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English, Education, 1 season, 4 episodes, 1 hour, 11 minutes
The ESL Academy Podcast is your go-to resource for learner's of English as a Second Language to learn real English that will help in business or at work. Hosted by Alison Crooks, a Master ESL instructor, author and founder of the ESL academy. This podcast is made to be enjoyable and to be relevant, for intermediate/ advanced English students so they can next-level their life and to make more money.
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3 Steps to English Fluency

Want to gain fluency in English? in today's episode of the The ESL Academy podcast I show you how you can speak English fluently in 3 easy steps that I have developed in my career as an English as a Second Language Teacher. They are easy and they are simple. Listen and find out how you can start speaking fluently and implementing the steps today. 
7/24/201912 minutes, 23 seconds
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Choose Your Ideal Career

In this episode of The ESL Academy we look at how we can find your ideal career- spoiler alert- it's probably closer than you think! I share with you my story and how I moved from a place of 'not knowing' to where I know I am on the right path. At The ESL Academy we study English for the real world. This podcast is for people who's second language is English, and they are looking to increase their skills for business and to make more money.
3/12/201919 minutes, 52 seconds
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In today's episode of The ESL Academy Podcast, we look at metaphor's. Metaphor's are an ideal way for learner's of the English language to up level their English ability. Metaphor's enable us to describe things with depth and interest. Resources for this episode can be found at www.theeslacademy. com. In this lesson I delve deep into the metaphor's in Katy Perry's Roar. If you love today's episode, please subscribe and leave a review. 
3/12/201919 minutes, 34 seconds
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Transformational Vocabulary

Welcome to the first episode of The ESL Academy Podcast. Today, Alison Crooks, your Master ESL instructor, delves deep into the world of "transformational vocabulary" and how the words you choose create your reality. If you are using English as a Second Language it may be hard to you to choose your words. In this episode I give yoiu guidance and some new words to try out.
3/12/201919 minutes, 34 seconds