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English, Visual Arts, 3 seasons, 337 episodes, 6 days, 11 hours, 18 minutes
Casual conversations about art, creative business and more. An art podcast by Ekaterina Popova, artist and founder of Create! Magazine.
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Behind The Scenes of Running an Indie Art Magazine and Platform

Welcome to a new episode of Art & Cocktails. I’m your host, Ekaterina Popova, and today we're celebrating a significant milestone—our eight-year anniversary of running an indie artist-run magazine and platform, Create! Magazine. In this episode, I'll take you behind the scenes and share the journey, challenges, and triumphs of running an indie magazine dedicated to supporting contemporary emerging and established artists. We'll explore the logistical and creative aspects of producing each issue, from the initial concept and call for art to the final layout and distribution. Highlights: Introduction: Celebrating the eight-year anniversary of Create Magazine and reflecting on the journey from its inception as Fresh Paint to its rebranding and growth. Challenges: Discussing the challenges of running a print magazine in a digital age, including fluctuating paper prices, adapting to new technologies, and navigating the impacts of COVID-19. Sustainability: How we’ve managed to create a sustainable pace by balancing creative passion with practical business strategies, and why it’s essential to avoid comparing ourselves to larger, well-funded organizations. Curating and Publishing: The process of curating artists' work, collaborating with guest curators, and the meticulous steps involved in editing, designing, and promoting each issue. Community Support: The importance of community support, both from our team and from the artists and readers who make it possible to continue this work. Celebrating the connections and opportunities created through our platform, including artists being discovered by curators and gaining solo shows. Financial Insights: Lessons learned about managing finances, investing wisely, and the significance of community-driven growth over flashy investments. Call for Art: Announcing the open call for our special anniversary issue, inviting all artists to submit their work by July 30, 2024. This issue will be curated by our team, including myself, Alicia, and Christina. Key Takeaways: Building an indie magazine requires passion, resilience, and a strong support system. Sustainable growth comes from balancing creative projects with practical business strategies. Community and collaboration are at the heart of creating meaningful opportunities for artists. Financial management is crucial for maintaining and growing an independent platform. Links & Resources: Submit Your Work for the Anniversary Issue Follow Ekaterina Popova on Instagram Create Magazine Support & Reviews: If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a review on iTunes and share it with your friends. Your support helps us reach more artists and continue providing valuable content. Thank you for being part of our journey. We appreciate your support and look forward to many more years of celebrating art and creativity together!
7/9/202426 minutes, 19 seconds
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Making Art Education Accessible, Navigating Economic Insecurity, and Embracing Creativity in Business with Sari Shryack (Not Sorry Art)

In this episode of Art & Cocktails, host Ekaterina Popova (Kat) welcomes back Sari Shryack, known as @not_sorry_art on Instagram. Sari shares her journey and insights from her new book, Modern Still Life From Fruit Bowls to Disco Balls. They discuss the importance of making art education accessible, growing up below the poverty line and choosing to pursue an art career, overcoming creative challenges, and finding inspiration in the everyday.   Highlights: Sari’s New Book: Discussion on Modern Still Life From Fruit Bowls to Disco Balls, an instructional guide designed for artists of all levels. Journey to Publication: Insights into how Sari's book came to be, emphasizing patience, kindness, and continuous learning. The Value of Art Education: Addressing misconceptions about artistic talent and the importance of making art education accessible. Overcoming Challenges and Staying Motivated: Tips on maintaining self-respect, pushing through "ugly paintings," and staying consistent. Managing Multiple Interests: Strategies for balancing various creative interests while maintaining a consistent art practice. Navigating Economic Insecurity: Personal stories of overcoming economic hardships and pursuing a career in the arts. Encouraging Self-Belief and Continuous Learning: The importance of self-belief, continuous learning, and creativity in the business side of art.   Links Mentioned: Create Magazine Open Call: Submit Your Work  Sari Shryack’s Book on Amazon Sari’s Online Art School Spain Retreat Information   Follow Sari Shryack: Instagram: @not_sorry_art Website: Not Sorry Art   Follow Ekaterina Popova: Instagram: @katerinaspopova Website: Create! Magazine
7/3/202432 minutes, 4 seconds
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Infusing Your Art and Business with Spirituality and Intuition with Marina Press Granger

In this conversation, host Ekaterina Popova chats with Marina Press Granger, about the powerful blend of spirituality, intuition, and business. Marina shares how artists can build an unshakable sense of self-worth and lean into their spiritual gifts to navigate their careers with confidence, no matter the external circumstances. Episode Highlights: Meet Marina Press Granger: Get to know Marina's inspiring journey from working in New York City's museums and galleries to becoming a certified Reiki master and spiritual guide. Deep Dive into Spirituality: Learn how Marina integrates spirituality into her coaching and programs, helping artists tap into their intuition and overcome limiting beliefs. Raw Stories & Spiritual Awakening: Ekaterina and Marina share personal stories from their post-Soviet childhoods, highlighting the significant role of spirituality in their lives. Tips for Artists: Gain practical advice on connecting with your intuition and incorporating spirituality into your creative processes. Breathwork & Mindset: Discover the transformative power of the box breath technique and mindset shifts to help manage stress and manifest your goals. Navigating the Art World: Insightful discussions on how the internet and social media are empowering artists to take control of their careers. Key Takeaways: Spiritual Growth: Embrace spiritual practices to build courage and resilience. Practical Spirituality: Simple techniques like the box breath can help regulate your nervous system and unlock your creativity. Power Shift: The internet has democratized the art world, offering artists more opportunities to showcase their work independently. Manifestation: Cultivate a mindset of neutrality and openness to attract the opportunities you desire without the pressure of neediness. Sponsor Shoutout: A big thank you to our sponsor, Create! Magazine. If you’re interested in getting access to our digital archive and upcoming issues, consinder supporting independent artist-run publishing by becoming a digital subscriber at and save 20% with the code NEWREADER. Connect with Marina: Instagram: Website: Podcast: Join Marina's Free Training: Marina is hosting a three-day live training on how to get into galleries that don’t accept submissions. Learn what galleries are looking for, how to show them, and how to get out of your own way to achieve your creative goals. Sign up at for the training on July 10, 11, and 12. Listen & Subscribe: Tune in to this enriching conversation and subscribe to Art & Cocktails on your favorite podcast platform for more inspiring episodes.   Enjoyed this episode? Leave a review and share it with fellow artists and creatives who would benefit from these valuable insights. Listen to Marina's podcast, The Artist Advisory Hotline: Follow Marina on Instagram: Learn more at:
6/26/20241 hour, 3 minutes, 35 seconds
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10 Reasons I Became an Entrepreneur: Reflections on Becoming Self-Employed

Welcome to a solo episode with your host, Kat! In this heartfelt episode, Ekaterina Popova shares her journey as an artist and entrepreneur, reflecting on the reasons that led her to embrace self-employment. Whether you're a creative considering entrepreneurship or curious about the path, this episode is for you.   Episode Highlights: Kat’s sabbatical and healing from burnout. The unexpected journey to becoming a business owner. Balancing art and business during tough times. The importance of trust and resourcefulness in entrepreneurship. Kat’s story of moving from low-paying jobs to self-employment. Inspirational figures and resources that helped Kat.   Ten reasons why Kat values being an entrepreneur   Not Fitting In: Creating her own path. Valuing Freedom: Time freedom and flexible schedules. Inspired by Trailblazers: Motivational figures and resources. The Thrill of Creating: Launching new projects. Adrenaline Rush: Overcoming business challenges. Choosing Peace: Prioritizing personal well-being. Building Relationships: Connecting with communities. New Opportunities: Viewing every day as a fresh start. Lifelong Learning: Embracing continuous growth. Making an Impact: Contributing positively to the world.   Resources Mentioned: Emily Williams’ money mindset programs. Books like "Think and Grow Rich" and "You Are a Badass at Making Money." Marie Forleo’s B-School program. Kat’s new Substack for personal notes and daily doodles.   Amazon Shop: Substack:  
6/24/202430 minutes, 15 seconds
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Navigating the Slower Art Market: Grit, Resilience, and Honest Creativity with Tania Marmolejo

Join host Ekaterina Popova in an uplifting and motivating conversation with her dear friend, Tania Marmolejo, a Dominican Swedish American artist known for strong and moving female expressions in her paintings. In this episode, Tania shares her insights on navigating the current slow art market, finding resilience amidst global uncertainties, and leaning into one's artistic voice.   Discover practical tips for artists on maintaining creativity, adapting to changes, and preparing for future success despite economic challenges. This episode is a beacon of hope and encouragement for artists feeling the pressure of slow sales and market uncertainties. Tune in for an inspiring chat about perseverance, creativity, and the evolving art world.   Episode Highlights: Current Market Challenges: Discussing the impact of global events on the art market and how artists can navigate slow sales and economic uncertainties without giving in to fear. Resilience and Creativity: Tania offers a new perspective on staying true to one’s artistic voice, preparing for future success, and using this time to develop new and surprising work for collectors. Practical Advice: Tips on maintaining productivity, creating without the pressure of deadlines, and continuing to grow and evolve as an artist. Red Flags in the Art World: Insights on what artists should look out for when approached by higher-level galleries and maintaining the integrity of their voice. The Importance of Artist Support Groups: The value of communities like Art Queens for sharing ideas, supporting each other, and navigating tough times together. Personal Reflections: Tania and Kat reflect on their own experiences, the ebb and flow of the market, and staying optimistic about the future of the art world.   Sponsor: Create! Magazine - A contemporary print and digital publication highlighting emerging contemporary artists from around the world. Become a subscriber at and use code 'newreader' to save 20% off digital subscriptions.   Follow Tania Marmolejo: Instagram: @tanitam Website:   Stay Connected with Kat: Substack: Art & Cocktails Substack Instagram: @katerinapopova Create! Magazine: @createmagazine   Thank you for joining us! Don't forget to subscribe and leave some love in a review for the podcast to help us continue sharing these insightful conversations. See you in the next episode!
6/19/20241 hour, 1 second
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Overcoming Burnout (Again) and Reclaiming Our Practice

In the season finale of "Art and Cocktails," I share my current experience of overcoming burnout and reclaiming my creativity. As I prepare to take a much needed break, I reflect on the challenges of balancing multiple projects and maintaining mental and physical health. I offer practical tips on how artists can reduce stress, focus on what's important, and find joy in their creative practices. I also talk about using our intuition to pivot and respond to tough times and the economy.   Thank to our sponsor Omega Institute   Welcome to Omega Institute, where transformational experiences await you. Nestled in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley, Omega is a hub for lifelong learning, spiritual exploration, and building a global community of learners, thinkers, and doers. Join us in-person and online for immersive workshops on mindfulness and meditation, yoga, creative arts, sustainable living, and more. Don’t miss our annual Arts Week, from June 30th to July 5th, when we gather as a creative community led by visionary artists of all kinds, for workshops in painting, music, writing, and more. Whether you are an accomplished artist, or just want to dabble, you’ll discover ways to express your creative side, in a safe and welcoming environment. Visit Omega today at to learn more.    Episode Highlights: Managing Burnout: I discuss my experiences with burnout and the steps I'm taking to recover, including eliminating draining tasks and commitments. Creative Inspiration: Drawing inspiration from the Hard 75 Challenge, and spending time outdoors, I share how to create positive habits that nurture creativity. Join the waitlist for my artcation: Business Insights: I provide insights into evaluating your business and focusing on projects that bring joy and financial stability. Navigating Tough Times: Tips on responding to economic challenges with creativity and resilience, and the importance of staying solution-oriented. New Hobbies and Self-Care: Encouraging artists to pursue new hobbies, set boundaries, and seek help when needed to maintain a healthy work-life balance.   Connect with Me: Instagram: @katerinaspopova Create Magazine: @createmagazine Shop favorites on Amazon Paint with Kat:   Thank you so much for your support! See you on the next season of the show! Love,    Kat 
6/3/202424 minutes, 56 seconds
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Sales Strategies from the "Creative Business Handbook" with Kat

In this episode of Art & Cocktails, Kat shares an exclusive excerpt from the book, "Creative Business Handbook." Diving into Chapter Five, she explores essential sales strategies that every creative entrepreneur needs to know.   Thank you to our sponsor:   Welcome to Omega Institute, where transformational experiences await you. Nestled in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley, Omega is a hub for lifelong learning, spiritual exploration, and building a global community of learners, thinkers, and doers. Join us in-person and online for immersive workshops on mindfulness and meditation, yoga, creative arts, sustainable living, and more. Don’t miss our annual Arts Week, from June 30th to July 5th, when we gather as a creative community led by visionary artists of all kinds, for workshops in painting, music, writing, and more. Whether you are an accomplished artist, or just want to dabble, you’ll discover ways to express your creative side, in a safe and welcoming environment. Visit Omega today at to learn more.    Key Takeaways: Overcoming Emotions and Fear: The importance of managing emotions and overcoming fear when launching new products or services. Tips on creating positive energy and pushing through insecurities. Effective Launch Strategies: Different approaches to launching, such as limited-time offers and keeping products available year-round. How to choose the right strategy for your business model. Pricing Structures: Discussion on high-ticket versus low-ticket items. The strategic use of discounts to incentivize customers and boost sales. Building Confidence: Encouragement to have confidence in your business and its value. Focusing on serving clients and providing exceptional value. Personal Experiences and Lessons Learned: Kat shares her journey and the importance of starting scrappy. Why expensive design and other perceived necessities shouldn't hold you back.   Tune in to this episode for practical advice, personal anecdotes, and motivational insights to help you launch and grow your creative business with confidence. Don't miss the chance to learn from Kat's experiences and take your sales strategies to the next level.   Resources Mentioned: "Creative Business Handbook" by Kat and Alicia   Connect with Us: Follow Kat on Instagram @katerinaspopova   If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe and leave a review on iTunes. Your feedback helps us continue to provide valuable content to support your creative journey.   Read our book:  
5/20/202416 minutes, 8 seconds
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Mark Liam Smith on Art, Skyrocketing Social Media Growth, and Cultivating a Creative Practice for Everyone

In this episode of the Art and Cocktails podcast, Ekaterina Popova (Kat) interviews Mark Liam Smith, a Toronto-based oil painter and educator. They discuss Mark's inspiring journey as an artist, his transition to teaching online, and how he shares his work on social media. Mark's incredible growth from 20,000 to 2 million followers in just a few years is a testament to his heart of service and community. Mark delves into his interest in narrative and storytelling within his artwork, sharing his passion for helping others reconnect with their creativity. He offers valuable tips for beginners and emphasizes the importance of privacy and experimentation in art practice. Additionally, Mark discusses practical ways for artists to support themselves, including selling prints and leveraging social media platforms. Stay tuned to learn more about Mark's upcoming book, "The New Artist's Guide to Drawing," and his upcoming show with Treat Gallery in New York. Highlights: Mark's journey from 20K to 2M followers on social media The importance of narrative and storytelling in art Tips for beginners and the significance of experimentation Practical advice for artists on selling prints and using social media Information about Mark's upcoming book and show Resources: Pre-order "The New Artist's Guide to Drawing" Visit Treat Gallery in New York Connect with Mark Liam Smith: Instagram Website Connect with Ekaterina Popova: Instagram Create! Magazine Call For Art   Tune in for an inspiring conversation filled with practical advice and insights!
5/16/202434 minutes, 46 seconds
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Behind the Scenes: What's *REALLY* Working in My Art Business Right Now

Join me, Ekaterina Popova, for a solo episode of Art & Cocktails as I pull back the curtain on my small art business to give you a clear view of what's actually working and profitable, and what's merely "nice to have." In this episode, I share the practices that are propelling my business forward. I discuss the crucial balance between focusing on strategies that significantly impact revenue and steering clear of appealing yet non-lucrative opportunities. While acknowledging the role of traditional art world opportunities, I share insights on why sole reliance on them isn’t a sustainable strategy for an art career. Instead, I highlight the success I've found through direct art sales, prints from my online shop, and coupled with online educational courses and coaching services. I also discuss the benefits of cultivating passive income streams, affiliate marketing, and brand partnerships. This episode is a call to action for artists to take charge of their business, create independent income streams, and use our energy wisely, so we can spend more time doing what we love!   Paint With Kat Workshop: Join my community AQ: Thank you for our sponsor Superfine Art Fairs: Try Kajabi to Launch Your Online Workshops:  
5/13/202416 minutes, 25 seconds
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Returning to Art After a Break, The Art of Pricing Commissions, Building Community with Kathleen Beausoleil

  Welcome to a new episode of Art & Cocktails with your host, Ekaterina Popova @katerinaspopova   Today, we're thrilled to have Kathleen Beausoleil join us. Kathleen is a visual artist known for her evocative oil paintings that explore human social interactions and crowd dynamics. In this episode, Kathleen shares insights from her journey, including her return to the art world after a 13-year break She also discusses the importance of community for artists and offers practical advice on pricing commissions and finding your tribe.    In This Episode, You’ll Learn About:   Kathleen’s return to the art scene after a significant break. Tips for artists on finding community and effectively pricing their commissions. Kathleen’s recent exhibition at the Painting Center in New York and her ongoing exploration of human interactions in crowded spaces. The role of artist residencies in Kathleen's career Practical advice for artists on structuring contracts and booking commissions.   Guest Bio: Kathleen Beausoleil is an award-winning artist who explores complex social themes through her paintings and drawings. Her work is held in permanent collections such as The Art Museum of Missoula and numerous private collections across the U.S. Kathleen holds a BFA Cum Laude from Syracuse University and has been recognized with a 2022 Fellowship from the NJ State Council on the Arts.   Stay in touch:  
5/9/202424 minutes, 31 seconds
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Why Is Everyone Quitting Art? Handling Money Freakouts, Pricing and more: Candid AMA with Kat

What Does It Mean When Artists Are Shutting Doors? Handling Money Meltdowns, Pricing Art, and More: Candid AMA with Kat Join me, Ekaterina Popova @katerinaspopova, in this special episode of the Art and Cocktails podcast, where I dive deep into your burning questions in an "ask me anything" segment. From navigating the ups and downs of an artist's career to dealing with the dreaded money freakouts, we cover it all. Tune in as I share insights on setting prices, defining success on your own terms, and finding inner fulfillment in your creative journey. So grab your favorite cocktail and let's get real about the art life.  Get my free studio sales checklist to help you sell more work directly: Ready to join our circle? We got your back with our warm high-touch membership AQ to help you grow your art business, find connections and do it your way. Visit:
5/5/202428 minutes, 51 seconds
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Creative Ownership: Greg Mike's Vibrant Journey from Street Artist to Entrepreneur

Join us for an uplifting and motivating episode with artist Greg Mike and host Ekaterina Popova on Art & Cocktails. Description: This is your go-to podcast for inspiring conversations with artists from around the world. Join Kat and artist Greg Mike as they delve into the artist's journey, work ethic, and tips for aspiring creatives. In this episode, Ekaterina is joined by Greg Mike, a prolific muralist, designer, and the founder of ABV AGENCY and ABV GALLERY. Born and raised in Connecticut, Greg Mike's childhood trips to NYC ignited his passion for reinventing public spaces through art and design. Influenced by mid-century cartoons and skate culture, Greg's work is a vibrant fusion of colorful explosions and surrealistic pop art. Join them for an uplifting and motivating episode where they chat about Greg Mike's career, creative process, and insights for artists looking to make their mark in the industry. Episode Highlights: Career Insights: Gain valuable insights into Greg Mike's artistic journey, from childhood inspiration to becoming a renowned muralist and founder of ABV AGENCY. Artistic Style: Explore Greg Mike's distinctive style, characterized by vibrant colors, surrealistic elements, and playful cartoon motifs. Mural Magic: Learn how Greg Mike approaches mural projects, including his experiences painting in cities like Atlanta, Miami, and beyond. Creative Entrepreneurship: Discover Greg Mike's entrepreneurial ventures, from founding ABV GALLERY to curating events like the OuterSpace Project. Tips for Artists: Get practical advice on networking, navigating the art world, and turning your passion into a successful career. Studio Secrets: Peek behind the scenes as Greg Mike shares his creative process, from sketching on iPads to bringing large-scale murals to life. Atlanta's Art Scene: Explore the thriving art scene in Atlanta and why it's a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts. Tune in to "Art & Cocktails" for uplifting conversations that celebrate creativity and inspire artists to reach new heights. This episode is brought to you by Create! Magazine. Use code "NEWREADER" to save 20% off subscriptions.
4/28/202427 minutes, 30 seconds
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Curatorial Insights: Jennifer Rizzo from Hashimoto Contemporary Shares Tips on Curating, Discovering Talent, and Supporting Emerging Artists

In this episode of Art & Cocktails, host Ekaterina Popova sits down with the incredible Jennifer Rizzo, a Brooklyn-based curator, writer, and partner at Hashimoto Contemporary. Jennifer shares her journey to becoming a curator, offering insights into how galleries discover and support emerging talent. They discuss the behind-the-scenes of curating issue number #43 of Create Magazine, discovering new artists, and navigating the art world. Jennifer also gives valuable tips for artists and creative entrepreneurs looking to grow their careers. Plus, they delve into Hashimoto Contemporary's upcoming 10-year anniversary exhibition and Jennifer's personal projects. CODE: NEWREADER     The Early Journey: Jennifer shares her background, revealing her early passion for art and eventual transition from aspiring artist to curator. She discusses her decision to pursue curatorial studies at FIT in New York City and the challenges she faced in finding her first gallery assistant role. Navigating the Art World: Jennifer offers insights into the dynamics of the art world, emphasizing the importance of building relationships and persistence. She highlights the significance of internships and networking in establishing a career in the arts, encouraging aspiring curators to pursue diverse opportunities. Gallery Behind The Scenes: Ekaterina and Jennifer chat about the process of curating art exhibitions, discussing the criteria for selecting artists and maintaining a cohesive vision. Jennifer shares stories about discovering new talent and fostering relationships with artists, emphasizing the role of social media in contemporary art promotion. Tips for Artists: Jennifer provides valuable advice for emerging artists submitting their work to galleries and publications, emphasizing the importance of clear communication and professionalism. She encourages artists to focus on developing a strong online presence and providing comprehensive submission materials, including artist statements and high-quality images. Hashimoto Contemporary's Milestones: Jennifer announces Hashimoto Contemporary's upcoming 10-year anniversary exhibition, celebrating a decade of supporting emerging artists. She discusses the gallery's participation in Future Fair and other upcoming projects, showcasing their commitment to promoting contemporary art. Connect with Jennifer Rizzo: Instagram: @JenniferSRizzo Hashimoto Contemporary: @hashimotocontemporary   Connect with Kat and Art & Cocktails: Website: Instagram: @createmagazine @katerinaspopova   Sponsor Message: This episode of Art & Cocktails is sponsored by Superfine Art Fair. Elevate your art career with Superfine, the most widespread art fair for independent artists in the United States. Sign up for a call with co-founder James Mel at and mention Create Magazine for a 10% discount on any booth size. Make art, sell art, Superfine will do the rest.
4/22/202426 minutes, 47 seconds
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The Final Stage of Manifestation: Embracing Rest and Personal Growth - Personal Update From Kat

Hey friends! Ever wonder what happens when your dreams come true? What's next? Well, on this episode, I'm excited to share with you the end of a chapter in my life and a prayer I had over 8 years ago. Join me, your host Ekaterina Popova, in a personal update and solo episode of Art & Cocktails. I'll take you through my journey of navigating multiple exhibitions and deadlines while balancing my health and business. I'm truly grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way. During this episode, I'll share candid insights as I reflect on the concluding chapter of my manifestation journey (for now). What was once a distant dream has now become a reality, but it's evolving into new aspirations. Let's delve into my personal revelations about success, ambition, and the pursuit of happiness. I'm redefining my path with a renewed focus on space, freedom, and authenticity. And as we look to the future, I'll reveal my plans, including taking a sabbatical from exhibitions to prioritize personal growth. I'll be diving into coaching programs, journaling, and reconnecting with nature and my art practice. Thanks for joining me on this journey of reflection and growth. Can't wait to share more with you!   Resources: Let's connect on Instagram: Shop my favorite books and tools on Amazon Get my free checklist for selling your art directly: Join my workshop: Sell From the Studio      
4/16/202418 minutes, 30 seconds
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How to Find Your Voice, Grow Confidence, Develop Thick Skin, and Grow Your Business with Kristy Gordon

Feeling stuck? Overwhelmed by trying to put pressure on art sales and feel like it's interfering with your studio practice? Look no further than this inspiring conversation with award-winning artist Kristy Gordon who learned a framework that helped her find her artistic voice. We also chat about allowing your intuition guide your work and finding income streams to support you in the process. On this episode of Art & Cocktails, Kat chats with Kristy about her journey, how she got unblocked, how to grow thicker skin as an artist and more! Episode Highlights: Kristy shares her journey of wanting to be an artist from childhood, navigating initial doubts, and eventually finding her artistic voice after overcoming fears and artistic blocks. She discusses her early work, colorful and multi-figure paintings exploring themes of identity and self-perception, and how it laid the foundation for her current style. Advice for artists struggling to connect their vision with their skill, emphasizing the importance of intuition alongside technical training. Balancing the demands of social media exposure with maintaining a peaceful studio practice, including strategies for sharing work-in-progress without compromising vulnerability. Navigating relationships with galleries, prioritizing open communication, and maintaining a strong partnership while honoring one's artistic process. Kristy's multi-faceted income streams, including teaching and online courses, as stable supplements to painting sales, offering stability and creative fulfillment. Strategies for coping with criticism, including developing a thick skin, seeking support from trusted peers, and understanding that not everyone will immediately resonate with one's artistic direction. About Kristy Gordon: Kristy Gordon has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, and China at venues including the European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, and the National Academy Museum in New York City. She received a BFA from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2011 and an MFA from The New York Academy of Art in 2013. As a three-time recipient of the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant, her work has won numerous awards and honors. She has received residencies at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China; Shanghai University in China; OCAD University Florence, Italy. Kristy’s work and art writing have been featured in publications, including The Artist’s Magazine, International Artist and Fine Art Connoisseur. She is an adjunct professor at the New York Academy of Art and has taught at numerous schools and academies including the National Academy in NYC, and The Academy of Realist Art in Ottawa and Boston. Her paintings hang in more than 600 collections worldwide including the Government of Ontario Art Collection, The Clearing House (New York City) and Touchstones Nelson Museum of Art and History. Gordon is represented by Grenning Gallery in Sag Harbor, New York, Studio Sixty Six in Ottawa and Garvey|Simon in New York City.
4/14/202429 minutes, 12 seconds
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Navigating the Paradox of Rest and Relaxation: A Conversation with Violet Luczak

Join us for an insightful exploration of the art of relaxation as we sit down with artist Violet Luczak and host Ekaterina Popova. In this episode, we delve into what it truly means for artists and creators to unwind and find rejuvenation amidst their busy lives. Drawing from our conversation with Violet, who recently showcased her work at the Very Serious Gallery, we uncover valuable insights that resonate deeply in today's fast-paced world.   Key Episode Insights: Gain valuable insights into Violet's transition from graphic design to painting, and how she successfully balances her roles as a design educator and an exhibiting artist. Explore the humorous and thought-provoking themes present in Violet's recent series, "Give It a Rest," which provocatively challenges conventional notions of true relaxation. Delve into the irony of creating an exhibition centered around rest while simultaneously navigating the demands of the creative process. Discover practical tips for maintaining a studio practice and nurturing creativity, inspired by Violet's personal experiences and unique perspectives. Uncover the inherent interconnectedness of art and design in Violet's practice, and the pivotal role of community in fostering creativity and providing support.   Resources Mentioned: Follow Violet Luczak on Instagram: @violet_luczak   Tune in to this  episode as we navigate the paradox of rest and relaxation with Violet Luczak, and gain actionable insights to cultivate true rejuvenation in your own life. This episode of Art in Cocktails is brought to you by Create Magazine, the premier platform celebrating contemporary artists worldwide. Subscribe today at and use code "NEWREADER" to enjoy 20% off. Thank you for supporting independent arts publishing.
4/10/202425 minutes, 16 seconds
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Rising Above Criticism, Doubt, and Rejection: Forging Your Path Forward with Kat

Feeling discouraged or bogged down by setbacks and rejection? In this episode of "Art and Cocktails," Kat offers a ray of encouragement to remind you that joy and success are still within reach, even in the face of perceived failure. Through personal insights and practical advice, Kat shares thoughts to help you navigate criticism, rejection, and feelings of failure on your creative journey. This mini-episode serves as a love note, empowering you to build unshakable confidence and resilience in the face of adversity.   Episode Highlights:   Examples of Resilience (01:23): Kat shares personal examples of perceived setbacks and negative feedback, illustrating how they did not hinder her future success, offering hope and inspiration to listeners. Subjectivity of Art (05:10): Emphasizing the subjective nature of art, Kat encourages listeners to persevere in their creative pursuits and not allow external opinions to dictate their path. Turning Setbacks into Opportunities (08:45): Reflecting on missed opportunities and rejection, Kat reframes them as blessings in disguise, guiding individuals toward more aligned paths of growth and success. Resource Recommendation (11:30): Kat suggests Worthy by Jamie Kern Lima as a valuable resource for overcoming self-doubt and building confidence.   Connect with Kat:   Shop my favorite books, supplies and more:  
4/8/202416 minutes, 32 seconds
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Wanderlust, Falling in Love, Brand Collaborations, and Celebrating Strong Women with Ana Sneeringer

Have you ever dreamed of traveling the world, collaborating with designer brands, and building an art career as a self-taught artist?   Art & Cocktails invites you to explore the work and story of Ana Sneeringer, a Slovenian artist residing in Alabama, USA. From documentary journalism to a globally acclaimed artist, Ana's story will inspire you to dream bigger and follow your intuition as an artist and artpreneur.   We get it. The longing to break free from the ordinary and embrace a life of expression and travel is a common dream shared by many.   On this episode, Ana unveils her experiences of traveling the world, falling in love, and collaborating with designer brands to shape her unique career.   If you’ve ever felt the urge to break free from convention and forge your own path in the world of art, then this episode is for you. If you’ve been looking for inspiration to pursue your passions fearlessly and authentically, this is exactly what you need to hear.   Tune in to this episode of Art & Cocktails for an inspiring exploration of art, travel, and creative empowerment.   Website: Ana Sneeringer Instagram: Ana Sneeringer on Instagram Book: I Read My Own Future   Become a subscriber: Code: "NEWREADER" Join the Art Queens:  
4/1/202438 minutes, 56 seconds
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Pivoting with Purpose: How to Shift Gears without Losing Momentum in Your Business with Kat

Feeling bored? Uninspired? It may be time for a change in your creative business. In this solo episode of "Art and Cocktails," I (Ekaterina Popova) delve into the art of pivoting and rebranding. Drawing from my own experiences and the lessons learned from the tumultuous year of 2023, I share insights on identifying the signs indicating it's time for a change. From dwindling sales to waning enthusiasm, I explore the myriad indicators urging creatives like us to explore new avenues. Emphasizing the importance of maintaining revenue streams while nurturing fresh projects, I offer practical strategies for gracefully transitioning into new ventures without abandoning the foundations that sustain us.   Shop my favorites:   Follow Kat on Instagram:   Join Kat's Free masterclass: Sail to Success Easy Income Strategy for Artists:   Watch my YouTube Channel:  
3/26/202413 minutes, 2 seconds
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The Influence of Nature, Music, and Tips for Outreach and Collaboration for Artists with Adam Hall

In this episode, Ekaterina and Adam chat about the origins of his art career, sparked by his time in Rwanda, Africa. Listen to this interview about the allure of nature and humanity's relationship with it, as reflected in Adam's recent body of work. Key Points: Discussion on Adam's transition from the music industry to full-time painting Nonconventional marketing techniques for artists, including reaching out to interior design and music industries Insights into Adam's licensing deal with Netflix for one of his paintings Surreal experience of seeing Adam's work featured in the Netflix film "Leave the World Behind" Influence of music on Adam's creative process and inspiration Adam's journey from abstract landscapes to narrative work, with a focus on moody and chaotic elements Initial steps in putting Adam's art out into the world, including targeting interior designers Importance of collaboration in Adam's career growth and marketing strategy Balancing studio time with business/marketing efforts, especially as a parent Adam's sources of inspiration, including travel, live music, nature, and spending time with family Upcoming solo exhibition at Robert Lang Studios in Charleston, South Carolina, in September   Tune in to discover Adam's creative process, insights into his ceative evolution, and the profound connection his paintings forge with viewers.   Thanks to the sponsor, Create Magazine, offering 20% off subscriptions with the code "newreader".
3/25/202426 minutes, 21 seconds
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Honoring Nature Through Art and Life with Gregory Euclide

Join host Ekaterina Popova in a conversation with artist and educator Gregory Euclide as they chat about the beauty and importance of the natural world and its intersection with art. Gregory offers insights into his art and deep connection to the environment.   Key Points: Nature-Inspired Art: Gregory's upbringing in rural surroundings instilled a deep reverence for nature, reflected in his stunning artwork. Environmental Advocacy: Through his art, Gregory prompts reflection on humanity's impact on the environment, urging mindful action. Creative Evolution: Gregory's work evolves, incorporating sculpture and eco-friendly printing techniques, pushing boundaries. Collaborative Outreach: Engaging with galleries, musicians, and publications, Gregory shares his artistic vision with diverse audiences. Sustainable Creativity: Advocating for responsible consumption, Gregory integrates natural materials, showcasing the fusion of creativity and environmental consciousness.   Learn more:   Subscribe using the code "NEWREADER":      
3/17/202432 minutes, 5 seconds
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How to Apply the Olympic Mindset to Your Career and Business: Triple Threat Olympian with Priscilla Loomis

Join us in this episode of Art & Cocktails as we explore the remarkable story of Priscilla Loomis, a triple threat Olympian who seamlessly integrates the Olympic mindset into her career and business ventures, inspiring artists, entrepreneurs, and anyone in need of motivation. From her illustrious track and field career to her entrepreneurial endeavors and philanthropic initiatives, Priscilla epitomizes perseverance and commitment, leaving an indelible mark on the global stage. As a highly sought-after motivational speaker, she shares messages of empowerment, gratitude, and self-love, collaborating with renowned organizations and featured in esteemed media outlets. Additionally, as the founder of the Priscilla E. Frederick Foundation, she uplifts underprivileged youth, while her limited edition journal collection promotes excellence, impact, and unparalleled confidence in daily life.  Tune in to connect with Priscilla and unlock your inner champion today!   Episode Highlights: Explore the remarkable journey of Priscilla Loomis, a triple threat Olympian, and learn how she applies the Olympic mindset to her career and business endeavors. Discover Priscilla's track and field career, entrepreneurial ventures, and philanthropic efforts, showcasing her unwavering perseverance and dedication. Gain insights into Priscilla's role as a motivational speaker, where she spreads messages of empowerment, gratitude, and self-love, collaborating with prestigious organizations and appearing in esteemed media outlets. Learn about the Priscilla E. Frederick Foundation, founded by Priscilla, dedicated to uplifting underprivileged youth and fostering personal growth and empowerment. Explore Priscilla's limited edition journal collection, designed to inspire excellence, impact, and unparalleled confidence in daily life.   Connect with Priscilla: Website: Instagram: Learn more about Priscilla's speaking engagements, philanthropic work, and journal collection, and unleash your inner champion today!
3/12/202434 minutes, 25 seconds
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Magic, Mystery, and Making Art Work: Exploring Rebecca Chaperon's Otherworldly Paintings

Step into the surreal and mystical world of artist Rebecca Chaperon as host Ekaterina Popova guides you through an inspiring conversation. Known for her mystical, sometimes dark, surreal, and witchy compositions, Chaperon's artwork transports viewers to ethereal realms filled with blooming gardens, winding vines, bogs, witches, and otherworldly plants. Join Ekaterina and Rebecca as they chat about Chaperon's mesmerizing paintings, where crystals hover, icebergs tower, caves whisper secrets, and gardens pulsate with psychedelic energy. Discover the intricate narratives woven into her artwork and her unique approach to portraying landscapes as symbolic spaces hinting at mysterious tales. In this episode, we delve into making authentic work, finding our voice, exploring new subject matter, and managing the business side of art. Chaperon shares insights into her journey as an artist since graduating in 2002, emphasizing the importance of finding one's unique voice. We explore Chaperon's motivation as an artist, aiming to tell stories and convey a mix of positive and negative human experiences in her work, often with hints of humor. The conversation delves into her artistic process, including her use of narratives and storytelling in her paintings. Popova and Chaperon discuss the evolution of Chaperon's artistic style, particularly her incorporation of witchy figures and mystical elements. Chaperon explains her approach to developing her artistic style, mentioning her experimentation with different techniques and influences, such as pop surrealism. The conversation touches on the importance of balancing creativity with the business side of art, including marketing and sales strategies. Chaperon shares insights into her sales approach, including occasional print sales and less frequent original painting sales. Additionally, the discussion covers Chaperon's new series of book paintings, which feature intricate details and imaginative book titles, blurring the line between reality and art. Dive deep into the enchanting world of Rebecca Chaperon's artistry in this captivating episode. Rebecca's work: Instagram: @rebeccachaperon    
3/11/202436 minutes, 30 seconds
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Rising Above Negative Spirals and Fear with Kat

Join host Ekaterina Popova, artist, and founder of Create magazine, as she delves into the vulnerable reality of being a creative entrepreneur. In this episode, Ekaterina, or Kat, shares her personal journey through a recent negative spiral, providing invaluable insights and strategies for surmounting challenges and maintaining focus on your vision. From grappling with financial setbacks to battling self-doubt, Kat's candid reflections serve as a poignant reminder that success isn't always a straightforward path, yet with resilience and unwavering determination, we possess the power to overcome any adversity. Episode Highlights: Gaining insight into the fluctuating landscape of creative entrepreneurship Navigating through financial hurdles and setbacks encountered in business Understanding the significance of acknowledging and processing emotions Opting for resilience rather than succumbing to fear and uncertainty Discovering past successes as a catalyst for future growth Embracing the profound transformative potential of creativity and perseverance   Featured Quote: "In those moments where we feel panic, fear, discouragement, disappointment... that exact moment is where the magic begins to happen." - Kat    Featured Song: "In Bloom" by Jon Foreman   Connect with Ekaterina Popova: Follow Ekaterina Popova on Instagram @katerinasapopova and share your thoughts and experiences with her. Tag her in your posts and let her know how this episode resonated with you!   Free Masterclass: Sail to Success Easy Income Strategies   Stay Connected: For more inspiring episodes and updates, visit the Create magazine website and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or your preferred podcast platform.   Thank You for Tuning In! Your support means the world to us. If you found this episode insightful, please consider leaving a review on iTunes and sharing it with your friends. Together, let's uplift and empower one another on our creative journeys.
3/7/202411 minutes, 39 seconds
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Navigating Slow Art Sales: Troubleshooting Tips & Encouragement with Kat

Experiencing slow art sales? You're not alone! Tune in to this Art and Cocktails episode with Kat for expert troubleshooting tips and uplifting encouragement to navigate slow seasons in your art business.    Discover how to address the root of the problem, expand your audience, maintain composure during downturns, stay informed about market trends, and continuously refine your craft. Don't miss out on actionable insights to overcome sales slumps and thrive as an artist and creative entrepreneur.    Subscribe now for valuable strategies and share with fellow artists on iTunes!   Join my free masterclass:  Sail to Success: Easy Income Strategies for Your Art Business   Sell From the Studio Workshop:   YouTube:   Mentioned article:    
3/6/202414 minutes, 23 seconds
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Double Vision: Balancing Art, Life & Business with Alex Garant

Welcome to a special episode of Art and Cocktails! In this episode, host Ekaterina Popova sits down with Canadian contemporary figurative artist, Alex Garant, internationally known as the Queen of Double Eyes. Alex shares insights into her journey as an artist, her unique style, and her approach to balancing the business side of art with studio time. Alex discusses the evolution of her signature double eyes technique and the deeper meaning behind her work.   Connect with Alex Garant: Find Alex's artwork, merchandise, and upcoming exhibitions on her website at, and follow her on Instagram at @alexgarantart for the latest updates.   Subscribe to Create! Magazine using code "NEWREADER"   Watch Kat's Free Masterclass:  Sail to Success: Easy Income Strategies for Your Art Business   Key Points: Introduction to Alex Garant: Ekaterina introduces Alex Garant, a renowned contemporary artist known for her captivating double eyes technique. The Evolution of Double Eyes: Alex discusses how she developed her unique style of painting double eyes, exploring symmetry, patterns, and mirroring effects. Personal Meaning in Art: Discover the deeper meaning behind Alex's double eyes technique, reflecting the battle between different personas and the quest for authenticity. Choosing Subjects: Alex explains her process of selecting models and combining features to create unique, gender-blending figures. Balancing Business and Creativity: Learn how Alex manages her time between painting and handling the business aspects of her art career, including marketing and administrative tasks. Embracing Natural Style: Alex encourages artists to embrace their natural tendencies and quirks in their work, turning perceived "mistakes" into strengths. Finding Inspiration: Discover how Alex recharges and finds inspiration outside of the studio, from spending time in nature to visiting the ocean. Preparing for Solo Shows: Gain insights into Alex's process for preparing for solo exhibitions, including planning, sketching, and creating a cohesive body of work. Saying No and Setting Boundaries: Alex shares the importance of knowing when to decline opportunities to avoid burnout and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Diversifying Income Streams: Explore the significance of offering prints, merchandise, and other products as additional income streams for artists, making art more accessible to a wider audience. Future Projects: Get a sneak peek into Alex's upcoming solo show in Australia, group exhibition in North Carolina, and collaboration with the Eagles Foundation.   Conclusion: Join Ekaterina Popova and Alex Garant for an engaging conversation on art, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Gain insights into Alex's journey, her unique style, and her strategies for success in the ever-evolving art world. Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore the mesmerizing world of double eyes and discover the power of embracing authenticity in art. Tune in to Art and Cocktails and be inspired by the stories of artists like Alex Garant who are making their mark on the global art scene.
3/4/202432 minutes, 13 seconds
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Stress-Free Taxes for Artists with Hannah Cole of Sunlight Tax

Join Ekaterina Popova and Hannah Cole of Sunlight Tax on this empowering episode where they give you the permission slip to pursue your big dreams and make money without fear of taxes. Hannah Cole, a tax expert specializing in working with creative businesses and mission-driven solopreneurs, shares her journey from being a working artist to helping tens of thousands of self-employed individuals navigate taxes and money management. Discover how Hannah's frustration with the lack of tax education for artists led her to found Sunlight Tax and develop resources like the Money Bootcamp program.   Use code ARTQUEENS to save on the Money Bootcamp!   Episode Highlights: Hannah Cole's path from being a painter to a artist AND tax expert specializing in helping creative businesses. The importance of normalizing discussions around taxes and financial management for artists. Strategies for simplifying tax processes and setting up efficient systems for tracking income and expenses. Myth-busting common misconceptions about taxes for artists. Understanding the significance of retirement savings and leveraging tax-advantaged accounts. Hannah's free masterclass "Make Taxes Easier and stash an extra 130K in your savings."   Resource Links: Sunlight Tax - Hannah Cole's website providing tax and money education for creatives. Money Bootcamp - Use code ARTQUEENS to save $100 off on Hannah's program. Free Visual Guide to Tax Deductions - Access Hannah's visual guide to artist tax deductions. The Sunlight Podcast - Tune in to Hannah's podcast for insightful episodes on navigating taxes as an artist.   Don't Miss Out: Register for Hannah's free masterclass "Make Taxes Easier and stash an extra 130K in your savings" on March 20th. LINK.
2/29/202430 minutes, 37 seconds
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Making Space for Your Creativity: Being Vs Doing and The Art of You with James McCrae

Join host Ekaterina Popova and artist and author James McRae on this inspiring episode as they delve into reclaiming your creativity. James, an author, poet, and teacher, empowers creators to live with purpose and turn imagination into reality. In this conversation, James shares his journey of becoming an artist and transitioning from advertising. Discover insights on making room for ideas to flow, insights from his latest book, and much more! James McCrae is an author, poet, meme artist, and creative strategist based in Austin, Texas. Applying principles of mindfulness and Eastern philosophy to modern life with humor and candor, James offers coaching, consultation services, and teaches classes on conscious creativity. Author of two books, "Sh#t Your Ego Says" (Hay House, 2017) and "How to Laugh in Ironic Amusement During Your Existential Crisis" (Thought Catalog, 2021), James's work guides readers through quieting negative self-talk, reconnecting with intuition, and embracing the unknown. As a creative strategist, James has collaborated with top global brands, including Microsoft, NBC, Target, Organic Valley, and United Healthcare, helping define their mission, vision, and brand story. With articles on creativity featured in Forbes, HuffPost, Adweek, Yogi Times, Entrepreneur, and Elephant Journal, and poetry in esteemed literary journals such as American Journal of Poetry, 34th Parallel Magazine, and New Millennium Writings, James is a prolific contributor to creative discourse. Follow James on Instagram (@wordsarevibrations) for daily memes, poems, and illustrations. Don't miss his podcast, Sunflower Club, where he explores the intersection of creativity, consciousness, and culture. In his downtime, James enjoys practicing yoga, visiting art museums, watching basketball, walking his dogs, and immersing himself in music.   Get Jame's new book: Become a member of Create! Magazine: Use code "NEWREADER" to save 20% off 
2/26/202429 minutes, 51 seconds
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Creative Purpose: Turning Pain into Creative Fuel, Navigating Grief, and Forging Your Unique Path with Charuka Arora, Arts to Hearts Project

In this episode of Art & Cocktails, Kat chats with Charuka Arora, discussing into her creative journey, the impactful Arts to Hearts project, and her profound experience navigating grief following the loss of her mother. Key Highlights: Charuka shares her journey of creative exploration and how she found solace and inspiration through Arts to Hearts. The conversation touches upon the transformative power of community and the importance of surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals. Charuka reflects on her fears and doubts when starting Arts to Hearts and how she overcame them by believing in herself and her creative vision. Kat and Charuka discuss the challenges of balancing artistic pursuits with business endeavors and the pressure to conform to societal expectations. Charuka opens up about her experience of grief and how she has learned to channel her pain into her creative work, finding purpose and healing in the process. Both Kat and Charuka share insights into maintaining a sense of authenticity and staying true to oneself amidst the noise and pressures of the art world. Charuka emphasizes the significance of investing in oneself and taking ownership of one's artistic journey, regardless of external validation or recognition. Links Mentioned: Arts to Hearts Project - Explore Charuka's impactful initiative bridging art and community. Free Masterclass: - Join Kat's masterclass for tips on how artists can create income streams and suppor themselves abundently    About Charuka Arora: Born in the city of Taj, Agra in 1993, Charuka Arora has garnered international recognition for her exquisite handcrafted Indian embellished collages and paintings. Based in Delhi and Agra, India, she has been fervently exploring Indian textiles, embellishments, images, and surface embroideries since 2016, showcasing her creations both locally and globally.   Thank you to our sponsor, SUPERFINE Art Fairs! Business artists, are you hoping to take your career to new heights? Look no further than Superfine Art Fair, the most widespread art fair for independent artists in the United States. Showcase your talent over 4 days at one of 6 fairs in 2024 and connect in-person with art enthusiasts. Superfine Art Fair offers personalized advice, expert curation, and best of all, takes no commission for your work.  And as an added bonus, mention Create! Magazine during your application and get a 10% discount on any size booth. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your art career. Sign up for a call with Superfine co-founder James Miille at today. Make art. Sell art. Superfine will do the rest.
2/22/202446 minutes, 27 seconds
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It's Happening Behind the Scenes: Trust Your Dream with Kat

Join me, Ekaterina Popova (Kat), on Art & Cocktails as I share my journey of trust amidst challenges. Discover my experiences and learn how dreams may take shape behind the scenes, even during tough times. Gain insights on overcoming obstacles, managing emotions, and embracing your creative power. Don't miss this episode for a boost of motivation and wisdom. Tune in to Art & Cocktails with Ekaterina Popova.   Join my Free Masterclass Sail to Success: Easy Income Strategies for Your Art Business Free Masterclass with Ekaterina Popova
2/20/202418 minutes, 55 seconds
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Elevate Your Value: Navigating Self-Worth in the Art World with Kat

In today's episode, I'm (Ekaterina Popova) diving into something really important: self-worth in the art world. It's not just about sales and trends, but about valuing yourself and your work on a deeper level. Let's chat about moving beyond the numbers and tapping into that inner worth. Drawing from my own experiences and the advice of some wise mentors, I want to invite artists at every stage to think about what they truly bring to the table. We'll cover everything from practical tips on attracting top-notch collectors to the spiritual journey of trusting your instincts. Whether you're struggling with pricing, craving validation, or just trying to find your place in the art scene, this episode is for you. I know how tough it can be out there with all the ups and downs of the market. But by understanding your own value, you can stand strong and true to yourself, no matter what's happening around you. So grab a drink, settle in, and let's explore how you can elevate your value from within and find your footing in this ever-changing art world. Cheers to embracing your worth!   Navigation Course Waitlist and Upcoming Free Masterclass:
2/13/202413 minutes, 8 seconds
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The Secret to Financial Empowerment for Artists and Creative Entrepreneurs with Kat

What happens when you land your dream exhibition opportunity but can no longer sell your work to sustain yourself financially? Find out inside this special episode.   Are you an artist or creative entrepreneur seeking to take charge of your finances while pursuing your creative passion? In this special episode of Art & Cocktails, Kat (Ekaterina Popova) shares her personal and bumpy journey to financial empowerment and offers valuable strategies for artists looking to thrive rather than struggle.   Here's a glimpse of what this conversation covers:   Understanding Financial Challenges: Kat recounts a pivotal moment in her career where she faced the challenge of sustaining her art practice while unable to sell her paintings due to exhibition commitments. The Shift to Financial Empowerment: Rather than succumbing to panic, Kat embraced the opportunity to explore alternative income streams that aligned with her skills and passions. The Cash Flow Quadrants: Kat delves into the Cash Flow Quadrants highlighting the importance of diversifying income sources and adopting a CEO mindset as an artist. Exploring Additional Revenue Streams: From teaching workshops to creating digital courses and self-publishing books, Kat shares practical strategies for artists to generate additional income while maintaining creative freedom. Overcoming Mindset Barriers: Kat discusses the importance of shifting mindset around money and overcoming feelings of guilt or unworthiness associated with earning money as an artist. Embracing Financial Empowerment: Ultimately, Kat emphasizes the significance of financial empowerment in enabling artists to create on their terms and build sustainable careers.   Are you ready to take control of your financial destiny? Tune in to this episode for actionable insights and inspiration to embark on your journey to financial empowerment.   Ready to go further with Kat? The Artist Navigation Course is opening soon. Learn more and join the waitlist: Artist Navigation Course
2/8/202424 minutes, 16 seconds
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Investing in Your Growth: A Mindset Shift with Kat

In this episode of "Art & Cocktails," host Ekaterina Popova (Kat) delves into the crucial mindset shift of investing in your own growth as an artist and entrepreneur. She shares her personal journey and explores the transformative power of recognizing your worth and taking bold steps to propel your art career forward.   Key Takeaways: The mindset shift of valuing your growth and investing in yourself as an artist. Overcoming resistance and self-doubt when it comes to making financial investments in your studio practice and business. The impact of investing in quality materials, mentorship, coaching, and courses on your artistic journey. The importance of treating yourself like a professional artist or businessperson. Ekaterina's experiences with hiring professionals like accountants and the peace of mind it brings.   "The Artist Navigation Course" is launching soon! Don't miss the enrollment and join the waitlist.   Conclusion: Join Ekaterina Popova (Kat) in this thought-provoking episode as she guides you through the essential mindset shift of investing in your own growth as an artist. By sharing her personal experiences and insights, she encourages artists to break free from self-limiting beliefs and recognize the value of their work. Explore the transformative journey of embracing your worth and taking bold steps to propel your art career forward. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of "The Artist Navigation Course" and join the waitlist here: Artist Navigation Waitlist and The Art Queens Navigation Waitlist.
2/6/202420 minutes, 47 seconds
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Finding Your Flow with Artist and Therapist Jessica Young

Join Kat and Jessica Young on "Art & Cocktails" as they discuss Jessica's new book and delve into the topics of discovering your creative flow and inner healing. In this episode, we are excited to introduce you to the multidisciplinary contemporary artist and licensed psychotherapist, Jessica Young, M.Ed, LMHC. Jessica's story is a testament to the power of self-teaching and dedication. She started her professional painting career in 2017, and her abstract expression using fluid mediums has not only gained recognition but has also captured the hearts of millions through her social media presence. With over 150,000 followers across various platforms, Jessica's art has touched lives and sparked inspiration. Beyond her artistry, Jessica is deeply committed to the field of mental health and healing. Armed with two degrees in Clinical Psychology, she has spent the last decade working closely within the local mental health community. Currently, Jessica runs her own private psychotherapy practice, specializing in trauma, suicide prevention, and mood disorders. She is also a certified Yoga instructor, meditation guide, and Reiki healer. In her free time, Jessica's spirit of adventure leads her to travel, delve into books, and explore the world of writing. Her holistic approach to life, blending art, therapy, and spirituality, serves as a beacon of inspiration for those seeking to find their own flow. Explore Jessica's world and connect with her: Jessica's Website: Jessica's Book: Follow Jessica on Instagram: Tune in to this episode for a captivating conversation that covers the intersection of art, therapy, and personal growth. Whether you're an artist seeking inspiration or someone on a journey of self-discovery, Jessica's insights will leave you inspired and motivated to find your own flow.
2/2/202427 minutes, 6 seconds
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Making Better Decisions from Love in Your Business with Kat

In this episode, Kat discusses how to make better decisions this year without succumbing to pressure, fear, or self-doubt. She helps you identify your unique decision-making style, whether you thrive on making quick decisions or prefer taking your time with important choices and projects. Tune in as we explore how to determine if an opportunity is the right fit for your current life season. Join Kat's free Substack: Art and Cocktails.  Join the free masterclass and learn how to elevate your art career with your own exhibition. Sign up now for free:  
1/23/202417 minutes, 7 seconds
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Gallery Insider: Liz Lidgett's Impact, Making Art Accessible, and Pro Tips for Artists

Join us for a special episode of Art & Cocktails, where we sit down with the dynamic gallerist, Liz Lidgett, the owner of the "Liz Lidgett Gallery" in Des Moines, Iowa. Liz's mission is crystal clear: to make art accessible to all and promote the incredible talent of artists from around the world, with a strong commitment to showcasing at least 50% women artists.   In this enlightening episode, Liz shares her incredible journey from being an art advisor for corporations and individuals to venturing into gallery ownership. Discover how she is devoted to bringing joyful, colorful, and unique artwork to collectors, with pieces priced between $250 to $25,000. Liz believes that making original artwork accessible is the key to building art collections and nurturing a love for art in everyone. Learn how Liz adapted during the pandemic by creating captivating videos that allowed art enthusiasts to experience the gallery's vibrant atmosphere online. She firmly believes that passion is contagious and strives to provide a bright and beautiful spot for those unable to visit galleries during lockdowns. But this episode goes beyond the gallery walls. Liz delves into the importance of personal connections, social media interactions, and community building in the art world. Discover her secrets for discovering new artists and finding the perfect gallery to align with your artistic vision and goals. Liz doesn't stop there; she encourages artists to actively engage in marketing their own work, sharing their stories, and connecting with potential collectors. She believes that galleries offer vital support, but artists should also play an active role in maximizing exposure and sales. As a bonus, Liz hints at exciting monthly announcements to celebrate the gallery's five-year anniversary and new partnerships beyond the art world. Get ready to be inspired and take notes as we explore the art world with the passionate and visionary Liz Lidgett.   Thank you to our sponsors!   Create! Magazine's Open Calls and Juried Opportunities:   Ever Stared at an empty wall and wished it told a story? Finding that perfect piece of art can be challenging, especially if you're looking for something truly unique. With Singulart, you can access a curated collection of over 700,000 artworks from around the world to ensure your space reflects the real you. Your free personal art advisor is waiting for you at  
1/19/202430 minutes, 22 seconds
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The Seeds Planted Within Us: Kat's Early Entrepreneurial Experience

On this episode, Kat shares how the seeds of entrepreneurship were planted early on through an unexpected and unlikely opportunity. She talks about how she got started with creating art shows for others and eventually herself and what inspired her to do this. This episode also discusses how she met her friend, partner, and co-writer, Alicia Puig, through student-run galleries. Kat shares: Understanding beginner's luck and embracing challenges College years and collaborative ventures in student-run galleries with Alicia Puig Overcoming financial struggles in college Kat's transformation into a gallery director: unexpected opportunity, initial fears, and skill development Kat's passion for empowering artists and entrepreneurs: encouraging action and overcoming imposter syndrome Leadership and responsibility: personal growth from a shy art kid to a confident leader and encouragement to create opportunities Get our free exhibition marketing checklist: Join Your Own Art Show:        
1/17/202418 minutes, 27 seconds
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Behind The Scenes of my Biz Besties: Charlie's Angels Roundtable

Welcome to a fun and special BTS episode of Art & Cocktails! Join me as I sit down with two incredible women, Michelle I Gomez and Gita Joshi, who make up a vital part of my support crew. They are the rocks that keep me grounded during rough times and my cheerleaders when I celebrate wins. Let me pull back the curtain of the type of support I need to run my business. In this episode, we introduce ourselves and dive into the world of coaching, mentorship, and consulting. Together, we explore the nuances of these roles and discuss what sets a great coach apart. Connect with us: The Curators Salon Michelle I Gomez Ekaterina Popova  
1/16/202417 minutes, 35 seconds
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Mixed Media Magic: Embracing a Multi-Passionate Art Career with Jo Gamel

Join us for an inspiring episode of Art & Cocktails hosted by Ekaterina Popova. In this episode, we have the pleasure of inviting the remarkable artist, curator, musician, and multi-disciplinary visionary, Jo Gamel, to share her incredible journey. Discover Jo's story of her evolution as an artist, fueled by her passion for female rock icons. Dive into her world of curation and the exhilarating experience of organizing her own exhibitions. Jo Gamel, a multidisciplinary artist based in Philadelphia, walks us through her creative process, heavily influenced by the transformative practice of Art-as-Therapy, which she mastered at Antioch University Seattle. Jo's extensive travels, including her time as an ESL instructor in Sweden and Turkey and award-funded trips to Finland and Russia, have shaped her anthropological interests in goddesses, religious architecture, feminism, and theology. Her family's diverse spiritual backgrounds, encompassing Judaism, Polish Catholicism, English and Irish Episcopalianism, Celtic Wiccan, and Japanese Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, provide a unique backdrop for her creative exploration. With a portfolio showcased in galleries across Philadelphia, New York City, Seattle, and New Jersey, Jo Gamel is more than just an artist. She is the founder of Tutor of the Arts LLC, an art education instructor, a private tutor, a curator, and an art gallery assistant. Currently, Jo is delving into the realm of academia, co-authoring a textbook on the chemistry and physics of oil paint with Dr. Michael Mackay, aiming to broaden our understanding of creating archival paintings. In addition to her academic pursuits, Jo Gamel is set to make waves in the music industry, debuting a Hard Rock album with her band, Jüpiter. This musical endeavor beautifully complements her latest body of work, both of which passionately explore the Power of Venus as harnessed by female Rock musicians. Tune in to this episode of Art & Cocktails and get ready to be inspired by Jo Gamel's journey and her boundless creative pursuits. Jo Gamel's Website Join the waitlist for the Artist Navigation Course Subscribe to Create! Magazine use code "NEWREADER" to save 20% off  Don't forget to subscribe and leave a review on your favorite podcast platform!  
1/10/202433 minutes, 30 seconds
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Embracing a Gentle Start to the New Year with Kat

In this episode of the Art & Cocktails podcast, host Ekaterina Popova (Kat) offers a refreshing perspective on welcoming the new year. Amidst societal pressures for grand resolutions, Kat advocates for a gentle, gradual, sustainable approach, likening it to marathon training. She underscores the significance of daily habits and achievable goals. Kat also sheds light on the historical context of the Roman new year in March, aligned with nature's rhythms. Her message is simple: prioritize self-care, embrace gradual progress, and craft a life you adore, one step at a time. Connect with Kat: Instagram Subscribe to Create! Magazine Digital: Use code "New Reader" for a 20% discount here
1/9/202414 minutes, 20 seconds
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How to be Visible and Show Up When It's The Last Thing You Want to Do

In this episode of "Art & Cocktails," your host Kat shares invaluable insights on boosting visibility, even when it feels like the last thing you want to do. Learn practical strategies to conquer resistance and fear, create authentic connections with your audience, extend your online presence, and draw in potential clients and supporters.   Join the SUPERCONNECTED coaching program:   Join a free visibility challenge: Raise your glass to newfound visibility and success! Cheers!
12/16/202317 minutes, 17 seconds
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Taking Up Space Unapologetically and with Defiance

Hey there, lovely listeners! This is Kat, and I'm thrilled to bring you a special solo episode today. As we approach the end of the year, I want to share some inspiration and encouragement to help you step into the spotlight. But before we dive in, let's kick things off with a powerful quote from the incredible Taylor Swift: "I respond to extreme pain with defiance." In this episode, I want to remind you of the importance of showing up and being seen. It's all about embracing your inner strength and resilience.  Tune in and here why it's so important for YOU to take up space, make an impact, and celebrate your unique work and story.  Don't forget to participate in my free 12-day visibility challenge to supercharge your confidence and presence. You can join the challenge by clicking on this link: The Visibility Challenge Thanks for tuning in, and remember, you've got this! Join SUPERCONNECTED LIVE Program here:
12/16/202311 minutes, 37 seconds
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Embracing Growth and Creative Evolution with Artist James Razko

In today’s episode of Art & Cocktails, Kat introduces you to the life and art of James Razko, exploring his transition from military service to pursuing a career in art. Razko shares his personal journey, insights into his creative process, and experiences with his latest exhibition at Anna Zorina Gallery. This conversation reveals not just the evolution of an artist, but also the importance of personal growth, embracing change, and finding one’s unique voice. Key moments include… Military Service to Art: Razko reflects on his profound experience in the military and how it catalyzed his decision to become an artist, leading him to pursue painting and art education. Evolution and 'Monomyth': A look into how Razko's art evolved from themes centered around his military experience to his current 'Monomyth' series, signifying his growth. New Directions and Gallery Exhibition: Razko discusses the process of discovering his new artistic path, the positive response from Anna Zorina Gallery, and how journaling helped manifest his successful exhibition. Work-Life Balance and Efficiency: Insights into Razko's daily routine, balancing art with family life, and how having limited time has made him more efficient in the studio. Surfing as a Source of Inspiration: Razko shares his passion for surfing and how it serves as a creative outlet and source of relaxation, contributing to his overall well-being and artistic creativity. Focus and Quality in Art: The importance of minimizing distractions in the studio, focusing on the present task, and how this approach has improved the quality of Razko's work. The conversation in this episode provides an in-depth look at the challenges and triumphs of an artist’s journey, offering inspiration and practical advice for artists at any stage of their career. Listen to the full episode and learn more about James Razko's work and his exhibition 'Casting Shadows' at the Anna Zorina Gallery here: Art: Blog: IG: @jamesrazko
11/20/202322 minutes, 34 seconds
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Navigating the Stormy Seasons of Life and Art

Had a rough year? You're not alone. In this episode, Kat vulnerably shares her journey through a tough season. Learn how to overcome setbacks and emerge stronger on the other side!   What's Inside:   Navigating Tough Times: Ekaterina delves into her personal struggle with difficult periods in life and business, illustrating the cyclical nature of our experiences. Embracing Vulnerability and Authenticity: She emphasizes the importance of being genuine and open about the highs and lows we all face. Confronting Personal and Professional Challenges: From family conflicts to career hurdles like a near-canceled solo show, Ekaterina discusses how she navigated through adversity. Prioritizing Self-Care and Emotional Processing: She underscores the necessity of taking time to heal and process emotions after life's challenges. Shifting Focus and Embracing Rest: Learn about Ekaterina's decision to step back from exhibitions and find solace in painting at a relaxed pace. Setting Boundaries for Personal Wellbeing: Discover the importance of saying no to certain opportunities for the sake of mental health. Finding Joy in Simplicity: Ekaterina shares how engaging in simple pleasures, like painting everyday objects and spending time with her pet, brought joy. Seeking New Experiences to Grow: Hear about her solo adventures and new hobbies that helped push her boundaries and foster personal growth. Gleaning Lessons from Hardships: Reflect on quiet times in business and the value of staying calm and attuned to your inner voice during uncertainty. Building Strength through Community and Hobbies: The importance of a supportive network and engaging in activities that bring joy outside of work is highlighted. Committing to Sobriety and Mindfulness: Ekaterina talks about choosing sobriety to confront her emotions directly during challenging times. Understanding the Seasonality of Life and Business: She uses the metaphor of seasons to describe the fluctuating nature of life and business, encouraging listeners to embrace each phase. Offering Hope and Encouragement: The episode concludes with uplifting words and a belief in the power of resilience and growth. Invitation to the Artist Navigation Course: Ekaterina extends an invitation to her course, designed to aid artists in navigating their careers, especially through tough periods.   Join us for an episode filled with raw insights, practical advice, and heartfelt encouragement.
11/17/202324 minutes, 12 seconds
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Expanding with Magic and Gratitude with Sarah Potter

In this episode of Art & Cocktails, host Kat (Ekaterina Popova) warmly welcomes back Sarah Potter, a renowned psychic medium, witch, and former curator. Sarah shares her unique insights on how to embrace our deeper talents and expand beyond our conventional fields. This episode delves into the fascinating intersection of art, business, and spirituality. Key Topics: Heeding the Call: Sarah discusses the importance of listening to our inner voice and expanding beyond our traditional roles. Integrating Magic and Spirituality: Practical tips for artists and listeners on incorporating magical practices and spirituality into everyday life and studio routines. Sarah Potter's Journey: An intimate look at Sarah's evolution from a curator to a celebrity psychic medium, Tarot reader, and professional witch. Spiritual Guidance and Empowerment: Sarah's approach to providing bespoke magical experiences and drawing on her extensive occult knowledge during Tarot readings.   Sarah Potter is not just a psychic medium but a celebrity in her field, known for her extraordinary Tarot reading skills and profound occult wisdom. Her spiritual guidance has transformed the lives of thousands, including both private individuals and corporate clients. Each session with Sarah promises a tailor-made experience, blending magical practices with empowering advice.  
11/13/202333 minutes, 6 seconds
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When You Don't Feel Supported: Permission Slip to Move Towards Your Dreams, Navigating Doubt, and Becoming Your Own Cheerleader with Kat

Hey artists! Have big dreams but don't feel supported by your friends and family? Feel like no one else believes in your vision? I've been there too. Join me, Kat (Ekaterina Popova) in this mini solo episode as I give YOU the permission slip to move forward boldly, regardless of who's cheering for you. Plus, I extend an invite to join me for the final time in 2023 in my premium coaching program, The Artist Navigation Course. Let's embark on a journey to help you become the confident captain of your art career. Enroll by November 20, 2023 to join the fall/winter round.
11/8/202315 minutes, 36 seconds
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Crafting Connections: Networking and Community-Building in the Art World with The Ivory Bunny, Gabriela Sepulveda

In this episode of 'Art and Cocktails', host Ekaterina Popova engages with the vibrant artist and muralist, Gabriela Sepulveda, The Ivory Bunny. They discuss the role of playfulness in self-expression and the critical impact of community involvement on an artist's career. Gabby opens up about her strategies for adapting to different social environments, utilizing dress-ups, and quirky personas to create unforgettable interactions. She also emphasizes the power of embracing our authentic, even eccentric, selves. Through her own narrative, Gabby illustrates the transition from struggling to make ends meet to thriving in the mural community, exemplifying the importance of passion, perseverance, and the ability to own one's uniqueness.   Podcast Notes: Strategies for becoming well-known within your art community. The benefits of celebrating your unique qualities and 'weirdness'. How attire can influence personal branding and leave a strong impression. The significance of embracing various facets of your personality and locating supportive communities that encourage genuine self-expression. Gabby's journey from striving to pay the bills with art to exceeding those aspirations and setting new objectives. Practical advice for emerging artists to display their work, engage with local art scenes, and obtain funding. The importance of establishing a robust artistic identity in-person and online, with a focus on impactful interactions over simply collecting followers. Effective methods for self-introduction and forging valuable connections in the art industry. Recognition of the art world's interconnectivity and the necessity of determination.   Tune in and be motivated to add flair and weirdness to your life and leave your unique imprint on the community!   Discover more about Gabby's work:   Enroll in the Artist Navigation Course:
11/7/202326 minutes, 54 seconds
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Manifesting for Artists: Turning Dreams into Reality

This episode serves as an inspiring guide for artists and entrepreneurs on manifesting dreams and ambitions. The host, Kat, draws on her own experiences as an immigrant and artist to share insights on intro to manifesting your next chapter. Key points include: Manifestation as an active and purposeful process to achieve artistic dreams. A step-by-step approach: goal-setting, visualization, identity adoption, action, and trust in the process. Overcoming self-doubt and the critical role of perseverance. An emphasis on faith, celebrating small wins, and enjoying the journey. Work with Kat Inside The Artist Navigation Course: Free Masterclass for Artists:  
11/5/202315 minutes, 20 seconds
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Building an Art Studio with Em from Pazful Designs

In this episode, we introduce you to Emily Stevens, affectionately known as Paz, the imaginative force behind Pazful Designs. Join Kat and Em as they engage in a candid conversation about the dedication it takes to pursue a career in art, the delicate balance between day jobs and following one's dreams, and the transformative challenges that come with being an artist. You'll get to explore Em's remarkable journey, from her roots in rural Pennsylvania to her thriving artist life in Denver. Uncover her deep passion for ceramics and her ambitious plans. Em also shares how her two rescue dogs, Bubba and Luna, serve as constant sources of inspiration in her creative pursuits. Tune in to be inspired and motivated to pursue your dreams. Additionally, if you'd like to support Em's dream of building her own studio, you can find her Kickstarter campaign at  
10/30/202343 minutes, 46 seconds
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How to get your art in galleries!

Steal Kat's Strategy! In this episode, Kat shares a few proven ways to research and find galleries for emerging artists who are just starting out. While you don't need a gallery to be a successful artist, it can significantly assist you in expanding your audience, establishing a good reputation, and elevating your career. Tune in to hear Kat's tips on how to kickstart your journey and discover gallery opportunities and potential partners for your art. Also, mark your calendars for Kat's free masterclass in November 2023, where she'll delve into the secrets of growing a sustainable and profitable art career. Don't miss out—reserve your seat today! Free Masterclass:  
10/27/202320 minutes, 25 seconds
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How to Nurture Collector Relationships and Earn Money as an Artist with Stephanie Sachs

Join Kat in this enlightening episode as she chats with artist and educator Stephanie Sachs. Stephanie's journey from art school to Maui led her on a path of adventure and discovery, where she learned to embrace the unexpected in her creative process. Tune in for an inspiring conversation that sheds light on nurturing relationships with art collectors, advancing your career independently, and turning your passion into a sustainable livelihood as an artist. Stephanie Sachs paints radical joy through her abstract landscape artworks, which weave tales of nature's awe-inspiring power and life's enigmatic mysteries. Her paintings transport viewers to dreamlike realms adorned with multicolored caverns, misty rains, vast seas, and sparkling skies, evoking a spectrum of emotions from meditation to exuberance. With a BFA from Washington University in St. Louis and a residency at the prestigious Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Stephanie Sachs has made a global impact with her oil paintings, gracing collections worldwide. She's exhibited in renowned art hubs like Chelsea, New York, Miami, and Palm Springs. Currently, you can experience her art at the Four Seasons in Wailea, Maui. Notably, in 2022, Stephanie was featured in the West Coast edition of New American Paintings and Create Magazine's Issue 37. Links: Stephanie Sachs Official Website Artists Make Money Masterclass Instagram: Stephanie Sachs: @sachsmaui Artists Make Money: @artists_make_money  
10/24/202329 minutes, 22 seconds
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Attract Endless Opportunities with These Strategies

Join Kat in this mini episode as she shares super-simple yet powerful strategies that will keep your art career brimming with opportunities! Discover how to stand out in a crowded field, leave a lasting impression, and become irresistible to opportunities and support. The ship is arriving at the harbor soon! I am so excited to launch the next voyage of my signature career program for artists. Don't miss your chance to join the waitlist for the Art Navigation Course at This course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to navigate your way to a thriving art career. Start attracting endless opportunities today!
10/19/202310 minutes, 12 seconds
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Learning Soft Sales and Trusting Your Creative Intuition with Margot Dermody

In this episode of "Art & Cocktails," host Ekaterina Popova welcomes Margot Dermody, a talented artist from Pittsburgh, PA, to share her inspiring journey from selling hotels and resorts to becoming a painter and sculptor. Margot discusses her transition, her artistic evolution, and offers insights on embracing change, overcoming imposter syndrome, and the value of curiosity and collaboration. Discover how Margot's passion for art has led her to explore various mediums and artistic styles, from watercolors to glass. She emphasizes the importance of staying open to learning and finding fulfillment in creativity. Margot also shares her wisdom on a soft sales approach in the art world and the art of connecting with potential buyers. Explore Margot's artistic accomplishments, including her solo and group exhibitions, and learn about her continued growth as a studio artist at the Pittsburgh Glass Center. To delve deeper into her work, visit her website at and connect with her on Instagram at For those seeking to grow their art career in a sustainable way, don't miss the opportunity to join the Navigation Course Waitlist. Margot Dermody's story serves as a testament to the power of following your creative dreams and embracing change on "Art & Cocktails."
10/17/202340 minutes, 59 seconds
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Pep Talk to Help You Bring in More Abundance with Art Sales

In this episode of Art & Cocktails, Kat shares valuable tips to help you build a sustainable art career by selling directly from the studio. Discover how to release shame, simplify your sales process, and relish the joy of sharing your art with collectors. Get ready for the holidays with a holiday sales checklist: Learn the step-by-step way of selling affordable original art from the studio:
10/15/202318 minutes, 1 second
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Color, Cocktails, and Copyright: A Candid Chat with Kendra Dandy

In this insightful episode, host Ekaterina Popova sits down with the multifaceted illustrator and artist Kendra Dandy. Dive into Kendra's colorful and quirky world as they discuss her unique creative process, collaborations with big brands, the challenges of design theft, and the importance of taking a break to recharge. From fashion influences to the darker side of art copyright issues, Kendra provides a raw look into the world of contemporary art and design. Pour yourself a cocktail, relax, and join Ekaterina and Kendra for an engaging conversation. 🍸🎨 Note: This episode contains valuable tips for emerging artists and a candid chat about the need for size inclusivity in the fashion world. Don't miss out! Discover more about Kendra Dandy and her work here For more insightful episodes and to support the show, subscribe to Create Magazine here.
10/9/202318 minutes, 2 seconds
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Grove Hollow Unveiled: Shelby McFadden's Creative Evolution and New Book!

Step into the enchanting world of artist, writer, and visionary Shelby McFadden, the creative force behind the brand-new Grove Hollow book series, in this inspiring podcast episode. Join host Ekaterina Popova and Shelby as she discusses her latest book and the unique 1980s New Adult Paranormal Romance Series that is already captivating countless readers. Shelby, an incredible artist and community member, is about to empower you to follow your curiosity and take action on those intuitive ideas. In this episode, explore: Artist to Author: Learn how the book idea came to Shelby and grasp the wisdom to understand when to let go of old projects to make room for new ones. The Journey to Grove Hollow: Discover the inspirations, challenges, and triumphs in crafting a distinct paranormal romance series rooted in the 1980s, from a first-time artist and designer turned author. What's Inside: Uncover the elements of love, ghosts, gilded mansions, time travel, and secrets that define the Grove Hollow series. Delve deeper into the intricate narratives, mysterious plotlines, and fantastical elements that animate the series. Meet Shelby McFadden: Get acquainted with the author beyond her writing. Explore Shelby’s diverse roles as a business owner, mom, artist, and graphic designer, and understand her journey. Subscribe and listen now! Grab your book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and more. Don’t miss the chance to embark on this extraordinary journey with Shelby McFadden and dive into the world of Grove Hollow. 📚 Grab Your Book Here: Grove Hollow Series 🛍 Shop on Amazon: Amazon Link 🛍 Shop on Barnes and Noble: Barnes and Noble Link Don’t miss the chance to go on an extraordinary journey with Shelby McFadden and dive into the world of Grove Hollow Book Series. 
10/2/202333 minutes, 27 seconds
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Making Space for Art, Life, and Motherhood with Ciara Barsotti

Welcome to the latest episode of Art and Cocktails! Guest Spotlight: Ciara Barsotti In this episode, we're joined by the remarkable Ciara Barsotti, artist and host of the Chico Creates Podcast. Listen as Ciara as she discusses her love for painting and explore conversations about her abstract art, fantastical landscape paintings, and vivid pet portraits. Grab Your Freebie! Don’t miss out on your FREE 15-day workbook from Art Queens. Get your gift now: Art Queens Workbook More About Ciara: Ciara Barsotti is the host of the Chico Creates podcast, as well as a painter who makes exuberant abstract art, fantastical landscape paintings, and happy and colorful pet portraits that perfectly preserve your pet's personality in paint. She's a mother to one adorable human child and two cats and lives with them and her husband in Chico, CA. Connect with Ciara Barsotti: Website Instagram Chico Creates Instagram Tune in now and get inspired with Ciara Barsotti on Art and Cocktails.
9/30/202324 minutes, 37 seconds
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The Benefits of Joining an Arts Organization with Jen Barlow

In Alicia's final episode as guest host, she interviews painter and President of the Montgomery Art Association in Maryland, Jen Barlow.  Jen Barlow is primarily known for her images of food and sweets and regularly shows her work throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. This conversation shares her career thus far, primarily focusing on the positive effects joining a local artist organization had on her trajectory. Jen and Alicia discuss in detail the importance of building a community as an artist, even if you don't have established organizations near you.  Connect with Jen Barlow: Connect with Alicia:
9/27/202329 minutes, 7 seconds
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Light Up Your Life with Creativity Again

Join Ekaterina Popova in this episode of Art and Cocktails as she talks about the big role art plays in keeping us happy and supporting our mental health. Despite all the problems and busy schedules professional artists (and all humans) face, Kat emphasizes the need to make time for personal art. In This Episode, You Will Learn: Why art is important for peace of mind and happiness. How to keep art a big part of life while handling many responsibilities. Ekaterina’s own tips and stories about making art important in her life. How spending time in nature can give new life to your creativity. Artists, Remember Why You Started: Don’t miss the chance to get past creative blocks and fall in love with art all over again. Join the new premium live coaching program "Reignited" to help you move past fear and pressure, and reconnect with your art. Get your ideas out into the real world for professional goals or personal fulfillment. 🌟 Join Now: Reignited Program 🌟 Listen in and start your journey to a happier, more creatively fulfilling life today!
9/25/202317 minutes, 7 seconds
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Embracing Change and the New "Paint to Prosper" Book with Artist Amira Rahim

Join us in this heartfelt episode where Ekaterina Popova (Kat) chats with the vibrant artist and entrepreneur, Amira Rahim. Together, they explore the evolving phases artists experience, the freedom of breaking away from a single style, and the beauty in embracing change throughout their journey. They also delve into the personal aspects of being artists, highlighting the healing impact of personal relationships and the bravery needed to welcome vulnerability in both life and the creative space. 🎨 Check out Amira Rahim's remarkable artwork on her website 📖 Grab your copy of the transformative book "Paint to Prosper" on Amazon In this episode, we cover: The joy of experimenting with various artistic styles without fear or shame The important role personal relationships play in fostering wellness and creativity The way "Paint to Prosper" seeks to rekindle a sense of community among artists through engaging prompts and exercises Join us for a conversation filled with uplifting stories, wisdom, and plenty of inspiration with Amira Rahim. Subscribe to Create! Magazine:
9/18/202323 minutes, 17 seconds
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Building a Professional Mural Business: Taking Your Art Seriously with Tyler Kay

In this heartwarming and empowering episode of the Create! Podcast, host Ekaterina Popova sits down with Houston-based visual artist Tyler Kay. We discuss the potential of public art, building a mural business, taking yourself and your art seriously when it comes to contracts and collaborations, and more. Episode Highlights: Tyler’s Rebirth: Rediscovering art as a therapeutic practice post a significant personal loss. The Beauty in Every Moment: A deep dive into Tyler's philosophy that every moment holds beauty, a perspective she richly portrays through her floral paintings. Community Engagement and Public Art: Tyler shares insights from her extensive studies focusing on public art and community engagement, spotlighting her acclaimed mural projects including her transformative journey in Skopelos Island, Greece. Glitch Florals: Understanding the inspiration and process behind the iconic glitch florals Tyler has become known for. Business Tips for Budding Artists: From the importance of contracts to protecting your art through copyright, Tyler shares essential tips for budding artists aspiring to step into the world of public art. Resources Mentioned: Tyler Kay’s website The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts Create! Magazine Call for Entry Public Artist Create Magazine Subscription - Save 20% off your subscription using the code NEWREADER
9/14/202329 minutes, 44 seconds
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Re-Introduction to Art & Cocktails!

Welcome to "Art & Cocktails: Exploring the World of Contemporary Art, Creativity, Business, and Inspiration." I am your host, Ekaterina Popova, the artist behind Create! Magazine, here to guide you through the flourishing and dynamic world of contemporary art, creativity, and entrepreneurship, one inspired conversation at a time. In this rejuvenated iteration of the previously known "Create!" podcast, we delve deeper, fostering a space where artists, creators, dreamers, and artpreneurs convene to share their stories and their passion for art, often accompanied by their favorite drinks. "Art & Cocktails" takes you on a journey into the heart of the art world, bringing you closer to the pulse of creativity with heart-to-heart chats that nurture the spirit and resonate with the artist's soul. Each week, join me for enriching conversations with remarkable artists, curators, writers, coaches, and leaders. Together, we uncover the personal journeys that have shaped their creative paths, sharing laughs, stories, and insights over a warm cup of tea or a refreshing glass of wine. So, whether you're an artist seeking inspiration, an aficionado exploring the vibrant landscape of contemporary art, or a dreamer eager to ignite your creative spark, this podcast promises a diverse blend of perspectives, enlightening conversations, and a celebration of the joyous act of creation. As we usher in this new chapter, pour your preferred beverage into your favorite cup, settle into a cozy nook, and prepare yourself for an engaging session of "Art & Cocktails." It's a toast to the boundless realms of creativity, the excitement of artistic exploration, and the joy found in the simple pleasures of life. Here's to celebrating the artist in each one of us, and to the incredible journeys that lie ahead. Welcome to "Art & Cocktails." Cheers to inspiration, creativity, and the vibrant world of contemporary art! Let's get started.
9/13/20232 minutes, 22 seconds
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Dana Kohlmann on Becoming a Full-Time Artist and Healing Through Meditative Botanical Paintings

Have you ever told yourself that you won't succeed as an artist unless you have a giant audience? This inspiring episode dispels this myth and gives you the nudge to chase your biggest art dreams. ‍ Join us as we delve into Dana's transformative art journey. Transitioning from luxury branding to establishing herself as an independent visual artist, Dana shares the challenges and triumphs she's faced. Gain insights into her roles at Anthropologie and other retail brands, which shaped her path before embracing art full-time, and learn about her exhibitions at renowned art fairs. ‍ Engage in a heartfelt discussion on meditation, gratitude, and the magic of affirmations. This episode stands as a testament to the healing power of art and the profound impact of heeding one's inner call. Ideal for artists seeking inspiration or enthusiasts eager to peek behind the curtain of a brilliant artist's life.   Web: IG:   Discover more with the Art Queens membership and get support inside our upcoming free masterclass: Join the membership: Join the free masterclass:  
9/5/202332 minutes, 31 seconds
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The Power of Acting As If

In this mini-episode with Kat, we explore the power of manifestation, acting 'as if,' and utilizing the law of assumption as taught by Neville Goddard. We discuss how assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled and acting on that conviction can change your life. We break down the process into practical steps, from being clear about your desires to practicing gratitude and persistence. Tune in to discover how to align your thoughts, beliefs, and actions with your desired reality and unlock the power of your subconscious mind. Discover more with the Art Queens membership and get support inside our upcoming free masterclass: Join the membership: Join the free masterclass:
8/31/202312 minutes, 43 seconds
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Honoring Our Unique Challenges and Finding Joy in the Journey

In this episode of the Create! Podcast, hosted by Ekaterina Popova, the founder of Create! Magazine, she discusses common misconceptions artists have, specifically the bias thinking that others have it easier or better. She emphasizes the importance of honoring one's current situation and discusses the challenges and realities faced by self-employed artists versus those balancing corporate jobs or other responsibilities like parenthood. Ekaterina talks about the financial instability, lack of benefits, and the need for discipline, time management, and self-motivation when self-employed. She contrasts this with the challenges of limited time, burnout, and missing out on networking events when working a corporate job. She encourages listeners to view their paths in a more lighthearted way, to focus on their own goals rather than comparing themselves to others, and to appreciate the journey they are on.   Discover more with the Art Queens membership and get support inside our upcoming free masterclass: Join the membership: Join the free masterclass:
8/29/202317 minutes, 58 seconds
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If I Were to Start Over: What Really Matters in Your Art Business

In this episode, Ekaterina Popova talks about the areas and strategies she would zero in on if she were to restart her art business today. Let's talk about where to allocate more time, what deserves your investment, and how to recalibrate your mindset towards what truly matters. Discover more with the Art Queens membership and get support inside our upcoming free masterclass: Join the membership: Join the free masterclass: Are you ready to redefine your art business? Tune in now.
8/26/202322 minutes, 47 seconds
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Alonsa Guevara: Creative Evolution, Navigating International Residencies, and Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Mindset for Artists

In this special episode of the Create! Podcast, Ekaterina Popova sits down with Alonsa Guevara to discuss: Her transformative residency experience at Tashkeel in Dubai. How immersing herself in a different culture shaped her art. The power of unconventional thinking in the realm of creative business and entrepreneurship as an artist. Moving to LA and creating new opportunities by connecting with local communities Givine ourselves time to foster new ideas and direction in the studio Dive in to get inspired and empowered! Learn more: Save 20% off using the code NEWREADER Alonsa Guevara (b. 1986, Rancagua, Chile) is a visual artist based in Los Angeles, California. Guevara holds an MFA in painting from the New York Academy of Art (2014) and a BFA from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (2009). Primarily working in paintings, sculptures, and installations, her work delves into themes of womanhood, identity, and belonging. Additionally, she celebrates the intrinsic connection between humankind and nature. She has received numerous grants and residencies, including the Tashkeel Art Residency in Dubai, the Eric Fischl ’66 Artist-in-Residence Teaching Program at WNA, USA, the Academy's Fellowship Award in 2015, and the Elizabeth Greenshields Grant. Publications such as Forbes Magazine, Time Out NYC, VICE, and The National News UAE have featured Alonsa's work. She has also exhibited internationally in countries like China, the UAE, Mexico, Denmark, Argentina, and Chile. Her most recent solo exhibition, "Counting Leaves," took place in April 2023 at the Tashkeel Gallery Alserkal in Dubai.
8/10/202346 minutes, 34 seconds
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Embroidery, Art, and Life in Dubai: A Conversation with Samar Hejazi

Join host Ekaterina Popova and Samar Hejazi as they delve into the world of embroidery, contemporary art, and life in Dubai. From traditional embroidery techniques to innovative art installations, Samar's journey offers insightful perspectives on being an artist in Dubai and exploring transience through art. Tune in to this episode of the Create! Podcast to discover more about the artist featured in issue #37 of Create! Magazine. Explore Samar Hejazi's artwork at: Don't miss a thing – subscribe to Create! Magazine now and save 20% using the code "NEW READER":
8/8/202321 minutes, 2 seconds
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The Profound Interconnectedness of Art and Nature with Zhanna Tsytsyn

In this episode, join host Ekaterina Popova as she delves into a conversation with Zhanna Tsytsyn, a talented full-time working artist originally from Siberia and now based in the US. Zhanna's art practice is deeply rooted in eco-somatics, exploring the profound interconnectedness between humans and nature.  Through her unique creative process, which involves dance and meditation, Zhanna draws inspiration from her transformative experiences with a mushroom ceremony.  Get a sneak peek into her upcoming solo exhibition, where she showcases paintings and masks that explore the archetype of the witch, emphasizing the importance of being connected to nature. Don't miss this enlightening discussion as Zhanna invites us into her world of art at La Casita Cultural Center Gallery. For more information about Zhanna Tsytsyn and her art, visit @zhannavtsytsyn   Historical Paintings Mentioned:  Ivan the Terrible and His Son by Ilya Repin  Saturn Devouring His Son Painting by Francisco Goya
7/31/202334 minutes, 7 seconds
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Humor for Wellness: Exploring Performance Art with Barbara Ann Michaels, Jester of the Peace

Join us in this fun and uplifting episode as Barbara Ann Michaels, also known as the Jester of the Peace, takes us on a 30-year journey as a performance artist with a unique background in humor. Discover how Barbara's profound realization led her to embrace humor and wellness as her true mission, creating audience interactive activations that are both funny on the surface and deeply transformative. Uncover the power of humor as a secret sauce that breaks down barriers and fosters genuine connections among people. Barbara shares her visionary project of crafting a town for humor and wellness, an immersive experience available in both live in-person and metaverse versions. Along the way, she inspires artists to embrace flexibility in their labeling and collaborations, opening doors to new opportunities for creative expression. Tune in for laughter, insight, and a profound exploration of the human heart and the healing power of humor. Learn more about Barbara and her work at Subscribe with code "NEWREADER" to save 20% off print and digital at  
7/25/202328 minutes, 1 second
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No Art Sales? Perspective and Encouragement From Kat

In this episode, Kat shares some reasons why art sales may have slowed down and what you can do about it. Listen in to gain perspective, uplift your spirits, and initiate a shift that will help you return to a joyful studio time and navigate your way back to making sales. 
7/20/202312 minutes, 38 seconds
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Breaking the Cycle: Defeating Self-Sabotage in Business with Kat

Join host Ekaterina Popova, artist, coach, and founder of Create Magazine, as she shares her personal experiences and insights on self-sabotage in the creative business realm. In this episode, Kat opens up about her own vulnerabilities and discusses the mistakes she made along her entrepreneurial journey. From investing in unnecessary expenses to comparing herself to others, she provides valuable lessons learned to help you navigate your own path to success. Discover how to avoid common pitfalls, focus on what truly matters, and trust your unique vision. Tune in and learn from Kat's experiences to grow your creative business with confidence. Read out new book for aspiring creative entrepreneurs anywhere books are sold: Recommended Reading: Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine  by Mike Michalowicz
7/12/202318 minutes, 7 seconds
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Exploring the Darker Side of Pop Characters with Artist Anthony Rondinone

Join host Ekaterina Popova in a fun and insightful conversation with artist Anthony Rondinone as they dive into his work and the inspiration behind his intriguing pop characters. Anthony shares valuable insights into the darker side of his art, skillfully expressing melancholy and nostalgia while infusing a touch of humor into his creations. Despite lacking a formal art education, Anthony takes us on his journey of creating these distinctive pop characters and reveals his fascination with moments that seamlessly transition from joy to sorrow. The discussion also explores the profound influence of Sesame Street characters, specifically Cookie Monster, and how Anthony expertly incorporates personal experiences and perspectives into his work. Prepare to explore thought-provoking themes such as addiction, family, and societal issues related to food and nutrition, as Anthony emphasizes that his art conveys deeper meanings beyond surface-level silliness. The conversation delves into the significance of discussing and interpreting art and sheds light on Anthony's unique transition from a successful music career to pursuing visual art. To wrap up, Anthony shares a delightful anecdote about a fun proposal that took place at one of his exhibitions. Anthony Rondinone is an American painter born and raised in the Bronx, New York. His expressive stylistic portraits are his tool to convey the raw emotions that are common in poor immigrant communities such as his, like addiction, isolation, depression, and anger.  With his works, the artist aims to encourage self-reflection and tap into the viewer's emotions, asking them to establish a personal connection with the featured characters in order to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others. In establishing this intimate moment of confrontation, the artist shows that there is a certain beauty in sadness or even in the ugly side of humanity. "I've been using certain pop characters to portray different groups in society. Sesame Street reminds me of the Bronx, and each character has started to represent a different type of personality from where I grew up. For example, Cookie Monster is the typical addict you would pass by on the street without thinking twice, but he actually is an incredibly sad character when you stop to think about his life." The artist currently lives and works in New York, USA.   Website: Anthony Rondinone's official website: Social Media: Follow Anthony Rondinone on Instagram: Podcast:  Listen to Ready, Go! Podcast on iTunes
7/5/202350 minutes, 35 seconds
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Seeing Through the Lens of Opportunity

Feeling stuck? Change the way you see the world to shift out of any situation quickly.  In this podcast episode, Ekaterina Popova (Kat) talks about the importance of shifting one's perspective from seeing problems to seeing unlimited possibilities. Kat shares her experience of attending an inspiring recent event and observing how successful brands and artists run their businesses.  Work with me to build your creative business: Read our new book: Subscribe: ht
6/23/202311 minutes, 56 seconds
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How to Start a Microgallery with Mia Risberg

In this episode, you'll meet Mia Risberg, a Michigan-based artist who paints and draws in acrylics, oils, and colored pencils. Her work depicts places and people that appear to hold secrets. Informed by personal memories, photographs, and imagination, she renders fleeting moments, contemplative landscapes, and partially revealed or enigmatic figures. In addition to having a discussion about her art, she and host Alicia Puig also discuss what microgalleries are and how she started her own called 813 microgallery.  
6/21/202324 minutes, 26 seconds
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Strategies for Artists to Connect with Their Audience and Promote Their Work with Hayley Price

In this episode, Hayley Price and Kat share effective strategies for artists to connect with their audience and promote their work. They highlight the importance of thoroughly understanding your audience to identify the ideal platforms and events for engagement. While acknowledging Instagram as an excellent platform, they also recommend exploring other options such as hosting your own show or attending events. Additionally, they suggest building an email list as a backup means of reaching and connecting with your customer base. They caution against relying solely on social media platforms like Instagram and stress the significance of email marketing for artists to grow. Enjoy and follow Hayley Price at: Website: The Art Coaching Club Instagram: The Art Coaching Club Check out The Art Coaching Club Podcast and access The Financial Tracker, along with other products and templates. Join the Art Queens community at Art Queens.
6/14/202329 minutes, 48 seconds
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Unlocking Your Next Level with Sergio Gomez

In this episode, Alicia hosts an interview with artist, curator, gallery owner, coach & podcaster Sergio Gomez. He shares his experiences building his career as an artist as well as the story behind the founding of 33 Contemporary gallery. Tune in for insightful tips about time management for busy artpreneurs and helpful advice on mindset from the book he co-wrote: Crush Self-Sabotage and Live Fully! The Artist’s Wellness Journey to Confidence & Success.  
6/5/202348 minutes, 55 seconds
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When Your Back-Up Plan Becomes The Plan with TJ Walsh and Ekaterina Popova

BONUS Episode! Join Kat and TJ on a special episode from Bold Creatives Collective - TJ Walsh Coaching. Join TJ Walsh and Ekaterina Popova on the BCC Podcast as they delve into the transformative power of pursuing dreams, embracing uncertainty, and charting one's own course. Discover how backup plans can evolve into the very plans that were meant to be pursued. Through personal anecdotes, TJ and Kat share their experiences of taking risks and breaking free from societal expectations, leading to extraordinary outcomes. Ekaterina's artistic journey challenges the notion of sticking to a predetermined path, emphasizing the importance of living authentically. Gain practical advice from their experiences as creatives and entrepreneurs, and tap into your passions to explore new avenues. Learn invaluable lessons on overcoming self-doubt, embracing uncertainty, the unknown, and the potential for failure with actionable strategies. Cultivate a mindset that celebrates creativity, embraces risks, and follows your true calling. Don't miss this empowering episode, where inspiration awaits to help you forge your own path and live beyond boundaries. About Ekaterina Popova: Ekaterina Popova (she/her) is an artist, founder of Create! Magazine, coach, co-author of "The Complete Smartist Guide," and podcaster. Her mission is to empower artists and provide them with the tools to take responsibility for their own careers, finding validation and success from within. Born in Vladimir, Russia, Ekaterina moved to the United States and fell in love with painting, earning a BFA from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania. Her work has been exhibited nationally, including prestigious venues like The Painting Center in New York, Cohle Gallery in Paris, The Trenton City Museum, Delaware Contemporary, The Boxheart Gallery, A.I.R. Gallery, and many more. Ekaterina has been featured in numerous blogs and publications, including Colossal, The Jealous Curator, My Modern Met, DPI Magazine, Friend of The Artist, Iceview, and The Philadelphia Inquirer. She has also attended several artist residencies, including Centre Pompadour in Abbeville, France, NES Residency in Iceland, and the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts in Greece. Ekaterina currently resides in Delaware with her partner Sean and their Pomeranian, Kolibri. Host & Producer: TJ Walsh Engineer: Daisy James
6/5/202337 minutes, 59 seconds
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Empowering Artists: Navigating the Creative Landscape with Ekaterina Popova, Erika B. Hess and Alicia Puig

In this podcast episode, Erika B. Hess, Alicia Puig and Ekaterina Popova discuss the challenges of running creative brands and supporting artists. Erika is a painter, curator, writer, and the host of the I Like Your Work podcast, while Alicia is a curator, co-founder of PXP Contemporary, and the director at Create. They talk about their experiences and the need for resources and communities that support and lift artists and creative entrepreneurs.  Erika discusses her membership program called "The Works," which provides artists with guidance on building their careers, from organizing their portfolio to grant writing and residencies.  Alicia shares her passion for supporting emerging artists and helping them grow and develop in their careers. The hosts also discuss taboo topics in the art world, such as rejection and the importance of embracing and processing those feelings.  They encourage artists to be vulnerable and create spaces where they can ask questions and support each other. Alicia mentions the importance of artists sharing their stories and writing artist statements in their own voices to create a deeper connection with their audience. The episode highlights our dedication to supporting artists and providing them with the resources and guidance they need to navigate the art world.   Join us and save 20% off by using code NEWREADER: I Like Your Work Podcast and Membership: PxP Contemporary: Grab our new book:
6/1/202337 minutes, 19 seconds
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The Ultimate Artist Success Toolkit with Kat and Alicia

Wouldn't it be great to have an artist success toolkit available on-demand? This is exactly why we created the Smartist School.  Join Ekaterina Popova and Alicia Puig in this episode of the Create! Podcast as they unveil their new on-demand online course, Smartist School, tailored for emerging artists.  Discover the inspiration behind this accessible program and delve into its empowering content designed to fuel success in art careers. Whether you're starting out or looking for a career refresh, this online course covers portfolio building, website creation, sales and marketing techniques, gallery collaboration, finding collectors, and additional income streams.  With valuable bonus materials like a vision board activity, portfolio guide, and email marketing insights, this course is a must-have foundation for artists. The hosts address common questions, highlighting its suitability for beginners and artists needing a jumpstart. Now is the perfect time to invest in education and create success on your own terms.  Take advantage of the introductory low price and enroll today!
5/30/202323 minutes, 13 seconds
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Finding Creative Momentum: A Journey of Art, Motherhood, and Public Art Projects with Camille Myles

Join host Ekaterina Popova as she interviews Canadian artist Camille Myles in this inspiring episode. Camille takes us on her journey of rediscovering her artistic voice and embracing creative momentum. She shares her transition from a career in conservation to becoming a multidisciplinary artist, including her experiences with public art projects and collaborations. Discover how Camille's passion for history and archaeology influences her artwork and gain insights into how she successfully balances motherhood with her artistic practice. Dive behind the scenes and get actionable advice on overcoming self-doubt and seizing opportunities for creative growth. This episode serves as a testament to the power of following your instincts, taking risks, and nurturing your creative spirit. To learn more about Camille Myles and her art, visit: Join our reader circle and subscribe using code "NEWREADER" at Follow Camille on Instagram:
5/29/202330 minutes
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The Creative Business Handbook: Our New Book is Here! Alicia and Kat Share Key Differences

In this podcast episode, Kat and Alicia, are thrilled to share our excitement about the release of our new book, "The Creative Business Handbook: Follow Your Passions and Be Your Own Boss." This book is specifically tailored to creatives who have aspirations of starting their own thriving businesses. We extend a heartfelt thank you to Chronicle Books for publishing this incredible title. If you enjoyed our previous book, "The Complete Smartist Guide," you'll find immense value in this new step-by-step business guide. Drawing from our collective ten years of experience running a magazine, gallery, art practice, coaching, and more, we provide practical insights and guidance to help you succeed. Join us as we delve into the details of our book and share our knowledge and excitement with you.   Prder your copy of The Creative Business Handbook today at: ‍Amazon‍ ‍Barnes & Noble‍ ‍Bookshop‍ ‍Book Depository (free shipping around the world!) ‍‍Waterstones (UK)‍ ‍Indigo/Chapters (Canada)‍ ‍Booktopia (Australia)‍   Join the book launch party!
5/23/20239 minutes, 20 seconds
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From Passion to Profession: Empowering Artists with the Milan Institute's Founder, Elli Milan

In this episode of the Create Podcast, host Ekaterina Popova welcomes Elli Milan, founder of the Milan Institute, to discuss their shared mission of supporting the art community and elevating careers and skillsets.    Elli shares her journey as a professional artist, starting from her passion for art sparked in high school to attending art school and eventually establishing her own art career. Along the way, she faced challenges in finding mentors and guidance, which fueled her desire to help other artists succeed. In 2010, Elli and her husband opened the Milan Institute, a school focused on helping artists develop their careers and businesses.   Elli emphasizes the importance of self-representation, creative marketing, and entrepreneurship for artists, challenging the notion of the "starving artist" and advocating for artists to embrace the business side of their craft. Currently, Elli is working on Art Social, a social media platform designed for artists and art lovers to connect, buy art, find support, and build a community. The episode concludes with a discussion on the evolving art world and the opportunities available for artists in today's digital age.   To learn more about the Milan Art Institute and their programs, visit their website at   Save 20% when you subscribe to our magazine by using the code: NEWREADER  
5/22/202327 minutes, 19 seconds
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Self-Publishing & Body Positivity with Sophie Tea

In this episode, Alicia interviews figurative painter Sophie Tea.  Sophie has trailblazed a new route to success for contemporary artists. Abstaining from traditional gallery representation, she leveraged social media to build her brand to cult status.  In her most recognized series of nudes, the female form is celebrated in all its unique splendor. Her work is defined by vibrant colors, energetic drips, and signature splats and conveys a powerful message of inclusivity.  This episode dives deep into the meaning and inspiration behind her work as well as the process that went into self-publishing her first book "Send Nudes".
5/18/202327 minutes, 54 seconds
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Collaboration at the Intersection of Art & Interior Design with Karolina Barnes

In this episode, Alicia interviews Karolina Barnes. Karolina is a brand storytelling consultant and co-founder of STUDIO/ESTILA and ESTILA design and art trade platform. They discuss the gap in the market that led Karolina to launch ESTILA, the reasoning behind the company's values, and how artists and creative brands can incorporate storytelling into their marketing.   Our new book, The Creative Business Handbook comes out on May 23rd! Pre-order here:
5/12/202344 minutes, 32 seconds
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Michelle Gomez on Cultivating Mental Health and Wellness for Creatives and Business Owners

Tune in to Michelle Gomez's podcast episode as she engages in an open conversation with Kat on how to improve mental health and wellness as an artist or entrepreneur. Gain insights on overcoming business obstacles, maintaining focus, preserving peace of mind, and managing distractions. Join us for an informative discussion on all things related to mental health and wellness in the creative and entrepreneurial world. We discuss the Mental Health Network and its upcoming workshops, which aim to help entrepreneurs prioritize their mental health. They also share personal tips for improving mental health, such as journaling, creating an imperfect morning routine, and identifying triggers. This episode emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and seeking support when needed. Resources: Mental Wealth Network: Ceate! Magazine: Ekaterina Popova Instagram: @katerinaspopova Michelle Instagram: @michelleigomez 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline Big Silence Foundation: If you or anyone you know is dealing with thoughts of suicide, text “HERO” to 741-741 to reach The Big Silence Crisis Text Line.
5/9/202348 minutes, 2 seconds
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7 Years as a Creative Entrepreneur and Self-Employed: Lessons Learned (From Kat)

In this episode, I (Kat) share insights from my seven years of experience as a self-employed artist, creator, and entrepreneur. Topics covered include charging for your work, financial management, hiring an accountant, utilizing kindness in business, and networking effectively. Let me know what you want to learn about my journey in the comments! Join our community for women artists and creative entrepreneurs at Grab our new book: Read Create! Magazine:
5/8/202318 minutes, 29 seconds
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Art Sales & Artist Websites with Alissa Sexton

In this episode, Alicia hosts an interview with ARTWRK gallery co-founder, curator and consultant, Alissa Sexton. She has worked with artists, galleries and institutions since 2005 and one of her specialties is creating websites for artists. Connect with Alissa here: - Thanks to today's sponsor Superfine Art Fair:
5/1/202340 minutes, 16 seconds
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The Strengths of Multipassionate Creatives with Sharif Pendleton

In this episode, you'll meet Sharif Pendleton. Pendleton is a University of the Arts-educated multimedia artist enamored by product design. He has made a career developing interactive learning and designing handmade housewares and accessories under his Masters of None label, which has since been relaunched and rebranded as Laser Philly. Use code CREATE for 30% off of our new book The Creative Business Handbook at
4/28/202345 minutes, 34 seconds
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Transforming Spaces Through Color and Joy with Sarah Stieber

Join Kat and Sarah Stieber on this uplifting and energizing episode where the artist talks about her new venture of transforming spaces with her art. Sarah shares her approach to building a sustainable and unique art business beyond the traditional gallery system, discusses how she creates events and gives us a preview of her brand-new project Stieber Spaces. Instagram: Applauded as “San Diego’s Best Local Contemporary Artist” by Modern Luxury magazine, Sarah Stieber’s vibrant figurative paintings have made a splash far beyond her SoCal roots.    Stieber Spaces, the design arm of Sarah's business, has garnered explosive press and is featured in California Interiors Magazine, Modern Luxury Magazine, Apartment Therapy, and San Diego Magazine.   Stieber has created artwork for global brands Samsung, Marriott, and AT&T. Her paintings have been exhibited worldwide, and were recently featured on billboards in Times Square new York, Picadilly circus in London, and on the Duomo in Milan.    Stieber was named “One of 15 Female Artists you Need to Know from Miami Art Week” by CBS and “One of 50 badass painters you need to follow on Instagram” by Buzzfeed.
4/17/202329 minutes, 53 seconds
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Nurturing the Growth of Black Women Arts Workers: Daricia Mia Demarr & Lauren Jackson Harris of BWVA

In this episode, Alicia interviews Daricia Mia Demarr & Lauren Jackson Harris, the cofounders and partners who run Black Women in Visual Arts.  BWVA's mission is to promote and celebrate the contributions of Black women impacting the art world past, present and future. It is an organization and community that nurtures the growth of Black women arts workers by providing opportunities, resources and insights for thriving careers. Additionally, BWVA is a consultancy that assists in fostering diversity in creative spaces and serves as a creative partner for any organization seeking to build equity in the arts. This episode's sponsor: The Creative Business Handbook published by Chronicle Books
4/13/202331 minutes, 2 seconds
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Writing About Your Art in a More Authentic Way With Charlie J. Meyers

New podcast episode with Ekaterina Popova and Charlie J. Meyers. Charlie talks about his journey of becoming an artist and curator, having grace and self-compassion for your studio practice and beyond. We also discuss how artists can incorporate more honesty into writing about their work to create compelling statements. Charlie J. Meyers is a multi-award-winning American artist and curator of figurative abstraction and portraiture. In the past six years, Charlie’s work has toured with the Montreal Arts Council throughout Quebec in public and private galleries and has been exhibited in spaces throughout the USA, UK, and Canada. In 2020, he was awarded an Artist Relief Grant, an initiative organized by the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, United States Artists, and Creative Capital. During quarantine, he started the initiative The Moon Cheese Curator, an international curatorial project focused on the interface between art production and the body. He paints in his work-live studio in Philadelphia. Instagram: & Are you enjoying our podcast and magazine? Consider becoming a subscriber to support our mission and get over 35 digital issues available instantly!  
4/3/202329 minutes, 54 seconds
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Taking a Leap Towards Your Dreams with Aggie Armstrong

In this episode, join Kat and Aggie Armstrong as they discuss the artist's journey of becoming a full-time artist and creative entrepreneur. Aggie shares the discomfort of taking the leap, leaving a corporate job, and following her dreams.  Aggie Armstrong is known for her multimedia work that explores various states of female consciousness. Through every piece, Aggie's work serves as a record of her feelings and memories of the intersectional female experience.  P.S. This episode includes some adult language Follow along on Instagram @katerinaspopova and @createmagazine Join the community:
3/27/202336 minutes, 48 seconds
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Tips for Reviving Instagram From Kat

In this episode, Kat shares some tips for reviving our Instagram art accounts from the dead. She talks about mindset shifts as well as practical steps for helping you get more engagement and action on the app we often have a complicated relationship with.  Keep showing up and sharing your art and connecting with other humans! Follow along on Instagram @katerinaspopova and @createmagazine Join the community:
3/24/202310 minutes, 41 seconds
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Giving it All or Nothing with Cj Hendry

Cj Hendry is a hyperrealist artist who initially garnered worldwide attention on Instagram for her large-scale ink drawings of luxury objects. Always in black and white, these works would often take up to 200 hours to complete. Eventually, she branched out to work in full color with colored pencils and has since expanded her practice to include sculpture, prints and other media. Hendry is also known for coordinating and funding her own immersive and interactive solo exhibitions. The latest one, Plaid, will be on display in New York from April 14-23rd, 2023.   Thank you to this episode's sponsor, Superfine! Art Fair: Mention Create! for $150 your booth fee.  
3/20/202328 minutes, 17 seconds
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Becoming the Most Successful Version of You With Master Coach Olga Blias

Join Ekaterina Popova and master coach Olga Blias! Olga is a master transformative mindset and life coach. She shares her story and how she began her journey. We talk all about how to start making positive changes in our lives and how to create powerful and permanent shifts.  I ask Olga to share practical tips for artists beginning to embody the identity of the most successful, joyful version of themselves and it's way easier than you think! We also cover:   Navigating imposter syndrome Fear Building confidence   Enjoy this episode! Learn more about Olga: Are you looking for an empowering art community and accessible coaching? Check out my monthly membership, The Art Queens:
3/9/202327 minutes, 28 seconds
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Shifting Studio Materials, Exploring Bats and Working with Museums: Featuring Rebecca Saylor Sack

Join Ekaterina Popova and Rebecca Saylor Sack on an inspiring episode where the artist shares how she started exploring bats in her work and shifted her painting materials over the past few years.  Rebecca is an artist and the the program director of the Fine Arts Program and Painting emphasis coordinator at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Listen to this episode to learn about: How to shift your materials Finding references and images for new work Working with museums And more! Code "newreader" to save 20%
3/6/202327 minutes, 32 seconds
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Upgrade Your Challenges | How to Create Positive Changes in Your Life and Art Career

How to create positive change and open yourself up to expansion and new exciting challenges! Are you sick and tired of a recurring problem in your life? Is it finances? Lack of opportunities?  On this episode, Kat shares the early steps of how to create positive change in your life. Acknowledging the areas of struggle you no longer want to tolerate is a great place to start the transformation. Start by reflecting on what changes you would like to make in your life and why. Once you have identified the changes you want to make, create a plan to help you work towards them. Never be afraid to take risks and take on new challenges - you never know what you may learn and the doors that may open! Expand with us! Join our community and monthly group coaching for artists and artpreneurs:
2/28/202311 minutes, 32 seconds
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Partnerships, Press & Art PR with Natasha Roberts

In this episode, Alicia Puig interviews Natasha Roberts, a New York-based art advisor, curator and founder of The Know. Natasha works with creatives, arts organizations, brands, and nonprofits to build culturally-relevant experiences and collaborative campaigns. Through the production of thought-provoking branded digital content and implementation of modern PR strategies, she cultivates public engagement and organic buzz for client projects. Before launching the KNOW, Natasha found herself drawn to the rapidly emerging start-up world in New York, and after stints in PR and luxury events, she honed in on creative leanings to develop an expertise in fine art. Natasha has completed post-graduate studies in curatorial practice and contemporary art at The School for Curatorial Studies (Venice, IT) and Christie’s Education (New York, NY), as well as perfumery at Pratt Institute (New York, NY). Combining her professional skill set with a passion for advocacy and innovation, Natasha and her clients have garnered press in Artnet News, Vogue, PAPER, Entrepreneur, The Wall Street Journal, Juxtapoz and more. More information about Superfine Art Fair:
2/23/202322 minutes, 24 seconds
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Building Relationships with Galleries with Dontae T. Muse

In this episode, Alicia interviews Dontae T. Muse, artrepreneur coach & gallery co-owner. He helps visual artists to monetize their creativity and increase their income using proven branding and creative marketing strategies. In his books, workshops, courses, and signature program "Pay The Artist", he covers everything from pricing your work, branding yourself, identifying your client avatar, composing your artist statements, crafting and submitting proposals, social media engagement, and more. During this conversation, Alicia and Dontae discuss the mistakes artists often make with regard to selling and marketing their work as well as the top reasons why gallery pitches are unsuccessful (& what to do about it!). Tune in for tried and true strategies on how to finally get a gallery to notice your work.
2/15/202330 minutes, 5 seconds
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Transcendental Art & Healing Trauma with Laurén Magda

Laurén Magda is an American, multidisciplinary artist based in Ypsilanti, MI. She has been featured by major art publications such as Create! and All She Makes Magazines, and has participated in various group shows. Her first solo show is “Meditations on Transformation” at Stone & Spoon Gallery in Ypsilanti, MI, which runs through April 2023. She has a concentration in freehand, hard-edged painting. The key themes Laurén explores are those of the transcendental, spiritual, and visionary realms. Her paintings are boldly colorful, with heavy linework that conveys a sense of wonder and tranquility. She is inspired by the calm and empowerment that comes from healing generational trauma, as well as her spiritual belief system in the mystical workings of the Universe. Laurén pursued artmaking as a profession by attending Detroit’s College for Creative Studies, earning her BFA in Illustration in 2011. She has over a decade of professional graphic design and commercial art experience. After taking a hiatus from pursuing her personal work after art school to commit to a healing journey, she re-established her focus in 2018 and has been creating collections for her personal practice and for exhibiting with galleries.  
2/7/202327 minutes, 57 seconds
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Follow Your Passions and Be Your Own Boss| Behind the Scenes of Our New Book With Kat and Alicia

We wrote a new book! Tune in and hear all about our publishing journey.   Alicia and Kat are so excited to share what to expect from The Creative Business Handbook, how it can support your goals as a creative entrepreneur, and the process of working with a publisher.    Please celebrate with us! Pre-order and join the party!   Ready to start your own creative business this year? Get the new, highly-anticipated guide that will lead you on your entrepreneurial journey.  Pre-order The Creative Business Handbook today and you'll also gain access to a VIP virtual book launch party in May 2023! Attention aspiring artpreneurs! Pre-order our new book now and you'll receive an invitation to a premium live workshop with authors Ekaterina Popova and Alicia Puig later this year (date TBA). During the workshop, you will get the chance to learn from Kat and Alicia and ask your burning questions about starting your own creative business. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to be one of the first to read our new book and get exclusive insights from the authors! You can pre-order via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookshop, Book Depository, Waterstones, Indigo/Chapters, Booktopia, and more. Share your confirmation order or receipt number from any bookseller in the form below to be eligible for this bonus. Learn more and pre-order here:
2/4/202329 minutes, 17 seconds
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The Power of Creating and Curating Your Own Exhibitions with Gita Joshi and Kat

Join curator Gita Joshi and host Kat in an inspiring episode that explains how to curate and create your own art show in galleries, pop-ups, public spaces, non-profits, and other spaces.  Listen to how Gita got started and learn how to turn your exhibition vision into reality.  Get our free guide and 5-day challenge to create and plan your art exhibition this year: Need support in creating and marketing your show? Join our signature four-week program, Your Own Art Show, and get instant access and live bonuses:   *** Mentioned in this episode sculpture by Kara Walker:    
1/31/202328 minutes, 35 seconds
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Choose Yourself and Create Unlimited Opportunities with Kat

In this episode, Kat shares how to take your power back in your art career and create unlimited opportunities. In addition, she shares how to have a different perspective when it feels like nothing is working and take action on your dreams by creating your own exhibitions and events.    Ready to create your own art exhibition this year? Download our free guide and join the free 5-day challenge:   Work with us and get support creating your own art show:
1/25/202316 minutes, 5 seconds
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Art Business & Branding Basics with Alex Mitow

In this episode, Alicia hosts an interview with CEO & co-founder of Superfine Art Fair Alex Mitow. You'll hear Alex's best advice for curating a standout booth if you're exhibiting at your very first art fair as well as simple, but effective tips when it comes to building a business in the arts.  Learn more about exhibiting with Superfine Art Fair here: Learn more about The Creative Business Handbook here:
1/25/202336 minutes, 46 seconds
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Drawing an Intentional Path with Shantell Martin

In this episode, Alicia interviews multidisciplinary visual artist Shantell Martin. Tune in for a thought-provoking conversation that questions the self-imposed or peer pressure to constantly be working on something new and encourages creatives to embrace slowness. Learn Martin's advice for identifying the right collaborators work with and projects to pursue as well as the meaningful impact starting her career in Japan had on her. We hope you enjoy this insightful episode!
1/9/202328 minutes, 32 seconds
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Becoming Unstoppable and Facing Your Fears Head On

On this episode, Kat shares how to reflect and digest the past year and ease into a new season. She also shares how facing her deepest fears last year has given her courage and inner strength, and she ended up working out for good.  Tune in and learn: How facing your fears can set you free Three terrifying (psychologically) things that Kat experienced in 2022 that ended up working out How to move into the new year fearless and become unstoppable  Join my coaching and art career membership and save 20% off with the code NEWLEVEL:
1/7/202322 minutes, 44 seconds
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Permission to Have The Best Year Ever with Cara Alwill, The Champagne Diet

Wouldn't it be great to have a coach guide you as we ease into a new year? On this podcast episode, I have my amazing guest, Cara Alwill (The Champagne Diet) who is a bestselling author, master life coach, creative entrepreneur and my role model share her story and offer tips on how to get unstuck and give yourself permission to follow your bliss this year. I'm so excited to share Cara's story and get some insight into how we can make 2023 our best year yet. Having a coach can be incredibly helpful and inspiring, especially if you do not have support required for your big dreams as an artist and leader. We talk about how Cara came up with her brand, how not to worry about failure and rejection and keep moving forward. Cara also shares powerful mindset shifts for anyone who feels defeated or stagnant and how to enter into main character energy when it comes to your work and beyond. Cara Alwill is a worldwide bestselling author, host and creator of the top-rated podcast, Style Your Mind, and change agent for women. As an early voice in the female-driven movement, Cara continues to be a leader in the space, liberating women to trust their intuition and create their own opportunities. She empowers her readers and clients to stop waiting for their big break and, instead, to publish their own books, start their own podcasts, host their own panels and design their own clothing lines; whatever their desires are. Cara has spent the past 14 years in the creative space building her own brand based on her popular blog, The Champagne Diet. She has turned that blog into 9 bestselling books including the worldwide sensation Girl Code, a top-rated podcast called Style Your Mind with over 8 million unique downloads that has received high praise from media outlets like Forbes and Oprah Daily, and a successful global coaching and consulting practice where she helps other women entrepreneurs hone their unique voice and become leaders in their industries. Cara has been featured in Forbes, Success, Entrepreneur, INC, Oprah Daily, Business Insider, Glamour, Marie Claire, and many more media outlets, and is a highly sought-after speaker. Cara’s books have been translated into multiple languages such as Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Mongolian, and Vietnamese and others. Her message continues to transcend cultures and break barriers for women across the globe. Cara has been a professionally certified coach for a decade, and attained her certifications through the ICF-accredited World Coach Institute including CPC (Certified Professional Coach), CLC (Certified Life Coach), CWC (Certified Wellness Coach), and CCMC (Certified Coach Master Class). She loves working with motivated women on the edge of change. Cara began her career in the music industry over 20 years ago, where she leveraged her internship experience and became an executive assistant to music mogul Clive Davis. She also worked on digital marketing campaigns for artists Alicia Keys, Maroon 5, and other popular artists. She later moved on to MTV, where she spent 8 years in digital advertising managing multi-million dollar ad campaigns for brands like Cover Girl, Kraft, and others. Her unique blend of entertainment experience coupled with her passion and drive for creating her own brand and empowering women make her a standout media expert and entrepreneur. Check out all of Cara’s books on Amazon here. Follow her on Instagram for daily inspiration. Listen to her podcast, Style Your Mind, on iTunes or your favorite podcast app.
1/6/202327 minutes, 50 seconds
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Thinking Outside The Box For Your Art Career with Jen Dwyer

Join host Ekaterina Popova and artist Jen Dwyer and see all the possibilities available to you as an artist.  Jen shares how to: Advocate for yourself Ask for opportunities Budget and plan for your success How she bought her own house during the pandemic and more! We talk about the challenges and mindset shifts that helped Jen attract incredible opportunities and why she is passionate about artists today.  Thriving Creatives Class: Use 25% off discount code CREATE Become a subscriber: and save 20% off using code NEWREADER
1/3/202324 minutes, 16 seconds
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The Artist Turned Curator & Gallerist with JJ Galloway

In this episode, Alicia Puig interviews fine artist JJ Galloway. Galloway is an internationally collected artist known for whimsical paintings and sculptures of people, animals and food or any combination of the three! Carefully executed in a traditional style using oils, watercolors or mixed media. Her art can be found in both public and private collections worldwide. After years of selling her own work out of her studio and at pop-up events, she eventually launched JJ Galloway Studios in order to be able to showcase other artists' work at fairs and events both across the US and abroad.  
12/21/202226 minutes, 32 seconds
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Classic and Contemporary: Remarkable Paintings by Roxy Peroxyde

Join Kat and Roxy on an inspiring episode about the artist's path, her work exploring contemporary realism, and her upcoming show during Art Week in Miami.  Roxanne Sauriol Hauenherm is a self-taught painter based in Montreal, Canada whose paintings are collected and exhibited internationally. Hauenherm is best known for her vivid contemporary interpretations of classic paintings which she describes to be "witnesses to how times change but people stay the same". While it is undeniable that technique is at the core of her work, it nonetheless succeeds to bring levity to a practice she considers to be arcane and pedestalized.
12/2/202224 minutes, 6 seconds
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Grant Writing Tips & Giving Back with Sadaf Padder

In this episode, Alicia interviews curator & founder of Alpha Arts Alliance Sadaf Padder. After nearly a decade as a public schooler educator and a lifetime of watching art from the sidelines, Sadaf left her job as a Dean of Students in 2019 and founded Alpha Arts Alliance, an arts agency focused on historically-underrepresented artists with a focus on women of color. Through curation, coaching, events and youth programming, she serves to make art accessible to the people she loves as a passion and a practice.  Of her many professional accomplishments, she takes pride in having earned over $150K in grants and residencies for local artists and collectives. Sadaf is also a Create Change Fellow alumna with the Laundromat Project, a board member with ArtBridge and Chickweed Alliance and a member of Phoenix Community Garden. A South-Asian American woman of Kashmiri heritage, in her own art practice she is an abstract painter, jeweler and henna artist. She is a graduate of George Washington University (BA in Anthropology) and Johns Hopkins University (Masters of Art in Teaching) and is a Teach for America Baltimore alum.     
11/29/202226 minutes, 7 seconds
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Decode the Flow and Make Your Best Work with Drica Lobo

Join host Ekaterina Popova and Brazilian born and California-based artist Drica Lobo and learn what makes us experience the flow state. Learn about the artist's journey, how she found her flow and how you can experience more joy, beauty and creativity in your life.  Drica makes modern landscapes, transforming the familiar into a bold, joyful and powerful scenario. Manipulating shapes and feelings through the selection and composition of color. Through her creations, Drica strives to help people see the world with optimism, and encourages her audience to shift perspectives and ponder the mysteries of the universe. She is now picking up her pen to spread her art through her first book, Decoding the Flow, detailing her process and passion for creation. "Decoding The Flow: Optimize Your Create Power With Unshakeable Confidence" is a book about Lobo's search for flow and its powerful energy as a way to improve her creative living. It's a personal journey of artistic mindfulness and confidence you want to be part of. At the end of each chapter, the book offers a framework to help you optimize your creativity with unshakeable confidence. Website: Instagram: Read Decoding the Flow:  
11/21/202227 minutes
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Empowering Portraits & Healing Through Art with Brittany Atkinson

In this episode, Alicia hosts an inspiring interview with painter Brittany Atkinson. Brittany is an Austin-based artist known for her abstract female portraits and figures. After a childhood spent in Houston, Brittany now calls Austin home. When asked what inspires her as an artist, Brittany often says, "Over the years, I have been influenced by several incredible women. Their stories and their bravery have shaped me. Their daring spirits and whispers of wisdom guide me through my creative process. I am never surprised when bright and colorful work appears on my canvas, as it reflects how those women's stories of strength, confidence, and vulnerability light up my soul. I feel blessed to share my art and hope it empowers and inspires other women to listen to their hearts' desire to chase their dreams." Learn more: Thank you to today's sponsor Superfine Art Fair:  Mention Create! Magazine for $150 off your booth
11/14/202228 minutes, 18 seconds
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Increasing Risk Tolerance For Growth

Want to know a not-so-secret part of my recent growth? Risk. In this episode, I break down the types of risks and investments that have been helping me grow in recent years and how I make these important decisions. I also talk about failure and uncertainty and why it's essential to trust your intuition and go for it anyway. Join our community and become a digital or print subscriber:
11/13/202218 minutes, 43 seconds
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An Easy Way to Level Up and Speed Up Your Growth

What is a great way to level up and break through any plateaus in your business or career growth? In this mini-episode, Kat shares one of the best methods of getting to where you are going faster and having way more fun while you're at it! Listen and learn about the importance of investing in yourself and upgrading your environment. Enjoy a free masterclass with Kat: Crown Yourself: How to Take Charge of Your Destiny and Manifest an Art Career of Your Dreams Take advantage of the Art Queens Holiday Bundle:
11/12/202215 minutes, 55 seconds
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Messy Middle: Completing Big Deadlines With Peace and Gratitude

Imagine walking into your studio or workspace, feeling calm, centered and ready to take on whatever the day may bring. Wouldn’t it be great to have an inner knowing that whatever is on your plate will get done? I know that for so many of us, certain projects can feel like a mountain we have to climb, daunting and overwhelming. If you are an artist or creative dealing with big deadlines, I hope this episode gives you some helpful tools and techniques to help you navigate even the busiest seasons of life and enjoy the ride.  Join Ekaterina Popova on this episode and hear about strategies to help you stay joyful and grounded as you get things done! Support our magazine and community by joining us at Use code "new reader" to save on your subscription.  Join our newsletter:
11/11/202215 minutes, 55 seconds
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Painting the Spirit of Cities with Cindy Shaoul

In this episode, Alicia Puig hosts an interview with Cindy Shaoul. Inspired by the whimsy and purity of the feminine form, Shaoul is known for her impressionistic and abstract style. She is best recognized for her series ‘Brides’, ‘Dripping Dots’ and ‘Hearts’, as well as her Plein-air street scenes of quintessential New York locations. Cities suffered during the global pandemic but painter Cindy Shaoul reminds us of their romantic and elegant spirit through her cityscape paintings. Shaoul is the perfect fusion of old and new (through her unique combination of impressionist and abstract painting methods) with a bit of haute couture and street art on the side. As cities slowly come back to life, Shaoul reminds us of their beauty that inspires.
11/7/202212 minutes, 47 seconds
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Avoid This Mistake to Welcome More Success and Abundance

Want to know the easiest way to welcome more abundance and opportunities into your life and creative business? Kat noticed a typical behavior that prevents artists and entrepreneurs from getting paid more and more often.  Love our podcast? Take a moment to leave a review on iTunes! Join our reader circle and become a print or digital subscriber here:
11/3/202216 minutes, 25 seconds
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The Journey of Jack Of The Dust: Interview with Andy Firth

In this episode, Alicia interviews Andy Firth, a self-taught Australian artist known for his signature canvas: the human skull. Since 2013, he has remained widely anonymous under the title ‘Jack of The Dust’. Until now. With international demand at an all-time high and a combined following of 2.5 million, his clientele includes Joe Rogan, Slash, Jason Momoa, Chris Brown and Nikki Tutorials. Each piece is hand-made in Australia by manipulating acrylic, clay and cinema-grade urethane resin imported from the U.S. to resemble skin, steel, stone and bone. Exclusively attainable through 4-6 public releases each year, Firth’s works of art crack through the limits of imagination on adventure. Firth has grown a full-time crew of 15 and operates from two Burleigh Heads warehouses on Australia’s Gold Coast. Thank you to our episode sponsor: Superfine Art Fair Get $150 off your booth fee when you mention Create! in your introductory call or on your application. For more information:
10/31/202228 minutes, 19 seconds
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Ideas on How to Generate Income as an Artist

In this episode, Kat shares ideas and options for generating more money as an artist or creative. If you feel stuck or your regular income streams are not an option right now, listen to this episode to give you ideas on how to support yourself, your art, and your family this season.  Support our magazine and community by becoming a subscriber: use "new reader" to save 20% off your order:
10/25/202219 minutes, 48 seconds
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On Joy and Visibility Through Art with Josie Lewis

Join Kat and Josie Lewis on an empowering episode about breaking out of the art world box, embracing play, and making art for yourself. Josie shares how her Instagram account went viral by embracing video early on and offers insight for artists to grow in this way. We discuss the challenges of growing your audience, facing negative comments, and rising above it all.  Josie Lewis is an artist working in sculpture, painting, mixed media, and video. Her artwork can be found in the St Paul Union Depot, the Minneapolis/St Paul Airport, and in the private collections of General Mills, University of Minnesota, and Minneapolis Public Schools. In 2017, she began sharing videos of her daily art practice on Instagram, sparking a conversation around what is (and is not) art on the internet. To date, her videos have more than 1 billion views, and her social media audience has grown to over 1.3 million followers.  
10/24/202230 minutes, 30 seconds
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Entrepreneurship in the Arts With Raquel Serebrenik and Alfredo Achar

Join Kat, Raquel and Alfredo on a special episode of the Create! Podcast where we chat all about entrepreneurship in the arts. My guests generously share strategies to help artists position themselves as leaders in their space, stay open to new income opportunities and offer branding and networking tips. Alfredo Achar Alfredo was born in Mexico City, he graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, with a B.A. in Film, Television, and Media Studies, and a Minor in Business Administration. He also holds a certificate in Production from New York University and for acting from New York Film Academy. Throughout his career, Alfredo has worked in creative development for production companies, and in programming for various film festivals, mainly the GuadaLAjara Film Festival in Los Angeles, where he serves as Creative Content Manager and Producer. Alfredo has curated programs for LACMA, GLAFF, Guadalajara International Film Festival, and NewFilmmakers LA. He also freelances as a producer for various media outlets and independent projects, and has worked in production at notable award shows like the Emmys, Oscars, and SAG Awards for E! Entertainment. In 2021 he began working in public relations for awards and Oscar campaigns representing films, actors, directors, and other talents. He has published several articles for MovieMaker Magazine and has been a part of many panels on film analysis and the film industry. Additionally, Alfredo is currently producing three short films. Raquel Serebrenik  Raquel Serebrenik is a cultural brand development specialist working with institutions, foundations, and corporations to build strategic models that promote cultural development, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable growth. Raquel is an avid problem-solver and strategic thinker who has worked with such organizations as the YJP of NY, The Museum of Modern Art of Bogota, the Savannah College of Art and Design, and the Cruz Diez Art Foundation. Raquel’s development, conservation, and curatorial collaborations also include the Guggenheim Museum, the National Gallery of Art, and the American Institute of Architects. Raquel is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she earned a BFA in Art History and Design for Sustainability and an MA in Business Design and Cultural Leadership. Raquel is currently a partner in the creative-brands accelerator 4 Art Partners and a co-host of the Culture Tasters podcast, a platform to bring awareness to the contributions of the creative industries to the economy.
10/17/202245 minutes, 26 seconds
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Collecting Art Made Easy with Allan Weinberger

Join Kat and Allan Weinberger and learn about his new project, "A Very Serious Gallery," now open in Chicago's West Town neighborhood.  We discuss how artists can land brand deals, charge more and attract collectors and dealers.  Allan also shares strategies to make buying and selling art easier for both artists and collectors.  For the past 10 years, Allan Weinberger has worked as an operations specialist at Google but has been living a double life as an art manager. Since 2017, via his legacy company Bergart, he has specialized in managing large-scale art installations and the creation of an emerging art retail platform. His strategy has always been to meet the collectors where they are, which, at times, was quite literally on the street. "We've planned shows in some of the coolest, most creative venues - empty condos, covid shuttered office spaces, and the sidewalk of a pizza shop. These installations were fun, entertaining, and equitable pop-ups, but also demonstrated a need to focus on building equity with artists and to help our community of patrons collect art in a meaningful way."- says Weinberger. In an effort to do exactly that, Weinberger left his role at Google to open "A Very Serious Gallery" in Chicago's West Town neighborhood, a recently remodeled, 3-room gallery space, as a permanent location and will be home to many exhibitions, releases, and events to come.
10/7/202230 minutes, 52 seconds
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Aiming for rejection letters

In this episode, guest host and co-author Alicia Puig reads an excerpt from The Complete Smartist Guide book! This is the book with all of the practical information about how to actually make a career in the arts that we never learned in art school. The Complete Smartist Guide is packed with tips, hints, and actionable steps from our personal experiences working in the art world. In this essential guide for self-taught and emerging artists, we discuss not only business tactics, sales strategies, and how to promote your art online and in person, but also actionable information about how to deal with creative burnout, overcome imposter syndrome, and avoid the comparison game! We’ve built our creative businesses largely using social media and email marketing so we share all of the exact steps we used to reach audiences of hundreds of thousands of followers around the world. To make sure we rounded out this book with even more solid advice, we’ve included interviews with numerous contemporary artists to share their unique insight into how to license your art, attract clients for commissions and mural projects, develop your unique creative voice, and so much more! Learn more:
10/3/202210 minutes, 49 seconds
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How Artists Can Make a Difference with TJ Walsh

Join Kat and therapist and coach TJ Walsh on an uplifting episode to help you reconnect with your purpose and find your superhero powers. TJ shares his perspective on how artists can make a big difference in our world, the importance of taking risks and the value of art education.    The link to register for the GROW Creative Leadership Summit is: Enjoy a code for 20% off of the event. Use the code QUEEN at checkout.
9/29/202230 minutes, 24 seconds
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Preventing Burnout [The Complete Smartist Guide]

Join Kat on this chapter reading of The Complete Smartist Guide on preventing burnout. If you feel worn out, unmotivated, and exhausted, these tips will help you recover and return to the studio when you are ready! Get your copy of the book on Amazon or contact your local indie bookstore:
9/26/202212 minutes, 2 seconds
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The Deeper Meaning Behind Your Art | Take Your Power Back with Kat

In this episode, Kat talks about shifting our perspective and invites you to think about the deeper meaning behind your art.  Would you still create if you were independently wealthy? Would you still want to be seen and share your work? Of course, you would.  We are exploring the deeper motivation that keeps us going through all seasons and remind ourselves not to get stuck in the fleeting moment, keeping our vision in mind.   Wouldn't be great to see your work on a beautiful display, have meaningful conversations with others all while making sales? Why not take your work out into the world, connect with others and elevate your career in the process? Join Gita Joshi and Ekaterina Popova in Our Course, Your Own Art Show
9/21/202216 minutes, 44 seconds
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Breaking Into the World of Art Writing with Jasmin Hernandez

Jasmin Hernandez (she/her) is the Black Latinx founder & Editor in Chief of Gallery Gurls, an award-winning digital space celebrating Black & POC in contemporary art since 2012. Gallery Gurls has been featured in Vogue, Artnet, and Artsy. Hernandez's writing has appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, Latina, PopSugar, ELLE, CNN Style, etc. Her debut book, We Are Here: Visionaries of Color Transforming the Art World, was released by Abrams (2021). Her writing has been awarded and funded by The Awesome Foundation (2018) & Critical Minded (2020), and she was a 2021 finalist for The Andy Warhol Foundation Art Writers Grant for Short-Form Writing. In 2022, she became a recipient in the inaugural cohort of Creatives Rebuild New York’s Guaranteed Income for Artists program. She is a proud Dominican Yorker, based in Harlem. You’ll find this Parsons alumna gallery hopping locally and globally, usually sipping on an oat milk cafe au lait, and constantly reading Black womxn authors.
9/19/202237 minutes, 13 seconds
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How to Know Which Opportunities Are Right For You [The Complete Smartist Guide]

I know at some point you have probably wondered, "which juried opportunities should I apply for?" or "how do I know if it's a good fit or a huge waste of time?" Your time and resources are valuable, which is why in this episode, Kat reads an excerpt from our book, The Complete Smartist Guide, to help you figure out how to make decisions on what to apply for in your art career.  You can read our book by ordering a copy online with an easy click of a button or asking your local indie bookstore to stock it:
9/12/202211 minutes, 45 seconds
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When you mess up so badly, it's a miracle you are here—failing forward and dancing with the imperfections with Kat.

Imagine if you hired a mentor or someone who is supposed to help you, and they made you feel like total crap. It can be painful and crushing, right?  The good news is that mistakes are part of growth and are inevitable.  Kat shares powerful lessons about messing up, mistakes, errors, and failures and how they ultimately have no power over your success.  Thank you so much for your support of Create! Magazine.  We are celebrating six years of indie publishing. Submit your work or subscribe to our digital experience:
9/7/202219 minutes, 44 seconds
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The Business of Contemporary Craft with Jen Hewett

Jen Hewett is a printmaker, textile designer, author, and more. Alicia returns as a guest host to get the inside scoop on how Jen found her way to art after working in a variety of other industries. They talk about practical tips for staying on top of finances as a business owner and the importance of finding community when you're creative, as well as the stories behind both of Jen's incredible books.
9/6/202227 minutes, 11 seconds
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How to Have More Consistent Art Sales

Join founder and artist Ekaterina Popova and create your own strategy for having more consistent art sales and income from your creative business.  Kat shares how to:  Create a vision and plan for your art sales periods  Decide on how you want to show up and share your work  Tools and methods that worked for Kat you can apply right away This episode is sponsored by Create! Magazine. Explore opportunities and more at:  
8/29/202221 minutes, 34 seconds
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Get Back in the Flow and Level Up With Kat

Join Kat as she shares the challenges and roadblocks that sometimes come with leveling up. She shares tips on overcoming imposter syndrome, getting back to joy, and experiencing more flow and fulfillment.  
8/16/202219 minutes, 54 seconds
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Overwhelmed? Feel Better with Kat and Get Back to Creating

Join Kat as she shares some tools and modalities that have been helping her overcome stress, overwhelm, and difficulty.  If you are having trouble focusing on your art and dreams due to life's challenges, listen to this episode to feel even a tiny bit better and get back to creating.
8/14/202213 minutes
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The Return to Painting and Finding Healing Through Nature with Sharon Wensel

Join host Ekaterina Popova and Sharon Wensel on an inspiring episode about returning to art later in life, recommitting to your passion after raising a family, and finding healing and inspiration through nature.  "This body of work was inspired by runs on the local trails and quiet very early morning walks with my dog. I live in a rural area that supplies a lot of inspiration through nature.  I am hypnotized by the light streaming through the trees and how it is reflected on the leaves in a multitude of shapes and colors." Sharon Wensel was born in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania and currently resides in Skippack, Pennsylvania. She has two amazing sons. She studied at Hussian School of Art, Pennsylvania Academy of the fine Arts, and Montgomery County Community College. She is a member of the Philadelphia Sketch Club and Art Queens. She has received numerous awards for her pastel, photography, and mixed media work. You can find her work in private and public collections throughout the country.
8/10/202225 minutes, 22 seconds
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Building a Community as an Artist and Gallerist

In this episode, join Kat and James Oliver, artist and founder of the James Oliver Gallery.  We discuss: James' story and inspiration behind his bold paintings  How to maintain an art practice while running a successful art gallery Advice for artists to attract opportunities and more JAMES OLIVER GALLERY is a unique contemporary loft-style art gallery nestled in the heart of the historic area, above the world-famous Morimoto Restaurant. Found in late 2006, James Oliver Gallery features local, national, and international artists in the realm of painting, sculpture, mixed media, photography, and installation works. Recognized by such notables as NPR, Huffington Post, and the Michelin Guide.
8/5/202230 minutes, 28 seconds
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Worlds of Whimsy + Navigating Multiple Passions with Kim Tateo

Join Kat and  Kim Tateo, an artist, educator, and leader who paints her feelings into worlds of whimsy. A common theme in her work is interconnectedness. In this episode, we discuss her work and process. We chat about how she navigates between multiple passions and projects such as art, music, writing, and managing a non-profit nature reserve and farm. Explore our podcast: Learn more about Kim:
7/26/202219 minutes, 23 seconds
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Embrace Your Mistakes with Geraldina Khatchikian

In this episode, get to know artist Geraldina Khatchikian and learn about her journey of discovering expressive abstract paintings and continuing the legacy of her family-owned fine jewelry brand in Italy.  We talk about her journey of finding healing and awareness through art and creation.  Geraldina also shares how she found a community while living in a more traditional environment and finding connections and purpose globally.
7/20/202226 minutes, 28 seconds
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Art & Activism with Juliana Naufel

Juliana Naufel is a Brazilian-based artist who uses affection as her primary subject. Her artworks are strongly influenced by the healing aspect of embroidering photographs as a way of making amends with the past. Naufel’s artworks are in a number of private collections around the world, including The Wonders of Women Museum, USA, and The Kanyer Art Collection, USA. She has participated in artist residencies in Brazil and exhibited in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States. Most often the themes were related to art & feminism or concepts of time & memory. Her work is featured in All SHE Makes Magazine, CandyFloss Magazine, Art + Type Magazine, ArtPremium, as well as in several art magazines from all over the world. Naufel is one of the longlisted artists of Women United Art Prize 2021, and has received 3rd Place at the SeeingWomen 2020 Awards, by Photos de Femmes, France. Naufel earned her MA Degree in Art Therapy from Universidade Cândido Mendes and her BA in Visual Arts from São Paulo’s State University. In February of 2020, Naufel Co-Founded Photo Trouvée Magazine - a digital art publication that showcases contemporary artists who use found photographs as a medium in their works.
7/11/202231 minutes, 10 seconds
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The Remedy for Disappointment

Join Kat as she shares how to process disappointment and reframe events that didn't live up to our expectations. Kat shares a few powerful prompts for self-reflection and how to turn any negative situation into gold.  What stories are you telling yourself about this situation? What do you want to create in your life, art, and business? Become the unlimited creator of your life and business. Learn more about Kat's signature 12-week program, The Unlimited Creator Academy and join the waitlist:
7/5/202218 minutes, 44 seconds
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How to Rest and Keep Your Momentum

In this episode, Kat shares how to prepare for taking time off and keep the momentum and income in your art business even when you rest.  Something BIG is coming!  Unlimited Creator Academy Doors Open Soon! Join the waitlist:
6/27/202220 minutes, 38 seconds
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Big Feelings, The Female Gaze and Using Your Voice With Tania Marmolejo

Join host Ekaterina Popova and contemporary visual artist Tania Marmolejo in a motivating episode and get your passion back. Tania shares the "WHY" behind her striking paintings of the female gaze and talks about the challenges she has experienced on her journey. In addition, Tania shares the evolution of her art and how she got started creating characters, which eventually turned into the paintings she creates today.  We talk about her international exhibitions and other exciting milestones.  Tania Marmolejo is a Dominican-born, Dominican Swedish American painter. After studying Graphic Design and Illustration in Harstad and Kristiansand, Norway, Marmolejo graduated in Fine Arts and Illustration at the Altos de Chavon School of Design, Dominican Republic, in 1998. Consider supporting the community, podcast, and independent publishing by joining our digital subscription:
6/20/202225 minutes, 24 seconds
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Integrating Art & Social Commerce: Michael Facchinello

Alicia guest hosts an interview with the Founder of Altamira, Michael Facchinello. Altamira is a platform serving contemporary artists from around the world, empowering them to make a living and fostering community between artists, critics, collectors, and fans. We learn about Michael's background in art & technology and how he sought to combine the two to help boost artist's careers on their own terms.
6/13/202219 minutes, 10 seconds
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Self-Acceptance Through Portraiture, Mental Wellness, and Residencies with Kaitlin Beebe

Join host Ekaterina Popova and Long-Island-based artist Kaitlin Beebe on an inspiring and empowering episode. Get valuable advice on practicing self-care, prioritizing mental health, and more. Kaitlin shares vulnerable moments on her journey of self-acceptance and inspires us to love ourselves a little bit more. The artist also shares how she runs her art business and her persistence in getting her dream artist residencies.  K Beebe is a visual artist from Long Island, New York, completing a BFA degree in Printmaking at Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. Over the past several years, she has been working with collage, print, and drawing. Support our magazine and podcast by joining our digital subscription and community:
6/6/202227 minutes, 34 seconds
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Collaborations for Inspiration & Growth with Brandi Hofer

In this episode, Alicia chats with returning guest Brandi Hofer. Brandi shares about her new series the Taylor Collection and discusses how collaboration has impacted her art career and businesses. We also talk do's and don'ts on landing your dream collaboration opportunity! 
5/30/202224 minutes, 55 seconds
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Shifting Art Practices, NFTS and Brand Collaborations with Amber Vittoria

Join host Ekaterina Popova and Amber Vittoria in this episode to learn about the artist's evolution, changing art practice, and exciting upcoming projects. Amber shares tips on how she got started working with brands, exploring the NFT space, and more. Support the podcast and magazine by joining our community and subscription:    
5/27/202221 minutes, 40 seconds
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Beau B. Frank: Designing A Lifestyle Around Creativity

Beau Bernier Frank is a French-American, self-taught surrealist painter. He was born in Southern California in 1993 and currently works out of his studio in Pacific Grove creating hyperrealist oil paintings of both landscapes and figures.
5/16/202218 minutes, 29 seconds
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Taking Bold Inspired Action on Your Art Dreams With Celine Gabrielle

In this episode, join host Ekaterina Popova and Celine Gabrielle to learn about the artist's story and how she chose art as her second career and figured out how to show, sell and exhibit her stunning paintings. Celine will empower you to go after your biggest dreams, take bold action and show up for your art.  This episode is sponsored by Art Queens, a monthly coaching and education membership for artists and creative entrepreneurs. Learn more at Learn more about Celine:
5/10/202236 minutes, 58 seconds
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Top Career Tips For Artists From Art Advisor Marina Press Granger

Join host Ekaterina Popova and Marina Press Granger, founder of The Artist Advisory, to hear about the top career tips for artists. We discuss Marina's story, why she chose to leave the gallery world and open her own consulting practice, her advice for artists, and more.  Marina Press Granger has nearly 15 years of experience working in the New York City art world. She holds a master's degree in Art History and a special place in her heart for artists. She has curated independently and contributed to various publications. Marina commenced her journey in the art world in 2003. She continued to flourish and bloomed into a gallery director shortly after. Along the way, she stopped to smell the flowers as a museum employee - oscillating between their distinguished bookstore and the exhibitions department. Her work has brought her in close contact with a plethora of players in the art world; artists, collectors, curators, dealers, and consultants. It is her advice and experience that she wishes to share with you. Subscribe to Create! Magazine:  
5/2/202222 minutes, 18 seconds
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The Art of Setting Boundaries with Courtney Griffin

Courtney is a self-taught emerging fine artist, living and working in Denver, Colorado. She first explored illustration in late 2018 in an effort to understand the workings of her active, imaginative mind. She picked up a paintbrush for the first time in late 2019 when she was commissioned for her first mural. Her largest work to date is a 600-square foot mural in the heart of the RiNo Art District in Denver, CO. She began exploring abstract painting to cope with the isolation of the pandemic in 2020, and she is currently building a body of work that finds a balance between the subjective and non-subjective. She seeks beauty in the evolving cycles both within nature and within the female body, and simple moments, like the awakening of a blooming flower and a cleansing breath. Courtney holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and minors in Human Sexuality and Psychology, and she is a trained yoga teacher and an advocate for mental health.  Connect with Courtney on Instagram @courtneygriffinart
4/29/202223 minutes, 20 seconds
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A Community of Changemakers: Interviewing the Founders of WO Foundation

In this episode, Alicia hosts an enlightening conversation with Sofía Zuluaga & Raffaella Freyre, Founders of WO Foundation. WO started with the need for women to come together and be able to strengthen their individual voices and knowledge through a collaborative system. In July 2020, WO commenced as a community founded by 4 female international artists who met in Barcelona and its incredible growth in the past year has propelled it to become WO Foundation Inc. The organization describes its mission as follows: We provide the tools and support for our community members to thrive through impactful educational programs and representational opportunities. These include exhibitions, representation of work, and connecting our members with galleries. In an art world that has been statistically discriminative towards women, our work towards change will have a lasting impact. 
4/22/202220 minutes, 8 seconds
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Best Tips For Exhibition Sales and Success

Kat shares her best practices for maximizing in-person exhibitions and art fairs after visiting a recent event. These quick pointers will help you prepare for your next event, bring in more sales, and engage with your audience.  Ready to launch your own show? Work with Gita and Kat here:
4/12/202214 minutes, 35 seconds
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Getting Clear On Your Vision With Folasade Ologundudu

Are you having trouble figuring out what to focus on? Our guest Folasade Ologundudu shares her journey of getting clarity on her creative vision with host, Ekaterina Popova. We talk about travel, her platform LIGHT WORK, and how to navigate multiple projects in each season.  Light Work is a creative platform rooted at the intersection of art, education, and culture. We work with artists and entrepreneurs deeply rooted in visual arts, media, youth culture, and community building. Sade is a Brooklyn-born writer and multidisciplinary creative specializing in journalism and storytelling through the lens of art and culture. A graduate of Brooklyn College, she received her Bachelor's degree in Business Management with a concentration in marketing and communications. She also holds a diploma in Digital Marketing from NYU’s School of Professional Studies. She is the founder of Light Work, a creative platform rooted at the intersection of art, education and culture. Her podcast, produced through LightWork, explores the work of BIPOC artists with a focus on the African diaspora. Her critical work engages in art, education, and culture and can be seen in Art Forum, Artnet, Artsy, Hyperallergic, and Cultured Magazine.  Connect with our community here:
4/11/202230 minutes, 28 seconds
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Celebrating Black Collagists & More with Teri Henderson

Alicia guest hosts an interview with Teri Henderson, a Baltimore-based curator, writer, and author of the book Black Collagists. We discuss the ups and downs of coordinating exhibitions and how she built a platform that champions the work of Black Collage artists. This episode was made possible by our generous sponsor Minted. Minted, the premium design goods marketplace, is commemorating 15 years of empowering independent artists with the founding of the first annual Independent Artist Day on April 3, 2022 to honor contributions to the Minted creator economy and the arts at large. In celebration of the holiday, you can shop limited edition art, textiles, and stationery as a result of a creative open-call for design that demonstrates inspiration, strength and courage across art, textiles, and stationery. Through Monday, April 4, you can celebrate Minted’s 15th anniversary with 15 percent off site wide, including fine art, and 25 percent off of Save the Dates with code CREATEMAG15. As with all Minted products, a portion of every purchase directly supports the careers of independent artists in the Minted community. Visit or follow them on Instagram @minted, for more information.
4/3/202223 minutes, 6 seconds
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Opening a Physical Shop For Your Art With Marielle Orr

Join host Ekaterina Popova and Marielle Orr on an inspiring episode about creating art and taking it out into the real world. Marielle recently opened a store to display her beautiful nature-inspired paintings and shares her experience. We also discuss tips for becoming self-employed, pursuing your dreams as an artist full-time. 
3/27/202223 minutes, 41 seconds
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The Unstoppable Creative Force and Fearlessly Navigating Small Business Challenges With Misha Cook

In this episode, Ekaterina Popova connects with the multi-talented artist, musician, and small-business owner of The Good Company, Misha Cook. We talk about the challenges of running a small product-based business, how to trust your instincts, create whatever you want, and not worry about what other people think.   Misha is a Seattle and Montana-based multimedia artist and small business owner. Her work has a wide range and is mood dependent, whether it is ink drawings over morning coffee, illustrations, music, photography & creating products for her business. A true perfectionist, a hunger to succeed, and blissfully unbothered by others' opinions, Misha stays true to herself and, in doing that, hopes to evoke emotion, creativity, and individuality for viewers. Who says you can only be one thing?  She is the sole maker and owner of The Good Company. A completely handcrafted candle company that offers non-toxic and high-quality ingredients. What started out as a personal search for a product that she could trust in, emerged a full-fledged obsession and commitment to create products that would really deliver and that would look good while doing it. You can find her candles, artwork, botanical diffusers, hair + body oils, sugar scrubs, mustache waxes, and more at WEARETHEGOODCOMPANY.COM. Never stop creating & believe in yourself wholeheartedly. @michacook_
3/15/202237 minutes, 25 seconds
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How Creativity Rules the World with Maria Brito

Maria Brito is an award-winning New York-based contemporary art advisor, author, and curator. A Harvard graduate, originally from Venezuela, she was selected by Complex Magazine as one of the 20 Power Players in the Art World, and in 2020 she was named by ARTNEWS as one of the visionaries who gets to shape the art world. She has written for publications such as Huffington Post, Elle, Forbes, Artnet, Cultured Magazine, Departures, and the Gulf Coast Journal of Literature and Fine Arts from the University of Houston, Texas. Brito's newest book, How Creativity Rules the World: The Art and Business of Turning Your Ideas Into Gold is now available. 
3/14/202228 minutes, 24 seconds
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Pulling Back the Curtain: Scenic Painting & More with Heather Heitzenrater

In this episode, Alicia host an interview with figurative artist, scenic painter, and independent curator Heather Heitzenrater. They discuss the artist's ongoing series of work centered around reflective surfaces and the human form, her experiences working as a scenic painter, and other highlights in her career thus far.  Heather Heitzenrater was born in 1992 and grew up in Punxsutawney, PA.  She now lives with her husband and their two cats in Pittsburgh, PA. Heather received her BFA in Painting and Drawing from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in 2015. Her work has been shown Nationally including Erie Art Museum, Westmoreland Museum of American Art, and Baton Rouge Gallery. She has been published in Poet Artist Magazine, Pikchur Magazine and Minus 37. Heather has won awards, given artist talks, curated and juried local art shows.  In addition, she is as an active member of The Associated Artists of Pittsburgh. Along with showing her work, Heather instructs figurative workshops at Pittsburgh Center of the Arts and is a Scenic Artist for ScareHouse.  Heather and her husband, Christopher Boring, share a space at the Radiant Hall Susquehanna location.
2/11/202221 minutes, 15 seconds
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How to Use Triggers for Clarity, Purpose and More With Kat

In this episode, Kat shares how to use triggers, jealousy, and discomfort to level up. Address what's coming up for you to help you own your desires, release resentment, and more.  Keep learning with Kat and join her Artist Navigation Course and free masterclass:
2/10/202221 minutes, 44 seconds
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Pursuing Your Vision: Interview with Gallerist Carla Bisong

In this new episode of The Create! Podcast, Alicia Puig guest hosts an interview with Carla Bisong, who founded Bisong Art Gallery. Bisong Art Gallery is a fine art gallery located in Houston’s historic Warehouse District. The gallery is a community venue, providing art collectors, art lovers, interior designers, non-profits and businesses the opportunity to buy original artwork created by emerging and mid-career artists. They exhibit a variety of mediums from paintings and photography to hand-blown glass and sculptures. We hope you enjoy this exciting interview about starting and running a creative business!
1/21/202220 minutes, 1 second
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Living My Dream: Paris Exhibition, Visualizing, Experiencing the Impossible

Join host Ekaterina Popova on a brand new exclusive episode where she shares how one of her wildest dreams came true this month. She shares her experience exhibiting work in Paris, time flexibility when creating work, commitment, and trusting our wildest visions. She also shares challenges such as shipping, global travel obstacles during this time, and how she got through it all. Enjoy this episode from the heart. Cheers! Join my membership:
1/10/202218 minutes, 39 seconds
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Blooming in Every Season with Sara Glupker

Join host Ekaterina Popova and artist Sara Glupker on an inspiring episode that will make you want to jump right into art-making, get rid of all limiting boxes and labels, and create freely. We discuss releasing negative voices from art school, allowing ourselves to make whatever we want, and opening up the conversation about art with those outside of the art world.
12/23/202130 minutes, 19 seconds
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You Are Needed: Art Basel Miami Recap, Yearly Review, and What We Are Excited About

Join Ekaterina Popova and Alicia Puig on an encouraging episode where we cover our highlights from Art Basel Miami 2021, talk about our experiences and the art fairs in general. We also discuss highlights from our year, what's ahead, and more. We hope you listen to this episode and realize how important your art is more than ever. The world needs your unique perspective, creations, work, and diversity.
12/15/202130 minutes, 19 seconds
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Finding a Job in the Arts with Karline Moeller

Join Alicia as she guests hosts an interview with Art Frankly Founder and CEO Karline Moeller. They discuss Karline's journey in the art world and what led her to launch Art Frankly, her best advice for seeking professional opportunities, and how to stand out from the crowd when it comes to applications and interviews.  Learn more about Art Frankly at
11/26/202134 minutes, 56 seconds
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Cultivating Self-Worth, Enjoying the Process, Letting go of the Outcome, Surrender With Kat

Kat shares her process of creating work for a dream opportunity without pressure. She shares her thoughts on: Developing a stronger sense of self-worth Allowing yourself to be respected and celebrated What you lose will come back to you tenfold
11/18/202112 minutes, 25 seconds
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Harnessing Your Unique Story and Building Your Best Body of Work Yet With Cara Roberts

Join Kat and visual artist and coach Cara Roberts and learn how to tap into your unique story and create your best work yet. Cara shares her journey of discovering her voice, style, and current paintings and offers tips to take your art series to the next level.    We cover:  How to get clarity for your next art series Exercises and tools to help the creative process  How to be vulnerable while maintaining privacy and boundaries with your art   Cara's Artist Roundtable group coaching link: Website with prints and merchandise available at IG: @cararoberts_art Email: [email protected]
10/19/202126 minutes, 53 seconds
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Going for Gold: Processing Disappointment and Taking the Feedback

Join Kat as she shares takeaways from a very disappointing yet overall empowering experience at the Spartan Race. In addition, she links similarities between how elite athletes and artists must approach their careers to go for gold. Kat shares how to process discouraging results, what to do with feedback and how to become unstoppable in the face of failure. Listen to this episode if you need encouragement to keep going on your journey. Get clear on your values so that you can reach your full potential no matter what happens. Thank you so much to our sponsor, The Art Queens, an affordable monthly coaching membership and empowering community of artists, leaders, curators, and more. Join us here:
10/12/202120 minutes
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Cupcakes, Candy, & Career Highlights with Olivia Bonilla

Olivia Bonilla is a painter and sculptor born in Vermont. Bonilla received her BFA in painting, with a minor in sculpture from Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts. Bonilla continues to focus on unconventional materiality, an inventive approach to color theory within sculpture. Cement transforms into the soft and fluffy, resin to irresistible hard candy.  Bonilla expands her approach to sculpture through large installations, series of signature collections, and mixed media experimentation. Exhibiting venues include The Ely Center for Contemporary Art and Center for Creative workshops in New Haven CT, Vendue Art hotel, and 2019-2021 Affordable Art Fair in NYC. She has shown nationally from Fabrik Gallery, LA to dk Gallery, Atlanta as a guest artist. Bonilla has received a diverse credit in publications including Connecticut Magazine, House Beautiful, and Vogue Portugal for the May 2021 lifestyle issue, gourmet. Current gallery representation includes Miller Gallery in Charleston and Art and Light Gallery in Greenville, SC. She currently resides in Charleston, SC.
10/7/202120 minutes, 45 seconds
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Finding Joy and Connection Through Daily Painting with Kate Jarvik Birch

Kate Jarvik Birch is a full-time visual artist, author, playwright, and daydreamer. Her art has been featured worldwide in stores like Target, Pier One, and World Market, as well as in television series and major motion pictures such as Transparent, Medium, Glee, Twenty-One Jump Street, and Looper. She graduated with a degree in Painting and Drawing from the University of Utah in 2005 and lives and works in Salt Lake City, Utah.
9/30/202118 minutes, 12 seconds
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Working Hard Vs Creating With Focus and Intention

On this podcast episode, join Kat as she reflects on the past eight years of being an entrepreneur and creating a small independent magazine. She shares her thoughts on the blessing of hardship and figuring things out when they feel impossible. Learning how to know if something is worth the hard work and struggle, and the value it gives you is a superpower that can fuel and energize any project you undertake. Kat talks about: Navigating the stormy seasons and passing the tests that come with challenges Stepping out of victim mode and learning to take your power back, and pivoting, growing, and evolving in small business The big difference between working hard and burning out to working with passion and intention How to deal with moments when you feel like quitting Discovering what you value   Thanks so much for joining us! Discover art and submit your work at
9/21/202122 minutes, 24 seconds
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Embodying The Artist You Want to Be

Kat shares her thoughts on how to embody the artist you want to be on a deeper, subconscious level that will translate to actual results on the outside. This episode includes Kat's thoughts on: Identity Living in an expectant state Moving towards our dreams amid anxiety and insecurity Renewing your possibility muscle Keep learning: Join a free masterclass with Kat in August: Learn more by joining Kat this fall in her flagship program:  
8/21/202118 minutes, 33 seconds
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The Art of Aliveness with Flora Bowley

Join host Ekaterina Popova and Flora Bowley and learn about the artist's new book, The Art of Aliveness. During this episode, Kat and Flora discuss : Building a sustainable creative business Breaking up with limiting beliefs about how to be an artist Hosting your own retreats and experience How to grow your audience in an authentic and creative way + much more!
8/14/202124 minutes, 57 seconds
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Music, abstraction, and future plans with Makiko Harris

In our next episode of The Create! Podcast, Alicia interviews abstract artist Makiko Harris. This episode covers the artist’s background and inspirations, her step-by-step guide for launching a sale of your work on your own, and advice for dealing with slow seasons.  More about Makiko Harris: Makiko is a San Francisco-based hapa-American artist that makes highly textured abstract mixed media paintings. Leveraging her mixed-race heritage of being both Japanese and white, she creates work that explores the tension between subtlety and exuberance/composure and expressiveness. Her work also explores the resilience of the female body. Makiko Harris was born in Breda, The Netherlands, and has lived in Tokyo, Boston, New York, and California. She studied Philosophy and Studio Art at Tufts University (B.A. 2011), focusing on Aesthetics, Philosophy of Art, and Feminist Philosophy. After graduation, she continued her studio art education at the California College of Arts in San Francisco through the continuing education program. Currently, Makiko is a Studio Artist and Board Member at Root Division - a fellowship for emerging artists that provides subsidized studio space in downtown San Francisco and professional development support.
8/6/202141 minutes, 28 seconds
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Owning our Unique Dreams, Triggers, Self-Acceptance, Courage to Own It

Join Kat on a mini-episode during which she shares how to accept yourself and your unique dream, following your own path, whether you are a trailblazer or have a traditional path. Join Kat's newsletter and get updates when you visit and scroll down.
8/2/202113 minutes, 36 seconds
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Being HERE (FOR NOW), The Impulse to Create, Difficult Conversations and more with Adam J. Kurtz

Join host Ekaterina Popova and contemporary artist, designer, and speaker Adam J. Kurtz for this fun and vulnerable podcast episode. We discuss Adam's story, the impulse to create, and the natural transition of sharing emotions and human experiences online. Adam shares the importance of creating work for play, appreciating what we have, and navigating the difficult seasons—Kat shares her share of challenging moments, having hard conversations, and humbling herself to listen and learn, even when it's cringy. This episode will bring a smile to your face if you loved LiveJournal, Xanga, and Neopets growing up like us :) Adam's new book is about channeling human emotion into our art, and generally just trying to be more okay with whatever we've got. YOU ARE HERE *FOR NOW, will be released October 2021. Pre-order it here:
7/25/202159 minutes, 33 seconds
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Learning to Rest, Planning for Time Off, and Practical Manifestation

Join Kat on an episode where she shares how she took a few weeks off this summer to recharge, recover, and get re-inspired again! Learn how to plan for rest financially and more. Thank you to our sponsor, The Complete Smartist Guide Book:
7/19/202116 minutes
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Expansion in the Studio and Unapologetically Sharing the Motherhood Experience with Raisa Nosova

Join host Ekaterina Popova and Russian-born, NYC-based artist Raisa Nosova on an empowering episode about the artist's motherhood journey, transitioning to an entirely new medium and sharing her truth in a bold and beautiful way. Raisa recently received her MFA from NYU while becoming a new mom. This episode will inspire you to expand, share your truth and try something new in the studio. Raisa's glass and breastmilk work has recently been on view at 80wse Gallery in New York. Thank you to our sponsor: Printist: learn more and mention Create! Magazine over at
7/12/202136 minutes, 44 seconds
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Turning Fear into Faith and Releasing Limiting Beliefs With Kat

Join Kat on an encouraging episode and begin turning your fear into faith and target your limiting beliefs to release them with love. Kat shares a few personal examples and answers your questions! How to identify your limiting beliefs Allowing yourself to change Let go of ideas you once believed in that didn't work Leaning into faith during creation or tackling new ideas Check out to begin building your creative empire or side hustle today!
7/5/202135 minutes, 18 seconds
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Your Questions: Navigating Day Jobs, Leadership for Introverts, Game-Changers for Business and More!

Join Kat on an episode from the woods of Catskills and get answers to tons of awesome questions from YOU!  Kat shares her perspective on: Navigating day jobs while building an art career Productivity tips without burnout  Dealing with unsupportive families  + more    
6/27/202152 minutes, 24 seconds
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You're Not Going Backward. Embracing Seasonality With Kat

Join me (Kat) on a mini-episode in which I share words of encouragement for slower seasons, times when it feels like nothing is happening, and shifting our perspective on these moments. I share how observing the ebb and flow of my business is helping me find time for rest, inspiration and not fight the flow of life. This episode will inspire you to focus on a bigger vision and dream even in the off-season of your life or art career. Thank you to our Sponsor: Creative Business Startup Guide
6/19/202112 minutes, 2 seconds
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Build a Booming Etsy Business with Shelby McFadden

Alicia was thrilled to guest host a new episode bringing back a previous guest, Shelby McFadden. She was the original graphic designer on the Create! Magazine team, who also did the layouts for both versions of our Smartist Guide books. In the years since we first interviewed her on The Create Podcast, she’s since gone on to launch a new art & lifestyle publication called CandyFloss Magazine and an immensely successful wearable art and home goods Etsy shop called Fugly Barbie. This interview covers balancing time between business and being a mom, growing her Etsy store in just one year, and so much more!
6/18/202137 minutes, 5 seconds
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Next Level Paper Cutting and Showing up for Yourself in Bigger Ways with Rosa Leff

Join host Ekaterina Popova and paper cut artist Rosa Leff on this motivating episode. Rosa shares how she started using paper as her medium, why she chose this subject matter, and offers tips on how to show up for yourself and find the best opportunities for your art. Between painting alongside her grandmother and watching her father build reproduction antique furniture, Rosa Leff grew up seeing no distinction between fine art and craft. What mattered was that things were made by hand and done well. It is with that in mind that she creates her hand-cut paper pieces. Each of Leff’s papercuts is cut by hand from a single sheet of paper using a knife. Her cityscapes are based on photos she’s taken in her neighborhood and all over the world. While Leff is best known for her ability to capture thin tangles of powerlines and intricate brickwork, she also enjoys experimenting with novel media such as paper plates and paper towels. Leff delights in bringing a modern, urban perspective to a traditional folk medium. Leff serves on the board of The Guild of American Papercutters and is a member of The Paper Artist Collective. She has exhibited her work throughout the United States and in China. She resides in Baltimore with her husband and chihuahuas, Chalupa and Refrito.
6/11/202123 minutes, 6 seconds
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Creating Without Expectations: Interview with Seth Remsnyder

Alicia guest hosts an interview with painter Seth Remsnyder. “Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow, for heaven’s sake.” Kurt Vonnegut Seth Remsnyder began seriously painting in 1996 at the behest of his high school art teacher, Mr. Charles Acri. “Ack” as the kids sometimes called him would put Seth in the hallway with two talkative classmates for models, have him stretch a canvas and paint for the entirety of his art classes and study halls. The good teacher taught Seth to paint expressively and to avoid “worrying about likeness for now and to just paint.” And his soul grew. He then pursued his Bachelor's Degree in the Fine Arts from the Pennsylvania School of Art and Design, graduating with the BFA in 2001. Seth then went on to earn his MFA in painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2019. His work has been featured in magazines, on art and design websites, and can also be found in public spaces around the greater Washington D.C. area. Seth is married and lives in Maryland with his wife and is a Dad to three little girls, one little boy, and one little boy in heaven. His hope is to continue painting come hell or high water and his utmost hope is that his soul will continue to grow.
6/4/202135 minutes, 48 seconds
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Fearless Creativity, Finding Your Identity and Boundaries With Julia Hacker

Join host Kat and Canadian artist Julia Hacker on an empowering episode about finding your identity, discovering the freedom to whatever you choose, and committing to personal boundaries to protect time in the studio. Julia Hacker shares her story about moving from Russia to Canada, finding her identity as an artist, and chasing after her dreams. Julia Hacker is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist working in a variety of contemporary mixed media, paint, collage, and illustration. Julia also offers her artwork for rent/sale to staging companies, real state agents, and interior designers. “Sometimes you can’t appreciate what is right there in front of you,” Julia says. Life is so beautiful. What I see in nature-created curves of the branches is the hidden power and life force, and it just takes time to awaken it. I want people to understand the positivity of life itself. I am interested in the deformity of the tangled plants. There is strength in those twists. They are like blood vessels, pulsating with energy and life. It is inside each of us. We just have to look inside.”
5/24/202152 minutes, 29 seconds
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Fluid Art & Viral Videos with Jamie Pomeranz

Jamie Pomeranz, aka Devils May Care, is a Hoboken-based artist and maker who started her journey into fluid arts when a friend brought over her set of alcohol inks for a little “wine and whine” session. Overwhelmed by the calm that the fluid inks created within her, Jamie was an instant addict.  Prior to focusing on liquid art, Jamie owned and operated her own tee shirt brand under the same name, Devils May Care. Apparel featured Jamie’s original photography transformed into graphic designs and was silk-screened by hand onto luxury quality garments, making them one of a kind.  DMC was bought by celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, worn on shows like American Idol, and recommended by publications such as New York Magazine. After completing her undergrad in creative advertising at the SI Newhouse School of Public Communications, Jamie briefly worked in marketing before leaving her job to study photography full time at the International Center of Photography in New York City. Her fluid art education is from the University of YouTube.
5/17/202129 minutes, 19 seconds
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Make Your Art No Matter What With Beth Pickens

Join Kat and consultant Beth Pickens on an inspiring episode during which you will hear about Beth's journey, how she found her path, what motivates her about working with artists, and her incredible new book Make Your Art No Matter What.  Beth shares:   Common misconceptions about finances in the art community and mindset shift to help you succeed.  Why it's so important to continue making art no matter what. Tips for overcoming self-judgment. Way to create more balance and harmony in your life and art career.     From Beth:    "I am a Los Angeles-based consultant for artists and arts organizations. I'm the author of Make Your Art No Matter What: Moving Beyond Creative Hurdles (Chronicle Books, 2021) and Your Art Will Save Your Life (Feminist Press, 2018). I am represented by Laura Lee Mattingly at Present Perfect. I earned my Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Missouri. Since 2010, I have provided career consultation, grant writing, fundraising, and financial, project, and strategic planning services for artists and arts organizations throughout the U.S. I team-teach an entrepreneurship course at the California Institute of the Arts School of Theater and teach workshops at universities, companies, and art spaces throughout the U.S."
5/10/202132 minutes, 47 seconds
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Tap Into Your Creativity with Sandra Felemovicious

Alicia hosts an interview with Sandra Felemovicious, artist and the host of "Tap Into Your Creativity" interview series on Instagram live. Sandra pulls from her Mexican culture and the outer tangible world to create her abstractions. She can be inspired by a fragment of a rock or a wall that catches her eye, and incorporates simple forms, shapes, and lines into her complex work. Her process of creating a painting is rooted in who she is, a Jewish Mexican Artist, integrating her past with the present cultures. Always beginning with a small sketch that she later transfers to a full-scale painting, she builds her surfaces using mixed media with multiple layers, resulting in a combination of light, color, forms, and shapes that creates a comforting balance.
5/7/202125 minutes, 16 seconds
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Following Your Gut and Trusting Your Journey with Gita Joshi

In this episode, get to know Gita Joshi's story and how she became a curator, coach for artists, and artpreneur with an inspiring platform for artists. We talk about how to find your calling, trusting your dharma, and developing your own destiny. Gita shares her curatorial process and talks about the show she recently curated for Create! Magazine, "Springing Forward." This episode also features inspiring tips for artists to help you show up for yourself, become your own best advocate, and even suggestions for marketing your work in exciting and unconventional ways.
5/3/202125 minutes, 22 seconds
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Befriending The Instagram Algorithm with Dina Brodsky

Tune in with artist Dina Brodsky and Ekaterina Popova on an inspiring episode in which Dina shares how she became an artist. We discuss the moment during which she figured out how to make the Instagram algorithm work for her. She shares best practices, advice, and why she started teaching a course on this topic to help other artists. Learn with Dina: Dina Brodsky is a contemporary realist miniaturist, painter, and curator. She was educated at University of Massachussets Amherst and the New York Academy of Art, where she received her MFA. She lives and works in New York City. She has taught privately, and in several institutions including the Castle Hill Center for the Arts, the Long Island Academy of Fine Art, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
4/26/202130 minutes, 27 seconds
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Behind The Scenes of a Small Arts Business with Kat and Alicia

Join Kat and Alicia on a candid episode where we take you behind the scenes of running a gallery, magazine, and other small art organizations. We talk about common misconceptions, challenges, and the good parts. Kat is an artist, founder of Create! Magazine and coach. Alicia is a curator, writer, and CEO of PxP Contemporary.
4/23/202127 minutes, 37 seconds
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Unleash Your Creativity and Quiet the Inner Critic with Volta, Founder of Color Snack

Join Kat and Volta on an empowering episode to help you unleash creativity, release self-doubt and start creating the art you've always dreamed of! Originally from Moldova, Volta is the founder of Color Snack and her mission to watercolor the world can be seen in the various projects such as brand activations, custom illustrations and animated GIFs that she creates for national and international brands (like Dallas Mavericks and Michaels Stores). She has taught thousands of students in her online and in-person watercolor workshops, where she encourages everyone to rediscover their inner artist.  She has been featured in D Magazine, Dallas Morning News, Dallas Observer, Create Magazine and others. And she is frequently interviewed on the topics of creativity, entrepreneurship and mindset. Volta is the creator of Watercolor Meditations, a concept and online class that combines breathing exercises with watercolor techniques for a calming and relaxing experience.  Volta is also the co-author of Art+Affirmations, a creativity journal with prompts to explore and live a creative life. She has illustrated a paper weaving kids activity book that inspires a calm and centering experience.  And most recently, Volta wrote her first book, titled Watercolor Snacks, which is expected to be published in July of 2021. Volta’s podcast show - Art, Snacks + Affirmations -  is a space where she helps artists and creative entrepreneurs level up and build a resilient mindset. She also is a co-host to a live Instagram show where she and her husband share cocktail recipes and then teach others how to paint them.
4/19/202122 minutes, 56 seconds
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Painting the Feminine Spectacle: Interview with Ingrid V. Wells

Ingrid V. Wells earned her MFA from San Francisco Art Institute and her BFA from Arizona State University. Her work fancies the fantastic and humorous in theme and the charming, the kitschy, and the celebrity in subject. Wells's paintings investigate the world of gendered consumerism and the ethics of fascination. Her work has been shown in the Bay Area at Voss Gallery, New York at the Untitled Space, PULSE Miami with Treat Gallery, and internationally in South Korea at the CICA Museum. Her work has been featured by The Jealous Curator, The Huffington Post, Daily Mail, BUST Magazine, El País, Create! Magazine and Teen Vogue, among others. Wells is a multiple-time grant recipient from the Center for Cultural Innovation. She manages San Francisco Artists Studios, enjoys teaching advanced painting courses with SFAI's Public Education program, and runs TWIRL: A Decade of Artists Interviews. Wells currently lives and works in San Francisco.
4/16/202132 minutes, 39 seconds
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A Fresh Vision For The Arts, With Jenée-Daria Strand, Brooklyn Museum 

Join Kat and Jenée-Daria Strand and learn about the ambitious young curator's story and vision for a more inclusive art world. Discover her role at the Brooklyn Museum and get behind the scenes of her daily life in New York!  Jenée-Daria Strand is the Curatorial Assistant for the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum where she supports in the research and organization of numerous exhibitions. She has worked on projects examining Black subjectivity through historical precedents, including her first independent co-curation of what once was in August of 2019 (Gloria Gail Gallery, NYC). Jenée-Daria aims to expand her knowledge of art history, and integrate her interests in performative practices, to examine performance within the museum setting. She serves on the Dance/NYC Junior Committee and holds a BFA from Florida State University.
4/12/202118 minutes, 14 seconds
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Celebrating Creativity and Motherhood With Mona Lerch

Get to know Czech artist and founder of Art Mums United, Mona Lerch! Mona shares her story, motherhood, why it's so essential to create a safe space and celebrate art mums. This episode will inspire you to build your own community and go after your big dreams! Mona Lerch is a self-taught contemporary artist currently residing in Brno, Czech Republic. After having completed her studies in Australia and the UK, she returned to the Czech Republic to pursue her career as an internal security specialist. ​Originally a dance choreographer, painting was not an obvious artistic path for her; however, she has been drawing inspiration from movement, emotions and senses just as she used to do when creating choreographies. Mona concentrates on abstract oil painting. She uses both life and work experiences to give shape to unique pieces of artwork that are characterized by elaborate structure and layers. Her paintings are intuitive and offer space for the viewer's imagination. Being a nature lover and a passionate advocate of ecological lifestyle, she digs deep into her fantasy to materialize her own inner world on canvas. Her mission is to create a narrative embodying the beauty we have around us that we forget to see and to break the boundaries between the body and mind.
4/5/202120 minutes, 47 seconds
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Inner Expression and Creating From Joy With Halie Torris

Join painter Halie Torris and Kat on a candid episode in which we discuss art, spirituality, the courage to share your story, and more. Halie Torris is a contemporary artist working in oils. Halie experienced a spiritual awakening that shifted her ideas and concepts towards the subconscious mind and inner stillness. In 2020, she openly accepted her sexuality and publicly posted about the influence that being a part of the LGBTQ community has had on her self-acceptance.
3/30/202125 minutes, 7 seconds
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Art Cures All: Interview with Heather Polk

In this episode, Alicia returns as a guest host to interview Heather Polk. Heather is a sales and marketing professional with an active art practice that fills her nights and weekends. She resides in Chicago where she relocated from Atlanta almost ten years ago. She is working toward establishing a small art studio that will deliver programming for sufferers of chronic disease so that they, and their caretakers, may utilize the empowerment of artistic creativity as a vital part of their disease management. Her art practice is centered around collage and abstract painting.
3/25/202139 minutes, 58 seconds
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Healing to Express: Wellness for Artists with Samantha Otero

Join Kat and Samantha on an empowering episode and learn how nutrition can fuel your art and creativity. We chat about healing on a cellular level, feeling amazing, and creating our life's work from a place of love and wellness.  Get a free smoothie recipe from Samantha here: Samantha Otero is a Plant-Based Nutritionist and Holistic Coach whose passion is found in guiding artists, entrepreneurs, and mothers on their healing journeys toward optimal self-expression. Her own healing journey of overcoming an autoimmune disease, generational trauma, and narcissistic abuse has shown her the power of the mind/body connection.  She firmly believes we can be our own best healers through intuitively eating nutrient-dense foods, releasing mental limitations, engaging in daily spiritual practice as well as ultimately seeing ourselves as the Boss Queens that we are. Self-image is everything! Samantha is a Nuyorican currently residing in Indiana with her daughter and fiancé. Along with experiential knowledge and a lifelong spiritual practice, her college studies founded in biology, psychology, and neuroscience heavily inform her coaching practice. She's currently obsessed with Islamic Geometric Design and the ways in which Biology informs Thought and Design. 
3/21/202125 minutes, 18 seconds
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Keep The Magic Alive: Interview with Mari Andrew

In this episode, Alicia returns as a guest host to interview writer, author, and speaker, Mari Andrew! Mari grew up in Seattle, went to college in Chicago, taught English in Chile, and spent a few years working in Baltimore and DC before eventually deciding to move to New York, which is where she currently lives and works. Her first book, Am I there yet?, is a collection of observations from being in her 20s and navigating the murky waters of dating, heartbreak, grief, moving, finding community, and creating home in a studio apartment. She has led workshops on creativity, healing, and personal resilience, and has two signature courses on Skillshare. Mari recently wrote her second book when she was recovering from illness and finding home within herself. Transitioning us through all the phases of the sky—twilight, golden hour, night, and dawn—”My Inner Sky” is a collection of essays that parallels these with all of the moments, be it small, momentous, heartbreaking, anxiety-inducing, or healing, that life brings our way. It invites us to reconnect with the in-between that happens in the everyday. "My Inner Sky" is now available!
3/10/202122 minutes, 52 seconds
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Tips For Embodying Your Next Level With Kat

Tune in and get powerful tips from Kat on how to embody your next level of success in your art career and beyond. Work with Kat: Membership: Recommended Reading: Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway to Wealth and Prosperity by Dean Graziosi
3/1/202120 minutes, 7 seconds
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Reframing Productivity & How to Keep Going with Austin Kleon

In this episode, Alicia returns as a guest host to interview Austin Kleon about his new audiobook trilogy. Kleon is the New York Times bestselling author of a trilogy of illustrated books about creativity in the digital age: Steal Like An Artist, Show Your Work!, and Keep Going. He’s also the author of Newspaper Blackout, a collection of poems made by redacting the newspaper with a permanent marker. His books have been translated into dozens of languages and have sold over a million copies worldwide. He’s been featured on NPR’s Morning Edition, PBS Newshour, and in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal and done speaking engagements for organizations such as Pixar, Google, SXSW, TEDx, and The Economist.
2/27/202150 minutes
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Creating a Space for Artists and Educators With Artist and Founder of Visionary Art Collective, Victoria Fry

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you combined your passions and created a community that serves other like-minded creatives? Hint: it's so worth it! Join Kat and Victoria Fry on a new podcast episode. We talk all about being an artist, educator, and fusing the two fields. Victoria is an artist and educator with a passion for lifting contemporary artists and educators. Being committed to a rigorous studio practice and serving the art community is not an easy path. Still, this artist is a true visionary who is creating positive change in the education system. When Victoria is not in the studio, she teaches and grows her inspiring platform, the Visionary Art Collective.  
2/24/202128 minutes, 37 seconds
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Heart to Heart with Erika Lee Sears

Join Kat (Ekaterina Popova) and painter Erika Lee Sears on a special episode. The artist shares the struggles and triumphs of being an artist during Covid, an exciting project for Lana Del Rey, and a recent collaboration with Guy Hepner/Tax Collection, and much more.  Tune in to get inspired and see how much is possible for you as an artist! Erika Lee Sears is an oil painter from Portland, OR who specializes in contemporary still life scenes. Known for her intimate oil depictions of 21st century everyday life and objects, Sears transforms the mundane and ordinary into fascinating and emotional works through her unique textures, point of view perspective, and mastery of lighting. Motherhood is a key driver for the art she creates; milk, laundry, peanut butter and jam sandwiches, and household items are the key protagonists to her paintings. 
2/17/202138 minutes
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Inspired Vs. Fearful Action, Behind The Scenes of Creating a Course From the Heart

Kat shares her mindset shift from being driven by fear to taking mindful, inspired action from the heart. She continues the topic of overcoming "survival mode" and take you behind the scenes of creating her first signature course and what it was like! To get updates about the course or other coaching programs, join the mailing list at
2/1/202120 minutes, 34 seconds
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How to Organize Your Own Exhibition: Interview with Bree Smith

In this episode, Alicia chats with Dallas-based artist Bree Smith to dive into her background, career, and all of the steps she took to organize her own solo show in 2020.  Bree Smith is a Dallas-based painter and mixed media artist and has also recently begun working in murals and installation. Bree received her Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in 2007. Her current body of work focuses on futuristic themes inspired by her late father’s love of science fiction, and often includes colorful astronauts set among imaginary and dreamlike space worlds. Bree pulls from her experience as a graphic and software experience designer to reconcile her need for control and perfection through the wild and fluid attributes of paint. She has been featured in several online and print publications including Dallas Style & Design Magazine, Voyage Dallas, PIKCHUR Magazine, and ArtFolio Annual.
1/29/202145 minutes, 38 seconds
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The Present of Presence: Kat's Journey

In today's episode, I'm sharing something very personal, my sobriety journey. I dive into why and how I finally let go of drinking alcohol and some of the positive side-effects of spending most of 2020 sober. Thanks for being here today! Click here to sign up for my Art Queens mailing list and stay in touch! P.S. If you need support, please reach out to someone you trust or call a professional. There is no shame in getting the help you need. 
1/26/202122 minutes, 31 seconds
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Adapting & Ambition: Interview with Brooklyn-based Artist Jenna Morello

In this episode, Alicia hosts an interview with Jenna Morello to discuss building up her reputation as a muralist, the process behind the small resin sculptures she's become known for, and how she's made her art practice financially stable. Jenna Morello is a multi-disciplinary artist from Brooklyn, New York. She is equally at home creating large-scale bold, expressive walls as well as meticulously crafted sculptures. She mixes and matches multiple mediums to create nature-based, sometimes anatomical art that speaks for itself. Her work is sold internationally and her murals can be seen around the world. She has completed projects for such groups as The Ritz Carlton, The World Trade Center, Universal Music Group, Macy's, and The Superbowl and has been featured in The New York Times and Forbes.
1/21/202130 minutes, 28 seconds
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Wonder, Whimsy, and Imagination with Shawna Gilmore

Alicia hosts an episode interviewing painter Shawna Gilmore. Born and raised in the Upper Midwest, Shawna Gilmore draws deep from the winter-forged well of her overactive imagination. Her narrative, vintage-infused paintings explore many topics such as wonder, childhood, nature, patterns, and humor. Shawna graduated in 2000 from the University of Minnesota-Duluth with a BFA in Studio Art and an emphasis on Drawing and Printmaking. She has exhibited both locally and nationally. Her work is part of private collections worldwide. Shawna lives with her verbally talented husband, Eddy, their twins, and a menagerie of critters in a lively neighborhood near lovely Lake Superior.
12/30/202039 minutes, 38 seconds
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Step Out of Survival Mode and Into Thriving

Join Kat on this uplifting episode in which she shares a personal mindset shift that helped her go from survival mode and finally step into thriving. Kat shares the patterns that kept her stuck for years and opens up about what mental shifts and healing helped her move on and overcome. Recommended Reading: The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma
12/15/202019 minutes, 28 seconds
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Life & Loss: Exploring the Art of Motherhood with Brandi Hofer

Life & Loss: Exploring the Art of Motherhood with Brandi Hofer Brandi Hofer is a Canadian artist who earned her BFA in 2008 from the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design in Halifax and has since exhibited widely both nationally and internationally. Her main focus is figurative and portrait painting, where she explores themes of empowerment, the female psyche, and our emotional selves. Since she became a mother in 2014, Hofer has been involving her children in her painting process, creating a 44-piece series with her then 2-year-old son. She continues to be extremely prolific at her in-home studio, creating custom commissioned pieces, several bodies of self-motivated artworks, and more recently she has begun transitioning her art into murals as well.
12/11/202034 minutes, 12 seconds
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Find Your Ideal Audience and Collectors!

Find Your Ideal Audience and Collectors Kat and Alicia share the best tips for finding collectors for your art and read a free chapter from their new book The Complete Smartist Guide. Get the book: Freebie download:
11/27/202017 minutes, 18 seconds
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Suspend Your Disbelief and Reignite Your Passion!

In this episode, Kat shares a recent event that shook her to the core and reminded her to keep believing in the BIG dreams and not allow pessimism, fear, and uncertainty to distract her from her vision. P.S. The audio might be a little funky because this episode was recorded on the go :) I hope you enjoy this quick pick-me-up!
11/23/202011 minutes, 1 second
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Build Your Art Empire: Key Mindset Shifts

In this episode, Kat shares the key mindset shift for building your own art empire.    Tips and ideas covered:    -Your whole life is a canvas  -Stop putting all your eggs in one basket -Leverage your connections -Use failure as fuel  -Don't be afraid to shine
11/16/202018 minutes, 37 seconds
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E.Popova Episode 2: Are You Addicted to Struggle?

Do you feel nervous when things are too easy or too fun? If you are like me, maybe you have some of these shared beliefs that continue the cycle of suffering in your life and career. Listen to this episode if you are ready to let go of limiting beliefs that keep us struggling, create difficulty, and prevent us from living a creative and peaceful life.
11/5/202012 minutes, 18 seconds
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Creativity is a Journey: Interview with Painter Tim McFarlane

In this episode, Alicia returns as a guest host to interview Tim McFarlane about his decades-long career as an artist working in Philadelphia. Tim McFarlane's paintings and works on paper examine the fluid and contradictory nature of memory and place, with an emphasis on color, multi-layered systems and process. A 1994 Tyler School of Art graduate, McFarlane has exhibited extensively in the U.S. and been featured in art fairs in New York, Miami, Dallas, and San Francisco. He has been a visiting artist at several universities as well as participated in artist panels at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and Tyler School of Art at Temple University. The artist’s paintings and works on paper have been acquired for several public collections including those of West Virginia University, Bucknell University, Temple University, and the Hyatt Hotel in Philadelphia.
10/16/202037 minutes, 58 seconds
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Behind The Scenes of Our New Book: The Complete Smartist Guide

Join Kat and Alicia as they chat about releasing their new book, The Complete Smartist Guide!   We discuss:    Why we wrote the book and what kind of artist it's for The background and story behind the book Challenges and setbacks we experienced Working with a publisher vs. self-publishing More behind the scenes experiences, trials, and triumphs!   The book is available on Amazon and Barnes and noble.    Learn more:
9/18/202017 minutes, 57 seconds
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Philly Public Art & Running An Ad Agency With Nilé Livingston

Alicia takes over Art & Cocktails for a guest-hosted episode where she interviews Nilé Livingston, a Philadelphia-based artist & creative entrepreneur. Nilé, the founder and CEO of Creative Repute, is an award-winning visual artist and graphic designer whose repertoire spans more than twenty murals in Philadelphia. Her work has been recognized by Rad Girls, an organization that celebrates women’s accomplishments, and The Colored Girls Museum, the only institution in the US exclusively dedicated to the history of black girls in America. Through Creative Repute, Livingston has provided designs for various organizations that range from the NFL, The University of Pennsylvania, and Sunkist Growers, among others.
9/10/202026 minutes, 55 seconds
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The Color Poet: Paving Your Own Way to Success as a Painter With Amira Rahim

Join Kat and Amira Rahim on a brand new episode of Art & Cocktails! Amira Rahim is an LA-based artist who has been creating art since she was 13. In this episode, we discuss her original plan to be an attorney after graduating from the University of Pittsburg, but life had a different plan. After traveling, she discovered her interest in sociology, culture, and eventually reconnected with her art. Kat and Amira discuss: How the artist found her way back to painting Fundamental mindset shifts that helped her achieve success What truly helped her start making sales and connecting with her audience Discovering her painting vocabulary and finding her colorful, expressive style How Amira started teaching online and her passion for sharing knowledge with other artists through "Better Than Art School." Listen to this episode in iTunes, Spotify, Libsyn, and more or
9/4/202027 minutes, 5 seconds
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Celebrating Street Graffiti Tags Through Photography With Stef Sutton

Join Kat and Stef Sutton as they chat about the artist's exploration of photography that celebrates street art.    Stef's Artist Statement   The birthplace of graffiti and home to its own unique style of writing, Philly is filled with various forms of street art; yet tags are often the most overlooked form of street art, often appearing on (and quickly disappearing from) dumpsters, construction equipment, and the walls of abandoned buildings. In photographing tags, I hope to highlight the complexity and intricacy of this artform and the diversity of the artists that create them. "I've been practicing photography for about 10 years, starting with film in college. I gained an AA in Photography and later a BA in Art History and Museum Studies. Since then, I've worked with various Philadelphia museums and nonprofits such as the Penn Museum, Rosenbach Museum & Library and the Stedman Gallery at Rutgers University-Camden. I currently work full-time as an Events Coordinator at the Chamber of Commerce Southern New Jersey and I serve on the board of AIGA Philadelphia—a local chapter of the National graphic design organization—as Vice President + Communications Director, practicing photography in my free time and through my travels around the city of Philadelphia."
8/28/202016 minutes, 51 seconds
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Following the Artist's Path With Glenyse Thompson 

Join Kat and Glenyse Thompson on this empowering chat about how the artist followed her intuition and became a painter.  In this episode, we discuss:  How Glenyse took a chance on herself and applied to her first juried exhibition  The power of networking and making the most of opportunities The artist's intuitive approach to painting Getting featured by Martha Stewart Glenyse is an abstract visual artist. Favorite mediums include lightfast inks, acrylics, and white or gold pen on panels or paper. Inspiration comes from day-to-day interaction with people, conversations, Florida's lively weather, travel, and everyday experiences. It all shows up in the colors and movement used to visually illustrate how she enjoys life. Born in Chicago, Illinois, she now resides in St. Petersburg, Florida.
8/21/202029 minutes, 52 seconds
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A Conversation on Art & Current Events with Kestin Cornwall

In this episode, Alicia returns as a guest host to interview Toronto-based figurative painter Kestin Cornwall. Over the past ten years, Cornwall has focused on creating relevant progressive art. He has used a varied practice of combining hand drawings, digitally removing the human hand and then forcing the element of the human hand back into the work. Using elements such as painting, wheat-pasting, screen-printing, installation and drawing to explore the relationship between art, human rights, politics, sex, and freedom, Cornwall critically charts current political, social, and economic landscapes with compositions brimming with references to media, popular culture, music, and art history. We discuss: Steps that the art world should take in order to be more inclusive & diverseThe importance of developing your creative voice as an artistTips for developing your style & more advice for emerging artists
8/13/202039 minutes, 48 seconds
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Discovering a Deeper Purpose and Building Community with Sasha-Loriene, Founder of Black Girls Who Paint

Hang out with Kat and Sasha-Loriene to learn about the artist's inspiring journey of leaving a corporate career to becoming a full-time artist and community leader behind BLACK GIRLS WHO PAINT.  BLACK GIRLS WHO PAINT (BGWP) is a safe space created to support & empower Black women painters by promoting positive representation, sisterhood, & community - one that Founder Sasha-Loriene always wanted as a young girl. As such, BGWP is also a platform formed by a Black woman who paints that believes in increasing our visibility so young black girls can see themselves in the art world. In doing so, BGWP empowers Black women & girls to share their art and story, as Black women painters are a force to be reckoned with.
8/7/202021 minutes, 21 seconds
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Narratives and Allegories With Digital Collage with Seattle Artist Meggan Joy

Join Kat and Meggan Joy on an uplifting episode of the show. We discuss: Meggan's journey as a photographer and collage artist Allowing long-term projects to be a part of our practice Meggan's process and how some of her pieces take up to a year Reverse engineering our busines goals to be able to support ourselves with our artwork The artist's empowering new body of work and solo exhibition Meggan Joy is a self-taught photographic artist primarily focused on digital collage. Joy combines fragments of the natural sciences with her narratives and allegories; often weaving in symbols and motifs from art history to create a new surreal vision. She fabricates this staged imagery from the ground up, growing most of her subject matter in her garden, documenting the growth, beauty and decay. Each piece is created by assembling thousands of individual photographs of botanicals, insects and other wildlife - resulting in a final image that is bursting with life and layered with hidden details and anecdotes.
7/31/202031 minutes, 11 seconds
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From Catharsis to Career-Driven Artist: Interview With Amy Stewart and Alicia Puig

In this episode, Alicia returns as a guest host to interview Vancouver-based abstract artist Amy Stewart. Stewart has been drawn to the interconnections of art, play and nature since her childhood. Memories of her childhood and nature shape her adult imagination, and they are reflected in her paintings’ rich textures and vibrant tones. Her pieces are often inspired by the feelings that come both from the natural world and from engaging fully in her community and with her loved ones. Her sense of humanity—the private experiences of suffering and celebration—are evoked by her canvases’ unique explorations of colour, which range from exuberant bursts of brightness to contemplative reflections on darkness.   In this discussion, Amy shares:  -How she handled transitioning her studio practice during the pandemic  -What she did to get involved in her local art scene and how that helped her create a strong network with which she could build her career -Her tips for how to get started with commissions, marketing that you offer them, and charging appropriately for your time -Advice on building relationships with interior designers     Links: IG:
7/24/202027 minutes, 31 seconds
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Celebrating Life with Collage (and What is an Art Queen?)

In this episode of the podcast, Kat shares why she started the membership for womxn artists and artpreneurs right before the pandemic and shares about what it means to be an Art Queen. She invited one of the Art Queens, Elyse Jokinen, to talk about her art journey and experience with the community. Elyse is a collage artist from Minnesota who uses art to process and celebrate life.    
7/20/202020 minutes, 49 seconds
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Discovering Art Therapy with Leah Guzman

Join Kat and artist and art and art therapist Leah Guzman, who shares her journey and talks about how she became interested in art therapy. We also discuss Leah's fantastic new book, full of healing exercises. Art therapy is a therapeutic relationship between the client and the therapist and utilizes the arts to help us express ourselves. Leah and Kat discussed how art therapy works, how it differs from other forms of treatment, and how she is now working on with clients online to continue her passion despite the pandemic. "I've loved making art for as long as I can remember, so when I entered college, I knew that art would be my focus. I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio sculpture from Georgia State University, then studied painting at the San Francisco Art Institute. Later, I earned a Master's degree in Art Therapy at Florida State University, became a Board Certified Art Therapist, and have now been practicing for 16 years."  
7/8/202019 minutes, 27 seconds
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Exploring Culture Through Weaving With Shenequa Brooks

In this episode, Shenequa Brooks shares her journey as an interdisciplinary textile artist. We talk about how she uses her interest in her cultural background to create beautiful pieces of art.  Through her journey as an artist, she developed an interest in using textiles with African and Ghanaian influences. The artist is interested in the story behind the textiles' and the physical process of making them.  Shenequa is an artist and artpreneur who specializes in weaving. SHENEQUA is an Artpreneur who received her Masters of Design in Fashion, Body, & Garment at School of the Art Institute of Chicago under the mentorship of Nick Cave and Liat Smestad.   Her solo exhibition Woven Narratives was on view at Haw Contemporary (Stockyards) in Kansas City, Missouri on September 20 - October 30, 2019 . She has exhibited her works in Performing Labor at Patricia Sweetow Gallery in San Francisco, CA, The Space We Grow Into at Woman Made Gallery in Chicago, IL, and Mane N' Tail at The Luminary in St. Louis, MO, to name a few. A Featured Artist for Ties that Bind in American Craft Magazine and in the Kansas City Star she spoke about her process of weaving synthetic-hair in relationship to the African- American Hair Experience. 2014's Windgate Fellow of the Center for Craft. 2017-2018's recipient of the inaugural YoungArts Daniel Arsham Fellowship, presented by the Ridinger-McLaughlin Family, SHENEQUA continues to reflect, create, and expand the process of weaving beyond the loom.
7/8/202027 minutes, 25 seconds
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Portraits Celebrating Black and Afro-Latinx Diasporic Culture by Tiffany Alfonseca

In this episode of the podcast, Tiffany Alfonseca and Kat chat about how she got into painting and what inspires her, including the drawings she made during the lockdown. Tiffany talks about her work, which focuses on Afro-Latinx diasporic culture. We also talked about Tiffany's hopes for the future as she finishes her education and what she hopes to experience in terms of diversity and inclusion in the art world. Tiffany is a Dominican-American mixed medium that creates vibrant and colorful artworks to celebrate her culture.
7/2/202022 minutes, 36 seconds
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Positivity, Popsicles, and Living the Sweet Life With Betsy Enzensberger and Alicia Puig

On this guest-hosted episode, Alicia interviews LA-based artist Betsy Enzensberger. Betsy sculpts works that create a visceral longing and remembrance of the most nostalgic delights from childhood. The artist uses the familiarity of those sweet treats to help us remember the simplicity, value and culture of desserts so often associated with positivity and joy. Perhaps you’re already familiar with her whimsical sculptures of dripping, melting popsicles and other sweets, but if not, in this episode you’ll hear all about her childhood growing up in New York and her early memories about experiencing art there, making the transition from a painter to a resin sculptor, and her parallel career working in galleries.  We talk about:  Why she initially chose to work in a gallery, what she’s learned from over a decade of doing it, and how this experience has helped her build confidence as an artist! Her best advice on professionalism for emerging artists & how to put your best foot forward when submitting to galleries. How she developed her signature style and artistic voice. Top tips on social media, how to find the right gallery for your work, and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with galleries.  
6/18/202034 minutes, 8 seconds
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Bridging Art with Retail and Beyond Tam Gryn, Head Curator at SHOWFIELDS

Join Kat and Tam Gryn as they discuss the role of artists in today's society. Tam shares her journey and her passion for supporting artists through retail, career development, and more. Tam is the current Head Curator at SHOWFIELDS where she is helping to bridge art with retail. She is the former Head of the Curatorial Department of the Artist Pension Trust as well as Head Curator for RAW POP UP. Tam is the co-founder of Culturadora and currently sits in the Board of Directors of the Kulturspace Foundation in Berlin. Originally from Venezuela, she studied Art History at the Sorbonne University. She then specialized in Diplomacy at the Herzeliya Interdisciplinary Institute in Israel and received her M.A. in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from Tel Aviv University.
6/17/202027 minutes, 13 seconds
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From Vision to Reality: Eaton House Studio

Listen as we introduce you to the maker behind Eaton House Studio in this episode of our podcast. Amy talks about her journey as an artist and a creative director and how she manifested her dreams. Moving to London and working in the fashion industry for years, Amy was initially looking for a space to do photoshoots for magazines. Eventually, she and her friend found a home that they turned to the most significant art project yet. Amy shares her views on love, spirituality, and manifesting a dream life, even if you don't initially have many resources. We discuss the freedom to work in multiple mediums and truly embrace our passions even when they don't make sense to those around us.
6/11/202026 minutes, 52 seconds
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Using Art To Process Difficult Experiences with Danielle Krysa

Happy second birthday to the show! Today's episode marks the second year of Art & Cocktails. Listen as we bring back our very first guest - Danielle Krysa, as we talk about a dream come true - writing her children's book. Danielle shares her routine during quarantine and how it made her produce art despite how the anxiety-inducing situation. Danielle vulnerably shares how she uses art to heal and process difficult life situations. "Danielle Krysa, a story-teller since she could talk, creates new narratives from old images adding paint, glitter, crystals, glass, pompoms, etc along the way. And, of course, none of her pieces are complete until they've been given long, funny, story-like titles. These tales take place on both paper for her smaller works, and panels for her larger pieces. Danielle has shown her work in galleries all over the world (Brooklyn, London, Los Angeles, Aspen, Vancouver, Toronto, Tasmania), and in June 2019 she will be having a large solo exhibition at Mayberry Fine Art, Toronto. Danielle lives and works in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Danielle also is the writer behind the contemporary art site, The Jealous Curator, and the author of Creative Block, Collage , Your Inner Critic Is A Big Jerk, and A BIG IMPORTANT ART BOOK - Now With Women."
5/29/202033 minutes, 30 seconds
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Reimagining the Art World With Jerry Saltz

Join us an incredible episode of the Art & Cocktails podcast with Jerry Saltz. Jerry Saltz is an American Art Critic. Since 2006, he has been Senior Art Critic and Columnist for New York Magazine. Formerly the senior art critic for The Village Voice, he received the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism in 2018 and was nominated for the award in 2001 and 2006. In this episode, Jerry Saltz discusses his new book and talks about the future of the art world with host Ekaterina Popova. Jerry talks about how his family is handling the lockdown and shares his thoughts about this pandemic and what it means for artists. "The easiest thing in the world to do is not to work. What I want you to do is to do the hard thing, which is to do a little bit of work. There are no wasted days. You have to accept that the minute you start working there's a hundred percent chance that two things are gonna happen: you're going to be embarrassed, and you'll start to get lost." Jerry also reminds us to fight envy that may lead to cynicism, and cynicism may destroy your creativity. Listen in to hear the rest of humorous and encouraging words from one of the top Art Critics today.  
5/21/202026 minutes, 17 seconds
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Networking on Social Media with Brian Hoffman

Join Kat and Brian for a special episode in which the artist shares excellent tips for networking on social media! Brian Hoffman is a designer, illustrator, and printmaker living in Boston, Massachusetts. In this episode, we chat about his work and how he manages to balance his time between his family and career. He tells us how he started his journey from signing up for some art lessons, thanks to his parents, to becoming a successful designer and illustrator. Brian shares how to use social media to show art to the world and even earn an income by publishing work online.
5/13/202022 minutes, 26 seconds
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Embracing the Inner Witch With Claira Heitzenrater

Listen to this episode as Claira Heitzenrater shares how she discovered that she was a witch, learned to paint, and embraced her spiritual identity through art. Pursuing her dreams as an artist, Claira had a difficult start that made her switch majors in college. We discuss how she ended up going back to art school again to learn the technical aspects of painting. Learn more about the artist and her intriguing journey in this episode. "The more I dive into my spiritual practice, the more I am uncovering about what's called 'the witch' one, and it's kind of interchangeable ancestral trauma. Claira's current paintings reference to her spiritual practice and healing.
5/5/202028 minutes, 32 seconds
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Behind the Scenes With Paradigm Gallery

Join Kat, Sara, and Jason for a special episode that invites you behind the scenes of Paradigm Gallery! Celebrating ten years, Jason and Sara look back on how they started the project as a studio to create their own artwork, to featuring friends' works through exhibitions, and finally creating a contemporary gallery setting showcasing incredible artists from all over the world. The initial focus of the gallery was to support local artists. Right now, Sara and Jason are collaborating with local businesses to continue promoting artwork through Insider Picks, proceed from which go to the charities. Jason and Sara's partnership is successful due to their ability to utilize their individual strengths and use them to grow the gallery together.
5/3/202026 minutes, 26 seconds
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Motherhood, Community and Carving out Time for Art With Marissa Huber and Heather Kirtland

In this episode, Marissa Huber and Heather Kirtland - founders of Carve Out Time for Art - discuss their new book, building a community and their individual journeys as artists. "In 2015, I was just frustrated that everybody was saying like I couldn't do anything for myself! I did the 100-day project and ended up making more art than before, even after I became a mom. It opened my eyes in a lot of ways. I was more efficient and more focused." Our two guests discuss how they balance life as mothers and artists. We also chat about what inspired them to start doing artist interviews within the Carve Out Time for Art Community. Join us and get the behind the scenes info on their book titled The Motherhood of Art, which serves as a resource for artists who balance motherhood and creative pursuits.
4/30/202033 minutes, 2 seconds
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Raising Awareness Through Art, Beauty and Storytelling with Christa David

Join Kat and Christa David in this inspiring conversation. We talk about: How Christa David became an artist and left her job as a public health researcher to become an artist Raising awareness to critical cultural issues through art and storytelling Approaching our careers from a big picture perspective  + More   Christa David is a visual artist, writer and researcher. Inspired by the artistic works of Romare Bearden, Wangechi Mutu, Alma Woodsey Thomas and literary works of James Baldwin, Christa David fuses the mediums of painting, collage and assemblage to create and recreate stories about home, belonging, faith, and identity. In September 2016, after years of “making art in the cracks” (nights and weekends) along-side her demanding work as senior public health researcher New York City, Christa David leaped into making art full-time. Christa David is proud two-time Columbia University Lion, holding Bachelor of Arts and Masters degrees from Columbia University. Her work is held in personal and public collections throughout the United States including the prominent David C. Driskell Center and has been most recently exhibited at Longwood Gallery at Hostos College in Bronx, NY and PRIZM Art Fair at Art Basel in Miami Beach. Christa David currently lives and works between New York City and Atlanta.
4/24/202028 minutes, 48 seconds
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Transforming Public Spaces with Dreamscape Murals | Ali M Williams

Discover the stunning work and story of Ali M Williams and learn what it takes to become a mural artist on this episode of our podcast, Art & Cocktails. Ali M Williams is a Philadelphia based artist and public muralist. She began creating murals after she graduated from Moore College of Art and Design with a BFA in Fine Art. She has exhibited her work and murals internationally and has lead workshops in schools and community programs throughout the east coast. Ali is interested in how visually altering a space with public art affects the surrounding environment. Her murals invite you inside a collaged, fabricated dreamscape of paint, mysterious beauty, and contemporary iconography. She's interested in combining realism with abstract concepts and design to help tell a story. Symbolic elements, graphic imagery, and vibrant bursts of color are frequent components of her work. She's drawn to bold, feminine color palettes and loves to incorporate neon pink as much as possible.  She has worked with numerous education and community outreach programs such as Cancer Treatment Centers of America, The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention, The Pennsylvania Conference for Women, Riverside Correctional Facility, Zambia Tukongote Community Projects, The Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society, Mural Arts Philadelphia, The City of Philadelphia's Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services, and at-risk youth and adults, as well as a range of participants of all ages. Some of her recent clients include The Wells Fargo Center, Primark, The NFL, Zappos, New Balance, and Nasdaq.
4/17/202025 minutes, 13 seconds
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Don't Be Afraid to Take up Space | A’Driane Nieves

Join Kat and A’Driane Nieves as they chat about creating your own space in the art world, building a community, learning essential lessons and persevering when things get hard. A’Driane Nieves is a USAF disabled veteran, multi-disciplinary abstract artist, activist, and speaker with a heart for serving others and social good. She is a mental health advocate living with bipolar disorder and runs an online platform and mental health support group for women of color called Tessera Collective. In 2018, she opened Tessera Arts Collective, an arts nonprofit serving women-identifying & non-binary abstract artists of color in the Greater Philadelphia area and beyond that currently operates a storefront studio & gallery space in North Philly. She believes that creating and viewing visual art that addresses difficult topics can serve as a catalyst for personal growth & social change, while also empowering WOC artists to speak their truths. She pushes womxn to transform the brokenness in their lives into power and beauty, and works to amplify the voices and experiences of those marked as Other in society. A’Driane lives in New Jersey with her husband and three boys.
4/10/202033 minutes, 51 seconds
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Healing Burnout and Reconnecting With Yourself

Join Kat and Cait Byrnes as they chat about ways to heal, reconnect with yourself, and get centered during the lockdown and beyond. If you have little ones around, please wear headphones as this episode includes some adult language. We talk about: Healing Burnout New moon rituals Cait's story and how she became a holistic health and business coach
4/3/202034 minutes, 49 seconds
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Studio Healing Visualization/Meditation

Something a little different for this episode :) I'm sharing a complimentary meditation to help us reconnect with our higher self and uncover the next body of work we are meant to create. Enter the safe space of this meditation to heal your relationship with yourself as an artist and get back in the flow state.
4/2/202010 minutes, 53 seconds
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Coping With Isolation and a Call to Go Deeper

Kat shares her experiences with isolation and limited resources. Embracing limitation as an opportunity to go deeper.
3/23/20209 minutes, 34 seconds
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Sculptural Painting on Skin: Podcast with Sophie Derrick

On this episode of our podcast, Sophie Derrick shares her creative journey and how she got started with using her skin as the canvas in her vibrant work.  We discuss: How Sophie's work evolved Overcoming negative voices and criticism from Art School Trusting your intuition when it comes to your work + more
3/19/202026 minutes, 10 seconds
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Healing Through Art With Nicolle Cure

Please tune in to this episode for an inspiring conversation about Nicolle Cure’s journey as an artist, her Columbian background, and a sudden disability that impacted her life. Nicolle vulnerably shares her hearing loss story and how this life-changing event inspired my series "The Colors of Sound." Nicolle is passionate about creating awareness of sudden hearing loss and other invisible disabilities. Nicolle Cure is a Colombian-American artist living and working in Miami. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Advertising from the University of Florida and holds academic certificates from the Sotheby's Institute of Art. In 2018, she was the sole recipient of the Leaders with Disabilities Scholarship, awarded by Americans for the Arts. Nicolle’s art has been showcased at Miami Art Week and Art Basel Miami, and at art fairs from South Korea and China to Colombia. It is currently on display at West Elm stores in South Florida. Her work has been featured in several magazines and blogs, focused on both art and hearing health.
3/12/202036 minutes, 16 seconds
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Painting From the Inside out With Dennis Perrin

Join Kat and painter Dennis Perrin on this episode of the show. Dennis shares: How he became a full-time artist What inspired him to take control of his art career and business How he started teaching online courses His philosophy on painting and making art The Genius Circle membership and more!
3/5/202029 minutes, 11 seconds
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For the Love of Art: Curating and Starting Young Space with Kate Mothes

On this episode, Kat gets to know Kate Mothes, curator, and founder of Young Space. Kate shares: - What inspired her to start this platform and soon to be publication - Her process of curating exhibitions and working with galleries - What she looks for in artists online and beyond
2/27/202034 minutes, 17 seconds
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The Future of Art Media with Christopher Jobson, Founder, Editor-in-Chief of Colossal

Meet Christopher Jobson, Founder, Editor-in-Chief of an incredible art and design blog, Colossal, on this episode.    We chat about Christopher's background The real story of how Colossal was born What kind of work gets featured on this award-winning blog The future of online art media  + more   Fascinated by visual culture across a wide-range of disciplines and committed to making art engaging for everyone, Christopher launched Colossal as a personal blog in the fall of 2010. Somewhat blindsided by the publication's success, he soon left his day job to run the site full-time and began contributing to publications such as Wired Magazine, Beautiful/Decay, Mental Floss, Slate, Designboom and Quartz. He studied design, art, and writing at Columbia College and lives in Chicago with his wife, son, and dogs.
2/21/202029 minutes, 58 seconds
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The Magic and Sensuality of Painting, Podcast With Anne Siems

On this episode of our podcast, join us for an inspiring conversation with Artist Anne Siems who shares her story and discusses the evolution of her paintings. Anne shares pivotal moments in her life, including: Feeling isolated in art school and not connecting with professors Moving from Germany to Seattle Making work on paper bags Art mentorship and more!
2/14/202045 minutes, 37 seconds
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Feeling Behind? Discussing "The Gap" with Artist and Psychotherapist, TJ Walsh

On this episode, Kat and TJ Walsh discuss the idea of "the gap."  TJ shares his philosophy on what causes artists to feel stressed, inadequate, and behind on their work as well as the cure for these experiences.  TJ shares his thoughts on the three gaps of creativity: -effort gap -skill gap -quality gap
2/6/202029 minutes, 42 seconds
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Creativity Is Your Superpower With Gabriella Rosie

Kat and Gabriella Rosie chat about affirmations, the law of attraction, following your passion, and believing in yourself when it comes to pursuing your art as a career. We also talk about being vulnerable when sharing your story with the world + so much more! This episode features some adult language, so please wear headphones if listening around little ones. Gabriella Rosie believes that our creativity is our superpower. As an artist whose work spans from painting and illustrating to writing, speaking, and creative coaching, she is dedicated to empowering individuals to create with impassioned freedom through her podcast, Creating Happy, and believes that our unique creativity is the key to our self-actualization.
1/30/202032 minutes, 16 seconds
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Painting With Thread: Moscow-Based Artist Katerina Marchenko

This episode of our podcast, Art & Cocktails, features an exclusive interview with Moscow-based embroidery artist Katerina Marchenko. The self-taught artist shares how she got introduced to embroidery by taking a sewing course a few years ago and fell in love with using this medium in her own, unique way. Katerina's work features expressive and colorful depictions of animals, figures, eyes, and more on tulle.  On this episode We get to know Katerina's journey and how she discovered embroidery The importance of being kind to yourself when creating How she started teaching online courses What it's like to be an artist in Moscow today How you can learn embroidery from Katerina
1/23/202029 minutes, 54 seconds
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Transforming Your Mindset With Erin Fitzpatrick

Kat and Erin Fitzpatrick chat about the importance of maintaining a positive mindset in order to design the art career of your dreams. Erin shares her story of becoming a full-time painter and also talks about: Giving a painting to Martha Stewart Using creative thinking to improve her lifestyle Gradually building her career and increasing prices +more Erin Fitzpatrick, Baltimore native and graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art, began her current series of portraits in 2008. This body of work now contains hundreds of paintings and drawings of notable artists, musicians, business people, Fitzpatrick’s peers, and commissioned subjects. Exhibiting extensively in solo and group shows, she has gained collectors throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. When Erin is not in her studio, she is probably somewhere being really good at summer, pretending not to be on Instagram too much, listening to rap music, lying by a pool, traveling, watching/listening to/talking about baseball and/or all of the above.
1/16/202039 minutes, 28 seconds
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Training Like an Athlete With Sari Shryack

Join Kat and Sari on the new episode of Art & Cocktails as they chat about:    Sari's work and why she started painting every day Treating studio practice like athletic training Balancing being a mom and painting Success tips for marketing on Instagram   Sari Shryack is an Austin-based painter focused on color and light in the ever-changing neighborhoods of her community. The city is constantly evolving into new shapes and colors, and Sari seeks to capture this process in her work. She is trained in acrylics and earned her BA in Fine Arts from Drury University in Missouri in 2014. She is also a mom to a two-year-old and finds time to be a full-time artist in between naps and frequent walks around Town Lake.
1/11/202028 minutes, 27 seconds
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Simple Tips to Get More Media Features in 2020

On this episode, Kat shares a few basic ways to increase your chances of getting published by blogs, magazines, or other media sources.
1/2/202014 minutes, 37 seconds
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Struggles Lead to Success! Kat's Decade in Review

Kat's decade in review: the struggles, the failures, and the amazing lessons!
12/31/201922 minutes, 43 seconds
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Create What You Wish Existed With Svitlana Martynjuk

Svitlana shares her story of growing up in Ukraine, starting with a different career path, and finally coming back to her first love, art. We talk about embracing our multiple passions and interests, using them for our art career, and the importance of creating the opportunities we wish existed for us.
12/27/201947 minutes, 9 seconds
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How to Shift Your Work and Try Something New in Your Practice | Part I

On this episode, Kat talks about changing her art, exploring a new subject matter, and bringing fun and experimentation back to her practice. She shares the initial steps she took to try something new to help you do the same if you feel stuck!
12/17/201914 minutes, 45 seconds
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Art Fairs for Artists | Alex Mitow of Superfine Art Fair

On this episode of Art & Cocktails, Kat speaks with Alex Mitow, the co-founder and CEO of Superfine Art Fairs. This episode will help you find out if exhibiting at an art fair is for you. We discuss tips for traveling, what type of art to bring, and other advice for first-time exhibitors. Alex shares the story about why he co-founded the fair and what Superfine's events can offer artists in terms of marketing and publicity.
11/29/201929 minutes, 7 seconds
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Unapologetically Body Positive | Elisa Valenti

Many of us grew up looking at images of models, trying to measure up to their distorted and photoshopped bodies, and always came up short to the unrealistic beauty standards in our society. This episode of our podcast Art & Cocktails features guest Elisa Valenti, who paints women who are luxurious, voluptuous, and are celebrated for their unique shapes and sizes. She didn't always paint the figure, and only recently pursued this subject matter. Her art carer took off within a year when she finally started painted her truth and falling in love with who she is. I can't wait for you to meet Elisa and experience her gorgeous work and inspiring story. Listen here or on iTunes, Spotify, Libsyn, and more. P.S. If you are excited about her work and want to collect a piece, we have affordable originals available at PxP Contemporary Cheers!
11/21/201928 minutes, 32 seconds
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How to Overcome Your Fear and Put Yourself out There!

On this episode, Kat shares how she overcame her shyness and started showing up in front of her audience online and in person. These tips will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and connect with your community on a deeper level.
11/18/201910 minutes, 19 seconds
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Why Artists Need to Focus on Email Marketing

On this mini-episode, Kat shares once again why we need to stop worrying about Instagram likes and follows and spend more time growing our email list.
11/15/201911 minutes, 43 seconds
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You're Overthinking It | By Alicia Puig

Stop overthinking! Alicia tackles your recent and commonly asked questions on today's episode of our podcast Art & Cocktails If the following questions or concerns came up for you recently: Does having a gap on my artist resume negatively affect my submission? What if I am self-taught? Trusting your gut and doing research when it comes to opportunities
11/13/201918 minutes, 32 seconds
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Keeping the Art World Fun! Cordelia Noe, TheArtGorgeous

On this episode, Kat chats with Cordelia Noe, Founder, and Editor-In-Chief of TheArtGorgeous. TheArtGorgeous keeps things fun by featuring art world memes, fashion, style, and more on their fantastic platform and new print magazine. "The art world is about people – about who people follow, what they love, and consume. It’s about your gallery girls and boys. It goes beyond which art people have on their walls. This is why The Art Gorgeous goes beyond any Art News Magazine. As a media company and community powerhouse, we develop innovative concepts and strategies and create captivating content, closely working with our unparalleled network of global art world influencers and institutions. We are an art entertainment magazine, bringing you anything from the hottest artist and fashion collaborations to juicy art gossip."  
10/31/201924 minutes, 10 seconds
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Handling Disappointment and Rejection

On this episode, Kat shares her perspective on disappointment, failure, and rejection. She shares some tips on how to handle negative experiences, turn them around and use them for good in your life and art career.
10/25/201918 minutes, 13 seconds
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Taking the Leap and Making Art Full Time | Lisa Krannichfeld

Kat and Lisa Krannichfeld chat about what it's like to transition from a day job to being a full-time artist, how to make the most of art fairs, navigating social media, and more.  Get to know Lisa's story and what her paintings are all about on this special episode.  Lisa's work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and publications nationally and internationally including shows across the United States, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Most recently her work was chosen as the grand award winner in the 2018 60th Annual Delta Exhibition. In 2017 she won the grand award at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center Juried Exhibition, and Best in Show at the 2017 Magic City Art Connection Art Fair in Birmingham, AL. She has had work featured in numerous worldwide publications, was the face of Saatchi Art's Spring 2019 "Refuse to be the Muse" campaign, and has had work featured in Anthropologie. Her work is included in several private and corporate collections throughout her home state of Arkansas as well as in collections around the world. She is currently represented by M2 Gallery in Little Rock, AR, Fort Works Art in Fort Worth, TX, and Saatchi Art with shipping worldwide.
10/24/201928 minutes, 10 seconds
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Deciding Which Opportunities Are Right for You

In this episode, Kat shares her personal experiences from the past decade with exhibitions, art fairs, publications, and other art opportunities. She shares entertaining stories and lessons on what was worth it and what wasn't. She includes some personal stories that are humorous and a little cringe-worthy such as getting lost in New York while trying to deliver paintings on foot. :) Listen to this episode if you are starting out and need help figuring out which gigs to pursue.
10/10/201926 minutes, 3 seconds
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Empowering Women in the Arts | Eliza Sara Ali, ART SHE SAYS|

In this episode, get to know Eliza Sara Ali, the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of ART SHE SAYS. This is the leading digital platform designed to empower women in the arts. Her mission is to bring women to the forefront of the art world, particularly those who embody the "artrepreneur"—an innovator of the arts; one who breaks the rules and disrupts the status quo. We Talk About: Overcoming imposter syndrome Reaching our to higher-level professionals in your industry Starting your platform + more    
10/3/201930 minutes, 20 seconds
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Illustrator Tom Froese (Interview with Alicia Puig)

Get to know illustrator Tom Froese in this fantastic interview with Alicia Puig! Tom Froese is an award-winning illustrator, teacher, and speaker. He loves making images that make people happy. In his work, you will experience a flurry of joyful colors, spontaneous textures, and quirky shapes. Freelancing since 2013, Tom has worked for brands and businesses all over the world. Esteemed clients include Yahoo!, Airbnb, GQ France, and Abrams Publishing. He is currently taking on highly creative projects of all kinds, including maps, murals, picture books, packaging, editorial, and advertising. Tom graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design with a B.Des (honors) in 2009.    
9/26/201951 minutes, 27 seconds
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Strong for the Studio

Kat and Alicia share their health and wellness journeys in a fun, casual chat.   This episode includes:   Getting back in shape and finding exercises that work for you Overcoming limiting beliefs about artists and fitness Life balance + more    Listen until the end to hear tips on exhibiting work and preparing for a solo exhibition (plus our embarrassing moments)!    Facebook support group:
9/12/201953 minutes, 4 seconds
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There Are No Rules | Kristi Kohut

Join us on a special episode in which Kat gets to know artist Kristi Kohut. The artist shares about the transition from working in advertising to being a full-time artist and gives us a glimpse into her world.  This episode covers:  Overcoming the fear of putting your work out there Creating your own rules and running an art business on your terms Kristi's work and inspiration Delegating tasks Staying inspired and more!  Kristi's journey as an artist began after taking time off from her job as an advertising director when her son was born in 2007. Kristi found that she had a creative force rising from her core, so she picked up a brush and began painting. In a month, her studio was filled with canvases from wall to wall and she knew she was onto something. After honing her craft for several years, Kristi was ready to market her work. But the typical artist's path and exclusive representation didn't feel like a fit — she wanted to connect one-on-one with potential buyers. Bucking the norm at the time, Kristi sold her art online and began sharing her story on Instagram. In one click, someone could become a collector and own a first edition, and in one message a person could have a conversation with Kristi. The direct-to-consumer approach was not only personally fulfilling for her, it was also a strategic decision. Kristi was out to build a true business and prove that fine art could be sold and scaled online. And so she did. Today, Kristi's work has been featured in over 70 publications, including Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Forbes and World of Interiors, and purchased by entrepreneurs, Hall of Fame athletes and magazine editors across four continents.
9/5/201931 minutes, 7 seconds
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Minding Your Business | Ilana Griffo

On this episode, Kat learns all about creative business management from Ilana Griffo! Ilana's book "Mind Your Business" is a beautifully designed workbook that can help artists and creatives take charge of their career. Our conversation includes: Ilana's Story and how she got to where she is today Time management Balancing personal life and business Leaving day jobs and more! Ilana Griffo is an illustrator with typographic tendencies. She has taught many craft and creative workshops, and is an adjunct professor. In 2011, Ilana launched a stationery line, Sugar & Type, which includes the Rule the World Planner, a weekly planner designed for creative go-getters. She turned her side hustle into a six-figure design studio after leaving her full-time job as an art director in 2015. Ilana lives in Rochester, New York, with her husband, son, and dog.
8/29/201932 minutes, 21 seconds
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Instagram: Fact or Fiction

On this episode, Kat and Alicia address common misconceptions about Instagram and offer tips to artists on how to make the most out of this platform. We share common success behaviors that help creatives drive sales, meet collectors, build a community, and more. On this episode find out: The reason why you don't need a lot of followers to benefit from Instagram Why you don't need to be posting or spending hours to make sales or gain valuable connections Tips on investing in ads and business partnerships + much more
8/12/201940 minutes, 29 seconds
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What to Do When "It" Hits the Fan

On this mini episode, Kat shares tips on how to handle difficult situations in your life and art career.
8/2/201917 minutes, 6 seconds
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Finding Purpose Through the Darkness | Jenny Brown

On this episode, Kat talks to collage artist Jenny Brown about her journey and how she discovered her artistic voice, overcame adversity, let go of the shame surrounding her dreams and gained clarity in her art career.  This episode includes conversations about: Discovering your creative calling Student loan debt and financial struggle Overcoming depression and more Jenny Brown is a 1996 graduate of Bennington College and she received her MFA in 2005 from The School of Visual Arts, where she focused on the mediums of painting, drawing, and collage. She moved to Providence, Rhode Island in 2008, and in 2018 set up space at Lyra Art Studios in the city’s Olneyville neighborhood. Her most recent solo show, “When You Speak to Me, This is What I See,” was curated by Periphery Space and presented at Paper Nautilus in Providence, RI, featuring a studio-like installation of her collages and drawings.
7/25/201934 minutes, 42 seconds
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10 Ways to Invest in Your Art Career

On this episode, guest host Alicia Puig shares top ways you can invest in your art career. Listen to this episode if you recently hit a slump or are simply looking for exciting and even free ways to give your art a boost!
7/22/201917 minutes, 7 seconds
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The Importance of Breaks, Travel Tips on a Budget + Q&A with Kat and Alicia

On this episode, Kat and Alicia check-in after taking a travel break. Alicia shares tips on how to travel without breaking the bank, and Kat shares her experiences with artist residencies. We address how powerful rest can be for your creative career. This episode also includes a brief Q&A at the end.
7/18/201957 minutes, 32 seconds
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Success Isn't Selfish

Are you struggling to justify why you want more success in your art career? Kat shares her recent thoughts and perspective change around why it's ok to want more. Here is your permission slip to start dreaming bigger today.
7/15/201917 minutes, 2 seconds
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Start Late, Live Your Dreams | Lisa Congdon

Join us for a super inspiring episode featuring one of Kat's favorite artists and role models, Lisa Congdon. If you are worried about whether it's too late for you to be an artist and pursue your dream, listen to this interview immediately! This episode covers: Lisa's journey and breakthroughs Starting later in life Overcoming imposter syndrome and fear Finding your artistic voice Managing your time and increasing productivity while making time for fun + more
7/11/201933 minutes
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In It for the Long Haul

Kat shares her new perspective shift career and talks about the importance of looking at our life and career as a bigger picture. If you struggle with productivity guilt, anxiety, or feeling like you are not doing enough, this episode is for you! 
6/19/201917 minutes, 26 seconds
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How to do it all!

On this quick episode, Kat shares one simple reason why she can maintain her art practice, creative business, and other multiple projects. 
6/13/201914 minutes, 39 seconds
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It's Groundhog Day | Austin Kleon

Artist and author Austin Kleon shares behind the scenes of his daily routine, the secret sauce to a successful career, and an inside look at his new book. "Austin Kleon is the New York Times bestselling author of a trilogy of illustrated books about creativity in the digital age: Steal Like An Artist, Show Your Work!, and Keep Going. He’s also the author of Newspaper Blackout, a collection of poems made by redacting the newspaper with a permanent marker."
6/6/201936 minutes, 36 seconds
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Frieze Week, Jerry Saltz and Art Fair Highlights

On this episode, Kat and Alicia share their recent experience in New York City during Frieze week. They discuss insights from a talk by Jerry Saltz, senior art critic and columnist for New York magazine. 
5/9/201924 minutes, 36 seconds
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Community Over Competition: Jamie Smith, founder of THRIVE

On this episode, Kat talks with Jamie Smith about her journey, starting THRIVE and the importance of community and accountability for artists.  "Being artists is very important and often lonely work and it’s our belief that to be thriving artists we must make art, meet our people and do the work. THRIVE is a membership community of worldwide visual artists! Our Mastermind program welcomes trans and cis women, as well as those who are genderqueer, femme-identifying and non-binary."  
5/2/201936 minutes, 42 seconds
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Let Yourself Grow: Erika Lee Sears

On this episode, Kat has a fun and inspiring conversation with Erika Lee Sears. Erika is a self-taught oil painter who took the plunge to leave her corporate job in order to paint full time.   Learn about how to commit to a daily painting practice, get tips for painting while traveling, set up a perfect morning routine and balance family life.   Links:   Travel paint supplies:   Wiliamsburg Paint   Gamsol   Travel Bag
4/25/201941 minutes, 20 seconds
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Taking the Power Back in Your Art Career with Michelle I. Gomez

On this episode of Art & Cocktails, Kat talks with Michelle I. Gomez about her entrepreneurial journey and how artists can take back self-worth and gain control over their life and finances. Michelle I. Gomez is the founder of Creative Unions Event Design LLC, the first event planning company dedicated to integrating contemporary art into life’s celebrations, she views marriage celebrations as specially curated art exhibitions that bring people together to celebrate and express unique love stories. After having founded her own successful arts business, she now serves as a Launch Strategist for Women identifying Artists wanting to launch their own arts businesses by coaching her clients on business strategy and emotional intelligence so they too can do what they love (and get paid for it). You can find Michelle at: Coaching Services: Creative Unions Event Design: Email: [email protected] IG: @michelleigomez and @creativeunion
4/18/201942 minutes, 38 seconds
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Artistacon: Leveling Up Creative Careers

On this episode, Kat welcomes guest Chris Kotsakis to share his journey and the story behind the new art conference, Artistacon. Artistacon is an educational conference for seasoned and aspiring creatives celebrating the creative process and the mentorship of a new generation. A unique and intimate engagement featuring workshops, educational symposia, portfolio reviews, demonstrations, and displays from featured artists, illustrators, and writers; all willing to share their expertise with those looking to build and expand professional bridges or pursue a career in the Arts.
4/11/201935 minutes, 4 seconds
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Tips for Surviving Day Jobs for Artists

Kat shares some essential tips that helped her grow her art career, build a portfolio and eventually transition to self-employment while working several day jobs. 
4/9/201926 minutes, 13 seconds
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How to Design a New Series

On this episode, Kat shares how she approaches starting a new painting series and offers tips to help you create a plan around a new body of work. Listen to this if you need help getting inspired, figuring out what your art will be about and executing! A Dictionary Of Color Combinations:  
4/5/201921 minutes, 55 seconds
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The Power of Imagination

On this episode, Kat interviews artist Shamona Stokes about her creative journey and how she overcame her fear of being an artist. Shamona Stokes is a ceramic sculptor from New Jersey. She holds a BFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. Her iconic sculptures explore the archetypes and imaginary figures of the subconscious.      
3/28/201928 minutes, 47 seconds
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Introducing PxP Contemporary

Q&A with Kat and Alicia answering common questions about the new project. We talk about why we started the gallery, what we are looking for, how to submit work, best practices and more! PxP Contemporary is an online platform which will connect collectors with high-quality, affordable artworks. We believe in transparent pricing, building meaningful relationships with our clients, providing exceptional customer service and above all, supporting the talented artists who we work with and represent.  
3/26/201925 minutes, 17 seconds
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How my wellness journey empowered my art career

I want to be really honest with you. On this episode, I share some not so great moments in my journey so far. I get pretty vulnerable and talk about experiences that inspired me to take control of my health and why I made wellness a priority. As a result, I have experienced some powerful breakthroughs in my art career that I want to pass on to you. -Kat This episode is sponsored by Artistacon: Artistacon is an educational conference for seasoned and aspiring creatives celebrating the creative process and the mentorship of a new generation. Save on tickets by using the code "CREATE" during checkout at
3/14/201920 minutes, 41 seconds
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Get the Most out of Working with Galleries

On this quick episode, Kat shares advice and recent experiences working with galleries and how to get the most out of it! 
3/7/201913 minutes, 58 seconds
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Ashley Longshore: Giving up Is Not an Option

Join Ashley Longshore and Kat on this special episode. We talk about the hard stuff: working through financial difficulty, not giving up, trusting and believing in yourself during times of uncertainty, staying in a positive frequency no matter what and working with high-end clients.  Sarah Ashley Longshore is a Louisiana-based painter, gallery owner, and entrepreneur. She is the owner of the Longshore Studio Gallery, located on Magazine Street in New Orleans. Longshore's art focuses on pop culture, Hollywood glamour, and American consumerism and has been compared to the artwork of Andy Warhol.
2/28/201935 minutes, 50 seconds
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How to Submit Your Art

If you are new to the art world and are having trouble figuring out how to submit work to juried shows, publications, art blogs and more, fear not! I have compiled a quick list of tips that I noticed from the curatorial end. I share simple advice to help you increase your chances of getting accepted to that dream opportunity!  More Career Tips
2/21/201921 minutes, 2 seconds
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Why Artists Should Dream More

On this quick episode, Kat shares her powerful recent experiences with dreaming both big and small. She offers some tools to help you guide the course of your art career (and life). 
2/12/201910 minutes, 45 seconds
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Giving a Voice to Artists with Christina Nafziger

On this episode, Kat introduces you to Christina Nafziger who frequently contributes to Create! Magazine. We chat about working in the arts, studying in London, navigating side hustles and more. Christina shares her journey so far and gives insights to help artists get more press.  Christina is a freelance writer, journalist, and editor focusing on contemporary art and visual culture.
2/7/201936 minutes
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Don't Know How to Get Started? Listen to This

On this episode, Kat shares her #1 tip for starting new creative projects, art series or anything else you keep thinking about but are stuck on.  If you have been daydreaming about an idea but have not yet pulled the trigger on it, this one is for you!  Brought to you by The Smartist Guide:
2/5/201919 minutes, 44 seconds
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Fighting Overwhelm

On this quick episode, Kat shares some strategies for fighting anxiety and overwhelm in our creative careers.
1/18/201913 minutes, 31 seconds
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Introducing The Smartist Guide!

Kat and Alicia introduce you to the new book Smartist Guide: Essential Art Career Tips For Emerging Artists and share what you can expect to find inside. We share some interesting moments from our own careers and what we wish we knew back when we first started. This episode also includes tips on handling rejection, avoiding scams and protecting your work with copyright! Get the book: Send questions to: [email protected] [email protected]  
1/15/201933 minutes, 52 seconds
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Leaving Your Day Job

On this episode Kat shares her experience of becoming self-employed almost three years ago and offers some helpful tips to plan and prepare yourself for being your own boss.  Books to help you: You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth by Jen Sincero   Think and Grow Rich: The Original, an Official Publication of The Napoleon Hill Foundation  Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin  I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi      
1/10/201932 minutes, 2 seconds
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Cheers to Failure!

On the last episode of 2018, I want to give a huge shoutout to my failures and talk about why they are more important than my successes. 
12/29/201818 minutes, 10 seconds
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Second Chances: Interview with Michael Kalmbach, Artist and the Director of The Creative Vision Factory

Have you ever felt disappointed in the course of your art career and even doubted your journey? On this episode, Michael Kalmbach shares his story of overcoming addiction, navigating his own art career and using parts of his story and life experiences to serve the community. Michael is a contemporary artist and the director of The Creative Vision Factory. The Creative Vision Factory provides individuals on the behavioral health spectrum opportunities for self-expression, empowerment and recovery through the arts. Members are free to pursue a wide array of visual, literary and performing arts. Workshops, personalized instruction, and open studio time allow each artist to develop and pursue their own creative practice. Michael Kalmbach received his MFA at the University of Delaware in 2008. Shortly after graduation he accepted a position at the Delaware College of Art & Design, and founded the New Wilmington Art Association, an organization that organized exhibitions of contemporary art in Wilmington’s vacant retail spaces from August 2008 to April 2013. This work led to Michael’s involvement with the Chris White Community Development Corporation, which developed the 23-unit artist live/work space, Shipley Lofts. Kalmbach served the CWCDC as Board Chairman from 2013-2016. In June 2011 he accepted a contract with the State’s Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health to develop and direct an art program in downtown Wilmington. The Creative Vision Factory has been open since December of 2011, and fosters the creative potential of individuals on the behavioral health spectrum in a studio art environment that cultivates integration with the community through a program of exhibitions, workshops, and communal work space. The Creative Vision Factory opened its doors in December of 2011. Funded by the State of Delaware’s Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health, it is one of several peer-run programs incubated by the sweeping reform of Delaware’s greater mental health system. The Creative Vision Factory is on a path to 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. As a peer-run nonprofit agency, the Factory will be uniquely situated to serve the community, in the heart of an arts and cultural district, that sees the behavioral health population as a genuine partner in the development of a more creative and just City of Wilmington.
12/27/201839 minutes, 35 seconds
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Navigating Multiple Passions in the Arts

On this episode I (Kat) share some pros and cons of being multi-passionate and how I'm managing my time being a painter, magazine publisher, writer and more. I share a few tips that help me make the most of each project and achieve my goals in each area.     
12/22/201815 minutes, 45 seconds
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Writing About Art: Interview with Emily Steer, Elephant Magazine

Let's go behind the scenes of Elephant Magazine! Emily shares her personal story and talks about how she took an untraditional route to journalism, overcame imposter syndrome and eventually established herself as the editor of this leading art magazine. This episode includes bonus tips for artists and gives insight into how contemporary art editors discover new talent. Episode notes:
12/21/201830 minutes, 30 seconds
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Quickie: Yes, You Belong in the Art World

Kat briefly summarizes her recent trip to Art Basel Miami and gives a little encouragement for artist listeners. Tune in to hear what to expect in the next few episodes of Art and Cocktails or if you need a little pick-me-up in your art practice. :)    
12/14/201810 minutes, 7 seconds
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How To Sell Your Art Online: Champagne Chat with Kat #7

Kat shares how she has been selling her paintings and works on paper online for the past few years. This episode includes tips on how to set up your shop, common mistakes to avoid, curating your content, marketing and promoting your work. Happy Selling!        
11/27/201823 minutes, 32 seconds
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Mental Health For Artists: Podcast Interview with TJ Walsh

On this episode, artist and psychotherapist TJ Walsh shares his story, how he found his way back to painting and the moment that inspired him to help others through therapy. TJ talks about overcoming emotional difficulty, depression, creative burnout and offers practical insight for creatives going through a hard time. We discuss his approach to painting and recent exhibition as well. Instagram: @tjwalsh  Private Practice: Art site:
11/15/201829 minutes, 46 seconds
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Newbie marketing, pricing, creating a body of work and time management (and still making time for friends) | Champagne Chat With Kat #6

On this Q&A episode, Kat answers your questions about how to market yourself when you are still developing your style and voice, creating a cohesive body of work, pricing your art, what to focus on in your art career when you are strapped for time, navigating relationships, whether you need a degree to be an artist (spoiler, the answer is no) and more!
11/6/201830 minutes, 55 seconds
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The Art History Babes!

On this episode, Kat interviews Corrie and Natalie (2/4 of The Art History Babes) about the inspiration behind the Art History Babes podcast, handling criticism, the challenges of starting your own projects, building a community instead of competition and more.  "The Art History Babes are four lady pals with Masters’ degrees in Art History that love to drink wine and discuss visual culture. The show explores various aspects of art and art history from a largely interdisciplinary perspective. Our primary goal is to make art accessible, promote curiosity, and illuminate how relevant and fun the study of visual culture can be."    
11/1/20181 hour, 8 minutes, 59 seconds
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Going The Extra Mile: Career Decisions, Networking and Standing Out From The Crowd With Alicia Puig

On this episode, Alicia Puig shares how she figured out her unique career path in the art world and what helped her make the difficult decision about which one of her passions to pursue. Alicia has been able to carve out a place for herself in the arts by practicing resilience and handling rejection with grace. She shares tips on how to stick out from the crowd and outsmart your competition when looking for opportunities. This episode also offers effective networking strategies and offers tips for artists on working with galleries. If you are at a crossroads in your career or are excited about making it as a gallerist, curator or work with major art institutions, this one is for you!
10/26/20181 hour, 3 minutes, 52 seconds
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The Courage to Enjoy It: Interview with Andrew Salgado

On this episode of Art and Cocktails, Kat interviews contemporary artist Andrew Salgado about the inspiration behind his recent exhibition at Angell Gallery, his approach to painting, bringing pleasure back to art-making, the importance of rest for artists and much more. Andrew Salgado is a leading young figurative painter with over a dozen sold-out international exhibitions, including London, New York, Zagreb, Miami, Cape Town, and Basel. In 2017, Salgado was the youngest artist to ever receive a survey-exhibition at The Canadian High Commission in London, accompanied by a 300-page monograph, both of which were entitled TEN.
10/18/201829 minutes, 51 seconds
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Dreaming Up Your Art Career | Champagne Chat With Kat #5

Kat offers simple tips on writing down goals for your art career and shares some recent wins within her own painting practice, including international exhibitions. This episode is a simple approach to dreaming and goal setting, specifically for emerging artists. Resources: Ideal Life Visualization by Jason Stephenson: Desire Map Book by Danielle Laporte:
10/17/201813 minutes, 4 seconds
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Using Your Voice: Interview with Erika b Hess

Join us for a fun co-interview with artist Erika b Hess who recently launched her own podcast, I Like Your Work. We talk about artist residencies (I just got back from France at the time of recording), feminism, and being a painter, podcasting and entrepreneurship. Erika and I also discuss the importance of fostering our own artist communities and using our voice as artists. Erika b Hess is a painter based in Boston recognized for her use and interest in color. Hess’s work has been exhibited nationally including Prince Street Gallery in NYC, Last Projects in Los Angles, CA, and Boston Center for the Arts in Boston, MA. In 2017, she had two solo exhibitions, “The Line Between the Past and the Present,” at Musa Collective, Allston MA and “Viewing Light,” at Newton Free Library, Newton, MA. Her work has been featured in various publications including, Poets and Artists, Fresh Paint, Charles River Journal and Post Industrial Complex, a book released by the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. Her work was selected by John Seed to be featured in, “Fifty Memorable Artists 2015”. She has served on panels such as Cleveland Institute of Art’s, “Feminism Now: Exposing the Truth”, was a visiting juror for Dayton Visual Art Center’s 2016-2018 biennial, and is a recurring juror for the Walker Art MFA Prize at Boston University. Hess is a co-founder of MUSA Collective, an artist-run collective in Boston, and received her MFA from Boston University. I Like Your Work is dedicated to interviewing creative people from painters and artists to collectors and curators. People who are involved in a creative lifestyle and also in building community within the arts.  You can see images of artist work below on the blog or on Instagram at ilikeyourworkpodcast.
10/12/201858 minutes, 47 seconds
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Feminist Ceramics: Interview with Jen Dwyer

On this episode, Kat interviews Jen and learns about her creative journey, the inspiration behind her latest ceramics and her upcoming exhibition in NYC. Kat and Jen chat about overcoming creative fear, taking risks, self care and much more. Jen Dwyer is a ceramicist artist who makes socially engaged ceramic sculptures and functional art objects.  Upcoming Exhibitions: Not For Your Bunny, Lucas Lucas Gallery, opening Oct 18 6-9pm (On view through Nov 18, 2018). Co-curated by Stacie Lucas and Nathalie Levey. Femme, Juxtapoz at the new brick and mortar gallery and bookstore in Jersey City (March 1st, 2019)  
10/5/201837 minutes, 2 seconds
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On Curating: Margaret Winslow, the Curator of Contemporary Art at the Delaware Art Museum

Join us for a fun and informative conversation with Margaret Winslow, the Curator of Contemporary Art at the Delaware Art Museum. Margaret shares her journey of becoming a curator, offers advice for those interested in pursuing museum or curatorial work and shares tips for interested in getting a museum exhibition. Margaret Winslow currently lives and works in Wilmington, Delaware where she is the Curator of Contemporary Art at the Delaware Art Museum. Margaret has curated for the Neuberger Museum of Art and The Delaware Contemporary and assisted with exhibits for the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum. Her recent exhibitions at the Delaware Art Museum include Dream Streets: Art in Wilmington 1970–1990, Retro-Active: Performance Art from 1964–1987, Anne Truitt: Luminosities, and Once Upon a Time in Delaware: In Quest of the Perfect Book, the most recent installment of Nina Katchadourian’s Sorted Books project. In 2010, she attended Independent Curators International’s Curatorial Intensive in New York and in 2015, she served as juror for Art of the State: Pennsylvania at the State Museum of Pennsylvania. Margaret holds a B.A. in Art History from the University of Mary Washington and an M.A. in Modern and Contemporary Art, Theory, and Criticism from SUNY Purchase College.   Resources:  
9/27/201834 minutes, 28 seconds
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Getting to the Next Level of Your Art Career, Tackling Fear and Staying Motivated | Champagne Chat With Kat #4

On this bonus episode, Kat shares her experiences and perspectives on fear, how to get to the next level of your art career and stay motivated. Reading materials to help you get to the next level:
9/25/201822 minutes, 26 seconds
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Instagram For Artists Part I | Champagne Chat With Kat #3

This month I celebrated new milestones on my Instagram accounts and wanted to share some simple, easy tips that helped me get my personal account to 20k and the magazine's account to 60k. I use instagram to network, share my work with the world and even connect with new collectors! I want to share what has been working for me to help you do the same. On this episode, I cover the basics on what to post, how to promote and even sell artwork. Perfect for beginners. 
9/20/201822 minutes, 32 seconds
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Art as Ritual, Sourcing Materials from Nature and Artist Residencies with Gillian King

Join us for a special episode with artist Gillian King as she shares her story, as well as the evolution of her creative process. Gillian talks about how she started using plants and natural materials in her abstract paintings, her experiences in international artist residencies and more. Gillian King is a painter and art educator from Winnipeg, Manitoba and MFA Graduate from the University of Ottawa.
9/6/201851 minutes, 18 seconds
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Celebrating YOU! Info about the October event at PAFA and podcast interview with Kate Young

On this episode, Kat does a brief introduction to the Create! Magazine two-year anniversary launch party at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts on October 4, 2018, from 6:30-9:30 pm generously sponsored by PAFA and Bluecoat Gin. This event is a celebration of our magazine and the art community that makes it possible. Kate also interviews, Kate Young, Venue Sales Manager at PAFA about the beautiful space.  RSVP:
8/30/201821 minutes, 35 seconds
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Protecting Your Creative Energy: Interview with Marc Scheff

On this episode, artist Marc Scheff openly shares his personal story and creative journey. Kat and Marc discuss the importance of curating your schedule, protecting your energy and filling your life with people and activities that inspire. "Marc Scheff is an award-winning artist based in New York City known for his unique dimensional conceptual portraits in layers of resin." Website: Upcoming Exhibition at Corey Helford Gallery: Instagram:  
8/23/201856 minutes, 46 seconds
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Let’s Talk About Artist Residences! Champagne Chat With Kat #2

On this Q&A episode, Kat answers your questions and shares her experiences with artist residencies in Greece, Iceland and France. She talks about what to expect, her favorite aspects, tips for packing, funding and more. If you are curious or are thinking about traveling abroad and applying to a residency, this one is for you!    Resources:   Where to find residencies:
8/16/201827 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Art of Cocktails: Interview with Justin Anthony, Co-Founder of Artwork Archive

On this episode, Kat chats with Justin Anthony about his creative upbringing, being the co-founder of Artwork Archive along with John Feustel, serving the art community and celebrating the art of cocktails through his new ventures.  Justin explains the features of Artwork Archive and how it can help artists navigate the "not-so-sexy" aspects of their career and help them make a living doing what they love. Artwork Archive is an online resource that provides artists and collectors powerful, easy-to-use tools to organize and manage their artwork. This episode also touches on the importance of self care, striving for balance in our schedules on more! Justin's Cocktail Spots: About Artwork Archive A small team based out of of Denver CO, we are made up of artists, entrepreneurs, developers, writers, designers and explorers. We built Artwork Archive to give artists and collectors a better way to manage their art. We've been doing this since 2010 and were one of the first cloud-based art inventory systems. We serve thousands of artists, collectors and organizations from 50 different countries. We work closely with our users to build the best possible art management system for their needs. Our program is accessible enough for early-stage artists or collectors and powerful enough for some of the largest organizations. We pride ourselves in exceptional customer service.
8/8/201832 minutes, 22 seconds
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Trusting Your Intuition: Interview With Dan Lam

On this episode, Kat chats with artist Dan Lam about her personal story, creative journey and the evolution of her sculptures. The artist shares her intuitive approach to art making and talks about why artists should focus on developing their craft before anything else. Dan also shares tips on navigating the world of social media and offers advice for artists looking to use Instagram to grow their career. Website: Dan Lam was born in the Philippines to Vietnamese refugee parents. The small family made their way to Texas when she was just a baby and established in Houston. Later, she and her mother would move to Dallas, TX. Always one to follow her intuition and passion, she pursued an academic path in the fine arts. Dan obtained her Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of North Texas in the fall of 2010 and went on to a Master's program in Fine Arts at Arizona State University, graduating in the spring of 2014. Dan has had the honor of being published twice in New American Paintings, first in the MFA Issue no. 111 as Juror’s Pick as well in the West Region Issue No. 120.
8/2/201833 minutes, 47 seconds
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Art as a Celebration: Interview with Alonsa Guevara

On this episode, join us for a fun and inspiring conversation with artist Alonsa Guevara. Alonsa shares her journey of growing up in Chile, moving to New York and developing her career as a brilliant painter. Alonsa and Kat talk about inspiration, overcoming challenges, making money doing what you love and showing up for yourself as an artist. Alonsa's breathtaking paintings, personal story, hard working spirit and sunny personality will be sure to inspire you. Alonsa Guevara is a Brooklyn based artist. She was born in Rancagua, Chile. Her paintings blur the lines between fantasy and reality while celebrating the connection between humankind and nature. A big part of her inspiration derives from her childhood spent living in the Ecuadorian rainforest with her family, growing up surrounded by tropical landscapes and a diverse wildlife. Alonsa received her BFA from the Pontific Catholic University of Chile in 2009 and moved to New York in 2011. She was awarded the Elizabeth Greenshields Grant in 2013 while being at the MFA Program of the New York Academy of Art, and after graduating she was granted the Academy's Fellowship award 2015. Alonsa's work: Anna Zorina Gallery: New York Academy of Art:
7/26/201856 minutes, 16 seconds
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It Starts With The First Stitch: Interview with Olek

On this episode, Olek openly shares her story of growing up in Poland, moving to New York and establishing herself as a leading contemporary artist. She offers invaluable advice on maintaining a rigorous studio practice, trusting your intuition, showing up for yourself and much more. Warning: Olek’s passion for art and community is contagious.    Olek's Website:
7/19/20181 hour, 14 minutes, 32 seconds
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Champagne Chat With Kat #1 (tips For emerging artists)

Bonus Q&A episode for emerging artists! With lots of love, based on personal experiences Kat shares quick, simple tips for getting your work featured more, when to apply to galleries, building your own community, sharing your unique story, finding a mentor (or what that may look like for you) and more.    Related Articles:    The Do’s and Don’ts of Applying to Galleries   5 Things Keeping Your Art from Being Featured
7/13/201817 minutes, 1 second
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Going Full Circle: Chat with Jessica Rivas, artist and Marketing Associate at Art Miami Fairs

On this episode, Kat chats with Jessica Rivas, artist and Marketing Associate at Art Miami Fairs.  Enjoy this fun conversation about her sketches, photography, vlog and maintaining an art practice while balancing other responsibilities in sunny Miami. Jessica shares her creative journey and the story of how destiny always seems to bring her back to art.  Jessica's Website: Vlog: Art Miami:
7/12/201833 minutes, 18 seconds
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The Language of Painting: Interview With Artist Anna Valdez

On this episode, Kat and Anna share a few drinks and dive into Anna's incredible journey as a painter. We chat about how her experiences in archeology and anthropology influenced her current work. Anna talks about her love of processes and rituals and explains the inspiration behind her beautiful paintings. Born in 1985 in Sacramento, California, Anna Valdez’s interest in cultural formation and collective consciousness began in her hometown. Exposed from a young age to a uniquely Californian cultural milieu, her proclivity for collecting and crafting a poignant and meaningful visual vocabulary took root during time spent sharing in the traditions and environments of people within her community. Her fascination with the ways in which cultural identities intersect lead her to pursue a career in sociocultural anthropology. It was on an archeological dig in Ireland that Valdez first discovered her skill for art making. Valdez was encouraged to keep a sketchbook of the site, creating scale drawings and maps. Visually reinterpreting these “abandoned sites” allowed Valdez to explore the connection between anthropological and artistic methods of cataloguing and record-keeping. Today, working across painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, and digital media, Valdez examines the relationship between material and cultural identity. Valdez incorporates articles found in domestic spaces such as plants, textiles, vessels and keepsakes into her work as a method of storytelling.  Her colorful work invites the viewer to consider objects as emblematic of personal and collective experience, shifting between still life and portraiture.  Anna Valdez received her MFA in painting from Boston University in 2013. Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries across the United States. Valdez’s work has been featured in Juxtapoz Magazine, New American Paintings,, and Daily Serving. Her work has recently been exhibited at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Masur Museum of Art, the Danforth Museum, Boston University Art Galleries, Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco, and Parts Gallery in Toronto Canada. Anna's Work: Recent Museum Exhibition at Crystal Bridges:
7/5/201843 minutes, 3 seconds
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Art and Story: Interview with Filmmaker Jesse Brass

On this episode of, Kat chats with Jesse Brass, an artist and storyteller behind the film series Making Art. The films have reached an audience of millions and been featured by leading art publications and blogs around the world. Kat interviews Jesse about his background and inspiration behind the series. Jesse’s Films:   Support Jesse’s project:
6/28/201829 minutes, 25 seconds
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Embracing The Weird, Wild and Wonderful (Interview with Shelby McFadden)

On this episode, Kat chats with graphic designer Shelby McFadden about her creative journey, falling in love with design, and eventually leaving her 9-5 to pursue her dreams. Shelby is a designer, founder and editor of Pikchur Magazine and the designer for Create! Magazine. Shelby also talks about the inspiration behind her new magazine, what inspires her and offers branding tips for creatives. Shelby McFadden is a graphic designer, illustrator, and entrepeneur who resides in a small town located between Baltimore, Annapolis, and Washington D.C. She graduated from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania in 2011 with a BFA in Communication Design with a concentration in Graphic Design and Advertising Design. She has a passion for art and design, and she feels imagination and creativity are what feeds the soul. With her mom’s influence, she grew up loving all things weird, nerdy and... “old.” Movies like Star Wars, Fright Night and Labyrinth are her top favorite movies to watch on repeat. You can often find her listening to David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, or 80’s artists like The Cure and Echo & the Bunnymen. Her favorite time of year is fall and Halloween season, and she is a big collector in Halloween antiques. For fun, she browses antique shops and yard sales, reads tarot cards to her friends, and plays Super Nintendo. She finds her interests influence her work and her love for everything weird, wild, and wonderful.
6/14/201834 minutes, 43 seconds
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Love in a Parallel Universe: Interview with Madelaine Buttini (Madbutt)

Madelaine Buttini (Madbutt) is a visual artist from Brisbane, Australia currently exploring hand cut and digital collage using vintage and modern materials. In this episode, Maddie shares a beautiful, personal account of her life and creative journey. Enjoy our juicy chat about romance, changing careers, and following your instincts to find your artistic voice. We also discuss her current work and creative process behind her dreamy collages.   Maddie's details  Anthony Lister Faust's details Scottie Marsh's details
6/7/201856 minutes, 44 seconds
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The Good Witch of The Art World + Tips on Making Magic Happen in Your Art Career

In this episode, Kat chats with curator Sarah Potter about becoming an art adviser in NYC, as well as how she got the title “The Good Witch of the Art World". Sarah offers invaluable tips on overcoming creative block, how to successfully submit work to opportunities and more. We also learn about Sarah’s Cosmic Beach House summer pop-up project at Outpost in Asbury Park.   Sarah’s Site: The Outpost: Instagram: @iamsarahpotter Jillian Carlock:  
5/31/201830 minutes, 29 seconds
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Artist Blocks, Books and Baileys: a conversation with The Jealous Curator

After years of knowing each other online, Danielle Krysa (The Jealous Curator) and I finally get to chat! We discuss her new book, collages and more. Join us for coffee and Baileys in this fun and inspiring interview.    Order her new book: More about Danielle:   Intro music by Francisco Rigozzi and Martin Diaz Ámpola