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My name is Austin Brawner, and my purpose is to help eCommerce entrepreneurs build wealth and live more fulfilled lives. You can expect weekly interviews with world-class eCommerce operators, deep dives into what's working right now, and a refreshing break from the "crush-it culture" plaguing our industry. This podcast will change your perspective on building a business, and, hopefully, change your life.
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389: Life and Business Lessons from the Don Draper of Direct Mail

Drew Sanocki is one of my favorite people to talk to. He's been a longtime friend and possesses a wealth of wisdom. Drew has successfully built and exited a company, turned around two other nine-figure retailers and is currently overseeing the growth of PostPilot, which recently achieved 8-figures in annual recurring revenue (ARR). What distinguishes Drew in my mind is his unwavering commitment to his family and his well-being. He has a wonderful family and leads an inspirational life. In this episode, we gain valuable insights into his mindset and philosophy on building both a fulfilling life and a successful business. What You’ll Learn From This Episode: Why Drew is waking up at 4:30 a.m. and sprinting at 51 years old A transparent look at his daily schedule while managing one of the
02/11/202345 minutes 12 seconds
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388: (NEW) It Was The Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times

The return episode is here!  I'm back! After an unexpected 10-month break, this is the long-awaited return episode.  The truth is, letting the podcast go dormant was never my intention. I had been planning to launch a new episode for months. However, even with the best intentions, it never happened. So what happened? A lot of unexpected things changed in my life.  I believe there are times for learning and times for sharing. I have been in a heavy learning phase over the last year. Now is the time for sharing.  All is revealed in this all-new episode.  What You’ll Learn From This Episode: What I have been up to for the last 10 months My thoughts on parenting and entrepreneurship Why I have been spending
11/10/202327 minutes 13 seconds
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387: Best of 2022 & Tips To Crush 2023

The best of 2022 and how to start planning for 2023. Listen to this episode with a notepad or your phone ready to take voice memos. Jot down a few ideas to bring into your 2023 roadmap and plans.  What You’ll Learn From This Episode: How to create exciting and super profitable product launches What the future of eCommerce buying behavior might look like How to use influencers to get content that performs  How to use challenges to build community and lower acquisition costs Resources: <li style="font-w
20/12/202223 minutes 19 seconds
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386: We Recap BFCM: What Worked & What Didn’t

The big wins, what didn’t work, and what to do next. Austin and Lily recap BFCM 2022. As you’re reflecting on your own campaign you can compare how you did and maybe jot down some things to consider for next year too.  What You’ll Learn From This Episode: Diversifying your offer Buy now, pay later & the state of the American consumer  SMS overload: what happened? What to do with customers gained during the holidays  Resources: <a href= "https://www.brandgro
13/12/202227 minutes 1 second
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385: What I Learned In the First 60 Days as CMO in a Fast-Growing Start-Up Brand

A couple of months ago Lily started a new role as CMO at an early-stage eComm brand. And it’s been a crazy first 60 days as CMO - she stepped in at the beginning of Q4. What You’ll Learn From This Episode: A strategy to balance long-term growth needs with immediate fire drills  Laying the groundwork for 2023  How to build a customer archetype  Resources: 7-Figure Founder (Get Austin Brawner's help & scale to 7 figures) <li style="font-weight: 400;
06/12/202236 minutes 43 seconds
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384: Get Friendly With Your Finance Report: What Every DTC Owner Needs to Know (but often doesn’t) About Financial Planning

If you’re a marketer who dreads financial planning this episode is for you. Learn how to build a plan that supports your marketing strategies (instead of hindering them) so your business can grow with fewer bumps.  What You’ll Learn From This Episode: The tiers of financial planning & what’s important at each level of business growth How to think about debt vs equity financing and when to consider each The financial KPIs to track on your weekly, monthly, and annual metric sheet Inventory planning: and how to structure your finances so you can stay in stock <li style="font-weight:
29/11/202252 minutes 59 seconds
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383: Austin has a NEW role: Dad! Parenting, Running a Business & Staying Sane without Sleep

Parenting and being an entrepreneur, Austin share’s what life’s been like in his new role as first-time Dad.  What You’ll Learn From This Episode: Planning paternity leave as a business owner  Tips for working with a newborn in your life  Life changes & advice for other parenting entrepreneurs Resources: 7-Figure Founder (Get Austin Brawner's help & scale to 7 figures) <a href= "
18/11/202226 minutes 31 seconds
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382: Reinventing Social Commerce: Putting Personal Connection Back In The Shopping Experience with Live Shopping

How to use video to vastly increase conversion with live shopping. Educate customers, build loyalty and have fun!  What You’ll Learn From This Episode: How to increase your add-to-cart rate with live shopping and shoppable video How to bring the acquisition benefits of the in-store experience online How to replicate a social feel on your own site so you can depend less on platforms like Meta  The different types of live commerce Resources: <span
15/11/202256 minutes 12 seconds
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381: A Surprising Technique To Get Your Shit Together (and Run Your Business Effortlessly)

Our framework to run your business effortlessly and a sneak peek into the Effortless Growth Operating System we've built to help clients do this. What You’ll Learn From This Episode: Why your “superhero syndrome” is hurting your business How to identify what needs to get done and where the opportunities to move the needle are A system to outsource & delegate  How to do more of the things you shine at, and less of the things you’re not an expert on Resources: <a href= "
08/11/202215 minutes 19 seconds
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380: A Human First Business: Manufacturing Relationships, Leadership Transformation & Focus Groups

This is a brand that didn’t start with the expectation of selling online. McCullough has a human-first perspective and there’s a lot to learn from him on customer experience and leadership. A conversation about connection and the human experience, two things that are just as important (if not more important) to building and growing your brand as your marketing strategy.  What You’ll Learn From This Episode: Wins and learnings from manufacturing an innovative product that no one wants to work on What valuing relationships across all areas of your business could do for your success How focus groups could improve your product offering</sp
01/11/202245 minutes 4 seconds
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379: 3 Dead Simple Ways To Turn One Purchase into Two

One of the biggest challenges eCommerce businesses face is low profit to turn this around you need to turn one purchase into two (into three and so forth!)   Today we’re going to talk about how to drive repeat customers so that you can be more profitable and have more cash to fuel back into your business.    What You’ll Learn From This Episode: Why repeat sales so important - and should be top of mind from day 1  How to improve your product by offering more value & keep customers coming back Strategies to automate sales and easily turn one purchase into two <span st
25/10/202225 minutes 24 seconds
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378: More Does Not Equal Better: How to Build a Better Brand By Operating Simply

Build a better brand by staying focused and paying attention to the opportunities, and eliminate shiny object syndrome. The truth is more does not equal better.  Max Rast is the founder of Klar, a data tracking and reporting software. Max built this software after his experience as a CMO at a fast-growing food and beverage DTC.  He was obsessed with spreadsheets and trying to build a clear picture, without getting bogged down in all the tiny details of attribution and the millions of data points available to eComm marketers.  What You’ll Learn From This Episode: When international expansion is a good idea for scale <li style="font-weight:
18/10/202251 minutes 25 seconds
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377: How to Shift from Inconsistent Sales to Predictable Revenue

A framework to get clear on your acquisition strategy and drive predictable revenue so you can grow your business.  Predictable revenue is one of the pillars of the 7 Figure Founder program with Austin. A lot of early-stage eComm owners look to what they see other brands do but the truth is if you double down on just one channel you’ll be able to stabilize your business and hit 7 figures.  This is how we think about this “one channel” strategy and some of the ways we help clients implement this. What You’ll Learn From This Episode: How to determine the best channel for your business <li style="font-weight: 400;" aria
11/10/202225 minutes 59 seconds
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376: Bringing In-Store Experience Online to Bridge the Gap Between Retail and DTC

How eCommerce brands can provide a customer experience that mimics the best parts of in-store shopping to bridge the gap between retail and DTC. Building relationships is easier in person, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t delight customers with a personalized shopping experience in your online store.  What You’ll Learn From This Episode: The power of live product demos & live shopping  How to build an ambassador program that delights participants and makes fans for life  What supporting customers post-purchase should look like  How to use exclus
04/10/202253 minutes 18 seconds
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375: Optimize your Ecomm Site and Watch Conversions Rocket with Brand First CRO

How to build a brand-focused website that will increase conversion with brand first CRO. Brand building and storytelling are hot topics in eComm right now. Between the changes in privacy making it harder to scale by simply running well-targeted ads to consumers expecting more transparency - being able to relate to the people who land on your site is more important than ever.  What You’ll Learn From This Episode: Why storytelling is a critical piece of building a brand  What brand first CRO is & how to do it How smaller brands can prioritize content and what’s most important to focus on <li style="font-weight: 400;" aria-lev
27/09/202251 minutes 4 seconds
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374: How to Manage and Motivate Your Team (Creating Culture the Non-Corporate Way)

How do you manage and motivate a team? Today we’re going to share strategies for small teams.  If you have a mix of in-house employees and a few contractors or if you’re going to be making your first hires soon this episode will help you lay the foundation to have success as you grow your team.  If you’ve already built a team and you’re looking for fresh ways to motivate and manage there’s some insight for you here too.  What You’ll Learn From This Episode: How to have meetings that are productive while also connecting with your team  Performance reviews that actually set goals & give feedback  <span style= "font-weight: 4
20/09/202244 minutes 22 seconds
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373: Customer Acquisition: Paid vs Organic, State of Facebook, & Brand Growth

How do you grow a DTC brand in today’s climate? Here are some of the customer acquisition strategies being used by a top brand growth manager right now.  Michael Grasewicz started at Taylor Stitch and has played an integral role in the fast growth stage of several DTC brands. This is what he’s learned along the way.  What You’ll Learn From This Episode: What to do with your ads in the current state of Facebook Fast Growth strategies for eCommerce and DTC brands Paid vs organic customer acquisition and the place for each  Resources: <a href= "htt
13/09/202251 minutes 26 seconds
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372: From Idea to Full Time: Scaling A DTC Business

What started with an idea to heal her own health issues became a conversation with other women and turned into a big experiment that lead to a successful business.  This episode is about how Monica Grohne, the founder of Marea, went about scaling a DTC business.  What You’ll Learn From This Episode: The journey from idea to start up to building a brand & scaling a DTC business Channels that are working and how to focus with a small team How to be bold in your marketing  Resources: Monica on Twitter: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener" data-sa
06/09/202251 minutes 28 seconds
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371: GREATEST HITS: How Perfect Keto Grew a $100MM Business in Less than Two Years

In this Greatest Hits episode, Perfect Keto's Co-Founder, Dr. Anthony Gustin, talks about how Perfect Keto started off as a side project and then experienced massive growth -- making $100MM in just 19 months. Dr. Anthony Gustin cofounded Perfect Keto as a side project in November of 2016. He had one goal in mind: making keto easy. Within 4 hours of launching, the company made $20,000 and took off like a rocketship since. Little did he know, the creation of Perfect Keto was at the rise of one of the largest diet crazes of the past 50 years.  Anthony joins us to talk about Perfect Keto's growth, his business beliefs, and why he thinks going into retail is the last resort. We also discuss his experience of burnout and how entrepreneurs can best avoid it.  </div
30/08/202250 minutes 42 seconds
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370: GREATEST HITS: How to Make $40MM Without Paid Advertising

In this Greatest Hits episode, we revisit a conversation about building a large, successful business with close to $40 million in revenue without using any paid social. Our guest, Nate Lipton of GrowersHouse, shows us how it can be done. And, in addition to not using paid ads, he’s been able to get his customer acquisition costs to zero. Nate shares the different approach to marketing that has helped him build several incredibly successful companies in the cannabis and hemp industries. He talks about exactly how you can use YouTube to establish yourself as a trusted brand and drive ad-free sales.  If you’re looking for some refreshing ideas for how you can drive more revenue, this is a great episode to jog your imagination about what’s possible. Episode Highlights: 
23/08/202249 minutes 46 seconds
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369: GREATEST HITS: Traeger Grills’ 10-Figure Smoking Gun: A Holistic Growth Strategy

In this Greatest Hits episode, we're revisiting a conversation Traeger Grillswith's Director of Acquisition who talks about how holistic marketing can unify your brand across all marketing channels and make it stand out from the competition. Jesse Semchuck joins us to share how a holistic growth strategy has contributed to Traeger's success. He outlines the makeup of his marketing team, how internal teams and third-party agencies interact, and how a holistic growth approach can create more synergy across all marketing initiatives and the organization.   Tune in and find out if holistic marketing is something you should use in your business. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 5:59 Jesse Semchuck’s role at Traeger Grills and what he’s been excited to build over the last year <li style="font-weight:
16/08/202236 minutes 4 seconds
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368: GREATEST HITS: The Secret to Increasing the Value of Your Business with John Warrillow

In this Greatest Hits episode we're revisiting a conversation with John Warrillow about harvesting the value of your company and building to sell. John Warrillow is the founder of The Value Builder System, a Top 10 Forbes Ranked Podcast host, and author of Built to Sell, a best-selling book that’s helped over 50,000 businesses build more valuable companies. Throughout his career, he's founded and exited four companies and now dedicates his time to helping entrepreneurs sell their own for higher multiples. Listen now for John’s most valuable advice on the secret to a successful exit, key pillars for being bui
09/08/202256 minutes 17 seconds
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367: How to Write Copy that Converts, Target the Best Customers, and Build Brand Loyalty

Today we have a secret weapon for you that will help you write copy that converts, reach your best audience, and build brand fans for life. If you’ve googled “better conversion copy” or “how to find my niche” recently this episode is for you. What You’ll Learn From This Episode: How to collect killer video testimonials Setting up post-purchase surveys and capturing Net Promoter Score Getting product-specific feedback with focus groups Using customer feedback to write copy that converts + where else to share Resources: 7-Figure Founder</sp
02/08/202232 minutes 45 seconds
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QW: How to Align Life and Work when You’re Putting in Long Hours

Quick win: How to align life and work with the path that you want to be on through regular check-ins and personal reflection.
29/07/20229 minutes 47 seconds
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366: The Journey from Brick and Mortar to Ecomm: How a 4th Generation Family Brand Exploded Online

A family butchery started in 1920’s LA became a beef jerky dynasty when they started selling online. Here’s the story of their journey from brick and mortar to eComm.  Brian Bianchetti’s founder story is unique. He started working with us to help transition his 4th generation family brand to an online DTC store. This is his story of how they found success and grew to hit 7 figures.  What You’ll Learn From This Episode: How to build a brand online Making your first marketing hires and building a team that you can delegate to When to use an agency and when to go in house <span styl
26/07/202244 minutes 32 seconds
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365: Wins, Learnings And What Austin’s Excited About Right Now

Austin and Lily revisit their 2022 eComm wins and learnings and opportunities and share what should remain in focus and what should be top of mind for the second half of the year. 2022 has been been a wild ride thus far for everyone, and BGE is no exception. Austin welcomed his first child, BGE has restructured and added a new program, and there are a ton of moving parts in DTC, the economy, and the world already this year. Austin & Lily revisit their February predictions and share their updated opportunities & challenges for the remainder of 2022. What You’ll Learn From This Episode: The 100 x 30 challenge The current Ecomm environment - Austin’s take <span style= "f
19/07/202242 minutes 51 seconds
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QW: Focused Simplicity: A Pattern in Massively Successful Brands

Quick win: A lesson from the big brands - you grow faster and smarter when you have focused simplicity. Key Takeaways: How to address the needs of the consumer - with focus  Simplicity as a growth strategy Resources: Grab our Growth Pack for founders  7-Figure Founders Program (get help from Austin Brawner to grow your busines
15/07/20224 minutes 47 seconds
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364: The Challenges of Running a Fast Ecomm Site (is it as important as you think?)

What really is the relationship between site speed and conversion rate? How important is UX when it comes to running a fast eComm site? Learn how to run a fast site and where to focus on optimizing your user experience from a UX expert.  What You’ll Learn From This Episode: How running a fast eComm site can be challenging (and what to do about it) How your focus on optimization and site speed will evolve as your business grows How to prioritize design vs function What headless eCommerce is and why you should care Resou
12/07/202247 minutes 35 seconds
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363: Prep Your Email List and Collect Customer Info NOW to Help You Crush Q4 Later

The best practices for email to help you prep your email list and collect customer info to drive more sales and make your holiday campaigns easier.  Whether you plan to run holiday campaigns or not this year this episode will help you improve your email marketing with some quick tips and long-term strategies you can start using today.  What You’ll Learn From This Episode: How to make your email list work harder for you (drive more sales)  Best strategies for re-engaging with a cold email list  How to routinely clean your email list  Winning with p
05/07/202232 minutes 15 seconds
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QW: How to Apply the Traction EOS Method to Your Ecommerce Business

Quick win: Austin shares the pros and cons of the EOS method outlined in the book Traction and his tips on how to apply this business process to your eCommerce company. Key Takeaways: How to focus on the things that move the needle  How to be strategic in your planning, without getting overwhelmed Resources: Grab our Growth Pack for founders  7-Figure Founders Program<
01/07/202218 minutes 9 seconds
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362: Paid Social Strategy: What’s Working Right Now

An active media buyer shares the nuances of the “new” Facebook platform and some paid social wins right now. If you are struggling with your ad performance right now or if you’re trying to learn more about Facebook advertising and how the platform works you will learn a lot here.  We all know what a nightmare ad performance has been in the last 12 months so this episode is to give insight into how some eComm brands are managing their ads accounts right now and give you some tips and ideas to improve your own performance.   What You’ll Learn From This Episode: Big ideas for acquisition and retention marketing right now If Facebook is still a viable growth channel for brand
28/06/202252 minutes 43 seconds
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QW: How to Get Customer Satisfaction Right and Build Brand Virality through Word of Mouth

Quick win: customer satisfaction can be a gold mine for marketing. You can build brand virality through word of mouth. Key Takeaways: How to build and use net promoter score  Using customer feedback to build the product they want Resources: Grab our Growth Pack for founders  7-Figure Founders Program (get help from Austin Braw
24/06/20227 minutes 14 seconds
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361:Getting Ready for the Second Half of 2022: Tips for Winning for Q3 & Q4

It’s time to reflect and refocus. Our tips to make sure you’re on track to have a winning Q3 and Q4 this year. The first half of this episode focuses on how to get organized and reflect on the first half of the year.  The second half of this episode will give you some high level areas to focus on in Q3 and what to look ahead to for Q4.  You’ll leave with a checklist that you can run through in your own business to ensure you’re focused on the things that will scale your business and keep you on track to hit your revenue goals.  What You’ll Learn From This Episode: How to conduct a teamwide 90-day review <span style= "font-weigh
21/06/202228 minutes 41 seconds
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QW: Follow the Money - Optimize The Email Flows that Drive the Most Revenue (and don’t waste time on the others)

Quick win:  how to prioritize email flows that drive the most revenue, and not waste time on one's that won't.  Key Takeaways: How to prioritize your time when working on email marketing The email flows to consider starting with based on the type of business you have How you can increase & improve your flows as your business grows Resources: Grab our Growth Pack for founders  <li style="font-weight: 400;" aria-le
17/06/20229 minutes 52 seconds
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360: The Psychology of UX Design for Ecommerce Sites

Understanding human behavior will bring you more customers and increase your conversion rate. It’s the psychology of UX design for eCommerce. Psychologist and expert UX designer Alina Prelicz-Zawadzka gives an insider view into why we do what we do, and how you can use that to improve your website.  What You’ll Learn From This Episode: How humans think and how your site should be designed to support that The best practices for UX design right now Simple things to help you increase your conversion rate Why dat
14/06/202250 minutes 52 seconds
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QW: How to Keep Growth Simple: Get Perspective & Surround Yourself with Smart People

Quick win: Austin Brawner's #1 piece of advice for eComm owners actively trying to scale their business up to 7 figures: get perspective  Key Takeaways: Why a business without process will break when it grows  How to set yourself up with a successful and scalable business Resources: Grab our Growth Pack for founders  7-Figure Founders Program <span style="fo
10/06/20225 minutes 58 seconds
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359: How to Decide if it's Time to Hire An Agency

Answers to the question every eComm owner asks themselves at some point - should we hire an internal team or hire an agency to do that? This is a question we see over and over from clients and one Austin and Lily have both dealt with personally before too. If you’re trying to figure out what to do - here are some answers What You’ll Learn From This Episode: How to think about when to hire an agency so that you can make the best decision for your business based on where you’re at right now.  How to evaluate your goals to see if an agency would be a good fit  Red flags to look out for when working with an agency  <li style="f
07/06/202235 minutes 58 seconds
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QW: Why You Need An Accountability Chart and Not An Org. Structure When You Hire New Roles

Quick win: an accountability chart makes it easier to identify the role you need to hire for BEFORE you overwork your team or yourself.  Key Takeaways: How an accountability chart is different from an organization chart  Getting a clear picture of the responsibilities of your team  Figure out what type of skills you need to hire for (instead of what “position” you need to hire for)  Resources: Grab our Growth Pack for founde
03/06/20226 minutes 30 seconds
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358: Build an Army of Content Creators to Market Your Ecommerce Brand

Tips on how to grow and market your eCommerce brand and hit that 7-figure goal both from a creative and operational direction. Srdjan (Serge) Popovic is the CMO of Crossrope, a fitness jump rope company. He met the CEO and partnered with Crossrope as an early influencer in the fitness jump rope space. He then left his career in mechanical engineering in 2015 to join the team as employee #3. If you’re interested in content creation and UGC to grow your business, you will get a lot out of this episode. Also, Serge has an awesome hiring theory he shares and he talks explicitly about hiring for marketing roles. What You’ll Learn From This Episode: How to think about the layers of gathering UGC content and where to start looking for content creators <li style=
31/05/202259 minutes 34 seconds
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QW: Creative Churn: A Formula for Consistent (and Good) Creative

Quick win: how to build a formula for creative churn that consistently turns out winning content for your eCommerce brand.  Key Takeaways: A formula you can use to create winning content, consistently  Where to look for copy inspiration Using customer content Resources: Grab our Growth Pack for founders  <a href= "
27/05/20227 minutes 29 seconds
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357: Part 1 - Finding Clarity, The Evolution of an Ecomm Owner & 90 Day Growth Goals

A case study on Posh Shoppe and their 90 day growth goals to find success on TikTok, hire a Brand Director and deliver 1 million compliments.  Posh Shoppe owner, John Chen, was struggling to continue the growth of his business after the iOS updates killed his acquisition on Facebook. He attended an event with Brand Growth Experts to help him get clear and figure out what to do next.  This episode is his story, why he came to us and the goals he has for the next 90 days.  Episode Highlights: 9:40 How iOS impacted John 11:05 John’s three growth goals for the next 90 days  11:52 The importance
24/05/202238 minutes 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

QW: Using Subscriptions to Raise the Floor & Scale Faster with Recurring Revenue

Quick win: how to use subscriptions to raise the floor and increase LTV and improve customer retention. Key Takeaways: Subscriptions can help you get a better valuation when you sell Build a more stable business model that’s not reliant on auction-based marketing platforms Resources: Grab our Growth Pack for founders  Brand Grow
20/05/20229 minutes 7 seconds
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356: Support That is NOT Scalable: Surprise and Delight Your Customers with Something Unique

Ideas for customer support strategies that are NOT scalable to provide a truly unique and special experience for some of your customers.  This episode is for people who want to go above and beyond for their customers.  Why? Because your customer won’t remember that your site was easy to navigate. The things that make a brand stand out and memorable are the experiences - these are the things that people share with their friends & this is what keeps people coming back. Episode Highlights: 5:11 Send surprise gifts in the mail to delight your customers  8:36 Give behind the scenes access to your product and brand  <span style= "font-
17/05/202225 minutes 30 seconds
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QW: How to Build a Crystal Clear Vision that Drives Your Business Forward

Quick win: building a crystal clear vision to be the single guiding light to drive growth in your business.  Key Takeaways: What the true cause of slow growth in a business often is  How to use visualization: lessons from pro athletes Resources: Grab our Growth Pack for founders  Brand Growth Membership <span style="f
13/05/20227 minutes 33 seconds
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355: What We’re Digging: 3 Email Campaign Ideas To Drive Full Price Sales

Stop only sending discount emails! Implement these 3 email campaign ideas to drive full-price sales in your business.  Austin and Lily share some email designs they’re digging right now to serve as creative inspiration for you.  Episode Highlights: 5:03 Email example #1: Using aspirational imagery and problem/ solution storytelling  9:49 Email example #2: Clever copywriting to encourage a sale in abandoned cart (and not discounting)  13:25 Email example #3: Using a waitlist to drive urgency, excitement and collect customer data  Resources: <span
10/05/202219 minutes 40 seconds
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QW: Increase Retention, Drive More Revenue & Be More Profitable with Smart Email Flows

Quick win: Tried and tested email flows to drive more revenue without reinventing the wheel.  Grab our Email Map to start driving more revenue with email today  Key Takeaways: Where to start & how to be profitable with smart email flows are Applying email wins to SMS  Resources: Grab our Email Map <span style="font-weight: 4
06/05/20226 minutes 2 seconds
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354: How to Run a Community Building Challenge for Ecomm: Increase LTV, Drive Sales, and Acquire More Customers

Want to drive more sales, lower your ad costs and make your buyers into loyal customers? Run a community-building challenge for your eCommerce business.  This is a packed episode with tons of tactical ideas to grow your business using a 60-day challenge model.  Alicia Reynoso grew her business to 8-figures before selling using this strategy and she’s sharing everything… How to quickly scale audience growth & business revenue Challenges & how they work in eComm Facebook groups & their value in audience building UGC & how to repurpose
03/05/202253 minutes 21 seconds
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QW: Hiring a Virtual Assistant to Free Up Time

Quick win: How to use VA's to fuel the growth of your business & get more time back by having someone to delegate to.  Key Takeaways: How to build a good role for a VA  How to hire a VA and what you should be delegating Resources: Grab our FREE Founders Growth Pack  Brand Growth Membership (Join today for $1 for 7-days)</
29/04/202215 minutes 47 seconds
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353: HELP! Hiring, Systems, and Acquisition Channels, oh MY! A Recap of our LIVE Profit Summit

How to get from here to there. Setting goals and systems to scale a profitable business. A re-cap of our Profit Summit event. We wanted to record an episode coming out of the Profit Summit because there were some big themes that came up.  Each attendee was very different in terms of product, team structure and revenue but they all showed up with pretty much the same question - “how do I get from here to there” everyone had a future goal without a clear path on how to get there.  Episode Highlights: 5:33 Hiring: a framework  9:38 Systems: what you need to scale  17:53 Channels: why you shoul
26/04/202229 minutes 48 seconds
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QW: Prioritizing and Delegating: How To Spend More Time on What Matters

Quick win: How to maximize your time and grow your business without giving up all your time. Prioritizing and delegating tasks to get more done.  Key Takeaways: Putting the most important things first  How to compartmentalize  Resources: Grab our FREE Founders Growth Pack  Brand Growth Membership (Join today for $1 for 7-
22/04/20227 minutes 58 seconds
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352: How to Grow a Brand With Organic TikTok: $500k in 1 Year

Sick of expensive acquisition costs? This is how to grow a brand with organic TikTok (read: no ad spend). This episode features the founder of a hemp cigarette company. And guess what - he can’t advertise on Facebook or Google due to the nature of the product. So, he had to get super creative to figure out how to acquire customers and get in front of people.  After several failed attempts he found massive success with organic TikTok.  He did $500k in revenue in year 1 with no paid ad spend, and no employees while working full time at his agency. All because of their viral TikTok videos.  This is also an interesting vantage point because the brand made its own videos (and he was the one making them). So it’s a little different than the other TikTok success stories with influencer marketing out
19/04/202246 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

QW: Be a Conscious Leader Pt 3. Don’t Waste People’s Time: More Effective Meetings & More Respect

Quick win: How to respect your time, your team's time & be a more effective and efficient company.  Key Takeaways: How to set expectations  Using impact filters to have more effective meetings  Resources: Grab our FREE Founders Growth Pack  Brand Growth Membership (Join today for $1 for 7-days) @BrandGrowthX <span style= "font-weight: 400
15/04/20227 minutes 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

351: How to Get Press: PR, Influencers and Earned Media vs Affiliate Marketing

With paid traffic costs continuing to go up PR is a great place to find long-term value in traffic and social proof. Learn how to get press for your eCommerce business.  Nora Wolf is a PR expert and specializes in getting brands tons of press. She takes a modern approach to PR and uses a mix of media strategies including a unique take on influencers as press.  She shares her tips and tools on how to get media for your eCommerce business.  Episode Highlights: 5:16 What’s exciting in PR right now: getting back to live events  7:25 Running PR with a small marketing budget  9:24 Earned media vs affili
12/04/202254 minutes 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

QW: Be a Conscious Leader Pt 2. Radical Responsibility: Why You Shouldn’t Blame the Agency, Facebook, or Your Employees...

Quick win: When things are going wrong in your business how can you take radical responsibility, shift perspective and ultimately solve the problem. Key Takeaways: It’s easy to blame, but where does it actually get you? Stop putting bandaids over issues - find solutions that last Resources: FREE Founders Growth Pack  Brand Growth Membership (Join today for $1 f
08/04/20227 minutes 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

350: Bootstrapped to 8 Figures: Driving Organic Traffic with Influencers and TikTok Acquisition

How to grow a bootstrapped brand from nothing to 8 figures by thinking outside the box to drive organic traffic with influencers and TikTok acquisition. Jason Wong started his first eCommerce business when he was just 15 years old. Since then he’s become one of the top marketers and entrepreneurs in the space.  He’s built a framework to build bootstrapped brands up to 8 figures using organic TikTok and influencer content.  He was one of the first to see TikTok as an opportunity. As a forward thinker, he has a lot of ideas on what the future of eCommerce looks like and where the opportunities for growth are.  Episode Highlights: 3:33 Jason’s start in eComm (at 15!) <
05/04/202247 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

QW: Be a Conscious Leader Pt 1: How To Get Clear On What You Actually Want

Quick win: How to get clear on your vision for your business and life.  Key Takeaways: Taking time to get away from the weeds  Using offsites as a way to get clear  Resources: Brand Growth Membership (Join today for $1 for 7-days) @BrandGrowthX on Twitter <a href= "https://itunes.appl
01/04/20229 minutes
Episode Artwork

349: Q&A: The State of Ecommerce, Are Facebook Groups Dead?, How to Raise Capital (Without Getting Screwed)

The top questions from eCommerce owners right now - answered. (hint: are Facebook groups dead = no!)  These are questions that have come up either in the Brand Growth Membership forum or in our member's office hours calls recently.  This episode is designed so you can walk away with an answer and an action to take.  If you have questions you want to chat with us about check out the membership. Episode Highlights: 4:54 What’s the state of business - are we optimistic or pessimistic? 9:03 Austin’s
29/03/202232 minutes
Episode Artwork

QW: Using Landing Pages to Optimize for Conversions

Quick win: How to use landing pages to optimize for conversions by testing and creating a better experience.  Key Takeaways: Using landing pages to test site design Landing pages to improve ad performance Resources: Brand Growth Membership (Join today for $1 for 7-days) @BrandGrowthX on Twitter <li style="font-weight: 400
25/03/20229 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

348: Running and Selling a Business: Best Practices for Your Small Scrappy Company

Tips on running and selling a business from an exit entrepreneur who never planned to sell.  How can you build a business that both you and future you will benefit from? This episode covers the steps to growing a business you can sell. My guest (and friend) Jared Nations shares his lessons, tips, and learnings from recently selling his business. His story is interesting because his plan had been to keep running the business as a cash flow business and never sell. After a cold offer, he changed his plan and pivoted.  This episode gives you an inside view to what selling a business looks like and what you can do to prepare your business (even if you’re not planning to sell).  Episode Highlights: 6:36 COVID impacts on busine
22/03/202253 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

BONUS: How to Win in a Post-Facebook World (What’s Out & What’s In For Ecomm)

When shit hit’s the fan… what do you do?  Almost exactly 2 years past the first COVID lockdowns in the U.S. Austin and Lily team up to share what exactly has been going on and the impacts it’s had on eComm brands.  Learn what’s out and no longer working, get some ideas for where you can focus your energy now and how to win in a post-Facebook world.  Episode Highlights: 0:45 What’s been happening in eComm since COVID hit  3:48 Demand for eComm products right now  7:06 Supply chain issues - what’s next?  <span style= "font-weight: 400;"
18/03/202233 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

347: Use Story Hooks over Product Hooks To Increase Conversion, LTV & Engagement

If you can’t write, you can’t sell (unless you hire a copywriter). How to increase conversion, LTV & engagement with better copy. In this episode, Austin and Chris Orzechowski discuss a wide range of eComm topics to give you some great food for thought.  Topics include - traffic strategies by channel, how to hire a copywriter, choosing your mindset towards your business, how to write a story hook over a product hook (and sell more), and rounding out with web3 opportunities and curiosities.  Sit back and enjoy the ride on this one.  Episode Highlights: 4:11 Chris’s experiment to find traffic channels that work  5:13 Facebook ads right now </
15/03/202257 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

QW: How to Have Success with Influencers for Content Creation

Quick win: How you can have success with influencers for content creation to drive more engagement, better ad creative, and increase organic traffic. Key Takeaways: TikTok and Instagram platform updates (and opportunities) How to get quality content from influencers  Creating influencer contracts & how to do it right Resources: Brand Growth Membership (Join today for $1 for 7-days) <li style="font-weight: 400;" ari
11/03/20229 minutes 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

346: How to Win Big With Google Shopping + Simplify Your Marketing

What opportunities are you leaving on the table with Google Shopping? This is a critical mid-funnel channel that will help you convert more customers.  Eagan Heath is one of the unique people that has experience both owning an eCommerce brand and owning an agency. This episode is about what he's seeing work right now from his access to a lot of different accounts in different industries.  Eagan is an expert in Google Shopping and Google ads and he shares his strategy. (If you’re interested in learning more about Google Shopping Eagan is doing a deep dive on this in the membership on March 16th. You can join the membership here for access.)  Episode Highlights:
08/03/202251 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

QW: How to Improve Customer Retention + A Better Discounting Strategy

Quick win: How to build a successful loyalty program to improve customer retention and drive higher value repeat purchases. Key Takeaways: What does a good rewards program look like (tools & strategy) Offering a discount vs a free item: what provides more value  Resources: Brand Growth Membership (Join today for $1 for 7-days) @BrandGrowthX <span style= "font-weight
04/03/20229 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

345: 6 Tips to Make Your Next Product Launch Your Best Ever

Product launches can be a rocket ship to your sales or a sinking vessel pulling you underwater.  Here are 6 different ways to make your next product launch your best ever. Austin and Lily share strategies, actions, and tips that you can take away from launches that they’ve seen crush it.  Episode Highlights: 2:51 The power of product launches: why you should do them 4:16 Coordinating with influencers to pour fire on your launch  8:50 Waitlisting your audience before a launch  10:38 Testing your product ideas with SMS  <li style="font-weight:
01/03/202226 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

QW: Managing a Remote Team, Training & Creating Company Culture

Quick win: How to train, optimize and manage a remote team. Plus, tips in building company culture and why it should be an integral part of your onboarding process. Key Takeaways: Optimizing a team for remote work  Building a marketing first company Training in company culture first How to build a training system that will scale with your growth Resources: Brand Growth Memb
25/02/202217 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

344: Take a Breath: How to Stop Entrepreneurial Burnout

Breathwork is a superpower for dealing with stress, lack of clarity and overwhelm. If you’re overwhelmed learning to work with your breath and meditation is how to stop entrepreneurial burnout.  This episode will put a tool for your toolkit to help you get through the challenges that come from running your business (and life) and help you thrive in fulfilling your dreams and best life.  Carson Finkle is the CEO of Tenth Street Hats, a DTC hat business. He also has a new business called Create Meditation. His deep dive into the meditation space came from his own challenges with overwhelm and burnout in his eComm business.  We do a bit of meditation towards the end, so I highly encourage taking some time for this.</sp
22/02/202254 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

QW: How to Hire Your Dream Team

Quick win: a streamlined process that will teach you how to hire your dream team while saving yourself time and headache. Key Takeaways: Why you need a compelling job post  Use your marketing skills to “sell” your company and attract the right person  The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make: wasting time into interviewing unqualified people How to set up a process that filters out people who don’t fit early on Resources: <a href= "
18/02/202215 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

343: The Biggest Opportunities (and Hurdles) for Ecomm Businesses This Year

Last year was a wild ride - and one of the hardest years for eCommerce ever.  What do the opportunities and hurdles for eComm businesses look like this year? Austin and Lily share what they’re excited about and where they suggest focusing your efforts right now.  Episode Highlights: 6:18 What Austin is most excited about in eComm right now  8:28 4 big opportunities for eComm this year  8:43 Influencers to create or grow a brand  12:01 TikTok will continue to expand reach  <li style="font-weight: 4
15/02/202238 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

QW: Email Marketing (pt 2): Optimize Your Email Marketing with Better Leads, Copy & KPIs

Quick win: how to optimize your email marketing to make it work harder for you (without working harder yourself). Key Takeaways: 3X your email sign up rate with conversational pop-ups Why your transactional emails need personalization  How to conduct customer research  Write insanely good copy by using what your customers say What KPIs to track with changing privacy policies  Resources: <a href= "https://www.brand
11/02/202225 minutes 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

342: How Entrepreneurs Can Offset the Risk of Business by Investing Smartly

Make more money, work less, and be prepared for a black swan event when you offset the risk of business by investing smartly.  Taylor Pearson is the founder of Mutiny Fund, where he helps investors maximize the long-term growth of their portfolios.  In this episode, he shares how he thinks about investing and diversifying as a business owner.  We talk about how to think about diversifying your portfolio to offset the risk you've taken by going all-in on a business You’ll learn what talk risk means, how to better preserve wealth and what to think about investing right now when it seems like the whole world is going crazy.  This podcast is provided for informational purposes only and should not be reli
08/02/202249 minutes 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

QW: Email Marketing (pt 1): Unlock Hidden Revenue In Your Email Marketing

Quick win: where to unlock hidden revenue in your email marketing. Key Takeaways: How to determine which emails to focus on (that will drive the most revenue) and when to test. How to optimize your flows (trigger emails) to ensure you’re not leaving money on the table. 3 email mistakes you’re probably making and how to fix them. Resources: The Brand Growth Accelerator (apply today: next cohort starts Feb 15, 2022) <li style="font-weight: 400;" ari
04/02/202225 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

341: The Effortless Growth Operating System: A System to Drastically Improve Your Business and Life

If you want to be successful you need to focus on selling your business, not selling your product. (Even if you’re not planning on selling) This is an episode about the system that we use to run our business called the Effortless Growth Operating System (EGOS).  It’s a 6-step system that we share with members of the Brand Growth Membership and help people implement directly in their own business in the Brand Growth Accelerator.  Today - Austin and Lily team up to give you a look into how it works and Austin shares his own experience with poor management and burnout that led to the creation of the Effortless Growth Operating System. What you’ll learn in this episode:  How to create compelling job desc
01/02/202231 minutes 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

340: Experiences From a Fast-Growing Brand + a Case for Keeping Marketing and Customer Support Teams Close

Facebook is smarter than you, and your customers are better marketers. (Learnings from working at a fast-growing brand.)  Today’s guest is our own Brand Growth Experts Marketing Manager, Lily Ackerly.  We’re talking about Lily’s journey being one of the first employees at a fast-growing brand and what she’s learned from really teaching herself the ropes in eCommerce.  Lily also has a lot of experience in customer support - and we’re going to give you some reasons why you should keep your marketing and customer support teams close and engaged with each other.  You’re going to be hearing more from Lily on the podcast so this is your first opportunity to “meet” her and hear some of her ideas.  Episode Highlights: 5:49 Li
25/01/202237 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

339: Put This Up Your Nose: Selling an Unconventional Product from DTC to Big Box

How do you sell a product that no one understands until they try it? With smart marketing, positioning, packaging, and a solid mix of DTC to big box sales.  John Pinto founder of BoomBoom Naturals (all-natural nasal sticks) and he's been a friend of mine for over 10 years, we met and got our start together working at our first job out of college.  In this episode, we talk about John’s journey with BoomBoom, what he’s learned in DTC and acquiring over 500,000 customers through Facebook and online marketing, and his recent (and very successful) shift from DTC to big box stores. We also talked about life balance, being an entrepreneur with kids and what that looks like. John's one of the most balanced people that I kno
18/01/20221 hour 1 second
Episode Artwork

338: Building a Vivid Vision, Put Happiness First and Be More Successful

Get out from under never-ending to-do lists, delegate and build a business with happier employees, customers, and profit.  Cameron Herold was the CEO of 1-800-Junk, which he grew from 2 million to well over 100 million. He now has a company called the CEO Alliance where he helps second in command up their game and be more successful.  He's also the author of 5 books, including Vivid Vision, which lays the foundation for building a vivid vision in 3-year segments for your business and life. There’s a ton of insight to gain from Cameron and we discuss getting clear on your priorities, traveling while running a business, having kids and still being an entrepreneur, and strategy for how to delegate, manage, hire and train your team. Episode Highlights: <span
11/01/202253 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

337: Ecommerce in 2022: What Worked, What’s Dead, and Where We're Going

It’s been a wild wave in ecommerce when we look at where the industry started to where the opportunities are today. My guest today reflects on what's he's learned at 15 years in ecommerce and what's coming in ecommerce in 2022. Drew Sanocki was the CEO of the eCommerce brand AutoAnything, the founder of the blog and the owner of the Shopify direct marketing app PostPilot. He has his hands in a lot of key areas in eCommerce and has been in the game for about 15 years.  In this episode, Drew shares his well-rounded journey from buying out, being the CEO, and acquiring a bunch of companies. We talk about what it's like to run a $100 million retailer and what it’s like to r
04/01/202248 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

336: SEO in 2022: Drive More Organic Traffic to Reduce Ad Costs and Increase Profits

“Where did the SEO hide the dead body? On page two of Google.” Yes - SEO in 2022 will still play a huge role in eComm success. With ad costs going up it’s a great time to learn how to drive quality organic traffic with smart SEO tactics.  John Murphy is the CEO of Ebike Generation and an eCommerce SEO expert.  In this episode, we talk about John’s journey, and how he went from being an executive at GE to starting his own eCommerce company. John’s eComm success has largely come from SEO after he was banned from Google Ads and Facebook ads in the early days of his business.  He shares his tips on how he drives $2 million a year from just SEO and what SEO in 2022 will look like (yes - free traffic still exists). 
28/12/202148 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

335: From Super Growth to Bankruptcy: Lessons Learned Experiencing Both Before Age 30

The path to massive success is often through failure. This episode's guest went from Forbes 30 under 30 to bankruptcy in the same year and reflects on lessons learned.  Josh Durham co-founded Weighted Comforts, one of the first weighted blanket brands, with his mom in 2015. They took off like a rocket, hitting 8-figures in 4 years.  But - they hit some snags, the market shifted and at age 24 Josh went from almost $10 million in sales to bankruptcy in a period of less than a year.  In this episode, he goes through what it was like to grow, how they did it, and then what it was like when it all unraveled. Josh is very transparent in his experience of where and how things went wrong in a way you’re not going to hear in many places. There’s a lot to learn here.  Josh has gone o
21/12/202147 minutes 1 second
Episode Artwork

334: Need an Operational Secret Weapon? Hire Virtual Assistants

“Systems run your business, people run your systems.” Learn how to grow your business and unlock hidden profit using virtual assistants.  Barbara Turley is the founder of The Virtual Hub, an agency that pairs businesses with virtual assistants, and she's an expert at delegation. Barbara has paired over 500 virtual assistants with companies and her team is over 240+ in the Philippines. In this episode, she pulls back the curtain on how it's worked for her, and how it might work for you in your own business. This episode is very helpful if you are building a remote company, are thinking about using virtual assistants, or have tried and failed to use VA’s in the past.  Episode Highlights: <li style="font-weight: 400;" aria-
14/12/202147 minutes 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

BONUS: Expert Secrets to Selling Your Online Business for Top Dollar

This Is A Special Episode – The Recording Of A Live 'Ask Me Anything' With Joe Valley On How To Sell Your Online Business, Recently Offered Inside The Brand Growth Membership. Joe is the author of The EXITPreneur's Playbook. He's a buyer and seller of many online businesses and the president of Quiet Light Brokerage. He’s an expert on how to sell for max profit.  If you listened to my earlier episode with Joe this AMA session takes those concepts and goes deeper, which is what we do in the Membership. The podcast is just a glimpse into what we cover in the Brand Growth Membership. We’re giving you a sneak peek inside the Brand Growth Membership with access to this Ask Me Anything session because we just launched a brand new version of our membership and it’s KILLER - check it out here.  <span style="fon
09/12/20211 hour 17 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

333: Thinking Outside the Box For A Better Future: One Brands Mission to Combat Climate Change

Launching a first-of-its-kind product comes with challenges, but Pela has always been a creative first-mover. They’ve had massive success and fun educating consumers and keeping their mission to combat climate change positive.  This episode’s guest is Pela CEO Matthew Bertulli. Pela makes compostable phone cases and they just launched a new product called Lomi that went viral on Kickstarter.  Matt and his team at Pela are forward thinkers and Matt share’s how that’s led them to success, what it was like to go from bootstrapped to venture-backed, as well as what he’s excited about for the future of eCommerce and environmental products.  <
07/12/20211 hour 3 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

332: BIG Opportunities for Ecommerce in NFTs: Web3 Series Part 2

We’re looking out to the (near) future at some very creative opportunities for eCommerce in NFTs. These ideas could help circumvent some of the margin pressure and economic challenges brands are facing today.  This episode features Taylor Holiday, the founder of Common Thread Collective. Before running an eCommerce agency he had his own D2C brand so he brings a ton of knowledge from being on both the brand and the agency side of eComm business. Taylor is an NFT enthusiast and has some brilliant ideas about NFTs and their place in the changing sphere of eCommerce.  In this fascinating conversation, you’ll learn a ton about NFTs -- what they are and how you might be able to use them to combat margin pressure in your eCommerce brand.  Episode
30/11/20211 hour 6 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

331: Where Are Your Customers Really Coming From? Using Post-Purchase Surveys to Reveal True Attribution

Was Facebook ever really performing as well as we thought - or was our attribution model just wrong? A post-purchase survey will tell you where people are actually hearing about your brand.  If you're spending money on Facebook you know it's incredibly hard to figure out where your customers are coming from. Matt Bahr, CEO of Enquire Labs, has a way to help you better track attribution with a post-purchase survey.  I stumbled across Enquire a couple of years ago and thought they were super interesting because their simple survey really helped us figure out what was effective marketing and what was not. In this episode, we talk all about what they're doing and how they’ve helped brands figure out attribution in the midst of the chaos of iOS changes.  <sp
23/11/202129 minutes 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

330: Cryptocurrency & DeFi 101 with Nat Eliason: Web3 Series Part 1

Cryptocurrency is the financial system of the future. Ready or not it’s coming and as an eCommerce founder, there are opportunities you could be taking advantage of now.  This episode is part of a series on cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (DeFI). My guest, Nat Eliason, has been a guest before as an SEO expert but in the last year he’s made a trajectory shift and moved into the space of web3, and specifically DeFi.  Nat talks about why he made the shift, what he’s so excited about and why, as a business owner, you should care. We go into the basics of DeFi and how people are getting hedge fund style returns.  If you know nothing about cryptocurrency, this episode is for you - Nat has some simple ways you can s
16/11/20211 hour 15 minutes 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

329: From SWAT to CEO: Lessons on Native Ads, Long-Form Copy and Testing Without Fear

You might be surprised how lessons learned from over a decade on a SWAT team apply to building a highly successful lifestyle brand.  Todd Lamb, CEO of PureLife Organics, was a police officer for 17 years, as a SWAT team leader and then canine officer. When his wife started having health issues he turned to natural remedies and found an incredibly successful protocol that helped her heal. He wanted to share this protocol with others and thus, Pure Life Organics was born.  Today, the business Todd built from the ground up is well on it’s way to 9-figures. In this episode - Todd shares his wisdom about paid traffic and expertise in creating offers. He talks about how his team systematically worked to make native ads work and how they're testing at a budget of $10k
09/11/202145 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

328: Building a Brand: How Crossnet Went from 2 Sales/Month to 8-Figures

Would you quit your day job and move to Miami to sell your new product while playing on the beach? Sounds like a dream and this founder made it a reality, with a lot of hard work, motivation and talent.  This episode’s guest is Chris Meade, the founder of Crossnet, one of the fastest-growing games in the US.  Chris has been on an incredible journey from quitting his job at Uber to moving to Miami to sell his dream game on the beaches. Crossnet has grown incredibly fast due to an organic viral video and word-of-mouth marketing with live events and influencers. In just a few years they’ve gone from selling 2-5 nets a month to an 8-figure business.  Crossnet started as DTC and has expanded into big-box retail and Chri
02/11/202144 minutes 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

327: What’s Working Right Now: Email Capture Strategies to Increase Conversion

How is your pop-up game? Email capture strategies to increase conversion are one of the single most important things you can do to grow your eCommerce business and if you’re using the same old “discount for email” strategy you’re missing out on potential customers.  This is a tactical episode with how-to steps you can use to improve your email capture strategies to increase conversion right now.  John Ozuysal is the Head of Growth at Optimonk, a platform where you can create unique, interesting pop-ups and overlays to drive more sales and capture more emails. As we all have holiday marketing top of mind, I thought it would be a great time to bring John in to share what they’re seeing success with right now and provide some inspiration as you determine how to integrate pop-ups and overlays into your Q4 strategy.  One of the things that th
26/10/202130 minutes 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

326: Selling with Video Sales Letters and How to Build a Business You Actually Enjoy

If you hate what you’re doing - can you stop doing it? How can you stay engaged and keep your business ventures fun? Plus, using video sales letters for viral launches. Andrew Drish is a good friend and we have spent countless hours talking about business, life, and relationships. So - I'm excited to bring him on the show and share one of these conversations with you.  Andrew was behind The Foundation, which was a very successful accelerator for developers building software companies. In this episode he shares the story of how he pulled off its 7-figure launch, completely automated, with a video sales letter that went viral. From there - Andrew shares the story of how he completely burnt out and then came back to entrepreneurship with a whole new approach. Over the years, Andrew has extensive
19/10/202152 minutes 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

325: Austin Shares: Prepping for Paid Social in Q4, NFT Opportunities & the Energy Crisis in China

We’ve all been saying it - the world is crazy right now. So - I’m sharing what’s top of mind for me going into Q4 and 2022 including the very real energy crisis in China, opportunities to make 6+ figures flipping NFTs, and what the heck to do with paid social in Q4.  This episode is a solo cast. I wanted to check in and talk about what's been on my mind as we prepare for Q4 and ultimately start to make our 2022 business plans.  I’m thinking about how to optimize Facebook and Instagram for Q4 (after a crazy year). I’ve been doing daily journaling and it’s given me a great perspective on where I’m at in my business and life. I’m also talking about how the energy crisis in China will likely impact business and why you should be paying attention now. Plus, I’ll share some new exciting things to come on the podcast with an NFT series.  I'd lo
12/10/202114 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

324: Expert Tips to Increase Sales, Boost Conversion Rate, and Crush BFCM

What could you do to make your website better, your ads stronger, and ultimately increase sales? Try one of these expert tips from an agency owner who’s interviewed over 150 eCommerce founders and marketers. Chase Clymer is the host of the Honest Ecommerce podcast and also co-founder of the Electric Eye Agency. In this episode, we’re talking about mistakes that eCommerce owners make with their website and advertising and how to make simple improvements to avoid them.  Chase and I also discuss ideas for Black Friday/Cyber Monday marketing, user testing your website, and how to actually run A/B tests.  L
05/10/202144 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

323: From Brick & Mortar to Ecommerce: How One Woman Doubled Her Business During the Pandemic

The pandemic forced many owners to shift from brick and mortar to eCommerce. Some succeeded, and some did not.  Today’s guest was one of the successful -- she doubled her brick and mortar business revenue in 2020 by implementing Shopify, Klaviyo, and a seamless in-store and online rewards program.  Mandy Buterra began her journey as an entrepreneur at age 50 when she started Wren and Wild a brick and mortar business featuring clean beauty and aerial yoga, in Bend, Oregon. Her business evolved and she was building a good customer base, then COVID hit.   Instead of panicking, Mandy taught herself eCommerce and joined our Coaliti
28/09/202142 minutes 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

322: Building to Sell: How to Get the Maximum Value for Your Online Business

Are you building to sell? You should be. Even if selling isn’t your main priority it will make you a better business owner and it will make the value of your business higher. This episode has the details of how to do it.  Joe Valley is the author of The Exitpreneur’s Playbook and a buyer and seller of many online businesses, both on his own and now as a broker with  Joe’s book is designed to help you get maximum value for your online business and in this episode we go deep into his vast knowledge of building to sell. He answers a ton of questions you should be asking when you’re thinking about selling your business, what multiples to look at for eCommerce, plus he shares mistakes you might be making now and how to prevent those BEFORE you’re getting re
21/09/202154 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

321: Building a Business Without Sacrificing Everything: One Founder's Story of Rapid Growth

Building a business is filled with amazing highs and big lows. Despite some tough blows in the early days, one eCommerce founder kept his commitment to his personal health and family and found success on the other side. Jay Campbell is the owner of Aseir Custom, and in this episode he shares his wild journey of building a business. We go deep into what he's learned through major manufacturing issues and how he managed customer experience after that. We discuss how he unlocked massive growth working with influencers. We also talk about Jay’s commitments to his family and personal health and how for the last 5 years he has taken a trip with his wife every 8 weeks.  Aseir Custom went from about $16k / month in sales in February 2021 to hitting $250k in August 2021. The journey has be
14/09/202141 minutes 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

320: What You Need to Know to Crush Paid Social: TikTok Ads, Facebook and More

Is TikTok the new frontier for social advertising? How to get reliable Facebook ad performance data post iOS 14? These are some of the questions The Social Savannah is answering for us today. This episode features Savannah Sanchez a media buyer and owner of The Social Savannah. Savannah started her advertising career at large agencies working on Facebook ad accounts.  In 2019 she left to create her own boutique agency helping eCommerce brands with their paid social advertising.   She is a prolific creator of ads and creative as well as an optimization expert. She has cracked the code of TikTok ads and continues to be a top creator of winning Facebook creative.   In this episode Savan
07/09/20211 hour 5 minutes 52 seconds
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319: GREATEST HITS: The Biggest Ecommerce Mattress Brand Ever

In this Greatest Hits episode we're revisiting a conversation about market disruption and big goals. JT Marino shares the story of his dream to build a company that would disrupt the mattress industry. JT Marino was the co-founder of Tuft & Needle, and this is his story of bootstrapping his way from nothing to the largest online mattress retailer in the world. JT, who is now the Chief Strategy Officer for SSB Phoenix, joins us to share his incredible story. We talk about why customer-centricity was one of Tuft & Needle’s core principles from the beginning, and the role it played in their eventual merger with Serta Simmons. JT shares his thoughts on the importance, as a founder, of having an intimate understanding of how every aspect of your business works, and why they decided not to take any outside investments when they first started out. This is one of my favorite founder interviews we’ve done and I hope you enjoy it! Episode Highlights
31/08/20211 hour 12 minutes 45 seconds
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318: GREATEST HITS: 6 Things You Can Do Today To Grow Your Business

We’re bringing back this Greatest Hit with 6 quick wins you can execute today to grow your business immediately.  I get asked for my growth checklist for eCommerce businesses all the time so I'm bringing back this episode with Andrew Foxwell on how to grow your business with 6 tactical and quick wins you can implement today. We're sharing the tried and true things we know work from Facebook ad set up to email segmentation, and website optimization to customer acquisition. I guarantee these tips will help you generate sales and you'll see results immediately. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 3:59 Quick Win #1: 4-6% Lookalikes based off pixel value. 5:21 Quick Win #2: Identify previous customers who are likely to spend again, but who are no longer on your email list, and hit them with remarketing. <li styl
24/08/202116 minutes 48 seconds
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317: How to Beat Your Competition With Effective Copywriting and Brand Positioning

Positioning your brand correctly is the most powerful thing you can do to attract and retain customers. Effective copywriting is how you do it.  My guest on this episode is none other than The Email Copywriter, Chris Orzechowski, and he’s here to deliver massive value about copywriting, positioning, and marketing strategy.  We talk about how to think about copywriting, ways to improve your emails, and different styles of email campaigns and flows. We go deep into positioning and ways to unlock advertising angles for your brand that are probably already inside your own head if you’re passionate about your business and products.  Chris is a member of <a href= "
17/08/20211 hour 3 minutes 3 seconds
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316: GREATEST HITS: Zero to Launch: The Scaling Series, Part 1

I have worked with hundreds of different companies at various stages of growth, from pre-launch to multi-million dollar acquisitions. In this Greatest Hits episode we're talking about scaling a brand and what it takes.  This is the first episode in our scaling series, where we’ll talk about each stage of growth and the challenges you're going to face as you scale up your business from zero to 8-figures. In this “zero to launch” episode where we’ll address some of the questions you’ll face when you’re determining how to launch and going from an idea for a product to actually getting sales. If you enjoy this episode be sure to go back and check out the other core episodes in our Scaling Series that will give you value whether you're at the beginning, already making 7-figures, or somewhere in the middle. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 5:04 Why we decided to do a scaling series. 9
10/08/202122 minutes 45 seconds
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315: Easy Wins for Emerging Brands: Tactical Things to Implement Today to Scale Up

In this episode we have a handful of quick and easy wins that have been tested and proven to increase revenue. If you’re looking for a win that also saves you time - it’s in here.  Lisa Byrnes is a marketing and business coach. She's also a member of the Coalition, our community of 250+ eCommerce business owners and experts.  After 17 years managing multi-million dollar brands, Lisa left her corporate job and started her own marketing business to support emerging eCommerce business owners (specifically women) build their marketing strategy and fulfill their own dreams.  We’re talking tactical easy wins for emerging brands ($10k - $50k) and this episode is filled with great action items that won’t ta
03/08/202133 minutes 47 seconds
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314: GREATEST HITS: The Secret to Brands That Scale (While Others Flop)

There Are 2 Directions Your Ecomm Brand Can Go - You Can Be A Brand That Scales Up, Or You Can Flop. In This Greatest Hits Episode We Share the Secrets We've Seen Behind The Brands That Make it Big.  Some eCommerce brands make it big while others stall out, it’s a fact. But there’s really no big mystery behind why this happens. Today we're revisiting an interview I gave on the Ecommerce Evolution Podcast by my good friend Brett Curry. We break down what separates eCommerce brands that scale up versus those that plateau. Brett and I talk about a variety of things, including average order value and lifetime value, and how that directly impacts your ability to scale up. We talk about demand generation versus demand capture: which is "better" and which lends itself to being able to scale. We talk about the roadmap to building a team and scaling up your business, how your role as a CEO changes as you grow, and much, much more. This is a great conversation wi
27/07/202144 minutes 41 seconds
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313: Inside an Investor’s Mind: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Raising Capital

Raising capital can go two ways - it can help you reach your goals faster or be disastrous and destroy your business.  Karen Howland is the managing director at Circle Up, an investment platform that uses technology to invest in early-stage businesses (mostly health and wellness CPG companies). She’s been investing in companies for the last eight years, and in this conversation, we go deep into early-stage investing, what entrepreneurs need to know about raising capital, and the mistakes she sees entrepreneurs make along the way. Karen also shares what opportunities are out there right now and what she's most excited about.  If you’re considering raising capital for your business or are interested in investing this episode
20/07/202148 minutes 32 seconds
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312: GREATEST HITS: The Power of Paid Social: How Buffy Blew Up

Buffy was one of the first brands to crack paid social. As today's Facebook advertisers scramble to adjust to changes on the platform we revisit this Greatest Hits episode to learn from one of the best.  What started as an idea to disrupt the bedding industry has grown into a multi-million dollar business. This summer we’re re-releasing some of our top episodes of all time, and this week we’re bringing back this incredibly relevant show with Buffy co-founder Shoaib Kabani. We talk about everything from product development, to the importance of testing, how landing pages can improve your funnel, and what performance KPIs you have to be thinking about as you scale on paid social. Whether you’re a business owner or an ecommerce marketer, you’re going to get a lot out of this episode. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 5:55 How a desire to change the bedding indust
13/07/202144 minutes 34 seconds
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311: Can Someone Else Do That?: Processes and Systems to Level Up Your Business

Are you winging it when it comes to processes and systems in your business? Today’s guest will help you stop before you spiral out of control.  Joshua Uebergang is a master of processes and systems. He is the director of Digital Darts, a Shopify agency based in Australia, as well as a certified Shopify Marketing Expert. He is also a member of the Coalition.  In this episode, we get an inside look into an ultra-organized mind. We talk hiring process, the importance of SOPs (and how to write them), iOS 14 mistakes and opportunities, and tools and resources to create your own p
06/07/202134 minutes 11 seconds
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310: GREATEST HITS: A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Pura Vida’s Exit For 9 Figures

What Would Pura Vida Do? From Start-Up to Multi-Million Exit We Talk Strategy With One of The Top Ecommerce Brands Today.  When someone asks about eCommerce best practices, we always hear, “well, what’s Pura Vida doing?” and in this episode we’re talking with Pura Vida CEO, Griffin Thall, to get an inside look at their strategies, how the company’s grown over the last several years, the way his role has evolved, and what it’s actually like to prepare your company for a multi-million dollar sale.  Get a behind-the-scenes look at Pura Vida's exit strategy. Interested in the Coalition training with Griffin? You can join the Coalition membership here <span style= "font-
29/06/202145 minutes 27 seconds
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309: You Could Be Smarter: Collecting And Using Data To Make Better Business Decisions.

  In a world full of varying attribution models, collecting and using data is critical to understanding your customers and running a successful business. Kevin Hillstrom is President of MineThatData, a consultancy that uses data to help executives better understand the relationship between their customers, advertising, products, brands, and channels. Kevin supports a diverse set of clients, from internet startups, to billion dollar multichannel retailers and previously held various roles at major retailers like Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer, and Lands' End. In this episode, we talk about the myths of eCommerce, how using data can help boost repeat purchase rate, when and where to discount and how to dea
22/06/202153 minutes 49 seconds
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308: Are 5 Brands Better than One? Lessons From Running Multiple Ecommerce Businesses at Once

Imagine the insights you'd glean if you could get a behind-the-scenes look at five different brands at once. Lucky for you today's guest is pulling back the curtain.  Andrew Faris is the host of the Ecommerce Playbook Podcast and CEO of eCommerce holding company, 4x400. After helping grow one brand from $0 to $20MM in less than 2 years, Andrew founded 4x400, where he supports five different eCommerce brands. In this episode, Andrew shares the challenges he's faced and how his mindset has changed while running multiple eCommerce businesses simultaneously. We discuss the shift he anticipates we'll see in how brands reach their audiences in the near future and the channels he's investing in as a result of this.  If you're an eCommerce operator,
15/06/202148 minutes 51 seconds
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BONUS: Sacrifice or Success? Two Options to Help You Scale Without Burning Out

Think you need to sacrifice everything to have a successful business? You're wrong. When you get to a certain point in your business' growth, sacrificing your relationships and your health is the worst thing you can do for your ongoing success. We help you scale up without sacrificing everything or feeling overwhelmed. Today, I'm walking through our current programs so you can determine which one is the right fit for you.  Episode Highlights: 3:37 A coaching community with tools to help you scale up 6:41 Building connections with established eCommerce entrepreneurs 10:02 Accelerating your growth without adding more to your plate 12:03 Expanding your network and keeping yourself accou
14/06/202116 minutes 1 second
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BONUS: The 7-Step Roadmap for Building a Self-Managing Company

Most people start a business because they dream of freedom. But in reality, they build themselves a prison. Having 7 or 8-figure revenue only does so much good if your entire business is dependent on you. I see so many business owners with more stress and less free time. The good news is, it doesn't have to be this way. In this episode, I'm sharing the 7-step roadmap for how to build a self-managing company that brings you joy and gives you the freedom you've always desired.  If you're ready to get more freedom in your business, without sacrificing your health, personal life, or family, you need to check out Intentional Wealth. It's an 8-week accelerator for eCommerce business owners that kicks off July 7. The enrollment period is open now, and the program is filling up quickly. Get the details here. Episode Hig
09/06/202122 minutes 54 seconds
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307: How to Drive Massive Revenue with Email Marketing

Are you making at least 20% of your revenue from email marketing? If not, today’s guest is here to tell you how. Chase Dimond is a prolific email marketer who is making a lot of noise in the eCommerce arena. In 2018, he launched an email marketing agency called Boundless Labs that supports 6-9 figure eCommerce companies. Since then, he and his team have helped their clients send hundreds of millions of emails resulting in over $50 million in email attributable revenue. Chase joins us on today’s episode to share his knowledge on email marketing for eCommerce. He offers specific and tangible actions you can take to drive more sales and increase your email marketing revenue, talks about what works in email and what doesn’t, how to optimize your opt-ins, and how to find talented copywriters. Enjoy!
08/06/202145 minutes 53 seconds
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BONUS: 9 Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Business Isn't Growing

Do you want to unlock massive growth or stay small? If you're unsure why your eCommerce business isn't growing, this episode is for you. Over the last five years, I've worked with businesses that have grown from $100K per month to $1MM per month, and I've worked with businesses that have continued to stay small, despite their desire for growth. In this bonus episode, I'm sharing the 9 reasons why your eCommerce business isn't growing, and how you can change that. If you're ready to unlock growth in your business, without sacrificing your health, personal life, or family, you need to check out Intentional Wealth. It's an 8-week accelerator for eCommerce business owners that kicks off July 7. The enrollment period is open now, and the program is filling up quickly. Get the details here. Episode Highlights: <ul
04/06/202121 minutes 58 seconds
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306: What’s Next In Ecommerce: The Future of Amazon, Facebook Sustainability, and Emerging Channels With Andrew Youderian

After a decade of fast-paced growth, are you wondering what’s next in eCommerce? Today’s guest is here to share his predictions. Three-time returning guest Andrew Youderian is back on today’s show. Andrew is a well-known entrepreneur in the eCommerce space, host of the eCommerce Fuel Podcast and the owner of the eCommerce Fuel forum. In this episode, we do some big picture thinking on what’s next in eCommerce, what we’ve seen coming and going, Facebook trends and the future of Amazon. We also touch on brand building, emerging channels to pay attention to and what we think is on the horizon. Episode Highlights: 5:39 Fast-paced growth and what’s next in eCommerce 8:39 The stat
01/06/202159 minutes 16 seconds
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305: The Secret to Writing Copy that Converts with Val Geisler

Writing copy that converts has nothing to do with magically pulling the perfect words out of thin air. It’s about learning how to copy + paste. At least that’s what Val Geisler - email marketing conversion copywriter, strategist for B2C startups and Customer Evangelist at Klaviyo - has to say. Val has been a part of the eCommerce community for a long time and is a master at the art of conducting meaningful customer research that translates into copy that converts. Val joins us today to dive deep into email marketing for eCommerce brands, marketing automation, copywriting, and how you can use words to increase the perceived value of your brand. We also talk about how to improve your email flows, how you should be using SMS, and what it means to build
25/05/20211 hour 18 seconds
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304: Built to Sell: The Secret to Increasing the Value of Your Business with John Warrillow

Is your business built to sell? John Warrillow is here to help you harvest the value of your company. John Warrillow is the founder of The Value Builder System, a Top 10 Forbes Ranked Podcast host, and author of Built to Sell, a best-selling book that’s helped over 50,000 businesses build more valuable companies. Throughout his career, he's founded and exited four companies and now dedicates his time to helping entrepreneurs sell their own for higher multiples. Listen now for John’s most valuable advice on the secret to a successful exit, key pillars for being built to sell, how to create more value in your business, and the biggest mistakes he sees entrepreneurs make when trying to do this on their own. Episode Highlights: 6:49 The secret to having a successful exit
18/05/202156 minutes 19 seconds
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303: The Future of Ecommerce: Consumer Privacy, Successful Business Models, & High-Converting Content

From changes in consumer privacy to new business models popping constantly, the Ecommerce landscape is changing and it's changing fast. Here to help you keep up is my good friend Brett Curry. Brett is an entrepreneur, eCommerce strategist, and host of the eCommerce Evolution podcast. He leads an incredibly talented team at OMG Commerce, and today we're diving into what's new in eCommerce. We talk about the future of eCommerce advertising and who should be most concerned about upcoming privacy changes. Brett shares his formula for creating consistently great content, I share what makes lucrative subscription models work, and we touch on how our roles as CEOs and operators have evolved as our businesses have grown. Episode Highlights: <li style="font-we
11/05/202156 minutes 9 seconds
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302: Stop Losing Customers: How to Build Trust and Make More Sales with Sean D’Souza

It's time to stop losing customers and start understanding them. Sean D’Souza, author of The Brain Audit, founder of Psychotactics, and host of The Three Month Vacation Podcast, is a Marketing Strategist and expert on consumer psychology. He’s one of the most articulate and well-spoken people I’ve met in the field of marketing and he’s here to help you figure out why you aren’t selling as much as you should. In this episode, Sean sets the record straight on the number one reason your customers back out of a purchase. We also dive into how to ease your customer’s fears, the importance of having a uniqueness factor, and how to star
04/05/202149 minutes 44 seconds
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BONUS: 5 Things to Automate in Your Business to Free Up More Time with Steve Chou

Trying to get valuable time back from your business? Steve Chou and I are here to talk about how automation helps us work smarter. Steve Chou, host of the My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast, has built a large business that only requires the help of one VA. From managing a robust social media calendar to tackling email marketing, Steve has cracked the code on how to do more with less. Steve and I share a joint passion for helping entrepreneurs build businesses that don't consume their entire life. If you've been feeling overworked and bogged down in the weeds of your business, this episode is for you. Tune in to hear how we've freed up our time by automating five key areas of our businesses: hiring, social media, email marketing, our inbox, and project management. Episode High
30/04/202140 minutes 5 seconds
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301: How Pokoloko Is Profitably Transitioning From Wholesale to Direct to Consumer

The right marketing strategy + the right team members to execute = DTC success.  “A little crazy” is what Ecuadorian artisans called Case Bakker after he requested order after order of handmade blankets to sell to boutiques all over the Ottawa Valley. Rooted in a mission to give back, Pokoloko started off as a wholesale brand dedicated to bringing global inspiration to people's homes and directly supporting artisans all over South America, Turkey, Morocco, and Indonesia. I met Case, Pokoloko’s CEO and co-founder, about a year ago when he reached out with one goal in mind: transition from wholesale to DTC eCommerce. Since then, we’ve worked together inside the Coalition and Intentional Wealth, and his team
27/04/202128 minutes 15 seconds
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300: 6 Ecommerce Myths Holding Your Business Back from Massive Success with Kurt Elster

Misinformation is spewed left and right about nearly everything in eCommerce and it’s driving Kurt Elster and I insane. We are excited to bring you episode 300 of the Ecommerce Influence podcast and our special guest today is Kurt Elster. Kurt is a CRO expert, host of the Unofficial Shopify Podcast, and runs an eCommerce website design and development agency called Ethercycle. If you’ve been a long-time listener of the podcast, you know that Kurt is a trusted recurring guest and in this episode, we’re hoping to put a nail in the coffin of six costly eCommerce myths.  Tune in as we set the record straight on Google PageSpeed, website design and copywriting, work ethic and so much more. Enjoy! Episode
20/04/202138 minutes 24 seconds
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299: How to Level Up Your Business & Unlock Freedom with Jeff V. of Classic Car Stereos

Does your business take all of your time or does it give you the freedom to do the things you love? Jeff Vogl, president of Classic Car Stereos, has been intentional about creating that shift over the last couple of years and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him do it. Jeff and I started working together in 2019. Since then, Jeff’s business has grown tremendously and he’s continued to add to his portfolio. From mastering the art of creating packages his customers can’t ignore, boosting his AOV, and spending more time on the golf course than in the weeds of his business, Jeff is a sharp entrepreneur and he’s here to tell you how he made these big wins possible. Tune in to learn how you can creatively increase your AOV, why Jeff believes a Google AdWords strategy is a must, t
13/04/202141 minutes 57 seconds
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298: The High-Converting Approach to Content that Led Holistic Habitat to Massive Success

Holistic Habitat self-taught their way to Facebook Ads success. Here's why they doubled their ad budget in 2020. Kristin Holler is the co-creator of Holistic Habitat, an eCommerce home decor company for the socially conscious. I met Kristin in 2019 and have worked with her inside the Coalition, and most recently, as a member of Intentional Wealth. Since we started working together, her business has grown tremendously and email marketing makes up 30% of her monthly sales. However, that’s not the only lever Kristin has learned how to master. With a
06/04/202143 minutes 28 seconds
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297: The Love is Project: Leveraging the Press and Shark Tank to Grow A Lifestyle Brand

Today's guest turned her passion project into a global movement. Chrissie Lam is the founder of Love Is Project, a thriving lifestyle brand that supports thousands of female artisans in developing countries around the world. I’ve known Chrissie for years and have had the pleasure of getting an up-front look into how her business has taken off. Between landing a spot on Shark Tank, multiple press hits, and being featured by Facebook during Women’s History Month, Chrissie has so much insight to share on developing a lifestyle brand with a purpose. In the episode, we talk about what it’s like to launch a business while traveling the world, getting onto Shark Tank and how to leverage the press to grow your business. Chrissie also shares the ups and downs of working with freelancers and agencies, and how she’s been using our <a href= "" target
30/03/202129 minutes 56 seconds
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296: The Keys To A 9-Figure Exit: How Moiz Ali Sold Native for $100MM

Our most highly requested guest, Moiz Ali, is here to tell you how he made a 9-figure exit in just over 2 years.  Moiz is the Founder of Native, the fastest growing CPG company in the US. Two and a half years after its inception, the company was acquired by Procter & Gamble for $100MM and Moiz is here to tell us how he made that happen. We talk about what made Native so successful early on, how he prepared to sell the company and what life was like at Procter & Gamble after the sale. Moiz also dispels a few eCommerce myths and lets you know what he’d do differently if he could hit the reset button. Episode Highlights 3:30 How Moiz Ali’s family encouraged him to lean into entrepreneurship 5:01 What drove Moiz away from law school <li style="font-weight: 400;
23/03/20211 hour 1 minute 13 seconds
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295: Building a $100MM Brand: The Story Behind Snow Teeth Whitening

There isn't a rulebook for building a $100MM brand. This serial entrepreneur is here to tell you how he did it. Josh Snow taught himself how to build websites at 12 years old. His early venture sparked a full-fledged passion for marketing and branding which led Josh to where he is today, the founder and CEO of Snow - a fast-growing D2C brand and leader in premium oral care. Josh is a true operator and in this episode, we dive deep into how he’s grown Snow to over $100MM in revenue. We talk about the differences between running a $1MM company and a $100MM company, how his leadership has needed to evolve in the process, and his thoughts on hiring the right people. Josh also shares how leveraging influencer marketing was a game-changer and where he plans on taking the company next. Enjoy! Episode Highlights
16/03/202159 minutes 49 seconds
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294: From Losing $500K to Making $1MM: How Kindred Bravely Went from Bust to Booming

Losing half a million dollars in one year can be a devastating blow. Find out how this company turned things around to become the 20th fastest growing company in the US.  Garret Ackerson is the cofounder of Kindred Bravely - a privately held company that has experienced the highs and lows associated with rocketship growth. Garret did a live training for Coalition members last fall, and I'm sharing it with you now because it’s truly a transparent and sobering look into the ups and downs of a fast-growing company. Garret dives into the importance of knowing your numbers, making KPIs a team event, and why founders should carve out time and space to think. He also shares why he's never scared to invest in learning, how to build a flywheel, and find the right partners for your business.<
09/03/202158 minutes 27 seconds
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293: Buying an Ecommerce Business: How to Do It and Why You Should

Buying an ecommerce business can be a brilliant move to build wealth, or have costly unintended consequences.  Between finding the right business, knowing what to look for when going through due diligence, and avoiding misinformation - buying an eCommerce business can be a lot to handle. We're giving you a crash course on how to do it. Today’s show is a mashup of three episodes I’ve done with expert eCommerce entrepreneurs in this space - David Newell, Shakil Prasla, and Drew Sanocki. We talk about how to determine if you are the type of person who should buy or build, what a thorough due diligence process looks like, and the things to always investigate within a prospective company. We also breakdown the com
02/03/20211 hour 21 seconds
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292: iOS 14 and Facebook Ads: What You Need to Know and Implement ASAP

Apple’s recent championing of consumer privacy means your ad data is never going to be the same. If you’re an eCommerce business owner, you’ve likely been swept up in the confusion around iOS 14 and Facebook ads. Andrew Foxwell from Foxwell Digital is back on today’s show to unpack what this means for you and your business. We’ll be diving into the iOS 14 release and the implications it’ll have on Facebook advertising. We’ll also discuss the tools you’ll need in place for this shift and how you can optimize your ads for this new normal. If your business relies heavily on Facebook advertising, you can’t miss this episode. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 5:21 The current state of Facebook advertising and what you need to know about iOS 14 <li style=
23/02/202143 minutes 39 seconds
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291: Convert More Visitors into Customers: The Future Of Ecommerce CRO

If you're trying to stretch your marketing dollars as far as you can there's one piece of low-hanging fruit you shouldn’t ignore. If you cringe when you think about pop-ups, you're missing out on huge wins including more revenue, more email captures, and a higher AOV. Take it from Erik Christiansen, eCommerce CRO expert and the CEO of Justuno. I’ve known Erik for a long time and his company has helped thousands of businesses with conversion rate optimization. He’s joining us today to talk about the future of eCommerce CRO and how you can leverage it in your business. Outside of Erik’s knowledge of eCommerce CRO, what I’ve continued to admire about him over the years is his ability to not only grow a team but retain his team members too. We’ll also cover how he’s built a team of 60+ people, how he thinks about hiring and retention. Enjoy! Episode Hig
16/02/202132 minutes 58 seconds
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290: How to Grow Your Ecommerce Business From $500k to $5MM

Society Has Brainwashed Entrepreneurs To Believe They Have To Sacrifice Everything To Be Successful.  “Crush it” culture convinces us that sacrificing our health, personal life, and family is a part of the game and if you’re not making those sacrifices, you can only get so far. It’s time to crush this false narrative and make a paradigm shift. In today’s episode, I’m introducing the Brand Acceleration Formula. It’s a five-step process designed to help entrepreneurs grow their business from $500K to $5MM without sacrificing what matters most to them. We dive into the biggest causes for slow business growth, how to stay focused on the metrics that move the needle, and our best advice on bringing your best ideas to life. I’m going to help 20 entrepreneurs apply this formula and have the best 90 days of their business life. Will you be one of them? <a href= ""
09/02/202126 minutes 39 seconds
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289: How to Grow the Long Term Value of Your Business, Whether You Want to Sell or Not

If you're just focusing on your company's annual income, you're doing it wrong. Today, Ryan Tansom, founder of Arkona, is here to talk about why creating long term value in your business should be your priority. In 2014, Ryan helped turn his family business around and then sold it for 8 figures. Today he's helping entrepreneurs make the shift from thinking about annual income to focusing on long term value creation instead. In this episode, Ryan shares why your goal shouldn’t always be to maximize income, how to think about investing in your business, and the right way to run your business so that people want to buy it.  Whether you have intentions to sell or not, Ryan’s ideas on creating long term value in your business will open up opportunities you’ll have the power and choice to leverage whenev
02/02/202149 minutes 54 seconds
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288: Traction: An Honest Assessment & How it Changed the Game for our Business

Implementing Traction at your company? Here’s what you should know before you start.  Many of our clients inside of the Coalition have heard of Traction and have considered trying to implement EOS at their company. If this phrase is new to you, EOS - the Entrepreneurial Operating System - is a set of concepts and tools that can help your team align on a clear vision, make progress towards defined goals, and increase accountability and communication.  Our team dove headfi
26/01/202119 minutes 49 seconds
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287: How to Hire A Rockstar (Our Proven Process)

Do you want to know how to hire rockstar talent this year?  Finding high-quality talent is a major key to the growth of any organization. However, it’s often seen as a difficult task and can cost a lot of time and money when done incorrectly. At Brand Growth Experts we just hired our newest Community and Events Manager after sorting through nearly three hundred applications and I’m here to tell you how we did it. You’ll learn our step-by-process on how to hire a great employee every time, ways to simplify and structure your hiring process, and the tools we used to manage hundreds of applications. If you've been wondering how to hire without getting overwhelmed at the task this episode is for you. Episode Highlights 6:36 Creating your accountability chart <li s
19/01/202126 minutes 50 seconds
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286: How Casely Profitably Spends $500k On Facebook Each Month

Is your content strategy worth half a million dollars?  Mark Stallings is the CEO of Casely, an ecommerce tech-accessories retailer that’s gone from zero to eight figures in just four years. After dropping out of college, Mark convinced his sister Emily to cofound the company with him. They’ve been bootstrapping their way through everything from website coding to paid advertising ever since. I’ve gotten to know Mark over the last few years after he became a founding member of The Coalition in 2018. He joins us to share what he and his sister learned over the years, including how they profitably spend half a million dollars on paid advertising every month. We also touch on how they leverage their content strategy for growth, their approach to hiring, and how they maintain a lean team.
12/01/202151 minutes 7 seconds
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285: 2020 In Review: What Worked, What Didn’t, and How To Prepare for 2021

2020 Threw Us All For A Loop. Here’s What We Learned From It and How It’s Helping Us Prepare For 2021.  Nobody saw COVID-19 coming and nearly every business had to make pivots while market conditions changed daily.  Not only did I see changes happen in my own business, but I also witnessed them across all of the ecommerce companies I have the opportunity to work with inside of The Coalition. This made my annual end-of-year review that much more interesting so I decided to wrap up my findings in this episode and share it with you. In this episode, I talk about the things that went well for me and the companies we work with, the hard lessons and challenges that were presented, and the top takeaways that every ecommerce business owner needs to know to prepare for 2021. Enjoy! Episode Highlights
05/01/202126 minutes 5 seconds
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284: How to Build A Business That Runs Itself with Nat Eliason

If you took a month off from your business would it thrive or struggle to survive?  Nat Eliason is three-time Ecommerce Influence guest who built a business that runs itself and he's here to tell you how he did it. Nat founded an Ecommerce company called Cup and Leaf (now Sencha Tea Bar) which he sold last year. More recently, he built an agency called Growth Machine that continues to flourish without him being in the day-to-day operations. Tune into this episode to learn how to build a system that prevents things from piling onto your plate, the roles you should absolutely hire for in your business, and the advice Nat has followed to allow for this growth. Episode Highlights 4:59 Nat and Austin’s elk hunt</spa
29/12/20201 hour 26 minutes 50 seconds
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283: Five Ways to be a Conscious Leader & Take Radical Responsibility for Your Business

Is your business taking you on a roller coaster ride? If so, being a conscious leader can mean the difference between your business making you happy or running you into the ground. Are the business decisions you’re making leading to more satisfaction in life? Or do you find yourself running in circles and in a constant state of reaction? These are challenges entrepreneurs have historically struggled with and 2020 was no exception. However, there’s a way to start turning things around and it starts with you.  Stay tuned for a crash course in being a conscious leader. We’ll go over the essential things every entrepreneur needs clarity on, how to level up as a leader and how to break through roadblocks we see so many founders struggling with.  If you’re ready to start taking radical responsibility for the state of your bu
22/12/202025 minutes 42 seconds
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282: 8 Ecommerce All Stars Share Their Best Marketing Advice

Have you ever wanted marketing advice from some of the best eCommerce marketers in the business? I reached out to seven of my friends in the eCommerce space and asked them: What’s the single best piece of marketing advice you’ve ever been given? From words by Mark Zuckerberg all the way to legendary writer Gary Bencivenga, we’re packing in 8 evergreen pieces of marketing advice that every marketer and entrepreneur needs to have in their arsenal. Episode Guests Steve Chou, founder of My Wife Quit Her Job and cofounder of Sellers Summit Peep Laja, founder of CXL and Wynter Noah Kagan, founder of AppSumo Kurt Elster, founder of Ethercycle and host of <a href=
15/12/202027 minutes 32 seconds
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281: Freelancer vs Agency: How to Decide Which is Right for Your Business

Do you think that agencies are a waste of money? Not sure if an independent freelancer can keep up? We’re tackling the freelancer vs agency debate once and for all.  Choosing where to spend your advertising dollars is important, but deciding who to spend it on is the other piece of the puzzle. Once you decide to start pulling the levers of paid search and paid social, the question you’re left with is: Who is going to pull those levers? This is where the freelancer vs agency debate comes in and the decision is crucial. Tune into this episode to learn what conditions make the most sense for a freelancer or an agency, the pros and cons of each, questions you should ask before choosing to make a hire, and the one trap you need to avoid. Episode Highlights 3:48 The freelancer
08/12/202029 minutes 21 seconds
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280: The 2 Hour Makeover: Quick Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing and Drive More Revenue

Are you ready to improve your email marketing and stop leaving money on the table? Today I'll show you how. Last year one of my clients had a brand new Klaviyo account -- zero emails sent. Over two days we set up the account, created a system for capturing leads, and built email flows focused on generating revenue. 7 days later, they generated $10,000 in revenue from email. Inspired by this experience, I hosted a live training in The Coalition on how to improve your email marketing, and today I'm sharing that training with you. We cover common mistakes people make when setting up their Klaviyo account, how to increase your email lead flow, building and optimizing your email templates, the most important emails to send, and what’s working right now to generate more revenue from email. If you want some quick, actionable wins you can imple
01/12/202034 minutes 54 seconds
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279: SaaS Revolution: An Inside Look at Starting A Software Company

Thinking about starting a software company? This week’s guest is giving you a behind-the-scenes look at exactly what to expect. Michael Facchin is the ultimate bootstrapper. His digital marketing career started in freelance, then he built an agency, Search Scientists, but soon came to a daunting realization: His business wasn’t future proof. With the rise of AI and Facebook Ads becoming more intuitive, he knew manually pulling the levers for his clients’ ad spend wasn’t going to last forever. Thus, Ad Badger - a software tool designed to optimize Amazon PPC - wa
24/11/202057 minutes 55 seconds
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278: Facebook's New Conversions API & Why You Need to Install it Before the New Year

If you primarily rely on pixels or cookies for conversion tracking, you need to know about Facebook's new Conversions API, or else you'll be facing some serious data tracking challenges every soon. With the increasing pressure to provide more privacy to consumers, businesses like Apple are making strides to limit consumer information and Google has announced they'll be removing the ability to use 3rd party browser cookies by 2022.  This means that eCommerce business owners who rely on pixels for conversion tracking are going to need to find new ways to stay ahead.   In today's episode, Andrew Foxwell and I talk about Facebook's new Conversions API, why you need to install it on your site, how it's been shown to increase conversion reporting by 30% and what you can do with that new information.  Enjoy! Episode Highlights <li s
17/11/202020 minutes 19 seconds
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277: Unlocking Explosive Growth: How Mister Jones Health Grew 800% in One Year

Feeling discouraged by a slow start to your business? Mister Jones Health was in the same boat until they unlocked explosive growth that grew the business by 800% in one year. Jason Daemar spent ten years climbing the corporate ladder only to realize one day that he had enough. Since then, Jason and his wife created Mister Jones Health - an ecommerce brand that has hit an astonishing inflection point over the last year even after having a not-so-glamorous start. In this episode, Jason talks about finding their first 1,000 customers, a few marketing and Facebook advertising secrets you should know about, being a customer-centric business, and building a team. <span style="font-weig
10/11/202041 minutes 26 seconds
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276: How to Build Wealth Outside of Your Business

The reality is most entrepreneurs won't reach the singular exit that retires them for life. So why is their strategy to build wealth rooted 100% in their business? It's common for entrepreneurs to feel the urge to go all in and invest 100% in their business. But spoiler alert: Running a business is hard and selling your business for enough to spend your retirement at the Four Seasons with a pina colada in hand is even harder. In today's episode, Andrew Foxwell and I talk about how entrepreneurs can build wealth outside of their business by focusing on three different buckets of investments, why a diversification strategy is something to consider, and how we are preparing for looming financial issues that are on many people's minds.  Episode Highlights 6:27 Establishing wh
03/11/202036 minutes 14 seconds
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275: Why A Customer First Strategy Is Key To Getting Lasting Results

Who is truly at the center of your business, your customers or your profits? Tim O'Brien's supplement company, Find Your Healthy Place, is relentless in its pursuit of customer-centricity. After in-store sales started to tank during the onset of COVID-19, Tim knew that making their customer's online experience just as personalized and memorable as the one they had in store would be critical to their survival. Today, Tim's online sales are up from 3% to 26%, and the pivots they continue to make are remarkable.  Tune into this episode to learn why Tim feels a customer first strategy works best for his business, how to create personalized experiences online and the key metrics he focuses on as his business continues to grow. Episode Highlights <li style="fo
27/10/202041 minutes 24 seconds
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274: How To Revamp Your Facebook Ad Performance In Q4

Many Ecommerce business owners are wondering how to reclaim their Facebook ad performance to finish on top. Ecommerce entrepreneurs saw some of their best months this spring with consumer’s response to the onset of COVID-19. However, as buying patterns started to shift, summer and fall have been incredibly challenging. In this episode, Andrew Foxwell gives us some insight into what he's learned working with a variety of clients. We dive into how user behavior has changed, what businesses across the globe are experiencing, and leave you with several tactics you can use to increase your Facebook ad performance this year.  Episode Highlights 6:27 How user behavior is impacting the current state of Facebook <span style="font-weight: 4
20/10/202038 minutes 49 seconds
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273: From Barbershop To Retail Powerhouse: The Story Behind Scotch Porter​​

Ever Feel Like A Million Bucks After A $20 Haircut? Today’s Guest Knew That Feeling, And It Led Him To Create A Product That Hit More Than $1MM In Sales In Just 12 Months.  Calvin Quallis is the Founder of Scotch Porter – a 7-figure New Jersey-based men’s grooming brand now on the shelves of major retailers like Walmart and Target.  The brand’s early beginnings trace back to his mom’s barbershop where Calvin noticed men couldn’t help but walk out with an entirely new pep in their step. Since then, Calvin has been on a mission to help men feel their best. Calvin joins us on this episode to talk about what building Scotch Porter has been like, the struggles and challenges they’ve faced, marketing strategies that have worked for them, and so much more.  If you’re an ecommerce entrepreneur interested in going into re
13/10/202037 minutes 48 seconds
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272: 20 Facebook Advertising Strategies You Need to Try Right Now

If you’re one of the few people who hasn’t been impacted by the recent turmoil around Facebook ads, consider yourself lucky. For everyone else, this episode is for you.  If you're an ecommerce business owner or agency who primarily drives traffic through Facebook advertising, you’re aware of the recent challenges. Between price increases, instability on the platform, and movies like The Social Dilemma that are going to bring even more transparency and scrutiny on advertising through Facebook, it’s a difficult time to grow your business using paid social.  Andrew Foxwell and I recorded two episodes back in February of 2019 where Andrew talks about 20 questions he likes to ask clients that are feeling stuck with their Facebook ads. It's still unbelievably relevant today. If you’re ha
06/10/202054 minutes 32 seconds
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271: The Secret to Lowering Your Taxes with Offshore Business & Global Citizenship

Building an offshore business is often thought to be risky, or even illegal. However, it's now becoming a very common, and legal way, to lower your global tax rate -- as much as 42%. “Go where you’re treated best,” is Andrew Henderson’s famous tagline. A US ex-pat and founder of Nomad Capitalist, Andrew has legally lowered his global tax rate from 43% to 1%. Now he helps entrepreneurs keep more of their own money, live freely around the world, and create wealth faster through offshore strategies.   I found Andrew when searching for a way to diversify my citizenship. I quickly discovered that he's a wealth of knowledge on ways to reduce your tax burden and I’m excited for you to listen to the show.  <span style="font-weight: 400
29/09/202053 minutes 57 seconds
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270: $100MM in Less than Two Years: How Perfect Keto Grew a 9-Figure Business

Perfect Keto started off as a side project and then experienced massive growth -- making $100MM in just 19 months. Dr. Anthony Gustin cofounded Perfect Keto as a side project in November of 2016. He had one goal in mind: making keto easy. Within 4 hours of launching, the company made $20,000 and took off like a rocketship since. Little did he know, the creation of Perfect Keto was at the rise of one of the largest diet crazes of the past 50 years.    Anthony joins us to talk about Perfect Keto's growth, his business beliefs,
22/09/202051 minutes 42 seconds
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269: Essential Beliefs, Characteristics, and Habits of 9-Figure Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

Do you have a dream of building a 9-figure business? We’ve worked with Ecommerce entrepreneurs who have and here’s what they have in common. Today I’m taking you behind the scenes into the Coalition, my Ecommerce coaching community for Ecommerce entrepreneurs. Every month we have a live training that dives into one aspect of growing your Ecommerce business. In this training, we are talking about the mindset shifts needed to reach 9-figure growth. Drew Sanocki, CEO of AutoAnything and former CMO KarmaLoop,  joins us and shares his experience running multiple 9-figure businesses. If you own or work with an established Ecommerce business and want to reach for that same success, this is for you. Episode Highlights 8:31 The #1 prerequisite for building a 9-figure business</spa
15/09/20201 hour 17 minutes 50 seconds
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268: How A Pivot In This Founder’s Role & COVID-19 Led To 100% Year-Over-Year Growth

COVID-19 Is Presenting Opportunities For Ecommerce And For This Brand, They've Contributed To 100% Year-Over-Year Growth.  Kevin Chen is the Co-Founder and President of iRestore, a company that sells laser hair growth systems. Kevin is a long time client of the Brand Guild and when I last had him on the podcast, iRestore cracked the code on paid social and turned into an 8-figure business. Since then, Kevin's role has changed dramatically within the business, and it has continued to grow, despite unforeseen COVID-19 challenges.  In this episode, Kevin talks about creating a tight-knit organization that works remotely, increasing productivity, building company culture, team transparency, and the opportunities COVID-19 is presenting for eCommerce.
08/09/202051 minutes 48 seconds
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267: THROWBACK: How The Top Ecommerce Brands Scale Up (And What You Can Learn From Them)

This week we're bringing you throwback that is all about the difference between brands that scale and those that don’t. Kurt Elster interviewed me on the Unofficial Shopify Podcast and after re-listening to the episode, I wanted to share it with you. Kurt asks great questions and I outline my entire philosophy on growth. In this episode, we talk about defining a growth strategy, scaling your advertising, and how to hire the team necessary to get to the next level. I also share what I’ve learned from working with some of the fastest-growing brands in the country. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 4:30 How Austin has helped many brands scale from $500k to $1MM. 7:00 Why it's so important to do almost every job in your business before turning it over to someone else. 8:27 The big differences between the Shopify bra
01/09/202043 minutes 39 seconds
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266: Beardbrand’s Approach to Content Marketing with Eric Bandholz

Beardbrand’s approach to content marketing has resulted in 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube. On today’s episode, I am bringing back my good friend Eric Bandholz. I first met Eric in 2014 at an Ecommerce Fuel event and he was one of our early Ecommerce Influence podcast guests. Since then, he’s been continuing to build an incredible business called Beardbrand. In this episode, we talk about being on Shark Tank, what it’s like being the face of your brand as a founder, content marketing that creates superfans and so much more. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 5:11 The stressful, year-long experience of being on Shark Tank 12:23 The difference between having bus
25/08/202053 minutes 46 seconds
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265: The Marketing Formula that Oral Essentials Used to Double The Business Twice in Two Years

What if you could find the marketing formula that would double your business, and then double it again? This is the kind of growth Oral Essentials is currently experiencing as they’ve dialed in and refined their approach to marketing and paid advertising.  On today’s episode, I’ve invited Justin Madahhi, Co-founder and Head of Online Sales and Marketing at Lumineux Oral Essentials, back on the show. Justin and his team were already experiencing fast-paced growth when we started working together two years ago, and since he was on the show last fall, their growth has continued to skyrocket. In this episode, Justin talks about dialing in your messaging, the marketing formula they’ve created to drive consistent sales, how to drive subscription revenue and how to get your team into alignment during high-growth times.
18/08/20201 hour 10 seconds
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264: How to Grow and Sell a 7-Figure Business

When I met Greg Williams in the Coalition, he told me he wanted to sell his business and be a millionaire by age 40. A year later, he’s done just that. Greg started Autoimmune Institute in 2017 with the intention to sell, and in just three years, he went from $50,000 to $2,000,000 in sales. In this episode of the Ecommerce Influence podcast, Greg shares the levers he pulled to fast-track business growth, what it actually looks like to sell a 7-figure business, and how to maximize your business’ valuation. If you’re interested in building a business with the intention to sell, this episode is a must-listen. Enjoy!
11/08/202046 minutes 14 seconds
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263: From Burnout to Freedom: Austin’s Entrepreneurial Journey

The “crush-it” culture of entrepreneurship almost led to me giving up the business I have today. After two years at a fast-growing startup, I was pushed to the edge mentally and physically. I knew I had to walk away and form a vision for what I wanted my future to look like. It took eight years for me to go from burnout to freedom by building my business into what it is today, and creating that vision involved a lot of trial and error and reinvention. In this episode I talk about some of the lowest points I’ve experienced as an entrepreneur, what it was like to close down a successful marketing agency, the trials of breaking up with a business partner, and the importance of defining success so you know what you’re actually working towards.  Episode Highlights 5:22 The ear
04/08/202048 minutes 58 seconds
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262: Behind the Potter’s Wheel: How East Fork Successfully Grew an Unconventional Business

Growing a team is challenging for any company. But going from two people to 90 in just 10 years with a non-traditional business model? That’s an almost unbelievable feat.   Connie Matisse, cofounder and CMO of East Fork, joins us today to talk about how she built a successful business with a 90+ person team without following the path of many traditional businesses.  Tune in to learn how East Fork created a memorable marketing engine with a self-described “laughable” budget, what they’ve found to be one of the most critical business functions that’s often ignored, and how they’ve kept their store running through the challenges of COVID-19.  Episode Highlights 4:44 How the 2008 economic recession introduced Connie to the world of craft pottery <li style="font-we
28/07/202036 minutes 25 seconds
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261: Q4 Predictions For Online Retailers: The Case For (And Against) A Massive Quarter

There are only 130 days until Black Friday. With the global economy in so much flux because of COVID-19, what are your Q4 predictions?  Are you preparing for a massive Q4 or wondering if your business is going to just get by?  In this episode, I go over a few Q4 predictions with cases in favor of and against Q4 being a thriving quarter for ecommerce, factors to consider that are in and out of your control, and most importantly, how you can prepare. Episode Highlights 3:39 Why the ecommerce industry is primed to have a massive Q4 5:59 COVID-19 effects on spending and your consumer’s potential psychological shift during Q4 8:01 How to manage your ecommerce inventory to get a leg up against your competition 9:12 If your
21/07/202020 minutes 21 seconds
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260: Ecommerce SEO in 2020: What Actually Moves The Needle

With Facebook boycotts, changing advertising policies, and channel unpredictability, it’s more important now than ever to invest in what you can control The approach to search engine optimization (SEO) has changed over the last several years, but it still remains an incredibly important component of your marketing strategy. This week’s guest is SEO consultant and expert Dan Shure. Dan’s been working in SEO for more than 12 years, and he joins us to talk about what’s changed over time when it comes to SEO strategy, the two different types of core content to focus on, what’s working in ecommerce SEO in 2020 and the tools you should be using to be successful. This episode has some great actionable tips you can start using today, and I hope you enjoy! Episode Highlights 5:16 How Dan fell into SEO while working as a professional musician <li style="fo
14/07/202050 minutes 53 seconds
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259: Traeger Grills’ 10-Figure Smoking Gun: A Holistic Growth Strategy

Holistic marketing can make your brand more consistent and unified across all your marketing channels so that it stands out from the competition.  Jesse Semchuck, Director of Acquisition for Traeger Grills, joins us to share what he has learned from viewing channels holistically. He shares what the makeup of his marketing team looks like, how internal teams and third party agencies interact, and how a holistic growth approach can create more synergy across all marketing initiatives and the organization.     Tune in and find out if holistic marketing is something you should use in your business.  Episode Highlights:  5:59 Jesse Semchuck’s role at Traeger Grills and what he’s been excited to build over the last year <li style="font-weight: 40
07/07/202035 minutes 54 seconds
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258: THROWBACK: What It Takes To Build & Scale A $100M Lifestyle Brand With Jake Kassan

This Week We’re Bringing You A Throwback To One Of Our Most Popular Episodes Of All Time. In May 2018 we interviewed Jake Kassan about what it really takes to build a $100 million business. This episode has been incredibly popular, and it still extremely relevant today. Jake Kassan, founder and CEO of MVMT Watches, was one of my first clients when he was just launching the brand back in 2013. He talks about how things have changed since then, and how MVMT has grown to what it is today. MVMT strives to be a best in class brand and best in class in all-around marketing, and Jake shares the strategic approach to marketing MVMT uses to achieve those goals. He also talks about how having a strong team is essential to scaling your business and shares his experience hiring a CMO and supporting team, and what you need to know to do it. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 9:05 How building relationships with customers through dir
30/06/202048 minutes 16 seconds
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257: How Ashley Merrill Reinvented Sleepwear and Built Two Successful Brands

Most companies add a second product line when they want to grow. This week’s guest decided to build a second brand instead. Ashley Merrill founded women’s sleepwear line Lunya in 2014 because she was tired of wearing her husband’s clothes around the house. Five years later, she decided to expand into menswear, but just adding a men’s line didn’t sit right with her. Tune in to find out why Ashley decided to start a second brand, how she grew her company from a startup to an established business, and lessons she’s learned about building a team. Episode Highlights:  5:16 How an ambition to solve a problem resulted in launching Lunya 8:00 How business has evolved since its unconventional 20
23/06/202044 minutes 26 seconds
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256: Profit Series Part 3: How to Increase Customer Lifetime Value

One of the most challenging parts of growing a business is acquiring valuable customers who will purchase from you regularly.  Part 3 of our Profit Series gets into the nitty-gritty details of how to increase customer lifetime value. We dive straight into customer-centric versus product-centric businesses and talk about different ways to acquire more high-value customers and share proven tactics that will help you increase customer lifetime value. Episode Highlights:  3:36 The first strategic decision you must make when thinking about customer lifetime value 6:38 The best lever to focus on to increase customer lifetime value 8:03 The revolutionary changes with
16/06/202024 minutes 24 seconds
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255: Cannabis Marketing: How to Make $40MM Without Paid Advertising

Is it possible to build a large, successful business with close to $40 million in revenue without using any paid social? Our guest, Nate Lipton of GrowersHouse, shows us how it can be done. And, in addition to not using paid ads, he’s been able to get his customer acquisition costs to zero. Nate shares the different approach to marketing that has helped him build several incredibly successful companies in the cannabis and hemp industries. He talks about exactly how you can use YouTube to establish yourself as a trusted brand and drive ad-free sales.  If you're looking for some refreshing ideas for how you can drive more revenue, this is a great episode to jog your imagination about what's possible. Episode Highlights:  <span style="font-weight:
09/06/202050 minutes 28 seconds
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254: Profit Series Part 2: How To Increase Your Average Order Value

One of the top ways to accelerate your growth on the path to profitability is to increase average order value. In Part 2 of our Profit Series, we’re diving into successful strategies and tactics you can use to increase your average order value.  From simple changes with pricing to on-site additions to optimizing your Facebook targeting, we share the exact tactics our top clients are using to increase average order value and how these tactics support the big picture strategy toward profitable growth. Episode Highlights:  4:27 The 80/20 Rule and how it should impact your overall business strategy 8:41 The first thing to do if you want to increase average order value <sp
02/06/202035 minutes 58 seconds
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253: The Rise of TikTok and How It Can Help Your Ecommerce Brand

TikTok is all the rage right now. Even with fewer people creating content, there are more people consuming. But what makes this platform so viral? August Noble went from leading acquisition at SnackNation to helping his clients optimize TikTok’s acquisition channel -- influencers. He is now using key learnings from other social media platforms to ramp up influencer marketing strategies to promote brands.  Tune in and find out what TikTok is all about and how it’s generating more buzz in the social media world. Episode Highlights:  3:17 How August Noble shares a similar start with our co-host, Austin 4:10 The successes at SnackNation that led August to paid media consu
26/05/202045 minutes 43 seconds
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252: Part 1, Profit Series, A Road Map To A More Profitable And Fulfilling Company

Do you know what you should be focusing on to make your business more profitable? We’ve had conversations with many clients during these challenging times. While some businesses are booming, others are taking a hit in sales. But the one thing that seems to be on everyone’s mind is profitability.   In this episode, we set the framework for our entire Profit Series. Whether or not your business is thriving during this time, we share the five-step process of creating the roadmap you can use for profitable growth.  Episode Highlights:  4:52 The decision you have to make about the metrics you keep in focus 6:19 How do you define profit? 9:12 What it means t
19/05/202030 minutes 43 seconds
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251: How a Husband and Wife Duo Built the 20th Fastest Growing Company in the US

They’ve won the Shopify Build a Bigger Business Competition, hit number 20 on the INC 5000 list, and now they’re on the podcast to talk about turning a personal need into a successful business venture. Garret and Deanne Akerson of Kindred Bravely share how they’ve navigated running a business together as a couple -- from initial startup to hiring over 50 remote employees and all the challenges and milestones in between. Tune in and enjoy! Episode Highlights:  4:59 How Garett and Deanne started Kindred Bravely 9:01 The lessons learned transitioning from Amazon to Shopify  12:07 How the Amazon
12/05/202048 minutes 34 seconds
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250: What’s Working to Scale Accounts on Facebook and Instagram Right Now

If you are advertising on Facebook and Instagram, this is an episode you don’t want to miss! As we see an increase in Facebook and Instagram usage due to COVID-19, many of our clients are scaling up their advertising. Today’s episode will cover what’s working right now in paid social and how our clients and partners are scaling up! Episode Highlights 6:37 The specific audiences working right now for top of the funnel advertising 9:57 User-generated content that’s providing additional scale  11:30 What’s working right now to scale up middle of the funnel advertising 12:22 The audience
05/05/202026 minutes 33 seconds
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249: How to Implement Better Habits for Work and Life with James Clear

The daily habits you or your team have can either hinder your growth or facilitate it. But what should we focus on to build good habits while breaking the bad ones?   Our guest is James Clear, New York Times bestselling author of Atomic Habits and writer on the James Clear Blog.  James has spent years researching, writing and talking about the topic of habits. He’ll share his insights on what you can do to grow your business, market better, and rethink your habits. If you want to create a better system of habits that will improve yourself and your business, this is an episode you’ll want to tune into! Episode Highlights:  4:58 Why we struggle to develop and maintain the good habits <span styl
28/04/202047 minutes 55 seconds
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248: The 5 Myths of Ecommerce Entrepreneurship

Have you ever felt that in order to grow your business, you just need to work harder? We’re here to tell you that you’re wrong.  In today’s episode, we’re busting the five myths of ecommerce. From diversifying traffic to always doing the next big thing, we’ll share the realities that will actually help you scale profitably, without burning yourself out. If you own an ecommerce business or you're intimately involved with one, this episode's for you. Enjoy! Episode Highlights:  4:54 Myth #1: All I need to do to grow is work harder. 6:06 Reality: Do less, but do it better. <li style="fon
21/04/202028 minutes 3 seconds
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247: What It’s Like to Manage the Global Marketing Strategy for a 9-Figure Business

Being in charge of the global marketing strategy for a 9-figure business is no simple feat. Our guest today is Andrew Rosch, Director of Channel Marketing Strategy for Trek Bicycle. He joins us to talk about what it looks like to manage a global strategy team for a huge global organization, the importance of only focusing on a few key metrics, why email is still his favorite marketing channel, organic content strategies that are working for Trek, and much more. If you’re growing a large business, or you have aspirations to grow into a large business, you won’t want to miss this episode. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 6:19 What it means to be the Director of Channel Marketing Strategy. 7:44 Finding harmony between brick and mortar and ecommerce. <span style="font-wei
14/04/202051 minutes 22 seconds
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246: Case Studies: The Scaling Series, Part 5

This is the final part in our Scaling Series and we’re talking about some hugely successful brands. In our previous episodes, we covered zero to launch, launch to traction, traction to scaling, and growth mode, which will take you from the stages of just starting out to making somewhere between $12 and $15 million. In this episode, we’re diving into specific case studies of brands you’ve probably heard of, like MVMT Watches and Native Deodorant, and talking about why we think they were successful and why they were able to grow and scale up. We hope you’ve enjoyed this series, whether you’re just starting out or close to making an exit. Episode Highlights 4:07 What MVMT, Pura Vida, and Blenders did that made them special.  6:23 The huge significance of the first-mover advantage. <li style="font-wei
07/04/202021 minutes 34 seconds
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245: How to Build a Successful Agency (Without Burning Yourself Out)

Every business has its unique set of growth challenges. Zach Stuck spent several years working for a digital agency before deciding to go out and start an agency of his own, Homestead Studio. Now he’s in the process of building his agency business. He’s on the front lines of trying to help clients grow their ecommerce brands. Today we’re covering a range of topics with Zach. We dive into some specific paid social tactics and what’s working right now for Zach’s clients, and we talk about the onboarding process Zach uses for his clients to ensure both his clients, and his agency, can be successful. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 5:58 How Zach went from working at an agency to starting his own. 8:07 Changes in Zach’s role from agency employee to agency owner. 9:52 Resources Zach used to help a client grow from zero to a million in their first ye
31/03/202049 minutes 34 seconds
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BONUS: Thriving on Chaos: How To Lead Your Ecommerce Business During Uncertain Times

We're in the midst of an unprecedented global crisis and a time of much uncertainty.   Some of my clients are businesses are experiencing growth, and others are down by 50% or more. Even if this crisis leads to an economic recession, you get to choose whether or not you want to take part in it. Today I'm sharing a special recording of one of my recent members-only webinars where I talk about how to lead your ecommerce business during uncertain times, and how to transform this uncertainty into a time of abundance and opportunity for your business (without exploiting anyone). In this episode we'll talk about: The three things business owners should be focused on right now. How to think about cash management during a crisis and why you must use this as an opportunity to build a rock-solid financial future. Why playing offense is going to become more important than playing defense in the coming months. How to lead (no
26/03/202043 minutes 53 seconds
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244: Growth Mode: The Scaling Series, Part 4

In part 4 of our Scaling Series we’re talking about Growth Mode. You’ve made your first seven figures and now you’re scaling up to eight figures. You’ve figured out something that works and you might be starting to feel overworked and overwhelmed. Now is the time to make those key hires and/or outsource channels you feel like you’ve maximized. It’s time to go from the day-to-day manager of your business and grow into the true role of CEO. In this episode, we’re talking about how to start getting things off your plate, managing inventory issues, and how to determine whether it’s time to focus on a new marketing channel. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 5:38 One of the biggest issues in Growth Mode: Superhero Syndrome. 7:57 Implement systems to help you get more off your plate. 11:10 Why inventory issues often arise at this stage of growth.
24/03/202030 minutes 40 seconds
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243: How to Improve Your Ecommerce SEO

If you're struggling to make SEO work for your business, this episode is for you. Our guest today is a dual-threat. He’s building an ecommerce brand while also running a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO. Not only does he get to see what’s working for his clients, but he’s learning from what’s working in his own business. Eagan Heath is the owner of The Splendid Beast and Founder of Get Found Madison. Today he’s doing a deep dive into ecommerce SEO and talking about how to avoid keyword cannibalization, how to get started with SEO (and if it’s even a good idea for your business), and tips for better tracking attribution. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 6:11 The dual-threat that is Eagan Heath. 9:20 What it takes to grow your skills as an agency and the currency you should be selling in. 11:21 The different approach to capturing leads a
17/03/202044 minutes 5 seconds
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242: Traction to Scaling: The Scaling Series, Part 3

In part 3 of our Scaling Series, we’re talking about traction to scaling, the period after making your initial $100K to surpassing the million-dollar mark. There are a number of challenges you’ll face at this stage, including becoming overwhelmed with possibilities, losing strategic focus, wearing too many hats within the business, and more. Today we walk you through how to tackle these challenges and the things the most successful businesses do at this stage to continue growing to 8-figures and beyond. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 4:41 The first problem we see at this stage? Mindset and losing focus. 7:53 Why most business owners lose strategic focus at this stage. 8:53 If you’re overwhelmed and losing focus, it’s time to hire. 10:05 The critical role you have to hire for if you want to continue to grow. <l
10/03/202023 minutes 46 seconds
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241: Evolutions in Lifecycle Marketing & New Approaches to Creating Wealth

There is more than one way to create wealth in ecommerce. While many entrepreneurs follow the path of bootstrapping a business and hoping to one day be acquired, another option is to start on the acquisition side, and grow a portfolio of successful companies. Our guest today has done both. Drew Sanocki is CEO of AutoAnything, owner of PostPilot, and an expert at lifecycle marketing. He joins us to talk about the evolution of lifecycle marketing and the big role direct mail is playing in brand loyalty and repeat purchase rate, as well as how mergers and acquisitions can help your brand, and why M&A are his big focus for the upcoming year. I always learn a lot when we chat with Drew and I hope you enjoy! Episode Highlights 9:05 Why Drew is so excited about direct mail marketing. 12:08 The role of direct
03/03/202054 minutes 40 seconds
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240: Launch to Traction: The Scaling Series, Part 2

We’re on to part 2 of our scaling series, where we talk about the stage from launch to traction, when you’re on track for, or surpassed, the $100K mark. At this stage in the business, you’re moving from selling something to having consistent sales. Today we’ll talk about some of the common problems people run into during this stage, critical questions to answer before you can start scaling up, and where to seek out support. We’re bringing you our knowledge and experience from working with brands that have successfully scaled up, and seeing others that haven’t. In part three, we're going to be talking about traction to scaling. So enjoy this week and stay tuned! Episode Highlights 4:42 How to know when you’re in the traction stage of your business growth. 7:59 Your goal during this stage of scaling up your business. 8:45 Places you can turn to w
25/02/202017 minutes 16 seconds
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239: How the Cereal School Grew from Zero to 7-Figures a Month in Just 1 Year

If you want to run your business successfully, you need to have a deep understanding of how everything works. Today we’re talking with Helen Guo, co-founder of The Cereal School about how she took her business from zero to well over 7 figures in just eight months. One of the key components of the business’ success is that Helen and her co-founder, Dylan, started by learning and running every aspect of the business themselves, before hiring agencies to take things over. They also put a lot of initial time into building the brand organically, which made it easier to amplify with paid efforts as they’re scaling up. Helen shares her amazing journey with us, as well as her tips for finding the right agency, and how to build a partnership that will last. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 6:06 Helen’s entrance into the world of entrepreneurship. 9:06 The Cereal School’s insanely rapid growth. 10:06 Pre-launch efforts to b
18/02/202044 minutes 21 seconds
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BONUS: A look at CBO with Molly Pittman & Depesh Mandalia

On today's special BONUS episode we're talking about CBO. That's Campaign Budget Optimization. Andrew sat down with expert digital advertisers Molly Pittman and Depesh Mandalia to talk about what's happening with CBO, how it's working, why it's working the way that it is, and some tips to improve your campaigns. They discuss: Why you can't treat CBO campaigns the same way as you were treating ABO campaigns CBO misconceptions When CBO works best How to think about your budget when setting up CBO CBO and Dynamic Creative CBO best practices Enjoy! Links And Resources Foxwell Digital Course - CBO: All You Need to Know [email protected] <a href= "" target="_blank" rel=
14/02/202053 minutes 31 seconds
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238: Zero to Launch: The Scaling Series, Part 1

Andrew and I have worked with hundreds of different companies at various stages of growth, from pre-launch to multi-million dollar acquisition. Today we’re kicking off our scaling series, where we’ll talk about each stage of growth and the challenges you're going to face as you scale up your business from zero to 8-figures. We’re starting off with a “zero to launch” episode where we’ll address some of the questions you’ll face when you’re determining how to launch and going from an idea for a product to actually getting sales. We’ll be sharing core lessons through each of these episodes that will give you value whether you're at the beginning, already making 7-figures, or somewhere in the middle. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 4:30 Why we decided to do a scaling series. 9:07 The most important thing when you’re just starting out? Feedback. 10
11/02/202021 minutes 53 seconds
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237: 50 Team Members & Growing: How this Former Fighter Pilot Built a Unique Business

One of the keys to successful growth is hiring a team that keeps the business running, whether the founder is there or not. Over the last 14 years, Cory Bower, founder of Aviator Gear, has built a multi-million dollar business with a team of 48 full-time employees. When Cory was in the Air Force, he saw a need, launched a company, and to this day uses some of his military systems and structure to keep things running smoothly. It’s always a pleasure to chat with Cory, and I hope you enjoy our conversation about growth, hiring, and critical tools for success. Episode Highlights 5:55 Introducing Cory Bower and the birth of Aviator Gear. 8:12 The unique custom nature of Cory’s products. 10:20 Cory’s journey to becoming a fighter pilot. 13:53 Transitioning from fighter jets to ecommerce. 16:05 How Cory applies lessons learned in the military to his business. 18:42 The team structure Cory’s built tha
04/02/202046 minutes 47 seconds
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236: 6 Things You Can Do Today To Grow Your Business

We’re getting tactical today and bringing you 6 quick wins you can execute today to grow your business. From Facebook, to email, to website optimization, these quick wins will help you generate sales and get results. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 4:25 Quick Win #1: 4-6% Lookalikes based off pixel value. 5:47 Quick Win #2: Identify previous customers who are likely to spend again, but who are no longer on your email list, and hit them with remarketing. 7:23 Quick Win #3: Integrate your Klaviyo audiences with Facebook. 8:34 Quick Win #4: Turn great text reviews into video reviews. 11:14 Quick Win #5: Use
28/01/202016 minutes 13 seconds
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235: A Behind the Scenes Look at Pura Vida’s Multi-Million Dollar Exit

When someone asks about eCommerce best practices, we always hear, “well, what’s Pura Vida doing?” Today we’re talking with Pura Vida CEO, Griffin Thall, to get an inside look at their current strategies, how the company’s grown over the last several years, the way his role has evolved, and what it's actually like to prepare your company for a multi-million dollar sale. Andrew and I both worked with Pura Vida at the very beginning, and we’re so excited to reconnect and bring this episode to you today. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 6:25 What got Griffin and Pura Vida to where they are today. 7:28 How Griffin’s role has changed as the company’s grown. 9:02 Pura Vida’s unique influencer strategy and how it started. 12:45 Relentless innovation and how Pura Vida continues to increase customer lifetime value. 15:18 The moment Griffin realized the brand was going to be a success. 16:30 How Pura Vida’s grow
21/01/202045 minutes 13 seconds
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234: The 5 Things We've Learned In The Last 12 Months

Every year I grow more personally and professionally, and these weekly episodes are a big part of that. We’ve had discussions about Facebook and email marketing, business processes, how to avoid burnout, and more. Today Andrew and I are sharing the top things we’ve learned in 2019. What were your big learnings over the last year? Episode Highlights 5:15 No one cares where you are as long as the work gets done. 8:33 Be clear about what you want (because you’re going to get it). 11:50 Listen, Help, Learn. 14:21 Focus on generating profits so you can hire good people. 17:52 Dive deeper into discomfort. 21:50 Everything takes longer than you expect. 24:02 Having a business partner with different perspectives th
14/01/202032 minutes 30 seconds
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233: Agencies Aren’t Your Enemy: How to Work Together & Build a Better Brand

Digital agencies get a bad rap these days. From providing inflated results to wasting time on dead-end tactics, many businesses have fired their agencies and moved things in-house. However, agencies aren’t the enemy. You just have to understand how to build the right relationship with them, and truly integrate them with your team. Our guest today is Susan Wenograd the CMO of digital agency Aimclear. We talk with Susan about the shift she’s seeing in where brands are directing their paid ad spend, and the issues of attribution that are coming along with it. She talks about how to build a deeper relationship with your agency so they can bring you greater success, and her thoughts around navigating the digital landscape as things continue to change and evolve. This episode is a must-listen whether you're a digital agency or doing digital marketing in-house for a brand. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 8:01 What the role of CMO
07/01/202048 minutes 26 seconds
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232: How To Get Started With Email Marketing

Today we’re bringing you part two of our “How to Get Started” series, and in this episode, we’re talking about email marketing. If you’ve recently launched a business and want to get started with email marketing, this episode is for you. Or, if you’ve had an agency managing your email for some time, and want to make sure everything is running as it should be, there are some helpful tips in here that will deepen your understanding. We talk about best practices for list creation, how to capture leads, which emails to create first, how to determine the number of emails you should be sending, and more. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 4:15 Choosing an email service provider (ESP), and why Klaviyo is a great option for many businesses. 5:49 Getting your ESP set up correctly: some key things to keep in mind. 8:35 Best practices for list creation and
31/12/201933 minutes 14 seconds
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231: Scaling Successfully With a $25 Product: How Peepers Reached 900% Growth

Not many ecommerce brands can say they’ve been around for almost 30 years, but Peepers is one of them. Founded in 1993, with a website that went live in 1996, Peepers has been going strong ever since. In the last 10 years alone, they’ve grown by 900%. John Hart joined the team five years ago and is now the Ecommerce and Operations Director. Today he joins us to talk about how Peepers has continued to evolve, the marketing strategies they're using, including why they find major value in Amazon, and how they’ve successfully approached wholesale. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 5:08 Introducing John and how he ended up at Peepers. 8:27 What Peepers is doing differently that allowed it to grow 900% over the last 10 years. 10:10 Peepers’ approach to growth and the channels they’re currently investing in. 12
24/12/201940 minutes 46 seconds
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230: How To Get Started With Facebook Advertising

One of the questions we’ve received from several listeners recently is, “Can you guys talk about how to get started with Facebook advertising?” We’ve done quite a few episodes where we talk about scaling up your Facebook ads, but we've never started at the very beginning. Today we’re doing just that. If you’ve never advertised on Facebook before, or you’re just starting out, this episode is for you. We’ll talk through how to set up Facebook Business Manager, how to start building audiences for different parts of the sales funnel, how to approach your initial budget, and what success looks like in your first few months of advertising. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 6:35 If you’re just getting started with Facebook advertising, here are the first steps. 8:01 Dynamic Product ads: what are they and why y
17/12/201932 minutes 18 seconds
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229: How This Stereotype-Busting Business Raised $215K on Kickstarter

Who says girls can’t wear dinosaur dresses? Rebecca Melsky was frustrated when the only patterns she could find for her daughter were pink and flowery. Where were the rocket ships and trucks for girls? In 2013 she teamed up with her friend Eva to start Princess Awesome, a stereotype-busting business that creates clothes of all colors, and with all kinds of patterns, for both girls and boys. Today we sit down with Rebecca to talk about their massive crowdfunding success, how they’ve managed the growth of their business while prioritizing their families, and the key Klaviyo strategies helping them drive major revenue from email. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 5:51 The story of how Princess Awesome was born. 7:39 Princess Awesome’s explosive experience with crowdfunding. 12:25 The major impact Kickstarter had for Rebecca’s business, from more th
10/12/201942 minutes 34 seconds
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BONUS: Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2019 Recap

We've got a special Black Friday/Cyber Monday BONUS episode for you today. Andrew saw down with Alex Afterman of 11:11 Digital, Deirdre Kelly and Terry Whalen of Sum Digital, Kurt Bullock of Product Department and Paul Fairbrother of Hootsuite/AdEspresso to do a post-BFCM 2019 recap. They discuss: Trends they saw over the weekend Bidding strategies that worked Audiences that were successful Creatives we saw working well Reporting and assessing numbers Enjoy! Links And Resources @a_brawn on Twitter @andrewfoxwell on Twitter Brand Growth Experts Foxwell Dig
06/12/201941 minutes 1 second
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228: The Things We Hate Episode

Today we’re taking a break from our normal programming to go on a short rant about things we hate in the ecommerce industry. We want to shed light on some of the frustrating things we’ve come across over the years to help you keep your sanity as you’re growing your business. We believe in the importance of truth and transparency, and that every single business is different, and hope our little rant today will help you avoid frustration and see through the B.S. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 5:32 Thing we hate #1: When people take advantage of business owners by making things seem more complicated than they really are. 9:18 Just because it’s a big, well-recognized company, doesn’t mean it’s actually doing well, so don’t compare yourself. 11:11 Warning signs to watch out for with bogus business information. 11:47 Thi
03/12/201925 minutes 36 seconds
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227: How Supply Went from Startup to Shark Tank

While it may only take a great idea to start a business, it takes a heck of a lot of hard work to build a successful one. Five years ago Patrick Coddou was unhappily working at his corporate job when he had an idea, spurred by personal passion and necessity. That idea eventually got off the ground with two successful Kickstarters, and recently landed Patrick and his wife and co-founder, Jessica, on Shark Tank, where they got backing from Robert Herjavec. This idea, which has now grown into a multi-million dollar company, is Supply, a men's shaving and grooming company. Today Patrick joins us to give an inside look at what makes Supply successful today, and the challenges he faces as he continues to grow his business. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 5:39 Introducing Patrick and how he started Supply. 7:21 The pivotal role of Kickstarter in Supply’s launch and success. 9:19 Where the idea for Supply came from and t
26/11/201945 minutes 9 seconds
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226: Are You Spending Too Much On Advertising?

Two common questions I get from clients are: How much should I spend on advertising and what is a good return on ad spend? Andrew and I are tackling these questions today by breaking down the calculations you need to do to determine what a good ROAS is for your business. We also discuss how to have an open conversation with your advertising agency and the first question you really need to ask yourself before you can realistically estimate the ROAS you need to be successful. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 5:15 The inspiration for this episode: one of the most common questions Austin gets in the Coalition. 6:55 What is a good return on ad spend (ROAS)? 9:08 The first question you need to ask yourself to help determine what ROAS is realistic. 11:05 Why you have to know your math before you start telling your advertising partner what ROAS you “need.” 12:15 The first question you should really be asking to figure
19/11/201925 minutes 3 seconds
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225: From T-Shirt Company to Lifestyle Brand (All While Saving the Turtles)

As he sat down at his desk on the first day at his first post-college job he thought, “The cubicle life just isn’t for me.” If you’re an entrepreneur, I would venture to bet you’ve had a similar thought at some point along the way. Today we’re joined by Matt Schroeder, the co-founder of Shelly Cove, who started the business in college with his family, and has been off to the races ever since. Matt tells the story of how he taught himself marketing and his journey to eventually leaving his secure job to go all-in on Shelly Cove. He shares the unique ways the brand surprises and delights its customers to keep them coming back for more, and why, as the business has grown, he’s more open to just saying “Yes.” Enjoy! Episode Highlights 6:21 How Matt got started in ecommerce and the birth of Shelly Cove. 10:39 The roles in Matt’s family-run business. 13:57 Lessons learned from going to school full-time while also growin
12/11/201946 minutes 12 seconds
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224: How to Prepare for the Future of Facebook Advertising

Due to Facebook’s influence, your website is less and less often the first place potential customers learn about your brand. We don’t see this changing anytime soon. In fact, Facebook’s already moving to on-site checkout, removing the need to visit your website altogether. Today we’re talking about the future of Facebook advertising and how we see it evolving. We discuss what Facebook’s plans are for the platform, as well as for Instagram, and how you can be prepared for what’s to come.  Enjoy! Episode Highlights 5:13 Why we’re talking about Facebook’s future and what you’ll learn today. 6:53 What Facebook has planned for future interactive elements. 9:04 How to use Instagram polls to increase engagement. 11:17 The future of augmented reality on Facebook and how it could impact your CPM. 14:22 Interactive games as ads: worth the hype or overrated? 16:05 Andrew’s biggest takeaways about the futu
05/11/201920 minutes 58 seconds
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223: Are You Addicted to Your Business? The Truth about Entrepreneurial Burnout

You look up at the clock and realize you’ve been working for 14 hours. You’ve still got a dozen more emails to respond to before you can go home, maybe spend a little time with your family, then get 4 hours of sleep and start the cycle again the next day. Sound familiar? This, my friends, is the recipe for burnout. As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get addicted to your work and feel like if you’re not spending 16 hours a day trying to grow your business, the person who is will beat you to the top. Burnout isn’t talked about enough in the ecommerce world. But today we’re changing that in our conversation with Mike Jackness, Co-Founder of EcomCrew and someone who has built and sold multiple businesses. Mike shares the story of how he got started in ecommerce, his criteria for buying a business, and what it means to deal with entrepreneurial burnout. This conversation really hit home for us, and we hope you get a lot out of it. <h
29/10/201946 minutes 56 seconds
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222: How to Survive Q4 Without Losing Your Mind

We’re in the midst of the busiest time of year for eCommerce. Will Q4 craziness get the best of you, or will you come out on the other side with your sanity intact? Today we’re sharing five tips that will help you keep you from losing your mind this holiday season. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 5:36 Tip #1: Communicate holiday availability expectations early for both your team and your family. 8:55 Tip #2: Plan, plan, and plan again. 10:11 Important components of your marketing plan. 14:13 Tip #3: Evaluate your success based on execution, not outcome. 17:29 Tip #4: Be nice to your service providers. 19:11 Tip #5: Lean into the season. Links And Resources @a_brawn on Twitter @andrewfoxwell on Twitter Brand Growth Experts
22/10/201923 minutes 34 seconds
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221: Secrets of a Facebook Superstar: How this 24-Yr-Old CMO Doubled His Business in Less than a Year

What if you could double your business with Facebook over the next year? That’s exactly what happened for Oral Essentials when they doubled-down on their FB advertising and focused on scaling up. Oral Essentials CMO, Justin Maddahi, joins us today to discuss some of the game-changing tactics that have helped him grow the business with Facebook. He talks about why he’s shifted to nearly all user-generated content, how he approaches creative testing, and why he’s managing all aspects of Facebook in-house. If you’re trying to scale up your advertising, you won’t want to miss this episode. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 6:15 The birth of Oral Essentials and what separates them from other oral care brands. 8:11 Justin’s journey from science major to CMO. 9:48 Why Justin decided to expand the business beyond Amazon and start owning his own channels. 11:56 The Facebook tactics that helped Oral Essentials see massive
15/10/201942 minutes
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220: From Poker World Champion to Productivity Master: How to Work Less & Achieve More

If someone tells you the secret to success is working as much as you possibly can, they’re wrong. Successful, productive people don’t work more, they work on fewer things that have greater impact. Today we’re joined by productivity expert and ex-world champion poker player Chris Sparks, who is also the founder and CEO of The Forcing Function. Chris helps entrepreneurs identify what they truly want in life (step #1 to increasing your productivity) and then works with them to achieve their goals in the most effective way possible. We talk with Chris about how to figure out what you actually want, the importance of leveraging your unique assets, and why reflection is the missing ingredient to progress. Episode Highlights 6:44 Introducing Chris Sparks and how his obsession with productivity began at the poker table. 10:12 Why Chris decided to forego a job opportunity at Ford to become a professional poker player. 14:5
08/10/201953 minutes 53 seconds
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219: Maximizing your VIPs: How this Founder Made $25K in Less Than 4 Hours

Do you ever get into a rut with your marketing ideas? If you’ve been spinning your wheels looking for a new way to move some inventory and surprise and delight your customers, you don’t want to miss this episode. Meri Geraldine, founder of the sustainable jewelry brand Gardens of the Sun, joins us to share the creative way she moved $25K in product in just a few hours. Meri also talks about building an ethical supply chain, ingraining her personal values into the ethos of her business, and how she grew from a small Etsy shop into a full-blown ecommerce store. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 5:55 Introducing Meri and how she transitioned from working as a sustainability consultant in Indonesia to creating Gardens of the Sun. 9:18 How Meri’s quest to meet everybody in her supply chain led to the creation of a sustainable gold mining cooperative. 12:15 From an Etsy shop to a full-blown business. 14:49 The unexpect
01/10/201940 minutes 9 seconds
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218: An Inside Look At Facebook’s New Customer Feedback Score

Hey advertisers, Facebook doesn’t care about you. It cares about its users. That’s why it recently launched a new tool called the Customer Feedback Score. Facebook is using this tool to crackdown on drop shippers and other advertisers whose products don’t deliver. Today we’re going to talk about where to find this tool, how to interpret the data it provides, and what you can do to improve your score. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 5:40 How Facebook is cracking down on drop shippers and shoddy products with its new tool. 8:25 Where to find you Customer Feedback Score in your account. 9:36 What you’ll see when you access your Customer Feedback Score and how to understand your score. 11:40 Reviewing positive feedback: what your customers want more of. 13:46 Identifying opportunities for improvement. 17:30 Don’t let your score drop too low or your ads, and your page, will be banned from Fa
24/09/201923 minutes 11 seconds
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217: How Josh Meyer Built The Fastest Growing Company In Maine

Sometimes it takes a lot of failures before you make it big. Today’s guest is no stranger to failure -- he once invested $250K in a company that never even launched. But now, Josh Meyer is the CEO and co-founder of Brickell Men's Products, the fastest-growing company in Maine and the fastest-growing skincare company in the world. Josh joins us to talk about the challenges Brickell faced with their rocketship growth, why he’d never raise money for a business again, and his love-hate relationship with Amazon. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 6:44 Introducing Josh and his path to becoming the CEO and co-founder of the fastest-growing company in Maine. 9:45 How Josh runs a business based in Maine, while living in Florida. 12:23 The moment Josh realized Brickell’s success was real. 14:00 Lessons learned from a $250K business flop. 17:32 Some of the challenges of being a fast-growing company. 20:39 H
17/09/201954 minutes 33 seconds
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216: How To Hire A Marketing Apprentice Without Losing Your Mind

When I ask business owners what’s holding them back from making their next big hire, you know what they tell me? Hiring sucks. I’ve heard this time and time again. Over the last month, I've gone through the process of hiring a marketing apprentice. I used an approach that’s helped me successfully hire many people over the years -- without stress. Today, I’m going to share my entire approach with you, so you can make your next great hire, painlessly. We’ll discuss how to create a job post that will attract great talent, how to conduct the pre-interview evaluation process, how to conduct a really great interview, and more. Episode Highlights 6:59 The first step in the hiring process: figuring out what you’re looking for. 8:05 Don't make this mistake when creating your job listing. 9:01 How to write a job post that will attract great talent. 12:44 Writing your post to attract the right people, repel t
10/09/201942 minutes 8 seconds
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215: Practical Tips From A Founder Who Got Slapped By Google...And Recovered

What would you do if your organic traffic dropped by 90% overnight? That’s exactly what happened to today’s guest earlier this year. Mike Colavita, founder of Fat Buddha Glass, joins us today to talk about his experience being on the receiving end of a big Google slap and how he's recovering from an organic search drop. He shares why his site was dinged in the first place and the changes they’ve implemented since then to make nearly a full recovery five months later. What at first seemed like the worst possible situation turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to Mike’s business. I know you're going to enjoy this episode! Episode Highlights 5:00 Introducing Mike Colavita and his entrepreneurial journey.  6:45 The birth of Fat Buddha Glass. 9:20 How to raise brand awareness when you’re banned from practically every channel. 12:10 The turning point from part-time business to full-time end
03/09/201946 minutes 23 seconds
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214: How To Crank Up Your Advertising Creative (aka What’s Working Now)

If you’ve been wondering how to improve your Facebook ad creative, you’re not alone. Great Facebook ad creative really sets successful brands apart. But, there’s not a lot of information out there about the fundamentals of building a system to generate ongoing creative and how to test whether it’s actually working. So today we’re breaking it down for you. We talk about how to approach creative if you’re spending $5000 a week or $100,000, the questions to ask before you start testing, what’s working right now in terms of creative sizing, and some new tools you must start using. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 5:48 The amount of Facebook ad creative you need to be testing, and why it’s easier to create content now than ever before. 8:16 Clarifying the correlation between how much you can test and your overall budget. 9:28 A quick and simple way to pull together UGC and create an ad. 13:18 The most common issue businesse
27/08/201934 minutes 28 seconds
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213: How this Wonderkid became a DTC Guru Before Age 25

If you can sell water online, you can sell anything. Today’s guest, who has been managing social strategy in the direct-to-consumer space since he was 15 years old, helped Hint water make a killing when he was their Director of DTC business. Recently featured on Forbes 2019 list of 30 under 30, Nik Sharma is an expert at DTC marketing. We chat with Nik about what he’s invested in now, his thoughts on building a brand, and his insightful tips on how to write scroll-stopping ad copy. The DTC space continues to evolve and Nik is at the forefront. I know you’ll learn a lot during this episode just like we did. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 6:51 Nik’s fascinating career journey, starting at age 15. 9:07 How Nik successfully managed to sell water online with Hint. 12:14 The role of storytelling and the willingness to test new ideas in Hint’s marketing success. 14:50 The company structure that allowed Nik to
20/08/201942 minutes 55 seconds
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212: How To Travel 132 Days A Year And Stay Productive

Many business owners tell me one of the reasons they started their own company is to have the freedom to travel. However, as their business grows, travel becomes stressful and they feel like they have less freedom, not more. Today we’re helping you get that freedom to travel back by sharing our strategies for stress-free and productive traveling. We both have a lot of experience traveling and working, and we want to give you our tips for enjoying yourself, and getting stuff done, while on the road. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 5:08 The travel mindset and setting expectations. 6:59 The pace of business travel vs. ongoing travel. 7:59 A key thing to do on travel days that will help reduce stress. 10:47 In order to keep the freedom to travel as your team grows, you need to protect each other’s time. 13:42 The travel kit to put together to help you be more productive. 15:24 Andrew’s addition to his tr
13/08/201929 minutes 11 seconds
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211: From Seminary to Shopify Plus: A Conversation About Brands

The Golden Era of the direct-to-consumer business may very well be over. But there are still ecommerce brands out there who are crushing it and in today’s episode we explore some of the reasons why. Former Shopify Plus blog editor Aaron Orendorff has written a ton about ecommerce and the direct-to-consumer craze. Today we have a thoughtful conversation about what it means to build a ecommerce brand in the current climate, what some fast-growing, successful companies are doing to show up in a more unique way, and how a bigger picture process around customer acquisition is helping them succeed. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 7:00 Introducing Aaron Orendorff and his two distinct professional lives. 10:26 Aaron’s transition from Seminary to Shopify Plus. 16:03 Why the Golden Era of direct-to-consumer is over. 18:26 How do small ecommerce brands with limited products succeed at shifting categories to scale up?
06/08/201953 minutes 59 seconds
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210: Why Some Brands Scale Up While Others Flop

Some Ecommerce Brands Make It Big While Others Stall Out, It’s A Fact. But there’s really no big mystery behind why this happens. A few months ago I was interviewed on a podcast by my good friend Brett Curry on the Ecommerce Evolution Podcast. We break down what separates e-commerce brands that scale up versus those that plateau. After re-listening to the episode, I decided to share it with you. Brett and I talk about a variety of things, including average order value and lifetime value, and how that directly impacts your ability to scale up. We talk about demand generation versus demand capture: which is “better” and which lends itself to being able to scale. We talk about the roadmap to building a team and scaling up your business, how your role as a CEO changes as you grow, and much, much more. I had a great time chatting with Brett, and I hope you enjoy! Episode Highlights 8:25 Why I’m so passionate about dissecting why some br
30/07/201947 minutes 55 seconds
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209: How To Do A 2-Day Email Overhaul

Email is one of the most trusted ways to drive revenue in ecommerce. But I still see too many people leaving money on the table and missing out on low-hanging fruit. Today I’ll walk you through how to do a two-day email overhaul that will help you increase your revenue. We’ll start by making sure your email service provider and integrations are set up correctly, create a branded email template, ensure you have a great offer that’s capturing tons of leads, and identify the email flows to build that have the biggest financial impact for your business. This is the exact email overhaul process I’ve used with my clients to help them bring in $10K from email in just one week after set-up. Can’t wait to hear your results! Episode Highlights 5:06 How to ensure your email service provider is set up correctly. 6:20 The importance of tracking viewed products. 7:30 Other common mistakes Austin sees with ESP setup and i
23/07/201932 minutes
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208: The Power of Paid Social: How Blew Up

If you’ve been on Facebook in the past week, you’ve probably seen an ad from Buffy. What started as an idea to disrupt the bedding industry has grown into a multi-million dollar business. Today Buffy co-founder Shoaib Kabani joins us to cover a range of topics. We talk about everything from product development, to the importance of testing, how landing pages can improve your funnel, and what performance KPIs you have to be thinking about as you scale. , how he thinks about scaling up their business, what's worked for them. Whether you’re a business owner or an ecommerce marketer, you’re going to get a lot out of this episode. Enjoy! Episode Highlights:  4:49
16/07/201943 minutes 41 seconds
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207: Five Ways I’ve Failed on Facebook in 2019 (And What You Can Learn From Them)

It’s our goal to help our clients succeed, but even the experts get it wrong sometimes. As we've seen in the first six months of the year, things have changed wildly within Facebook. Today, Andrew shares some of the advice he’s given that hasn’t worked out. And while he’s never intentionally led anyone astray, things don’t always go as planned. Andrew talks about five times his advice has failed on Facebook and the lessons learned from those mistakes. We hope by sharing some of the worst Facebook advice of the year we’ll prevent you from making any of these mistakes yourself. Enjoy! Episode Highlights:  3:02 Why we’re talking about failure. 6:11 Budget advice: what we’ve said before and how we’d correct it. 10:35 Creative is the most important part of t
09/07/201926 minutes 47 seconds
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206: How to Host Your Own Quarterly Business Offsite (Our Process)

Q3 is officially here. What are you doing to prepare for the second half of the year? For my team, the end of the quarter means it’s time to get out of the day-to-day grind and do some bigger picture planning. Every three months we do a quarterly business offsite, where we take a step back so we can review our goals, and set new ones, that will help us move forward in the right direction. Today we’re talking about the process we follow for our quarterly business offsite and how you can host one of your own. I’ll share the questions we ask to review the previous 90 days, how we capture ideas for improvements, and how we come up with our north star goal for the upcoming quarter. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 2:49 Why Austin’s excited to get off the grid and plan for a new quarter. 4:44 How to start preparing for your quarterly business offsite. 9:35 Questions to ask as you prepare for your offsite that will help your em
02/07/201934 minutes 28 seconds
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205: Becoming A Brand - Instagram Moms, Misadventures, And Pesky Peruvian Wool

It’s not always easy to maintain high-quality standards, especially when you want to sell organic, sustainable, and made-in-the-USA products. Costs get high and sometimes that means concessions have to be made. But sticking to your guns can lead to major payoff, especially when your customers have your back. Today we chat with Jen and Kevin Long of Noble Carriage, who share the amazing story of how they built their dream company selling organic and sustainable baby clothes. They share how they built and nurtured a supportive community, how this community helped them in the creation and launch of their own products, their challenging product sourcing journey, and how they’ve stood by their strict sustainability standards along the way. Enjoy! Episode Highlights: 3:23 A game changer quick win tip on A/B testing. 8:35 Ho
25/06/201944 minutes 56 seconds
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204: How To Build A Baller Quiz Funnel On a Tiny Budget

Quizzes are powerful tools used by some of the most successful companies I work with. They can help you capture more emails, display personalized product recommendations to your customers, and increase your conversion rate. In today's episode, I'll share my tips on what companies can see the biggest gains from a quiz, who is killing it right now with their quiz funnels, and how you can build one for your business today. Enjoy! Episode Highlights: 5:46 Why the most successful companies Austin works with use quiz funnels. 6:47 The company or product type that’s a perfect fit for a quiz funnel. 8:13 If you have a lot of organic traffic, here’s an example of how a quiz funnel can turn visitors into subscribers. 10:44 The companies quiz funnels don't necessarily work well for. 12:51 Two examples of companies that are successfully using a quiz funnel. 15:31 What sets successful quizzes apar
18/06/201924 minutes 42 seconds
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203: Why You Should Stop Selling Yourself Short and Think Like A Billionaire

Have you stopped to consider the next step in your entrepreneurial journey? Perhaps you own a six or seven figure business now, but where will you be in 10 years? Will you still be living in the grind? Or are your sights set on acquiring companies and building a portfolio? Today’s guest has done it all. He’s built his own business, was the CMO of Karmaloop, worked as a consultant, and now is the CEO of AutoAnything (just one of the businesses in his current portfolio). Drew Sanocki is back to talk about this journey and his recent entry into the acquisition side of ecommerce. Drew will share his insights on buying businesses, establishing company culture, hiring the right team, and why these days he’s more focused on creating alignment than hustling. Enjoy! <h
11/06/20191 hour 6 minutes 12 seconds
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202: How I Scaled From $500/day To $15,000/day In Ad Spend In 30 Days

When you talk about scaling up in ecommerce, Facebook ads are often the first thing on most business owners’ lists. Today Andrew shares the exact steps he followed to help a client scale from $500/day to $15,000/day in ad spend in 30 days. He talks about what you need to do before you start scaling and the steps to follow as you grow. If you’re ready to dive deep into the weeds of your Facebook ad account, build new audiences, test new placements, and explore bidding options, this episode is for you. Enjoy! Episode Highlights: 3:22 Words of caution when you hear someone say there’s only one way to do something. 9:20 How to establish your bas
04/06/201942 minutes 58 seconds
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201: What To Do When You're Banned From FB, Google, and Amazon

Advertising plays a big role in any ecommerce strategy. So what do you do if your brand is banned from advertising on Facebook, Google, and Amazon? That’s the challenge faced by Chad Lio, Director of Marketing for Veritas Farms, a company that sells CBD. While not technically regulated by the FDA, there are still many limitations when it comes to advertising CBD. Today Chad joins us to talk about Veritas Farms’ multifaceted marketing approach, and how they successfully drive sales, despite being banned from some of the top ad platforms. He’ll share what’s working for them with influencer marketing, media buying, SEO, and more, and the critical role research plays across their entire strategy. Enjoy! Episode Highlights: <li style="font-w
28/05/201946 minutes 37 seconds
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200: How To Become A More Effective Executive

When I’m working with my private coaching clients our conversations inevitably end up focusing on how to become a more effective executive. In today's episode, Andrew and I share four rules to follow that will help you make better decisions as an executive and run your business, team, or agency more effectively. These rules include tracking and understanding your time, focusing on doing more of the right things, setting and reviewing your goals often, and asking yourself what the business needs from you. We'll also share how we've implemented these rules in our own businesses and how they've made us more effective. Enjoy! Episode Highlights: 3:49 Rule #1: Respect and understand your time. <li style="fo
21/05/201921 minutes 38 seconds
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199: How JT Marino Built The Largest Online Mattress Retailer In the World

JT Marino wanted to build a company that would disrupt an industry. With Tuft & Needle he did just that, bootstrapping his way from nothing to the largest online mattress retailer in the world. JT, co-founder of Tuft & Needle and now the Chief Strategy Officer for SSB Phoenix, joins us today to share his incredible story. We talk about why customer-centricity was one of Tuft & Needle’s core principles from the beginning, and the role it played in their eventual merger with Serta Simmons. JT shares his thoughts on the importance, as a founder, of having an intimate understanding of how every aspect of your business works, and why they decided not to take any outside investments when they first started out. This is one of my favorite founder interviews we’ve done and I hop
14/05/20191 hour 12 minutes 27 seconds
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198: How To Create Winning Content on FB and IG

Most of the time when our clients get big wins they can be traced back to the quality of their content. Big wins come from winning content, and today Andrew and I are going to discuss how to create that winning content for Facebook and Instagram ads. We’ll share the specific features your content must have if you want to stand out, and our top tips for creating winning imagery, video, and copy. These principles apply not only to Facebook and Instagram, but can be integrated across your entire marketing funnel to help you in all aspects of your business. Enjoy! Episode Highlights: 2:40 A tactic that helped one of Andrew’s clients see an 8X return during their spring launches <li style="font-weight: 400;
07/05/201930 minutes 56 seconds
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197: The Inside Story of How iRestore Scaled to 8 Figures

Establishing trust among your customers can be challenging, especially in certain markets. Kevin Chen is Vice President and co-founder of iRestore, a company that sells laser hair growth systems. Despite selling a product with a particularly skeptical audience, iRestore has grown to eight-figures over the last few years. Kevin joins us today to share his story of success. He talks about how he establishes trust and builds social proof with his customers, how he became an expert in Facebook advertising and iRestore’s secret behind their success with video on Facebook. Enjoy! Episode Highlights: 4:51 How Kevin got started in the ecommerce space. <span style="font-weight: 400
30/04/201945 minutes 9 seconds
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196: The Ugly Truth About Why Your Business Isn't Scaling

We know how frustrating it is when your business isn’t growing at the rate you think it should. Andrew and I have gone under the hood of dozens of different companies over the years and now when a company approaches us, it’s easy to spot the ones that will be able to scale up, and the ones that will struggle. Today, we share seven reasons your business might not be scaling and what you can do to fix it. We’ll talk about market size, margins, LTV, and product diversification, and how all of these things impact your ability to scale. This episode will help you identify potential issues and give you solutions for the most common reasons why your business may not be scaling. Enjoy! Episode Highlights: 4:32 Reason #1 t
23/04/201928 minutes 4 seconds
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195: Austin Ecommerce Investor Reveals His Short-Cut To Scaling

Running one company can be a challenge. But what about running 12? Our guest today is doing just that. Ecommerce investor Shakil Prasla of Pro Click Ventures joins us to talk about how he built his portfolio of ecommerce businesses. He shares what he looks for when acquiring new companies, how to hire CEOs, and what’s possible on the acquisition side of ecommerce. Enjoy! Episode Highlights: 4:38 Shakil Prasla's background and how he got started in the ecommerce space. 7:54 From website builder to ecommerce investor. <span st
16/04/201949 minutes 31 seconds
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BONUS: What The Hell Is Going On With Facebook?

If you’ve been having issues with Facebook recently, you’re not alone. My Twitter feed has been blowing up with people talking about the problems they're having and screenshots of breakdowns and errors. So in today’s bonus episode, Andrew and I provide some background on how these Facebook issues started, what changes are here to stay, and what you can do to manage your clients' (or your own) expectations. Enjoy! Episode Highlights: 2:42 When the Facebook issues started and the problems we’re seeing. 6:07 Andrew’s theories on why this massive disruption is happening on Facebook. 8:50 The 4 things you can do
11/04/201921 minutes 3 seconds
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194: The Ins and Outs of Facebook’s New Campaign Budget Optimization

If you’re not yet familiar with Campaign Budget Optimization, now is the time. Facebook recently rolled out this new ad feature and has plans for it to become a requirement for all advertisers later this year. Today, Andrew goes in-depth with everything you need to know about Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO). We discuss what CBO is all about: the framework for setting it up, how to approach your bids, and other killer tips that will make sure you’re set up for success when you start testing it out. Enjoy! Episode Highlights: 3:57 The new feature for your Facebook Ad campaigns: Campaign Budget Optimization. 5:15 What is CBO and how it's dif
09/04/201929 minutes 53 seconds
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193: "Must Know" Elements of Successful Ecom Design Most Business Forget

How often have you added a new element to your website because you thought it “looked cool”? The reality is that a jumble of “cool” widgets and features can slow down your site and actually worsen your customer experience. In today's episode, we bring back Kurt Elster who is a specialist in conversion rate optimization and runs an ecommerce website design and development agency, Ethercycle. Kurt shares his insights on the key components of a successful ecommerce website design. Learn the how-tos and what-nots of what makes a great website, including product page design, the importance of great copywriting, and why design actually shouldn’t be your #1 focus. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 5:02 “Ruthless Empathy”: the mindset Kurt says you need to have when analyzing your website. 6:44 The core elements of successful ecommerce website design. 8:46 The q
02/04/201954 minutes 36 seconds
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192: Tactics for Increasing Customer Lifetime Value (and How to Measure It)

Your customers are worth more than what they purchase from your store today. If you can retain them as a customer over time, you can gain more profits for your business. This week, Andrew and I have a meaty, and sometimes conflicting, conversation on customer lifetime value (LTV). We start by breaking it down with the basic definition and then share higher level strategies for how you can increase customer LTV, as well as some tactics you can implement today. Enjoy! Episode Highlights: 4:02 How to measure customer LTV (and why it’s difficult to do). 5:52 The first question Andrew has his client’s answer when they ask about LTV. <
26/03/201934 minutes 18 seconds
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191: How An Artist And Engineer Turned Business Owners Built a "Cult"

Success in the ecommerce world doesn’t happen overnight. Our guests today are not only big contributors to the ecommerce community, but are also co-founders of a business they built from nothing to one that now has a cult following. I met Matt and Meredith, owners of Boredwalk T-Shirts, at an Intensive I led a couple of years ago. Today they join us to share the story of how they built their “cult” of customers, including customer service best practices and how they overhauled their hiring process to rebuild a team that is excited about the core values of the company. Enjoy! Episode Highlights: <span style="font-weight:
19/03/201950 minutes 26 seconds
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190: When To Hire a Director of Marketing and How To Do It Successfully

A topic that’s come up a lot in my recent conversations is how to hire a high-level marketing person. Finding the right candidate can be tough, and when you’re a business owner doing a million other things, it can be even tougher. In this episode, Andrew and I talk through the hiring process, from deciding when to hire, to where to look for the best candidates, and the questions to ask before hiring to make sure you’re getting the best person for the job. Enjoy! Episode Highlights: 3:41 How to know when it’s time to hire a CMO or Director of Marketing and one of the key signs to look for. 6:28 Two main things to understand when you start the
12/03/201927 minutes 37 seconds
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189: What’s Actually Working in SEM and YouTube Advertising in 2019

The customer purchase journey is no longer a linear path. SEM and YouTube advertising have changed not only the way consumers find products, but also how businesses track where purchases come from. Today we’re joined by returning guest and CEO of OMG Commerce, Brett Curry. Brett shares his expert advice on where to get started with search-driven advertising, the resources to better understand attribution from each channel, and how you can use SEM, Google Shopping and YouTube to increase customer lifetime value. Enjoy! Episode Highlights: 6:04 Brett’s background in SEO, Google Shopping and direct re
05/03/201954 minutes 31 seconds
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188: 7 Questions to Ask Potential Paid Social Agencies

Making the decision to outsource your paid social to an agency can be tough. It’s a big decision to hand over the reigns of your social advertising to someone outside of your business, and one of the questions Andrew and I get a lot is, “when is the right time to hire an agency?” Today we address that question, as well as the specific questions to ask when you’re vetting your agency (and the answers to look for), and what you can do as a client to ensure you have a great relationship with your new partner. Episode Highlights: 4:41 The first thing you need to do before you hire an agency. 7:00 Andrew's calculation for determining whether or not it makes sense to hire an agency to manage
26/02/201934 minutes 52 seconds
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187: Customer Loyalty Secrets From a 7-figure Business

Magical things can happen in your business with a strong brand and a loyal customer base. Bryan Anthonys’ founders Amber Reynolds and Ed Glassman built a seven-figure business, in part by creating a brand and products that their customers feel deeply connected with. Today the husband and wife team share the story of how they built their business, the lessons they’ve learned along the way, and the secret to their customer loyalty. Enjoy! Episode Highlights: 4:07 From hustling on Ebay to building their own ecommerce store: the story of how Ed and Amber started Bryan Anthonys. 8:52 What’s working for Ed and Amber’s business right now.</l
19/02/201934 minutes 51 seconds
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186: The 3-Step Process to Profitably Scaling Your Business

Too many established ecommerce stores run out of money before they can scale. Over the last several years, I’ve helped 126 ecommerce brands build more profitable businesses. 78 of them scaled into 7-figure businesses. 2 them had $100 million dollar exits. Through this experience, I’ve learned that if you observe certain principles as you scale, you’ll increase your chance of doing it profitably. Today I share my 3-step formula for profitably scaling your ecommerce business. Enjoy! Episode Highlights: 4:10 The two conversations Austin had with clients that inspired this episode. 5:55 Strategy #1 for profitably scaling: Mindset. <l
12/02/201938 minutes 11 seconds
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185: Use These 20 Questions to Get Unstuck With Your Facebook Ads Part 2

Earlier this week, Andrew shared the first 10 of 20 questions he asks when auditing clients’ Facebook accounts to see whether they’re managing them to their fullest potential. Today he shares the rest of his tactical questions to help you optimize your Facebook ad account, including questions about audience overlap, value bidding, and your add to cart to purchase ratio. Part two of this episode will give you the full list of questions so you can complete a professional level Facebook audit on your own. Enjoy! Episode Highlights: 3:42 Question #11: Do you have too high of an audience overlap? 4:37 How to know i
07/02/201933 minutes 21 seconds
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184: Use These 20 Questions to Get Unstuck With Your Facebook Ads Part 1

A few weeks ago Andrew shared his five-step process for optimizing your Facebook ad account. In part one of this two-part episode, Andrew takes a more tactical approach and shares 10 questions he asks when auditing clients’ Facebook accounts to see whether they’re running things in the best way possible. After auditing more than 200 Facebook accounts last year, Andrew has seen accounts that are killing it and those that have a lot of room for improvement. Whether you’re on one end of the spectrum or the other, these questions will help you identify changes you can make to improve what you’re doing on Facebook. Stay tuned later this week for part two of this episode, where Andrew will share the additional 10 questions to ask when auditing your Facebook account. Enjoy! Episode Highlights:</stron
05/02/201928 minutes 22 seconds
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183: How To Manage Your Time Strategically While Growing Your Business

Something most of my clients tell me they struggle with is time management and always being busy. There’s so much to do and it feels like there’s never enough time to do it. Often most of their time is spent in their business, leaving little time to spend on the things they enjoy in their personal life. Time is something both Andrew and I are focusing on this year: how we can spend more time doing the things we want to do while continuing to grow our businesses. Today we’ll share some of the strategies and tools we use for effective time management, and the impact they’ve had on our lifestyles. Enjoy! Episode Highlights: 7:34 Buffer days versus focus days: Austin’s approach. 9:36 Andrew’s take on buffer days and buffer zones. 13:36 Creating an ideal schedule that works for you. 16:23 The importance of protecting your schedule once you’ve planned it out. 17:19 Build
29/01/201936 minutes 47 seconds
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182: How To Make Sense of Organic & Paid Traffic Attribution

As the world of digital marketing continues to become more integrated it becomes increasingly difficult to analyze your metrics across various channels. This is particularly true when it comes to attribution. Late last year Facebook launched a new attribution tool that will allow you, for the first time, to easily compare data across all of your paid channels at the same time. If you’re running ads across multiple channels, you won’t want to miss this episode. Andrew talks about the Facebook Attribution tool’s best features, how to set it up, and why you should start using it right away. Enjoy! Episode Highlights: 5:48 Facebook’s new Attribution tool: what it is and ho
22/01/201941 minutes 18 seconds
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181: The Changing State of Paid Social: Tips, Strategy, and How To Win

One of the most exciting (and frustrating) parts of being a marketer today is that platforms are constantly evolving and our strategies have to evolve with them. Today we’re joined by Susan Wenograd, Account Group Director at Aimclear, who brings her insights on the changes that are coming in 2019 and how ecommerce business owners and marketers need to start thinking differently about their paid social strategies. Susan talks about how paid media is moving from a direct response channel to an integrated one, the impact this has as content and budgets are split into increasingly smaller parts, what to do when you start seeing a decreasing ROAS on Facebook, and the role brand awareness plays in all of this. If you’re investing in paid media, you will not want to miss this episode. Enjoy! Episode
15/01/201946 minutes 5 seconds
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180: How To Set Goals That Will Leave You More Fulfilled

In 2018, I radically changed my approach to setting goals and running my business. As we enter a New Year, I wanted to put together an episode focused on how to set goals that will leave you more fulfilled. Instead of setting massive goals, I ask myself simple questions and make strategic changes to my business and life based on my answers. Those strategic changes led to more profit, less stress, and more personal freedom. In this episode, both Andrew and I share a glimpse into our businesses and our personal plans for 2019.  We also offer you some straightforward questions you can use to help you set more fulfilling goals in 2019. This episode will give you a head start for 2019. Enjoy! Episode Highlights: 2:09 How Austin is approaching 2019. <li
08/01/201933 minutes 13 seconds
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179: Making A Comeback After The Google Medic Update

The Google Medic update a few months ago caused a big upset for many people in the ecommerce space. Our guest today, Nat Eliason, is an expert in content marketing and SEO, and he shares his insights into what happened, the outcome, and why he thinks Google is smart for the changes they’ve made, even those some of his own clients were impacted. Nat joins us on the podcast for the second time and you won’t want to miss his discussion about why solid, well-written content is still the best way to drive traffic to your site and his recommendations for the best tools for auditing your site and improving SEO. Enjoy! Episode Highlights: 4:44 Why Nat practices intermittent fasting. 7:36 How Growth Machine has grown ov
01/01/201958 minutes 21 seconds
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178: You Are Treating Your Customers Equally (And Its Costing You Money)

Today, we’ve got an excellent interview with Wharton Professor and entrepreneur Peter Fader. He's a two-time guest. We wanted to bring Peter back on the show because he’s an expert in customer lifetime value and customer centricity. How do you predict lifetime value? What models should we use to predict lifetime value? This is what Peter spent his entire career focusing on. In this episode, Peter is going to talk about the difference between contractual businesses and subscription businesses. He's going to talk about share some big name eCommerce businesses that on are track to go out of business because of their product-centric model. It's a deep dive into customer centricity, lifetime value, and it's something I think you guys will enjoy. Episode Highlights 4:37  The work Peter Fader did with Zodiac that made Nike wanted to buy it. 8:45 What is lifetime value and its importance to your business. 9:54  Tips on maki
27/12/201841 minutes 24 seconds
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177: The 2018 Holiday Advertising Roundup: What Worked and What We Learned

If You’ve Been Listening To This Show For The Last Few Months, You’ve Heard Us Make Predictions About How To Approach Q4 Advertising. Many of those predictions worked out well. Others, not as much. There were a TON of Facebook bugs this year that came out of nowhere and really fouled people up. Now that we’re through the busiest part of the season, we’re bringing you an episode on BFCM advertising and what we learned. Andrew brought in four top media buyers to give you a detailed Black Friday/Cyber Monday recap. You’ll learn how it went down, what they learned, so you can adjust and improve your strategies going into the new year. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 5:13 How value optimization helped one client get a 7X ROAS during Black Friday. 6:55 The amped-up offer and focused traffic-driving strategy that worked for Ryan Kovach. 8:34 Bid caps: how are they working for low spends vs. high spends. 10:06 What exact
18/12/201833 minutes 11 seconds
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176: How One Skincare Guru Built A Thriving Business By Focusing On Her Fans

For over 12 years, Jeana LeClerc has been operating two businesses. She’s owned a local spa in Redding, CA and sold skin care products on Her business has grown and changed over the last decade, but her commitment to her customers has not. In the last year and a half, her business has taken off. She has grown from a two-person team to an eight-person team and completely changed the way she operates. Jeana shut down her local spa and doubled down on her online store. After narrowing her focus her passion for the business has been completely reinvigorated. I love a good founder story and today’s episode delivers. Jeana tells her story and shares a few of the learnings that have allowed her to get to the next level. I hope you enjoy! Episode Highlights 4:53 How Jeana went from being a stay-at-home mom to starting her own business. 8:58 The
11/12/201841 minutes 28 seconds
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175: Amazon Attribution, List Cleaning, FB Ads ROI?: Our Top Questions Answered

Today’s episode is a little bit different, in a good way. We've had some great questions recently in the Brand Growth Experts Membership. They were so good we decided to answer some of them for you guys who are the listeners. We answer questions including how to attribute Amazon sales, how to weed out inactive email subscribers, what type of an ROI you should expect on your Facebook Ads, and Andrew explains the best way to set up a budget and test Facebook ads. This is a meaty episode. Enjoy! Episode Highlights Links and Resources Brand Growth Experts Membership Brand Growth Experts Foxwell Digital Become a Member If you liked this episode, you're going to love the <a href= "http://www.bra
04/12/201830 minutes 50 seconds
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174: Why You Should Stop Organizing and Build a Second Brain

If Someone Looked Under The Hood Of Your Business, What Would They Find? If you hired someone new today, would they be able to easily access the information they need to get the job done? Or would they be sifting through a clutter of files, or, worse yet, is everything they need to know stored only inside your brain? Our guest today is Tiago Forte, founder of Forte Labs, a company that specializes in productivity. Tiago talks about the importance of building and maintaining a solid knowledge management system for your business, otherwise known as a “second brain.” Having a second brain not only makes it easier to onboard new employees as your business scales, but it can also help increase your overall organization and productivity. Andrew and I learned a ton from this episode and we hope you enjoy it! Episode Highlights 5:11 The goal of Forte Labs: Finding transformational paradigm s
27/11/201846 minutes 4 seconds
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173: The Five Step Process To Optimize Your Facebook Ad Account

One of the most common questions Andrew gets from his clients is: how do I optimize my Facebook ad account? Today he talks about RCAB-P, his five-step process for optimizing and improving Facebook ads. We'll cover the number one thing you need to do before you start optimizing, and walk through each of the five steps in detail to help you successfully optimize your ad account. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 3:41 The first thing you need to do before you start optimizing your Facebook ad account.  5:13 How much you should be spending before you start thinking about optimization. 6:10 Step one in the optimization process: Reporting Metrics. 7:23 The fundamental questions you want to answer with your metrics report. 9:01 Understanding secondary metrics, and a common metric that Andrew doesn't recommend tracking. 11:01 Step
20/11/201830 minutes 14 seconds
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172: What's Working On Facebook Messenger Right Now

What if you could make more money in a single day than your business previously made in its entire lifetime? That's what happened for Mark Arruda last August, typically his company's slowest month. Mark, owner and CEO of Constantly Varied Gear, joined us earlier this year to talk about how he uses Facebook Messenger in his business. Today, he's back, and in the eight months since we last had Mark on the show he's continued to ramp up his Messenger marketing and is seeing incredible results. In this episode, Mark shares the Messenger strategy he used that fateful day in August, and the other tactics he's using to grow his list and drive sales. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 7:13 The Facebook Messenger tactic Mark's using to gain Messenger subscribers and how it connects with his on-site lead capture. 9:56 When Mark got started with Messenger bots and how long it's taken him to build his current system.
13/11/201845 minutes
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171: The One Where Austin Tells How He Got Here

Earlier this week Andrew shared his story, and now we’re turning the tables. Today I talk about how I went from pursuing a career in investment banking to realizing I wanted to become an entrepreneur and eventually starting Ecommerce Influence. Digital marketing has evolved so much over the last decade, especially for ecommerce, and my career has evolved along with it. I’ll share how I built a business I'm excited about while also creating a lifestyle that gives me freedom and flexibility. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 3:54 Why Austin started Ecommerce Influence 5:07 Moving away from the typical agency: The birth of Brand Growth Experts 7:09 Austin's early career pursuits begin in China 8:14 When Austin realized he wanted to become an entrepreneur 9:38 Start-up life and learning how to become an entrepreneur 12:02 If you can sell a $100,000 product with triggered emails, you can sell anything with tr
08/11/201837 minutes 27 seconds
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170: The One Where Andrew Shares How He Got Into This

One of the questions we love asking our guests is: how did you get where you are today? It’s a question our listeners frequently ask Andrew and I too, and in today’s episode, Andrew is going to share his story. Andrew has been working in digital advertising since before the inception of the Facebook News Feed in 2009 and he’s learned a lot along the way. He shares his first experience working in “new media,” tells the story of how Foxwell Digital was born, and talks about what success means to him. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 3:18 How Andrew got started in digital marketing 6:04 A congressional campaign leads Andrew out East and into "New Media" 8:11 Andrew's experience working in Congress during the invention of Facebook Ads 12:45 When Andrew launched his first newsfeed advertisement 14:29 When social proofing meant getting the most Likes 15:46 The birth of Foxwell Digital 18:15 How Andre
06/11/201837 minutes 12 seconds
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169: The 2018 Q4 Blueprint with Justin Marshall

Happy fall. Happy Q4. Andrew and I love this time of year. It's when so many of the companies we advise make the majority of their revenue. A lot of you that are listening know how high the stakes are. It looks like things are, as we predicted, even more competitive than last year. But so far, things are going good. We're getting ready for the big show here so we decided to bring in the big guns. Today we’ve brought back Justin Marshall from Adhoc Media to talk about how he’s getting his clients ready for the holidays. Justin is a 2x guest. His first episode was one of our all-time most downloaded and this one doesn’t disappoint. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 6:10 How Justin explains the phases of Q4 to his clients. 7:43 Why you shouldn't just be pushing traffic to your site without a focus on conversions. 10:11 The offers you should be considering through the holiday season. 14:30 Not sure what creative you should be using?
30/10/201839 minutes 14 seconds
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168: How to Manage Your Marketing At Scale

When you're just starting your business and running it small and lean, it’s easy to implement new projects right away. Right? If you go to a conference and get a new idea, you can go in and execute it. As your business and team scales up, it's no longer possible to implement your ideas immediately. You need to plan and get your team involved. Many businesses get stuck here and never move forward. They feel momentum but can’t take advantage of it because they can’t effectively manage their marketing at scale. This leads to stress, burnout and missed opportunities. How do you transition from doing everything right away to having to plan it out and delegate it out? This often requires taking a step back before stepping forward. In today’s episode, we’re going to share a 3 step process to help you manage your marketing at scale. Episode Highlights 6:03 What it means to be at scale. 10:29 The questions you should be asking when planning
23/10/201825 minutes 2 seconds
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167: How Kettle and Fire Built a World-Class Affiliate Program

In today’s episode, we explore how Kettle & Fire went from a couple of guys boiling bones in a pot to closing $8 million dollars in Series A. I first met Jack Meredith in January when I hosted a Private Intensive here in Austin for him and his team. He was the first employee at Kettle & Fire, and they’ve been on a rocket ship of growth - mostly fueled by affiliate marketing. For most companies, affiliate marketing starts out as exciting opportunity but ends in disappointment. Not so with Kettle & Fire. If you are familiar with the paleo world, you’ll quickly notice they’ve got all the top health influencers and affiliates as supporters. Today, Jack shares the process that led to actually getting those people to support and promote Kettle & Fire. He also shares challenges they've faced as they have scaled, how to think about growing a team, and a framework for thinking about new projects. I had a great time recording this episode and I hope you enjoy it!
16/10/201843 minutes 21 seconds
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166: How To Be 2x As Productive With Your Team

About two weeks ago, my wife and I moved into a 100 year old bungalow here in Austin Texas. When you decide to move into an older house you expect certain things aren’t going to work. Each day you start adding to a checklist of all the things you’re going to need to fix. That’s the easy part. The hard part is getting the right people out to fix what’s broken. In addition to managing my team here at Brand Growth Experts and producing the Ecommerce Influence podcast, I’ve been coordinating electricians, plumbers, and painters to fix things at our house. Construction workers in Austin are so busy right now that getting people to show up is like herding cats. It’s been a lot of work and inspired today’s episode about managing a team. In this episode, I’m going to walk through the framework I use to accomplish more with my team in much less time. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 6:10 The Scrum methodology and how it works for Product Management. <
09/10/201835 minutes 50 seconds
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165: How Kim Kardashian West Helped LuMee Create Massive Growth

About four years ago, Allan Shoemake was Skyping with his daughter and hated how the poor lighting was impacting the video quality. He strapped a couple of LED lights to the side of his phone case and LuMee was born. Two years later, Kim Kardashian West picked LuMee as one of her “selfie secrets” and the company exploded from there. Our guest Jeremy Horowitz is LuMmee’s Ecommerce Manager. He attended my email Intensive last August and then he went on to have a ton of success with email. In today’s episode, he shares what they've been working on, what's been working well, how they think about growth. I think you’ll really enjoy this tactic and results heavy episode. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 7:03 The email strategies that are currently working for Lumee. 8:50 The pages you should be placing pop-ups to increase your sales. 10:15 Why you should be using heat maps to find the holes in your funnel. 13:46 How Lumee changed the
02/10/201834 minutes 28 seconds
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164: Q4: What’s Working This Year Versus Last Year on FB & IG

Today, we’re continuing our theme of “things you should do right now to prepare for Q4”. I’m not going to let you get to the end of October without a plan for the holidays. Not this year. We're going to start early so you can avoid that annual freakout. In this episode, Andrew and I share the key differences between Facebook and Instagram advertising this year and last year. There are a lot of similarities (creating good offers, creative, etc) but we’ve noticed some big changes and in this episode we’ll help you approach Q4 with your Facebook and Instagram ads the right way. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 5:17 Here are the big differences between this year and last year when it comes to marketing with Facebook & Instagram. 13:11 Why you should be separating out ad placement and setting up ads that only run on Instagram in Q4. 14:35 How to social proof your ads and why this process is so valuable
25/09/201827 minutes 56 seconds
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163: The State of Ecommerce w/ the Motley Fool

I have a fascinating episode for you today. This week, Andrew Foxwell sat down with Jason Moser, a senior analyst for the Motley Fool investment research team. You might be wondering why we are interviewing someone who helps people pick stocks for a living. It turns out, Jason's whole job at the Motley Fool is to research and analyze companies in the e-commerce sector and learn how they are innovating. This is a big picture episode and they talk about a whole bunch of things. Andrew and Jason get into talking about Wayfair and Amazon. They also talk about the state of ecommerce, Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, and a bunch of other things. I think you'll really like this episode and I look forward to hearing your feedback on it. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 6:05 How Ecommerce brands are innovating the marketplace. 9:00 The two trends you should be exploring if you're a growing ecommerce brand. 11:27 How creating your own version of Amazon's "
18/09/201840 minutes 55 seconds
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162: How To Stockpile Potential Customers for Q4 Using Facebook and Instagram

Today’s episode was inspired by a conversation with a colleague about building audiences and stockpiling potential customers for use in Q4. Last year, he said he put $10,000 into audience and list building for Q4. He expected he would be able to use those audiences but he had no idea when or the return on ad spend he would get. He believed if he brought people in, told the brand story and got them in his remarketing and email lists, he'd be able to earn back his investment. Off of that $10,000 investment he made almost $150,000 and basically spent all his Q4 ad spend just retargeting those lists. Didn't do any prospecting. This is important because right now is the time you should be thinking about your Q4 strategy. This is the time when the people who are going to have their most success through the holidays are starting their prep. And that's what this episode is going to be about. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 8:00 How running engagem
11/09/201825 minutes 17 seconds
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161: How to Build a Sustainable Business: The Muir Way Story

Today’s guest has a really cool business. He creates beautiful custom designed maps of National Parks, Mountain Ranges and Hydrology of states. And if you’ve ever been in an REI, you’ve probably seen his work featured in all their stores. In today’s conversation, we were able to catch up with Jared Prince and learn how his business has changed over the last year. We brought him on to talk about the sustainable growth he’s built into his business and how he has done it. He shares feedback from 6 months after attending both Intensives Andrew and I hosted in February. He shares what’s been going well, and how he thinks about growing his business after 5 years. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 9:40 What happens when the PR "buzz" wears off and how to turn it around. 13:33 How building an email list and properly segmenting that list has helped grow business for Muir Way. 14:42 The one thing Jared says Facebook and Instagram ads are gr
04/09/201838 minutes 6 seconds
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160: How The Top Ecommerce Brands Scale Up (And What You Can Learn From Them)

Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between brands that scale and those who don’t? A couple of months ago, I was asked this question on an interview with Kurt from the Unofficial Shopify Podcast. After re-listening to the episode, I decided to share it with you. Kurt asks great questions and I outline my entire philosophy on growth. It’s especially timely to talk about scaling given the recent sale of MVMT Watches to Movado for $200 million. In this episode, we talk about defining a growth strategy, scaling your advertising, and how to hire the team necessary to get to the next level. I also share what I’ve learned from working with some of the fastest growing brands in the country. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 4:30 How Austin has helped many brands scale from $500k to $1MM. 7:00 Why it is so important to do almost every job in your business before turning it over to someone else.</l
28/08/201842 minutes 18 seconds
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159: The $100 Million Dollar Blueprint w/ Mike Danner of Ancient Nutrition

Mike Danner is the VP of Digital Marketing for Ancient Nutrition (formerly Dr. Axe) the largest natural health website in the world with over 20M visits a month. Last year, they landed at #35 on the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America list and was the #1 fastest growing company in Tennessee in both 2016 and 2017. To top things off, in March of this year they received a $103M investment for a minority share of their business. To say they are “scaling quickly” is an understatement. I had the pleasure of getting to know Mike last year when I hosted a Private Intensive Workshopat their headquarters in Tennessee. He is razor sharp and very practical, which is on full display during this interview. He’s become an expert on hiring (out of necessity), and shares the inner workings on how they’ve managed to keep the business powering through unprecedented growth. This is an interview I’ve wante
21/08/201852 minutes 43 seconds
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158: Youtube Advertising for Ecommerce 101: Part Two

This is part two of a two part episode on Youtube Advertising for Ecommerce. If you haven’t listened to the first episode in the series, I would start there. If you have listened to the first episode, I hope you enjoy the 2nd part of my conversation with Tom Breeze of Viewability. We get into the details of who should be using Youtube Ads (and who shouldn’t), the difference between advertising on FB and Youtube, a discussion about creative, and a lot more. I call this a 101 episode because I intend it to help you go from knowing nothing about them to understanding whether or not they would work for your business. Enjoy part two of this very informative episode! Episode Highlights 1:47 Telling your brand story on Youtube and how to get it right. 5:29 What level of quality your video needs to be successful on Youtube. 9:48 How much you sho
16/08/201821 minutes 1 second
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157: Youtube Advertising for Ecommerce 101: Part One

For the last few months, I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking about Youtube Advertising. And for good reason. Andrew and I spend a lot of time talking about what’s working on FB and IG and email, but very little time talking about Youtube Ads. It’s not because I’m holding out on you. Frankly, it’s because I don’t know a lot about them. I’ve never run Youtube Ads and have always thought of them as a bit of a black block. To remedy that, I brought a best-in-class guest (Tom Breeze of Viewability) on the show to explain how you can use them to grow your business. We get into the details of who should be using them (and who shouldn’t), the difference between advertising on FB and Youtube, a discussion about creative, and a lot more. This a 101 episode because it will help you go from knowing nothing about them to understanding whether or not they would work for your business. Enjoy part one of this very informative episode! Episode Highlights
14/08/201833 minutes 43 seconds
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156: The State of Facebook and IG Ads: How To Go From Failing to Scaling

Intro: If your Facebook and Instagram Ads have been struggling recently, you’re not alone. Performance across Facebook and IG has been down for a number of businesses over the last few months. Wallowing in despair can be therapeutic, but it won’t get you anywhere. When things are going poorly, how do you turn it around? In this episode, Andrew will walk you through what many of his coaching clients have been paying him to do recently...which is to help them get back on track. You’re going to learn steps you can take to turn your failing advertising campaigns around. He’ll discuss how to assess what’s working and what is not, share some tools and tactics to help understand delivery metrics, and talk about what is actually working now.  Enjoy! Episode Highlights: <li style="font-weig
09/08/201825 minutes 40 seconds
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155: How to Crush it With Better Customer Experience

Today's guest is no stranger to spending money on advertising. But as you'll learn, nowadays he's more focused on delivering an amazing customer experience than optimizing his ad spend. Babak Azad is the former SVP of Media & Customer Acquisition at Beachbody. During his time there, his team spent over half a billion dollars in media and acquired over 10 million customers through their website, on Amazon, and over the phone. Those are some big-time numbers. In today's episode, we discuss the danger of falling into the "Cost Per Acquisition > Lifetime Value Game" and share a few surprising things most ecommerce businesses are missing in their quest for scale. This is an exceptional episode with an exceptional guy! Episode Highlights 6:15 Chicken or the egg: Babak's thoughts on pushing sales vs brand awareness to build a brand. 8:44 Why customer experience is not just about online UI and UX. 11:31 The one thi
02/08/201838 minutes 33 seconds
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154: How We Got a 10% Win With Simple “DIY” Conversion Rate Optimization

I just completed a successful two-day Private Intensive here in ATX with a client. We floated down the Guadalupe River and even played a little Top Golf, but most importantly made some big improvements to their website. In today’s episode, I want to share a big win we got from those two days so you can replicate it at home. Problem:The client had seen a 10% drop in conversion rate over the last month. The last 9 months were rock solid consistent, so it was very strange. A 10% drop in CR cost them around $35K a month! Solution:We installed HotJar and activated the screen recording function. After running a Google Analytics for exit pages and watching screen recordings, we identified a bug preventing users from customizing the product they wanted. It was literally stopping people dead in their tracks! After identifying the bug, the devs fixed it in a few hours. Episode Highlights 2:43 How a drop in conversion
26/07/201815 minutes 56 seconds
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153: How to reclaim hidden profits from your Shopify store

Are you an ecommerce business owner using Shopify? Then this episode is a must-listen. Kurt Elster is a master at helping Shopify businesses uncover hidden profits from their stores and increase their conversion rates. The Ethercycle founder joins us today to share his expert tips on where to look for profits you may be missing out on, the design mistakes people consistently make, and the #1 thing that will give you the biggest competitive advantage over Amazon. Plus, he talks about the test you should do today to see how your customers are really engaging with your site. Enjoy! Episode Highlights: 7:26 The 30,000-foot-view-quick win when it comes to optimizing your Shopify site. 9:48 The things top brands are getting right with website optimization. 12:37 The maximum number of apps your Shopify site should be running and why they maybe slowing you down, even
19/07/201836 minutes 17 seconds
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152: 3 Ways To Tweak Your DPAs for Top Performance

  Here’s the deal with Dynamic Product Ads or “DPAs” as you might know them. Everyone is using them and they work well. But as you’ll learn in today’s episode, the effectiveness of DPAs can create some unique problems for ad buyers. WFor example, you might have a DPA with a high return on ad spend and a low relevance score. Meaning it’s driving sales but people are indicating they don’t want to see it. How confusing is that!? In this episode, you’ll learn how to tweak your DPAs for top performance. We’ll talk about managing frequency, bidding, copywriting, and why you need to be thinking about your prospecting traffic. It’s a bit technical but if you’re running these ads (or want to) you’ll get a ton out of this episode. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 6:10 The biggest error in how most brands are structuring their dynamic product ads (DPAs). 8:05 Why turning up the spend on your successful DPA
12/07/201816 minutes 58 seconds
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151: What You Need To Know About Facebook’s New Custom Audience Terms

Today, I have a special episode for you. For our American listeners, July 2nd is two days before the 4th of July holiday. From here on out it will also be known as the day Custom Audience terms got updated! This is huge stuff right before the holiday. We’re talking about this because after Cambridge Analytica, Facebook has decided to evaluate their process and in my opinion cover their own ass. If you’re delivering ads to custom audiences (you should be) you’re going to need to accept new terms and start specifying exactly where your list came from. These changes will have a direct impact on how you’ll be able to advertise. In this episode, we’ll share what you need to know and how to stay above board. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 4:15 Why Facebook is changing up their custom audience terms 6:00 What you will be required acknowledge when uploading a new custom audience 7:55 How consumers will now be able to see more info on why they are be
02/07/201815 minutes 48 seconds
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150: The Art of Doing Less But Better w/ Greg Mckeown Part 2

Earlier this week, we dropped part one of our incredible interview with NYT best-selling author Greg Mckeown. We had a ton of fun chopping it up with Greg about how to improve your life by doing less. If you haven’t listened to that episode, I’d recommend starting there. Greg’s book Essentialism has had a profound impact on both Andrew’s life and my own. If you feel like you’re spending time on trivial tasks and you want to remove the “trivial many” and focus on the essential few, this episode is for you. Enjoy part 2! Episode Highlights 4:15 How the criteria you use to set goals will dictate where you plateau. 6:00 The closet metaphor you should be using to dial in your success. 8:39 When it comes to the essentials have you asked yourself this one question? 10:14 The 4 key questions you should be asking of yourself and your brand. 12:19 The Southwest Airlines moto that can help you find your perfect customer and what
28/06/201828 minutes 32 seconds
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149: The Art of Doing Less But Better w/ Greg Mckeown Part 1

About 2 years ago I purchased and then subsequently devoured the book Essentialism. At the time, I was stretched thin and had too many irons in the fire. The wisdom of Greg Mckeown helped me refocus on what really mattered. Today, I have the tremendous privilege of welcoming Greg on the show. Have you ever felt the urge to declutter your work life? Do you simultaneously feel overworked and underutilized? The remedy is rarely to “get more done” and almost always to “do the right things.” In today’s episode, we explore what stops otherwise outstanding people from breaking through to the next level, and dive into why most people struggle to define what’s important in their life. Enjoy! Episode Highlights 5:22 The meaning of being an essentialist as defined by author Greg Mckeown himself. 8:26 How contribution may be keeping you from getting to the next level. 12:23 Why it's impossible to have multiple priorities and
26/06/201837 minutes 9 seconds
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148: Ecommerce Marketing Strategy: What Will Get You To 8 Figures?

The number one question I get from ecommerce business owners, whether they’re just starting out or making $4MM a year, is: how do I scale? If you’re asking yourself that question, this episode is for you. In today’s Flash Episode I’ll walk through the big picture strategy that will help guide you on the path to 8 figures. We’ll talk about the three phases of growth, from $0 to $10MM, and what you should be doing at each phase in order to grow your business. I’ll talk about how your role as business owner will evolve as your company scales, and the three levers you should focus on to scale your business. And, I’ll share my #1 piece of advice for what you can do today to kickstart your growth. Episode Highlights 4:03 (Phase 1) The importance of finding a marketing channel that works for you, learning it well and doubling down on it. 5:36 (Phase 2) Now that you’ve mastered the channel, here’s why you need to remove yourself t
21/06/201816 minutes 45 seconds
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147: Why Messenger Bots Are Here To Stay (And How To Use Them)

Did you know that messenger bots have the highest engagement rates at the lowest cost per lead? Did you know that messenger subscribers can be 5-10 times more valuable than email subscribers? If you’re ready to grow your business with personalized, highly targeted communications, then this episode is for you. Mikael Yang, CEO and Co-Founder of ManyChat, joins us today to talk about messenger bots. Messenger has bypassed social networks to become the number one channel people are using to communicate with each other, and with brands. Yang shares the opportunities ecommerce businesses have with messenger bots to reach their customers in this highly intimate and engaging channel. Only 1% of marketers are using messenger, which is anticipated to become the main communication channel for B2C in the near future, and Yang talks about why now is the time you should start. <span style="font-weight: 4
14/06/201848 minutes 35 seconds
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146: Why Your Ads Get More Expensive As You Scale (And What To Do About It)

Are your CPAs on Facebook or Instagram rising? If so, you’re not alone. As more advertisers pour into the channel the cost of advertising is going up! Today, we’ve got a special “Flash Episode” for you. We share why your acquisition costs always increase as you spend more and we go step-by-step through a process that will help you advertise more effectively and profitably. This is a technical episode and one you might need to listen to a couple of times. But if you’re struggling to scale up your ad spend, it could be the ladder you need to take it to the next level.  Andrew and I go super deep into the FB weeds and talk about audience building, refreshing ads, horizontal scaling, etc. Paid social advertisers...enjoy! Episode Highlights: 4:30 The super tool that Facebook has given ad
07/06/201817 minutes 57 seconds
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145: International Shipping Demystified: How to Scale Your Business Overseas

Are you ready to scale your business and ship internationally, but feel intimidated by the complexities involved? Are you currently shipping abroad, but struggling with all of the different contracts, customs, and taxes? If so, we’ve got a fantastic episode for you today. Shipping outside of the United States can be a huge component of scaling your business, but there are many challenges related to finding the best courier in every country, understanding different regulations, and having proper documentation. EasyShip is a shipping platform that takes care of all of these issues and helps ecommerce businesses ship all over the world. Tommaso Tamburnotti, co-founder of EasyShip, joins us this week to talk about international shipping for ecommerce. We discuss the process of moving from domestic to international shipping, common inventory issues, and how to stop
31/05/201833 minutes
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144: 3 Simple Levers You Can Use to Grow your Ecommerce Business

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with all the information out there about how to grow your business? I know I do, it’s a freaking jungle out there. There is so much noise out there telling you to build this, optimize that, or to invest in some new shiny marketing channel it’s difficult to choose where to direct your attention.. It’s easy to get distracted from the simple fundamentals of how to grow your business. If you’re feeling stuck and are looking for inspiration on how to jumpstart growth, this episode is for you. This week we share the three levers you should focus on in order to grow your business, the simplest and least expensive way. These include: number of customers, average order value and frequency. We talk about how to calculate each of these, and how, as well as how much, you need to increase them b
24/05/201819 minutes 18 seconds
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143: Finding Balance Amidst The Highs and Lows of Entrepreneurial Life

This was one of my favorite episodes to record in the last year. I’ve often struggled with work-life balance and am no stranger to trying things that haven’t worked. This week we bring you a refreshing interview with my friend Victor Delacruz about the ups and downs of entrepreneurial life. Victor Delacruz is the founder and owner of Victor shares his journey as an ecommerce entrepreneur - from youth pastor to Air Force Captain to Jazz Piano student at NYU to the business owner he is now. Victor talks about the benefits of having a solid daily routine for optimizing your personal and professional life, and the importance for finding what works best for you. He shares the challenges he has faced within his personal and professional life, and the game-changer tactic he used for growing his email list, gathering customer testimonials, and getting tons of user-generated content that was repurposed for social ads and a suc
17/05/201845 minutes 1 second
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142: 4 New Strategies to Drive Increased Revenue From Facebook Ads

Do you want to be ahead of the curve when it comes to testing new Facebook advertising strategies? Then this episode is for you. We’re always looking for ways to increase Facebook ad performance and drive more revenue, and today Andrew shares four things he recently learned that are having a big impact for his clients. We cover how to use value bid optimization to target not only the people most likely to convert, but also the people who are most likely to give you highest return on ad spend, the importance of experimenting with your bidding windows within conversion campaigns, how to set up better social proofing tied to your product catalog ads, and how to review your customer lifetime value within Facebook analytics in order to test the effectiveness of your campaigns. Episode Highlights: <li st
10/05/201816 minutes 10 seconds
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141: What it takes to build & scale a $100M lifestyle brand with Jake Kassan

Do you want to know what it really takes to build a $100 million business and brand? Then this episode is for you. Building a successful multi-million dollar business is a marathon, not a sprint. Jake Kassan, founder and CEO of MVMT Watches, was one of my first clients when he was just launching the brand back in 2013. He joins us today to talk about how things have changed since then, and how MVMT has grown to what it is today. MVMT strives to be a best in class brand and best in class in all around marketing, and Jake shares the strategic approach to marketing MVMT uses to achieve those goals. He also talks about how having a strong team is essential to scaling your business and shares his experience hiring a CMO and supporting team, and what you need to know to do it. Episode Highlights: <li sty
03/05/201846 minutes 10 seconds
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140: 3 Facebook Ad Tactics You Need to Start Using Right Now

Are you frustrated with the increased competition on Facebook’s mobile news feed? Are you struggling with rising advertising costs and want to maximize your spend as effectively as possible? Then this episode is for you. Andrew shares two simple Facebook ad strategies that will get you more bang for your buck and help you compete on the news feed. He also talks about where on Instagram you need to be testing ads, if you’re not already, and the great success he’s seeing with his clients. Episode Highlights: 2:29 Things we’ve noticed recently regarding the newsfeed that are affecting your ads. 3:15 Are you testing your product catalog in a top of funnel ads? Here’s why you should. <span style
26/04/201814 minutes 53 seconds
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139: Zuckerberg on Trial: What you need to know about the future of Facebook advertising

Have you been wondering about the impact Facebook’s recent data privacy issues will have on digital marketing? Do you want to know what you need to do to get your ads in front of the right audience as social advertising continues to evolve? Then this episode is for you. Master digital marketer Molly Pittman joins us to talk about all things Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. She discusses the three key things you need to launch a successful ad campaign as competition and costs continue to rise, the positive outcome she hopes to see from Facebook following the Zuckerberg hearings, and how to stay relevant as messenger continues to grow as an important advertising platform. Episode Highlights: 4:20 Understanding the current state of advertising on social media. <li style="
19/04/201840 minutes 23 seconds
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138: 3 Email marketing mistakes you’re probably making (and how to fix them)

Today we’re launching our first FLASH episode! These shorter, bite-sized episodes will have actionable tips and takeaways you can easily implement in your business that will start driving immediate results. We love interviewing experts in the ecommerce space, and will still share those interviews every other week, but also want to offer content that will give you some quick wins. In today’s episode we talk about three common mistakes I see almost all of my clients making with their email marketing. You’ll learn: which setting must be turned off in your browse and abandoned cart campaigns to prevent you from missing out on $100s (if not $1000s) in sales, the importance of list segmentation and how to avoid ending up in the spam box, and why opt-in rate isn’t the best metric for measuring the success of your offers, and what you s
12/04/201813 minutes 52 seconds
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137: How to grow & scale your ecommerce business with Joe Fischer

Running an online business can be a lonely endeavor. It's easy to second guess yourself if you don't have other business owners to connect with. Have you ever wished you could find out how other companies are managing their growth? In today's episode, we get the inside scoop on what’s working (and what’s not) at the fast-growing gifting startup Greetabl. Joe Fischer, the Founder of Greetabl, joins us today to talk about what worked for him as he grew his business from an idea to an industry. Joe talks about which marketing channels have worked best to fuel Greetabl’s growth, how to hire quality talent as you scale (even if you’re in a small town), the reality behind fundraising for your business, and the five key areas ecommerce brands need to focus on to see ongoing, sustained growth in the
05/04/201850 minutes 11 seconds
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136: The Contrarian Advertising Strategies Facebook Doesn't Want You To Know

Are you an ecommerce business owner who’s managing your own Facebook ads? Do you want a breakdown of the best tactics to implement right now that’ll help you create and run ads that convert? Then this episode is for you. Dive deep into Facebook Ads with Justin Marshall, from Ad Hoc Media. He talks about specific targeting strategies, optimization tactics for each part of the sales funnel, how to scale and ramp up your ads, and where he’s seeing surprising success (hint: it’s not with the typical CTA button ads). Episode Highlights:   4:35 How Facebook advertising has changed and the ad type that’s out-performing traditional ads. <span style="font-weight:
22/03/201847 minutes 4 seconds
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135: [Case Study] How Messenger Ads Are Driving Real Revenue w/ Mark Arruda

Are you currently advertising on Facebook, and unsure what next steps to take to start scaling your business? Do you ever wonder whether other entrepreneurs actually see success after listening to our podcast and attending our Intensives? We know talk is cheap, which is why we invited one of our listeners to join us today to share what he’s learned, and implemented, after working with us. Mark Arruda, owner and CEO of Constantly Varied Gear, is a long-time podcast listener and previous attendee of both the Email and Facebook Intensives. He joins Andrew and Gracie Foxwell to chat about Facebook advertising, including how he’s using Facebook messenger ads
08/03/201827 minutes 54 seconds
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134: Conversion Rate Optimization 101 with Peep Laja

Have you ever wondered how to get started with Conversion Rate Optimization for your store? Do you sometimes wonder if you’re leaving money on the table by not running A/B tests? If so, you’re not alone. Today, I have the legend Peep Laja of Conversion XL with me to help demystify CRO and share some practical ideas to boost your conversion rate. Peep is an expert in CRO and runs the most successful optimization agency I know of. He was also the first person I started to learn from when I found his very successful blog. I’m going to be at Peep’s event, ConversionXL Live at the end of March. If your business is doing over $10 million a year, I consider it a must attend event. It’s going to be a
22/02/201828 minutes 56 seconds
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133: The “What We Learned” Episode

It has been a whirlwind month! Andrew and I finished up our first ever back-to-back Email and Facebook Intensive here in Austin TX. Both Intensives were wildly successful and we’ve been spending this week reflecting a bit. As much as these Intensives are focused on sharing what we know, we also learn a ton from each business who attends. In this episode, we share our discoveries from the event with you. We unpack an unusual success story from Facebook Messenger, we discuss how to use the new Visual Flow Builder in Klaviyo, and key in on a powerful use case for the Gleam platform. We also share a few surprises from the Intens
09/02/201832 minutes 38 seconds
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132: Email & Facebook Marketing Predictions for 2018

Happy 2018! We’re back -- and we’ve got something special for you. Last week Andrew Foxwell and I hosted a Facebook Live where we talked about our email and Facebook marketing predictions for 2018. Email marketing is alive and well, but there is one email opt-in technique that needs to be put to bed once and for all -- are you using it? There’s been a ton of hype around Facebook Messenger, but it has yet to live up to it -- will 2018 be its year? Tune in to hear what we think will change and what will stay the same this year, and what you need to do to keep up with the ever-evolving world of online marketing. Episode Highlights: <li style
11/01/201828 minutes 9 seconds
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131: Productivity Hacks to Make 2018 Your Most Productive Year Yet

If something happened to you today, how long could your business run before things started falling apart? How much time are you actually spending on value (i.e. profit) producing work and how much time is wasted on low-level, time sucking tasks? Get ready to save time, get more done, and be happier with the tips we’re sharing this week.   Productivity superstar Sebastian Marshall is the co-founder of Ultraworking, and writes 6000 words per week for Strategic Review. He shares the top the three things to do to set yourself up for consistent productivity and success, and the single most important question to answer before starting any project that will help you stay on track and achieve your goals. Also, find out what you need to start doing right now that will change the way you work forever (you’ll be surprised how simple it is). <h2
21/12/201758 minutes 55 seconds
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130: How PR Can Help Drive Massive Growth

A mega PR hit can be the gift that keeps on giving -- so why aren’t more ecommerce business owners getting in on it? This week, Peter Friis, CEO and co-founder of ESSIO Shower and CEO and founder of PR Volt, talks about how PR, combined with Facebook advertising, helped grow his business from 0 to $1 million in sales in just two years. Friis shares the key elements of successful PR campaigns, and what your product must have in order to get news editors’ attention. Find out how you can get started with PR for your business today, and the best way to package PR wins into ads that produce results. <span
06/12/201743 minutes 9 seconds
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129: Content Marketing - What You Need to Know With Nat Eliason

Have you ever wondered how a few brands crush it with their content marketing, while the vast majority of blogs fall flat? Are you interested in being able to track your blogging efforts? Do you want to know whether you should you be writing your content for shares or SEO? And how much is a realistic minimum investment (in both time and money) to make content marketing successful for you? In this episode, Nat Eliason, former head of Growth at Sumo and the founder of Growth Machine, answers those questions, and more. Join us as Nat talks about what’s working in content creation, how to create a strategy, and whether you should even do it at all. He also drops the truth about the 80/20 strategy related to content creation vs. promotion -- and what he says just might surprise you. Episode Highlights: <span style="fon
22/11/201748 minutes 7 seconds
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128: The Ecommerce Highlight Reel: The Best of 2017

You want the cream of the crop, the best of the best, the bee’s knees if you will. We’ve got you. Everyone knows the right idea at the right time can have a huge impact on your business. In this episode, we deliver our favorite and most actionable segments of the last year in a bite-sized format you can put right to work. You’ll discover the best way to start Influencer Marketing with Chase Fisher of Blenders Eyewear. You’ll explore the mysterious concept of Kickstarter “Super Backers” with Jeff Sheldon from Ugmonk. You’ll learn how to work less and make more with Tyler Sullivan of Bombtech. And last but not least, you’ll dive into a segment about
09/11/201734 minutes 13 seconds
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127: 5 Ways To Maximize Your Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

The holiday season is almost upon us -- do you want to maximize sales while minimizing stress? Are you ready to learn tips and tricks for standing out during this highly competitive time? If so, this is the episode for you. Austin and Andrew share the top five things you must do to prepare for a successful holiday season. Find out the best email marketing schedule for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, when to start (hint: it's probably earlier than you might think) and which customers to direct your messages to. And, learn how to make the most of your VIP relationships by giving them something special, and locking in high-quality sales before Black Friday hits. Preparation is key this time of year, so get ready to learn how to make this your best holiday season yet. Episode Highlights: <li style="font
26/10/201727 minutes 44 seconds
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126: The Big Facebook Advertising Episode for Q4: Part 2

  Do you want to know the secret formula for creating high converting Facebook ads? Are you ready to make video ads work for you? Then get ready for part 2 of our big Facebook advertising episode.   Molly McCarty returns to share her plans for making Q4 a success despite high CPCs and CPMs. Deirdre Kelly joins us to talk about value-based optimization and what you need to know about this offering to ensure you get the most out of it for your clients. Deirdre also shares one of her secrets to creating great lookalike audiences - Klaviyo integration. <span style
12/10/201734 minutes 20 seconds
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125: The Big Facebook Advertising Episode for Q4: Part 1

  Are you ready to put a Facebook advertising plan in place for Q4 that's actually going to drive conversions, and not just clicks? Have you implemented Facebook's recommended advertising tactics, but they just aren't giving your brand the results you desire? Well this episode has what you're looking for, and more. David Hermann and Molly McCarty share the truth about what really works and what doesn't when it comes to Facebook's recommended advertising approach. Learn the important first step that's necessary before launching conversion ads, and the best ad layout to help you drive sales. And, get an insider look at Facebook's new feature: household targeting. Enjoy part 1, and stay tuned for part 2 coming soon! Episode Highlights: <span style="font-weight: 400
28/09/201739 minutes 34 seconds
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124: [Case Study] The Effort Illusion: How Working Less Allowed Bombtech Golf to Finally Explode

Does the thought of cutting back on hours put fear in your mind? If so, you’re not alone. In this episode you’ll learn why cutting back on hours could be the secret to unlocking growth. About a year and half ago, Tyler “Sully” Sullivan from Bombtech Golf found himself at a familiar entrepreneurial crossroads. Burned out from 80 hour weeks and frustrated by the limited time he had with his newborn, Sully decided to pull the pin on excessive hours. From now on he’d only work 2-3 days a week. That decision led to the fastest growth in Bombtech history. Now he’s working smarter, growth is easier, and spending more time with his family. In this episode, you’ll learn what it takes to unlock growth, why you should do things that don’t scale, and how to start a community. Episode Highlights: <li style="fon
14/09/201738 minutes 57 seconds
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123: [Case Study] How Gather Raised Over $430K on Kickstarter

Have you ever thought about starting a Kickstarter campaign? Do you wonder how some people seem to have cracked the code on crowdfunding? If so, we’ve got an fantastic episode for you. Jeff Sheldon set a goal to raise $18,000 and ended up with over $430K in pre-orders. In this episode, he unpacks the details of his recent blowout Kickstarter campaign. Jeff shares what it takes to hit a crowdfunding home run and how to avoid some unexpected consequences of Kickstarter success. Enjoy! Episode Highlights: Talking the talk: The Kickstarter Process 5:40 What set Gather apart from others on Kickstarter? 6:27 Building Mass Effect: How to teas
28/08/201733 minutes 9 seconds
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122: [CASE STUDY] Grinding Their Way To Growth: The Real Story of Everyday California

Does it ever seem like there are brands out there who just have it figured out? It's easy to look at other businesses and think "wow, they are crushing it" without realizing the work they put in to get there. Today, we talk about the work. Chris Lynch is a talented entrepreneur out of San Diego who's built a growing lifestyle brand called Everyday California. Life is good. But as he tells us in today's episode, it hasn't always been IPAs and sunny days. He's hustled, he's made mistakes and he's continued to iterate on his original ideas before finally getting to a point where growth is coming easy. In today's episode, we share a real life story of how EveryDay California spread its wings.
10/08/201732 minutes 36 seconds
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121: [Case Study] Growth in an Ultra-Competitive Niche - Jeremy Roberts

Do you struggle to get an ROI on Facebook? You're not alone. In this episode, Jeremy Roberts shares how he's been able to grow his business while operating in the hyper-competitive space of women's clothing. What can you do when all your competitors are venture backed? Jeremy shares what has worked for him. Key Takeaways from the Show The under estimated power of lifecycle marketing How he used direct mail for a massive ROI The mindset shift that let his business grow Links / Resources The Brand Growth Intensive -
21/07/201734 minutes 11 seconds
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120: What You Need to Know About Facebook's Analytics Platform

What's going on with Facebook's new analytics dashboard? Is it time to ditch Google Analytics? We'll tell you that and more in this latest episode. This is your unofficial breakdown on how to use Facebook Analytics to help grow your business. Interview Highlights 1:30 The new Facebook analytics package overview 2:05 Why is this topic important to our listeners? 6:00 How many people have the analytics dashboard and who is using it? 7:14 People vs. pixel-based marketing… 10:05 How to make an impact on your business with FB analytics 15.09 The NEW-NEW stuff – building custom dashboards 17:18 Helpful examples for building dashboards 19:47 How to optimize with “Breakdowns” 22:30 How do the analytic results affect the way you serve ads? 25:31 How does the new FB platform help with event de-bugging? 28:30 Inside the mind of Andrew Foxwell…last minute tips! </u
12/07/201730 minutes 4 seconds
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119: [Case Study] The Science Influence: How To Double Your Business Using Instagram

  Have you worked with Influencers to grow your business? Or thought about doing it? This episode spills the beans with a real-life case study on how Blenders Eyewear used "Influencers" to help them grow to mid 7 figures. We cover both the big picture of whether or not you should use influencers, as well as the nitty gritty behind the scenes of how to make it work. Interview Highlights How do you track success? How do you find Influencers? How do you manage the process? How much do Influencers cost? Links / Resources
22/06/201738 minutes 29 seconds
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118: 3 Facebook Ad Hacks Everyone Should Steal from Andrew Foxwell

In this weeks episode, we share some of the big discoveries we've made on Facebook. As you know, Facebook changes quickly and this episode is designed to give you a flash briefing on what is currently working for our clients. Key Takeaways from the Show The current value of social proof (a Facebook hack) The Facebook Pixel's increasing IQ Large audiences and how they are changing the way you bid Links / Resources Foxwell Digital (Andrew's website)
08/06/201716 minutes
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117: Confessions of a Podcast Procrastinator (We're Back!)

If you’ve been a listener to the Ecommerce Influence podcast over the last year, you know our release schedule has been inconsistent, to say the least. My wife and I went on an extended working honeymoon through Asia for about 6 months and during that time recording episodes took a back seat. The good news is that we’re back and I have a bunch of solid episodes coming your way. This is our first episode in quite some time. Tune in to hear where we've been, what we have in store for the new show, and get to know my new podcast co-host, Andrew Foxwell. I'm excited to be back in the saddle and to bring you some of our best new training yet. Links / Resources Foxwell Digital (Andrew's website)
06/06/20179 minutes 17 seconds
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116: 4 Profitable Email Strategies You Can Swipe for Your Ecommerce Brand

Drew Sanocki of Nerd Marketing joins Austin to discuss some advanced email marketing strategies for your ecommerce brand. We go DEEP with some strategies that are working for 8-figure retailers including specific examples you can copy. We also announce a very unique opportunity – [The 2-Day Brand Growth Implementation Intensive]( – a live event unlike anything you’ve attended before, hosted by Drew and Austin. Key Takeaways from the Show The big shift that turned Drew’s first big Ecommerce retailer around. The role email marketing has played in Austin’s Ecommerce career. The benefit of fixed costs in email marketing. Typical list management issues that Austin discovers while consulting. Benchmarks for desktop and mobile opt-in rates. Responding to pop-up concerns. Segmentation and targeting:
07/02/201740 minutes 5 seconds
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115: How Retargeting will Improve Your Business's Results

  Want more results? Want to know how to get those better results through your Facebook ads, Instagram ads and other unique ways of retargeting to your audience? Get a detailed step by step look at the process you need to go through to sta
24/11/201631 minutes 19 seconds
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114: Ways to Proactively Engineer More Sales for your Business with James Schramko

Need help figuring out how to build your team and then lead that team? You’ll learn how to implement content marketing into your process of actively engineering opportunities for your customers to return to your website in this week’s episode. Today, James Schramko of joins us as we’re breaking down highly effective traffic and conversion strategies to help you grow your ecommerce business from seven to eight figures and above. James shares his experiences with recurring revenue and content marketing, so you can implement these concepts into your ecommerce business. Key Takeaways from the Show Content marketing Recurring Revenue – Netflix, amazon are all doing it. How to increase frequency of opportunities for your consumers to buy. Identify through your consumer base and analytics who is repeat purchasing. Ways to actively engineer future
10/11/201643 minutes 27 seconds
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113: How to Maximize Your Conversions for the Holidays with Erik Christiansen

The holiday season marks the height of competition for customer acquisition with the stakes rising as many online retailers rely on this time of year to make up for a lower sales year. In this episode Erik Christiansen, CEO of Just Uno shares critical strategies on how to maximize your sales and prepare you for the holidays. He walks us through why it is important to focus on the concepts you have in place and not stop with one email but walking each customer through your entire sales funnel. It’s important (especially in the holiday season) to shop your own website and go through the shopping cart experience – if you are not already doing it today have an exit offer before the customer leaves. Key Takeaways from the Show Boosting Conversions How to drive more sales over the holidays Take advantage of the new google algorithim Focus on your current strategies
27/10/201634 minutes 14 seconds
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112: The Facebook Oracle Returns with Andrew Foxwell

  If you’re spending any money on Facebook, this episode is for you. Andrew Foxwell goes deep into advanced Facebook advertising strategies that are working right now. Key Takeaways from the Show What’s working right now on Fac
13/10/201646 minutes 15 seconds
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111: The Art of Manifestation with John O'Connor

What’s holding you back from reaching your goals? Chances are it’s you. John O’Connor know how to help entrepreneurs and executives make major breakthroughs in their life. He shares some of his wisdom with us today.   Key Takeaways from the Show How to ACTUALLY get everything you want Foveal vision vs peripheral vision and how to use them to your advantage How to program your own mind in a way that ensures you’re successful Nootropic coffee Structuring your life for success The difference between Do. Have. Be and Be. Do. Have Why you need a coach How to avoid overwhelm and make decisions from a position of strength Why you should stop habits that are on autopilot Links / Resources Kimera Koffee  
29/09/201651 minutes 12 seconds
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110: The Inevitable Entrepreneur: Building Multi-Million Dollar Businesses After 40

Hear the wisdom corporate escape artist, Buck Rizvi has on growth vs fixed mindset, how to run 25 employees virtually from your own home office and the process of hiring those people. How do you know when to keep moving forward on your current venture or business are you prepared for growth? When is it time to be done? Let go. Sell the business or just walk away? Key Takeaways from the Show Why Buck believes in doing everything to maintain your reputation online How he’s started multiple mulit-million dollar businesses a
08/09/201647 minutes 28 seconds
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109: No Champagne, No Gain: Lessons in Growth From A Wine Mogul

    Want to learn how to grow an email list by 40,000-60,000 ever month and convert a percentage into happy paying customers? A simple drip campaign heavy on content with an offer to educate the user online adding value consistently can give you an idea of how much money you will make each month based on the amount of emails acquired. Sound simple enough? Hear the journey how Logan and his co-founding partner of Wine Awesomeness started the journey two years ago being a two-man show to 15 – 20 employees acquiring 40,000 to 60,000 new email addresses every month. “If you are doing everything, you are doing nothing.” Logan Lee Key Takeaways from the
25/08/201651 minutes 41 seconds
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108: Secrets of a Master Merchant: How To Turn One Purchase Into Many (Instantly)

Ezra Firestone owns several seven-and eight-figure businesses. He shares his secret to dominating multiple markets, how to (instantly) upgrade your customers, and why you should never sacrifice your lifestyle.   Key Takeaways from the Show How to Implement Upselling Difference between Upselling, Down-selling and Cross-selling How you can use the above tactics to boost sales in your business 1 – Click Post Purchase Emails We go over Integrative Social Commerce and how it will change your online e-commerce business. Links / Resources Smart Marketer Overcast App  SaneBox – Get Your Free Trial <a href= "
19/05/201645 minutes 51 seconds
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107: ANALYTICS WITH YEHOSHUA COREN       <img src= "http://www.austin-brawne
05/05/201643 minutes 35 seconds
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106: Building a Business with Andrew Youderian

106: BUILDING A BUSINESS WITH ANDREW YOUDERIAN     How do you go from being a product seller to a true business owner? Andrew Youderian has some insigh
28/04/201643 minutes 39 seconds
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105: What Famous Copywriters Don't Want You To Know About Writing Copy

14/04/201652 minutes 23 seconds
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104: How $100 Million Dollar Companies are Born

HOW $100 MILLION DOLLAR COMPANIES ARE BORN Posted by Austin Brawner on April 10, 2016   TheCHIVE is an
10/04/20161 hour 3 seconds
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103: The Silent Power of Email Marketing Pt. 3

“Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them.” – W. Edwards Deming Today we’re going to be continuing our 3 part series on email marketing for ecommerce. This episode is going to focus on maximizing profit through generating repeat sales.   If you haven’t listened to the first two episodes I’d recommend you start there. The Silent Power of Email Marketing Part 1: Generating Leads The Silent Power of Email Marketing Part 2: Activating Subscribers In this third episode, I’m going to be sharing 5 tips to help you gain more repeat customers. Key Takeaways from the Show Why you shouldn’t send an email unti
14/01/201616 minutes 14 seconds
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102: The Silent Power of Email Marketing Pt. 2

102: THE SILENT POWER OF EMAIL MARKETING PT. 2 Posted by Austin Brawner on January 9, 2016   <h3 class="art
10/01/201620 minutes 6 seconds
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101: The Silent Power of Email Marketing Pt. 1

We're diving into email marketing this month, a topic that we all know we should focus on but rarely do. You might have seen this but we recently sent out a survey and this was by far what you all wanted to learn more about so we're going to do a short series talking all about this over the next weeks (make sure to join the email list to stay up to date). We'll talk about the 3 buckets of email marketing (prospects, subscribers, and customers) and how you should approach each segment. Can't figure out how to turn a prospect into a subscriber? We'll dive into it around the 8 minute mark. Learn the framework you can use to create an irresistible offer and then how to get that in front of people. One of the best ways is a pop up. We'll dive into the 4 different types of pop ups so you can figure out what is right for you. Key Takeaways from the Show The 3 buckets to focus on in email marketing. Ideas to better eng
03/12/201522 minutes 57 seconds
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100: How To Find & Start Something That Matters

We can talk about & analyze business all we want on this show, but at the end of the day the force of life is the drive for fulfillment; so start something that matters. This episode is a celebration of our 100th episode together and we thought it was a perfect time to discuss how we were able to find and start something that mattered deeply to us, and how you can, too. In this episode we open up about our process for finding and starting something that matters, the insights we've gained since our beginnings two years ago, and how this episode signifies major changes in the business and some smaller changes to this podcast. It's one of the more authentic episodes we've done and we think it'll be able to help you figure out how to start something that matters...or recalibrate what you're already doing to make it matter more. Thanks for joining us on episode 100! Key Takeaways from the Show The two spiritual needs that humans need sa
19/11/201535 minutes 33 seconds
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099: Dylan Whitman, BVAccel - How To Choose The Best Ecommerce Platform For Your Brand

Whether you're an experienced ecommerce store owner, or just getting started, knowing how to choose the best ecommerce platform for your business is crucial to your success. When it comes to choosing a platform to build any business on, the best companies, like MVMT Watches, Heist, and Mizzen + Main, choose a platform based on what's best for them 5 years from now, not what's best today. And if you're looking to start, or grow, an ecommerce business then making sure you have the right platform for your growth will be one of the most important business decisions you'll make. Today's guest, Dylan Whitman of BVAccel, has been in the ecommerce space for 10+ years, which is like dinosaur years when it comes to ecommerce. And when you consider his client list of Red Bull, Daymond John from Shark Tank, MVMT Watches, Heist, Mizzen + Main and more, then you know it's smart to heed his advice. His past and present experiences with all types of eco
12/11/201547 minutes 45 seconds
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098: Mike Zhang - Growing A Business To $20MM, Selling By Age 22 & Advice For Growing Your Ecommerce Business

It's not everyday that you can get advice for growing your ecommece business from someone who has built and sold a $20MM per year store by the age of 22. But in this episode, that's exactly what we get. Mike Zhang is the original founder of Airsoft Megastore, an ecommerce site that was said to be generating $20MM in revenue per year at the time of it's sale in 2012. What started off as a small eBay project for Mike ended up turning into a full-fledged ecommerce business, one that has garnered him numerous entrepreneurial awards including Bloomberg 25 under 25 and Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year finalist. He has a wealth of experience in ecommerce, and business in general, at the ripe old age of 25. In this episode he lays out some of his best advice for growing your ecommerce business to where you want it to go. Key Takeaways from the Show What it's like to get started in ecommerce at the age of 13 How he grew Airso
05/11/201541 minutes 36 seconds
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097: Sean Kelly, Snack Nation - How To 15x A Subscription Ecommerce Model Business (& Why It Can Work For Any Ecommerce Business)

Are you tired of the chasing down one-time transactions? Do you want more predictable revenue? Then a subscription ecommerce model might be what you need. Just because you sell sunglasses or messenger bags or some other kind of apparel doesn't mean a subscription ecommerce model won't work for your business. In fact, it's quite likely that it will work for you...once you make a small mindset shift. This is a special episode for us as it brings us back to our humble beginnings. Both of us planted our entrepreneurial roots and cut our marketing chops at Sean's company HUMAN Healthy Vending. Without this experience, we wouldn't have been able to successfully grow our business in the way that we have. It's amazing how things come full circle now as we chat with Sean about how they've been able to take their healthy snack delivery business and apply the subscription ecommerce model to be able to grow 10x in just 9 months. What's even more in
29/10/201543 minutes
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096: Chris Ducker - Working With A Virtual Staff To Buy More Time, Be More Productive & Build Your Dream Ecommerce Business

How would it feel to go from working 14 hours per day 6 days a week to working 6 hours per day and not working Fridays? Working with a virtual staff can make that promised-land a reality. If a self-proclaimed "micro-managing, pain in the butt boss" can do it, then so can you. Virtual staffing is no longer considered a new concept thanks to Tim Ferriss's 2007 book "The Four-Hour Workweek", but knowing how to hire, train, and manage a fully functioning and efficient virtual staff seems like a new concept to many. Lucky for us, Chris Ducker, the virtual staffing expert, joins the show to talk about working with a virtual staff, the type of mindset you need to build a virtual team, how to determine what your staff should be doing, how to take your business to the next level with virtual staffing, and much more. Give it a listen and learn how you can go from 14 hour days to 6...and no Fridays. Key Takeaways from the Show
22/10/201545 minutes 52 seconds
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095: 4 Reasons Why You Should Buy An Ecommerce Business & The 6 Key Tenets To Proper Due Diligence

You might not be the right type of person to start an ecommerce business from scratch, so maybe you should buy an ecommerce business instead. The amount of time, energy, money and sacrifice it takes to build a business from the ground up can be exhausting (we know first hand), so why not skip all of that and buy an ecommerce business that is already established? To be honest, we never really considered the benefits of buying an already established business, but after talking with David Newell of FE International we've been convinced that buying an ecommerce business might actually be a better option than starting from scratch. In this episode, David will cover the 4 main reasons why you should buy an ecommerce business, including a few reasons we never thought about and now have us considering it. He'll also cover the 6 areas you need to focus your due diligence process on so that you can make sure you're not getting hosed when negotiating with the seller.
15/10/201545 minutes 31 seconds
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094: The Top 7 Things We've Learned About Building A Successful Ecommerce Business Since Starting This Podcast

It's been about a year and a half since since we started the podcast and countless experts have joined the show to provide us with incredible insights into building a successful ecommerce business. The question is, which ones should you be focusing on? We thought it would be the perfect time take the thousands of ideas, tips, and tricks we've learned and flesh out the top 7 things we've learned about building a successful ecommerce business so that you can focus on the most important things now, while helping you better plan for your business's future. It was tough for us to choose just 7 so know that our recommendations here do not come lightly. [player] Key Takeaways from the Show A breakdown of the top 7 things we've learned about building a successful ecommerce business The main difference between a real business and a job you created for yourself Predicting the end of most ecommerce businesses Why you're
08/10/201532 minutes 18 seconds
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093: The Biggest Risk In Business (& Life) & How To Manage It

Today we're talking about risk and decision making. In business and life entrepreneurs and must decide to take risks (or not take risks) and live with the impacts it has. We're talking about an article from CEO Andy Dunn called The Risk Not Taken and it's had a massive impact on our approach to risk and decision making and wanted to share it with you. Andy talks about everything from the role money has in risk to personal shame and embarrassment. It's something we all feel but rarely talk about in the conversation about entrepreneur-ism and life. Key Takeaways from the Show The role that risk plays in business and life. How to deal with the "Decision Elf" What to do when you feel like a fraud. The need to understand how well off we really are. Links / Resources Andy Du
01/10/201521 minutes 5 seconds
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092: Emmanuel Eleyae, Satin-Lined Caps - Generating $80k Per Month Within 9 Months Using YouTube Influencer Marketing

You finally found it… …the answer to your ecommerce store’s growth problem and your video marketing conundrum. At this point you know that video marketing is all the rage as YouTube and other video platforms continue to explode with opportunity to you grow your business. You know you should be capitalizing, but it feels like too big of a task to take on right now. Video marketing requires a lot of effort to outline a video marketing campaign, write the video(s), film the video(s), edit them, upload them, promote them etc. Of course, you can always hire someone to do all that, but that gets expensive…and who knows if it’ll even work and show a positive ROI after all is said and done. But there is a different way to do video marketing that could work very, very well for you. It’s called YouTube Influencer Marketing and today’s guest, Emmanuel Eleyae of Satin-Lined Caps, has experienced the video marketing promised land…to the tune of $80k in revenuer
24/09/201543 minutes 21 seconds
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091: Jeff Sheldon, Ugmonk - How to Create an Authentic Brand That Creates 1000 True Fans

If there's any online company that completely embodies the idea of an authentic online brand, it's Ugmonk. Customer loyalty to the brand is second to none and something all ecommerce brands should seek to emulate. Jeff Sheldon, founder & designer, has taken a small side project and turned it into one of the most successful, most authentic online brands we've ever encountered or worked with. His story is truly one of the most remarkable authentic online brand building stories out there today, and he walks us through the steps he took to grow his business from basically nothing to an "online household name" where customers rarely leave. He explains to us how he created a loyal community of customers that rarely leave him, the early mistakes he made and how you can avoid them, how he built his authentic online brand without advertising, and his plans to take his business to the next level. Key Takeaways from the Show How to create the most aut
17/09/201535 minutes 1 second
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090: Tommy Walker, Shopify Plus - How To Turn Your Ecommerce Store Into A Content Marketing Machine Without Adding To Your Current Workload

Tommy Walker has written some of our favorite ecommerce content for some of our favorite sites over the past couple of years including ConversionXL and now Shopify Plus. He has a wealth of knowledge about content marketing and shares with us his best strategies for establishing a system to generate a large amount of quality, effective content for ecommerce companies. He shares all in today's episode, take a listen. Not every ecommerce company needs content marketing as a crucial part of their strategy. As Tommy puts it... I don't need an article about how to make my bed if I'm buying sheets online. However, if part of your mission is to build a lifestyle brand surrounding your product then content needs to be a big focus for you as it builds community, loyal customers, and drives a lot of traffic when done right. Tommy shares his personal 'code' (the one he's using for the Shopify blog he's now running) for successfully writing articles and hiring people
10/09/201552 minutes 42 seconds
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089: How To Leave Your Business For 3 Weeks, Still Make Money & Come Back To It As If You Never Left

We talk about building systems all the time, but how well do they actually hold up when you completely leave your business? It was time for us to "put our money where our mouth is". We recently tested out how well our systems worked by sending by sending Austin to Asia and completely off the grid for 3 weeks. In this episode we talk about the results we experienced, what we learned, and what we failed at so you can make the necessary adjustments in your business and make your systems work for you. Systems are vital because they provide the freedom to step and disconnect so you can live a life outside of your work and really enjoy what you're working on. Ask yourself, what would happened if I left your business today for 4 days and didn't have any connection to internet or phone? What about 3 weeks? If you get a small panic attack just thinking about it, then you need to create more and better systems. A business is only a business when you can step away a
03/09/201529 minutes 2 seconds
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088: (Part 2) How To Drive More Ecommerce Sales With Facebook Advertising

If you're not driving more ecommerce sales with Facebook advertising then you're missing out on one of the best "demand generation" systems available to your business today. Facebook advertising has been responsible for producing 2x, 3x, 4x even 10x returns on adspend for some of our clients...and if you're not getting that with what you're doing now, here's how you can start. The person responsible for helping some of our clients see those kinds of returns is Facebook advertising expert and friend, Andrew Foxwell. Foxwell (we call him Foxy!) is one of the most revered Facebook marketers today. He has worked with 8 figure+ businesses, a U.S. Congressman, our clients, and even us. This is episode is part two in a 2-part series that will teach you how to drive more ecommerce sales with Facebook. Part one is an overview of Facebook advertising, what's possible, and we lay the foundation to becoming successful. In part two we'll dig in a bit deepe
27/08/201544 minutes 52 seconds
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087: (Part 1) How To Drive More Ecommerce Sales With Facebook Advertising

The man who stops advertising to save money is the man who stops the clock to save time. If you're not driving more ecommerce sales with Facebook, you should be. If you are using Facebook to drive sales, you can do it better than what you're doing now. Facebook advertising has been responsible for producing 2x, 3x, 4x even 10x returns on adspend for some of our clients. Most of the credit can go to Facebook advertising expert and friend, Andrew Foxwell. Foxwell (we call him Foxy!) is one of the most revered Facebook marketers today. He has worked with 8 figure+ businesses, a U.S. Congressman, our clients, and even us. This is episode is part one in a 2-part series that will teach you how to drive more ecommerce sales with Facebook. Part one is an overview of Facebook advertising and what's possible. We then lay the foundation to becoming successful. In part two we'll dig in a bit deeper and show you how to sell for results with Facebook advertising. <
20/08/201541 minutes 5 seconds
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086: (Part 3) The Art & Science Of Doing Twice As Much In Half The Time Using SCRUM For Ecommerce

If you've listened to parts one and two of this three-part series you should have a firm grasp on scrum, the methodology we use to help us do twice as much in half the time. The final episode in this series will cover our personal experiences using the methodology, how we've modified it to fit our business, the things we're improving as we move along, and how we think you should apply it to your ecommerce company. Plus, we also have a special guest joining us, and he goes by the name "Master Splinter." No, he's not a mutant rat. The Scrum Methodology was originally designed for technical projects, but now it's being applied to business and it's been a smashing success for many. Our own experience has been extremely positive. Our team is on the same page, we're doing the right things at the right time, and we're knocking out project after project weekly. This episode is part three in a 3-part series about applying the scrum methodology to innovate w
13/08/201541 minutes
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085: (Part 2) The Art & Science Of Doing Twice As Much In Half The Time Using SCRUM For Ecommerce

Getting twice as much done in half the time seems like a fantasy, but it can become a reality if you're using the scrum methodology. If you're looking for the silver bullet to increase productivity, this could be it for you, it has been for us. The Scrum Methodology was originally designed for technical projects, but now it's being applied to business and it's been a smashing success for many. Our own experience has been extremely positive. Our team is on the same page, we're doing the right things at the right time, and we're knocking out project after project weekly. Tim Francis is the guest on the first two episodes in this series. He is a scrum "master" so to speak and he taught us the ins and outs of the process. In this series he's going to outline what scrum looks like and how you can use it in your business. This episode is part two in a 3-part series about applying the scrum methodology to innovate with disciplined execution while getting
06/08/201545 minutes 59 seconds
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084: (Part 1) The Art & Science Of Doing Twice As Much In Half The Time Using Scrum For Ecommerce

It seems like we're all looking for the silver bullet when it comes to getting more done in our business. Look no further. There is a methodology that will help you do twice as much in half the time. Too good to be true? We thought so, too...until we implemented it. Now our team is producing more work, at higher quality, and in much less time. And so can you. The Scrum Methodology was originally designed for technical projects, but now it's being applied to business and it's been a smashing success for many. Our own experience has been extremely positive. Our team is on the same page, we're doing the right things at the right time, and we're knocking out project after project weekly. Tim Francis is the guest on the first two episodes in this series. He is a scrum "master" so to speak and he taught us the ins and outs of the process.In this series he's going to outline what scrum looks like and how you can use it in your business. This episode is pa
30/07/201538 minutes 23 seconds
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083: The 8 Essential Components Needed To Sell Your Site At Maximum Price

Warren Buffett once said that, in business, he looks for "economic castles protected by unbreachable moats." If the Oracle of Omaha was considering buying your ecommerce store, would he see an "unbreachable moat" surrounding your business? Here are the 8 essential elements for an "unbreachable moat" in ecommerce so that you can create one to help you sell your site at maximum price. In the previous two episodes, Jock Purtle of Digital Exits taught us how to value your ecommerce business and then how to sell it for max value. He mentioned various ways to sale-proof your business (the moat), how to raise its real and perceived value, and then how to sell it. In this episode we pull everything all together and help you build your moat based on Jock's recommendations AND from what we see our top 7-8 figure clients doing to build their unbreachable moat. This is episode is part three in a 3-part series about valuing and selling an ecommerce store
23/07/201535 minutes 24 seconds
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082: How To Sell Your Ecommerce Store For Maximum Value

If you listened to last week's episode about how to value an ecommerce business then you're ready to find out what you need to do to sell your ecommerce store for maximum value. Just like any other large sale there is a right and a wrong way to sell, and you definitely don't want to be leaving money on the table when it comes to selling your business. We've had a few ecommerce companies come to us recently about selling their business. They've come to us with questions about determining value and how to sell it for maximum value, but we didn't' know how to answer their questions. Because of our lack of expertise we brought Jock Purtle of Digital Exits onto to the show. He'll not only explain to us how to determine a store's value but then he'll explain to us how sell it for maximum value. This is episode is part one in a 3-part series about valuing and selling an ecommerce store. Part one is "<a title= "81 : How To Determine What Your Ecommerce Business I
16/07/201525 minutes 22 seconds
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081: How To Determine What Your Ecommerce Business Is Worth

Have you ever wondered what your ecommerce business is worth? Do you know the right valuation criteria and process to make sure you don't undervalue your store, or price too high? No worries, everything you need to know is right here in this post and episode. We've had a few ecommerce companies come to us recently about selling their business. They've come to us with questions about determining value and how to sell it for max price, but we didn't' know how to answer their questions. Because of our lack of expertise we brought Jock Purtle of Digital Exits onto to the show.He'll not only explain to us how to determine a store's value but then he'll explain to us how sell it for maximum value. This is episode is part one in a 3-part series about valuing and selling an ecommerce store. Part one is "How To Determine What Your Ecommerce Business Is Worth", part two is "How To Sell Your Ecommerce Store For Maximum Price", and part three is "How To Prepare Your
09/07/201525 minutes 58 seconds
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080: The Characteristics Of Abundance & Scarcity Thinkers & How To Determine Which One You Are

The most successful ecommerce business owners understand the characteristics of abundance & scarcity thinking, and they know how to only think in terms of abundance. Our largest and best clients use abundance thinking to lead them to more success, joy and fulfillment, while the others with scarcity thinking tend to have more failure, fear and discontent. We’re talking about this today because it’s something we’ve been purposefully focusing on to help us maintain excitement, energy and joy while we build our business. Plus, research has recently shown us that a person’s success is directly related to his or her mindset. We now know that much of your success hinges on whether you believe that “there is always more where that came from” or “there will never be enough”...and the variations of them, i.e. abilities can be developed vs. fixed. We’re going to discuss the characteristics of each kind of thinking, what we see most often in our top ecommerce
02/07/201529 minutes 29 seconds
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079: The Single Element That Separates Super-Achievers From The Overachievers In Ecommerce

Overachievers typically work just as much and just as hard as super-achievers but, unfortunately, they usually achieve much less. The question is, do you know the single element that separates you from the other? Last week's guest, Taylor Pearson, is someone we consider a super-achiever and he knows what it takes become one. After reading 188 books on entrepreneurship he was able to identify the one single element that separates the best from the rest, and he's explained what that single element is, why it's mandatory, and the simple two-step process to mastering it. This episode is a reading of his blog post. Key Takeaways from the Show The single element to becoming a super-achiever Understanding and implementing The Buffet Principle How to micro the macro (and what that means, exactly) The simple 2-step process the most effective individuals use to become super-achievers The difference between F
25/06/201515 minutes 31 seconds
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078: Taylor Pearson - Productivity Tips, Tricks & Hacks + "The End Of Jobs"

It's another in-depth fireside chat where we discuss the mindset you need to adopt about productivity and the how this mindset will help you do more with less. Taylor Pearson, as he says it, is a “systems-obsessed entrepreneur, marketer, and philosopher” who has spent a lot of time helping companies during the growth phase by showing them what they should be focusing and what they should stop doing Taylor says that he was “built to trudge” and he'll share some of his best ideas on how anyone can overcome shiny object syndrome to make sure you’re staying on task and most productive. Key Takeaways from the Show Taylor's new book competition Learn how to stay focused and overcome shiny object syndrome. Why the 80/20 rule applies to this conversation on productivity. How Taylor thinks about SOPs and how it can help you
18/06/201559 minutes 31 seconds
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077: How To Create An Organizational Chart That Supports Your Growth Strategy & Helps You Achieve Your Vision

It’s time to transition out of your small business mindset and begin to see your business as an organization, segmented by roles and filled by role-specific people. Even though you’re just one person, you’re likely filling multiple roles in your business. Learn how to seperate them, how they all fit together and what to do once you figure it all out. As we’ve been growing we’ve realized some conflict in tasks we were doing and how it impedes day to day workflow. By establishing roles and understanding who fills what role you can see what you need to be doing - and, more importantly, NOT doing. By bringing definition to your business you’ll find the inefficiencies and create a better work environment for yourself and your employees. This episode is really inspired by the book E-myth by Michael Gerber and we share some of the strategies that have been working best for us. Key Takeaways from the Show How to identify the many hats you we
11/06/201520 minutes 50 seconds
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076: How Your Hiring Mindset & Your Hiring Process Frees You From Your Business...Or Ties You Down

Improving your hiring mindset, knowing what to hire for, and knowing how to hire only 'A' players are the keys to growing your business while gaining freedom at the same time. The first step is to figure out what you're currently doing day to day...and what you shouldn't be doing at all. After that you need to have the right hiring process to help you hire the right people to take over those tasks. From there it's automating, eliminating, and delegating everything that's not critical to the growth of your business. And remember, even some of the things that you think are critical probably aren't. Going through this worksheet will be an eye opener for you, and can help you drastically improve your hiring mindset, hiring process, and especially your business. Key Takeaways from the Show How to have the right hiring mindset. The amazing thing that happens when you become comfortable with others being better or smarter
04/06/201523 minutes 32 seconds
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075: The Incredible Power Of Referral Marketing & How To Set It Up For Your Ecommerce Store

We came to the somewhat-shocking conclusion that nearly 70% of our business comes from referrals...the easiest, cheapest, and most qualified acquisition channel in any business, including ecommerce. When trying to grow your business you have to make some crucial decisions around client acquisition and where to focus. Referral marketing is often an area that is overlooked or taken for granted. And if you're not getting at least 25% of your business from referral marketing then you're leaving a lot of money on the table. It’s amazing what you can miss when you don’t analyze where your clients and your best ROI come from. When you do you can realize you’re missing out on some major wins. In today’s show we’re going to share what happened when we realized that 70% of our business comes referrals, and how you can apply what we learned to your ecommerce store to ensure referrals make up at least 25% of your revenue. Austin runs through an effective and s
28/05/201522 minutes 4 seconds
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074: The Importance Of Having A Business Partner, How To Find The Right One, And How To Make The Marriage Last (So Far)

Having a business partner can be the best decision you ever make for your business, or it could be the worst if you don't know how to choose wisely. We have now been formal business partners for over a year and recently we hit a rough patch in our relationship professionally and personally.  But just like any great "real life" marriage that builds it's foundation on the principle of clear, constant, and honest communication we've been able to navigate rough waters and push forward to help our company grow. With the experiences we've had in our partnership in recent weeks we decided it'd be a great time to open up our relationship, tell you why and how we chose to partner with each other, and how we've been able to make our "marriage" last this long and for, what we hope will be, many more years to come. Use our experiences to find the right partner for you or improve the current one you have. Key Takeaways What business was like befo
21/05/201540 minutes 39 seconds
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073: How To Manage The Entrepreneurial Mindset When You’re In The Middle Of Survival Mode

We start a business because we want more freedom...but we often find ourselves with quite the opposite. There are a lot of easier ways to make money than starting a business, but we don't typically start a business for the money. We start them for the freedom a successful business can bring. Yet we often find ourselves just trying to make it through the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the slow times and the overwhelming times, all of which make it feel like we're always in that dreaded "survival mode". In this episode we're going to discuss when we, personally, are stuck in survival mode, what it feels like for us, and how to get out of it, including our best tips, tricks, and habits for maximizing your mindset so you can better handle your business, your family, and other personal obligations. Having the right entrepreneurial mindset is what keeps us going forward, but sometimes it's easier said than done. We can help. If you don't change your
14/05/201516 minutes 20 seconds
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072: Mizzen+Main's Kevin Lavelle - Experiencing The "Tim Ferriss Effect" & How To Get $1.2 Mil In Funding

The "Tim Ferriss Effect" is REAL according to Mizzen+Main's founder Kevin Lavelle. So real in fact, that sponsoring Tim's podcast has been the single greatest decision he's ever made to grow the company. Kevin Lavelle is the founder of Mizzen+Main, which manufactures American made, moisture wicking, wrinkle free dress shirts. Happy customers include pro athletes, successful CEO’s, and notable celebrities such as Tim Ferriss. Mizzen and Main received $1.2 million in funding last August and Kevin says he plans to use the new funding to raise brand awareness and grow sales of Mizzen+Main clothing online, via select retail relationships and creative pop-up shops and trade shows, amongst other things. Kevin’s joined us to tell his story and teach us what he’s learned from his experiences buying ads in Esquire, getting $1.2 million in funding, and sponsoring The Tim Ferriss show. Key Takeaways from the Show What to do if you're considering
07/05/201535 minutes 5 seconds
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071: "Ecommerce Is A Bear" By Andy Dunn Of Bonobos

The impending death of traditional retail has been predicted numerous times in recent past, but in 20 years of ecommerce in the US only two ecommerce companies of meaningful value have been created: Amazon and Ebay. Ecommerce is no longer about throwing up a quick store and sourcing from Alibaba, hoping to ride the "ecommerce gravy train" to riches. It’s about building a real business, a brand, that is going to last through the turbulence of an ever-changing internet and retail world and takes you into the next ecommerce world we’re heading into. The problem is, "ECommerce Is A Bear"...a big gnarly one. One that can crush you. Today's episode is a reading of an article by one of the smartest, most successful ecommerce brand owners, Andy Dunn of Bonobos. In this episode he talks about four specific strategies to help you build a brand that can "fend off" the grizzly (a few of which we've been talking about a lot lately). It’s really a culmination, a
30/04/201522 minutes 58 seconds
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070: The 4 Step Formula To Hiring 'A' Players On Elance

We all understand that hiring great people is critical to your ecommerce success, yet too many businesses have a revolving door of unreliable and subpar freelancers. You can stop that revolving door today because we’re going to teach you how to hire fantastic and reliable freelancers for your ecommerce company in only 4 simple steps. An essential part of any business is the team that you surround yourself with. In the world of online business, specifically ecommerce, we’re seeing too many companies taking shortcuts and not creating a team that will last. We’ve spent years making mistakes when hiring freelancers on Elance and Odesk, but along the way we’ve developed a system that has helped us hire ONLY 'A' players...and it has made all the difference. Key Takeaways from the Show The 4 steps to hiring 'A' players on Elance. The issues that commonly show up when hiring off of Elance. Why this is so important for ecommerce companies
23/04/201523 minutes 25 seconds
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069: The Difference Between Confidence And Courage And Why One Could Get You To $10 Million+ But The Other Will Stall Your Business Dead In Its Tracks

Does confidence actually mean you’re reaching a plateau? Is that uncomfortable feeling really the best place to be in your life and in your business? In this conversation we talk about the difference between confidence and courage why you need one over the other to get you where you're trying to go. We've come to a place in our business where we've had to make some tough decisions, decisions that can take us from a place we're very comfortable with to a place of discomfort but has the potential for massive growth. We want to share with you the mindset shifts we've been going through and hopefully you'll come away with some ideas for you, personally, and your business. If you like this new kind of episode make sure to let us know on Twitter or email us at chad [at] Key Takeaways from the Show The shift we’re going through in ou
16/04/201530 minutes 9 seconds
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068: Jake Larsen - The TrueView Ads Formula The Top 1% Use To Steal Competitor's Leads, Drive Free Traffic, & Boost Conversions.

Every single day 40 Super Bowls happen on YouTube, yet only 1% of companies know the formula to success with TrueView ads. Video is the closest thing to having a face to face conversation with your potential buyer without being there, and this interaction is your ticket to free traffic, higher conversions, and increased value per conversion...oh, and to stealing customers from your competitors. Jake Larsen’s passion for video-making lead him to TV Advertising in LA, where he worked behind the scenes with FOX Entertainment on TV shows like 24, American Idol and House. It was here that he started to notice a massive change happening in video advertising. People’s eyes and ears weren’t where they used to be, they were shifting from TV to Online Video. Jake started Video Power Marketing, a video production / advertising agency that helps people capture attention, drive traffic and increase sales using YouTube Advertising. He has played with millions of
09/04/201543 minutes 33 seconds
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067: Tim Francis - How To Develop Systems That Can Grow Your Ecommerce Company By 50% While Cutting Workload By 20-25%

Have you ever wanted to take a just a week off from running your business? But you never take the time off because you're worried that you'll come back to a business ablaze with fires that stall your growth. Worry no more. Tim Francis is going to teach you how to develop systems that allow you to leave your business, sometimes completely detached, and come back to a company fully intact...and still growing strong. Tim is an expert at developing systems that actually work. In 2013, he began systemizing his main business, Tim Francis Marketing, and revenue grew by a staggering 50% in just 3 months, AND he cut his workload by about 20 – 25%...starting an incredible journey into mastering the art and science of building systems for businesses. Realizing there was a huge need to help small business owners systemize their businesses, Tim decided to launch in Fall 2014 to help other business owners create systems in their business to help them make mo
02/04/20151 hour 1 minute
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066: How To Extract More Gold Through Pinterest Marketing, The Newest Ecommerce "Gold Rush"

The newest online "Gold Rush" is happening right now, and it's picking up steam. Pinterest is mysterious to some, to others its marketing potential is still to be determined. When you listen to today's episode you will no longer have any questions about the power of Pinterest marketing to bring more free traffic, generate more sales, and connect better with customers. Anna Bennett is the owner of White Glove Social Media, co-founder of True North Marketing, and is THE Pinterest marketing expert. Just type into Google “pinterest marketing expert” she’s the top one that comes up...and google’s never wrong. Anna is the author of Pinterest Marketing For Business Master Online Course and has been featured in Forbes Magazine. Her goal is to help you create, improve or integrate the power of Pinterest to grow your business bigger and faster and to have some fun along the way! Oh, and Anna dazzled as an international beauty pageant winner a few years back, pretty
26/03/201541 minutes 21 seconds
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065: The Wrath Of Entrepreneurial Chaos And How You Can Slay The Beast

Every entrepreneur goes through it. It could be because you're getting too many sales, or it's because you're not getting enough sales. It’s that horrible feeling of being stuck, that you just can’t get through the weeds and everywhere you turn it's another dead end and you're putting out fires. It's the wrath of entrepreneurial chaos. This episode is a story from our past, but it’s a problem we've seen so many companies experience, and it's a story that you can relate to. The best part is, once you understand the problem and realize that there is a way out, you can begin to implement the systems your company needs to emerge from the entrepreneurial chaos. By talking through this story we’ll hit on several of the common problems and solutions that come along with starting, running, and growing an ecommerce business. One of the biggest things we see ecommerce owners missing out on is setting up solid marketing automation from the very beginning. It’
19/03/201548 minutes 43 seconds
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064: Brett Curry, Llama Commerce – Tips, Tricks & Hacks To Big Returns With Google Shopping, The Premier Advertising Channel For Ecommerce

If you're looking for qualified customers who are ready to buy, but you're not yet using Google Shopping, then you might be missing out on untapped traffic and the hottest potential buyers on the interwebs. Brett is an online marketer, eCommerce strategist, and speaker. The majority of his time is spent running his agency, Online Marketing Giant, and leading an amazing team of talented marketers at Classy Llama that specialize in search engine marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), web development, marketing strategy, and branding. He has a passion for helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses through creative marketing efforts. As a certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach and eCommerce marketing enthusiast Brett is a frequent speaker at business functions across the US. "If your SEO company says they can't tell you what they're doing because it's proprietary stuff - fire them. Proprietary doesn't exist any more." - Brett Curry <
12/03/201555 minutes 8 seconds
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063: Sam Mallikarjunan, Hubspot – Why The Ecommerce “Gravy Train” Is Coming To An End, And How To Keep Riding It With Inbound Marketing

Despite the fact that ecommerce has grown 20% year over year, the ecommerce "gravy train" will be coming to a halt very soon for many ecommerce companies. If you want to keep riding then it's time to start investing in better experiences that provide value before asking for it. Sam Mallikarjunan is the Head of HubSpot Labs and the author of the book "How To Sell Better Than Amazon". HubSpot is an all-in-one inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. He is an expert ecommerce marketer and understand customer lifecycle marketing more than most thanks to his experience with inbound marketing at Hubspot. Key Takeaways from the Show The ecommerce gravy train is coming to an end. Why cart abandonment shouldn't be considered a bad thing...if you do it right. What closed loop attribution means and why you need to track it Why customers who abandon carts
05/03/201546 minutes 40 seconds
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062: Peter Fader, Wharton School - How To Calculate Customer Lifetime Value & What Customer Centricity Really Looks Like

We can think of very few things more important for an ecommerce business owner than determining what a customer is worth to an organization over their business lifetime, and there is no one better in the world at calculating customer lifetime value than Peter Fader. Peter Fader is Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the author of Customer Centricity: Focus on the Right Customers for Strategic Advantage. His expertise centers around the analysis of behavioral data to understand and forecast customer shopping/buying activities and calculating customer lifetime value. He works with firms from a wide range of industries, such as consumer packaged goods, interactive media, financial services, and pharmaceuticals. Fader's work has been published in a number of leading journals in marketing, statistics, and the management sciences, and he serves on the editorial boards of many of them. In 2009, F
26/02/201548 minutes 15 seconds
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061: Tom Schwab – Confessions Of A PPC Addict And How He Kicked The Habit

With costs always on the rise, and the "highs" from marginal success being short-lived, ecommerce companies need to moderate (maybe even eliminate) the pay per click addiction that could sink their business. Tom Schwab is founder and owner of Goodbye Crutches, the largest online distributor of direct to patient Durable Medical Equipment focused on serving those who can’t bear weight and can’t bear crutches. He definitely knows how to build an online business with an Inbound Strategy. Tom led the growth of Goodbye Crutches from a regional player to a national leader in under 3 years. Tom is the leader of the eCommerce Hubspot user group, has been featured in many industry leading publications, and is often a guest expert on podcasts, radio shows, and more. Key Takeaways from the Show Creating content with a purpose How to monopolize the keywords in your industry Using inbound marketing to sell any product Breaking
19/02/201540 minutes 45 seconds
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060: T. J. Gentle & Andrew Scarbrough – Getting Rid Of Customer Comparison Shopping Once And For All

Customer comparison shopping is inevitable online. With the likes of Amazon and other major retailers doing everything they can to steal your customers through pricing-cutting and comparison shopping you need to pull out all the stops to keep them loyal. T. J. Gentle and Andrew Scarbrough are co-founders of PriceWaiter, a tool that allows ecommerce companies to keep more customers by providing simple and private price negotiations for online stores.  Personalization in all aspects of the online buying experience is now one of the most talked about topics in ecommerce, and T.J. and Andrew are going to share how they’ve been able to 5x their sales thanks to their focus on customer personalization using the PriceWaiter tool.   Key Takeaways from the Show Creating the benefits of a brick and mortar sales person online Eliminate price comparison shopping once and for all How to get around the nuances of minimum advert
12/02/201537 minutes 37 seconds
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059: Roger Dooley - Why 95% Of Your Marketing Is Ineffective And What To Do About It?

"According to leading neuroscientists, 95 percent of thoughts, emotions, and learning occur before we're ever aware of it. Yet, most marketing efforts forgo the vast subconscious and instead target the rational, conscious mind. If you want to get ahead of your competition stop selling to the 5% of your customers brains...when you understand how your customers' brains work, you can appeal to the powerful subconscious - and get better results for less money." (Brainfluence, 2012) Roger Dooley is a consultant, entrepreneur, and neuromarketing missionary who combines knowledge of emerging phenomena like neuromarketing and social networking with decades of hands-on marketing experience. He helps companies understand the implications of new technologies and techniques, and guides them in the implementation of practical strategies to adapt to them. Clients range from Fortune 500 firms to entrepreneurial ecommerce businesses. He regularly addresses national conferences,
05/02/201541 minutes 20 seconds
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058: David Meerman Scott – Nobody Cares About Your Product, And What To Do About It

The reality is, nobody cares about your product. That may sound harsh, but your customers and prospects only care about themselves. In this episode David Meerman Scott teaches us what to do about that and what the Grateful Dead can teach you about marketing so you can reach your buyers directly to drive more revenue. David is an internationally acclaimed strategist whose books and blog are must-reads for professionals seeking to generate attention in ways that grow their business. His 2007 book "The New Rules of Marketing & PR" opened people's eyes to the new realities of marketing and public relations on the Web, and with over a quarter of a million copies sold in more than 25 languages from Bulgarian to Vietnamese, "New Rules" is now a modern business classic. He has written a total of 10 books (3 international bestsellers), his most recent being "The New Rules of Sales and Service; How to Use Agile Selling, Real-time Customer Engagement, Big Data Content, and
29/01/201529 minutes 55 seconds
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057: The Easiest Way To Ensure That Your Business Becomes Wildly And Permanently Profitable

23 million out of 28 million companies that do less than $25 million in revenue are operating check to check, which means it's very likely that you are one of the the struggling 82%. Fortunately, there is a simple system you can implement to turn your business from a cash-eating monster into a profit-generating machine to ensure you're permanently profitable. Mike Michalowicz (mi-CAL-oh-wits) founded and sold two multi-million dollar companies by the time he turned 35. Confident that he had the formula to success, he became an angel investor... ...and proceeded to lose his entire fortune. Then he started all over again. Driven to find better ways to grow healthy, strong companies, Mike created the “Profit First Formula”, a way for businesses to ensure they're permanently profitable from their very next deposit forward. Mike is now running his third million dollar venture; is a former small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal; is the form
22/01/201541 minutes 8 seconds
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056: How You Should Write Ecommerce Copy, Even If All Of Your Competitors Sell The Same Exact Thing As You.

Quality ecommerce copy and product descriptions can increase ecommerce conversion rates anywhere from 30% to 100%. Writing subpar copy for your website is the equivalent of hiring a subpar, unqualified sales staff for a brick and mortar shop, and sales will suffer. Joanna Wiebe is a co-founder and copywriter at Copyhackers, a company that helps you use copy to boost your conversions while enhancing your brand, even if you don’t like writing or you’re scared of the blank white page. She’s been copywriting since 2004, and her 10 years of experience includes time as an agency and in-house copywriter, including time at companies like Intuit and Conversion Rate Experts. Her work is often featured on some of the absolute best online marketing websites like KISSmetrics, Copyblogger, Unbounce, and ConversionXL. Joanna promises to help you write more persuasive, believable and usable copy… sans pixie dust… so you can boost your website & email conversion rate.
15/01/20151 hour 7 minutes 10 seconds
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055: The Planning Process That Produced A Successful 2014, And How You Can Use It To Make 2015 And Beyond Your Best Years Ever

Abraham Lincoln once said, "If I had 8 hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend 6 hours sharpening my ax," and this episode is all about sharpening your ax for 2015. Join us for this quick 15 minute episode as we review the planning process that made our 2014 so successful, how we're improving it for 2015, and how you can use all or parts of our planning process to make 2015 your best year ever. Key Takeaways from the Show How we build our company's vision What we're doing to improve it for 2015 How you can use this information to create your company vision and crush 2015 The step by step process we went through to create this year's vision Links / Resources: Building Your Company's Vision by Jim Collins Master The Rockefeller Habits
08/01/201520 minutes 29 seconds
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054: The 5 Step Customer Value Optimization System With The King Of Conversion - Ryan Deiss

The company that is willing to spend the most to acquire a customer will win, and Ryan Deiss teaches you how to win by optimizing your customer acquisition with his 5 step Customer Value Optimization System. Ryan Deiss is the founder of a number of online media/publishing businesses, most notably He is considered the “King of Conversion” and is the creator of the funnel models used by 90% of today's “A” list online marketers, like Neil Patel of Quicksprout and Kissmetrics. He's also set up funnels for William Shatner. His companies sell products and services in over a dozen markets to hundreds of thousands of customers on every continent in the world… except Antarctica (which, if you’re ever in Antarctica and you’re willing to buy something let him know so he can say he sold something there…he’ll refund you after the purchase ;)) Over the last 36 months Ryan and his team have: Invested over $15,000,000 on market
01/01/201554 minutes 41 seconds
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053: How To Market To Your Customers In A One To One Way Better Than Amazon – Ed Hallen

Implementing truly data driven email marketing in your ecommerce business is no easy task...until now. Ed Hallen helps ecommerce companies easily implement data driven email marketing that actually works through his platform, Klaviyo. He is co-founder of Klaviyo, an ecommerce-focused email service provider that provides you with better email through data-drive personalization and targeting. From powerful A/B testing to automatic analysis of conversions, Klaviyo helps you maximize the impact of your email on key metrics. He received his MBA from MIT, worked at Google, and led product management for Applied Predictive Technologies where he the guided product and technology vision for a team of 15 engineers and consultants. Ed has used those experiences to create one of the most robust email service providers for ecommerce businesses, one that we recommended to all of our clients. In today's episode Ed helps us understand all components in data driven
25/12/201444 minutes 41 seconds
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052: 35,000 Landing Pages Later, The 7 Most Important Principles Of Conversion Centered Design - Oli Gardner

Oli Gardner has seen more landing pages than anyone on the planet. As a result he has identified and mastered the 7 most important principles of conversion centered design to help you convert more visitors into paying customers. He is the co-founder of Unbounce, an industry-leading landing page platform that allows marketers to build, publish and a/b test landing pages without IT. With 17 years working in the field of interactive web design and development his career has taken him from small startup companies to the heights of Creative Director at the online entertainment powerhouse Bodog. His roles ranged from Interaction Designer, to establishing and leading Bodog’s first usability team, to inspiring a team of user centered practitioners as the creative lead responsible for re-defining the vision of a billion dollar organization. Oli is an opinionated writer and international speaker on Conversion Centered Design, and is widely respecte
18/12/201440 minutes 39 seconds
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051: Increasing Your Brand Footprint Through YouTube And Ethically Stealing Your Competitor's Customers From Their Channel - Dane Golden

Dane Golden is Vice President of Marketing and Client Services at Octoly, a YouTube brand management company where his mission is to enhance your web video ecosystem, YouTube channel, network videos. For the last six years he has marketed, distributed, promoted, and produced online videos on platforms across the social video spectrum, creating millions of dollars in advertising and branding revenue. Dane says that competition for your audience's time is simply too great, and says that you need to focus just as much time on audience development as you would spend on creating content. It's not enough to just have cool videos - you need great marketing, distribution and audience engagement. Each week Dane co-hosts the top YouTube marketing advice podcast, "ReelSEO Tube Talk". Key Takeaways from the Show The 3 pillars of a successful YouTube footprint that increases revenue. Why 50-90% of video views of your brand are on videos NOT cre
11/12/201439 minutes 36 seconds
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050: 4 Specific Ways (And Then Some) To Get More ROI From Google Adwords For Ecommerce & How To Eliminate The Wasted Spend – Mike Rhodes

Google Adwords for ecommerce can be extremely profitable...or extremely wasteful, it just depends on what you're doing. Check out this episode with Mike Rhodes, one of the world's best Adwords experts, and improve your adwords campaigns or save a sinking ship. Mike Rhodes is the founder of WebSavvy the largest independent AdWords-only agency in Australia. They use data, not guesswork, to grow company profits, and if you qualify for an Adwords Account Audit, Websavvy guarantee a profit increase. Their sister company PPCsavvy offers AdWords training, courses & a lively interactive forum for you to learn more if you want to manage accounts for yourself or for clients. Mike is often asked by Google to talk on their behalf at events & has even consulted to them on improving AdWords! He also co-authored The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords with Perry Marshall, now in it’s 4th edition having sold over 80,000 copies! Happy clients include the likes of Fort
04/12/201444 minutes 28 seconds
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049: The Difference Between Pros & Amateurs When It Comes To Financial Intelligence In Ecommerce

It's no secret. Financial intelligence in ecommerce is a prerequisite for success. The question, though, is are you a pro or an amateur? And how do you know? This is an episode for both the seasoned pro and the amateur. Joe Knight, Founder and Senior Consultant with the Business Literacy Institute, is a highly regarded finance and business literacy keynote speaker and trainer. He trains managers and leaders at Fortune 500 companies such as GE, Comcast-NBCUniversal, Boeing, CVS Caremark, American Express, and United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Joe’s unique ability to combine content with energy and humor make his keynote addresses resounding successes with diverse audiences including the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Construction Industry Institute (CII); National Association of Broadcasters (NAB); The Association of General Contractors; and International Institute for Supply Management (ISM). Joe is co-author of Financial Intelligence,
27/11/201448 minutes 28 seconds
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048: Facebook Is NOT Out To Screw You, But You Might Be Screwing Yourself When It Comes To Ecommerce Facebook Marketing – Jon Loomer,

Jon makes it clear, Facebook's not trying to screw you when it comes to ecommerce Facebook marketing. You might be screwing yourself, though, and he teaches you how to fix it and make it an extremely profitable channel. Jon Loomer runs the most complete online resource of advanced Facebook marketing tips and tutorials, and his site is updated on nearly a daily basis. His site was recognized as one of Social Media Examiner's Top 10 Social Media Blogs of 2013, and in 2014 he was again named to the list but as the #1 social media marketing blog. J on's previous experience includes VP of Strategic Marketing for the American Cancer Society and the Senior Manager of Fantasy Games for the NBA, overseeing the entire life cycle of the fantasy games product. He’s a wizard when it comes to ecommerce Facebook marketing, and today he’s going to teach us how ecommerce companies can use Facebook marketing to help them make the jump from $1 million to $10 million+ in rev
20/11/201444 minutes 28 seconds
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047: How To Do SEO For Ecommerce The Right Way – Todd Malicoat,

While online world has been spending more and more money on pay per click and other means of driving traffic, SEO for ecommerce is still responsible for a significant, if not a bigger, majority of revenue and it can't be ignored. Todd Malicoat has over 10 years of SEO consulting experience, consulting to enterprise companies like, Thomas Industrial, and many others. He is a renowned international speaker, speaking at conference like SES, PubCon, and Dreamforce, and more, and he’s SEO faculty chair at Market Motive, the leading curriculum publisher for online marketing training. Todd was been named among the top 50 Most Influential Marketers, and Top 40 Most Influential in Search Marketing He has been cited by Inc. Magazine, The Sydney Herald, Website Magazine, The New York Post, Infoworld, and others on search, reputation management, social media, and other web related issues. On top of all that awesomness, he also runs
13/11/201430 minutes 14 seconds
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046: How To Build A $10,000 Per Day Ecommerce Email Funnel - Tim Paige,

For any online business owner that is hesitating to make their ecommrce email funnel a high priority, this $10,000 dollar per day email funnel case study with Tim Paige should light a fire. Tim is host of the extremely popular online business podcast “ConversionCast, the only podcast that gets to the heart of the metrics”. He is also the conversion educator over at, a dynamic software company that creates simple and beautiful software and web apps that allow businesses to grow large and devoted audiences. Not only has LeadPages helped hundreds of online businesses exponentially increase leads and sales, one case study boasting $98,993 in sales, but they also practice what they preach, going from 0 to 15,000 customers in 12 months and getting a 10% email opt-in rate on their blog, double the average, by using the strategies they teach. Tim talks with many successful online business owners to provide data-backed conversion strategies on his own show,
06/11/201437 minutes 54 seconds
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045: "There's No Such Thing As An Impulse Purchase," Apply The Jobs To Be Done Framework To Your Ecommerce Store For More Sales - Chris Spiek, The Re-Wired Group

The attributes of your buyer persona are not why a customer buys, it's the situation they currently find themselves in and need your product to complete a "job." Scrap the buyer persona and apply the jobs to be done framework to your ecommerce store. Chris Spiek is a Partner and Co-Founder at The Re-Wired Group, where he helps companies use the Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) framework to enable people to develop products that consumers love to buy and use. He’s a technology executive with a background in Product Development & Innovation, interactive Marketing Strategy, Disruptive Innovation, Sales & Marketing Strategy, and Web Application Development Chris has been studying, refining, and applying Jobs To Be Done across a variety of industries for over 10 years including software, education, consumer-packaged-goods, healthcare, e-commerce, and more. He has taught Jobs to be done to teams in small startups and huge Fortune 500s, including a few companies you might know,
30/10/201421 minutes 36 seconds
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044: Build Your Ecosystem So That You Own As Much Of The Ecommerce Customer Experience As Possible - Ken Johnson, Manpacks

If you own the ecosystem and the ecommerce customer experience, you'll be able to withstand the onslaught of changes on rented land like Google Adwords and Facebook. Ken Johnson founded Manpacks with business partner Andrew Draper in 2009, and he attributes most of their success to a relentless focus on owning the ecommerce customer experience. Manpacks is considered the first American subscription ecommerce service offering men's essentials, shipping men’s basic needs like socks, underwear, razors, and toiletries on a quarterly schedule or on demand. Their primary customers are busy guys who want to cross these things off the to-do list while discovering new, better products to use. Manpacks has been featured in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, NPR, ESPN Radio, NBC, Maxim, The Boston Globe, Inc., and The Tampa Tribune. Topics Discussed Throughout the Interview Owning the online ecosystem and the ecommerce customer experience.
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043: Ecommerce Conversion Optimization For Smart People - Peep Laja,

Ecommerce conversion optimization is tough, time-consuming, and confusing, but our conversation with Peep Laja of ConverionXL will make it easier for you. Peep (his unusual name, to most people, is actually pronounced ‘Pep Laya’) currently runs a unique ecommerce conversion optimization marketing agency called Markitekt where they make existing sites better, and build new conversion optimized websites for clients. He’s been featured in numerous popular marketing and online business publications including Smashing Magazine, ProBlogger, KISSmetrics and many others, and also delivers trainings and workshops on ecommerce conversion optimization and internet marketing. Peep runs the world’s most popular ecommerce conversion optimization blog, and he says that his blog that is written for smart people. No cheesy stuff, no “how to add a background to Twitter” nor “10 useless things that waste your time” type of posts, only well-rese
16/10/201430 minutes 20 seconds
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042: How To Hire The Best Growth Consultant For Your Ecommerce Company - Graham Hunter, Tradecraft

Trying to hire the best growth consultant for your company can be an arduous task, but it doesn't have to be according to Graham Hunter. Graham is Head Instructor of Growth at Tradecraft where they train smart people to succeed in traction roles at high-growth companies. He’s been a marketing consultant at Intuit, among other brands, he’s started an agency, he’s worked at larger agencies, and he has been the first employee at a few ecommerce and software startups. Graham has done a whole lot of consulting and he takes us through some interesting topics as we discuss the the most effective way to hire the best growth consultant for your ecommerce brand. We like to think of Graham as our Silicon Valley correspondent, as he’s got his finger squarely on the pulse of what some of Silicon Valley's best companies are doing to grow their business. Topics Discussed Throughout the Interview Why the terms "Growth" and "Marketing" have been sepa
09/10/201438 minutes 57 seconds
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041: Creating Partnerships With Other Brands That Have Your NEXT Customer As Their CURRENT Customer - Andrew Davis,

In a mostly me-only world, Andrew Davis explains that creating partnerships with other brands is not only important, but necessary and extremely profitable for those who do it right. Andrew got his start in the media business at a young age appearing in television commercials and voicing over radio spots for brands like Chevrolet, Six Flags, and McDonalds, and has also managed workshop production for Muppets From Space, Sesame Street, Bear in the Big Blue House and Elmo in Grouchland. In 2001, Andrew co-founded Tippingpoint Labs and, for more than a decade, Andrew and his team changed the way content creators think, authentic talent is nurtured, and the way companies market their products. He has marketed for tiny startups and Fortune 500 brands, and his novel combinations of old ideas that leverage new technology have been tapped by the Obama administration and Russian media moguls. In 2012 Andrew released a best-selling book called “Brandscaping: Unleas
02/10/201438 minutes 38 seconds
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040: Why You Need To Eliminate Your Buyer Persona And Replace It With The Jobs To Be Done Framework

If Steve Jobs' favorite book was written by the thought leader for this way of thinking, then you may want to eliminate your buyer persona and replace it with the jobs to be done framework. In an our efforts to provide more insight into creating buyer personas for ecommerce websites, we stumbled on to an interesting couple of posts that argue that buyer personas may no longer be relevant to your business and that the jobs to be done framework (aka JTBD) might suit you better. According to one of the most prominent "jobs to be done framework" thought leaders, Clay Christensen (author of one of Steve Jobs' top books), the framework is: "a tool for evaluating the circumstances that arise in customers’ lives. Customers rarely make buying decisions around what the “average” customer in their category may do — but they often buy things because they fi
30/09/201427 minutes 2 seconds
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039: $20 Million In Growth, Here Are My Ecommerce Growth Channel Stages & My Biggest Regret - Justin Winter, Diamond Candles

Justin Winter grew his company to $20 million in 36 months through a few different ecommerce growth channels, and yet he still has one big regret. He is the Co-founder & CEO at Diamond Candles, a bootstrapped, vertically integrated online home fragrance brand that hit a $12 million run rate in 18 months and is now well on it’s way to $20million in 36 months. Diamond Candles was also recognized by in 2013 as one of the 'Hot 100', which profiles select e-commerce sites that have broken new ground in some way other e-retailers can learn from. Justin is an expert in marketing, business and product development, social media marketing, SEO, and growth hacking. He’s regularly featured in magazines like Inc Magazine, in top business forums like, and on top podcasts like Mixergy (and this one!). Justin shares how he was able to achieve such massive growth with a modest initial investment and almost no paid advertising, and he’l
25/09/201454 minutes 3 seconds
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038: How To Create A Best Customer Retention Marketing Plan For Ecommerce - Strategy Session

The most successful ecommerce companies know how to retain their most profitable customers, and in this episode we give you the steps to create a best customer retention marketing plan for ecommerce. We touched on this topic briefly in "Why Email Marketing Fails", and we felt that this topic deserved it's own episode because, according to Harvard Business Review, a 5% increase in customer retention or loyalty can boost profits by 25%-85%. And out of the top 4 reasons customers never return to give you repeat business, number two is that they don't feel special, important, or valued. We’re not playing tee ball anymore, so not everyone deserves an equal chance to feel valued and important, and not everyone deserves to receive the same special opportunity provided to o
23/09/201434 minutes 18 seconds
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037: The 3 Month Ecommerce YouTube Profit Formula - Alex Ikonn, Luxy Hair

Alex Ikonn is the founder of Luxy Hair, a 7-figure ecommerce business that was built entirely through YouTube Marketing, making them one of Shopify’s Top 10 eCommerce Stores by Revenue in 2011 and 2012. Luxy Hair is a customer-centric hair extensions ecommerce retailer. The business was born when his wife Mimi was looking for hair extensions for their wedding, but wasn’t able to find what she was looking for. When they realized how hard it was to find good hair extensions, they knew they had stumbled on to a business opportunity. Alex and Mimi put up $20k, mostly on credit, to get their first supply and they haven’t looked back, posting 7-figure PROFITS annually. In addition to Luxy Hair, Alex is the co-founder of Dreamers & Creators, a marketing strategy and execution firm for the entrepreneurial enterprise, and he’s a co-founder at Intelligent Change, where they make cool products that make people happier. In this episode Alex chats with us about his in
18/09/201452 minutes 46 seconds
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036: 8 Techniques To Make Your Ecommerce Copywriting Sell - Strategy Session

If you want to sell more products online, then you'll need to make your ecommerce copywriting sell to your prospects. Ecommerce companies tend to think that because they only have to sit behind a screen, drive traffic, capture leads, and sell cool products they don't have to put in the extra time and effort into writing great, persuasive website copy and product descriptions that actually try to sell the customer. According to KISSmetrics, quality ecommerce copywriting and product descriptions can increase ecommerce conversion rates anywhere from 30-100%. More often than not, though, we see websites and product descriptions that provide only product specifications like size, weight, and inseam. We see descriptions that lack personality and storytelling, and worse yet, they pull the product descriptions straight from the manufacturer's website and use that for their copy. The good news is, you don't have to hire someone to write for you. In this episode we
16/09/201428 minutes 32 seconds
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035: How To Use Video To Acquire More Ecommerce Customers - James Wedmore,

Statistics show that website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product on an ecommerce site after watching an online video, and if you don't currently use video to acquire more ecommerce customers then you're going to be left behind. James Wedmore is one of the top video marketing experts in the business and is the founder of Video Traffic Academy: an online YouTube Marketing Training Program that has enrolled over 10,000 business owners and entrepreneurs all over the country. He has been featured on numerous sites such as, Rise to the Top, Mixergy and many more. He has been the Guest Instructor on 3 CreativeLIVE Workshops, and today, he hosts James Wedmore TV, his YouTube Channel that’s been viewed over 2.5 Million times. His mission is simple: show business owners how to create and execute effective video marketing campaigns without spending a lot of time or money. Today he’s going to tell us how to use video to acquire more ecommerce cust
11/09/201448 minutes 2 seconds
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034: 3 Types Of Buyers And How To Sell To Them - Strategy Session

In this Strategy Session we'll be talking about buyer psychology, the three types of buyers, and how to sell to them. Here are the three main types of buyers identified by neuroeconomics experts: 15% - Spendthrifts 24% - Tightwads 61% - Average Spenders The psychology behind each type is fascinating, and understanding each one's "buying mindset" will help you get closer to your customers, speak their language, and make more sales. 40% of people fall into wildly “irrational” categories, i.e. the spendthrifts and tightwads, which also means you're potentially missing out on a lot of sales because most ecommerce sites focus on selling to the average buyer. Understanding these three types of buyers and how to sell to them, along with a few tweaks to your site and copy, you'll be able to capitalize on many more sales that might have otherwise been lost. In this episode we break it all down for you so you can begin recapturing those
09/09/201430 minutes 36 seconds
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033: Optimizing Ecommerce Site Navigation & The Most Profit For Dollar, But Most Underutilized, Ecommerce Marketing Channel - Matt Bailey, Site Logic

Matt Bailey is an online business strategy consultant with a significant amount of experience, expertise and success when it comes ecommerce site navigation optimization. His knowledge in online business ranges far and wide and he has taught Google employees to understand Google Analytics, consulted with Experian on how to present data and presented online marketing training to both Proctor & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson, successfully dismantling the complexity of online marketing into practical, understandable concepts for everyone. He has 20 years of online marketing experience and has consulted with companies like Google, Hilton International, Gerber Life, Experian, Disney, American Greetings, Toys R Us, and more many more. Matt also has a passion for education and developing online marketing professionals which he does through his teaching at Market Motive,, as adjunct faculty at Rutgers University, and even through his book Internet Marketing:
04/09/201443 minutes 3 seconds
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032: 5 Proven Tips To Reduce Abandoned Carts - Strategy Session

Finding and implementing the most profitable strategies to reduce abandoned carts is a recurring theme in our daily discussions. We're always talking about it because everyone deals with it and there is a lot of misunderstanding about it. It’s also one of the most profitable places to spend your time working, so here's a quick episode on the 5 most proven (and profitable) tips to help you reduce abandoned carts. Topics Discussed Throughout the Interview: Determining your real abandonment. Your abandoned cart email really isn’t good enough. How to correctly set up your Google analytics for setting goals. Focusing in on the welcome page. Using phone numbers to reduce abandoned carts. Testing the multi-step checkout. Do you really need a "view cart" page? Links & Resources -Reduce Abandoned Carts With Amy Africa
02/09/201417 minutes 14 seconds
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031: Stop Wasting Your Time At Trade Shows, How Dodocase Exploded Their Business By Timing Product Launches With Major Events - Craig Dalton, Dodocase

Craig Dalton grew award-winning iPad case manufacturer DODOcase well past 7 figures very quickly by timing product launches with major events, and he teaches you how you can do the same. DODOcase is a San Francisco-based maker of protective cases for the Apple iPad that have the look and feel of a luxury, hardcover notebook. Their philosophy is simple, make things locally and help keep the art of bookbinding alive by adapting it to a world of tablets and e-readers. Within just a few months of launching they were able to sell over 15,000 cases without a big budget to develop, market, and promote their products and primarily through the timing of product launches with major events. In 2010, they entered Shopify’s “Build a Business” competition and were the grand prize winners of $100,000. With a $680 million dollar market for iPad cases they have huge opportunity to be the number one quality brand for this segment of the carrying case market, and tod
28/08/201438 minutes 35 seconds
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030: Getting A 259% ROI With Native Advertising In Ecommerce - Strategy Session

The use of native advertising in ecommerce is growing at an exponential rate, and so are the returns. The best part about native advertising is that your competition is most likely not doing it, or doing it completely wrong, giving you the advantage if you take action now. Native advertising in ecommerce is the future of advertising so pay attention to this episode and don't get left behind. Topics Discussed Throughout This Interview Some unbelievable native advertising statistics. What exactly is native advertising and where do you find it? What native advertising in ecommerce is NOT. We cover some examples and how it can be effectively utilized. The biggest distinction between traditional ads and native advertising. How to create a successful native advertising campaign. Biggest mistakes when using native advertising in ecommer
26/08/201424 minutes
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029: Thinking Small Won't Buy Jet Fuel: Contrarian Ecommerce Strategies From The Queen Of Conversion - Amy Africa,

Amy Africa is the CEO of EightByEight Marketing has been in the forefront of web usability studies, web design improvement, and successful e-commerce for over 15 years. She is one of the best web marketers today because she combines incredible direct marketing skills with proven web techniques and some contrarian ecommerce strategies, getting her hired by 92% of fortune 500 companies. Amy has been widely published in industry magazines and e-zines. She’s an engaging, entertaining speaker, and has been featured at web conferences around the globe. Her depth of knowledge, backed by intensive field-testing and web user studies, has earned her the reputation of "a voice to be heard" on Internet topics ranging from site improvement, traffic building and SEO to analytics and email marketing. Amy has pioneered many successful web marketing initiatives in navigation, email marketing, shopping carts and abandoned carts that are making her clients much more profitable.</p
21/08/201456 minutes 47 seconds
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028: Stop Copying Your Competitors - Candid Conversation

We've all done it at some point so no gets a free pass, but it's time for you, once and for all, to stop copying your competitors! Jeff Bezos once said,"Don't focus on the competition, they'll never give you money." We know that many listeners, including ourselves, have at one point copied some of our competitors website navigation, their design, copy, conversion tactics, and maybe even their business model. In this conversation we're going to provide you with some of the most important reasons, and some very concrete examples, as to why you need to stop copying your competitors...and what you should be copying instead. Give it a listen to the end and you'll know what we mean. Topics Discussed Throughout This Interveiw: Why you need to stop copying your competitors - Even if it's "Nasty Gal" it might not be useful. Examples of copying gone wrong. The importance of data when copying. </ul
19/08/201418 minutes 24 seconds
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027: Boosting Conversion By 300% With Qualitative And Voice Of Customer Data - Sean Ellis, Qualaroo

While Analytics packages tell you what people are doing on your website, Qualaroo can tell you why they are doing it by capturing qualitative and voice of customer data. Or even more important, why they aren't doing something. Sean Ellis’ is the CEO and co-founder of Qualaroo Insights, a qualitative insights solution triggered by onsite user behavior to collect visitor intelligence for driving faster conversion rate optimization. Qualaroo is used by major companies like Shopify, Yahoo, Vimeo, Groupon, and intuit to help them gain better “voice of the customer” (VOC) intelligence that they can’t get from their analytics tool. Additionally, Sean has been a marketing executive for huge companies like Dropbox, Eventbrite, and LogMeIn, he’s currently an advisor to Kissmetrics, and he runs a very popular marketing blog and community for startups called Growth Hackers. In this episode Sean talks to us about how you can use qualitative insights to convert more of
14/08/201443 minutes 7 seconds
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026: 3 Reaons Why You Are NOT An Online Business - Strategy Session

If you advertise and sell in a newspaper does that make you a "newspaper business"? No. That also means you are not an online business just because you advertise and sell online. In this episode we'll discuss the 3 reasons why you're not an online business, balancing your online acquisition channels AND your online / offline channels and the dangers of not doing so, and how you can start taking your marketing offline to sell more online. Topics Discussed Throughout This Interview 3 reasons why you're not an online business The three M's in marketing Balancing your online acquisition channels AND your online / offline acquisitions channels - and the dangers of not balancing between the two. Examples of over-reliance on acquisition channels. Finding your customers where they hang out. Driving online sales with offline promotions Referral
12/08/201420 minutes 33 seconds
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025: Using Crowdsourcing In Ecommerce To Go From A $1,000 Startup To A $30 Million Plus Behemoth - Jake Nickell,

Crowdsourcing in ecommerce isn't exactly a new thing, but Jake Nickell of Threadless is credited with starting the trend, a trend that helped his company hit $30 million plus. Jake co-founded Threadless in 2000, a company based out of Chicago that combines an online community of artists and an eCommerce website. He started Threadless with just $1,000 of his own money and has since seen revenues go from $1.5 million in 2004, $6.5 million in 2006, and the most recent estimate puts revenues as high as $30 million in 2011. Each week, about 1,000 designs are submitted online and are put to a public vote. After further review and some additional scoring and feedback, 10 designs are chosen, printed on clothing and other products, and then sold worldwide through the online store, selling about 120,000 t-shirts per month. Jake made “crowdsourcing” an essential part of the business plan (even though he doesn't use the term any more because of the way it is now perc
07/08/201439 minutes 39 seconds
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024: Why Email Marketing Fails – Candid Conversation

There are a lot of reasons why email marketing fails. The question is, which is the reason why yours is failing? Bad copy, uninteresting subject lines, failing to standout, not providing value are just some of the reasons why email marketing fails, and there are 4 kinds of bad online business emailers that only make the problem worse. When done right, though, email marketing can have a huge positive brand and financial impact on your business. We've seen some companies implement great email marketing strategies where a majority of their emails get 10x the open rates and click-thru rates from their email community when compared to their competitors. The financial difference can be just as astounding. In this episode we'll talk about why email marketing fails and what you what you need to do to find success with your email and increase the bottom-line.   Topics Discussed Throughout This Interview The 7-8 main reasons w
05/08/201425 minutes 22 seconds
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023: How to Improve Your eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Process - Chris Goward,

Chris Goward, the Founder and CEO of Wider Funnel, is one of the world’s leading experts in website and ecommerce conversion rate optimization. His company helps clients like Google, Electronic Arts, Iron Mountain, Magento,, and many others lift online results by up to 400% for lead generation, ecommerce, and affiliate companies by using the LIFT Model and the Kaizen Method. Chris has presented on website and ecommerce conversion rate optimization at 100+ events in 30+ cities globally, including conferences like Search Engine Strategies, Search Marketing Expo, European Conversion Summit, and much more. He’s also been invited to speak on behalf of companies such as Google, Magento, Citrix, MarketingProfs, Unbounce and Optimizely. In 2013, Chris authored “You Should Test That!“, his Amazon best-selling book that shows how leading companies are using marketing optimization techniques to dramatically lift their website revenue, and it’s recommended b
31/07/201435 minutes 47 seconds
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022: Building a Bulletproof eCommerce Sales Funnel, Part 2 - Candid Conversation

Before starting this show make sure to check out part 1 where we talk about the first 2 steps in this 5-step bulletproof ecommerce sales funnel. Funnel’s are extremely exciting to talk about because after you're done building a bulletproof ecommerce sales funnel you can often see 2, 5 or even 10x growth. In this episode we talk about the remaining three pieces of building a bulletproof ecommerce sales funnel and what that will mean to the growth of your business. We'll also walk you through an example of exactly how to set this up for your business. It’s great to hear conceptually but this real life example will give you the steps necessary to implement this funnel for your business. Topics Discussed Throughout This Interview Why
29/07/201423 minutes 46 seconds
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021: Using Partnerships As An eCommerce Growth Channel - Andy Forch & Richard Greiner,

Andy Forch and Richard Greiner are the co-founders of Huckberry, an online shop, journal and brand discovery site for guys with taste. Their focus at Huckberry is to inspire their readers to lead more active, adventurous, and thoughtful lives while providing cool gear with inspiring stories and at insiders' prices. They've built a large community of loyal followers where 40% of their visitors return to their site more than 10x per month and their email open and click thru rates are 5-10x the industry average. A big reason for their success is that they're using partnerships as an ecommerce growth channel while building build their community, and in this episode we’re going to get some more insight into how they do this and what it's meant for the growth of their business. Topics Discussed Throughout This Interview The “why” behind Andy and Richard's Huckberry community How they’re consistently getting 10x better engageme
24/07/201446 minutes 17 seconds
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020: How to Build An Online Community For Your eCommerce Store, Candid Conversation

Today we're going to discuss how to build an online community for your ecommerce store, with special guest Andrew Youderian from eCommerceFuel. Andrew has built an incredible community of ecommerce store owners that drives his business, and he discusses with us why it is necessary for the success of your online business and how you can do it, too. We will walk through several examples of companies that are doing this well and take you through some specific action steps on how to build an online community for you ecommerce store starting today. Topics Discussed Throughout This Interview Examples of companies building great online communities around their business The importance of personal touch, including personally emailing every new subscriber while you still can Who creates the community and how do you manage that? What can you learn from Red Bull about building a community
22/07/201439 minutes 25 seconds
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019: Creating The Most Authentic Brand Experience For Your Online Store - Dave Munson,

Dave Munson is founder and CEO of Saddleback Leather where his number one priority is creating the most authentic brand experience for his site's visitors and customers. Saddleback leather is an ecommerce company that designs and produces the perfect leather bag and other full grain leather goods, products that won't tear, has zippers or buttons wouldn’t break, and products that could withstand a beating or two. The idea for his product and company came to him while he participated in a real Mexican bullfight, and he began to build his company while living in a d
17/07/201429 minutes 30 seconds
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018: Building a Bulletproof eCommerce Sales Funnel, Part 1 - Candid Conversation

Amazon can crush your business with better customer acquisition, faster shipping, cheaper shipping, easy returns, and many other things that you probably don't even know about. In addition to having a solid brand, you have to be able to acquire customers and be able to take them through a bulletproof eCommerce sales funnel. Whoever is willing and able to spend the most money to acquire customers and successfully converts them, wins in their niche. There are five steps in a bulletproof eCommerce sales funnel, and in this episode we’re going to be talking about the
15/07/201425 minutes 59 seconds
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017: Growing Your Ecommerce Company to $10 Million Plus - Avinash Kaushik, Google's Digital Marketing Evangelist & Market Motive Co-Founder

Avinash Kaushik is a best selling author of two books on web analytics; Google's digital evangelist; and co-founder of Market Motive, the leading curriculum publisher of online marketing training. He writes regularly on analytics, startups, and business building on his blog Occam's Razor. The way people imagine possibilities in the world is very finite, his job is to work with some of the largest companies on the planet to help them imagine possibilities for commerce, influence, and relationships by leveraging the power of digital and by building new frameworks and ideas for engaging customers. He has won multiple awards for analytics, including Most Influential Industry Contributor from the Web Analytics Association. Avinash speaks at many conferences throughout year including Search Engine Strategies, at major universities like Stanford, and he speaks at huge corporations such as IBM, Toyota, Google, and more. He puts a common sense framework around the
10/07/201433 minutes 44 seconds
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016: Single vs Double Opt In & Which One You Should Use - Candid Conversation

There has been quite a debate in the past few years when it comes the email opt in practices. In this episode we will cover the pros and cons of both the double and the single opt in as it pertains to ecommerce. We will also comapre a few different email providers, explain why some email providers strongly encourage the double opt in, and we go over a case study that breaks down the numbers when choosing one opt in style over the other. Topics Discussed Throughout This Interview Overview of Double, Single, and Confirmed Opt Ins Why email marketing providers encourage double opt in Email provider comparisons Pros and cons of both single opt in and double opt in Statistical breakdown of advantages/disadvantages of double/single opt in Differences between hard and soft bounces What you option you should choose Plus a lot more! Links and Resources Mentioned
08/07/201424 minutes
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015: Building An Incredibly Successful Community Based eCommerce Store - Eric Bandholz,

Eric Bandholz and his team launch Beardbrand on January 28th, 2013 with only 3 products and no established sales. They have since grown from $1000 in sales per month to now generating over $120,000 per month in sales. Beardbrand a company that provides the tools and strategies men need to take care of their beautiful beards. Their products are of the highest quality and made from all natural ingredients. They are designed for men who find value in quality, service, and experience and they are for men that are passionate about life. Simply put, Beardbrand provides Style for the Urban Beardsmen. Eric attests that Beardbrands success comes from his focus on building a community-based ecommerce site and that you should consider building one, too. Topics Discussed Throughout This Interview How he built a community of loyal followers before having a product to sell. His path from $1k per month in sales to $120k pe
03/07/201428 minutes 22 seconds
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014: Structuring Your Ecommerce Analytics Account In A Way That Will Actually Impact The Bottom Line - Candid Conversation

This Candid Conversation is an overview on how you can begin structuring your ecommerce analytics account in a way that will save you from the oncoming flood of data that is produced by your analytics account, and, more importantly, how you can use that data to significantly increase profits and even save you thousands of dollars and hours of time on bad marketing campaigns. We'll take you through the 5 step process of creating structure around your analytics data that covers the most important areas of acquisition, behavior, and outcomes. Topics Discussed Throughout This Interview The right way to look at Google Analytics for Ecommerce The most important step in getting started with Google Analytics for Ecommerce Why your data is actually the second most important thing Sample insights of actual client analysis The 3 buckets, or categories, your analysis mus
01/07/201428 minutes 29 seconds
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013: Quickly & Easily Implement A Content Marketing Strategy For Your Ecommerce Store - Ezra Firestone, Smart Marketer

Ezra Firestone is a partner and head of digital marketing for BOOM! by Cindy Joseph, a cosmetic line designed from women of every generation. Hes also the founder and creative director of Smart Marketer, a site packed to gills with information for do-it-yourself entrepreneurs. Most importantly, hes an ecommerce business owner just like you, running 6-figure drop shipping businesses, seven-figure manufacturing and importing businesses, and he has multiple physical products ecommerce stores. Hes a world-renowned leader in Ecommerce and hes the first person the big boys reach out to when looking for the latest and greatest trends that are happening in ecommerce.
26/06/201438 minutes 43 seconds
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012: Using Email To Convert Prospects Even When They're Leaving Your Website - Candid Conversation

In this episode we talk about a simple little lead capture and email sequence you can use to get your prospects to convert in the first 48 hours, even if they are leaving your website. Here is the 4 step process we use for lots of clients, getting upwards of a 5.7% conversion rate on visitors who were leaving their site and how you can start implementing today. Topics Discussed: Actual results current clients are getting from this simple system Creating an irresistble offer Getting visitors to opt-in to your sequence Setting up the email campaign Segmenting your list Plus a lot more!  
24/06/201417 minutes 18 seconds
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011: $0 to $100k In Less Than One Year & How He Doubled Mobile Conversions - Steve Chou, Bumblebee Linens

Steve Chou is the founder of Bumblebee Linens, an e-commerce site that sells handkerchiefs and linens for special occasions. Steve and his wife started this store so that his wife could quit her job to stay home with their first child. They were able to take their store from $0 to over $100,000 in profit in just one year. Steve also runs an extremely popular blog, which also makes over $100,000, where he produces insightful and detailed information about his ecommerce success and failures, and "how you can start your own online store today.” He’s been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, ABC, MSNBC, and his small business podcast has been topping the iTunes podcast charts for weeks. Topics Discussed Throughout This Interview His journey from $0 to $100k in profit in under one year How he’s doubled his mobile site conversions A little trick to help you improve your Facebook ads conversions Why
19/06/201449 minutes 3 seconds
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010: Creating A Unique Value Proposition That Converts - Candid Conversation

You have 8 seconds to make an impression on a site visitor and your unique value proposition is the number one thing that will determine if your store visitors will continue reading about your product, or if they leave your site never to return. Your unique value proposition is the driver of your conversion rate potential, and in this episode of Candid Conversation we discuss how to create one using both good and bad examples we have seen to guide you along the way.
17/06/201435 minutes 56 seconds
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009: Bootstrapping A Successful Ecommerce Business From His Dorm Room & The Importance Of Customer Service In Ecommerce - Sam Franklin, Greenvelope

Sam founded Greenvelope back in 2008 in his college dorm room after raising initial funds from pressure washing driveways and delivering pizza, and he put $50,000 towards his dream of disrupting the electronic invitation industry. In this episode, Sam talks to us about how he bootstrapped Greenvelope from his dorm room into a successful ecommerce business and what he's learned along the way, how to have personable, yet automated, customer service that brings in raving reviews, a split test that gave him a 10% sales boost, plus a lot more.
12/06/201447 minutes 13 seconds
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008: How To Create A Cart Abandonment Recovery Program That Recovers 8% To 15% Of Your Sales - Candid Conversation

In this Candid Conversation we talk about the cart abandonment epidemic that plagues nearly all ecommerce companies and results in a total industry loss of about $18 BILLION dollars each year. We will show you the basics on how to properly implement a cart abandonment recovery program that can recover 8% to 15% of your sales while building goodwill with your customers.
10/06/201443 minutes 12 seconds
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007: Hacks And Habits For More Productivty In Ecommerce - Andy Fallshaw, Bellroy Wallets

Andy Fallshaw is CEO of Bellroy Wallets where they design and produce wallets that are elegant, functional, delightful to use, and, they're designed for an active lifestyle. Andy's background includes heading up two major division of global surf-wear empire Rip Curl, starting an investment group, and a few other businesses. He's a seasoned ecommerce exec that loves to travel and knows how to make things happen and he chats with us about some incredible life hacks to be more productive, what you can do to start forming better habits in your business, and why you shouldn’t be looking for your passion.
05/06/201448 minutes 48 seconds
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006: From The Corporate World To Selling His First eCommerce Store And Much More - Andrew Youderian, eCommerce Fuel

Andrew Youderian is the owner of eCommerce Fuel and the host of the wildly popular eCommerce Fuel Podcast, where he helps eager entrepreneurs 'start a store, and change their lives'. He owns multiple ecommerce businesses and will be chatting with us today about his journey from the corporate world to selling his first commerce store, a current split test case study, one of his biggest eCommerce failures and how you can avoid the same mistake, his most profitable marketing campaign ever, and much more.
03/06/201450 minutes 7 seconds
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005: Acquiring 15-20% Of Your Customers Through Referral Marketing - Brad Kam, Curebit (Talkable)

Brad Kam is the VP at Curebit, where they acquire new customers for some of the most well known ecommerce brands, including Diamond Candles, Bonobos, Toms, and Serena and Lily. They are partly responsible for helping Bonobos double their customer base year-after-year, and in 2012 Curebit helped Bonobos drive over 25% of their new customers. Today we’re going to talk about how you can build a strong referral marketing program for your company, and how to avoid the mistakes most business owners make when setting it up.
29/05/201436 minutes 57 seconds
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004: Surviving & Thriving At The Biggest Trade Show In The World - Austin Brawner, Ecommerce Influence

Austin talks with us today about the Canton Fair. It is the largest trade show in all of Asia where foreign importers go to find products produced in China to be brought to their own market whether it's in the US, Europe, Australia, Africa, etc. It's a chance to see thousands of potential products in a 5-day period. Austin talks with us about what to expect, how to prepare, and how to make it a successful trip.
27/05/201438 minutes 45 seconds
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003: How You Can Print Leads & Print Money Everyday Through Pay Per Click - Grant James, Lead PPC

In this episode Grant is going to provide the information, tools, and resources you need to help you use pay per click advertising to acquire more customers...or as he likes to say, "print leads and print money." If you're new to pay per click or need to sharpen your skills when it comes to pay per click, this is the episode to listen to.
22/05/201443 minutes 43 seconds
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002: Preparing a Website For the Hit Show Shark Tank & Boosting Sales by 14.97% - Evan Mendelsohn, Tipsy Elves

Evan tells us how to prepare your website and your marketing to generate the highest amount of sales for your business from high traffic events. Evan spent two months preparing his website and his marketing for the hit show Shark Tank. His preparation for such a high traffic event led to a 14.97% sales lift and annualize wins of $143,365. In this episode he'll teach you how he did it.
21/05/201432 minutes 58 seconds
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001: Why Instagram is More Valuable to Ecommerce Brands Today Than Facebook - Blake Jensen, Blenders Eyewear

Blake tells us how he attracted 27,000 followers on Instagram and built a rabid following and loyal customer base on little to no marketing budget, and why he thinks Facebook is on the decline when it comes to acquiring customers for ecommerce stores.
20/05/201424 minutes 54 seconds
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000: The Ecommerce Influence Podcast Introduction

It's here! The first episode of The Ecommerce Influence Podcast! In this quick introduction episode we talk about why we created the podcast, our vision for it moving forward, and how it's going to help you convert more of your visitors to paying customers. Our podcast interviews the most successful ecommerce CEO's and online marketing experts that are shaping the trends in ecommerce to help you succeed. You'll be able to hear this episode and all that follow on iTunes, Stitcher, and on our blog. Make sure to subscribe so that you're able to automatically receive all future episodes. Your commerce success awaits!
19/05/20146 minutes 45 seconds