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English, TV & Video, 1 season, 88 episodes, 4 days, 4 hours, 51 minutes
Join your favorite Hobbits, friends and co-stars, Billy Boyd and Dom Monaghan as they take a look back at their time on The Lord of the Rings. Featuring interviews with cast and crew, diving deep into life behind the scenes, and answering the many fan questions, The Friendship Onion will peel back the layers of their friendship, both on screen and off.
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Rabia and Ellyn Solve the Case is Available Now!

Rabia Chaudry and Ellyn Marsh, both well known names in true crime podcasting, will bring their separate audiences, experience, and unique talents to tell you all of the things you might not know about some of the most famous true crime cases. This bi-weekly true crime talk show will ask why celebrities are obsessed with true crime, and also will examine some of the most infamous cases they are obsessed with through the lens of Chaudry’s legal expertise and Marsh’s comedy. It's the cross-over podcast listeners have been waiting for.... can you solve the case? Apple Podcasts: Spotify: for privacy information.
10/6/202215 minutes, 51 seconds
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Tim Miller is a famous search-and-rescuer in Dickinson, Texas, who's helped to locate more than 300 missing persons. After 38 years of searching, he’s now convinced that he’s finally solved his own daughter’s murder. In the first season of VIGILANTE, Allie Conti (NYT, Vice) explores the human cost of Tim’s singular obsession with the case -- from the people he’s falsely accused in the past, to his estranged daughter, to the current girlfriend he’s put in the crosshairs of a possible serial killer. As Allie prepares to interview the suspect in person, she grapples with whether she might be the latest victim of Tim’s vigilantism. Listen to all 5 episodes today! Apple Podcasts: Spotify: for privacy information.
6/13/20226 minutes, 52 seconds
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4/28/20211 minute, 40 seconds