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The Darklight drum n bass Podcast

English, Music, 1 seasons, 7 episodes, 11 hours 31 minutes
::UPDATE - THE DARKLIGHT PODCAST WILL BE GOING OFFLINE FOR THE NEXT 6 MONTHS - I NEED TO CONCENTRATE ON MY EDUCATION AND OTHER PROJECTS FOR THE NEXT HALF YEAR - THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND KEEP DOWNLOADING EPISODES 1 - 7:: ::WE WILL BE BACK, STRONGER THAN EVER WITH DARKLIGHT PODCAST EPISODE 8 DROPPING ON 1/07/10:: FULL SPECTRUM DRUM 'N' BASS AND ELECTRONIC MUSIC FROM BRIGHTON and HOVE! The Darklight Podcast - produced/hosted/mixed by Unison (J:immy Unison + OD) Nothing but Fresh, high quality electronic music available through iTunes or direct download. Click the 'website' link above and to the right of this text to be taken to the facebook darklight podcast group! YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A FACEBOOK MEMBER TO SEE THE INFORMATION AT THE ABOVE LINK! You can also check us out on SoundCloud - - here you can stream / download all the latest episodes of the podcast. If you are a producer from the Brighton and Hove area you can also upload your music using the 'dropbox' - we will then include it in future podcasts - give as much info as you can so we can promote your music!
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03/11/20091 hour 39 minutes 13 seconds
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03/09/20091 hour 23 minutes 15 seconds
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04/07/20091 hour 17 minutes 14 seconds
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16/05/20091 hour 20 minutes 26 seconds
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04/04/20091 hour 51 minutes 37 seconds
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14/03/20091 hour 59 minutes 31 seconds
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01/02/20092 hours 34 seconds