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English, News, 1 season, 21 episodes, 7 hours, 54 minutes
Cannabis, peoples stories, animals, movies, shows, music, and more topics like this to come. My name is Robert Cross, filmmakers /content creator and I feel like this platform is something I’ve been missing out on. Not anymore.
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Ep.22 From the woods

Today's episode is a little bit different it comes to you recorded straight from my phone and in the woods. I've been thinking a lot about the future of the content I create and how it affects the people around me. And I have to make changes in order to protect the people I love. I hope you guys enjoy and I hope everyone's having a great day 🤗
7/17/202119 minutes, 22 seconds
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A little update. It's only 2 minutes long 🤣

In this rainy morning I decided to start the first step into my long process of productivity. Or becoming more productive is what I should have said. I hope everyone's having a great day and I think everyone for the support. ☺️🥰🌱🌿
7/7/20212 minutes, 41 seconds
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Ep.#20 collecting seeds

another exert clip from my vlog/documentary on my plants. this one focuses on the extraction of seeds from a pollinated cannabis plant. thees genetics are the future of my self-sustainability program. 
2/25/202131 minutes, 26 seconds
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the first Weed Tube video

I have a The Weed Tube channel. if anybody wants to see some amazing cannabis content not just from me but from a hole world of creators well then I recommend you download the app
2/22/202114 minutes, 30 seconds
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It’s been a while but I’m back in the podcast game.

👨🏾‍🌾 If anybody has been wondering what I’ve been doing lately I will explain it all in this podcast. From the updates I have on my rooftop grill to the new information I have on my closet grow room. Last time I had this podcast I did not have a grill set up indoors, but now that I do I’m a lot more connected to the plants given the fact that I have 24 hour access to them. The rooftop Grow did have its fair share of loving but being able to run a 24 hour light cycle for the plants has given me a lot of vegetative growth that I did not have just up taking the 8 to 9 hours they were able to get within the mountainous range I live in. Hopefully you guys can enjoy the information we bring in and if you guys want to leave a comment or let me know what I’m doing wrong or what I could be doing better please do so in the comments below 👨🏾‍🌾
2/21/202129 minutes, 6 seconds
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Ep.17. Another update on three little plants and how I’m growing them

All these days staying home because of the quarantine little by little start to drive you insane doesn’t it. Luckily I’m growing three little plants on my rooftop two of which are giving me the best medicine I can ever hope for. One of the plants as a boy I hope to get some more spores out of him to get seeds but I was not successful. Let’s just hope I have better luck with the females
3/26/202023 minutes, 44 seconds
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Ep.16. Corona update: we will get through this together.

Leaving guys here with a bit of an update hopefully I can keep these up. Given the burst of freedom that I’ve had I think I’m going to attempt to come up with more podcasts more often Hope you guys enjoy
3/24/202012 minutes, 4 seconds
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Ep. 15. Mis padres me trajeron algo. Una pipa

No se si esta es la manera en la cual mis padres me diseñan que me están aceptando mi vida cannabica.
1/26/202030 minutes, 23 seconds
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Ep.13 sembrando afuera

Talking a little bit about my farming experience and the lifestyle I live. Also giving a little bit of insight into my parents
12/29/201957 minutes, 51 seconds
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Ep. #12. First time on the podcast with my brother

So this is the first time I bring my brother along one of my podcasts. But given the fact that it is his phone that I'm using to record it on it's only fair that I include him on the podcast every once in awhile. Today you get to hear us consume some purple stuff, and we talk about what we think is the best way to classify cannabis based on the new scientific discoveries of the industry.
12/9/201932 minutes, 31 seconds
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Ep. 11. My pack of dogs. Y sus miembros.

In this episode I speak a little about my dogs and how they work in a pack or how at least they used to. I talked a little about my new dog Linda which my brother brought in against my parents wishes. She is a brown pitbull, and now she's been having to adjust to elevens lifestyle and 11 has been having to adjust to having a new friend.
12/8/201916 minutes, 34 seconds
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Ep. 10. Testing my brothers phone microphone.

My little brother recently got a new phone and I took it downloaded the anchor app on it and I tested out the audio sounds pretty good I guess I have to get one myself
12/8/20194 minutes, 27 seconds
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Ep. 9 Algo para mantenerlos al tanto

Just a tiny sliver of information to let you guys know how I’m doing
11/6/20191 minute, 30 seconds
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Ep. 8 Let’s get medicated. And talk about king Falls a.m. and why I love it.

Thank you king Falls a.m. for inspiring me to try and make a story podcast. You guys are awesome and I’m catching up to your current episodes every day.
11/1/201928 minutes, 7 seconds
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Ep. 7 You got to do stuff by yourself sometimes, or find a way to make it easier for others

In this podcast I talk about my frustration with actors that you can’t pay because you don’t have money, there for you Do not own them or can’t tell them when to be someplace or how to do something. At the end of the day to doing it for free and they’re trying to help you out just remember that.
10/26/201931 minutes, 2 seconds
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Ep.6 more content needs to be made

In this episode of the podcast I talk about how my mindset works when it comes to content creation and what I have to do right now. How I’ve been using different platforms to continue making more content, and how should we all evolve.
10/24/201922 minutes, 35 seconds
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Ep.5. Getting a new go pro? I’ll let you know if it’s good for you.

This time the title is self-explanatory I got myself a go pro a couple weeks ago and now I’m trying to let people know if you guys should get it or not,. So if you guys like action cameras or cameras in general this episode will be good for you
10/21/201921 minutes, 34 seconds
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Ep.4. Ramblings about old storytelling, my old storytelling.

In this episode I started talking about different forms of storytelling and ended up going into depth about an old project of mine called test subjects that still on YouTube to this day on Robert cross the YouTube channel. I went really into depth about the story characters so if you don’t wanna spoiler don’t listen to this one watch the episodes first and then come back.
10/19/201925 minutes, 23 seconds
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What’s my topic. Follow me as I try to find out.

In this episode I try to find out what my topic is but as you guys already know I always find a way to ramble on and disconnect myself from the topic at hand. I went into a little bit of my history in school but I think I will be doing this a little bit more in depth and other episodes.
10/17/201928 minutes, 15 seconds
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Decriminalizing mushrooms and other drugs.

Oakland is the second city to decriminalize mushrooms. Let’s talk about some of the inherent problems that comes with that and some of the solutions. Let’s talk about why I think medical and recreational market should start separation immediately.
10/15/201917 minutes, 40 seconds
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First pod cast.

I’m finally doing a podcast. I’ve never been able to record aludió on my phone. But some Bluetooth headphones did the trick. Expect more podcast from me.
10/12/201923 minutes, 40 seconds