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FBI Agent Phil Carson has held onto a secret for fifteen years, which will prove for the final time that there was a cover-up of the murder of Hip-Hop Superstar The Notorious B.I.G. by officials at the LAPD. Agent Carson is talking, and journalist Don Sikorski has the FBI Files to prove it. This ground-breaking podcast spans twenty years inside the underbelly of crime in the dark forces of the LAPD that used power and influence to hide the evidence and facts. LAPD Officers orchestrated the murder of Biggie Smalls. The information contained inside The Dossier will shake the foundation of the LAPD and the City of Los Angeles, defining with evidence who shot and killed Biggie, but more importantly why the power players inside Los Angeles covered it up.
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After CMM's Don Sikorski is contacted by ex-LAPD Detective Frank Lyga, we take a closer look the facts and rumors surrounding Kevin Gaines. While he’s always been connected to the Biggie murder, was Gaines also involved in the killing of Tupac in Las Vegas? We also check in with RJ Bond, our resident Tupac expert, to get his thoughts on Kevin Gaines. The Dossier II: The Secret Biggie FBI Files, is a production of Criminal Minded Media, Action Park Media & DCP Entertainment.
15/11/202330 minutes 3 seconds
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EP16 - Trump Pardon

I have been investigating the case of James Rosemond for six years, through all his federal criminal trials, and in doing a reconciliation of the story, I keep going back to two major points that need explaining and examination. The first is the idea that Jimmy has a harsher sentence than El Chapo, and just put that into context, El Chapo led an organization that imported billions of dollars’ worth of drugs. Rosemond is alleged by the government to have run an organization with five guys, who dabbled in the drug game, El Chapo laundered billions of dollars through American banks, while government at trial never proved or showed evidence that Jimmy laundered any money, it was the exact opposite. So just think about the dichotomy of the federal criminal justice system, and levers of power that has allowed for this to transpire.   The second part that I need to reconcile, is the story behind Jimmy’s pardon by President Donald Trump, and his administration, for that part of the story, I wi
09/10/202323 minutes 44 seconds
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EP15 - Bruce Maffeo Interview Part 2

Before diving deeper into the murder for hire trial, James Rosemond reflects on his life, mentally surviving prison & his unwavering belief that he will one day walkout through those prison gates. 
02/10/202318 minutes 55 seconds
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EP14- Bruce Maffeo Interview Pt. 1

Bruce Maffeo has been a high profile criminal defense attorney in New York for decades. He was James Rosemond's lawyer in both of the murder for hire trials. He sat down with Don Sikorski to discuss Rosemond's case.
23/09/202323 minutes 20 seconds
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EP12 - Murder Trial Part 1

After being given 7 life sentences on drug charges, the government apparently felt they  hadn’t buried James Rosemond far enough beneath the jail. He would soon be indicted on  murder for hire charges in the death of G-Unit affiliate Lowell Fletcher. Rosemond & Don  Sikorski begin detailing the government’s allegations surrounding Fletcher’s killing. 
08/09/202322 minutes 50 seconds
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Mic Drop

Rosemond must watch as former friends and allies testify against him in order to avoid jail time. He reflects on the trial and the lack of evidence that was used to convict him
28 minutes 11 seconds
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EP10 - Legal Letdown

Reeling from losing Jeff Lichtman as his attorney, Rosemond scrambles to find a new lawyer who can handle his case. Two former associates of Jimmy go on the record, disputing the government’s narrative of the case.
31 minutes 21 seconds
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Gotti’s Guy

Jeff Lichtman is one of the best criminal defense attorneys of his generation, once defending El Chapo and John Gotti Jr. He discusses his longtime client Jimmy Rosemond and the lengths prosecutors took to get him thrown off Jimmy’s defense team.
34 minutes 59 seconds
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In today’s episode, we are releasing the Mario Hammonds deposition in its entirety, as he's questioned by Rob Frank, one of the lawyers for Voletta Wallace. Also included in today’s episode, the late Sergio Robleto and Don Sikorski discuss Sikorski’s secret meeting with Hammonds.
59 minutes 58 seconds
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EP8 - Snitches

As the investigation picks up steam, several of Rosemond’s close friends and associates are targeted by Kaminsky. As the walls close in, Jimmy makes the decision to go on the run.
31 minutes 52 seconds
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EP7 The Heat is On

US Attorney Todd Kaminsky becomes obsessed with the rap game and Jimmy Henchman, starting his investigation in earnest. He will have an unlikely ally in reporter Chuck Phillips.
33 minutes 49 seconds
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EP6 - Rivalries

Jimmy is pulled into another rap war, this time involving 50 Cent and The Game. This beef will spiral out of control, eventually involving Jimmy’s family and law enforcement.
33 minutes 49 seconds
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EP5 - Trial By Media

After Ethan Brown writes a profile on Rosemond for Vibe Magazine, he becomes the target of others in the media, most notably Chuck Phillips of the LA Times. These articles will put Rosemond in the crosshairs of law enforcement and Todd Kaminsky.
29 minutes 46 seconds
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Don Sikorski speaks with RJ Bond about the breaking news coming out of Las Vegas on Tuesday - that Vegas PD served a search warrant in nearby Henderson, Nevada, related to the murder of Tupac Shakur. RJ shares his thoughts on who the search warrant targeted and what could come next in the police investigation.
29 minutes 3 seconds
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Going Corporate

Despite being arrested and sent back to prison, Rosemond continues his rise in the entertainment industry. He reaches the pinnacle after negotiating the Mike Tyson - Lennox Lewis fight and signing his own rap superstar, The Game. .
30 minutes 14 seconds
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Watch Ya Back

William ‘Bill’ Courtney spent his career investigating street figures and their connection to hip hop. He gives us his perspective from the law enforcement side on Rosemond, Haitian Jack, Tupac and others involved in the game.
27 minutes 4 seconds
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Quad Studios

While entering Quad Studios to meet Jimmy for a recording session, Tupac Shakur is robbed and shot in the lobby. The incident will haunt Jimmy forever and start the infamous East vs West rap war.
28 minutes 5 seconds
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Growing up on the streets of Brooklyn, Jimmy Ace becomes one of the most feared gangsters in the city. After serving time in Rikers Island, however, Jimmy makes his play to go legit.
34 minutes 22 seconds
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Episode 12: The Curious Case of Greg Kading

In the narrative of Biggie's murder investigations, former LAPD Investigator Greg Kading has stated that he has solved both the murders of Biggie and Tupac. Journalist Don Sikorski explores Kading's theory and statements about Phil Carson and the LAPD cover-up. Misinformation has thrived for years, supported by unchallenged evidence in the murder of Biggie. Is it possible that Greg Kading will change his opinion on who killed Biggie? Sikorski explores an interview by Geg Kading on the Gangster Chronicles podcast.
34 minutes 17 seconds
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Episode 16: RJ Bond and The Truth

Filmmaker/Journalist RJ Bond sets the record straight with Don Sikorski about his vast work surrounding both the Biggie and Tupac cases. He talks about the final days of Russell Poole and the internal dynamics of the Los Angeles Police Department and the City. RJ also delves into his history investigating the Compton Police Department, Death Row, and Reggie Wright Jr.
57 minutes 5 seconds
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Episode 5: FBI Informant Psycho Mike Robinson & the LAPD

Phil Carson continues to break down his FBI investigation into the LAPD cover-up in the murder of Biggie. He goes in-depth about his FBI operation to wire Psycho Mike and confront alleged hitman Amir Muhammad. Richard Valdemar of the LA County Sheriff's Department connects the dots on who Psycho Mike was and why he was a trusted informant for the Sheriff's department and the FBI. Valdemar uncovers the relationship between Suge Knight, Reggie Wright Jr., and Amir Muhammad.
36 minutes 32 seconds
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Episode 17: DEAD WRONG - Randall Sullivan and Phil Carson

Author Randall Sullivan has investigated the LAPD cover-up of Biggie for close to twenty years. His two books Labyrinth and the sequel Dead Wrong are really the Bible when it comes to information on how the LAPD, City of Los Angeles, and Us Attorney inside Los Angeles orchestrated the cover-up. Randall sits down with Phil Carson and Don Sikorski for a wide-ranging conversation, and new information on Perry Sanders refiling the lawsuit against the LAPD and City of Los Angeles.
54 minutes
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Episode 13: The Origin Story of The Dossier

Journalist Don Sikorski tracks down the audio from a rare documentary series done by PBS and Frontline. Sikorski analyzes, criticizes, and deconstructs the story of the Rampart Police Scandal. Audio interviews with LAPD Chief Bernard Parks, Robbery/Homicide Detective Bryan Tyndall, and LA District Attorney Gl Garcetti as it relates to the Rampart Police Scandal. Rare Audio of Corrupt LAPD Officer Rafael Perez from interview testimony defines this controversial era in the City of Los Angeles. The Origin Story of the murder of Biggie is explained.
52 minutes 38 seconds
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Episode 7: The LA Times and the Murder of Biggie

Phil Carson explains how the LAPD used the LA Times as a tool in the cover-up. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chuck Phillips has secrets buried to this day surrounding the murder of Biggie and his relationship with LAPD brass Mike Berkow. Exclusive audio from inside California's San Quentin Prison ties Suge Knight to David Mack, Rafael Perez, and Amir Muhammad.
28 minutes 59 seconds
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Episode 6: Suge Knight & The Pursuit of Justice

FBI Agent Phil Carson completes his story about the operation to wire up FBI Informant Psycho Mike Robinson to meet with alleged triggerman Amir Muhammad. Former LAPD Homicide investigator Sergio Robleto was hired by Violetta Wallace and her attorney Perry Sanders. Robleto reveals information and evidence secured in the course of his own investigation during the civil trial, filed by Miss Wallace against the City of Los Angeles and the LAPD.
38 minutes 28 seconds
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Episode 2: Dirty Cop Rafael Perez vs. LAPD

Prison Inmate Kenneth Boagni spent time in protective custody with former LAPD Officer Rafael Perez. While in jail Perez confessed to Boagni his involvement in the murder of Biggie. Boagni also describes the efforts of LA City Attorney Don Vincent to muzzle him and the information he holds.
32 minutes 50 seconds
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Episode 19: Big Gene and Phil Carson

Phil Carson interviewed Eugene Deal in 2004 as part of his sprawling FBI investigation into the murder of Biggie. Now, 17 years later, the two of them are reunited to discuss their individual journeys inside the case and the lies that have evolved over the course of time. Phil and Gene also talk about a mysterious photograph that is in the possession of the LAPD that points to the triggerman in the murder of Biggie.
50 minutes 32 seconds
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Episode 10: Michael Carlin & Suge Knight on Tupac and Biggie

Don Sikorski interviews Compton based journalist Michael Carlin about his work and information related to the murder of Biggie. Carlin traces the deep connections inside Compton, California, that led to Biggie's murder. Carlin also shares audio he recorded of Death Row Records founder Marion "Suge" Knight. Suge discusses both the murders of Tupac and Biggie. Suge also outlines the stealing of close to $30 Million from Death Row accounts by famed defense attorney David Kenner.
32 minutes 56 seconds
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Episode 15: Reggie Wright Jr & Phil Carson

Reggie Wright Jr goes on the record with Phil Carson about the murder of Biggie. Reggie also talks about his relationship with the FBI and Death Row Records .
1 hour 37 minutes 42 seconds
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Episode 9: Phil Carson & The United States Attorney

Phil Carson investigated the murder of Biggie for close to 2 years inside the FBI. With the approval of his bosses, Carson took the prosecutive report to the United States Attorney in Los Angeles to file charges against LAPD Officers David Mack, Rafael Perez, and the LAPD as it relates to the cover-up in the murder of Biggie. Journalist Don Sikorski receives a phone call from Compton based journalist Michael Carlin, with an audio interview with Suge Knight, speaking about the murder of Biggie.
25 minutes 18 seconds
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Episode 11: Phil Carson & The Trail of Evidence

Journalist Don Sikorski interviews Phil Carson on the treasure trove of documents acquired through the Freedom Of Information Act. Phil breaks down an elaborate ruse by LA City Attorney Paul Paquette that involves David Mack taking a lie detector test. Phil Carson also speaks about the ballistic evidence in Biggie's murder and how the LAPD handled it.
37 minutes 44 seconds
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The Dossier - Trailer

FBI Agent Phil Carson has held onto a dark secret for fifteen years, which will prove for the final time that there was a cover-up of the murder of Hip-Hop Superstar The Notorious B.I.G. by officials at the LAPD, LA Times, and US Attorney. Agent Carson is talking, and journalist Don Sikorski has the FBI Files to prove it.
1 minute 59 seconds
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Episode 1: FBI Agent Phil Carson & The Murder of B.I.G.

Journalist Don Sikorski is able to track down FBI Agent Phil Carson, the only FBI Agent to ever investigate the murder of Biggie and the triangle of corruption of the LAPD, City Attorney, and LA Times. Phil Carson goes on the record for the first time.
28 minutes 57 seconds
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Episode 8: The FBI Informant, Suge Knight & San Quentin Prison

FBI Informant Mario Hammonds was deposed in San Quentin Prison by lawyer Rob Frank on behalf of Voletta Wallace during the civil trial against the LAPD. In the deposition, Hammonds implicates Suge Knight, Reggie Wright Jr, David Mack, and Rafael Perez in orchestrating the murder of Biggie. Journalist Don Sikorski reveals a hidden document created by LAPD's Internal Affairs that has detailed information that implicates both Mack and Perez in the murder of Biggie. Phil Carson discusses the implications of this document on the case moving forward.
31 minutes 59 seconds
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Episode 4: FBI Agent Phil Carson Defines the Cover-Up

FBI Agent Phil Carson walks Don Sikorski through different layers of the LAPD Cover-Up and the connection between upper management in Police Chief Bill Bratton's operation at the LAPD. Phil Carson also connects journalist Chuck Phillips and the LA Times to the cover-up.
37 minutes 19 seconds
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Episode 18: City of Lies, Director Brad Furman, Johnny Depp & The Truth

Director Brad Furman has spent the last two years working on the feature film City of Lies, starring Johnny Depp and Forrest Whitaker. The film is based on Randall Sullivan's book Labyrinth, which delves into LAPD Robbery Homicide Investigator Russell Poole's work. Don Sikorski, Furman, and producer Jess Fuerst talk through the movie's origin story, the battle for truth in the case, and the Wallace Family's involvement in the movie.
47 minutes 16 seconds
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Episode 3: The Secret Files of the LAPD

Police Activist and LA insider Xavier Hermosillo goes on the record about investigative documents in the murder of Biggie that members of LAPD's Robbery/Homicide Division locked into a secret compartment at their offices. These files show proof that the LAPD covered-up the involvement of David Mack and Rafael Perez in the murder.
33 minutes 37 seconds
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Episode 20: The Game is the Game

Journalist Don Sikorski goes in search of David Mack and Rafael Perez. The closing episode of Season One of The Dossier leaves more questions than answers. Will the FBI reopen this case based on the evidence and the story of Phil Carson? Will Miss Wallace and Perry Sanders refile the civil case against the City of Los Angeles and the LAPD? Finally, will there ever be justice in the murder of Hip-Hop's biggest star? Please stay tuned for updates on the case and look out for Season 2 of The Dossier, launching soon. Special thanks to Griff, Nicole Luciano, Rick Phillips, Dave Sikorski, John Anagnopoulos, Brandon Blackburn, Mike Caruso, Seth Lawrence, Andy Hill, Andrew Rath, Adam Leibner, and all the listeners of Season One, thank you for all the support.
19 minutes 47 seconds
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Episode 14: Phil Carson Investigated the LAPD Rampart Scandal

Before Phil Carson opened an FBI Investigation into the LAPD corruption and the cover-up of Biggie's murder, he was one of a handful of FBI assigned to a federal task force called RAMFIT. This task force was supposed to look into all the officers inside the Rampart Division and track down the alleged crimes defined by Rafael Perez's deal with the LA District Attorney. The pattern of deception between Phil Carson and officials at the LAPD and City Attorney started with Rampart.
53 minutes 32 seconds