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Want to hear the inside scoop from leading artists and designers? Understand what makes them thrive in a post-pandemic world, how they view emerging tech like generative AI, and where they think creativity is heading next? Or even hear of those seemingly small career moments that had enormous impacts? The Creative Boom Podcast will answer many of these burning questions and satisfy your curiosity through candid conversations with some of the world's biggest creative names. Hosted by Creative Boom (’s founding editor Katy Cowan, each episode bursts with invaluable insight and incredible stories to inspire creative professionals everywhere.
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Posture, healthy backs and the creative industry, with Eleanor Burt

We're kicking off a new season of The Creative Boom Podcast with something a little bit different. Today, we're talking about posture and how we can stay pain-free as creatives. Because let's face it, we all spend so much time sitting, working, and leaning over laptops and gadgets – perhaps getting into bad habits; it's inevitable we'll run into trouble unless we look after ourselves. Of course, we want to help you avoid that, or – if you're already suffering (myself included) – then we'll hopefully help you find a way out. To talk us through this big topic, our guest this week is Eleanor Burt, otherwise known as Posture Ellie. Based in the beautiful Peak District in England, she's a posture coach who runs her own programmes, hosts in-person events such as special retreats and even shares a load of free stuff on YouTube to help a lot of people become more in tune with their bodies. She doesn't claim to be an expert. And she certainly doesn't promise to "fix" anyone. But she's absolutely found her calling and is helping many people to empower themselves to move and feel better. Is your neck or back giving you grief? Are you suffering from sciatica, bulging discs in your spine, or do you just feel out of alignment? Then, this episode will introduce you to a new approach – one that doesn't rely on popping pills forever and might even get rid of your pain. This season is sponsored by MPB, the largest global platform for buying, selling, and trading used photo and video equipment. Visit to find out more.
4/14/20241 hour, 12 minutes, 15 seconds
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The Creative Boom Podcast Trailer (Season Seven)

Hey there, and welcome back to The Creative Boom Podcast. I’m Katy Cowan, and it’s so good to have you with us for another season, during which we get up close and personal with some of the most interesting folks in the creative industry. This time around, we're keeping things laid-back but insightful, chatting about everything from the big questions to the little things that make our creative lives tick. Picture this: Aaron Draplin sharing how he’s learning to take it easy after recently turning 50, finding peace amid the buzz. Or imagine getting some life-changing tips from Eleanor Burt on keeping those desk-bound aches and pains at bay. We’re also diving into Sean J Cuttino’s adventure of bringing his first children’s book to life, and Teresa Ferreira will be sharing her journey towards a more sustainable design practice after almost seven years as head of design at the FT. And then there’s Christoph Niemann, who’s going to walk us through his creative process, showing us how to shake off those stuck moments and spark new, vibrant ideas. We’ve also got Joanna Henly joining us to talk about facing fears head-on and how that shapes our creative endeavours. And Simon Davies will share how creativity is rejuvenating Stoke-on-Trent, turning the Potteries into a beacon of culture and innovation once more. But that’s just a taste. We’ve got a whole lineup of incredible guests this season, each with their own unique story and pearls of wisdom to share. So, grab your favourite cup of something warm, find a comfy spot, and join us every Monday morning. It’s all about finding joy in the creative journey, learning a thing or two, and maybe even having a few laughs along the way. Make sure you’re subscribed on your preferred podcast platform. If you haven't already, check out our archive of episodes – former guests include Paula Scher, Gail Anderson, Stefan Sagmeister, and Morag Myerscough. Here’s to growing our creative careers together, one friendly chat at a time.
4/9/20242 minutes, 13 seconds