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The Ecommerce Opportunity by Chase Dimond

English, Finance, 2 seasons, 149 episodes, 2 days, 11 hours, 20 minutes
The Ecommerce Opportunity gives you the inside look at what's working today in Ecommerce and where the opportunities lie in both the present and future. We chat with founders and marketers to uncover insights and opportunities for brands, agencies, and freelancers alike.
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This Statement Triggered Us: Chase Dimond & Nick Shackelford Talk Through Personal & Brand Building

This Statement Triggered Us: Chase Dimond and Nick Shackelford Talk Through Personal Branding & Building BusinessesThis is the Facebook post that Nick is referencing:It’s amazing to me how most of the people others find to be impressive in my industry, I find to be unimpressive.And most of the people that are under the radar, I find to be wildly impressive.It is almost like the more likely you are to be known, the less you are actually capable of other than self promotion.Let us know your thoughts on Twitter:Chase Dimond - Shackelford -
2/15/202216 minutes, 59 seconds
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Building & Scaling an Ecommerce Community to 2,100+ Paying Members With the Wiz of Ecom

I'm insanely excited to share this episode with you.Think of this episode as your masterclass for all things community related.Wiz talks at length about how he built and scaled his online ecommerce community, Utopia, to over 2,100+ paying members.What's more, the conversion rate from free trial signups to paying members is 70%+ and the retention of paying users is 88%+.In this episode we cover the inspiration behind Utopia, the team members Wiz believes you need to build and foster community, the channels that have been successful and unsuccessful in-terms of acquiring paying members, and so much more.Make sure to drop us both a follow on Twitter:Wiz of Ecom Twitter profile link: Twitter profile link: you can click here to check out Utopia. 
6/8/202127 minutes, 39 seconds
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A Masterclass on Ecommerce Quizzes With Gen Furukawa of Prehook

I'm excited to share this episode with you!In this interview, Gen drops a ton of knowledge on ecommerce quizzes.More specifically, we talk about how to capture more leads, personalize the shopping experience, and grow your ecommerce sales.You can reach Gen via email: gen AT prehook.comHere's his website: can follow me on Twitter here:
5/24/202128 minutes, 37 seconds
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5 Free Ways Agencies and Freelancers Can Get Clients With Dennis Demori

I'm excited to share this awesome interview with you!5 Free Ways Agencies and Freelancers Can Get Clients With Dennis DemoriDennis is an Email Marketer & Consultant who primarily works with online coaches and info publishers. He also creates training products and mentors his students on email marketing and online business.​Make sure you're following us both on Twitter:Dennis' Twitter profile link:​My Twitter profile link:
5/6/202124 minutes, 30 seconds
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SMS Marketing with Chase Dimond & Bea Doheny

SMS Marketing isn't a topic I normally discuss, nor is this interview in the typical format of my podcast.However, there's a lot that's currently happening right now in the SMS world, so I wanted to get this content out in a timely manner.This episode covers 2 main things:1. How SMS and Email Marketing can be paired together2. Short Codes vs. Long Codes in SMS (including the types, costs, and the pros and cons)
4/8/202111 minutes, 36 seconds