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The Curious Cat Podcast

English, News media, 1 seasons, 10 episodes, 8 hours 44 minutes
A podcast for curious people who ponder and wonder about all of lifes little mysteries and oddities. Join Sebastian Bowen and Zoe-Marie Castleman as they attempt to unravel the rumors and unpick the truth in a world of wierdness.
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The Strange Case of Gareth Williams

After a long hiatus we are finally back!! We recorded this episode in Nov 2021 but never wanted to release it until Zoe and I were happy to start recording again. We thought we would start with this unreleased episode to wet your appetites again. This returning episode focuses on the 2010 strange death of a British Intelligence officer whose body was found in confusing and bizarre circumstances. We hope you enjoy.
20/09/20221 hour 17 minutes 47 seconds