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English, Hobbies, 2 seasons, 19 episodes, 17 hours, 58 minutes
The Enlightenment Podcast brings you three brothers, Tim, Mini, and Elmer, as they embark on this journey together to enlighten, empower, educate and most importantly entertain. From current events to pop culture and politics, along with special guests, the guys will leave no topic unturned in the way that only they can. Look out for episodes of The Enlightenment podcast starting February 21st. Follow us on Facebook at The Enlightenment Podcast. Follow us on Instagram @theenlightenmentpodcast_
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The crew is back with Season 2! After an extended summer break off, Mini, Princess and Elmer tackle the issue of immigration, how and why people tend to be opposed to it, and how it shapes the world we live in today. Each of them give their unique perspectives on how immigration can be good and bad based off of personal experience, and the best ways to assimilate in a foreign land. 
11/18/202135 minutes, 10 seconds