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English, Social, 1 seasons, 10 episodes, 5 hours
Just a couple in Zimbabwe, navigating life together and having conversations about anything and everything.
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All you need to know about the Official Intros (Pre-Lobola)

In this episode, we dive deep into what you need to know about the official intros, which kickstart the Lobola/ Roora (Customary marriage Rite). We talk about what we each had to prepare, and learn as we went along. We hope this podcast episode helps you navigate this season of your life!
31/07/202320 minutes 7 seconds
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Our Love Story!

In this podcast we share our love story, and answer your Most Frequently Asked Questions!
23/07/202337 minutes 1 second
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All you need to know before your Lobola

Hi friends! Its been a while and we are back to share some insights from the past couple of months. So this right here is the start of the Lobola series. This series is dedicated to our friends out there who want to walk this path, hopefully soon enough. We hope this helps as a heads up as we share our experience and lessons from this journey. In this episode we discuss what you need to know and prepare for ahead of the customary marriage. Tune in to learn more from our experiences and hey, this is a friend's experience not a canon🤣. We hope you have fun!
18/07/202330 minutes 43 seconds
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Dealing with your past *emotional*

Your past is a part of your life, and you simply cannot escape it. You just have to deal with it. In this episode we dive deep into how you can navigate your past and your partner’s past, in a healthy way.
19/05/202329 minutes 57 seconds
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The Trophy Wife Mentality

In this episode, we explore the trophy wife mentality versus the let’s build together mentality. We talk about cars, marrying up, building together, phases of development, and if it’s all worth it.
11/05/202328 minutes 56 seconds
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‘We broke up.’

In this episode, we explore break-ups and debunk breakup myths.
05/05/202331 minutes 4 seconds
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Your partner’s phone

In this episode, we explore the controversy of going through your partner’s phone, and our previous experiences.
25/02/202338 minutes 10 seconds
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Thou shalt only date thy friend

Aristotle friendship levels video: Article :
16/02/202329 minutes 53 seconds
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Does thy partner REALLY deserveth that gift?

Our take on the controversy of gifts!
10/02/202330 minutes 8 seconds
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Thou shalt posteth thy partner!

Please send all the name suggestions to [email protected] youtube video about boundaries: Salome's insta: modernblackwoman Let us know what you think on the email provided above. Follow us, well Thandi, on instagram Fari's insta, well, DM us guys 😆
07/02/202324 minutes 55 seconds