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Hear from energy pioneers and visionaries from across the globe who are accelerating the shift to clean energy by making their own electric power for their homes, offices, and communities. Join TED speaker, author, and climate investor, Bill Nussey and co-host Sam Easterby as they talk to the people who are disrupting the century-old grid monopoly and making clean, local energy a reality. Visit for more.
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Tom Jensen/FREYR Battery: From Giga Arctic to Giga Americas - the most capital and operationally efficient battery plant in Europe is headed for the US State of Georgia.

Listen in as Host Bill Nussey talks with Tom Jensen, CEO and Cofounder of the publicly traded, Luxembourg and Norway based FREYR Battery. FREYR is emerging as a leader in clean, high density battery cell manufacturing. Jensen shares insights into the driving forces that have shaped FREYR to date, the importance of upstream and downstream partnerships, and why the company is committing some $2.6 Billion to the facility envisioned for Coweta County in Georgia. And, since FREYR’s Giga Arctic will be powered by 100% renewable energy, you will want to know what the plans are for powering Giga Americas in Georgia.    Useful Links: FREYR Battery FREYR Battery Announces Plans for U.S. Gigafactory in Georgia | Business Wire Qcells to More than Double Production in Georgia, Create 2,500 New Jobs Every Politician Wants Green Jobs in This Bitter US Battleground
2/7/202345 minutes, 12 seconds
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John Berger and Michael Grasso: Sunnova wants to build a ground breaking local energy powered neighborhood and that is rattling cages. Will regulators let them?

One of the world’s largest installers of solar + storage energy systems has a groundbreaking and industry changing proposal to build a neighborhood that  runs  on local energy. Their proposal is currently in front of the California Public Utility Commission, but naysayers are trying to squelch the conversation.  Join host Bill Nussey as he talks with Sunnova’s CEO, John Berger and CMO, Michael Grasso. They share the background on what the clean tech leader is proposing and why;  how it will benefit consumers; and what critics are saying and doing to sideline the effort. Useful Links: Utility Dive Article: Major utilities oppose Sunnova’s ‘micro-utility’ microgrid proposal at California PUC | Utility Dive  California Burning by Katherine Blunt: 9780593330654 | Books
12/9/202252 minutes, 32 seconds
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Donnel Baird/BlocPower: His boyhood Brooklyn apartment was heated with an oven. Now he is pursuing a bold, gutsy vision of how entire cities can retrofit buildings and save on energy costs.

In this episode we learn that one man didn't know exactly what to do at first, but he knew the “where,” the “when,” and the “why,” of the problem he saw.  And, that was enough to begin shaping an incredibly bold vision for building a potential unicorn in the clean tech space while simultaneously helping millions of low income Americans.    Join us as host Bill Nussey talks with the CEO and founder of Brooklyn based BlocPower, Donnel Baird. Listen in as this visionary leader gives us a peek into a journey of why he started BlocPower, what drove his evolving vision, and how he is scaling his business to retrofit old, fossil-fuel powered heating with smart new heat pumps and solar panels. Learn about how digital twins, structured finance, and an inspired leadership team is changing the cost of energy for lower income urban communities all across America. Useful Links: BlocPower  BlocPower See if your building is eligible: BlocPower US Department of Energy  retrofit-existing-buildings
10/30/202248 minutes, 18 seconds
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Jacqueline Novogratz: Two decades of hard-edged hope coupled with off- grid solar changed the lives of hundreds of millions. What’s next?

For over two decades, Acumen and its partners have dared to go where traditional investors feared to tread. Acumen’s pioneering vision and legendary hard work has brought life changing, off-grid electricity to hundreds of millions of people worldwide. And, along the way, their work has inspired and supported intrepid entrepreneurs and innovators in some of the toughest market environments on earth.  Now, this clear-eyed, gritty bunch, filled with hard edged hope and armed with proven models and even more patient capital have set their sights on new goals.  Listen in as Acumen founder and CEO, Jacqueline Novogratz, shares a glimpse into the fundamentals and underlying principles behind Acumen’s ground-breaking approach to patient capital and where they are headed next and why.  Useful Links: Acumen Fund book - manifesto for a moral revolution - jacqueline novogratz S&P Blog Road map: The energy sector braces for 2022 midterm elections | S&P Global Market Intelligence Solar Energy Industry Association links: State-By-State Map | SEIA Initiatives & Advocacy | SEIA
10/11/202241 minutes, 13 seconds
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Michelle Moore/Groundswell: Will America’s smaller, rural communities have to wait for the far reaching benefits of clean power?

In her inspiring new book, Rural Renaissance, social entrepreneur, author and clean energy non-profit CEO Michelle Moore offers a vision of thriving rural communities where clean power is the spark that leads to greater investment, vitality, and equity. Additionally, Moore argues that we have everything we need in hand today to make this vision a reality.   In this wide ranging discussion with Freeing Energy, Moore breaks down the key elements that will shape a rural renaissance.  Learn how the work being done by Groundswell, the non-profit she leads, is helping to develop community power by connecting solar and energy efficiency with economic development, affordability, and quality of life. Plus, Moore shares the practical, value-driven steps each of us can take to help accelerate this transition. Useful Links: Groundswell: Groundswell Program Areas: Michelle Moore’s Book: Use Promo Code “Rural” for 20% off.  US Green Building Council LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design): From Interstitial: Generation180 September 2022 Study on Solar in K-12 Schools in the US.  Generation180 New York Times Article: Facing Budget Shortfalls, These Schools Are Turning to the Sun For Full Podcast Transcript Visit Here:  
9/27/202242 minutes, 22 seconds
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Astrid Atkinson/Camus Energy: What do Capybaras and Google’s famous reliability have to do with managing a dynamic, zero carbon electric grid?

Scalability, high availability, rapid detection and mitigation of failure…just some of the requirements of a highly performant infrastructure managing a massive distributed environment…like Google’s cloud services. Could the same principles and patterns apply to the requirements of managing a rapidly changing electric grid? And, what might that mean for different types of electric utilities in a future defined by decentralized resources like solar, batteries, demand response, and EV charging?  Listen in as Camus Energy CEO and Co-founder, Astrid Atkinson, discusses these topics and shares how she and the Camus team are translating a decade of lessons from the best of Google’s and Silicon Valley’s advanced technology architectures to make the grid more reliable, more equitable, and more affordable. 
9/13/202245 minutes, 24 seconds
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Catherine Von Burg: Can climate tech founders achieve success without compromising on their mission?

When our guest and her partners launched their business a dozen years ago, she had a vision, a technology, and the determination to stick to the mission. If you have a startup in the clean tech space or just interested in really cool technology, listen in as Catherine Von Burg, CEO and Co-founder of SimpliPhi Power, shares the amazing story of how sticking to the mission resulted in a groundbreaking energy storage solution with SimpliPhi Power’s safe, non-toxic battery systems that are being used globally in 40 countries today.  
8/30/202251 minutes, 24 seconds
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Patrick Walsh & Anish Thakkar: How is this solar+battery startup improving tens of millions of lives while simultaneously creating one of the hottest companies in climate tech?

Our guests today run a global cleantech powerhouse that recently closed $260 million in a series D funding round. They've served 90 million customers so far and they're adding two million households a year at their current connection rates. If that isn't inspiring enough, what makes these two scrappy entrepreneurs even more inspiring is the fact that they have looked beyond the wealthy markets of the US and Europe and built their company in emerging markets like Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, and other countries in Africa. In just over a decade, these founders have built a team of 2,000 employees, created a field distribution team of 15,000 people, and helped pioneer a novel financing mechanism that allows some of the lowest income people on earth to benefit from safe, affordable lighting and other benefits of electricity. Join in as host Bill Nussey talks with Patrick Walsh and Anish Thakkar, co-founders  of Sun King, the global solar PV giant that is improving the lives of millions.
8/16/202249 minutes, 1 second
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Jennifer Garson/DOE: Is water power innovation dead in the water? Innovators and this DOE Team are charting a very different course that suggests anything but.

Host Bill Nussey dives into the astonishing world of hydropower and marine energy with Jennifer Garson, Director of the Water Power Technologies Office in the US Department of Energy. Garson helps us navigate the well chartered waters of our nation's oldest source of electricity generation and largest source today of energy storage. She shares just how big a role hydropower and marine energy can play and is already playing in shaping the future of clean renewable energy in communities nationwide.  And, Garson describes how her team is opening the floodgates for innovators and entrepreneurs as they drive even more innovation in this exciting part of the clean technology revolution.
8/2/202241 minutes, 31 seconds
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Bonus Content: Podcasters Roundtable - Experts Navigate Politics and Energy Transformation

Freeing Energy Podcast Host Bill Nussey joins fellow leading Cleantech podcasters for the 5th in a series of lively roundtable discussions on the most pressing questions and issues facing the transition to a clean renewable energy future. In this episode, these top podcasters chime in on topics such as the impact of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision, Senator Joe Manchin’s big “no” to climate progress legislation, the ongoing war in Ukraine, and escalating attacks by pro-fossil fuel pundits. It’s a rich, one-hour discussion of energy trends, developments, challenges and opportunities. Listen in as the group starts the discussion with their views on the possible direction of the Biden Administration's imperiled climate agenda. This special series is coordinated by Mike Casey of Tigercomm Communications and Nico Johnosn from Suncast Media. Casey is the moderator.  Podcasters included in this roundtable (you can find them wherever you listen to podcasts):   Mike Casey - tigercomm  Nico Johnson 🎙️ – SunCast Podcast  Emily Chasan – The Energy Gang at Wood Mackenzie  Gil Jenkins – Climate Positive Podcas Tim Montague – Clean Power Hour  Joshua Porter - The Solar Coaster Podcast  Bill Nussey – The Freeing Energy Project
7/28/20221 hour, 2 minutes, 29 seconds
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Sophie Purdom and Kim Zou: An insider's peek into the eye-opening report on 2022 climate tech venture investing.

Innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, in fact, anyone serious about the business of climate, listen up! In this episode, host Bill Nussey catches up with Kim Zou and Sophie Purdom, the founders of Climate Tech Venture Capital, which, in just two short years, has become one of the world’s leading sources for data driven analysis and insights into the world of climate venture investing. This brilliant and dynamic duo gives us an insider's peek into their clear-eyed and data-rich analysis of venture capital in the climate tech industry for the first half of 2022. Zou and Purdom share which verticals and sectors are leading and which are lagging, where the money may be headed and a fun look at how the pair built a globally recognized firm from the ground up. If you are serious about climate technology, you need to follow CTVC… and this is a great way to get started!
7/19/20221 hour, 13 minutes, 6 seconds
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Greg Wetstone: How does this powerful Washington, DC renewable energy group connect the dots between local energy and the US transmission grid?

Listen in as host Bill Nussey talks with Greg Wetsone, the President and CEO of the Washington DC powerhouse, American Council on Renewable Energy, or as it is popularly known, ACORE. Together, Bill and Greg  wade into the mind-boggling labyrinth of state and federal policies that are shaping, or in most cases, impeding our transition to renewable energy. If you want to understand how local energy, nuclear power, and giant transmission lines fit into ACOREs view of our renewable energy future, click play and hear what Bill and Greg have to say.
7/5/202238 minutes, 55 seconds
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Jeff Cramer/CCSA: How community solar can make local energy accessible to everyone.

What is community solar? How does it work? What are the benefits? Host Bill Nussey drills into the critical role community solar plays in a clean local energy future with Jeff Cramer, President and CEO of the Coalition for Community Solar Access, CCSA. Jeff dives into the nitty gritty of how it all works, who it serves and the business models that make it a reality. Plus, Jeff shares where community solar is growing across the United States, where it is being held back and why and the efforts CCSA teams are making to change thinking and policies about this foundational approach to reshaping our energy future.
6/21/202252 minutes, 20 seconds
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Titiaan Palazzi: How is AI reshaping the grid, and how will that affect local energy?

If you've wondered what role AI can play in the clean energy transition, this is an episode to listen to. Host Bill Nussey nerds it out a little with Titiaan Palazzi, Co-Founder and COO of Myst AI. Myst AI is the artificial intelligence platform that is shaking up electricity supply and demand forecasting with highly localized time series data that dramatically improves the reliability and costs for systems of all sizes, even microgrids. Titiaan shares insights into how Myst tackles the massive data sets, how their platform can support modeling on the fly, and how their radically different approach to a data ecosystem can spawn exciting new business opportunities for innovators and entrepreneurs.
6/7/202231 minutes, 31 seconds
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Arshad Mansoor: What is the grid’s biggest R&D team planning for the future and how does local energy fit?

Host Bill Nussey catches up with Arshad Mansoor, President and CEO of the Electric Power Research Institute, the world's preeminent independent, non-profit energy research and development organization. Mansoor shares the vision his global organization has for a safe, clean, resilient energy future for people and communities worldwide and the critical role local energy plays in a rapidly emerging shared energy economy. Listen and learn what is driving this transition, the underlying technologies needed, and the policies that must evolve to achieve this bold vision.
5/24/202235 minutes, 56 seconds
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Jigar Shah:The US Department of Energy is breaking down barriers to Local Energy and the story goes way beyond science and technology.

Our guest, Jigar Shah, is an innovator, entrepreneur, author, podcast superstar and now Director of the powerful US Department of Energy’s Loan Programs Office with $40 Billion in its coffers.  Shah joins host Bill Nussey in a fascinating and revealing conversation about the extraordinary efforts the DOE, and the LPO in particular, are making to reach out to clean tech companies in its efforts to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy and particularly local energy.  Shah explores how the DOE is going beyond just science and engineering in outreach efforts to help companies and the financial community understand the emerging business models, financial viability and long term value of clean energy. 
5/10/202249 minutes, 20 seconds
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Ben Polito of Generac: How a 60-year-old industrial company is transforming itself into a leader in the clean, local energy market.

Our guest spent his early years without grid electricity and now he is a driving force behind the first fully integrated whole-home, plug and play, solar power solution. Host Bill Nussey talks with Ben Polito, President of Energy Storage Systems at Generac, the leader in secure home power systems. Polito shares the background and vision of how his company is shifting from fossil fuel based systems to a home energy storage platform that connects solar PV, smart batteries, loads, and the grid.  And, for the innovators and entrepreneurs listening in, he also shares how acquisitions and partnerships have played a key role in the company’s strategy to accelerate the transition of the world and itself towards a clean, local energy future.
4/26/202237 minutes, 23 seconds
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Amory Lovins: Local energy was born 20 years ago with the book Small is Profitable. Where will it go from here?

Host Bill Nussey catches up with prolific author, professor, energy expert, co-founder of the global powerhouse, RMI, and “the Einstein of Energy Efficiency”, Amory Lovins. Lovins takes us back to the future, sharing what inspired the seminal work, Small is Profitable, and what surprises him most as he looks at the changes that have taken place since its publication twenty years ago. Lovins offers powerful insights on why local energy makes even more sense today in social, political, and economic terms and what has to change to continue the progress made thus far.
4/12/202228 minutes, 28 seconds
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Bryan Hannegan: Can the electric utility industry reinvent itself? One small utility in Colorado is proving it can.

Listen in as host Bill Nussey talks with Bryan Hannegan, President and CEO of Holy Cross Energy, the Electric Membership Cooperative serving Western Colorado, including the famous ski resorts of Vail and Aspen. Holy Cross Energy is well on its way to achieving an aggressive goal of 100% clean energy by 2030. And, Bryan shares how Holy Cross is making local energy a central part of its strategy and dramatically reimagining its relationship with its customers.
3/29/202251 minutes, 29 seconds
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Gabriela Herculano: What’s behind the first ever publicly traded fund (SHFT) for local energy?

Listen in and learn the story behind the very first Exchange-Traded Fund focused on local energy.  Gabriela Herculano, CEO and Co-Founder of iClima Earth shares with host Bill Nussey how the fund evolved, the transparent model for the underlying index, and a simple way for everyday investors to bet on local energy, DERs, and as iClima refers to it, Smart Energy. 
3/15/202238 minutes, 43 seconds
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Erwin Spolders: Learn how renting solar power in a box is revolutionizing energy access for businesses across Africa.

Host Bill Nussey talks with Erwin Spolders, CEO and Founder of Redavia Solar Power. Redavia, based in Germany, Kenya, and Ghana, provides pre-configured,  containerized solar power generation systems to small and medium sized businesses across Africa. Learn how this company’s innovations are leading to these cost-effective solutions and proving to be easy to ship, set-up, scale, and redeploy as needed for minimal upfront investment, all using time-tested rental contracts. Plus, learn how crowdsource funding is energizing Redavia’s future.
3/1/202249 minutes, 35 seconds
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Danny Kennedy: An inside look at the amazing California clean tech ecosystem that’s reshaping how startups are built.

Clean tech entrepreneurs, listen up! Host Bill Nussey talks with Danny Kennedy, a founder and CEO of New Energy Nexus. Kennedy shares his journey from activist to entrepreneur, and how his firm is using a dramatically different theory of change and a massively broad engagement model to pave a significantly faster on-ramp for climate tech startups in California and around the world. Plus, hear from the executives of two startups which have benefited from New Energy Nexus and one of it’s partnership programs, CalSeed.
2/15/202238 minutes, 56 seconds
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Michael Barnard: Nuclear, solar, wind, hydrogen, batteries? This expert predicts the winners and the losers.

Join in as host Bill Nussey catches up with the global energy thought leader, strategist, business advisor, and founder of The Future Is Electric, Michael Barnard. Barnard shares his positive, pragmatic, and colorful views on a range of clean energy technologies and which ones he would place his bets on in the global race to a clean and affordable energy future.
2/1/20221 hour, 16 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

Tim Echols: How does this Georgia Public Service Commissioner see net metering and its future?

Listen in as host Bill Nussey catches up with two term Georgia Public Service Commissioner, Tim Echols, for a very timely discussion.  Echols breaks down the important role played by the public service commission. He shares his part in promoting net metering in Georgia, and the valuable lessons learned from other states wrestling with this important market mechanism in the transition to local renewable energy.
1/18/202248 minutes, 46 seconds
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Esteban Gast: Is there anything to laugh about from the clean energy headlines in 2021?

In this special year end episode, Bill Nussey and Sam Easterby are joined by the brilliant standup comedian, Esteban Gast, host of the Comedians Conquering Climate Change Podcast, which is sponsored by Generation 180. The trio takes a look back at the biggest headlines impacting local energy, shares some favorite quotes from 2021 guests and offers a peek into what 2022 might bring. Plus, we learn about Estebans’s very original approach to the often difficult climate discussion. Esteban weaves his special brand of humor throughout and offers a few lighthearted tips for Bill in marketing his new book, Freeing Energy.
12/21/202157 minutes, 55 seconds
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Bill and Melinda Nussey: Write a book about clean energy? Some thought he was nuts but she said let’s go for it!

Listen in as author and entrepreneur Bill Nussey and his wife, Melinda, reveal the arc of the journey that is Freeing Energy.  This is the story behind what Kirkus reviews calls, “an unfailingly realistic and doggedly clear-eyed blueprint for the billion dollar opportunities that will reshape how we generate, store, and consume clean local renewable electricity.” Written for innovators, entrepreneurs, and advocates for clean energy, Freeing Energy, the book, is now available.
12/7/20211 hour, 2 minutes, 37 seconds
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Bryan Hassin: An inside look at a radical new approach to building climate tech companies.

Host Bill Nussey talks with Bryan Hassin, Co-Founder and CEO of the “rocket ship” accelerator for climate tech innovation, Third Derivative (D3). This new startup accelerator was born from a collaboration of two pioneering firms, RMI (previously Rocky Mountain Institute) and New Energy Nexus. Hassin shares how D3 is bringing startups, investors, and corporations together with regulatory and policy experts in radical new ways to increase the speed to market and long term success for climate innovation.
11/30/202151 minutes, 1 second
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Tim Montague: How is good old fashioned midwestern grit helping shape a clean energy future in Illinois?

Midwest solar and storage leader and Clean Power Hour podcast host, Tim Montague, shares with host Bill Nussey how clashing titans in Illinois crafted a grand legislative bargain taking big steps toward a clean renewable energy future. Plus, Montague shares insights on how the simple economics of solar power and storage is changing minds in both boardrooms and around kitchen tables across the state.
11/23/202134 minutes, 58 seconds
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Andy Klump: What do stuck boats, melted rocks, and geopolitics have to do with US efforts to transition away from fossil fuels?

In this episode host Bill Nussey talks with Andy Klump, founder and CEO of Shanghai-based Clean Energy Associates, the leading global solar and storage supply chain management and engineering services firm. Klump walks us through how and why the economics of solar are shifting in the short term and the impact an energy crisis in China as well as backlogs in global shipping are having on US solar and battery projects. Klump shares views on when this crisis might end and the critical need for a holistic clean energy manufacturing strategy in the US.
11/9/202134 minutes, 12 seconds
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Wendy Philleo: How can a little sunshine in our schools speed the adoption of local energy?

Social Entrepreneur and non-profit leader, Wendy Philleo, Executive Director of Generation 180, joins host Bill Nussey as they explore how her organization is using innovative  educational content to transform interest into action, community by community all across the US.  Wendy shares examples of their pathways to action programs, including the Solar for All Schools effort, which is saving schools millions of dollars nationwide, making the case that technology and policy changes alone are not enough to accelerate the transition to clean energy.
10/26/202132 minutes, 1 second
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Karl Rabago: Does adding local distributed energy defy conventional wisdom and save money for everyone?

A soldier, lawyer, teacher, judge, and 25 year veteran leader in the energy world as an appointed regulator, utility executive and leading clean energy thinker and advocate, our guest, Karl Rabago shares with host Bill Nussey powerful insights into a new roadmap for the lowest cost, reliable electric grid and why local solar costs less as a part of his solution. Listen too as Rabago summarily dismisses prevailing arguments by cost shifting advocates that local energy is hurting our communities.
10/12/202150 minutes, 30 seconds
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Peter Kelly-Detwiler: What does a reimagined electric grid look like and what does it mean for all of us?

The way humans produce, distribute and consume electricity will be cleaner, cheaper, and infinitely more complex in the very near future. But how do we get there? Freeing Energy Hosts Sam Easterby and Bill Nussey catch up with leading energy industry expert Peter Kelly-Detwiler to talk about his recently published book, The Energy Swtich. Peter delves into different aspects of the transformation: how we got here, where we are going, and the implications for all of us in our daily lives.
9/28/202153 minutes, 38 seconds
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Michael Liebreich: What are the biggest opportunities in our clean energy future?

In part two of this special interview, global renewable energy leader Michael Liebreich breaks down the core elements driving the shift to a net-zero economy and how public policy and finance influence the rate of change. Plus, Liebreich shares insights on startups and what shapes his investment strategies.
9/14/202125 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

Michael Liebreich: Is it time to go big or go home? Which renewable energy solutions should we pay attention to?

In this first of a two part interview,  host Bill Nussey talks with the founder, chairman and CEO of Liebreich Associates and founder of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Michael Liebreich.  This world-renowned thinker, investor, philanthropist and much sought after advisor, weighs in on the renewable energy solutions we should all pay attention to and why.
8/31/202133 minutes, 29 seconds
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Jorge Elizondo: How computer science is radically simplifying the design and operation of micro-grids..

In this episode, host Bill Nussey catches up with Heila Technology Co-Founder and CTO, Jorge Elizondo. Learn how Helia’s breakthrough technology is changing the way complex local energy systems are managed and operated, making each component smarter while making the whole system far more efficient and resilient.
8/17/202136 minutes, 9 seconds
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Bill Nussey: The vision behind Freeing Energy and lessons learned from three clean energy entrepreneurs.

Host Sam Easterby talks with entrepreneur and founder of the Freeing Energy Project, Bill Nussey. Nussey tells us why the local energy approach will reshape the transition to clean renewable electricity and shares, in their words, lessons learned from some of the new breed of clean tech entrepreneurs interviewed in the past year.
7/20/202126 minutes
Episode Artwork

Loren McDonald: Could the new Ford electric pickup truck disrupt the century old electric grid?

Host Bill Nussey talks with Loren McDonald, founder of EV Adoption and leading consultant in the electric vehicle arena. Loren and Bill take a drive through the unexpected twists and turns that EVs will face in reshaping our electric grid. With hundreds of billions being invested, the implications of electric vehicles goes so much further than cleaner transportation.
7/6/202132 minutes, 59 seconds
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Garrett Nilsen: The DOE may be the best way to fund energy tech startups that no one knows about.

Host Bill Nussey talks with Garrett Nilsen, Deputy Director of the Solar Industry Technologies Office in the US Department of Energy about the amazing and enormously practical scope and scale of DOE work across the energy landscape. Garrett explains how innovators and entrepreneurs can tap into vast resources to help vet, test, fund, pilot and even commercialize the energy technologies shaping our future. 
6/22/202136 minutes, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

Dr. Jemma Green: Will peer-to-peer electricity trading unlock local energy and transform the grid?

Freeing Energy founder Bill Nussey and Dr. Jemma Green, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Australian-based Power Ledger take us on an illuminating journey into emerging peer-to-peer electricity trading business models, where P2P pilot programs are proving themselves and how distributed ledger technologies, like blockchain, are helping to securely and accurately track local energy trading.
6/8/202137 minutes, 34 seconds
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Steph Speirs: Not everyone can afford solar. Here’s what one visionary company is doing to change that.

Host Bill Nussey catches up with Steph Speirs, CEO and Co-founder of community solar leader, Solstice, to learn how her team is using a game changing, door-opening mechanism to bring clean energy to people who cant get it. And, why re-defining the energy customer experience is critical to growth and a more inclusive energy future.
5/25/202139 minutes, 22 seconds
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Samir Ibrahim: The story behind an affordable solar-powered irrigation system that is changing the lives of smallholder farmers in Africa.

Advocates, innovators and entrepreneurs, here is a discussion you don't want to miss. Listen in as Samir Ibrahim, CEO and Co-Founder of SunCulture, shares how his vision for the first affordable, widely available solar powered irrigation system in East Africa took shape, the impact that system is having on lives there and the business challenges he has faced along the way.
5/11/202142 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

John Farrell: Monopoly utilities and consumers are headed for a collision over local energy. The rules must change, but how?

In this second of a two part series, John Farrell, Director of Energy Democracy at the Institute for Local Self Reliance,  walks us through how the power and influence of investor owned utilities is trampling customers and how necessary changes in that relationship can benefit all parties.
4/27/202137 minutes, 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

John Farrell: One organization is working to bring power to the people. Literally.

In this first of a special two part interview, John Farrell, Director of Energy Democracy with the Institute of Local Self Reliance, describes the challenges and barriers we face in shifting to clean local energy and the programs his leading think tank believes will move us toward a more equitable energy future. 
4/13/202139 minutes, 36 seconds
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Steve LeVine - Batteries were invented 220 years ago. Why are they suddenly critical to our grid?

Renowned journalist, editor and Atlantic Council Senior Fellow, Steve LeVine joins host Bill Nussey and shares how the dramatic recent innovations in battery technology will change your world in just five years and completely redefine entire industries.
3/30/202131 minutes, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

Abigail Ross Hopper: What are the top policy priorities shaping the future of the solar industry?

Innovators and entrepreneurs, listen up. Join in as Abby Hopper, President and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association takes us on an insider's tour of the policies the solar industry is advocating with the new administration, how those policies are shaped, and what a diverse solar industry needs to do to continue growing.
3/16/202133 minutes, 29 seconds
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Bernadette Del Chiaro: could a change in California net metering policy cripple residential solar?

Utilities and Consumers in California are in a pitched battle over the value of residential solar generated electricity fed back to the grid. It’s important because the money consumers are paid for their excess solar directly affects how quickly their panels pay for themselves. If the state’s utilities have their way in the upcoming “Net Metering 3.0” debates, California’s local energy market could get shut down overnight. Listen in as Bernadette Del Chiaro, Executive Director of the California Solar and Storage Association, explains net metering, California’s 2021 review process, and offers a way advocates of clean energy to lend their voice to this critical issue.
3/2/202146 minutes, 9 seconds
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Yann Brandt and Mike Casey: Is creating a surge in solar jobs easier than we think?

Simplifying the permitting and inspections of residential PV system installation may be the perfect local opportunity for making a big change in the solar industry, but is the young industry up for the challenge? Solar industry leaders, Yann Brandt, CEO of SolarWakeup,  and Mike Casey, President and founder of Tigercomm, share why one piece of the growth puzzle is squarely in the hands of local clean energy advocates, what tools they have to work with, and the simple actions they need to begin taking now to keep growth going.
2/16/202144 minutes, 51 seconds
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Michael Chanin: Emory University is going solar and doing it in a surprising way.

Strap on your walking shoes and listen in as Michael Chanin, founder and CEO of Cherry Street Energy, takes us on a walking tour of the beautiful Emory University Campus in Atlanta GA where one of the largest and coolest deployments of on-site solar power at a higher education institution in the Southeast is being developed. From seven stories up on a high rise parking deck with its sea of solar panels back down to ground level where electrical conduit becomes a work of art, Chanin shares details with podcast Host Bill Nussey about the vision, the leadership and some deft engineering skills being used to help Emory meet aggressive greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals while providing electricity to the campus at rates lower than the local utility.
2/2/202137 minutes, 49 seconds
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Andrew Birch: Can Cutting Red Tape Lower the Cost of Residential Solar in the United States?

Solar panels by themselves are just 10% of the cost of a residential solar system, yet US buyers are paying significantly more than homeowners in other parts of the world.  Why is this? The answer is “soft costs” -- the design, permitting, and sales costs associated with system installation in the US.  And, if this leading architect of the modern clean energy era has his way, we will see big cost savings in the near future.  Listen in as Andrew “Birchy” Birch, co-founder and CEO of Open Solar, unfolds his solution to reducing some of the most unnecessary costs of going solar.
1/19/202139 minutes, 59 seconds
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Nussey and Easterby: Local Renewable Energy - 2020 favorites and an informed peek Into 2021

Hosts Bill Nussey and Sam Easterby offer up some of their favorite tidbits from 2020 shaping  the local renewable energy story and take a peek at what’s in store for 2021 on the technology, policy and adoption fronts.
1/5/202131 minutes, 27 seconds
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Martin DeBono: Why add solar panels if your roof can capture solar energy all by itself?

For the last few decades, rooftop solar was like Ford’s old Model could have any kind of system you wanted as long as it had black rectangles bolted to a frame on your roof. But, what if your roof could generate the electricity directly, without any panels at all? Host BIll Nussey talks with Martin DeBono, President of GAF Energy, about how and why the world’s oldest and largest roofing materials company is pioneering the shift from PV panels to PV roofs. Martin shares how the solar-specific technologies and services are woven into the GAF’s existing 5,000 roofing contractor partners and what that means to the market.
12/22/202039 minutes, 47 seconds
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Dr. Becca Jones-Albertus: The government’s surprising role in supercharging solar technology innovation.

Many of us think of the US government’s role in solar innovation in terms of laboratories, deep science, and long term projects.  But, that is only part of the story. Listen in as Dr. Becca Jones-Albertus, Director of the Solar Energy Technologies Office in the US Department of Energy, shares how her office’s programs are bringing innovation to market more quickly than ever before and creating greater access for all Americans to clean renewable solar energy.
12/8/202038 minutes, 14 seconds
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Ryan Goodman: Are microgrids the future of reliable, clean energy?

Hurricanes, wildfires, and even forced outages are highlighting the shortcomings of our century-old grid. At the same time,  a growing majority of people are looking to accelerate the shift towards cleaner energy sources like solar and batteries. Microgrids sit at the center of these two huge trends and they are becoming increasingly available and affordable. FEP host Bill Nussey talks with Ryan Goodman, CEO and Co-Founder of microgrid leader Scale Microgrid Solutions. Listen in as Goodman explains how new technologies, designs, and financing solutions are reshaping the commercial and industrial electricity industry and turning our outdated grid into an energy internet. 
11/24/202033 minutes, 32 seconds
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Vikram Aggarwal: Why are millions of people putting solar on their roofs?

Rooftop solar growth is staggering. Why are so many going solar? Bill Nussey catches up with Vikram Aggarwal, Founder and CEO of EnergySage, the most popular web-based, solar marketplace and #1 source on solar information in the US for solar buyers. Vikram shares the personal story behind founding Energy Sage and the unique insights gained into the solar marketplace. Choosing the right equipment, financing, and installers are key areas to focus on. Considering solar or just interested? Listen in.
11/10/202043 minutes, 16 seconds
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Mike Casey: What is strategic brevity and how can it amplify the local energy story?

If you are even remotely interested in helping accelerate the shift to clean local renewable energy, this podcast is for you.  Why? Getting the right message out there today is tricky...but our guest today has been helping clean tech companies and renewable energy groups for some 30 years and he has some powerful ideas on how to be more effective.  Mike Casey, founder and president of Virginia-based TigerComm joins Freeing Energy Host Bill Nussey to discuss how to effectively put 21st Century Communication strategies to work in shaping our clean energy future.  Listen in and if you like what you hear, don’t forget to subscribe to the Freeing Energy Podcast and let us hear from you!
10/27/202038 minutes, 6 seconds
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Michael Sachse: Is part of the local renewable energy solution right under our feet?

Heating and cooling the spaces we live in amounts to just over 50% of the energy consumed in the average home in the United States, according to the US Energy Information Agency. Add in water heaters and the percentage climbs to just over 60%.  That’s a lot of energy and today that energy is supplied predominantly by electricity and natural gas.  But, what if there was a local renewable resource for heating and cooling that was as clean as solar and right under our feet?  Dandelion Energy CEO Michael Sachse shares how his company is making the renewable technologies of geothermal energy more accessible and affordable to local energy champions.
10/13/202031 minutes, 1 second
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Charlie Gay: How Can the United States re-establish leadership in solar manufacturing?

Once the leader in the technology and manufacturing of solar products, the US lost that lead to China. But, if one company’s vision is realized, the US can again lead in this critical industry. FEP catches up with Charlie Gay, solar industry legend and CEO of startup Violet Power.  With a game changing approach that almost cuts the cost of generating solar energy in half, Violet Power is poised to re-establish world-class solar manufacturing leadership in the US where the technology was first born.
9/29/202039 minutes, 34 seconds
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James Marlow: Are rules and regulations keeping pace with innovation in solar energy?

For homeowners, communities, or commercial users it’ s not easy jumping all the compliance hurdles when building out a solar installation:   But, how many of those hurdles are just adding cost and time and how many are really needed? Solar leader James Marlow  gives us a peek inside the challenging rules and regulations piece of the local energy puzzle and how he thinks we can make positive changes making cutting red tape and cost along the way.
6/23/202028 minutes, 45 seconds
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Dr. Nick Engerer: How does having precise weather data change the way we manage solar energy?

If you think just knowing sunrise and sunset is enough to manage a 21st Century Solar Power generation system, think again. Having accurate weather data can make the difference between being profitable or not. Join us as Nick Engerer, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of global weather data service, Solcast, shares the role of weather data in today's world of solar energy.
6/9/202038 minutes, 17 seconds
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Nussey and Easterby: How Is Covid-19 Impacting the Grid and Renewable Energy?

Freeing Energy Podcast hosts Bill Nussey and Sam Easterby share four surprising impacts of Covid 19 on our Grid and the Renewable Energy Business.
5/26/202030 minutes, 41 seconds
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John Powers: Can software supercharge financial returns for commercial solar projects?

Listen in as John Powers, the CEO of California-based Extensible Energy, shares how software is helping commercial solar customers boost their ROI and reduce the most expensive parts of electricity bills, all at the same time. Learn how this innovative software approach is leapfrogging slow moving utilities by adding intelligence on the edge.
5/12/202032 minutes, 51 seconds
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Laura Sartore: What happens when we ditch panels and let our roofs, walls, and windows make affordable solar directly?

There is a revolution in clean local energy coming fast and it’s a good bet that you’ll never even see it. Building Integrated Photovoltaics,  or BIPV, ditches the notion of black rectangular panels and instead transforms your house or building into a solar power generator. Listen in as Laura Sartore, the CEO of Italian module equipment firm, Ecoprogetti, shares how her firm is blending engineering, aesthetics, and automation for BIPV. Her firm is revolutionizing local energy, not just by making solar power beautiful and affordable at the same time, but also making equipment that is designed to let companies manufacture solar panels in their own regions and countries everywhere in the world.
4/28/202033 minutes, 53 seconds
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Joshua D. Rhodes: How will massive new data sets and some rational thinking shape the future of clean local energy?

Join us for a fascinating dive into how data is unleashing new business models, spurring innovation and reducing risk with special guest, Joshua Rhodes from the University of Texas in Austin. This rock climbing, mountain biking academic with some serious chops in advanced mathematics, engineering, economics and architecture shares insights on how rational, thoughtful, market-based thinking is shaping a bright new energy future. 
4/14/202032 minutes, 35 seconds
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Ashvin Dayal: How is the Rockefeller Foundation using mini-grids to tackle energy poverty in Africa and India?

The foundation that helped shape modern philanthropy and improve health care institutions around the world in the 20th Century is increasingly focused on energy poverty in the 21st Century.  In this eloquent overview, Ashvin Dayal, the man who heads the Rockefeller Foundation’s Power Initiative, shares his insights on the origins of the foundation’s mission, and how they are using off-grid solar+battery mini-grids to tackle energy poverty. 
3/31/202042 minutes, 26 seconds
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Andy Klump: An insider’s look at how COVID-19 is impacting the global clean energy supply chain.

In this exclusive interview, global supply chain expert Andy Klump shares his unique insights on how the COVID-19 outbreak is affecting Chinese manufacturing, the impact it’s having on renewable energy projects around the world, and the steps needed to get the global system back on an even keel.  Klump’s international firm, Clean Energy Associates, is headquartered in Shanghai, China and advises manufacturers, suppliers, and users of renewable energy around the world.  
3/17/202031 minutes, 1 second
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Dr. Peter Fox-Penner: What must change to move our electric power system beyond carbon?

Renowned energy author, academic, and entrepreneur Peter Fox-Penner shares insights from his new book, Power After Carbon. To decarbonize the energy sector is the largest investment opportunity of all time but, as Fox-Penner notes, the moral and social imperatives are just as large. Join host Bill Nussey as they into the changes that must occur to shift our power system to a zero carbon world.
3/3/202033 minutes, 51 seconds
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Expert tips: What you can do to help get to a clean energy future faster.

Listen along with hosts Bill Nussey and Sam Easterby as six renewable energy experts share practical tips on what you can do to help get to a clean energy future faster. Plus, in this episode we hear what inspired one retired Nike executive to help take on a giant utility and how he is helping to shape a clean energy future for Taos, New Mexico.
2/18/202035 minutes, 45 seconds
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Nussey and Easterby: Innovation in the power industry is harder than you think, but that is about to change.

Hosts Bill Nussey and Sam Easterby explore the role innovation plays in the world of energy and electricity today, what holds it back and where innovation is truly making a difference.  Choice is expanding the marketplace beyond utilities and including new entrepreneurs, new technologies, and new investors for the first time in a century.
2/4/202049 minutes, 12 seconds
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Dr. Greg Nemet: How solar became cheap and the lessons for other clean energy technologies.

Join Host Bill Nussey and Dr. Greg Nemet, Educator and author of How Solar Energy Became Cheap: A model for low-carbon innovation (  Dr. Nemet has created the single best resource on the historical drivers behind the price decline in solar energy and the impacts this will have on our energy future. Listen as he shares powerful insights into how solar energy became so cheap and what those lessons can teach us about driving down costs on other energy technologies. 
1/21/202043 minutes, 21 seconds
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Nussey and Easterby: Unpacking solar myths around land use, raw materials and agriculture.

Join Hosts Sam Easterby and Bill Nussey as they dispel these and other myths around solar energy.  From land and raw material requirements to social equity, listen as the team unravels narratives fueling confusion and misinformation about solar power.
1/7/202033 minutes, 43 seconds
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Top Experts: What were the biggest headlines for local energy in 2019 and what has experts most excited about 2020?

Hosts Bill Nussey and Sam Easterby are joined by some top experts in the world of renewable energy to review the biggest stories that impacted the local energy landscape in 2019 and the stories that will shape the local energy movement in 2020.  Listen in as these experts share their views on policies, technology and global dynamics that are shaping a new world of clean local energy.
12/17/201936 minutes, 3 seconds
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Sunnova CEO John Berger: Will a rapidly evolving residential solar + battery story reshape energy markets?

Host Bill Nussey catches up with John Berger, CEO of Sunnova Energy (NOVA), a leader in the residential Solar + Battery service provider market in the United States.  John shares insights about how dramatic changes in distributed local energy are rapidly re- shaping energy markets and why the shift is so important. Listen too as John shares how the Sunnova model and focus positions the company to capitalize on that change.
12/3/201932 minutes
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Ana Sophia Mifsud: Her story from ground zero - shaping the energy future of Puerto Rico with microgrids.

In part three of this special three part series, Host Bill Nussey travels to the mountains of central Puerto Rico and talks with Rocky Mountain Institute’s (RMI), Ana Sophia Mifsud.  Ana Sophia shares her journey in the world of renewable energy and how by being on site she and the RMI team are helping shape the future of Puerto Rico with microgrids, one school at a time.
11/19/201922 minutes, 5 seconds
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Roy Torbert: Can tapping people power shape a local energy revolution in Puerto Rico?

In this second of a special three part series, Host Bill Nussey travels to Puerto Rico and talks with Rocky Mountain Institute’s (RMI), Roy Torbert. Listen as Roy tells us how the RMI team fostered powerful partnerships to craft long-term, resilient, community based electricity solutions using solar microgrids for schools in remote parts of the island.
11/12/201927 minutes, 9 seconds
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After Maria: How solar microgrids are helping remote mountain schools in Puerto Rico stay open during outages.

In this first of a special three part series, Host Bill Nussey travels to Puerto Rico to visit with community leaders, teachers, and a team of energy specialists who banded together to bring more reslileint power to schools in the island’s remote mountain towns using an innovative local energy solution, solar microgrids, making electricity more resilient against future mega-storms as well as the all too frequent shorter outages.
11/5/201924 minutes, 28 seconds
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Jereme Kent: Can small-scale distributed wind allow companies to embrace clean energy and lower the electric bills at the same time?

In this episode, Freeing Energy Podcast Host Sam Easterby talks with Jereme Kent, founder and CEO of Ohio based One Energy.  Jereme shares his journey from the biggest utility scale wind projects in the United States to the complex world of behind the meter wind energy focused on industrial users and how new distributed energy models allow those users to save on one of their biggest expenses: energy.  
10/22/201937 minutes, 6 seconds
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Peter Heintzelman: Can electric membership cooperatives light the way for clean local energy in the utility industry?

In this episode, host Bill Nussey talks with Peter Heintzelman, CEO of Cobb EMC, one of the largest electric membership cooperatives (EMC) in the United States.  Peter helps us understand the historical importance of EMCs, how the membership driven model gives them more flexibility than larger shareholder owned utilities, and the early steps some pioneering EMCs are taking towards clean, local energy.
10/8/201942 minutes, 52 seconds
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Emily Morris: Can distributed hydropower provide clean local energy 24/7 without expensive dams?

Host Bill Nussey talks with Emily Morris, the founder and CEO of Emrgy, about a radical new approach to hydropower that skips building expensive infrastructure like dams, provides a continuous source of clean local electricity and opens up new revenue streams for customers. It’s called distributed hydro and it’s here now.
9/24/201945 minutes, 53 seconds
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Alan Russo: Can artificial intelligence turbocharge local energy?

Host Bill Nussey talks with Alan Russo, Chief Revenue Officer for California based STEM.  Alan’s company is using AI to transform how energy is stored and consumed and even allows organizations to provide revenue-generating services back to the bigger grid.
9/10/201937 minutes, 7 seconds
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Mike Dudgeon: An insider’s guide to navigating the state politics of clean energy policy.

Hosts Bill Nussey and Sam Easterby team up to interview Mike Dudgeon, Policy director for Georgia’s Lieutenant Governor.  Mike offers an insider’s view on how key renewable energy legislation moved from concept to law in his state and tips on how others can follow suit.
8/27/201933 minutes, 14 seconds
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Bill Nussey and Sam Easterby: Separating fact from fiction about renewable energy.

Hosts Bill Nussey and Sam Easterby dig into the debate swirling around renewable energy.  Learn about the facts and fiction behind toxic waste, landfills, and insufficient land arguments leveled against renewable energy.
8/13/201921 minutes, 42 seconds
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Anya Schoolman and Solar United Neighbors: Can we change the future of energy at the community level?

Freeing Energy Podcast Host Sam Easterby talks with Anya Schoolman, the founder and Executive Director of Solar United Neighbors.  Listen and learn about SUN programs centered on energy rights, how those rights can be leveraged to save money, support clean energy, and fundamentally change our energy system at the community level.
7/30/201934 minutes, 33 seconds
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Paul Gibbs & Paul Grana – Folsom Labs: Can software help accelerate adoption of Solar Power?

Folsom Lab founders Paul Gibbs and Paul Grana talk with Host Bill Nussey about how their easy to use software tools help solar power system installers keep pace with demand and create projects that are profitable, safe, and competitive.
7/16/201930 minutes, 34 seconds
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Marc Perez: Can we capture more sunshine and save big on energy storage?

Host Bill Nussey talks with Marc Perez of Clean Power Research about their groundbreaking research for the State of Minnesota. That study reveals how optimizing solar capacity and battery storage can help solve seasonal energy demand, save on energy storage costs and still be cost competitive with fossil fuel based generation sources.
7/2/201920 minutes, 9 seconds
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Finn Findley and Will Arnold – Quest Renewables: Can 1 Billion Parking Spots Help Power The US?

In this podcast, Host Bill Nussey talks with Quest Renewables’ CEO Finn Findley and Senior Vice President of Sales, Will Arnold, about the enormous potential of solar canopies for land that is already paved and how the innovative designs and construction techniques from Quest Renewables are changing how we think about parking lots.
6/18/201932 minutes, 47 seconds
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Steve Kalland and Autumn Proudlove: The Fifty States of Solar, EVs, and the Grid.

In this podcast, Host Bill Nussey talks with Steve Kalland and Autumn Proudlove, from the preeminent North Carolina State University Clean Energy Technology Center, about how and why they track legislation in all 50 States affecting energy, what is on the legislative agenda, and what it means for the transition to clean energy.   
6/4/201935 minutes, 49 seconds
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Dr. Deepak Divan: The century-old grid is evolving. How will we manage it?

The electrical grid of the future will seem like a bustling bazaar with millions of clean energy generation sources, all interconnected in a complex web.  How can we possibly coordinate all these disparate resources, while ensuring our electricity remains safe, reliable, and affordable? The answer, in part, is an under-appreciated technology called power electronics, which sit invisibly inside everything from solar inverters to electric vehicles.  In this episode of the Freeing Energy Podcast, host Bill Nussey talks with Dr. Deepak Divan, Director of the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Center for Distributed Energy, about the role of power electronics and his view of the future grid as a digitized and decentralized ecosystem that we will all have a role in sustaining.  
5/21/201936 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Jeff Chamberlain: Are batteries the final puzzle piece for a clean energy grid?

In this episode of the Freeing Energy Podcast, Host Bill Nussey talks with a founder and CEO of Volta Energy Technologies, Jeff Chamberlain. Listen and learn how this renowned scientist is using a secret sauce to turn early stage disruptive technologies into commercial successes for energy storage and the new world of clean energy.
5/7/201938 minutes, 27 seconds
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Andy Klump: Inside China’s impact on the global renewable energy business.

The clean energy industry is global, very intricate, and increasingly dependent on China. But, one American and his Shanghai-based firm Clean Energy Associates is helping firms around the world navigate this modern day "silk road".  Listen as guest Andy Klump gives us a recap of his two-decade journey through the evolution of this industry: the role of China; why quality, supply networks, and innovation matter; and where this journey is leading the world.
4/23/201938 minutes, 44 seconds
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Bill Nussey: The clean energy renaissance and what it means for all of us.

The Times they are a changin. Remember that Dylan song? Well, we are at the beginning of a massive change in one of the biggest industries on earth: the business of electricity.  Freeing Energy Project founder Bill Nussey takes us through this change, what lessons history teaches us, the opportunities ahead and how this change will affect us all.
4/9/201936 minutes, 22 seconds
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Susan Kennedy: The future of energy will be distributed, digitized, and much, much smarter

The grid, passive grids, microgrids, islanding, renewable resources, and reliability…. how we get and manage our electricity is complex. In this podcast, Susan Kennedy, the founder and CEO of energy-tech company AMS, takes us on a tour of this complex world and explains how the future of energy will be distributed, digitized, and much smarter than today.
3/26/201922 minutes, 17 seconds
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February Clean Energy Headlines - Green New Deal

Hosts Sam Easterby and Bill Nussey discuss the biggest clean energy headlines of February 2019 including a deep dive on the Green New Deal, the world's largest battery, and some questionable fossil fuel lobbying.
3/19/201928 minutes, 14 seconds
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Greg Robinson: Learn how you can have clean renewable energy 24/7.

The grid. It’s that giant thing that brings electricity into our homes. Well, right now the electrical grid is a 135 year old behemoth that is tightly controlled by Governments and giant utilities. But, that is changing and changing fast. Now, individuals and businesses have access to clean renewable energy 24/7.    Listen and learn as Host Bill Nussey talks to Greg Robinson, the CEO and co-founder of Drift. Drift has built the first real-time green energy-trading platform, and it's the only digital tool that can fuel the electrical grid with 100% renewable energy, 100% of the time.  
3/12/201933 minutes, 10 seconds
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Amar Inamdar: One man's journey to end energy poverty.

What do elephants have to do with clean local energy?  In this episode of the Freeing Energy Podcast hear the inspiring story of how a passionate wildlife biologist on the frontier in Kenya is pioneering ways to bring electricity to some 600 million people in Africa. Host Bill Nussey talks with Amar Inamdar of KawiSafi Ventures about his journey. Learn how he is using a venture capital investment model and clean local renewable energy to close the energy gap on the continent.  
2/26/201929 minutes, 31 seconds
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Mary Anne Hitt: How A Grassroots Organization Stopped Coal Burning Power Plants

Why are so many coal burning power plants shutting down? Part of the reason is economics. But in this Freeing Energy Podcast, hear how a powerful grassroots movement used data to help spur the big shift. Host Bill Nussey talks with Mary Anne Hitt, Director of the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign.
2/12/201933 minutes, 16 seconds
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Chris Riley: A Coal Miner's Son Takes on a Giant Utility

What happens when Local Energy Champions are determined to find a solution? In this second part of a two-part series, Freeing Energy host Bill Nussey talks with Chris Riley of Guzman Energy. Listen as Chris talks about finding that solution and how growing up in a coal mining town shaped his thinking.
1/29/201925 minutes, 30 seconds
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Luis Reyes: David Takes on Goliath in Local Energy

How did David stand up to Goliath? In this modern-day take, hear the story about how two local energy champions in Taos, New Mexico, took on a giant utility. Bill Nussey talks to Luis Reyes in the first part of this special two-part series about how Kit Carson Electric Coop and Guzman Energy joined forces to bring clean solar energy to their community.
1/15/201921 minutes, 13 seconds
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Bill Nussey: Tech CEO Turned Local Energy Leader

Why on earth would anyone leave a career as a proven, successful software CEO for the unknown world of clean, renewable energy? On the first episode of The Freeing Energy Podcast, founder Bill Nussey and co-host Sam Easterby dive into the details of Bill's personal journey in the world of local, decentralized energy - and where he sees that journey taking him.
1/9/201932 minutes, 46 seconds