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The First Step with Jhalisa John

English, Finance, 4 seasons, 47 episodes, 16 hours, 33 minutes
You don’t need to have it all figured out. You just need to start. Each week, join host, Jhalisa John, as she candidly shares her experiences on being a millennial, black woman in business. Listen as she teaches you how to start, scale and succeed in the modern, and often turbulent world of entrepreneurship. With her unapologetic tone and sassy attitude, Jhalisa will inspire you to take risks, crush your goals and leave all mediocrity behind. You just have to be willing to take the first step.
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Season 1 Preview

Oh it’s so good to be back! I’ve missed podcasting and having open conversations with you guys. This season on The First Step, we’ll be diving head first into the world of entrepreneurship. Every week, I’ll be releasing new episodes with insights on how you can transition from employee to boss. Listen to this preview for all the scoop on upcoming episodes.
4/15/20192 minutes, 37 seconds
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#9: Looking Ahead: Preparing for 2019

Feeling like you’ve missed out on the Holiday sales? Worry not! Carnival is right around the corner and in Trinidad, that means, you have yet another opportunity to get your products/services in front of a highly engaged and profitable audience. Take these 3 steps to enter the new year with a BANG! 1. Set SMART goals 2. Create a customer profile/persona for your product/service 3. Collect inspiration for your content
11/24/20186 minutes, 20 seconds
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#8: How To Stand Out Online: 3 Easy Strategies

Ever found yourself googling, “How to stand out outline?” or “How to gain more followers?” Hey, me too! I’ve totally googled these questions once or twice and what I usually find is some blog talking about “hacks” and “bots”, or some crazy strategies like “follow-unfollow” and “how to buy followers”. Now, being a respectable business owner, I find it hard to buy into these bogus tricks, and that’s why I’ve created, tested and penned my own list of strategies for standing out online, that actually work! In this podcast, I discuss how you can stand out online by: 1. Being Yourself 2.Hacking Culture and 3. Being Innovative with Your Content.
8/16/20188 minutes, 3 seconds
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#7: Put Fear In It’s Place | Overcoming Social Media Anxieties

So you’re worried about people talking about you if you put yourself out there on the internet, huh? So what about all the other people who are talking about you offline, in real life? Listen, stop using the fear of people talking badly about you, keep you from pursuing your dreams. Put Fear In It’s Place. Use your fears as fuel to drive your dreams.
7/26/20185 minutes, 18 seconds
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#6: Social Media Storytelling | The New Marketing Strategy

Successful companies know that their customers desire to be a part of their brand’s story. That is why they focus on creating campaigns that speak to their consumers’ interests and values. In this podcast episode, listen as I give my actual step-by-step strategy for creating a cohesive, relatable storyline for my Instagram posts.
7/15/201811 minutes, 47 seconds
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#5: Listen To This First

Welcome to The First Step Podcast with Jhalisa John. I guess this should’ve been my first episode. Nevertheless, have a listen ‘cause this is really good.
7/14/20181 minute, 4 seconds
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#4: Why Are You On Social Media?

It’s the question I’ve been pondering recently, and my answer may surprise you. In this episode of The First Step, I challenge you to dig deeper; ask yourself what is the purpose of your social media and does everything you post align with that goal.
7/14/20183 minutes, 43 seconds
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#3: Get Your Priorities Straight

Do you want to be a successful business-owner? I bet you answered, “Yes!” But are you willing to work harder than you’ve ever worked before? On this podcast, I pose these two questions to my audience of aspiring entrepreneurs. It’s time to wake up and realize that this whole entrepreneurship thing is nothing but hard work, sacrifice and prioritization.
7/12/20188 minutes, 1 second
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#2: Wingin’ It

The First Step to mastery is practice. I’ve decided to record a podcast every day for the rest of this year. Even if the sound isn’t perfect or my toddler interrupts me (which he does. Listen until the end).
7/11/201817 minutes, 26 seconds
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#1: The First Step

Taking my power back from Fear, and taking the first step into creating a Podcast. Hello! I’m Jhalisa John - an entrepreneur and style influencer from Trinidad & Tobago. I own an online store and I also do graphic design and social Media Management. This is my story....
7/8/20186 minutes, 1 second