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The End of Tourism

English, Cultural, 3 seasons, 48 episodes, 1 day 20 hours 27 minutes
Welcome to the End of Tourism, a podcast about wanderlust, exile, and radical hospitality. For some, tourism can entail learning, freedom, and financial survival. For others, it means the loss of culture, land, and lineage. Our conversations explore the unauthorized histories and consequences of modern travel. They are dispatches from the resistance. Hosted by Chris Christou.
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S4 #6 - Decoding Degrowth & Boosterism in the Balearics w/ Macia Blazquez

On this episode of The End of Tourism Podcast, my guest is Macià Blázquez-Salom, a professor at the University of the Balearic Islands, who specializes in the Geography of Tourism, Territorial Planning, Sustainability and Degrowth. He utilizes his teaching and research activity in the environmental movement (and vice versa), and through his activism in the Grupo Balear de Ornitología y Defensa de la Naturaleza (GOB) and Alba Sud.Show NotesMacia’s Journey in the BalearicsThe Beginning of Mass Tourism through Currency DevaluationContradictions in MallorcaCocoon Tourism in SpainYou Want to Work in the Balearics, You Have to Sleep in a TentBoosterism and Green BoosterismDegrowth Definitions and ContradictionsImagining Other Modes of TravelImagining Other Modes of ResistanceHomeworkGoogle Sch
06/10/202357 minutes 55 seconds
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S4 #5 | The Many Faces of Exile in Exarcheia w/ Penny Travlou (Athens)

On this episode of the pod, my guest is Penny Travlou, a Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in Cultural Geography and Theory (Edinburgh School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture, Edinburgh College of Art/University of Edinburgh). Her research focuses on social justice, the commons, collaborative practices, intangible cultural heritage and ethnography. She has been involved in international research projects funded by the EU and UK Research Councils. For the past eight years, she has been working with independent art organisations in Colombia and most recently in the African continent to understand the commons from a decolonial perspective and to look at commoning practices within artistic forms while understanding the specificities of the commons rooted in various socio-cultural and geographical contexts. As an activist, she has been involved in a number of grassroots and self-organised initiatives on housing and refugees’ rights in Greece.Show Notes</st
19/09/20231 hour 1 minute 42 seconds
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S4 #4 | Feeding Those in Flight w/ No Name Kitchen (The Balkans)

On this episode, my guest is Barbara from No Name Kitchen, an independent movement working alongside the Balkans and the Mediterranean routes to promote humanitarian aid and political action for those who suffer the difficulties of extreme journeys and violent push-backs.Their actions include medical care, distributions of food and clothes, legal support and the denunciation of abuses at the borders, where thousands of human beings keep suffering violence, fatigue and sickness during their migratory processes.No Name Kitchen was born in Belgrade by winter 2017 when a group of volunteers started cooking in Belgrade alongside the thousands of people who were fending for themselves after the closure of the Hungarian frontier. Since then, NNK supports those who suffer the lack of safe and legal pathways, collecting testimonies and denouncing the systematic use of institutional violence at the borders.Show NotesNo Name Kitchen: What’s in a Nam
31/08/202353 minutes 4 seconds
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S4 #3 | On the Lost Arts of Pilgrimage & Asking Permission w/ Nick Hunt

On this episode, my guest is Nick Hunt, the author of three travel books about journeys by foot, including Outlandish: Walking Europe's Unlikely Landscapes. His articles have appeared in The Guardian, Emergence, The Irish Times, New Internationalist, Resurgence & Ecologist and other publications. He works as an editor and co-director for the Dark Mountain Project. His latest book is an alternate history novel, Red Smoking Mirror.Show NotesAwe and the Great SecretOn Focus, Sight and SubjectivityThe Almost Lost Art of WalkingPilgrimage and the Half Way PointWhat if Left of Old-School Hospitality in our Times?When Borders Matter LessHospitality and PainThe Costs of InterculturalityAsking Permission: On Not Being WelcomeFriendship, Hospitality, and ExchangeHomeworkNick Hunt’s Official WebsiteRed Smoking Mirror</str
08/08/20231 hour 17 minutes 17 seconds
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S4 #2 | Protesting Evictions, Expats & the Golden Visa w/ Stop Despejos (Lisbon)

On this episode of the End of Tourism Podcast, I’m joined by Joana and Davide of Stop Despejos (Stop Evictions). Based in Lisbon (Portugal), Stop Despejos is an anti-capitalist, feminist and anti-racist, horizontal political collective, fighting for the right to housing and the right to the city. Through mutual aid, direct action, obstruction of evictions and media campaigns, they defend the right of inhabitants to keep living in their homes and neighborhoods against institutional racism, soaring rental prices, the commodification of housing, touristification and gentrification.As an autonomous grassroots movement, Stop Despejos believes that a trulyinclusive city can only be achieved by collective organization and solidarity networks between its inhabitants.Show NotesThe Question of Rent in LisbonThe Arrival of Ryan Air and Airbnb in PortugalThe Golden Visa SchemeThe Backlash Against ForeignersCan be Change Happen Th
18/07/202345 minutes 28 seconds
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S4 #1 | The Death of Venice w/ Petra Reski (Venice)

My guest on this episode is Petra Reski, a German writer and journalist who has lived in Venice since 1991. As a result of her numerous publications on the Mafia, she was subjected to lawsuits and threats, which is why she received police protection for a while. She has received numerous awards, including the prestigious Ricarda Huch Prize in 2021, which is awarded every three years to personalities whose work is characterized by independent thinking and courageous action, and who are fully committed to the ideals of humanity and international understanding.She has not only written novels, non-fiction books and numerous articles about her hometown of Venice, but also made a film already in 1998 with the prophetic title "The Last Venetians". Her most recent book is about the sell-out of Venice and has been published in Germany, Italy and France. She is a member of PEN and since 2018 has been driving a small fishing boat with which she can also park in reverse.Sh
10/07/202346 minutes 16 seconds
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#0.5 | Responsibility, Repair and Radical Hospitality | Chris Christou

In this mini-episode, I offer up a little introduction into these extremely important themes, ones so often neglected in our time: responsibility, repair and radical hospitality. As locals and foreigners alike, depending on where we are at any given moment, the questions posed in the episode arise as necessary in order to understand where we actually are at any given moment, how we are in those places and with the people that surround us. These themes are the foundation for why the podcast was created in the first place. If given their proper place on the throne of our days, we might begin to dream the world anew, slowly coaxing it into reality. That is my hope. That is the work. Hosted by Chris Christou --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Discover more episodes and join the conversation: ⁠⁠ F
15/05/20239 minutes 4 seconds
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#0.4 | Your Host, My Story

Ep 0.4 | Your Host, My Story In this mini-episode, I offer you a little bit about what brought me to court and conjure The End of Tourism Podcast. I speak to the dilemmas that touched me as a young person, about how a long lineage and period as a travelling tourist fed the ideas that you hear in these episodes, and how we might, together, come to subvert what's been and being done to our world, mostly unbeknownst. This is my story. Hosted by Chris Christou --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Discover more episodes and join the conversation: Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter @theendoftourism Join the Conspiracy! Support us via Pa
12/06/202211 minutes 9 seconds
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#0.3 | Expectation and Entitlement

Season Zero #0.3 | Expectation and Entitlement In this mini-episode, I speak about the expectation and entitlement that follows tourists into foreign lands, how it becomes embedded into the minds and places of tourists' hosts, and how the tourism industry encourages all of this. The consequences of this are deep and dire and almost always ensure that any remaining sense of hospitality among locals or tourists alike is turned into hostility. Welcome to "Expectation and Entitlement."&nbsp; Hosted by Chris Christou. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Discover more episodes and join the conversation: Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter</
07/03/202211 minutes 24 seconds
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#0.2 | Escape, Exile and Culture

Season Zero: Episode 0.2 Escape, Exile and Culture In this mini-episode, I speak about escape and exile and how each are deeply entwined aspects of the tourist world. As a result of each, culture suffers or is (mis)appropriated both in tourist destinations and at home. This is a brief introduction to the themes that often go unquestioned in the world of travel, what binds us to place, and the consequences for culture.. Welcome to "Escape, Exile, and Culture." Hosted by Chris Christou. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Discover more episodes and join the conversation: Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, <a href="https://twi
30/11/20219 minutes 41 seconds
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#0.1 | Dispatches From The Resistance

Season Zero: Episode 0.1 Dispatches From The Resistance&nbsp; In this mini-episode, I touch on the nature of tourism resistance worldwide, its context and culture, its scope and scale. This is a brief introduction to the kinds of people I will be interviewing for the podcast and why their voices are so important, and yet so often unheard. Welcome to "Dispatches from the Resistance." Hosted by Chris Christou. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Discover more episodes and join the conversation: Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter @theendoftourism Join the Conspiracy! Support us via Patreon @
22/09/202110 minutes 23 seconds