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English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 1 seasons, 13 episodes, 4 hours 52 minutes
The Dark Horse Podcast will provide you with the methods and the mindset to achieve your goals both inside the gym and out. This is your source for non biased, accurate, and actionable information and tips surrounding fitness, nutrition, and ways to stay disciplined. I'll help you cut through all the noise of the fitness industry and get straight to what you need to excel and grow.
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I asked some clients and friends of mine what they felt was the number one obstacle they struggled with in terms of lifting, business, or just life in general.  The most popular response (almost unanimously) was consistency.  In this episode I discuss what discipline is, how it relates to motivation, and identify some key points to help build and keep it.  Toward the end of the podcast I also included a tool that I use myself and my one on one clients have been using to help facilitate being consistent.  Make sure to leave a review of the podcast and share it with a friend.  Thanks so much for listening.  
16/11/202322 minutes 23 seconds
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Gonna get a bit controversial with this one for sure.  I will provide 3 reasons as to why I feel that focusing on your 1RM as a strength metric is a bit overrated or and over hyped.  I will also offer some context and nuance because as we all know there is always an exception.  As always I have kept it at around 20 minutes to get you on with your day.  Make sure to leave a 5 star review or a written review of the podcast.  It really does help to promote it.  Thanks so much for listening.  
03/11/202320 minutes 36 seconds
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Want to feel better while training?  Looking for more progress in your workouts? Want to feel better outside of the gym as well?  Episode 11 has you covered.  The 4 points covered in this episode applies to all lifters regardless of age, goal, or current level of lifter.  You'll hear how it's not as much about what you do in the gym that dictates results.  I'll discuss whether or not warm ups are actually important.  I'll also talk about a better approach when it comes to performing compound lifts.  All covered in around 20 minutes.  Let's go!
08/08/202321 minutes 18 seconds
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Shoulder pain at the bottom of your bench press?  Trouble locking out your bench press?  Are you a longer limbed lifter, aging lifter, or just looking for some variation to rotate into your training?  This episode is going to break down the bench press from a technical standpoint, explain what may be contributing to your shoulder pain, and provide benefits of a bench press variation that I believe ALL LIFTERS could benefit from.  Make sure to share, leave a review, or subscribe to the podcast.  Thank you so much for listening.
31/03/202324 minutes 28 seconds
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Episode number 9 discusses 4 ways to develop an insanely strong "vice like" grip.  Grip is one of the most overlooked aspects of a lot of peoples' training.  If you're looking to bring up your grip strength, increase all your major lifts, and add some variety to your're not gonna want to miss this episode!  Make sure to leave a 5 star review and if you haven't already please subscribe to the podcast so that you never miss an episode.  Thanks for listening and BE A DARK HORSE!
22/02/202321 minutes 3 seconds
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How to Nail Your Muscle Gain

If you're looking to pack on some mass, this one's for you.  Among the topics discussed will be the ideal rate of mass gain, I'll talk about the number one driver of hypertrophy, how to ensure quality reps for every set, and why just increasing reps and sets initially may not be the best idea.  I will conclude the podcast by telling you how to arrive at your ideal volume and frequency to maximize muscle growth!  If you find value in the podcast make sure to leave a 5 star review or share on social media.  Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy the show!
23/03/202229 minutes 37 seconds
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How to Nail Your Fat Loss

In this episode I'll be bringing to light 4 key points that I feel are often overlooked when attempting to drop body fat.  I will break each of these points down in detail and I will also provide some guidance for when you hit a plateau during fat loss.  Towards the end of the podcast I'll tie it all together by offering some insight to training, how to approach your nutrition while in a caloric deficit, and I'll discuss why the weight on the scale may not be telling the full story.  Thanks so much for listening and please leave a review or share on social media.  
09/03/202220 minutes 24 seconds
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#3 MINDSET: How to Overcome the Difficulties Surrounding Training Consistency.

We have a very special guest on this episode of the podcast!   She's both my biggest supporter and my toughest critic.  The main topic of conversation will be about how to bridge the gap between knowing what you should be doing, and actually doing it.  We will also discuss why taking the first step is the hardest, how important it is to establish and remain focused on your goal, and we will provide some tips to help you implement and maintain consistency and discipline.  Thanks so much for listening and don't forget to leave a review! 
09/02/202220 minutes 5 seconds
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#2 The 5 BIG ROCKS of nutrition/recovery

Episode #2 is all about the 5 most important components (BIG ROCKS) of nutrition and recovery which I feel everyone could benefit from for overall health and wellness, especially lifters and strength athletes.   I'll break each of these "rocks" down in detail and discuss why they are important and even dispel a myth about the first big rock.  There's tips on how to achieve better sleep, why you should prioritize building muscle,  and my honest opinion on greens drinks.  Lot's of information in this one!  If you're enjoying the podcast make sure to leave a 5 star review or write a review to help grow the show.  Thanks so much for all your support, and enjoy the show!
26/01/202223 minutes 18 seconds
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#1 How to Properly Structure Your Strength Program (advice for new and advanced lifters).

In this inaugural episode of The Dark Horse Podcast I'm gonna give you a checklist to start your strength training journey or to serve as an evaluation tool for your current program.  I'll give the "non-negotiable" things I consider when writing a program for a client or when running a program myself.  If you enjoy today's show please let me know by either reviewing/rating it in the apple app,  sending me an email (link below), or you can dm me on instagram at darkhorse.performance    If you'd like a question answered on the show, please email: [email protected]
10/01/202222 minutes 5 seconds