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If you are a business owner and you love Jesus, you've come to the right place! Are you needing business strategies to grow your business? Are you wanting to lean on your faith in the process? Are you wanting to build confidence in taking next steps? You will get all of that and more in this podcast!
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8: The Un-Biblical Mindsets (that may be holding you back in your business)

How do you feel when you are being pulled into something brand new? Maybe you need to create a digital course. Maybe you need to start a podcast. Maybe you need to write a book - and the overall tasks seem daunting. How do you respond?How do you respond when you try something and you don’t get the outcome you want? You work hard and no one buys your course.  You start a podcast and get very few listeners. You put yourself out there on social media and don’t get responses? How do you handle these situations?How do you handle unexpected problems? You’re doing a webinar and you have technical difficulties. You create a funnel and your links don’t work. You trying to do a podcast and your audio won’t upload. Having the right Biblical mindset, founded on your faith and belief of who God is (and not on your own skills) is CRUCIAL to surviving (and thriving) as a Faith Filled Entrepreneur.Show links:EQUIPPED! Digital Course LibraryFree Monday DevosFollow us on IG @thefaithfilledentrepreneur
2/23/202426 minutes, 51 seconds
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107: Fasting for Breakthrough

Fasting is all about a closeness with God. Unpopular opinion - I don’t think fasting is optional - now I’m not talking about salvation. But when you look at how Jesus talks about fasting, he puts “prayer and fasting” together many times. And when he’s preaching about it, he starts by saying, “when you fast” not - if you decide to fast. In the same phrasing as “when you pray” he says “When you fast, fast like this - come ya hair” and even better - when you fast and you fast with pure motives and not for the sake of people looking at you and patting you on the back, the Father rewards that - so although it’s a sacrifice, why would we not want to fast?So while there are several reasons that people fasted in the Bible, I want to hone in on 4 of them. 1. To prepare their hearts for ministry or mission - 2. To ask God for wisdom. 3. To ask God for protection or victory- 4. To worship God Show Links:Prepared for BreakthroughEquipped Digital Course Library (includes Prepared for Breakthrough)Monday Devotions (Free)
2/2/202416 minutes, 56 seconds
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106: 7 Steps to a Holy Spirit Led Vision (for your business)

Happy New Year! I always love the start of a new year.It just feels like a tangible time to reflect and change and get excited about something new. Coming to the present, towards the end of 2023, God started dripping a word in my mind again. My word for this year is VISION - and not just any vision, but a Holy Spirit led vision. God is calling me to stay the course - after a lot of molding and redefining my businesses, I’m finally getting some bigger picture clarity and not just the “just trust me - take this next step blindly in faith” clarity that defined 2023.Here are 7 ways to get a Holy Spirit led vision.Commit your business to the Lord.Live righteouslyAsk for wisdom.Give space for God to answer.Be faithful to take steps of obedience, even in difficultyBe faithful in the waiting.Rinse and repeat.Resources:Waiting With Purpose - Free!31 Days of Powerful Prayers - Free!IG - @thefaithfilledentrepreneur
1/11/202416 minutes, 53 seconds
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105: The Hardest Year of Surrendering in my Business

Surrender - My 2023 FocusLast year was the first year that I actually had a word, or focus for the year. That is not a practice that I’ve ever really done in the past. And last year, I wasn’t intentionally looking for a word per say. I was in a time of fasting and praying with my church in January of 2023, and clear as day, the word “Surrender” played over and over in my mind. I knew without a doubt that my focus for 2023 would be to surrender, in obedience to whatever God had for me.That embarked quite an adventure this year. And I want to be fully transparent on this episode, this has been the hardest year of my entrepreneurial journey since I started 5 years ago. Harder than my first year. Harder even than 2020. God continued to be faithful and prepare and equip me for next steps. No matter where you are in your journey - God's got you. He's guiding you, and every step has a purpose.Want more guidance as a Faith Filled Entrepreneur?Follow us on IG @thefaithfilledentrepreneurGrab your free Evaluate 2023 to Elevate 2024 GuideGrab your free 21 Days to a Faith Led Business Prayer and Devotional GuidePurchase Fight Fear with Faith and be Elevated by God: A Study of Esther
12/14/202319 minutes, 25 seconds
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5 Things you MUST Evaluate before 2024!

As Faith Filled Entrepreneurs, we've got to operate in faith and wisdom!We must evaluate these 5 things in order to elevate 2024!1. Expenses2. Revenue3. Time4. Technology5. FaithGrab your free guide, Evaluate 2023 to Elevate 2024 by clicking here! Share this with all of your faith filled entrepreneur friends!
12/1/202326 minutes, 44 seconds
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103: Wait with Purpose: Part II

In this episode, we take a look at some of the Biblical "waiters" in the Bible - Abraham, Noah, Daniel, Ruth...just to name a few!Make sure to grab your free copy of Waiting with Purpose!Also, follow us on IG @thefaithfilledentrepreneur**Also, I was honored to be a guest podcaster on the Not Your Momma's Podcast (highly recommend!), so in a few places, I'm talking to her audience!
11/16/202319 minutes, 35 seconds
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102: Waiting with Purpose- Part I

We know that waiting is all part of the journey. For entrepreneurs, we can probably all agree that its up there on the list for our least favorite parts of the journey. You know God has called you a particular direction. You’ve taken that step of obedience and faith. You’ve taken the risk. You’ve started the business, or created the product, or sent the uncomfortable emails and text messages…you’ve been brave and walked out on the ledge…and now you’re still out there just sitting on the ledge. Or maybe that’s what it feels like. And it’s scary. And you’re maybe a little confused because you’re starting to question if you heard God correctly. Maybe you even feel a little like a failure or a fool. Your family or your friends have seen you step out on this limb in faith…and now you’re waiting.Let's get some Biblical encouragement and truth in this journey!Download your free resource: Waiting with Purpose and get Bible verses and Biblical examples of people who waited well, and were blessed! Click here to download!
10/19/202314 minutes, 31 seconds
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Ep 101: Finding Truth in Confusion

Confusion is a weapon of the enemy to stop us from moving forward with the Kingdom Purpose God has given us! So how do we combat confusion:Recognize it - God is not a God of confusion (unless you are the enemy - which you are not), so if confusion is settling in, you need to recognize it, and you need to take a step back.Get in the WORD. The Bible is enough, but I also want to encourage you to use commentaries and Biblically sound Bible studies to help you dive in. As a warning, in Acts 17, as Paul preaches to the people in Berea, verse 11 says, “They searched the scriptures day after day to see if Paul and Silas were teaching the truth. As a result, many Jews believed, as did many of the prominent Greek women and men.) Make sure you are not taking teachings at face value without digging into the Word yourself.Connect to the Holy Spirit. If you have put your faith in Christ, you have the Holy Spirit. He is guiding, correcting, teaching and encouraging you along the way. You still have to open to his teaching and living a life of obedience and expectation to be able to hear that guidance. I will put some books that I have learned from in the show notes if you are looking to dive deeper.Pray - James 1:5 says, “If you need wisdom, ask our generous God and He will give it to you.” Psalm 37:23 says, “The Lord directs the steps of the Godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.” Spend time with God and give him space to sort out your confusion.Sisters, listen - if you are confused, please don’t stay still. Actively connect with the giver of direction and peace. Because confusion will only keep you from moving fully into your purpose and having the Kingdom Impact that God called you to have. We don’t have time for that.Resources I love:Jen Hatmaker: The Modern Girl's Guide to Bible Study (I don't agree with Jen Hatmaker's later beliefs about Christianity, but this is an excellent guide to learning how to read the Bible).David Paul Washer: Studying the Holy Scriptures Jeannie Cunnion: Don't Miss Out: Daring to Believe Life is Better with the Holy SpiritYou can also  get our free bible study guide: Why We Need It and How We Read It- Just click here!EQUIPPED Monthly Membership is open! Right now, for a few days, you can hop in for only $5 per month! This will be the last time it is offered at this price, so hop in today! Click here to get more info and join!
9/28/202321 minutes, 5 seconds
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100: Lessons and Faith in our First Flip House

 THIS EPISODE is our 100th episode! Woohoo!So, naturally, we need to celebrate! For the next two weeks in September, until the next episode goes live, you can grab our 21 Days to a Faith Led Business absolutely free. You get all 21 days immediately, but you will also receive one devotion and prayer for your business in your inbox each day for 21 days. So click here to download your copy today!In this episode, I walk through some lessons and faith steps I had to take in this journey of flipping my first house - a house that needed EVERYTHING fixed.Here are a couple of verses that I have clung to along the way.The first one is Psalm 139:5 - “You go before me and follow me. You place your hand of blessing on my head.”The second one is Deuteronomy 1:29-33. “But I said to you, ‘Don’t be shocked or afraid (of them)! The Lord your God is going ahead of you. He will fight for you, just as you saw him do (in Eqypt). And you saw how the Lord your God cared for you all along the way (as you traveled through the wilderness), just as a father cares for his child. Now he has brought you to this place. But even after all he did, you refused to trust the Lord your God, who goes before you (looking for the best places to camp) guiding you with a pillar of fire by night and a pillar of cloud by day.Now I now that one was long, and I want to read it again as I wrote it down for me - again, we never add or takeaway from the Bible, and we know that Deuteronomy is talking about the Israelites, but God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, right?“But I said to you, ‘Don’t be shocked or afraid (of the unknown)! The Lord your God is going ahead of you. He will fight for you, just as you saw him do (in your other businesses). And you saw how the Lord your God cared for you all along the way (as you’ve walked through other unknowns), just as a father cares for his child. Now he has brought you to this place. But even after all he did, you refused to trust the Lord your God, who goes before you, guiding you with the Holy Spirit every step of the way.The part of this verse that went through my head over and over and over again - and as I said, still is - is Now he has brought you to this place…and after all you have seen him do, why would you not trust him now?So what place has God brought you to? Does he want you to start something? Does he want you to walk away from something? And do you truly believe that if he has brought you to this place, he will provide abundantly out of his riches? If worry is creeping in, defeat it with truth friend, and take that step forward in faith. See you on Instagram!Download 21 Days to a Faith Led Business!
9/12/202316 minutes, 50 seconds
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3 Ways to Overcome working Mom's Guilt Biblically with Celia Varghese

If you are a mom, juggling all the things - trying to be present for your family, take care of the home, take care of yourself and your spiritual life, build a business…and keep your sanity - you are going to love the interview I have for you!Celia Varghese is a coffee-loving, laid-back, nerdtastic cheerleader who can be found watching her favorite rotation of TV shows (Big Bang Theory, Friends, and Home Edit) as if it was the first time - frequently with a cappuccino in hand.Her faith is very important to her. She loves spending her morning reading the Bible and meditating on God’s word. And if you are into credentials…Celia is a board-certified psychiatrist with training in cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic psychotherapy as well as a certified life coach.  Taking what she has learned, Celia has integrated her skills to become a Christian mompreneur mindset coach.As a mama of 1, Celia’s mission is to help Christian female entrepreneurs navigate motherhood and business without sacrificing themselves and their faith. You can find Celia here!E: [email protected]   W: www.mindsetcoachmd.comInstagram: @mindsetcoachmdFree Quiz- What is your God-Given Entrepreneurial Gift?Follow Jenn Kleiber onIG and YouTube @thefaithfilledentrepreneurDownload your FREE 3-Day Devotional: Faith and Wisdom in Business!
6/25/202329 minutes, 35 seconds
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He's a Good, Good Father

The day this podcast is released will be Father’s Day. I know there can be a plethora of emotions that that come through. I was blessed to be raised by my biological dad and my step dad, both men I called dad, and both walked me down the aisle my first message. My biological dad died suddenly one month before my wedding to Chris, so that, as you can imagine, was a super difficult time, and I still miss him every day. Sometimes, our view of God as our Heavenly father can be skewed by our past experiences with our earthly father. Today, I want to just give you a few reminders of your Heavenly father’s love for you, and the truth that he is a good, good father.In this episode, we discuss 4 characteristics of God, backed up by scripture. Here are the scriptures:God is relational:Psalm 139:16Psalm 139:17 Isaiah 43:1-4He is a God of provision and direction:Psalm 37:23-24 Psalm 36:8-9Psalm 34:8-10Matthew 6:31-33Psalm 37:34He is a God of Love:Psalm 138:7-8Ephesian 3:16-19He is a protector:Deuteronomy 1:29-33Psalm 62:5-6And bottom line, friend - as Psalm 56:9 tells us - This I know! God is on my side.To get the free 3-Day Devotional, Faith and Wisdom in Business, head to!And follow us on IG and YouTube @thefaithfilledentrepreneur
6/18/202311 minutes, 56 seconds
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Fight Fear with Faith: When It Doesn't Make Sense with Joshua

Ok, so you’re ready to be available to God. You know His way his better. You tell him that you’re open, and then he starts moving you in a direction that does not make sense. Maybe he’s asking you to do something that seems way out of your financial means. Maybe he’s moving you in a job or a business that you do not feel equipped for. Maybe he has put a burden on your heart and you don’t know why. Maybe you feel like he’s taking you in a totally different direction than your degree or even a passion you initially felt.Enter Joshua. Joshua was a skilled military leader, but that’s not why God used him in such mighty ways. Joshua was also fully surrendered to the Lord, even when the directions didn’t make sense.As a podcast listener, for this week only, you can still get the pre-order price of the Fight Fear with Faith Bible Study Bundle! Head to www. and uses coupon code: faithfilled.Follow us on IG and YouTube @thefaithfilledentrepreneur!
6/11/202315 minutes, 17 seconds
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101: Fight Fear with Faith: 6 Ways to Fight Resistance with Nehemiah

Yall! I just realized this is the 101st episode of The Faith Filled Entrepreneur Podcast! Wow!For the Fight Fear with Faith Podcast Series, although the pre-sale is over, you can still get the Fight Fear with Faith Bible Study Bundle by clicking on this link and then entering the coupon code: faithfilledNehemiah is an amazing model of how to push through and lead despite resistance. In this podcast episode, we are diving into the two types of resistance we may face while being obedient, and 6 ways to fight the resistance!Follow us on Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube! Please subscribe, download and share! We need faith leading business more than ever!
6/4/202327 minutes, 44 seconds
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Redeemed Like Rahab: Why God Can and Will Use You, too!

 Do you ever feel like there are sins in your past that may stop God from being able to use you. Do you feel shame or like it’s “too much” to be redeemed. Stepping into a place of Bible teaching, Satan has thrown those lies at me often. Maybe this is why I love the story of Rahab so much. While Rahab was still a prostitute, God started preparing her heart and the circumstances around her to be used in a mighty mighty way. She’s even mentioned in James as one who was counted righteous because of her actions. I mean, out of all the people the brother of Jesus could’ve named…God shows up in so many ways in Rahab's story:1. The location of her home2. The direction of the spies3. Her occupation as a distractor4. The season5. Her softened heart towards GodAnd what God does through her is incredible! You can still preorder the Fight Fear with Faith Bible Study Bundle and dive deeper into Joshua and Rahab, along with Esther and Nehemiah! Head to now!Also, follow us on Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest!
5/22/202312 minutes, 10 seconds
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Fight Fear with Faith: God's Working in the Background

As you know, the Fight Fear with Faith Bible Study Bundle is now available for pre-sale, you can head to and check that out, but in that bundle, we walk through 3 ordinary people that God uses in incredible ways: Esther, Joshua and Nehemiah. So today, as you can probably tell, we’re going to talk through some points of Esther. Now, as part of the Fight Fear with Faith Bundle, each Bible study is 4 weeks long, with a video introduction to go with each, so as you can imagine, we dive in pretty deep to the context and scripture around each person.Today, I want to go through a few of the themes that we find in Esther.Here are 3 themes we find throughout Esther:Pride goes before the fall.God’s work behind the scenes.The outcome was better because of the difficulty!Follow us on IG @thefaithfilledentrepreneur
5/15/202318 minutes, 39 seconds
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Growing a Coaching Business as an Introvert with Lindsay Maloney

Are you struggling to show up day in and day out? Do elements of your business seem draining or unnatural? Lindsay gives us some great tips and mindset perspectives to think about in this episode. Could being an introvert actually be your superpower?Follow Lindsay Maloney Here!WebsiteInstagramPinterestFacebookPrivate FB GroupBook Your Dream Clients PodcastYou can also follow The Faith Filled Entrepreneur on Instagram and YouTube!
5/7/202319 minutes, 55 seconds
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How Do We Claim These Promises from God?

We are still hanging out in Leviticus 26! God gives us a list of amazing promises, but in this episode, we want to take some time and look at where our responsibility lies...“Do not make idols or set up carved images, or sacred pillars, or sculptured stones in your land so you may worship them. I am the Lord your God. You must keep my Sabbath days of rest and show reverence to my sanctuary. I am the LORD. If you follow my decrees and are careful to obey my commands, I will send you the seasonal rains…” Leviticus 26:1-3So lets go through 4 responsibilities that we have in order to receive the promises of God listed out in the rest of the chapter.Do not make idolsKeep the Sabbath day of restShow reverence in my sanctuaryFollow decrees and obey commandsClick here to download your FREE wallpaper of Leviticus 26!Head to to check out what's coming soon in our store!Follow us @thefaithfilledentrepreneur - Instagram and YouTube!
4/30/202319 minutes, 55 seconds
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Your Promises to Claim: Peace, Victory, Surplus and More!

We've been studying Leviticus 26:1-12.  In this episode, we look at 6 promises that God makes:1. I will give you peace.2. I will rid your land of enemies.3. You will defeat your enemies.4. I will look favorably upon you.5. You will have a surplus of crops.6. I will live and walk among you.Aren't these amazing?! Take a listen (or if you'd rather watch, head over to YouTube @thefaithfilledentpreneur) to dive into these promises!You can download the free phone wallpaper of Leviticus 26:3-5 to remind and encourage yourself of these promises! Biblical Truth WallpaperAlso, follow us on IG and YouTube @thefaithfilledentrepreneur!InstagramYouTube
4/23/202314 minutes, 49 seconds
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God's Promise of Success - Part I

Download the Wallpaper of the verses in Leviticus to have as constant reminders of God's promises to you! Head to!There’s 3 main things I want us to focus on in these passages. God brings the success. - Who brought the seasonal rains? Who caused the land to yield its crops? Who caused the trees to produce their fruit? God!There is overlap - abundance. Although God is obviously straightforward in his expectations that his people rest, he also promised enough harvest (work and blessing all mixed together) to overlap throughout the seasons. In fact, in verse 10, he says, “You will have such a surplus of crops that you will need to clear out the old grain to make room for the new harvest.The people have their needs met and live in security. - Right now, if you have food on your table or in your fridge or in your pantry and you have a safe place to live, I want you to stop and give thanks to God. Check us out on IG and YouTube @thefaithfilledentreprenuer!Special Announcement! Our store will be opening on May 1st! Click here to get a special discount code and be the first to check out our Bible Studies, resources and more!
4/16/202317 minutes, 5 seconds
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A Measure of Jesus' Love For You (on Easter)

The Easter Story is one of the most graphic depictions of Jesus' love for you and me! In this episode, we dive into the a few of the ways that Jesus demonstrated that love:1. The sacrifice of the throne he was already sitting on!2. The sacrifice of his life.3. The depiction of forgiveness - for the Roman soldiers, the criminal on the cross, and me!4. God's sacrifice of a son whom He loves!Grab your free phone wallpaper of Ephesians 3:16-19 to remind yourself of how wide and deep and high and long the love of Christ is for you! Click here!You can also grab your free Bible Study Strategies Guide here, along with the free videos on YouTube @thefaithfilledentrepreneur! You can check out the video of this podcast episode there as well!Lastly, purchase your EBook, 21 Days to a Faith Led Business and get daily devotionals and prayers in your inbox to get your business aligned Biblically and covered in prayer!
4/9/202314 minutes, 36 seconds
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Is Jesus Your Cornerstone?

Do you feel shaky? Do you feel like at any moment your house of cards is going to fall? Like you’re one move or one more bad thing away from just breaking down or giving in? Friend, if Jesus is your cornerstone, take heart. Your building will not crumble. It is sturdy and unmoving, even in the storm. If Jesus is not your cornerstone, maybe it’s time to build your building on this. Let’s take a look at what that means, because it’s vital to our churches, our businesses, our families, and our own spiritual and mental health.I also want to remind you that in this season of reflection, it’s the perfect time to be intentional about getting your mind and business aligned to the Holy Spirit! You can grab our EBook - 21 Days to a Faith Led Business, and also for a limited time, you can receive the devotions and prayers in your inbox daily! So click the link in the show notes or just head to to purchase that.You can also still download our Free Bible Study Strategies Guide here to go along with the 4-part video series on YouTube @thefaithfilledentrepreneur!YouTube: @thefaithfilledentrepreneurIG: @thefaithfilledentrepreneur
4/2/202315 minutes, 35 seconds
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Courage Over Confidence

If you are a faith filled entrepreneur, then there is a really good chance that God is going to call you out of your comfort zone, out of what you know. So if you are waiting on confidence in yourself to try or start something new, how the heck are you ever going to start? How can we rely on our own confidence, that really only comes with doing something over and over again, if God is calling us into new and bigger and better things?The answer - we can't!Our confidence is in the Lord and our faith that if he has called us, he'll never leave us!Also, follow us on YouTube @thefaithfilledentrepreneur and check out our 4 part series on Why We Need and How We Read It to help you get into the Word! You can download the free guide here!
3/26/202310 minutes, 28 seconds
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Your Next Faithful Step with Chrystan Ferrell

"In the times where I haven't chosen to be obedient, God has still been faithful. Did I get the full measure of the blessing? Maybe not, because I wasn't actively pursuing obedience, but He's still faithful. Whether I'm fully showing up or delaying obedience, God is still there, but I want the full measure of His blessing, so I try to choose obedience!" - Chrystan FerrellCheck out Chrystan's podcast: Not Your Mama's Bible Study wherever you get your podcasts, and follow her on social media @chrystanferrell! You won't be disappointed!
3/19/202330 minutes, 6 seconds
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Surrendering the Plans, Expectations and Worry!

Lord, I’m starting to make plans, and when my timeline isn’t kept, I start to stress out. I surrender this day, this month, this year, and this plan - to you. Your ways and your timing are better.Pray this prayer of surrender when you start to feel the stress creeping in! In this episode, we talk about leaning into the character of God, surrendering the things that we sometimes hold tightly to (plans, goals, time, finances, worry!), and fully recognizing that God's way is better!Don't forget to follow on IG and now YouTube @thefaithfilledentrepreneur! Check out all of our resources at
3/12/202317 minutes, 50 seconds
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6 Reasons You WANT to Surrender Your Business...

A.W. Tozer said, "God is looking for people through whom He can do the impossible - what a pity that we plan only things we can do by ourselves."Preparing for this episode got ME excited as I wrote down all of the reasons that I want and need to surrender all part of my life, including my business to the Lord and his purpose! This episode will hopefully encourage and inspire you and ultimately free you from the heavy burden that we often pick up as entrepreneurs!Also, we've started a YouTube channel! If you'd prefer to watch these episodes, head over to @thefaithfilledentrepreneur on YouTube! We'll have bonus videos there as well!Also, the website is under contruction, but you can head to to see the tools we have to help you on your journey!
3/5/202321 minutes, 18 seconds
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Have Goals Come Distractions?

The devil doesn’t need to destroy you, he just needs to distract you. Distractions come in many forms, but one of the most eye opening realizations that I have had in my own life is that I am most distracted by “good” things!In Luke 10:38-42, we see the super familiar story of the time that Jesus goes and visits Mary and Martha. But the Lord has recently convicted me, for lack of better word, not for the work I’m doing - that is his purpose for me, but for where my heart is and what I’m chasing. I’ve found myself distracted from keeping my eyes on God because I’ve been so uber focused on the work. Martha was doing a good thing, but the Lord knew her heart probably wasn’t focused on doing the work in worship... Matthew 6:33 says “Seek the Kingdom of God, above all else, live righteously, and He will give you everything you need.” Here are some of the “good things” in entrepreneurship that become distractions:Personal and financial goals and expectationsInfluencers and coaches and the FOMO they createSocial Mediatly for us since 2018 when I started my business, even through COVID. We didn’t hit all of the “financial goals” that I randomly threw out there in my head, but we’ve never gone without, we’ve always been able to provide experiences and activities for our kid, and the business has stayed afloat. And never once has the provision come from the way I thought it would. WHen we get so focused on a goal that we’ve created, we often miss all of the ways that God is working around us, because we’re distracted.Ok, #2, and this is a big one. I’m going to say this loudly - every entrepreneur needs a coach. I feel very strongly about this. You need someone to help you think outside the box sometimes. You  need someone to help you move out of your comfort zone. You need someone to give you new ideas that you can take and adapt and make them work for you! I believe also that God divinely appoints these people - you have a prompting and then someone is recommended to you for example. Friends, I’m challenging you to be available to what the Lord is doing. Remove the distractions that limit you.A verse that I have had memorized since I was in middle school is “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4As the Lord has been working on my to let go of the distraction of focusing on “good things” rather than on the leading of the Holy Spirit, I’ve really leaned into this verse. What does it mean to delight myself in the Lord. It means enjoying his presence. Looking for his goodness. Praising him for his holiness. Reading and learning about his character. SPending time quietly with him. I believe delighting ourselves in him is the antidote for letting distractions limit what he can do in our life.For more information on coaching and resources visit or
2/28/202318 minutes, 3 seconds
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Increasing Sales with a Clear Message with Jana Bishop

Jana Bishop, an expert at perfectly messaged FB Ads, shares some amazing tips on this episode! She talks about creating messages based on pain points or symptoms, increasing sales by targeting the right audience, and getting feedback from your audience in order to make your message even clearer!She also has some really incredible (and affordable) DIY courses if you are interested in your own FB Ads!FB Ads Bootcamp Ad Copy Generator All of Jana's Courses You will also find incredible value in following her on IG @thejanabishop!Also, the doors to Your Next 5 Steps to Increasing Sales are OPEN for a limited time! Head to and reserve your spot today!
2/20/202331 minutes, 51 seconds
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Why You're Not Selling: Part II - Faith Expressed in Love

Free Download: Business Bullseye GuideFree Workshop: Your Next 5 StepsFollowing these principles will increase your sales AND increase your faith as you express it in love!What are some Biblical principles that can help us hit this business bullseye better with our customers?Listen - “Intelligent people are always ready to learn. Their ears are open to knowledge” Proverbs 18:15. Listen to your audience. Learn what they need. Learn what they are going through. Listen to the Holy Spirit. I am currently going through a pretty big pivot and I’m amazed at the people God is bring into my path to serve right now. Logistically, what does this look like?Put out surveysFollow who you think your ideal clients would be on social media and interact with their posts. Listen to what they are saying.If you already have a community, send some individual messages to people who engage with your content and ask them specific questions.Send out questions on your email lists.Serve - “But among you, it will be different. Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant and whoever wants to be first among you must be your slave. For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Matthew 20:26-28. I’ve read this story several times, but the first thing Jesus said here jumped out at me more than ever this time - but among you, it will be different. Yall, could this be more true? We have to be different, and one of the biggest ways to do this is serve those we have the privilege of serving instead placing ourselves above them. Logistically, (you know I’m a logistics person), what does this look like?First of all, it starts in your mind and heart - do you feel honored and humbled that they chose to work with you, or do you feel like, “You’re a hot mess and you’re lucky you found me”? Second - how will you respond in conflict. While boundaries are good and necessary, is Jesus happy with the way you give value and support to the people he gave you, or do you cut corners and do the bare minimum?Lastly, and this is outside of your customers, are you using your freedom and finances as an entrepreneur to serve your community, church body and neighbors? Blessings and refreshment come from doing this.Be generous - prov 11:24, 25 “Give freely and become more wealthy; be stingy and lose everything. The generous will prosper, those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.”  Friends, we are called to be generous with our funds, generous with our time and generous with our knowledge. This generous spirit also falls in line with the abundance mindset, which is so needed for growth. Logistically, what does this look like?Tithe. Period.Serve or volunteer - God created the time, and he knows how many hours are in a day. If he tells us to serve others, which he does, he will bless that time.Give generously of your knowledge - ask the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom on what to share freely - create free lead magnets that give great value. Create low-ticket items that give value. Be prepared when you have coaching sessions. Let’s talk about what it is not - Being available 24 hours a day.Placing discounts on everything.God has given you a business, so it’s okay and good to run your business, but how can you infuse generosity in there?
2/12/202320 minutes, 20 seconds
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Why You're Not Selling: Part I

There are few reasons that you are either not making sales, or you won’t make sales. 1. Your audience is confused about something - your message, your CTA, your solution - something. Clear is kind. Confusion brings nos. 2. Your message is going in too many different directions. Links:We have a free guide that will help you work through your entire Business Bullseye. Business Bullseye Guide: What confuses audiences:Cute names that don’t mean anything.Not having a cohesive social media Not having a clear CTASpeaking only of the solution and not of the pain pointsNot being consistent  Messaging: If you are a "jack of all trades", you are seen as the expert at nothing.Jump on our waitlist for the First 5 Steps to Starting and Growing an Online Business. This free workshop is for you if you have a business but want to take it full time or if you are in the starting phases of an online business. You will get a plan for creating and growing a profitable online business. Jump on the waitlist here:
2/6/202320 minutes, 17 seconds
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Principle of the "Sames" - Practicing Consistency to Get Breakthrough

Principle of the "Sames" - Practicing Consistency to Get BreakthroughFrom the spiritual perspective. Your spiritual health will come from daily habits of living Biblically. So, friend, are you wanting to “get closer to God” this year? To read your Bible more? To pray more? To “build your relationship with Him?” That’s fantastic. That’s what He wants too. But what does that look like? What daily “sames” are you going to put into your life and do daily - without looking for the fruit - that will come, but just by focusing on the faithfulness? Before you move on to personal and professional, get this put into place first.Personal - this covers a multitude of goals - physical health, financial health, mental health, time management, parenting, or marriage relationships, relationships with extended family or friendships - the list goes on and on.  If you have some personal goals that involve changing a negative behavior, pick one “same” to start. Not all of them. You focus on faithfulness and let God continue to do His thing too. Remember, you are taking steps of obedience. You are training, not trying, and perfection is not expected. God is going to bless your obedience. Focus on the faithfulness and let God focus on the fruitfulness at just the right time in just the right way.Lastly, lets talk about the principle of “sames” in your business. As entrepreneurs, we are often visionaries - looking ahead, brainstorming ideas, creating new things - this is probably what gets you up in the morning. This is what lights your fire - at least it does for me. But here’s the thing - the successful businesses have duplicatable processes that allow them scale. Links from episode"You only have 2 more days to get Evaluate 2022 to Elevate 2023  for free! also only have 2 more days to get Up-Level 2023 Workshop for only $17!, download your Ebook 21 Days of Devotions and Prayers Over Your Business! Only $15 to get daily encouragement and truth to your inbox!
1/30/202325 minutes, 41 seconds
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3 Ways to Step Back in Order To Step Forward

Before we jump in, remember that you only have until the end of January to download the free guide - Evaluate 2022 to Elevate 2023. This just helps you ask yourself the right questions to know where you got the most return for your investment last year and where God showed up faithfully. Evaluate 2022 to Elevate 2023You also have until the end of January to register for the Up-Level 2023 Workshop. You will get a link in your inbox and you can watch it at your convenience but it’s only available for purchase until January 31st. After going through this workshop, you will have a clearer plan for building your business in faith and wisdom, setting up your business bullseye, up-leveling your marketing plan and growth skills plan, as well as intentionally growing your faith. Up-Level 2023 WorkshopA few weeks into January, I was sitting at church - imagine having a revelation from God there, right? - and the word surrender flooded my heart and mind, and I was honestly really convicted - not in a bad way, but just in a “hit over the head” kind of way. Because here-s the thing - I study faith a lot. I pray big. I intentionally try to believe big, and believe bigger than myself - but what I realized I hadn’t done in my faith journey was actually surrender my plans and expectations first…so it was kinda like I was expecting God to do big things for my plans.When I finally got on my knees and told God that I was ready to listen to him and surrender my expectations and plans, some pretty big things came across my mind that needed to be let go - I’ll share some of those specifics in another episode - I’m not quite sure to share all of that yet - but yall, after some tears of the things I needed to let go, I have had so much peace the last few weeks and clarity on things to move forward on. So this is the first way to take a Step back.We need to surrender our plans and expectations. So step 1 in the process of surrender for me was to surrender my expectations. I have faith and fully believe these truths:Ephesians 3:20 - Now, all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” I also believe Jesus when he says in John 10:10, “My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.”And the Psalmist in Psalm 33:8 when he says, “The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.” And also in Psalm 34:10 when he says, “but those who trust in the Lord will lack no good thing.” #2 - Step back from your To-Do list. Psalm 34:23 says “The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.” Friends, the Lord cares about your to-do list. He has designed each day with a purpose in mind - and that purpose includes joy and peace and impacting others. If you’re running a hundred miles, not getting everything done on your to-do list, not feeling like there’s enough time in the day, then friends, I say this in love and also has someone who has felt super convicted of this lately - you have things on your to-do list that God doesn’t want on there. #3 - Step back to your business bullseyeAnswer these questions:Right now - who is your target audience?What are their pain points. How would they tell you about their pain points?What is the actual problem that’s causing their pain points?How can you solve that problem?How will they feel or what success will they see after you solve their problem.
1/21/202318 minutes, 18 seconds
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Christmas Reminders for Finding True Joy in the Season

Christmas time can be one of the most depressing times of the year which is why we need reminding that the joy of Christmas is not conditional. In this episode, I’m reminding you of 3 very important things, helping us recover the joy of Christmas in a very fallen world. Listen in to be encouraged and strengthened for this Christmas season, no matter your circumstances.Show Links:Evaluate 2022 to Elevate 2023Show Takeaways: Discover why the story of Christmas is so much bigger than you in your circumstances.Learn about your role in God’s story, especially as an entrepreneur!Listen in to be reminded of God’s love for YOU this holiday season. Notable Quote: “ If you are facing this Christmas holiday season with sadness in your heart, feeling attacked, feeling burdensome, feeling depressed, I need you to hear this. God is for you. And if God is for you, then who can ever be against you? You have victory over whatever situation that you're facing in your life.” 
12/25/202212 minutes, 14 seconds
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Finishing Strong

I don’t know about you but at this time of year I start to feel a little chaotic. But like you, I want to make sure that I'm walking in faith and being a good steward of this business that God has given me. In this episode, I give you four ways that will help us to finish the year strong in your business. Listen to this motivational pep talk and practical tips to finish this year strong spiritually, personally, and professionally.Show Links:Free Guide: Evaluate 2022 to Elevate 2023!Show Takeaways: Discover what is important to start and finish before the year runs out.Listen in to why it is important to ‘finish strong’Learn how to decide what you need to focus on this holiday season.Notable Quote: “Giving yourself time to reflect on the season, reflect on the gift of Christ is not distraction. It is what we are called to do.” 
12/19/202215 minutes, 31 seconds
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5 Steps to Evaluating 2022 (to Elevate 2023)

Grab your FREE guide: Evaluate 2022 to Elevate 2023! In this podcast, we walk through 5 steps to make sure that we are closing out 2022 as a Faith Filled Entrepreneur in faith and wisdom!1. Evaluate your expenses2. Evaluate your revenue3. Evaluate your time4. Evaluate/Clean Out your technology5. Evaluate your faithWalking through this guide will help you be self-reflective, as well as wise and knowledgable on your business so that you can step into 2023 making sound decisions in faith.Again, download your free guide here: Evaluate 2022 to Elevate 2023!
12/12/202220 minutes, 51 seconds
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6 Steps to Business + Holiday Balance

Running a business and being in the midst of the holidays can be overwhelming! But as Faithful Entrepreneurs we know that our days should be ordered by the Lord, right? In this episode, I’m giving  6 steps to recover balance in these crazy weeks of Christmas while being a business owner. Listen in to receive practical tips and spiritual encouragement to balance our lives and business this holiday season.Show Links:3 Day Devotional: Faith and Wisdom in BusinessWhy We Need It and How We Read It: Bible Study StrategiesShow Takeaways: Learn about the habit Jenn wants you to implement ASAP!Discover practical ways to protect your time. Listen in to what tuning into the present moment can do for you.Notable Quote: “He knows what we have going on in our business. He knows what we have going on in our lives. If you are feeling like you have a hundred things on your to-do list, … then I wanna challenge you to go back to the Lord about what is on your to-do list, because he knows how many hours are in a day.” Follow us on IG @thefaithfilledentrepreneur
12/5/202212 minutes, 27 seconds
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Thankful in Trials

Let’s just say it: being thankful in trials is not easy. There are times when life feels too overwhelming to be grateful. While we have just gone through a holiday that celebrates gratitude, we may not always feel it. In this episode, Jenn walks us through what it means to be thankful in trials, practical steps we can take to experience more gratitude and how we can learn from Paul and his New Testament writings.Show Links:Bible Study Strategies Website: www.thefaithfilledentrepreneur.comIG: @thefaithfilledentrepreneurShow Takeaways: Learn about what it means “to be thankful in all circumstances”Discover practical steps to being thankful in hard times.Listen to the wise words of Paul who faced unbelievable persecution while also remaining thankful. Notable Quotes (with timestamp): Remember that even if we lose everything on this earth, we have the hope of heaven. If you are struggling with your thankfulness, start there because there is no greater gift. (Descript 6:26)Our sacrifice of thanksgiving is especially meaningful, and I think we can expect a special blessing from the Lord when we do.  I think that you'll also find that when you offer this sacrifice of Thanksgiving, the Holy Spirit is going to be there. (Descript 8:23)
11/28/202211 minutes, 38 seconds
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Hearing the First Voice with Sarah White

Show Notes: Have you ever wanted to create a vision board? This might be the episode for you! Today on the Faith Filled Entrepreneur show, we have Sarah White. She is the founder and owner of New Haven and the First Voice Experience, a full time real estate agent, investor and founder of First Voice Vision Boards. On this episode, Sarah breaks down vision boards and how they have changed her life. Jenn and Sarah also discuss what holds us back from hearing God and how to walk towards a deeper connection with the Lord.Show Links:www.thefaithfilledentrepreneur.comWhy We Need It and How We Read It Bible Study StrategiesFollow us IG @thefaithfilledentrepreneur!Show Takeaways: Discover the world of vision boards and how they can impact your faith and entrepreneurial journeys.Learn about simple ways you may be missing the voice of God.Listen to what can happen when we don’t seek the Holy Spirit first as faith filled entrepreneurs.Notable Quote: …Hearing God helps us let go of control. Letting go of control: that brings freedom. We all see things through a filter, through, you know, our experiences and traumas and even the good things. All of it creates a filter that we see through. And so a lot of times, if even if we can hear God, it's kind of skewed through that filter. 
11/15/202229 minutes, 7 seconds
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Overcoming Limiting Beliefs with Gideon

Title: Overcoming Limiting BeliefsIf we look throughout the scriptures, we can see a number of examples of people who faced limiting beliefs and those who did not but instead walked confidently with God. As an entrepreneur, we all face limiting beliefs but as faith filled entrepreneurs, we can rely fully on God through our doubts.  In this episode, Jenn walks through reasons we allow ourselves to fall into these traps and biblical ways we can move past them. Discover how you can walk boldly with the Lord and believe in His good plan for you.Show Links:Bible Study Strategies GuideShow Takeaways: Learn about the contrast between two of Israel’s judges: Deborah and Gideon.Discover three reasons why we allow ourselves to fall into the trap of limiting beliefs.Listen to five ways you can biblically move past our limiting beliefs.Notable Quote (with timestamp): We are a vessel to be used by the Lord. We are righteous because of Christ. That's who we are. So if we are not feeling good enough, we have got to read and meditate on who we are. Because of Christ. When we understand the character and the power and the sovereignty of our God, our human limitations become nothing.We cannot be quiet and we cannot be timid, and we cannot let our human beliefs limit what God wants to do through you and through your business. Follow us on Social Media!IG - more information go to
11/6/202212 minutes, 58 seconds
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Podcasting Tips with Leah Bryant

Today we welcome Leah Bryant to the podcast.  Leah is a fraud investigator turned podcast publisher, a mom, and a Christ follower.  Leah views a podcast as the modern day business card.  Listen in as she provides information on how you can utilize a podcast to share your inspirational messages with your audience.Show Links:Follow Leah on IG and FB @leahbryant_co, and check out her website at!Struggling to come up with ideas for content?Writing Strategies for BusinessShow Takeaways: Learn ways to utilize a podcast to reach your audience in new waysDiscover multiple ways you can repurpose podcast content Let’s Connect: FacebookInstagramWebsiteLinkTree
10/30/202225 minutes, 35 seconds
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The 6 Focus Steps You Must Take Before You Create Content that Converts!

Click here for The Focused Content Creator's CourseHi friends! Welcome to Season 5 of the Faith Filled Entrepreneur podcast! We’ve got big things coming in this season of our business and we are going to be sharing so much goodness on this podcast! So I’m glad you are here!As a reminder, at The Faith Filled Entrepreneur, our mission is to equip online business owners to step fully into God’s purpose for their lives and business with unwavering faith, Biblical truth, and essential marketing strategies. A huge part of that marketing strategy is content creation and delivery. We want to be content and kingdom builders (hence the name of our membership and coaching program) but we want to do this with a very clear purpose. It is so imperative that we define that purpose first, or we are going to spend so much time on content that does not connect.Do you ever feel that? Those times when you’re head is down and you’re just a content machine. Because I do. It will happen. What makes a successful business owner is recognizing what is happening and shifting quickly. The other piece of this is when we can be proactive with the purpose of our content creation, the more people we are going to connect with the first time we put it out there.This fall, we are going to be opening up our signature course on planning, building and marketing content for the purpose of conversions - this is going to give you everything you need to make a time efficient and an effective content strategy plan. However, there are foundational steps that you need to work through EVERY TIME you create a new product or service. What Jenn, not just at the beginning? Well, yes, for sure at the beginning, but every time you put something out in the world. When you do that, you have a clear purpose for what you are creating, but you also have a clear purpose for the marketing content that goes beyond just “buy my stuff”. Right?So, let’s dive into these 6 steps you must work through - before moving forward with any kind of content.Seek the Holy Spirit. Who is this for? (Ideal Customer)What problem are you solving?What are their pain points?What transformation will they experience by going through your program, resource, service, etc?What is my purpose statement, or a mission statement, for the specific product?So guess what…we now, as of this week, have a mini-course, complete with a guide, that is going to walk you through EXACTLY how to do this! So I’m excited to announce that the mini-course: The Focused Content Creator: 6 Focused Steps to take Before Creating Content that Converts is now available! You can click the link in the shownotes or head to our website at to check that out!Click here for The Focused Content Creator's CourseWe are all about being Content and Kingdom Builders at The Faith Filled Entrepreneur, but we also know that the more people we reach, the more impact we have, and having the foundational pieces crystal clear EVERY TIME YOU CREATE AND LAUNCH a service or product or put something out in the world is paramount for having the most amount of impact you can have. So…I’m actually going to walk you through each of these steps as I went through them while creating this mini-course.Seek the Holy Spirit. We are Faith-Filled Entrepreneurs. We have to act like it, right? We’ve got to go to the Lord first! He knows his people. He knows their needs
8/22/202211 minutes, 8 seconds
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If You're Committed to Moving your Business to the Next-Level - This is How!

Are you ready to take your business to the next-level? Have plans to grow your business, make more sales, or grow your team? But not really sure how to do that? We've been in your shoes! Over the past few months, Jenn has had the opportunity to participate in Jennifer Allwood's Next Level Mastermind  and it has a been a huge blessing to both of her businesses! Through the Next Level Mastermind, you get access to her amazing team on all things marketing, operations, and mindset. Not to mention, it's an awesome group of like-minded women entrepreneurs all pushing in the same direction. We promise you, friends, you don't want to miss out on an opportunity like this! If you're ready for your business to be covered in prayer and want expert advice on taking the next steps, apply to be part of Jennifer Allwood's Next Level Mastermind and make your business goals become a reality! Click here to join! Don't forget to like, subscribe, and share this episode! And if you're not already part of The Faith Filled Entrepreneur community, we'd love to have you! Join now at and follow us on Instagram: @jenn_kleiber Always keep up with the latest, at 
6/22/20226 minutes, 6 seconds
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Why We Need Community (even if you don't think you do)

The doors to our Content and Kingdom Builders Membership are now OPEN! Check out this awesome opportunity to align your faith & grow your business! Join the membership here!
6/18/202213 minutes, 12 seconds
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Creating Content with Amy Durham Part I

Hi friends! It's Amy here, the Content Coordinator and Marketing Director for The Faith Filled Entrepreneur and Pressing Onward. I'm so excited to be with you for the next 2 weeks! We're going to spend time chatting about creating content, time blocking, and more! You might even get access to our Content Calendar - so be sure you're subscribed so you don't miss out on that awesomeness! In this episode, I share a little bit of my story and some verses that helped guide me through making a leap of faith. I can't wait for you to listen! If you want to learn more about my story or just want to chat about Content Creation, send me an email at [email protected] or follow me on IG: @amydurhamdesigns. I can't wait to connect with you! Don't forget to like, subscribe, and share this episode! And if you're not already part of The Faith Filled Entrepreneur community, we'd love to have you! Join now at: & follow us on IG: @jenn_kleiber Looking for a devotional that combines faith and business? Look no further, we've got you covered! Download our FREE devotional here: to get scripture breakdown and business application. 
3/22/20227 minutes, 14 seconds
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Disciplines of Faith: Fasting

Welcome to our 3 part series, "Disciplines of Faith!" Over the course of the next 3 weeks, Jenn is going to dive in to 3 different disciplines of faith: prayer, fasting, and praise. These disciplines of faith must be things that we are doing consistently in our personal life and for our businesses. We can't wait for you to join us on this 3-week journey! This week, our focus is on fasting. Have you ever fasted before? Fasting seems to be a natural response for people in the bible but, is it a natural response for us? Jenn breaks down this discipline and discusses how fasting could impact our businesses. If you're uncertain about what fasting could look like in your personal life and business, we highly recommend listening to this episode! (Note: fasting from food is mentioned, please consult with your doctor before trying this method of fasting)Don't forget to like,  subscribe, and share this episode! And if you're not already part of The Faith Filled Entrepreneur community, we'd love to have you! Join now at: & follow us on IG: @jenn_kleiber Our website is live now too! 
2/22/20228 minutes, 52 seconds
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Season 1: Operating in Your Desire Zone

If you are making intentional efforts towards productivity and growing your business, you want to be intentional about where your time and effort are spent! In this episode, we dive into your Desire or Genius Zone, and then talk about what to do with tasks that fall outside of this zone.
5/10/20218 minutes, 26 seconds
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Season 1: From Conception to Publishing - Getting Your Ideas into Print with Clara Rose

Welcome to The Faith Filled Entrepreneur Podcast!  If you are a business owner and you love Jesus, you've come to the right place! Are you needing business strategies to grow your business? Are you wanting to lean on your faith in the process? Are you wanting to build confidence in taking next steps? You will get all of that and more in this podcast!In this episode, Clara Rose takes you through some implementable steps to getting your book written! She has an incredible course called Brainstorm and Blueprint that will help you go through the book writing process from conception to publishing! If you are starting a book or if you have a manuscript sitting on your computer, you don't want to miss this episode!Click here for this amazing course! Blueprint and Brainstorm
4/12/202120 minutes, 57 seconds