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English, Cultural, 2 seasons, 8 episodes, 6 hours 9 minutes
Augmenting reality is an innately human desire to share our ideas and perceptions in order to feel connected. Welcome to The Cyberdelic Podcast, where startup CEO Nils Pihl and co-founder & anthropologist Damir First explore how memetics and cultural transhumanism influence our (digital) reality. If you are interested in understanding how ideas shape culture, technology, and the metaverse, you are in the right space. The goal of The Cyberdelic Podcast is to bring into our collective consciousness the idea that we should be mindful of the ideas and memes that we propagate. Culture is crowdsourced! We wish to provide the framework and tools to empower cultural authorship. Will future kingdoms of imagination be owned by companies who surveil and monetize our thoughts and actions or be privacy-preserving, deeply humane, and artistic spaces that our digital identity can call home?
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Spatial Computing Horizons: Impact of Augmented Reality - Interview with Alastair Reynolds

Welcome back to The Cyberdelic Podcast!In today's deep dive, we're navigating the intricate dance between technology and humanity with the renowned science fiction author-scientist Alastair Reynolds and our own Nils Pihl.Together, they delve into the profound implications of augmented reality as portrayed in Alastair’s narratives and the looming Vision Pro revolution on the horizon. They share concerns about AR’s potential to distort reality and deceive us, leading to disconnection, but also acknowledge its transformative capabilities for authentic communication on a level never before experienced.They tackle the existential challenges posed by our universe's relative positioning and the wonders of computational astronomy.The conversation serves as a reminder of technology's dual nature and the importance of harnessing its potential responsibly.Let's explore, question, and shape our digital future together. Dive in w
24/08/20231 hour 3 minutes 26 seconds
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End User, a short sci-fi story by Alastair Reynolds

We are BACK for season 2! In this season's premiere episode, we're taking a slightly different approach. We're diving into the world of science fiction with a special treat. We are incredibly honored to present a story penned by Alastair Reynolds! Known for his masterful storytelling in hard science fiction, Reynolds' work often explores the vastness of space and the intricacies of time, challenging our perceptions of reality and humanity."End User" is a short tale exploring the near future of augmented reality. Our protagonist, Doug, navigates life with a new pair of AR glasses, the Gaugs. As Doug immerses himself in this hyperreality, he grapples with the implications of this technology on his personal life and society at large.If you've read his "Revelation Space" series, you know the future is complex and often hiding dangers one might not anticipate."End User" is a chill
19/07/202333 minutes 19 seconds