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English, Religion, 2 seasons, 56 episodes, 20 hours, 25 minutes
Short streams of consciousness intended to guide women who desire to reach their highest potential from a place of flow & grace. Join me every week as I explore wealth, feminine wisdom & anything else God places on my heart.
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4 Streams for GOD’S QUEENS (Module 3 of The Rivers to Receiving)

This is Module 3 of The Rivers to Receiving audiobook. To experience the fullness of this ebook/digital workbook and to access the bonus content:
9/9/202314 minutes, 54 seconds
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What BLOCKS The Limitless Flow? (Module 2 of The Rivers to Receiving)

Module 2 from my eBook The Rivers to Receiving. To dive deeper to the material, the alignment assignment and the bonus module, get the eBook & workbook here:
9/8/202311 minutes, 13 seconds
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God isn’t a Sugar Daddy (Module 1 of The Rivers to Receiving)

This episode is my gift to you all. Thank you so much for sharing this podcast. Watching this show grow has been soooo beautiful. Over the next 3 days I’ll be releasing a module from The Rivers to Receiving eBook. To get the full experience of this digital workbook + access to the bonus module : The Rivers to Receiving eBook: Season 3 of The Feminine Frequency will return in Early Fall of 2023.
9/7/202311 minutes, 26 seconds
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Tales of The Prodigal Princess — Programming, Lust, and Escapism (ft. Madison Riley)

In this episode, I interview a fellow daughter of God, Madison Riley. In this episode we discuss the journey of being Prodigal Daughters who have returned home to Jesus, the struggles with the spirit of lust, porn addiction and how to break free from escapism. (Follow Madison on Instagram @immadisonriley)
7/3/202328 minutes, 39 seconds
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How Corporate Queens Can THRIVE

The Corporate Queen Path empowers naturally ambitious women to infiltrate traditional structures with innovative and rational leadership. Despite the misconception of needing to adopt a masculine approach, true QUEENS embrace their femininity and pursue advancement driven by passion, not validation or outside influence. Ready to shift into you Queen State? Go to
6/28/202321 minutes, 34 seconds
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The People’s Queen Archetype & Stepping into DEVOTION

The Corporate Queen Path empowers naturally ambitious women to infiltrate traditional structures with innovative and rational leadership. Despite the misconception of needing to adopt a masculine approach, true QUEENS embrace their femininity and pursue advancement driven by passion, not validation or outside influence. To discover you Queen Archetype go to :
6/25/202318 minutes, 39 seconds
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Queen of Streams Archetype & Mastering Flow State

In this episode we explore the most common archetype on The Queen Path quiz, The Queen of Streams. This archetype is for semi-ambitious creatives & entrepreneurs seeking multiple income streams from diverse passions. Many women who have mastered this path don't reveal the challenging periods of struggle and failures that accompany this journey. But those who can adopt the Queen Mentality, persist in staying passionate & creatively inspired will find immense success on this path. Learn more here:
6/21/202329 minutes, 22 seconds
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The Queen of Sanctuaries Archetype

The path of The Queen of Sanctuaries is for women who desire to achieve spiritual, mental, and physical harmony while devoting themselves to their passion. This archetype may not be as ambitious or career-driven as the other archetypes but can achieve great abundance once they embrace their Queen State. To learn more:
6/20/202315 minutes, 18 seconds
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Money. Power. Glory

This episode is a prequel my new course, “The Queen Path”. Take The Queen Archetype Quiz here:
6/14/202319 minutes, 3 seconds
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The Limitless Mindset of a Queen

In this episode I talk about the importance of seeing life through a HIGHER SPIRITUAL PERSPECTIVE. When you are being divinely called to step into a higher vision, the weight of limiting beliefs can keep you at a level below your potential. However, God is limitless. And the kingdom of God is within you. When you focus on who your higher power is, the limitations start to become laughable.
6/9/202312 minutes, 46 seconds
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Break Free From Confusion & Overthinking

Do you find yourself going through periods of being so overwhelmed with choices that it feels like you can’t make a decision? In this episode, I talk about the spirit of confusion and why it infiltrates us when we choose to embark The Queen Path. I also give a prophetic word for Summer 2023 & why it’s so important to be ALL IN with The Holy Spirit in order to be lead to your purpose, prosperity and peace.
5/25/202317 minutes, 59 seconds
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Pivot Power & Shifting into Your Soul’s Purpose

God is trying to promote you into a higher position, but do you have a higher perspective to see it? In this episode I talk about “Pivot Power” and how to have an adaptable mindset in order to walk into your assignment.
5/9/202317 minutes, 29 seconds
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Stop Submitting To Losers (God’s Kings vs The Devil’s Princes)

Do you feel like the Holy Spirit is taking you on the journey to teach you how to SUBMIT? In this episode, I discuss the importance of spiritual discernment during the period of courtship and how to distinguish the difference between God’s Kings and The Devil’s Princes.
4/27/202327 minutes, 41 seconds
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Make Money Your B*tch

“For the love of money is the root of all evil” (1 Timothy 6:10). In this episode I talk about the idolatry of luxury, money and relationships + offer wisdom to elevate our abundance mindset to think like Queens in God’s Kingdom.
4/20/202324 minutes, 8 seconds
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Boss Babe vs. The Queen Mindset

In this episode, I continue on the dialogue about the difference between the “Boss Babe” belief system and the Queen Mindset and how to actually adopt the mindset of true royalty.
4/11/202314 minutes, 44 seconds
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The Feminine Path is rooted in FAITH

In this episode, I discuss the connection between faith and feminine energy, how to submit to the will of God and surrendering to His leadership through falling in LOVE with him.
3/23/202319 minutes, 30 seconds
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How To Access Your Kingdom Inheritance (Prodigal Princess Path)

In this episode, I walk through the cycle of The Prodigal Princess, what happens when we find ourselves at a “Dead End”, the dimensions of Faith and how to receive the inheritance from our Heavenly Father. Want to dive deeper? Go to
3/13/202320 minutes, 51 seconds
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Kundalini is Counterfeit Chanel (The Counterfeit Holy Spirit) ft. Cynthia Bahati

In this episode, I interview my sister in Christ, Cynthia Bahati. We discuss how to distinguish the TRUE Holy Spirit, Kundalini, what the LORD has revealed to us about psychedelics, and The Counterfeit Holy Spirit. Cynthia is a former web3 founder who after having a radical awakening, left the new-age and her thriving career to pursue ministry and devote her life to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus through biblically sound teachings & embodiment. She is currently a Biblical Studies Student and the founder of Bahati Breath (IG : @cynbahati)
3/1/202336 minutes, 14 seconds
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Stop Dancing With DOUBT

In this episode, I explain on the spirit of doubt and how to combat that spirit with The Word. This episode is a prequel to what we’ll be discussing in our upcoming Kingdom Class in the Solelectra Membership. To join our membership:
2/23/202320 minutes, 24 seconds
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Discover Your “Abundance Center”

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also,” (Matthew 6:21) To learn more about our Solelectra Membership:
2/2/202319 minutes, 38 seconds
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Divine Feminine Deception ft. Monica Adams This is a clip of my conversation with the spiritual powerhouse, Monica Adams (@itsmonicaadams). We discuss the deception in The New Age, the beauty of traditional roles, and share our take on modern feminism. (The YouTube video referenced is called “Third Adam 2: The Great Seduction”)
1/25/202328 minutes, 45 seconds
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Hypergamy & Princess Programming In this episode, I dive into “Creative Romantic” archetype, Princess programming, the importance of not dating in survival mode, and how to cultivate the mindset of a queen who makes makes multiple streams of income through her CREATIVITY.
1/18/202314 minutes, 57 seconds
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Spiritual Daddy Issues ft Aaliyah May

On this episode, I have a conversation with my first guest, Aaliyah May. Aaliyah May is the serene voice behind the “But How?” Podcast where she aims to invoke curiosity in others, leading to a growth mindset and an open mind, to move each individual toward their life purpose. We discuss our journeys of rediscovering our faith, explore the feminine aspects of God and dive deep into the Spirit of Understanding.
1/11/202351 minutes, 38 seconds
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Passion is the SECRET to consistency

In this stream of consciousness I share the recent revelations I’ve been having about the power of passion and how to connect to the stream of abundance within you.
1/6/202312 minutes, 49 seconds
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Become The Unstoppable Woman

The unstoppable woman works with what she has until she has what she wants. She sees life from an abundance perspective and doesn’t allow any story to stop her from flowing towards the vision God has placed in her heart. In this episode, I dive deep into the characteristics of the “Unstoppable Woman” and the mindset she must adopt for true success.
12/19/202214 minutes, 43 seconds
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Faith, Femininity, & Finances (My Testimony & Reintroduction)

This is my most vulnerable & personal episode that I will share on this podcast. As I intuitively know this podcast will to grow exponentially, I wanted to reintroduce myself by sharing my story of how Jesus Christ rescued me and became my Lord & Savior in a time of darkness. I pray this episode inspires you to get closer to God and gives you more clarity of what The Feminine Frequency truly is.
12/15/202222 minutes, 39 seconds
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3 Tips For Networking With Feminine Energy

We’ve all heard that famous quote, “Your net worth is your network” and I couldn’t agree more. The more you we step into wealth consciousness, we’ll realize that relationships are the greatest asset on our paths towards greater influence. In this episode, I share the 3 strategies to strengthen your ability to network in your feminine energy.
12/10/202214 minutes, 52 seconds
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Prosperity is drawn to Peace

In this episode, I dive into all of the wisdom I learned after having my most financially successful month so far in 2022 and how the common denominator of how I did it being rooted in PEACE.
12/5/202214 minutes, 16 seconds
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Don’t Force The Future

2023 is on the horizon. In this episode I talk about the importance of attracting manifestations from a place of Wholeness and the importance of living from your heart vs living in your head.
12/2/202212 minutes, 52 seconds
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How to STAY in The Feminine While Building a Business

Follow me on TikTok and Instagram @solelectra 🤍
11/3/202216 minutes, 28 seconds
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Is “The Feminine Path” for me?

What is the divine feminine path and how does it differ from divine masculine path? In this episode I go deeper into the difference between the two paths and why I believe it’s important to align with the path that is the most true for you.
9/15/202115 minutes, 15 seconds