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The Crypto Explorer - by Sygnum Bank AG

English, Finance, 2 seasons, 31 episodes, 19 hours 35 minutes
The world of crypto can sometimes seem really complex - and it can feel intimidating to dive into! Join us on The Crypto Explorer, a podcast by Sygnum, the World's first Digital Asset Bank. In short, snappy episodes with industry leaders and sector specialists, we take a dive into the different aspects of an exciting, emerging asset-class. This is Future Finance – and if you want to understand why it matters and where to begin, this podcast is for you.
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#27: Decoding MICA - the evolving face of Crypto regulation

In this podcast we were excited to dive into the world of cryptocurrency regulation, with a particular focus on the ground-breaking Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MICA). Join Luka Mueller and Firas Habach, two esteemed experts in the field, as they demystify the complex landscape of crypto regulations and shed light on the profound impact MICA has on the future of digital assets.Disclaimer Because Sygnum is a bank and some of the information in the podcast relates to financial and investment topics, we want you to understand that we do not create a bank client relationship with you when you listen to the podcast. By listening to the podcast, you agree that the information on this podcast does not constitute professional advice and no bank-client or other relationship is created between you and Sygnum. Do not consider the podcast to be a substitute for obtaining advice from a qualified investment advisor. The information in the podcast may be changed wit
05/06/202335 minutes 24 seconds
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#17: VCs in Bear Season with David Toh and Luca Burlando

Have you ever wondered why crypto projects are valued the way they are? Or how VCs make decisions in a sea of interesting projects? Tune in, as we sit down with David Toh from Mirana Ventures and Luca Burlando from Sygnum Bank to figure out how VCs deploy capital, and how this changes in a bear market. We explore questions like:When considering crypto investments, what are the key factors you consider? In what ways do you think these differ from non-crypto investments? How do you compare cases for token investments vs equity investments?There has been some criticism of centralization caused by VCs in the decentralized crypto universe – what are your thoughts on this?For founders, bear markets are often called build market, how does that impact the investment environment? What are red-flags for you, when considering an investment case? DisclaimerBecause Sygnum is a bank and some of the in
20/09/202241 minutes 7 seconds