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E 15 Mathias Jakobsen - ThnkClrly Creator | The Framing Podcast

Creative work can be difficult to define and categorize, after all what you’re doing has never been done before. So when Mathias Jakobsen was hired at SYPartners in NYC to imagine a way to have learning be part of the company culture, needless to say there was no use case, roadmap or an appropriate “job title” and that is just the beginning. 

Mathias Jakobsen is the creator of Think Clearly. Born in Denmark, he founded his first company at age 15, building digital solutions for companies. Powered by digital, he later branched into fashion journalism and photography before moving to New York City, where he worked as a life coach and consultant for startup CEOs and corporate executives. He has worked with Bloomberg, Google, The New York Times, Carrot Creative, Holstee, Coca-Cola, Pratt, The Wharton School, CUNY, FiftyThree and many more. Mathias has a M.Sc. degree from Aarhus University, Denmark. SOME QUESTIONS I ASKED: * Why don’t you have a title at work? * What skills do you thin
08/07/20171 hour 1 minute 53 seconds
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E 14 Helen Tremethick - Brand-Voice Strategist and Copywriter | The Framing Podcast

Have you ever read something and felt like it was speaking directly to you? Or have you visited a website that was co compelling it made you want to buy that product or service? This week we bring creativity to life with Helen Tremethick. She craft’s your authentic brand voice, which leads to more sales for you. About Helen: 
Online communication isn’t about magic formulas or some secret stuffed into a fill-in-the-blanks template. It’s a careful balance of truth and nuance. People choose you, just as my clients choose me. And because I think backstory is important, here’s a little more about me: I built The Communications Distillery with a proprietary blend of background in communications and my experience in the non-profit sector. I’m that person who has held every imaginable position from volunteer to Executive Director, and facilitated everything from visioning and strategic planning sessions to Board Development days. Though I’ve amassed years of formal education, my pride i
11/06/201752 minutes 16 seconds
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E 13 Bari Tessler - Financial Therapist, Coach & mama-Preneur | The Framing Podcast

It’s said that you should never talk about Politics or Religion. Well, I would also add money to that list, money is the leading cause of stress, and fights in marriages according to a CNBC article. Your upbringing, culture, life experience, social status, and even race all play a part in our individual comfort level when it comes to earning, spending, saving, giving and talking about money. So to bring a little levity and love to the topic I invited my friend and Author, Financial Therapist and Coach Bari Tessler to my podcast to talk about her new book “The Art Of Money” In this episode, you will learn how to bring creativity to our relationship with money. 
Bari Tessler Linden, MA, is a Financial Therapist, Mentor Coach and Mama-preneur. Bari’s gentle, body-centered approach weaves together personal, couple, and creative entrepreneurial money teachings into one complete tapestry. She is the founder of The Art of Money: a global, year-long money school, which integrates Money Healin
23/05/20171 hour 2 minutes 58 seconds
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E 12 Hamza Khan - Splash Effect | The Framing Podcast

Born in New York and raised in Toronto, Hamza Khan is a multi-award winning marketer, accomplished entrepreneur, and dynamic keynote speaker. He is making waves as the co-founder of Splash Effect, a boutique digital marketing & creative agency which has helped more than 50+ clients that do good, to do better. He has worked with leading institutions and forward-thinking brands such as the Rotman School of Management, Restaurants Canada, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, Hootsuite, University of Toronto, RBC, and PepsiCo. He is also the Co-Founder of SkillsCamp, a soft skills training company. His newly created non-profit, Resilient 100, aims at building resilience capacity in young change leaders. Through his consulting, writing, teaching and speaking, Hamza empowers people and businesses to transform ideas into reality. He is a faculty member at Seneca College and Ryerson University, teaching courses on digital marketing and social media. He is a two-time TEDx speaker and is regul
12/05/201754 minutes 24 seconds
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E 11 Amanda Parris - CBC Arts Exhibitionists & Marvin’s Room | The Framing Podcast

Amanda Parris is the host of CBC Arts’ weekly TV and online series, Exhibitionists, and CBC Radio 2's Marvin's Room. Parris is an educator, accomplished actor and playwright. Descended from Grenadian and Venezuelan ancestry, Parris was born in London, England and raised on the south side of Jane Street in Toronto. Her plays have been staged at numerous theatre festivals in Canada and internationally. Over the course of her career, Parris has worked at The Remix Project and she is the co-founder of the alternative education organization Lost Lyrics. Most recently, she created The Ride or Die Project, a multi-platform initiative that produces creative content inspired by women supporting loved ones who are incarcerated. Parris studied theatre at The Lee Strasberg Institute of Film and Theatre, Theatre Ontario, b current and York University and recently completed her M.A. degree in the Sociology of Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. Her curriculum work was publi
05/05/201737 minutes 27 seconds
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E 10 Karlyn Percil - Elephant Stories | The Framing Podcast

“I believe when women know who they really are when they truly love themselves, they make better decisions and live a purpose-driven, passionate life they really love.” - Karlyn Percil - Success Coach & Elephant Stories I am passionate about women – As someone who have fought for her right to be beautiful, to achieve her goals and dreams in life, to break free of the glass ceiling I allowed life’s circumstances to place on me – I have done some incredible things – from launching my day planner, opening myself up to give & receive love, to hosting my own Talk Show – & the truth is I have only just began! I am living my boldest, biggest dreams. 
 SOME QUESTIONS I ASKED: * What is your first day as an entrepreneur like? * The inspiration behind her success planner? * How do you move forward if you want certainty? 
IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT: * Learning to climb with caution * How her parents influenced her life today * What Karlyn learned from her dad’s job as a farmer * Abou
29/04/201753 minutes 42 seconds
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E 09 Stuart Knight - Powerful Conversations | The Framing Podcast

Stuart Knight is an award winning entrepreneur, critically acclaimed author, and hit producer. He has written, produced and starred in live presentations that have been seen by over one million people and each year speaks internationally helping some of the world’s biggest companies reach new levels of success. When he is not on the road speaking, you may have seen or heard him on some of Canada’s biggest TV and Radio stations where he is often asked for his expert opinion on high level communication. He is the author of two profound books, You Should Have Asked – The Art of Powerful Conversation and The Madness of My Mind. He is also the founder of one Canada’s biggest speaking extravaganzas called The Top Ten Event, which has garnered over twenty million media impressions.
21/04/20171 hour 3 minutes 30 seconds
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E 08 Len Henry - Founder Director of Delectant Life/Style | The Framing Podcast

Len Henry is a fashion expert, consultant, creative director and producer. He is the Founder Director of Delectant Life/Style. 
Len has traveled extensively across Canada, the U.S., Europe and the Far East, creating events for brands such as: Joseph Abboud, Absolut, Aveda, The Bay, Bench, Benneton, the City of Toronto, Civello, Esprit, La Senza, Northbound Leather, Levis, Parasuco, Puma, Paul Smith, Smirnoff, The Toronto Fashion Incubator; Canadian Living, Elle, GQ, Fashion and Flare. He found early success as a maestro of grand scale productions: Matinee Fashion Ready-To-Wear Canadian spring and fall collections; StreetStyle, a two-day, alternative fashion, street festival; LuminaTO/Harbourfront Centre Fashion Stylist Competition; and multi-media events: Smirnoff International Fashion Awards, BBPA’s Harry Jerome Awards, Women in Film and Television – Toronto’s Crystal Awards, South African Women for Women Awards and Canadian Living Magazine’s Me To We Awards. He has won numerous awa
15/04/20171 hour 8 minutes 54 seconds
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E 07 Melissa Ramos - Sexy Food Therapy | The Framing Podcast

As a Nutritionist focusing on Chinese Nutrition Therapy and owner of Sexy Food Therapy Inc., Melissa Ramos’ helps people feel sexy from the inside out with a focus on digestion and hormone imbalances. She is a regular expert on CTV's The Social, has been a TED speaker and has been named one of Canada’s up-and-coming health and wellness stars by FLARE magazine. Ramos is an official health writer for Huffington Post and has appeared on CBC’s, Steven & Chris, CHUM and Virgin Radio. Her popular “Quickie” newsletter videos provide people with an opportunity to get their weekly fix by offering food, supplement and lifestyle tips in an unconventional but engaging way. Melissa’s passion is infectious and her continual dedication is to inspire, empower and motivate as many women throughout the globe. SOME QUESTIONS I ASKED: * How did you get into TCM * When did you start creating videos on YouTube * How have Instagram stories and live video change the game * How much of your real life do you b
08/04/201750 minutes 43 seconds
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E 06 Sathish Bala - DesiFEST | The Framing Podcast

Sathish Bala is an entrepreneur, mentor, and Founder of DesiFEST. Basically, he is a serial entrepreneur, that loves finding new problems to solve, developing deep relationships with partners and clients and challenging his fears. As a 'digital' native with a drive to understand real human connection and behaviour Sathish blends uncommon worlds as he creates new realities with music and business. SOME QUESTIONS I ASKED: How has your early childhood shaped who you are today Was creativity valued in Singapore How did you translate skills from being a DJ into business success Do young people understand they are handing out flyers What was your first job What did you learn from your first job that you still use today IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT: What make Sathish tick How he overcame shyness The real reason he created DesiFEST How DesiFEST was inspired by his experiences growing up. What he wants out of life What it was like being caned in school What do I really believe r
01/04/201753 minutes 10 seconds
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E 05 Mark Campbell - North Side Hip-Hop | The Framing Podcast

Recognizing the potential for hip hop to transcend intergenerational barriers, Dr. Mark Campbell, Ontario Certified school teacher and Professor at Ryerson University, and his team, created the Northside Hip Hop Archive (NSHH) and a series of accompanying archival exhibits to re-engage students at all grade levels and preserve an integral piece of Canadian history. The NSHH is intended to be a tool to produce engaging, new curriculum content for school boards across Canada. The “I Was There” project celebrates the accomplishments of little-known hip-hop legends in Canada, adding personalised archival collections and narration to the existing archival content on This year’s exhibits will be held in Montreal, Saskatoon, Hamilton and Toronto. Participants have included legendary Canadian names in hip hop such as: Dalton Higgins, Citizen Kane, Ghetto Concept, Michie Mee, Kardi, K’naan, Dream Warriers, Saukrates, Shad, DJ Ron Nelson, Leon’ Eklipz’ Robinson, DJ Kool Herc a
24/03/201742 minutes 21 seconds
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E 04 Duane Jones - Art Pays Me | The Framing Podcast

Duane was born and raised in Bermuda and moved to Halifax to pursue a degree in Communication Design at the Nova Scotia Scotia College of Art and Design. He's worked as an artist and designer since graduating from NSCAD in 2004. Comic book art influenced a lot of Duane's early creative work. Later in life, hip hop and Swiss design would also have an impact. SOME QUESTIONS I ASKED: How did you find your creative voice? Finish this sentence... Broke “_____” What were some challenges you faced with launching a clothing line How did you bridge Art and commerce as a creative business owner How do you start a conversation with a client to try something different Have you ever made a decision from your gut without research to back it up? IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT: Why he says Go big or Go home About his frustration with the creative industry How he came up with Art Pays Me and the Woke collection What happens in life when you focus? What if a designer was at the head of a co
17/03/201743 minutes 13 seconds
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E 03 Kiana "ROOKZ" Eastmond - Sandbox Studios | The Framing Podcast

Rookz is an unlikely business woman. Leaving home at the age os 14 and then dropping out of school in Grade 9. She is an unlikely success story, which makes her achievements all the more compelling. From working on a worm farm to sleeping on couches to giving up her dog - Nothing was going to hold her back from success... OUR GUEST Kiana 'ROOKZ' Eastmond: @rookzie In 2012, Kiana 'Rookz' Eastmond had just closed her first major business transaction with Drake for Rocnation after a whirlwind summer as an artist manager for one of Toronto's most recognised female vocalist. The success she was experiencing lead her to work with Raekwon, Kardinal Offishall, Vivian Scott Chew and many others. It was at that time that she was able to recognise that there was no infrastructure developed in Canada for the successful growth of Urban artists. It was that deficit in a country full of talent that inspired Kiana to open Sandbox Studios. SOME QUESTIONS I ASKED What does creativity mean to you? W
10/03/201746 minutes 50 seconds
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E 02 Dwayne Matthews - The Strategic Parent Experience | The Framing Podcast

How do you double your child’s success in school using “The Strategic Parent Experience” Dwayne has a FREE e-course to show you exactly how to do just that. Dwayne Matthews is a life and education strategist, founder at, and creator of “The Strategic Parent Experience™” He helps parents and teachers understand big changes in curriculum and how to help their children thrive in the next 20 years. • • • • • If you enjoyed this episode, check out show notes, video, and more at or Get it on the GO! *New episodes every Monday KEEP UP WITH RICARDO TW and IG: @RicardoMcRae
03/03/20171 hour 3 minutes 32 seconds
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E 01 Tanya Geisler - The Imposter Complex | The Framing Podcast

Tanya Geisler is a Leadership Coach and this episode we uncover the "12 Lies of The Imposter Complex" "The voice in our head stops your achieving greatness and your creativity." Tanya Geisler is Leadership Coach (CPCC) with a penchant for clarity and an abhorrence of the Impostor Complex. She’s coached hundreds of high-performers combat the Impostor Complex so they can step into the starring roles of their lives and achieve their ultimate goals. If you enjoyed this episode, check out show notes, video, and more at: or get The Framing Podcast on the GO!: *New episode every Monday*
24/02/20171 hour 10 minutes 25 seconds
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E 00 Ricardo McRae - What is The Framing Podcast

What is The Framing Podcast all about? I explain why I created it and what you can expect in upcoming episodes. SHOW RESOURCES: All the resources are available here: SUBSCRIBE USING YOUR FAVOURITE PLATFORM iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher Radio | TuneIn Radio | Spreaker *New Episode Every Monday*
11/02/20172 minutes 33 seconds