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Anthony and Bethanie Garcia talk marriage, sex, parenthood, pop culture and everything taboo in between. High school sweethearts turned parents of five children, Anthony and Bethanie are here to share the honest and real side of life that often gets filtered over.
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The Mormon Experience with Hayley Rawle (Girlscamp Podcast)

Bethanie and Anthony have a sitdown with Hayley Rawle, the host of Girlscamp Podcast, to talk all things Mormon and her life since leaving the Mormon Church. How was her childhood experience growing up in the Mormon Church, when did she start questioning her faith and those around her, and what led her to make that decision to leave the Mormon church. Hayley also talks about starting her podcast about Post-Mormonism life, the stories she's heard from others who've left, and how she navigates her relationship with her family who are still Mormon. Check out Hayley @justplainhayley and check out her podcast @GirlscampPodcast  Follow us on Instagram @TheGarciaDiaries @SirGarciaDiaries
17/11/202357 minutes 22 seconds
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Being A Good Influence feat. Lindsay Nead, CEO of Parker Management

Lindsay Nead (@lindsaynead) CEO and Founder of Parker Management joins the show to give us some insight into the world of managing influencers. How important is it for influencers/creators to have management? Who qualifies? and most importantly, does Lindsay ever see the world of influencing being a thing of the past? For more information on Parker Management check them out @parkermanagement  Follow us on Instagram @TheGarciaDiaries @SirGarciaDiaries
10/11/202357 minutes 36 seconds
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Living The Fast Life with Melissa Strauss (aka Anthony's Mom)

The long awaited guest Melissa Martinez Strauss, better known as Anthony's Mom, makes her debut on the podcast! Melissa shares the details of her childhood, the fast life of alcohol and drugs at 14 and the moment it all changed for her. Follow us on Instagram @TheGarciaDiaries @SirGarciaDiaries
27/10/20231 hour 14 minutes 15 seconds
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Back From Fall Break

Bethanie and Anthony are back from Fall break and boy, oh boy, has it been a good one! From trips with the kids, a concert, a moment with Mark Walhberg (yes, THAT Markie Mark), and celebrating Bethanie's birthday TWICE, they give you a break down of the last two weeks. Follow us on Instagram @TheGarciaDiaries @SirGarciaDiaries
20/10/202355 minutes 58 seconds
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Hollywood Has Been Cookin'

Pop culture really be popping off lately and we are here for it! Bethanie and Anthony talk Kanye West's extreme PDA, Usher headlining the Super Bowl Halftime Show, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce making it suspiciously official, and the latest in the Joe Jonas and Sophie Tuner divorce drama. On a more personal note, Anthony recaps the Pete Davidson comedy show they attended, and Bethanie is now concerned for all future Parent Teacher conferences concerning Bronx. Follow us on Instagram @TheGarciaDiaries @SirGarciaDiaries
29/09/202353 minutes 13 seconds
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Hannah's Big Announcement

Hannah drops in to share a BIG announcement! Bethanie also shares the chaos of the last week that includes chipping her tooth and multiple visits to the dentist to fix it. Follow us on Instagram @TheGarciaDiaries @SirGarciaDiaries
22/09/202358 minutes 35 seconds
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Concerts and Confessions

Bethanie and Anthony are in their concerts era and went to two entirely different concerts, back to back. Anthony shares his experience at the Drake concert and Bethanie relives her youth at the Jonas Brothers concert. Which one was better? Brookylnn turns the big 1-0 and it's a bittersweet milestone. Bethanie reads a listener's email that recounts her first night out after giving birth, which unexpectedly turns into a wild night that she can barely remember!  Follow us on Instagram @TheGarciaDiaries @SirGarciaDiaries
15/09/202349 minutes 42 seconds
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The One Without The Real Housewife

A certain network decided that they wanted first dibs on Bethanie and Anthony's guest and basically ruined today's big surprise. Bethanie shares how it all went down. Anthony wants to know if there are levels to cheating or is it all the same and Bethanie reads some wild confessions.  Follow us on Instagram @TheGarciaDiaries @SirGarciaDiaries
01/09/202345 minutes 27 seconds
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Anthony's Wild Night Out

It's been three weeks since Bethanie's surgery and things are going great with recovery... maybe a litttle TOO great according to Anthony, who says Bethanie needs to chill on the activities. Anthony shares his wild sunday night out with the boys that left him needing three naps the following day. Let's just say Anthony figured out his preferred club vibe REAL fast that sunday night. A listener provides an update from their email regarding getting snitched on at nursing school, and another listener asks for advice on how to find a romantic partner as a person in their 30s. Lastly, Bethanie wants to play a viral tiktok game and Anthony is not here for it.   Follow us on Instagram @TheGarciaDiaries @SirGarciaDiaries
25/08/202343 minutes 10 seconds
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Petty and Scandalous

Bethanie and Anthony give their thoughts on Keke Palmer's recent clapback against her ex-boyfriend, the mysterious rumors between Drake and Bobbi Althoff, and the most shocking story from Lily Allen about losing her virginity (Let's just say Anthony was NOT happy about this one) Bethanie shares some music related stories from her past that she finally doesn't feel stressed about. A listener asks Anthony for some advice regarding their cheating partner and feeling iffy about getting back into a serious relationship with someone 10 years their junior. Follow us on Instagram @TheGarciaDiaries @SirGarciaDiaries
18/08/202358 minutes 31 seconds
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Nurse Anthony To The Rescue

Bethanie is back after a rough week post surgery but Nurse Anthony has been holding it down. They explain the differences from the first time Bethanie had surgery and the doctor's order they decided to break. Anthony talks about his feelings while watching the dock worker attack in Alabama, how they feel about the podcast and it's future, and Bethanie gives a listener some advice (...that she probably shouldn't be giving) Follow us on Instagram @TheGarciaDiaries @SirGarciaDiaries
11/08/202343 minutes 43 seconds
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Aliens, Barbies and... Ariana?

It's back to school this week in the Garcia household! Bethanie and Anthony are forced to mingle with the new parents, and to Anthony's surprise, Bethanie has become more comfortable in social settings. Bethanie is excited about UFOs and aliens being in the news again, Anthony defends the Barbie movie, and maybe Ariana Grande's dating pattern is a cause for concern.. what do you think?
28/07/202356 minutes 10 seconds
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Is It Ever Wrong To Tell The Truth?

Anthony makes the same mistake that every braces wearer always make - not wearing your rubber bands! Ellis turns 3 and Bethanie explains why it feels so bittersweet. If anyone has ALMOST been swindled, please raise your hand. Bethanie and Anthony share the roof leaking problems and how they almost got swindled by a roofing company. Continuing from last week's topic, Bebe Rexha shares screenshots between herself and ex-bf that has Anthony on the fence about whether it is ever okay for people to tell the truth. Do you ever fall out of love because of physical appearance or is that shallow? Confessions are back! And my, oh my, we got some good ones! An update on the confession that said they wanted to cheat on their new husband!
21/07/20231 hour 3 minutes 19 seconds
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We Stan Keke Palmer and Sarah Brady

Bethanie and Anthony are back from a HOT Fourth of July break, and they got some thoughts on the Keke Palmer drama that broke over the past week. On a similar topic, Bethanie is not here for Jonah Hill's gaslighting of Sarah Brady. Anthony shares his concerns over the matter.  
14/07/202354 minutes 13 seconds
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When You Ask A Question And it Starts A Fight

After some cryptic posts on social media the past few weeks, Bethanie explains why she was having a rough few days and the most likely reason it was happening (spoiler alert: it was NOT Anthony's fault.. this time!)Anthony had a unique moment with a stranger at a resturant that men can relate to, and Bethanie asks some questions that may or may not start a fight. Do you know what day it is? Have you looked in the mirror today? When was the last time we had sex?? Will any of these questions start a fight in your relationship? Let us know!
30/06/202351 minutes 43 seconds
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The Text Anthony Received At The Pool Party

Besides Anthony getting stuck on the side of the highway, the past week has been a blast for Bethanie and Anthony. Who knew eating chicken tacos and stuffing edibles down your bathing suit would be a bad idea.. Bethanie learns a lesson real quick! Anthony ain't messing with bad dads, Bethanie finds validation in her fear of the ocean!
23/06/202354 minutes 13 seconds
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How We Almost Cancelled Our Anniversary Trip... AGAIN!

Bethanie and Anthony are back from their anniversary trip to Hawaii, and oh boy, was it a journey to get there! They explain the chaos and how they almost had to cancel their trip for their own sanity. Although everyone had a great time once they got to Hawaii, Bethanie explains her fear of the ocean and the crazy videos that have been popping up on her FYP.  Another round of Let's Get Deep reveals what Anthony still needs closure on, what Bethanie does when he can't fall asleep, and have either of them faked it in bed?
16/06/202349 minutes 48 seconds
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Going Back to Our Wedding Day

Anthony and Bethanie celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary this week, and before they go off to Hawaii to celebrate, they take us down memory lane to the day of their wedding. At the ripe old age of 18 and 17, Bethanie and Anthony go through a wild two days of finding out about Bethanie's dad's infidelity, Anthony almost missing rehearsal dinner, and getting a surprise visit from Anthony's biological dad and the Garcia family.. aka the people who weren't invited or didn't RSVP.  To top the episode off, Bethanie talks about the corporal punishments she got growing up, Anthony's advice for his kids, and their general advice for any couple.
09/06/202356 minutes 37 seconds
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Watching Vanderpump and Getting Vulni

Bethanie is here to give us her best spanish accent, and while it doesn't beat Anthony's mom's cholo accent, she gets an A for effort. Anthony was finally convinced to watch Vanderpump Rules and he gives us his review of the Vanderpump Rules Reunion Part 1 episode... Stay tuned for his part 2 review! And speaking of reunions, Anthony gets vulnerable as he shares his thoughts on his grandfathers passing and seeing his biological father's family after 10+ years. Bethanie also tries to convince us that maybe horoscopes aren't BS. In Confessions, Anthony HILARIOUSLY remembers his time at a gay bar.
02/06/202346 minutes 51 seconds
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Coaches and Cheaters and Confessions

Bethanie and Anthony attend a high school reunion and live to tell the tale, talk about good vs bad TV shows currently on, discuss PR stunts and how our generation views them and share confessions!
26/05/202356 minutes 47 seconds
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We Canceled Our Anniversary Trip

This week, Bethanie and Anthony talk about why they canceled their ten year anniversary trip, Bethanie's trip to Bakersfield for Krista Horton's beverage launch, life updates, an intimate Q&A, and more!
19/05/202342 minutes 49 seconds
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Date Night w/ Kendall and Zac

Welcome to a monthly series called Date Night, where we sit down with other couples to chat about life, marriage, parenting and more! This week, we have on Kendall (@kendy.du) and Zac Hyzdu to talk about midnight kisses on NYE, long distance dating and more!
21/04/202352 minutes 34 seconds
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The Dating Game + Lessons Learned

This week, Anthony & Bethanie (who is one edible deep) discuss their Disneyland trip, lessons their kids have taught them, the viral Taylor Frankie Paul arrest video, and questions people should ask their significant other before getting into a commited relationship. 
14/04/202356 minutes 43 seconds
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The Story of Anthony's Childhood Teacher

Bethanie and Anthony discuss Taylor Swift's concert: is Anthony a Swiftie? And share the story of meeting up with Anthony's teacher and her lifelong impact. They also share juicy childhood confessions!
31/03/202351 minutes 31 seconds
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Eat, Pledge, Love, Confess

This week, Bethanie and Anthony join you from Tucson, Arizona to discuss several wild vacay confessions and break them all down!
17/03/20231 hour 37 seconds
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Tiktoker Arrested?! & LuLu On The Loose!

Bethanie and Anthony discuss the Nessa Barrett meet & greet, Lulu the service dog (maybe?), Taylor Frankie Paul's arrest, Vanderpump Rules scandoval, and about 700 side bars.
10/03/202358 minutes 22 seconds
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Let's Address The Elephants In The Room

Bethanie and Anthony share their thoughts, feelings, and opinions on: couple swapping, threesomes, friendship breakups, the status of their relationships with their moms, cheating, covid vaccines, going back to church, why we left our network, butt stuff, and more!!! Definitely listen to this one with an open mind and know that we're VERY uneducated. ;) Follow us on Instagram: @thegarciadiaries @sirgarciadiaries
24/02/20231 hour 4 minutes 44 seconds
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The Clapback Kid

Anthony responds to a few reviews, Bethanie talks about a children's book with alcohol in it, and they recap their fun weekend in Sedona!
10/02/202352 minutes 11 seconds
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We're Back!!

Welcome to Season 4! We're so exicted to be back... let's catch up! Anthony apologizes to the town of Gilbert, we chat about Netflix: You People, and we recap Hannah's wedding.
03/02/202347 minutes 35 seconds