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Welcome to The Empowered Feminine Podcast. I’m your host Ciara Foy, Author, Nutritionist and Women’s Health Expert. This podcast is designed to help you uncover the why behind your hormonal chaos, discover strategies to help you better manage stress and ultimately become unstoppable in the pursuit of living your life from a totally empowered state. We’ll be exploring all of the things…holistic health, abundance, wealth, success, vulnerability, personal growth, creating rock-solid boundaries, and tapping into your divine feminine flow. I’m committed to being straight, raw and vulnerable with you while we explore what it means to be an empowered woman in today’s world. Some episodes will be just me, many will be rich, deep conversations with experts in their field and others will be inspirational stories of transformation. Each week I’ll be bringing you a dose of inspiration to help you level up in all areas of your life, not by always DOING more, but by being unapologetically you and stepping into your feminine power. As a woman you can’t only DO, FORCE, AND PUSH your way through life; that approach always leads to burn out. Learning to tap into your feminine energy is where your true power lies. And this is something we’re going to explore together, one episode at a time. I’m on a mission to help high achievers like you do less, feel more and become unstoppable. Let’s dive in…
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Harnessing the Power of Quitting: How to Know When to Pivot and Step Up

Hey there, welcome back to the Empowered Feminine Podcast! It’s Ciara here, and I’m so excited to reconnect with you. I know I’ve been away for two weeks, but I want to share why that break was so important. It’s all about learning to let go and focus on what truly matters.1. Taking a Break to Reassess: Sometimes, you need to hit pause to figure out what’s really important. I took this time to listen to my heart and mind, letting go of commitments that no longer align with my vision.2. The Power of Clarity: During my break, I gained so much clarity. It became clear that saying yes to one thing often means saying no to something else. When you know what’s important, letting go becomes easier.3. Quitting the Half Marathon: I made the tough decision to quit training for a half marathon. It wasn’t easy, but I realized it wasn’t serving my overall goals and well-being. This decision freed up my energy for what truly matters.4. Lessons from "Quit" by Annie Duke: Have you ever read "Quit" by Annie Duke? It’s a game-changer. She talks about the power of walking away. It’s not about quitting but strategically letting go to make room for what really matters.5. Navigating Transitions: Life is full of changes, especially for us women in midlife. By prioritizing what’s important, you can navigate these transitions with grace and confidence.6. Hormonal Health and Wellness: Let’s not forget about our health. Hormonal changes during perimenopause are real. I’ve got some tips on managing your hormonal health through nutrition and self-care.Takeaways:- It’s okay to step back and focus on what matters most.- Clarity in your vision makes letting go of unnecessary commitments so much easier.- Walking away from what doesn’t serve you is a powerful move.- Navigating life’s changes with a clear focus can be empowering.- Supporting your hormonal health is essential and totally doable.If you enjoyed this chat, please leave a review and share it with your friends.Follow me on Instagram @ciarafoyinc for daily inspiration and tips on living a healthy, empowered life.Join our community by subscribing to the podcast for more heartfelt conversations."Letting go of what no longer serves you isn't a loss; it's a powerful step toward clarity and fulfillment."- Ciara FoyQuit by Annie Duke:
5/29/202430 minutes, 30 seconds
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How This VIP Client Lost Over 40 LBS and Became The Woman She Always Dreamt of Being

Ciara introduces Stef, a former VIP client, complete badass, and beautiful woman who lost over 40 lbs and is now furthering her journey in a continued maintenance program. Stef has not only lost the weight and kept it off, but has had a complete transformation of the way she looks at herself. In this episode, Stef talks about her deep struggle with food over the years, and how working with Ciara helped her make the right life choices that literally tipped the scale in her favor. She talks about a few of the lifestyle and mindset changes that really made a big difference, and the confidence she feels since adopting this lifestyle. In this episode, you will learn more about:If you don’t do the work, you can reach your goals and still be left unsatisfied. How Stephanie knew it was time for her to get really real about making changes in her health, and what made working with Ciara different from other things she has tried over the years. True transformation always starts in the mind, and then the rest of us follow. More about Stefanie’s 40 lb weight loss, and how she managed to keep it off while travelling and living a busy life. When we have the integrity to follow through with our word, it really changes us. A one size fits all approach to wellness and health does not work, and it’s all about finding your individual path and goals. Stefanie shares how she and Ciara worked together to learn how she could have the food she wanted in a way that wasn’t restrictive yet also helped her lose weight and keep it off. It all starts with blood sugar balance and tracking macros. Stefanie talks about her choice to get back on track with the 10 Day Detox after a 2-week trip to Europe, and how it felt like slipping into a cozy sweater that makes you feel safe and snug. Say Hi To Ciara
10/21/20221 hour, 7 minutes, 16 seconds
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Stop Self-Sabotage: Look for Those Small Wins

Spring is a great time to let go of what is no longer serving you and welcome in the habits that will bring you closer to the most healthy and aligned version of yourself.Ciara talks about how to make a commitment to yourself that you’ll actually want to keep and why setting big goals for a date in the future often creates self-sabotage for many of the high-achieving women she coaches.If you are ready to dig in and do the hard work, you’ll create a snowball of success that builds momentum and will make you unstoppable.In this episode, you will learn more about:Make a commitment to yourself that you’re going to get curious and do your best, no matter what’s going on throughout the day.Instead of focusing on a giant goal, focus on the small wins.What can you expect in Ciara’s masterclass?What is the #1 thing Ciara sees her clients struggle with whether it’s in group programs or private coaching?How can you set yourself up for success during busy days or when the universe is throwing things the way that would previously have derailed you?Can we really re-wire our brains?Ciara talks about her decision to get stronger every year, instead of putting herself on a harsh deadline and focusing just on outward appearance.What can we learn from some of Ciara’s client success stories?Say Hi To Ciara Alpha Femme
3/24/202226 minutes, 14 seconds
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Know Your Brand Story Blueprint and Launch Your Luxe Business with Chantelle Adams

Ciara opens up the show with some exciting news about a monthly masterclass dedicated to both health and wellness, and building your business. She then welcomes friend and master storyteller, coach, and entrepreneur Chantelle Adams. Chantelle talks about her journey into helping others by way of having an innate sense of hearing one’s story and knowing how to craft it in a message that ultimately helps others. Chantelle and Ciara talk about creating abundance from a state of joy and gratitude for the present moment, what it means to launch your business in a luxe way, and offer a few great tips on developing a consistent and powerful brand story. In this episode, you will learn more about:Chantelle started her entrepreneurial journey with speaking and storytelling and that is one of the most foundational pieces in her work today. How our stories help us see the gifts in our own life, and also understand how our life experience connects with others. What does it mean to launch and run your business in a luxe way? Sounds fancy! What are some small (and affordable) habits you can bring into your routine to make your life feel luxe and deeply rich, which in turn gives you even more energy to manifest your dreams and desires. Chantelle and Ciara talk about the connection and support they get from being in community with one another and a plethora of other amazing woman entrepreneurs.As a single mom, how does Chantelle stay focused and balance her work/family life?  How do your beliefs play a role in your success in sales, the clients you attract, and how far your business can expand? Say Hi To Ciara Adams | Facebook | YouTube 10K Product Creation Katrina Ruth 
3/10/202253 minutes, 49 seconds
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Clear The Fog: Tips for Beating Brain Fog and Regaining Your Health

Let’s be real. As a woman, you literally have a million decisions to make every day, events to keep track of, and quality information you have to remember and process in a very short amount of time. This week, Ciara talks about the difference between brain fog, which can be caused by stress, hormonal changes, allergies and nutrient deficiencies and disease, closely associated with insulin resistence and diabetes, along with the steps you can take if you want to start reclaiming your brain health. She connects the dots between supporting your brain health and dissipating brain fog with the key principles she teaches her client to manage hormones through nutrition and lifestyle habits.  Working with Ciara to lose weight, support your mental health, and better embrace a happy and healthy mood will also contribute to better brain health, because they are all connected! If you are looking for some great tips and training your brain and clearing the fog, have a listen! In this episode, you will learn more about:How can stress affect brain fog and your brain health? What does it mean to have a healthy brain? What are the main causes of brain fog that don’t have to do directly with disease? How can allergens and food allergies affect how you think and feel?When you are overwhelmed and busy, that’s time to double down on your healthy habits, not neglect them. Why do women have a greater risk of brain disease than men? How does building muscle help our brain function and decrease the effects of aging? How does insulin sensitivity and hormonal imbalance play a role in our brain health?  Even if you have Alzheimer's or dementia in your family health history, it doesn't mean that you too are going to be a victim of that. Ciara talks about how sleep, exercise, and diet greatly matter when it comes to having a healthy brain. Say Hi To Ciara on decrease in gray brain matter during 
3/3/202242 minutes, 46 seconds
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Do This One Thing - And Watch Your Sales Skyrocket

This week, Ciara takes us back to 2008 when she purchased two franchises and had no Plan B. She talks about the feeling of investing fully in herself, and the challenges and opportunities it brought to sink or swim. Ciara shares how her sales were dead in the water, until she turned it all around with a simple mindset shift. After she adopted this new technique, she found lifelong clients and customers she WANTED to work with and found true joy and inspiration. She talks about how our ego mind can hold us back, and what you can learn from her experience to become a trusted and busy wellness practitioner with a booming business and dream clients. In this episode, you will learn more about: What was the realization that Ciara had about her mindset, and what shifts did she make to call in a different energy? The more Ciara made her work about true connection and impact, the easier the whole process became. The key is connection, knowing yourself, and being in service. When you focus on a true connection, you begin to take on clients that are a good fit and who are in alignment with your soul and purpose. How does Ciara build a deep connection with her clients? How has Ciara’s sales process changed over the years, especially since when she first bought her first two franchises? Are you the type of woman that you are wanting to attract as a client? First you have to walk the walk. Everybody is going to be energetically attracted to what is a good match for them, and there is more than enough to go around. In Ciara’s world, wellness practitioners can help each other. Say Hi To Ciara
2/10/202224 minutes, 36 seconds
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Setting Yourself Up to Win! Beat Cravings, Balance Your Plate and Build Confidence

Wellness is a life-long commitment, and it’s more about our actions, habits, and lifestyle than just about a diet or eating vegetables. If maintaining a healthy weight and building great habits was a New Year’s Resolution or on your goal list for 2022 and you feel as though you are hitting a plateau or need a push, Ciara has your back. This week, she talks about how to set yourself up in a way where you are satisfied, energetic, and not left with constant hunger or intense cravings. She talks about why you may feel out of control and the little tweaks that will make all the difference including nutrient density, making sure you are getting enough volume, and a healthy balance of protein, fats, and carbs. When you take out all of the stuff that undermines your best efforts and apply your principles, your main focus will be planning and making sure you have what you need to be successful. You can do this and you can feel amazing!In this episode, you will learn more about:How to set yourself up for sustainable and consistent success.What are the top reasons you still have cravings and are hungry, even if you feel like you are eating all the right foods?How can a community of women and having a coach help support you and make it way easier for you to reach your goals?Should you be snacking in between meals?The best strategy for intermittent fasting.Could you be undereating? How to make sure you are getting the right volume in all your meals!Ciara gives a few examples of what a balanced plate looks like and a few tools you can use to track your macros.Your body has no clue what a calorie is! So what does matter in terms of nutrient density and giving us clean energy and proper nutrition?What foods have the most nutrient density?What are the very first steps of working with Ciara?Say Hi To Ciara App
1/27/202235 minutes, 15 seconds
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Who Are You, really?

You may be able to carry the persona of someone you want others to think you are. Or introduce yourself as someone and quickly be able to come up with a one liner about who you are when asked, but are you really that person? This week, Ciara goes deep to have a real talk about how to know if you are being honest with yourself, and walking the walk instead of just the talk. She starts by sharing how in her book, Empowered by Food, we become unstoppable actually in the journey of becoming the woman who gets to her goal, and food is just one piece of that. Ciara talks about how building trust in yourself builds confidence, how to stay on top of your wellness non negotiables, and how who you are is way more than just a label, or someone else’s opinion of you. If you are a woman who desires to develop more connected relationships with the people closest to you, this concept is the foundation.If you’re a coach who is having difficulty building your business because you’re continually having to work hard to attract new clients. Then I know you need to go deep within yourself and start connecting and inspiring your clients. This will build momentum in your business because your current clients will want to work with you longer and refer you to their friends. In this episode, you will learn more about:How confidence is built from the inside out. How do confidence and integrity intertwine? Ways to build confidence and show up in a way that gets you to your goals and matches your highest self. Are you embodying the things you are telling others to do? Integrity starts with following through with the promises you make. Living in integrity and staying disciplined about what really matters to you may also bring up some tough conversations and require you to sacrifice some things you are (or aren’t) doing now! Why do you feel so unsuccessful when you have so much on your plate? When your talk matches the walk, you build trust and confidence in yourself. How does Ciara stay true to her three foundational pillars of health: sleep, nutrition, and exercise. When things get challenging and busy, are you digging in even more to your health and taking care of yourself?  Say Hi To Ciara Empowered By Food 
1/13/202226 minutes, 40 seconds
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Personal Alchemy: Turning Shit Into Gold

This week, Ciara opens up about a few of the challenges she’s faced both in 2021 and in her earlier life. But if you know anything about Ciara, it’s that she doesn’t play the victim in any situation. From a young age, she learned how to develop the mindset to take difficult things and make them work for her, not against her.In this episode, she shares the mindset and tools she used along the way.In her mission to help women rise and learn to become the best version of themselves, she knows that there is no better time to practice true self-care than when things get tough. Throughout a time that has proven difficult for many people, this is the best season to dig in and really take care of yourself from a deep level.Despite your past limitations or who may doubt you, there is a way to live your dream and make 2022 the healthiest & wealthiest year yet!In this episode, you will learn more about:Even when things feel heavy, there are beautiful moments and memories you can be present for.What are some of Ciara’s most challenging moments in life, and how did she learn to overcome them and take care of herself as they happen?Remember — social media is the highlight reel. Behind every good post, what you don’t see is the tears, fear, and doubt.What was the process of Ciara building her dream home from the ground up like, and what can you learn from it?If you came from a poverty line or broken home, that is not a life sentence on how your life will be.If you are in a relationship now that is complicated, negative, or even toxic, there is hope and there is help.You're never going to be motivated to take action from a place of hating on yourself. When we take care of ourselves, we have the power to do and create anything.What does “giving yourself a break” really mean? Why is it so important now to parent yourself, especially during the pandemic?Why is it important to bet on yourself and take risks?When you are on the right path, the universe aligns you with people that help to guide you and lift you up.Say Hi To Ciara
1/6/202250 minutes, 50 seconds
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Ending Money Drama and Finding Gold In Your Story: Amanda Moxley

Ciara welcomes her friend, international business coach, speaker, and author Amanda Moxley. Amanda has over 16 years of experience in the space of mentoring and businesses online and off and helping others embrace their unique story to inspire others and get to the heart of who they really are. She talks with Ciara about her own transformation with knowing her value and having a healthy money mindset, how to get to an equal exchange with your clients as a coach, the power of vulnerability in telling your story, and how our money and body are powerful indicators of how you are showing up for your own needs and health. In this episode, you will learn more about:How Ciara and Amanda met at a VIP weekend in Los Angeles run by their Coach Katrina Ruth, and why it’s essential to surround yourself with those who inspire you to keep growing and getting better. Why is knowing your story critical for your personal and professional success? What are some ways we can become better speakers and really get to the vulnerable heart of our story? What are the biggest mistakes new health coaches make when starting out? Amanda shares how she learned to set boundaries and healed her money mindset. How money and our wellness goals are interconnected and a reflection of how much we are prioritizing our own needs. A few mantras and affirmations you can use for yourself, including Amanda’s one of being a “lean, loving, money-making machine!” How Amanda stays in her in her feminine while also being extremely independent, business-minded, and athletic. Say Hi To Ciara Moxley: Website | 6 Figure Speaker | Facebook | End Your Money Drama Katrina Ruth Amanda FrancesEMDR 
12/16/202147 minutes, 18 seconds
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Are You Ready To Take Radical Self-Responsibility For Your Life?

Ciara takes us through an example of what it’s like to work with her as a VIP client, from the tough love to transformative success. She talks about why radical self-responsibility is the key to success, and the reason we have such a hard time with it in today’s society. Ciara shares why working with a group and joining a sisterhood is so crucial for your growth and accountability, shares a few stories from her amazing clients who have changed their life, and tells you how to be involved so you can get started on your healthiest year in 2022! In this episode, you will learn more about:How to navigate your own wellness and boundaries in a world that supports us in creating limiting beliefs. Self-care is being true to yourself, that means carrying through on the promises you make to yourself. What is the reason people really struggle with their health and weight throughout the world, especially in North America? Waiting until things in life are “perfect” or settled to get healthy is the exact opposite of what you should be doing. We get healthy so we can have clarity and energy in the times we need it most. Diet and food is really just the surface-level stuff, it’s about committing to something and following through on your promises. Ciara shares a bit about her own adversity in life, and how she rose from the ashes like a phoenix. Say Hi To Ciara
12/9/202129 minutes, 37 seconds
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Why Authenticity is the New Currency: Katrina Ruth

Ciara is joined this week by a VERY special guest, the most influential person in her business growth and mindset, author, speaker, podcaster, coach and entrepreneur Katrina Ruth. Katrina shares her inspirational story and what drew her to both wellness and the business space. She talks about being authentic and trusting your inner voice, even if it shows up differently than the crowd. Katrina also talks about the inspiration behind her very popular blog, and how she encourages herself and others to always accept change and growth in their own life. Get ready for some fire in your belly and for the inspiration to show up exactly as you are, and know that it’s enough! In this episode, you will learn more about:Just who is this magical Katrina Ruth, and what drew Ciara to connect with her? You are always changing and growing, and that should show up in your business as well. How does Katrina keep herself healthy and grounded so she has the energy to help impact others and transform into their best? What “magic” skills does Katrina think are necessary to be a great coach, mentor, and entrepreneur? Big things happen when you follow what is inside of yourself! Katrina discusses how her blog posts start from the practice of self journaling. Why is it so important to be in the room with people that align with your values and help energetically lift you up? What are some practical ways we can step into our authenticity and show up in a way that helps us share our highest gifts with the world? Say Hi To Ciara Ruth | IGThe Rebel Millionaire PodcastWomen Empowered Event Amanda FrancesZig Ziglar 
11/25/202147 minutes, 1 second
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Coaching: Know Your Worth, Go Deep, and Bet On Yourself

This week’s conversation is targeted towards coaches, or those charging for their services. Ciara talks about her journey of risking it all by betting on herself, and how that created a path for others to trust her with their transformation and vulnerabilities. She shares the best mindset when it comes to having success in charging others a premium fee, and why those that have more skin in the game tend to be more committed.In this episode, you will learn more about:The coaching business is really of service, but it can feel awkward at first to charge for helping someone with their health. However, being the trusted person someone goes to for their transformation is invaluable, and one of the biggest gifts you can offer.You have to get into the mindset that you are the best at what you do, and you are worthy of it.How did buying the two weight loss clinics help Ciara get comfortable with being uncomfortable?You really have to be willing to bet on yourself and invest in yourself.How did the bestseller Think and Grow Rich give Ciara a new perspective on the mindset of wealth?How do you make it feel as though you are talking to your best friend, instead of selling a program?What people really need is support. It’s not that they need more information. They are overloaded with information.Ask yourself — what are you investing in? How are you investing in yourself?Say Hi To Ciara and Grow Rich
11/18/202144 minutes, 33 seconds
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Letting Go Of People Pleasing: The #1 Thing Holding You Back in Health and Business!

Ciara kicks off this week talking about the new direction her show is taking, moving up a level to go even deeper in transformation for both those looking for a healthier lifestyle and for coaches and business owners.Then, she talks about why people-pleasing is the #1 thing that will derail you from personal health and business goals. She gives examples of how people please in every day life, and why it’s really abandoning yourself and not doing anyone a favor. You will also learn easy ways to start saying “no” to things that don’t serve you, and how standing your ground will help you build trust within yourself and those you wish to inspire. In this episode, you will learn more about:After one year of launching the show, Ciara is more inspired than ever to connect with her audience and connect on a deep level. She talks about building her dream home in British Columbia and finding an awesome community of brilliant woman. There is no such thing as competition, especially in the health and wellness space. We can help lift each other up and rise together. Instead of going wide for business, Ciara has gone deep. This means she can build a business based on connection, transformation, and real results. There is an art for gaining trust in others and creating a safe container for others to be vulnerable. It doesn’t work if you are doing it selfishly or in an inauthentic manner. In both our wellness and building a business, people-pleasing can hold us back. Why does it take us off our alignment so deeply? It’s important for the people you are looking to lead to see you setting the example with your actions. What negative emotions or consequences can come with chronic people pleasing? Say Hi To Ciara Gladish
11/11/202137 minutes, 26 seconds
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Being Your Own Best Doctor and The Benefits of Essential Oils: Dr. Laura Hughes

Science Meets Spirit this week, when Ciara welcomes Dr. Laura Hughes, Naturopath, Life and Mindset Coach, and host of the top rated Earthling 101 podcast. Laura shares the story of why she officially retired her Naturopathic medical license in 2019 and followed the call of ‘doctor heal thyself’ to work on herself and coach others to step into their well being. Laura and Ciara talk about understanding our emotions to understand our body, how our belief systems affect our health, and the many ways we can be our own doctor. Laura talks about her passion for essential oils, which ones she personally uses, and the many ways to use them for the best results. In this episode, you will learn more about:Laura sets the example that it’s never too late to follow your passions, even if you have spent years going in another direction. Laura shares what it was like working as a Naturopath, and while she was so grateful for the experience, she knew there was another path and different direction in helping people realize their own healing power. Laura experienced a profound shift when her father was diagnosed with cancer and passed away quickly after the diagnosis. She knew it was her time to listen to her intuition and dedicate herself to healing herself and lighting the way for others. We can consciously create when we partner with our nervous system. How can essential oils help ground us? Why does Laura prefer doTerra oils? Why does it matter how oils are sourced? What are the different essential oils that Laura and Ciara both use for immunity, sleep, energy, and relaxation? How our belief system plays into our health. Emotions are the compass of our soul, and when we have stuck emotional wounds or trauma, that can cause disease. Think that perfume or hand sanitizer you put on every day isn’t doing any harm? Think again. Building trust through self compassion is when our deep healing happens. Let’s reframe what it really means to be productive. That means welcoming a day of just rest, or clearing your calendar when you need a day to just be. \Say Hi To Ciara Laura Hughes Earthling 101 DoTerraThe Biology of BeliefBreaking The Habit of Being Yourself
9/30/20211 hour, 2 minutes, 42 seconds
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Finding Alignment Through Numerology with Meaghan Alton

Numerology can be a powerful tool to help you find your North Star, answer some of life’s most difficult questions, and connect you with your purpose and truth. This week, Ciara welcomes Certified Numerologist Meaghan Alton, who talks about the power of this tool. She explains what numerology is, how we can use it to tap into our truth and knowing, and how she got into it from an unlikely path of corporate and business. She gives a sneak-peek into Ciara’s chart and provides some resources for those looking to possibly become a certified numerologist coach.In this episode, you will learn more about:What exactly numerology is, and how it can help you tap into your intuition.The interesting way Meaghan came to numerology through a corporate background.How does our body tell us when we are out of alignment?Numerology can help us explain and accept parts of us that we typically would have shame about.Advice for those who want to coach and support others in numerology.Numerology is an amplifier to your own alignment, and you can easily use it with other modalities. In fact, that is encouraged! Find out what else Meaghan pairs it with.How can numerology help set us free from our shadow traits?Can we use numerology to make sense of the world both from a micro and macro level?Say Hi To Ciara Alton 
9/23/202147 minutes, 42 seconds
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Executive and Single Mom Uses Mindset to Lose Over Forty Pounds with Michelle Zorn

This week, Ciara puts a spotlight on an amazing VIP client, Michelle, who has shown phenomenal progress and could serve as an inspiration, no matter where you are in your health journey. Michelle openly shares about her weight gain and finally deciding she wanted to feel better, and why she sought out a coach. She talks about the changes both in lifestyle and mindset that she made, and a few huge factors like sleep that made a world of difference in her feeling great. Now down more than 40 lbs, Michelle wants to share her message of hope, dedication, focus, boundaries, and discipline, and why there is no perfect time better than today to start. In this episode, you will learn more about: Ciara looks at each client’s food diary so it is an individual approach, since a diet is not a one size fits all approach. The more you commit to yourself, the more successful you become. Our health is an everyday commitment, it is not something that you do for a week and then forget about. What was the point Michelle decided to focus on her health? Michelle describes herself as naturally shy and introverted. How did she step out of her comfort zone so courageously? Michelle learned about the importance of sleep and how we make better decisions, have more balanced blood sugar, and have a more positive mood when we get the adequate amount of sleep. Michelle cut out dairy and saw a drastic improvement in her digestive issues and bloating. However, if she does want an ice cream she doesn’t say “never” but instead makes it a conscious choice. It’s never the perfect time to start, and we all have busy and distracting lives. Michelle credits her hard work and dedication to helping her maneuver through life’s challenges. Say Hi To Ciara
9/16/20211 hour, 5 minutes, 59 seconds
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Boost Your Libido and Harness Your Feminine Power

This week, Ciara starts the show talking about the importance of taking a break when you need it. Then, she introduces the very special topic for this week — discovering our true feminine nature and standing in our power in all ways. She shares why so many women suffer from low libido, and a few of the root causes that she typically sees when working with her clients. Ciara shares practical (and easy!) ways to boost your sex drive, and opens up about what she’s learned about her own body and self through her personal relationships.In this episode, you will learn more about:Yes, it is important to be consistent and disciplined about your self-care, but that includes also knowing when to take a break.So often, society makes us feel ashamed of the things that are actually divine gifts.What are some of the reasons why a woman would have low libido, from both an emotional and physical perspective?You don’t need to be your goal weight or perfect body type to start loving yourself and treating your body, mind, and spirit with respect.Ciara gives a few client testimonials, including one powerful woman who went from low testosterone and fatigued to winning cross-fit competitions.It comes back to self-love. Self-love is taking care of yourself and following through with your promises. This will play into how you feel about your body and body image.Feel like you are stuck in your masculine energy? You can start today to welcome a more feminine and receptive way of being.What is polarity in a relationship, and why is it so important? Say Hi To Ciara By Naomi Wolf
9/2/202155 minutes, 55 seconds
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Three Inexpensive and Powerful Household Items That Will Change Your Life

Did you know there are three very powerful and natural things you may already have at home that can be a complete game changer for you and your family? This week, Ciara discusses her top three favorite household items: tea tree oil, coconut oil, and apple cider vinegar. She shares many of the evidence based benefits of each product and how we can use them for both prevention and treatment. Plus, a special bonus item that will have you wanting to jump in a nice bath immediately.  In this episode, you will learn more about:Tea Tree Oil - kills bacteria, speeds up healing infections and disinfects minor cuts, helps fight yeast infections, great for rashes and mosquito bites. Has antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. Apple Cider Vinegar - Alkalizes your body, aids in digestion, great for calming acid reflux. Along with tea tree oil, it can also be used to combat acne and skin blemishes. Mucus thinner, debloater, and helps to balance blood sugar. Feeling a cold coming on? Apple Cider Vinegar in the morning is great to ward off an oncoming illness. Coconut Oil - great for hair and skin hydration, natural anti-frizz for hair, antiviral, antimicrobial  and antibacterial. Natural lubricant. Bonus - epsom salt baths are great for reducing muscle soreness and detoxing. Add in tea tree oil to reduce itching from rashes, and to prevent infections. Say Hi To Ciara
8/19/202120 minutes, 33 seconds
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Turn Fear Into Empowerment By Focusing On Your Health

This week, Ciara shares a talk from last spring that still rings very true about motivation, empowerment, and taking control of our health. She talks about why it is extra crucial to focus on health now, and how all of the setbacks can actually be opportunities to tune in and create healthy habits. Ciara gives practical tips on ways to boost your immune system, reduce inflammation, and support the body. She shares her secrets for success and how she stays accountable. In this episode, you will learn more about:There’s a lot of things you don’t get to control, but what we do get to control is how we treat ourselves and our body. How we rest, exercise, and nourish ourselves is very important to our health, and especially during the pandemic where those with obesity and health conditions seem to have a harder time. You are in charge of what you watch and consume. Make sure you are listening to powerful and positive things, and not tuned in to things that stoke your fear. You have so much power, more than you may even think. Motivation is not something that lasts, and you have to figure out how to motivate yourself every day. How does Ciara stay accountable to set herself up for success? If we lead with our mind, our body will follow. Why focusing on reducing inflammation and cleaning up our gut microbiome is so important. Say Hi To Ciara
8/12/202126 minutes, 48 seconds
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What It Takes To Lose 40 Pounds In Three Months. An Intimate Client Interview.

This week, Ciara introduces us to Kerry, her inspirational client who has not only lost 40 pounds in three months but has made a clear and permanent commitment to her healthier, happier lifestyle.  Together they discuss the importance of prioritizing yourself no matter how crazy life gets.  Kerry is an amazing example of looking beyond the number on the scale and focusing on the satisfaction that comes from experiencing life to its fullest, feeling amazing in your body, and seeing what you are capable of accomplishing every day of your life. In this episode, you will learn more about:When Kerry changed her mindset, she changed her life and the trajectory of her health. The steps that Kerry takes every single day to optimize her health, starting with what she eats and how she moves her body. Grounding your body in adequate sleep and consistent nourishment is an essential piece of the health puzzle. Stress is a huge factor in your ability to make the best choices for your body every single day. The decision that Kerry made to prioritize herself allows her to feel her best and also give her best self to others. When we keep our commitments to ourselves every day, we are able to live life to the fullest. Celebrate the non-scale triumphs that you reach along the journey to a healthier you. Accountability to a partner can help you recognize how far you’ve come and where you are heading. Say Hi To Ciara
8/5/202148 minutes, 15 seconds
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Empowering Women on Their Fertility Journey with Dr. Kara and Dr. Hillary

This week, Ciara welcomes Board certified Natural Fertility Specialists, Dr. Kara and Dr. Hillary, founders of Cultivate Fertility. They share over 30 years of clinical experience and work with women to optimize their reproductive health at every stage of life using science based and holistic treatments. They discuss how fertility is not a one size fits all approach, what major factors of infertility we may be overlooking such as limiting beliefs and stress, the 6 Core Principals they use at Cultivate Fertility, and why taking pristine care of yourself is the best thing you can do both for yourself and your fertility. In this episode, you will learn more about:How Dr. Kara and Dr. Hillary each got into the field of medicine, and their personal journey with fertility. The times that we feel are the most doom and gloom can really be a lesson about our own bodies and teach us so much about our health. Stress is a huge factor of why so many women struggle with fertility, yet it’s often brushed under the rug or not talked about at all. How PCOS, hormonal imbalances, and blood sugar all play a role in our fertility and overall health. Limiting beliefs and negative self talk can stop us from taking the action we need to focus on our health. More about Cultivate Fertility, and the types of programs and resources that Dr. Kara and Dr. Hillary offer.  When we cultivate our own health, we impact generations to come. The work we do around our fertility can have an impact on the baby’s nervous system and health. The six core principles that Cultivate Fertility uses as a modality to make sure their approach is whole: soothe, nourish, protect, prevent, hydrate, circulate. Say Hi To Ciara Fertility Cultivate Fertility Supplements @cultivatefertility Natural Fertility Possibilities 
7/29/202144 minutes, 26 seconds
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Life Is Tough, So Drop The “I Can't” And Find A Way To Win

Ciara posted a picture of her first gym class back, and it lit a spark for the conversation this week. She may be a little slower right now or not able to do that extra push-up, but she feels great in her body and has kept a healthy weight. This year, many people have found themselves in a very difficult spot with much uncertainty and stress. Our response to this may have been to try and numb ourselves with food and alcohol, or even just to let our exercise and relaxation fall to the wayside. This week, Ciara discusses why this is the time where our habits matter most. When we put ourselves first, we build trust in ourselves and confidence in our ability to win. She shares a few success stories from her VIP program that will inspire you to know if they can do it, so can you.In this episode, you will learn more about:When the pandemic hit, many people relied on unhealthy coping mechanisms.Workouts are not the only way to lose weight, and that belief keeps you stuck.Don’t discount what you can do during a very busy and stressful time.It’s the routine and consistency that matters.Oftentimes we make it way harder than we need to. There’s always a way to win.As a single mother and busy entrepreneur, Ciara knows that it is her personal responsibility to stay healthy so she has energy for herself and those around her that depend on her.Yes, there is no guarantee in life, but you can reduce your risk factors and you can make yourself harder to kill.What can you do right now to help yourself feel better?When you are in the weeds, you pull yourself out. When things are crazy and you invest in yourself, everything will be better.When you decide you will take impeccable care of yourself, it builds trust in following through.Examples of a few of Ciara’s inspirational VIP clients that realized the power and inner strength they have. Say Hi To Ciara
7/22/202127 minutes, 43 seconds
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Weight Loss, Hormones, and The Missing Link

This week, Ciara continues the conversation on weight loss and offers up a recording from her Masterclass. She talks about the two most important hormones when it comes to weight loss, why we get cravings and how to handle them, insulin resistance, blood sugar stabilization, and the missing link that is crucial for sustainable and long term success. In this episode, you will learn more about: The importance of insulin and cortisol when it comes to losing weight, storing fat, and balancing blood sugar. What causes cravings and how do we stay on track when we have them? Losing weight is an inner battle as much as an outer one. Your relationship with food directly correlates back to your relationship with yourself. Why is hormone balance important for weight loss? What insulin sensitivity is and three tips for balancing your blood sugar. How muscle mass plays a role in insulin sensitivity. Some practical ways to create a morning routine that will set you up for success. How does our gut microbiome play a role in keeping us healthy and maintaining our weight? Consistency matters more than perfection. Taking it easy on yourself doesn’t mean giving into every craving or throwing aside your values when things get busy. In fact, it means doubling down on your self care when you need it most.  Say Hi To Ciara
7/15/202151 minutes, 9 seconds
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Weight Loss — It's Never About Food

As Ciara reflects upon her recent birthday, she speaks about a feeling of pride for the hard work and dedication she has put in towards her own healing journey. This brings up the topic of worthiness, and that you don’t need to wait for things to be perfect or for life to settle down to begin your wellness journey. In fact, that is the time that you need it most. Ciara opens up about battling and overcoming her own eating disorder, and how she created a lifestyle that is based upon making choices that lead her to show up healthily and happily for herself and others. Whether you are looking to lose weight or just begin healing your hormones, the first step is knowing you are worthy of putting yourself first and keeping your personal promises. In this episode, you will learn more about:We often see the finished results of someone’s health journey, but there is so much growth that can go on behind the scenes. Ciara had done (and continues to do) a ton of inner work, hiring coaches, and learning to let go of old practices that did not serve her.Ciara developed an eating disorder in her 20’s that caused her to feel much shame and stress. She speaks about how she overcame it from an emotional standpoint first, and how disordered eating is rarely about food and more about control.Weight loss is much more than calories in / calories out.Those that have disordered eating are far from defective — in fact, those are the people that are often perfectionists.Ciara talks about how having a stressful and fast-paced job at a law firm led to some eating habits that were sabotaging the healthy eating she did during the week, and how just two days off could make such a big impact on meeting her wellness goals.The shame that one can feel when engaging in disordered eating can be crippling and isolating.Why restricted eating tends to lead to binging.Ciara explains that although recipes can be great, they can also be a hurdle for people trying to add in healthier items and let go of perfectionistic tendencies.When you treat yourself with love, respect and care you don’t allow other people to mistreat you.Ciara has love for her clients and will be there to help, but if you work with her, know that she is going to call you on BS “I can’t” type stories and limiting beliefs!Find an example of someone who did what you want to do, to show you that anything is possible.When your life is in chaos, that’s the time you want to double down on your own wellness.The first step is knowing you are worthy of health, and getting crystal clear on your boundaries.Say Hi To Ciara By FoodThe Kyla Fox Center
7/8/202152 minutes, 36 seconds
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Staying Healthy While Traveling — The Choice is Up To You

As things start to slowly open up this summer, many of us will be traveling for the first time in a while. While going on a trip can be very exciting, it can also feel daunting and stressful because it’s the time people fall off from making good choices and treating their body well. This week, Ciara talks about changing your belief system and mindset around traveling, to know that staying healthy while being on the move can be done, and it is ultimately your choice. Ciara gives some practical tips for choosing nourishing foods while traveling, ways that you can still indulge and stay on track. She gives her trip to Italy as an example where you can feel and look great while still enjoying your time.In this episode, you will learn more about:How your beliefs dictate your actions and ultimately, your success when it comes to staying on track while traveling.It is not about restriction, it is about your choice.If you want to be an all-or-nothing person, it is hard to maintain staying healthy while traveling. What we want is balance and finding how to feel as healthy as possible on an everyday basis.You get even more enjoyment out of your vacation if you feel good.You must think about how you want to feel, and then make the choices that line up with getting those results.It may take a little bit of extra time to find healthy places to eat and ways to move your body, but the little extra effort will lead to consistent results that match up with your highest values.You have all the power and control, and you can determine the outcome of how you feel. Say Hi To Ciara
7/1/202128 minutes, 3 seconds
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Powered By Love, Synchronicity and Alignment with Anna Lozano

This week, Ciara is joined by Anna Lozano, mom entrepreneur, conscious creator, and co-founder of Love Powered Co. Anna shares a bit of her journey, talking about immigrating to Canada from Poland, and how she shifted her beliefs about wealth and abundance through seeing that you don’t need to be burnt out and exhausted to have the life of your dreams. She talks about launching Love Powered Co. to help others consciously create their reality, how their Mini Decks for kids can help foster mindfulness and gratitude at a young age. Finally, she and Ciara talk about the synchronicity and community that show up when you are in divine alignment. In this episode, you will learn more about: Anna was born in Poland and immigrated to Canada, and speaks about the programming and conditioning to wealth that she worked on later on in her adult life to help her serve at an even higher purpose. Anna asked the universe to help her create a product that would help millions of people, and Love Powered Co. was born. Anna talks about the affirmation cards that Love Powered offer, and how they have expanded to include Mini Decks for children, Digitals, Coloring Books, and much more.A power greater than you will support you and give you synchronicity when you are in alignment. How affirmations can serve as a powerful tool to help us reprogram our subconscious mind. More about the four steps of the creation process: frequency, thoughts, words, and inspired action.How we eat, how we move and sleep, and what we think has a profound impact on our frequency. Why it’s very important to listen to our body and not just try to distract or push through symptoms or things like adrenal fatigue. You are always going to feel uncomfortable and feel resistance when you start pushing boundaries, but having some tools like journaling and Love Powered Co. can help. How Ciara and Anna got to each of their decisions to move, and the synchronicity that now makes them neighbors in the same community of British Columbia!A trusted coach or guide is a great resource to help you get clarity and take inspired action. Say Hi To Ciara Powered Co. Losing My Virginity Kathrina Ruth 
6/24/202153 minutes, 6 seconds
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How This 64-Year-Old Athlete Went From Multiple Organ Transplants To a Bikini Competition

This week, Ciara welcomes Julia Lynn, a 64 year old athlete, who is the ultimate story of what discipline, focus, and determination can look like when you take accountability for your health. Julia shares about her health challenges in the early part of her life, including diabetes which led to multiple organ transplants and a bypass. She talks about what made her decide to take control of her own health and not let her busy schedule be an excuse. Now as Julia prepares for a bikini competition, she sets a terrific example of breaking down barriers at any age. She and Ciara also talk about listening to your body and how one specific diet is not a custom one size fits all approach for everyone. In this episode, you will learn more about: Julia was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 11 and has been through double organ transplants and a bypass. Instead of focusing on the negative, she saw this as an opportunity to take back and health and to thrive at new levels. True health is what we build every day with our nutrition, health, sleep, lifestyle, etc. There is no reason to fear aging if you are fit. How Julia took it one step at a time while in Saudi Arabia and Mexico to realize she needed to make a big change in her health.Taking care of your health is a way to honor the ones you love, so you could show up and be there for them in the deepest way. Julia is an example that lifting weights will slow down the aging process and make you toned and lean. Keto may not be right for everyone, and Julia loves feeding her body healthy carbs! Our innate intuition is so powerful, listen to your body. Big life events can make us feel like we need to push our wellness habits aside, but that is really when we need them most. Putting herself first has helped Julia feel an inner reservoir of strength and resilience. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. You have to be a vehicle for opportunities. As you change, your goals and priorities will change too. Knowing your body is a real element of getting fit, but it takes personal accountability.  Say Hi To Ciara Joan MacDonald Michelle MacDonald 
6/18/202158 minutes, 18 seconds
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Women & Addiction. The Only Way Out is Through with Lisa Carpenter

Ciara is joined this week by good friend and colleague Lisa Carpenter. Lisa is an author, coach, and host of the Full Frontal Podcast. She shares her own story in deciding to give up alcohol, and how many of our addictions today are minimized or made to seem just part of mom culture or social media. She and Ciara also talk about learning to feel and validate your emotions rather than numbing them, and how we can get clear on what limiting beliefs are holding us back from living our biggest and best life. Lisa has over 20 years of coaching experience, along with an extensive background in nutrition, fitness, and helping people develop an inner sense of responsibility and resilience. In this episode, you will learn more about:As a society, we have not been taught how to manage our emotions and stress, and it’s more clear than ever after this year that we are in serious need of help as a society and individuals. Whether it’s food, alcohol, spending, or being addicted to work, everyone has something that is their go to drug of choice. Some are deemed acceptable by society while others are more overt. Ciara talks about why she will have a glass of wine now and then with no guilt or regret, while Lisa shares the reasons that she decided to give up alcohol. When you feel neutral about something, you can really enjoy it for what it is rather than using it as a way to numb, escape, or push down your emotions. Lisa shares how she figured out that drinking wasn't aligning with her highest values, and she and her husband took on a change of how they viewed and labeled themselves. It is our responsibility to be with the emotions we are navigating. What we try to avoid by drinking is usually the connection and deeper relationships we are actually seeking.You can fight for your limitations, but it requires self parenting and taking responsibility over your choices. So often we are making light of people’s illness, especially with humor and through social media. Lisa’s tips for beginning to pattern interrupt your habits and replace them with ones that feel healthier and more sustainable. Lisa describes her podcast Full Frontal Living as the same feeling of standing in a snowstorm naked. This woman bares all, and isn’t afraid to go out there and sit in discomfort. If you aren’t taking care of yourself, you need to look at the stories you are telling yourself.Say Hi To Ciara SolutionLisa Carpenter | Full Frontal Podcast 
6/10/20211 hour, 7 minutes, 15 seconds
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Overwhelmed, Stressed & Have Zero Time? This is what you NEED!

Ciara starts the episode recapping the preparation for her cross country move, and reflecting how although it was a stressful situation with a lot of moving parts, she did a few key things that kept her healthy, focused, and energized throughout the process. She talks about what “giving yourself a break” really looks like, and why that’s not necessarily the movie and pizza night we often picture. When you turn your mindset around and do more for yourself during the really busy and challenging times instead of eating the wrong foods and running yourself to empty, it makes the situation that much easier. Through experience, Ciara learned to walk the walk that she asks of her clients, and gives some simple yet highly effective tips.  In this episode, you will learn more about: How to give yourself a break without really making things worse and throwing yourself under the bus. What we eat and how we rest really does affect not only our physical health, our mental health and mood too. Focus on what you can do today to make tomorrow a little easier. How Ciara navigated a cross country move in a way that supported her and her daughter with nourishing food and proper rest. A few of Ciara’s top supplements such as Vitamin C and magnesium to help support your body. Our busiest times are when we tend to give up our self care, but it is when we need it the most. Say Hi To Ciara Solution
6/3/202127 minutes, 27 seconds
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How You Can Balance Your Hormones By Understanding Nutrition, Stress, Sleep & Exercise

This week, Ciara dives into a deeper look at how she provides an experienced and thorough approach when working with her clients. Instead of just guessing at what to eat, when to eat it, and foods to add in or take away, it is important that you become clear on what is happening with your hormones, and what personalized approach would work best for you. Ciara talks about the DUTCH test and gives a few examples of specific recommendations she would give to her clients based on their symptoms. She explains why she doesn’t do recipes or meal plans but really teaches her clients how to eat for their own situation to balance their blood sugar, manage weight, and reach new levels of health.In this episode, you will learn more about:How Ciara works with her clients based on her experience, their symptoms, and the DUTCH comprehensive hormone test to make recommendations for diet and lifestyle changes.The importance of good sleep for body repair, healthy melatonin levels, and insulin sensitivity.How sleep impacts our hormones and why it’s important to not eat too close before going to bed.All of it matters — how much you are eating, what you are eating, and when you are eating it.Ciara doesn’t do specific meal plans but works with each client so they get a personalized road map of how to start making small changes for big results.More about the 10 Day Detox that helps to eliminate inflammatory foods and repair gut health and balance blood sugar.When you work with Ciara, you also learn how to make sure you include enough protein in your meals and get a feel for when to have certain types of carbs and starches based on your energy levels and goals.Say Hi To Ciara Solution
5/20/202146 minutes, 26 seconds
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Macros Vs. Intuitive Eating — Which One is Right For You?

This week, Ciara discusses a topic she gets asked about regularly: “Is the macro diet right for me?” First, she breaks down what macronutrient eating is, why it can be beneficial for some people, and who it may not be right for. Ciara also talks about why a calorie is not just a calorie, the alternative option of intuitive eating instead of a macro diet, and how both can affect the most important aspect of your health, balancing your blood sugar and controlling your insulin. For those that are interested in a macro-based program, there are some tips and tricks that can help you stay committed and focused, but it’s important to remember, the best program is going to be the one that feels good and that you do consistently.In this episode, you will learn more about:It’s important to look at the quality and processing of food, not just calories in, calories out.If you do not balance your blood sugar, you can not balance any of the hormones in your body.Balancing blood sugar is the most foundational step you need to take in order to lose weight and reverse diabetes.How our body responds with inflammation when we eat canola, soy oil, and other highly processed foods and additives.How you sleep, move, and mitigate stress are also huge factors in maintaining your health.Just losing weight isn’t going to balance your hormones and reverse disease.Health is not a one size fits all approach, and there is not just one way to meet your goals.Ciara’s program offers a full health intake and clinical evaluation so she can really understand what is going on and then offer support on top of that.The 10 Day Detox will also help you reset your eaten patterns to provide a balance of proteins, fats, and carbs that helps your body run more efficiently.Why it’s important to make half your plate at every meal consist of non-starchy or leafy green plants, but also to make sure you get enough protein.Who a macro diet may not be for.The hard part about transforming your life and taking back your health is your mindset and coming to your health from a different perspective.It’s important to look at what works for you. If you have tried macros and it didn’t work for you that doesn’t mean you are a failure.Say Hi To Ciara Solution
5/13/202131 minutes, 59 seconds
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Cycle Syncing — How To Use Your Menstruation Cycle To Achieve Your Weight Loss, Fitness and Health Goals

Have you ever felt totally great and energetic, your diet plan is on point, and then your period comes along and seems to derail everything? If so, you aren’t alone and there is no need to beat yourself up — but you do need to get clear on the information Ciara puts out this week. Ciara shares a video from her Hormone Solution program all about the menstrual cycle. She breaks down each cycle and how it can affect our mood, diet, and energy level, and how we can use this knowledge to navigate it with what our body really needs. The more you understand the different cycles and how to use foods and movement to nurture them, the more you can flow with nature and your natural rhythms and not against them.In this episode, you will learn more about:The different phases of your cycle including menstruation, the follicular phase, proliferative phase, Ovulation, the luteal phase, and the secretory phase.Why it’s important to track your cycles each month to gather as much data as possible.How your hormones fluctuate during your cycles, and what that can mean for your diet, sleep, and exercise.The average length for a period, and how to also use pain and flow as a barometer for health.What very painful cramps can be telling you about your body, and how to reduce inflammation.What types of foods your body craves most depending on each phase of the cycle.Some ideas for starchy foods, and which ones Ciara makes for herself each month.How long and intense your exercise should be about where you are in your cycle.Why our nutrition plans are harder to stick with during a certain time of the month, and what to do about it.How to get your body out of survival / fat storage mode. Say Hi To Ciara SolutionArticle about the US Soccer Team
5/6/202136 minutes, 42 seconds
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Choose Your Hard- Health or Disease

Ciara got such a great response from last week’s episode with Trish, the single busy mother who took a year to get her health and mindset straight, lost over 80 lbs and found her motivation, drive, and inner strength in the process. The comments and emails were overflowing with gratitude for sharing Trish’s story, and one common takeaway - in order to really make progress and get healthy - we need to put ourselves first and really get accountable on our habits and daily choices. This week, Ciara talks about choosing your hard, and how eating right and moving your body may seem hard, but the consequences of what happens when you don’t are so much more serious and complicated. In this episode, you will learn more about: A lot of people have many reasons why they can’t do something. They are too busy, other people need them, not enough time, etc. Ask yourself, are the things you are fighting for aligned with your goals or self love? Ciara discusses the concept of “hard” when it comes to eating right and taking care of yourself, and how what is really hard is the consequences that come with illness, lack of energy, and even more serious outcomes. When you don’t abandon yourself and your values for what others want or expect,, you gain more respect and trust in yourself. Trish was a great example of choosing her hard. She pushed her body and sacrificed eating processed foods, but she realized it was even harder risking not being there for her child. When things are tough, that is not the time to abandon ourselves. That is the time to dig in. Everything is a choice. The limiting beliefs that are the things stopping you from your goals are usually just stories we tell ourselves, and the things you think are hard are a drop in the bucket compared to the things that can happen if you don’t take consistent and continuous steps to take full responsibility for your health. The things you think are hard in life are nothing compared to losing your health. Nothing is harder than disease. It is not a question of IF we will get sick if we don’t take care of ourselves, rather it is when will those things come?Say Hi To Ciara a Busy Single Mom and CEO Lost 80 LBS During The Pandemic and Turned Her Health Around 
4/29/202116 minutes, 59 seconds
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How A Busy Single Mom and CEO Lost 80 lbs During The Pandemic and Turned Her Health Around

This week features a real and raw conversation with an amazing woman who not only lost 80lbs in one year, but completely reinvested himself. Trish had a health scare that showed her that she wanted to live a different way, and step by step, every day, she followed that path. Now, she looks like a living, breathing fountain of youth and is an example to women everywhere that it is possible. Trish talks with Ciara about the amazing ways her life opened up when she decided to take control of her life, how she prepares her healthy diet to include enough protein as a busy single mother and career woman, and the benefits of working with a transformation coach. Trish is always on a mission to see how good it can get, and she’s not stopping anytime soon. In this episode, you will learn more about: The life altering event that caused Trish to really think about her “why” and led her to shift her habits on a consistent basis and put her health and wellness first. If Trish makes time for a clean diet and exercise as a single mom and busy entrepreneur - so can you! Trish shares some of her tips for success when traveling and being on the go so you can still win the day. If we don’t listen to the little nudges our body is sending us, we will have to make time for our illness. It seems as though taking care of yourself will take so much time, but really, it frees up time and gives us more energy to be a better mother, friend, leader, etc. Excess weight doesn’t always have to be about someone just eating more. Oftentimes weight can be a barrier and protection mechanism. Start where you are. Trish may be extremely disciplined and detail oriented, but even just committing to walking more or lessening processed foods is a great start. Trish’s journey of hiring a transformation coach, and why it’s crucial to pick the coach that is right for you and then really apply what they are telling you. Trish and Ciara discuss the importance of getting enough protein, along with feeding your muscle and metabolism, it is anti-aging and won’t make you turn into a bulky bodybuilder despite what others may say. Trish focused more on what her body could do rather than a number on the scale or a pants size. Say Hi To Ciara The Big Leap  Brene Brown Empowered By Food 
4/22/20211 hour, 10 minutes, 9 seconds
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The Desire Factor with Mindset Expert Christy Whitman

This week, Ciara welcomes Christy Whitman, New York Times Best Selling Author, teacher, coach, and channel for The Council, spiritual mentors here to spread the message of Quantum Energy Mastery. Christy talks about her new book, The Desire Factor, and how she wrote it with the intention to spark a shift in the consciousness of the reader, and to help them go inward to process their emotions so they could align with their highest potential and be a match for all the abundance waiting for them in their highest vibration. Ciara and Christy also talk about feeling the “bad” emotions to get to the good, some practical tips to become more present and grounded today, and how happiness and joy are almost always our choice, despite what the external environment may temporarily look like. In this episode, you will learn more about:Our thoughts and words are so powerful, and they create a mind / body response that attracts things to (and away!) from us.  Christy’s resources and tools to show people how we can positively impact our mental health no matter what is happening in the external world, including her new book The Desire Factor. When we feel our emotions rather than suppress them, it frees us up. How Christy went from having everything she thought she wanted and a perfect life on paper to really digging into her conscious spiritual journey, that led her to now be one of the most prominent and well known voices in spirituality and wellness. Christy’s own story of meeting one of her mentors, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and how it was a direct result of her taking responsibility and shifting her own energy. How we can turn it all around, even when we are feeling stuck and hopeless. Whatever you focus on is what you are going to get more of. It’s not about what’s happening outside of us, it’s about our reaction to it. The three questions that can ask yourself that will change your life.How to set yourself up to be a vibrational match for what you desire by already feeling as though you have it. Say Hi To Ciara Whitman | Instagram | The Desire Factor 
4/15/20211 hour, 2 minutes, 23 seconds
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Finally Beat Self-Sabotage and Achieve Anything With This Mindset Shift

Ciara reflects upon a recent post of hers that brought up a lot of emotion for others, and wanted to bring it here for an open and honest discussion. It’s always important to take responsibility for your life and your actions, but now more than ever, the world is calling on you to take full accountability for your health and circumstances. It’s tough, and not an easy path, but Ciara discusses self care and growth tools to make it a part of your daily habit. She talks about why we feel resistance and sabotage ourselves right when it feels like big change is around the corner, and how to finally move forward. This is the time to get stronger, by putting one step in front of the other. You aren’t alone. In this episode, you will learn more about: This is an opportunity to let go of the stories keeping you stuck.If you are someone that has been struggling, the number one thing you can do is to take responsibility. The truth may be harsh, but if you want to continue to blame outside sources, you have no ability to change and move forward.When you develop internal self love and trust, you are able to cultivate it on your own despite the external circumstances.  The only person that gets in your way is often us. No matter what is going on in life, there are always gifts to be found. Journaling is a great way to hold up a mirror to yourself and see how you are showing up and what that is ultimately attracting. It’s important to take time for introspection. If you want to change things, you have to accept that you will feel resistance. It doesn’t mean that you should quit. You have the tools and the power, and your voice matters. You can change your life. When we hold on to these emotions without observing and processing them, we cause trauma and tend to self-medicine in many different ways, including with food.  Say Hi To Ciara Post  
4/8/202120 minutes, 18 seconds
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Busting The Myths About Protein And How It Helps Us with Hormone Balance, Insulin Resistance, Satiety, Aging Well and Much More

This week Ciara talks about something super important that is one of the pillars of health and hormonal balance - protein. She shares why protein is her favorite macronutrient, and the truth behind the fear mongering and misinformation out there, making women miss out on this vital piece of information that they should be focusing on. Ciara talks about why we need more protein as we get older, why she doesn’t recommend Keto for perimenopausal or menopausal women and gives some tips to get more protein in your diet. She discusses the role protein plays in a healthy insulin response, lowering inflammation, and supporting our lean muscle mass. In this episode, you will learn more about:Why protein gets such a bad rap, and some truth behind the myths and misconceptions. Eating protein does not automatically mean you are going to gain muscle and start to look like a bodybuilder. In fact, we start losing about 1% of our muscle mass per year starting at around age 30, so it’s critical to keep active and your muscle mass up. We focus so much on fat loss and eating less, when the real conversation should be more about increasing our muscle mass and finding ways to get high quality and clean protein in our systems. Protein is not going to put on muscle - you have to work it and do resistance training in order to break it down and build it up. Why you need even more protein if you’re sedentary! As women, if you want to age gracefully and keep the belly fat down, getting enough protein is a critical component of our nutrition choices. Your body composition has a huge impact on your risk of diabetes and many other degenerative diseases.Getting enough protein starts at breakfast, Ciara shares some ideas on how to get that 30g in your first meal of the day. Protein is even more critical because we are so sedentary right now during the pandemic. Getting enough protein doesn’t mean you skip plants and eat like a caveman!  Ciara always recommends at least half your plate consists of plants!Say Hi To Ciara
4/1/202129 minutes, 41 seconds
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The DUTCH Hormone Test, What it Is, How To Get It, and Why It Could Positively Impact Your Health

Ciara gets a ton of messages from women asking whether or not you really need to work with a practitioner when taking the DUTCH test, so she takes the opportunity this week to dive into all things DUTCH test. She talks about her process for understanding the nuances of the test, why it’s such a game changer when it comes to a holistic view of health and really understanding what’s happening with your body, and what types of things the DUTCH test can measure. She also breaks down the analysis behind understanding the DUTCH test results, and why it’s so important to work with someone to hold you accountable rather than just getting the test and doing it on your own. In this episode, you will learn more about:What the DUTCH test is - Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones, and what makes it unique. Why the DUTCH test is such a game changer in testing hormone and gut health, and treating symptoms from the root cause. Why it’s important to work with a practitioner when taking the DUTCH test, as Ciara explains that a deeper look is sometimes needed to understand why certain symptoms are occuring in congruence to the test results. After doing over 100 tests with clients, Ciara sees that every test is different, which is why it takes a skilled practitioner to review the test to best understand the information and next course of action.The second eye Ciara uses when reviewing her client’s DUTCH test results. In addition to understanding hormones, the DUTCH test also gives us a look at 24 hour cortisol patterns to see how the body responds to stress, the metabolic pathways, B12,  glutathione and much more.  What things may be better off tested from a urine test rather than a blood serum test. Many symptoms overlap from different conditions, and the DUTCH test helps delineate why certain things are happening and which protocols will have the best results. In addition to the symptomatology, we are really understanding why you are having the symptoms and where you need to adjust. Lack of information is not where people stumble, it’s about having support and accountability. Say Hi To Ciara Test 
3/25/202136 minutes, 57 seconds
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What I learned By Failing the #75hardchallenge

Ciara gets brutally honest this week and admits something she often tells her clients not to do. She broke a promise. After announcing to herself and her clients that she would be doing the 75 HARD Challenge, she only did the program for a week. In this episode, she explains why she cut the program short, and how our goals should ultimately align with our values and integrity. Our body is amazing and has an extraordinary way of knowing intuitively when something may not be our highest calling, and it definitely can act accordingly to slow us down or make us change our path. Ciara explores why a positive mindset and consistency are important to meet our goals, but also how feminine energy honors our choices rather than forcing them. Listen in!In this episode, you will learn more about:So many people set themselves up for failure when they really don’t want to do something, and Ciara wants that to stop! There is a difference between resistance to a goal you really want and truly not wanting to do something.It’s important to be able to tune into your intuition to try and listen. The more you embrace feminine energy, the more you can honor your body and make choices that are aligned with feeling good.Ciara explains what the 75 Hard Challenge is, what made her decide to do it, and then how she ultimately knew it wasn’t the right fit for her to do it.Ciara talks about turning 40 and seeing how her consistency rather than goal setting got her to be in the best shape she’s ever been, and how you too can be unwavering about making progress towards feeling great instead of a set weight loss number or body composition goal.It’s not sustainable when we feel as though we are depriving ourselves. If you can’t or are not allowed to do something, that is something you will always want to fight and rebel against.If you are finding it hard to keep up with health and fitness during a pandemic — yes, it is — give yourself permission to observe that, but find ways to keep your integrity and accountability.Ask yourself who you want to be, and make small steps every day in alignment with that identity.Data isn’t a “pass” or “fail” or even something that tells us if we are “good” or “bad”. It’s information that can help us overcome challenges, redirect our actions, or even show us that we are on the right path.Say Hi To Ciara Hard ChallengeAmanda MoxleyDan Martell 
3/18/202134 minutes, 17 seconds
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What Are You Really Hungry For with Kiki Athanas

Kiki Athanas knows that a solid relationship with our own mind, body, and soul is so much more important than being “perfect” when it comes to healthy eating. This self described “Ex-Perfectionist” talks with Ciara about how she finally turned around her relationship with food after trying almost every diet and eating fad out there. Now, she coaches and guides busy and powerful women to change their mindset when it comes to food and to really use their intuition to find what works best for their bodies. Kiki and Ciara also share some tips on being more mindful when eating, freedom from emotional eating, and where to begin even if you feel far away from optimal health. In this episode, you will learn more about:How to begin to create a better relationship between yourself and food. When we try to be “perfect” about our eating and our diet, it can turn unhealthy and become an obsession. The real power is within the flow of knowing we have a choice to pick what foods make you feel great. Kiki shares how she used the technique of mBraining to connect her heart, brain, and gut to all be working in tandem with each other instead of being out of sync. It’s usually never about the food itself, it’s more about the stored and blocked emotions that we use food to distract ourselves and push these uncomfortable feelings down. Kiki shares more about her 6-week collectives where she works with women to get into the flow of their feminine energy and really connect to their own bodies. Why hunger gets a bad rap! Intuitive eating doesn’t mean eating everything in sight just because it’s there, nor does it mean eating junk food non stop! Eating is simple and life is hard, but often we get the two backwards. The body loves and craves variety. The more diverse your microbiome, the healthier your immune system. When it comes to eating in a way that supports your health, you don’t need to learn something new, it’s a relearning of what you already know and carving out blockages so you can reconnect with what’s there. Food is one of the most abused drugs out there. Kiki and Ciara also help women build trust in themselves and see that they have their own back and can show up and be accountable for themselves instead of always putting others or their work first. Choosing to not eat something can absolutely come from a place of abundance. Three deep breaths to get you into coherence where your gut brains. Your body makes the rules and tells you, and it’s your job to pay attention. The poison is in the amount in the foods your body can not tolerate well. Once you heal you may be able to incorporate a small amount. Work with where you are. The more you are out there living your dream life, the less you will want to overeat. Say Hi To Ciara At:www.ciarafoy.comMore: The Ex-Perfectionist mBraining Study on how choice can bring brain back into balance Kyla Fox CentreUndieting 
3/11/202159 minutes, 37 seconds
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How Lockdowns Have Impacted Your Movement (not exercise) And Why It Is Having Such A Huge Impact On Your Health

As we come upon the one-year anniversary of the pandemic, Ciara reflects on how the lockdowns and stay-at-home orders have changed our life and impacted our health — not for the better. This is an important episode to listen to and share with loved ones, as Ciara gives crucial tips for getting in movement and keeping the body going even if your commute and daily habits have been drastically changed. She talks about NEAT (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis) and why we need it, how to get those walks in during your workday, and tools to set yourself up for success while working from home.In this episode, you will learn more about:We already had a health crisis prior to 2020, and now with everyone staying at home, ordering in food, and not out and about, this makes obesity and its consequences even more dire.It is better to be active during the day with many smaller things than sedentary with just one hour of high-intensity exercise.Why should you commit to getting in 10k steps a day, even if you have to build or get together to walk to right now.NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) is the energy expended from activities such as walking, working, typing, etc. Not high-intensity exercise or playing sports.The little movements throughout our day also make up for the largest calorie expenditures of our day, so getting in that NEAT is crucial.There are 3.2 million deaths each year due to physical inactivity.Ciara gives great tips for getting in movement in your workday such as less sitting during Zoom meetings and more walk + talk calls, standing desks, and getting up every half hour or so.Your walking is not the same as exercise. You need both.Standing can lower your risk of serious health issues and increase your energy, productivity, boost your mood and metabolism.Say Hi To Ciara
3/4/202132 minutes, 26 seconds
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Getting Unstuck, Weight Loss, and Loving the Journey - A Hormone Solution Transformation

This week, Ciara welcomes her former client Barbara to set an example of how The Hormone Solution can change your life in ways you can’t even imagine. Barbara talks about the night and day difference she sees in her emotional and physical health since she started the program in December 2019. She not only has lost weight but balanced her blood sugar, improved her relationships, and gained a whole new level of confidence. She opens up about how she finally decided to commit to her health, what challenges she overcame, and how she is now just enjoying the journey. In this episode, you will learn more about:Why Ciara made the Get Unstuck Program the first tier of her program, and why it made the biggest impact on Barbara out of all the modules. How the Hormone Solution gave Barbara a level of confidence to go after all the things she wanted, including her passion for fashion blogging. Why Barbara decided to join The Hormone Solution in December 2019 and make a commitment to her health. Oftentimes we know what we need to do, but are stuck in our negative self stories and bad habits. Learning how to change your language is critical to navigating into what you want and a higher level of self mastery and self love. Barabara opens up about learning to trust herself and follow through with her non negotiables. How Barbara sets up her day to not only feel good, but enjoy the journey rather than just have it be the means to an end. Why it’s more important to rely on discipline rather than motivation. The challenges Barbara encountered during the beginning of the pandemic with her gym closing and how she overcame it. Even if you have a set back, you can gather yourself and begin the journey again.Having a routine not only helps you stay on track but it gives you grounding, certainty, and comfort and those are things that we need right now. Some eating tips for counting your macros and making sure your plate is filled with enough protein and vegetables. Say Hi To Ciara At:www.ciarafoy.comMentioned: @barbjarosz 
2/25/202158 minutes, 20 seconds
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How To Have It All Without Sacrificing Your Health

Ciara welcomes Sarah Makhomet, a busy business woman, single mother, and health inspiration. While founding and building a multi-million dollar business and raising her child as a single parent, Sarah has always put a high price on health. This week, she shares her methods for taking impeccable care of herself, how her upbringing in the Soviet Union created a foundation for self care, and how to stay focused through the work at home orders due to the pandemic. Sarah is an example to all of us that health is actually our number one priority for a successful life, not something that should be sacrificed. In this episode, you will learn more about:As the founder of Dominion Lending Centres in Canada and a single mother, Sarah has a lot on her plate. If she finds a way to put a premium on health, so can you. If you have health as your value system, you can use it to propel yourself forward. You don’t have to sacrifice yourself and your health to reach your dreams. Sarah shares how she always has food on the go that keeps her feeling satiated and full. How to squeeze in some movement and exercise even during a 12 hour work day. How Sarah’s upbringing in Communist Ukraine and Soviet Union affected her view on taking care of herself and keeping healthy habits as part of her normal. When you create healthy habits early, it’s something that becomes part of your value system. We have to work for the things that are important to us. How to navigate the added stress from work from home orders due the pandemic and even have fun with showing your children that great health is of utmost importance. How Sarah manages her schedule as someone with major time constraints. Taking care of yourself is not an either or. If you want to work at a high level long term, you need to take care of yourself. Advice for setting up boundaries around your non negotiables, including sleep. Health is the #1 area of success in our life, even more than money or outside achievement. Say Hi To Ciara At:www.ciarafoy.comMentioned: Dominion Lending Centres  
2/18/202137 minutes, 23 seconds
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How To Have Healthy Pain-Free Periods with Madeline McKinnen

It may feel as though you are destined to live with all the symptoms of your period and deal with the pain, but Ciara’s guest this week proves that is simply not the case. Madeline McKinnen is a nutrition consultant and women’s health coach who specializes in giving women current and practical info on holistic period pain relief and hormone balance. Madeline talks about her Period Pain Relief guide that provides a map on how specific changes in your diet can make a huge difference. She shares her own personal story about overcoming period pain, and her and Ciara talk about the difference between finding a coach and mentor vs. expecting to outsource your health.In this episode, you will learn more about:You aren’t alone if you have painful and debilitating periods, and there is help out there.Madeline shares her own journey as a nutritionist that also had to put in the work to level up to overcome personal health struggles.Madeline came up with a Period Pain Relief Guide after fixing her own issues and helping many women address their issues when it came to periods and their menstrual cycle.The role that an anti-inflammatory diet has in setting a foundation for an easier and less symptomatic period.Madeline talks about customized tests that help identify the core issues, but Ciara reminds us that tests won’t do the work for us, so make sure you are ready and willing to make some lifestyle changes.Supplements can be very effective, but they need to be done in conjunction with making the appropriate nutrition and lifestyle choices.Going for a walk first thing in the morning is a simple yet powerful practice.The top three things Madeline cites as non-negotiables when it comes to period health.The healing properties of vegetables on our overall health and also our periods.Say Hi To Ciara At:www.ciarafoy.comMentioned: Article on Reducing Death by 40% by eating more vegetables: Pain Relief Guide Natural Hormone Healing@naturalhormonehealing 
2/11/202151 minutes, 4 seconds
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Making Your Subconscious Work For You With Adele Tevlin

Adele is a powerhouse woman with a background in nutrition, psychology, and therapy, and her signature program, THE CEO Blueprint, works with high level achievers to break through blocks and limiting beliefs. She joins Ciara to talk about the confidence, empathy, and opportunity pieces behind her program, and how every aspect of your life can be transformed when you heal core wounds and address issues at the root of your subconscious. She and Ciara also discuss two practical ways to begin setting an intention of leveling up, and grounding yourself into the present moment. In this episode, you will learn more about:The intention behind Adele’s signature program, the CEO Blueprint. C.E.O. stands for Confidence, Empathy, and Opportunity. Whether it feels like it at the time or not, Adele has had solid proof through her own path and the hundreds of women she has worked with that everything that happens in our life can be used as a catalyst for spiritual growth. It’s difficult to create sustainable changes on our own without coaching from others and work on our subconscious beliefs. Adele’s varied background including work as a professional nutritionist, psychologist, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, helps her work with her clients from a very supportive and holistic foundation. It’s when we work what’s really beneath the surface of our habits and patterns that lasting change and shifts can come about. Up to 90% of our day is created and navigated by patterns from our subconscious programming! It’s not selfish to take time for self care, it’s actually necessary and a selfless act.Our brain is like an amazing computer that seeks out information to prove us right. Why humans tend to have the same common two core wounds - “I’m not worthy” and “I'm not good enough”, and what we can do about it. Whether you can or you can’t, you will be right either way. The first step towards seeing opportunity and manifesting is to pull away from fear. Say Hi To Ciara At:www.ciarafoy.comMentioned: C.E.O Blueprint @adele_tevlinBridgerton
2/4/202149 minutes, 48 seconds
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The Reality of Losing Weight and Improving Hormone Health For Perimenopausal & Menopausal Women

There is a whole lot of BS in the belief system that so many women have when it comes to their bodies, and this week Ciara wants to set the record straight. She has had thousands of hours with women over the topic of weight, hormone health, and seeing results, and is here to make it easier and more effective for you. Even if you feel as though results aren’t possible or you are a lost cause, some pivotal pillars must be set into place consistently. Ciara talks about why women in menopause and perimenopause should be paying attention to their muscle mass, insulin sensitivity, and where they are holding weight. She gives a real pep talk about why you can’t outsource your health, and how a good coach is not always a cheerleader.In this episode, you will learn more about:Although there are many shapes and sizes that represent a healthy body, it is important to look at where you hold on to weight.For women, especially those in their 40’s and 50’s during menopause and perimenopause, extra abdominal weight can have a significant impact on hormone and immune health.It’s up to you to take personal responsibility for your health. The external world may give you distractions and surprises, but the common denominator is you when it comes to implementing consistent action towards your health.Knowledge is power, but none of it matters if you are not taking consistent action.A good coach doesn’t always equal a cheerleader. The best ones hold up a mirror for you to really see your truth, and point out the cold hard truth of what you aren’t doing that could really make that extra difference.When you are in perimenopause it can feel impossible to make any changes, but it’s not. It may be harder, but not impossible.Muscle mass and increasing insulin sensitivity are also a huge part of your overall success.Ciara’s 10-Day Detox is a fantastic way to reduce inflammation and balance blood sugar, but ultimately your dedication will determine your success.It takes consistent action for a long period of time to see results.You aren’t broken, and you have more control over your results than you most likely think.Say Hi To Ciara At:www.ciarafoy.comMentioned: @trainwithjoan
1/28/202143 minutes, 27 seconds
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How To Do It All, Stay in Your Brilliance, And Not Burn Out

This week Ciara welcomes former client and friend Renee Warren, author, speaker, coach and founder of the We Wild Women community and Into the Wild podcast. As a super busy professional, wife and mother, and passionate woman, Renee knows firsthand the importance of building practices that promote self care and health rather than burnout. She talks with Ciara about recognizing her own burnout, advocating for ourselves when overcoming a health challenge, and how to be even more productive while taking care of your mind, body, and spirit. In this episode, you will learn more about: The importance of finding a good coach or mentor who has done what you are trying to do before, and can easily show the path. Renee has always been an active go-getter, and her responsibilities ramped up even more when she had Irish twins and launched her business in the same year. How to recognize when your body is heading into burnout mode, and what to do. The importance of advocating for yourself, even if it means pushing the envelope or getting a second opinion. Renee shares a story of how she did this with her iron deficiency after she was getting worse and needed a change fast. Just eating healthy doesn’t mean we are bulletproof. It’s also about managing our stress level and lifestyle on a consistent basis.Renee shares her strategy for running a VERY busy household and supportive marriage. With food it’s not enough to eat healthy. Level of stress and lifestyle. Burnout can come after the busy or stressful times, since your body is in “go” mode trying to take care and support you. It’s okay to push hard, but you need to build in time to rest and recuperate. Renee’s We Wild Women community and coaching helps high achieving women learn to successfully reduce the stress in their life while still making themselves a priority. A few of the foundational habits that are Renee’s non negotiables for health and happiness. You can’t do everything at once! Renee and Ciara discuss time blocking and doing one thing at a time instead of multitasking. Say Hi To Ciara At:www.ciarafoy.comMentioned: Into the Wild Podcast We Wild Women @we.wild.women75 Hard
1/21/20211 hour, 4 minutes, 40 seconds
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Five FREE Ways To Lose Weight That Have Nothing To Do With Restricting Calories

It’s a New Year, and Ciara is here to talk about health and weight loss in a way that’s not your typical “New Year, New Me” reset talk! In this episode, she gives her Five Top Tips for bringing in vitality and health through gentle practices, fit into a flexible schedule, and best of all, free or at little cost. Follow these, and you will not only lower your body fat, but also boost your mood, increase your gut health, and supercharge your immune system.In this episode, you will learn more about:Our habits and practices can have a massive impact on how well we respond to viruses and illnesses.Two important hormones, ghrelin and leptin, that help us feel satiated and control our appetite.The importance of good sleep and rest and the impact it has on keeping a healthy weight and steady metabolism.If you are overweight in any way, you are dealing with some form of inflammation. Chronic inflammation slows down metabolism, but there is a lot we CAN control in terms of the right diet, sleep, and movement.The top offenders when it comes to wreaking havoc on our gut microbiome — gluten, dairy, glyphosates, and other toxic chemicals.Some great anti-inflammatory foods to bring in to create a diet rich in minerals and nutrients, which will make our gut very happy!Movement is an active component of our health. There’s always something you can do to start getting the blood pumping, whether it’s getting a walking pad, taking frequent breaks during work, or getting a standing desk.It’s not just what you eat, it’s the timing of when you eat it that also makes a difference.Up to 70% of your immune system is dependent on a diverse microbiome. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to rotate your food choices for a diverse amount of healthy foods and to bring fermented foods such as sauerkraut and kimchi into your diet.Don’t sanitize yourself into oblivion! Make sure you get out in the dirt and play every now and then.Say Hi To Ciara At:www.ciarafoy.comMentioned: Live Dirty, and Eat Clean 
1/8/202157 minutes, 22 seconds
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You Aren’t Alone This Holiday Season

Ciara shares a super raw and vulnerable episode this week, talking about the feeling of some heaviness and sadness that comes with this year’s holiday season. With so much uncertainty around us this year, Ciara wanted to acknowledge the feelings, but then also really encourage you to step up and not wait for the New Year to make health a priority. She talks about how to make this holiday season a time to set solid boundaries and commit to choices that make you feel your best, with tips for keeping your healthy eating and drinking habits intact during a time where there could be added pressure.In this episode, you will learn more about:Even with all the practices and tools for health and grounding that Ciara has, everyone feels heaviness and sadness now and then. Ciara opens up about the challenges that this holiday season brings, especially when it comes to being separated from family and friends.As humans, we need to connect with each other. Our immune system and mental health depend on that. Even if you can’t physically see your loved ones this season, even just a phone call or Zoom can make a real difference.Let’s not wait until January 1 to commit to taking impeccable care of ourselves and invest in self-care.Ciara shares some great tips on being social and enjoying great food without feeling regret or shame.It’s really about being present with the ones we love (as much as we can this year) during the holiday season.How little changes such as drinking more water, taking some walks, and eating your protein first can make a big difference.It’s not about restriction or not having fun, it’s more about tapping into how you want to feel and making it memorable for all the right reasons.Say Hi To Ciara
12/24/202027 minutes, 49 seconds
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The Top Factors in Sleep That You Should Know But No One Talks About

Sleep is the most critical component to our health and virtually every part of how we function in everyday life is dependent on it. Which is why Ciara wanted to dedicate this week’s episode to it. Tune in to hear the top reasons so many people struggle with sleep, the major factors to getting better sleep that are not often discussed, and her top tips to consistently get restorative and restful sleep. Warning: the things discussed this week may have you getting better sleep than ever before. In this episode, you will learn more about:There is always something you can do to better your sleep, and Ciara has over 15 years of experience of seeing people drastically turn their sleep habits and experiences around. What melatonin is, and how it is a protective hormone for our sleep. Why balancing the blood sugar is the number one step in getting our sleep under control. The role that movement and exercise plays in our ability to get restorative and restful sleep. The ways that our cortisol levels, stress, and blood sugar greatly impact our sleep. Blood sugar balance starts with proper food combination and truly balanced meals. The importance of starting your day right and tending to your own needs mindfully rather than reactively. How to set yourself up for success in the morning and properly wind down for the hour before bedtime. The role coffee and alcohol can have in impacting our sleep. How herbs like Holy Basil and minerals like magnesium can be great ways to naturally get better sleep. The lifestyle pieces are the hardest things to change, but they are the most important. Say Hi To Ciara By Food Episode One 
12/17/202038 minutes, 53 seconds
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Busting Hormone Health Myths and Misconceptions with Samantha Gladish

This week Ciara welcomes Samantha Gladish, author of The 30-Day Hormone Solution, host of the Healthy Hormones for Women podcast, and holistic nutritionist and coach. She is a wealth of information when it comes to helping women eat naturally and balance their hormones. Samantha and Ciara talk about overcoming their own health issues and how it’s possible for women everywhere, why hormonal imbalance doesn’t have to be a life sentence, and some great resources for stepping up to the next level of your health.In this episode, you will learn more about: What made Samantha connect the dots between her issues with PMS and digestion to the way she was eating and her lifestyle. As a holistic nutritionist, Samantha not only helps her clients with nutrition and supplement recommendations, but coaches them to develop a lifestyle that builds in proper rest, movement, and stress management or mitigation. There is a gap in how much women understand their own hormones and how much power they have in healing hormonal imbalance. Samantha shares her experience of being diagnosed with Autoimmune Hashimoto’s in 2017, and the factors she feels led to the condition. Even as someone that ate healthily and knew a lot about nutrition, she needed to take control and accountability to raise her health another notch.There is always something you can do that can take you to the next level of health.Even if your nutrition is great, you also must have self-care practices in place to set up boundaries and behaviors that consistently set you up for success.It can feel daunting to try and make all the nutritional and lifestyle changes alone. The support of a coach or nutritionist can help significantly.At this time we are all under a massive amount of stress. Samantha and Ciara discuss how these three small things add up to make the biggest differences - sleep, movement, and getting out in nature.Say Hi To Ciara’s Samantha’s Sugar Detox: Hormones for Women PodcastThe 30 Day Hormone Solution
12/10/202037 minutes, 47 seconds
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Make Health Your New Normal By Embracing The Resistance That Naturally Comes With Change!

As we approach the end of 2020 and the beginning of a new year, one of the common things we hear is people around us talking about their goals around weight, health, and wellness. This year, it is more important than ever to make yourself a priority and an investment in your health will help you step up in your life in all areas. This week, Ciara talks about how the stories we tell ourselves can either hold us back, or propel us into a life with even more energy and joy. She shares more about her Hormone Solution program, and ways to move forward with our intuition even when our resistance and ego try to keep us safe. In this episode, you will learn more about:Why the diet industry continues to grow each year, although we are continuing to get sicker as a nation. A few of the top reasons that most people fail to stick with their goals, and how this being aware of this information can actually help set you up for success. More about Ciara’s 12 week Program, The Hormone Solution, and how it can help you break through the patterns and habits that are keeping you stuck. If you wait for the perfect time to start taking care of yourself, you may never find it. Life will always be busy, stressful, and full of distractions, so it’s important to get the right support and to take inspired action sooner rather than later. Don’t wait for time to pass you by.Anytime you decide to do something different, you are going to have resistance and the ego part of your brain trying to keep you safe and telling you why you should stay the same. The reason we see so many high level people also making health and fitness a priority is because the way you do one thing is the way you do everything. They know how to make a commitment, keep it, and know that the healthier you are, the more energy and focus you have to conquer your goals. Take a look at where you are spending your money. Are you investing in your health and wellness? Many times when we really look at how we are spending, we see that we do have enough if we shifted our priorities. Say Hi To Ciara
12/3/202028 minutes, 48 seconds
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Self-Coaching: Simple Steps To Coach Yourself From Fear and Uncertainty to Responsibility and Success

As a woman’s health and hormones expert, Coaching is really Ciara’s area of full genius. She is thrilled this week to bring in a few of the foundational tools she uses with her clients to move them past fear and feeling stuck and into a healthier and empowering routine. She discusses the steps towards creating a clear vision and making it happen: finding your why, taking responsibility, using your intuition, and so much more. Tune in, and get ready to get real! In this episode, you will learn more about:Why it’s more important than ever to add daily practices in your routine to keep you grounded and feeling safe in yourself during this time of uncertainty. The importance of tuning into your own intuition to feel what feels right for you and your wellness. Whatever happens, you want to be able to look back and see what led to it. When it comes to health, there is always more to learn and grow from.  Finding out your WHY is everything and the basis for getting and staying healthy. You have to own your own success and take responsibility for your actions and how you spend your time. Have a serious conversation with yourself. When you take responsibility, you give yourself strength and take yourself out of the victim mentality. Dream and create a vision. What are you tolerating? Are you living in (and accepting) a reality that leaves you feeling bloated, stressed, and anxious every day?   We need accountability, consistency and a judgement free zone to help us understand why we sabotage ourselves. Then, we can take small steps towards success, and celebrate every little win. Listen to yourself. Tap into your feelings and take the time to honor yourself every day.  Say Hi To Ciara
11/26/202035 minutes, 50 seconds
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Why Intermittent Fasting Doesn't Work Magic for Most Women

This week’s episode is one of those episodes you will want to share with your girlfriends! Ciara discusses why one of the most popular weight-loss trends, intermittent fasting, does not work for the majority of women, those who have a menstrual cycle. Worse, it can backfire and cause hormonal disadvantages, decreased insulin sensitivity and undue stress to the body. Ciara also dives more into how counterproductive restrictive eating is, how understanding our cycles informs our fitness decisions, and how important it is to find what works best for you.In this episode, you will learn more about:Most of the studies done on intermittent fasting, or any scientific studies, are done on men or postmenopausal women.Several studies have concluded that intermittent fasting can cause hormonal disadvantages, worsen insulin sensitivity and cause undue stress to the body.Many women are experiencing infertility issues because of the stress put on their bodies.Aside from the evidence from the studies, Ciara still would not recommend intermittent fasting because of the unhealthy relationship it creates with food.When you deny your body calories during the day when you need energy, it often leads to binging later in the day and especially at night.Over time, restrictive eating will cause a major slowing of your metabolism and deterioration of muscle mass.A smaller fasting window such as a 12-hour overnight fast is beneficial.It’s important to know what your body considers stress and how it raises cortisol levels.Cortisol’s main job is to balance and maintain blood sugar.Women are much more sensitive to stress than men.Energy levels, strength, and metabolism all fluctuate based on the menstrual cycle, which impacts the effectiveness of fasting.Your metabolism goes up when you ovulate.So many of the positive effects found in studies for intermittent fasting in men is the exact opposite for women.There is no one-size-fits-all for bodies; each person is different.  This is why Ciara loves using the DUTCH test for creating an optimal plan for clients.Say Hi To Ciara
11/19/202039 minutes, 25 seconds
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Muscle Mass As the Anti-Aging Pill And Understanding What “Skinny Fat” Really Is

Today Ciara dives into a topic that she covered in her most widely viewed and shared Facebook video; muscle mass in women and understanding what the meaning of “skinny fat” is. She dispels the myths about heavy weight training and discusses why it’s so essential to women’s body composition and health. She also discusses in more detail how dieting, calorie restriction and even cardio may do more harm than good to your body composition goals. Finally, Ciara explains the reasons we should never focus on that number on a scale and more on our body composition.In this episode, you will learn more about:How lean muscle to body fat ratio relates to health and why a slender person isn’t always “healthier”. Your body composition, not your weight, is the most important factor!Ciara is stronger today at 44 than she was at 40 or even 25 because of muscle mass.So many women shy away from building muscle because they are afraid of looking bulky.Many people gain back the weight after a diet because they didn’t adopt the lifestyle.Any time you use calorie deficit to lose weight, you will also lose muscle mass.When you are stressed and severely dieting, it’s self-sabotage and will make it nearly impossible to lose fat.It’s important to have a lifestyle you know you can maintain. Extremes are not sustainable.Your body stores body fat because it wants to protect you.Nutrition is a vital part of changing your body composition, but it won’t work alone without building muscle.Steady-state cardio can be detrimental to building muscle. HIIT workouts can preserve muscle mass, but it will not build it. Incorporating weight training is the best way to build muscle and focus on body composition (NOT the weight on the scale).Weight training also contributes to aging more gracefully along with a healthy diet.Protein will be most important to building and maintaining muscle. Approximately 1 g per 1 pound that you weigh is a good rule of thumb.A high percentage of body fat will put you at more risk for cancer and other diseases.Thyroid dysfunction is linked to stress and extreme dieting, but the thyroid responds well to weight training.Ciara is a firm believer in using the DUTCH Test to understand your metrics.Check out the inspiring story and transformation at Train With Joan!Say Hi To Ciara
11/12/202049 minutes, 32 seconds
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Setting Boundaries and Owning Your Success with Sharon Kim

This week, Ciara welcomes special guest and client Sharon Kim. Sharon has been in the field of finance for over 20 years and has reached an executive level in her career that very few women have. Ciara and Sharon talk about how to set aside time and space for health in a busy and demanding schedule, why more women need to claim their success, and tips for navigating the new remote workplace.In this episode, you will learn more about:Sharon is the most senior woman at the executive level of her job. She is one of Ciara’s examples of someone that makes it to the top of their field and is so busy, but still stays dedicated to their health and wellness.Selfishness isn’t the worst thing. In fact, when we prioritize ourselves we can give to others more fully.It’s essential to carve out a little bit of time for yourself and your well being each day. For Sharon, one non-negotiable is finding just 20 minutes a day to exercise. Another tip is time-blocking so her family knows what she is doing and when she is available.Sharon explains how she works at a high level and manages many people, yet has good boundaries for her time and work hours.As far as we’ve come for women in the workplace, we still have a long way to go to have women represented at the executive level.Sharon notes that the major differences she sees between men and women in management is the confidence men have to clearly state what they want and what they feel they deserve.In the new work from home landscape, it’s important to stay visible and top of mind to your managers.Say Hi To Ciara
11/5/20201 hour, 1 minute, 46 seconds
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Learn To Conquer Emotional Eating

This week, Ciara talks about a topic near and dear to her heart; emotional eating.  She dives into the importance of routines, sleep, and nutrition, and discusses how they are all interconnected in regulating hormones, appetite and blood sugar. Ciara gives tips for how to start planning and changing habits today so you can improve energy, mood and your relationship with emotional eating.Listen On:iTunesSpotifyStitcherIn this episode, you will learn more about:We all have a natural circadian rhythm that is dictated by the sun. Getting in line with that will vastly improve your physical and mental health.The hours between 10 pm and 2 am are particularly important for women’s hormonal balance; which is why Ciara suggests striving for a 10 o’clock bedtime. Or at the very least, start disconnecting and setting up rituals an hour before bed.F.lux is an app that Ciara uses to filter out blue light on her computer.When you don’t get enough sleep, it impacts two hormones specific to your appetite and satisfaction with food; ghrelin and leptin.Waking up at a similar time every day is critical to maintaining rhythm, grounding you and reducing emotional eating.Ciara wasn’t always a morning person, but she trained herself to be one and so can you.Meal planning is so important particularly for those with busy and high-stress schedules. When we don’t stay on a balanced eating schedule, our blood sugar drops. Low blood sugar will result in cravings; usually unhealthy ones.Nutritional quality and balance are key to unlocking so many health benefits.Your microbiome is responsible for more than 70% of your immune system; we can change and improve our microbiome based on our food choices.Completely eliminating sugar, even for a week, will be much more effective in reducing cravings than simply cutting down on sugar.Feeling our emotions is not negative; it’s important to feel, validate and label them.Say Hi To Ciara
10/29/202041 minutes, 51 seconds
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Tuning Into the Frequency of Your Truth with Dr. Laura Foster

Ciara was joined this week by Dr. Laura Foster, a chiropractor for 24 years that took the bold leap to retire her license and pursue her truth. She is a mom, retreat leader, yogi, speaker, coach and creator of Reclaim Your Voice and Badass Boundary Setting for Wholehearted Women. Laura and Ciara both speak about their methods for finding and listening to their truths, even when it may challenge the status quo. They dive into why it’s good to be uncomfortable and face the unknown with an open heart, and how the feminine uprising is palpable and guaranteed to shift the world as we know it.In this episode, you will learn more about:Laura speaks about leaving her 24 year career as a chiropractor and how she married her passions of travel, health and yoga to mentor women all over the world.It can be challenging to try and navigate the line between being a regulated professional and speaking your truth and standing up for your beliefs. Both Ciara and Laura share their experience with navigating it with class and grace, even during the shaky moments.Intuition is a powerful tool that women in particular are gifted with and we need to foster it more; not shy away from it.It’s important to ask yourself the hard questions, and really check in, instead of numbing yourself from the truth.What looks like success doesn’t always feel like success if we are being inauthentic.Giving yourself “a break” doesn’t have to mean cheat days or destructive behavior; self care is “a break”. The short game can be fun, but you really want to play the long game.You can have self love while still wanting to make changes in yourself.It’s okay to say no to other people especially when we’re saying yes to ourselves.People pleasing is not only exhausting and inauthentic, but it actually damages relationships.Having strong boundaries and mutually beneficial relationships means pushing past the discomfort to have the difficult conversations.Download a Digital Copy of Ciara’s Best Selling Book >>> Hi To Ciara More About Laura Badass Boundary Setting For Wholehearted Women
10/22/202058 minutes, 46 seconds
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The Importance of Insulin Sensitivity When It Comes to Weight Loss, Immune Function, and Hormone Balance

This week, Ciara discusses important yet easily doable practices and habits to increase your insulin sensitivity and explains why it’s so important to do so. Insulin sensitivity has so much to do with our weight, mood, sleep, and reducing the risk of so many diseases from diabetes and beyond. Ciara covers how you can upgrade your nutrition, eating schedule, and commitment to fitness to gain balance of your blood sugar and regulate your hormones for a stronger and healthier version of yourself.In this episode, you will learn more about:Balancing our insulin is the first step in hormonal balance and overall health and well being.There are simple yet powerful ways to increase your insulin resistance with your nutrition, fitness, meal timing, and sleep.There is a huge connection between how sensitive your body is to insulin and your lean muscle to fat ratio.Belly fat is connected to a host of other health conditions and higher risk indicators including diabetes and heart disease. This is especially the case in postmenopausal women over the age of 40.Lifting weights is a great way to increase insulin sensitivity at a pace that can be slow and steady yet have great results.There are common misconceptions about both what we eat (sugar and refined grains) and how often we should eat it. Why generic intermittent fasting may not work for many women.Say Hi To Ciara
10/15/202035 minutes, 5 seconds
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How To Shift Your Mindset + Get Into Alignment With Your Goals

We are diving in to get vulnerable this week, as Ciara talks about a piece of the puzzle you may have yet to focus on that is so critical to your success — your mindset. She explains why knowing doesn’t equal doing, and why you have to have the right mindset to really go all in and make yourself a priority. Ciara opens up about her own experience in coming to the realization that being a perfectionist isn’t what is always needed in self-care and healing and shares a few practical ways you can shift your mindset for success today.In this episode, you will learn more about:It takes a lot of vulnerability to look at yourself and ask the hard questions, but it is worth it to get to the truth of what’s really happening so we can shift our mindset and heal.Our body speaks to us through symptoms. We can only ignore them or push them down for so long before they are screaming out and making it pretty hard for us to do anything else but focus inward on ourselves and our health.Our beliefs are the blueprint that dictates our actions. If you are unable to get to the next level of health and well-being, you must first look at the stories you tell yourself and your core beliefs.As women, we are often taught to put our own needs last and to be seen and not heard. This conditioning can lead us to not set the boundaries we need to make ourselves a priority, leaving us frustrated, exhausted, and overwhelmed.Ciara opens up about the eye-opening moment as a new mother that really made her think about what qualities she wanted to embody as a role model for her daughter.Working on your mindset isn’t something to approach from the perspective of wanting it to be perfect. It is an everyday commitment with good days and more challenging days.Journaling had a massive impact on Ciara and is something she teaches to her clients as a way to gain a foothold on their beliefs and mindset.Say Hi To Ciara Your Journey: The Full Frontal Living Podcast
10/5/202028 minutes, 14 seconds
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Why Motivation Isn’t The Answer + How To Bulletproof Your Self-Care

This week, Ciara drops some real talk about why it’s not a lack of motivation that holds you back from reaching your health and fitness goals, but a lack of integrity and commitment to yourself and your own values. She covers why it’s critical to take control of your health, and why you should keep promises to yourself the same way you would with the loved ones in your life that you care about and respect. Ciara covers how to take this first step to prioritize our own well being, and in turn, the motivation will come when we see the results. Listen in and remember: you are worth putting the work in, and your health matters.In this episode, you will learn more about:It’s not about you lacking a motivation gene, it’s about how you feel about yourself and the relationship you have with yourself that will determine your progress in health and wellness.Keeping small promises daily is a way to build trust and respect for your priorities and well being.When we say we are “too busy” or don’t have enough time to take care of ourselves, not only are we often wrong, but those other things we are prioritizing will take a backseat if we have a health crisis.If you have an ailment that seems out of reach, the first step is really getting honest as to what your priorities and values are, and how you can slowly and consistently start to commit to a healthier lifestyle.Women tend to put work and/or family above their own health. Ciara uses tough love on her clients to have them imagine a scenario where a health crisis leads them to be out of commission for who and what they love.You don’t lack motivation, you lack the integrity to keep promises to yourself. The more you follow through with putting yourself #1, the more you trust yourself and become unstoppable.Say Hi To Ciara Your Journey: The Values Factor
10/2/202026 minutes, 31 seconds
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Busting Diet Culture Myths + How To Do A Healthy Detox

To kick off the first official episode of the show, Ciara dives into one of her favorite topics, detoxing. She breaks down how we can support our liver and the body’s natural digestion process using whole foods and cleaner products rather than harsh cleansers or fad diets. Ciara gives a few examples of organic greens, natural supplements, cleaning products, and beauty routines that we can add to our everyday life to clean out the gunk and junk and have our system running smoother. Pour yourself a big cup of water, and enjoy! In this episode, you will learn more about: The liver is so important and is the General of our body. We need it to filter out the bad toxins and metabolize the food and hormones that the body needs. Detoxing doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. You can take on one thing at a time, and stay consistent to get big results that are easier to stick with than trying to be perfect. There are a few basic principles to reduce the toxic load in our body, including taking a look at what we drink, eat, use in our homes, and put on our skin. Water is so important and so many of us are chronically dehydrated. Herbs such as parsley and cilantro and food based supplements such as blue-green algae and wheatgrass can be a powerful yet simple way to cleanse the liver. Hot/cold showers, saunas, and dry brushing are wonderful ways to get things moving and flowing in the body and to flush out toxins. Say Hi To Ciara At: 10 Day Detox Plan Continue Your Journey: Tru.Earth The Detox MarketGreen Skin Care @ Sephora Dandy Blend 
9/30/202044 minutes, 11 seconds
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Introducing the Empowered Feminine Podcast

Welcome to The Empowered Feminine podcast, with your host Ciara Foy. As a mother, author, nutritionist, and women’s health expert, Ciara is committed to helping other women tame their hormonal chaos, balance stress, and become unstoppable. In this initial episode, Ciara tells us more about herself and her passion in the field of holistic health, nutrition, and helping women overcome burnout to live in their highest potential. It’s going to be exciting, raw, and eye-opening, so welcome to the show. On the Empowered Feminine Podcast, you will learn more about: Ciara’s background, and why her passion for health and hormone balance led her to a career as an online holistic nutritionist and coach. Why high functioning women often suffer from burnout, and the toll it can take on their career, health, and relationships. A glimpse into a few of the impactful and life-changing conversations Ciara has had over the last 20 years that have led her down a path of natural health and building confidence to trust herself as a woman.What sets natural and holistic health apart as a way to really get down to the root cause of what is happening, rather than just covering up symptoms.Ciara opens up about her own struggles and challenges of gut health, burnout, boundaries, and the dance between feminine and masculine energy.How what we eat has so much to do with our self-love and care for our bodies.Say Hi To Ciara At:
9/23/202025 minutes, 16 seconds