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English, Finance, 252 seasons, 314 episodes, 1 day 20 hours 50 minutes
The No 1 Independent Business Podcast in Ireland. To build a successful business you must be willing to try and fail repeatedly. Each week I sit down with Ireland's most interesting entrepreneurs and discover how they experiment and grow their business. We uncover the secret ingredients behind every successful business and the harsh lessons learned from their failures. If you dream of being an entrepreneur or are already running your own business, this podcast will transform how to think about business.
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EE 155 - 2022 Success Formula = Goals + Systems + Accountability

In this special episode of the pod, I share with you the formula for success in 2022. I've learned habits, systems and routines from over 100 entrepreneurs and created my own productivity system. This episode will help you set your goals for 2022 and make it your most successful year yet.
01/01/202227 minutes 55 seconds