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Are you ready to grow your floral business not only in profits but in creativity and fulfillment? Listen as Jeni Becht a wedding and event designer of over 25 years shares all the juicy details of growing and evolving her floral business into one of passion, purpose, and financial freedom. She shares all the secrets with actionable tips and strategies so you can wake up inspired and on a path to profitability while feeling lighter and more aligned in work and life. Join Jeni in building your business while ditching the overwhelm, avoiding burnout, and feeling fulfilled in work and life.
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Redefining Floral Design: Inside Blue Blossom Academy's Silk Flower Revolution

Welcome to the latest episode of the Floral Hustle Podcast! In this episode, your host Jeni sits down with Jacqueline from Blue Blossom Academy and Blue Blossom Rentals. They dive into an exciting new opportunity that promises to disrupt the floral industry: launching a silk flower rental business. Jacqueline shares her journey from finance to floristry, the creation of her successful silk flower rental business, and the benefits of investing in high-quality silk flowers.Highlights:Jacqueline’s unique transition from a career in finance and medicine to becoming a floral industry innovator.The inception of Blue Blossom Academy and the decision to specialize in high-quality silk flower rentals.Detailed insights into why investing in high-quality silk flowers is crucial for attracting luxury brides and creating stunning, realistic designs.The advantages of combining fresh and artificial flowers for profitable and low-stress event setups.Jacqueline’s strategic approach to business, focusing on eliminating overheads and maximizing profit.The heartwarming story behind the business’s mission to support single mothers and orphans.Jacqueline’s comprehensive courses, including the upcoming permanent installations course.Special Offer:Exciting news! If you purchase Jacqueline's course through our special link and use the code HUSTLE, you'll receive a free one-hour coaching session with Jeni. This is a unique opportunity to enhance your floral business skills, whether you're focusing on silk flowers or looking for general business coaching.Follow and Connect:Instagram: Blue Blossom Academy – Follow for personal videos, course details, and FAQs.Website: Blue Blossom Rentals – Visit for more information on courses and to explore the Blue Blossom Academy.About the Guest:Jacqueline, the founder of Blue Blossom Academy and Blue Blossom Rentals, is an innovator in the floral industry. Her passion for flowers and dedication to helping others led her to create a highly profitable silk flower rental business. Jacqueline’s courses provide step-by-step guidance on creating stunning, realistic floral designs that attract luxury brides and maximize profits.Key Quotes:"I knew immediately if I was going to do this, I was not interested in the DIY weddings, the farm weddings. I wanted to do high-end luxury weddings.""How can I make these arches smaller so a mother can do it? I really thought about someone like me.""One rental pays for the course. You're always going to do better with more information, saving years of time learning it, and a lot of money from hard lessons."Call to Action:Ready to revolutionize your floral business? Visit the link in the show notes, use the code HUSTLE, and sign up for Jacqueline's course today. Don't miss this chance to elevate your business with high-quality silk flower rentals and receive personalized coaching from Jeni!
6/19/202444 minutes, 13 seconds
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When Everything Went Wrong: Lessons from a Chaotic Wedding Weekend - Mini Episode

In this week's episode of The Floral Hustle podcast, Jeni shares her experience from a chaotic weekend with five weddings. From unexpected weather issues in Ecuador affecting rose supplies to logistical challenges and last-minute changes, Jeni delves into the importance of preparation, communication, and adaptability in the floral business. Tune in to learn valuable lessons and strategies for handling multiple events and ensuring client satisfaction even when everything seems to go wrong.Timestamped Highlights:[00:00:00] IntroductionJeni welcomes listeners and introduces the topic: managing a hectic five-wedding weekend.[00:00:53] The Importance of PreparationDiscusses the impact of inadequate preparation and how creating space in the schedule can improve profitability and efficiency.[00:01:28] Dealing with Supplier IssuesA freeze in Ecuador affects rose supply; Jeni explains how she navigated sourcing issues with her wholesalers and the importance of having backup plans.[00:02:32] Adapting to Shipping ChangesChanges in wholesaler shipping schedules cause delays. Jeni emphasizes the need for early preparation and understanding of supplier logistics.[00:03:54] Handling Delivery DelaysStrategies for managing late deliveries and keeping freelance workers productive despite unforeseen delays.[00:04:48] Communication with FreelancersThe significance of open communication with freelancers to ensure team morale and address any underlying issues.[00:06:02] Setting Up Efficiently with Fiber FloralChallenges with using fiber floral for installations and the importance of proper training and SOPs for team members.[00:08:02] Hydrangea Sourcing MishapResolving a major issue with missing hydrangeas by quickly sourcing from multiple wholesalers and ensuring accurate inventory checks.[00:09:18] Navigating New StructuresOvercoming difficulties with a new event structure and the importance of mock-ups and proper staffing during setups.[00:11:12] Managing Water Retention in Floral FoamLessons learned from using fiber floral in vertical structures and ensuring proper water drainage to avoid issues.[00:12:08] Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)The necessity of having a detailed SOP book for consistent processes and clear communication within the team.[00:13:15] Dealing with AccidentsJeni shares an incident involving a U-Haul and the importance of staying calm and focused during crises.[00:14:04] ConclusionJeni reflects on the weekend’s challenges and successes, reiterating her love for the floral industry and the resilience it requires.Key Takeaways:Preparation and creating space in your schedule are crucial for managing multiple events.Always have backup plans and understand the logistics of your suppliers.Open communication and clear SOPs are essential for team efficiency and morale.Flexibility and quick problem-solving skills are vital in the floral industry.Listen Now: Subscribe to The Floral Hustle podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your favorite podcast platform to never miss an episode. Join our community of flower enthusiasts and stay updated with the latest tips and stories from the floral world.
6/17/202415 minutes, 42 seconds
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Everything you need to know about Farmer-Florist Bootcamp

Welcome! Today, Liz Fiedler from Sunny Mary Meadow podcast is joining Jeni from the Floral Hustle podcast to discuss their upcoming Farmer Florist Boot Camp. This workshop is designed to equip flower farmers and florists with the skills and confidence to seamlessly integrate wedding services into their businesses. Tune in to learn about the essentials of bridal consultations, pricing, contract management, and hands-on floral design techniques.Timestamps:[00:00:02] Introduction[00:00:26] Meet Jeni from the Floral Hustle podcast[00:01:19] Parallel passions and bridging the education gap[00:02:54] Expanding services: From farming to floral design[00:05:21] Wedding budgets and the ala carte approach[00:07:19] Streamlining processes and consultations[00:11:20] Gaining confidence and improving skills[00:14:44] Managing expectations and client relationships[00:17:17] Practical advice: Weather, substitutions, and setting boundaries[00:24:05] Essential contract clauses and handling liability[00:29:16] Building relationships with local florists[00:32:14] Workshop details: Dates, location, and agenda[00:34:41] Workshop value and expectationsKey Takeaways:Boot Camp Overview: Liz and Jeni explain the need for this workshop, targeting both flower farmers and florists interested in enhancing their wedding floral services.Bridal Consultations: Learn the importance of setting clear expectations, role-playing scenarios, and handling the administrative side of wedding services.Pricing and Contracts: Get insights into effective pricing strategies, understanding market value, and protecting yourself with well-crafted contracts.Hands-On Techniques: Discover the essential skills needed for creating stunning bridal bouquets and other wedding florals using local flowers.Confidence Building: Understand the role of confidence in client interactions and how it can significantly impact your business growth.Workshop Details: Join Liz and Jeni on July 8-9 at Sunny Mary Meadow Farm for an immersive experience that promises to elevate your floral business.Links Mentioned:Farmer Florist Boot Camp Registration: Register HereContact Information:Liz Fiedler: EmailJeni (Floral Hustle): [email protected] Us:Sunny Mary Meadow on Instagram: @‌SunnyMaryMeadowThe Floral Hustle on Instagram: @‌TheFloralHustle
6/12/202438 minutes, 51 seconds
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How to Pull off Multiple Weddings in a Weekend

Welcome to the Floral Hustle Podcast! In this week's minisode, our host Jen dives into the strategies and tips for managing multiple events in a single weekend, a feat that amazes many freelancers and new florists alike. If you're looking to scale your floral business and efficiently handle several events, this episode is packed with valuable insights.Episode Highlights:Solid Relationships with Wholesalers:Building strong relationships with reliable wholesalers is crucial.Jen shares a personal experience where she had to quickly source 600 roses due to an issue with her order.Importance of maintaining a positive relationship with suppliers, even when things go wrong.Effective Planning and Organization:Jen emphasizes the need to be a "planning ninja" and master of chaos.Detailed breakdown of how to estimate time for various tasks and plan your week accordingly.Tips for creating a realistic timeline, considering the slowest member of your team.The Power of a Supportive Team:Highlighting the necessity of having a dependable team to manage multiple events.Real-life example of how a strong team dynamic helped manage a busy weekend with over $30,000 in events.Encouragement to build relationships and network with other florists to create a supportive community.Building Flexibility into Contracts:Advice on negotiating with venues for flexible teardown times.Importance of cultivating relationships with venues to facilitate smoother operations.Dedicated Workspace:Jen shares her experience of using a spacious garage solely for flower storage and preparation.Discussion on the importance of separating business space from personal space to avoid burnout.Achieving Business Growth:Strategies for scaling your business to over $100,000 by managing multiple events.Jen's insights on balancing workload and ensuring sustainability in business growth.Key Takeaways:Foster Strong Vendor Relationships: Be kind, supportive, and maintain good communication with your wholesalers.Plan Meticulously: Use past experiences to estimate task durations and create a detailed timeline for the week.Build a Reliable Team: Network with other florists and create a dependable team to manage workload efficiently.Negotiate with Venues: Establish good relationships with venues for flexible event management.Create a Dedicated Workspace: Separate your work and personal spaces to ensure focus and prevent burnout.Aim for Sustainable Growth: Strategically manage multiple events to achieve significant business milestones.Tune In: Listen to the full episode to get an in-depth understanding of how to manage multiple events seamlessly and grow your floral business effectively. Don't miss out on the practical tips and real-life experiences shared by Jen.Subscribe and Share: If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe to the Floral Hustle Podcast and share it with fellow florists looking to scale their business. Stay tuned for more episodes packed with valuable insights and tips for florists!Contact Us: Have questions or topics you'd like us to cover? Reach out to us at [email protected] and join our community of flower enthusiasts and business builders.Social Media: Follow us on @thefloralhustle for more updates, tips, and inspiration.00:30 Managing Multiple Events in a Weekend01:11 The Importance of Reliable Wholesalers01:56 Building Strong Relationships with Suppliers03:47 Effective Planning and Time Management05:15 The Power of a Supportive Team08:14 Creating a Dedicated Workspace
6/10/202410 minutes, 52 seconds
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All things productivity and scaling with Courtney from Coneflower Designs

Welcome back, flower friends! 🌸 Today, we have a special guest, Courtney from Coneflower Designs, a successful floral business owner who started her journey at Texas A&M University. Courtney shares her inspiring story, from creating wedding flowers for friends to running a thriving floral business. Tune in to discover valuable insights on navigating the floral industry, managing client relationships, and embracing innovation.Key Takeaways:Courtney's Floral Journey: Learn how Courtney turned her passion for horticulture into a flourishing business, Coneflower Designs, specializing in weddings and events since 2018.Business Insights: Courtney discusses the importance of staying true to your vision, even when faced with challenging clients or planners. She emphasizes the value of maintaining a positive and respectful approach in all interactions.Innovative Solutions: Discover Courtney's approach to streamlining floral operations with tools like the flower library and her famous lazy Susan racetrack. These innovations enhance efficiency and organization in her studio.Expanding Revenue Streams: In response to a slow year, Courtney launched new initiatives like coaching calls, a flower library, and an Amazon storefront. She shares tips on diversifying income and adapting to market changes.Dealing with Challenges: Courtney candidly discusses handling negative feedback and difficult client relationships. She highlights the importance of setting boundaries and maintaining professional integrity.Supporting the Floral Community: Courtney advocates for a supportive floral community, sharing her knowledge openly and encouraging collaboration among florists.Connect with Courtney:Instagram: Coneflower DesignsFacebook: Coneflower DesignsWebsite: Coneflower DesignsResources Mentioned:Flower Library: A comprehensive guide to floral products and processing techniques.Amazon Storefront: Find Courtney's favorite floral tools and supplies.Stand Store: Access digital products and coaching sessions.Bennable: Explore products beyond Amazon, recommended by Courtney.Courtney's story is a testament to the power of perseverance, innovation, and community support in the floral industry. Whether you're a seasoned florist or just starting, this episode is packed with valuable tips and inspiration to help you thrive in your floral journey.Don't forget to subscribe to the Floral Hustle Podcast for more insightful episodes with industry experts! 🌺
6/5/202455 minutes, 14 seconds
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How to Overcome Anxiety and Thrive in Your Floral Business and Life - Mini Episode

Welcome to this week's minisode of the Floral Hustle Podcast! In this empowering episode, host Jen dives into a topic many florists face but rarely discuss openly: anxiety. Discover how to manage anxiety effectively and thrive both in your floral business and personal life. Jen shares personal stories and practical strategies to help you shift your mindset, take control of your reactions, and prioritize your well-being.Key Takeaways:Understanding the root causes of anxiety and how it can impact your floral business and life.Jen's perspective on anxiety as a choice and the importance of controlling your reactions.The significance of prioritizing self-care and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.Real-life experiences and challenges that shaped Jen's approach to managing anxiety.Practical tips for overcoming feelings of inadequacy, fear of failure, and external judgment.Encouragement to join supportive communities and seek coaching for personalized guidance.Highlights:[00:00:01] Introduction to the episode and the prevalence of anxiety among florists.[00:01:07] Jen's personal mantra: controlling actions and reactions.[00:02:12] The impact of anxiety on physical health and well-being.[00:04:14] Jen's transformative experience after becoming a mother and learning to prioritize.[00:06:36] Overcoming personal tragedies and choosing a positive mindset.[00:09:39] Handling stress and anxiety during busy wedding seasons.[00:11:22] The power of action in reducing anxiety and fostering self-confidence.[00:13:38] Encouragement to pause, reflect, and adopt a figureoutable attitude.[00:14:25] Invitation to join the Floral Hustle Facebook group and access coaching sessions.Join the Conversation: Are you struggling with anxiety in your floral business? Connect with like-minded flower friends in our supportive Facebook group. Share your experiences, seek advice, and find comfort in knowing you're not alone.Get Personalized Support: Interested in one-on-one coaching with Jen? Apply for a Business Breakthrough Coaching Session through the link in her Instagram bio. Gain insights and strategies tailored to your unique challenges and goals.Follow Us:Instagram: @thefloralhustleFacebook Group: Floral Hustle CommunitySubscribe & Review: If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe to the Floral Hustle Podcast and leave a review. Your feedback helps us reach more florists who are looking to grow their business and lead a better life.Thank you for tuning in, flower friends! Embrace a life free from anxiety and filled with beautiful blooms and endless possibilities. Have an amazing flower-filled weekend!
6/3/202416 minutes, 8 seconds
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Business Breakthrough - Wanting to grow your wedding floral business with Candi's Precious Petals

Episode Summary: In this episode of "Floral Business Breakthrough," Jeni welcomes Candi from Candi Specialist Petals, a fellow Minnesota-based florist, for a business coaching session. Candi shares her journey from managing daily floral orders to her aspirations of expanding into the wedding market. Tune in to hear valuable insights on balancing daily operations while pursuing larger wedding projects.Show Highlights:Introduction to Candi and Her Business (00:00:02):Meet Candi, owner of Candi Specialist Petals, based in the Twin Cities.Overview of Candi's current business model focusing on daily orders and her desire to grow her wedding business.Current Operations and Challenges (00:01:16):Candi manages 10-20 daily orders, seven days a week.Discussing the balance between daily deliveries and personal life.The impact of wire services like Teleflora and FTD on her business.Strategies for Transitioning to Weddings (00:09:04):Importance of having a dedicated wedding website or section on the existing site.Analyzing where daily orders are coming from and optimizing for profitability.Creating an a la carte wedding program to streamline smaller wedding orders.Marketing and SEO Tips (00:15:25):Enhancing the visibility of wedding services on the current website.Importance of SEO for a separate wedding site.Utilizing social media to attract wedding clients and showcase floral designs.Styled Shoots and Content Creation (00:21:06):Planning a styled shoot to build a portfolio of wedding work.Capturing high-quality photos and videos to use on websites and social media.Collaborating with venues and planners for impactful styled shoots.Building an Instagram Strategy (00:24:29):Creating a consistent posting schedule focusing on wedding content.Engaging with potential clients through themed posts like "Wedding Wednesday."Overcoming the fear of showing up on camera and connecting with the audience.Conclusion and Final Advice (00:29:04):Recap of the key takeaways for transitioning to a wedding-focused business.Encouragement and motivation for florists looking to expand their services.Follow Candi on social media for more floral inspiration and updates.Links Mentioned:Follow Candi on Instagram: Candi's Precious PetalsExamples of a la carte wedding programs: Native Poppy, Ergo FloralFind out more about Candi's business here -’t forget to follow us on @‌thefloralhustle and visit our website at for more resources and episode updates. If you enjoyed this episode, please leave us a review on Apple Podcasts!Thank you for tuning into The Floral Hustle. Join us next week for another insightful episode designed to help you bloom in the business of flowers! Want to be featured on a Biz Breakthrough Coaching Episode? Apply at
5/29/202428 minutes, 58 seconds
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Curious about using AI in your floral business? Listen here!

Episode Highlights:Introduction to AI in Floristry: Jen introduces the topic of AI and its potential to revolutionize floral businesses.ChatGPT Versions and Functionality: Explanation of the free and paid versions of ChatGPT and the benefits of using the paid version for more up-to-date data sets.Practical Uses of ChatGPT in a Floral Business: Using ChatGPT for writing Instagram captions, client emails, website copy, and other communications.Using ChatGPT for Social Media Content Creation: How to use images with ChatGPT to create Instagram captions and generate relevant hashtags.Generating Content Ideas with ChatGPT: Brainstorming post ideas and content topics for florists and wedding/event businesses.Streamlining Client Communication: Tips on using ChatGPT to respond to challenging client inquiries and maintain a positive tone.Efficiency and Productivity with AI: Importance of batching content to save time and using ChatGPT for writing professional, emotionally neutral emails.Setting Boundaries and Managing Client Expectations: Jen shares a personal story about setting business boundaries and using ChatGPT to communicate them effectively.Conclusion: Maximizing ROI with AI: Final thoughts on how AI can free up time for more impactful business activities and encouragement to embrace AI tools for business growth and efficiency.SEO Tips for Florists:Discover how AI can streamline your floral business operations.Learn to use ChatGPT for creating engaging social media content.Improve client communications with AI-generated responses.Save time and focus on high-ROI activities with AI tools.Links & Resources:Try ChatGPT - Explore the AI tool Jen recommends.Floral Hustle Instagram - Follow us for more tips and insights.Join Our Newsletter - Stay updated with the latest episodes and floral business strategies.Call to Action: Don’t forget to subscribe to the Floral Hustle podcast and leave a review if you found this episode helpful. Share your experiences using AI in your floral business on our Instagram page!‌[00:00:00] Introduction to AI in FloristryIntroduction to the topic of AI and its potential in the floral business.[00:00:46] ChatGPT Versions and FunctionalityExplanation of the free and paid versions of ChatGPT and their benefits.[00:01:27] Practical Uses of ChatGPT in a Floral BusinessExamples of using ChatGPT for writing Instagram captions, client emails, and website copy.[00:02:15] Using ChatGPT for Social Media Content CreationHow to use images with ChatGPT for creating Instagram captions and generating hashtags.[00:03:17] Generating Content Ideas with ChatGPTBrainstorming post ideas and content topics for florists and wedding/event businesses.[00:04:16] Streamlining Client CommunicationUsing ChatGPT to handle difficult client emails and maintaining professionalism.[00:06:35] Efficiency and Productivity with AIImportance of batching content and using ChatGPT to write emotionally neutral emails.[00:10:03] Setting Boundaries and Managing Client ExpectationsPersonal story on setting business boundaries and using ChatGPT for effective communication.[00:10:41] Conclusion: Maximizing ROI with AIEncouragement to use AI tools for business growth and efficiency.
5/27/202412 minutes, 15 seconds
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How to attract and build deeper relationships with wedding planners

Welcome to the Floral Hustle podcast! In this episode, your host Jen dives into strategies for attracting more wedding clients and maximizing your marketing investments. Listen in as Jen shares valuable insights from her Florist Foundations course, discussing why traditional wedding fairs might not be the best investment and how to effectively reach your ideal clients through strategic partnerships.Episode Highlights:Marketing Investments: Discover why investing your marketing dollars wisely can yield better results than traditional wedding fairs. Jen explains the importance of targeting venues and planners who are already in front of your ideal clients.Preferred Vendor Strategy: Learn how participating as a preferred vendor at venues can position you as an expert and attract clients who value your expertise and experience.Wedding Planner Relationships: Jen shares her top tips for building relationships with wedding planners, including:Interacting with planners on social media.Sending personalized messages and direct interactions.Utilizing snail mail for a unique and memorable touch.Hosting virtual coffee meetings to build rapport.Marketing Materials: Tips for creating impactful marketing materials like postcards and gift boxes to send to potential wedding planner partners.Styled Shoots: Understand the benefits of collaborating on styled shoots with planners to showcase your work and build relationships.Planner Patrol: Learn how to keep track of potential planners to collaborate with by organizing and saving their profiles for future outreach.Professionalism and Follow-Up: Emphasize the importance of professionalism in all interactions and follow-up communications to build long-term relationships with planners.Key Takeaways:Strategic marketing investments can lead to higher-quality leads and clients who value your services.Building relationships with wedding planners can significantly impact your business by connecting you with clients who have larger budgets and a greater appreciation for floral design.Consistent, meaningful interactions and thoughtful follow-ups are crucial for establishing and maintaining professional relationships.Thank you for tuning in to the Floral Hustle podcast! We hope these tips help you attract more wedding clients and grow your floral business. Have an amazing, flower-filled weekend!
5/22/202415 minutes, 35 seconds
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How to be consistent AF in your business

Welcome, flower friends, to another minisode of the Floral Hustle podcast with your host, Jen! 🌸 In this episode, Jen dives into the vital importance of consistency in both your floral business and personal life. From planning your week to tracking your progress, discover actionable tips and strategies to help you stay consistent and achieve your goals. Whether you're a seasoned florist or just starting out, these insights are designed to help you grow your business and find success.Episode Highlights:Introduction: Jen discusses the crucial role of consistency in achieving success in your floral business and personal life. (00:00:02)Consistency in Daily Life: How consistency has helped Jen with her daughter’s development and personal affirmations. (00:01:08)Sunday Night Prep: Jen's weekly routine to plan and organize her week, ensuring a smooth and productive schedule. (00:02:07)Measuring Progress: The importance of tracking your efforts and results to stay motivated and see your growth. (00:06:10)Chipping Away at Tasks: Breaking down large projects into manageable tasks using tools like Trello for consistent progress. (00:08:02)Keeping Promises to Yourself: How maintaining commitments to yourself boosts your confidence and drives success. (00:10:37)Motivation and Mindset: Tips on how to push through challenges and keep moving towards your goals. (00:11:37)Key Takeaways:Plan Your Week: Utilize a weekly prep routine to organize your tasks and ensure consistency.Track Your Progress: Create dashboards or scorecards to measure your social media, website metrics, and business growth.Break Down Projects: Use project management tools like Trello to divide large projects into smaller, manageable tasks.Keep Promises to Yourself: Building self-trust by honoring commitments you make to yourself.Stay Motivated: Embrace a growth mindset and push through challenges with determination.Resources Mentioned:Trello Episode: Learn more about how to use Trello for project management in our dedicated episode.Evernote App: Organize your thoughts and tasks with this handy app.Connect with Us:Instagram: Follow us for more tips and inspiration @‌FloralHustlePodcast
5/20/202414 minutes, 18 seconds
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Mastering Difficult Conversations with Clients

Welcome to another episode of the Floral Hustle Podcast! This episode delves into the sometimes-dreaded aspect of floral business management—having difficult conversations with clients. Whether you're dealing with unappealing aesthetic requests or handling clients with unrealistic budget expectations, Jen shares invaluable insights and practical advice to navigate these challenges smoothly.Key Highlights from This Episode:Declining Clients Tactfully: Learn how to say no to potential clients in a manner that is both professional and kind, avoiding potential backlash and maintaining your brand’s positive reputation.Handling Mismatched Aesthetics: Discover strategies for communicating with clients whose vision doesn’t align with your floral design style without diminishing their ideas.Addressing Budget Constraints: Gain tips on how to discuss budget limitations with clients, ensuring they understand the constraints and compromises involved without feeling dismissed.Navigating Family Pressures in Cultural Weddings: Hear about Jen’s personal experiences with cultural wedding pressures and learn strategies to assert your professional boundaries.Managing Low Budget Requests: Find out how to manage expectations for clients with limited budgets who desire extensive floral arrangements, including practical advice on steering them towards more realistic options.Utilizing Tools like ChatGPT: Jen discusses how leveraging AI tools like ChatGPT can aid in crafting well-worded responses to tricky situations, saving time and reducing stress.Live Coaching Series - Business Breakthroughs: Learn about the new series where Jen offers live coaching to help florists tackle their business challenges, providing real-time solutions and advice.Invitation to Listeners: If you're facing difficult conversations in your floral business or need help navigating business challenges, Jen invites you to join the Business Breakthroughs series. Apply through the link in the show notes for a chance to receive live coaching on the podcast!Final Thoughts: Jen wraps up the episode by encouraging all floral business owners to approach difficult conversations with confidence and tact. Remember, every challenging interaction is an opportunity to refine your communication skills and strengthen your business.Stay Flower-Powered! Thank you for tuning in. Don’t forget to subscribe for more insightful episodes aimed at helping you thrive in the floral industry. Have a flower-filled day!Subscribe to the Floral Hustle Podcast for more tips on growing your florist business, and don’t miss out on the opportunity for live coaching by applying through the show notes link.
5/15/202420 minutes, 26 seconds
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Mother's Day Debrief: Essentials for Every Florist's Success

Episode Overview: In this episode of the Floral Hustle Podcast, Jeni discusses the importance of assessing the success of major floral holidays like Mother's Day to prepare for future events. She emphasizes the need for florists to evaluate what worked, what didn’t, and how to effectively document and utilize this data to enhance business strategies.What You’ll Learn:Assessment Techniques: Strategies to gauge and measure the success of holiday sales and promotions.Documentation Importance: The significance of documenting every detail from holiday sales to better prepare for future events.Analytical Tools: How to use your website analytics and sales data to make informed decisions.Feedback Utilization: The role of continuous feedback in refining offerings and improving customer satisfaction.Planning Ahead: Tips on using past data to forecast and strategize for upcoming holidays.Key Moments:00:00: Introduction to post-holiday business assessment01:32: Overview of the holiday wrap-up guide available at Real-life experiences and insights on how specific products performed during Mother's Day05:47: The pitfalls of not documenting business activities and the advantages of having a structured plan07:01: The importance of web analytics in evaluating marketing effectiveness08:10: Strategies to increase web traffic and sales through targeted online advertising09:01: The benefits of immediate post-event analysis to capture accurate insights10:08: Encouraging feedback from team members to improve future holiday preparationsResources Mentioned:Holiday Wrap-Up Guide - A comprehensive resource to help florists analyze and plan their holiday strategies.Call to Action: Download the free Holiday Wrap-Up Guide from to start setting up your next holiday for success. Let Jeni help you transform your floral business insights into actionable strategies.Closing: Thank you for tuning in to the Floral Hustle Podcast. Remember to follow us for more insights on growing your floral business effectively. Have an amazing flower-filled day!
5/13/202412 minutes, 16 seconds
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How to understand if your marketing is working for you!

Welcome to another insightful episode of the Floral Hustle Podcast with your host, Jeni. This episode is a treasure trove for florists aiming to refine their marketing strategies and see tangible results. Whether you're a seasoned florist or just starting out, understanding the nuances of digital marketing is crucial to your business growth. Dive in as Jeni shares her firsthand experiences and practical tips to enhance your marketing effectiveness.What You'll Learn:Analyzing Marketing Effectiveness:Importance of tracking and analyzing website analytics.How to assess the value of different marketing channels including bridal associations, directories, and digital ads.Website Analytics Deep Dive:Understanding key metrics like impressions, click-through rates, and conversion metrics.How to interpret and use data from tools like Google Analytics and Wix reporting.Social Media Strategies:The significance of consistent posting and audience engagement on platforms like Instagram.Tips for increasing reach and following, and the patience required to see results.The Role of Networking in Marketing:Personal stories of how networking has directly impacted business growth.Strategies for making the most out of networking events and collaborations with wedding professionals.Real-world Applications and Results:Case studies from Jeni’s own experiences with different marketing strategies.Discussion on the effectiveness of paid directories and ads in the floral industry.Episode Highlights:Jeni's Marketing Review: Learn how Jeni evaluated her participation in a local bridal association and the insights gained from website traffic analysis.Marketing Metrics Explained: A breakdown of essential marketing metrics that every florist should monitor.Long-term Social Media Impact: Insights into the gradual yet impactful results of consistent social media marketing.Effective Networking Techniques: How unplanned networking opportunities can lead to significant business advancements.Don't miss out on these valuable insights that can transform your floral business. Tune in now to start mastering the art of marketing in the floral industry. Whether you’re refining your digital presence or strengthening your networking skills, this episode is your guide to more effective marketing and sustainable business growth.
5/8/202429 minutes, 57 seconds
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Having magnetic consultations - Mini Episode

Welcome to another empowering minisode of the Floral Hustle Podcast, where your host Jeni shares expert insights and real-life anecdotes to help florists thrive in their businesses. This week, we dive into the art of conducting magnetic consultations that not only charm your clients but also boost your bookings and business growth.Key Highlights:Building Client Relationships:Learn how to showcase your personality and creativity to forge strong connections with potential clients.Jeni discusses the importance of understanding and adapting to the client’s vision and how it can set the tone for a successful consultation.Expertise in Venue Challenges:Hear how Jeni handles logistical nightmares at complex venues, like the Mall of America, with confidence and expertise.Discover tips for navigating difficult setups and why familiarity with the venue can give you a competitive edge.Consultation Techniques:Jeni shares her approach to consultations, including how to position yourself as the undeniable best choice through confidence and competence.Insights into her closing strategies that help seal the deal with potential clients.Tailoring to Client Needs:Strategies for customizing your floral recommendations to align with both the client’s theme and the seasonality of the event.Anecdotes from recent consultations that illustrate how to adapt suggestions in real-time to meet client preferences.Handling Different Client Personalities:Tips on adjusting your approach based on the client’s personality, from the subdued to the dominant, ensuring a harmonious interaction that leads to positive outcomes.Maximizing Referrals and Repeat Business:Effective follow-up practices that keep you top of mind and encourage referrals.The importance of feedback loops and how they can be used to refine your consultation process and client experience.
5/6/202412 minutes, 31 seconds
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Business Breakthrough- Petal and Plume

Welcome to The Floral Hustle, the go-to podcast for florists and creative entrepreneurs! In today’s episode, we delve into a live coaching session with Whitley, a budding floral designer from Mississippi. Join us as Jeni, our host, helps Whitley navigate the complexities of starting and scaling a floral design business. Whether you're a seasoned florist or just starting out, this episode is packed with actionable insights!Episode Highlights:Starting Out - Whitley shares her journey from testing the waters at bridal expos to launching her business, Petal and Plume, focusing on faux and dried floral arrangements and stationery design.Challenges Faced - From balancing motherhood and a full-time job to stepping into the entrepreneurial world, Whitley discusses the hurdles of a new business.Live Coaching - Jeni dives into strategies for differentiating a business in a competitive market, focusing on high-quality silk flowers and unique rental offerings.Marketing Insights - Tips on how to stand out through marketing, creating high-quality product offerings, and pricing strategies that reflect the lasting value of faux florals.Future Plans - Whitley explores her aspirations to include fresh florals and expand her services to weddings, highlighting an upcoming project with a unique “deep sea odyssey” theme.Timestamps:01:37 Meet Whitley: A New Floral Business on the Rise02:55 Diving into the Floral Business: Challenges and Aspirations05:13 Whitley's First Official Wedding Gig14:08 The Art of Pricing: Faux vs. Real Flowers18:18 Streamlining Business Operations: Quotes and Contracts24:33 Navigating the Legal Landscape: LLCs and S Corps26:07 Enhancing Client Interaction: From Inquiry to Contract27:59 Exploring Communication Platforms for Client Meetings28:21 Crafting Quotes and Negotiating Prices29:29 Rethinking Rental Package Pricing31:03 Customizing Rental Packages: Semi-Custom vs. Full Custom32:01 Incorporating Fees into Pricing Strategy35:11 Marketing Strategies: Bridal Expos and Email Blasts39:00 Networking with Wedding Professionals and Venues46:12 Creative Approaches to Floral Arrangements and Business ExpansionKey Takeaways:Importance of networking and visibility through bridal expos and collaborations.Strategic pricing and product quality as differentiators in a niche market.Leveraging personal stories and business challenges in marketing to connect with audiences.Whitley is the creative mind behind Petal and Plume, a floral design business specializing in faux and dried flowers based in Mississippi. With a background in graphic design and a passion for florals, she brings a unique blend of creativity and business acumen to the wedding industry. Or follow at @‌petal.plumeDon’t forget to follow us on @‌thefloralhustle and visit our website at for more resources and episode updates. If you enjoyed this episode, please leave us a review on Apple Podcasts!Thank you for tuning into The Floral Hustle. Join us next week for another insightful episode designed to help you bloom in the business of flowers! Want to be featured on a Biz Breakthrough Coaching Episode? Apply at
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My secret productivity hack!

Welcome to "The Floral Hustle," where we explore innovative strategies to enhance your floral business. In today’s episode, host Jeni shares her secret to boosting efficiency through a simple yet powerful approach: batching. Whether you’re crafting arrangements, managing social media, or scheduling client meetings, discover how this technique can transform your workflow and increase profitability.Timestamps:00:01:01 - Introduction to Batching and Its Benefits00:02:08 - Practical Examples of Batching in Floristry00:03:02 - Applying Batching Beyond Creative Work00:04:07 - Economic Benefits of Batching for Your Business00:05:14 - Thematic Days and Content Batching Strategies00:06:26 - Implementing Batching in Social Media Planning00:07:08 - Inspiration from Jenna Kutcher’s Content Pillars Approach00:08:39 - The Impact of Targeted, Consistent Content00:09:12 - The Importance of Planning in Business Success00:10:32 - Examples of Daily Themes and Batch Planning00:11:12 - Closing Thoughts on Batching and EfficiencyKey Takeaways:What is Batching: Batching is focusing on one type of task at a time to reduce the cognitive load and improve focus and productivity.Application in Floristry: From preparing bulk floral arrangements to managing business operations like email marketing or bookkeeping.Economic Impact: Streamlining tasks through batching can significantly reduce time and costs, enhancing business profitability.Content Strategy: Utilizing thematic days and content pillars to create a cohesive social media strategy.Episode Quotes: “Efficiency equals dollars in so many ways. When you batch your work, you're not just saving time; you're enhancing your entire operation’s effectiveness.” - JeniReady to harness the power of batching in your floral business? Start by identifying areas you can batch tasks to save time and improve output. Share your batching success stories with us via social media or email, and join our community of efficient florists!#FloralHustle #FloristTips #ProductivityHacks #FloralDesign #BusinessEfficiency
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From Rock Bottom to Floral Rockstar: Tyler Keeno’s Story

Introduction: Welcome to another exciting episode of the Floral Hustle Podcast, where we dive deep into the blooming world of floristry. Today, your host Jeni is joined by the vibrant and talented Tyler Keno of TK Floral Designs, based in the picturesque Hudson Valley, New YorkWhat You'll Learn:What defines a "luxury wedding" in the floral industry.Tips for new florists on transitioning to luxury wedding design.Tyler's journey from small beginnings to owning a thriving floral design business.The importance of mentorship and education in scaling a floral business.How to handle business growth, from rebranding to pricing strategies.Episode Highlights:[00:00:32] - Jeni introduces Tyler Keno, sharing his contagious energy and passion for floral designs.[00:00:46] - Tyler discusses the location of his business and his main focus on luxury weddings, and how they cater to both large-scale and smaller, intimate weddings.[00:01:41] - The definition of a luxury wedding is explored, emphasizing immersive experiences and detailed floral arrangements.[00:02:28] - Discussion on the evolving perceptions of luxury and premium weddings and their impact on the floral market.[00:03:32] - Tyler highlights the role of social media platforms like Pinterest in setting high expectations for floral arrangements.[00:06:19] - The importance of experience and learning in the floral industry, with Tyler sharing his personal growth story.[00:07:41] - An insight into Jeni’s upcoming sustainable floral workshop, illustrating the importance of educational opportunities in the floral industry.[00:09:40] - Tyler and Jeni discuss the business side of floristry, emphasizing the importance of understanding business operations to succeed.[00:15:43] - Tyler reminisces about the initial name of his business and the lessons learned from past partnerships.[00:18:13] - The significance of having a supportive partner in both life and business to help maintain balance and focus.[00:22:46] - How technological tools and software can streamline business processes and allow florists to focus on their craft.[00:34:31] - The future focus of Tyler's business, highlighting his passion for weddings and the expansion of his educational offerings.Resources Mentioned: Floral Workshops and Events Media- you're inspired by Tyler's journey and want to learn more about luxury floral designs, follow TK Floral Designs on Instagram and check out their upcoming workshops. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Floral Hustle Podcast for more insightful conversations with industry experts!
4/24/202441 minutes, 3 seconds
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Want to freelance? Looking for freelancers? Start here!

Episode Summary:In this minisode, Jeni dives into the topic of freelancing for florists during the bustling wedding season. Whether you're considering freelancing to fill up your schedule or seeking freelancers to boost your team, this episode offers practical advice and tips drawn from real-life experiences and discussions within the florist community.Timestamps:[00:00:01] Introduction to the episode[00:00:56] Exploring the pros and cons of freelancing[00:01:57] Importance of the studio environment and aesthetics[00:02:26] How to identify and connect with potential freelance opportunities[00:03:12] Effective communication strategies for reaching out[00:04:14] Preparing a standout floristry portfolio[00:05:01] Administrative essentials: contracts and tax forms[00:06:11] Discussing fair compensation and expectations[00:07:47] Tailoring tasks to strengths in the floral studio[00:08:21] Fostering a supportive and enriching work environment[00:09:36] Managing creative credits and online representation[00:10:35] Setting clear expectations and communicationKey Points Discussed:Freelancing Opportunities: Understanding the landscape and benefits of freelancing during wedding season.Finding Freelancers: Tips on sourcing and vetting potential freelancers through social media and professional networks.Studio Dynamics: The impact of a positive and inspiring studio environment on creativity and productivity.Professional Development: Leveraging freelancing for skill enhancement and networking.Portfolio Development: Guidance on creating an impactful portfolio to attract premium engagements.Compensation Negotiation: How to approach discussions about pay in a way that respects both parties' values.Legal and Practical Tips: Essential paperwork and logistical details for integrating freelancers smoothly.Jeni encourages all listening florists to embrace the opportunities and challenges of freelancing. By fostering clear communication and setting proper expectations, freelancers and studio owners alike can enjoy a mutually beneficial and growth-oriented relationship.Call to Action:Subscribe to the Floral Hustle podcast for more insights on thriving in the floristry business, and share this episode with fellow florists who might benefit from these freelancing tips!
4/22/202412 minutes, 15 seconds
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5 ways to make more money in 2024!

Welcome to another episode of the Floral Hustle podcast, where we dive deep into the world of floral entrepreneurship. This week, your host Jen shares invaluable insights on boosting your floral business's profits amidst a slower year for bookings. Whether you're a budding florist or an experienced flower arranger looking to elevate your business, this episode is packed with actionable strategies to help you thrive.Key Takeaways:Optimizing Client Experience: Discover how to outshine your competition by enhancing client interactions and services. Learn the importance of tracking your client conversion process and how it can significantly increase your booking rates.Elevating Your Wedding Floral Game: Jen discusses strategies for increasing your average wedding order value. From targeting higher-end weddings to upgrading your floral offerings, find out how to attract clients willing to spend more on their big day.Reducing Costs Smartly: Uncover ways to lower your operational expenses without compromising on quality. By buying smarter and analyzing your expenses closely, Jen illustrates how profitability can be improved through cost management.Securing Recurring Revenue: Learn about the potential of recurring revenue streams like monthly flower subscriptions and partnerships with local businesses. Jen shares personal anecdotes and tips on how to tap into these consistent income sources.Diversifying Your Revenue: Explore innovative ideas for adding new revenue streams to your business, from funeral home collaborations to seasonal decorations and workshops.Special Highlight:Floral Installations Workshop: Jen announces an upcoming workshop in Minneapolis, Minnesota, focusing on floral installations. It's a fantastic opportunity for florists to gain hands-on experience, learn about pricing and mechanics, and even participate in a mini brand shoot. Head to for more details.For Newer Florists: This episode is a goldmine for those new to the floral industry or looking to grow their business. Jen's advice on improving client experience, financial management, and creative revenue generation is particularly beneficial.Additional Resources:Instagram: Follow Jen on Instagram for more tips, workshop information, and a peek into past events.Contact Information: Have questions? Reach out to Jen via Instagram DMs for personalized advice and more information on the floral installations workshop.Thank you for tuning into the Floral Hustle podcast. Implement these strategies to not only navigate through slower seasons but also to significantly boost your profit margins. Here's to a flourishing floral business!
4/17/202420 minutes, 4 seconds
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The one thing that could change you getting ghosted! - Mini Episode

Episode Summary:In this week's Floral Hustle podcast, Jen shares invaluable insights on a common challenge for florists: being ghosted by clients. Drawing from her extensive experience in sales, including the automotive industry, Jen reveals one straightforward strategy to drastically reduce the chances of client ghosting. This episode dives deep into understanding client expectations around pricing and how transparency can transform your client interactions.What You'll Learn:The Importance of Pricing Transparency: Discover why being upfront about pricing can significantly reduce client ghosting. Jen explains the misconceptions and fears around discussing budgets and how to overcome them.Starting At Pricing: Learn how to implement a "starting at" pricing strategy in your floral business to set clear expectations with clients from the get-go.Educating Your Clients: Tips on how to guide potential clients through your pricing and services, helping them understand what they can expect within their budget.Communication Strategies: Effective ways to communicate pricing and services to prevent misunderstandings and build trust with your clients.Florist Foundations Course: Jen introduces her new course, "Florist Foundations," designed to help florists master pricing discussions, create informative brochures, and attract their ideal clients.Featured Sections:Avoiding Client Ghosting: Jeni discusses common reasons why clients might ghost florists and shares strategies to prevent it.Transparency in Pricing: The significance of being clear about costs and how it benefits both the florist and the client.Client Education and Consultation: Techniques for educating clients on pricing and services during consultations.A La Carte Flowers Program: Jeni talks about her approach to providing clear, upfront pricing and how it's integrated into her business model.Florist Foundations Course: An overview of Jeni's course that covers everything from pricing discussions to client communication strategies.00:00 Varied flower pricing requires thorough budget inquiry.04:55 Brochure educates clients on transparent pricing.08:02 Planner seeks quote, client's budget falls short.12:46 12-week program to improve business efficiency.13:43 Comprehensive course with great investment value. Check it!Listen to This Episode If: You're a florist facing challenges with client communication, particularly around pricing and services, or if you're looking for strategies to enhance client satisfaction and reduce ghosting.Subscribe: Don't forget to subscribe to the Floral Hustle podcast on your favorite platform for more insights into growing and managing your florist business.Contact Us: Have a question or topic you'd like us to cover in a future episode? Email us at [email protected] or send us a message on our social media channels @‌thefloralhustle.
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Want recipes, ordering and picking up flowers without overspending - start here!

01:12  Recipe and Ordering Simplification02:10 The Art of Simplifying Flower Formulation02:42 Layering Techniques for Stunning Arrangements03:20 Exploring the Six Foundational Bloom Types05:42 Filler Flowers and Greenery08:01 Coverage Blooms09:17 Mastering Pricing by Square Foot09:34 Installation Pricing and Planning15:06 Incorporating Fun and Creativity in Flower Ordering17:17 Finding Inspiration and Experimentation18:03 The Impact of Foundational Systems on Business19:07 Scaling Your Floral Business - even as a Mother19:45 Closing Thoughts and Encouragement
4/10/202420 minutes, 39 seconds
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Living my life on DND - Mini Episode

IntroductionIn this empowering episode of The Floral Hustle Podcast, join host Jen as she dives deep into a transformative approach to managing life and business with serenity and efficiency. Drawing from her own experiences of personal hardship, neurodiversity, and an unyielding work ethic rooted in farm life, Jen shares how adopting a 'Do Not Disturb' philosophy has revolutionized her way of living and running her floral business.HighlightsThe Power of Personal Stories: Jen's journey from a high-achieving individual with a neurodivergent brain to becoming the CEO of her life and business.Transforming Challenges into Strengths: How dealing with family health crises and personal loss shaped Jen's resilience and approach to business.The 'Do Not Disturb' Philosophy: A detailed look into how turning off notifications and prioritizing personal peace can lead to greater productivity and a more fulfilling life.Practical Business Tips for Florists: Insights into managing client expectations, scheduling deliveries, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.Empowerment through Choice: Encouragement for florists to take control of their business and personal life by setting boundaries and making intentional decisions.Actionable AdviceExperiment with 'Do Not Disturb': Challenge yourself to turn off notifications for a day and observe the impact on your stress levels and productivity.Prioritize Your Peace: Assess areas of your life and business that cause unnecessary stress and strategize ways to minimize these disruptions.Embrace Efficiency: Look for opportunities to streamline your workflow, whether through scheduling deliveries more effectively or setting clear boundaries with clients.Seek Support: Consider coaching or joining a community of fellow florists to share experiences and strategies for managing the unique challenges of the floral industry.ConclusionJen's personal and professional evolution offers a powerful testament to the strength that comes from embracing one's vulnerabilities and making intentional choices for peace and productivity. This episode is a must-listen for any florist looking to uplift their business practices while ensuring their own well-being.00:27 The Anxiety of High Achievement04:20 The Constant Battle for Success and Validation06:53 The Turning Point: Embracing Do Not Disturb09:45 The Impact of DND on Personal and Professional Life10:22 Being PresentKeywordsFloral business growthFlorist trainingProductivity tips for floristsWork-life balance in floral industryManaging a floral businessPersonal development for business ownersNeurodiversity in entrepreneurship
4/8/202414 minutes, 32 seconds
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I want to quit my day job- now what???

Episode SummaryIn this week's episode, Jen dives into the realities of quitting your day job to pursue your dream of running your own floral business. Drawing from personal experiences and the stories of those she's coached, Jen discusses the importance of building a financial and strategic runway before making the leap. Learn about managing expectations, securing forecastable and recurring revenue, and the comprehensive approach to planning your transition from employee to entrepreneur in the floral industry.What You'll Learn:The allure and challenges of starting your own businessReal-life experiences of transitioning from a job to entrepreneurshipStrategies for building a runway before quitting your day jobForecastable and recurring revenue sources for new floral businessesThe importance of planning and research in making a non-emotion based decisionPractical tips for managing finances, including savings from home-based operationsIntroduction to Florist Foundations Course – a comprehensive guide to starting and running a successful floral businessEpisode Highlights:[00:45] - The dream vs. the reality of owning your business[03:20] - Jen's personal journey from cubicle to CEO[07:15] - The concept of building a financial runway[12:30] - Exploring sources of forecastable and recurring revenue[15:58] -  Understanding Business Expenses and Deductions[18:50] - Balancing your current job with building your floral business[20:23]  - Building Stability and Avoiding Rash Decisions[20:40] - The non-monetary benefits of entrepreneurship[21:01] - Detailed advice on preparing for the business expenses[21:56] - Announcing the Florist Foundations CourseResources Mentioned:Florist Starter Kit: A comprehensive toolkit for aspiring florists available at Media Audit Guide: Ensure your social media efforts are on the right track. for Profit: A guide to correctly pricing your floral services. Foundations Course: A 12-week comprehensive program covering all aspects of starting and running a successful floral business.
4/3/202424 minutes, 22 seconds
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Freaking out about 2024 bookings? - Mini Episode 72

In this empowering minisode of the Floral Hustle Podcast, host Jen dives into the power of positive thinking, strategic planning, and staying present as keys to flourishing in the floral industry, especially in light of the anxieties surrounding the 2024 wedding season. Jen shares insightful advice on focusing on what you can control within your business, including pricing strategies for profitability, attracting your ideal client, and nurturing a mindset for success despite external uncertainties.Key Points Discussed:Overcoming Negativity: Jen addresses the circulating negative energy about the projected downturn in weddings for 2024 and stresses the importance of not dwelling on factors beyond our control.Living in the Present: The significance of focusing on the present rather than being bogged down by past regrets or future anxieties is highlighted, with practical tips on how florists can apply this mindset to their businesses.Strategic Business Practices: Jen outlines actionable strategies for maintaining profitability, such as effective pricing, client attraction, and innovation in service offerings.Peer Support: The value of community and peer support through platforms like the Floral CEO Mastermind is emphasized, underscoring how collaboration and mutual encouragement can bolster individual business resilience.Creative Solutions: Encouragement to think creatively and offer unique proposals to clients, ensuring that your business stands out in the market without necessarily being the cheapest option.Featured Resources:Floral CEO Mastermind: Join a community of like-minded floral entrepreneurs seeking to elevate their business strategies. Two spots opening for April 15th! For more details and to apply, reach out via Instagram (@thefloralhustle) or email ([email protected]).Call to Action:Feeling the need for a strategic revamp or just some positive reinforcement? Interested in joining the Floral CEO Mastermind? Reach out and let's make 2024 an incredible year for your floral business together. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @thefloralhustle for more insights and updates.Thank You:A special thanks to all our listeners for making this podcast a part of your journey. Your support has led us to hit a record number of downloads, and it's a testament to the vibrant community we're building together. Wishing you all a flower-filled weekend!
4/1/20249 minutes, 8 seconds
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Stop Selling Yourself Short

In this enlightening episode of the Floral Hustle Podcast, host Jen dives deep into a common issue plaguing floral designers—selling themselves short. Whether it's financially, creatively, or personally, Jen sheds light on the detrimental impact of underestimating your worth and provides actionable strategies to claim the profits and recognition you deserve. From discussing the pitfalls of overstuffing orders to the importance of valuing your time, this episode is a must-listen for florists ready to scale their business in 2024 and beyond.Key Points Discussed:Financial Underestimation: The consequences of overpromising and overdelivering, and how it can condition clients and yourself to undervalue your services.Creative Self-Shortchanging: The importance of adhering to pricing formulas and planning meticulously to avoid the trap of overstuffing and undercutting your creativity.Personal Value Recognition: Strategies to boost self-worth and confidence, ensuring you're not just running an expensive hobby but a profitable business.Time Management: Tips on focusing on revenue-generating activities and conducting a time audit to maximize profitability.Client Relationships: Emphasizing the need for mutual respect and excitement in client interactions to foster better business opportunities.Call to Action:Join the Conversation: Share your experiences and tips on how you stopped selling yourself short in your floral business. Connect with us on social @‌thefloralhustle.Subscribe and Review: Loved this episode? Make sure to subscribe and leave us a review on your podcast player of choice. Your feedback helps us grow and reach more florists like you!Sign Up for Our Newsletter: Get more insights and updates from the Floral Hustle Podcast directly to your inbox. Sign up today at .Resources Mentioned:Floral Pricing Formulas: A breakdown of formulas for pricing arrangements and services to ensure profitability. Get yours at Audit: A simple yet effective tool to evaluate how you spend your time and its impact on your business revenue. Get a notebook, download a tool and evaluate how you are really spending your time.Episode Conclusion:"Remember, flower friends, you deserve abundance. You are magnetic and capable of attracting your ideal client. Let's make 2024 your most prosperous year yet. Tune in next week for more insights on elevating your floral business. Have an amazing flower-filled week!"Timestamps01:13 The Pitfalls of Selling Yourself Short03:50 Sticking to Formulas04:22 Overcoming the Need to Overdeliver04:55 Validating Your Own Worth05:35  Underpricing06:51 Strategies for Profitable Planning07:15 Time Management: Maximizing Revenue-Producing Activities08:44 Conducting a Time Audit for Efficiency11:58 Setting Boundaries and Valuing Your Work13:13 Attracting Your Ideal Client18:09 Closing Thoughts: Magnetize 2024
3/27/202419 minutes, 40 seconds
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Investing in Yourself for Business Growth - Mini Episode

Welcome to this week's minisode of the Floral Hustle Podcast, where we dive deep into the essentials of building a strong foundation for your floral business. Whether you're a budding florist or an experienced one looking to refresh your approach, this episode is packed with valuable insights and actionable advice.In This Episode:The Importance of Investing in Education: Jen shares her personal journey of not investing in floral education until 17 years into her career. Discover how this decision impacted her growth and the transformative power of embracing learning at any stage of your business.Overcoming Fear of Complexity: Hear about Jen's initial reluctance to tackle complex installations and how overcoming this fear opened new doors for creativity and business expansion.Evolving Floral Design: Explore the evolution of wedding floral designs from traditional styles to innovative, jaw-dropping creations that push the boundaries of creativity.Boosting Confidence Through Skill: Learn why building your skillset, both in design and business acumen, is crucial for pitching your services with confidence and attracting larger projects.The Role of Personal Development: Jen discusses her significant investment in personal development and how it's exponentially grown her business. Get inspired to invest in yourself, whether through design courses, business coaching, or self-improvement programs.Launching the Florist Foundations Course: Get exclusive details on Jen's upcoming Florist Foundations Course. This comprehensive program is designed to equip you with the foundational skills, mindset tricks, and sales techniques needed to scale your business.Time Stamps00:30 The Importance of Investing in Yourself as a Florist02:59 Building Confidence and Skill Sets in Floral Design03:53 Personal and Professional Growth05:19 Expanding Your Business Through Education and Creativity06:06 My Personal Investment Journey in Floral Design07:58 Adding Coaching and Personal Development to My Toolkit09:10 Launching the Florist Foundations CourseJoin the Floral Hustle Community:Sign Up for the Florist Foundations Course: Don't miss the chance to be a founding member of this groundbreaking program. Enjoy weekly Q&A calls with Jen, personalized support, and a structured learning path to ensure your success. Flower-Powered: Subscribe to the Floral Hustle Podcast for more episodes filled with expert advice, inspiring stories, and tips to help your floral business bloom.Let's Connect:@‌thefloralhustle on Facebookwww.thefloralhustle.comThank you for tuning in, and remember, it's never too late to make your floral business dreams a reality. Here's to a flower-filled week!
3/25/202412 minutes, 28 seconds
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Three Systems in your Business that will Make or Break your 2024 Wedding Season

Welcome back to the Floral Hustle Podcast, where we dive deep into the world of floristry, offering tips, insights, and inspiration to help your floral business thrive. I'm Jen, your host, and in this week’s episode, we’re unpacking three critical systems that are essential for a successful 2024 wedding season. Drawing from my years of experience and the lessons I’ve learned along the way, I’m here to share how you can elevate your operations, enhance your marketing strategy, and refine your design skills to attract your dream clients and projects.Key Highlights:Streamlined Operations: Discover the importance of having efficient and streamlined operations in place. From handling inquiries and consultations to mastering your ordering and invoicing processes, learn how to avoid costly mistakes and ensure smooth business operations. We delve into the power of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and how they can be a game-changer in growing your business.Social Media and Marketing Plan: Uncover the secrets to a successful marketing strategy that not only promotes your business but also engages and attracts your ideal clients. I discuss the importance of consistency in your social media efforts and the necessity of having a comprehensive marketing plan that aligns with your business goals.Elevated Design Skills: Explore how to push your design skills to the next level to create stunning, memorable floral arrangements that speak directly to your dream clients. I share insights into the importance of mechanics, fundamentals, and creativity in your designs, and how they can set you apart in the competitive wedding floristry market.If you are wanting to uplevel your floral business- Florist Foundations is here and starts April 12th. #WeddingSeason2024 #FloralDesignTips01:54 Deep Dive into Operations: The Backbone of Your Business04:38 Forecasting the Wedding Industry: Staying Positive Amidst Predictions07:08 Marketing Magic: Attracting Your Dream Weddings10:34 Attracting High-End Weddings12:29 Standing Out in the Industry14:31 Marketing and Networking: Making Your Mark16:52 Design Skills: Elevating Your Floral Creations19:46 Inspiration and Creativity: Pushing the Boundaries25:28 Building Confidence Through Experience29:24 Introducing the Florist Foundations Course30:37 Comprehensive Learning: What's Included in the Course31:32 An Affordable Opportunity for Growth31:44 Join the Community: Weekly Group Zoom Calls32:05 How to Learn More and Get Started
3/20/202433 minutes, 27 seconds
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How Confidence = Cash Mini Episode

Welcome to this week's minisode of The Floral Hustle Podcast, hosted by Jen, your guide in the floral business journey. Today, we're diving deep into how unapologetic confidence is not just a trait but a key business strategy that can lead to increased trust, value, and ultimately, revenue. Whether you're a florist, a wedding planner, or an entrepreneur navigating the complexities of client meetings and social media presence, this episode is packed with insights you don't want to miss.Episode Highlights:The Confidence-Cash Connection: Discover how confidence impacts every aspect of your business, from designs and financial success to social media and client interactions.Unapologetic Confidence in Action: Jen shares her recent experience at a rock star workshop and a venue's open house, showcasing the power of confidence in live event planning and execution.Value over Price: Learn why being a good value to your clients doesn't mean being the cheapest option, and how transparency in pricing can set you apart.Expertise and Experience: Jen discusses her 25-year journey as a florist, highlighting the importance of expertise, especially in specific venues, and how it contributes to winning weddings and building strong business relationships.Navigating Business as an Introvert: Insights into how introverts can harness their strengths in business, featuring a conversation with a wedding planner on overcoming confidence hurdles.Resilience Through Change: An honest look at the impacts of COVID on business confidence, mask-wearing policies, and maintaining warm interactions despite physical barriers.Identity, Ego, and Confidence: Jen shares a personal story about her transition from corporate to entrepreneurship and how it affected her sense of identity and confidence.What You'll Learn:Strategies for building unapologetic confidence in your business and yourself.The significance of financial transparency and how it benefits client relationships.Tips for introverts on how to excel in business without compromising their nature.The role of personal and professional identity shifts in shaping your business mindset.Timestamps:01:16 Confidence Equals Cash: A Florist's Perspective02:23 Showcasing Success: The Installation Rockstar Workshop03:18 The Impact of Confidence at Vendor Fairs05:07 Transparency and Confidence in Pricing06:30 Building Confidence in a Post-COVID World10:14 Join the Floral CEO Mastermind for Confidence GrowthJoin the Floral CEO Mastermind:Feeling inspired but not sure where to start? Join Jen in the Floral CEO Mastermind, where you can cultivate your confidence alongside fellow floral entrepreneurs. Two spots opening on April 1st — don't miss this opportunity to transform your business and yourself.Closing Thoughts:Confidence is more than just a feeling; it's a business strategy that leads to trust, value, and success. Remember, flower friends, you have the power to be a confident floral boss. Let this episode be the first step towards unleashing your full potential. Thanks for tuning in, and until next time, keep blooming with confidence.
3/18/202411 minutes, 33 seconds
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Are you speaking to your ideal client?

Welcome to the Floral Hustle podcast, where we dive deep into the heart of the floral industry to help you grow your business and passion for flowers. In this episode, our host Jen shares invaluable insights and personal experiences on transforming a floral business from struggling to thriving. Whether you're new to the floral world or looking to elevate your existing business, this episode is packed with tips, strategies, and real-life advice that will inspire and guide you.Topics Covered:Identifying and Overcoming Business Plateaus: Learn how to analyze your business's current state and identify why it may not be achieving the financial goals or attracting the high-end weddings you desire.The Power of Branding and Rebranding: Discover the critical role your brand image plays in attracting your ideal clients. Jen shares her journey of rebranding and how it significantly impacted her business.Investing in Yourself and Your Business: Understand the importance of education, mastering new skills, and investing in quality to elevate your offerings and attract a more affluent clientele.Social Media and Marketing Strategies: Get insights into effective social media use, from what to post to how often, and learn why focusing on your most profitable services is key to your marketing strategy.Client Attraction and Retention: Learn how to tailor your brand and marketing efforts to attract your ideal client. Jen discusses the importance of being specific about who you want to work with and how to communicate this through your branding.Consultations and Proposals: Gain tips on conducting impactful consultations and creating proposals that sell, ensuring that potential clients understand the value you bring to their special day.Featured Insights:Rebranding Journey: Hear about Jen's transition from attracting low-budget weddings to rebranding her business to attract high-end, creative clients.Masterminds and Education: Discover the benefits of joining masterminds, participating in educational courses, and how continuous learning can transform your business.Content Creation Tips: Learn how to use tools like ChatGPT to craft engaging and relevant content for your social media and marketing materials.Timestamps:03:50 Personal Decision to Rebranding06:47 Investing in Self and Business Growth09:10 The Power of a Strong Brand Identity11:46 Elevating Your Brand to Attract Premium Clients12:43 The Importance of Aligning Your Brand with Your Ideal Client14:59 Crafting a Business That Resonates with Your Ideal Client24:29 Mastermind Opportunities and Peer Support25:13 The Invitation to Join the MastermindJoin Our Community:If you're inspired to take your floral business to the next level, consider joining our mastermind group. With new spots opening soon, it's the perfect opportunity to connect with like-minded florists, gain new insights, and grow your business. Visit our website or Instagram for more details.Thank You:Thank you for tuning into the Floral Hustle podcast. We hope this episode leaves you inspired and ready to take actionable steps towards achieving the floral business of your dreams. Stay tuned for more insights and inspiration in our upcoming episodes. Have a flower-filled week!
3/13/202427 minutes, 18 seconds
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Strategies to stay in budget for your events

In today’s mini episode, we delve into a common challenge for florists: the temptation to overbuy or overorder at the wholesaler. Drawing from personal experience and industry knowledge, Jen shares invaluable strategies for managing budgets without sacrificing creativity and quality. This episode is a must-listen for florists at any stage of their career, from those just starting out to seasoned professionals seeking to refine their budgeting and sourcing practices.Key Points Discussed:Emotional Buying vs. Strategic Sourcing: Understanding how emotional decisions can lead to overspending and how to counteract this with effective strategies.Budgeting Essentials: How to accurately calculate your floral budget using a markup strategy, ensuring profitability without compromising on quality.Incorporating ‘Unicorn Flowers’: Jen introduces the concept of budgeting for those irresistible, unique flowers that can take your designs to the next level, advocating for a balance between creativity and fiscal responsibility.Online Marketplaces: Exploring alternatives to traditional wholesalers, such as online platforms like holics, for finding unique flowers and potentially better deals.Recipe Rigidity vs. Flexibility: The importance of having structured recipes for your floral designs while allowing room for creativity and unexpected issues, like breakage.Team Dynamics: Ensuring your team operates in a stress-free environment, emphasizing the importance of not being overly rigid with recipes to the point of creating a tense atmosphere.Time Stamps:01:27 Strategies to Avoid Overspending on Flowers02:10 Understanding Your Floral Budget03:54 Incorporating 'Unicorn Flowers' into Your Budget06:32 Online Marketplaces: A Solution for Controlled Buying07:31 Recipe Rigidity: A Double-Edged SwordTakeaways:Learn how to manage your floral budget effectively, making room for creative freedom without losing sight of profitability.Discover tips on incorporating unique and eye-catching flowers into your designs without breaking the bank.Understand the benefits of utilizing online marketplaces for sourcing flowers.Gain insights into recipe creation that balances structure with the need for flexibility, promoting a positive work environment.Closing Thoughts:Jen wraps up the episode by reminding florists of the joy and creativity at the core of their profession, encouraging them to find a balance that allows for financial health and artistic expression. She also touches on the importance of having a good relationship with wholesalers or exploring other sourcing options if the current situation isn't inspiring.Thank you for tuning in to the Floral Hustle Podcast. Here’s to a week filled with beautiful blooms and flourishing business!
3/11/202410 minutes, 35 seconds
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Can you actually make money being a florist?

Welcome to the Floral Hustle Podcast with your host, Jen! In this week's episode, we dive deep into the world of floristry to debunk myths and uncover the truth about the profitability of running a floral business. Whether you're dreaming of leaving your day job to embrace the floral industry or aiming to scale your flower business to six figures, this episode is packed with invaluable insights and practical advice.Key Highlights:The Profitability Misconception: Explore the common perception that floristry is more of a passion project than a profitable venture, and why this isn't necessarily true.The Importance of Paying Yourself: Learn why drawing a salary from your business is non-negotiable and how it signifies respect for your hard work.Profit First Approach: Discover the revolutionary concept from Mike Michalowicz's book "Profit First," which can change how you manage your business finances, ensuring you pay yourself first.Setting Realistic Expectations: Jen discusses setting achievable financial goals in floristry, the hard work required, and strategizing to increase your average earnings per wedding or event.Efficiency Over Hard Work: Tips on optimizing your time and resources to increase profitability without burning out, including focusing on higher-revenue opportunities like weddings over daily deliveries.Success Stories: Be inspired by examples of florists who have significantly increased their income by making smart business choices and strategic planning.Resources Mentioned:Book Recommendation: "Profit First" by Mike Michalowicz for a transformative approach to business finance management.Episode Quotes:"Florists can make money... You absolutely can, and there are people driving BMWs and Mercedes who have figured out how to optimize their time and revenue.""If you're not paying yourself, that stops now. You deserve to be compensated for your hard work."01:42 The Perception of Profitability in Floristry01:54 The Reality of Replacing a Full-Time Salary with Floristry03:03 Balancing Personal Life and a Home-Based Business03:43 The Concept of Paying Yourself First06:58 Understanding Your Business's Operating Expenses and Profit Margin07:33 The Challenge of Scaling Your Business Revenue08:34 Strategies to Increase Your Average Wedding Revenue11:57 The Potential of Making Money in Floristry
3/6/202413 minutes, 35 seconds
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Should you start your floral business? - Mini Episode

In this inspiring mini-episode, Jen dives into the pivotal question many flower enthusiasts grapple with: "Should I finally start my floral business?" Whether you've dreamed of turning your passion for flowers into a thriving business or find yourself hesitating to take that first step, this episode is crafted for you. Jen shares invaluable insights on the entrepreneurial journey within the floral industry, tackling the fears of uncertainty and the thrill of stepping into the world of floral entrepreneurship.Key Highlights:Embracing Uncomfortability: Understand the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone and how it's a crucial trait for entrepreneurs, especially in the floral industry.Traits of a Successful Floral Entrepreneur: Discover the essential characteristics needed to thrive, including resilience, risk-taking, self-investment, and a love for interacting with clients.Introverts in Business: Learn how being an introvert isn't a barrier to success in the floral business and how to leverage your strengths.The Journey of Patience and Drive: Hear real-life stories of individuals who transitioned from corporate jobs to successful floral entrepreneurs, highlighting the importance of patience, drive, and the right mindset.Building Your Runway: Jen emphasizes the necessity of having a solid plan and foundation before making significant life changes, including quitting your day job to focus on your floral business.The Free Challenge: Get introduced to a free 5-day challenge starting on March 11th, designed to help you lay the foundational stones of your floral business, from compliance and branding to website creation.What You'll Learn:How to assess your readiness to embark on the entrepreneurial journey in the floral industry.Practical steps to overcome fear and start building your floral business.The significance of patience, learning, and building a solid foundation for your business.How to join Jen's free challenge to kickstart your floral entrepreneur journey.Call to Action:Ready to bloom into the floral industry? Join us on March 11th for an empowering 5-day challenge that will set your floral business's foundation. Sign up now at and transform your floral dreams into reality.About The Host:Jen is a seasoned floral entrepreneur and coach, passionate about helping aspiring florists navigate the complexities of starting and growing their floral businesses. With years of experience and a heart full of flower love, she brings a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and practical advice to her listeners.Subscribe & Follow:Don't miss out on future episodes full of tips, insights, and stories to fuel your floral hustle. Subscribe to our podcast and follow us on Instagram @thefloralhustle for more flower-filled inspiration.Have a Flower-Filled Week:Thank you for tuning in to The Floral Hustle Podcast. Remember, every step forward is a step towards achieving your dream. Keep blooming, flower friends!Join the challenge at Overcoming the Fear of Starting01:32 Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur04:49 The Reality of Running a Business05:43 The Dangers of Quitting Your Day Job Prematurely07:09 The Joy of Being a Business Owner09:10 Building a Runway for Your Business10:45 Learning and Growing Your Business
3/4/202414 minutes, 22 seconds
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Social Media Strategy for New Florists

04:20 Understanding Your Target Audience on Social Media04:56 Crafting Your Social Media Strategy: Speaking to Potential Couples and Wedding Professionals05:19 The Importance of Showcasing Your Work and Services on Social Media06:43 Building Relationships with Wedding Professionals07:23 Creating a Roadmap for Doing Business with You09:04 Leveraging Your Niche: Cultural Weddings16:43 The Power of Evergreen Content and Direct Links20:15 The Importance of Setting Clear Objectives and Keeping Promises to Yourself21:14 Conclusion: Join the Free Challenge and Launch Your Floral BusinessJoin the challenge -
2/28/202423 minutes, 35 seconds
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Floral Foundations: Key Resources and Strategies for Business Growth - Mini Episode

01:54 Key Design Skills for Florists03:00 Social Media and Marketing Strategy04:12 Targeting Different Audiences on Social Media05:52 Marketing Strategy09:59 The Art of Selling as a Florist11:04 Choosing the Right Product for Your Financial Goals
2/26/202413 minutes, 43 seconds
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Step by Step - Book your first wedding

Join Jen on the Floral Hustle Podcast as we delve into a comprehensive guide for florists embarking on their journey to book their first wedding. This episode is a treasure trove of actionable advice for those who have launched their floral business but are seeking to reignite their passion and navigate the complexities of pricing, client acquisition, and establishing a unique value proposition. Whether you're refining your ideal client profile, exploring effective networking strategies, or crafting a social media presence that resonates with your target audience, this episode has got you covered.Key Highlights:Finding Your Ideal Client: Discover how to identify and attract clients who value your creative vision and are willing to invest in your floral artistry. Learn the importance of a comfortable budget range and trust in your creative process.Leveraging Social Media: Uncover strategies for using your personal and business social media accounts to build connections with potential clients and industry professionals. Get tips on interacting with wedding industry influencers to increase your visibility.Networking and Relationship Building: Find out how attending networking events and fostering genuine connections can lead to referrals and business growth. Learn the art of reciprocal energy exchange and how supporting others can benefit your business.Creating Evergreen Content: Understand the significance of having ready-to-share content that highlights your services and availability. Discover the balance between strategic posting and engaging with your audience.Contractual Agreements and Deposits: Gain insights into the essentials of drafting a florist-specific contract and setting up a straightforward deposit system to secure bookings.Finalizing Details with Clients: Learn how to maintain clear communication with clients from booking to the big day, ensuring expectations are set and details are finalized efficiently.Why Listen: Whether you're struggling with the idea of getting paid for your passion or you're navigating the first steps towards booking weddings, this episode provides a step-by-step breakdown of the process, demystifying the challenges and highlighting the joy of working in the floral industry. From identifying your ideal client to executing a successful social media strategy and building lasting industry relationships, Jen shares invaluable insights drawn from her experience. Perfect for florists looking to make a significant impact with their business, this episode is filled with inspiration, practical advice, and a roadmap to success.01:39 The Challenge of Starting Your Floral Business02:41 Identifying Your Ideal Client03:44 Strategies to Find Your First Client06:55 Creating a Posting Strategy for Your Business08:38 The Importance of Networking Events09:04 Building Reciprocal Relationships in the Industry13:00 Steps to Book Your First Couple17:09 The Importance of Having a Contract22:21 Setting Expectations with Your Clients23:05 Finalizing Details and Preparing for the Wedding24:20 Conclusion and Encouragement for Floral Entrepreneurs
2/21/202425 minutes, 23 seconds
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Putting together a brand shoot - Mini Episode

Episode Title: Maximizing Your Floral Brand with Effective Brand ShootsEpisode Overview:In this week's mini-episode of the Floral Hustle Podcast, host Jen dives into the essentials of organizing a successful brand shoot for new florists looking to elevate their business presence. From styled shoots to studio sessions, Jen shares invaluable insights and personal experiences to help you showcase your creativity and professionalism through photography. Whether you're launching or growing your floral business, this episode is packed with actionable advice to make your brand visually compelling.Key Points Discussed:Understanding Brand Shoots: Learn what a brand shoot is and why it's a crucial step for showcasing your identity as a florist and business owner.Benefits of Brand Shoots: Discover how brand shoots can enhance your online presence, attract clients, and reflect your unique style and professionalism.Strategies for Organizing Brand Shoots:Leveraging styled shoots for dual-purpose brand imagery.Utilizing your studio or workspace for authentic behind-the-scenes shots.Exploring mini photo sessions for cost-effective brand photography.Personalizing Your Brand Shoot:Coordinating outfits and floral designs to match your brand aesthetics.Selecting the right photographer to capture your brand's essence.Planning your shoot around your peak personal and professional times.Jen's Brand Shoot Experience: Gain insights from Jen's own brand shoot planning, including outfit and scene design, to align with the Green Goddess Floral brand identity.For New Florists:This episode is a treasure trove of tips for new florists eager to take "uncomfortable action" and launch their businesses with confidence. Learn how to strategically plan and execute brand shoots that convey your passion for floristry and set you apart in a competitive market.Resources Mentioned:Soona Photography: A recommended photography company offering budget-friendly, per-photo pricing for brand shoots. Conclusion:A brand shoot is more than just a set of professional photos; it's a celebration of your floral artistry and a critical tool for building your brand's visual narrative. Jen encourages all florists to embrace the joy and creativity of their work through well-planned brand shoots, promising an enriching experience with long-lasting benefits for your business.00:27 The Importance of Brand Shoots for Business Owners02:43 How to Prepare for a Brand Shoot06:00 Locations08:22 Scheduling and Timing09:24 Checklist for a Successful Brand Shoot
2/19/202412 minutes, 49 seconds
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Baseline marketing plan for new florists

02:24 The Challenges of New Entrepreneurs in Marketing02:56 SEO and Social Media Packages03:46 Consistency in Marketing04:21 Crafting a Social Media Strategy08:14 Networking08:52 Leveraging Your Website for Marketing10:57 La Carte Flowers Programs15:38 Styled Shoots18:00 Choosing the Right Venues
2/14/202428 minutes, 11 seconds
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Fundamental systems in your new business

In This Episode:Introduction to Business Systems for Florists: Discover why implementing fundamental systems is crucial for your floral business's success and how it prevents potential pitfalls as you grow.Client Journey Mapping: Learn the art of crafting a seamless client experience from initial inquiry to post-service follow-up. Understand the importance of a structured approach to client interactions and how it leads to higher satisfaction and increased referrals.Financial Management Essentials: Explore the importance of having a dedicated financial system, such as QuickBooks or Xero, for managing your business finances. Tips on setting up a business checking account and strategies for efficient expense tracking and receipt management are discussed.Ordering and Studio Processes: Gain insights into streamlining your ordering and processing workflows. Jen shares practical tips for managing studio operations, including creating one-sheets for flower processing and organizing workspaces for efficiency.Quotation and Pricing Strategies: Uncover the formula for accurate pricing to ensure profitability. Learn the significance of a solid pricing strategy and how to avoid common pitfalls like overstuffing orders or underestimating costs.Engagement and Conversion Tactics: Jen elaborates on how to funnel inquiries from various platforms into a coherent system, ensuring consistent communication and enhancing the chances of conversion.Listener Questions and Success Stories: Engage with the Floral Hustle community through listener questions and shared success stories, fostering a supportive environment for growth and learning.Key Takeaways:Implementing structured systems in your floral business can significantly reduce errors and improve client satisfaction.A clear client journey, financial management, and efficient studio processes are pillars of a successful floral startup.Understanding and applying solid pricing strategies are essential for sustainability and growth.Join Our Community:Floral Hustle Facebook Group: Connect with fellow florists and aspiring entrepreneurs. Us on Instagram: @TheFloralHustle for daily challenges and inspiration.Subscribe and Review: Don't forget to subscribe to our podcast and leave a review if you found this episode helpful.01:48 Client Journey for Your Floral Business04:19 Consistent Customer Experience04:32 Utilizing CRM and Email Templates05:17 Managing Inquiries from Different Platforms06:20 Setting Up a Financial Accounting System08:06 Organizing Your Studio and Processing Orders09:29 Understanding Your Product and Budgeting for 'Fun Finds'11:23 Establishing a Pricing Strategy and Quoting System12:43 Conclusion: The Importance of Systems in Your Business
2/12/202413 minutes, 52 seconds
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Want to start a floral business in 2024? - Start here!

Episode Highlights:The Challenge of Choosing a Business Name:Importance of a unique and memorable nameUtilizing resources like GoDaddy, social media platforms, and the USPTO for availability checksThe implications of trademark laws and brand confusionEstablishing Your Business Legally:Navigating federal and state requirements for business registrationSecuring an EIN, state sales tax ID, and local business licensesThe significance of having a cohesive social media presence across platformsCrafting Your Brand Identity:Defining your brand’s ethos, target clientele, and visual aestheticsLeveraging tools like Canva and DALL·E for logo design and brand materialsChoosing DesignCrowd for custom, competitive logo creationStrategizing for Growth:Developing a marketing strategy tailored to your business goalsUtilizing social media and SEO for client acquisition and engagementGenerating content ideas with ChatGPT for blog posts and social mediaCreating a Productive Workspace:Setting up a dedicated space for order fulfillment and creativityThe benefits of behind-the-scenes content in building your brand identityBuilding Confidence and Visibility Online:Overcoming the fear of showing up onlineThe power of authenticity in attracting and retaining customersNetworking and Community Engagement:Leveraging local and online communities for support and growth opportunitiesThe importance of peer groups and masterminds in entrepreneurial developmentResource Utilization:Identifying educational resources and tools to streamline operationsEmphasizing the value of self-care and support systems in entrepreneurial successResources Mentioned:GoDaddyUSPTOCanvaDesignCrowdThe Floral Hustle Starter KitJoin the Community:Engage with fellow florists and access a wealth of knowledge and support by joining the Floral Hustle Facebook group, now home to over 1,300 members committed to fostering a culture of encouragement, respect, and innovation in the floral industry. Our Listeners:Join Our Community: Connect with fellow florists and business owners in our and Review: Don't forget to subscribe to our podcast and leave a review if you found this episode helpful.Next Episode Teaser: Stay tuned for the month of February to be about launching your floral business.01:14 Starting Your Floral Business: The Basics02:20 Choosing a Business Name03:57 Trademark Searches05:23 Legal and Social Media Aspects06:44 Developing Your Brand Identity07:10 Creating Your Logo: Free and Paid Options09:17 Marketing Strategy: How to Attract Clients12:12 Setting Up Your Workspace13:10 Building Your Online Presence14:35 Networking and Finding Support18:33 The Importance of Self-Care and Support
2/7/202424 minutes, 50 seconds
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5 must have habits while starting your floral business - Mini Episode

Fill your cup- creatively, professionally andKeep the promises to yourself.Build a plan- Set goals.Habit StackingEffective time management and strategy.02:43 The Importance of Self-Care in Business04:12 The Power of Keeping Promises to Yourself06:51 The Importance of Building a Plan09:01 The Power of Habit Stacking10:30 Effective Time Management Strategies
2/5/202413 minutes, 23 seconds
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2023 Not profitable? Start here to get on track

02:08 Evaluating Your Business: What Worked and What Didn't04:09 The Importance of Objectivity in Business Decisions06:35 The Power of Expense Audits08:20 The Dilemma of Studio Space: Cost vs. Ego11:48 Balancing Business Growth and Personal Life14:03 The Importance of Setting Boundaries18:43 Conclusion and Announcement of February Challenge
1/31/202420 minutes, 45 seconds
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5 ways to be more organized - Mini Episode

Layout a clear process in your business.Have an electronic calendarOrganize electronic folders- Canva, Email, Estimates.Emergency kitaccounting/banking/quickbooks01:02 Reflecting on Past Experiences03:57 The Role of Standard Operating Procedures06:28 The Power of Electronic Calendars08:07 Organizing Electronic Folders08:46 The Necessity of an Emergency Kit10:44 Getting Your Finances Organized
1/29/202412 minutes, 49 seconds
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Want to sell out your workshops? Listen in! Guest Liz Fiedler

In this inspiring episode of the Floral Hustle podcast, Jeni interviews Liz Bidler of Sunny Mary Meadow, a successful flower farmer and podcaster. Liz shares her journey from an interest in floriculture in high school to building a thriving flower business and podcast. After facing personal challenges, including being widowed in 2020, Liz transformed her small farm stand into a profitable year-round business. The episode dives into various aspects of running a successful flower business, including workshops, newsletters, customer engagement, and unique business strategies.Key TakeawaysOvercoming Challenges: Liz's story is a testament to overcoming personal hardships and channeling passion into a successful business.Engaging with Customers: The importance of building a strong customer relationship through newsletters and exclusive offers.Workshops & Experiences: Workshops are a significant avenue for generating revenue and engaging customers, especially in floristry.Marketing Strategies: Liz emphasizes the importance of storytelling, authenticity, and leveraging social media and email marketing effectively03:38 Balancing Nursing and Flower Business04:04 Creating a Year-Round Business04:47 The Importance of Focusing on One Thing05:55 Successful Workshops and Events06:54 Newsletters in Marketing08:58 The Importance of Authenticity in Business10:44 The Challenges of Growing Flowers in Minnesota17:38 The Success of Stem Bars
1/24/202423 minutes, 27 seconds
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What business tools you need for 2024 - Mini Episode

In this week’s Mini episode of the Floral Hustle Podcast, host Jen delves into the crucial business tools for florists looking to grow and manage their businesses effectively in 2024. With an emphasis on being financially prudent and strategic, Jen shares her personal toolkit, which has helped streamline her operations without overburdening her budget.Key Points Discussed:Importance of Financial Prudence: Jen emphasizes the need to assess whether your business can support new expenses, highlighting the risks of overspending on shiny, new tools.Canva for Proposals: Jen shares her success with Canva, using it for creating beautiful, 3D digital mock-up proposals, and social media graphics.Financial Management with QuickBooks: Insights into how QuickBooks, coupled with professional accounting assistance, keeps her business financially organized.Photo Editing with PS Express: Jen uses Photoshop Express for quick and effective editing of her iPhone photos.Organizational Tools: Evernote for capturing fast-paced ideas and a physical planner for scheduling weddings and managing freelancers.Payment Processing: Using Square, Zelle, and Venmo for efficient invoicing and payment processing, including handling credit card fees.Professional Email with Gmail/G Suite: The importance of having a professional email domain for credibility.Conclusion:Jen’s insights offer valuable guidance for florists seeking to grow their business while being mindful of their expenses. The tools she recommends are not just about managing finances and operations but also about enhancing the aesthetic and professional aspects of the business. This episode is a must-listen for any florist looking to navigate the business landscape in 2024 with efficiency and style.For Our Listeners:Join Our Community: Connect with fellow florists and business owners in our and Review: Don't forget to subscribe to our podcast and leave a review if you found this episode helpful.Next Episode Teaser: Stay tuned for our next episode where I interview Liz Fiedler who is talking all things selling out your workshops.Time stamps:01:29 Why I Don't Use Proposal Software02:00 The Power of Canva03:22 Managing Finances with QuickBooks04:16 Editing Content with PS Express04:55 Organizing Ideas with Evernote05:40 The Value of a Physical Planner06:27 Payment Processing Systems08:15 Professionalism with G SuiteFlorist Business GrowthCanva for FloristsFloral Business ManagementQuickBooks for Small BusinessFloral Design ProposalsProfessional Email for FloristsPhotoshop Express in Floral IndustryEfficient Payment Processing for FloristsSmall Business Financial PlanningOrganizational Tools for Florists
1/22/202411 minutes, 16 seconds
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Creating a plan to quit your day job - Mini Episode

In this inspiring Minisode of the Floral Hustle Podcast, Jen shares her personal journey of leaving a decade-long corporate career to pursue her passion in the floral industry. This episode delves into the challenges and triumphs of transitioning from a stable job to running a successful floral business, offering valuable insights for aspiring florist entrepreneurs.The Decision to Quit a Corporate Job: Jen discusses her tough decision to leave a stable corporate job while facing personal challenges like pregnancy, the loss of a loved one, and her daughter's autism diagnosis.Planning for a Successful Transition: Emphasizing the importance of having a solid plan, Jen talks about financial considerations, setting realistic revenue goals, and understanding the costs of running a floral business.Building Your Business Runway: The episode highlights the necessity of a 'runway' – preparing your business to reach a point where it can sustain your financial needs before quitting your job.Navigating Financials and Setting Targets: Jen explains how to calculate your business's gross revenue needs and the importance of understanding net profit versus gross income.The Importance of Insurance and Other Essentials: The discussion includes ensuring that essential needs, like medical insurance, are covered during the transition.Balancing Work, Life, and Business Growth: Insights into managing work-life balance, childcare, and the emotional aspects of running a business.Maximizing Revenue Streams: Jen advises on focusing efforts where the money is, like prioritizing larger projects or weddings over smaller orders.Seeking Help and Building a Team: Acknowledging the need for support and assistance to grow a floral business successfully.For Our Listeners:Join Our Community: Connect with fellow florists and business owners in our and Review: Don't forget to subscribe to our podcast and leave a review if you found this episode helpful.Next Episode Teaser: Stay tuned for our next episode where we talk about the essential business tools you need in 2024.02:55 The Turning Point: Deciding to Quit Corporate04:13 The Struggles of Transitioning05:00 The Importance of a Plan05:45 Understanding the Financial Aspects06:30 The Concept of a Runway08:03 The Importance of Insurance10:58 The Need for Help and SupportTransition from Corporate to Entrepreneur, Floral Business Plan, Florist Entrepreneurship, Floral Business Growth, Financial Planning for Florists, Building a Floral Business, Florist Business Strategy, Revenue Goals for Floral Business, Florist Work-Life Balance.11:29 Setting Realistic Goals
1/19/202414 minutes, 44 seconds
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Exploring Cultural Weddings with Sarah Khan

In this episode, we are thrilled to introduce our special guest, Sarah Khan, a florist renowned for her stunning, out-of-the-box wedding decor. Her impressive portfolio on Instagram is a testament to her creativity and skill. We delve into Sarah's diverse background, exploring her journey across various states during her upbringing, her educational path in financial economics, and her eventual shift from a corporate career to the world of floral design. Sarah shares the story of her transition, fueled by her lifelong passion for creating and making things, a love instilled in her by her mother.We gain insight into Sarah's strategic approach to business and sales, skills she honed during her time at Bank of America and in health insurance underwriting. These experiences have significantly contributed to her success in the floral industry. Sarah recounts the inception of her floral business, including the challenges she faced and her decision to name the business after herself. She discusses her philosophy of creating timeless wedding decor, emphasizing her focus on the beauty and diversity of nature.Sarah also opens up about the challenges she faced as a Muslim woman in a post 9/11 world and how this impacted her business approach and clientele. The episode delves deep into the diversity and complexity of South Asian weddings, covering various religions, cultures, and the fusion of different traditions. Sarah gives listeners a behind-the-scenes look at the intricacies of planning and executing large-scale events, discussing logistics, budgeting, and the creative process.We also explore the growth of Sarah's business, her team dynamics, and how she manages a high volume of elaborate events. Concluding the episode, Sarah shares personal anecdotes, industry insights, and advice for aspiring florists, particularly those interested in culturally diverse weddings. This episode is a treasure trove of information for anyone passionate about floral design and the rich tapestry of cultural wedding traditions.03:22 Sarah's Education and Early Career06:57 Transition into Event Styling12:18 Approach to Business and Branding14:50 Experience with South Asian Weddings21:41  Event Planning and Execution22:34 Team and Workload29:58 Understanding Client Needs and Selecting Colors31:51 Incorporating Cultural Elements into the Design35:13 Balancing Tradition and Innovation in Event Design36:05 The Financial Aspects of Event Planning41:42 The Challenges of On-Site Installations44:21 Teaching and Mentoring in the Event Planning Industry
1/17/202456 minutes, 12 seconds
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3 key ingredients of a six figure florist - Mini Episode

Hello flower friends! Welcome back to the Floral Hustle Podcast with your host, Jen. In today's mini episode, we're diving into the three crucial elements that can propel your florist business into a six-figure year. Let's break it down:Focus on Revenue-Producing Opportunities:Successful florists prioritize activities that generate income efficiently.Identify and assess areas in your business that may not be profitable, such as order gathering with high fees.Concentrate on revenue-generating tasks like networking, creating proposals, meeting with clients, and devising strategies for maximum profitability.Audit your time investment and ensure it aligns with your highest revenue-generating activities.Do Things That Feel Good:Acknowledge the importance of aligning your actions with what feels good for your business.As the CEO, avoid getting stuck in tasks that don't resonate with you.Cultivate positive energy by focusing on aspects of your business that bring fulfillment and creativity.Assess your mindset and eliminate negativity, creating a positive environment that attracts success.Build a Strong Networking Tribe:Networking is a key component for success in the florist business.Instead of broad marketing efforts, focus on building a network that positions you as an authority.Invest time in developing relationships with vendors, planners, and your ideal clients.Your tribe should be comprised of individuals who genuinely support and believe in your success.Building strong relationships with key individuals can lead to referrals and opportunities for bigger, more lucrative projects.Remember, flower friends, your network, positive energy, and strategic focus on revenue-generating activities are the secrets to achieving a six-figure florist business. Thank you for tuning in, and may your day be filled with blooming success! 🌸01:18 Focusing on Revenue Producing Opportunities04:25 Doing Things That Feel Good in Your Business06:29 The Impact of Positive Energy in Your Business09:32 Building Relationships with Vendor Friends10:33 Conclusion: The Secret to a Six Figure BusinessJoin our free Facebook group: to learn more about working directly with Jeni- and the
1/12/202411 minutes, 50 seconds
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2024 Goal Planning Strategy Hour

01:56 The Importance of Auditing Your Business05:33 Identifying Your Revenue Sources10:36 The Role of Social Media in Business Growth11:33 Managing Freelancers and Labor21:03 Conducting an Expense Audit26:15 Understanding Your Effective Hourly Rate30:55 Effective Time Management and Tracking32:59 Focusing on Revenue Generating Activities34:35 The Importance of Self-Care35:08 Time Blocking and Prioritizing36:31 Developing a Plan for the Next Year38:08 Setting Realistic Goals40:35 The Impact of Mindset on Business55:45 Dealing with Negative Energy in Business
1/10/20241 hour, 13 seconds
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SEO Basics for your business

SEO Basics-SEO optimization through your websiteGoogle analyticsWays to optimize SEO
1/5/202413 minutes, 21 seconds
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What went right in 2023 and what didn't

Successful Business Strategies and Growth: Delegate and Optimize: Jen shares her successful strategy of hiring professionals to manage non-creative aspects, like social media and operations, allowing her to focus on impactful and creative work. Creativity and Branding: Emphasizes the importance of creative endeavors in elevating the business, leading to a 20% increase in revenue in 2023. Portfolio vs. Business Skills: Stresses the balance between a creative portfolio and essential business skills for long-term success in the floral industry. Balancing Personal Life and Business: Fitness Goals: Jen discusses her fitness achievements and emphasizes the importance of making time for personal well-being. Creating Space: Shares insights on creating space in both personal and professional life, especially as a mom, breaking stereotypes around motherhood and space entitlement. The Growth of the Minnesota Floral Collective: Community Building: Jen highlights the significant growth of the Minnesota Floral Collective, showcasing the need for community, belonging, and education in the floral industry. Event Success: Describes the successful turnouts at events, indicating a strong desire for collaboration among florists. Challenges and Lessons:  Growing Flowers Time Management: Discusses challenges with time management, particularly in dealing with unexpected weather changes affecting flower growth. Sourcing Challenges: Addresses difficulties in sourcing due to delayed flower growth, necessitating flexibility and creativity. Continuous Learning: Acknowledges the importance of staying committed to ongoing learning, despite time constraints. Looking Ahead to 2024:1. Planning and Goals for the Future: Capacity for Growth: Jen aims to create more capacity for significant achievements in 2024 while maintaining joy and personal space. Certification: Pursuing certifications as a mindset and life coach, incorporating tapping and NLP, to facilitate personal and professional growth. 2. Strategic Reflection and Decision-Making: Reflecting on Failures: Encourages listeners to objectively analyze what worked, what could be improved, and what should be let go, emphasizing strategic decision-making. Effective Revenue Analysis: Shares a coaching experience, highlighting the importance of evaluating revenue sources and focusing on higher-producing opportunities. Conclusion: Reflect, Decide, Plan: Jen urges listeners to reflect on their own experiences in 2023, objectively assess successes and failures, and make informed decisions for a successful and fulfilling 2024. 00:00 - Introduction and Reflections on the Past Year 01:53 - Successful Business Strategies and Growth 03:10 - The Importance of Creativity and Branding 07:39 - Balancing Personal Life and Business 11:22 - The Growth of the Minnesota Floral Collective 12:21 - Challenges and Lessons from the Past Year 19:32 - Planning and Goals for the Future
1/3/202424 minutes, 55 seconds
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My strategy to overcome imposter syndrome

00:00 - Introduction and Topic Overview 00:31 - Understanding Imposter Syndrome 02:09 - Personal Struggles with Imposter Syndrome 03:14 - Strategies to Overcome Imposter Syndrome 07:52 - The Power of Affirmations 09:09 - Changing Your Self-Talk 12:08 - Conclusion: Embrace Your Worth
12/29/202314 minutes, 20 seconds
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3 playbooks to scale your business in 2024

3 systems to create your business in 2024. Social/Marketing Communication Customer journey
12/27/202321 minutes, 21 seconds
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Making pricing easier - Mini Episode

Have you ever found yourself in a client consultation, bombarded with questions about the cost of each floral element? Let's talk about the art and science behind pricing your floral arrangements."Understanding the Expectations Client Expectations: Exploring the common challenge of clients expecting instant pricing without understanding the complexity behind it. Math and Science of Pricing: Highlighting the need for a systematic approach, emphasizing the importance of having a floral recipe. Simplifying the Pricing Process Guiding the Conversation: Discussing strategies to guide pricing discussions, especially when the focus is on cost. Starting at Prices: Introducing the concept of having starting at prices to ease client concerns and provide a basic pricing framework. Importance of Pricing Transparency Saving Time and Ensuring Worth: Emphasizing the value of time and the significance of ensuring that the florist's time investment is worthwhile. Managing Budget Expectations: Sharing experiences of navigating consultations where clients had lower budgets than expected. Educating Clients Premium Venues and Floral Expectations: Addressing the challenges of meeting expectations in premium venues and the importance of educating clients on floral costs. Lack of Online Directories: Discussing the absence of reliable online directories for wedding flower costs and the need for florists to fill this gap. Providing Basic Pricing Guidance Incorporating Pricing in Marketing Materials: Sharing practical tips on integrating basic pricing guidance into brochures, websites, and other marketing materials. Competitive Pricing: Discussing the importance of competitive pricing through research and analysis of other floral companies. Customized Approach to Pricing Understanding Color Palettes: Exploring the influence of color choices on pricing and the importance of understanding the rarity of certain flowers. Personalized Estimates: Introducing the strategy of providing estimates based on specific color preferences to set realistic client expectations. Being the Expert in Consultations Building a Resource Toolkit: Discussing the creation of a resource toolkit for consultations, including a variety of floral items and their starting prices. Expertise in Quick Responses: Highlighting the advantage of being well-prepared to respond promptly during consultations. Managing Unrealistic Budgets Addressing Unrealistic Expectations: Sharing strategies for handling clients with unrealistic budget expectations, including providing starting at pricing. Educating on Budget Percentages: Introducing the rule of thumb that suggests allocating 10 to 15 percent of the total wedding budget for flowers. 00:22 Introduction to Floral Pricing00:31 The Challenge of Pricing in Floral Consultations01:11 The Importance of Having a Pricing Arsenal02:31 The Reality of Premium Venues and Budgets03:24 The Need for a Floral Pricing Directory04:21 Becoming an Expert in Floral Consultations08:11 Educating Clients on Premium Pricing11:24 Concluding Thoughts on Floral Pricing
12/22/202313 minutes, 16 seconds
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5 ways to level up as the Floral CEO in your business

Segment 1: Foundation and AuditKey Points: Reflecting on personal journey to becoming a floral CEO. The importance of foundational understanding and auditing business practices. Some of our past episodes are centered around auditing. Segment 2: Evaluating Expenses and Time ManagementKey Points: Emphasizing the significance of auditing expenses for informed decision-making. Examining subscriptions and technologies in the business. Tips on evaluating time spent on daily orders and maximizing revenue-producing activities. Segment 3: Hiring an Accountant and Tax PlanningKey Points: Stressing the need for a knowledgeable accountant for business taxes. Importance of making data-driven financial decisions. Personal experience with improper payment and the impact of having an accountant. Segment 4: Implementing Systems for EfficiencyKey Points: The critical role of systems in preventing things from falling through the cracks. Examples of systems: QuickBooks, ordering strategy, proposal templates, and social media strategy. The impact of having an organized portfolio. Segment 5: Investing in YourselfKey Points: Encouraging florists to invest time and money in personal development. Sharing personal journey and the transformative power of investing in education. Importance of being in spaces where people are investing in themselves. Segment 6: Floral CEO Mastermind AnnouncementKey Points: Announcing the Floral CEO Mastermind program. Overview of the program's benefits and structure. Encouraging florists to consider investing in their growth through the mastermind. Closing: Recap of key points. Expressing gratitude and encouraging listeners to step into the role of a Floral CEO. Call to action: Check out the Floral CEO Mastermind at
12/20/202332 minutes, 51 seconds
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Overcoming pricing objections - Mini Episode

Jen has advice on how to confidently handle pricing objections in the floral business. This episode covers pricing transparency, practical ways to educate customers on costs associated with floral arrangements and bouquets, tips for communicating value, and methods to handle potential clients seeking cheaper alternatives. Jen stresses the significance of not undervaluing your work and maintaining your cost standards, without losing professionalism in discussions with clients.00:00 Introduction and Topic Overview00:12 The Struggle with Pricing in Floristry02:57 The Importance of Pricing Transparency04:01 Dealing with Clients with Unrealistic Budgets07:36 Educating Clients about Floral Budgets12:21 Addressing Quotes from Other Florists14:26 Standing Your Ground and Closing the Sale15:50 Conclusion and Encouragement
12/15/202317 minutes, 18 seconds
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One way to manage your crazy to do list and start to make things happen!

In this episode of the Floral Hustle podcast, host Jen talks about her secret weapon for managing her personal life, floral business, and podcast: Trello. She attributes her ability to accomplish multiple tasks while managing various aspects of her life to Trello. The software offers flexibility and she discusses how it helps her to manage tasks more efficiently - with 'boards' and 'cards'. Jen also provides guidance on creating workflows for different projects like website redesign, idea organization, and big projects, highlighting benefits like prioritization, time-blocking, and task delegation. She also emphasizes the importance of being consistent, committed, and pushing forward despite challenges, insists how relieving it is to have a plan, and highly recommends Trello for organizing all aspects of life and business.01:03 Introduction and the Importance of Organization02:13 How I Manage My Tasks and Responsibilities03:18 Using Trello for Task Management06:23 Practical Examples of Using Trello14:44 The Impact of Consistency and Dedication
12/13/202317 minutes, 40 seconds
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All the juicy details on my new florist mastermind!

Welcome to a special mini episode of The Floral Hustle podcast! In this episode, Jeni shares all the juicy details about her upcoming florist mastermind. She addresses common questions about masterminds and explains the unique benefits of this florist-specific program. From the structure of the mastermind meetings to the type of support and learning provided, Jeni covers it all. If you've been curious about joining a mastermind or want to know what's in store for this exclusive program, then this episode is for you. Stay tuned for all the exciting details and opportunities that await in the world of florist entrepreneurship!
12/11/202317 minutes, 56 seconds
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Easy Installation Pricing

Jeni here, and welcome to another episode of the Floral Hustle Podcast. I'm excited to dive into mini episode 55 where we'll be discussing the ins and outs of pricing floral installations and making it super easy.Key Points Discussed: Simplifying Installation Pricing:Discover how I've simplified the often overwhelming task of pricing installations to make it more creative and fulfilling. Utilizing Square Footage:Learn the step-by-step process of pricing installations per square foot, making the pricing process straightforward and transparent. Consultation Strategies:Explore effective strategies for discussing installation dimensions with clients during consultations, ensuring their vision aligns with the final product. Visuals in Proposals:Understand the importance of including visuals like venue structure pictures and inspiration photos in proposals for clear client communication. Considerations for Post-Ceremony:Hear tips on discussing the post-ceremony fate of floral installations, whether for reuse or placement elsewhere, and how it influences design choices. Worksheet and Freebie:Head to for a downloadable worksheet and more insights into square foot pricing discussed in this episode. Closing:That wraps up today's episode. If you found this content helpful, make sure to subscribe, leave a review, and share it with your fellow flower enthusiasts. For more resources, visit
12/8/202312 minutes, 48 seconds
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3 things that helped me scale my business in 2023

On this week's episode, I want to talk about the three things that really helped grow my business in 2023, and will continue to grow my business in 2024.  And it's a lot simpler than most people think. Over time I have let go of so many things in my business that I felt in the long run were holding me back were keeping me small because I was they bogged down in the weeds of working in my business instead of on my business. When you're in the weeds, you don't have time to think bigger, you don't have time to really dream or put thought behind what you really would love to do - but you're drowning in this week's wedding, drowning in quotes... always drowning in something!  And that is holding me back from being able to be strategic in your business. 
12/6/202330 minutes, 37 seconds
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5 ways to be a more sustainable florist

Welcome flower friends to another episode of the Floral Hustle Podcast! This week's mini-episode focuses on the hot topic of sustainability in floristry. Jen shares personal experiences and the impact of unsustainable practices on florists' health. Segment 1: The Need for Sustainability: Discussion on the growing importance of sustainability in the floral industry. Mention of strange weather patterns and personal experiences with environmental changes. Reflection on the negative effects of pesticides and chemicals in traditional floristry materials. Segment 2: Five Ways to Be a Sustainable Florist: Foam Alternatives: Introduction to "FIBRE floral," a volcanic ash-based product from Oasis as an alternative to floral foam. Discussion on its benefits and challenges, emphasizing its use for sustainable designs. Flower Recycling Programs: Highlighting the importance of not discarding flowers after events. Personal involvement with "Bluebirds and Blooms" and similar organizations that recycle flowers for nursing homes and hospice units. Locally Grown Flowers: Emphasis on the environmental impact of shipping flowers globally. Advantages of using locally grown flowers, including reduced carbon footprint and less plastic waste. Container Reuse: Jen's strategy for curating collections of rental items for weddings. Discussion on lowering environmental impact by reusing containers, reducing plastic usage, and saving costs. Composting: Overview of the city's yard waste program for composting. Personal experience with composting soft stems and other materials, contributing to eco-friendly practices. Conclusion: Encouragement to adopt sustainable practices gradually rather than an all-or-nothing approach. Introduction to a free guide available on [Website: ]. Inspiring florists to make a positive impact on the environment and the industry.
12/1/202312 minutes, 29 seconds
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Strategies to grow your side hustle and quit your day job

Hey, flower friends! 🌸 Welcome back to another episode of the Floral Hustle Podcast. I'm Jen, and today we're diving into a topic close to my heart: navigating the strategy of growing your floral business while still working that day job grind. Yep, I've been there for a solid decade in corporate before fully embracing my floral passion.Overcoming Challenges:🌿 Flower Pickup Woes: Getting flowers while holding down a day job can be tricky, but it's doable. Consider flexible options like flower delivery or utilizing freelancers to handle the initial processing while you're at work.🌿 Weekend Supply Runs: If weekdays are tight, use weekends to stock up on supplies. Some wholesalers are open seven days a week, offering that extra flexibility.🌿 Strategic Location: My life design included living minutes away from work, giving me the flexibility I needed. Think creatively about how you can structure your life to make this work for you.Consultation Conundrums:🌸 Lunch Break Consults: Schedule consultations during your lunch break. One day a week, dedicate 45 minutes for client meetings, ensuring you set clear boundaries.Transitioning from Day Job to Full-Time Florist:🌺 Putting a Value on Freedom: When contemplating leaving my six-figure corporate job, I assigned a monetary value to the freedom and time I'd gain, especially with a new baby on the way.🌺 Budgeting for Success: Knowing your expenses is crucial for profitability. Understand what it takes to pay yourself, factoring in taxes, Social Security, and other costs.🌺 Setting Income Goals: Work backward from your desired income to understand the sales volume needed. Consider promotions or partnerships to fill gaps in your schedule.🌺 Creative Marketing: Use Instagram, Facebook, or partnerships to fill scheduling gaps. Be creative with promotions and collaborations to boost bookings.🌺 Knowing Your Numbers: Understand your business averages, profit margins, and costs. This knowledge empowers you to set realistic income goals and make informed business decisions.🌺 Time Management: Find pockets of time, even if they're just 20 minutes, to focus on your business. Whether it's reaching out to potential clients, marketing, or finalizing quotes, these small efforts add up.Conclusion:Thanks for tuning in, flower friend! 💐 Remember, the journey from day job to full-time florist is entirely possible. Empower yourself, know your worth, and have an amazing, flower-filled week ahead! 🌼
11/29/202324 minutes, 29 seconds
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Do you need new friends?

In this mini episode we are talking about the sensitive nature of friendships. Not only friendships can feel heavy when they are not in alignment but family dynamics are even more complicated. Stepping into friendships that are giving and that serve the next level of you is so critical.Listen in as we talk about navigating family dynamics, difficult friendships and what it feels to outgrow others.Want to be supported by bad ass individuals like yourself join the Floral Hustle Facebook group. The Floral CEO mastermind to seriously elevate your friendships.
11/24/202312 minutes, 14 seconds
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3 ways to start taking action to get paid in 2024

Are you struggling with paying yourself or being able to pay yourself and being able to have the ability to hire on additional help during a busy wedding week?Often florists especially when they are newer are so excited to book a job but in the end after paying wholesalers, taxes, insurance and any help you have may have had you might be wondering how am I going to pay myself now with the leftovers.Walk though three things you can start now to start getting on track to really pay yourself in 2024;Want to be supported by bad ass individuals like yourself join the Floral Hustle Facebook group.The Floral Hustle | FacebookJoin The Floral CEO mastermind to seriously elevate your friendships.Floral CEO Mastermind | The Floral Hustle
11/22/202314 minutes, 43 seconds
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The one mantra you should have in your business

What if your business was easy? What if everything you did felt like you had the business of you dreams? How would that feel?That mantra is what would it look like if this was easy? What if things in your business were easier. When you operate your business from ease you get to choose everything. As the CEO you have the right to run the business how you want to.
11/17/20238 minutes, 33 seconds
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What is a mastermind and is it for me?

As someone who has invested a lot in personal development a mastermind is something that I has been something that has been a huge roll in my financial and mental growth. Surrounding myself with people who are at a similar spot in business being led by a person who has done the things that I wanted to do helped short cut my business to make things happen.Defining a mastermind- . A mastermind group is a gathering of like-minded people who meet up frequently in small groups to support, encourage, and learn from each other's stories, experiences, and ideas and hold each other accountable to well-defined goals.Be a part of a new mastermind that is unlike anything out there.
11/15/202341 minutes, 45 seconds
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Strategies to deal with bad product

Strategies for bad product often easier said than done. Bad product can also be a frustrating situation.Steps to take to deal with bad product.Know the wholesaler/vendors policy for replacements, bad product and credits.Unpack things right away.Have the proper tools and clean your tools.Have the correct processing floral food/fydrator.Document problems right away.If it is boxes/farm specific issues- photograph the labels if your wholesaler requires it.
11/10/202313 minutes, 22 seconds
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5 productivity tips to end the year strong

Focus on revenue producing activitiesPlan your week- Sunday night prepSilence notificationsScheduling activities-Understanding when you are most productive
11/8/202323 minutes, 30 seconds
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How to gain 100 followers in one week!

Follow this simple strategy for growing relevant followers for your social media. If you want to grow your business you need to have relevant followers. Engaging with industry professionals on social and having a strategy to capitalize your growth is important. Authentic engagement will help foster relationships that matter.
11/3/20238 minutes, 30 seconds
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5 things to book a wedding this week

Follow up on past estimates or inquires. Evergreen social media graphic- stating availability. Post an offer on social Launch an a la carte flowers program Reach out to planners
11/1/202312 minutes, 52 seconds
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How to Launch an À La Carte Flowers Program - Mini Episode

Even if you're in the thick of wedding season à la carte is a great opportunity for you to have something to talk about on social media and an easy way to respond to the very common question of what your pricing look like, as well as an easy, accessible way that people can do business with you that is all exclusively either on your webpage or you have a brochure that they can just pick from and order that item.
10/27/202313 minutes, 50 seconds
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Business Basics- Are you doing them?

This week is about business basics. Are you cutting corners when it comes to running and operating your business? These can be very expensive mistakes that cause a lot of stress, anxiety, and even disappointment and challenges that are unneeded.Let's go over some of those things and explain how easy it could be for you to remedy that!
10/25/202318 minutes, 24 seconds
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My Inquiry Process - Start to Finish Mini Episode

In this episode we share my start to finish process of my inquiry process. Nothing crazy- just simple steps to connect with your customer. In this process I gain all the information to make sure this is a wedding I want to do and starts to build confidence with my client that I am the right choice. Pair that will a strong visual proposal that sells and you have a strong possibility you are doing that wedding.
10/20/202316 minutes, 30 seconds
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Five marketing strategies to implement before 2023 ends

Planner outreach Posting 2023 availability Implementing a brochure B-Roll footage. Developing a consistent social media schedule.
10/18/202317 minutes, 35 seconds
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Mini 3 things to start now on Instragram without showing your face.

This week were talking about three things you can do on Instagram without showing your face that will help boost your engagement, boost your followers and will create value.
10/13/202311 minutes, 31 seconds
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Are you operating your business as an employee or CEO?

This is a line many business owners walk. Often this line is centered around money and making it ok to make money.Look at things like- are you charging enough? Are you throwing things in for free on last minute requests.Running your business like a CEO is critical to making your business profitable. Charge your worth is the first step. Operate your business as a for profit business. Even small things eat at your bottom line. Make making money the culture of your business.
10/11/202314 minutes, 3 seconds
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ADHD Success Strategies for Floralpreneurs

Strategies for successCreate processes with fail safes to help have the ability to catch mistakes.Organize frequently used items into easily accessible folders. Frequently used photos Folders in systems you use often. If you use systems like Canva for proposals, organize files for easy proposal creation. Have a system to gather ideas.
10/6/202314 minutes, 14 seconds
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3 key ingredients of a successful florist

This week's show is about the three key ingredients that really can make a florist successful. There are a lot of misconceptions out there of what success looks like because success is different to everybody. And the misconception that we as creatives lack business skills like the ability to sell.  There's all these things around what creatives are. And as a florist, we are creatives. We are people who are using creativity to make beauty with flowers, but we can be so much more than that.
10/4/202316 minutes, 46 seconds
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F*ck Florist Fraudy Feelings...

On this week's minisode, we are going to talk about something that so many florists, humans, the world in general, experience but never talk about. And that is fraudy feelings. Imposter syndrome. And today we are going to talk about basically saying, f*ck you, fraudy feelings.
9/29/202315 minutes, 56 seconds
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5 ways your floral business is leaking money

There are many ways your floral business can leak money but these 5 are some of the largest ones. Overstuffing Over ordering Prepping with premium labor Operating expenses over your current means Not hiring enough labor All these are fixable and with fixing this you can get your business on track for profitability.
9/27/202313 minutes, 10 seconds
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Am I good enough to make my business happen?

One of the biggest struggles for an entrepreneur is doubting yourself. Feeling like you are not good enough keeps so many people from launching their business, growing their business or trying something bold and different. That fear or doubt of being good enough can be rooted from childhood, can be generational or formed from a society of everyone living a Instagram perfect life with no margin for error or failure.But you can change all of that… which may sound crazy but you are capable of big changes and believing in yourself in a way that makes you unstoppable.
9/22/202316 minutes, 4 seconds
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First steps to growing your business!

Taking the first steps to growing your business can be exciting.  But I am emphasizing growing and not starting your business really comes down to one key move- networking!  Networking with other wedding professionals is your path to growing your business because they are around people who need your services.
9/20/202318 minutes, 34 seconds
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Why you keep not charging your worth!

Not charging your worth is something many florists struggle with. Most often it is a florists confidence or really lack of confidence that is getting in the way.If you want to know how you should be pricing download my pricing guide.
9/15/202313 minutes, 16 seconds
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Change the way to your talk to yourself= Success

Your inner narrative of how you talk to or about yourself can impact your life, business and general self esteem. In this episode we talk about ways to shift your inner voice into one that supports your goals and becoming the next level version of yourself.One thing to pay attention to even when talking to friends or family is “I am” statements. I am not good at a social media, making bouquets or a million other different things is not going to help you accomplish actually become better at that thing. Shift that statement to what you are going to do about it to help get unstuck in the pattern of not believing in yourself.
9/13/202318 minutes, 32 seconds
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Fear of failure- How to hurdle over this block in your business and life - Mini Episode

This week we're talking about overcome some big mindset blocks and the fear of failure. Many of my coaching clients, my florist friends, and even myself have had these overwhelming moments where the fear of failure stops them from starting, or stops them from pushing forward.  I want to give you some tips and strategies to believe in yourself more and instill some core ingredients of success so that you feel like you are moving forward. When you become stagnant, I think a lot of people start to panic!  Listen in to this episode and let me know if it helped you push past some of those stressful feelings!
9/8/202313 minutes, 17 seconds
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Make faster quotes and proposals with these tips!

Doing quotes and proposals doesn’t need to be a painful process.Tips for faster estimates: Create standard base pricing for common items like bouquets, bouts, corsages etc. Have an a la carte flowers program to reference. Pricing installations per square foot. Creating basic recipes for estimate guidance. Download our pricing guide at for faster proposals: Preloading rental inventory into folders Preload in and make a go to flower folder. Curating your rental inventory to compliment each other. Download out top rental inventory guide at Have a template for your proposals. Have commonly made items to copy and past into a proposal.
9/6/202315 minutes, 31 seconds
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Dialing in your Operating Expenses - Mini Episode

Your operating expenses can make or break the success and long term viability of your business. When businesses go deep in taking on expenses the business is going to struggle to keep up if the momentum of the business expenses do not match the momentum of your sales.Steps to figuring this out- Create a spread sheet and get into your banking. Make sure all expenses come from the business account- do not pay things with your personal account. It is harder to keep track and to keep accountable in one spot. Check in if expenses still make sense.
9/1/202311 minutes, 39 seconds
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Are you spending your time on the right things in your business?

On this week's episode, we're going to talk about time allocation.  When you spend time on your business, are you are spending it on the right things?  Lots of florists spend time on activities that are not revenue producing.  Check in - are the  activities that you're doing leading you down a path of making more money, not just keeping you busy?  Sometimes done is better than perfect.  It's easy to get caught up in the details of how things look, how things look on Instagram, curating your feed, about curating your website and what actually is happening is the perfectionism is holding you back from moving your business forward.   meeting with the bride is a potential or meeting with a couple as a potential revenue producing, um, interacting.This episode will really help you find clarity on where you are spending your time, and how to shift it to where you actually want to spend your time.  
8/30/202313 minutes, 5 seconds
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How to overcome rejection - Mini Episode

Rejection can be hard but you can let it sink you or set you free. I had a recent bride send me an odd reply to checking in after my estimate stating she met with the families and they compared all this information from a ton of flowers and have decided to keep investigating other floral options. My proposal had inspo photos she provided mainly so many things did not make sense. After it I thought more about the interaction and how many things in our conversation were not necessarily aligned with my ideal client. But then I thought- how could this situation been more efficient or gone smoother even with the same result. My largest conclusion was the time I wish I would have spent less time and before revising the proposal I should have asked with the overall proposal as long as I changed the requested colors would the pricing and overall options requested work for their wedding. Then offered the revision if everything looked like it was closer to booking but I did not dwell in the rejection. I know I will attract a better wedding and more aligned couple. That switch in my thinking helps me process the rejection to learn from that situation instead of letting it backpedal my business in a negative direction.Rejection can be a learning situation and you do not need to dwell in it as failure but an opportunity to attract a better wedding in the future.
8/25/202312 minutes, 59 seconds
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Prepping Your Wedding Week for Success

Many people thrive in having some organization or structure around their week, and if you do the right prep work, no matter if you are planning your wedding week, corporate events, or if you have everyday deliveries  taking time to prep your week means you will be much more productive.You're going to feel so much lighter in your business which is so important!  You are going to deliver better work because you are not rushing and you are prepared. In this episode I share what I do personally to prep for my week!  If you ever have any ideas or you do prep for your week, I would love for you to send me a DM on Instagram.  I would love to understand what you guys are struggling with.Thank you for listening, have a flower filled week!
8/23/202320 minutes, 49 seconds
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How to subtly sell to friends, family and businesses - Mini Episode

Many florists have a vast network of friends, family and businesses we interact with but never share what we do. We are worried we will come off as salsey or not being our authentic self.Your network often needs your services or knows someone who does. With your mentioning your business you could be helping connect that person and fill a need they have. Instead of them searching google and hoping it goes well you can fill their need as someone who already has the foundation to that relationship.Ways to subtly network-Post specials or do intro/reminder posts on your personal social media. Share informative posts from your business page to your personal.Share any left over flower specials to help clear inventory and get exposiue to someone you might not have before.
8/18/202313 minutes, 5 seconds
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The #1 way to grow your business!

The number one way to grow your business is simpler than you think!Your network of wedding and event professionals is your biggest opportunity out there to grow your network.Ways to network organically and without a ton of pressure.#1 When you follow and a personal follows you back or you follow and they follow back send a DM intro. Thanks for following me, my name is Jeni and I love (something from their page), and say you would love to learn more about your business and would love to have a virtual coffee date. Then try and build a relationship from there.#2 Talk to vendors and try and business relationships during events.#3 Comment on vendor friends stories and posts. You gain visibility and comments matter to vendors as social media is a ton of work.#4 Make flower friends. Talk to flower friends at the wholesaler, out at networking events and so on. You both have a common interest and common problems so support each other.#5 Follow referral connections though with connecting the customer and the vendor friend. I verify they are available that date and interested and then try and connect them via email or text message direct.#6 Networking events- you can meet others flower and vendor friends all looking to connect and network (the main reason we go).
8/16/202329 minutes, 54 seconds
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How being a florist made me sick - Mini Episode

In this weeks episode we are talking about something a little vulnerable and personal. About a year ago I wasn’t feeling well and after doctors visits and coming up empty handed I started to see a functional medicine doctor. After some initial appointments we pursed doing a environmental test that tests for toxins in your body due to exposure in the environment around you. After an awkward trip to mail urine via Fed Ex overnight I got my test results shortly afterwards that I had heavy levels of pesticides, herbicides, mold and a gasoline component that is found in floral foam. After discussing with the doctor options to help remedy the situation we started on a plan to detox the chemicals out of my body. We started with a drinkable glutathione supplement, sauna blanket and starting to do activities that would make me sweat it out. After an initial oral detox we started a graduating weekly IV of glutathione.At this point I have gotten the chemicals mainly detoxed from my body and have started to be on a path of becoming the healthier version of myself. I have purchased an air filter to help clean the air in the studio, are changing the air filters in the furnace more frequently and wearing a mask with foam.Thank you for listening to a part of my floral journey.
8/11/202316 minutes
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Are you running your business as the business owner you want to be?

 In this episode, Jen talks about aligning your business goals with your aspirations. She shares personal experiences and stories that emphasize the significance of embodying the future version of yourself today. She encourages listeners to define their business objectives, set clear boundaries, and make key decisions that match their vision. For those dealing with difficult clients or situations, she underlines the importance of communication and setting clear boundaries. Moreover, she assures listeners that it is okay to evolve and change and that running a business in alignment creates a better work-life balance. Finally, she offers coaching services to provide further support in business growth. 
8/9/202323 minutes, 5 seconds
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Build content, boost creativity with $75 - Mini Episode

On this week's minisode, we're talking about how you can create 10 different pieces of work for under 75 to build your portfolio get the work out that you want to be associated with your brand - and actually just have some fun creating!
8/4/20238 minutes, 36 seconds
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Using Canva for proposals to book more Couples

 In this episode of the Floral Hustle Podcast, Jen shares her advice on streamlining your Canva proposals to convert more sales. She explains the importance of visuals in your proposals, and how curating and organizing images can optimize your process. Topics covered include how to use folders in Canva, pre-made templates for popular rental items, and using color swatches to nail your clients' color schemes. Jen also addresses the concern of clients shopping around with your proposals, and why she believes in providing value before receiving a deposit. Whether you’re a florist or small business owner, this episode has the valuable insights you need to optimize your proposals and boost your sales.‌
8/2/202316 minutes, 26 seconds
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Streamlining your rental inventory

In this episode of the Floral Hustle Podcast, host Jen discusses her favorite rental items, including key pieces that she believes will be trending for the next generation. She shares nuggets of wisdom on how to streamline the proposal and sales process, featuring items such as bud vases, taper candle holders, and pin frogs. She talks about the importance of curating cohesive rental collections, pairing items together for a set price, and achieving a streamlined inventory. She also shares a rental sourcing guide which listeners can find at Whether it's sharing her go-to options for different centerpiece designs or her favorite low price point ceremony features, Jen covers all bases on the importance of rental items in a successful floral business.Download my top rental items guide-
7/28/202312 minutes, 14 seconds
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Living your best Mom and business life

Being a mom and a business owner can be tough.  In this episode we talk about ways to make you a more aligned business owner and living the motherhood you envisioned.  Having both parts of your life running in synergy is something most Moms don't deserve it.  You deserve it!  Listen how to live with purpose and have the business and motherhood of your dreams.
7/26/202326 minutes, 38 seconds
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Stop Being Afraid to Say No to These Things - Mini Episode

In this episode of the Floral Hustle Podcast, Jen speaks about the often challenging topic of saying 'no' as a business owner. She explores why it's okay and a necessity to set clear boundaries, dispelling the myth that new business owners aren't allowed to decline. She shares examples of boundaries you should set in your floristry business, including refusing non-revenue generating collaborations, distractions that don't contribute to your main goal, toxic clients, and any activity or relationship that doesn't make you happy or passionate. Jen also encourages listeners to feel confident in walking away from courses, books, or any investment that doesn't resonate with them, even if they've already spent money on it. She emphasizes that mental energy is an invaluable resource, and only what truly serves you and your business deserves it.
7/21/202310 minutes, 31 seconds
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How niching down has skyrocketed my business

In this episode of the Floral Hustle podcast Jen tackles the topic of niche marketing and its role in the success of her own business. Specifically, Jen shares her experiences working as a florist in the cultural wedding industry including Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Pakistani and Somali weddings, among others. She discusses her relationships with multiple event decorators and wedding planners, the specialty of each decorator, and the working dynamics involved. Jen further shares why niche marketing can be an effective strategy for florists and gives various niche ideas within the wedding industry. This episode also includes useful tips on building business relationships and maintaining a profitable pricing structure.
7/19/202319 minutes, 32 seconds
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Does your energy level match your desired income?

Many people have big dreams of a 100k business but are putting less hours and less drive behind the business than matches their desired income. Ways to see if they are closer a match is tracking time, how you feel, how your business feels and look for areas that are falling behind. Then look at- am I putting in a 100K effort to support this? Its eye opening that you could be dreaming big but have lackluster communication , drive and passion to make it happen.
7/14/20238 minutes, 25 seconds
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5 things to start outsourcing now

In this episode of the Floral Hustle Podcast, Jen discusses the importance of outsourcing tasks in her floral business to maintain both her success and sanity. She shares her top five tasks to outsource, including social media and admin tasks, bucket cleaning, organizing and prep work, accounting and tax advisory, and teardowns. By delegating these tasks to other professionals, she can focus on her passions and continue growing her business. Tune in to discover how outsourcing can benefit your business and give you the clarity and peace of mind you need to thrive.
7/12/202317 minutes, 21 seconds
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Literally, don't care- be yourself - Mini Episode

In this episode, Jeni talks about negative feedback and how not to take it personally. We also talk about flipping the narrative of negative feedback is helping you repel the type of client you do not want and narrow your ideal customer even more. You can wallow in the self-pity of the feedback or you can harness your power and fuel that for your true purpose.
7/7/202312 minutes, 54 seconds
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Creating proposals that sell

On this week's episode, we're going to talk about sales in proposals and having a proposal that sells you, your company, your designs, your execution, and everything to that client. I do visually curated proposals. I have seen lots of proposals and I've done lots of different types of proposals. I do visually driven proposals so that when somebody opens this proposal, they feel their wedding. They can see the soft fluffiness of the blooms. They can see the bold colors, they can see the softness or the muted colors - and they can feel what their wedding is like.A lot of people are resistant and feel they can't do that kind of proposal, because it would take a lot of time, and they would spend more time in addition to meeting with the client for the consultation. This does not have to be that hard. You can simplify this process immensely.  Tune in to this episode and learn the way you can add visual proposals to your process, painlessly.
7/5/202317 minutes, 42 seconds
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Deposits - My Entire Process - Mini Episode

In this episode of the Floral Hustle podcast, Jen shares her tips and insights on handling deposits in the floral business. She talks about simplifying the deposit process, offering clients different payment options, and how she handles the deposits she receives. Jen also discusses how she approaches special circumstances when it comes to keeping or refunding deposits and shares the importance of having a kindhearted approach in the business. Additionally, she touches on the topic of monthly coaching and the importance of growing revenue to solve various business problems.
6/30/202310 minutes, 23 seconds
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Three things holding you back in your business!

In this week's episode of the Floral Hustle podcast, Jen discusses the three things that may be holding you back in your business. She emphasizes the importance of consistency in building relationships, responding to clients, and posting on social media. Jen also talks about how having the right mindset and thinking bigger can lead to significant growth and success in your business. Tune in to learn how to overcome these challenges and achieve your goals in the floral industry.
6/28/202310 minutes, 39 seconds
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Forecast your year and how much to pay yourself- Tips and strategies to keep revenue on track - Mini

Notes:In this episode of the Floral Hustle podcast, Jen discusses the importance of forecasting for your wedding floral business and shares tips on how to accurately predict and manage your finances. Learn how to use simple tools like Google Sheets to track your revenue, expenses, and profit margin, and understand how to make adjustments throughout the year to ensure you meet your income goals.
6/23/202311 minutes, 18 seconds
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Smart Sourcing

In this episode we talk all about optimizing your ordering and strategizing on where the best place for that item is.We talk through ordering through multiple wholesalers and sourcing direct from rose farms. Leave this episode prepared to smart source this wedding season.
6/21/202323 minutes, 13 seconds
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Should you raise your prices?

In this episode I want to talk about some of the signs that you should be raising your pricing.
6/16/202310 minutes, 19 seconds
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3 ways to get more done

Do you have a never ending to do list? Do you feel like you never make traction on your to do list? Here are three ways for you to ditch the overwhelm and get more done.#1 Lists- Use a notes app like Evernote to create folders for different subjects in your life. Capture things pouring out of your head so you can feel like you are not loosing things.#2 Sunday night prep- prepare for your week so you are setup for self. With Sunday night prep I make sure calendars are setup and filled up the info for everyone to be on the same stage. Then you can go through things like mail, figure out your plan for the week.#3 Make sure you are hiring the help you need to accomplish anything you have/need to be done. Most early entrepreneurs try to do it all and that gets you in trouble and leads to burn out. Having the help you need makes you feel more fulfilled.
6/14/202317 minutes, 53 seconds
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Inquiry? What to do next to close more couples! - Minisode

When you get an inquiry the next steps are critical on wether you will end up with the wedding. I walk you through my consultation process that will help perfect your consultations for a higher average wedding and closing more couples.First thing you should do is make sure the inquiry is a good fit for business. Does the design match your aesthetic and is the budget in line with your minimum? Then I share my brochure that has starting at pricing in it. I then ask additional questions to make sure the inquiry is in alignment with the additional factors I have asked for further details on such as number of bridesmaids, if they need centerpieces, and the number of guest tables they estimate having. With this information I can determine if I need to educate them on their budget a bit or do I need to setup a consultation. With asking clarifying questions you are setting up your interactions to be worth your time investment.
6/9/202316 minutes, 10 seconds
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Ordering from Overseas

This episode highlights some essential factors to consider when sourcing products from overseas factories.  - Sourcing is not limited to just China, as factories from other countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Korea, and Thailand also participate in sourcing.  - and the Alibaba sites provide a vast range of countries and manufacturers enrolled in their supplier program, and so do other sites like DHgate.  - There's typically a three-week shutdown of Chinese factories during Chinese New Year that buyers should note. To avoid delays, it's critical to place orders early during holiday seasons.  - Asking for a real photo from a seller before ordering a sample is advisable, mainly to ensure that the product is not a mock-up and is what it actually looks like.  - The shipping time for a product can vary depending on whether it is shipped by air or sea. The processing time also differs, similar to ordering from Amazon.  - Checking communication in a timely manner with overseas suppliers is important due to the time difference. Many factories use translators, so clarifying misunderstandings is essential.  - Paying through Alibaba guarantees that the factories listed will stand behind the terms of service. Alibaba has guarantees in place for payments made through their platform to ensure buyers are working with reputable factories.  - There are reviews on the website to provide transparency on factory performance. A processing fee for payment protection on products is also involved.  - It's crucial to remind shippers to use strong packaging to prevent damage to the product during shipping.  - Samples are necessary to avoid surprises in size or color when the actual product arrives. It's advisable to request samples to be sent by air for items ranging from $50 to $150.  - The pricing on Alibaba is generally more competitive than other sources, but other sources often offer fast shipping and allow customers to buy in lower quantities.  - Customizations can be made to items listed on Alibaba, depending on the factory and the product being sold.  - Customers can search for specific products on Alibaba and find them on the summary page, which is a collection of items under that search word. I hope these tips help you when sourcing from overseas, and I look forward to sharing more insights with you!
6/7/202316 minutes, 43 seconds
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3 reasons to do a styled shoot - Minisode

The ping in your email is real with requests for your to participate in a styled shoot. Your heart flutters and sinks at the opportunity. With so many florists agreeing to any styled shoot because they think they are supposed to- let me tell you that is not what you need to do. You should be inspired and have the ability to do something that you have been craving to create. When you are inspired the work is often a fun experience to create and it usually is your best work you are putting out there.
6/2/20239 minutes, 4 seconds
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Prequalifying your inquiries to save time and avoid ghosting

Avoid ghosting and spend time with customers that are more impactful and higher probability of closing. First thing I pay attention to is did the customer fill out all the information in your inquiry. If they did not- there is a high chance they are shotgunning pricing requests. I will give them an opportunity to answer the questions by asking again. I then am asking more details of their wedding to get a feel if their budget aligns with the floral needs they have. I also ask for inspiration photos for me to make sure it aligns with your design style.
5/31/202333 minutes, 49 seconds
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Making social media content simple Mini Episode

Social media should not just be pretty pictures. Your social media can of course be a place for pretty pictures but having a place for you to talk and help educate your potential clients. You should be driving your content around driving business, positioning yourself as an expert, showing your potential and help educate your client. You should also be focusing on driving connections with niche’s you target or venues you want to focus on.Walk through this strategy that will drive connects through your ideal client.Download our social media guide at
5/26/202312 minutes, 47 seconds
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A content plan to attract your ideal client!

Start going all in on the main client you want to attract.Posting on social media should be centered around who you want to attract. With these posts you should consider also what you love doing and highlighting that so you start attracting what you love to do and what you want to attract more.Here is one strategy-You want to attract more clients that are getting married at this venue you love. Clients at this venue have larger budgets and also the style of flowers you love to create.Step 1. You create a blog post on your website of a wedding you did at this venue highlighting what you can do, how beautiful your work is and more of what you want to attract at this venue.Step 2. You then make graphics about this wedding you featured in this blog post. You create a Instagram post graphic and take text from your blog post to post on Instagram. Use the venue’s hashtags and tag the venue in the post.Step 3. You can resize that post and create and Instagram story graphic. Then you can use the Instagram sticker saying - NEW BLOG POST and then link the url from your blog.Step 4. Resize that graphic again to a Pinterest image. Create a total of 10 Pinterest graphics and use photos from your wedding highlighted in the post and have that link to your blog post. Trickle these out via a scheduling tool.Step 5. Next level- create a long form video tagging the video talking about areas you can put floral and share your excitement about the venue. Tag the venue and use their hashtags.Step 6. Make a reel with a quick 30-60 video of you talking about a fun idea for that venue, key floral considerations or something that speaks to that couple and that would benefit them to watch your video. You could also make a reel with trending music with a carousel of images from that wedding.
5/24/202317 minutes, 1 second
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What should you do with unreasonable clients?

Some clients are flat out difficult. You struggle to answer why you should even be working with them. How do you stick up for yourself but still try to get business to fill your schedule. Sometimes you will need to walk away from unreasonable clients. Sometimes you will need to stand up to a client with unrealistic expectations and nicely explain that what they want will not work with their budget. Often you will need to educate your client because they have no idea what things cost and you need to show them in a nice way- that they cost way more than the current budget.Often when you are frustrated it is hard to educate someone who seems impossible. Pricing transparency is part of educating. If they get a brochure before meeting they have part of the education already. Just continue to show them simple math
5/19/202313 minutes, 14 seconds
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Wedding Event Production Timelines

In this episode I break down the day by day production of wedding week.Monday- I normally get roses delivered so they have a day to fully hydrate before processing.Tuesday- Pickup up local wholesaler flowers, process roses, do processing of other flowers.Wednesday- Start designing- Bouquets first, vase arrangementsThursday- Greening foam, start personals and hydration chamber them.Friday- Wrap bouquets, finish foam work, pack things up
5/17/202327 minutes, 7 seconds
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What should you do with an inquiry that comes in to avoid being ghosted

When you get an initial consult my first step is to start to help educate a client on pricing of flowers. In my response with asking key questions about their wedding I attach a brochure to help them get an understanding of costs.Other questions I ask to help understand if they did note a budget so I can get more information to see if their budget is realistic. How many bridesmaids do you have? In addition to personal flowers do you need centerpieces? If you need centerpieces what is your approximate guest count? Can you send me your Pinterest board or 3 images that captures your floral vision? From a floral perspective what is one area you would like to focus on with your floral budget? If they do not have budget noted- ask again. I see you did not fill out the budget section of my inquiry. Normally peoples budget for basic floral wedding needs is 10-15% with that in mind do you have any initial budget guidance so I can start formulating ideas for your wedding.If this looks like responses that are in alignment with your design style and the pieces make sense with their budget then I will setup a time to meet to go through and formulate a formal estimate.Then I make a Bloom board which is a visual proposal in Canva.I put a deadline of 7-10 days and then followup if I have not received a reply within 3 days.This process has transparency around pricing that helps you have customers that understand your basic pricing structure before you move forward with investing time in proposals and consultations.
5/12/202316 minutes, 9 seconds
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How to change your entire business in 3 months

Its a lofty goal to say change your entire business in 3 months, but it is possible I’ve done it.What needs to change in your business?Sales? Profits? Not attracting enough leads? Attracting the wrong kind of leads? Are you in survival mode in your business and your life? Logistic breakdowns? Expenses out of control? Does your business feel overwhelming? Lack of fulfillment?The different sections of change needed need to be broken into sections to attack. Mindset- Your business and life together- Work/Life balance Not enough leads- Wrong type- Marketing issue Sales/Profits - Process breakdown. Mindset-Start building habits to support the version of you want to be. Start reading 10 pages of self development books a day. Positive affirmations Meditation Exercising Work/Life Balance-You need to go and define what success looks like and how you want your business and life to fit together. Define success so you know the goal and vision moving forward.Not enough leads- Wrong type of leads-Are you putting 110% of your energy into getting there? Are you taking daily action to move towards your goals. What daily action will help kickstart your business. Start digging into what does your brand say? What is it attracting?Sales/Profits Dive into what your profit margin is and is that where you want to be? For your goals what would your weddings need to look like. Average pricing, costs, profit margin and so on. What plans or actions can you take to attract sales. Are you networking with people that can make a difference in your business? That are in front of your ideal customers? Are you processes in place so you are not making last minute ordering decisions? Estimating your orders to not over order and eat away at your profits? Underordering to make last minute decisions.-
5/10/202321 minutes, 57 seconds
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How do you stand out in the crowd of florists

What makes people stand out? What makes a business stand out and what makes a business owner stand out?What do you want your stand out- be bold and different from the competition. How do you want to stand out as a business owner? How do you want to stand out in your life?Show work that is innovativeShow how your business is different.Does you business deliver educational value?Identify what stands out in your business. What makes someone want to book with you?Communication- Timely and concisePresentation- Visual proposals that sell!
5/5/202314 minutes, 44 seconds
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Wedding season pep talk

This week - I'm going to give you a wedding season pep talk because I literally just had to give this to myself. The other night was looking at my calendar and I had just met with my decorator friend and like things felt heavy - it's gonna get real this year again!I'm very transparent and I want people to know that everybody struggles. I was worried - how am I going to do all of these things?I've made promises to myself. To make sure that I'm doing two podcasts a week to make sure I'm showing up on Monday, posting on social media and showing up in my social media and interacting and creating value, to make sure I'm sending an email that adds value.I stood back and said snap out of it!I don't do overwhelm. How am I going to fix it? What strategies am I going to put in place to help this feel lighter, feel easier?And then - I wondered if all my Flower Friends are trying to figure their stuff out right now and feeling the same way.Tune in to this episode to hear what you can do now to make sure you are prepared for wedding season - from actions you can take with your staffing, equipment and your own mindset.Check out my social media guide.
5/3/202318 minutes, 2 seconds
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Are your friends holding you back in your business?

You may heard you are the sum of the 5 people you hang out with the most. Those 5 friends could be- you parents, spouse, best friend and similar people in your life. Look at your friends- are they just getting by? Are they kicking butt and taking names- reaching and setting goals. Are they healthy? Stressed? Complaining? Happy? What are the traits that describe those people- that is what you are soaking up and that is driving you to your current position and state in life. You can change that- people can make an exit and you can bring in positive influences to fill those rolls. Your probably wondering how do I get these positive influence. You need to start putting yourself in scenarios that would foster those types of people. Podcasts, books and other personal development can also help you on your path to getting into a state of mind that will attract those types of friendships. Changing your circle will grow you in so many ways.
4/28/20236 minutes, 53 seconds
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Grow your Instagram in a way that matters!

Growing you social media accounts is an exhausting affair is sometimes. Often you are looking at likes that aren’t translating to purchases. How do we get in front of people that need you or work with people who need your services.Getting in front of the right customers can be complicated. It is hard to way a flag that says couples come here. What if you were in front of other industry service providers that are constantly in front of clients needing your services. Winner! How do you do this?? Find industry professionals that. you can follow and support on social media and then during that time they to know you. Spend time interacting with other wedding professional to build relationships with them. Then start sharing content that they will want to put in front of their audience because it is filled with value.Check out my social media guide.
4/26/202322 minutes, 56 seconds
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What do I post on social media?

What to post is a serious question that most business owners struggle with.Content ideas-Create a theme for days of the week.Meet us Monday- meet the owner, why we started this business, how you work with us? Are business offerings. Tip Tuesday or Wedding Wednesday is also a good theme day strategyTheme for the week- relevant topics for audience.Examples- Should you hire your florist for tear down, 3 ways to save money on your wedding flowers, top 2023 wedding trends, Who gets personal flowers in a wedding and so on. You can do a long form video, a 60 second reel and 30 second reel all out of your topic of the week.Stories content- wholesaler trip, unpacking, bouquet flowers filled and so on.Download our free social media guide at
4/21/202310 minutes, 41 seconds
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I Girl bossed too hard - What to do next!

Isn’t it a crazy thing- you built a business and it looked like you are at the top of your game and success in yours! Sometimes you Girl Boss to much because you are afraid of fear- a fear of failure and a fear of judgement. If you have success in your business you have not failed so you are likely fearing rejection or potentially even fear success! The biggest thing is you need to define what your ideal business looks like. What needs to change? How does your mindset need to change and stop holding on to that you need to let go. You are the CEO of your business and can make those decisions. Get rid of everything that feels icky in your business and have a business that things feel good. Realign and redefine what feels good for you.You also could have Girl bossed to hard but love you business but there are parts that you don’t like. Figure out strategies to get those things that are on your plate. Is it worth it to get those things gone to free you to step back in as the CEO.You can do it! If you need additional support my one on one coaching could be the firecracker to get you back to a business you love!
4/19/202319 minutes, 30 seconds
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5 things to do now to hit the reset button in your business

Know where you are at closing percentage, average wedding costs, etc.Create a spreadsheet of current metrics to track the progress.Do a mental reset of your business- of your life if needed! Identify what you want- how you want your business to feel- what strategies you want to put in place.Look at your social- is it supporting the looks, feel, and direction you want to take your business? Are you showing up the way you need to in your business on social?Does your current portfolio support the work you want to attract? If not- change it!Look at how you are showing up in your business on all the different levels. Is that the experience the client you want to attract would expect? Are you standing out in the crowd of florists that a couple might meet with?Check out the Florist Start Kit for a bunch of goodies.
4/14/202312 minutes, 14 seconds
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Should you follow "Everyone" else's pricing strategies?

Do you march to the beat of your own drum? Or do you follow the masses and try to make that work to drive your business? I think that many people have similar ways of getting to similar places in business.Fundamentally- you are the CEO of your business and can make decisions that feel good to you. The only thing I would consider is - is your changes to the standard pricing out there keep you profitable. If you aren't at the level of profitability what do you need to change- where are things breaking down?Download my florist pricing guide-
4/12/202314 minutes, 5 seconds
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Setup and Delivery - what should you charge?

There are a million different ways I have seen florists charge for these services. The fact is you need to do a system that works for you and makes you profitable. I look at each item as a separate item/cost. For delivery I look at the number of locations to deliver to, distance, the complexity of load in, does a truck need to be rented or is there parking to be paid. How easy is load in- small freight elevator- more $$$ Room flip- transition.This also is based on variables. Time frame, number of people needed, when timing, and if there is repurposing of flowers including deconstruction and moving something.Tear Down-I base this on timing-How long is the tear-down time frame? Some venues charge you for going over time so understanding you have enough time is critical. Do you need extra team members, are you disposing of things, how much glassware to clean up, how far is it to dump water, and so on? These are a few items I look at when estimating and then I put in an extra 30 min. charge clearly on the proposal so if it goes later I adjust the proposal without question.If you want my pricing guide that talks through this- visit
4/7/202310 minutes, 9 seconds
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Launch your floral business in 30 days or less!

Want to start a floral business? What is holding you back? Fear? Mindset? Confidence?Fear can be overwhelming- most commonly people are afraid of failure, afraid of rejection and afraid of disappointment. But what if you couldn’t fail because you define your own success? What if you understood- rejection is a part of the process to help you the right customer that absolutely loves what you have to offer? What if you were disappointed because you gave yourself grace to grow a business on your own terms.What if you changed your mindset to from- I don’t think I can do this. This seems hard to I can succeed and I am capable. What if you had a mindset of abundance and that money flows freely to me. And the mindset that now is your time and you can make things happen!Confidence can be one of the biggest things to stand in your way! What if you had the confidence to think you are capable of anything. Confidence to show up in your business as the face of your business. What if you had the confidence to make things happen?All of those pieces start to fall in place- now what? Where do you get started.First thing- head to and download the Florist Start Kit Guide. This guide is backed with business fundamental information and all the steps of starting your business.Next thing is get the basics out of the way, don’t overthink it! Name, Sales tax id’s and any other formal business registration for your state and city if needed. One of the most overthought part is your logo. Make one in Canva or I love using design crowd and submitting my vision and have artists around the world submit designs for you to pick a winner from. You can buy number of submissions, ask for revisions and pick a winner. My current floral business logo had 235 submissions, not all were diamonds- some were awful and some were fascinating. Then- get your all of your social media pages.Now- to build confidence and a large part of floral confidence comes with practice. Head to your local wholesaler to investing in some flowers and practice making different pieces. You can make one piece then photograph- tear it apart and make another item. You can start with an altar vase, bride bouquet, bridesmaid, flower girl, centerpieces, bud vases, wrist corsage, boutonniere, wearable tattoo or lapel flowers. You could create- 10-12 creations with the same flowers.Then start posting on social media. Post and introduction video, introduce yourself. Then start to find industry peers to follow.Planners, Photographers, venues, other florists, DJ’s and other wedding professionals. When they follow you back- which usually 30-40% do send them a DM to say thank you for following me. Tell them you would love to hear more about their business and asked for a virtual coffee date. Its ok to play the new kid on the block card.Then lets build an easy to start out with plan. A la carte flowers can be an easy way for you to start with having templated offerings that give you flexibility in blooms and textures. With this you can cover basic items within your scope of confidence. Share your a la carte offerings on social media, with other industry professionals and on your website.Once you meet with someone ask them for feedback.
4/5/202328 minutes, 29 seconds
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Want to freelance? Start here!

Want to hear how you become a freelancer? How do you gain exposure to other florists to do this? There is a strategic way for you to gain exposure to key florists in your market that would be looking for florists to help them. Start interacting with their posts, post in your stories that you are available for freelancing. If there is a local florist group you could post that you have some availability in that group as well. Even sending a DM or email to a local florist and tell them you are a huge fan and would love to work with them. Start building relationships with florists in your market by also going to say hi and introduce yourself at your wholesaler.I hope this episode helps propel your freelancing strategy and you are working on some amazing projects this wedding season.
3/31/202314 minutes, 40 seconds
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Should I invest in myself with training/coaching or YouTube it?

Investing in yourself can be scary and overwhelming not knowing if what you will learn has value and if you will see a return on your investment. The question of should I take this course and spend $x or should I Youtube it and wing it.I used to be the florist who felt I had been a florist forever so what would I really learn from something. I also was scared to invest in myself because the money wasn’t there. At this point I didn’t think I was worth investing in and I treated my business the same way. That all changed when a friend talked me into going to Flowerstock on Holly Chapple's farm. This was my first immersion into education, surrounding myself with elevated floral minds and being exposed to amazing floral educators. My mind was blown by the artistic out of the box designs of Sue McCleary, Gabriela Salazar of La Musa de las Flores, creative business like coach Julie Tobi and of course Holly Chapple. When I left that farm my mind was blown and my life was forever changed. That may sound dramatic but that trip inspired me to start my urban flower farm and take the Floret Farms workshop. It made me dig deep into defining what I truly want my business to look like in a creative business mastermind with Julie Tobi and enrolling in Sue McCleary’s virtual studio. This was just the tip of the iceberg because I started to notice the more design and business knowledge growth I had the more my average wedding increased. I then started consuming all sorts of personal development media- podcasts, books and our pal YouTube. But my investment didn’t stop there- I did design days with two local florists that I admired. I did coaching with a florist I admired that looked like she unapologetically did weddings she wanted to do and was paid accordingly to her amazing talents with grand and beautifully curated weddings filling her calendar.After my large initial investment I continue to try to learn and soak up knowledge from anyone I feel can add value to my business or even me as a person. Every year I have invested my business has grown in revenue and shrank in the volume of weddings I did.So the initial question is- should I invest in myself or Youtube it and I am on team invest in yourself. Part of the reason I am a coach is because I know that coaching/training can change someones life. The foundation of what education or coaching can give you is confidence. Confidence in your design work, confidence in your pricing, confidence in your proposals and during your consultations. Confidence drives a business forward in so many ways. People often take for granted how experience in making something again or working at a venue can close the couple you are meeting with.Sometimes learning something is not only or even a financial investment it is an investment of time. Sometimes that is the biggest investment of them all as an entrepreneur.Ways to invest in yourself without spending a dime: Podcasts- not just floral geared podcasts. Goaldigger podcast Women of Impact She Means Business Show The Mindset Mentor Earn Your Happy Florist geared podcasts Of course -The Floral Hustle Botanical Brouhaha Flower Ed. The Flower Podcast Team Flower Podcast Countless opportunities to invest in design courses- online and in person. If you are looking to invest in yourself in a way that is unlike most courses or in person coaching I would love to work with you one on one to elevate your business, your mindset and the overall direction in your business. I have one spot available as of this recording so please send me a DM on Instagram or reach out on my website and so we can connect and see if coaching is right for you.
3/29/202315 minutes, 6 seconds
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Simplify your Social Media Content Creation

Do you want your social media to be simpler? Do you feel like you are always working on creating content, pushing content out and you are on the hamster wheel of content creation?Let me introduce you to a process called batching. Batching helps you take a focused amount of time and producing your content for the week/month or whatever time frame you choose. Because you are focused on creating in an efficient manner of focused time you will get so much done compared to broken amounts of time that literally has your brain changing focus every other second.But really to simplify your strategy of developing content, you need a plan. One plan is to pic one main source of content- your queen content. That content is the foundation for information to be trickled out to various sources because you will take that content and then take bits and pieces for that and make multiple types of content. For example- Blog on three ways to save money on your wedding flowers. The blog has your three main points. Then you take those three points and make a video of your 2-3 minutes talking about that content- This is a post for Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok. Then you take 1 of those points that you are excited about and you make a 30-60 second video for a reel on that point- this could also be repurposed to Pinterest and Tik Tok. Then you could make a carousel post talking about your points of the week and various Pinterest graphics to drive traffic to your blog. All of this off of one piece of content.Want even more help with your social media? Head to for a free guide that walks you through a successful social media account.
3/24/202312 minutes, 45 seconds
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Pricing for florists simplified

Want an easy way to dive into pricing correctly head to the Facebook groups I am in- pricing is the most asked questions. A florist will post a picture then ask what would you charge. While I get some projects it is hard to know where to start with pricing a unique design concept, what other florists might charge for something could be drastically different from what you should/could be charging for that piece. When you step back from that statement you might ask yourself how would our pricing be different if we have the same inspiration picture? There are several ways that pricing could be different- #1 flower wholesale price could vary by region or even wholesaler. #2 The interpretation of the flowers used could be different from one florist to another. #3 The fullness of the completed piece could be different and with more flowers likely more cost is incurred. #4 Different markup thresholds- one florist could have a 3x markup on wholesale and another have a 4x markup. A florists labor cost could also be different- 20% with one and 25% with another. Normal pricing rule of thumb is- Wholesale cost of product x mark-up (3-4x) Plus Hard Goods Cost x markup (often 2x) Add design/labor fee 20-30%. Then on the whole wedding- Some florists charge a percentage of the total for setup/delivery/flip/tear down.I personally do not charge a flat fee and prefer the pay per item model. Then the couple is paying for the services they use and your not getting short changed by charging a flat rate and things are piled on you that weren’t originally agreed on.Setup/Delivery- On this cost I look at several factors. *Number of stops *Complexity of the stops *Is a delivery truck rental needed *How easy is it to load in. *Load in complexity- is it on the 15th floor of a huge building and you are loading into a tiny loading dock with a ridiculously small elevator. *Will I need a team of people to setup. *Is there a ton of work to get water if needed. *Is there a ton of onsite design work? This fee could be $250 up to several thousands of dollars or more if a luxury wedding.Room flip/repurposing- For this charge I look at complexity of the flip, time allotted for the flip, if things are being moved how complex is moving it and do I need additional team members. This could range $150- $500 or moreTear Down- This fee for me depends a ton on the timing. If the tear down is at 10pm, Midnight, 1am or next day I charge according to the time agreed and how long we have to have tear down complete. Timing I usually add an additional $50 for every half hour. Next day tear down which is my preferred I will position as half the price of late night tear down so they are incentivized to try and get the venue to allow next day. I also look at the complexity of the tear down and if there is a ton of water to dump or a ton of items to dispose of. This could range from $200-$750 and up depending on variables and more if it is a luxury wedding.But here is one thing that is the most important factor of them all- you are the CEO of your business and you determine your pricing. The only person who can truly dictate your pricing is you. I also think being the cheapest in town will leave you frustrated and feeling burnt out- you are running a business and need to make money.Want an easy way to dive into pricing correctly head to
3/22/202333 minutes, 43 seconds
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Why and how you should be working with a flower farmer this season

There are so many reasons to consider sourcing from local flower farms and with wedding season forecasted to be a big year now is the time to schedule in some research time to be able to incorporate locally sourced into the upcoming season.Adding this into your wedding flower business is going to really change so many things in your business. When I started incorporating locally grown flowers I felt like my portfolio instantly was more elevated. It brought unique blooms and the range of textures made things really pop.The freshness factor was really impacted when I started incorporating locally grown blooms. They are normally freshly cut by a flower flower, not packed in plastic and are in your hand to design with as much as a week sooner.My number on way I have found flower farmers is on Instagram. Other florists tagging using their product. You can also search and the huge factor that is I notice is the labor save of not having to unbox and unpackage a million things out of plastic. The waste of course is a total bummer but the time that it takes to get everything unpacked and out of the wrappers is a serious time investment. This is totally saved with buying local.
3/17/202310 minutes, 1 second
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Confidence to Show Up on Social Media

Social media seems like a scary and complicated place for most people to show up in any way shape or form but to show your face- is terrifying. When I ask most florists what is scary there are so many different answers. Even thinking about it gets me worried. I get anxious that I won’t know what to say. I’m worried what people will think. I don’t know what to talk about. I’m worried of what people will think. Another thing people are worried about is how they look. They potentially don’t like how they look or maybe they have a zit or something showing up that makes them feel less confident. They worry they are not an expert enough for people to listen to them. They worry about peers judgement. Thoughts of being made fun of or ridiculed. With all these worries and stories in your head that would be a big block to hit record or pull photos out of your photo phone folders wouldn’t it! How can we turn this around? Start changing the way you talk to yourself. If you have a-I am not good at statements in your head or that you are speaking into the universe. We need to start talking to ourselves better today! Start thinking about what a badass you are an how much knowledge that you have You are an expert- your deserve to be heard. Think about how you are helping the potential viewer. If this is free content you would putting out- its free I Am affirmations.- Start training your brain. I am magnetic, I am good on camera, I am an expert in my field, people can learn from me and Do you feel braver in a certain outfit, underwear, boots or even a specific. Do you feel braver in a certain room or even with a filter on. If a filter help you how up- who cares - use it! Practice- Practice your craft to build confidence. Think about who will be watching your video- the majority are people you likely are more of a subject matter expert on what you are talking about. If another florist is watching if they can’t be kind or supportive they are not someone you want following your page anyways. The bottom line is- you are a badass and deserve success and to share your gift- now act according to that!Want more social media guidance- head on over to download our free social media guide. This guide is packed full of valuable content for you to elevate your social media.
3/15/202326 minutes, 9 seconds
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Want to grow flowers for your weddings- here is how to start now! - Mini Episode 8

Growing flowers has been such an inspiring addition to my floral business in recent years. About 4 years ago I went to Flowerstock on Holly Chapple's farm and was so inspired by growing flowers and using them in your designs. This changed the direction of my business and made me start focusing on locally grown flowers. With that, I started my own growing journey and have learned so much along the way. If you want to start your growing journey the first thing I would start with is education. Learning all about growing flowers and the different steps was so helpful foundationally to help me have an amazing amount of blooms my first year. I started my education process by signing up for the Floret Farms workshop and which was an intensive course that gave me so much knowledge and ways to shorten the learning curve. Then I went and signed up for team flower membership and took the gardening portion of their course as well. That was great educational content because it focused on a smaller-scale grower that does most of the gardening herself.I then started deciding what I wanted to grow and picked blooms like Zinnias, scabiosa, strawflowers, rudbeckia, dahlias, silene lanterns, celosia, and lisianthus. I then sorted my seeds by the time it listed on each packet to plant. 8 weeks, 6-8 weeks, 4-6 weeks, and direct seed. At each time frame, I purchased a bunch of 4-tier greenhouses off of Amazon, grow lights, and seed starting mats. I then went and took my seed cells and filled them with Promix soil which I have found to be a great seed-starting soil. Then either covered the tray with a plastic tray it came with or saran wrap with a rubber band around it. I placed the tray on the seed mat in the greenhouse with a grow light directly overhead. The grow light is positioned above the actual tray but not very far above it that the plants are reaching for the light source. From there I watched and waited till the plant emerges then removed it from the seed mat and uncovered the plants. Then I watered and waited for them to grow and monitored the distance of the light so the plants would not become leggy from reaching for the light. When it is getting close to planting time I would harden off the plant by it having bits of exposure to the outdoors.When it was close to planting time I prepared my beds and prepared weed block fabric if I was using it which is plant-dependent. I prepared the beds with compost, garden soil, and peat moss, tilling all the soils into the existing ground. Then planted according to the plant spacing suggestions on the seed packet.For the dahlias I now wake up the dahlia tubers by removing them from the cold storage area and letting them wake up with their sprouts in the container/medium they were stored in. I then plant based on the tuber sprouting. I have found about 20% of purchased and reused do not sprout due to not having an eye or damage on the tuber.I hope you love this minisode- growing your own flowers can help elevate your designs, keep you creatively inspired and create a new love with being a florist.Greenhouses I used: favorite seeds:
3/10/202313 minutes, 32 seconds
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3 ways to stop posting anxiety

Do not let social media anxiety get the best of you!3 ways to stop posting anxiety.#1 Have a plan! Build a concrete day or a theme for a week for you to post on that topic that day or multiple times in the week. Developing a strategy is critical for you to make social media happen consistently.#2 Do not post and ghost! To get interactions you need to spend time interacting with other accounts. I spend 15 min. a day to strategically interact with other people posts. I interact with florists and other wedding vendors to help build relationships. Being a better human is going to make and foster better human behavior.#3. Schedule it! Use a scheduling took such as Planoly, Tailwind or one of the social medias native tools. Remove the instability and batch your content.Have you downloaded the social media guide which walks through and audit and then it is filled with ideas to make social media less stressful! Download yours at
3/8/202326 minutes, 25 seconds
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A la Carte Flowers - Mini Episode 7

A la carte flowers is an amazing way to add a lower budget option to your business without all the headache that comes with a full service wedding sometimes this is the is a great place to get started or add on smaller orders that are less work.I added a la carte flowers to my business 4 years. I was super inspired by Native Poppy in California. My a la carte flowers gives you the options to choose and be inspired by blooms you choose in the couples color palette. A customer can shop and buy it right on your website. I also give the option that they can do a contract/deposit to reserve the date if total numbers aren’t know yet. I give size options- small/petite Average/medium and large and lush for the custom to choose on bouquets. Then I made simple color palettes- autumn glow, simply white, bright and cherry, dark and moody and white with one or two accent colors. I made mockup using the color palettes to launch this and photographed everything for my website. I will deliver this if it is within 15 miles of my zip code for a fee. But I will not setup- then anyone can really drop off- easy.This is also a great way to have starting at pricing for your brochures, your communication and so on. It helps stop price shoppers because you are being transparent about your pricing.I hope you entertain adding this because it can be fun and great side revenue.
3/3/202312 minutes, 36 seconds
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5 ways to increase your bookings!

 Want a guide to starting your floral business? - head to Wouldn’t you want to close more weddings? With these 5 ways to increase your bookings, you can go into this engagement season with a high closing ratio on the horizon.Prequalify with pricing guidanceMake your proposals more visualOffer price tiers of your itemsBuild repore during the consult and in email.Put an end date to your pricing. I often mention I will hold the date for one week and then that same thing is in the proposals.
3/1/202325 minutes, 31 seconds
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Simplify your social media - Mini Episode 6

Frankly social media can feel overwhelming. The trick to minimizing anxiety is to have less stressing about when and what you are posting and build a strategy behind the content you are producing and batch that content- LIKE A FLOWER BOSS! Batching is the practice of creating tons of content in a concentrated amount of time and then posting that content via a scheduling app so you are not actively having to post that content yourself.Let us start with the strategy behind posting- Let’s make a plan. That plan should not to be just posting pretty pictures. A plan that will help educate couples and wedding vendors to your page for informational content to help them on their wedding planning journey or vendor friends eager to share helpful content to their audience. You also could build in a strategy of introducing yourself and your business and have a strategy to help attract certain venues you love. Whatever it is you can create them days around those items- Meet us Monday- Tip Tuesday- Wedding Wednesday - Friday Fun- Friday flowers and on and on. Meet us Monday could have an intro post, then the next week a meet the team, an introduction to your service offerings and event a how can they work with your post. These could be done in a static, carousel or Video/Reel.You also could pick a theme of the week from an education standpoint. The best way to stretch your wedding flower budget- then several times a week you could do a video/reel, static post or carousel post giving various ideas. Then next week you pick a different topic and then it just evolves every week with fresh content.You can plan out a calander in advance but you will so much less anxiety knowing you have a plan of what to post.Now making and scheduling. I am a huge fan of Canva and when you have Canva pro it lets you resize to various social media posts sizing. You then could use a scheduling app like Planoly, Tailwind or the native scheduling apps. This is huge- schedule in a batch and then log on and verify your post is live when you are checking your feed.If you are looking for a little extra help on your planning adventure with social media head to free guide helps you audit your account to make sure foundationally it looks good. Then walks through strategy of the audited items. Plus there is a social media planning weekly schedule and a results tracking page so you can track your growth.
2/24/202312 minutes, 47 seconds
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Secrets to a multiple six figure wedding business

 Want a guide to start your floral business? - head to  Key points from the podcast!Having the right mindset!Having a minimum so you are not running around with low budget weddings.Providing an experience that is higher end.Doing multiple weddings- event though it is more to coordinate it is more revenue.Having a team will help you have more capability!Providing a great experience- will lead to more referrals.Delivering what you promise.Keeping the promises you make to yourselfHaving a brand that speaks to your style and not budget.Connecting with other vendorsForming partnerships
2/22/202340 minutes, 51 seconds
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3 Ways to Grow your Reoccurring Revenue - Mini Episode 5

Many florists struggle with money ebbing and flowing in their business with big bursts of revenue and then a month's time goes by without revenue coming in. In this episode, I talk about 3 ways to grow reoccurring revenue in your floral business.#1. Weekly church accounts- Finding local churches that want to incorporate a beautiful floral arrangement for their congregation. This could be funded for the church by members sponsoring the week (for a birthday, anniversary, remembrance etc.), by a donation to the church or from an altar guild fun. Spend time weekly reaching out and sharing your business with area churches to help grow your weekly floral orders.#2 Annual flower orders- As a gift that will keep on coming someone buying their loved one annual flowers which shows up as a monthly flower arrangement delivered to their loved one. Every month in the first week of the month someone pre-placed the order to make sure they show their love and appreciation to their partner, Mom or a special someone in their life. This can be sold at Valentines, Mothers Day, Sweetest Day, Admin day or even Christmas. The initial gift is shared celebrating that holiday and then its shared the big news of the monthly gift they will receive.#3 Local business client orders- Many businesses that are client based businesses send flowers to clients for special events, get well soon or sympathy arrangements. You could be the go to florist for that business to help them have a go to person that can make it easy for them and make their client feel special. Dedicate 10 minutes a week to reaching out to insurance companies, financial planning offices and any other that has a client base that could benefit or already sends their customers flowers.
2/17/202310 minutes, 38 seconds
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Things I wish I knew when I started!

That classes and education will elevate you to new heights.Its ok to court/work with multiple wholesalers.A cooler is needed- but your don’t need a new one.Investing in key pieces will build revenue quickly.I didn’t need to say yes to everything and everyone.I didn’t need to be the cheapest in town.I didn’t need to do 100 weddingsRenting a truck- is not a big dealAll the expensive solutions- seriously only need waterBeing an S-Corp didn’t require me to be a big companyWant a guide to start your floral business- head to
2/15/202335 minutes, 26 seconds
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Does your floral business give you anxiety? Mini Episode 4

Does you floral business give you anxiety? Or has it made your chest feel tight, have a few tears roll down your face or even to the point of running to the bathroom and tossing your cookies sounded like I great idea. I get you! We are often in high intensity situations that can increase emotions and make us feel like the world is closing is on us…but the difference is we can make our reaction to stressful situations change today!This episode is filled with tips for you to be the boss of your anxiety and say- no today old friend. The 15 min. reset. When things are feeling tough this tool calm help calm your nerves and reset your energy. Step away from your situation and find a calming area- sitting down potentially away from the area causing your stress. Start to think about- in this situation what do I have control of? #1 you can control how you react and feel about a situation and start to feel the control you have in your emotions and as the CEO of your business. Do not put all your eggs in one wholesaler basket. Having sources gives you options. Order hard to find product from two places. Also do not promise specific flowers to clients- that can add so much anxiety. Making things easy for what your are available for. Don’t like funeral work?- You are not available for it. Pulling everything ahead of time. Making sure you have everything and have everything prepped. Book the help you need. Estimate the work on one wedding and book help accordingly.
2/10/202312 minutes, 29 seconds
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What you really want to accomplish with Social media!

Download our free guide to a social media audit and planning. Go to to get yours today! Everyone is so focused on growing their social media followers but today let's stop and think about what we really want to accomplish. Are you looking for followers because you want notoriety or to live the influencer life when your social media account blows up? Being an influencer is the #1 career choice for people coming out of college. But- I run a business and want to attract the right client who needs my services - with that I want to help educate them, promote my offerings, be relatable to build trust and inspire the follower. Most people want to post pretty pictures- the end. To keep and gain an engaged audience you need more than just a pretty picture. There are 4 types of posts I recommend- Educate, Promote, Relatable, and Inspire.To help educate your potential clients and make your social media easier- take a single topic every week and dissect that into various forms of content all centered around that one idea. Concept- Winter weddings. Post #1 talks all about flowers freezing and ideas around getting outdoor photos but still having nice photos of your flowers outside. Long-form video - 3-4 minutes long.Post #2 Carousel posts of the main points from your video.Post #3 30-second video of one of your points from your long-form video.Post #4 Reel featuring winter bouquets with trending music.Post #4 Carousel post with more cold weather-friendly bouquet options (evergreen, pinecones, twigs etc.).Post #5 Your favorite winter bouquet inspiration and why- Things to have on your social profileWhere you areWhat you sellWho you areLinktree- is a great resource in your social media bio to help share different points in your business that you want to route your clients to.
2/8/202326 minutes, 42 seconds
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Are you not booked for the year? Freaking out? Mini Episode 3

Is that time of year that you are freaking out for the amount of weddings you have booked?Every year this happens to even the best florists.Step #1 Verify your feeling is realty. Apply numbers to truly investigate if what you are feeling is true. Data can shed light and help provide big insight into what the year is looking like. Go in and record in a spread sheet separated by month the weddings you have. Then go in and put the estimated gross of that wedding. How does it look?Then, if that looks bad. Test your connections points on your website. Inquiry forms, chat and any other connection point on your website. Make sure all of the basic things are functioning.Now-what can you do if it a realty.Put yourself out there showing the masses you are available! Created graphics in a place like Canva. Then make similar graphics explain how people can book your, what your process looks like, and even make a screen recording video of how they can connect with you.Release the energy of feeling things are out of your control. We re action taking problem solving people. Take action!Wedding planners can be in a constant source of couples needing to book florists. Think out of the box on how to get in front of wedding planners.
2/3/202313 minutes, 31 seconds
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Making profit not a bad word - overcome the fear of success

For years in my business I felt like I had to give everyone a great deal and that was my path to success- but I also felt when I was working with such wonderful people that I wanted to give them a deal to give them what they really wanted but couldn't afford unless I was giving away the farm. I felt like Profit was a bad word. I started making it in my mind a hobby of creating something with joy is ok to not make a profit because the people are so great and I bet I'll get good photos after....and on and on.Changing that narrative was critical- because even though I wanted to start making some money- I now was attacking my unideal client because they wanted things as cheap as possible. I had the cheapest wins mentality forever- that was not how profitability works but I kept doing them and trying to grow a little bit more each time.Consumers often make Profit a bad word- you need to condition yourself that it is a critical part of your business and you deserve it.How can you change the narrative of profit in your business?What profit can help you accomplish?Why you need it!Looking at profits/costs in a transaction. Arrangement- shipping, freelancer, car insurance to delivery, delivery boxes etc.
2/1/202318 minutes, 38 seconds
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My top 5 Online tools for your floral business - Mini Episode 2

My top 5 tools for your floral business.  I breakdown why I love all of these amazing tools.Canva- Online and an appPhoto Shop Express- AppQuickbooksPlanoly Online and an appG-Suite Online and an appBonus- Zelle Online and an app.  Works with more
1/27/202312 minutes, 33 seconds
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Overcoming your couples most common and annoying objections

Objections come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes it might not be a plain objection from you couple- it might be your objection.  I want to talk about some objections I have heard from my couples, myself as my business has evolved, and what I have heard from coaching clients and fellow florists.  Often reframing the objection and showing another perspectives can help lead the client.  But you also need to define to yourself if this objection on their or your part come up if there is a hard line of something you are not willing to do.One of my biggest personal objection when someone says they want to use bridesmaids bouquets as centerpieces.  When I hear this- It makes me scream inside my head- NO!!!  But that probably wouldn't lead the conversation in a good direction so then I do my first step and ask a clarifying question to make sure I heard and understood what they said correctly.  - Clarifying question- Just to make sure I understand what you are wanting to do- you are wanting to repurpose the bridesmaids bouquets and use them as centerpiece?  Then they likely will save yes.  I then help validate their idea to save money is a good one- so you acknowledge it was a good thought but....let me share some of the things that has happened with some of my other weddings when doing this very thing- bouquet didn't make it because bridesmaid forgot, bouquet was laid on its side and left in the sun and was brown and burnt., The flowers were out of water for 5 hours and were seriously drooping.  Then suggest usage in a place that could be enhanced by the flowers but not be the only thing on it so the condition is a little less important.  Offer budget centerpiece ideas, talk about the stress of worrying if they get there and talk about is $400 worth the stress, running around, making the head table not look as fabulous and potentially someone having a centerpiece with dead flowers.I want all tall centerpieces- this is often a bad idea because it is not the best look.  I then pull up some photos and show them how your eye travels across the room and it travels flat with all tall.  You could show them examples just using vases of how you look at it.Here are some additional questions I cover-I would like you to do the personals and Aunt Karen is going to do the centerpieces-Your bid is higher than another florist's- will you match it?Why are wedding flowers so expensive?Why are trader joe's flowers so much cheaperWill you take another event on that day?
1/25/202324 minutes, 18 seconds
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Expenses Audit- The Path to Profitability - Mini Episode 1

Time to audit all the things related to your budget. First- check in with your website and technology products. What business tools do you have and are you utilizing them and are they working correctly, For each tool- expense- ROI- and am I utilizing all the tools.Then look at regular expenses. Look at your taxes, should you be starting a 401 Simple Plan. Dive into what you have forecasted so you can see what will help. Look at your expenses and what your ROI is and what things look like then make plans to be using tools that are, making your business more profitable. If you never take this time- things will never move forward.
1/20/20238 minutes
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Side Hustle - Mom Hustle Success Habits

You don't need to be a naptime warrior or work till midnight.1st off is to really identify what you are wanting from your business. Financially, how you want it to feel, and how much time you have to realistically invest. Then once you have that you need to talk to your support system and explain what you are wanting to do and the support you need. Explain your business to your kids and how things could look different.2nd- If this is a side hustle check if you have an employment agreement that prohibits another job. I ran into this struggle but luckily in my interview, I mentioned my side business. Look at how your job/motherhood will work if you have a consult request during the day or a Friday wedding. Plus if you have a local wholesaler is it close enough to do a lunchtime flower pickup?3rd- Systemize everything. Use things like QuickBooks, canva to create proposals from templates, email templates for quick responses, base floral prices so you can answer quick questions or have a brochure put together.4th Technology- a phone that can keep your email, canva proposals, and whatever else might be helpful when you are out an about. Calander reminders-When clients are booked put in calendar reminders for check-in times, when you need to order flowers and when the final payment is due. This will help keep you on track. Sunday prep- Get organized for the week. Touch base with your partner on what you need help with that week. Get pull lists ready and print anything you need for the week for production. Mom Hustle Support- you deserve to have something outside of your motherhood. Part-time childcare, working during school hours, partner support to work. Have a play area, crafts, independent games, distractions, tv- whatever can give you a little extra time to work when things are busy. Get help- So often we are afraid that getting help will make things less profitable or we wonder if you can afford it at all. You are not superwoman and events are very condensed so do not feel guilty when you hire help. Plus if you build a network of flower friends maybe at some points you can help them out so you build a support network. Give yourself Grace! Your learning and you are making big leaps.
1/18/202335 minutes, 3 seconds
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3 Tested Tactics to Grow Your Business in 2023

Today you are in for a treat. We are talking about three tested tactics to grow your business in 2023.  You're thinking - what do I want my business to do? How do I want my business to grow? These three ways have made an impact, of course, financially, but also just how my business feels in the culture I've created in growing my business.Reaching out to the wedding communityOne of the ways to really expand your reach is by networking with other vendors.  One wedding vendor could come into contact with 30-50 couples and if you are their first thought if the couple asks about florists you want to be someone they think of.  Vendors at the bottom of the booking funnel- like photographers, event decorators, venues, and most importantly wedding planners.  Especially if you have a unique niche- sustainable weddings and cultural weddings.  Flower friends are also a great source- they could be booked when they receive an inquiry.  Referrals going around between flower friends are the best type of referrals.Previous clients-  After so many years I have a large referral base from customers based on the years I have been doing this but you can start cultivating referrals.  I have offered a bouquet of flowers delivered.  Sent personal thank you notes and so on.A la carte floral-If you have the capacity to take on lower-budget weddings or you want a solution for referrals that are under your minimum. This has to be easy and not a lot of work with the revenue associated.  Have an easy checkout process with the most popular items.  I have woken up with $3000 orders which are great and this is also built-in creative freedom which is also amazing.
1/11/202343 minutes, 14 seconds
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Let 2023 be easy- 5 must's to help things feel lighter

Start mapping out rest- Book vacations or time off to breathe.  Look at your calendar and look at holidays, and birthdays and take time to have the moments that matter.Start sourcing supplies- find cylinders, tape, glue, and limited supply itemsGet ahead of the rush and potential scarcity of the items you need.  When you wait you could potentially Map out your goals and back into what support you need.Set your intent in your businessBook a CEO day.Plan out what you want your business to be.  Chasing something with no vision or purpose.  When you put out a goal in the universe you automatically are more committed.  Evaluate pricing- adjust accordinglyAdjust prices now- before the wave of people planning.You deserve to make impactful money.Making sure if this is your Mom hustle is covering the expenses of childcare is looked at.Stop overbookingPractice saying no- don't overlook yourself.  It's not serving you. 
1/4/202318 minutes, 40 seconds
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Vision and goal setting for 2023- go big!

Now is the time to go big and step into your role as CEO and define your 2023 business vision and do some serious goal-setting to start molding your business to bring it to the next level. That next level is one that every aspect of your business is getting 2023 plan to get that part of your business to feel good- easy- aligned and in the end and contributing to profit. If you have not had a good chance to look at your financials and what the profitability of your business looks like- now is a great time to start. Before you can really start to do the work on developing your business and how to improve it you need to feel like what you are doing is worth it and that you can pay yourself and support yourself in your passions.From there we are going to do some serious planning on how you can make your business feel amazing. If you start this process with a little reflection on how various parts of your business feel. Some questions to reflect on- Do you like the current work you are doing and putting out there? Do you like the current client you are attracting? Do you like how their interaction feel? Even the tone of their emails? You do not need to dive into a deep exercise of naming your ideal bride/couple and everything about her but having a general idea is helpful in identifying if you feel you are attracting her. Think of your last 10 couples- what would you change?Another thing I am reflecting on this year is my working environment. My studio produced a ton of work out of a limited amount of space because there is a ton of inventory in my studio. Doing an audit of everything you have used and not used and evaluating from there if you should keep that inventory will help clear the clutter in your space. My favorite life minimalist is Allie Casazza preaching what takes up your time takes up your space. Are the things in your workspace serving you? How do you feel in your space? How do you want to feel? What could optimize your space? Should a goal be to perfect your space?Next, let's look at your time- what do you want to be doing in your business next year? Do an inventory of what you are spending your time on- are those tasking propelling your business forward? Do you have the team in place to make your big dreams happen. In looking at your tasks could you find someone to take on tasks that help you work on driving the business forward.Dream big for your vision of 2023. 
12/28/202252 minutes, 43 seconds
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Seven things to stop now for a more profitable 2023 wedding season and beyond

 Seven things to stop now for a more profitable 2023 wedding season and beyond. 1. Stop guessing on costs/pricing.  Do you want a less profitable wedding or a big mistake?  Guessing on pricing in my experience always is 2. Stop trying to be the cheapest In town. Being the cheapest in town.  The race to the bottom is only going to bring you less profit and you will keep perpetuating cheap weddings.  If you want to do fewer weddings that are larger and more profitable.3. Stop comparing yourself- When you keep comparing yourself you keep holding yourself back always thinking you are not good enough.4. Stop using one wholesaler or flower source.  Having options and being able to price compare helps you always get the best deal and also up your chances of securing a product.5. Stop promising specific flower choices Nothing eats profitability and your sanity like promising specific flowers to clients.  Listen to episode 2 for more details about tactics to make this happen.6. Have a minimum. Looking at what makes it worth it to do a wedding or other type of job. To cover delivery costs, paying for potential childcare, employees, insurance and so much more.7. Start sourcing supplies nowThe early bird gets the worm.  If you are expecting to need supplies next season- be on the lookout now.  When you wait to the last month you could be paying a premium due to buying when supply is low and demand is high.   Plus you also chance- not getting them at all!  Follow on Instagram Follow on Facebook
12/21/202220 minutes, 35 seconds
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Three steps to easier installations

Installations are often a struggle for so many florists. It is one of the more complicated floral to price and construct. The first thing to figure out is your installation is your foundation- this is needed for pricing the installation accurately. In this, you will decide based on the structure type which mechanic is best. Depending on your stance on foam or no foam you can look at the weight that your structure will hold. I often will print or screenshot and draw out the mechanics on the inspiration photo or draw a sketch of what is needed. With that figure out the supplies that would be needed.The second step is pricing. Installations can also be complicated to price- but with my simple square foot formula, you can simplify most installations to this simple formula saving time and headache. Look at your inspiration photo and then average out the number of flowers in one square foot of space- take the heaviest and the lightest area and come to what the flowers would average out to be. Take the cost of those flowers and times it by your markup percentage. Then add your design fee (20-25%) and add your supplies and markup on supplies for that square foot. If a foam cage covers 2-3 square feet you can divide the cost and markup by 1/2 or 1/3. For easy math let's say for you have $20 in flower cost in one square foot- and with your markup (3.5x) it brings you to $70 plus your supplies cost- $5 plus markup= $15 for a total of $85 plus your design fee 25% is $106.25 per square foot of installation. Then measure or figure out how wide and long it is a figure out the total square footage of the installation. Times the total number of square footage by $106.25 per square foot to figure out your installation price. I often will include the sizing dimensions on my proposals to ensure there is no misunderstanding of the size.The third step- is doing as much as possible ahead of time. This step saves so much time and headache because the majority of work is done ahead of time and therefore less headache and less chance of hiccups on wedding day. Foam free structures can be constructed ahead of time- foam cages can be prepared ahead of time as well. Preziptying will also help speed things up on wedding day.Installations are a great opportunity for your business to make impactful money and create amazing work.Follow on Instagram Follow on Facebook
12/14/202220 minutes, 39 seconds
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Tips and tricks for finding great freelancers

Hiring freelancers can be a stressful situation.  Finding help when multiple florists are filled with heavy wedding weekends.  I want to share several tactics of how I am other florists who have found freelancers successfully.The first thing that I think is a game changer in an unconventional one- Find flower friends.  Over the years making flower friends has brought me weddings, forged fierce friendships, and amazing opportunities.  I think starting to make flower friends can be as simple as starting to say hello at the wholesaler.  Start commenting with kind words on the flower friend's social media posts. Then when an opportunity comes about to potentially send a wedding inquiry they are a way when you are booked, borrow something needed or just be there for advice.  Second game changer- On the weekend look at Instagram stories and posts of established florists posting previews of their weekend work.  Then when there is a post tagged with the freelancers in it- take a screenshot on your phone and place it in a folder named freelancers in your phone to help keep track of it.Third idea- It is a simple one but a goodie.  Post graphics in your stories that you are looking for freelancers and you can even post specific requirements you may have.  I would include your location- by City so people know your location to help entertain the drive to you etc.Fourth- Find florists that you like their work and send them an introduction DM and explain what you are looking for.  Ask if they would be open to freelancing.Fifth idea- Start a resource to help support your local flower community.  I started a FB Group and website called MN Floral Collective.  It is exclusive to MN florists and allows them to post wedding dates they need help with, sell items, and find/borrow hard-to-find things.  Threw this flower friends have had so many great interactions and found freelancers and freelancers have done posts and had success finding work as well.  This was a pretty easy endeavor- I started the group and shared it on Instagram.  Many florists shared it on social and it grew.I hope you found these tactics helpful and start early to make sure you are setting your wedding season up for success early.When you find great people- cultivate an environment of growth and support.  I let freelancers choose their job based on wanting them to grow.  New learning opportunities also help build confidence in a freelancer and want to come back because working for you is find and they get to learn new things and grow their skillset.  I do not have assembly monkeys in my studio that are just told this is what you are doing - with super detailed instructions leaving no room for creativity or innovation.  Make working in your studio different- it will help freelancers come back and create an amazing vibe in your business.Follow on Instagram Follow on Facebook
12/14/202216 minutes, 23 seconds
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Stress less tactics on not being specific about flower choices with customers

Today we are going to talk about something I often see flower friends stressed out at the wholesalers about.  Promising flowers that are difficult or hard to get or are finicky flowers to deal with can often cause stress during the consultation process, the planning process, pickup day and delivery day.  Often that stress can suck the life out of your wedding floral journey.  The first thing we will discuss is why we shouldn't promise specific flowers.  There are so many things out of a florist's control when it comes to procuring specific flower choices.  Limited availability, weather, transportation issues, bugs, customs issues, pricing fluctuations and so much more can really throw off a wedding if things do not come in as planned especially when a couple is expecting something.  I very plainly explain to my couples that I do not guarantee specific bloom and I explain to them why.  But I do not dwell on what could be proceed as a negative rule- I flip this in a positive manner to the couple.  There can be so much benefit to having the autonomy to pick the best flowers for their wedding, everyday flowers or whatever flower event you are working on.  I will tell my couples about unicorn flowers that without the ability to look for the best flowers possible often would leave limited availability, limited seasonality or potential amazing finds from flower farmers or farms that normally are not often available.  In proposals I put example blooms but label them like that with a notation that things are based on availability and have verbiage surrounding flower choices in my contract.  Another thing I touch on with my couples with difficult color palettes that substitutes can be difficult and that neutrals may need to be brought into the color palette.Then when you are going to try for your customer or yourself to source difficult blooms.  A couple tips to help try and source hard to find blooms, unicorn flowers are getter pricing in general.  My first tip is to not put all your eggs in one wholesaler basket.  Many wholesalers have different suppliers, farms and even local farms so different wholesalers have access to different sources.  With hard to find options I will often order from two wholesalers to up my chances of getting the product.  I will order 1/2 from one wholesaler and the other 1/2 from another wholesaler.  Or if your wholesaler has an online marketplace like Holex- you can order some from the wholesaler and some from the marketplace.  Auction sites are also a great source for competitive pricing and larger scale viability since many farms feed into the auction site which are often farms that deal in high volume so they offer competitive pricing.  Another strategy I use on almost any wedding week is ordering my rose products direct from rose farms in Equador.  Purchasing as low as 100 roses in possible with some farms.  They are shipt directly to my studio via UPS or FedEx.  The roses are usually fresher in quality as the time from farm to vase is left.  Also some harder to get varieties are easier to source direct from the farms as their direct sales are more financially beneficial to a farm.  My last tips is to make friends with a flower farmer.  Locally grown flowers are often more beautiful, have more hard to find items since many flowers do not ship well and have longer lasting product since the time from farm to vase is cut drastically.Follow on Instagram Follow on Facebook
12/14/202240 minutes, 56 seconds
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Stop being ghosted and wasting time with price shoppers with this tip!

In this episode, I will walk you through one of the best tools to help stop ghosting after providing a quote and to stop price shoppers before the consult saving you time and a kick in the confidence department.  A brochure is a great way to help provide pricing guidance to a prospective couple and set the stage for the experience of working with you.Components of an effective brochure.1. An introduction page.2. About you3. What makes you different- why me?4. Reviews 5. Examples of your work- Show off a bit!6. Service offering breakdown (Full service/a la carte)7. Breakdown of the process of working with you.  If you have two offerings.8. FAQ's. Beyond the website- common questions asked in consultations.9. The booking process- how to move forward.Follow on Instagram Follow on Facebook 
12/14/202227 minutes, 40 seconds
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The Hustle Is Real

We currently live in anti hustle society.  What is anti-hustle culture? Anti-hustle culture is a rejection of the notion that business owners should hustle. The grind, the working all hours, the constant activity that is glamorized in certain entrepreneurial circles and by some prominent entrepreneurs. How many people do you know who are successful that did not hustle a bit to get where they are.  On top of that our world is a single day with a perishable product- the hustle is real that day.
11/29/202222 minutes, 23 seconds