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The "Faily Tale" Show

English, Education, 1 season, 18 episodes, 8 hours, 24 minutes
A smart person learns from their own failures, a wise person learns from other's failures! In this podcast, we learn from tales of failures of our very accomplished guests. Join Aakash as we together learn from the collective failures of humanity, because it’s story time!
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Sometimes not doing anything also leads to problems (Kazi Zaman)

In this episode we sit down with Kazi Zaman, a tech veteran who's been through the ups and downs of the industry. He'll be sharing stories of his own failures and the valuable lessons he learned from them. From the importance of configuration to the dangers of not doing anything, Kazi will be sharing insights that will make you think twice about the way you approach your work. Ever wonder how Yahoo! News was able to stay online on 9/11 when others couldn't? Kazi will be sharing the secrets behind their BCPR strategy. Plus, he'll be shedding light on the hidden pitfalls of the cloud and how to navigate them. Don't miss this thought-provoking episode on the importance of understanding the intricacies of technology.
2/12/202325 minutes, 51 seconds