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The Dating Disasters Podcast

English, Social, 3 seasons, 27 episodes, 15 hours 25 minutes
Because dating isn’t always great- Join Amy Helt for laughs, cringes, head nods and lessons as she and her guests chat about some memorable (not in a good way) dates and relationships. We’ve made the mistakes so maybe you won’t. Maybe.
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WednesDATE Wisdom- Options

Options create opportunity. Let’s talk about how having options can help you get the online dating results that you’re actually looking for.
20/05/202212 minutes 55 seconds
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WednesDATE Wisdom- How Do I Know What to Search For?

Online dating can seem overwhelming without a search strategy, but how do we figure one out? Listen in for some basic tips on where to start and see why knowing what to search for matters. 
09/03/202211 minutes 52 seconds
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WednesDATE Wisdom- How Much Time Do I Need To Spend On My Profile?

Is spending a good bit of time writing your profile really worth it? Online dating is an investment. Let’s talk about why it’s a smart move to take that investment seriously.
08/10/20218 minutes 18 seconds
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WednesDATE Wisdom- How to Use Video Chat to Vet Your Online Date

In this episode of WednesDATE Wisdom, I’m going make the case for adding video chat to your online dating tools. I even throw in a super cool idea for a first date!
16/09/202110 minutes 45 seconds
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Truth In Advertising

It's all fun and games until someone's spray-on hair bleeds. We all have stuff about ourselves that we try to hide. When it has to do with physical appearance, it's tempting to "smoke and mirrors" it. In this episode, Amy reminds us all why that is a bad idea!
20/11/202029 minutes 6 seconds