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English, Finance, 1 seasons, 388 episodes, 1 day 23 hours 36 minutes
Weekly insights for online business builders and small business owners earning a living doing something they care about. We focus on modern business essentials, self employment, motivation, productivity, audience growth, blogging, podcasting, content marketing, work-life balance among other things!
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Episode 388: The Reunion Episode

Where are they now? What have the original hosts of The Fizzle Show been up to? Join Chase, Caleb, Corbett, Barrett and Steph as they share life updates and how their ideas of business and entrepreneurship have changed over the past 8 years since the very beginning of The Fizzle Show.
27/09/20221 hour 34 minutes 15 seconds
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Episode 387: The EXITpreneur’s Playbook with Joe Valley

We have talked a-lot about how to be an entrepreneur but what about an EXITpreneur? Joe Valley, Co-Owner of Quiet Light Brokerage and author of “The EXITpreneur’s Playbook – How to Sell your Online Business for Top Dollar," comes on to talk about best practices when selling your business. Get your FREE CHAPTERS (
12/07/202157 minutes 5 seconds
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Episode 386: The Guide to Cold Emailing with Laura Lopuch

Laura Lopuch, cold email and pitch expert, comes on to talk about the techniques of cold emailing, how to follow up and gives access to 2 email template examples exclusive for Fizzle listeners.
03/06/202142 minutes 33 seconds
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Episode 385: R&D Tax Credits with Tiffany Bisconer

Tiffany Bisconer, CPA and Director of Acena Consulting, comes on the show today to break down the R&D Tax Credit and answers questions from The Fizzle Members.
26/05/202149 minutes 38 seconds
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Episode 384: Behind the Scenes: Fizzle 2.0

This has been an exciting month for Fizzle. We recently announced a complete refresh of Fizzle, including every aspect of our user experience – courses, content, live events and more. Since we first opened Fizzle in 2012, we’ve provided thousands of entrepreneurs and creators with training, coaching and community. Today, this refresh marks our official “2.0” release, and our commitment to the next generation of creators. This is the first major redesign of the Fizzle member experience, and in this episode, I give a "behind the scenes" look at the refresh including the history of Fizzle, what we’ve learned from running a membership, the refresh decision and process, as well as the tech, platform and design behind it.
06/05/202154 minutes 17 seconds
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Episode 383: Building Teams and SPI Media with Matt Gartland

Matt Gartland, Co-Founder of SPI Media, joins us today to talk about his experience hiring and building teams, the marriage of a business partner and the community of SPI Media.
22/04/202145 minutes 20 seconds
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Episode 382: The Golden Age of Content with Barrett Brooks

Barrett Brooks, former Fizzle Team Member and COO of Convertkit, a creator marketing platform, joins us today to talk about the importance of owning your relationship with your audience as a content creator, using social media as a tool, and how the digitial age of content creation has evolved over the last decade.
05/04/202151 minutes 26 seconds
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Episode 381: "Traveling Light" with Chase Reeves

Today we have former Co-Host and Co-Founder of The Fizzle Show, Chase Reeves! We catch up with Chase today as he embarks on his own podcast journey with his new show: “Traveling Light.” He brings us through his process of starting his own show, his journey with creativity taking many forms over the years, and how he stayed motivated in the entrepreneurial space.
15/03/202152 minutes 20 seconds
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Episode 380: Life Profitability: Measuring What Matters with Adii Pienaar

28/02/202133 minutes 59 seconds
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Episode 379: Danielle and Mat from Exploring Alternatives: Living Large with Less

Today's guests are Danielle and Mat from the enormously popular Exploring Alternatives YouTube channel. Exploring Alternatives is all about living large with less. They feature weekly videos about living life to the fullest while exploring alternative living spaces and lifestyles. Think tiny homes, full-time RVers, eco-friendly living and more. Since starting the channel in 2014, Danielle and Mat have grown it to 1.5 million subscribers and over 200 million views.
29/12/202046 minutes 41 seconds
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Episode 378: Travel Blogging During a Pandemic? How One Entrepreneur Started Fresh

Imagine building your entire business and life around travel, only to have a global pandemic change everything. Our guest today, Gary Arndt, has been named North American travel photographer of the year three times. In 2020 he has had to radically rethink how he lives and earns as the travel industry has ground to a halt.
08/12/202056 minutes 25 seconds
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Episode 377: A "Fizzle Born Entrepreneur" with the #1 Dentistry Podcast: Dr. Richard Low & Shared Practices

Dr. Richard Low considers himself a Fizzle-born entrepreneur. Lucky for us, he came back on the show recently to explain how he created the #1 dentistry podcast and a thriving coaching business.
17/11/202046 minutes 8 seconds
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Episode 376: Sharon Tewksbury-Bloom: Making Lemonade During a Pandemic Full of Lemons

Sharon Tewksbury-Bloom from the Fizzle team and organizational development consultant at Do Good Be Good, joins us today to discuss diving into entrepreneurship, creating assets and embracing ambiguity.
26/10/202045 minutes 14 seconds
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Episode 375: Jen Rao: Finding the Balance Between Online and Offline

Jen Rao from the Fizzle team, and organizational expert at Clear Your Life, joins us today to discuss leaving the corporate world behind, living on the road, and finding the balance between online and offline business.
05/10/202038 minutes 56 seconds
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Episode 374: Josh Kaufman: The Personal MBA - 10 Years Later

Josh Kaufman, best-selling author and business researcher, joins us today celebrating the 10th anniversary of his book "The Personal NBA." He talks about the universal principles of starting a business and how psychology is at the core of all business.
22/09/202035 minutes 38 seconds
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Episode 373: Brad Barrett: Financial Independence and 1.3 Million Podcast Listeners – Brad Barrett is co-host of the enormously popular Choose FI podcast, which features stories of financial independence and reaches over 1.3 million listeners a month. On today's episode Brad shares how he grew the podcast, what financial independence is, and what it means for entrepreneurs.
01/07/202059 minutes 54 seconds
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Episode 372: Steph Crowder: Scrappy Selling for Quick Revenue in Uncertain Times – Steph Crowder returns to the show to share how we business owners need to think differently about bringing in revenue when everything feels chaotic and uncertain. Learn concrete tips for scrappy selling to earn quick revenue.
17/06/202054 minutes 32 seconds
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Episode 371: Barrett Brooks: How to Create Content that Stands Out – A person’s best thinking is rarely communicated through synchronous conversation. At least that's what Barrett Brooks contends on today's episode. We start there to help you think about how you can communicate in unique ways to stand out. Barrett Brooks is COO of ConvertKit, email software for creators, and Barrett was co-host of The Fizzle Show a few years back.
02/06/202050 minutes 36 seconds
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Episode 370: Caleb Wojcik: Launching the SwitchPod Handheld Tripod to $400k+ on Kickstarter – Caleb Wojcik saw a need for a sturdy switchable handheld tripod at a video conference back in 2017. He hadn't built a physical product before, but that didn't stop him or business partner Pat Flynn from launching the super successful SwitchPod six months ago. Find out how they built and launched the SwitchPod as Caleb explains everything in this episode.
13/05/202049 minutes 29 seconds
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Episode 369: Locked Down with an Uncertain Future: How Entrepreneurs Are Surviving – Worried about facing an uncertain financial future because of the lockdown? You're not alone. Justin Jackson stops by the show to talk about how entrepreneurs are surviving the COVID-19 lockdown, and what we can all be doing to make it through.
14/04/20201 hour 12 minutes 32 seconds
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Episode 368: Chris Ducker – The Most Important Things to Build a Personal Brand - Today we have one of my favorite people on the show today. I’ve known Chris Ducker since way back when both of us were getting started as bloggers. At the time, Chris was chronicling his effort to combat burnout as a “brick and morter” CEO by becoming a Virtual CEO. Chris has run call centers and virtual staffing agencies involving hundreds of employees. Over the years since, Chris has become known as the go-to expert on personal branding through his website at, as well as through his YouPreneur podcast, community and conference.
30/03/202044 minutes 33 seconds
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Episode 367: Natalie Sisson: From Suitcase Entrepreneur to Burnout and Recovery

Natalie Sisson is founder of For 6.5 years Natalie lived out of her suitcase and visited 70 countries while running a multiple six-figure business based around her blog. She’s also the author of “The Freedom Plan: Redesign Your Business to Work Less, Earn More and Be Free.”
18/03/202042 minutes 50 seconds
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Episode 366: Chris Guillebeau – Side Hustles, Best Sellers and World Domination – Our guest today is Chris Guillebeau. Chris started the World Domination Summit in Portland, which is in it’s 10th and final year in 2020. He visited every country in the world before turning 35. Chris is a New York Times bestselling author and has written several books including The Art of Non-Conformity, The $100 Startup and 100 Side Hustles. Chris is also the host of the incredibly popular Side Hustle School podcast, which has now published over 1000 episodes.
26/02/202030 minutes 1 second
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Episode 365: Grant Baldwin – The Successful Speaker: Five Steps for Booking Gigs, Getting Paid, and Building Your Platform – Grant Baldwin is founder of The Speaker Lab, a training company that helps public speakers learn how to find and book speaking gigs. Through his popular podcast The Speaker Lab and flagship coaching program Booked and Paid to Speak he has coached and worked with thousands of speakers. As a keynote speaker, Grant has delivered nearly one thousand presentations to over 500,000 people in 47 states and has keynoted events for audiences as large as 13,000. Grant is also the author of The Successful Speaker: Five Steps for Booking Gigs, Getting Paid, and Building Your Platform. In today's episode, Grant shares some of the biggest mistakes that new speakers make when getting started, how can speakers know if they have a topic that organizations actually hire for, tips and tactics that people can use that will make them a better speaker, and how much should someone charge to speak.
19/02/202045 minutes 44 seconds
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Episode 364: John Lee Dumas: Podcasting to $16 Million in Revenue – John Lee Dumas is host of Entrepreneurs on Fire, a Best of iTunes podcast where John has interviewed over 2,000 entrepreneurs including Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Barbara Corcoran, Tim Ferriss, and many more. The business behind Entrepreneurs on Fire has been a huge success as well, grossing over $16M in revenue since he launched the podcast back in 2012.
05/02/202045 minutes 11 seconds
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Episode 363: Omar Zenhom of $100MBA and Webinar Ninja (FS363) ( – Our guest today is Omar Zenhom. Omar is the co-founder and CEO of WebinarNinja. Founded in 2014, over a million people have attended a webinar on WebinarNinja and it was named as one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in 2018. Omar is also is the host of the $100 MBA Show podcast. With over 90 million downloads and over 1,300 episodes, The $100 MBA Show is ranked as a top business podcast in over 30 countries. In today's episode, we cover how Omar grew the $100MBA podcast to 90 million downloads and how he built Webinar Ninja. We also talk about how HARD business can be as you grow. Omar believes it gets harder not easier as you progress in business. It's the easiest it will ever be when you get started (comforting and not comforting at the same time) And because it gets harder, at some point it forces you to change who you are....or you're simply not going to make it. This is actually a good thing but it doesn't feel that way at first
29/01/202059 minutes 28 seconds
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Episode 362: How do I get people to sign up on my website? – Ah, the age old question! How do I get people to sign up on my website? In this case, we're talking about email signups, but we could be talking about just about ANY action you want people to take. In today's episode, we break it down, step-by-step using a simple three letter acronym you can remember.
22/01/202038 minutes 41 seconds
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Episode 361: Nathan Barry: from Self-Taught to $20 Million in Annual Revenue – Nathan Barry is a creator, author, speaker, designer, and the founder of ConvertKit. Nathan got his start as a software designer and self-published author before founding ConvertKit in 2013. Since then, the business behind ConvertKit has grown to an incredible $20M annual run rate.
15/01/202055 minutes 44 seconds
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Episode 360: Bryan Harris – You Don't Need Courses, You Need Results (FS360)

Our guest today is Bryan Harris. Bryan is the founder of, where they create tools and training to help people grow businesses. Bryan made a very interesting switch in his business recently, eliminating his online courses to only focus on live training. Because of this change and some other innovative ideas, Bryan and his team have managed to drive completion rates to unheard of levels of 90%+.
07/01/202055 minutes 6 seconds
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Episode 359: James Clear: The Habits that Led to 500k Email Subs and 1 Million Books Sold – James Clear is the New York Times bestselling author of Atomic Habits, which has sold over 1M copies. James also writes weekly about habits, decisions, human performance and more over at, where over half a million people subscribe to his weekly email newsletter. In this interview James shares the habits that he used to build his business and write a bestselling book over the past several years.
31/12/201950 minutes 43 seconds
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Episode 358: Working Hard but Not Making Any Progress? – sometimes we work incredibly hard, but don't see much progress toward our goals. When this happens, what should we do? How do we know if what we're working on will eventually lead somewhere, or if we should change course? In this special "office hours" Q&A episode, we cover this and much more.
18/12/201957 minutes 30 seconds
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Episode 357: Nir Eyal: How to Hook Your Customers but Keep Yourself from Getting Hooked - Nir Eyal is the author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products and Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life. In today's episode, Nir shares how to create sticky products and why some products capture widespread attention while others flop. He also explains how to avoid distraction ourselves, so we can "finally do what you say you will do."
10/12/201948 minutes 46 seconds
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Episode 356: How Thomas Frank grew his YouTube channel to 1.6 million subscribers and 91 million views – When Thomas Frank started blogging from his dorm room, he had no idea he would become one of YouTube's biggest creators. In this conversation, Thomas shares how he got started, how he produces his channel, and what he's done to grow his YouTube channel of productivity tips to 1.6 million subscribers and 91 million views.
03/12/201955 minutes 50 seconds
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Episode 355: Freelancing Success with Preston Lee from – Preston Lee from joins us today to talk about getting started and succeeding as a freelancer. We cover finding clients, setting prices, and whether freelancers should be content marketing.
26/11/201948 minutes 17 seconds
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Episode 354: Q&A Office Hours with Fizzle Member Sue McLeod – In today's Q&A episode, we start by interviewing Sue McLeod, of Sue has built a successful online education business teaching ceramic artists how to apply advanced glazing techniques. We also cover questions from Fizzle Members including how to sell when your audience doesn't have much money, and how to partner with a former employer on your new product.
19/11/201955 minutes 30 seconds
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Episode 353: Noah Kagan: Profit vs. Revenue, Staying Relevant and Knowing What's Working – Noah Kagan is founder and Chief Sumo at, and He’s built two multi-million dollar businesses and grown an email list of over 700,000 subscribers. He’s also the host of Noah Kagan Presents podcast. Noah is an incredible marketer, and one of the most resourceful business people I know. In this episode we cover maximizing a business for profit vs. revenue, staying relevant over the long-haul and knowing what's working in your business.
12/11/201950 minutes 9 seconds
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Episode 352: Do we have to love our work? – Special guests Paul Jarvis, Sarah Peck and Melissa Smith join me today. Do we have to love our work? We start by talking about the pressure of today's "passionate work" mantra. We also discuss how to ask for and get what you want, and how to be more productive using a virtual assistant.
05/11/201952 minutes 17 seconds
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Episode 351: Lydia Lee: Screw The Cubicle, Reinvent Your Work Lydia Lee runs Screw The Cubicle (at where she helps purpose-driven people discover the right business idea, bring it to life & own it, so they can quit the 9-5 and start living a life of freedom. She calls herself a “work reinvention coach.” In this episode, we talk work reinvention, meaningful work, "anti-bro marketing" and defining what's "enough".
29/10/201955 minutes 27 seconds
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Episode 350: Friday Office Hours Q&A: how to upsell + is your product too expensive? – in this Friday Office Hours Q&A we answer member questions about upselling, pricing, and courses vs. ebooks.
25/10/201921 minutes 44 seconds
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Episode 349: Barrett Brooks and Jeff Goins: What are you optimizing for? Barrett Brooks and Jeff Goins join us today to discuss the question "what are you optimizing for?" Entrepreneurs all carry a certain amount of baggage. It's easy to lose sight of why we're building businesses in the first place. Knowing what you're "optimizing for" can go a long way to keeping you on track. We also talk about starting and running a successful conference.
22/10/201951 minutes 37 seconds
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Episode 348: Vickie Velasquez of Vegetarian Zen: Facebook Groups and Learning vs. Doing – Vickie Velasquez of joins us again in this episode to talk about relationship building via Facebook Groups, learning vs. doing and productivity for both full-time entrepreneurs and side hustlers.
18/10/201931 minutes 45 seconds
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Episode 347: Rob Walling – Building and Selling Drip, The Stairstep Approach, and TinySeed Rob Walling is a serial entrepreneur. He founded, built and sold the email marketing platform Drip. He is also known for his podcast, Startups for the Rest of Us as well as his conference for independent startups called Microconf. In this episode of The Fizzle Show, we talk with Rob about how he got started, and how he built and sold Drip for a “life-changing amount of money.” Rob also shares his “Stairstep approach” to entrepreneurship and explains why starting big is a huge mistake for most business builders. Finally, we talk about Rob’s new project TinySeed, which is the first startup accelerator designed for bootstrappers.
15/10/201958 minutes 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 346: Why build a personal brand? Plus: entrepreneurship and parenthood (FS346) ( Tom Ross of DesignCuts and Sarah Peck of Startup Pregnant join us today for a round-table discussion. We cover personal branding, parenthood and entrepreneurship, plus tips for quarterly/annual planning.
08/10/201947 minutes 48 seconds
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Episode 345: Office Hours Q&A with Seth Williams (FS345)

Seth Williams from joins us for this Office Hours Q&A edition of The Fizzle Show. We answer questions about pre-selling online courses, neglecting your life in pursuit of your business, and how much to pay yourself vs. reinvest in your business.
04/10/201937 minutes 18 seconds
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Episode 344: Getting Traffic to a New Website (without Blogging) How do you drive traffic to a new website without doing heavy blogging or content marketing? Ruben Gamez is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Bidsketch and Docsketch. Bidsketch is a web application that helps people create professional-looking client proposals in minutes. Docsketch is an all-in-one electronic signature, approval, and document tracking solution. In this episode of The Fizzle Show, you'll learn exactly what techniques Ruben is using to drive hundreds of thousands of visits to his websites without blogging.
01/10/201955 minutes 11 seconds
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Episode 343: Running a Real Estate Business Online and Off with Seth Williams of RETipster

Shownotes: Seth Williams is a Fizzle alumni and founder of In this episode you'll learn how Seth built a real estate business both online and off, and how he grew his business big enough to quit his day job.
27/09/201928 minutes 52 seconds
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Episode 342: Selling Online Courses: How to compete and succeed in today's saturated info market

Shownotes: What are the necessary steps to take to start selling online courses? Do you need to be at a certain level before you should start thinking about that at all? How do we pitch online courses at the right level and niche to maximize our reach and potential? The world of learning and the promotion of web-based resources and teaching has evolved very quickly over the last few years and as it has grown and changed, new companies have sprung up and filled spaces some of us never even knew existed. With the multitude of options out there, you might be wondering where can you content fit in and if there is even space for you? In this episode, we have a big discussion on this fertile topic, looking at pillar content, accelerator models and the big one: personalization and segmentation! Our panel of guests gives amazing perspectives on referrals, funnels, scaling and outsourcing. Today on the show we are joined by Janelle Allen from Zen Courses, Barrett Brook
24/09/20191 hour 2 minutes 7 seconds
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Episode 341: Expert SEO and Podcast Growth Q&A with Brendan Hufford

Shownotes: Welcome to Part 2 of our Fizzle Friday show with Brendan Hufford. In this episode, we have several questions for Brendan to follow up from last Friday when we discussed SEO, so if you haven't listened to that episode yet, make sure you do! Brendan fields a bunch of our questions, from the team and the Fizzle audience, about link-building, Google algorithm changes, and keyword funnels. Trust us you are not going to want to miss this essential exploration of SEO from a true expert! Today on the show we are also joined by Fizzle regulars, Jen Rao and Joe Kerns to take part in the Q&A, so it promises to be a jam-packed show, full of learning. The conversation also covers building real and beneficial business relationships, growing a podcast audience and much more! Tune in to get it all! Key Points From This Episode: Explaining link-building and why it is still important today. [0:02:30.5] How Brendan thinks about linking between websites. [0:06:03.7]
20/09/201932 minutes 38 seconds
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Episode 340: Ultralearning: Learn and Master Skills Faster with Scott H Young

Show Notes: How can we, as entrepreneurs, continue to stay abreast of all the new information and skills in circulation? Is there a way to fast track learning and at the same time make it meaningful and effective? What really happens in our brains when we try and adopt something new? Today on the show we are joined by Scott H Young, author of the Wall Street Journal Bestseller, Ultralearning. The book aims to arm readers with actionable strategies and techniques for faster, more accurate learning and skill acquisition. Scott is a writer, programmer, traveler and avid reader, who has spent the last 15 years as a successful blogger and entrepreneur. This episode will give you a taste of the book and its contents, which promises to help you master hard skills, outsmart the competition and accelerate your career. We discuss the process of learning new skills, staying relevant and reinventing yourself, all things that Scott believes are vital to success as an entre
17/09/201956 minutes 26 seconds
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Episode 339: SEO Wizardry, Extroversion, and Overlapping Passions with Brendan Hufford

Shownotes: On this edition of Fizzle Friday, we welcome Brendan Hufford, longtime Fizzle member and SEO wizard! He details his evolving entrepreneurial journey, doing SEO his way, and illustrates what his success has looked like over the years. We discuss Brendan's numerous business ventures and how he has pivoted several times and describes life at the agency where he spends most of his time. He has found a sweet spot between his talents and passions representing **another example of someone who has created a sustainable lifestyle doing something he cares about. Today on the show we are also joined by Fizzle regulars, Jen Rao and Joe Kerns to take part in the discussion! This Friday episode is the first part of two and in next week's episode, we will be doing a Q & A with Brendan and our panel, so make sure to catch that one as well! Join us for this Fizzle Friday and hear it all! Key Points From This Episode: A little introduction to Brendan and his business
13/09/201933 minutes 24 seconds
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Episode 338: The Best Productivity Routines with Mike Vardy and Chase Reeves

Shownotes: Which strategies help us stay productive with the bulk of our time? What do we do when one of these strategies loses its effect? What is the right balance between being focused on productivity and actually being productive? In the online business world, there is more than enough literature and content offering you ways to be more productive! These ideas can often be really helpful, sometimes seem like noise and can distract you from what is important. We want to assess where the general productivity conversation is currently situated and help you to gauge where you are with it! In this episode, we break down the ever-evolving inner and outer world of productivity. A common experience for many people seems to be that tactics and systems can help a lot but that their effect can wear off over time. So one of the main issues here seems to be how to pivot at the right point to a new way of doing things. Today on the show we are joined by our old bestie
10/09/20191 hour 47 seconds
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Episode 337: Growing Your Podcast Audience, Getting Paid for Consulting, and Running PPC Ads

Shownotes: How do you grow a following for your podcast if you don’t have an existing audience elsewhere? It might be easy to introduce a podcast if you already have thousands of social media followers and a long email list, but it’s trickier if you are starting from scratch. In this member-focused episode, the Fizzle Team discusses this puzzle and address some other attendee questions. Each host gives their perspective as it pertains to their own experience and business. We also talk about the strategies new podcasters could use to get the attention of another audience who is already listening to similar shows. Later we tackle the all-too-familiar problem of people who want to “pick your brain” without paying for it and help you to better set the boundaries between a discovery session and an actual consultation. And finally we talk about how to approach your first social media PPC ad campaigns, free content creation and wrap up with an encouraging testimon
06/09/201933 minutes 25 seconds
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Episode 336: Making Money from Affiliate Marketing, Video Shows and Podcasting with Matt Giovanisci

Show Notes: Ever wonder about starting a video show? Did you decide not to due to the many obstacles, including a lack of time and resources? Have you wanted to get on podcasting bandwagon but feel unsure of how to juggle your tasks? Were you concerned that neither of these would be *the most productive use of your time? * In this episode, we discover the wonder of video shows and podcasting and talk about being involved in several ventures while still focusing on what you are good at. We also get into how affiliate marketing can significantly boost your following and the traffic to your website. Today on the show we are joined by Matt Giovanisci, successful entrepreneur, website wizard, podcast producer, and video veteran. His specialties include web design, internet marketing, web development, SEO, small and corporate business marketing and more, and he is here to talk about how he makes money through information-based sites, affiliate offers and how their
03/09/20191 hour 6 minutes 58 seconds
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Episode 335: How to Find Your Why and Get Amazing Testimonials

Show Notes: How much of your mission and "why" should you share your audience and customers? Do you need to be crystal clear on your motivation before you are able to do this? How do we collect amazing testimonials from satisfied clients? Welcome to the first member-focused, Friday episode of the Fizzle Show! These shows will be recorded live with Fizzle members and their questions and will be aired every Friday going forward! If you are not yet a registered member, check out the website so you can be a part of this great community! In this episode, we focus on two main topics. The first is getting to grips with your why and whether it is important to include your audience in this journey. The second question we answer is around testimonial collection and the best ways to go about this. We also talk about gauging alignment with customers, non-sleazy marketing and why testimonials are so effective! We share four great ideas from Sarah Peck on how to elicit me
30/08/201925 minutes 6 seconds
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Episode 334: A Few Special Updates from the Fizzle Team

Shownotes: Today's show is a quick and extra special one! We have just celebrated our 333rd episode and we are taking this opportunity to share a few very important and exciting updates with all of you. That's right, 333 weekly shows from the Fizzle team, how long have you been a listener for? We are about to shake things up and we have three big changes that we are implementing right now! First of these is Corbett Barr taking over as primary host of the podcast. Do not worry, our dear friend and resident loudmouth, Chase will still appear from time to time but as he focusses more of his energy on his YouTube business, he is handing the big responsibility baton over to Corbett. The second thing on the list is the introduction of regular, member-focused episodes, so we will be having an additional episode every Friday where we will air a mix of questions and live coaching sessions with some of you! We will be sticking to our usual Tuesday show with roundtable
27/08/20194 minutes 58 seconds
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Episode 333: Bootstrapping Your Way to a Sellable Business with Laura Roeder of MeetEdgar

Shownotes: Who are your online business heroes? Which businesses are doing this entrepreneurial thing brilliantly? Someone we look up to a lot is Laura Roeder, founder and CEO of MeetEdgar. Today we will be doing an inspirational deep dive on her path and philosophy behind bootstrapping her business and growing online! There are so many ways to build the company that you have always wanted! Hearing from someone who has worked in this space and managed to achieve many of their own goals in their own unique and tailored way, can be such an affirming message for everyone out there pushing. In this episode we talk about the benefits of bootstrapping your startup. We discuss finding your own way through money and hiring instead of relying solely on venture capital. Laura shares insight about how to keep in mind the idea of building a sellable business while creating something you believe in. Laura also gives us her thoughts on the role of social media for today's
20/08/201946 minutes 42 seconds
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Episode 332: The 5 Steps Every Growth Cycle Needs

Shownotes: Aren’t we all wishing to get to that place where we can just relax into our business and start living life rather than just sweating through every day? Well, the good news is that Internet business allows you to do that to some extent. Welcome to the future! It is possible to create your own business and to design your own lifestyle. How do you want to raise your kids and schedule your working hours? Again, an online business gives you the opportunity to customize all those aspects to fit your needs and wants. But, in order for us to do that, we need to figure out a way to earn enough revenue to be able to afford these choices and to sustain the lifestyle we want. To accomplish this, you need the energy to want to do it, so you have to actually care about it. In this episode we talk about growing your business so that it provides you with the means to live the life you want. You might have your venture up and running but now you’re wondering what
13/08/20191 hour 3 minutes 34 seconds
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Episode 331: Growth Philosophies: Metrics, Milestones, & Golden Handcuffs

Shownotes: Life is too short to do something you hate, why not start your own business? This way you can have much more personal freedom and stability, not to mention an opportunity for creative expression. The Internet has allowed us to communicate with anyone in the world and has completely opened up the landscape of business. But that doesn’t mean you have to have an eBook and a massive email funnel – you don’t have to do business in any particular way just because you’re using the Internet. If you’ve missed out on the last several episodes, we’re working though the roadmap that gives you the steps and stages to follow to start your own business, minus all the whingeing that goes along with constantly having to start all over again. We often waste time fiddling with things that aren’t that important, and then we wonder why we’re not making more rapid progress. This is where just-in-time learning comes in to save the day – learning only what you need for w
06/08/20191 hour 12 minutes 24 seconds
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Episode 330: I Just Launched My Product! When Do I Iterate?

Shownotes: SPOILER ALERT: you have to be yourself in life, because everybody else is taken! Not everybody gets to do a job they care about, however. Some of us have to endure the mediocrity of the everyday humdrum. Even if it's not torture, it is still not giving you the zeal you’d like to wake up with in the morning. Some of us get to work at Google or Oracle while the rest of us misfits are scurrying around to start our own businesses. We really want it to work so we can make our own schedules and be responsible for our own livelihoods. This independent living online thing, we’ve been at it for years, been talking about if for a long time and there’s a lot of you involved in this – *your unique situation and point of view. * If you’ve been following the show for the last several weeks, we’ve been going through the Fizzle Roadmap, *a how-to for creating your first business and making it actually successful. * In this episode we are talking about the stage o
30/07/20191 hour 6 minutes 35 seconds
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Episode 329: How do I Know Which Product to Make?

How do we figure out what we should make in our business? How can we tell if that product is going to be viable and profitable? What are the main things to consider in this stage of your business journey, where you need to make some big leaps? Going from the planning stages into production and actual business is obviously scary, it can also be massively exciting and really is the first time you get to share your work with the world. That being said, care and caution must be taken when putting yourself out there, more so in aid of building towards the future than protecting your ego. In this episode we situate this topic in the larger series that we have been running about your business roadmap. We talk about how this section of work is the meaty and juicy centre of your business; after planning and before everything else. We discuss essentials such as minimal viable products, feedback and criticism and the factors that go into big decisions. We also talk about how to really approach s
23/07/20191 hour 5 minutes 51 seconds
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Episode 328: The "Niche" Myth and How to Define Your Audience (FS238)

Shownotes for this episode: The audience we aim to capture and the potential clients we go after are ultimately what make a business stay afloat or sink, without an audience you are not really an entrepreneur, right? So how do we find that particular section of the market that is right for us? How wide or narrow should we cast our nets and what are the indicators we can follow in this regard? In this episode we break down the battle for your products; how niche is too niche and how general is just way too general. We pull apart the considerations that go into shooting for the stars and an audience, emphasizing how this process evolves and changes over time! Today on the show we are joined by Justin Jackson, old friend, host of the Build Your SaaS Podcast and cofounder of Transistor! Our special guest shares his expertise in the space, unpacking how he learned the value and dangers of aiming for specific sections of the market and how the internet makes reachin
16/07/20191 hour 10 minutes 52 seconds
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Episode 327: Introducing – 10 Lessons From 10+ Years Running Online Communities

Show Notes: Are you all ready to finally hear about the great platform we have been working on for the last few years? We have been putting together something we are so excited about and you should be too! Please welcome our very own Palapa! Our new community based messaging service, designed to keep you engaged, up to date and building stronger links with the people that matter. This has been a long time coming and we have taken our time to make sure everything was ready before letting this little baby out into the world. In this episode we break down how the platform works, the inspiration behind it, the special offer we are running for July sign ups and more! We also discuss particulars of community platforms beyond our own one and think about how to get the most out of these interactions. We get into the relationships and differences between forums, community and social media. We talk about the kind of offers that can get and keep people engaged, rules
09/07/20191 hour 12 minutes 19 seconds
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Episode 326: Name Picking Paralysis? Don't Overcomplicate Your Business Setup

Shownotes: If you’ve tuned into the Fizzle Show, it means that you might actually be doing something you care about. Maybe you’re looking for sovereignty, autonomy but also for more fun. There could be something inside of you that just screams for more independence and creativity. There is a lot of potential and opportunity in life – remember, you are not painted into a corner, you are free to do whatever you want, the things that you love. Often in life it feels like there is such momentum, such force that pulls you into a certain lifestyle, but you don’t have to conform. Who says it has to be that way? A lot of people are just going through the motions while others are realizing that this is not a mode they have to keep operating in. Some people are coming up with new ideas and finding new ways to make a life for themselves and their families. And you’ll hear this a lot coming from us: published is better than perfect. It’s better to just do the thing, ev
02/07/20191 hour 5 seconds
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Episode 325: Proper Planning – How to do the right things, in the right order, in the right amount

Shownotes: A business cannot start with at least some planning, right? How important are the planning stages of your journey? How do we ensure that we are planning enough, not too much and not too little? Planning should be given due attention but should not take over all your time and detract from other important areas. If you can balance your planning appropriately and make good decisions in the beginning you can set off on the right foot but that does not mean you have to obsess over it! In this episode we are helping you to answer the questions, "Where am I going? What paths are available? Where should I start?" We do not want you to get lost in the questions that inevitably arise and will always do so, you need to be able to have purpose and direction when laying out your plans. Today on the show we are joined by Joe Kerns, who is a business psychology, mental resilience expert and someone who is more than qualified in today's topic. Joe loves helping mo
25/06/20191 hour 19 minutes 6 seconds
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Episode 324: Community & Accountability: Why Staying Social Fosters Success

Shownotes: What are the ways that we entrepreneurs really want to be remembered? Why is it that we do the kind of work we do and reach out to the people around us? What is the ultimate role of our community and the connections we make? Here at Fizzle, we cannot stress the importance of community and communication enough. For us, it is the building block and the end goal of almost everything we do. We both do things in order to serve and create a community but we also are able to do those things because of the connections we make in the world. In this episode, we are contemplating the place of community and connection in our more general roadmap for entrepreneurs. We are talking about the effect that friends can have on our personal success and the subtle and transformational role of the people around us over time. We also talk about finding this tribe and swimming in your own lane as much as you need to. Becoming part of a community of people always requires
18/06/20191 hour 9 minutes 48 seconds
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Episode 323: A Clear Business Direction - Choosing a Topic & Defining Your Audience

Shownotes: How do you hold onto the energy and excitement of the early stages of your business? How do you sustain this “freshness” over the long run? Maybe you're lost and feel stuck before you've even begun... Either way, you need direction! And this direction is made up of two very important things: We want you to find exactly what your business is talking about as soon as possible! Just as important is who you’re talking to. These two pillars, your message and your audience, are really at the heart of any business but are especially the guiding lights in the beginning. Without them you will almost definitely be lost at sea! In this episode we embark on part two of the roadmap series and we are delving into the nerves and excitement that accompany getting serious in following your entrepreneurial dreams. This combination of feelings, we find, is so common for a lot of us; as we see the possibilities they can also be daunting. This episode can help you move
11/06/20191 hour 1 minute 4 seconds
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Episode 322: How Discipline and Consistency Lead to Success with Vickie Velasquez (FS322)

Shownotes: How do we stay consistent and disciplined in our business? Amidst all the different strategies and business hacks out there, what are some simple ways to build and keep the momentum? How can we do things today, so that the snowball of tomorrow helps itself down the hill? If we can harness the energy of consistency and discipline, everyday, the long term results are often beyond our wildest dreams! Staying on course on a daily basis can create a sense of self pride and purpose that is hard to find elsewhere. These practices can help clear a path to success and prevent us trudging blindly through the wilderness. In this episode we talk about how to steer clear of new gimmicky strategies for your business, creating and maintaining momentum and staying present and committed to your goals. We get into why starting with intention, in this regard, can go such a long way and why it is hardest in the beginning. Today on the show we are joined by Vickie Velasq
04/06/20191 hour 1 minute 3 seconds
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Episode 321: Balancing Your Business Mind and Creative Brain with Chris Do (FS321)

Shownotes: How do we continue to make a path for ourselves, learning, solving problems and making money on the internet? What are the ways in which we, as entrepreneurs, can add value, communicate it and help clients reach their full potential? These questions and their answers continue evolve as the world orbits the sun and we need to grow with them, learning and teaching as we go. It is no good developing single sides of your skills or business, you need to balance your business mind and your creative brain! In this episode we are talking about communicating value, learning new and better ways to close deals and testing the waters before sharing your great contribution to the ocean of businesses out there. Today on the show we are joined by Chris Do from Blind and the The Futur! Chris gives us a run down of his career path, the important lessons he has learned and even gives us his billboard message! As a self made and evolving entrepreneur, Chris has manag
28/05/20191 hour 5 minutes 28 seconds
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Episode 320: Uncovering Your Fears and How to Beat Them with Ruth Soukup (FS320)

Shownotes: When last did you feel stuck, whether in your business or just in your level of motivation for life? Do you sometimes wonder why you are not getting forward or why you cannot get yourself to do what you know you have to? In this episode we talk about both the positive and negative effects of fear in our lives. Many times, fear is at the root of our passivity and understanding what scares you will help you to recognize when it's controlling your behavior in destructive ways. The other side of the coin is that fear is a self-preserving mechanism that keeps us from doing stupid things. Where is the balance here? Today on the show we are joined by a very special guest, Ruth Soukup, who helps us shed light on this all-important topic. She is a bestselling author who is dedicated to helping women overcome fear and create the life they love through her blog Living Well Spending Less, which reaches more than one million women a month. Ruth is also the foun
21/05/20191 hour 3 seconds
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Episode 319: Myth Busted: Your Business Will Never Let You Focus on One Thing (FS319)

Shownotes: Are you struggling with shame because your Instagram posts don’t get enough likes, or maybe you feel confident because you get tons all the time? Social media and the Internet shape our modern-day business conditions where we have all these opportunities for independent creativity that could lead to an audience and a sellable product or service. There’s still a lot to learn though! Business is a lot like dating. It develops over time, hopefully to a point where your audience know, like and trust you enough to invest money in the solution you offer. But what happens when you do that and then you have another idea? Many entrepreneurs are confronted with this question sooner or later: do I want to do this, or would I rather do something else? Can I do both? It would be very wise to prepare yourself for this process of expanding, adding to or morphing your business. In this episode we get deeper into the heart of modern independent creative entreprene
14/05/20191 hour 4 minutes 39 seconds
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Episode 318: My Business Is Having A Midlife Crisis (FS318)

Shownotes: Is the success that you have now what you set out for? When you reach a milestone in your business does it live up to the expectations you had? Are you where you are supposed to be? These are burning questions a lot of us, as entrepreneurs, have and that we, at the Fizzle Show, are going to try and help you answer. We are all on a constantly evolving path and analyzing and becoming comfortable on this journey is at least half the battle! In this episode, we pose the questions that are related to this somewhat elusive idea. We talk about what is most meaningful and fulfilling in your work and in your life in general and we consider how displacing some of the stresses of working solely on your own business can lead to more contentment and success! We also talk about creating and telling real stories, finding where you need to be and share three big tips for fining your ideal lifestyle and work within that. So for all this and more great ideas to boot,
07/05/201958 minutes 21 seconds
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Episode 317: Email Hospitality: Copywriting A Personable Email Welcome Series (FS317)

Shownotes: How do we create our ultimate email welcome series? What are the most most important elements and rules that help us connect with new audience members and keep them coming back? Is email still as relevant as it once was? The answer is yes, the stats show that email is more used now than ever before. Most of us know that an email welcome series can go a long way, but that does not mean that concocting great email copy and content is a common skill. In this episode, we talk about how to craft that vital first emailed contact, why templates don't matter so much and a few rules that can keep your emails out of the spam folder. We are trying to get you thinking about who you are writing to and connecting meaningfully with them! Today on the show, we are joined by Barrett Brooks, Marketing Lead at ConvertKit and certified email badass! He is driven by the belief that business is one of the most powerful forces for good in the world and this really show
30/04/201959 minutes 39 seconds
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Episode 316: Selling Online for 20 Years: What Quin Amorim Learned (FS316)

Shownotes: How has online business and selling changed in the last twenty years? How can we as entrepreneurs move and change with the times to keep staying profitable, inspired and current? Are there any rules that have stayed the same during this period? Our topic for today centers around the world of online sales and the way in which they have and continue to evolve. The internet has sped up the development of the way traditional sales have functioned and this increasing speed is exponential! In this episode, we break down a special guest's particular journey, successes and misadventures, selling products on eBay and Amazon. We discuss early ideas and items, low risk moves and how they managed to scale their business slowly over time. Today on the show we are joined by Quin Amorim, who started selling items on eBay in the late '90s and arguably invented an early form of the now omnipresent drop shipping model. Quim has managed to build a hugely successful
23/04/20191 hour 7 minutes 56 seconds
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Episode 315: 6 Steps to Go from Crickets to Customers (FS315)

Shownotes: How’s your business? We know it’s not easy to build a business, but it’s also not impossible. Truth is, opening the door to getting a successful business feels like it’s impossible sometimes, but really, it’s just impassable. What you need is to find the key that unlocks that door. The Fizzle Roadmap is a great place to start, teaching you things like differentiating between what you can and can’t control and helping you to discover who you are as a business owner so that you can bring your own flair to the entrepreneurial landscape. In this episode, we are going to be talking to those of you who know you can help people and have something to say, have ticked all the boxes of how to get your business out there, but who feel like they’re shouting into an empty void. We’re going to help you grow your audience by suggesting group programs and by giving you the six steps to connecting with your clients and customers. We also talk about the importance
16/04/20191 hour 9 minutes 6 seconds
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Episode 314: How to Start A Business Without A Passion (FS314)

Shownotes: Are you a lifestyle entrepreneur or hoping to become one? How do you build a career that gives you a greater degree of personal freedom and independence so that you can spend your time living the life you want, doing the stuff that makes you happy? On the Fizzle Show we always steer you toward earning a living from doing something that you actually care about, or at the very least, not doing a job you hate! In this episode, we get into the intricacies of entrepreneurship, and we’re not interested in what worked yesterday; we are more concerned about what works today — for you. Whether it’s watching Netflix or hanging out with friends, are you digging your life right now? Whatever you are into, you probably need some skrilla to finance it and you need to be doing something sustainable so that you don’t run out. Today on the show we are joined by Ramit Sethi, personal finance advisor and entrepreneur, and together we pull apart the nucleus of the pr
09/04/201958 minutes 1 second
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Episode 313: Perfect for Parents: Passive Income & Building A “Perennial” Business (FS313)

Shownotes: How do we run a business that does not run us into the ground? Can we give energy into our hustle without having none left for anything else? How do we keep the wind in our sails? The idea of managing the size of a business to suit your actual needs seems to becoming more and more attractive to a lot of entrepreneurs. It is something we have spoken about before on the Fizzle Show and we strongly believe you are the one who should decide the scope and ambition of what you do! In this episode, we take this idea one step further and think about just how much and what kind of work you really need to do today. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, is there an obvious question that you see being asked that you know how to answer? Today on the show we are joined by Nathalie Lussier who is a digital strategist, the founder of Access Ally and has made it her mission to help you achieve your dreams. We talk to her about automation, the customer's journey
02/04/20191 hour 14 minutes 29 seconds
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Episode 312: How To Keep Your Momentum After A (Good or Bad) Launch (FS312)

Shownotes: How do we manage the all important task of launching? What are the most important aspects on which we need to focus? How do we prepare and reflect in order to keep improving and learning? The topic of launching is something that all entrepreneurs, no matter how experienced, should be very familiar with. It is the birthing of your ideas into the real world, the conversion of plans into an actual business. So we are giving you the run down of how to make this process and particularly your reactions to it, that much more meaningful, rewarding and enjoyable. In this episode, we discuss the ideas of expectations, mindsets, goals and preparation. We also get into the major contributing factors to your experience of a launch, unpacking community, tools and attitude. Today on the show we are joined by Sarah Peck, founder of Startup Pregnant, a New York City based company dedicated to enlarging the voices of women in business. She shares loads of wisdom, le
26/03/201957 minutes 57 seconds
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Episode 311: The Science of Controlling Your Emotions: How The ABC Model Will Transform Your Life (FS311)

Shownotes: Do you sometimes feel like you’re trying to push a Sisyphean rock up a hill as an entrepreneur? There will likely be initial excitement about a new business or idea, but what mostly follows is a period where your motivation begins to dwindle and you begin to second-guess yourself. The question is, are you able to get out of that pit? There are also times when you can simply let the rock glide down the other side of the hill, when things seem to happen effortlessly. But how do I get more gliding and less pushing? Can it be easier to make money? Is it possible to have less stress and anxiety and to be better set up for success? In this episode, we get into the topic of navigating your emotions as an entrepreneur, discussing the relevance of the “Just Ship It!” challenge, Ram Dass’s concept of neutrality, how others influence our responses and the importance of becoming aware of your blind spots. On the show we are joined by Corbett Barr, Aiden Fish
16/03/20191 hour 11 minutes 41 seconds
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Episode 310: Navigating Your Energy As An Entrepreneur (FS310)

Shownotes: Self-starting entrepreneurs are always confronted with having to manage multiple projects at once. Will you ever get to the point of sorting out all these tasks and responsibilities, and having a greater sense of control over your daily activities? Is it possible to start enjoying the process, even though the circumstances are not ideal? In this episode, we look at practical ways in which you can optimally manage your energy as an entrepreneur, always keeping in mind what the ultimate goal is and staying in tune with your true self and with what makes you happy. Today on the show we are joined by Steph Crowder and Jen Rao who will be sharing some of their tips and tricks for aligning your work to suit the lifestyle you want. Jen summarizes her story of last week, about how a stressful job led her to scale down and simplify her life. Steph also shares about having to make a drastic career move that enabled her to prioritize both her professional a
12/03/20191 hour 4 minutes 23 seconds
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Episode 309: Have Enough Space For Your Biz, Don't Just Quit (FS309)

Shownotes: Are you ever confronted with the problem of finding enough time to do everything you’d like to do as an entrepreneur? Do you battle to focus on just one task and find yourself working on several things simultaneously, just to realize that you have not been productive at the end of the day? A common problem many new entrepreneurs experience is trying to start their business on the side while still doing another full-time job. Is it possible to sustain your energy levels in these circumstances? Today on the show, we are joined by Fizzle team members, Aiden Fishbein and Jen Rao, who share some of the valuable lessons they have learned in starting a new business while still managing a day job. Why is the standard advice from the many talking heads out there not always viable? How do I cope with my entrepreneurial aspirations and taxing full-time work? Aiden and Jen advise listeners on finding the type of employment that allows you to preserve your en
05/03/20191 hour 12 minutes 17 seconds
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Episode 308: 15 Gig Economy Jobs To Fund Your Dream Business (FS308)

Shownotes: What are these new opportunities that are available to people in 2019? How can you find the right gig for your needs or skills? How can entrepreneurs cleverly utilize these opportunities to help them along their own journey? That’s right, today we are unpacking the exciting new world that is opening up for anybody interested, introducing the gig economy! This might be Uber or Lyft, Airbnb or Upwork, there are new services and platforms every day that you could be using to make a little extra money and boost your hustle. In this episode, our focus is finding the right gig for your skills and needs in order to stay afloat while you keep your entrepreneurial dreams alive. There are many ways to skin this cat but the simplest might be to just use these gigs as a means to a financial end in the interim with your own business. We talk about why these gigs are usually so much better than a day-job you hate, potential drawbacks of this marketplace, the para
26/02/20191 hour 14 minutes 55 seconds
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Episode 307: Routines For Tuning Up The Mind (FS307)

Shownotes: What are the daily practices that help us have a better day? How do we keep our routine from turning into dogma? When is the right time to tune up our habits and move on to something new? That’s right, we are tackling the often talked about, sometimes misrepresented, idea of daily routines! We have been told so many times about the effects of our habits and our repeated actions but sometimes that is not enough to help us find what works for us. In this episode, we take an essential look at the issue, considering what it is about daily practices that can have positive effects on things in our lives and specifically our businesses. From showering and good rest, all the way to where you work and taking regular walks, we cover it all! We also talk about meditation and gratitude, unlocking spaces you never knew existed in your mind and how choosing a good song can change your life. For this great chat, join us on the Fizzle Show today! Key Points From T
19/02/20191 hour 19 minutes 21 seconds
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Episode 306: Entrepreneurial Doomsday Prepping: How to Protect Your Business for When Life Hits Hard (cuz it will!) (FS306)

Shownotes: How do we create necessary safety nets for our businesses? What happens when disaster strikes or you just need to take a holiday? What are the most important areas to cover? Every business will have its own unexpected ups and downs. Being prepared for these can mean the difference between staying alight and fizzling out, so we want to unpack how to go about prepping your ship for all manner of waters! In this episode, we get right to the core of what it means to prepare well for the inevitable difficulties you or business might encounter. We go through some of the ways you can approach this task, talking about different modes of work, productivity and why time off is so important. We also talk about recovery from tough periods, the concepts of good enough and trust and why it is not actually that difficult to be well prepared in this regard. This is such a vital topic because in the end, it can all collapse if you do not reinforce your businesses s
12/02/20191 hour 14 minutes 7 seconds
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Episode 305: Perfect VS Done: Do Your Best Work or Just Ship It? (FS305)

Shownotes: How do we balance our dreams of perfection with getting things done? Should our business be more focussed on shipping or shaping? When do we know that something is ready to go out into the world? These are the types of questions that all entrepreneurs, whether service or product based, have to face pretty regularly. Learning how to manage this tension is huge part of finding a successful path and continual sensitivity to these options can put you and your work in great stead. In this episode, we get right into the issue, weighing the benefits of getting things done and working on them meticulously. In the end, there is always going to be a sweet spot between how much you can possibly do and the point you need to let go. We also talk about self doubt, paring down your vision, putting constraints of perfectionism and why it is not a bad idea to err on the side of shipping in the beginning. For this and whole lot more, join us today! Key Points From
05/02/20191 hour 4 minutes 59 seconds
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Episode 304: Testing Businesses: How to Figure Out if You're On the Right Track Today! (FS304)

Shownotes: What are business experiments? How can you conduct one easily and quickly? In what ways can using tests like these help you to grow and propel your business forward? Using tests and experiments can teach you so much about how to progress; what areas need attention; and, what is possible. There may be things that you thought were beyond you that are completely achievable! In this episode, we talk about how to run experiments as well how to structure them to gauge success, build confidence and jump to the next level. We talk about engines of growth, goal setting, clarifying the process and how asking yourself what you want can kickstart this mode of thinking. We also talk about five essential areas of these tests and Aiden breaks down the physiology of the test body! We talk about control, variables, structure and more. We use the example of growing your audience as the proxy to explain these parts so that you can go out and get started! For all that
29/01/20191 hour 11 minutes 17 seconds
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Episode 303: Company of One: Why Staying Small is the Next Big Thing for Business (FS303)

Shownotes: How much growth is enough? Can you keep your company at an optimum size? What is the perfect size for you? A bigger business is not always a better business. And, keeping things on the right level is almost always preferable to precarious growth. If you can stay profitable, why would you need to keep growing to some imaginary and mostly arbitrary standard? In this episode, we are going deep on the idea of how to make sure your business gets to and stays at the best size for your needs. We are talking freedom, consistency and the phases of growth that you will experience. Today on the show, we are joined by Paul Jarvis, author, designer, podcaster, online course teacher and software creator. Paul’s latest book, Company of One, is the jumping off point for today’s discussion and he does a great job of unpacking his philosophy for all of us. We also talk about impacting one person through your business, remaining mindful of your successes and prioritie
22/01/201959 minutes 8 seconds
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Episode 302: Burnout, Rebirth And The Weird Netherworld Between The Two

Shownotes: What is it really like to be a successful entrepreneur? Can we even appreciate our success in this model of business? What are the costs and benefits that we do not always see? Today on the show we are joined by Tom Ross, the CEO and founder of Design Cuts who will taking us through the last few years in his life of entrepreneurship and giving us the real inside scoop on the highs and lows of his process. In this episode, we unpack jumping into the entrepreneurial lifestyle, motivation, the drive to succeed, burnout and different areas of health that require our attention. We also shed some light on relationships and nurturing parts in your life besides business. Tom gives us a lot of great insight and intimate details about his struggles with his health, what brought about these problems and how learning to manage his own type of ambition and drive has been key to finding more sus
15/01/20191 hour 25 minutes 45 seconds
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Episode 301: The Best Place to Work as an Entrepreneur

Shownotes: Where should you work? What are the options when it comes to choosing a space? What are the most important things to consider when finding your workspace? As entrepreneurs we have the option of choosing where we want to work. It is one of the blessing afforded this lifestyle, but can also have a huge impact on the success and failure of your projects. In this episode, we break down the subject and try our best to unpack the issue in a way that helps you get some more clarity on the location for the magic to happen. This location might evolve and grow as you do, so we also want to give you the tools and ideas that aid this process. We also talk about the three main avenues for spaces where you can work, these being home, an office and public spaces like cafes. We each give our personal experience with these places and share some pros and cons for you listening pleasure! For all of this and much more, be sure to join us on the show today! Key Point
08/01/20191 hour 4 minutes 43 seconds
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Episode 300: Self Sabotage & Impostor Syndrome: How to Get Out of Your Own Way

Impostor syndrome is one way entrepreneurs can completely sabotage their own business. Starting a business can endlessly fun at first... all the possibility, hope, potential. But soon the fear starts to creep in, the self confidence starts to slip, and the inner saboteur begins to do her work. In this episode we dive into several helpful tools for you to break out of self sabotage mode, including: what the onset of self sabotage looks like, how to identify when you're in self sabotage mode, practical ways to get out of your own way before it's too late!
01/01/201955 minutes 45 seconds
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Episode 299: Save Your Business from the YES Monster: Learn How to Say NO Effectively (FS299)

Shownotes: When should we say no to opportunities? How do we balance saying yes and no to these to our advantage? What are the tips and tricks for making the right choices in business? We all have constant chances to say yes and no to things, whether in our business or personal lives. Here at Fizzle, we have noticed the huge impact that making the right choice in these situations can have on your trajectory, specifically your ability to say no. In this episode, we break down the particulars of this somewhat challenging question. We really try to get through when it might be a good time to refuse or turn down a request or offer. We look at it from the perspective of different types of entrepreneurs and help you to build a model that suits you. We also talk about tips and tricks, a decision making frameworks and the evolution of your business and psychology. There are a number of factors that have to be constantly juggled and reassessed and we are here to help y
25/12/20181 hour 7 minutes 16 seconds
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Episode 298: Partnering with Clients: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (FS298)

Shownotes: How can a new partnership help grow your business? When is the right time to enter into something you believe will be mutually beneficial? What are the questions you need to ask yourself before making a decision on this front? It is hard to imagine the online business world of today without partnerships, endorsements collaborations and picking the right ones can take your business further than you might have imagined. But that does not mean that every connection is a good one or that you should jump through endless hoops just to get a cosign! In this episode, we look at a bunch of angles relating to this question and try and help you figure out the best process for picking the right way through potential business negotiations. We get into the idea of dream partnerships, when to draw a line in the sand and the most important factor, understanding value. We also talk about bags, cars and phones, drawing on many examples and metaphors of how you can u
18/12/20181 hour 2 minutes 38 seconds
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Episode 297: Please Don't Jump! The Entreprenuerial Leap Myth (FS297)

Shownotes: Becoming an entrepreneur means taking risks, right? Does this leap of faith have to be super perilous and terrifying? Are there ways in which you can take the necessary risks that suit you and your business and ensure the highest chance success? These are questions that prospective and even full time business owners have to answer all the time. Here at Fizzle, as supposed successful entrepreneurs we are still plagued by these issues and the concerns that come along with them! In this episode, we unpack all of our thoughts about the transition, big jump or leap of faith to chasing your dream job. We talk about the usefulness of day jobs in making your vision possible; the different types of risk involved; taking advantage of opportunity and the things that can help you control this overwhelming experience. We also talk about common misconceptions, power versus force and getting ready for take-off. For this and much more, be sure to join for this e
11/12/20181 hour 2 minutes 31 seconds
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Episode 296: Justifying Premium Prices for Your Premium Product (FS296)

Shownotes: What are the variables we need to think about when we decide on pricing? How much of an effect does pricing have on certain types of customers? Can pricing a premium product at a higher mark actually increase sales? The price tag that you place on your product or service has an obvious effect on your income and revenue. It also has other less obvious effects and that’s what we're talking about today. We want to give you a bunch of new ways to think about pricing smartly and what it can do for your business! In this episode we discuss what influences our perception of prices, value hierarchies, redefining what is actually being sold and the relationship between prices and prospective customers. We also get into some exercise and questions that might help you think about these concepts in new ways. Today on the show we are joined by Aiden Fishbein and Joe Kerns who will be helping us unpack these problems. Both Aiden and Joe have some great perspec
04/12/20181 hour 9 minutes 39 seconds
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Episode 295: Learning from Pain via Post-Mortems (FS295)

Shownotes: What is the best way to ensure we do not make the same mistakes twice? How can reviews and retrospectives teach us for the future? How can you really execute the best type of post-mortem? During the life of an entrepreneur it is pretty much a given that there will be successes and failures over the years. We are sure you'll agree that the best way to increase the number of successes as time goes by is to learn from past failures. That’s where the idea of the post-mortem comes in! In this episode, we break down why post-mortems are necessary, how they really function, and exactly how they can be practically applied to different business models. Today on the show we are joined by our friend, Aiden Fishbein, who came up with the concept for today’s show. He really leads the discussion and lays out some great frameworks for approaching this task. We also talk about the risk of over analysis, post-mortems as a symptom of your companies communication hab
27/11/201858 minutes 28 seconds
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Episode 294: How to Cultivate True Fans (FS294)

Shownotes: What is the quickest and safest way towards building a sustainable business? How can focussing on cultivating true fans help you reach this goal? What are the best ways to go about this cultivation? We often talk about attaining a level of success that is adjusted to what you need in order to live the life you want and one of the greatest realizations of this process is the humble reality of this level. You do not need to be famous or have huge numbers of fans or customers in order to make a living! In this episode, we unpack the idea of a committed customer base which has its roots in Kevin Kelly’s 2008 piece entitled “1000 True Fans”. Using this starting point we look at what it means to have true fans and how to go about attracting them. We discuss the core and essential elements to these relationships while also emphasizing the unique ways in which it can play out in your business. We also talk about integrity, authenticity, empathy and the vit
20/11/201849 minutes 53 seconds
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Episode 293: Creating Mutual Benefit as a Virtual Assistant with Aiden Fishbein (FS293)

Shownotes: Are you looking to supplement your business’ income? Do you want to find something that is going to benefit you in more ways than just financially? How can you align yourself with the right type of people for these goals? There are many ways to make your way through the entrepreneurial world and every person out there can find a unique and successful way for themselves. One of the dynamics that we all have to navigate, however, is balancing money, time, and skills acquisition and that is essentially what this episode is all about. In this our discussion we look at how you can go about creating mutual benefit as a virtual assistant, adding value, learning, earning and networking. We talk about seizing opportunities, where to look for them and pegging all of this on a minimum viable income. Today on the show we are joined by Aiden Fishbein who runs Vitals Agency and is a long time member of our Fizzle Community. Aiden will be sharing his ideas and e
13/11/201857 minutes 32 seconds
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Episode 292: How to Name Your Business

I want to show you a method to get away from the gross, subjective confusion that clouds your business name decision making. You’ve felt that cloudiness if you’ve ever tried to name a business before. I was recently with a group of people trying to name their real estate company. We spent several hours talking about options, took a break, and then someone came up with another name idea and the conversation started all over again. No decisions being made, no progress, no clients being helped or revenue coming in… just a handful of name options and no way to decide which idea is best. We all get like this when it comes to naming our business. A list of several ideas, a bunch of subjective opinions and the immense pressure of deciding. So, we created a simple worksheet to help you. The Name Evaluation worksheet below will introduce you to 10 categories that will help you get out of the clouds and into a business name that will grow with you.
06/11/201857 minutes 25 seconds
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Episode 291: Time Management, Multitasking, and Recognizing Potential (FS291)

Shownotes: How do you get the most out of a limited amount of time? How do we decide how many projects to work on? How do we know when we are onto something good? We take three separate, but thematically linked questions from the Fizzle Forums and attack them head on! These questions are specific to the members that asked them but believe us when we say there is so much juicy, relatable content and info in here for everyone! In this episode, we really get into this question of how we each define ‘good’ and what this means in terms of business decision and ambitions. We talk about glass ceilings and aiming for the right height so as not to come crashing down. We also talk about context switching, gaining traction, the point of focus and parkour! For this and much more be sure to tune in! Key Points From This Episode: • What can actually be accomplished in 10 hours a week? [0:05:37.2] • The difference between a public product and an incubation period. [0:10:15.6
30/10/201858 minutes 41 seconds
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Episode 290: How to Grow With Intention & Avoid Growth for Growth’s Sake (FS290)

Shownotes: To scale or not to scale? When is the right time to take a step up and bust through that glass ceiling with your business? Is getting better preferable to getting bigger? In this episode we are talking about growing with intention. The topic of this conversation was sparked by a question about scaling in the Fizzle forums and after some rumination on the idea of scaling and the right times for this, we settle on the idea and that intentionally growing is always preferable to growth for growth’s sake. We also talk about what this really looks like, unpacking balancing your ambitions, finances and lifestyle as well as the opportunities that challenges and problems offer us. There are no definitive answers for everybody here, but hopefully the discussion will lead you to your own conclusions. For a great conversation on a indispensable question, be sure to tune in with us! Key Points From This Episode: • Fizzle is hiring! [0:04:49.2] • Keeping a busi
23/10/201857 minutes 39 seconds
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Episode 289: From FOMO to Focus (FS289)

Shownotes: What does today’s model for success look like? How do you know what to focus on? What is your most direct path to growth and reward? Our businesses are always evolving and rotating according to our surroundings, our products and ourselves. The path that you end up choosing and taking with your work will obviously define its outcomes and so it is a constant question in our minds. In this episode we look specifically at Steph’s other business, Courage and Clarity as an example of a growing project and the decisions that are necessary in this process. We think about how to figure out the ever present question of what to work on today and also stress the importance of putting that work in right now. We talk about letting your business mature, what that maturity means, simplification and raising the stakes. This is the up close and personal look at a business that you have been waiting for! Tune in and listen to it all! Key Points From This Episode: •
16/10/20181 hour 6 minutes 15 seconds
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Episode 288: The 3 Habits That Grew His Business to 428,000 Email Subscribers (FS288)

Shownotes: How can we live better lives? Do you want to implement great habits in order to achieve your goals? What determines the success of our attempts when trying to form habits? We cannot really have a conversation about successful business owners and entrepreneurs without discussing the importance of habits and the systems that allow them to build their dreams. But what is formula to implementing this? In this episode we get down to the real essence of habits, their relationship to individual and social identity and how they are formed. We unpack these ideas to better understand the cycle of improvement that we all should really be trying to embody. Today on the show we are joined by James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits, the creator of the Habits Academy, a weightlifter, and a travel photographer in over 30 countries. James is basically a habit expert and has loads of great ways to unpack these ideas for everyone’s benefit We also talk about the con
09/10/201856 minutes 37 seconds
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Episode 287: How To Really Connect With A Digital Audience (FS287)

Shownotes: How do successful businesses capitalize on their contacts? Do you want to resonate with each individual in your audience? What is the best way to communicate with your mailing list? All of these questions pertain to the same issue, running a profitable online business in the contemporary climate. Achieving this might sometimes seem like a mountain but we are here to show you that the mountain is not unscalable and that mountain climbing can be fun! In this episode we break down the fundamentals of digital communication and connection with an audience as individuals. We get into some examples of emails and promotions and which methods work in certain situations. The discussion also takes time to unpack the idea of offering a transformation to a potential customer as the basis of selling. We also talk about welcome sequences, bridging emails, the know-like-trust principle and setting aside perfectionism and getting started. All of these ideas are pret
02/10/201859 minutes 27 seconds
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Episode 286: 5 Ways To Come Up With Great Content Ideas Right Now

Shownotes: Do you need new ideas for content creation? How can you setup a stream of constant creative energy to best serve your audience? Is there a recipe for this process? Although there are no definitive answers to these questions, here at Fizzle we do think we have some helpful directions to get your content conveying belt rolling! It is actually a bit easier than you might think to get that pot steaming and your platforms fizzling with fresh new stuff for you clients. In this episode we talk a little about marketing and social media and the different philosophies around these concepts before getting down to the actual nitty gritty ways to jumpstarting your creativity. We also talk about SEO, bias, viral sharing and all that good stuff you are usually aiming for. We look at the three major avenues that you can use, that are right at your fingertips, so we know you are going to want to get in on this! For all this and much more, be sure to tune into this
25/09/20181 hour 5 minutes 33 seconds
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Episode 285: SEO Isn’t Complicated – Here’s How To Get Started

Shownotes: Would you like to get more people to visit your website? How can search engine optimization help you do this? Most of us are aware of the capabilities of SEO to some extent. But it is a challenging and daunting field to enter, so we thought we would supply you with some basics and tips to get your website popping! In this episode we look at the rise and development in SEO as a methodology and skillset and talk about how to go about optimizing your website from the very first steps to the more advanced ones. Today on the show we are joined by Matt Giovansci, an old friend and collaborator who we have hosted before on the podcast. Matt runs a number of websites and businesses and has spent the better part of the last two decades perfecting the game of SEO. We also talk about research, content creation, the evolution of Google and when SEO is necessary and when it is not. Matt gives us great insights from personal experience and his learning to help yo
18/09/20181 hour 2 minutes 57 seconds
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Episode 284: 800,000 Followers and Still Working Day Jobs (FS284)

Show Notes: Can losing your job be the best thing to happen to you? How do you convert social media followers to website traffic? Once you have a big social media audience is selling a product or service easy? These are the questions we are fielding today from our Fizzle Forums in the round up! Although quite specific to each person posing the question there is a lot to unpack and hopefully enough for most of our audience to relate to on some level. In this episode, we look at each of these topics and really try and draw out the best advice we can muster for you and your business. We examine what it means to really go beyond the call of duty and give your business your all, we discuss the value of social followings and what remains ever valuable in today’s online climate. We also talk about monetization and the importance of a personal touch on Instagram. We look at good examples of familiar and prominent entrepreneurs to exemplify approaches to these issues
11/09/201851 minutes 25 seconds
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Episode 283: Don't Make These Web Hosting Mistakes! (FS283)

Shownotes: How much do you know about your website’s hosting? Has finding the right host been a challenge that you wish you could put to rest? What really is the best hosting platform for you and your business? Whether you are tech savvy or not, chances are you have had some issues with website hosting during your entrepreneurial life. Almost all businesses require an online presence and thus a homepage for customers to visit, but setting this up has historically been a tricky business. In this episode we look at some the developments in this field over the last decade or so and speak particularly on our experiences with WordPress and Squarespace. From there, we look at the different hosting options available to WordPress users and talk about the two main lanes that these fall into. We also talk about domain purchasing and how your host can effect everything related to your website. The last part of the episode is dedicated to to announcing a great web hostin
04/09/201850 minutes 49 seconds
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Episode 282: Community Over Competition

Shownotes: Have you ever shared ideas with colleagues, a mentor or a student? Has this become a point of concern around originality, ownership or intellectual property? How do we go about navigating these potentially dangerous waters? We at Fizzle are all too familiar with the perils of these types of feelings but we are also here to tell you how you can get past these issues and transcend the games of jealousy and possessiveness. In this episode we begin by unpacking the different ways in which we can run in trouble over the ownership of ideas. From there, the discussion turns to some rumination on the freedom of ideas and we look at the history of jazz as a great example of legacy, tradition and individuality. We also talk about how the communication and reproduction of similar ideas can lead to a rising tide for everyone and how generosity and grace can beget great rewards. A big takeaway from the talk is how reliant any type of culture or progress is on
28/08/201856 minutes 51 seconds
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Episode 281: I Got Some Exposure, Now What? (FS281)

Are you dying to follow up on a surge of engagement that your business recently experienced? Does your writing or content need that extra bit of juice and personality? Is something in your life making focusing on your business particularly difficult at the moment? We go to the Fizzle forums and pick out these three questions from Fizzle members and answer them in depth for their and your benefit! The questions supply multiple layers of interesting discussion and Corbett and Chase rally try to get down to all that good stuff. In this episode we talk about defining your mission, maintaining inspiration, connecting with an audience and studying the characteristics of great content. We also look at the challenge that grief can pose to your business and how to manage a period of trauma or disaster. We also talk about the benefits of a difficult time, identifying your unique value and much more, so be sure to tune in! Key Points From This Episode: The amazing resource and community of th
21/08/201857 minutes 50 seconds
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Episode 280: The Danger of NOT Taking Time Off (And The Consequence of Doing it Poorly!) FS280

Are you struggling to find time to relax and unwind? Does your business take it all out of you and leave nothing left? Could you really do with a break or a holiday? Here at Fizzle we believe that down-time and relaxation are vital to the success of your business and that sometimes the best thing for a business can be for the entrepreneur to take a break. In this episode we unpack the idea of taking time off, whether it is a vacation, some time away from your desk or just some quality time with your family. We discuss how to balance the spheres of your life to get the optimum work done when you are grinding! We also talk about digital addiction, burnout , engagement and intention, email inboxes and making the most of your allotted energy. No matter how urgent getting a task done seems, it is paramount that you do not always prioritize work. For this exciting, healthy and enriching discussion be sure to tune in! Key Points From This Episode: Restorative practises for entrepreneurs. [0:
14/08/20181 hour 2 minutes 23 seconds
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Episode 279: Launching A Course From Start To Finish In 2018 (FS279)

Are you putting a lot of time and effort into making a course? Is no one buying it? Are you finding it challenging to figure out how to get it sold? Well look no further. We’re talking about how to actually get a course purchased. You make a course, you put this work together, it’s a thing that teaches someone how to unclog their own drains or how to live with more intention, how to earn revenue for their business using Facebook ads, how to consolidate all of their families memories onto media in the cloud or whatever it is. You can make a course on anything that people want to learn how to do. The big question is, How do you get people who want to learn how to do that to the page that sells the course with enough motivation and desire to actually purchase it? This is all super challenging stuff and doing that today is very different than doing that five years ago. On today’s episode we’re going to talk about is how would you build a buzz for a course in 2018 that could help you get
07/08/20181 hour 16 minutes 2 seconds
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Episode 278: Are You Effective or Just Busy?

Are you always busy? Are you worried about how effective all this work is? Are you addicted to busyness and need help? We are here to help you separate the needless hustle from the essential work. It is not always about working smarter than harder, but it is vitally important that you stop chasing your tail and working up a sweat while not making enough progress. In this episode we talk about to do lists, goal setting, productivity and all the common grounds for growth measurement. A large part of the conversation is spent drawing out the intricacies of these relationships and how you can find your perfect balance of needs, ambitions and obligations to set your ideal goals. We also talk about affirmation, journalling, reducing attachment and much more so be sure to tune in a get it all in this massive episode! Key Points From This Episode: Choosing the right things from your to do list. [0:04:01.2] Effectiveness often includes busyness. [0:05:32.1] Reasons why we have methods and pra
31/07/20181 hour 7 minutes 37 seconds
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Episode 277: 7 Realistic Tactics For Building A Biz While Working (FS277)

Are you trying to start a business while you still have a day job? Do you need more time to get your business going but just cannot find it? How can we manage this transition phase from 9 to 5 professional to self-employed badass? Today we are talking about making this challenging dynamic work for you. Steph is away on vacation so Corbett and Chase are tackling this issue head on and have a host of suggestions to make your double-life doubly beneficial! In this episode we’ll be unpacking just how important it can be to maintain a functioning work life while starting your own thing. We’ll also be looking at how different the lives of new entrepreneurs are to those of established ones. Chase and Corbett discuss the initial phases of trial and error and attacking these terrains with excitement and fearlessness. We also talk about finding exactly what your value is, chiseling out time within a busy schedule, managing energy levels, and fueling your work with passion. From there the discus
24/07/20181 hour 10 minutes 17 seconds
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How a Group Program Might be the Right Next Step for Your Business (And How to do One!)

Are you looking to take your small business up a few notches? Does the idea of hosting fully grown online courses seem a little too daunting for where you are right now? Is there an intermediate step you can take to continue your progress? Here at Fizzle we think the idea of a group program is the perfect way to take you to that next level. Although this format can take a few different forms, the basic idea remains quite simple and can be carried out without too much intensive organization and heavy inputs. In this episode we’ll be talking about exactly what a group program can be and how it can help you and your business. Steph has been implementing group programs to great success and as such will be expanding on the ideas for all of our listening pleasure! We also talk about the benefits this model can offer, potential pitfalls, preparation and avoiding the ‘experts dilemma’. We see the group program framework as offering multifaceted positives to any growing business and we finish
17/07/201853 minutes 54 seconds
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Episode 275: Motherbirth with Mellisa Reeves (FS275)

Shownotes: ( Have you been waiting to hear more about Chase’s better half’s business? What exactly is Motherbirth and how did Mellisa Reeves go about starting her company? This episode is all about Mellisa and the business she started centering around helping and fostering meaningful maternal dialogues. Mellisa is here today, talking to Chase and unpacking her journey before and after launching her own company. We discuss the inspiration behind her work, her job in real estate before branching out and the ideas and values that are the foundation of what she does. A big takeaway from the episode is the idea of the slow-burn approach and Chase and Mellisa really flesh out this great concept. We also talk about charging for a service aimed at people in pain, self-awareness, content creation and getting away from the information overload. So for all this and more, join Mellisa and Chase for an extra special episode! Key Points From This
10/07/20181 hour 1 minute 43 seconds
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Episode 274: What You Need to Know About IGTV That No One Else is Talking About (FS274)

Shownotes: ( How do successful entrepreneurs make the right decision? How should business owners approach the latest technological innovation or social media platform? How can we ensure the maximum value from the time and money we invest in new directions? With IGTV just launching recently, it is easy to feel excited or daunted by another avenue that you and your business could be utilizing. But that does not mean that you should necessarily be pouring yourself into yet another platform and marketing strategy without question. In this episode we tackle the idea of making clever decisions that suit you and your business, through the lens of the latest trends and social media options. We are not sure if you should dive into IGTV, but we can help you answer that and other questions for yourself! We also talk about finding ways to make decisions from a place of security and inspiration rather than fear and anxiety, the three dangers of m
03/07/20181 hour 6 minutes 8 seconds
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Episode 273: So You Launch Something, Now What? (FS273)

Shownotes: ( Have you launched a minimum viable product for your business? What exactly qualifies as and defines a minimum viable product? What are the questions you need to ask yourself during the process? A minimum viable product or MVP is one of the most established ways of getting a new business off the ground. By design, the framework allows a business owner to start small and get the most out of this production process. We at Fizzle are all in for MVPs, but how to pull them off to your best benefit, you ask? In this episode, we are tackling that exact question and helping you unpack how to create, deliver and promote your MVP. This means research, ideas, production and follow-through, we cover it all! We also talk about some helpful examples of minimum viable products and what these show us in terms of pre-game and follow up, notably emphasizing the longevity that is possible with an MVP. Remember, once it is launched it is not n
26/06/201847 minutes 4 seconds
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Episode 272: Entrepreneurs And Mental Health - We Need To Talk (FS272)

Shownotes: ( Do you struggle with self-doubt and depression? How do you relate to the news of Anthony Bourdain’s death? How does your work and ambition influence your mental state? As entrepreneurs we are constantly struggling within ourselves - it is part of the calling. With what feels like more and more frequent news of high-profile suicides or overdoses, the topic of depression is becoming a bigger part of the conversation everyday. The conversation is an indispensable one. In this episode, we tackle this sensitive but necessary discussion from the viewpoint of business owners, but really look at in a way that is relatable for almost anyone. The team discusses their own struggles and experiences of depression and then go on to unpack some of the ways they each manage these challenges. We also talk about belonging and acceptance, exercise and diet and affirmation, all simple ways to give yourself a foot up. This is one of the least b
19/06/201858 minutes 5 seconds
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Episode 271: One Calendar Tip To Help You Stay Positive, Creative And Engaged In Your Business (FS271)

Shownotes: ( Do you struggle to fit in all your commitments? Is your calendar getting the better of you? Does your schedule make you want to run away from it? As entrepreneurs we have to manage our time - it is one of the constants in the game. As business owners the open ended nature to our time can be daunting, especially when there is usually so much you could be doing! In this episode, we talk about a new way to look at your schedule and organize your calendar. By thematizing your day or week you can save loads of time and energy. It is a system that we at Fizzle all use to varying degrees and is flexible enough that you can tailor it to your own needs perfectly. Here on the show today we are joined by Mike Vardy to help us unpack these concepts of time blocking and calendar themes. Mike is a productivity expert and coach who has built a career around improving the systems we use to get things done. We also talk about splitting yo
12/06/201849 minutes 34 seconds
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Episode 270: How to Obtain & Deliver Great Speaking Gigs (FS270)

Shownotes: ( Are you looking to book some amazing speaking gigs? Do you feel like to really level up in your business, speaking at events is essential? How do we go about getting into the game? Here at Fizzle we have all felt the pull and experienced the benefit of getting on stage and sharing what we do and who we are. There are reasons why speaking and presenting have such a high reputation in the entrepreneurial world! In this episode, we are going help you reach that next stage in your career, where you are one step closer to landing and delivering that inspiring speech at your ideal event. We’ll be looking at the ways in which you can approach securing these opportunities and then unpacking some tips and techniques to sharpen your presentation skills until they are razor sharp! We also talk about finding your own niche in the market and choosing the approach that suits your ambitions. We cover some ideas for getting over nervous
05/06/201854 minutes 5 seconds
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Episode 269: Conferences vs Retreats: Which is Right For Your Business? (FS269)

Shownotes: ( Have you been wondering about attending a conference? Have you been to a bunch of conferences before? What were the outcomes of these past experiences and what can you hope for in the future? Today we are talking conferences, retreats, gatherings, meet-ups and networking. With the huge amount of events of this nature taking place all the time, how do we choose which one to go to? And how should we approach them? In this episode, the team give you an insightful dive into the mechanics of the conference as well as sharing some personal tips for the best experience. There is a whole world of opportunity awaiting you at the right event if you have the correct strategy and attitude! We also talk about the time Chase and Corbett met at a conference, the latest incarnations of the conference format, finding your tribe and Chase’s very own concept of ‘third tier networking’. So for all the entrepreneurs ready to make a great connec
29/05/20181 hour 9 seconds
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Episode 268: How to Build The Biz of Your Dreams in 10 Hours A Week (FS268)

Shownotes: ( Are you constantly running up against limitations? Do you feel like you would be able to conquer the world if you just had more time or energy? Can our limitations actually help us find our way to a successful business? Here at Fizzle, we are well aware that most entrepreneurs face a host of limitations, whether it is capital, time, support or something else. Chances are you do not have an infinite amount of everything! In this episode, we discuss how to address this potential problem and embrace it as a source of inspiration. We believe it is possible to use those areas in which you are limited as a guiding star to steer your ship to a shore of success. We also talk about the ubiquity of limitations in all areas of life, how to bypass some of the obvious hindrances and three steps towards conquering these hazards. So if you want to correct your course and stop your ship from constantly blowing off course, listen up beca
22/05/201855 minutes 26 seconds
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Episode 267: “I’m Being Pulled in Too Many Directions!” — How to Thrive as an Entrepreneur (FS267)

Shownotes: Do you have numerous forces pulling you in multiple directions? Are you spread too thin to cover your bases? Is this all part of being an entrepreneur? As business owners and go-getters, we often have many demands on our time and energy. A fair amount of these are usually self-imposed. It can be draining, derailing and disheartening to feel overwhelmed or confused by the multi-directional pull. In this episode, we dissect exactly what it is that pulls at us and why, before breaking down how to get over this common occurrence. Having a lot to do, loads of ideas, big plans, and a schedule full of meetings do not have to be a negative thing! We also talk about the reasons that these feelings arise, the tendency towards the negative, reasonable goals and simplifying your load. All this so you can stay focused on what really matters and get your business booming! Join us as the Fizzle team helps you find your compass, lay out your map and set off in the
15/05/201859 minutes 3 seconds
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Episode 266: Money Mindset: Is It All Gonna Go Away?? FS266

Shownotes: How do you manage the financial growth of your business? Does dealing with revenue give you anxiety? How do you get rid of the fears that are attached to money? Today we talk about all the scary elements of running your company’s finances. Right from the start, it is important to be laying out a path to success and growth, but balancing these elements is not always easy. That’s why we're here! In this episode, we go through all the different types of worries that accumulate as your ideas and business grow. We discuss the all important aspects of mindset and experience, lifestyle, investing and self-belief. We also talk about the fundamental act of paying yourself and manifesting a working environment away from scarcity. The team really opens up some avenues for examination and by the end of the episode, we are sure you will be more clear on how to progress bravely in your work! So tune in, with us, the Fizzle team as we banish those fears and get yo
08/05/201855 minutes 22 seconds
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Episode 265: How to Get Over The Fear of Niching Down (Niche Down For What!?) FS265

Shownotes: Much has been said about the idea of niching down as an entrepreneur, but how important is it? And how niche do you need to go? What is niching down? Is your business niche enough to be successful today? Niche down for what?! We’re here to help you figure all of this out and get your business as focused as it needs to be. In this episode, we’ll help you understand what niching down means in a contemporary climate before addressing the potential negative side of going too niche. We also look at the idea of focus and how it can be used in conjunction with these principles. The team offers some concrete methods for finding your niche and help discern fears and how to turn these off. We also talk about finding your audience, scratching your own itch and a few other ways to naturally specify your product or service. So if you are looking to clarify your mission, accentuate your company and want to niche down in the right way, this is the episode for y
01/05/201858 minutes 16 seconds
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Episode 264: Finding the Balance Between Being Creative and Getting Sh*t Done (FS264)

Shownotes: Do you lean more to the artistic or organizational side? Are you struggling to organize your creative ideas? Is it difficult for you to make time for ideas amongst all the organization and admin that you do? As entrepreneurs, there is a constant balancing act that takes place between these two poles. On one hand you have the inspiration, ideas and free energy of your business, and on the other hand, the structure, organization and management. Without a good mix of these it is difficult to imagine a successful business. In this episode, we talk about just that - how to give enough energy and time to both areas. More importantly, how to do this according to your needs and personality! During the discussion we even help you reclaim the true meaning of ‘creativity’ so as to encompass both worlds and emphasize their dual-role in creation and production. So come with us on this journey as we help you down the ski-slope of your business. With both feet fir
24/04/20181 hour 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 263: Do You Have To Spend Money To Make Money? (FS263)

Shownotes: Is it true that you need to spend money in order to make money? Are you waiting for cash flow to succeed in your business? How far does financial invest take your work? We are here to tell you that, although money is not going to hurt your business, spending it will not necessarily ensure it’s success. In this episode we traverse the idea of how and when you can spend money as an entrepreneur and when it might not even be necessary at all. Money Isn’t Magic Here at Fizzle, we often talk about these ins and outs, but it’s a great reminder to take the focus away from the money that can and must be spent, and keep everything in perspective. We also talk about over-reliance on strategy, money philosophies and staying trained on why you started your business in the first place. We look at websites, design, copywriting and advertising and the team give their opinions across the board on how to answer the questions that these areas raise. So jump right
17/04/201858 minutes 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 262: Fears, New Projects & Overnight Success (FS262)

Shownotes: Are you looking for some inspiration for your new projects? Need some help keeping the faith and pushing past obstacles on something new? Today we are talking all about new projects! How do you cope with that fear of starting something new? After a bit of break and a much needed getaway for Corbett and Chase, we feel refreshed and excited and most importantly have tons of new stuff to talk about! It’s a jam-packed show full of exciting news you are not going to want to miss! Enjoy :) Key Points From This Episode: Catching up with the latest Fizzle news and the new homepage. [0:06:05.2] Using Wordpress and Elementor for quick and easy web design. [0:09:34.6] Success stories that we have collected over the last five years. [0:11:30.7] The new courses that Fizzle has launched. [0:14:17.6] The web tune up course that Chase ran as a live webinar. [0:17:26.5] Steph’s goal setting course which was recently launched. [0:19:45.7] Fizzle’s brand new, self-cre
10/04/20181 hour 1 minute 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 261: 10 Indie Businesses to Help You Populate Your Vision Board (FS261)

Shownotes: What’s the difference between you fizzling out and creating a business that supports you, your family and the lifestyle you want to live? Is doing this entrepreneur thing even possible? Why are we even doing all this work at all? We don’t want you to fizzle out. We want to give you the tools and education you need to create a business that is right for you. We want to help you get the right mindset, the training, the motivation and the vision to know where you are going and how to get there. And we’re going to do it by showing you that success is a probability by walking you through real life examples of modern day HONEST successes. In this episode we are talking about real, honest businesses that have started in the last decade using the tools of the internet to serve an audience. These are young Fizzle Community members’ businesses that have provided an actual solution to someone’s problem and harvested their own success. These are businesses
03/04/201856 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 260: Yes You Can Earn an Independent Living Doing Something You Care About (FS260)

Shownotes: Are you struggling to stay motivated in your business? Are you doubting your chops as an entrepreneur? Do you need a reminder of why you got into the game in the first place? You need a REBOOT, a reminder about what’s actually possible in modern small business. It’s common to lose vision, motivation and perspective, and you’re in the right place to get the shot in the arm (or gut) you desperately need. Because when we’re losing perspective, that’s when dangerous mistakes are made. So here’s the thing - I’m going to ask you to do something. I want you to listen to something. It’s a panel discussion featuring some experts who have spent the last 5 years helping small business entrepreneurs succeed online. Your motivation problem likely won’t get fixed by “browsing” another internet article. So, take it the next step and listen in… grab a coffee, put on your shoes and go for a walk as you listen and get your mind completely rebooted about what’s P
27/03/201845 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 259: Overwhelmed in Your Business? Here’s How To Break The Seal on Getting Help (FS259)

Shownotes: Do you have too much work to do? Are you cracking under your workload? Do you miss taking care of the parts of your business that you love? It may be time for you to get some help! But wait — you don’t have to jump straight to hiring an employee. Sometimes that feels too far out of reach. There are, in fact, a few critical steps you should take BEFORE you bring someone on, and these steps can make a HUGE impact on your clarity, focus, and workload. The key is to know when is the right time to do the right thing. And that’s what we want to talk about today. Work ON your business, not IN it In this episode the team looks at the all too common mistake of taking on too much of your business’ workload. There is no honor in trying to do everything yourself and you will more than likely run yourself into the ground and ruin your business in the process. That does not mean you need to hire a person for every single task either. Again, the idea is to ba
20/03/20181 hour 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 258: Get Over Your Fear of Being on Video. It’s a Lot Easier Than You Think! (FS258)

Show notes: Video is a massive asset to any modern business, but so many of us are terrified of getting on camera! Have you ever used video to increase your business? Have you thought about it but decided it wasn’t for you? Did you try it and feel embarrassed and not want to do it again? Then you may know the fear of turning on the lights, getting in front of the camera and pressing record… We are here to get to the bottom of this fear and help you overcome it so that you can get started using video to boost your business, because let’s face it, video is only going to become more important to small businesses in the foreseeable future. We want to help you understand a few things in this episode: Why video is so popular and important Common misconceptions about making videos Techniques we’ve learned from years of making videos for courses, facebook, facebook live and more. (These techniques might be exactly what you need to find the confidence to press recor
13/03/20181 hour 3 minutes 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 257: Behind The Scenes of a Small & Profitable Youtube Business (FS257)

Show Notes: YouTube can be insanely useful for small businesses today. But most of us think the wrong way about how to use it. Do you want to start a Youtube channel? Do you want to grow your revenue and audience using the audience tools YouTube offers? In this episode we answer these and many more questions. We take the example of Chase Reeves’ YouTube channel and dissect how a personal passion for bags led him to building a profitable and valuable series of videos. Today on the show the team help you think about how you can turn your interests and abilities into capital and opportunity on Youtube. We also talk about calls to action, passive income, defining your audience and understanding the true purpose of hosting a video channel similar to Chase’s. So if you are interested in exploring a new avenue of revenue, would like to improve an already existing channel or are open to us convincing us of something you thought you would never do tune in! We got you
06/03/20181 hour 2 minutes 9 seconds
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Episode 256: The Ultimate 10 Step Sales Page Recipe (FS256)

Shownotes: There are 10 must-have ingredients your sales page needs to showcase. These 10 ingredients can make all the difference for your product launch because they help you get out of your head and into the decision maker of your customer. We’ve seen it happen so many times: a hopeful entrepreneur puts all sorts of work together to make a product. But when it comes time to sell… no sales! There’s a terrible feeling that comes when you launch a product and don’t make any sales. But the truth is, you may not need to change the product AT ALL. You may only need to update your sales page to make it resonate deeper with your audience. The Fizzle team have got you covered: We look at a ten point process to construct a killer sales page to get those sales coming in. Now, we walk you through this in an audio conversation, so get your cup of green tea and your notebook ready because you’re going to see sales pages differently after this. In this episode, we go st
27/02/201856 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 255: How To Use The Comparison Game To Your Advantage Instead Of Just Feeling Like A Piece of Sh*t (FS255)

Show Notes: It’s natural to compare yourself to others, but we want to teach you how to interrupt that pattern and use that habit to propel your business further and deeper into the results you actually want. Does your social media feed leave you feeling jealous, doubtful, isolated and unworthy, rather than inspired, motivated and connected? Often our fears and the need for acceptance come into play with comparisons – comparing ourselves to others and using that as a measuring stick for our own life and sense of self-worth. But is this something we can change? Today we want to break down what the comparison game means for modern business builders and how we can interrupt those patterns on social media to stop playing the comparison game and look deeply into our own goals, needs and wants. We’re doing that today through a podcast episode because it allows us to go much deeper than a blog post that… let’s face it… you’d just scan anyways :) In this episode we
20/02/201859 minutes 22 seconds
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Episode 254: Not Making Any Sales? Here’s 5 Reasons Why (FS254)

shownotes: Many an entrepreneur knows the feeling… you’re sending the emails, making the calls, promoting the offer on the web and social media, but the sales just aren’t coming in. Are your missed sales telling you something about how you’re making your pitch? Maybe you can turn things around with a few quick corrections. 
 How to turn it around This is the kind of thing we see happen all the time with modern entrepreneurs. And the fixes might surprise you right into a new way of thinking about sales. (Hint: there’s normally at least one big mindset shift that needs happen.) There are 5 reasons why your sales aren’t rolling in and we want to coach you through each one. You see, it’s not enough to know what the problem is… you have to know how to FIX it. If you want to be making more sales — not just today, but for the lifetime of your business — than you need to learn these lessons. 
So, listen up because these ideas might make all the difference for yo
13/02/201856 minutes 49 seconds
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When to Burn it All Down & Start Work on Something New (FS253)

SHOW NOTES: Are you considering a change of course in your entrepreneurial life? Have you had an idea that is just so much more exciting than what you have been working on? Is it time for you to switch everything up? These are really important questions that arise for all entrepreneurs from time to time. Some of the most successful people we know, experienced their success after abandoning a project they had built for years. But knowing when to make a switch like this is key. In this episode, we break down the important elements in the question and look at some ways to start answering it for yourself. The team speak through experiences and beliefs on the subject, looking at real life examples and trying to tally the pros and cons for you to weigh. We also talk about the role of fear, the different types of pivots that it is possible to make and how to transition into a new project in the most stress free way. Whatever kind of entrepreneur you may be, it is hig
06/02/201855 minutes 29 seconds
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Making a Book, Blog or Podcast? Start Here!

We see a lot of entrepreneurs who have great ideas but they keep getting stuck in the ‘how’ of their business and losing sight of the most important elements. (Show Note: Here’s what I mean: Let’s say you wanted to make a book (for podcast or blog) on “mindfulness and parenting.” The common big mistake is to rush into thinking about your HOW. How you’re going to be different than others out there. How you’re going to teach people your truths. How you’re going to setup your website. Like I mentioned above, we see this happen very often AND IT’S A BIG MISTAKE. Why is it a big mistake? Because you can spend weeks/months/years thinking about the HOW of your business only to have that business fail… because you didn’t set the right foundation. You have to set the right foundation! If you want your blog or podcast or book or instagram
30/01/201846 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 251: What Makes a Brilliant Business Idea and How to Apply It (6 Examples)

All businesses have to start from an idea. But just how important is the original idea behind a business? How much of a business’ success can be attributed to the idea versus the follow up work? We know there is no real point in putting in all the work if that initial idea is not something special. (Show Notes: But on the other hand an idea, even a great one, is not worth much without the follow through and the means to execute it. That being said, what is it that differentiates the so-so ideas from the great ones? If you’re interested in these questions we’ve got an awesome treat for you: a 60min in depth audio discussion with the answers as well as 6 examples of great business and product ideas. In this podcast episode, we look at what can define a brilliant business idea by cycling through some examples and examining the appeal of certain products. The
23/01/201859 minutes 32 seconds
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Episode 250: Working With Partners, Creating Great Copy and Doing Business Earnistly, With Matt Giovanisci

How do we get to work with partners? What are the things we need to think about when we are putting together our sales pages? And how do we talk to customers about new projects, so that we can fill in the gaps in our model? In this episode, we discuss the tips and tricks to working with partners, managing partner blowouts, getting customer feedback on projects and how to create great copy. Today on the show we are joined by Matt Giovanisci. Matt is an entrepreneur, website wizard and podcast producer who recently created a new plugin for Wordpress called Earnist. Earnist is an affiliate management tool designed to make monetizing your Wordpress site easy with beautiful affiliate links. Matt has a very interesting story as an entrepreneur. He has started numerous companies, been involved in numerous projects and even developed a social network for dogs back in 2007. The man is a mogul, but how did he put his app together as a non-programmer? This is the essen
16/01/201847 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 249: 3 Big Reasons Why The Goals We Set Don't Stick

Why is it that we set goals that fail? Why do we allow our dreams to fizzle out? Could the problem be with the way we are approaching our goals from the get-go? 2018 is here and you have things to do, right? You have dreams to achieve, goals to set and things to accomplish! But do you know what the difference is between a goal and a New Year’s resolution? Do you know the difference between “mountain top goals” and “foundational goals”? Do you know why your goals are so prone to fizzle out? THAT’S what I want to talk to you about today: how to set goals that will actually work because most of us think about goals in the WRONG way. In this episode, we are essentially talking about how you get your sh*t done! It’s the beginning of the year and everyone is talking about New Year resolutions. New Year’s resolutions are usually things you just fizzle out of, so today we are talking about why we let them fizzle out and how to se
09/01/201852 minutes 38 seconds
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Episode 248: How we Doubled Our Email List in 7 Days

Are you feeling down about the low numbers on your email list? Have you ever wondered how you could really accelerate its growth? (Show Notes: Perhaps all it takes is a mindset shift. That’s what we did recently on a separate website we run and it had HUGE results. First of all, you already know how important your email list is to your business, right? If you don’t know about how important email is to modern business, you can check out any of these educational posts. The gist is this: for many of us successful indie entrepreneurs, our email list is the core of our business because through email we have a powerful form of “digital relationship” with our customers. So, if you aren’t getting a very good “conversion rate” on your website — from casual visitor to email subscriber — then it can
02/01/201846 minutes 21 seconds
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Episode 247: A Lil' Love Note From Fizzle

Here's a little love note from Fizzle for you and yours wherever you are during the holidays. There won't be a regular episode of the Fizzle Show this week.
25/12/20175 minutes 8 seconds
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Episode 246: The 1 Incredibly Easy Tip to Having More Energy as an Entrepreneur (FS246)

What if there was something you could do right now to bring more energy into your life every day as an entrepreneur? You know the whole game — on a fundamental level — is about energy, right? Energy enough to think, energy enough to strategize, energy enough to take action effectively. (Show Notes: And yet many of us entrepreneurs struggle with having enough energy. For entrepreneurs, the work never stops. Entrepreneurs never really “clock-out” or leave work at the office. They are the business and this makes it difficult to take a break and keep energy levels up in their busy day-to-day lives. And yet, all your strategy and action rely on having enough energy. So what can we do to get more energy!? Well, before I tell you, can I just say: you’re not going to like it? And some of you are going
19/12/20171 hour 7 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 245: Is it Possible to Support Your Family From an Indie Business? Yes. Just Listen to This. (FS245)

Is it actually possible to support your family over the long-haul with an independent online small business? Like, is it actually possible? (Show Notes: Or are we all just kind of hoping that our blog or podcast or freelancing business will last? Well this episode right here is your answer. In it we learn exactly how possible it truly is… AND we get to hear from a real buddha of online biz; a mentor to many of us because he’s been doing it for so much longer than most of us. Creating your own business is not about making it easy; there is still going to be work that needs to be done. That said, it is POSSIBLE to create a life that is less stressful, more prosperous, and purposefully designed to support your dreams and your family all at once. Steve Maxwell is the founder of Bailey Line Road Chronicles, and he’s been suppor
12/12/201755 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 244: 10 Things That Have Changed About Online Business In The Past 10 Years (FS244)

Want to hear from some giants in the online business space about what’s changed in business the past 10 years? You should. Show Notes: Why? Ever wonder what is actually important to learn when it comes to building your own business? Are you getting left behind by the ever-changing entrepreneurial landscape? Then you better get into this episode. Everyone knows there’s so much we need to learn when starting a business. We simply don’t know everything we need to before starting our businesses. But that begs the question; what’s worth learning and what isn’t? If you waste your time learning unnecessary things, you are the only one who pays for it. Bottom line: you are just hurting yourself and your business. In today’s episode, we are talking about exactly what has changed in online business for indie entrepreneurs over the last 10 years. Because if we c
05/12/201759 minutes 48 seconds
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Episode 243: How to Transition into a Truly Meaningful Life With Charles Eisenstein (FS243)

What would happen if you realized that you aren’t actually doing what you love? How would you transition into a truly meaningful life? Show Notes: While we’re at it, what does it really mean to use your gifts to change the world? And how can you earn your living along the way? If you’re working for yourself already you know how easy it can be to get caught up in the busy-ness and lose track of what matters most. Well, this episode is going to SORT YOU OUT! Today on the show we are joined by Charles Eisenstein, author, scholar and speaker. And Charles is going to help us all think DEEPER about how we earn our money. Charles is known for his thoughtful and challenging articles on civilization, consciousness, money, and human cultural evolution. He has a degree in mathematics and philosophy from Yale and is the author of several books, including Sacred Economics</e
28/11/201756 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 242: Making The Sale — Three Essential Ingredients That Get Customers To Buy Now (FS242)

If you’ve ever had high hopes about how good your sales were going to be… and then had those hopes destroyed by little to no results? **Get the shownotes:** So often we see business owners who get super excited about launching a new product or service, and they have high hopes about making those sales. They then proceed to put it out there, push it to social media, email their list, and give something away for free thinking that this is going to be “the thing” that lands them a ton of sales. But instead, they are met with disappointment and little to no sales at all. So why does that happen? It happens all the time — we think our sales efforts are going to have bigger results than they actually get. Why? Because we haven’t yet learned how to make the sale happen NOW. It’s simple stuff, but many fresh entrepreneurs still haven’t lear
21/11/20171 hour 1 minute 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 241: Networking, Avoiding Hard Stuff & Lessons Learned Making 100 Projects in 1 Year (FS241)

If you are stuck in the romantic notion of what it looks like to create a business and you need some motivation to stop running away from the hard work, you’re going to love this episode. On today’s show we are joined by none other than Justin Jackson, who went from having a day job to being a successful author and creating 100 projects in one year, all to show that it is possible for you to become an indie entrepreneur (even in Canada!). Justin is the founder of&nbsp;MegaMaker, where he advises software, SaaS, and digital product companies. His books, Marketing for Developers&nbsp;and&nbsp;Jolt have sold thousands of copies, and truly saved him from bankruptcy. On his blog and in his podcast he focuses mainly on topics like product marketing, helping entrepreneurs and software companies around the world. Inside this episode Justin shares his experience of p
14/11/20171 hour 2 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 240: The Step-by-Step Story of Becoming a Full-Time Blogger (FS240)

If you’re working through all the hope and doubt and strategies it takes to become a full-time blogger, then you’re going to enjoy the bejeezus out of this episode. Today on the show we are joined by Beth Hornback, who has an incredible story about how she carefully worked the steps and stages necessary to quit her job and work on her blog full-time. Beth is the creator of the blog, Eat Within Your Means, where she shares plant-based recipes and cooking tips to fatten your wallet and skinny your jeans. Whether that’s by cooking chickpeas from scratch or sharing ways to limit or eliminate oil, it’s easier than you think. Along the way Beth also shares her personal successes and struggles on the path to finding her means. In today’s episode Beth shares her journey of the wins and struggles she faced while transitioning out of her corporate job and into becoming a full-time blogger. So if your dream is to be a blogger full-time and you need a bit of
07/11/20171 hour 3 minutes 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 239: What to do When You Face Negativity — 5 Lessons Shared by Experienced Entrepreneurs (FS239)

You likely will face some kind of adversity or negativity as you build your business. This article is all about how you respond. How we deal with negativity and adversity is an essential ingredient in our success, so let’s think a little bit critically about this. Because it really is true: we all encounter negativity on the journey to success. In this article you’ll learn a few successful ways to respond. Show Notes (
31/10/201758 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 238: For Those of You Who Want Commercial AND Creative Success (FS238)

I’ve always had this assumption that real artists, real creatives, live lives without much commercial success. But today’s show directly confronts that idea… hell, it blows it up. We brought in Jeff Goins who’s just written a book called Real Artists Don’t Starve to break down 3 myths about starving artists. (Note: the Michelangelo story was well worth the cost of admission.) (Note: there is no cost of admission, this episode, like all our episodes on The Fizzle Show, is free!) Jeff breaks down 3 myths of the starving artist and helps us all get a much clearer perspective on how we can pursue our own success with creativity. Enjoy! Show Notes:
24/10/201758 minutes 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 237: You Don’t Lack Discipline, You Lack Motivation. There’s a Difference (FS237)

As indie entrepreneurs we live and die by the execution of our ideas. Without the right focus and motivation, discipline alone won’t save you. I find it’s very common for creatives and business builders to feel they lack discipline. We think if we had more discipline then we’d be making more progress on our idea. I don’t agree. You don’t lack discipline, you lack motivation. You lack the internal drive, the clarity and focus of desire, that would make being disciplined almost easy. As I said before, us indie biz people live and die off the ideas we execute. Not the ideas we capture in our Moleskine notebooks, but the ideas we execute. And if you’ve got issue with motivation (or discipline, if you insist), then you’ve got big problems with execution. But here’s what I believe: you deserve to bring your idea to life. You deserve it. You’re not sitting on your ass doing NOTHING; you’re doing things to make
17/10/20171 hour 9 minutes 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 236: Why “Just Power Through” is Terrible Advice (FS236)

Burning out and blowing up costs us all way too much in our businesses. “Just power through it” is terrible advice because it’s a recipe for burnout, for blowing up. Nobody gets to storming out of the office yelling “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore!” without powering through a whole lotta bullsh*t for a while. So, in this podcast and article we want to help us all learn a new way to handle moments when there’s too much on our plates. We are all going to have too much on our plates at some point. The question is, will you put in a little preventative maintenance and work smarter instead of harder? There’s a podcast episode here I really think you should listen to because it’s full of wisdom and details about this that, frankly, once you hear it you’ll never forget it. Below are some notes about this conversation that you’ll be able to come back to again and again. Here’s that
10/10/201758 minutes 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 235: How “Complete-able” is Your Online Course? Here’s 3 Things to Improve (FS235)

We spoke to one of the most prolific and successful course makers we know, Vanessa Van Edwards, about how we can all improve our online courses. For any of you course makers out there these insights are going to help you make much more successful courses —&nbsp;both for you and your customers. Online courses are being created like crazy these days because the market for e-learning has exploded in the past decade. Now average people like you and I can use tools that come built-in to phones, tablets and laptops to create training that people are desperate for. However, the massive popularity and ease of access to tools means there’s a ton of competition out there. Today you can’t just make a course that sells, you have to make a course that students complete and rave about. What we need to do is make every one of our students a walking testimonial for our course. <
03/10/201757 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 234: You Have Permission Not to Turn Your Passion Into a Scalable, Online Business (FS234)

“Lots of people tell you what you &quot;should&quot; want as a creative or as an entrepreneur. Shut out the noise for a hot second and decide what success looks and feels like for yourself.” Holy sh*t there’s this entrepreneur named Stephanie Halligan that you have to hear about, she’s… a badass. “I spent a long time trying to sell and monetize my list on Art to Self and it kept feeling shittier and shittier. I had to ask myself what I actually wanted my art to feel like and how I wanted to make money from it. The answer was NOT $30 e-courses and email funnels.” There’s a lot of people out there who want to tell you exactly what to do with your dreams. Today we hear from someone who actually had the tenacity to listen to her Self and create her own way. Stephanie Halligan started Art to Self on Jan 1, 2015. She proceeded to make a comic and
26/09/20171 hour 1 minute 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 233: How to Build a Business You Can Run From Anywhere (FS233)

As indie entrepreneurs, sometimes all it takes is a little travel break to remind us why we started our business in the first place. Travel is amazing for inspiration and perspective. As indie entrepreneurs it would be terrible to make a business that doesn’t allow you to travel. Just think about that! You put all this work in to get your business WORKING. Topic we care about… check. Validated unique selling proposition… check. Growth channel setup… check. Minimum viable product tested… check. … (BTW, all those stages above are taken from our small business roadmap training. If you’re somewhere in that process, it’s definitely worth checking into.) You do ALL that work just to create yourself into a prison you can never take
19/09/20171 hour 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 232: The Hurdle Between Free & Paid for Entrepreneurs With Heart (FS232)

As an indie entrepreneur, if you want to make sales and build a thriving business you need to overcome the hurdle between free and paid. When we say “free” we mean the stuff you do for free… the content, the social media stuff, the free guides you create as lead magnets. That free stuff is the first step in seeing if people like what you have to offer. It’s an important step. But getting those people from interested in free things to purchasing paid things… there’s a huge hurdle between the two. And a lot of people get stuck on that hurdle. Many modern entrepreneurs hit this hurdle… some never fully get over it. Don’t let that happen to you. There’s no reason to let that happen to you. Show notes:
12/09/201756 minutes 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 231: A Stupidly Simple Guide to Taking Action, Finding Clarity & Getting Clients Right Away (FS231)

One of the things we hear most often is that people want CLARITY in order to get started. They feel overwhelmed and murky, like they would totally get started if only they knew what to DO! Maybe you feel like you need answers before you begin, because you have to get this right. Today, we are flipping that. I know you think you need CLARITY in order to take ACTION. But today, we're out to prove that CLARITY comes from ACTION. Perhaps the very best part is that you don't have to buy anything to start doing this. Not from us, not from any other marketing wizards on the internet (and please don't trust anyone who tells you otherwise.) As you're going to hear in today's real life stories, you just need an internet connection and some conversation in order to make seriously meaningful progress.
05/09/201758 minutes 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 230: Could 1 Small Tweak Change Everything in Your Business? (FS230)

Business ideas almost never work right out of the gate. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs put a ton of pressure on themselves to make their idea work. The truth is, every business goes through natural shifts over time. It’s true. If you’re building a business, expect to make shifts and tweaks over time… because from our experience it seems that’s just what entrepreneurs do. We’ve seen this hundreds of times with Fizzle members. Entrepreneurs come up with an idea, and then they tweak, twist, pivot and adjust over time to see what will work. We all want a business that’s growing. And we all —&nbsp;every one of us who’s doing the work — knows what it’s like to feel stagnant, motionless for too long. If you want a growing business, you’re going to need to know how to make little tweaks over time. </
29/08/201745 minutes 46 seconds
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Episode 229: What Makes a Good Email Freebie? 9 Utterly Clear Examples (FS229)

Hey, we all need to be growing our email lists. Email is still the centerpiece of modern online businesses. But it’s challenging to do so. People bounce away from our pages Our message gets lost in the clutter of our website Our call to action falls flat Well, a well-known best practice in online business is to offer a freebie or “opt-in incentive” to visitors as an invitation to join your email list. What most of us online have found is HOLY CRAP THIS REALLY WORKS!!1! A freebie can be an insanely effective tactic for growing your email list. IN THIS POST YOU’LL LEARN: How effective a good freebie will be for you What makes a GOOD freebie What’s working for others (9 examples) How to design the right freebie for your business Read more:
22/08/201756 minutes 12 seconds
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Episode 228: 10 Ways to Cut Internet Distractions so You Can Focus on What Really Matters (FS228)

As an independent entrepreneur, your business lives or dies on the progress you make week in, week out. Let’s talk about some EFFECTIVE ways to stay focused on things that matter. Avoiding distractions is utterly essential to your success, but that little device in your pocket… yea, that one… the one with the screen and the apps and the notifications… that thing is hungry, and all it eats is YOUR ATTENTION. When you’re scrolling through a Facebook feed or half-a-dozen videos deep into an unanticipated YouTube binge, do you know what’s happening? Well, I’ll tell you what’s NOT happening: your business ain’t growing and your projects AREN’T getting done. So, here’s the deal… … we’re not recommending a puritanical approach to business where modern technology is abandoned. The internet is undeniably powerful for building massively successful online businesses, included our own. But we must make sure we are using the tool, not the other way around.
15/08/20171 hour 11 minutes 11 seconds
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Episode 227: How to ENJOY Sales, Without Feeling Cheesy, Manipulative & Gross (FS227)

The whole “sales” thing has been a little bit wrecked by used car salesmen, Glengarry Glen Ross and old dudes in suits in weird hotel ballrooms. In the online business world, there’s a lot more fun shiny stuff to talk about than real deal selling. Sometimes we inadvertently make content creation the sun around which our entire businesses orbit, as if churning out enough content powers our business. But as a Fizzler, Harriet, admitted in a recent email, she created 300 videos and never made more than $5,000 a year in her business until she dealt with some deeper sales fear. So today, we’re facing this head on: sales is the sun, or the engine of our businesses. Without sales, you’ve got a glorified hobby.
05/08/20171 hour 1 minute 5 seconds
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Episode 226: 10 Killer Links for Entrepreneurs in 2017 (FS226)

As entrepreneurs we’re always finding new things to educate and give us a little motivation. Because, I mean, we’ve got to strategize and sh*t, you know!? And strategizing takes effort. And then after the strategy, we gotta do ALL THE WORK. You know what I mean? That can take a lot out of a gal. So, on the show today we’re talking about 10 links that are helping us so far this summer, 2017. You’ll find books, ideas, products and services linked to below. And more importantly, in the podcast episode you’ll hear WHY these things might be so important to your work. Enjoy! Show Notes:
01/08/201750 minutes 1 second
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Episode 225: Are You Pursuing Your Business, Creativity or Project Enough? (FS225)

As an independent, a full time indie-entrepreneur, a maker of things that sell, a creator of my own wealth, a designer of my own creativity over time, I feel a strong call to do more things my way for the results I want. Which, for many of us, seems to beg this question: **can you give more of yourself over to being a creator?** Often times I hear it referred to as *“pursuing completely”* — like, how completely are you pursuing your thing? I think this plays solidly into that dream of being an artist who abandons herself to her work. Like, many of us really, if we’re honest, feel like we should have that kind of abandon, conviction, sold-out-ness to the thing we’re pursuing. Right? **BUT, what if pursuing that thing is putting other things in our life in jeopardy? ** What if we want to pursue our blogging more *completely*, BUT our blogging isn’t contributing to our financial needs yet. We want to give blogging more time because maybe that’s what’s necessary for us to even get t
24/07/201753 minutes 39 seconds
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Episode 224: Why You Don’t Feel Confident (& How to Fix it) FS224

How can we decrease the volume of fear in our head and increase our feeling of confidence? Because, for many of us, if we can do that, won’t our work have a better chance of succeeding? “I got this!” That’s the feeling we want. “I *got* this. I can do it.” You know what I think of when I think about confidence? I think about the difference between “this *MIGHT* work” and “this might *NOT* work.” Which way does the voice in your head normally sound like? For many of us it’s WAY more common to resonate with “this might NOT work.” Truth is, for many of us, it’s difficult to feel positive, optimistic or confident about a creative idea or project. **Does your head sound like that?** Well, you’re in for a treat because you’re about to hear things you need to hear about confidence, how to grow it and how to change that dialogue in your head. **Because you need confidence to take the right kind of risks,** and success for us independents relies on us taking the right kind of risks with
17/07/20171 hour 2 minutes 45 seconds
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Episode 223: Become a Successful Maker Without Destroying Yourself (FS223)

No matter what kind of business you’re thinking of starting, you have got to solve a REAL problem with a REAL solution. We tear apart this idea in depth with Dan and Tom from [Studio Neat], makers of fine, modern physical products. They’ve just launched a brand new (and very unique) [notebook on Kickstarter], and it hit it’s goal in just a few hours. So, naturally, we wanted to ask them about what they’ve learned about business in their several years creating successful products from scratch. Here’s three pieces of advice from them good for *all* of us, no matter the kind of business we’re running: More at
10/07/20171 hour 4 minutes 22 seconds
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Episode 222: Here’s One Tip That Will Make Your Podcast Interviews Excellent (FS222)

If you make a podcast or need to interview people at all, there’s a trick you can use to get deep into interesting material. You know that’s how your podcast or youtube channel or interview posts get popular, right? By having incredibly interesting content? That’s the trick. And this tip is going to help you get that interesting moment into more of your content. **You simply have to hear this tip in action… honestly, it makes it so easy to understand.** In the podcast episode here Steph shows us three moments in her own show where she used this trick to find “the moment” for each of her guests. Show Notes:
03/07/201751 minutes 45 seconds
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Episode 221: How to be a Lifetime Creative in a World Where Work Gets Stolen (FS221)

Recently we’ve experienced some work being stolen. Creative ideas getting plucked up and sold elsewhere without attribution. This isn’t new for us. Nor is it new for many who do work online. In creative work there is often this risk that ideas or product can be stolen, used elsewhere by other people. In fact, you may have heard that old adage great artists *steal*, which is to say that much of your own creative work may be have been heavily influenced by other work that came before you. How can we indie entrepreneurs navigate these tumbly slopes? How should we think about this? How should we behave and how should we protect ourselves? This is what we get into in the podcast today. A *great* episode for any of us who want to be lifetime creatives. Enjoy! Show Notes: http;//
26/06/201759 minutes 7 seconds
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Episode 220: Client Relationships — What to Do When Things Go Wrong (FS220)

If you work with clients directly there’s a very good chance you’re going to have to deal with some shitty situations. - Clients asking for late refunds - Clients delaying payment for waaaaaaay too long - Customers leaving bad reviews on Yelp, Etsy or something like it - Clients changing requirements in the middle of a project - Client taking *forever* to get back to you, stopping your progress, and preventing you from finishing and getting paid - Clients ending up completely unhappy with the work On the podcast episode and article below we walk you through several steps to try to alleviate your client blowouts. And we go one very necessary step further and help you understand steps you can take to keep blowouts like this from happening! Show Notes:
19/06/20171 hour 3 minutes 5 seconds
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Episode 219: How to Create a Fail-proof Mastermind Group (FS219)

We know you’ve heard it before (um, even from us) — you should join a mastermind group, also known as a group of 4-6 people who meet about every two weeks to give each other advice and hold one another accountable to big goals. It’s kind of a no brainer, isn’t it? We all know that trying to do it all alone as an entrepreneur is a recipe for eventually giving up when the going gets tough. So to join forces with people who get what you’re doing, who you can bounce ideas off of — it’s basically a way to build an informal board of advisors into your business. We’ve already written all about masterminds, what they are and how to find them. So for today’s conversation, we’re approaching this from a new angle. We’re focusing on the pitfalls: why groups fizzle out before they really get off the wrong, how even groups with the best of intentions might set themselves up to fail, and how to build yours strong from the start to avoid losing steam. Show Notes:
12/06/201759 minutes 17 seconds
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Episode 218: How I Created a Top Publication on Medium & Transformed My Life in the Process (FS218)

In this episode we hear the back story of Jonas Ellison, now a leading publisher on Jonas tells how he started as a freelancer, got burnt out on working with clients, and then found his way to creating an audience around a topic he loves. Enjoy! Notes:
05/06/20171 hour 5 minutes 56 seconds
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Episode 217: Tips On Using Medium as a Blogging Channel to Grow An Audience (FS217)

Jonas Ellison spent the last year growing an audience on, and it worked… accidentally. On the show today you’re going to hear tangible tips about, which will help you decide if you should use this growing platform to grow an audience. There are some new features on Medium that make both Corbett and Chase do a bit of a double take on using this platform. Grab a cuppa and dive in for some entertaining education about the “youtube for bloggers”, Enjoy! ShowNotes:
29/05/201752 minutes 2 seconds
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Episode 216: How Indie Entrepreneurs Should Plan Vacations (FS216)

Travel can lead to inspiration, vision and clarity for your business. That can mean *huge gains* when you’re an owner-operator of a small business. As indie-preneurs and solo-preneurs we can often be the bottleneck for our business. Our mindset can be the leading cause of atrophy or stagnation in our strategies and execution. Play time, vacation and travel, however, can be used to “knock the barnacles off” and reset our intention and focus so we can see clearly and move with more purpose. BUT you may not want to put everything on hold and dive right into vacation without planning it through a bit. So, in this podcast we teach you how successful indie entrepreneurs think through and plan their vacations. 
Enjoy! Show notes:
22/05/20171 hour 2 minutes 37 seconds
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Episode 215: The Energizer Planning Method to Get Your Year Back on Track (FS215)

In this episode we walk through a process to get clarity about what projects you should focus on next. You know the feeling… too many projects on the todo list; you bit off more than you can chew. So we could all use a simple process to get us back on track. We call it the Energizer Planning Method because when you go through this process you’ll have clarity and confidence about exactly what’s next… and that just happens to be very energizing. Show Notes:
15/05/20171 hour 15 minutes 35 seconds
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Episode 214: No Progress After a Full Year? This Might be Why (FS214)

Is the work you’re doing towards your goal working at all? What if you’ve been working for several months and don’t have much to show for it? Is this normal? Is this how it works at first? Speaking of normal, what is normal!? What kind of results should you be expecting? Today on the show we talk about several places you can look to diagnose where your problem might be coming from. And the first step is looking at those expectations. How can we *intelligently* set our expectations in modern indie business? Dive into the show and enjoy… Show Notes:
09/05/20171 hour 7 minutes 34 seconds
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Episode 213: How do You Balance Life & Business? (FS213)

Work. Side-hustle. School. Morning routine. Kids. Commute. Exercise. Meditation. Meal prep. Rest. Evaluation. If you’re like me, you fill your days with as much “I’m supposed to do this” stuff as possible. I’m supposed to exercise. I’m supposed to have good ideas for my business. I’m supposed to be diligent about executing those ideas. I’m supposed to eat healthy. I’m supposed to be present. I’m supposed to make enough time for my family. Oh yea, I’m supposed sleep well too. It feels like A LOT, like too much, if I’m honest. So, it was *amazing* to see this topic brought up on the Fizzle forums by Xenia Ferraro who asked: *How do you balance your life?* She adds: > “how in the world do you do it?? I always thought I was awesome at time management **but I'm finding that I may be taking on too much?** Spreading myself too thin? I would hate to give anything up for the time being, but am nervous I may have to.” Show Notes:
02/05/20171 hour 1 minute 21 seconds
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Episode 212: CEO-ing Your Business: The 3 Metrics that Matter (FS212)

In the kinds of very small businesses we talk about at Fizzle, with teams of fewer than 5 people, many with just one person, very little of what we do on a day-to-day is CEO-type stuff. Most of what we do is run around wearing one of dozens of different hats. Marketing, product development, finance, team building, and on and on. In a bigger business, a CEO would care about all these things, but they wouldn’t be his or her primary focus. A CEO’s main job in a bigger company should be to own the company’s vision and convince everyone possible of why they should support that vision. Customers, investors, employees, everybody. Beyond that, a CEO is responsible for making sure the company’s efforts are driving progress toward that vision, and that the business has the resources it needs to succeed (skills, talent, money). Read More:
24/04/20171 hour 2 minutes 27 seconds
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Episode 211: How to Resonate Deeper With Your Customers Using the Science of Personality (FS211)

Doesn’t matter what surf board you’re riding, if the wave is too small it can’t generate enough lift to catch your board and make it flow. The same is true with your marketing. If you can’t generate a large enough swell with your website, your emails, your headlines, your social media, your customers WON’T catch your waves. I call this resonance. The deeper you can resonate with your customers, the more effective everything is. **And today on the show we have, what I call, a resonance expert.** (BTW, Steph is on vacation with her family and will return next week for a proper Fizzle Show episode on how to be CEO of your business… drawing on insights from this conversation as well as the previous one with John and Dana.) So, back to our resonance expert —&nbsp;Vanessa Van Edwards is like a Malcom Gladwell or Brené Brown, a researcher who can deftly and expertly translate that research into tangible, accessible communication. Vanessa’s topic of research and training is: cracking th
18/04/20171 hour 1 minute 58 seconds
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Episode 210: The inception of a Wildly Successful Lifestyle Business (FS210)

I’d venture to say that most of us, when we think about a “successful business” we’d want to create, it will look like what is known as a *lifestyle business.* These are the kinds of businesses where your business serves your life, not the other way around. And with the tools of the internet and extremely affordable training like [Fizzle’s Courses], this kind of business has become a real, viable approach to revenue earning and wealth creation. BUT —&nbsp;and this is a big but here —&nbsp;it’s still a difficult path. Becoming a doctor is a viable path for you as well, but we all know it ain’t easy. You don’t just “fall into” becoming a doctor. Now, though it’s true that many people really have just “fallen into” success of many shapes and sizes online, it’s not a smart strategy to count on it. Just like becoming a doctor or a skydiving instructor (speaking of “falling in!”), it makes sense with an online business to understand what are the elements necessary for success, what ex
10/04/20171 hour 5 minutes 13 seconds
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Episode 209: 10 Excellent Niche Business Examples to Learn From (FS209)

Listen, there is a TON of competition in business today. The internet, which enables all of our personal businesses like never before, also makes it so now you compete with the entire world. But, we have a powerful tool at our disposal: specialization, focus, narrowing our target market, [aiming at a smaller business niche]. Now, if you’re already selling a bunch of product successfully — if your storehouse and bank account is full! —&nbsp;well then, you probably don’t need to specialize any more… it’s working, you’ve got it, well done. But, for many of us — especially those of us who are still getting our businesses off the ground —&nbsp;specialization, aiming at a smaller niche, focusing on a more precise target market, can make all the difference in getting your business flying, getting found, producing revenue. A great niche can help you: - get that difficult and necessary initial traction because your business is more remarkable to specific group of people. - resonate power
03/04/201759 minutes 1 second
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Episode 208: You Know You Need to Define Your Ideal Client, Target Market & Niche, Right? (FS208)

We’re willing to bet you’ve heard and read lots of talk about the importance of pinpointing your ideal client, identifying a target market and picking a niche. Maybe you’re even sick of these concepts? (It’s okay, you can roll your eyes a little!) You’re probably tired of hearing these buzzwords because they get thrown around way too often without much meaning attached to them. Rather than simply passing out the same old advice, we’re going to spend this episode breaking down what each one means, and what to actually DO with that info. So before you skip this one thinking you’ve heard all there is to hear about these topics, hear us out. Let us guess what you’re thinking right now. It might be something like: I don’t want to say NO to potential customers. Can’t I just work with whoever I can work with? I just want to [make my product/work with people/write what I want to write]. Why do I have to spend time on this when My Favorite Blogger/Podcaster “does it all”? What happens if
28/03/20171 hour 3 minutes 26 seconds
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Episode 207: 5 Business Boosters Guaranteed to Give You a Competitive Advantage (FS207)

Inside Fizzle there’s a course called “Choosing a Topic.” This is one of our most popular courses, and it’s at the beginning of the roadmap. This course helps people in three different situations starting out on the entrepreneurial path: “I have too many potential business ideas and don’t know how to choose just one.” “I don’t have any ideas, how do I come up with a good one.” “I have my heart set on this one idea, is it any good?” The course guides people through a series of lessons aimed at helping them choose the best business idea for them, based on several essential criteria. One of those essential criterion is something we call “business boosters.” A business booster is something that gives you an advantage over the competition. On today’s episode of The Fizzle Show podcast we discuss five categories of business boosters guaranteed to give you a meaningful competitive advantage. Any business idea you choose should have at least one of these, preferably more than one. ShowN
21/03/20171 hour 34 seconds
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Episode 206: Current Ideas in Small Business, Q1 2017 (FS206)

We’ve got some articles, some books, some podcasts and some videos that can help you with your vision, motivation, productivity and all the other good stuff you need to succeed in modern indie business. Give the podcast episode a listen if you’re not already subscribed… the context on each of these is fun, inspiring and meaningful. Enjoy! Show Notes:
13/03/201755 minutes 22 seconds
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Episode 205: Facebook Ad Rookie Errors & How to Fix Them (FS205)

If you’re trying to build an online business, then chances are good you’ve come across a few stories about how incredible Facebook ads can be as a marketing tool. “A zillion webinar sign ups that resulted in a million sales!” “Automated list building around the clock!” “A constant stream of high-quality traffic that converts!” That’s great. *But how’s it really done? * Show Notes:
06/03/20171 hour 2 seconds
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Episode 204: Follow Your Curiosity, Find Your Passion & Keep it! Here’s How (FS204)

On the podcast today we interview someone who actually found out how to make his living doing something he loved. And, I swear to god, if he can do it with this niche, there’s at least a chance for you to do it in whatever topic that’s got you excited. Because this guy, Ross Symons, literally makes little paper animals. THAT’S. IT. Origami, that’s the interest Ross pursued. No, I’m serious, ORIGAMI! Little. Paper. Animals. Is there something you’re dreaming of pursuing? Or something that’s growing in interest for you? Chances are, if you’re like a lot of us, you can’t even tell — your life is so crammed with responsibility, obligation, and, as Ross puts it, “What you THINK you want” that you can’t hear that little spark of true interest in you. If that’s you, LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE. It’s a heavy duty, full-on glorious, interesting, quirky and human example of someone finding their own way. My dream for you listening to this would be: - You trust more that small voice inside your
28/02/201759 minutes 14 seconds
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Episode 203: How To Quit Your Startup (Or Anything Else You Need To Quit) - FS203

Listen, some things you just need to quit. You realize you need to stop doing it, stop it. Acknowledge and move on. But other things… other things are big, hairy, important, terrifying things. To quit these kinds of things is heavy, emotional, traumatic. So, in this article (and accompanying podcast) I’m going to share: - How we get “bamboozled” into working on stuff that burns us out; - What role our intuition plays in deciding what to quit and what to pursue; - How to play a simple game to make your quitting decision crystal clear. Let’s get into it. Show Notes:
20/02/20171 hour 13 minutes 15 seconds
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Episode 202: Should You Partner With Competitors (or Fight Them Tooth & Nail)? FS202

In every significant marketplace there is competition. In many ways, competition is a great thing — it drives innovation, it pushes businesses to be better and it gives customers choices. When we’re vying for the same customers, it’s tempting to hide away with our ideas and keep our precious audiences to ourselves. But is this really the best way? Should we be afraid of the competition? Should we distance ourselves from them in hopes that customers will choose us over them? Or do we have more to gain by reaching out, starting relationships, maybe even partnering with our competition? This week I talked to Natalie Franke on the Courage &amp; Clarity podcast. She’s the founder of The Rising Tide Society, an international network of creatives who believe in the concept of “Community over Competition”. We decided to expand on our own experience with these juicy questions — let’s get into it :) Show Notes:
13/02/20171 hour 2 minutes 7 seconds
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Episode 201: Why “Follow Your Passion” is Essential But Terrible Advice (and What to Do Instead) FS201

We’ve all heard it before. You should “follow your passion” if you want to be happy and successful in life. But what if you don’t know what your passion is? Or what if there’s no money in your passion? Or what if you have multiple passions!? Within the Fizzle team, we believe “follow your passion” is actually both essential AND terrible advice. It’s a great episode, and, let’s be honest, your life is in an awesome place to hear this right now. Enjoy! Show Notes:
07/02/20171 hour 4 minutes 2 seconds
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Episode 200: Give What Grows — How to Overcome Burnout (FS200)

“Though usually regarded as the result of trying to give too much, burnout in my experience results from trying to give what I do not possess.” That is a quote from Parker Palmer. Parker Palmer is awesome. I’ll prove it. And you are awesome too. But you’re in danger of burnout. **If you want to create something interesting…** you’re up against burnout. **If you want to create something important…** you’re up against burnout. **If you want to create something you care about…** burnout. On the show today we hear from a Fizzle member who is literally burnt out. We talk about why burnout happens and how you can overcome it before it makes you give up. Thank you for listening and please, enjoy the show! Read more:
30/01/201759 minutes 31 seconds
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Episode 199: A Real Honest Talk About What It’s Like To Make Content For A Living (FS199)

This is episode 199 (one hundred and ninety-nine!) of the Fizzle show! That’s one podcast a week for three and a half years. For many of you listening running a blog or podcast for a living is a dream. For others, it’s a nightmare, or a necessary step to creating an audience you can serve for over time. On this incredibly honest episode you’ll hear about what it’s like behind the scenes of a large blog and podcast. We get into: - Why we started the Fizzle Show in the first place. What our strategies and goals were. - How to reframe the way you think about your relationship with your audience so you can have fresh insights about what to make. - How we pivot and get the content strategy back on track when it starts to feel too cumbersome. - What we’ve learned about the “long slog” of content creation over several years. Thank you for listening to the show. We’ve got a whole slew of good stuff planned for the next 200 episodes :) … but we wouldn’t have any fun doing this if you did
26/01/201755 minutes 7 seconds
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Episode 198: How to Become Successful, Seriously (FS198)

Might sound crazy, but in this podcast we literally teach you how to be successful. Simple as that. You want to become successful. You want to make headway towards your goal. You want to feel inspired and insightful about the work you do. You want to live life on your terms, employ your own damn self, define your own lifestyle. In this podcast we teach you — as I said —&nbsp;*literally* how to do that… how to get successful. It’s a deep dive into what we mean when we say “successful,” how that word bamboozles us, hoodwinks us and we lose touch with the very thing that’s going to contribute most to genuine success in our lives. BTW, this is not, like, some “The Secret” stuff or some pie-in-the-sky power of positivity… it’s cold hard empiricism and experience, but with real heart. You’re gonna like it. Make a cup of tea or coffee, invest an hour now in real, lasting success, and let’s dig in. Show Notes:
20/01/201751 minutes 16 seconds
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Episode 197: 3 Essential Best Practices for Launching a Podcast + Huge Announcement! (FS197)

What does it take to launch a popular podcast? Well, Steph just did it and on the show today she shares the 3 big tactics she learned so you have a better shot of doing it yourself. Oh, yea, btw, we’ve got a new podcast to tell you about :) Show Notes:
13/01/201758 minutes 14 seconds
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Episode 196: FS196The 3 Most Difficult Things in Your Business Right Now (FS196)

We surveyed Fizzle members and asked them: what is the most difficult thing in your business right now. Today on the show we talk about 3 of the most common responses to that question, offering in return some of that wisdom, humor and experience you’ve come to expect from the Fizzle Show. (BTW, you can see the results of the entire survey [here] with beautiful illustrations.) Enjoy!
05/01/20171 hour 3 minutes 49 seconds
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Episode 195: 10 Pieces of Gear We Rely on to Get Our Work Done (FS195)

I’ve been working for myself full time for a little under a decade now and I use tools to get my work done every day. Some tools are essential, like, I wouldn’t be able to get my work done without them. Others are just super helpful. On the show today we talk about 10 pieces of gear we rely on to get our work done. Some are fun, some are serious, some are perfect for that Amazon gift card you’ve got burning a hole in your pocket :) Be sure to subscribe and say hi in the comments below and enjoy this episode of The Fizzle Show! Show Notes:
29/12/201659 minutes 4 seconds
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Episode 194: Goal Setting Sucks! Here’s A New 5-Step Approach (FS194)

Today we are talking about goal setting… which is *not* a favorite subject of mine. If you feel the same way, this conversation is *for you* because the Steph will literally change everything you think and feel about goals. I know because it happened to me… live… as we recorded the episode. In this episode she walks us through a kind of 5-step process for setting REAL goals… not the fake stuff that you set and feel hopeful about for a few weeks before fizzling out. If you want to learn how to set goals that you’ll STICK with, press play and download the toolkit below to follow along. Enjoy! Read more:
22/12/201652 minutes 34 seconds
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Episode 193: 10 Trends in Small Internet Business for 2017 (FS193)

There are 10 modern trends in small business you need to know about. 5 of them are recent, emerging, and the other 5 continue to be timeless. On the show today we’re going to walk you through each one. Enjoy! Oh wait, we are doing the first ever survey of fizzle show listeners and I want to hear your thoughts, I’ll tell you more about it in the episode, but if you’re at a computer right now go to Okay lets do it.
15/12/20161 hour 1 minute 51 seconds
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Episode 192: End This Year STRONG: 8 Ways Stay Motivated In 2016 (FS192)

We’ve got a few weeks left until the end of the year and you can probably feel it’d be pretty easy to just take your foot off the gas, let things slow down, maybe mindlessly read the news a little? *OR*, you could take a breath, make a plan, and finish the year off STRONG. Today on the show we’re sharing 8 ways to end this year strong so you can start off next year with clear eyes and a clean slate. Enjoy! show notes:
09/12/201652 minutes 48 seconds
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Episode 191: 6 Ways Work Environment Shapes Your Productivity (FS191)

You want to be more productive and motivated? Let’s talk about your work environment — and more specifically how your work environment shapes your productivity. On the show today Corbett, Chase and Steph walk you through insights about how our work places effect our work practices. This one’s especially helpful for those of us who work from home (and coffee shops and libraries and bars and…) Show Notes:
02/12/201650 minutes 12 seconds
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Episode 190: How to Stay Inspired as an Entrepreneur (FS190)

Being “inspired” as an entrepreneur can mean a lot to your business and life. To me, the *feel* of inspiration is towards possibility and opportunity… a far cry from the standard doom and gloom that can come with starting a business. But more importantly, I find my best ideas, my most creative moments, come not when I’m dour and heavy, but when I’m light and hopeful… which is what I mean when I say “inspired.” So, we think it’s important to find a little wind for your wings, chase your interest, make some space in your life for YOU, and we want to teach you how we do it so you can find your own way. On this episode we share 11 things that are inspiring us right now in our business and personal lives so you can come up with some new ways right now to practice a little discipline of inspiration. Thanks for listening and please enjoy the show! show notes:
24/11/201647 minutes 47 seconds
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Episode 189: 8 Places Real Entrepreneurs Find Meaningful Business Help (FS189)

If you’re creating a business you are going to need help. At some point in your journey a suggestion from a peer, or an insight from an article could lead to a major breakthrough for you. *But where do you go for that help?* That is the question we dig into in today’s podcast, sharing insights from each of us about where we truly find help in modern business. Getting good help could be the difference between making progress right now or waking up in a year realizing your business idea completely fizzled out, so let’s talk about where you can get help. Enjoy the show (and thanks for listening!). Show Notes:
17/11/201655 minutes 48 seconds
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Episode 188: Why These 6 Email Newsletters are F#%&Ing Amazing (FS188)

Email newsletters can be a great way to grow an audience and keep them engaged. IN fact, it’s like, the most common modern business advice around right now to start growing an email list as soon as possible. So in this episode we’re going to look at 6 of our favorite modern email newsletters. Enjoy! Show Notes:
10/11/201656 minutes 21 seconds
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Episode 187: Squarespace vs Wordpress: A Detailed Comparison for Entrepreneurs (FS187)

Most of us feel like the right website can go a long way to helping us get discovered. But most of us also don’t have a large chunk of money lying around to pay for a beautiful custom website. Shownotes: So, we have to do it ourselves. That usually means choosing between Squarespace and WordPress. Putting together a great website can be a nightmare, and there’s a lot riding on the decisions we make. So, we’re going to help you make the best decision you can in this episode.
02/11/201659 minutes 54 seconds
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Episode 186: The Brain Dump & Other Favorite Time Management Strategies (FS186)

When we ask entrepreneurs what they are struggling with, it’s incredibly common to hear, “I want to get more done.” In fact, when we surveyed thousands of our readers, by far the most popular struggle was ‘time management.’ Struggle number two was ‘motivation.’ So today on the fizzle show we’re going to talk about that. We published a huge article about what we believe are the 10 most important time management practices. In this episode, we’re going to dive deep on our favorites from that list. Strap in, this is a good one. Show Notes:
27/10/20161 hour 1 minute 32 seconds
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Episode 185: How To Live A Good Life (FS185)

Modern western culture is buzzing with ideas about living a happy and fulfilled life. I can’t walk down the street without seeing a #liveyourdream hashtag on something. There seems to be hundreds of books, podcasts, courses, shows and instagram accounts about it. But with all the gurus and research courses and books out there, is there a framework that can really help? I mean, we should know that by now, right? Of course the answer is “no,” there is not a one-size-fits-all framework for a happy life; that easy button does not exist. *BUT*, as your own experience probably tells you, there absolutely are things you can do to keep heading in the direction of happiness and fulfillment. So that’s what we talk about in this episode: the ideas and practices that have meant the most to the three of us working, experienced and successful-ish entrepreneurs. After the past decade or so of full time professional creative work, what have we learned about rich inner fulfillment? Enjoy, and th
20/10/20161 hour 4 minutes 15 seconds
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Episode 184: 7 Ways to Work ON Your Business Instead of IN Your Business (FS184)

Overwhelmed. Submerged. Swamped. Engulfed. This is what it feels like to become lost *inside* your business. Shownotes: - You get lost in the necessary day to day operations. - You get lost wasting months on an elusive project that never gets finished. - You get lost in the fog of un-motivation. (Or is it “de-motivation”?) - You get lost in the anxiety and worry of declining metrics. No matter the skill level, at one point or another all entrepreneurs get lost like this. So much so that it has a name. **It’s called working *IN* your business instead of working *ON* your business.** When you’re working *ON* your business crazy things happen. Things like fresh ideas, camaraderie, confidence and vacations. Mmmmmm… that’s what we got into this thing for, that’s why we became entrepreneurs in the first place, to design our own lives, to pursue what *we* wanted to pursue, to cultivate freedom. **So today we want to show y
13/10/201656 minutes 20 seconds
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Episode 183: 9 Reasons Why Your Audience Isn’t Growing (FS183)

“I did everything right, but my audience *STILL* isn’t growing. How do I get random strangers to discover me?” I loved how honestly the question was asked in the [Fizzle Forums]. Show Notes: It came from a woman who had taken one of our courses, the one about *defining and understanding your target audience*. The course had helped her make big improvements to her website, going so far as to design a new strategy for the content she writes. But when the dust cleared, there wasn’t. Much. Change. If you want to find out *why* this happens — maybe why it’s happening to *you* —&nbsp;click play and let’s get into it. Enjoy… and thanks for listening!
07/10/201659 minutes 41 seconds
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Episode 182: Your Customers Can Teach You How to Sell to Them. Here’s How (FS182)

One huge risk in modern small business is to spend months or years working on a project only to release it… and find nobody wants it. Show Notes: Entrepreneurship has *risk* at the heart of it. We manage risk. Some of us manage that risk well. Others poorly. Most of us don’t plan for risk very well, but we’ve got enough tenacity to make changes on the fly as we learn. So, what if you could reduce the risk of your business? What if you could make your project or business or campaign *more likely to succeed*? What if you could do that right now, without creating a [business plan] or [designing prototypes] or even [naming your business]? Would you do it? And if I told you it had something to do with talking honestly, curiously and candidly with potential customers — doing more listening than talking, in fact — would that make you nervous? Or would it excite you? It probably bums you out a little. **Talking to customers can be hard, but it will literally make your
27/09/201656 minutes 16 seconds
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Episode 181: Part 2: 25 of Our Favorite Workflow Tips for Entrepreneurs (FS181)

This is part 2 of the conversation found here: As an entrepreneur of a small business there’s just some kinds of tasks you *HAVE* to do… doesn’t matter WHAT kind of entrepreneur you are. So, in this episode we share our favorite workflow tips in 8 different categories. Head here for shownotes and the previous conversation:
22/09/201659 minutes 44 seconds
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Episode 180: 25 of Our Favorite Workflow Tips for Entrepreneurs (FS180)

We’ve all felt that feeling where, at the end of the day, you wish you felt better about the stuff you accomplished. Show Notes: You wish you got more done. There’s a heaviness, a tiredness and a good helping of “dammit I didn’t give it my all today.” Let’s talk about that, and let’s talk about 25 of our favorite tips to manage tasks *we all* have to deal with. As an entrepreneur of a small business there’s just some kinds of tasks you *HAVE* to do… doesn’t matter [WHAT kind of entrepreneur you are]. So, in this episode we share our favorite workflow tips in 8 different categories: - Email —&nbsp;we all have to deal with this. Partnerships and opportunities are in our inbox alongside (thousands of!) spammy bullsh*t. *We’ve got some tips for you.* - Planning &amp; Strategy —&nbsp;what’s the most important next step? Are we leaving money on the table? Should we make more products or try to earn more from the assets we already have? We all have to ask this stuff.
15/09/201649 minutes 49 seconds
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Episode 179: 50 Business Ideas That Are Actually Making Money (FS179)

Choosing a business idea is an incredibly important decision. A great idea can make your life so much easier. People will naturally identify with your mission and help to share your message. The right topic will make you come alive and you’ll fall in love with your business and customers. Read more:
08/09/201659 minutes 1 second
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Episode 178: A Copywriting Guide for Sales Pages, Videos and Podcasts (FS178)

If you want to write things that inspire action —&nbsp;web sales pages that effectively sell your product, emails that readers will click on and share, etc. —&nbsp;this article is for you. Show Notes: I repeat: if you want to make things on the internet that work, if you want to publish webpages and videos and podcasts and emails into the world that get results, you’re in the right place. Because in this episode we’re going to talk about COPYWRITING… ugh, sounds boring maybe? nope, there is an art form here that I’ll bet, if you listen to this show, you’ll see completely differently afterwards. Along with this show is a free guide and article which you can find at
01/09/201658 minutes 50 seconds
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Episode 177: 10 Urgent Business Idea Mistakes (FS177)

Of course you’re worried about your business idea. Of course you don’t want to put all the time and effort into building a business only to realize there was a mistake built into the idea that will forever stunt it’s growth. Show Notes: Think about your business idea like a boat. You’re on dry land making your boat, designing and planning and strategizing. But you put it in the water and realize it’s got holes in it you didn’t notice before. THATS what this episode is about, showing you where the holes would be so you can investigate further and be CONFIDENT before putting your boat in the water. Because the thing about business ideas is that there’s no such thing as certainty, only confidence. There is no way to tell if a business is going to work with 100% certainty, but we can find confidence. That’s what we’re going to guide you through today in the form of 10 huge mistakes we see all the time.
25/08/20161 hour 15 minutes 37 seconds
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Episode 176: How Much Money Should I Have Saved Up Before I Quit My Job? (FS176)

Before people start a business they usually have a decision to make: am I going to quit my job and work full time on this, or am I going to work on this on the side? Show Notes: Both have pros and cons, both are frustrating for different reasons. This is a topic to be careful about. Some experts and gurus out there would have you believe you need to just put it all out there, believe in yourself and take a big leap of faith. That’s the model that worked for them so they tell you to do it. But maybe there are more practical ways we can be intelligent about this decision. In this episode we break down common variables you may not already be thinking about like: - How much savings do you need? - What does ‘runway’ mean? - What’s a ‘burn rate’? - What are the different decision points here that would allow me to make a smart decision? It’s a practical and exceptionally helpful episode. Enjoy!
19/08/20161 hour 13 seconds
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Episode 175: Can a Side Project Fund Your Big Idea? (FS175)

Some business ideas can be thought up and launched in a single afternoon. Others, however, require a ton of time and effort to get off the ground. Show Notes: So, imagine this (or maybe it sounds familiar to you): - Imagine you want to support yourself, earn a living independently. - Imagine you have an idea that’s big, one that may not feasibly be able to bring in revenue in the short term, but who’s long term prospects are great. - What can you do for revenue in the short term that won’t take up all your time and energy so you can keep building your bigger idea? It’s a great question, especially if you’ve been thinking and scheming about starting your own business for a while. But it’s also a complicated question for reasons you may not see from the start, so it sparked a big conversation for Corbett and I. 
So, here’s another great, honest, no BS conversation on the Fizzle Show. I hope it’s helpful! Enjoy.
12/08/20161 hour 1 minute 49 seconds
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Episode 174: The Art of Thinking Big (FS174)

We probably all have one of those friends in our lives who thinks *too* big. Or those who once thought too big. Maybe now they’re angry at the world, jaded, cynical. [Show Notes:] **There’s a danger to thinking too big.** It can burn us out, burn us up, make us miss all the amazing that’s happening right now. **There is also a danger of thinking too small.** You keep doing what you’ve always done because you’ve always done it and then one day it doesn’t work. The market and the world has moved on. That danger could hurt you *financially*. You could also get hurt *psychologically* by thinking too small. Not a single one of us wants to end our careers thinking, “dammit I wish I would have been more brave, saw the bigger picture earlier on.” So, there’s an art to thinking big, and that’s what we explore in this podcast episode. We have no books to sell. We’re not gurus. We’re just a couple people who’ve been trying to think bigger (without toppling over) for about
05/08/201651 minutes 33 seconds
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Episode 173: 2 Experts Share What Running a Membership Site is Really Like (FS173)

On the show today, 2 experts share what it’s *really* like to run a membership site. The experts, of course, are Corbett Barr and Chase Reeves (that’s me) 2 of the co-founders of [Fizzle’s Business Courses &amp; Community], a membership site that’s been live for almost 4 years at the time of writing. There’s a lot of conversation in the world of online business about how valuable a recurring revenue model. Dependable recurring income that you can count on sounds very sexy if your business needs to be selling to new customers every single day. So, is it as good as it sounds? Or, as a smart Fizzler put it in the forums: what *don’t* I know about running a membership site? That’s what we lay out for you today on the show, diving in deep to a big list that Corbett prepared. Enjoy! Show Notes:
22/07/201659 minutes 15 seconds
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Episode 172: Is Twitter Still Effective? (FS172)

“I’ve heard from the Editor in Chief of a big site and they said Twitter was basically ineffective for them. Should I still even bother with it?” Here’s the deal — you’re a small business person. You’re the little guy. You can’t pay to advertise and reach people. You have to build an audience to get your message out. Social networks are where people are spending time. So that’s an opportunity to get in relationship with potential customers in meaningful ways. BUT, you’ve only got so much time. You can’t afford a team to run your social media for you. You’ve got to do it yourself, and that means you can’t show up in a meaningful way on *all* the social networks. (Unless it’s your job. I’m looking at you Gary V.) So, if Twitter is a waste of time, you want to know it right away so you can make investments in social media accounts that will produce returns for you. So, is Twitter a waste of time? It’s complicated. And it’s all explained in the podcast episode. I did, however, pull
21/07/20161 hour 11 minutes 16 seconds
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Episode 171: Should Bloggers Use Medium? (FS171)

Listen, as bloggers we want to get as many people interacting with our content as possible. And more than that, we want them to become FANS, to live their lives in relationship with us. Recently we made a guide to promoting your blog ( which talks about *syndicating* your blog posts, that is, publishing your existing articles to different websites like Huffington Post or Medium. > **Syndicate:** (verb) to publish or broadcast simultaneously on multiple channels, websites or platforms. (Comes from the Latin *syndicus*, meaning delegate of an entity.) [Medium] has become extremely popular in some circles, and can be a great place to syndicate your blog posts. ***Why? Because hundreds of thousands of people could come to know about your work!*** BUT, are we shooting ourselves in the foot if we use it because it simply doesn’t bring people into a strong enough direct relationship with you? That’s what we get into on the show today. Great conversation. Enjoy! Show N
13/07/20161 hour 2 minutes 5 seconds
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Episode 170: How to Promote Your Blog: The Ultimate List of Tried + True Strategies (FS170)

Today on the podcast How to promote your blog. This is the ultimate guide to getting more traction for your blog, whether you want more people to a particular post or to your site in general. It’s a huge episode and comes with a HUGE article where we lay out even more strategies. but here is where you’re gonna get some of the stuff we might edit out of the article. Because here’s the thing: you might be trying things already but it’s not working because you don’t understand the real core of those strategies, what’s important about them, or you might be afraid that promoting your blog takes a lot of work. We want to lay both those fears to bed. You can do this, you can create a strategy that you use to promote each and every post that feels right to you AND gets you the results. So in this episode and the article that goes along with it, that’s what our goal is: to help you put together a checklist for yourself to promote your individual posts and your entire site. Show Notes: fi
07/07/20161 hour 6 minutes 46 seconds
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Episode 169: What are the 5 Most Important Lessons in Indie Business? (FS169)

Listen, there’s so much shit out there you need to learn. So many tips and tricks and “best practices” to start using in your blog, podcast or business of any kind. Show Notes: So today we wanted to try to cut through the smog and prioritize the biggest, baddest, most important things you should know. This list isn’t *everything*, but each item is *essential* if your business is going to succeed. Barrett Brooks has been working closely with indie entrepreneurs for the past 2 years. Long enough to see the patterns, not so long that he’s withered up inside. Today on the show (and in the text below) he shares the 5 lessons he feels are most important to entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a blogger, podcaster, freelancer or maker, these are 5 areas that can bring substance to your business, helping it get off the ground safely AND last through the years. It’s a bittersweet episode for us at Fizzle as Barrett is moving on to the next stage in his
28/06/201658 minutes 57 seconds
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Episode 168: Top 10 Fears About Creating Your First Online Course (FS168)

We make courses for a living. We have 40 something courses in the Fizzle library and we made each one of them. Right now there’s a lot of interest in making online courses… … packaging up knowledge you’ve learned on a topic and selling it. And there are some people earning their living doing just that. The online learning industry was projected to reach $107 billion in 2015. BUT success stories and stats about a big market mean nothing much to your success… because it’s easy to fail here. So in this episode we thought we’d bring you the top 10 fears of online course makers. These are *real* fears… straight from the mouths of real people making courses (or getting ready to). This is a really helpful episode —&nbsp;enjoy and thanks for listening! Show Note:
22/06/20161 hour 6 minutes 38 seconds
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Episode 167: How to Change Your Website’s Focus (and do it Well) FS167

Are you wondering if if you’ve picked the right business topic? Thinking about changing to a new topic, but maybe you’ve already built something? This is common. You come up with an idea, get to work on it and at some point down the line you get a sense that a different topic (or *part* of your topic) would be better to focus on. In this episode we talk you through what you need to know to do a *great* job on a transition like this. - What do you need to know about the new topic before switching? - What questions should you ask yourself? - How do you know when to trust your intuition or not? - How can you switch without pissing off your existing audience? - Have you planned enough about the new topic so it’s more likely to be successful? - **Plus some smooth jazz flute stuff… seriously, I’m way into it. ** All of that in a totally unedited podcast episode (well, we do bleep the swear words) so you get *everything*; you won’t miss out on a thing. This topic is just a great recali
14/06/201658 minutes 38 seconds
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Episode 166: A Day in the Life of an Entrepreneur (FS166)

It’s no secret that the way we structure our days can foster our creativity and discipline. This is how you and I get our work done, the times and places we do the work, the activities we do so we’re in the right headspace to plan and strategize the work. So in this episode I wanted to learn more about how Corbett Barr (founder of Think Traffic and Fizzle) structures his days. This is a zero BS look at the real life of an online entrepreneur and in it you’ll find some hard-earned insights about motivation, productivity and time management. Enjoy! Shownotes:
06/06/201653 minutes 58 seconds
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Episode 165: 3 Hard Things That TRULY Matter to Your Business (FS165)

This episode is a whirlwind, we really hit a nerve. What we talk about are the things that we feel are actually easy and actually difficult about building a successful business. After listening to this episode you might realize that something you’re spending a lot of time and energy on right now should actually be a lot easier… … and it’s not because you’re missing a critical piece. I hope that this episode can help you find that critical piece. Show notes:
01/06/20161 hour 2 minutes 2 seconds
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Episode 164: How Long Should Your Business Take to Earn Revenue? (FS164)

I heard some advice from an entrepreneur about how hopeful entrepreneurs should pursue their first business idea. (That advice is explained in the podcast below.) It made me think about how long it can take before your business starts earning revenue. How long is too long? Should you be fighting for revenue right out of the gate? Should you keep a job so you have some financial stability while you get your own business off the ground? In this episode we share our advice about these question. We’ve been, done and seen a lot in the world of small business, and this episode brings some excellent perspective. Enjoy! Shownotes:
23/05/201645 minutes 57 seconds
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Episode 163: 3 Reasons Why Your Work is NOT Getting Done (FS163)

There’s ALL this work we want to do… but it’s not getting done. This is the work that’s going to lead to our success —&nbsp;the ideas and projects and tasks that our careers are built on. … and I’m getting distracted… … and I’m resisting the work… … and you probably are too. It’s ok, you can be honest; this is a safe place. So here’s three reasons why we’re NOT getting our projects and tasks done. Show Notes:
19/05/20161 hour 3 minutes 1 second
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Episode 162: Why We’re Proud This Guy Gave up on His Business (FS162)

Real talk: are you working hard on your business, finding it very difficult and not remembering clearly why you set off to build your own thing in the first place? Bonus points if you’re either a). angry that someone would ask you that, or b). crying right now. On this episode of the show (this is a podcast episode, all the goodies are inside it) the two founders of Fizzle share some hard-won perspective about why this guy —&nbsp;who just quit his business — is NOT a failure… he’s a hero. It’s a great episode for all of us to remember WHY THE HELL WE DO THIS STUFF. Enjoy. Show Notes:
10/05/201656 minutes 15 seconds
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Episode 161: Antihustle — Why Hustling Hurts You (FS161)

There’s an insane amount of hype around hustle these days, from Gary V. telling you not to sleep to shaming instagram posts about how easy it is for some of us to “just be productive.” On the show today we break down this trend, talk about why it’s happening and how your drive to hustle is actually hurting you. Show notes:
04/05/20161 hour 1 minute 32 seconds
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Episode 160: Business Advice & Wisdom for Young Family Entrepreneurs (FS160)

burn more candles at more ends (or pour more cups of coffee to get through the day) you’ll find yourself and your family paying a price too high. On the show today, some wisdom and advice for entrepreneurs in young families. Steph’s about to have a baby, Barrett’s about to get married and Chase and Corbett have lived through enough of these experiences to have a valuable vantage point. Regardless of how far down the road of family or business you are, if you want to live well, you’re going to love this episode. Enjoy! Shownotes:
22/04/20161 hour 42 seconds
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Episode 159: If I’m so Smart why Aren’t I Successful yet? (FS159)

When we compare ourselves to other people our work gets *worse* not better. And yet it’s a totally human experience: * “they have people buying, listening, reading, clicking their stuff, why don’t I have that?”* On the show today we share how to look at this issue from a vantage point that will lead you to *better* work and a more honest way to frame your own path. Enjoy! Show Notes:
19/04/201659 minutes 31 seconds
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Episode 158: Who am I to Launch a Business? Do I need Expertise? (FS158)

“I don’t really have deep expertise in anything. I’m more of a jack of all trades. Do I have any business starting a business?” Show Notes: We’ve heard this question a number of times at Fizzle, so let’s set the record straight and give you some insights about starting a business *without* expertise. Today on the show we’ll cover these two questions: 1. Do I need expertise before I build my business? 2. If I have some expertise, how do i know if it’s enough to warrant a legit business? 3. BONUS: Can Barrett do a Yoda impression?
13/04/20161 hour 2 minutes 8 seconds
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Episode 157: Is it Possible to Work on 2 Topics on the Same Time? (FS157)

Can you try two business ideas out at the same time or will it just waste your time on both to not focus on either? On the show today we share our thoughts on that question as well as 3 others brought up recently on the Fizzle Forums: - How do you respond to annoying request emails *without* sounding like a jerk? - How can I convert "Feels" to Sales? - What's your experience starting a Podcast? - Is it possible to Work on 2 topics on the same time? Show Notes:
06/04/20161 hour 4 minutes 57 seconds
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Episode 156: Help! I Make a Good Product but I Hate Pushy Marketing (FS156)

“I just want to make my site and my products and not reach out or communicate as a marketer except minimally…” [Show Notes:] This was in a note we received recently. It was from a Fizzler who was considering giving up. She felt like she had realized that “active marketing” was required in order to succeed… and she wasn’t willing to do that. I loved this question. It felt so human, so natural. So on the show today we talk about how active you really need to be in marketing your product, service, content or website. 
We also talk about how to get into a new mindset about marketing so you don’t build a wall between you and your customers. Your product might be good, your podcast or blog or service may be *literally* the best available, *but people may not know WHY it’s good*. So, click play and let’s learn about the difference between PUSHY marketing and PERSUASIVE story telling and give people a truly compelling rea
31/03/20161 hour 2 minutes
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Episode 155: Use “Learning Styles” to Reach & Retain a Wider Audience (FS155)

You probably already know that there are different learning styles. These are the ways people learn best. There’s verbal, visual, auditory, kinesthetic and many more depending on where you learn about these different styles. What’s important is that you understand this: **not everyone learns and retains information in the same way**. On the show today we talk about these different learning styles and discuss how you, as a content maker, can think about and use different styles to reach *and stick be memorable to* a wider audience. It’s a great episode for anyone out there who makes courses, books, podcasts, videos, articles and other forms of content. Enjoy! Show Notes:
24/03/20161 hour 5 minutes 6 seconds
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Episode 154: How to get past the fear of choosing the wrong business idea (FS154)

Show Notes: On the show today we share one Fizzler’s story about the fear that comes when you’re choosing between two business ideas. It can feel impossible to choose sometimes. And for good reason — the decision matters. There are consequences no matter what you pick, so what do you need to do to not only make a good decision, but also to feel *confident* about your decision so you won’t second guess yourself later on. We’ll tell you how and walk you through an amazing resource (free to download below) in this episode. Enjoy!
15/03/20161 hour 5 minutes
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Episode 153: How to Pace Yourself, Stay Productive & Avoid Burnout (FS153)

Show notes ==> How do you deal with the emotional ups and downs of entrepreneurship? Sometimes I’m manic, over-motivated, putting my head down and working everyday until some major milestone is reached. But this, in my experience, is far too often followed by burnout, down in the dumps, [depression]. It’s natural to go through this entrepreneurial rollercoaster, feeling on top of the world —&nbsp;“if I just get this thing done everything will fall into place!” —&nbsp;followed immediately by burnout, depression, looking for any excuse to watch Netflix in bed. On the show today we ask: is there a way to balance that out so we don’t go into despair every 3 to 6 weeks or so? Can we even it out so we don’t experience the highs and lows in the same magnitude? It’s an important conversation for anyone working on their own thing. Enjoy!
10/03/201654 minutes 8 seconds
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Episode 152: Wants vs Needs — How to Spot the “Pain Point” in Hobby Businesses (FS152)

One of the liveliest conversations this week in the Fizzle forums was about how to successfully market when your business topic is a hobby like knitting, book binding, scrap booking. Marketers often talk about finding the “pain point,” but this *pain* language can be misleading when your business addresses desires instead of pain alleviation. For example, I want to know how to knit. It would give me something to do with my hands, I could make gifts for people, I could make some things to use around the house. I don’t NEED to knit; my life doesn’t depend on it. But I WANT to. How can you market effectively when your business focuses on a WANT not a NEED? That’s what we get into today. Enjoy!
02/03/201648 minutes 28 seconds
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Episode 151: 21 Things To Read, Watch or Listen To: Feb 2016 (FS151)

On the show today we do something a little different: we each brought some links that have meant something to us in the past few weeks and on this show we share them with you. You’ll find links to all the articles, videos, books and more below. And the stories in podcast will walk you through why we think these links are important enough to share. Enjoy!
25/02/201655 minutes 26 seconds
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Episode 150: Build Your Runway With Minimum Viable Income (FS150)

If you’re like the rest of us, you’ve probably found yourself daydreaming about the life of an entrepreneur: set your own hours, live where you want, make money from passive income while you sleep and wake up to the “cha-ching!” of a cash register as you check your bank account. As much as you might feel giddy about leaving your day job behind, the truth is that employment provides at least one very attractive feature: a steady income. You have a lot to figure out before you can tell your boss to take a hike, and most importantly you need to know exactly how you’re going to put food on the table. Okay, so you probably already knew that part. But where is the money going to come from, and how are you going to make it happen? These are the tougher questions, and ones we consistently hear inside the Fizzle forums. Today on the show, we get into one Fizzler’s story and break down an extremely important concept: Minimum viable income.
17/02/20161 hour 8 minutes 10 seconds
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Episode 149: How to Sell Products When You Don’t Like Making Content (FS149)

Show Notes: With all the existing platforms out there to sell your product through —&nbsp;Amazon, Etsy, Creative Market, Minted, iTunes, etc — is it really a good idea to spend time making free content? Angelene is a Fizzler who makes beautifully designed illustrations, cards and photo packages and this question is top of mind for her right now. Tons of experts advise building up an audience at your own website so you can create an ongoing relationship. But is this too “old school” to work these days? Subscribe to the show and listen along to hear more about Angelene’s question and our conversation about selling products in the modern internet economy.
10/02/201659 minutes 29 seconds
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Episode 148: My Customers Need Me, But They Don’t Know It (FS148)

Show notes: Claudia knows the problem exists. She knows real people are struggling in real life with her topic. But she just can’t find them. On the show today we share her story (she’s got over a decade of experience in big business data!) and 5 specific “next actions” for Claudia *and you*. If you’ve ever had an intuition that a problem exists in the world but you’re having a hard time finding potential customers, then buckle up and click play. Enjoy!
03/02/201654 minutes 31 seconds
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Episode 147: It’s All Been Done Before, Why Should I Bother (FS147)

“Has my topic been done already and done so well that my take on it isn’t really necessary?” Marissa has a specific idea for her business. It’s a good idea. *But* other people have *already* started businesses doing something similar. - Should she move on to another area of interest? - Are there ways she can make her idea more unique? - Should she move forward regardless? - How can she tell if it’s something worth pursuing or not? Chances are you feel the same way about your business idea. You’re not alone, and we’ve got experience and insight for you in the podcast today. Enjoy!
27/01/201659 minutes 28 seconds
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Episode 146: Blogging is Dead Again (FS146)

Fizzler Emma Davies has a successful and growing following on instagram, and she’s found a way to convert followers there into email subscribers. Her recent success—plus a slew of sentiment from experts claiming that blogging is dead once again—made her wonder if there really is a non-blog strategy for her content. On the show today we dig way into it, adding some much needed wisdom and experience to what is often a far too black/white question. Great conversation. Enjoy:
20/01/20161 hour 7 minutes 3 seconds
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Episode 145: “When I started my first business. I lost my wife, and it was worth it.” (FS145)

Christopher Lin is a Fizzler who opened a recent forum post with this story: “I went to the University of Utah, and majored in Entrepreneurship. At the orientation, there were 2 speakers, and the first one opened in front of the entire business school: **‘When I started my first business. I lost my wife, and it was worth it.’** Imagine a group of young starry eyed college kids&nbsp;listening to this&nbsp;opening message.&nbsp; He continued, ** ‘I wish 10 years of horrible failures upon all of you, so you can truly become great entrepreneurs.’** *Another slap in the face. Are we in the right room?* I'm now hitting&nbsp;just about 10 years after my first business, and barely hitting minimum viable income. It's been a rocky road of squirrel chasing and lack of focus, but I am optimistic that I've laid the foundation to build&nbsp;something great now.” Wow. In those two bolded statements above is some inflammatory, scandalous, polarizing stuff! But there’s more in there than just sl
13/01/20161 hour 7 minutes 27 seconds
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Episode 144: 5 Reasons Why I Quit my Business to Pursue my Dream Job (FS144)

Val did the work many of us dream of doing. She was working for herself, building a career doing something she was good at, and she was making money. But something happened that called her whole entrepreneurial dream into question and she had to re-evaluate what she wanted from her work. In the episode today we’ll walk you through Val’s story and you’ll come out the other side with new insight about what you really want from your work. Show note and conversation: - Val’s Website: Val Geisler | streamline. organize. simplify. - **Fizzle Members:** From Full-Time Business Owner to Employee Again - General Chat - Fizzle Forums - 23 Tips to Uncover What to do With Your Life (When You Have no Clue, FS096)</a
07/01/20161 hour 9 minutes 13 seconds
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Episode 143: What Gets Measured Gets Improved. How to Plan Your Year (FS143)

read more: Hey this is Chase from the Fizzle show with a special episode for you here at the end of 2015. This is a re-broadcast about creating a plan for next year by doing a review of this year BUT WAIT, before you turn it off... What gets measured gets improved. If you’re like me you do a lot of things from day to day, and it’s easy to lose track of the overall direction, of your projects, your business, and your life at large. That’s why the topic today is so important to me. When I first started working at Fizzle, I didn’t have a yearly review process at all. I was a fly by the seat of my pants kind of guy. Since then, working with corbett, caleb, barrett and steph, I’ve been kind of whipped up into fighting shape./ I’ve learned how to focus, how to find commitment in an internet full of distractions, and how critical it is to make progress every single week. my business lives and dies by the things i get done.
19/12/20151 hour 17 minutes 48 seconds
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Episode 142: I Let Insecurity & Fear Keep Me From Promoting My Business (FS143)

“I think it was pretty stupid to put all that time and energy into something and let my own fears keep me from doing anything with, so I want to sorta ‘relaunch’ it and give it a real go this time.” That quote comes to us from a Fizzler who had successfully made a product, earned some money from it, but then something kept him back from promoting and growing it further. In this episode we share his story and our advice about identifying and deconstructing the feelings, fears and insecurities that keep lots of us from taking action on our businesses. It’s a killer episode to start the new year off with. Enjoy! ==> ## Show Notes **[Get the Free Guide to Defining Your Audience — Fizzle]** **[How to Create Your own Definition of Success (FS140)]** **[How We Deal With The Cesspool of Self Doubt (FS133)]**
18/12/20151 hour 7 minutes 6 seconds
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Episode 141: $25K In 3 Weeks, How To Handle The Overwhelm Of A Hit Product (FS141)

“If you told me 6 months ago that this would be possible, I'd say no way.” Adam took his expertise, developed a few ideas for tiny products, used gumroad to pre-sell those tiny products, and made the stuff that worked out... ... and now he finds himself here... ... making $25,000 in just over 3 weeks and *totally* overwhelmed. In this episode we share the details of Adam’s story, why we think he’s been so successful, and our advice on what to do when you’re completely overwhelmed by your business! enjoy:
16/12/20151 hour 10 seconds
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Episode 140: How to Create Your own Definition of Success (FS140)

This is a big episode tackling what may be the most important work you ever do. We do a good job of setting it up in the conversation, so lets leave this intro at that. - follow along at home at FIZZLESHOW DOT CO / 140… I’ll be back after this conversation to fill in any gaps. ## Show Notes **Why Change The Definition of Success? | Strayer University** **I'm Fine, Thanks** **Money Isn't the Point** **Stanford Graduate School of Business View from the Top Series. - Inspiration from Jack Dorsey - Glose** **Finding Your Voice — The Fizzle Show 001** **<a href="
09/12/20151 hour 25 minutes 13 seconds
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Episode 139: What To Do When You Need To Get To Minimum Viable Income Fast (FS139)

I Lost my job. I have 60 days to launch and get ramen-profitable. What would you do? If you had to make ends meet in a short amount of time, what would you sell? How would you find clients? What would your pitch be? This is where a Fizzler named Josh really is. He brought his question to the Fizzle Forums and in this episode we share his story, breaking down some of the common mistakes and best places to start when you need to get to a minimum viable income fast. Read more:
02/12/20151 hour 3 minutes 14 seconds
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Episode 138: The Thanksgiving Episode (FS138)

A special short episode with some good news and some great vibes.
23/11/20159 minutes 3 seconds
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Episode 137: “Back to Mother-effing Square One.” Rebuilding a Freelance Business from Scratch (FS137)

“No point in beating around the bush – I’m hoping for advice (and reassurance) here. I’ve recently experienced a pretty huge disaster in my freelancing career, and I’m absolutely kicking myself.” That’s how a Fizzler started a recent conversation in the Fizzle Forums, and on this episode we help her blueprint a freelance business from scratch. Here’s some of her story: - She started a successful-ish service-based business - She “fell out of love” with that business and accepted a job opportunity - 2 weeks later the company she took a job with fired everyone in her department - So now she’s back at “mother-effing square one” and wondering what to do. This episode is so raw and honest it might make you bristle a little. We talk about money, emotions and some back of the napkin math you need to do. Enjoy! SHOWNOTES:
18/11/20151 hour 1 minute 33 seconds
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Episode 136: When NOT to argue with customers about refunds (FS136)

If you sell a product, digital or not, you are going to experience what this Fizzler experienced. She sells a digital training course. The course has a 30 day money back guarantee. That kind of return policy is pretty common in the digital course world. But what do you do if someone needs a refund past that return policy? What if it involves a moving personal story? What if they try to publicly shame you about it? In this episode we share that Fizzler’s story and killer advice about how to handle customer service issues like these. Enjoy! MORE STUFF:
11/11/201553 minutes 6 seconds
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Episode 135: If You Give Content Away, Will Anybody Pay? (FS135)

The whole idea of content marketing is predicated on one core belief. We’re all screwed if it’s a bogus belief. > “The model proposed in blogging seems to be that you show what you know, people sign up, and then you sell them what you know.” This is Steve Fossey writing in the Fizzle forums recently. > **“I almost NEVER pay for anything on the web when I have been attracted by free content. Why would my audience?”** Steve’s question is a good one, a question most of us ask at some point in the journey of building a blog or podcast with the hopes of eventually earning revenue from a product of some kind. So on the show today we dissect this issue. You may have an idea of what the results are, but how we get there will surprise you. Corbett’s ideas and experience here are especially insightful. Subscribe if you haven’t —&nbsp;and please, enjoy the show. Show Notes How to Decide Which Content to Sell and What to Give Away for Free - Copyblogger (<a href="
29/10/20151 hour 2 minutes 8 seconds
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Episode 134: How to Grow - The 2 Types of Growth (FS134)

We all want to grow our thing and we all need to do a bunch of work to do it. (Note: by “thing” there I’m referring to your product sales or blog or podcast or something.) But most of us don’t realize there are 2 kinds of growth. **Understanding the difference between the two will help you figure out what you should work on to grow your thing.** We’ll walk you through the two kinds of growth and help you make decisions, answering questions like: - What kind of growth is "best"? - Do I *have* to use both? - Plus several examples of real life growth projects. How you think about growing your business can lead to burnout. Let’s nip that in the bud and help your business flourish. Enjoy! Read more:
27/10/201558 minutes 30 seconds
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Episode 133: How We Deal With The Cesspool of Self Doubt (FS133)

Self doubt is a natural, inevitable and very real part of building a business. And in this episode we share how we think about it, how we process it and how we overcome it. If you compare yourself to other entrepreneurs, deal with self doubt, or feel the need for validation, you're going to love this episode. Enjoy! "Entrepreneurship is a balance of self confidence and self doubt." ~ Corbett Barr ## Contents - Cesspool: *an underground container for the temporary storage of liquid waste and sewage.* Do you smell something? It might be your self doubt. - "Validation" - "How bad can it get?" - "I really really hate this topic. {Indiscriminate yelling.}" \~ Barrett - Comparing yourself to others - Sometimes we lose faith, or, rather, forget the point. - Self awareness = knowing what you're working towards *beyond* the trophy that others may be playing for. This keeps you from comparison. - Refocus on your own metrics. Set a goal to improve something. [The metric you choose matters]
21/10/20151 hour 10 minutes 13 seconds
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Episode 132: How to Use Email Marketing To Grow Your Business in 2015 (FS132) Email marketing. Those two words pack a powerful punch in the world of independent entrepreneurs and small business. In this week's episode we tackle some of your most common questions about using email to grow your business. Corbett, Steph, and Barrett are your hosts for this week's show on email marketing tools, strategies, and terminology. But if that's all you get out of this episode, then you've missed the point. Email marketing should fuel your business strategy, not the other way around. Sure, email is as relevant as ever before in building a business, but only if you use it well. If you've been wondering when and how to get started with email marketing in your business (or perhaps you want to revamp your current email strategy), this is the perfect conversation for you. Tune in.
15/10/20151 hour 10 minutes 52 seconds
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Episode 131: What it means to be an entrepreneur (Plus, building an abundance mindset)FS 131 What, exactly, does it mean to be an entrepreneur? And is this whole passion thing all it's cracked up to be? Is it possible to shift from a mindset of scarcity to one of abundance? We tackle all of these questions and a few more on today's episode of the show. Today's episode is fueled by real questions from real entrepreneurs struggling with what it means to build an independent business in today's world. We pulled five questions from the forums and answered them in depth on today's show: 1. How do you shift your mindset away from the scarcity mindset? 2. Where does passion come from and why does it matter? 3. What do I do if I have NO lasting interests? 4. What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? 5. What advice do you have to stop obsessing over negative feedback? If you're up for an hour of existential fun and entrepreneurial contemplation, this is the perfect episode for you.
09/10/20151 hour 9 minutes 36 seconds
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Episode 130: How I Memorize Lines for Video Scripts & Public Speaking (FS130) On the show today we share a smorgasbord of rewarding and profitable tidbits! - Want to know more about how we prepare for public speaking? Done. - Want to know how Chase memorizes lines of his video scripts? Done. - Want to hear about that one time when Steph ruined the sleepover? Done. - Tesla driverless car stuff? Of course! - YOU GET A CAR! YOU GET A CAR! YOU GET A CAR! Honestly, I had a blast recording this episode. It's honest, raw and interesting, with plenty of rich tips to collect along the way. Enjoy!
30/09/20151 hour 6 minutes 41 seconds
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Episode 129: The Art of Low Competition Business Ideas (FS129) - What if you could start a business today that actually interests you? Not a lame business, not something your parents would say sounds like a decent idea, but something that only excites someone like you? What if I told you that working on that crazy, "just for you" business idea might lead to more success faster than a more generic, "this will probably work" kind of business idea? In this episode we tell the story of a Fizzler who literally did both and share what happened in each. The results are like a punch in the gut. In this hour of the podcast we share Chris' story, the reasons behind the results and several eye-opening examples of non-obvious business ideas.
25/09/201559 minutes 51 seconds
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Episode 128: A Tribute to Scott Dinsmore and Live Your Legend (FS128) - Last Saturday, our friend Scott Dinsmore died while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. He was just 33 years old. Scott and his wife Chelsea were eight months into a year-long trip around the world. Scott was a close personal friend, and a big supporter of the work we do here at Fizzle. Scott's Live Your Legend blog and community reached hundreds of thousands around the world, and his excellent TEDx talk on finding and doing work you love has been watched nearly three million times. Scott deeply believed we could all change the world simply by doing work we love. Today's podcast episode is dedicated to Scott. Scott and Chelsea visited my wife and me in Mexico this winter as part of their trip. During the visit, Scott and recorded an interview for a new project he was working on. We talked about how a first-time entrepreneur should go about creating their first product for sale. This was one of the last long co
17/09/20151 hour 11 minutes 48 seconds
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Episode 127: 9 Stage Small Business Roadmap: A step-by-step plan for what comes next in your business (FS127)

The 9 Stage Small Business Roadmap: A step-by-step plan for what comes next in your business (FS127) One of the biggest challenges in building an independent small business is figuring out the answer to one simple question: Now what do I do? At every stage of building a business, it's a challenge to learn what you need to know to continue growing. In this episode. we chat about the 9-stage small business roadmap we've just released at Fizzle.
09/09/20151 hour 15 minutes 17 seconds
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Episode 126: Zero Budget Marketing: Growth Hacking, Guerrilla Marketing, and More Buzzy Marketing Tactics (FS126) Zero Budget Marketing: Growth Hacking, Guerrilla Marketing, and More Buzzy Marketing Tactics How do we as indie entrepreneurs navigate this stuff? How can we get more people to our stuff without spending a bunch of money. that's what we get into today... answering a specific question from Fizzler Tim Wetton. Enjoy:
02/09/201555 minutes 21 seconds
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Episode 125: How Do You Know What Content To Create? (FS125) The content you publish could be an evergreen source of traffic, revenue, brand love and loyalty. Or it could be a total waste of time and effort. So how do you know what content to create? In this episode we'll show you how to decide what questions you should spend time answering for your audience, including ways to learn right now from other peoples' audiences (in case you haven't built your own yet). Click play, subscribe in your podcast app, download it for later or do whatever it is you do with these episodes, but please, for all our sakes, enjoy yourself.
26/08/20151 hour 18 minutes 41 seconds
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Episode 124: 7 Pricing Strategies To Use On Your Product, Service Or Workshop (FS124) How you price your product, service or workshop can have a *massive* impact on your sales. Unfortunately, it can also lead to a *massive* anxiety attack as well. In this episode we lay out 7 pricing strategies you should know about. More importantly, however, we share off the cuff, brutally honest ideas about how to price your offering. Other topics include: - 7 pricing strategies for you to choose from - 3 methods to price your first product - When to use your gut and when not to - What kinds of things should be on your sales page to help customers feel comfortable with your price - "Pre-selling" to test the price of digital products - Why we threw out our pricing strategy several months after we launched Fizzle Whether it's your first time putting something up for sale, or you're an old pro, the tactics in this conversation are going to help you get confident about your pricing. Enjoy!
19/08/20151 hour 16 minutes 6 seconds
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Episode 123: Business vs. Family — Why NOT to Become an Entrepreneur (FS123) Why are you pursuing a life as an entrepreneur? Is it for money? How about freedom? The ability to set your own schedule? Or is it about working on a problem that's important to you? Whatever your reason (btw, we get into our own answers to these questions in the show), is it taking you too long to get there? Is your life as an entrepreneur showing signs of wear and tear on your relationships? How would you know if it's *not* working well enough? These are the questions we get into in todays episode in response to Mark's question (written below). This episode will help you get into *why* you're doing this work, what the purpose of the effort is. Remembering your *WHY* can be enough to completely open up the future for you and your project. Enjoy!
13/08/20151 hour 17 seconds
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Episode 122: How to Manage a Remote Small Business Team (Learn from our Mistakes) FS122 Do you work from home or manage a team that works remotely? Have you felt how inefficient and lackluster running a decentralized team can be? It's nice to side step the costs of an office, the commutes, the daytime interruptions that come with going remote, but the challenges can build up. In this episode you'll learn exactly how we solve these problems, including: - **How to feel like a team** even when you're completely remote, - **The systems you need** to run smoothly (our company operating system), - **The tools to use** to communicate and stay productive remotely. Don't cobble together a Kludge (we define that in today's show :) — here's how we got to a fully functional remote team. Enjoy!
05/08/201557 minutes 55 seconds
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Episode 121: How, Exactly, Am I Supposed to Make Something People Want? (FS121) - It’s stupid how simple it should be. If you want a successful business, make something people want enough to pay you money for it. Duh, right? In practice, however, it is dubious and complex, requiring enough art, science and faith that we might as well call it alchemy. Here's a 45m conversation about that very topic. If you listen to it, you'll know how, exactly, you're supposed to make something people want. Enjoy!
29/07/201545 minutes 8 seconds
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Episode 120: Growth Through Guest Posting (FS120) This is a Q&amp;A episode from the Fizzle Team — you ask the questions, Corbett, Chase, Steph and Barrett bring the answers. On the show today we get into a handful of questions, including: - What's the best way to approach growing your traffic through guest posting? - How should you be thinking about the mobile web? Do you need to change the *way* you're writing? - How should you pick a name for your side project? - + a couple more.
23/07/20151 hour 15 seconds
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Episode 119: 4 Things Learned in 8 Months of Freelancing (FS119) The story on todays episode is especially helpful for those of you who work directly with clients — freelancers, videographers, designers, copywriters, etc. We have a special guest on the show today (*especially* special for those of you who listened to all the early episodes of The Fizzle Show) who's recently created a videography business from the ground up, and on the show today we hear his story. Enjoy!
15/07/201559 minutes 17 seconds
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Episode 118: I Have a 6 Month Runway. What Should I do Next? (FS118) Paul has a 6 month runway before he has to find another job. He *really* doesn't want to find another job. Instead, he's got a blog and a product — both already out on the market — that he wants to grow to support his family. So the question we get into today is: ***what should he do next?*** Corbett has some *very* strong opinions about it. If you like this business breakdown episode, you may also like the episode where we break down Mary’s business. Enjoy!
07/07/20151 hour 12 minutes 44 seconds
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Episode 117: Co-Working, Mastermind Group Tips & Excellent Headlines from The Onion (FS117) - On this week's episode we explore a handful of current events, sharing some news of our own along the way. - Co-working experiences evaluated - Barrett's Elon Musk (+ Peter Thiel) obsession - Ideas for telling others' stories (instead of your own) - A quick lil' mastermind trick. That's a few of the goodies we dive into in this episode. Enjoy!
02/07/201557 minutes 2 seconds
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Episode 116: How to Run an Affiliate Program (Without Being a Douchebag, FS116) - Starting an affiliate program could be a great way to increase revenue if you already have a product for sale. But it's not easy and there's a lot of ways it can go horribly wrong. Not to mention the fact that this industry is notoriously sleazy. In this episode we share how to manage your own affiliate program, helping you think through things we've had both good and bad experiences with, including: - Open vs closed affiliate programs - How affiliate programs go wrong - Corbett's Clickbank story - Barrett's incredible rant about how his heroes let him down through affiliate BS
23/06/201559 minutes 14 seconds
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Episode 115: How to Manage a Side Project With a Full Time Job (FS115) - We love side projects. Most of our successful projects started out as side projects during full time employment. But finding the balance between a side project and a day job often feels impossible. Then you try to throw in a little time for yourself outside of the jobs and side projects and the whole thing topples over. So, if so many businesses are started out as side projects, how can we balance both staying employed for as long as necessary *and* finding enough time to build our side project? That's what we get into in the show today, complete with several examples of very successful businesses today that were once started as side projects. Enjoy!
17/06/20151 hour 6 minutes 21 seconds
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Episode 114: How to Deal With a Job You Loathe (FS114) Do you get that pit in your stomach on Sunday evenings — dreading what Monday brings? Do you feel isolated from your coworkers? You might hate your job. I did. In fact, each of us on the show today have struggled with those exact feelings. And on the show today we break down how to analyze, cope and make liberating decisions about your job. Enjoy!
11/06/20151 hour 3 minutes 36 seconds
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Episode 113: What to do when you Have an Audience and Product but no Sales (FS113) - Mary is in a tight spot. After growing her audience, keeping them engaged, and making her product, she's realized sales are not what she thought they would be. In this episode we sort of virtually consult Mary about her business, developing ideas for her and anyone else in a similar situation, handling stuff like: - Doing back of the napkin math to see how much of anything you need to sell to pay your bills. - Lots of candid conversation about how we view traffic and conversion. - How to develop ideas for "what's next" strategies. - How to discover debilitating expectations (and correct them). Have you ever had to go back to the drawing board after you hit a wall of disappointment? If you haven't yet... you will. This episode is an *excellent* guide through that process; how to think about it, how to develop strategies, where to find inspiration. Enjoy!
03/06/20151 hour 9 minutes 23 seconds
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Episode 112: How to Find, Evaluate and Work With a Business Coach If you're thinking about hiring a business coach, if you've ever wondered what to expect from working with a coach or if it's worth the cost, this podcast episode is perfect for you. We discuss our experience with coaching (both working with the coach and being the coach) and share what you need to know before you get started, answering questions like: - What, exactly, will you gain by working with a coach? - How can you find and hire a coach (or a few coaches)? - What mindset should you bring to a coaching relationship and what should you expect? - How can you evaluate if a coach is working for you or not? My personal hope for you on this one is this: if you're thinking about hiring a coach this episode gives you everything you need to get started. Because the clarity and action that comes from coaching can be world changing. Enjoy!
28/05/201558 minutes 56 seconds
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Episode 111: The Female Perspective on Startups and Lifestyle Businesses (FS111) - In this episode we're joined by a very special guest: the new Director of Member Success here at Fizzle, Steph Crowder. In Steph's inaugural episode we explore the experience and perspectives of women in startups and lifestyle businesses. - Is there discrimination against women in the indie business world? - What has Steph's experience been like? - What steps can all of us take right now to discover where gender bias is limiting our content strategies? - Plus a crap ton more. I mean it, we discuss a lot more, and Steph is *so* awesome. Enjoy!
20/05/201551 minutes 10 seconds
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Episode 110: 38 Tips to Make an Engaging Course on the Cheap, Part 2 (FS110) This is second and final episode in our series about how to make an engaging course on the cheap. You don't need a bunch of equipment, you need a solid plan. This list walks you through that plan. In this episode we continue walking through 38 tips to help you make something excellent your first time around. (If you haven't listened to it yet, here's part 1 of this conversation.) Enjoy!
13/05/20151 hour 20 minutes 16 seconds
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Episode 109: 38 Tips to Make an Engaging Course on the Cheap (FS109) At the time of writing, Fizzle has over 400 lessons in 31 courses. That's over 10 courses a year for the past 2.5 years. I've always loved teaching ideas that excite me. And, after the past few years here, we've made a business out of creating courses that change people's lives. In this 2 part conversation we share over 30 tips to help you make *engaging* courses you can sell yourself, covering topics like: - How to develop a course topic that will sell itself instead of burn you out. - What apps and software should you use? - When should you host it yourself (on WordPress or something similar) and when should you jump on a platform like Udemy? - What methods we use for content strategy. - And a whole crap ton more! This is an exciting couple episodes to me because I've lived this course creation stuff for the past few years, figuring out some processes that have been enormously helpful for us (and hopefully will be
07/05/20151 hour 9 minutes 6 seconds
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Episode 108: 9 More Marketing Channels to Grow Your Small Business (108) - In the last episode we covered 10 growth channels to explore. In this episode we cover 9 more channels you can leverage to attract more people to your business. We're adding our experience and advice to the list of 19 channels mentioned in the great book Traction. Enjoy!
28/04/20151 hour 8 minutes 11 seconds
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Episode 107: 10 Marketing Channels to Grow Your Small Business (FS107) - In this conversation we present 10 growth channels to grow your small business, adding our honest commentary on each one. We also walk you through a growth model we've adopted that's helped how we brainstorm, plan for and execute our growth strategy for Fizzle. Enjoy!
22/04/201557 minutes 11 seconds
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Episode 106: Small Business Roadmap Revisited — 4 Updates Based on Your Feedback (FS106) - In the last 6 episodes we revealed the 6 stage small business roadmap. A stage by stage, step by step, 10,000 foot view of building a business. They weren’t the 6 stages your business *will* go through automatically. They were the 6 stages you *want* to go through so that you and your idea are best setup for success as you define it. The roadmap was immensely well received (you'll find links to each episode below) and in this episode we cover two things: 1. We answer the 4 common questions we heard from your comments. 2. We reveal 4 updates we made to the roadmap based on your feedback. Take a listen to the episode, subscribe in itunes if you haven't and enjoy!
14/04/201550 minutes 44 seconds
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Episode 105: Scale: Stage 6 of 6 on the Small Business Roadmap (FS105) - In the sixth small business roadmap stage we explore the final question: how can we grow this business beyond ourselves and into greater impact in the world and wealth in the company? We dig into the 11 steps of Scale where the goal is to hone, discover and experiment towards a more scalable and sustainable business. To put it simply, this stage is about shifting from clawing out growth one handful at a time, to a business with one of those magical hockey stick growth charts. We also finish out this episode with reflections on key takeaways and what we learned in talking through this whole roadmap. Enjoy! (PS: If you're not already, subscribe in itunes so you can get the next episode in your sleep.)
06/04/20151 hour 12 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 104: Money: Stage 5 of 6 on the Small Business Roadmap (FS104) - Now, in stage 5 of the small business roadmap, it's time to get into the nitty gritty: can this business idea of yours actually make enough money to support you in a meaningful way? This is a stage most of us are not well prepared for, typically diving in without any knowledge of the metrics, the movements or the models. That's what we break down for you into 7 steps in this conversation, taking you from "I made a dollar," to your Freedom Number™ (the amount of money you need to make your full time living from your business). You could have access to the best investors and the brightest business minds in the world. They *still* couldn't tell you if your idea's going to work with certainty. This money step is where the checks, balances and bounces prove your idea has heart enough to live on it's own or if it needs some more tweaking. Enjoy the conversation! (PS: If you're not already, <a href="
06/04/201545 minutes 29 seconds
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Episode 103: Build: Stage 4 of 6 on the Small Business Roadmap (FS103) - Stage 4, the Build stage, is a big one. As Corbett puts it: "this stage is a monster and a lot of people get stuck here." In this episode we talk you through each step so you can rise up when others start to sink. There's a lot of fun stuff here — naming, website building, social media accounts. That stuff is exciting even when it gets challenging. But built into the 9 steps of Build is also some difficult tasks that won't happen over night. Listen to this episode to get into the mindset of the big picture, avoiding the hamster wheel of building an audience forever without ever finding a way to earn a living with that audience. Enjoy! (If you're not already, subscribe in itunes so you can get the next episode in your sleep.)
05/04/20151 hour 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 102: Plan: Stage 3 of 6 on the Small Business Roadmap (FS102) - Stage 3 of the small business roadmap is one of my favorites. In fact, it's the stage most of us *start* with even though skipping over stage 1 and stage 2 can be deadly to your idea. And as we dive right in here, many of us naturally resist doing some of the most eye-opening parts of this stage. (We get into what those parts are and how to do them in this episode.) The cost of skipping over these parts is a plan that's *too* rigid and *too* isolated from the world of your customer. (Which is why our planning stage culminates in what we call a Business Sketch Template.) This is one of my favorite stages because it's where so many insights happen. Where do those insights come from? Your customers (even though they're just *potential* customers at this time). There are 5 steps to the Plan stage and in
05/04/201544 minutes 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 101: Connection: Stage 2 of 6 on the Small Business Roadmap (FS101) - Stage 2 of the small business roadmap is about moving from "how can I possibly do this" to "how could I possibly not do this!?" We're talking about connection, which, in layman's terms, is nothing more than making friends with other entrepreneurs. Jim Rohn loved to say that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. What do you think would happen to your business if you spent more time with people who were working hard on their own businesses? In this episode we discuss 7 steps you can take to build connection, complete with a few over the top (and mostly bad) Scottish accents from yours truly. Enjoy! (If you're new to the show and you're not afraid of making business fun you may want to subscribe in itunes so you can get the next episode in your sleep.)
04/04/201548 minutes 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 100: Finally! A Roadmap for the 6 Stages of Small Business (FS100) - It's finally time to have a plan for your bare-knuckled, bootstrapped, heart and hustle based small business. In this 6 part podcast series we walk you through the small business roadmap. These aren't 6 stages your business will go through automatically. These are the 6 stages your business *should* go through, the stages we *want* you to go through so that you and your idea are best setup for success as *you* define it. We've worked with, consulted, coached and heard from a few thousand businesses, and in all the books we've read (great books like Lean Startup, 4 Steps to the Epiphany, $100 Startup and more), we haven't seen a roadmap yet that succinctly prepares indie entrepreneurs for the challenges of business building. So we pu
04/04/201552 minutes 1 second
Episode Artwork

Episode 99: 099 - 2 Experts Share Exactly How to Use a Productivity Journal (& Increase Productivity by 23%) - First of all: Christopher Walken performs the intro for the show this week. If that's not enough for you, how about this: I rolled my eyes at the idea of productivity journaling until I heard from the two experts on the show today. In this episode we explore why it's so easy to get distracted and ignore our most important work. The answer might be way easier than you think. If you want to do more work you're proud of and less bullshit, then pour yourself a cup of tea and click play. (Shawn's "I'm doing it!" story is contagious.)
31/03/201541 minutes 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 98: 098 - You Don't Have to Choose a Niche! (The Largest Blogs Online Never Did) - We may have to eat our own words a bit on this one. Regardless, it's an eye-opening exploration of what makes some of the biggest blogs on the web work. If you're interested in choosing a niche (or in *not* choosing a niche), this conversation is important. I'll leave it at that. Enjoy!
26/03/201557 minutes 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 97: 097 - The Moment I Chose a Better Niche - Bonnie asks a question in this show that took us where I didn't expect we'd go. As Corbett, Barrett and I started responding to her question (which is as funny as it is important) we travelled into a conversation about choosing a *better* niche. Niche advice grows like trees in the internet business world. Here at Fizzle we talk about the "niche please" mindset often. And not always in a dubious way. The target market guide that's helped so many people is simply another method for choosing your niche... a *people* first method. Bonnie's question in this episode gets us into a situation many of us have found ourselves in and adds some real, human light to the moment where we're fo
19/03/201540 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 96: 096 - 23 Tips to Uncover What to do With Your Life (When You Have no Clue) - If you've ever wondered "what am I good at?" or "what should I focus on in my life?" then we've got a killer conversation for you. We received a great email from listener Tim Aton (text included below) and we spend the whole hour of this episode sharing 23 tips to uncover the best options for your life... even if you currently have no clue. I list out a bunch of the ideas below, but be sure to listen to the conversation (and subscribe for follow up episodes) because there's a lot more context for each one of these. If you're worried and frustrated and confused... you're not alone. Let's talk about what to do next. Hope this show helps you out. Enjoy!
06/03/20151 hour 11 minutes 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 95: 095 - 3 Things for Hopeful Entrepreneurs to do After School - We answer three questions from listeners on the show today: 1. What 3 things should a hopeful entrepreneur do right after college? - also: what's the best resources for young entrepreneurs? - as well as: how can I start finding the thing I can start my business on? 2. What should I do first: start a podcast or create a course? 3. How can I delegate menial work *without* burning employees out? We've got some great listeners and some great questions. Enjoy!
04/03/201554 minutes 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 94: 094 - Hey, Could I Ask You a Few Questions? The Art of Surveys - So many answers to current problems are in talking to your customers. That's why we make guides and courses on defining your target market one of the first orders of business here at Fizzle. And yet, it's a weapon even successful entrepreneurs forget to use. Recently Corbett and I helped Scott Dinsmore with the design of a new website. The first step for me in a project like this is to figure out the heart and soul of his business. So we sent Scott off to record some interviews. I wanted to hear it from the horses' mouths. In all honesty, he set out on that task dragging his feet. *"What should I say? What do we need to get out of these?"* I gave him some guidance and forced him to dive in. When he did, when he started hearing the stories of his audience members he got hooked: > "These conversations you made me have were probably
25/02/201556 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 93: 093 - Take Your Brick and Mortar Business Online With These Terribly Important Questions - On the show today we answer a great question from a listener who wants to bring his brick and mortar business online. What should he be thinking about? What are the common roadblocks and challenges? What are some unfair advantages brick and mortar businesses could take advantage of? Our answers to those questions on the show today. If you've got a local business you definitely want to pay attention to this one. Enjoy!
18/02/20151 hour 5 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 92: 092 - Business Ideas we Love (+ current events) - Buttered coffee, infographic research tips, the importance of LinkedIn profiles and what podcast to listen to next... all this and more covered on the show today. I'm curious, what are some new businesses you've fallen in love with recently? Tell me in the comments.
09/02/20151 hour 2 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 91: 091 - 10 Business Archetypes: How to Choose a Business Model That Makes Sense (and Money) - Most of the people we meet who want to start a blog or podcast or business either have *no* idea how they're going to make money *or* they're too confident in some vague, doubtful scheme for revenue. This is fine. It's how I got started — vague, hopeful schemes. And, to be honest, it's where I expected most people to start because you learn so much along the way. But I've changed my mind. In the past year I've seen how valuable it can be to learn from someone else's path (even from afar). When you have a little clarity and vision about how you could get started making money your path is more directed, there's more clarity and focus. So we created an email series to help people move from "I want to be an entrepreneur" to "I have a real business idea." (You'll get that email series free when you signup here.) A major part of that series became understanding 10 busines
01/02/20151 hour 8 minutes 54 seconds
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Episode 90: 090 - How to Pick the Right Domain Name (and 11 Domain Name Tools) - "I'm struggling to settle on a domain name! What I want is taken already. What should I do? Add hyphens? Use a .biz or .net? Help!" We get this question all the time. It's time we shared our honest advice and stories on it. In this episode we get into all the important domain name issues like choosing a TLD (.com, .co, .net, etc.), dealing with trademarks, choosing registrars, hosting, competitive research, etc. On the blog we list off a bunch of topics (and the time in the podcast we mention them) as well as a boat load of tools to help you. Enjoy!
23/01/20151 hour 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 89: 089 - Do Podcasters have to Blog? - Adam is a podcaster. He's good at it. He enjoys it. He also follows all the blogs and gurus you're supposed to, and they all tell him: you've got to blog, got to tweet, got to facebook, got to be everywhere! He's tired. He's trying to do it all, and it's time to hear our answer to his question: ***do I have to do everything?*** This question and 2 others from listeners on the show today. Enjoy!
21/01/20151 hour 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 88: 088 - 27 Ways to Stumble on Unbeatable Content Ideas - You may not feel like it, but you are absolutely skillful enough to create high performing and impactful stuff. (We're talking about blog posts, podcasts, infographics, products, etc.) You're capable of it, but if you're like many of us indie entrepreneurs, you haven't yet. The ideas are in your head, you want them to come out, you want to click "publish" and watch them spread, but they won't come out on their own. They also won't come out by staring within your own brain. **You've got to knock them loose.** In this episode you hear 27 ways to knock those ideas loose, get them down and evaluate which one's to get started on. We've all got the questions like these: - What will be good? - What can you write? - What will your audience truly resonate with? - What will they share and promote for you? In this conversation you'll learn how to discover fresh and unbeatable content ideas for your blog, podcast, social channe
13/01/20151 hour 11 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 87: 087 - How to do Good Work That Gets Popular: an Introduction - Every one of us entrepreneurs wants our businesses to be more popular. We want more eyes on our website and more love for our products. And yet, we also want to do good work. Businesses used to be able to make, package and sell crap and still be profitable. Today, however, the relationship with the audience is far too important... you sell one piece of shit and betray the confidence of your audience and you might find yourself up the creek without a paddle. When we're bootstrapping and making our own articles, podcasts, ebooks, products, etc., it's a constant struggle to balance good work with work that gets popular, and on this episode we share exactly how we walk that path. Enjoy!
05/01/201559 minutes 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 86: 086 - How To Reverse Engineer Massively Shareable Content - You want to make blog posts, podcasts, products that are going to get found, hit a nerve, be seen and shared and loved. In this episode we share my favorite new research trick to come up with killer ideas for what content to make. - What should you write? - What topics is your audience interested in? - What are people searching for in your niche? - How could you get noticed above the noise out there? We share the simple process we use so you can discover the answers for your own audience and make your best stuff ever. Enjoy!
31/12/20141 hour 12 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 85: 085 - Stand Out, Serve Hard, Sell Soft & Get Traffic - Questions from 4 listeners today take us into the realm of the USP (Unique Selling Proposition). We share some of our insights about getting to *clarity* in your offers to increase conversion and engagement. Enjoy!
18/12/20141 hour 6 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 84: 084 - "It Wasn't the Most Legit Thing." How to Recover from an Illegal Business Idea - It was a successful business making good money, a few thousand a month. And then, suddenly, poof — the whole business is gone. This is the allure and the danger of a business ideas that’s “not the most legit thing,” and this is the situation one of our podcast guests today has to deal with. Our answers to his question and 3 other Fizzle Show listeners on today’s show. Enjoy!
10/12/20141 hour 1 minute 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 83: 083 - How to do a Yearly Review - Here at Fizzle, we've spent the last couple weeks in full-on year review mode. We have some new ideas to share (and some time-proven designs as well). We talked in an episode a long time ago about how we do these reviews and, more specifically, how we find the plan for *next year* in *last year's* review. In this episode we rebroadcast that conversation with a few edits, some new stories and an updated process from Chase at the end. The Fizzle team spent the last week executing this exact review process and there's some good insights here for your own review + plan. I, personally, am very interested in this topic. I've researched a bunch and I'm wondering: what do you do for a yearly review? What articles or ideas have been helpful for you? Let me know in the comments. Enjoy the show!
05/12/20141 hour 16 minutes 3 seconds
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Episode 82: 082 - The 1 Reason Why Corbett's Starting A Blog - On the show today, something completely new to us: a collection of current events that, remarkably, wove themselves around a common theme. One of the biggest regrets of those close to dying is this: **that they didn't speak their mind more throughout their lives.** If you're careful, you'll hear that thread throughout the stories we bring to you this week. Enjoy! What Happens When ----------------- - *5m:* Corbett explains the blog challenge. (Discounted hosting, Fizzle freebie, 7 day email series from Corbett.) - *10:* Why Corbett is starting a personal blog again. - *12:* How Chase uses his personal blog. - *18:* Barrett's tweetstorm diatribe. (e.g., 1, 2, <a href="
25/11/20141 hour 7 minutes 7 seconds
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Episode 81: 081 - How do I know if my business idea is viable - Several listeners asked questions about choosing between multiple business ideas. What can you do to tell which ones are viable and which aren't? We get into that, a youtube video editing hack, Barrett's "LPC" strategy and a couple other bits on the show today. Enjoy!
19/11/20141 hour 5 minutes 23 seconds
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Episode 80: 080 - Top 10 Mistakes in Starting an Online Business - We've worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs over the past 3 years and in this episode we showcase the top 10 mistakes we see self employed people make. This episode corresponds with a brand new guide we made on the subject. It's free, it's got tons of great quotes and images and some next steps to take for each of these mistakes. Get the 10 mistakes guide and follow along through this conversation as we add more stories and commentary to each of these mistakes. Enjoy!
11/11/20141 hour 13 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 79: 079 - How Much Should You Promote Your own Content? - We devote the whole show today to answering a great question from a listener. Of course, there's a *little* banter in there too. The question is: **how do you find the balance between creating content and promoting that content?** You made a post. (Or podcast or article or book or app or jelly or cooler or whatever.) *How much time should you spend getting the word out about it?* If you've ever wondered this, you're not alone. We've struggled with it. Just about everyone online has too. In this conversation we share the "System Approach" to promotion and our current system for promoting our content. Enjoy! **And let us know if you have any questions in the comments.**
04/11/20141 hour 22 seconds
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Episode 78: 078 - Solopreneur Project Management Skills - When you’re working on a big project by yourself, you’ve got to have a system to keep your sanity. Most of the big projects we work on — starting a blog, creating a product, publishing a series of podcast episodes, etc — have tons of moving pieces and there’s no one but ourselves to manage things. And it’s so easy to start leaking sanity as things start slipping through your fingers. So what we need is a system to help us manage these projects, and that’s exactly what today’s episode is about. So click play and let’s get into the things we’ve learned (and we all need to understand) about mini projects, sprints, course management, measuring success and the best way to set goals. Enjoy!
30/10/20141 hour 7 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 77: 077 - How To Learn New Skills - How do you go about building new skills when you need them but you don't yet have them? Maybe you need to learn how to create a blog or podcast. Or maybe you want to get better at design. Maybe you need to do some customer research but you don't know how. Or maybe you're trying to write killer articles that get shared and make some serious impact. I've been stuck in that mire before. Too much to learn. Don't know where to start. Don't know what to expect. What I didn't know then is that there are some stages to learning new skills, and, with a little zooming out and structured question asking, the mire turns to solid ground, next steps and progress. Whatever you're trying to get better at, click play on this episode. We'll help you dissect and discover the next steps by sharing specific stories (Barrett's coaching story is worth the price of admission) and then a process for learning a new skill starting from ground
21/10/20141 hour 1 minute 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 76: 076 - A Better Personal Brand - Everybody talks about personal brand. Some people have made their whole business about it. Others have made their whole business through it. I find that a lot of the time, when people ask about personal brand, they're really asking about an "easy button." *"Can you help me look better than I actually am?"* There's a lot of bullshit in the world of "personal branding." There's also a lot of honest-to-god intentionality, forethought, hard work and perseverance. Dive into this conversation with us to get some of the nitty gritty about how to do this right, including the backdrop of this little nugget from Barrett: > "Going back to the skills relationships experiences thing: if your job is to seek those out and adjust as you go, then your brand online should simply reflect that process." Ohhhhh, good stuff from Barrett in this one (he leads a workshop on this topic), complete with drama when Corbett disagrees with him.
14/10/20141 hour 6 minutes 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 75: 075 - Growth Tactics - A Fizzler recently launched their product and achieved significantly lesser results than she expected. If you've been there you remember the heaviness of that realization. *"That was my launch. These are my results. Now what? Does this product suck? DO I SUCK?"* No. You don't suck. Welcome to the *"I'm an entrepreneur"* party... bring your own booze crippling sense of worry. The good news is this: there are things you can do to grow your sales, revenue, audience, etc. We call these growth tactics. In this episode we discuss common growth tactics, what you should know about them and our recommendations on the things you should do right away.
08/10/20141 hour 3 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 74: 074 - This Year's Top 40 Blog Tips, Pt. 2 -- The final part in this 2 part series where we share our top 40 blogging tips. Check out the previous episode for the first part of this conversation (
23/09/20141 hour 15 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 73: 073 - This Year's Top 40 Blog Tips -- Blogging is where we came from. We've built our careers and a substantial audience by blogging alone. So let's uncork the stopper and let our best advice pour out. In this episode and the next we *each* share our top 10 biggest pieces of advice for bloggers. Corbett, Caleb, Barrett and myself bring the pain, hard lessons learned and a few new inside jokes to the table.
23/09/20141 hour 6 minutes 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 72: 072 - Stagnation Stages -- No matter who you are you've been stuck. In fact, we've noticed there are a few stages where lots of people building websites and businesses get stuck. In this episode we address each of those stages with some advice on next steps for each. Enjoy!
18/09/20141 hour 6 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 71: 071 - Feet on the Ground, Head Down - How do you keep an eye on the business stuff while in the throes of a new creative endeavor? That’s one of 4 listener questions we get into in this episode. Our thanks to Myke, Greg, Nick and Tom for sending in your questions. Enjoy! (What are you struggling with right now? Ask us and we’ll help you get through it.
09/09/201449 minutes 49 seconds
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Episode 70: 070 - What's the Right Amount of Prep for Your Launch? - There's a fine line between preparing too little and preparing too much. The former leads to failure. The latter, to nowhere.&nbsp; &nbsp; Listener of the show, Adam, has an idea he really believes in. He's worried about walking that line. What's the right amount of prep before he launches?&nbsp; &nbsp; After an unusually large portion of ballyhoo we dive right into Adam's question and share what we've learned about the balance. Enjoy! &nbsp;Sep 05, 2014
05/09/201455 minutes 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 69: 069 - Work for Yourself or for Others? - In certain circles there's a stigma about working for others. These people believe everyone should be independent and work for themselves.&nbsp; In this conversation we explore whether or not you should work for yourself or for others (some of us don't think what you may think we think... savvy?). Enjoy!Aug 29, 2014
29/08/20141 hour 3 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 68: 068 - When To Move On -&nbsp;How long are you going to think to yourself "I need to give that a shot" before you take the leap and try it?&nbsp; &nbsp; In this episode we share our own stories about moving on, what we learned, how we did it, and how to do it better.&nbsp; &nbsp; We also tell, for the first time, a new story about someone near and dear to this podcast. We start the episode with that announcement. Enjoy!Aug 22, 2014
22/08/201443 minutes 54 seconds
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Episode 67: 067 - Insights About Customer Service That Will Change The Products You Make

Customer service isn't an afterthought for you. If it is, you're already well on your way to being an uninteresting, middling, forgotten business.&nbsp; &nbsp; If, on the other hand, you have a deep understanding of the people you serve, that reality will be visible in so many delightful and visible moments in your customers' interactions with you.&nbsp; &nbsp; In this conversation we share what we've learned about how customer service and the deeper philosophy we can all have about customers in general can revolutionize the way we build our business.&nbsp; &nbsp; Note: if you haven't yet listened to the previous episode, you'd better do that first. It's an amazing interview with the co-owner of one of the world's best restaurants, and it's deeply changing the way we look at these questions. Listen here: How The Hospitality Mindset Revolutionized My Business.&nbsp;Aug 15, 2014
15/08/20141 hour 2 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 66: 066 - How The Hospitality Mindset Revolutionized My Business - One of the best restaurants in the world is run by the Canlis family. Their restaurant is called Canlis. It's in Seattle, and on a recent trip I got to spend a little time with Mark Canlis, who runs the restaurant with his brother Brian.&nbsp; &nbsp; Listen, here's the thing; the way this family thinks about their business, their perspective after 60+ years of serving people at an *insane* level of quality, has shaken stuff up for me. &nbsp; The way they tell their stories, the things they choose to invest time and money into, their "reasons why," have changed the way I look at my own story, my own investments, my own reasons. These changes are adding up to a much bigger, human, vital vision of what my business is.&nbsp; &nbsp; So I recorded a short conversation with Mark about how his family looks at their business and couched that in this episode of the show with some commentary from us here at Fizzle. Enjoy! &nbs
11/08/201454 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 65: 065 - Squarespace vs Wordpress (And 3 More Questions Answered) - The guys answer 4 listener questions about products, validation, Squarespace and vodka blogs.&nbsp; &nbsp;Aug 01, 2014
11/08/201454 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 64: 064 - How Do You Grow Up an Adolescent Business? - The guys debrief from #WDS2014 and answer a couple listener questions about moving on to the next stages of business.&nbsp; &nbsp;Jul 25, 2014
26/07/20141 hour 4 minutes 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 63: 063 - How to Delegate & What to get off Your Plate -- There are things in all our businesses we *hate* doing. And at a certain point, we have to ask ourselves if we're trapped working *in* our businesses without any time or energy to work *on* them.&nbsp; In this episode we share how to decide what to delegate, a few categories of tasks you could delegate, some tips and tricks for delegating and dealing with VA's, vendors, partners and contractors, and what you *shouldn't* delegate.Jul 18, 2014
19/07/201455 minutes 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 62: 062 - The Multiple Hats of the Solopreneur -- Starting out in your business you may need to wear all the hats in your business, doing everything yourself because you can't afford to hire people to help you. In this conversation we get some clarity about what those hats are, which ones are important and how to think about them.&nbsp; &nbsp;Jul 11, 2014
11/07/201455 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 61: 061 - 15 Honest Techniques to Meet New People -- NOBODY likes to feel like a lost, lonely loser when they meet new people. But we've all been there. In this episode we get into a handful of rich tips about meeting new people at conferences, meetups and coffee shops.&nbsp;Jul 04, 2014
04/07/20141 hour 6 minutes 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 60: 060 - 10 Tactics to a Better Work-Life Balance (Part 2) - Really great (and surprising) ideas about balancing work and life. Plus some specific tactics to actually do this well... to make a bigger dent in your todo list without burning out or building poorly.Jun 27, 2014
27/06/20141 hour 3 minutes
Episode Artwork

Episode 59: 059 - 10 Tactics to a Better Work-Life Balance (Part 1) - Really great (and surprising) ideas about balancing work and life. Plus some specific tactics to actually do this well... to make a bigger dent in your todo list without burning out or building poorly.Jun 20, 2014
20/06/201453 minutes 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 58: 058 - Value, Volume, Sales Help or Product Dev? 5 Tough Listener Questions -- Wherever you are in your business, you'll find yourself somewhere in the questions these 5 listeners ask... mostly about sales, monetization, pricing and conversion.&nbsp;Jun 13, 2014
13/06/201451 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 57: 057 - 5 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Site (Plus SEO Insights) -- Let's talk about a few things you can do in the next few days to increase traffic to your website. In this episode we answer questions from listeners. Each one about a different piece of the traffic puzzle.&nbsp;Jun 06, 2014
06/06/201453 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 56: 056 - I Lost My Motivation, Now What? - How to re-find and reconnect to motivation when you lose it. This is the second part of a response to Fizzler Terry's question.&nbsp; &nbsp;May 30, 2014
30/05/201450 minutes 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 55: 055 - Romance & Revenue: a few big Relationship Tips for Entrepreneurs - You're not building your business to end up alone and regretful. Here's some insights from the guys about how to stay close with the people who enrich our lives while we build our businesses.&nbsp;May 23, 2014
23/05/201444 minutes 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 54: 054 - When to Say No & When to Say Yes to New Ideas & Opportunities - When you're approached with an opportunity, how do you know if it'll be a waste of time or not? What about a new business or project idea? In this episode let's get into how to some tactical tips and tricks to make great decisions.&nbsp;May 16, 2014
16/05/20141 hour 3 minutes 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 53: 053 - This Not That, How to Choose What to Work On Right Now - How do you know what is the MOST IMPORTANT thing to work on right now? We explore that with some great conversation including an extended golf metaphor and a rapid fire list of about 9 immediate tips.&nbsp;May 09, 2014
09/05/20141 hour 5 minutes 20 seconds
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Episode 52: 052 - 24 Lessons Learned In A Year of Podcasting (to 10,000+ listeners) - On our 52nd episode, we share the 24 things we learned in a year of podcasting, what we wish we would have known before we started, and how to slap yourself into gear (because, like us, you probably deserve it too).May 02, 2014
02/05/20141 hour 5 minutes
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Episode 51: 051 - Should You Delete Negative Comments? + Other Audience Questions

This week we feature two more interviews and listener questions covering some of these topics:&nbsp; &nbsp; - Four audience journey questions (from an experienced advertising mind). - Finding the blogger-give/audience-take balance. - Plus a question showcasing the difference between a big and sucky audience and a small and profitable audience.&nbsp;Apr 25, 2014
26/04/20141 hour 2 minutes 1 second
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Episode 50: 050 - Tactics To Understand Your Ideal Client, Reader or Market - This episode is the second in the audience series featuring more honest answers from real entrepreneurs about how they discover, define and target their ideal clients and tribes. In this episode you'll hear from Nathan Barry, Josh Shipp, Sarah Peck, and James Clear. Also, killer notes on Corbett's audience defining process and specific tactics and questions to use yourself.&nbsp;Apr 18, 2014
18/04/20141 hour 11 minutes 1 second
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Episode 49: 049 - Discover, Define & Target Your Target Market - There's one question that can get to the heart of whether what you're working on is a soon-to-be-failed side project or a business with a good shot at financial success. In this episode you get to hear a handful of experienced entrepreneurs, people who are *actually* earning a living doing something they care about (in many cases a *handsome* living), answer that question.&nbsp;You'll hear from Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire, Rob Walling, Tara Gentile, Jason Glaspey, and Steve Kamb. Enjoy!
11/04/20141 hour 15 minutes 43 seconds
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Episode 48: 048 - 3 Story Tools Your Brand Needs -- Understanding a few things about what makes a story work can give you what you need to make a powerful brand, a brand that drives interest (instead of boredom). In this episode Chase shares 3 story tools you can use to multiply the power of your brand.&nbsp; &nbsp;Apr 04, 2014
10/04/20141 hour 5 minutes 49 seconds
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Episode 47: 047 - Email, Anxiety & Networking Answers - We've got a big round of Q&amp;A for you in this episode of the podcast. Managing your inbox anxiety. Networking with people around the world. The benefits and limitations of targeting a niche. Analytics tools (and how we *don't* use them).&nbsp;Mar 28, 2014
10/04/20141 hour 4 minutes 32 seconds
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Episode 46: 045 - Grow Your Email List - This is 2/4 of the series about how to take email to the next level for your business and website. How can you get more people to subscribe to your list? Should you offer something? If so, what? And where do you put the signup forms? These questions and more in this episode.&nbsp;Mar 14, 2014
10/04/20141 hour 5 minutes 42 seconds
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Episode 45: 046 - What To Send Your Email List - 2/4 in the email series. In the previous episode we showed you how to grow your email list. In this episode we share what kinds of things you could share, how often you should share them, how to increase open rates, etc.&nbsp;Mar 21, 2014
10/04/20141 hour 7 minutes 15 seconds
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Episode 44: 044 - Reboot Your Email Strategy - What does it look like to do email right? That's what we're tackling this month and it all starts with this episode. In a social world, in a world of billion dollar social mediums, what should your email strategy look like?&nbsp;Mar 07, 2014
10/04/20141 hour 8 minutes 38 seconds
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Episode 43: 043 - 4 Listener Questions About Money - In this episode we hear some questions from listeners about keeping up steady sales AFTER you've launched your product, the risks of partnership, the difference between a "business" and "passive income project," and the heart-wrenching sound of an 18 year old reaching higher... as well as some killer stories about caleb in college.&nbsp;Feb 28, 2014
10/04/20141 hour 2 minutes 13 seconds
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Episode 42: 042 - Small Business Smart Spending - 5 Categories Explained - How should you spend money on your business so that you don't sink it before it has a chance to get off the ground? We tackle 6 types of expenses and share our stories about each.&nbsp;Feb 21, 2014
10/04/20141 hour 10 minutes 20 seconds
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Episode 41: 041 - Setting Prices, Raising Rates & Getting Paid What You're Worth - Do you know what your work is worth? Do you know how to raise rates and get paid? In this episode we share a bunch of experiences and stories to help you get paid what you're worth... and charge more when necessary.Feb 14, 2014
10/04/20141 hour 42 seconds
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Episode 40: 040 - How You Feel About Money Impacts Your Earnings -- In this raw episode the guys walk you through how they feel about money, how to identify how you feel about money and how those feelings effect your business.&nbsp;Feb 07, 2014
10/04/20141 hour 9 minutes 16 seconds
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Episode 39: 038 - The Failure Plan - First Product Series #4 - In this final episode of the First Product Series we want to walk through the idea of failure with you... help you navigate it. It's not as scary as you may think. &nbsp;Jan 24, 2014
10/04/201454 minutes 17 seconds
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Episode 38: 039 - Q&A: Turning Pro, Making Products, Finding Focus - In this episode we answer six listener questions: Jeff, Kiri, Jackie, Avon, Vesone and Olio ask about finding focus, turning pro, building a product before an audience (and vice versa), finding and sticking to your voice online and tackling a specific niche with some existing competition.&nbsp; &nbsp;Jan 31, 2014
10/04/201458 minutes 27 seconds
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Episode 37: 037 - Conversion Essentials - First Product Series #3 - In this episode we share the essentials of conversion optimization so you can quit worrying about unimportant stuff and start selling and shipping your first online product. This is part 3 in our ongoing series featuring first product stories of successful online entrepreneurs.&nbsp;Jan 17, 2014
10/04/20141 hour 10 minutes 13 seconds
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Episode 36: 036 - Pricing Hangups -- First Product Series Part 2 -- Pricing questions can get in the way of the *REAL WORK* of shipping your first product, so we decided to tackle that question in this episode, part 2 in our ongoing *First Product Series* of podcasts.Jan 10, 2014
10/04/20141 hour 8 minutes 39 seconds
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Episode 35: 035 - Finding Your Idea. Product Prodcrust 1 -- (with special guests!) For the next few episodes of the Fizzle Show (including this one) we're going to get you thinking about building your first product. Whether you're ready to build it now or not, getting your mind right about this stuff will profoundly impact the decisions you make about your business.&nbsp; Jan 03, 2014
10/04/20141 hour 3 minutes 1 second
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Episode 34: 034 - How To Find Next Year's Plan in Last Year's Review -- What gets measured gets improved. Here's our best tips to improve your plans for next year by looking at how you did this past year.&nbsp;Dec 27, 2013
10/04/20141 hour 1 minute 42 seconds
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Episode 33: 033 - Listener Criticism: What Really Happens in the First Year of Business -- Fizzle Show listener Bob Harper sent in a video calling us out. He's a fan of the show but feels we haven't been honest. In this episode we hear his criticism and get into a mess of good stuff about safety nets, savings, and what REALLY happens the first year of business.&nbsp;Dec 20, 2013
10/04/20141 hour 9 minutes 35 seconds
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Episode 32: 032 - Tips To Make The Most of Conferences - Big stuff happens at conferences. Business partners find each other, ideas develop, encouragement, conviction and just plain ol' good friendships are made. Here's our best tips for what conferences to go to and how to make the most of them. (Including a dynamite number Chase calls the Third Tier Theory).&nbsp;Dec 13, 2013
10/04/20141 hour 6 minutes 34 seconds
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Episode 31: 031 - Top 5 Tips for Building a Business (& Other Questions) — Fizzle Show listeners are asking questions! We've received a ton and in this episode we go deep on a few of them on topics like: moving domains, coming up with ideas for writing/video/podcasts, and our top 5 tips for people starting an online business.&nbsp;Dec 06, 2013
10/04/201450 minutes 54 seconds
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Episode 30: 030 - The Future of Online Publishing: 4 Experts, 6 Principles - We believe "blogging" (or personal online publishing) has a rich future coming. So we invited a few successful online entrepreneurs to talk with us about how they see the future of online publishing. The conversation resulted in 6 principles of blogging. (Note: this conversation was recorded during a live event).&nbsp;Nov 29, 2013
10/04/20141 hour 26 minutes 8 seconds
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Episode 29: 029 - Launch Lessons: How To Launch Your Thing (& How We Did It) - How you launch your thing is important. There's a lot of buzz and bells and whistles and plates to spin on the day you reveal your project to the world. A couple days ago we merged a very successful blog with a new venture and launched The Sparkline. Here's what we learned, how we did it, and tips for your own upcoming launches.&nbsp;Nov 22, 2013
10/04/20141 hour 4 minutes 16 seconds
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Episode 28: 028 - The Business Fit Equation: Is It You, Your Audience or Something Else?

Does your business fit you? Does your product fit your audience? Should you stay focused or move on to greener pastures? These are questions we've all had to think about. We talk about our experience with these questions and Corbett shares an equation he has for thinking through this stuff.&nbsp;Nov 15, 2013
10/04/20141 hour 5 minutes 59 seconds
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Episode 27: 026 - Getting To The First Sale That moment when you get the first email about a successful transaction... someone found your thing and then liked it enough to buy it... that moment changes you forever. But how do you get there? We discuss the meat and potatoes live with a special guest. Enjoy!Nov 01, 2013
10/04/20141 hour 1 minute
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Episode 26: 027 - Making Your First Product (7 Steps)

Last week we heard the story of how Barron made his first product and sale. How can you make your own thing to sell? How can you get over the psychological roadblocks and self sabotaging tendencies and create something valuable enough to buy? Corbett breaks it down in seven steps.&nbsp;Nov 08, 2013
10/04/20141 hour 7 minutes 9 seconds
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Episode 25: 025 - Is it too late? We get this question ALL the time: "is it too late for this thing to work? Did I miss the chance for this opportunity to work out?" Get ready for some colorful answers.&nbsp; Oct 25, 2013
10/04/20141 hour
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Episode 24: 024 - Why You Are Discouraged Discouragement, depression, fizzling out, burning out, quitting... the distance between what we expected and what actually happened causes all of these. In this episode you'll learn the only two expectations you SHOULD have and hear a handful of stories about the calibration of our entrepreneurial expectations.&nbsp;Oct 18, 2013
10/04/201458 minutes 51 seconds
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Episode 23: 023 - Email's Still the Best. Here's How to Use It

Email is still the single best relational currency online. But building and running the email side of your business is problematic. In this episode we answer listener's questions and explain an approach to email and building your list with authenticity and savvy. Savvy?;nbsp;Oct 11, 2013
10/04/201459 minutes 24 seconds
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Episode 22: 022 - Rethinking How To Get More Traffic - Lots of listeners want to know about getting more traffic to their sites. The guys answer listener questions about traffic in this episode. How to get it? How much is enough? What tactics are more important than others? Add to that a couple bonus questions and Corbett's years of experience growing his site and working with other bloggers and you've got a lean, mean encounter with answers to this pervasive question.&nbsp; Oct 04, 2013
10/04/201459 minutes 8 seconds
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Episode 21: 021 - Part 2: The Tools, Books, Systems and Resources That Helped Us Most - We've seen a trend recently in people buying every damn book, mastermind, hangout, conference, system, toolset, info product, membership, coaching, etc. Stop wasting your time looking for some magic bullet. Here's the resources you need to know about and where to start. This is part 2 of the conversation.&nbsp;Sep 27, 2013
10/04/20141 hour 1 minute 57 seconds
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Episode 20: 020 - The Tools, Books, Systems and Resources That Helped Us Most - We've seen a trend recently in people buying every damn book, mastermind, hangout, conference, system, toolset, info product, membership, coaching, etc. Stop wasting your time looking for some magic bullet. Here's the resources you need to know about and where to start. This is part 1 of the conversation.&nbsp;Sep 20, 2013
10/04/20141 hour 5 minutes 29 seconds
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Episode 19: 019 - What's ACTUALLY Important to Think About in Your Business?

Are you missing out on the forest and getting lost in the trees? Earnest starters approach Corbett *all the time* for advice on their businesses. There are hundreds of business questions you could worry about. Which are *actually* important and which will waste your time? That's what we explore in this conversation. Get your notepad out and look for Corbett's "4 Parts of a Business" list. As you'll find out, this'll help you evaluate struggles and bottlenecks in your business and make some changes.Sep 13, 2013
10/04/20141 hour 5 minutes 2 seconds
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Episode 18: 018 - How To Create A Compelling Elevator Pitch

How many times a month does someone ask you, "so what do you do?" You could make it up on the spot, maybe sound like a doofus, or a douche, or like someone who doesn't care. Your work matters, so lets learn how to talk about it matterfully as well. We offer our experience and hear from several experts who get pitched all the time. At the end you'll know how to put together a compelling elevator pitch.&nbsp;Sep 06, 2013
10/04/20141 hour 18 minutes 1 second
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Episode 17: 017 - When to Quit, When to Pivot, When to Persevere

All of us at one point or another will face what Eric Ries calls the hardest part of any startup: to decide whether to quit, pivot or persevere. Why is it the hardest part? because most of us don't know what the hell to do! In this conversation we get into our own experiences with pivots, quits and perseverance. Expect 3 tactics and one pro tip as well as an answer to a listener question about free vs paid for stuff online.Aug 30, 2013
10/04/20141 hour 10 minutes 22 seconds
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Episode 16: 016 - What I Wish I'd Known Before Starting My Business

Flailing around, blindly trying this and that, praying and hoping for some traction. That's how many solo entrepreneurs start out. In this episode we answer the question "what do you wish you would have known before you got started?" Listen in and save yourself years of trial and error as the three C's and some of their favorite independent entrepreneurs share their most important mistakes.&nbsp;Aug 23, 2013
10/04/20141 hour 12 minutes 12 seconds
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Episode 15: 015 - Does Teamwork Make the Dream Work?

Your business may just be another way to play with yourself. &nbsp;Harnessing some team-work thoughts could be a huge multiplier for you. I was alone in my business trying to make a thing on the side. It was my effort, my reward, my isolation, my procrastination. It was lonely. My friends thought I was weird. Fast forward 5 years, I'm in a team with Corbett and Caleb and I've never been more productive, more on fire, more in tune. It was a huge shift for me, but the results speak for themselves. Does teamwork make the dream work or is that just something high school basketball coaches say? How would playing with a team (instead of yourself) make your work better? You may not need a full team or partnership to get the multipliers that come with teamwork. More on that in the episode.&nbsp;Aug 16, 2013
10/04/20141 hour 7 minutes
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Episode 14: 014 - Sales Sans Sleaze: Sell More, Goodly

This is a gambit-rich follow up on our previous conversation about douchebaggery in business. Where that conversation covered how to do it BADLY, this one covers the tactics, tips and tweaks of "selling" GOODLY, confidently, and successfully.&nbsp; None of us were comfortable with sales at first, so in this episode we show you how we found our way. Also a reader question from a lovely Scottish listener and a big tip from the best salesman I know.&nbsp; For show notes go to: 09, 2013
10/04/20141 hour 6 minutes 47 seconds
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Episode 13: 013 - Douchebaggery in Online Business

There are people who do business in ways that turn your stomach. They're willing to do unethical things, take advantage of people, and sacrifice their audience on the altars of profit and short term gains. In this episode we explore this kind of business and provide the counterpoint, complete with a mind-boggling quote from Walt Disney, some tough-love sentiment from John Gruber and advice from one of the original big bloggers to folks just starting out. Here's to the idea that we can all focus a little less on the tactics of making a buck and a little more on the art of providing real, human value. We talk about how you should determine "who the bad guy" is in your industry and how that can give you more direction, more purpose, and more focus. For show notes go to: 01, 2013
10/04/201455 minutes 50 seconds
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Episode 12: 012 - How Much YOU Should Be in Your Business?

You're here because you want to create a business that supports you. But there's a heavy tension you've probably experienced between a). doing something you care about, b). doing something you're good at, and c). doing something others find valuable. This conversation is about finding the balance between those three points. Corbett, Caleb and myself have felt this tension, and that's why this conversation ends up being so good. We explore this tension and share some personal stories of discovery. For show notes head to 25, 2013
10/04/20141 hour 3 minutes
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Episode 11: 011 - How The Wrong Metric Sinks Your Business (& How The Right One Saves It)

This is a GOOD one. There are metrics that matter A TON in your business. However, you might be making critical errors about which ones matter and which do not.&nbsp; Sailors beware: there's serious danger here. Many businesses fail because the founder is busy tracking the siren's call of pointless metrics (instead of focusing on what matters). In this episode we share how to avoid that error and take back control of your business (instead of simply reacting to whatever metric some social network throws at you). Check out the show notes at: http://FizzleShow.comJul 18, 2013
10/04/201456 minutes
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Episode 10: 010 - How To Stay Motivated

We’ve heard from thousands of entrepreneurs — the most common struggle, across the board, is staying motivated. We’re solo entrepreneurs. We burn out. We dry up. We melt down. We don't ship. Every entrepreneur must learn how to balance their own energy, how to push through when they need to (and slow down when it’s right). That’s what we dig into in this episode. Corbett has a unique (and time-tested) practice for preempting burnout. He shares this totem alongside plenty of commentary from Chase and Caleb. If you’ve ever struggled with motivation or distractions (you probably shouldn’t even be here if you haven’t) there’s loads to glean in this conversation. Be sure to visit for shownotes (enter your email there for notifications of new episodes and posts).Jul 11, 2013
10/04/201454 minutes 19 seconds
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Episode 9: 009 - Small Business Accounting: Where Do I Put the Money?

Whether you're like Chase (who can't even look at a number without getting sick) or like Caleb (who literally interprets colors as numbers) you're going to need to understand the money picture of your business. What's making money? What's losing money? What expenses are the heaviest? In this episode we discuss how to take control of your business finances based on Corbett and Caleb's hard-earned experience. uckily, Chase has a few puns and Game of Thrones reenactments (no spoilers) to keep it entertaining. We also answer a couple listener questions about recurring billing tools and SEO douchebaggery. Be sure to visit for shownotes (and enter your email there so we can send you things... so. many. things).Jul 04, 2013
10/04/201455 minutes 44 seconds
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Episode 8: 008 - Choosing & Vetting A Business Idea

Are you like the thousands we've heard from, worried and stressed about choosing a business idea? Maybe you don't think you have an idea. Or maybe you've got too many business ideas and you don't know which is best. Maybe you're stuck in analysis paralysis. In this episode we explain a simple framework that will help you take back some control and make a choice you're proud of (so at least you'll have a better answer next time to that "what is it you do again, Kelly?" cocktail party question). Be sure to visit for shownotes (and enter your email there so we can send you things like birthday party invites).Jun 27, 2013
10/04/20141 hour 2 minutes 33 seconds
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Episode 7: 007 - Can You Entrepreneur? What It Takes.

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Is it something ANYONE can do? Or is there some special gene or jeans or personality trait you need? We dig into these questions in this one. One thing's for sure: hating your job alone won't make you an entrepreneur. Be sure to visit for shownotes (and enter your email there so we can send you things like birthday party invites).Jun 20, 2013
10/04/201459 minutes 51 seconds
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Episode 6: 006 - Millions. Then What? The Lifestyle Business Debate

There’s a huge debate in the business world about “lifestyle” businesses. Is there something deep and true here? Could it completely change the direction you choose and your definitions of “wealth,” “purpose” and “happiness?” Or is it just a fad, a buzzword of the time used to sell books (and hammocks and beach-side wifi).&nbsp; In this episode we. get. into it. Corbett's experience (he's been doing this for a while) and insatiable hunger for Mexican guitar music drives us onward through the big questions about what you may be taking for granted and which ball is made of rubber.&nbsp; Be sure to visit for show notes (and enter your email there so we can send you things like love notes, party invitations and karaoke performances).&nbsp; For show notes go to: 13, 2013
10/04/20141 hour 3 minutes 20 seconds
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Episode 5: 005 - The Trembling 2am Voice Note: Caleb Wojcik's Journey

Caleb Wojcik (one of the Fizzle Show hosts) has an intensely relatable story full of tips, tricks, track suits and lessons learned. Through his journey we discuss the path from corporate cubicle drudgery to entrepreneurial hunger to terrifying decisions and becoming a connected and successful blogger. It's a thrilling ride (even has some 2am road pushups... and did I already say track suits?). Towards the end we discuss what you can expect from the Fizzle show in coming months (and explain what the name means). Be sure to visit for shownotes (and enter your email there so we can send you things like love notes, party invitations and karaoke performances).&nbsp;Jun 07, 2013
10/04/20141 hour 7 seconds
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Episode 4: 004 - The Creative Habit - How Chase Reeves Built It

As a business builder you absolutely have to learn to balance the creative stuff with the business stuff. This is something Chase Reeves is well versed in. He’s one of the hosts of the show and in this entertaining episode he shares some lessons learned as he navigated his career through media and project management stuff to reading for 10 hours a day to newborns and lay-offs and start-ups, oh my! There's much to glean from his colorful way of looking at these things. We also answer a question about one of the most important metrics for membership sites. Be sure to visit for shownotes. Enter your email there and we'll send you our Traffic Toolkit.&nbsp;Jun 06, 2013
10/04/201458 minutes 37 seconds
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Episode 3: 003 - Panic at the Border: How Corbett Barr Built His Blog

Do you wonder how you’ll ever actually do the things you dream about? In this episode Corbett Barr (one of the Fizzle Show hosts) shares how he made the transition from dreaming to doing. It wasn't easy for him (wait till the bit about his panic at the Mexican border) but it completely changed his path, expanding his perspective about where he wanted to go with his career (and life).&nbsp; This episode is a great introduction to Corbett, narrating how he graduated from a burnt out consultant to an electrified, successful and celebrated blogger and business builder. We also answer a couple of colorful listener questions that lead to Chase's 5 website design tips and Caleb's killer Santa Claus metaphor.&nbsp; Be sure to visit and enter your email to get our free Traffic Toolkit.&nbsp; For show notes go to: 05, 2013
10/04/20141 hour 3 minutes 4 seconds
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Episode 2: 002 - Finding Your Voice Pt. 2

This episode is the second of a two-part conversation on finding your voice as a writer, video maker, speaker, blogger or anything else. How can you be yourself and create engaging, memorable and shareable content instead of copying others (and fluffing out boring, tedious ignored work)? In this second part of the conversation we explore the topic a bit more before offering a ton of tips and tricks to help you discover your authentic, engaging and easy voice. A couple interesting tidbits are Chase’s bit on what he calls “chemicals” and how finding your voice is more like eating pie than hitting a baseball. Enticing, isn’t it? But that’s not even the best part — in this episode you’ll hear Corbett’s killer karaoke skills (and his insane ability to make a late 80’s power woman band land his point for him). Inexcusable. Unmissable. We also answer a couple great listener questions, one of which inspires an answer from Corbett we all absolutely needed to hear. Go to <a href="http://F
10/04/20141 hour 7 minutes 39 seconds
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Episode 1: How To Find Your Voice (From Boring to Compelling) Pt. 1 (001)

How can you be yourself and create engaging and viral content instead of copying others (and be boring and ignored)? We don’t start with a generic intro conversation — we get right into the meat of one of the deepest topics in online business. This episode is the first of a two-part conversation on finding your voice as a writer, video maker, speaker, blogger or anything else. How can you be yourself and create engaging, memorable and shareable content instead of copying others (and fluffing out boring, tedious ignored work)? We discuss loads of tips and tricks in this episode and even include an interview with a big time blogger about how he found his voice (and how that supercharged his business). We’ve included the show notes below with links. Go to for more information
09/04/201435 minutes 29 seconds