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The Dark Feminine: a podcast for womxn entrepreneurs

English, Finance, 1 season, 8 episodes, 3 hours, 49 minutes
What can we as female entrepreneurs- especially those of us who are of color- do to thrive when very often we are left out of key networks and don't have the opportunities of our male and white counterparts?
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Ep 1: Goodbye, Listeners!

I've sold my business, and am stepping away from entrepreneurial pursuits in the traditional sense, which means closing down my podcast after three great years. In this episode, I share: - how and why I sold my business; - why I closed down my podcast; - what I've learned building my business; - mistakes I would and would not repeat again; - getting back into the working world after running a business/being a founder.      
7/3/202320 minutes, 11 seconds
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Separating Professional and Personal Identity

Do you ever conflate your professional and personal identity? Derive too much (or all) your value and worth from your job? Then this podcast episode is for you, because I do too. I explore why I have done that, where that experience brought me and the lessons I've learned in the wake of extreme burnout that has forced me to take a step back from all my professional engagements.
11/15/202217 minutes, 49 seconds
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2022 Update: Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Going

In 2021, I took a long pause from the podcast - I'm sharing why, what I've been up to and where I'm going in this short 20-minute update episode.
3/3/202216 minutes, 33 seconds
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Being Visible In Your Business: A How To Guide with Jess Audsley of Rock Social

Women entrepreneurs and business owners are flocking to digital channels- social media, video, podcasts, blogging, press- to share their stories and services. But many say they’re nervous or wary of putting themselves forward. How can we gain confidence in our message and share our narratives with others in the most effective way?
4/29/202144 minutes, 52 seconds
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An Entrepreneur's Responsibility to This Moment

How can we as entrepreneurs use our businesses to bring positive change to our companies, those our companies serve and our corner of the world (and beyond)? Listen to the podcast for my ideas!
1/29/202123 minutes, 18 seconds
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Being a Black Man in the Late 20th Century: Lessons for Female Entrepreneurs

I speak with my father, David Jones, about his experiences as a Black man growing up, going to school and working in corporate America in the late 20th century- not only interesting in and of itself, but so much of what he discusses centers around mindset and mental health which all minorities may be able to recognize and learn from. We end talking about how these experiences led to a dramatic career change in his early 50s, relatively late in his career.   
11/30/202050 minutes, 49 seconds
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Corporate Feminism, Values-Driven Companies and Maternal Entrepreneurship

Guest Karolina Belwal, founder of AfterThird, talks to Khaleelah Jones about corporate feminism, the importance of value-driven company culture (regardless of your size) and channeling your maternal energy into creating a company culture that works for you and your business.
10/2/202036 minutes, 21 seconds
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What Is the Dark Feminine and Why Does It Matter?

How can the Dark Feminine as a concept help us as womxn become more effective entrepreneurs? And why do I feel so called upon (and qualified) to share this with you? It's all in this 20-minute episode of the Dark Feminine. 
9/1/202019 minutes, 59 seconds