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English, Education, 2 seasons, 36 episodes, 7 hours, 10 minutes
This podcast is a deep-dive into one incredible invention, entrepreneurial pursuit, or discovery per episode and the young person behind it. Did you know that the trampoline was invented by a 16-year-old? That popsicles, snowmobiles, and even the Braille language were also invented by young people? In this podcast we’re talking to innovative kids, tweens, and teens who run their own businesses, made a new discovery, or invented something new using science. For season two, our host Stephanie Castillo, a science communicator who is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of scientists through representation, is exited to interview and be inspired by the talented innovators!
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Tavish Sharma

After witnessing a mismatch in food bank donations — massive lines at one, and barely any supply at others — Tavish Sharma created Solve Hunger ( His app aims to address food shortages and rally communities around their local food banks, and it’s already recruited over 60 food banks, pantries, and soup kitchens.
8/11/202214 minutes, 43 seconds
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Emily Flores

Representation matters to Emily Flores. She founded Cripple Media ( to train and uplift young, disabled journalists. She and her staff mythbust misconceptions, call out ableism, and write about the issues they care about most.
8/4/202211 minutes, 47 seconds
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Neil Deshmukh

Neil Deshmukh learned the hard way that building trust with a community is crucial to an invention’s success. He developed PlantumAI ( to help farmers in India connect with researchers at agricultural universities to diagnose and treat plant diseases. His app has now detected disease in over 3,000 plants and saved countless farmers’ crops.
7/28/202212 minutes, 7 seconds
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Khloe Thompson

Khloe Thompson is an expert at giving back. As the founder of Khloe Kares (, she has given out basic resources to people experiencing homelessness since she was 8. She is also the designer of PeachTree Pads, which are sustainable and eco-friendly menstrual pads.
7/21/202211 minutes, 48 seconds
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Samyak Shrimali

Hand-washing is an easy way to prevent the spread of germs, but many people (even doctors!) aren’t doing it correctly. Samyak Shrimali created Sanjeevani, a system to solve this problem in hospitals. Sanjeevani combines sensors and a computer model to track whether health care workers wash their hands according to World Health Organization guidelines.
7/14/202212 minutes, 47 seconds
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Ela Gokcigdem

A concussion left Ela Gokcigdem with time on her hands and plenty of ideas. Drawing from white noise therapy that helped her recover, she designed ePearl Technologies, a wireless, noise-canceling pair of earbuds made from recyclable materials. Since then, she’s become involved in climate activism and documentary filmmaking.
7/7/202212 minutes, 2 seconds
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Varun Chandrashekhar

Inspired by the challenges that paralyzed people like Stephen Hawking face when communicating, Varun Chandrashekhar designed SpeakUp ( His invention is a speech aid that picks up on a person’s brain and translates those impulses into speech. The device relies on a kind of computer analysis called machine learning, which Varun taught himself.
6/30/202212 minutes, 11 seconds
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Angela Zhan

What if there were a way to biodegrade plastic, instead of having it collect in landfills and pollute oceans? Angela Zhan discovered bacteria that can do just that. The microscopic organisms that she found naturally eat up plastic, turning it into much more environmentally friendly products. Next, she’s scaling up her experiments from lab beakers to an entire bioreactor.
6/23/202211 minutes, 42 seconds
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Lino Marrero

At 15, Lino Marrero is already a serial entrepreneur: his inventions include the String Ring and the Sole Solution. Most recently, he designed a prototype for the Kinetic Kickz 2.0, a shoe insert that converts physical activity into an electrical current that can charge a cellphone. One day, he hopes to perfect his invention and hook the world on renewable kinetic energy.
6/16/202210 minutes, 23 seconds
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Mary Catherine Hanafee LaPlante

One day at softball practice, Mary Catherine Hanafee LaPlante noticed that noxious pesticides and herbicides were being sprayed on the field directly next to her. After arming herself with information and scientific research, she founded Speak Up Green Up ( to lobby her district to swap in less harmful alternatives and encourage others to do the same.
6/9/202213 minutes, 50 seconds
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Jonathan Tamen

Jonathan Tamen wants to be an upstander and not a bystander, and so far, he’s succeeding. He and his twin brother founded Helping Hands MB (, a nonprofit whose mission is to change children’s lives through 3D-printed prosthetic limbs. After extensive quality checks, their first shipment of prosthetics is on its way to Haiti.
6/2/202215 minutes, 36 seconds
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Sarah Park

When 14-year-old Sarah Park moved a close family member to tears by playing the violin for them, she realized the huge potential that music can have on a person’s emotions. She created Spark Care+ ( to harness the healing power of music therapy and create personalized experiences powered by artificial intelligence. 
5/26/202213 minutes, 10 seconds
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