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The Faith of the Fathers w/ Karl Gessler

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Who's your Daddy? Does it matter? I lost my father when I was only 23, but his impact on me and my faith has never stopped. Now that I have become a father, I see how rich an inheritance my father left me. But I am an anomaly in today's Western World. Many men have little to no example of what it means to be a man of God. Where can the fatherless be fathered? The Faith Of The Fathers brings you honest discussions about what it means for a man to follow Jesus. Heroes of the faith, ancient, modern, and contemporary, will share their wisdom and experience. And you will receive practical, straightforward answers about God, the Bible, Life, and Fatherhood. You can be the man of God your sons will want to imitate. The Faith of the Fathers will help you get there.
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Our We Close To A National Deliverance? W/ Jon George

The deliverance ministry revival continues to sweep across America, but Pastor Jon George discovered it twelve years ago when God delivered him from drug addiction. Jon now has ministries across the nation and the globe. Today, he shares his testimony and the revelations of Truth God has taught him over the past twelve years in ministry. You will be encouraged, emboldened, and educated in this fascinating conversation. There is a stirring in America, and a significant revival breakthrough may be just around the corner!❤️ SHOW YOUR SUPPORT - LINKS BELOW...➡️ Jon George Ministries➡️ DONATE ➡️  Join our team! Media➡️Facebook -➡️Telegram -➡️Truth Social - ➡️Gab - the Show.
5/3/20241 hour, 13 minutes, 23 seconds
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How I Became a Pedophile

Everyone hates a pedophile. Even pedophiles hate pedophiles because they hate themselves. Thank God, there is forgiveness and redemption in Jesus! But Jesus gave no light warning to those who sin against children. Jesus said, "It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea, than that he would cause one of these little ones to stumble." Luke 17:2.But since pedophiles hate themselves and don't want to be pedophiles, we should have compassion and help them get set free. And in order to set people free, we need to understand how someone comes to do something so evil in the first place.  A school Principal, upstanding citizen, father, and husband shares his story today about how he fell into the most despised of sins. America has laid the groundwork for a plague of this sin and the curses that come with it. I designed this episode to motivate you to stand up, take action, and intercede for the present and future generations.❤️ SHOW YOUR SUPPORT - LINKS BELOW...➡️ DONATE ➡️  Join our team!  / karlgessler  Social Media➡️Facebook -➡️Telegram -➡️Truth Social - ➡️Gab - the show
3/22/202421 minutes, 19 seconds
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How To Be Fearless and Free From Offense

Millions of Christians do not fully believe in God's love. In fact, no living Christian fully believes in God's love because the Bible says, "There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear," 1 John 4:18 NASB.Every human has some level of fear, so we must conclude that we also have a measure of unbelief in God's love. One tell-tale sign that you lack faith in God's love is the presence of the Spirit of Offense, a spirit that abounds among religious people. But you can be free of this evil spirit and become a fearless warrior for Christ.❤️ SHOW YOUR SUPPORT - LINKS BELOW...➡️ DONATE ➡️  Join our team! Media➡️Facebook -➡️Telegram -➡️Truth Social - ➡️Gab - the show
3/1/202425 minutes, 16 seconds
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My Prophetic Journal (With Troy Black)

Are we allowed or able to prophesy today? Troy Black believes we can and we should! Troy's prophetic ministry has ministered to me over this past year in a significant way. I talked with Troy about the prophetic gift and why he thinks you and I should use it today in the Church.Find Troy Black Ministries (My Prophetic Journal) HERE.Follow The Faith of the Fathers on Telegram for more content:TELEGRAMSupport the show
2/18/202244 minutes, 37 seconds
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Two Fathers We Should Never Forget w/ Don Hendrix

The Northern and Southern states alike have always revered General Robert E Lee and General Stonewall Jackson. Without a doubt, Lee is a father of this country, but is he also a father of our faith? Recently, certain people in our media have vilified Lee as a white supremacist whom we should forget. But why should we suddenly condemn a man that we have long revered? What do we lose if we lose Robert E Lee? What do we gain if we retain his memory? General "Stonewall" Jackson is also deeply loved by the Southern United States and respected by the North. Jackson gained his nickname because of his bravery in battle, which sprung from his faith. Should Christians listen to the public pressure to condemn Jackson wholesale today?In Today's podcast, Don Hendrix joins me in the studio to talk about the importance of nuance in history and the importance of recognizing the greatness of these two men of faith and character.Telegram: The Faith of the Fatherswww.karlgessler.comSupport the show
1/21/20221 hour, 13 minutes, 32 seconds
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The Reason Your Christian Life Hasn't Changed You

Some of us confess Christ and get baptized but still struggle with the same old sins. That is not how things are supposed to work. There is a key to victory available.Christianity is nothing more than an intellectual idea without the baptism of the Holy Spirit. But many Christians are confused about it. Don't all Christians have the Holy Spirit? What does the Baptism of the Holy Spirit have to do with speaking in tongues? And is the gift of the Holy Spirit something I can acquire by choice, or do I have to ask God, wait and hope that I receive it? I've questioned many things concerning the Baptism of the Holy Spirit over the years. Recently, I tried to give my best explanation, and it seems that God confirmed my conclusions with an unlooked-for testimony. The bottom line is: You can receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit immediately. Today's podcast will explain how your life can be changed by the Holy Spirit TODAY.Telegram: The Faith of the Fatherswww.karlgessler.comSupport the show
12/17/202135 minutes, 20 seconds
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Does Your Body Matter? (Questions about Resurrection and Life on Earth)

Does your body or the earth matter to God, or are we trying to live in a de-railed story? That is what we are asking about this week's podcast. Why? Because the Sadducees challenged Jesus on His belief in the coming resurrection of the dead. Resurrection is not the same thing as "going to heaven," as many Western Christians assume. Jesus' answer has a tremendous impact on the way you approach the life you are living right now.  And in the second half of the podcast, Joseph Smith, the director of Teen Challenge Alabama, joins us to share his testimony of deliverance from pain pill addiction through Jesus!To learn more about Alabama Teen Challenge, please check out this link: Your Love! Become a Podcast Partner! more about Jesus here: on Family Ministry adventures here: Free Music from Karl Gessler, visit: your thoughts on today's discussion and join the larger conversation on our Gospel For Planet Earth facebook page. the show
11/30/201855 minutes, 50 seconds
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Can the Message of Genesis and Science Coexist? (w/ John Immel)

Harvard graduate, John Immel, joins Karl Gessler in the studio to talk about some of the challenges of reading the book of Genesis. Are Genesis and science at odds with one another? Was the world created in a literal seven days? Can someone have genuine Christian faith without being a seven-day creationist? Why was this book written in the first place? Don't forget to leave  a review through the itunes podcast app. Your Love! Become a Podcast Partner!Travel on Family Ministry adventures here: Free Music from Karl Gessler, visit: your thoughts on today's discussion and join the larger conversation on our Gospel For Planet Earth facebook page. the show
11/23/201843 minutes, 36 seconds
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What Belongs To God? (Luke 20, Politics & Religion, and China's religious crackdown w/ Eugene Bach)

Should politics and religion be separated? Many Westerners would quickly shout "Yes!" But if God cannot take part in our politics, what exactly, "belongs to God"? Jamin Hendrix joins Karl in the studio again this week to talk about the meaning behind Jesus' words in Luke 20, "Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. And Give to God what belongs to God." Today's Government in China doesn't want God or anyone else involved in their politics and they are using science-fiction-type technology to reach unprecedented levels of control over their citizens, not least, the Church! How is the Church responding? Eugene Bach joins us on the phone to give us his insider's look at these startling developments taking place in China today. The Psalmist said, "The Earth is the Lord's and all it contains..." But can technology change that?! Find your answer in this week's podcast!Get the inside scoop on the what is happening today in China here: out how you can send the Gospel to China here: Your Love! Become a Podcast Partner! a close look at North Korea in Eugene's book, "Smuggling Light" by requesting a copy for free here: on Family Ministry adventures here: Free Music from Karl Gessler, visit: your thoughts on today's discussion and join the larger conversation on our Gospel For Planet Earth facebook page. the show
11/16/201859 minutes, 20 seconds
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Election Returns! (Justification, Predestination, and Salvation with Jason Murguz)

It is election season again in the United States and so we thought it would be an appropriate time to revisit the topic of the election in the Bible! This week, Karl and Susie are joined in the studio for a live debate with Jason Murguz. Jason study theology at Liberty University and became interested in engaging with us on the topic of election after listening to a podcast that we did on the subject a couple of years ago. You can listen to that particular podcast here: Share your thoughts on this week's podcast and check out some of our other great resources here:Share your thoughts on today's discussion and join the larger conversation on our Gospel For Planet Earth facebook page. or via the website: us for our family ministry adventures here: the Podcast! the Blog: the show
11/2/201849 minutes, 19 seconds
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God Gave Me a New Name (Luke 20, Faith and Doubt, and God's Grace w/Jared Rotramel)

Jared Rotramel joins Karl in the studio this week to share his story of faith, doubt, struggle, and healing. But first, Karl and Susie take a closer look at Luke 20 and Jesus' apparent warning to the Chief Priests that they will be either crushed or smashed by Him. Is either of those a good choice?! Is there a third option?Show Your Love! Become a Podcast Partner! more about Jesus here: on Family Ministry adventures here: Free Music from Karl Gessler, visit: your thoughts on today's discussion and join the larger conversation on our Gospel For Planet Earth facebook page. the show
10/26/201840 minutes, 47 seconds
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Noah's Ark, Jesus, and Questions about Authority

Have you ever wonder what it would be like if you were actually on Noah's Ark? Have you ever wondered if there really was an ark or an actual worldwide flood? And have you ever wondered if, supposing those incidents were not meant to be taken as literal, face-value facts, would that undermine the authority of scripture? And finally, if a man came into your city hall, or your church, and started throwing things around and dismantling speakers and microphones, etc. would you ask him where he got his authority or would you ask someone to call the police? All this and more as we return to Luke's Gospel, chapter 20, on today's Gospel for Planet Earth Podcast!Take minute to rate the podcast for itunes: the Conversation on Facebook: out our family Vlog: your Support! the show
10/19/201842 minutes, 52 seconds
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Frank Conversations (Ex-Mormons, Catholics, and Cultural Christians w/ Frank Roberts)

Frankness is something that I highly value. I would rather know what someone is thinking, even if I don't agree with it, than to try and guess. In this week's podcast, I am joined by my Uncle Frank who is indeed frank in his thoughts and opinions. This is somewhat of a pioneering episode as we try to infuse a more conversational tone to the podcast. Frank was raised Catholic and then was a practicing Mormon for a number of years. Today, Frank considers himself Catholic and believes in the resurrection, but he says that he does not know Jesus personally. We are inviting you into our frank conversation on faith, history, and religion. Share your thoughts on today's discussion and join the larger conversation on our Gospel For Planet Earth facebook page. us for our family ministry adventures here: the Podcast! the Blog: the show
10/12/201842 minutes, 50 seconds
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The Jewish Gospel Of John With Dr. Eli Lizorkin-eyzenberg

Audiobooks area gift from God! I have listened to many, many, hours of books through that medium. But few of the books that I have read have quite as fascinating as Dr. Eli Lizorkin-eyzenburg's book, "The Jewish Gospel of John". That is why I am so excited and honored to have Dr. Eli on the show today! Has John's Gospel ever puzzled you? Did it ever seem anti-semitic? Why is John's Gospel do different from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John? If you have ever asked these questions, today's podcast will go a long way in helping you gain more clarity. To learn more about Dr. Eli and about to learn more about Jesus, pick up Dr. Eli's book: the conversation with The Gospel for Planet Earth: the Podcast! our family ministry Vlog: the show
10/5/201858 minutes, 41 seconds
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Good But Dangerous (Islam, Secret Bible Reading, and Salvation with Brother Majid)

"This is a good book, but it is very dangerous." Majid was warned by his father. His Islamic teacher also warned him saying, "If you read this book and you lose your Islamic faith, your blood will be on your own neck!" Yet, Majid's hunger for the truth was too strong to hold him back. He did read it and he did lose his Islamic faith and so much more. But He also gained so much more! In this week's podcast, we are hearing part two of Majid's story. You can hear part one "The Violence of Islam" by listening to last week's episode. Discover how the Gospel can end domestic violence and much more. Also in this week's podcast is a glimpse into our recent three-week ministry tour and meet another family who is "hitting the road" to do Christian ministry!Meet Josh Hoeckle and other family traveling ministries's story Part One: Majid:[email protected] the Podcast! us on the journey through our Vlog! the show
9/28/201851 minutes, 48 seconds
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The Violence Of Islam (Confession of former Muslims, John Immel and Brother Majid)

This week we will hear two very different stories from former Muslims who left the faith after finding something they believe to be much better in Jesus. John Immel shares part of his story but this time as a co-host! Plus, we will hear part one of Pastor Majid's story as he shares with us his journey from Iraq and his violent passion for Islam.You can write to Pastor Majid:[email protected] write to Christian Prisoners around the world: hear more of John Immel's story: Blogs, Vlogs and Music, please visit:www.thegospelforplanetearth.comSupport the show
9/21/201842 minutes, 54 seconds
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God Returns (Theology, Luke 19, and Jesus' Entrance into Jerusalem w/ Josh Saltz)

The long-awaited moment has arrived, the moment when God returns to His people in Zion! Not surprisingly, there are fireworks when God doesn't look like what people expected. This week, we are focusing on the meaning of Jesus' ride into Jerusalem on a donkey and His subsequent cleansing of the temple. But first, Karl is joined by a special guest co-host, Josh Saltz as they talk about talking about theology and the different ways we find motivation for the discipline of reading God's Word.Support the show
9/14/201840 minutes, 20 seconds
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Investing In Jesus (Luke 19, Parables, and the Cost of Following Jesus)

Many people claim to follow Jesus, but which Jesus are we talking about? Jesus didn't always meet the expectations of His contemporaries in the Gospels and He still is full of surprises and challenges for us today. What do we do with Jesus when He isn't what we thought? Will we follow Him if it means losing everything we know? What if it means even replacing our personal identity with something radically new? This week, Karl and Susie make a second dig into the 19th chapter of Luke's Gospel, wrestling with a parable that many have found difficult to decipher over the years. Will we suceed in bringing more understanding? You be the judge! We would love to hear from you!Share with us your thoughts from this weeks' podcast by connecting via the Website: www.thegospelforplanetearth.comor Facebook't forget to check out our family Vlog: your support of the Podcast: our family band! the show
9/7/201835 minutes, 58 seconds
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Up A Tree With A Rich Man (Counter Cultural Jesus, Grace that causes anger, and Luke 19)

We are barking up a tree this week and we have found a rich man in it! Jesus said that it is easier for a camel to "go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God" and yet, in today's podcast we will meet a rich man who does just that. He enters the kingdom of God! But how does he do it? How was it possible? What did it cost him? We are exploring these questions and more in this week's podcast. In fact, we are exploring YOUR questions this week in our last segment of the podcast. You can add your questions for future podcasts by connecting with us via Facebook: your support for the Podcast here: our Family Ministry Vlog here: the show
8/31/201849 minutes, 45 seconds
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I Will Lift Up My Eyes (Philly, Catechisms, Drugs, and Salvation W/ John Thompson)

"God, if you are up there..." how many Christians have uttered these words as the prelude to their conversion? I don't know the statistics but I would guess that the number is fairly high. John Thompson threw these words at the sky as he was overwhelmed with a sense of hopelessness and meaninglessness, and God answered, though maybe not as John expected. This week, my brother-in-law, John Thompson, shares with us his story of coming to Christ after a life of drugs and gangs in Philadelphia. Plus, Karl and Susie attempt to field some of the Biblical questions that you have submitted. If you would like to ask a question to be discussed on a future podcast, please send an email to: [email protected]'t forget to check out our family ministry adventure Vlog, including our time with John and his family in Harrisburg PA: the conversation concerning the Gospel via social media: the show
8/24/201846 minutes, 28 seconds
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Money, The Kingdom of God and Abortion (w/ Joanna Keilson)

Why is it hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God? Is it actually impossible? Can you establish a kingdom of justice on earth without getting wealthy people to back your revolution? And do we all really want a just kingdom? Do we all really want to be healed or do we fear the responsibility that will come with our healing? Karl and Susie face these questions and more on this week's podcast! Plus, Joanna Keilson from the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform visits us to share a little about her recent trip to Ireland and her efforts there to save the lives of "the least of these".It's another packed week! Share your comments and share the podcast with a friend!For more info about CBR and the fight of the right to life, visit:https://www.abortionno.orgFor more on issues of Social Justice: more Podcasts, Blogs, and Vlogs:www.thegospelforplanetearth.comSupport the show
8/17/201842 minutes, 58 seconds
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Servant Kings (Luke 18, Washing Jesus' Feet, The Lord's prayer, Children and the Kingdom)

Jesus told His disciples to pray. But why are we supposed to pray? What does prayer accomplish? What were the disciples themselves praying about? How did they view prayer? And why is Jesus partial to children? Is this unusual? What is the nature of the Kingdom of God that it should be especially meant for children? These questions and more are addressed in this week's efforts to understand Luke 18. Plus, Karl explores what new things he has learned about stories found in Luke 7 since recording a podcast studying it earlier in the year.Here is the original Podcast concerning Luke 7: more from Ken Bailey, check out: out our VLOG here! the show
8/10/201840 minutes, 21 seconds
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Not All Prayer Is Good (Healing & The Amish W/Dennis Raber + LGBT w/David Arthur)

Does God answer every prayer? Is there such a thing as a bad prayer or is every prayer good just because it is prayer? This week, Susie and Karl are going to share with you an interview with Dennis Raber, a man that they met in Ohio who experienced a great sickness after his Amish father "prayed" for something bad to happen to him. Why would a father do this? And did God answer this prayer or did something else respond to it? Spooky. Real. Real spooky, but also serious. Are we careful enough with our words? Share your thoughts with us after you listen to today's podcast! out our VLOG: us through Patreon: the show
8/3/201837 minutes, 24 seconds
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When Is Kingdom Come? (Luke 17)

When is the Kingdom of God coming? Wouldn't we all like to know? The Pharisees did. But what exactly were they asking? What kind of Kingdom were they looking for? Did they expect the world to end? And is "the Rapture" a real thing? Karl explores these questions and more in today's podcast. Plus, Karl is joined by his brother, Ricky, in the studio as they share their parallel journeys of learning the fresh challenge of the Gospel.To find more on this subject as well as other topics, check out:www.thegospelforplanetearth.comTo follow our Family VLOG: a free music download: the show
7/27/201839 minutes, 19 seconds
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Jesus Said: Don't Do This (Luke 17, Stumbling Blocks, The Kingdom and Children)

What does it mean to put a stumbling block in somebody's way? Why would anyone do it? We may have more reason than we are usually willing to acknowledge. In this week's podcast, we are looking at Luke 17 and Jesus' violent imagery regarding what happens to those who cause others to stumble. Plus, Karl and Susie share a few stories from their recent music tour and David Arthur stops in for a brief visit and update about what God is doing through His ministry. For more on David's story, Check out this podcast: David's YouTube Channel: more Blogs, Podcast, Vlogs and Music, check out: www.thegospelforplanetearth.comSupport: the show
7/20/201846 minutes, 15 seconds
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Locked up with ISIS (Peter Jasek was locked up wit ISIS for his Christian work...)

Petr Jasek grew up in the shadow of communism in the Chek-Republic. Both of Petr's parents suffered because of their faithful witness to Christ. As a result, at a young age, Petr was aware of the plight and needs of our suffering brothers and sisters around the world. Petr made it his vocation to serve the persecuted church as he was brought on staff with the Voice of the Martyrs to serve the Church in Africa. But on his last venture into Sudan, Petr was not allowed to return home. His entire trip had been caught on videos and in pictures by government spies who were suspicious of his activities. Even though Petr had committed no crime, he was placed in a small prison cell with several other men...all of them were members of ISIS! In this week's podcast, Petr shares his testimony of God's faithfulness in the midst of uncertainty and suffering. What thoughts are stirred in your heart by this week's podcast? Share your thoughts with us by sending an email to: [email protected] more information on the Persecuted Church: more on Petr's story: follow our Family VLOG: support the Podcast: the show
7/13/201844 minutes, 34 seconds
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Does God Like Loan Sharks?! (Luke 16)

Jesus' parables are not always easy to understand. In this week's podcast, we are looking at Luke 16 where it appears that God approves of the dishonest practices of a money manager! What are we missing in this parable?! Plus, we will be looking at the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus. Is this a parable about Hell and Heaven or something else?For more on this subject, find the blog at: to our new family Vlog here: Support the Podcast here: the show
7/6/201838 minutes, 36 seconds
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God is Not a Big Bully in the Sky

The Prodigal son is one of the most beloved and familiar parables of Jesus. But have we heard all that Jesus wants to say through this parable? I don't think so. Down through the ages, this parable has continued to inspire, to challenge, and to give hope to those who hear it. Nevertheless, I believe there is still more for Westerner Christians to harvest from this parable.Support the show
6/29/201825 minutes, 47 seconds
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"In The Presence Of My Enemies" (Gracia Burnham's story of captivity, loss, healing and forgiveness)

Gracia grew up as a good pastor's daughter near Witchita Kansas. After marrying Martin Burnham, a man who was called to fly supplies to missionaries living in remote jungle villages, Gracia and Martin moved to the Philippines where they served for sixteen years. Little did she know that she would one day be in the national news headlines for having been kidnapped by Muslim Terrorist for over a year. Gracia and Martin slogged through mud, rain, hunger, and gun battles as they were dragged along by the captors who were trying to avoid the Philippino military. Gracia's Husband, Martin, would not survive the ordeal. In this week's podcast, Gracia share her story with us and reveals how the Lord used this horrific ordeal to sanctify her and how He even helped her to forgive those responsible for her husband's death.Here is a link to Gracia's books: you like What you Hear? Why not support us? the show
6/22/201832 minutes, 56 seconds
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Polite Enemies (Luke 14)

Throughout Luke's Gospel, there is a growing tension between Jesus and the many varying expectations of Israel concerning the Kingdom of God. Much of the dynamics of the dialogue between Jesus and His interlocutors is lost on Westerners who have been culturally conditioned to assume that Jesus is a teacher of ethics, a healer, and someone who offers a way of hope for a better after-life. We are often blinded to the political maneuvering that is recorded throughout Luke's Gospel because we have been taught that Jesus isn't or should be interested in such things. Nothing can be further from the truth. Jesus is not only involved in political maneuvering, He is good at it too! Find out how Jesus manages to evade his enemies attempts to shame Him into silence in this week's exciting podcast episode! Don't forget to share the podcast with a friend and leave a comment about your thoughts on this week's episode!If you like what you hear, why not consider supporting us? the show
6/15/201832 minutes, 45 seconds
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The Kingdom Of God Is Like What? (Luke 13)

How would you answer that question? Many people read Jesus' parables as though they were short stories about God, how to get to heaven, and how to be a good person. And when Jesus talks about "the Kingdom of God" many of us assume that Jesus is talking about heaven as a place we will go to when we die. Many times, when a Christian dies, we say that they "entered the Kingdom."  So, when Jesus asks the rhetorical question "What is God's kingdom like?", we expect Him to describe a destination called "Heaven" to us in the next breath, but He does not.  Instead, Jesus says that the Kingdom of God is "like a mustard seed that someone took and placed in his garden. It grew and became a tree, and the birds of the sky made nests in its branches." Luke 13:19. We have to admit that if Jesus was trying to describe heaven, this is a rather shocking description. How in the world could heaven be like a Mustard seed growing into a tree? What is Jesus really talking about?Subscribe to the blog and get free music here:www.thegospelforplanetearth.comSupport the Podcast here: the show
6/8/201827 minutes, 21 seconds
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The Simple Gospel (Brother Salman from Iraq Testimony Part 2)

Last week we met Salman from Iraq who was healed by Jesus, although he didn't know any other name for Jesus other than "Hallelujah". This week, we will be hearing the second part of my interview with him and his challenge for us to get to know the real God who is not in books but in reality.Check it out this week's podcast on our YOUTUBE Channel a Comment, ask a question, and get FREE music! Your Love! Become a Podcast Partner! KARL GESSLER BAND VLOG: your thoughts on today's discussion and join the larger conversation on our Gospel For Planet Earth facebook the show
6/1/201850 minutes, 28 seconds
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Healed By Hallelujah (A Muslim’s story of healing and coming to faith in Jesus)

The Gospel is good news, not simply good advice. The Gospel is news, it is not a theory. We do not say that some people believe that the Twin Towers in New York collapsed on September 11, 2001; we say that it happened because it did. In the same way, the Gospel is the news that the Kingdom of God has arrived in and through the person of Jesus. And we know this is true because Jesus has been raised from the dead. Can this good news change you even if you do not understand it? Most definitely. The events of September 11, 2001 have changed the world we live in whether future generations know it or not. And the events surrounding Jesus, His crucifixion and His Resurrection, have changed the world even if people don't know about such events.  In today's podcast, we are going to meet a man who was healed by Jesus, though he only knew Jesus by the name "Hallelujah" in the first months after his healing encounter. This former devote Muslim was radically changed by the reality of the living person of Jesus and now fully knows and follows him. You will be moved by his story! We will also be finishing up the 12th chapter of Luke and exploring what Jesus was talking about when He told His followers to paying attention to "the signs of the times." Is this the end of the world?! Or was Jesus talking about something quite different? If you would like to connect with brother Salman, you may email him at:[email protected] you like to ask a question to be answered on the podcasts? Click the link below: the show
5/25/201858 minutes, 50 seconds
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An Interview with NT Wright (Questions about Atonement, Heaven, and The Gospel)

NT Wright is a world-renown Biblical Scholar, Theologian, and First-Century historian. He has authored numerous books including, "Paul and the Faithfulness of God" and "The Resurrection of the Son of God" on the academic level, and "Suprised by Hope" and " The Day the Revolution Began" on a more accessible level. His work has influenced a broad spectrum of people across denominations, including me, Karl Gessler, the host of The Gospel For Planet Earth Podcast. I am excited to present to you this candid interview with NT Wright in which I will ask him the most pressing questions in my mind regarding his work, including questions about the atonement, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, missions, and homosexuality.If you would like to know more about how to take advantage of N.T. Wright's Biblical Studies courses, you can do so at this link: Wright's book: Surprised By Hope Day the Revolution Began more podcasts from The Gospel For Planet Earth and receive free music from Karl Gessler by subscribing to the blog here: is the link to the article referred to in the Q and A section of the podcast: the show
5/18/201858 minutes, 2 seconds
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Fear Only Fear (Luke 12)

This week's podcast is PACKED! We are returning to Luke 12 as we try to understand just what Jesus is warnings to His disciples about being afraid and what His exhortations mean for us thousands of years later! Could this be the solution to igniting Christian faith once again in the Western world? Plus, Karl sits down for a chat with Brent Burke who shares his story of coming to faith in a Baptist Church but finding himself more at home today in Anglicanism. What? Why? How? These are the questions we are pursuing as we invite you to join in the journey of life and faith on God's great planet earth!For more info on the Family Ministry Night on May 17th check out this link: a free download of the "We Will Not Fear" Album from Karl Gessler: more on the Jordan Michael Tuesday Show: the show
5/10/20181 hour, 2 minutes, 49 seconds
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Should Christians Use Graphic Images to Protest Abortion?

How far should you go in the fight for life? Should Christians who believe that life begins at conception use graphic images of abortions to make their point? The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR) has started a campaign called the "Genocide Awareness Project (GAP), which uses the graphic images of abortions to expose what they call a current "genocide," which is taking place in the United States. Recently, I participated in a couple of these GAP events along with my two friends, Jamin and Dominic. In this week's podcast, the three of us gathered together to unpack what we saw, heard, and experienced. Are graphic images of abortions something that we should be using to make our point? For more info on CBR and GAP, please visit: more blogs and podcasts on the subject: the show
5/4/201858 minutes, 38 seconds
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Do I Exist?! (Genesis, Sexuality, and Ontology) Recorded Live.

It seems like a ridiculous question. The philosopher Rene' Descrates said famously "I think, therefore I am". But what are we? Are we animals? Are we a random collision of molecules? What does it mean to exist or to be created? What is our purpose? And can we exist without one? In this week's podcast, I will be sharing a portion of a message I gave during a concert with my band (The KGB) ,at Barker Heights Baptist Church, earlier this year.  In the message I focus on Genesis and explore the meanings behind what "creation" in the Bible is all about and how the Western world is coming dangerously close to ignoring the boundaries that give us our meaning, purpose and existence. more on John Walton's work: the show
4/27/201825 minutes, 4 seconds
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What Do You Think Of Hell? (Luke 12)

Jesus warned His followers to "fear the one who, after he has killed, has the authority to cast you into Hell." Luke 12:5. Whom and what is Jesus talking about? What are YOUR thoughts on Hell? And why is it such a big issue in much Western Christian thought? Karl and Susie share a few of their thoughts and experiences on these issues as discuss Luke 12 and as we seek get to know Jesus through Luke's exciting Gospel narrative. Plus, Karl shares a little of his recent experiences while advocating for life on a couple of college campuses. And Dr. Hong Yang returns to give us an update of the Church in China and the persecution that they are facing. Share with us your thoughts and find more podcasts and blogs at: Dr. Hong Yang the show
4/20/201850 minutes, 34 seconds
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Woe To You Pharisees! (And other thoughts from Luke 11)

Who is a Pharisees? And why was Jesus so hard on the Pharisees? Is Jesus against religion? Does God lead people into temptation? The is much to think about while trying to understand Luke's Gospel. Here in Luke 11, Susie and Karl take a deeper look at what Jesus meant when He told His disciples to pray that they would "not enter the final test". Plus, find out what happened when Karl joined a Genocide Awareness Project at Appalachian State University. It was dyno-mite!Catch all the latest podcasts and blogs at: www.thegospelforplanetearth.comSupport the show
4/12/201848 minutes, 7 seconds
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Why Pray? (And other Questions from Luke 11)

We are back in the studio this week to look at Luke 11 and Jesus' prayer for God's Kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven. Why did the disciples need help praying? What are we supposed to pray? Why are we supposed to pray? Also, find out what is happening with the Church inside China today and how you can hear first hand about the life of a persecuted Chinese Christian in the coming days! Don't forget to check out the blog for more insightful thoughts on Luke 11, persecution, and much more at: www.thegospelforplanetearth.comSupport the show
4/6/201849 minutes, 51 seconds
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Who Will Inherit the Kingdom of God? (Luke 10, the Good Samaritan, & true Israelites)

What is a good Samaritan? We don't know what that name sounded like to the first century Jews and neither do we really grasp the impact of Jesus' famous parable of the Good Samaritan. In this week's podcast, as we explore Luke 10 further, we ask why some Biblical manuscripts are different than others and why, not only Jesus' parable of the Good Samaritan, but why many of His actions were considered controversial and crossing cultural boundaries. What boundaries would Jesus cross in our own culture? Let us know your thoughts too! You can email me at [email protected] and visit to find more blogs and podcasts.Support the show
3/23/201838 minutes, 37 seconds
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Speaking Truth, Walking In Faith

The podcast has been high-jacked!! But it's ok, he's a relative. This week, Jamin Hendrix has taken over the studio so that he could put me in the hot seat! Join us as we talk about our journeys of faith and the challenges and rewards we have discovered. Plus, find out why some Christians in the Pacific Northwest had buckets of paint thrown on them as well as confrontations with Communists! Karl also announces that he and his family have been un-invited to a Methodist Church! What could be the reason for these goings on? Find out on this week's Gospel for Planet Earth Podcast!www.thegospelforplanetearth.comSupport the show
3/15/201847 minutes, 46 seconds
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Honest To Jesus (Luke 10)

It's not every day that you have an African Bishop with an amazing voice in your home and studio, so this week we made sure to spend time with Bishop Jeremiah Kibobi, a Kenyan Pastor and School director for underprivileged and orphaned children in Africa. Bishop Jeremiah will be sharing his thoughts with us about what is being said in Luke 10, plus Karl and Susie discuss the merits of the question "What would you like to change about Jesus?" after Karl's Facebook post caused a bit of a stir. It's serious fun on this week's Gospel for Planet Earth Podcast!To Learn more about Bishop Jeremiah's school and ministry in Kenya: More Podcasts, Blogs, Vlogs, and Music:www.thegospelforplanetearth.comSupport the show
3/8/201839 minutes, 26 seconds
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Changing Jesus, The Transfiguration, and Luke 9

What does Jesus look like to you? What is the transfiguration all about? Do African's look at Jesus the same way we do? How did the Disciples begin to "worship" Jesus? Join Karl Gessler and Special guest Bishop Jeremiah Kibobi on this week's Gospel for Planet Earth Podcast!Support the show
3/1/201844 minutes, 1 second
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Trust and Obey (The Beginning of our walk of faith & testimony with rapper "One Chance")

Did you ever think that Jesus wanted you to do something that seemed crazy? Did you obey or did others talk you out of it? This week, Karl shares his testimony of how God led him and his wife to leave security in a "normal" life and trust in Him alone as they followed the leading they perceived when they were reading through Luke 9. Plus, we meet another talented Christian Rap artist, "1ne Chance" who shares a similar testimony of following God's leading even when it looked impossible.Support the show
2/15/201854 minutes, 57 seconds
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Luke 8 Seeing Storms, Stilling Seas

This week is jammed packed with Luke 8 as we dig into the familiar parable of the sower and the seed, Women in Jesus's ministry, the authority of Jesus to calm the sea, and the authority of Jesus to drive out demons out of a "cutter"! Is that not enough for one podcast?! Plus, Karl and Susie discuss the value of reading the Gospels in large portions at a time. And find out why Karl and Susie drive all over the country with five kids in tow!Don't forget to leave a comment and let us know that you are listening!Support the show
2/7/201835 minutes, 25 seconds
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What Are Men And Women

What does it mean to be human? Are we a random collection of sticky molecules that happen to be able to walk, talk and breathe? Are we more than the sum of our material parts? This week, Susie and I are taking a break from the normal format of the podcast to explore a little deeper into this question, "What is man?" and also to take more time to think through the ramifications of the actions and attitudes of Jesus concerning the women involved in His Kingdom of God movement in Luke 8. What did Jesus think about gender roles? Would Jesus be at the Women's marches or promoting the N.ational O.rginization of W.omen? Does this have anything to do with Jesus' Gospel message? You will have to listen to find out what we think. Cause I am sure not committing it to print! Just kidding. I've already committed more to print than what most people would think is wise.We hope you enjoy this week's podcast! If you do, take a minute to say "hi" and tell us why you listen to The Gospel For Planet Earth, or ask us a question! We'd love to hear from you!Support the show
2/2/201836 minutes, 39 seconds
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Redrawing The Lines (Luke 7)

The world is full of good guys and bad guys. But deciding whom the good guys are and whom the bad guys are is a significant challenge, but one that we are all up for facing whether we acknowledge it or not. Even the most dedicated Pacifist and the most loyal Universalist will be able to identify enemies to their causes when truly pressed. The world of Luke and Jesus was no different. The Jews had their own ideas about who was “in” with God and who was not and hence, who is "good" and who is not. The question is, how will Jesus determine who is in line to inherit God’s blessing, (i.e. who are “God’s people”, "true Israel", or "the good") and will it line up with the views of the most influential cultural movement of the day, the Pharisees? How will Jesus' redrawn lines match up with our own expectations of whom God should or shouldn't receive? That is what we will discover on this week’s Gospel for Planet Earth Podcast. Plus, don’t miss the engaging interview with up and coming rap, recording artist “Parxx” as we talk about music, ministry and racism. Don’t forget to leave a comment and share with your friends. Take a minute to let us know how you found the podcast. We’d love to hear from you!Support the show
1/26/20181 hour, 9 minutes, 6 seconds
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Jesus Vs. Pharisees Smackdown! (Luke 6)

You have heard of Friday Night Fights, but have you heard of Sabbath Smackdowns? That’s what we have on tap for you this week on The Gospel for Planet Earth Podcast! We are exploring Luke 6 and the Pharisees’ growing edginess concerning Jesus. Jesus’ radical kingdom vison is stirring the waters and causing some people to put up their fists. How will Jesus respond to their challenges? Plus, Karl and Susie discuss the past week and the life-altering changes taking place and…the books they are reading? Finally, David Arthur returns to share his story of redemption from sexual brokenness and an incredible gift of forgiveness that he received just over the George Washington bridge in New York City. This is a story you need to hear!Support the show
1/19/20181 hour, 3 minutes, 50 seconds
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Paint, Peter, And Persecution (Luke 5)

On this week’s podcast, Karl confesses to hearing voices after a traumatic paint spilling experience! It turns out that Susie hear voices too! What could this mean?! Plus, find out why some people wanted to throw Jesus off a cliff while others were busy cutting holes in his roof! It seems that everyone wants a piece of Jesus! We also discover Jesus’ particular way of arresting Peter’s attention and gaining his loyalty when He begins His Israel-renewing movement in Luke 5. Finally, we will hear from Getaneh, a native of Ethiopia, who was hung upside down and had boiling oil poured over his feet because of his love for Jesus! This is one packed podcast, so fix those ear-buds, turn up the car speakers and grab a coffee and join us for this week’s Gospel for Planet Earth Podcast!Support the show
1/12/20181 hour, 14 minutes, 51 seconds
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The Year Of The Lord Luke 4

“Father, let me dedicate all this year to Thee…” These lyrics penned by the Lutheran Hymnist Lawrence Tuttiet, have been always what comes to mind this time of year ever since I heard Matt Redman’s modern rendition of it over a decade ago. And of course this is very appropriate since the hymn was written to be sung on New Year’s day! Happy New Year everyone! I am dedicating this year to the Lord entirely. I have dedicated myself, my family, and my calendar to the Lord. I am excited to see what He will do! On this week’s podcast, Susie and I talk about the significance of the New Year before we dive into Luke 4 and hear about Jesus’ claim that the “favorable year of the Lord” was beginning in the movement that He Himself was starting. Find out why this resulted in some people attempting to throw Jesus off a cliff! Plus you will hear about a modern day “Damascus Road” experience when a Muslim man meets Jesus on his way to kill a Christian! All this and more on today’s Gospel for Planet Earth Podcast!www.thegospelforplanetearth.comSupport the show
1/5/201831 minutes, 2 seconds
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Luke 3 Baptist, Baptists And More Baptists

How do you cook wild locusts? Slowly roasted over Hell-fire? Probably not, but it seems that John the Baptist would have had the fire needed should he want to try! Speaking of Baptists, this week is an all-Baptist week as we learn a little about the famous and prolific, Baptist Hymn writer, Fanny Crosby. We will also hear from a Baptist, Pakistani, missionary who is preaching the gospel to Muslims right here in North Carolina. And last but certainly not least, we will meet the fiery preacher, John the Baptist as he paves the way for the Messiah's arrival in Luke 3!Support the show
12/29/20171 hour, 10 minutes, 37 seconds
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Luke 2 Christmas: Good News For Everyone

Twas the weekend before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for those that were…like us! We were making a podcast! As you do your last minute shopping, take some time to relax and enjoy Christmas with us as we talk about Luke’s Christmas story, the story behind “O Holy Night”, and sit down with Steve Ward for a chat about his “Man Cave” ministry in Asheville NC! Can anything good come out of a “man cave”? Find out on this week’s podcast! Don’t forget to drop us a line (AKA comment below) and consider sharing the podcast with a friend. It’s like a free Christmas present! How neat is that?! Only this gift has the potential to keep giving as we explore what Christmas is really all about and how it is a gift for everyone! So, have yourself a Merry Christmas, because you can! Jesus wants to give Himself to you and nothing can make you more merry than that! But you will have to listen to find out what this is really all about.Support the show
12/21/201758 minutes, 49 seconds
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The Barren Woman (Luke 1)

The Holy Spirit is depicted as a dove in Luke’s Gospel (Luke 3:22), but you might have guessed a Stork by the way people are unexpectedly expecting in the opening stories of his Gospel. But the story of a barren woman suddenly becoming pregnant is not an unfamiliar one to the people of Israel, find out why and what it all means in this week’s Gospel for Planet Earth Podcast! Plus, find out the story behind the Christmas Carol “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear” and discover some amazing Old Testament-like, bizarre, acts of God in recent days in Asia! And maybe, just maybe, you might learn a bit more of what Christmas is all about in the process! Even the doctrine of Election found it's way into this week's episode! That is always exciting in various ways...So, enjoy Christmas shopping as you listen and celebrate the Advent of our God! Don’t forget to “like” and “share” and leave a comment! Find more podcasts and music at karlgessler.comSupport the show
12/15/201745 minutes, 57 seconds
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Prophets, Puppets, And Politics

What do Prophets, Puppets, and Politics have in common (Besides the letter "P". Thanks for that Susie!)? Matthew's Christmas story of course! This week, Karl dives into the tragic, highly-charged, political drama that is Matthew's Christmas story. This is a Christmas story you may not be used to hearing, but it is the one that counts. Far from peaceful, starry nights and woolly lambs, this Christmas story will challenge the way that you think of life and the use of power. Plus, we will discuss how  we understand the role that prophets played in the world of Jesus' day and in our world today. And find out how are card carrying feminist became a pro-life advocate because of the Christmas story! All this and more on this week's exciting Gospel For Planet Earth Podcast!Support the show
12/8/201736 minutes, 36 seconds
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The Cutting Edge Of Christmas

Was the first Christmas really a silent night? Who wrote the song "Silent Night" anyway? Was it Martin Luther? Or was that "Away in a Manger"? Or maybe some mystery writer? How do we keep Christ in Christmas? What is a Christ? All of this and more is tackled on this week's Gospel for Planet Earth podcast! Plus check out the new podcast feature "The Cutting Edge". And take a few minutes to listen the the reading of the Christmas story from Matthew's Gospel. So much packed into one little podcast, its like Christmas morning and it's only December 2! Don't forget our favorite sisters "Like" and "Share" and their cousin "Comment Below". Enjoy and Happy Christmas!Support the show
11/30/201732 minutes, 1 second
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The Last Secret Thankful Podcast

It's Black Friday and I am late in posting this podcast! I got thrown off by the Holiday schedule. But I am thankful to have remembered it while it is still today. Anyway, here is a our final "secret" Podcast. We were and are thoroughly thankful for God's faithfulness to care for our needs as we traveled coast to coast this past fall. I hope you have enjoyed the journey with us and I hope that this last podcast from the road will inspire you to walk in faith and obedience to God's calling in YOUR life! Don't forget, you can find blogs and other podcasts on our webpage: Next week, It's Christmas time! We will be tackling Matthew 1, the Virgin birth and other Christmas-ee things! Also, I have many Christmas blogs cued up that I am excited for you to read! Thanks for listening!Support the show
11/24/201739 minutes, 26 seconds
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Heading East Again

After making it to our destination at nearly the farthest Northwest corner of the US, we finally turned around on our We Will Not Fear tour and started heading east. In this week's podcast, Susie and reflect on our time in Seattle, and the need for refreshment as we head into Montana and the first snow fall of the year! We also ask important questions like , can you enjoy yourself on a mission trip? What constitutes a sight-seeing trip as opposed to a ministry trip? Is Montana pretty or not? And where is that money going to come from?! All these and more are answered on this week's Gospel for Planet Earth Podcast! Don't forget to like, share, rate (if you are using itunes) and comment below!Support the show
11/16/201725 minutes, 36 seconds
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Mormons, Money And More

Imagine driving through an American city with a church building on the corners of the streets every few blocks. There is a Chic-Fil-A down the road providing employment for the many church-goers in the area, many of whom are also homeschooled. The economy is strong and family values are respected. You might imagine that you were driving through the Bible belt, with the one difference being that the churches on the corners are not Baptist, Presbyterian, or Pentecostal, but Mormon, “The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”. That is what it is like driving through Salt Lake City, Utah. In this week’s Podcast, join Susie and I and our family as we travel through the Great Northwest and reflect on our brief stay in the Salt Lake City area. We will be pondering the differences between the Mormon culture and the culture of the Bible belt or Christian culture in general. What is the difference? Are Mormon’s Christians? What makes someone a Christian? What makes someone a good person? What is the Gospel? We will be addressing these rather significant questions in this 2nd “secret” podcast from our We Will Not Fear tour. We will also be giving you an update on the financial journey of faith we took as our resources continued to dwindle as we headed West. Don’t forget to like, comment, and share with a friend! And while sharing, be sure to leave us a note about how this podcast is effecting you or how it could be improved. Thanks for listening!Support the show
11/10/201736 minutes, 34 seconds
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On The Road To Utah

What is it like to travel as a family of seven across the entire continent of North America? Well, you are about to find out! On our recent cross-country trip my wife, Susie, and I recorded multiple “secret” podcasts that were not meant to be released until the trip was over. That is because these podcasts give you a real look into the journey of faith that we stepped into as we travelled from one end of the country to the other (somewhere close to 10,000 miles!) singing and doing ministry wherever the door was opened. How did we do it? What are the challenges? What are the joys? How do you plan meals or keep the kids from losing their minds?! You will find out in this exciting tell-all! This first installment of the “secret” podcasts finds us on the road to Utah in still the early part of our journey. Come join us for the ride and watch out for Antelope crossing the interstate!Support the show
11/2/201736 minutes, 4 seconds
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Hope Haven Rwanda

Over the past 8 years, my family and I have traveled thousands and thousands of miles across our great country to sing and display the Gospel in rescue missions, street corners, churches, drug rehab centers and anywhere we can. One of the opportunities that these trips have provided has been meeting various Christians, hearing their testimonies, and discovering that they are indeed our family too. Jesus himself said that “there is no one who has left house or wife or brothers or parents or children, for the sake of the kingdom of God, who will not receive many times as much at this time and in the age to come..." Luke 18:29-30.  We've had the privilege of staying with many folks in their homes and experiencing the reality that we are family in Jesus. On one of our ​ journeys, we stayed with our brother in Christ, Jason Peters, who was working at that time with the Voice of the Martyrs in Bartlesville Oklahoma. On this most recent trip, we reconnected with Jason, this time in Colorado, where he is now involved in a unique work (Hope Haven Rwanda) involving his whole family in the country of Rwanda. On this week's podcast, Jason introduces me to Susan Hollern who is the founder of Hope Haven Rwanda. I was blessed to meet Susan and to hear her testimony as well as to learn much about Rwanda that I really did not know. Listen to the podcast and click on the link below to find out how you can serve Jesus and even get to know Him more through His people in Rwanda.Support the show
10/27/201734 minutes, 54 seconds
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Overcoming Fear

Halloween is here and all over the country people are celebrating horrible things...and candy. I don't know what the appeal of horror actually is, but as much as we seem to enjoy horror as entertainment this time of year, the truth is that most of us live with a great amount of unspoken or un-articulated fear on a day to day basis. Fear is a deadly poison to the human being and a detriment to those of us who desire to follow Jesus. On this week's podcast, and for the next several podcasts, we will be going inside the "We Will Not Fear Tour" as we make our way straight across the United States and back on a faith-inspired mission trip. We are trying to face our fears and demonstrate that Jesus is greater than them all! He is the Victor! This week's stop is in Kansas with my Brother and Sister-in-Law as we talk about what scares us the most! Be sure to comment and tells us what fears you have, or even better, what fears over which God has given you victory!Support the show
10/20/201728 minutes, 50 seconds
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Karl Gessler: The Gospel, The Kingdom, and The Meaning of Jesus' Cross

In this week's podcast, we are revisiting the lecture that I gave at the Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of Luke Conference August 2017. In this brief lecture, I focus on the meaning of the cross of Jesus by examining the interactions Luke presents to us at the time of Jesus' crucifixion in Luke 23.Support the show
9/1/201733 minutes, 11 seconds
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The End Of The World Revisited

Is the end of the world near? Many people seem to think so, but why is that? And why is it that the people who live in the most wealth and comfort are the most concerned and the most convinced that the end of the world is near? Are we required to believe this? Is this part of Christian Orthodoxy? In this throw-back podcast, Karl revisits a radio show he did several years ago in the early stages of the Gospel for Planet Earth. Are we closer to the end of the world now than we were several years ago? Find out in this week’s podcast!Support the show
8/31/201727 minutes, 9 seconds
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A Choice Between Life And Death

Every decision we make effects other people. There is no such thing as private sin. In this week's podcast, Christel Novella from His Wonderful Works, shares with us her story of the struggles she had making life altering decisions and how Christ redeemed her from brokenness. Christel describes a life of absolute material success but still great emptiness. Find out how she found true victory, life and satisfaction in this week's Gospel for Planet Earth podcast!Support the show
8/30/201741 minutes, 36 seconds
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Finding Healing From Sexual Abuse w/ Mark Pendleton

Mark Pendleton was successful. He was well off and climbing the ladder to success. But he was not happy or fulfilled, in fact, he was deeply disturbed by the corruption he was witnessing in his industry. The industry was broken and Mark knew it. Mark himself was broken and he knew it. Mark experienced severe abuse as a child and it effected him throughout his life and nothing in all of his "success" was doing anything to heal him. Find out how Mark found healing in this week's Gospel For Planet Earth Podcast. You can also learn more about Mark's story, as well as many other stories from people with similar experiences of sexual brokenness when you visit Listen, share with a friend, and comment below!SHOW YOUR LOVE! Become a Podcast Partner! GOSPEL FOR PLANET EARTH YOUTUBE: your thoughts on today's discussion and join the larger conversation on our Gospel For Planet Earth facebook the show
8/25/201752 minutes, 46 seconds
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Some people teach that God will ultimately succeed in redeeming everyone in creation and no one will remain in Hell forever. There are different forms of this teaching, generally referred to as "Universalism", but this is the general description. Some positions are certainly more in line with orthodox Christianity than others which abandon it altogether.I have great sympathy for those who want Universalism to be true. There is much sentiment within the scriptures that supports this desire. First of all, consider the fact that Genesis says that "God saw ALL that He had made, and behold, it was very good" (Genesis 1:31 emphasis added). Consider too that the Apostle Peter said that "it is not God's will that ANY perish but that should come to repentance." (2 Peter 3:8-9)Then there is the most famous scripture in the world: "God so loved the world that He have His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life" John 3:16.  The key here is that the eternal life is for all those "who believe in Him". This is not to say that judgment or Hell is a matter of God being vindictive toward those who disrespect His Son. It is more that God will not rescue those who do not want to be rescued. Consider Jesus riding into Jerusalem, bursting into tears saying "if only you had known the things that make for peace. But now they are hidden from your eyes..." (Luke 19:41-44) Not everyone wants to be rescued.But this is not the time to sit smugly and look down our noses at all those "foolish people" who are simply headstrong and rebellious. We all have a story and some people's stories are absolutely horrible. The abuse, neglect, and evil that some people have experience is more than they might ever be able to communicate to someone else. It seems to me that most people would follow Jesus if they were truly exposed to Him for long enough. But there are not enough of God's people who look enough like Jesus to get the job done! Jesus said of the Israel of His own day "the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Therefore, pray to the Lord to send our laborers into his fields..."  (Luke 10:2) Most of the Israel of Jesus' day did indeed reject Jesus. But what if there had been more laborers? The story might have been different. Does that mean that these unharvested people are all going to Hell? Not necessarily. Those in danger of Hell or judgment or whatever you want to call it, might be those of us who refused to be the laborers more than those who never had the chance to hear the good news. We will be judged by what we don't do as well as by what we do. Jesus wept for all to be reconciled to God. Do we do the same? Do we seek new ways to communicate God's love to people who don't know it or do we sit smugly by content in our own standing before God but unconcerned about anyone else's. I am not a Universalist but I do believe that judgment day will be stock full of surprises both good and bad.In this week's podcast, Susie and I are discussing the concept of Universalism. Don't forget to like, comment and share with a friend!Support the show
8/18/201730 minutes, 50 seconds
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Reading The Whole Gospel

The church in the Western world has been in decline for some time now. We are struggling to find traction within our culture. Even within the walls of our church buildings we have found our effectiveness deeply wanting. We often say with words that the Gospel is “powerful” and changes lives, but it seems as though we rarely see it. What is wrong? Why is it that the Gospel is changing lives in China, India, and the Middle East, but the Western world seems not to be able to care less? Could it be that we have lost the full Gospel message? What IS the message of the Gospel? Can you put it into a few words? Maybe this is just the problem. Maybe we have tried to sum up the Gospel into quick and easy sound-bytes and have lost it in the process. The word “Gospel” means “good news”. What is this news exactly? The only real way to answer this question is to the listen to the four original evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. What did they say was the good news? And is that news still relevant today? Will the Western Church be surprised hear what they have to say? I believe that we will. Find out why in this week’s Gospel for Planet Earth Podcast!Support the show
8/11/201742 minutes, 53 seconds
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Does God Love Me?

"Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so...The most well know Bible verse in all the world is John 3:16:"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son..." This is truly an amazing message and yet, in our country, it seems to fall on deaf ears. Are we preaching this message enough? Or are we preaching one message in words and another message in deeds? What about the idea that the cross of Jesus displays God's love for us? Sometimes it seems that the message is that God is so angry with us, but took out His wrath on Jesus instead of us. This seems to conflict with the idea that God really loves us. It seems to imply more that God tolerates us because He has already vented His anger on Jesus. What is this "God is love" business really all about? Karl and Susie explore this and more on this week's podcast!Leave a comment and share with a friend!Support the show
8/4/201738 minutes, 28 seconds
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Getting Ready For Jesus Return

Getting Ready for JesusHow does one get ready for Jesus’ return? Empty your bank account? Untie your shoes? Get busy with evangelism? The real event of Jesus’ return is overshadowed in the Western world by popular, (but not necessarily Biblical), concepts of a rapture and cataclysmic final days of planet earth. The New Testament does indeed talk about Jesus’ return, or better said “re-appearing”, but not His “return” in the sense of Jesus being absent and a long way off in a place called heaven and then returning, as in travelling to earth, to take us away too. No, Jesus is already and forever present with His people. Jesus said at His ascension: “Behold, I am with you always, even to the end of the age” Matthew 28:20. The Church exists because the manifest presence of Jesus. She could not exist without His presence, though buildings and organizations could, but that is another story. The story that the four gospels writers want to tell is not about the world ending and Jesus returning to take us away from the burning wreck, but about God Himself returning to His temple. In other words, the returning referenced in the gospels is almost entirely speaking of God’s return to His temple and His people in and through the person of Jesus, rather than Jesus’ re-appearing or supposed “return” thousands of years later. What people needed to be ready for then was the return that was happening right before their very eyes. God was returning to His temple and to His people and to His world to renew them all and to bring about a righteous judgment so that there will be righteousness in the streets and healing in the land. The world was not ready for Jesus’ coming then, and it is not ready for the announcement of His presence and Lordship today. And the truth be told, that announcement is often been muffled and muddled by the misled concepts of the rapture and the end of the world. It’s my desire to re-claim the gospel message of God’s return in the person of Jesus that we find in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.In this week’s podcast, Karl and Susie discuss the concept of “Getting Ready for Jesus’ return”. Listen, comment below, and share with a friend! And don’t forget that our Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of Luke Conference is coming up in only 8 days! Register today!Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of LukeAugust 5, 2017Hendersonville Presbyterian Church699 North Grove St. Hendersonville NC 28792Registration is free, just call 828-553-2020 or send an email with the subject title “Registration” to [email protected] the show
7/28/201733 minutes, 42 seconds
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Foxes, Family and Following Jesus

"Foxes have dens," Jesus replied, "...but the son of man has nowhere to lay His head."  (Luke 9:58)Is Jesus a homeless pilgrim? Is that what Jesus was advocating and what Luke wants to tell us? Of the vast majority of Christians, those who truly study their Bibles are few. But of the few that actually do spend time reading the Bible, very few ever read it in large chunks. We have been trained to read the Bible for private devotions, to spend 15 or 20 minutes reading the word and meditating on "what it means to me". This is a very worthy exercise and one I would commend to every person in the world, but it is not how the Bible was meant to be read. Most people take it for granted that Jesus is a spiritual teacher who shows us the way to heaven. Therefore, His teaching is about great timeless truth about how to get to heaven, how to be a better person, and how to order your spiritual life. But that is not what the Bible is about and it is not what the Gospels are about. The word "gospel" means "good news" and the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) are about something that has happened, whether you like it or not, believe it or not, or have ever heard about it before. These works are not about good advice, but about good news. These books are not about timeless teachings but about historical events that have changed and are still changing the world for good.Yes, some of the things Jesus teaches contains timeless truth, but the message of each gospel writer and of Jesus Himself is more impactful, more audacious and more challenging than that. Each gospel writer claims, in his on way, that Jesus has accomplished the establishment of a new reality, a new kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Because of this accomplishment, everything is to be re-shaped and re-evaluated. There is new hope, new possibilities, and a new Lord in town. But we miss much of this by reading the Bible in small, isolated sections. We fail to see the big picture, the drama, and the accomplishment that Luke and the other gospels writers are so eager to announce to us.In this week's podcast, Susie and I discuss Luke 9:57-62 and the merits of reading the gospels in bigger sections at a time, or even the whole thing in one sitting! This is in anticipation of our Meeting Jesus in Gospel of Luke Conference coming up on August 6th at Hendersonville Presbyterian Church 699 North Grove St. Hendersonville NC 28792. To register for free, call 828-553-2020.Support the show
7/21/201728 minutes, 45 seconds
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A Candid Interview With Myself

Before my Dad suddenly passed away at the young age of 49, he used to casually say that “one day it would be fun to have a radio show”. My Dad loved to talk to people, but I think the radio show was more or less a pipe dream. But for me, it was a very exciting and appealing idea. When my father passed at such a young age, I decided that I didn’t want to wait for “one day” and, by God’s grace and provision, I was able to launch out on a local radio show with my own program that ran once a week for about six months. This is how The Gospel for Planet Earth was born. It was very exciting and I perceive that it was a success even though it was short lived (Eventually, I decided that podcasts were more economic and flexible. However, there is still a possibility that I would do a radio show again). It was exciting and I learned a lot. Particularly, I became more convinced that there is a growing crowd of people out there in our Christian culture who are not satisfied with some or many of the answers that they are receiving from mainline Christianity. There are many answers that I believe mainline Christianity is not able to answer because of the simple fact that exactly what “the gospel” is has been lost. Mainline Christianity teaches that the gospel is about how sinners get forgiven and can be assured their place in heaven. But the gospel according to the four evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, is about how God established His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Until we can recognize this and reorganize our scriptural interpretation around this fact, there are many answers that the church is giving that will fall flat in trying to scratch where it itches for those with serious questions in our churches and on the streets. This is the main reason why this podcast and blog exists.I have always been a candid person. But a true Christian must also learn to be candid with oneself as well, as Jesus warned that “the measure you use to judge others will be used to measure yourself.” (Matthew 7:1-3). I think that a huge key to asking good questions is learning to be candid with yourself. And this is also a MUST for good evangelism. So, for this week’s podcast, I thought I would dust off a show from the original radio program about seven years ago in which I interview myself. I think I am about due for another one of these as I trust I have grown since this recording. Maybe you have questions that you think I should be asking myself? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please, listen, share, and comment below. This is a candid interview with myself on The Gospel For Planet Earth!Support the show
7/14/201723 minutes, 17 seconds
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Gay Christians?

This question has always been absurd to me. Where did we ever get the idea that homosexuality and Christianity are compatible? Nevertheless, is seems that many Christians today are in doubt about how to answer this question. The truth be told, many people within our christian culture seem to be unable to define proper sexual behavior at all. It seems that our culture wants to say, "Is any sexual practice illegitimate?" and many want to answer with a loud "NO!" But the silent majority is struggling, searching and hoping for answers. No boundaries is a reality and for good reason. A country without borders is a country that is about to be invaded by an enemy. How do we discern what is proper sexual behavior? In this week's podcast Karl talks with David Arthur who spent over 30 years of his life, previously, in homosexuality and transgender-ism. Please take a moment to listen, comment and share with someone who will benefit from this podcast!Support the show
7/7/201746 minutes, 40 seconds
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This week I have been in the studio working on a new music project, o for this week's podcast, I am dusting off the digital shelf to bring you a special podcast recorded with my wife last year concerning the doctrine of election. This was also recorded during the presidential election cycle of 2016.The popular Protestant doctrine of Election has been much contested down the years. Nevertheless, many aspects of this doctrine are the assumed standard for most mainline Evangelical Protestant denominations. There are some non-Calvinists or "Arminians", but they are not the dominant opinion in the American pulpits. Many people assume that if you are not a Calvinist, you are Arminian. I honestly know nothing of Jacobus Arminius except his name which I just looked up on Wikipedia! (Note to self: add Jacobus Arminius to reading list). Nevertheless, I have always had major concerns and have perceived many inconsistencies within the traditional Calvinistc teachings on election. In this podcast, I take a stab at explaining to my wife how I understand the Biblical doctrine of election. I am sure that this will not be my last attempt!Please, listen, comment, and share with a friend!Support the show
6/30/201736 minutes, 1 second
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Music, Movements, and the Church

Music moves us, Movements produce music, and the Church has always been full of music and movements. But which comes first, the music or the movements? Which movements from the past still effect us today? What are today's musical movements that are shaking and shaping the Church in the West? From the Wesley's to D.L. Moody and Ira Sankey, to Haight Ashbury and ​​the Jesus movement, to Passion and Jesus Culture, Karl and Ricky Gessler discuss these and other, sometimes unmentionable players, ( i.e. "Stryper") in the Christian music world and in the world of culture on this week's Gospel for Planet Earth Podcast. ​Support the show
6/23/201740 minutes, 8 seconds
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Gluten, The Gospel And Galatians

Gluten has become a great evil in the world of healthy eating. It does feel sometimes like eating healthy has become a new moral obligation. Sometimes, when we read the Bible, it seems that foods that are eaten or not eaten also has some kind of moral attachment. But the apostle Paul told the Corinthians that "food does not bring us near to God; we are no worse if we do not eat, and no better if we do" 1 Corinthians 8:8. Yet in the book of Galatians, Jews eating at the same table with Gentiles is a major hot button! Find out why on this podcast with Karl and Susie Gessler! *(This is podcast was orginally released in 2016)Support the show
6/16/201736 minutes, 56 seconds
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New Creations, New Music

Jim Beaver needed an escape as he grew up with wounds and hurts. Jim found part of that escape in his music, but still he needed real hope and real life. After struggling for many years, Jim was finally introduced to Jesus and His gift of the Holy Spirit that, in Jim's words, made him realize that "Oh! Jesus is real! This thing is real!" Now Jim still plays music, but not so much for an escape but more for an expression of who He now is in Christ. I first met Jim when we were both in high school and I was amazed by his guitar skills then, and even more so today. I am thankful that he uses his gifts to celebrate the Kingdom of God. In this podcast, Jim and I reflect on our parallel musical lives, asking the question "How has Jesus changed the way we think about music?" You will also get to hear some of Jim's amazing skills as wells as a sneak peak, live performance of a song from my upcoming album (scheduled to be released in August 2017). Please take a moment to listen, like, comment, and share!Support the show
6/9/201741 minutes, 7 seconds
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Going On A Witch Hunt

Nathaniel Jolly has been to many places where he has been confronted with demonic activity. Many people would find his stories fascinating and sensational, but also really creepy. Some people find this type of thing entertaining. But what if it is much more malevolent than that? What if these things were actually dangerous and kept people enslaved? What if they caused nightmares and fears and explainable, frightening experiences? What if YOU were experiencing some of these things? Do you want freedom? Freedom exists and Nathaniel and I want you to find freedom. Join us for this week's podcast as we talk about witches, demons and deliverance.Support the show
6/2/201739 minutes, 51 seconds
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There and Back Again, A Catholic's Holiday

All religions are created equal. That is what we are taught to believe. “Religion” as we know the word today is, however, a misleading and largely unhelpful word when describing the world-views of various cultures and peoples. In today’s Western world, the word religion is used to categorize whole world-views as being superstitious or spiritual and, hence, having no real purchase on matters to do with the “real world” of space, time and matter. But this concept of religion is a modern myth. Suppose you could explore the different religions of the world on a personal level? What if you became a Hindu or a Muslim or a Catholic? For that matter, what if you spent time being an Atheist? How would it change your world-view? How would it affect your life and the lives of the people around you? This would be a dangerous experiment. Fortunately for you, someone else has tried it and lived to tell the story. On this weeks Gospel for Planet Earth Podcast, John Immel shares his story of a journey around the world religions to finally finding his home in Christ.Leave a Comment, ask a question, and get FREE music! Your Love! Become a Podcast Partner! KARL GESSLER BAND GOSPEL FOR PLANET EARTH YOUTUBE your thoughts on today's discussion and join the larger conversation on our Gospel For Planet Earth facebook the show
5/26/201744 minutes, 6 seconds
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The House That Jesus Built

Jesus told the Jews in Jerusalem that they could tear down their temple and He would rebuild it in three days. (John 2:19). Did Jesus intend to really build a temple? Did Jesus intend to build anything?What did Jesus intend to accomplish through His ministry and His suffering on a cross? Did He intend to “start the Church” and did that mean the same thing in the first Century as we mean by it today in the West? On this week’s podcast, I briefly explore these questions before giving a rough account of what I believe Jesus was building and what He was accomplishing for us today.If you enjoy these podcasts, please share with a friend and tune in Saturdays at 10am for Live Facebook Podcasts. Share your thoughts and ideas for future podcasts!Support the show
5/19/201732 minutes, 30 seconds
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The Gospel for the Earth?!

What is "The Gospel for Planet Earth"? In this week's podcast, I am getting back to basics, giving a brief account of how and why I got started doing this podcast and blog, and why I think it is relevant for today.Support the show
5/5/201737 minutes, 2 seconds
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Tree Churches

Michael Titus and His family used to be Muslim but now they are all Christians. How did this happen? Why did this happen? Michael believes that it is because Muslims are hurt by a following a religion that is spiritually dark. Jesus gives life and light! Michael and his coworker are bringing the gospel to places in Tanzania that have never heard it before! They are church planting even without church buildings. Learn more on today's podcast!Support the show
4/28/201737 minutes, 2 seconds
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An Interview with a African Bishop Jeremiah Kibobi

Easter is the pinnacle of the Christian calendar. In fact, it is the pinnacle of anyone's calendar because it is a celebration of the moment when the world turned its vital corner and God became King in and through Jesus. But what does this mean for us today? Bishop Jeremiah Kibobi is a former Bishop in the African Anglican Church. Bishop Kibobi shares with us his experience ministering in the Anglican church and why he left it to become a bishop of Visions of Glory Church which focuses on care for the widows, orphans, and the less fortunate. Bishop Kibobi and Karl Gessler talk about life, Easter, and his work in Kenya. Leave a Comment or ask a question: Your Love! Become a Podcast Partner! GOSPEL FOR PLANET EARTH VLOG: your thoughts on today's discussion and join the larger conversation on our Gospel For Planet Earth facebook the show
4/21/201732 minutes, 8 seconds
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Uncommon Encounters with God

This week, Brad Ames shares with us how he came to know the risen Christ and how Jesus can make Himself known to people in some of the strangest ways. Brad's story is moving and gripping, coming from an atheist background or simply a nominal "Christian" background into a real relationship with the living Jesus. But Brad also shares with us the story of how one person, while ministering to people at the infamous "Rainbow Gatherings", testified to the life and reality of Jesus by standing on their head in the grocery store!Leave a Comment or ask a question: Your Love! Become a Podcast Partner! GOSPEL FOR PLANET EARTH VLOG: your thoughts on today's discussion and join the larger conversation on our Gospel For Planet Earth facebook the show
4/15/201742 minutes, 30 seconds
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The First to Come to Christ (A Muslim Tanzanian Meets Jesus)

Michael Titus grew up as a Muslim. It was all that he knew. There had been no proclamation of the Gospel in his village in over 100 years. But Michael had a dream one night that gave him a deep longing for real joy. Michael dreamed that he saw a car full and people who were laughing and singing with great joy. They stopped the car and shouted to him, "Get in! You only have one chance!" When Michael woke up, he began to ask, "Where can I find this in reality?" Michael did find the longing of his heart and this is how it happened...Leave a Comment or ask a question: Your Love! Become a Podcast Partner! GOSPEL FOR PLANET EARTH VLOG: your thoughts on today's discussion and join the larger conversation on our Gospel For Planet Earth facebook the show
4/7/201741 minutes, 19 seconds
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Discovering Western Pornography (How a Chinese College Student Discovered Jesus)

Hung Yang grew up in communist China in the 1970s. Dr. Yang is now a citizen of the United States and teaches in a US University but before that, he was a loyal member of the Chinese Communist Party because he did not know that there was anything else to be. The young Dr. Yang did not even know that there was a book called “The Bible” until he was 20 years old and was studying English literature in a Communist school. The Bible is a highly restricted and sometimes forbidden book in China even today but especially in the late 70s and early 80s, Bibles were virtually non-existent in China. Dr. Yang would never have known about the Bible either had not Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and a few other English authors referred to the Holy scriptures in their literature. These minor references were enough to stir the young Dr. Yang’s interest. When he asked his teacher about the Bible he was rebuked and warned that it would be “dangerous” to inquire about that book! Dr. Yang was told that he must ask the head of the school if he really wanted to know something about the Bible, but it could get him in trouble…Dr. Yang persisted in seeking permission to have access to a Bible, all the while, he had to insist that it was for academic purposes only. Finally, the school master consented under the condition that Dr. Yang would only be allowed to have the Bible for two weeks and he must sign a paper promising to read the Bible for academic purposes only! Dr. Yang was then led to a secret room in the school, (a room he never knew existed!), in which there was a library for the books banned by the Communist government. After searching for a couple of hours, Hung Yang finally found what he was looking for in a box marked “Western Pornography”. In this box, Dr. Yang found an old, moldy, King James Bible with some missing pages which he then studied, (for academic purposes only of course!), for two weeks.Support the show
4/1/201731 minutes, 39 seconds
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The Human Vocation

Karl and Susie are BOTH in the studio this month with a cameo appearance by our youngest daughter (at least outside of the womb). This month, we are talking about our vocation as human beings and followers of Jesus. Vacation is the next best thing to vocation. Our vocation is what gives us value and is the most important thing to know about ourselves.Support the show
3/2/201736 minutes, 59 seconds
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"My Mom is making me do this"

Jesus came to establish the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. One of the central ramifications of that accomplishment is that justice is brought to the poor and helpless. Jesus' victory over the darkness is brought to bear on the world through His people, like Debbie Gilbert who started In My Heart Ministries to help rescue and restores boys and girls that have been kidnapped into sexual slavery. You will be gripped and challenged through this interview. May it stir your heart to prayer and action.Support the show
1/31/201733 minutes, 38 seconds
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Silent Night

"Silent Night" is one of the most popular Christmas Carols of all time. But does it actually teach us about what the birth of Jesus actually meant for the world? Was the first Christmas night truly a quite and peaceful event? What is this Christmas story all about?Karl and Susie discusses this and other Christmas Carols for this month's Gospel for Planet Earth Podcast. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!Support the show
12/27/201627 minutes, 58 seconds
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"They Beat Me and I Was Blessed"

Anna grew up in Armenia, the first nation to officially identify as "Christian". Anna's family identified as "Christian" but they didn't pray or read the Bible. In fact, when Anna wanted to learn more about Jesus, her mother refused to allow Anna to have a Bible, saying that the Bible "belongs in the church (building)". In spite of identifying as "Christian", Anna's family persecuted her for her newfound faith in Jesus, even threatening her life. In the end, however, Anna's faithful, loving, witness won the hearts of her family. This is Anna's story of salvation, forgiveness, and overcoming.Leave a Comment or ask a Your Love! Become a Podcast Partner! Free Music from Karl Gessler, your thoughts on today's discussion and join the larger conversation on our Gospel For Planet Earth facebook the show
12/13/201631 minutes, 46 seconds
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The Gospel According To Stephen (Evangelism, The Gospel, and the Need to Speak)

Evangelism in the first century did not sound like evangelism in the 21st century. Why not? Why didn't Jesus ever ask people if they knew where they would spend eternity? Why didn't the disciples tell people that Jesus has made a way for them to go to heaven? In this week's podcast, Karl explores Stephen's words to the High Priest during his trial before his martyrdom. As Evangelists in the twenty-first century, should we be sounding more like Stephen?Show Your Love! Become a Podcast Partner! more about Jesus here: on Family Ministry adventures here: Free Music from Karl Gessler, visit: your thoughts on today's discussion and join the larger conversation on our Gospel For Planet Earth facebook page. the show
11/20/201646 minutes, 21 seconds
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A Real Life Story inside the world of the LGBT

David Arthur was born as a man but lived as a "female" prostitute in Philadelphia, PA for many years. After nearly dying from the effects of his lifestyle. David turned to Jesus who David claims healed him of the diseases he had contracted and taught him how to be a man.Show Your Love! Become a Podcast Partner! more about Jesus here: on Family Ministry adventures here: Free Music from Karl Gessler, visit: your thoughts on today's discussion and join the larger conversation on our Gospel For Planet Earth facebook page. the show
11/18/201643 minutes, 27 seconds