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The E of Real Estate

English, Education, 5 seasons, 23 episodes, 1 day 1 hour 29 minutes
An exploration odyssey about REAL ESTATE and the REAL STATE of people. This podcast about user experience on university campuses will help you to create a positive impact by raising awareness and providing best practice examples about rethinking the learning environment to maximize human potential. I talk with experts to explore new perspectives and their practical implementation on cutting-edge topics. State of learn/work environment (physical, digital, social) and of people's health (body, mind, heart, spirit). Meaning of the "E": - Effectiveness. - Efficiency. - Evidence. - Engagement.
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Radionics – Radiesthesia, how can it possibly work? - Nick Franks & Rene Stevens

RADIONICS: SPOOKY ACTION AT A DISTANCE. Nick Franks made an attempt to answer the central question 'but how could it possibly work?' Radionics is a controversial therapeutic modality that combines Radiesthesia (pendulum dowsing and related sensory skills) with the use of psycho-activated codes, symbols and instruments. Radionics has developed such that it may be used to treat not only humans but also animals, crops and soils, and, potentially, the ecosphere itself. The basis, therefore, is the contention that human consciousness can be projected in a manner that can influence the action of Nature to a positive effect. Nick Franks made an attempt to answer the central question 'but how could it possibly work?' The attempt to answer this question forces a rethink of fundamental ideas about man, Nature, and the origins of what we perceive to be reality. In response to critiques of Radionics which claim it is some for
08/01/202048 minutes 35 seconds