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The Daily Dose with Dr. Greg

English, Health / Medicine, 1 seasons, 34 episodes, 20 hours 29 minutes
Dr. Greg Mongeon brings you a daily dose of functional medicine expertise. 20 years of experience in practice combined with the top minds in health, self-development, mentality, and overall wellness brings the best of lifestyle and integrative medicine to your listening device. Remember, nothing shared on this podcast is medical advice!
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Ep.13 | Dr. Greg In The Hot Seat - Interviewed by Jen Flynn, Vitae C.O.O.

In this episode, Vitae's own Jen Flynn (C.O.O.) joins the podcast to put Doc "in the hot seat" for an episode full of unpredictable questions and answers. Doc talks about how he started in medicine, his journey so far, the reason He does what He does, and more. Bringing together functional medicine, research, and over 20-plus years of clinical experience, Dr. Greg Mongeon seeks to create easier access to living your best life by treating the root cause. Look for new episodes of "The Daily Dose with Dr. Greg" every Wednesday! Available on all of your favorite podcast platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Google, YouTube, and more!). NOTE: For a limited time, Daily Dose with Dr. Greg listeners can receive 50% off + Free Shipping on their first Lifeboost Coffee order! Head to coffeew
12/10/202234 minutes 25 seconds
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Podcast #1. DJ Hillier

On this episode I sit down with DJ Hillier and nail him with questions about Fitness, Life, Love and What Makes Him Tick. Enjoy!
03/08/20201 hour 22 minutes 2 seconds