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English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 1 season, 54 episodes, 1 day, 44 minutes
Learn a superb holistic meditative process for complete inner healing. Release painful feelings and destructive NEGATIVE EMOTIONS. Clear depression, addictions, trauma, and emotionally-based physical health issues. Make yourself impervious to outside negative forces by clearing inner negativity. Open your heart and start to genuinely love yourself. Based on a unique synthesis of Eastern mindfulness principles and Western humanistic psychological insights, the Emotional Clearing Process is a radical cutting-edge self-therapy for complete inner healing. This work was originally conceived for spiritual seekers who often uncover unresolved emotional issues on their inner journey. Each week, John will explore a different aspect of the work. For an immediate over-view of the EC Process, please refer to John Ruskan’s latest book DEEP CLEARING on Amazon.
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Interview with Brendan Fitzgibbons

Interview with Brendon Fitzgibbons. John discusses his personal background and how he left engineering for a career as a musical artist and consciousness-seeker. The discussion goes on to examine the theoretical foundation for the Emotional Clearing Process that John conceived in the 1990’s, based on a fusion of Humanistic Psychology and Eastern Mindfulness Practice. John explains the 4 steps of the Process in detail.For a complete explanation of the Emotional Clearing Process please refer to DEEP CLEARING by John Ruskan on Amazon books.
4/16/202438 minutes, 35 seconds
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A dramatic artistic presentation featuring Gurudev Amrit Desai and the late John Harris of WBAI New York radio. John Ruskan reads excerpts from his book MOON WALKING and performs the music.From John Ruskan: This episode is the last of the first series of the Emotional Clearing Podcast. When I started this project last year, my goal was to post a year’s worth of interesting episodes about holistic psychology and the EC Process. That year has now concluded. If you have discovered this podcast anywhere in the middle of the series, I recommend that you go back to the beginning and start with Episode #1. These programs are all timeless and will support you as you work on yourself. I am not sure if/when the second series will begin. Although each program discusses an aspect of EC work, please allow me to emphasize that in order to gain an overall perspective on how to apply the Emotional Clearing Process as a radical self-therapy, I would refer you to my books DEEP CLEARING and EMOTIONAL CLEARING by John Ruskan on Amazon, and please visit the EC website for more interesting info and referrals to counselors.
3/17/202325 minutes, 54 seconds
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Childhood Sexual Abuse Spirit Releasement

From John: Usually, my client work is focused on the Emotional Clearing Process but in conjunction with that I sometimes take clients through a Spirit Releasement session if I feel it would be helpful. Spirit Releasement is concerned with out-of-body psychic entities who have attached to a person and negatively influence them. You have to have an open mind and be somewhat metaphysically inclined to appreciate this phenomenon. The recorded session here has been heavily edited from 90 minutes, names have been removed, but the essence remains and I hope you can appreciate how much the client has benefited and the authenticity in the client’s voice. For more info on SR work, go to
3/10/202341 minutes, 27 seconds
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Childhood and Past-Life Regression

The purpose of regression is to access memories that are linked to present-day experience. Regression usually starts with a quick glimpse during meditation or hypnotic trance. EC work is present-oriented, the past is projected on to the present, so that we don’t necessarily need to go back to the past. Present-day feelings are an accurate picture of past experience, therefore working with the present is working with the past. The keynote of a regression is the emotional charge associated with it. Childhood events happen in accordance with the child’s karma. Feelings are the bridge into the past. Multiple personalities and attached entities.
3/3/202340 minutes, 2 seconds
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Facing Loneliness as we age / Nurturing from within

In this EC therapy session, the client’s voice is not audible, but you can still follow along as John verbally reflects the client’s statements: What do we expect to get out of our relationships, and then get resentful when we don’t get it. You have to let go. Even if you are working on the level of manipulation, you have to give the impression of letting go, of not clinging, in order to not drive the other person away. But for ultimate psychological healing, you must move to authentic letting-go, not looking to the future, or hoping for reconciliation. You need to go to the feelings behind the compulsive behavior. A short EC Processing session concerning loneliness. Getting the energy from the inside that we seek from others.
2/24/202323 minutes, 10 seconds
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Webinar Q & A

Bringing presence to chronic body pains. Vipassana. Severe anger from noise disturbance overhead in apartment building. Grief from an emotionally abusive and distant mothering experience. Emotional neediness and attachment to children and pets. What is emotional balance? The 2 stages of EC work. Transcending the dualistic positive-negative syndrome. 
2/17/202341 minutes, 18 seconds
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Types of Feelings / Porn Addiction / Intrusion / Anxiety / Inadequacy

Excerpt from an EC Facilitator Training: The three types of feelings; How to work with a porn addiction – find the core feelings behind it and process those. Anger with your pet. The experience of invasion and being disrespected and helplessness. Moving into a sense of timeless presence with the experience, in the body. Getting out of the mind, into the moment – your meditative capacity, beyond acceptance or rejection. Inducing the energetic transmission to the client. Working with anxiety as a first-level emotion.
2/10/202331 minutes, 52 seconds
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Power Struggle in Marriage

In this session, the client’s voice is not audible, but you can still follow along since John always verbally reflects the client’s statements: She’s taking over sexually. In a power struggle, either you feel controlled or you are fixated on being dominant. The ideal might be to alternate power roles, in sexual activity for example. The tendency to relinquish power may have started in childhood. Marriage is the chance to work out the karmic pattern that first appeared in childhood in this life. A projection usually occurs in marriage. The power struggle is based on the feeling of losing your individuality, being smothered and lost. A new marriage probably will not be different, until the inner negativity is released. Accepting that a karmic pattern is being worked out can help ease up on blame. John takes the client through the EC Process.
2/3/202334 minutes, 23 seconds
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Feeling-Oriented Spirituality and Self-Acceptance.

What is Spirituality? Oneness is a central concept. As we go more and more into ourselves, we realize our oneness. Any idealistic concept we hold in our mind about spirituality is self-projected and limited. We condition ourselves into a false notion of spirituality and suppress those parts of ourselves that don’t match. The spiritual tools that we often acquire are inadequate to help us on an emotional level. We can mis-use affirmations, for example, to try to change our emotional experience. Moving out of the idealistic stage means holding no concepts about ourselves, but just being with what is, accepting ourselves as we are. 
1/27/202325 minutes, 56 seconds
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Conscious Breath Prana-Immune Boost

A 10 minute talk followed by a 15 minute guided Breathwork meditationBreath brings in Prana, the basic psychic energy of the Universe. Breath relieves stress and negative emotions. Breath has several components:1. Breath in and out through the nose.2. Progressive fill from bottom to top.3. Breathe in and out 4:4 slow rythem.4. Tongue on roof of mouth.5. Letting-go on the exhale.6. Connected Breath.
1/20/202324 minutes, 38 seconds
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KLAV Radio Interview

Interview with Victoria Wizell. How John came to write his book / Why do people resist emotions? / The problem of suppression / What is depression? / How suppression leads to addiction / Working in the alpha-hypnotic state / Can repressed feelings lead to cancer? / Being ashamed of feelings / How genuine spiritual growth occurs / How and why we attract our experience - the purpose of Karma
1/13/202328 minutes, 50 seconds
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Meditative and Hypnotherapy Trance for Emotional Clearing

Working with emotions/feelings is the foundation of effective psychotherapy. Trance, hypnosis, and meditation are all basically the same – coming into an Alpha brainwave (8-13 cps) state or lower. Alpha is characterized by a relaxation of mental activity. Hypnosis is usually centered around making suggestions to alter behavior. Emotional Clearing meditation, however, does not attempt to recondition, but the Alpha condition is used to access subconscious suppressed feelings, and then to release them by taking them through the steps of the EC Process.
1/6/202325 minutes, 50 seconds
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Clearwater Weekend Workshop part 3

Q & A from workshop participants. Unfortunately at times it becomes difficult to hear participants because of recording limitations, but you can still get a lot from the talk. John discusses all the ways we self-reject and prevent feelings from clearing.
12/30/20221 hour, 13 seconds
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Core Energy Healing for Physical Ailments

This is an excerpt from the EC Facilitator training. Psychic negativity builds up in the body and eventually manifests both as distressful emotions/feelings and  physical symptoms/disease. Working with the physical becomes working with the emotional/psychological. The first principle is coming into the moment with body sensation. Connecting to the associated chakra. Bringing in Light or Earth energy to the chakra. Understanding acceptance and passive resistance. Inner smile.
12/23/202227 minutes, 53 seconds
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The Vortex 2 with Beth Mastin: Emotion and Art

Witnessing: shifting consciousness with the Third Eye / Breaking identification with the lower self ego / Grounding practice / The possibility of overwhelm / Ineffective, suppressive meditation / Working with depression / Emotion & Art / The 3 stages of creating art / Finding the subconscious in the art / The manic-depressive art experience / Bodywork / John's music: Day By Day
12/16/202223 minutes, 40 seconds
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The Vortex with Beth Mastin: Accentuate the Negative; Chronic Victimhood

The problem with focusing on the positive / How and why does the negative suppressed subconscious attract events? / Expression is not the answer / What is wholeness and integration? / Is Emotional Clearing effective? / Chronic victim mindset / Example of unworthiness and financial issues / Acceptance and wholeness / John's music: Tibetan Lament
12/9/202225 minutes, 3 seconds
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WBAI 4 with John Harris; the experience of a manic-depressive artist

How world circumstances are a reflection of the collective inner consciousness. How we can use the current world chaos productively to stimulate clearing in ourselves. The advanced spiritual principles that we teach will not be easily accepted by everyone. Inner blocking of suppressed negative feelings also blocks positive experiences. John’s experience as an artist in NYC, being caught in an addictive compulsive manic-depressive art-making cycle.
12/2/202218 minutes, 29 seconds
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Body-Centered Psychotherapy

Traditional (not power) Yoga, Breathwork, and Meditation as the foundation of a body-based practice for emotional well-being. Focusing on lower chakras to release sexual abuse suppressed feelings. Lower body contractions to stimulate and clear lower chakras. A mini session starting with the Emotional Clearing Induction, but this abbreviated sample session does not go into details concerning specific feelings and how to take them through the EC Process - it’s just to present a preliminary introduction to the Healing Energies and the Alpha State. 
11/25/202226 minutes, 46 seconds
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Pragmatic Psycho-Spiritual Transformation

Witnessing is a powerful tool for moving into Spiritual Awareness. Relaxing the mind is a prerequisite to shifting into the Witness. Incessant goal orientation prevents us from going into a deeper experience of ourselves, and moving into the moment. Normally, we are enmeshed or unconsciously identified with our feelings. Moving into Witness consciousness dis-identifies us with the feelings and emotions. Witnessing our suppressed feelings is what brings us into a spiritual experience or relationship with our feelings, detaching from feelings but bringing them into full consciousness. The transcendence of opposites. Becoming compulsive about personal needs. Compulsive needs can never be satisfied.  
11/18/202223 minutes, 8 seconds
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Awareness, Identifying Feelings, Absent Father

Feelings and emotions have became trapped in the subconscious, affecting us and even attracting negative events through projection, or Karma. The three feeling levels: Core feelings, first-level emotions, and reactive emotional impulses. There is always a core feeling behind any active negative emotion. Inner negative energetic holdings can be first discovered through body sensations. The dualistic nature of feelings. The feeling centers of consciousness. Moving past parental blame and the effects of an absent father.
11/11/202231 minutes, 14 seconds
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Contending with World Conditions; Attachment & Aversion

Take advantage of negative world conditions to clear negativity inside yourself. Psychically shield yourself and stay in the Witness so you are not overrun by negativity. The attachment-aversion syndrome. Understanding Bi-Polar behavior. Mis-using creative activity to avoid the negative. VanGogh’s addiction to his art as a means to escape from loneliness. Looking at childhood trauma in terms of attachment wounding. Business success brings equivalent feelings of insecurity.
11/4/202231 minutes, 50 seconds
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Blame, Shame, and Childhood Trauma

Speaking with blame and indignation in your voice. Blame gets in the way of psychological healing, regardless of the conditions you encounter. Taking responsibility for personal qualities, assuming that feelings are stored in the subconscious and are only being projected upon and triggered by the events. Avoiding judgementalism. Moving to a feeling level and taking the feelings through the process. Working with the Third Eye. Relaxing into childhood anger with acceptance, dropping resistance and judgementalism about the anger. Keep up a steady breath. Childhood experiences are because of our Karma. Reclaim your power by taking responsibility. Not being respected as a child. Moving from an emotional to an energetic experience. Drop the blame by dropping the mind. Staying present with shame. Detaching and witnessing. 
10/28/202227 minutes, 1 second
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Accelerated Breath, Trauma Release, Excessive Crying

Accelerated breath can facilitate dramatic breakthroughs. Does excessive crying indicate trauma release or can it be an avoidance mechanism? Handling hysteria. Working with adolescents. The importance of non-reactiveness. Working with left-brain dominant individuals.
10/21/202225 minutes, 43 seconds
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Body, Breath, and Disease Awareness

Working with the body can bring about emotional release. The psychic-emotional body and physical body appear to merge and we assume that trapped feelings are held in the body. Deepening awareness of the psychic-emotional-physical body leads to awareness of the chakra energy centers, which can be correlated with the types of emotions. Emotions occur in the body, it’s not a mental or thinking experience. The body is always in the moment. Breathwork. Disease is the body’s attempt to release stored negativity.
10/14/202224 minutes, 28 seconds
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Death, Dying and the Oversoul

John quotes from Osho about the optimal metaphysical attitude towards the death experience. How it must be allowed for, and that fighting death will work against you. John goes on to introduce the simultaneous incarnation concept, in which multiple incarnations are happening at the same time, from a higher-self viewpoint.
10/7/202222 minutes, 11 seconds
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With John Harris.  Awareness / Acceptance-the mental behavioral level / An example of abandonment / Blame / Acting-out / The importance of non-reactiveness / Witnessing / Direct Experience
9/30/202218 minutes, 29 seconds
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EC Session – Disappointment, stuck. shame

A condensed EC session during an on-line webinar. Working with feelings of not being good enough, always being a disappointment and shame in a relationship. I’m stuck, I can’t fix myself.
9/23/202227 minutes, 36 seconds
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EC Facilitator Q & A

Differant ways people access emotions. It’s ok to work with gruesome images. Using the breath to overcome difficulty entering Alpha. What if you can’t get in touch with feelings. Getting in touch with feelings with a body practice. The importance of non-doing. Generating self-compassion. Emphasizing acceptance. Am I releasing feelings or just re-suppressing? Trauma response. 
9/16/202231 minutes, 38 seconds
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Taking Responsibility vs. Self-Blame and Guilt

Taking responsibility applies to the feelings that come up in any stressful situation, not blaming other people or factors, as well as not blaming ourselves. We understand that feelings are trapped and suppressed within from previous experiences, and that current events are only triggering those suppressed feelings. Self-blame, or self-condemnation, is a trap we easily fall into, the purpose of which is self-serving and a means to avoid confrontation with painful feelings. Suppressed feelings attract corresponding events. It’s not beliefs that form our experience, but feelings. 
9/9/202224 minutes, 7 seconds
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Cancer Remission with ECP and other Holistic Modalities

This is the session in which my client Elliot announced that he had doctor’s confirmation that his prostate cancer had reversed. I have written in detail about this case in the Deep Clearing book. Elliot experienced severe emotional stress in the lower chakra relating to being dominated, controlled and overlooked at his job. All of our work pertained to these emotional core issues. My opinion is that the psychic-emotional stress in the lower chakra overflowed into the nearby prostate, resulting in the cancer.  Elliot’s cancer was found early, and was probably a factor in the remission. I felt the most important aspect of his healing program was the ECP work we did for 5 months, but he also diligently underwent acupuncture and other energy protocols.
9/2/202222 minutes, 48 seconds
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Frantic and Desperate: Building a Safe Place

ECP is a feeling-oriented therapy.  We are always trying to get to the core feelings. Carefully taking a client through the 3 step ECP induction, with emphasis on building an inner ‘safe place’ that can be accessed whenever distressing, overpowering feelings come up. Moving into Alpha, starting with Body Awareness.  The connected breath allows Prana to build. Dropping all sense of striving.  Becoming conscious of your tone of voice. Accessing the inner Archetype Masculine and Feminine healing energies.  Acceptance is the basis for the work. Activating the higher spiritual self with the Third Eye technique. Detaching from lower-self pain. 
8/26/202243 minutes, 24 seconds
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Clearwater Workshop 3

Starts with some sharing from participants and then a yoga session, where the group is encouraged to witness and watch body sensations with a sense of ‘choiceless awareness.’  John then talks about Awareness, the first step of the EC Process. John introduces a discussion of the chakra energetic emotional centers. The full discussion of chakras and emotions can be found in John’s books.  The dualistic nature of feelings. The trap of chasing after the positive in the attempt to avoid the negative.  Looking again at compulsive behavior.  Allowing feelings to be triggered in meditation. Feelings just need to be heard to start to integrate and balance. Clarifying depression as energy depletion. Are anti-depressants desirable? The time factor in emotional healing. Identifying the feelings behind the emotions. 
8/19/202230 minutes
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Radio interview 2 WBAI New York

Interview with John Harris, as part of WBAI’s annual fund-raiser. Episodes that we have no explanation for. Why do we get triggered? The difficulty of owning our experience. Going deeper into suppression and projection. Trapped emotional energy leads to physical disease.  Addressing trapped emotions as an essential part of physical healing. Suppression is avoided by experiencing feelings, not primarily by expressing them. We’ve lost the capacity to experience feelings deeply, resistance has gone to an unconscious level. Relying upon Higher guidance. Must we go back to past lives to clear present-day negativity? Transcending duality.
8/12/202222 minutes, 35 seconds
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Self-Therapy, Taking Responsibility, Overcoming Compulsiveness

Suppressed feelings are the main factor that prevent us from moving forward into greater fulfillment. What is a suppressed feeling? How do suppressed feelings become projected? Feelings are where the power is; thoughts have little power. Releasing suppressed feelings is the main focus in Humanistic (pre-CBT) psychology. Equating the emotional suppressed subconscious to the Eastern concept of Karma. The importance of and how to drop blame and take responsibility for your experience. Learning to recognize compulsive behavior.  A mini-emotional clearing process session.
8/5/202224 minutes
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EC Facilitator Training Excerpts

Susceptibility to suggestion in the Alpha State. Hypnotherapy is based on re-conditioning through suggestion, but feelings cannot be reconditioned. ECP uses the Alpha State to contact the subconscious, but does not attempt to recondition them. Guarding aganst mass mind-control though major and social media. Trouble getting into Alpha. Developing the right-brain. Introduction to chakra  psychology. Working with body awareness before core feelings have emerged.  Session analysis: Going into Solar Plexus Significance center issues. Recognizing dualistic states in the client.  Learning to distinguish between the 3 feeling types: Reactive emotions, first-level emotions, and core feelings.
7/29/202224 minutes, 2 seconds
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Self-doubt, worry, and anxiety

The problem with cognitive therapy. Getting caught in the loop of denying feelings and then being motivated by them. Worry and anxiety about doing Emotional Clearing work correctly. Unintegrated (unconsciously rejected) feelings are stressful. Worry is the condition of thinking about feelings instead of feeling the feelings.
7/22/202226 minutes, 30 seconds
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ECP Session - Anger, Hate, and Fear

A short ECP induction with breathwork. Entering the Alpha State. Using the Third Eye as a therapeutic device. Moving into energetics. We accept and witness feelings, but of course at the same time we do not act out these feelings or extend them into the world. Just staying unconditionally present with feelings inwardly allows them to further come into awareness and eventually clear. We accessed positive feelings to bring awareness to the dualistic nature of the experience. A 75 min. session condensed to 20 min. Personal data has been omitted and also the silence during the session when the client is quiet. 
7/15/202221 minutes, 39 seconds
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Webinar Q & A

Summary of the EC Process. The foolishness of neuro-science. Witnessing painful emotions and trauma. Resentment. Severe tension in the face. Finding the core feeling. Inability to relax and go into a meditative state. Clients get stuck in the blissful EC Induction. Using body pain as a focus point. Are trigger buttons installed by our childhood? Can I use the process on someone with suicidal thoughts? What kind of image should I call up?  
7/8/202231 minutes, 19 seconds
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Opening to Feeling

 Recognizing feelings. Taking responsibility.  Becoming aware of Projections. Consciously accepting feelings and not re-suppressing.  Avoiding self-rejection through blame, addictions, and negative behaviors. The importance of experiencing feelings.  Moving out of the mind and into the present moment. Dropping conditioned responses.  Avoiding compulsive seeking. The guru / god outside yourself trap.  Breaking identification with feelings.  A brief ECP session.
7/1/202224 minutes, 15 seconds
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ECP Session - Anxiety

Working with anxiety. Activating Witness consciousness. Allowing body awareness to lead to emotions. Finding the core feeling behind the first-level emotion of anxiety. Clinical disassociation. EC sessions are always different for each client depending on what the client needs at the time. This session focused mostly on Acceptance, the 2nd step of the EC Process. In subsequent sessions we will try to take this client into more of an altered right-brain alpha-state, allowing him to deeply access the energetic Direct Experience of anxiety and the core feeling of inadequacy from the Witness vantage point which leads to the clearing. One hour 15 minute session reduced to 30 min.
6/24/202230 minutes, 23 seconds
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ECP Session - Trapped

Client has settled into a nice alpha-trance mode and is moving through various feeling states. After starting with creating a spontaneous safe place, she shifts to deeper dualistic levels where both the positive and negative co-exist. The main negative suppressed feeling emerging is the ‘not good enough’ feeling in the solar plexus chakra. Processing proceeds in order to integrate it and bring it into balance. Rationalizing, intellectualizing, denial to avoid the feeling. Finding feelings in the body. Using a positive probe to evoke the subconscious. In future sessions we will focus more into the Direct Experience and Witnessing of the feeling. One hour 15 minute session reduced to 35 min.  
6/17/202236 minutes, 43 seconds
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Clearwater Weekend Workshop Introduction part 2

Introductory remarks at the EC weekend workshop in Clearwater part 2. Clearing Karma through meditation. Understanding Blame. What is self-therapy? Life is your therapist. Sharing. Releasing through the body. Coming into the moment through the body. Non-expectation.
6/10/202225 minutes, 33 seconds
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Clearwater Weekend Workshop Introduction part 1

Introductory remarks at the EC weekend workshop in Clearwater part 1. Why are you interested in this work? The nature of Duality, Suppression, and Projection. The 3 stages of Projection.
6/3/202226 minutes, 21 seconds
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Radio Interview 1 WBAI New York

Interview with John Harris on WBAI New York. John was featured guest for their annual fund raising campaign.  The need for emotional clearing / Bypassing emotions / The next frontier / East & West / Switching from material to spiritual / Putting your inner life on hold / Futility of the material quest / The dualistic trap / The art of loving yourself
5/27/202221 minutes, 38 seconds
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Severe trauma / Left-brain dominance / The inner male and female

Q & A 2. Excerpts from the Emotional Clearing Facilitator training. Applying the steps. Taking responsibility for severe trauma. The influence of Karma. How to work with left-brain dominance. The Light and Earth represent the inner male and female. Are you suppressing your inner male or female? 
5/20/202224 minutes, 37 seconds
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Witnessing: The Key to Working on Yourself

KEY TALK: WITNESSINGAligning consciousness for optimal inner clearing. The lower and higher selves. How to move into the experience of the higher self through witnessing. An example of witnessing anger about abandonment. Maintaining non-reactiveness. Breaking identification and enmeshment with negative feelings and emotions.
5/13/202226 minutes, 22 seconds
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Direct Experience

Feelings must be experienced in order to release. When not fully experienced, feelings become suppressed. Summary of the steps of the EC Process. Addictions block feelings. Compulsive impulses. Coming into the moment.
5/6/202223 minutes, 7 seconds
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ECP Session - Fear and Helplessness Money Issues

Emotional Clearing session during an online workshop. Fear and helplessness centered around dependency and money issues.
4/29/202225 minutes, 11 seconds
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The Foundations of Holistic Psychotherapy

Excerpts from the Emotional Clearing Facilitator training. These principles are essential and you can apply them as you work on yourself. This talk does not go into details of the EC Process, but discusses the preliminary requirements that any therapist brings to the session. The problem with CBT. Unconditional presence. Transmitting universal healing energy. An exercise in being present with your client. At times, there was an echo in the Skype recording, but if you accept the echo, it can start to become an audio effect that augments John's message.  
4/22/202228 minutes, 30 seconds
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Third Eye / Spontaneous Body Movement / Sexual-Porn Addiction

Excerpts from the Emotional Clearing Facilitator trainings. Using the Third Eye for emotional integration. Spontaneous body movements during negative energetic releasing. Distinguishing between thinking and feeling.  3 types of emotions and feelings. Treating a sexual / porn addiction.
4/15/202222 minutes, 34 seconds
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Taking responsibility for feelings. Self- acceptance and self-rejection. How we self-reject. The subconscious is in front of you. Present-centered therapy. Self-acceptance leads to authentic self-love.
4/8/202224 minutes
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The steps of the Emotional Clearing Process. The importance of Awareness. Duality - the up and down of existence. Compulsive attachments. Rejection of the negative.
4/5/202225 minutes, 4 seconds
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Introduction to the Emotional Clearing Process. What does it mean to work on yourself? Modern therapy is feeling-based. How we create negative patterns which lead to self-blocking and limitation. Accessing the negative subconscious and releasing it. How we never see reality as it is, but are always immersed in our subjective projections.
4/3/202221 minutes, 53 seconds
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the Emotional Clearing Process Trailer

3/28/202256 seconds