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The Ghost In The Machine Music Hour

French, Music, 1 season, 55 episodes, 2 days, 6 hours, 11 minutes
Mattic, US born Artist/MC based in Le Havre FR presents a music experience from his music vaults every 2 weeks Wednesday nights at 10pm on Ouest Track Radio
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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 55 : 80 Blocks From Tiffany's 2023

 Breakfest At Tiffany's
11/15/20231 hour
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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 54 : Autum Winds Of L.H

Chill Baby Chill
10/18/20231 hour, 1 second
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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 53 : Master Style Of Wu-Wei

Beatrix & Bill's Date Night 
10/4/202359 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Ghost in The Machine Music Hour - Episode 52 : Charleston White Riding Music

Wake Up Soul
9/6/202359 minutes, 41 seconds
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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 51 : The Bob Ross Painting Hour

No Track listHappy Accidents
8/23/20231 hour, 1 second
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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 50 : The Chill Exit 22

Escape Door Mix
12/21/20221 hour
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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 49 : Assorted Sound Fixtures

Ass or ted Mix
12/7/202257 minutes, 7 seconds
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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 48 : Jasm The Syncopator

Vibes N Stuff Mix
10/26/202258 minutes, 45 seconds
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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 47 : Ambient Ville Horror

It's My Damn House Mix
10/12/20221 hour, 48 seconds
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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 46 : Dolemite's Traveling Playlist

Dolo Mix
9/28/202257 minutes, 9 seconds
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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 45 : Space Rocking Vader

Vader Is Alive Mix
9/14/20221 hour, 1 second
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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 44 : Love In A Fallen World

Fallen Mix
8/31/20221 hour
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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 43 : Alone But Not Lonely

Track List 00:00 Van & The Ghost (Intro)00:36 Again Comes The Raising Of The Sun By Albert Ayler03:20 The Thickets (Feat. Sleepy Brown) By Big Boi04:30 Two In One (Les Ibeji) By Ayetoro06:15 Bring 2 By Bilal 08:42 Get Down By Adot Trakz09:54 Like Dat (Feat. Cesar Commanche & Phonte) By 9th Wonder11:08 Banana Zoo By Andre 300012:37 Englishman By Barrington Levy14:09 Mary Jane By Rick James16:24 Just Another Case By Cru18:34 Give Me Your Love By Curtis Mayfield21:36 You're A Star By Aquarian Dream24:43 Ladies And Gentlemen By Pete Rock & Camp Lo26:48 Nicotine & Gravy By Beck28:34 Egg Man By The Beastie Boys31:14 Rhodesmode By Perry Hemus34:45 Boyz N The Hood (ft. Fashawn & Pac Div) By Blu36:15 Oh My God (Remix) By Tribe Called Quest38:31 Nappy Head (Remix) By The Fugees 41:01 Track 01 By Jimi Hendrix43:54 Boylife In America By Cody ChesnuTT 46:15 Re-Entry To Mog By 101 Strings48:54 Ten Et Tiwa By Alain Goraguer50:35 Down By Law By Boot Camp Click53:27 Hovercrafts And Cows By Flying Lotus56:00 Bubblin By Jean Grae56:34 Chicken Grease By D'Angelo58:46 East Of The Sun (West Of The Moon) By Billie Holiday 
8/4/202217 minutes, 19 seconds
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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 42 : Future Of A Past Present

Tracklist 00:00 Intro00:29 Oasis By Ashra03:52 Squash By Don Muro06:24 Happy Moog By The Happy Moog08:39 Ploaia Nu E In Zadar By Trio Express11:17 Holy Fuck By Luxe ft Alexis Taylor15:10 Beatscape By David Hewson20:16 I'd Rather Be Sleep By Kero Kero Bonito22:07 It's Just A Burning Memory By The Caretaker 24:24 In The Sky With Diamonds By Marty Gold Lucy 27:08 Eat Static By Panspermia32:36 Daisy Bell By Nebbed33:15 Dream Sweet In Sea Major By Artist Unknown37:22 Hiemal Quietus By Helena Hauff40:17 Blues Current By John Murtaugh 42:46 Liquid Diamonds By Leon Lowman45:26 Nice Boys By Temporex48:22 A Cold Freezin Night By The Books50:24 Undertale Ost 037 By Pathetic House 51:00 Disco Computer By Transvolta 52:48 Do It Again By Soichi Terada 55:53 Lay Lady Lady By Mike Melvoin58:10 Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye By Claude Denjean 
7/20/20221 hour, 4 seconds
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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 41 : Knxwledge Iz Power Act II

Knxwledge Iz Power Act II
7/6/202259 minutes, 59 seconds
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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 40 : Water Ear Fusion

Track List00:00 My Love Of Water By Alan Watts (Intro)01:00 Troupeau De Bisons Sous Un Crane By Zao02:41 Gotcha By Joe Pass04:54 Echidna's Arf By George Duke06:59 Deconnection By Spheroe09:39 Tee'd Off By The Brecker Brothers12:14 Packing Up By Bill Conti14:00 For Gone Disillusion By Noel Mc Ghie16:43 Epilog By Jack Dejohnette 19:45 Birds Of Fire By Mahavishnu Orchestra22:42 Heavy On Wire By Grotesk25:06 The Venusian Summer By Larry White28:34 First Come First Served By Ramon Morris30:42 2001 Space Odyssey By Deodato33:47 Velvet Darkness By Allan Holdsworth36:03 Buzzard Luck By Dark38:11 O.D. (Overdose) By Geneva Connection40:38 Plastic Creek Stomp By Henry Franklin42:51 Out On The Coast By Larry Willis45:30 Yellow Bell By Oregon46:42 Dailn By Yochk'O Seffer49:22 Quadrant 4 By Billy Cobham52:36 Inner Journey By Cannonball Adderley54:41 Feeling Tense By Stefano Torossi58:15 Even After All By  Finley Quaye
6/22/202259 minutes, 59 seconds
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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 39 : ......And The Stars Vanished

Starry Room Mix
6/8/202259 minutes, 59 seconds
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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 38 : Evening Afternoon Ballads

Tracklist00:00 The Aliens (Intro)00:32 Le Grand Tango By Piazzoolla Astor01:56 Resolve By Beth Gibbons04:43 Idlewild Blues By Outkast07:43 Beyond Words By Wax Tailor08:44 Chicago Detroit L.A. By Zoot Woman10:40 Take Your Time By Pete Rock13:30 Checkin On Me By Roslyn Murphy 16:10 I'm Not Afraid By Jill Scott 19:53 The Flow By Melanie De Biasio24:05 Bells By CirKus26:57 Witness Truthful Mystics By Kan Kick29:09 So Be It By Black Star33:15 Plage 02 By DJ Vadim37:52 Your Thing Is A Drag By Sharon Jones And The Dap-Kings41:20 Fluteism/ School Spirit By A.Slillz / Krafty Kuts / Kanye West42:03 Take Me Back By Aloe Black45:44 Honeymoon Child By Emiliana Torrini48:48 No Alibi By The Roots53:42 Traveling Music By J Live57:01 Nighty Night rfl By Wagon Christ
5/25/20221 hour, 1 second
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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 37 : Soul Mu-Sick

Soul Mu-SickSoul Mix
5/11/202259 minutes, 59 seconds
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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 36 : Une Balade Aux Jardins Suspendus

From My Blaxploitation & Filmation Library Act IITrack List00:00 FBI (Intro)01:16 New York02:22 People Places03:46 Crazy Sincerity05:16 Intrigue (Courtesy Of Network Music)06:20 Tiger07:38 Once Life09:04 Man Through A Day10:03 Tentative Disco11:12 Always Lucky12:37 Garden Of Eden13:40 The Groove Express14:44 New York Special (Snippet)16:19 Big Tough Bird17:56 PC Wallbanger19:31 End Titles21:35 Break23:25 Soft Lights24:55 Pick Up (Courtesy Of Rogue)26:29 Perpetual Motion28:16 Viva Herbie29:31 Live Dangerously 30:53 Sonor Waves32:52 Crossfire (Clip) Heavy Stuff34:29 A Man Named Arno35:41 NBC (Promo) For The Fantastic37:00 Gettin Organised37:27 Death Lends A Hand39:08 Agguato41:27 The Trick Book42:12 No Way Out44:15 Up And Out46:25 Ain't No Sunshine48:00 La Procession Des Fantcmes 49:31 Life In The City51:08 Action Man52:22 Seven Four54:10 The Dump55:58 Bone (Promo)56:58 Zero Hour58:39 Anxious Moments59:04 Pursuit (Promo)
4/27/20221 hour
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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 35 : I Mattic The Ghost

Mystery Mix Act VI
4/13/20221 hour
Episode Artwork

The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 34 : Jewellery Through The Wire

00:00 Intelligence Is Not Enough By Eckhart Tolle01:32 Adult Swim By Al D02:24 Neva Done By Grap Luva03:47 I'm Legend By DJ Premier05:59 Errors By Alpha Mist10:05 Lyricist Lounge By 88-Keys11:54 Litermeter By Flying Lotus14:16 Hit The Bong By Onra15:33 Sweet Europe By Tall Black Guy18:41 When Are We Gonna Get It Together By Damu The Fudgemunk21:12 Dilla Flying By Al D22:35 Ador The Rush By Diamond D24:42 From Day By Day By Mononome26:48 The Question By Madwreck28:38 Brazilliant Thoughts By Jnerio Jarel31:22 Simple Game Plan By J Rawls33:53 More Than One Way Out The Ghetto By Showbiz35:43 Take Me Home By Rockwilder 37:42 Borboleta By Wun Two39:06 Terry By The Alchemist 41:00 Fine Tuning By Mr Dibiase42:56 Valentine By Apple Juice Kid45:33 Love At 1st Mic By Black Milk 47:05 Corona By Large Professor49:38 Jazz By 9th Wonder51:37 All Good By Pete Rock53:02 True Story Pt 2 By Young RJ55:50 Play It Safe By DJ Roddy Rod58:32 Always By Kev Brown
3/30/20221 hour, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Ghost in The Machine Music Hour - Episode 33 : Weird Science

Track List00:00 You Had To be A Big Shot By Kelly LeBrock00:46 Everybody Wants To Rule The World By Tears For Fear02:22 Self Control By Raf 03:44 Stop The Rain In The Night By Silent Circle05:05 Step By Step by Off07:49 The Mix By Kraftwerk 10:54 Never Gonna Give You Up By Rick Ashley13:13 Blue Monday By New Order15:05 Lips Like Sugar By Echo And The Bunnymen 16:12 Love System By The Twins17:42 Obsession By Animotion19:48 Sunglasses At Night By Corey Hart21:58 Electric Avenue By Eddy Grant23:46 Da Da Da By Trio25:18 It's Obvious By Au Paris27:35 Electricity By Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark 29:56 I Can't Go For That By Daryl Hall & John Oates32:38 Visitors By Koto35:05 I'm Only Human By Human League37:37 Everything She Wants By Wham!41:02 I Can't Wait By Nu Shooz43:19 Time (Clock Of The Heart) By Culture Club45:39 Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These By Eurythmics 48:23 Steppin Out By Joe Jackson51:28 West End Girls By Pet Shop Boys54:20 Take On Me By A-Ha56:54 Enjoy The Silence By Depeche Mode
3/16/20221 hour
Episode Artwork

The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 32 : A Sun Called Ra

Mystery Mix Act V
3/9/20221 hour
Episode Artwork

The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 31 : Jazzstract Theory

Playlist00:00 What Is Your True Self (Intro) By Mooji01:36 Munayé (My Muna) By Mulatu Astatke03:59 Catharsis By Barry Forgie 05:53 The Love Me Or Die By C.W. Stoneking07:34 Shotgun By Arawak10:06 All the Things You are By Charlie Parker12:51 On My Way Home By Earl Zinger14:37 Lente Course By Michel Moulinie17:41 Chanson By Art Farmer20:21 A Trip By Chico Hamilton23:02 Grew's tune By Mulgrew Miller25:08  Nigerian Knights By O'Donel Levy28:16 Safari Strut By Whitefield Brothers30:45 Almost Blue By Chet Baker33:40 Power Of Soul By Idris Muhammad36:07 Hihache By Lafayette Afro Rock Band39:40 Dark Eyes By Juan Garcia Esquivel42:19 Seasons By Bobby Hughes Experience45:07 Birth Day By Jeff Tyzik48:03 Sun Goddess By Earth Wind & Fire50:19 The United States Of Amnesia By Robert Wyatt55:05 Moon Rise By Tom Browne 58:10 The House I Lived In By Azymuth
3/2/202259 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 30 : My Little Alien Haydn

Tracklist00:00 Divine Purpose Of The Universe (Intro) By Eckhart Tolle00:55 Lento Con Gran Espressione (Nocturne In C Sharp Minor) By Chopin03:43 In The Hall Of The Mountain King By Edvard Grieg06:10 Butterflys By Tuamie07:16 Hot Breeze By Tuamie08:19 Interrogatorio By Pietro Grossi09:59 Der Holle Rache (Queen Of The Night Zaberflote) By Mozart11:57 La Campanella By Franz Liszt15:12 Cheers by Fly Anakin17:29 Abeja By Mndsgn Feat Sofie18:27 Piece #8 By Tod Dockstader21:55 Blue Danube By Johann Strauss23:55  Pomp & Circumstance March No. 1 By Sir Edward Elgar26:08 Sunday Gems By GT Lovecraft27:22 Take Notice By DJ Roddy Rod, Kev Brown, & Cy Young28:47 Crystal Machine By Tim Blake31:49 The Arrival Of Queen Sheba By Geroge Frideric Handel34:00 Piano Concerto No.1 (In B Flat) By Tchaikovsky36:04 Fried Tilapia By Tuamie37:50 Hit It With The Fork By Tuamie 39:46 Sound Life XI By Pietro Grossi41:24 Concerto No 5 (In F Minor) By Bach44:07 O Fortuna By Carl Orff46:42 Two Step Funkateer Interlude By DJ Roddy Rod47:34 Ted Talk By Jonwayne 49:39 Wireless Fantasy By Vladimir Ussachevsky 51:52 Trumpet Concerto (In E Flat Major) By Joseph Haydn53:32 Hungarian Dance No 5 (In F Sharp Minor) By Johannes Brahms55:09 Stay Strapped By Tuamie56:49 Generation Y By Tuamie   59:00 Divine Purpose Of The Universe (Outro) By Eckhart Tolle
2/23/20221 hour
Episode Artwork

The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 29 : Latin Hammer Work

Track List00:00 Welcoming The Mystical One By Alan Watts01:36 Bomba Tropical By Safari Salvaje & K Jee03:34 Panthers By Los Nombres05:49 Cosas De Manteca By Manteca08:18 Freddie's Dead By Pucho And The Latin Soul Brothers10:47 Acuyuye By Johnny Pacheco12:22 Chick A Boom By Joe Bataan13:28 No Te Quiero Más By La Tribu15:18 Now By Pete Terrace17:03 Phirpo Y Sus Caribes By Parrilla Caliente 19:54 Cookie Crumbs By Ray And His Court 22:54 Tighten Up By Al Escobar & His Orchestra25:07 Al Ritmo Del Bump Bump By Otto De Rojas27:18 My Christina By Sabu Martinez 30:16 Mexico By Perez Prado32:49 Sing A Simple Song By Mongo Santamaria 34:54 Moving Grooving By Little Francisco Greaves37:46 Valdez In The Country By Black Sugar40:08 Jungle Fever By El Sonido De Julio Gutiérrez 42:19 Comencemos By Parrilla Caliente 43:52 Broasted Or Fried By St Vincents Latinaires 46:08 Together By Ray Barretto 48:15 Hector By The Village Callers50:09 La Gallina By Los Socios Del Ritmo52:40 Comin Over Me By Wille Bobo54:51 A Night In Tunisia (Live) By Cal Tjader Sextet57:45 Do You Remember By Little Joe & La Familia 
2/16/202259 minutes, 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 28 : Dilla......(Ruff Version)

Mystery Mix Act IV
2/9/20221 hour
Episode Artwork

The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 27 : Doper Than A 80's Lighter

Track List00:00 Introduction01:23 Rockin The House By Cut Master DC02:52 Sobb Story By Leaders Of The New School05:15 I Ain't No Joke By Eric B And Rakim07:56 Roxanne's Revenge By Roxanne Shante 09:23 1-900-LL-Cool J By LL Cool J10:54 Here We Go Again By Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince12:51 Last Night By Kid n Play14:13 Risin To The Top By Doug E Fresh16:45 A Fly Girl By The Boogie Boys17:21 Gangsta Gangsta By NWA18:50 Beats To the Rhyme By Run Dmc20:32 Jock Box By The Skinny Boys21:46 White Lines By Gandmaster Flash ft Melle Mel23:55 Nobody Beats The Biz By Biz Markie (Marley Marl Remix)25:28 Hold It Now By The Beastie Boys27:01 Monte Hall By 3rd Base28:14 P.S.K What Does It Mean By Schoolly D29:55 The New Jazz One By Digital Underground30:31 Funky Song By MC Lyte 31:56 The Rebel By Tragedy & Marley Marl33:10 Underground By EPMD34:45 You Ain't Heard Nuttin Yet By Heavy D & The Boyz37:09 Kool Accordin 2 A Jungle Brother By The Jungle Brothers38:02 Gotta Be Tough By MC Shy D39:44 Say No Go By De La Soul42:12 Terminator X On The Edge Of Panic By Public Enemy 44:19 Check This Out By Rob Base And EZ Rock45:23 Robbin Hoods By Tuff Crew46:28 I'm The Magnificent By Special Ed48:11 Bring The Horns By Stezo49:32 Word To The Motherland By Big Daddy Kane51:21 My Mic Sounds Nice By Salt n Pepper 52:22 Super Hoe By Boogie Down Productions53:57 Gusto By Gang Starr55:33 More And More Hits By Nice & Smooth57:16 Smerphie's Dance By Spyder D58:11 Push It Along By A Tribe Called Quest
2/2/20221 hour
Episode Artwork

The Ghost in the Music Machine Hour - Episode 26 : Midnight Gospel

The Mystery Machine Mix 3
1/26/20221 hour
Episode Artwork

The Ghost in The Machine Music Hour - Episode 25 : Mom & Pops Record Shop Act II

Mom & Pops Record Shop Act IIListe des pistes 00:00 Mattic01:00 Danger! She's A Stranger By The Five Stairsteps 02:37 Places And Spaces By Donald Byrd04:23 The Star Of A Story By Heatwave06:47 Along Came Betty By Quincy Jones09:10 As Long As I Got You By The Charmels10:29 Harlem River Drive By Bobbi Humphrey 13:50 Memory Band By  Rotary Connection15:19 Undecided By Hubert Laws16:35 Before The Dawn By Patrice Rushen 22:14 Ginseng Woman By Eric Gale26:18 Tell Me A Bedtime Story By Quincy Jones30:34 Cyclops By Eddie Henderson33:02 Clair By The Singers Unlimited 35:34 Storm King By Bob James38:35 Mucho Chupar By David Axelrod40:48 Phase By Phase By Peter Baumann 42:43 Tidal Wave By Ronnie Laws45:08 Music Is The Key By Weldon Irvine48:20 Love To The World By LTD50:36 Smiling Billy Suite Part 2 By The Heath Brothers52:32 We've Only Just Begun By O'Donel Levy53:44 Killing Me Softly With His Song By The Singers Unlimited 55:49 Misdemeanour By Ahmad Jamal57:10 Mystic Brew By Ronnie Foster
1/19/202259 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 24 : Souvenirs Radiophonique

Track List00:00 His Name Is Ghost By FP01:30 Docdial By Aere Perennius 02:29 Bongos And Sounds By Guy Boyer03:29 All What I Have By Le Systeme Crapoutchik05:03 Rollergirl By Anna Karina06:24 Le Papyvore By Les Papyvores07:58 Cristal By Les Yeux Fermés09:40 Danger By Serge Gainsbourg10:51 La Drogue By Richard De Bordeaux & Daniel Beretta12:34 Cannabis By De-Nino Ferrer13:49 Haschisch Party By Georges Garvarentz16:08 Bernadette By L'oeil17:33 Asmodai By Tac Poum Systeme 19:19 Les Chevrons By Catharsis 21:52 Turn Over By Les Goths23:45 Un Soir Chez  Norris by Pierre Cavalli25:40 Sang Pourpre By Igor Wakhevitch26:57 Si Tu Reviens Chez Moi By Les 5 Gentlemen28:04 Genocide By Dickens30:57 Nyl By Nyl33:58 L.S.D Partie By Roland Vincent36:06 What I'd Like By Stellius37:55 J'ai L'air De Quoi By Les Incorrigibles 39:20 Angel Of Sin By Charlotte Walters40:50 New Délire By Manon 7042:25 Le Temps D'y Penser By Erick Saint Laurent43:45 Le Rateau De La Méduse By Les Fleurs De Pavot47:02 Eros By Rotomagus48:43 L'etranger By Alec49:40 Les Prisons De Sa Majesté By Delphine51:28 4 Cheveux Dans Le Vent By Bain Didonc53:18 Psyche Rock By Pierre Henry54:31 Un Soir De Blanco By Claude Thomain56:26 Tout Arrive By Aquaserge58:00 Sexopolis By Jean Pierre Mirouze
1/12/20221 hour, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 23 : BornDay

Tracklist 00:00 Intro (Mattic)01:33 Happy Birthday By Bahamadia 02:38 Free As A Bird By Don Sebesky04:30 I'm Busy By Mike Casey & Issaya Rouson06:41 Blue Sunday By The Doors08:47 Glad To Be Here By Lake11:10 Karasawagi Funky Effect By Hiroki Tamaki & S.M.T13:03 Rondo By The Dave Brubeck Octet14:33 A friend By KRS One16:29 El Renacer By Chico Perdido18:10 Space Traveler By James Vincent21:26 Flat Tyre By Spin23:37 Kirkwood's Passage By Sweeps25:16 Song For My Father By Horace Sliver29:08 Bonus Egg Whites By Axel Leon34:21 Kashmir By Led Zeppelin37:42 As The Moon Speaks + Returns By Captain Beyond40:20 If Eyes Were Ears By Dday One42:53 Oxtopus Boom Boom By J Dilla44:18 I Want To Take You Higher By Jiro Inagaki47:30 Blue Silver By Ralph Nowy49:47 Brother Rabbit By Ekseption 51:48 A Chunk Of Sugar By Roger53:29 The Rap World By Pete Rock ft Large Professor54:59 Likidology By Quasmoto & Tash56:51 Good Morning World By Del Richardson
1/5/20221 hour, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 22 : Knxwledge Iz Power

Knxwledge Iz Power
12/15/20211 hour
Episode Artwork

The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 21 : Invasion

InvasionFrom My Madlib Beat Vault
12/8/202159 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 20 : A Windy Evening In Winterfell

A Windy Evening In Winterfell Tracklist00:00 Introduction01:20 Siga By Tito Madi03:16 Counting Stars By Nujabes04:57 Rhyme Placement By Mass Influence 07:11 bringitalltome By Knxwledge08:58 It's You By Tommy Mcgee12:06 Wolf Drawn By Emancipator13:40 Boomerang By Jay Worthy15:16 Dearest Alfred By Khruangbin & Knxwledge 17:27 Draculas Wedding By Andre 300019:13 Fly Away By Missus Beastly22:16 Oil Slick By Puma Blue26:10 Flywun By Dwele28:12 Action Line By Dorothy Ashby 30:56 Amethyst By Roc Marciano 33:43 Water To Wine By Rasheed Chappell & Xp The Marxman35:05 hereiam-allnght By Knxwledge 37:17 Miss Modular By Stereolab40:15 Balls And Pins By Khruangbin42:52 Da Da Da  By The Sound Defects44:38 The Chase Part II By Consequence 46:20 Run The Line By Rasco And Peanut Butter Wolf (Lord Finesse Remix)48:20 Free Kutter By Westside Gunn feat Jay Electronica51:07 Bring Me Back By Jeff Cowell52:28 Deep By Stacy Epps54:44 Never Let A Woman Like That Go By The Softones 56:55 Much Better Off By Smokey Robinson & The Miracles58:27 Too Young To Die By Jamiroquai 
12/1/202159 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 19 : Armchair Dreaming

Armchair DreamingPlaylist00:00 Intro01:40 I Only Have Eyes For You By The Flamingos04:48 Gloria By The Cadillacs06:07 That's My Desire By The Channels08:11 This I Swear By The Skyliners10:30 Coney Island Baby By The Excellents12:17 Come And Go With Me By The Del Vikings13:28 I Wonder Why By Dion And The Belmonts15:03 Morse Code Of Love By The Capris16:49 Little Star By The Elegants18:42 Why Do Fools Fall In Love By Frankie Lymonthe And The Teenagers20:58 Blue Moon By The Marcels23:06 Whispering Bell By The Del Vikings25:27 Tonight Tonight ByThe Mello Kings27:56 The Best Is Yet To Come By Frank Sinatra30:45 Chega De Saudade By Joao Gilberto33:05 Collard Greens And Black Eyed Peas By Bud Powell36:00 Lullaby Of Birdland By Sarah Vaughan39:57 St Thomas By Sonny Rollins43:37 Blue Rondo A La Turk By Dave Brubeck45:29 Giant Steps By John Coltrane49:14 Milestones By Miles Davis50:38 Cantaloupe Island By Herbie Hancock52:44 Polka Dots And Moonbeams By Wes Montgomery54:40 Stolen Moments By Oliver Nelson55:59 Mercy Mercy Mercy By Cannonball Adderley Quintet 
11/24/20211 hour
Episode Artwork

The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 18 : Live From Stockwood

"Live From Stockwood"" Tracklist 00:00 Lazy (Live) By Deep Purple05:21 Runaway By Del-Shannon06:57 Aqualung By Jethro Tull09:06 We Gotta Get Out Of This Place By The Animals10:40 Tangled Up In Blue By Bob Dylan13:52 Little Green Bag By George Baker Selection15:47 Tin Soldier By Small Faces17:14 Bohemian Rhapsody By Queen20:24 Telephone Line By Electric Light Orchestra 22:50 Badge By Cream25:30 Sidewalk Surfin By Jan Dean28:30 The Boxer By Simon & Garfunkel30:52 Green Eyed Lady By Sugarloaf35:24 Rocky Mountain Way By Joe Walsh39:29 I Can't Get No Satisfaction By The Rolling Stones41:31 Wild Thing By The Troggs43:21 Hold Tight By Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick, & Tich46:10 Black Water By The Doobie Brothers48:39 Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin By Journey52:06 Sweet Home Alabama By Lynyrd Skynyrd 54:22 Keep On Dancing By The Gentrys55:57 Mustang Sally By Wilson Pickett57:39 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road By Elton John
11/17/20211 hour
Episode Artwork

The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 17 : Alice Electronica

"Alice Electronica"Tracklist00:00 Automatic Lover By Dee D Jackson02:12 Syv Cirkler By Else Marie Pade05:00 Cosmic Neck By Daylight Robbery06:09 Power Zap By Daylight Robbery07:34 Pi By Daylight Robbery08:56 Endless Race By Leda10:36 Bye Bye Butterfly By Pauline Oliveros 14:23 Icephalt By Alcynoos & Gatz2Gatz16:10 Kiso By Alcynoos & SaÏ T17:56 Poetry By Type Raw, Alcynoos & Parental19:55 Bernard Krause - New Nonesuch Guide To Electronic Music Side 2 By Pepper P23:41 Trans Europe Express By Kraftwerk26:26 Blipp By The Mighty DR28:02 Hungry By The Mighty DR30:20 Respect Da Streets By The Mighty DR31:52 Vibration By Tom Dissevelt33:24 Droid By Romano Musumarra & Claudio Gizzi36:21 Parallels By Billa Qause & Mononome38:39 Of Past And Present By Mononome40:57 Rejoicing Dejection By Mononome 43:14 Arabesque No.1 By Isao Tomita45:34 Piece Electronique No.3 By Gyorgy Ligeti47:38 Crystals By Parental49:25 Fire By Parental51:03 Universal (Remix) By Parental53:26 Mister Ondioline By Lobatschewski54:46 Other Side Of The Sky By Michael Garrison56:09 Sun Ra Green 93 By Pitch 9257:08 Tendo 92 By Pitch 9258:12 Yano 85 By Pitch 9259:08 The Moog And Me By Dick Hyman
11/10/20211 hour
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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 16 : Medicine For Tetsuo

"Medicine For Tetsuo"Track List00:00  Stakeout By Madlib00:41 Swing By Che Grand01:40 How Many Of Us? By Y Society02:57 Live At The BBQ By Main Source ft Nas04:32 Ain't Nothing Too It By K9 Posse 05:55 Words I Manifest (Remix) By Gang Starr08:01 It's Like That By Pete Rock & CL Smooth09:22 Streets Won't Let Me Chill By Diamond District11:05 DWYCK By Gang Starr ft Nice n Smooth12:38 Bad Mouth Kid (Skit) By Ghostface Killah13:48 Luper By Earl Sweatshirt15:11 Da Jawn By Bahamadia ft The Roots18:21 You Won't Go Far By O.C & Organized KonFusion 19:46 Get Up By Cy Young ft Kev Brown & Roddy Rod20:58 Affirmative Action (Remix) By The Firm22:37 Hold Tighhht By Slum Village ft Q-Tip24:32 Electric By Consequence ft Kanye West26:24 How We Met By Count Bass D ft Edan27:41 Yes By J Live29:13 Ill Vibe By Busta Rhymes ft Q-Tip30:38 Nothing From Nothing By Madlib31:52 Inner Citi Life By Group Home33:39 You Ain't Fly By The Roots35:40 Jimmi Diggin Cats By Digable Planets37:28 Nighttime Maneuvers By Little Brother38:40 Round Midnight By Pete Rock39:46 Bonita Applebum By A Tribe Called Quest43:00 Tomorrow (Remix) By Jaylib46:52 Vibe By Grap Luva ft Phonte49:07 Interlude 1 By Ohmega Watts49:30 Water For Chocolate By Jay Dee50:55 Born 2 Live (Remix) By O.C52:14 Marvelous By Baatin 53:33 Walk On By By  A.G & J.D54:44 Untitled/Fantastic By Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
11/3/20211 hour
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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 15 : Mom And Pops Record Shop Act I

" Mom And Pops Record Shop Act I"00:00 Intro Mystery01:34 Mousetrap By Soft Machine03:37 A Chant For Bu By Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers06:10 Ain't No Half Steppin By Heatwave08:30 Tohubohu By Marc Moulin12:29 Mister Mellow By Maynard Ferguson15:51 Everybody Loves The Sunshine By Roy Ayers Ubiquity19:21 White Cloud By Hiroshi Fukumura With Sadao Watanbe22:17 Oh Honey By Delegation24:24 Gimmie Some By Freddie McCoy 27:03 Death Wish Main Title By Herbbie Hancock30:45 Impeach The President By The Honey Drippers32:38 On A Clear Day By OC Smith34:51 The Dunbar High School Band By Less McCann38:52 Magic Shoes By Main Ingredient40:34 Peg By Steely Dan42:05 Reggins By The Blackbyrds44:04 Bumpin On Young Street By Young Holt Unlimited48:27 The Runaway By The Blackbyrds50:15 That Ain't The Way You Make Love By ZZ Hill52:09 Jennifer's French Movie By Johnny Williams53:34 Sorceress By Return To Forever57:21 The Meaning Of Love By Steve Kuhn
10/27/20211 hour
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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 14 : Mutual Gazing

"Mutual Gazing"Tracklist00:00 Cue C By Fraykers Revenge (Intro)01:41 Codex By Radiohead04:13 I'm So Happy When You're Near By The Shaggs06:09 Red Giant By Mattic08:44 Mass Appeal Transmission By  BADBADNOTGOOD11:26 Hedron By BADBADNOTGOOD13:24 Tune In Tune On (July) By Hal Blaine15:34 Riverside Drive By Slim Moore And The Mar Kays17:45 kfk By Nipple Tapes19:10 Intermission By Nico Muhly 21:05 You From This String By Artist Unknown22:45 White Rabbit By Jefferson Airplane 25:16 (I'm A) Road Runner Jnr. Walker & The All Stars26:49 Thinkin By Git27:49 Clouds Catcher feat Count Bass D & Moresounds By Dandy Teru30:00 Risky Business - Beams By Fraykers Revenge (Break)31:46 Dusty Rainbow feat Charlotte Savary By Wax Tailor33:48 If You Can Huh You Can Hear By Mos Def35:29 The Afternoon Turns Pink By Black Moth Super Rainbow37:24 Warning Talk Part One By David Axelrod40:11 Light My Fire By Nobody40:46 Son Get Wrec (DJ Evil Dee Remix) By Black Moon42:31 Brand New Funk By DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince 46:24 A Real Mutha For Ya By Cash Money & Marvelous 48:30 Stacks Of Wax By Git48:47 Work It Out By Prince51:22 Silly Games By atu52:32 Echidna's Arf By George Duke54:39 Smile By Snuff Daddy56:31 untitled (3:04) By Misled Children 58:07 Mary Et Jeff By Cortex 
10/13/20211 hour, 2 seconds
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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 13

Rhodes 2 WreckTracklist00:00 Undergroove By Alan Hawkshaw (Intro)01:30 Reza By Cal Tjader03:23 Swinga Sambaby By Trio Mocoto04:10 Pinnacle By Moacir Santos06:38 A Riddle By Moacir Santos08:52 Afro Metropolis By John Cameron10:56 Virgin Land By Tony Kinsey13:36 The Rally By Dennis Farnon15:29 Sojan By Stan Sulzmann 18:36 Caminando By Eddie Palmieri 20:50 Slipping Into Darkness By Ramsey Lewis26:14 Cloudburst By Frank Strazzeri30:00 Mattic Talk Break 31:38 Wreckognize By Madwreck32:14 Come Not Here By Madwreck34:12 Dutchmaster By Madwreck35:18 Driftin By Madwreck37:27 Alright By Madwreck39:38 Lowrider MK 2 By Madwreck41:31 Sunset Park By Madwreck42:14 Jewels Infinite By Madwreck43:24 They Know By Madwreck45:05 The World By Madwreck45:55 Always II By Madwreck47:45 Juice By Madwreck48:44 The Dagger By Madwreck50:58 Every Memory By Madwreck51:55 Don't Stop By Madwreck53:09 Dangerous Minds By Madwreck54;42 Deep Dreams By Madwreck56:55 Say Yeah By Madwreck58:28 Let's Get Rich By Madwreck59:40 Fire In The Sky By Madwreck (Outro)
9/29/20211 hour, 1 second
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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 12

The Mystery Machine Mix 2
9/15/20211 hour, 5 seconds
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The Ghost in The Machine Music Hour : Episode 11

The Mystery Machine Mix
9/1/202159 minutes, 58 seconds
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The Ghost in The Machine Music Hour - Episode 10

the Tracklist 00:00 Mattic Intro01:00 Fantastic Voyage By David Bowie 03:41 Back In Judy's Jungle By Brian Eno06:01 Too Long By Yael Naim08:50 Get Myself Into It By The Rapture11:14 Fade Away And Radiate By Blondie 15:01 Cardova By The Meters19:27 Little 15 By Depeche Mode22:22 Hands Around My Throat By Death In Vegas 24:51 Death Valzer By Goblin26:39 Smilin (While You're Crying) By Poets Of Rhythm30:00 Mattic Break31:00 The Wheel By SOHN34:38 Three Cool Chicks By The's37:04 Honesty By Fink39:57 Program By Silver Apples41:30 Glad To Be Unhappy By The Mamas & The Papas43:07 Redlight By The Broken Keys45:28 Budapest (Featuring Olga Kouklaki) By Poni Hoax48:15 6 Underground By Sneaker Pimps 49:42 Agoraphobia By Deerhunter 52:06 Thieves Like Us By New Order53:57 All I Need By Air56:32 It's Automatic By Zoot Woman59:02 Mattic Outro
8/18/20211 hour
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The Ghost In The Machine Music Hour - Episode 09

Tracklist00:00 Soulfully By Mr. Dash (Intro)00:57 Madwreck's Anthem By ZKPRZ02:17 Ozmosis By Born Lupers03:39 Locaste By Daylight Robbery ft FP05:30 The Hunted By Mattic06:53 Intelligent Criminals By YagoMeans08:17 Sweetest Ambrosia By Ill Scholars ft ASM09:17 Nikita Koloff By Cafe Odd10:23 That Fly By Comdot 11:36 Man On The Moon By Mattic12:52 It's Like By David Orpheus14:15 Vibes By Soul Square ft Racecar15:39 Our Solar System By Born Lupers ft Fowatile17:09 Insomnia By Johnny Madwreck18:31 Keep On Moving By Nanna B19:52 A Boy In Love By Gene Brown21:19 The Mystery By Mattic22:37 Zombie Paper By YagoMeans 24:12 Out The Program By Born Lupers ft Marie Plassard 25:54 Gin Bottles By Stoupe & Supasition 27:29 We Been Nice By Keyza Soulsay30:00 Hollier Sunday By Mr. Dash (Break)30:58 Papercuts By ZKPRZ33:01 Reality By Gene Brown34:57 Music By YagoMeans36:39 Music By Modill ft Racecar37:35 Power Nap By Clouds In A Headlock39:42 Falling Star By Mattic ft Justin Percival41:57 Hide By Breakroom43:37 Serpents By Ill Scholars45:08 No No No By Raashan Ahmad47:13 Rhodes Less Travelled By ASM48:36 Mummified By Born Lupers ft Astrid Engberg50:16 King David (The Coronation) By David Orpheus 52:02 Hunnit By Comdot53:21 Not From Here By Born Lupers ft Sparkz54:08 Regular Self By YagoMeans ft Reaz55:27 Fresh By The Others56:15 Mr. Hubble By Mattic56:56 Yet A Blessings By YagoMeans58:02 We Met In Paris By Mattic59:00 Medicine Man By Mr. Dash (Outro)
8/4/202159 minutes, 59 seconds
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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 08

Tracklist 00:00 The Storm By Marina Quaisse (Intro)01:00 You've Got The Love I Need By Al Green03:13 I Want You By Erykah Badu08:09 People By J Dilla09:20 Mmmhmm By Flying Lotus ft Thundercat10:41 Flying Easy By Donny Hathaway 11:40 You Know I'm No Good By Amy Winehouse 13:49 03 - In Heaven By Fatboy Slim15:31 Kinda Natural By Coldcut18:16 Soul Divine By Amp Fiddler19:15 Footprints By Tribe Called Quest20:15 All In Together Now By J-Live22:01 November Has Come By Gorillaz/MF Doom24:08 Trouble Man By Ahmad Jamal27:21 The Death Of The Lonely Superhero By Clover29:59 Rothko's Light Untitled By Marina Quaisse (Talk Break)31:01 Drake By Beth Gibbons 32:47 Hidden Place By Bjork34:30 Brother Sparrow By Agnes Obel37:20 Fact Of Life - He'll Be There When The Sun Goes Down By Bobby Womack40:52 Throw Down By The Ananda Shankar Experience And State Of Bengal42:47 Touriste By Hocus Pocus ft Elodie Rama & Tribeca44:43 No Game By Breakthrough ft Jnerio Jarel46:03 The Planet By Gang Starr 47:57 Pease Porridge By De La Soul50:03 Gamma Ray By Beck52:00 Technology By Fatima53:27 Companheira Da Manha By Alade Costa e Oscar Castro Neves56:20 Windy City Theme (I'll Tell You What It Is Later) By Funk Fever 359:00 The Good Times By Marina Quaisse (Outro)
7/21/20211 hour, 5 seconds
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The Ghost in The Machine Music Hour - Episode 07

Tracklist00:00 Klear By Parental, Alcynoos & Loop Holes (Intro)01:10 #1 Soul Brother By Pete Rock02:42 Rugged Off By Bahamadia 03:32 Ha By Camp Lo04:43 Mo Money By Nas & AZ05:38 I Got To Tell You By Dr Octagon 06:32 The Extinction Agenda By Organized Konfusion07:05 Don't See Us (Live) By The Roots08:22 Flowers By Dudley Perkins09:03 Power Bars Remix By Grap Luva ft Kev Brown10:05 Llamas By Durlin Lurt 10:41 Whatever You Say By Little Brother12:01 They Say By Common13:15 Nice Guys Finish Last By 88 Keys14:26 Dedicated By Digable Planets16:14 Got Dough By Five Deez 17:18 Seizure Spoon By Gajah18:04 That's That One By Elzhi19:17 Secret Confessions (In Da Dark) By Ge-ology20:12 Amazin (Steel Blazin) By Blu And Exile21:13 Scapegoat By Big Tone22:32 Doot Doo Dah Da By Dice Raw24:12 Engine Runnin By Talib Kweli & Madlib ft Consequence 25:43 Gold By The Gza26:53 No Awareness By Dr Octagon 28:12 How We Roll By Canibus30:00 Molecules By Mr Dash (Mattic Talk Break)31:00 Reality Check By Binary Star33:08 Out 2U By YagoMeans ft S-Klass34:51 Love (A Thing Of The Past) By Frank n Dank36:53 Picture This By Apani38:26 3:16 By Murs39:34 DJ Premier In Deep Concentration By Gang Starr41:26 Food Glorious Food By Homeboy Sandman42:22 Rapper x Radio By Madlib43:22 Supa Star By Group Home44:32 Hell On Earth By Mobb Deep45:32 Krispy Kreme Intentions By Charles Hamilton46:30 The Bitch That You Are By Mr. Live47:08 Median Alleviates The Drama By 9th Wonder ft Median48:14 Episode vii By Madlib49:12 Young World By Cy Young50:17 Without You Remix By Lucy Pearl51:39 R.A.G.U Ghostface Killah ft Raekwon53:38 11.Seven By DJ Delz & Odd Future54:41 Who You Think I Am By MF Doom55:59 Mid Atlantic By Asheru & Blue Black57:32 We Go Hard By Elzhi59:00 It's Ova By The Mighty DR (Mattic Outro)
7/7/20211 hour, 2 seconds
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The Ghost in The Machine Music Hour - Episode 06

Tracklist00:00 Let Me By Daylight Robbery (Intro)01:01 Lovely Head By Goldfrapp 04:19 Anna May By Adrian Younge05:38 Shazam By Jel & Odd Nosdam06:36 Give Me A Beat By T3 ft K.E.Y.S09:15 Arboles De Agua By Concha Buika11:13 Lights, Flashes By Casa Castile12:50 Drophead Drifter By Dr. LaFlow14:47 The Gods By Doppelgangaz16:04 Jedi Secret Garden By Jedi17:51 Raw Medicine Track 05 By Madlib19:19 Nachtsendung By Niobe22:19 Carry On By Stew Rat23:23 Friends Zone By Tyler The Creator24:32 Presidential By Oh No25:11 The Invisible Spectrum By Electric Egypt 27:28 From Before...What By Leila 30.00 Rodney Mullens By Mr. Dash (Mattic Talk Break)31:11 Where Did The Night Go By Gil Scott-Heron32:19 Retired Hustlers & The Last Harvest By YagoMeans34:01 Theatre By Oddisee 35:48 Mice In The Presence Of The Lion By Hardnoise 38:12 The Piano In The Bathtub By Department Of Eagles41:14 Everyone Else By Maker43:30 Discipline 99 Remix ft Lootpack By Quasimoto46:16 Ridin Around By Roc Marciano48:51 White By Odd Future50:51 N.Y.N.C By Johnny Madwreck53:55 Vocalchimie Una By André Minvielle 54:42 Rock Box By Jay Dee56:10 Too High By Yesterday's New Quintet58:45 Hy-Vee By Thes One (Mattic Outro)
6/23/202159 minutes, 56 seconds
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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 05

From My Blaxploitation & Filmation Library00:00 The Dude By Rhino (Intro)00:59 Onyx03:49 A Musical Fantasy06:39 Ice Blue09:23 Down To D11:55 Ballett14:38 Slither17:58 Headliner21:06 Zouche24:49 Park Avenue27:24 Escape Scorpio30:00 Voodoo Man By Rhino (Mattic Talk Break)30:59 Frustrations31:56 Scenesetter Cue32:55 Space Sheriff33:48 Earth Bound35:05 Sence Of Danger35:41 Small sound Drama36:18 Action Jungle 436:54 Super 7 Space Sheriff38:10 No Lady40:37 Late Train43:10 Recollections44:41 Sgambati 46:44 Testing Time49:49 A Bunch Of Fives52:20 Funky Tramway54:52 Cross Rolls58:03 Home Made Soup (Mattic Outro)
6/9/20211 hour, 1 second
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The Ghost in The Machine Music Hour - Episode 04

Tracklist00:00 Bucktown Traffic By Madwreck (Intro)01:11 Here By Kouate - Neerman03:37 Because Of Her Beauty By Karl Denson05:21 An Old Road By The Kelly Brand Nextet09:52 All That Funk By Mal Waldron14:45 Hellbound By Yusef Lateef17:18 Airborne By Jaga Jazzist / Jorgen Traeen19:39 Beyond By Mr. Scruff23:34 Fresh Casino By Rubin Steiner 23:59 American Jesus By Ivo Neame26:37 Absolutions By MaxRoach 30:00 Even More Rap Tracks By Daylight Robbery (Mattic Talk Break)31:57 実生活 By Madwreck33:24 Lofi 20 By Blanka34:52 LH By Sample Sickness36:15 Wait A Minute (Take It Easy) By Mononome38:50 Stevie Chop By Pitch 9240:21 Standing Alone By LeGhosTofLove41:47 Lofi 25 ASR By Blanka44:04 Differently Still By BADBADNOTGOOD46:27 Cannibal Lunch By Diesler48:17 Beddie - Biey By Steve Arrington 50:37 Lowell By Kneebody53:23 Jazz Cats By Madlib55:31 Diana In The Autumn Wind By Gap Mangione58:28 Aquarius By Cal Tjader (Mattic Outro)
5/26/20211 hour, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 03

Tracklist00:00 Let Us Begin By Madwreck (Intro)01:18 Good Life By Bruce Haack03:26 The Word By Bruce Haack03:48 Solomon's Ring By Mort Garson06:07 Stick'em By The Fat Boys08:17 Get On the Mic By The Beastie Boys09:30 Every Man 4 Himself By Nine11:56 Spacey By Large Professor 14:58 Rize Up By Madwreck (Mattic Talk Break)16:05 Exorcism By Mort Garson18:20 Program Me By Bruce Haack20:33 In Man By Mort Garson22:01 Methods By Charizma And Peanut Butter Wolf22:47 Whos It On By Casual24:30 It Sounded Like A Roc By KMD26:13 No Diggidy By Science Of Sound27:54 Be A Father To Your Child By Ed O.G & The Bulldogs 30:12 The Cool By Madwreck (Mattic Talk Break)31:40 Ancient Mariner By Bruce Haack (JonWayne Remix)33:16 Incantation By Bruce Haack (Jonti Remix)35:13 National Anthem To The Moon By Bruce Haack (The Stepkids Remix)36:57 Symphony For A Spider Plant By Mort Garson38:08 Judgement Day By Craig Mack39:11 Best Kept Secret By Diamond D40:46 Da Mystery Of Chessboxin By The Wu Tang Clan43:25 Angels By Ghostface & Doom44:46 Feels So Good By Tuff Crew47:30 Mean Ol Devil By Bruce Haack50:31 Never Follow The Yellow Green Road By Mort Garson51:21 Party Machine By Bruce Haack (Prince Language Remix)53:00 Blam Man Kind By Bruce Haack (Samiyam Remix)55:17 Fakin The Funk By Main Source 56:23 Drop By The Pharcyde (Beatminerz Remix)59:01 God Bless By Madwreck (Mattic Outro)
5/12/20211 hour
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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 02

Tracklist00:00 Brazil Rap 1 By Daylight Robbery (Mattic Intro)01:03 Nao Tem Nada Nao By Marcos Valle03:11 Amazonas (Keep Talking) By Joao Donato04:49 Rosa Morena By Nana Caymmi07:38 Marcelo By Algo No Ar09:50 Asa Branca By Hermeto Pascoal 13:04 Bananeira By Emilio Santiago 15:00 Brazil Rap 7 By Daylight Robbery (Mattic Talk Break)16:37 Wuye Wuye By West African Cosmos19:38 Ashewo Ara By Kabbala21:25 Joe By Marius23:32 Asmarina By Feqadu Amde-Mesqel26:21 Ozan Koukle By Lafayette Afro Rock Band28:25 M.F. Grayson By Ice30:01 Brazil Rap 4 By Daylight Robbery (Mattic Talk Break)31:30 Beat Six By Pete Rock32:36 Beat Twelve By Pete Rock33:35 Beat Ten34:52 SV Intro '96 (Unreleased) By J Dilla36:48 Are You Ready By DJ Jazzy Jeff & Slum Village 37:50 Fall In Love (Remix) By Slum Village 39:57 Estimate By Slum Village41:10 Forth & Back (Rock Music) By Slum Village42:02 Blah Blah By Justus League43:30 Dynomite By Lone Catalysts 44:52 Get The Girl grab the Money And Run By Souls Of Mischief46:44 Day One By D.I.T.C48:50 Tempos Atraz X By Azymuth50:48 Voo De Apolo By Antonio Adolfo54:19 Love And Aggression By Sergio Mendes57:34 Beijo Partido By Aquarius59:00 Brazil Rap 3 By Daylight Robbery (Mattic Outro)
4/28/20211 hour, 4 seconds
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The Ghost In The Machine Music Hour - Episode 01

Track List:00:00 Sleepless By Sample Sickness (Mattic Intro)01:38 House Of Mirrors By David Axelrod03:56 Gold Splatter By Black Moth Super Rainbow05:45 Rock n Roll McDonalds By Wesley Willis07:59 Electric To Me Turn By Bruce Haack09:42 Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing By Marvin Gaye And Tammi Terrell11:46 Mystic Voyage By Roy Ayers Ubiquity15:00 Eye Of Prov By Grant Moros (Mattic Talk Break)18:05 Part 2 Avian Majesty20:55 Imagination By Git23:51 Bizness By W H O K I L L25:27 Journey To Bliss Part 4 By Emil Richards27:09 Lost Baggage By Unknown Artist30:00 Back Porch View By Madwreck (Mattic Talk Break)31:19 On The Air By The Nonce 34:50 Props Over Here By The Beatnuts37:13 N_A By Q Tip (Feat Common)41:15 Streets Of The Ghetto By Ed O.G And The Bulldogs 42:25 Something From The Past By The Skinny Boys43:04 Adam West High School By Cafe Odd (Mattic & Daylight Robbery)44:40 Habitat Salsiccia By Green T (ASM)46:04 Do Your Thing By Eric Sermon 49:25 I Can't Get Next To You By The Temptations 51:42 Back Again By Brian Augers Oblivion Express56:07 Iron By Woodkid 58:13 Sphinx By Madwreck (Mattic Outro)
4/14/20211 hour, 2 seconds