antonio, Tx, Countdown SA. We have RJ & James on and we get into the how & why of starting their sneaker business. We also touch on some of the sneaker TikTok trends & their views on buying/selling fake shoes. We end on a FREE sneaker event they are having with 45+ vendors, enjoy :)  --- Support this podcast:
19/01/20221 hour 7 minutes 49 seconds
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Ending the year with another episode. If you're reading this just know I appreciate you so much, especially for making this one of my dreams come into fruition. As always, enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
02/01/202246 minutes 18 seconds
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Rappers Should Appreciate The Game More, Early Childhood, & Deluxe Album W/ J Soulja Ep. 69

On this episode, out of Austin, TX, we have J Soulja. We first get into the beginning stages on how he got into music, and having a viral Datpiff mixtape back in the MySpace era. We also touch on how new school rappers should appreciate the game more versus the money. We end on what his deluxe album of "More Than Nothin" will give. Enjoy :)  --- Support this podcast:
29/12/202152 minutes 32 seconds
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Starting A Brand, & Women Owning Businesses W/ @officialfuegofash Ep. 68

On this episode we have Bri, the owner of FUEGO FASH, a women's clothing brand. We get right into the conversation on why she decided to start the clothing brand and how far the brand has come this year. We then get into some stigmas towards women owning businesses, and how more women should start their own business. Finally, we end on a couple goals Bri has for Fuego in 2022! Enjoy :)  --- Support this podcast:
22/12/202141 minutes 20 seconds
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A Day In The Life Of A Producer, & Wanting To Be Great W/ @TB_Robby Ep. 67

On this episode we got @TB_Robby back for a second time. We catch up on whats new since our first episode earlier in the year. We then get into how someone has to have the want to be great in life. Rob breaks down a day in the life of what a trip to Houston looks like, and we end on current & future projects that are soon to be dropping. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
16/12/202152 minutes 52 seconds
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Loving Different Types Of Food, Launching Restaurants During A Pandemic, & Facing Asian Hate Ep. 66

On this episode we have one of the owners of the restaurants, Sean, from Curry Boys BBQ & Pinch Boil House in San Antonio, TX. We get into the love for food, and the process of opening up one restaurant during the pandemic. We then get into him having a partner, schooling not teaching business & future ventures Sean has planned. We end off on how stupid Asian hate is, Seans experiences, and how he overcame that. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
08/12/20211 hour 1 minute 5 seconds
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Question210 Working With A-list Rappers, NFTs Changing The Industry, & Artist Management Ep. 65

Man oh man! Was at the height of his career, and with a snap of a figure, everything switched. Rapper, Song Writer, OG, Question210, talks on signing a major record deal, and working with A-list rappers. We then get into how crypto & NFTs will change the music industry within the next 2-3 years. We end on his artist management company and why he loves doing it. Enjoy :)  --- Support this podcast:
01/12/20211 hour 2 minutes 46 seconds
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Being Addicted @ 15, & Is There A Higher Power? Ep. 64

On this episode we get into an incredible story with Jonnè. We touch on him being addicted to hard drugs at the age of 15, the struggles that came with that, and how the journey went on for 6 years. We then jump into if there is a higher power based on how many second chances we receive in our lives. We end on the passing of his father and how Jonnè is celebrating his father's joyful life. Enjoy :)  --- Support this podcast:
24/11/20211 hour 4 minutes 13 seconds
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Tiktok Is Changing The Game, New School & City, & Overcoming Panic Attacks Ep. 63

My oldest niece wanted to come onto the podcast for her recent birthday so here we are lolBut on this episode we get into her switching from a new school and city and figuring out alot things are about change. We then touch on the insane growth tiktok has done since March 2020 and how people are becoming influencers. We end off on a couple struggles we've had to deal with and some helpful tips to overcome mental health issues. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
18/11/202159 minutes 22 seconds
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Is Music Worth The Pain? & Love Abuse 2 W/ AJ Bray Ep. 62

Back for a 2nd time we have love music artist, AJ Bray. He just finished coming back from LA & Toronto so we touch on the music videos he did out there. We then jump into the mental side of making love music and if its really worth it. We finish off the conversation by talking about the process of his new album "Love Abuse 2", and real life stories behind some songs. Enjoy :)  --- Support this podcast:
06/11/202149 minutes 32 seconds
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Creation of The Vaulti, Bouncing Back From a Break In, & Future Expansion THE GINN PODCAST EP. 61

James is the owner of a San Antonio, TX vintage and sneaker shop. We first get into the creation of, the origination of the name, and all the previous locations he has been apart of. We touched on a break in incident he dealt with back in 2019 and his bounce back journey with that situation. We then ended on his current location and the success that’s coming with it and possible future expansion into different cities. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
29/10/202149 minutes 46 seconds
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Was Dave Chapelle Wrong, Having Kids @ 35, & Growing Up In The Military Ep. 60

What an hilarious episode with the host of the @doyousispodcast_, Kierra & Jenyl. We jump into the situation about Dave Chappell and if he was wrong or not. We then get into Jenyl being a mother, and how I'm fine with not having kids until I'm 35. We then finish off the episode with them sharing their experiences, one of them living in Japan, as a kid being in a military family.  --- Support this podcast:
22/10/20211 hour 5 minutes 59 seconds
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Adapting From Africa, Becoming A Full Time Artist, & Finding Your Purpose Ep. 59

On this episode we have Alain, a full time abstract painter, in the studio. We first start off with his background and how his transition from Africa to the United States was. Next, we discuss on how he is a full time artist now and everything that comes with this move. Finally, Alain talks on how the pandemic helped him find his artistic purpose.  --- Support this podcast:
14/10/202147 minutes 19 seconds
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Are We All Crazy? Drake Took An L, & The Latest Music W/ Roland Ryan Ep. 58

On this episode we get right into the Pusha T/Drake beef, and how Drake took an L. Then we both got deep on how most people have to be crazy to pursue a passion. We also touched on how it's corny to not give people their flowers, especially when they deserve them. Finally, we finished off with his latest single "Toa$Ting" and an upcoming album called "Las Palmas". Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
07/10/20211 hour 1 minute 17 seconds
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Running A Restaurant Business, Saving Your Money, & Finding The "ONE" EP. 57

On this episode we have one of my former managers & current franchisee of a restaurant business, Berto. We first dive into his transition from one city to another and the process of becoming a franchisee. We then get into a couple personal business experiences we faced and how we actually fixed those mistakes. To wrap up the episode, we get into his motivation all while juggling personal life, marriage, family, friends, and business. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
29/09/20211 hour 3 minutes 14 seconds
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What's Real & What's Fake?, & A New Album Release W/@MADJAHMUSIC Ep. 56

On this episode we got JAH back in the stu, Round 2. We get right into another needed break she took off from music and why thats so important for artist. We then touch on seeing fake shit on social media, and how that plays out because you never know what's real. Finally we get into depth about her Drake inspired album and what some of the tracks mean to her. Oh & maybe a little toxic relationship talk in there too, who knows. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
22/09/202155 minutes 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

Establishing a Clothing Brand, & Running a Non-Profit W/@yosneaks Ep. 55

On this episode we got @yosneaks in the studio. We first get into all the things he is currently running from his non-profit, media business, to his clothing brand. We then touch on the formation of his non-profit which then lead him into starting a clothing brand. We finally go into detail about the name, whats in style, a couple dope experiences he's gone through, and future goals for his brands.  Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
12/09/20211 hour 7 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

Micheladas Are Trash, Dating Unpopular Opinions, & More W/ Steph Juarez Ep. 54

This episode gets a little crazy and controversial! Nonetheless, on this episode we have Steph back on, one more time before she heads off to PA school. We get into a range of different unpopular opinions, with some being personal... Plus there is one that might catch you off guard and make you think a little. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
01/09/20211 hour 2 minutes 20 seconds
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Home Gym Turned Into A Fitness Training Business, & Supps & Diet Tips Ep. 53

On this episode I got my guy Sean in the studio and we get into how he transformed his garage into a gym, and started a fitness training business called Raw Preformance. Sean takes us back and talks about how the idea of raw preformance came about, and the meaning behind the name. We also get into a what a typical workout looks like and all the equipment he uses in those workouts. We cap it all off with some supplement and diet tips that everybody can benefit from. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
21/08/202158 minutes 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Guy Behind The Art "WabiSabi", @trebla_art Ep. 52

This episode is one for the books! Albert steps in the studio and we get right into his wild journey. We get into how he decided what art to paint, the meaning behind his paintings and some of the tough times that he got over by following his passion. We end on a new church painting he is currently working on and some future projects. All the way from not even being considered an artist to having murals all over San Antonio, TX, Albert Gonzales.  --- Support this podcast:
13/08/20211 hour 1 minute 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

Authenticity Always Wins, & Social Media Can Be A Façade W/@romansun1verse Ep. 51

On this episode @romansun1verse stopped by & we first got into his music background & how music even started for him. We then jumped into how being authentic, in whatever you do, will always win. Finally Roman shared his creative process behind his single Superman, & what a day in the studio looks like for him 🔥 --- Support this podcast:
07/08/202140 minutes 54 seconds
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Mario Barrios Title Defense Recap Against Tank Davis & Future Boxing Plans Ep. 50

Man oh man, ya'll see the name! On this episode Mario Barrios steps back into the podcast studio and we go deep into his last title defense against Gervonta Tank Davis. We first touch on his initial thoughts about a fight with Davis and what training camp for this fight was like. Next we jump into Mario's thoughts about the ref's stoppage and what exactly went wrong. Finally, Mario gets into his plans of moving up weight classes and what his future of boxing looks like. If ya'll enjoyed this episode go ahead and subscribe and get this podcast a 5 star rating!  --- Support this podcast:
29/07/202157 minutes 7 seconds
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How Risky Is A Small Business, & Finding Time For Personal Life W/ @Ronmrtz Ep. 49

On this episode I got my boy Ron in the studio & we've been very good friends for awhile. We start off with a little back context into how we became friends and then got into his website business that he is currently successfully running. An apparel brand is expensive and Ron goes into who makes it expensive how that is paying off. Lastly, we touch on a few key tips when leaving a 9-5 job & jumping into the entrepreneur side of things.  --- Support this podcast:
22/07/202153 minutes 57 seconds
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Do What Makes You Happy, We Only Have 1 Life, & A Upcoming Show Ep. 48

On this episode we got @whocutya, @saysneed1, & @nightlifer_rr in the studio. We first get into the changes we are seeing with Texas being fully opened. Next we touch on finding/doing what makes you happy. Then we talked about how people, including ourselves, are doing things right now, immediately, because we only live once. “CALL YOUR FRIENDS” PT. 2 IS LIVE @ PAPER TIGER IN SAN ANTONIO, TX (7/24/2021)Stay up to date with all episodes:Instagram || | --- Support this podcast:
13/07/202143 minutes 47 seconds
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Creating Content, Women Rappers, & How To Keep Your Energy W/ @TEAWITHTAMI Ep. 47

On this episode I sit down with a fellow podcaster, Tami. She is celebrating her 5 year anniversary of podcasting. We get into why she started a podcast, & why she is currently taking things slow with dishing out podcast episodes. Next we touch on how women rappers are perceived in the music industry and how that should change. Lastly we get into the more spiritual side of things and discussed how to preserve your energy and how to separate self confidence from your own personal ego. Enjoy :)  --- Support this podcast:
26/06/20211 hour 2 minutes 35 seconds
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Mental Health Issues, The Courage Of Naomi Osaka, & Money & Happiness Ep. 46

On this episode I get right into the needed conversation of mental health with a good friend of mine, Tracy. We both expressed some mental health issues we have faced over recent years, and the underlining cause of those issues. We touched on how social media can have an impact on someones mental health, and the courage Naomi Osaka has for taking time away from tennis to handle her issues. Finally, both Tracy and I talk about money and its tie to the mental health conversation. Enjoy :)  --- Support this podcast:
20/06/202150 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

Youtube Can Change Your Life, & His Latest Single W/ @HTXDRIZZY Ep. 45

On this episode I got "DI3R3CK" (@htxdrizzy), in the studio. We get straight into the conversation touching on a couple childhood struggles and how that fuels his music. We then get into how searching up things on youtube can teach you so much. Finally, we end on the process of his latest single "THOUGHT YOU KNEW THAT". Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
14/06/202155 minutes 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Family, Fire, & Food: BBQ PitMasters Ep. 44

On this episode I got to experience what it is like cooking barbecue for a living (it's really a passion for them). I sat down with Carlos & his cousin Eric and we talked where the passion really came from, and how they got into the restaurant business doing what they love. Carlos touched on an incredible story where he fought Covid almost to near death. Finally we then got into how to put time away for the family and not letting a job take over your life. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
07/06/20211 hour 5 minutes 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Perfect Mindset After A Loss W/ Brandon Gutierrez Ep. 43

Back for a second time, Brandon "El Cañonero" Gutierrez. This time around he took a loss in his most recent MMA fight. Listen in on what Brandon's training process was leading up to the fight, and his reaction after the loss. Then he gets into what mistakes he made and how he is currently fixing them. A huge part of Brandon's success comes from his coach, so he touches on that too. Enjoy :)  --- Support this podcast:
26/05/202147 minutes 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

I'm Going To Be "Noticed" W/ @madjahmusic Ep. 42

On this episode I have JAH in the studio, aka @madjahmusic. We get right into her upbringing and she explains where the film, & music ambitions come from. Her latest "Noticed" single just released, so we touched on the meaning behind that. Finally we got into the forever conversation on how sometimes outside voices can prolong your own process. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
19/05/20211 hour 3 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

Welcome To The New Podcast Studio Ep. 41

On this episode my boys & I  welcome in a new podcast studio. We quickly discuss struggles getting into the studio, and some of our goals that we have set. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
12/05/202133 minutes 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Power Of The Social Media, & Putting Out Music While Having A 9-5 Job Ep. 40

On this episode I have jaybekoolin (IG) in the studio. We first get into how the power of social media and the internet has transcended the music industry and general life. Next, we talk about having a computer science degree and the journey he took to achieve that. Finally we touch on being able to put out consistent music content while still having a 9-5 job. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
21/04/202156 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

Recent Shows, Promoting, & 4 New Projects W/ @Cwilltooill Ep. 39

Back for round 2, we got @cwilltooill & @caffeine_papi in the studio. On the episode we first take a little recap of the last time these two were here and how CWill got into music. Next, we talk about some recent shows they've been doing, a few shows that are coming up, and how the promoting business has been going. Finally we get into the four new projects CWill is going is going to be dropping over the next four months. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
14/04/20211 hour 7 minutes 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

Journey Of A Media Journalist, & Working For Spectrum News W/ Jose Arredondo Ep. 38

On this episode I got Jose Arredondo  aka @sportsguyjose (IG/ TWTTR) in the studio. We get straight into the podcast touching on what the zip code 78207 means to him and what his exact occupation is. Next, we get into his long awaited journey of being a journalist starting back in his sophomore year of high school. Then we touch on a couple tips and advice within the  journalist career and in general everyday life. Finally, Jose discussed a recent story he covered & the translation between the story and NCAA Women’s Basketball. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
08/04/20211 hour 24 minutes 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

Producing A Music Style, Changing The View Of The Industry, & A New Album Ep. 37

On this episode @tb_robby (IG) pulled up. We get straight into what made him pursue a music career, & creating a style that you love. We also talked how social media can be deceiving & the perception of being an artist. Then we got in what this new upcoming album is about, the creative process behind it, and what fans can expect on this project.  --- Support this podcast:
20/03/202156 minutes 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

Accepting Your Mistakes, Family Hardships, & Childhood Memories With The Queen Ep. 36

The Queen is back!! On this episode I got my mother in the studio for the second time. We get right into it where we accept our mistakes and truly understand what it is to learn from those mistakes. Next we find our way into an emotional rollercoaster where we expressed some hardships that almost got the best of us. And throughout the episode you'll find childhood memories and stories of our life so enjoy :)  --- Support this podcast:
10/03/20211 hour 1 minute 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

Mixed Martial Arts, The Training Process, & The Effects of MMA Fighting Ep. 35

On this episode I got my guy Brandon in the studio, @kingcraig4l (IG). Brandon is currently in the mist of his amateur MMA fighting career. We first get into a little childhood context to which translates into how and why Brandon wanted to pursue MMA.  Next we talk about the training process leading up to a MMA fight, and how crazy one has to be to even step into the octagon. Finally, we touch on the mental and physical effects this type of fighting do can do a persons body. Enjoy :)  --- Support this podcast:
04/03/20211 hour 4 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

Incarcerated To Helping Inmates, & The Man Behind @412threads? Ep. 34

On the episode I got Hector, @hecgnz29 (IG), in the studio.  We get straight into what exactly who is Hector, a little background story, and what exactly is @412threads. Next we get into why he created this business to help current incarcerated inmates and what the whole process looks like. Finally we touched on what Hector is currently working on and what he has planned for 412threads in the future. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
22/02/202139 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

A DJ Passion, Having The Right People Around, & Reflecting on 2010's Music Ep. 33

On the episode I have @whocutya (IG), an up & coming DJ/Musician, in the studio. We talked about how he got into being a DJ, how he fell in love with the profession, & a couple of inspirations that lead the way. Next we got into how having the right people around you will keep you focused and more successful. Finally we ended the episode discussing our favorite 2010's albums, songs, & overall music. Enjoy :)  --- Support this podcast:
10/02/202152 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

Pros And Cons Of Social Media, & Should The Internet Be Censored? Ep. 32

What a wild conversation! On this weeks episode we have Kierra & Jenyl from the @doyousispodcast_ (IG) on. We talked a little about the inspiration of their podcast & the meaning behind it. We then jumped into the pros and cons of social media, how social has grown through the years and its current state. Lastly we touched on should the internet be censored and whose fault is it when it comes to the youth using social media apps. Bonus: Kierra & Jenyl talk about their experiences having strict parents throughout high school & their sneaky ways. Enjoy :)  --- Support this podcast:
03/02/202155 minutes 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

Barber Pet Peeves, Barbershop Fights, & Cutting Up NBA Players Ep. 31

On the episode I got my barber JCuttz (JCuttzthababer, IG)  in the studio! We get into the conversation discussing how Covid-19 effected the barbershop business and how he was able to keep afloat despite not cutting hair. Next we talk about some pet peeves people do and a couple fights popping off in the barbershop. Lastly JCuttz tells how it is to cut up NBA players and a couple tips for new barbers coming into the barber game.  --- Support this podcast:
27/01/20211 hour 1 minute 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

20+ Relationships & Breakups Questions Answered Ep. 30

One time S/O to all the people that submitted questions, y'all some real ones. On this episode, back for a 3rd time, @StephhJuarez13 (IG) & I get straight into answering questions that listeners submitted via social media. These questions were everything from love or loyalty, different values that should line up with a partner, once a cheater always a cheater?, to simply how to talk/approach girl. Such a funny yet informational one! Enjoy :)  --- Support this podcast:
20/01/20211 hour 20 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bouncing Back From A Loss & Boxing Is A Way Of Life With Eddie Ortiz Ep. 29

On this episode I sat down with 11-1(4KO's) boxer,  Eddie "The Hunter" Ortiz. We start off with dealing with Covid and how it affected him personally, the people around him, & the whole community. Next we get into how boxing is a way of life for Eddie, what got him into boxing, and who influenced him the throughout the way. Finally we shared our thoughts on his recent loss, why he lost, what he could've done better, & what's next. Enjoy :)  --- Support this podcast:
13/01/20211 hour 3 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

Music Creative Process, & Fashion Trends with @hockeyhill Ep. 28

On this episode I sat down with @hockeyhill. We get straight into it and discuss his creative process on music, how and why he choose to pursue being a rapper/artist, and his music plans for 2021. Finally we talk about fashion, how Hockey got into fashion, what brands he likes to wear, and what are some shitty ass fashion trends. Enjoy :)  --- Support this podcast:
06/01/202151 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Reflecting On 2020, New Year Goals, & Why Some Young Marriages Fail Ep. 27

Bringing in the new year the right way! On this episode I got my best-friend's "D" (samdingoo, IG) & "C" (@cesarluqo, IG). We jumped right into the episode reflecting on how hard the year 2020 was and some of the experiences we faced. Next we share some of our goals for 2021 and why we want these goals. We then wrapped up the conversation with a marriage talk and why some young marriages fail. Enjoy :)  --- Support this podcast:
30/12/20201 hour 25 minutes 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

100+ Lbs Lost, How Important Is Nutrition, & Weight Lifting Ep. 26

On this episode I got my guy Chris, aka @myomovement in the studio. We first talked about some of the wild experiences he dealt with when the pandemic first hit. Next we talked about his incredible weight loss journey, losing over 100 pounds! We then get into how important nutrition is when trying to gain weight or when trying to cut down several pounds. Finally, we touch on what type of workouts we are currently doing now in the gym and what workouts are best for bulking or shredding.  --- Support this podcast:
16/12/20201 hour 4 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

Training During Covid, Title Defense, & World Title Fight With Mario Barrios Ep. 25

THE CHAMP IS HERE! Mario Barrios and I talk about how isolated training was during Covid, he goes into detail about how his recent title defense against Ryan Karl, the nitty gritty of what exactly happened during his world title win on 09/28/2019 against Batyr Akhmedov, how he deals with trash talking from other boxers and lastly Mario explains what it feels like to be a pro boxer from the southwest side of San Antonio, TX.  --- Support this podcast:
09/12/20201 hour 8 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

Breakups & Relationships 101 Ep. 24

Back again with @stephhjuarez13!! On this episode we go into depth on how to build trust in a relationship, and  do you really need to love yourself before you love anybody else. We then get into if people can really be friends after a breakup, and should couples put their finances together. Finally we give our thoughts on how to get over a breakup. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
02/12/20201 hour 6 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

Young Parenting, & Flaws Of The Educational System Ep. 23

On this episode I sat down Johnny (@alreadytatted), a buddy of mine, and we talked about some struggles he faced being a young parent during high school. We also touched on what its like for a parent now to assist in virtual schooling for his kids during the current pandemic. Lastly we talked about some flaws within the education system and our thoughts on what to teach in school. Thank you for listening! :)  --- Support this podcast:
28/11/202058 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Confidence: The Podcast Series About Nothing Ep. 6

A couple tips to gain confidence in your life.  --- Support this podcast:
23/11/202011 minutes 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Understanding Religion, Being Religious and Gay, & Always Showing Love Ep. 22

Man oh man! On the episode I sat down with Steph,  a very good friend of mine, and she helps me understand why she religious and growing up within a religious based family. We also got into what its like being gay and religious and what type of struggles she faces. Lastly we both expressed our thoughts on always showing love to family and friends. Enjoy and go rate the podcast 5 stars, love ya! :)  --- Support this podcast:
18/11/20201 hour 10 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

@theajbray, Creating Content Yourself, & Tips For Upcoming Artists Ep. 21

On this episode I sat down with upcoming San Antonio, TX artist, @theajbray. We highlighted the significance on creating music and content solely on your own and the satisfaction that comes with it. We also touched on a couple music tips that ajbray recommends for new artists that will separate themselves from others. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
14/11/202048 minutes 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

Music Interview With @Cwilltooill & @Caffeine_papi

On this episode I get into a music interview with @Cwilltooill. We talked about how he makes musics, how he found his specific style of music, and what his future plans are. We also talked to @caffeine_papi about becoming a musician manager and his and @Cwilltooill relationship within music and beyond.  --- Support this podcast:
10/11/202055 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Meet My Niece, LGBTQ+, & Highschool Through A Pandemic Ep.19

On this episode I got my niece, Trencidy, in the studio. We talked a little about our early childhood when she was first born, transitioning to bisexual, and what high school is like during a pandemic. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
07/11/202052 minutes 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

Current Events on the NBA, NFL, & Systematic Racism with Matt White Ep. 18

On this episode I sat down, for a second time, with the famous Matt White (@iam_MW21).  We went in on the NBA finals, the bubble situation, favorite teams , and favorite players. We also touched on Dak Prescott getting hurt and how the NFL is strictly business. Finally we gave our insights on the current state of the Black Lives Matter movement and how minorities can change their future.  --- Support this podcast:
03/11/202059 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

IG Questions Answered: The Podcast Series About Nothing Ep. 5

Did a IG story questionnaire on 10/23/2020 and it was popping! Have a few questions left over to answer so here ya go, enjoy 😊  --- Support this podcast:
27/10/202018 minutes 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

Creating Music, Normalizing Mental Health, & Fake Social Media Personas with @SWANNYIVY

On this episode I sat down with @SWANNYIVY and had a really dope and genuine conversation. We talked about how he creates music, why he started creating music, and what his music portrays. We also touched on some mental health issues and how fake social media personas will only get you so far.  --- Support this podcast:
20/10/202058 minutes 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

Mobile Detailing Business Interview With @LLDETAIL210

On this episode I sat down with one of the newest mobile detailing company in San Antonio, TX, @lldetail210 (IG). Got into a deep conversation with @larry_gomez11 (IG) & @1biglos_ (IG )about the day to day operations of the company and how the business has been for them during the pandemic. We also talked about some struggles they had to overcome with working with together and being a new business.  --- Support this podcast:
16/10/20201 hour 14 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

Motivation: The Podcast Series About Nothing Ep. 4

My thought process on how to obtain motivation.  --- Support this podcast:
13/10/202016 minutes 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

Car Buying Tips: The Podcast Series About Nothing Ep. 3

A couple car buying tips I recommend to focus on when purchasing a new vehicle.  --- Support this podcast:
09/10/202013 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

Seattle: The Podcast Series About Nothing Ep. 2

Some places that I ate at and things that I did in Seattle, WA.  --- Support this podcast:
06/10/202014 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

Mindset: The Podcast Series About Nothing Ep. 1

Education/Information, Goals: dream big or small goals, Execute actions, The right circle: Friends & Family.  --- Support this podcast:
02/10/202013 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

Meet My Brother, Essential Workers, and Privacy

On this episode I have my brother, Edward, in the podcast studio. We talk about how life was for him working through this pandemic, especially in the beginning of everything. We then get into privacy, the pros and cons, and how you can protect yourself, and of course random little stories here and there. Enjoy! :)  --- Support this podcast:
19/09/202059 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

NBA, Future Travel Destinations, Whats our Passions PART 2

Continuation from the pervious episode. C, Jim, and I spend a little bit more time with each other talking about previous played NBA games, some future travel spots we would like to go visit, and what exactly is our passions. Enjoy! :) --- Support this podcast:
09/09/202053 minutes 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

Traveling to Seattle, #BadDadClub, Fatherless Homes, and Role Models Part 1

On this episode I sit down with my best-friends C (@cesarluqo ) and Jim (jimmiejames_23). We go into details about our most recent trip to Seattle, WA, the meaning behind #BadDadClub, how fatherless homes effected us good and bad, and being role models.  --- Support this podcast:
08/09/20201 hour 20 minutes 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

Life of a Psychic & Astrologist, Card Readings, and Past & Next Lives

On this episode I had the pleasure of sitting down with a Psychic and Astrologist (@leslymartinez on IG). We talk on the topics of Lesly's daily life, card readings, assumptions of a psychic, and a little of dark magic. Finally, we get into understanding our past life and what the future holds for us. Super interesting episode, enjoy :) (Beat Produced by Soulis/@soulis_prod) --- Support this podcast:
28/08/202059 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Meet My Sisters, Aliens, And Random Childhood Stories

On this episode I have my two sisters join me and we talk our shit. We get into a ton of childhood memories, and touch on the topic of aliens for some odd reason. Enjoy :) --- Support this podcast:
07/08/20201 hour 2 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork


20/07/202021 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

Working at Apple, How Technology Has Changed, and Being a Web Developer

On this episode Ron (@ronmrtz) and I go into how we met and the fundamentals that translate into our everyday life since working at Apple. We also touched on how technology has changed over the last decade and how you can be making money online today. Finally, we discussed the journey, struggles, and success of being a web developer. (Beat Produced by Soulis/@soulis_prod) --- Support this podcast:
11/07/202059 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

Current Quarantine Life, Early Childhood Battles, and Do We Believe In Ghosts?

On this episode I got a good friend of mine in the house, Justin aka Guapo. We start off by how we met and working at the same job, how this pandemic has been for Justin, what comes with living on the South side of San Antonio, Tx, and a little paranormal activity in Mexico. --- Support this podcast:
03/07/20201 hour 11 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork


YEEZY GAP, HOW TO START TO START A PODCAST (Beat Produced by Soulis/@soulis_prod) --- Support this podcast:
29/06/202028 minutes 1 second
Episode Artwork


BOOKS I RECOMMEND, HIP HOP & STREAMING (Beat Produced by Soulis/@soulis_prod) --- Support this podcast:
22/06/202024 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork


15/06/202034 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

Sneakers, Business, & Everything In Between

On this episode I sit down with my good friend @Sanantoniosoles and we discuss how we got into the sneaker business, lessons learned along the way, and some future goals we have set for ourselves.  --- Support this podcast:
11/06/20201 hour 4 minutes 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Country Is On Fire - Protests, Racism, and Finding Peace

On this episode @iam_mw21 and I talk about the state of unrest in the United States. What is currently happening, the murder of George Floyd, the protests that are taking place, the long history of racial inequalities across North America, and how can we fix the nonsense?  --- Support this podcast:
04/06/202052 minutes 48 seconds
Episode Artwork


01/06/202019 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

Lessons From Relationships, Overcoming Dark Times, and Top 5 Rappers Of All Time

On this episode I sit down with one of the most inspirational human beings I know, @youknowmagmilli (IG) / @Mag_Milli (TWTR). We dive deep into our past relationships and what we learned from them, explain some dark times and how it turned into daylight, and our top 5 rappers of all time.  --- Support this podcast:
28/05/20201 hour 8 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork


25/05/202024 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork


Sit down, drive around, or get some exercising in because on this episode I got my hilarious mother to come podcast with me. We touch on the early hardships of our lives, our first sex talk lol, her perspective on how our high school parties, and our motivation to keep striving for more. Enjoy :)  --- Support this podcast:
21/05/202044 minutes 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

Life Of Being A Car Salesman, and Do's & Don't's At a Dealership

Tune into this episode and find out how mine and @jimmiejames_23 life changed from being a car salesman, what to do and what not to do at a dealership, and how being a car salesman set us up for the future.  --- Support this podcast:
16/05/20201 hour 3 minutes 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

Credit 101, Travel adventures and Random Tips

On this episode I sit down with @samdingoo (aka D) and we go into depth on what is credit, how we use credit, how credit has helped us travel, and specific travel experiences we’ve had the past 3 years together. And yes other random stories you might enjoy :)  --- Support this podcast:
12/05/20201 hour 29 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

Pandemic matters, Vegas vibes, and Online streams of income

On this episode me, @jayvera93 (Jaime aka J), and @donniedarjo_0 (Eric aka E) touch on COVID-19 issues, some Vegas experiences from a few years back, a few ways to make money online, and other random conversations. You're the best for listening! :) --- Support this podcast:
05/05/20201 hour 11 minutes 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

Success is..., College confessions, Dream home stress, and Upbringing differences

Come chill and vibe with me and @littlemissnisah while we converse on what success means to one another, our different college experiences, struggles of buying a home, and how our different childhoods constructed who we became.  --- Support this podcast:
29/04/20201 hour 9 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork


Self-introduction for the boy.  --- Support this podcast:
23/04/202012 minutes 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

Self made thousandaires, need aniexty to live, weightloss on 100% meat?

Sit down with me and @ibecesaaa touch on how one's mindset needs to be in order to be successful, struggling with aniexty really is, and losing weight while only eating meat. Oh and find out about the first time I blacked out drinking whiskey.  --- Support this podcast:
23/04/202049 minutes 4 seconds