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English, Personal health, 2 seasons, 25 episodes, 19 hours, 59 minutes
The Courtney Black Podcast is a place where me and celebrity guests will be talking all things fitness, health, mindset and so much more! Let's get fitter, healthier and happier TOGETHER!
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S2EP12: Henry Fraser on finding strength, positivity and gratitude in the face of tragedy

Today I am speaking to bestselling author, motivational speaker, mouth artist and all - round inspiration Henry Fraser. Henry's life completely changed when an accident on holiday left him paralysed from the neck down aged 17. Now, 10 years later he takes us back on his journey and shares how his experience has made him the person he is proud to be. I was completely blown away by Henry and just know you guys are going to be too!
11/8/202146 minutes, 28 seconds
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S2EP11: Ella Mills on using lifestyle as medicine, what it takes to run a successful business and those all important work/ life boundaries

On today's episode I speak to hugely successful entrepreneur Ella Mills on her journey so far creating Deliciously Ella; the leading plant - based food company, a resource that helps you live better and make vegetables cool. We talk about what it is like to be the face of a brand, the work - life balance and boundaries she has established over the years of growing her business with her husband and how she used lifestyle and food as medicine to completely transform her life. This is so interesting and I know you guys are going to love it! 
11/1/202150 minutes, 56 seconds
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S2EP10: Solo episode on how I built a Multi Million pound business

Today's episode is something completely different to anything I have recorded before. We're leaving the dumbbells and calories behind and digging deep into who I am as a business woman, how I built a multi million pound business and the highs and lows along the way. I hope you guys enjoy this episode!
10/24/202127 minutes, 23 seconds
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SE2EP9: Charlie Peters on why so many lack consistency, staying motivated and discipline

On this weeks episode I chat to three time Muay Thai World Champion and online trainer Charlie Peters. In this podcast you'll learn the secret to his super inspiring level of motivation and self discipline. 
10/17/20211 hour, 8 minutes, 12 seconds
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S2EP8: Skin Wizard Alara on understanding the science behind beautiful skin

On todays episode I speak to my skincare specialist Alara. Alara runs a hugely successful business, Facial Aerobics and has helped so many people feel more confident and happy in their skin. We talk everything from Alara's top product recommendations to how our body, nutrition, gut health and daily habits can impact our skin. I know you guys are going to find this so informative - enjoy!
10/10/202145 minutes, 2 seconds
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S2EP7: Connie Simmonds on being a life coach, finding your confidence after kids and getting back to work

On this weeks episode I speak to the lovely Connie Simmonds who has been in the fitness industry for years but recently qualified as a life coach. Connie has a gorgeous daughter and we speak about the life changes after having a baby, finding your confidence again and getting back to business as a working mum. 
10/3/202143 minutes, 2 seconds
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Bonus solo episode: On how to achieve successful and sustainable fat loss

On today’s podcast I am going to go deep into how to achieve successful fat loss. I know it can be quite confusing and there is so much information available out there but it really doesn’t have to be daunting and when done correctly it can also be quite fun and extremely rewarding to see results and feel healthier and fitter.
9/30/202114 minutes, 34 seconds
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S2EP6: Chloe Madeley on her growth as a fitness coach, proving that she's not just a celeb daughter and why setting goals is so important

On this weeks episode, we have the amazing Chloe Madeley. Chloe is a 4 time best selling author, fitness coach & nutritionist. We have a super similar view on fitness and what it means to be the fittest, healthiest & happiest version of yourself, so as you can imagine, we got on like a house on fire! Chloe has really had to prove herself in the fitness industry, after many people feeling that she got a leg up from her celeb parents, but I'm telling you - this girl knows her stuff! Enjoy!
9/26/202150 minutes, 46 seconds
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S2EP5: Zara McDermott on the effects of fame, revenge porn and relationships in the public eye

Zara McDermott shot to fame after being on Love Island in 2018.  After coming out of the villa, Zara was unfortunately the victim of a  very public revenge porn scandal, which has now lead to her speaking out on this huge issue and working with the BBC on multiple documentaries to help to resolve and raise awareness to it. 
9/19/202143 minutes, 5 seconds
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S2EP4: Dr Emilia Thompson on coaching women through distorted eating and improving our relationship with food

In this weeks episode, I talk to the amazing Emilia Thompson, who uses her platform to share some really helpful and interesting information about distorted eating, how we can improve our relationships with food, how important sleep is and so much more.  We have a really powerful chat about toxic diet culture and how we hope it is slowly improving. 
9/12/202147 minutes, 10 seconds
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Bonus solo episode: On binge eating, chewing & spitting disease and other toxic diet habits

Trigger warning - this episode contains stories, language and information that some may find triggering.  Eating disorders are not spoken about enough and there are so many layers, toxic habits and things that go on, that so many people don't even know about. In this bonus episode, I talk about my past experiences with binge eating, chewing and spitting disease and my eating disorder overall. 
9/9/202110 minutes, 25 seconds
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S2EP3: Susie Ma on building a successful business, adapting & overcoming challenges and being a strong woman in business

Susie Ma is the incredible owner of a brand that I love, find super inspiring and is really leading the way with its sustainability standards - Tropic Skincare.  Tropic began when Susie and her mum would make their own soaps & scrubs to sell at Greenwich Market. Since then, she has now grown exponentially to a team of over 400 employees and to be the first person to ever securing funding from Lord Alan Sugar after appearing on, but not winning, The Apprentice.   
9/5/202139 minutes, 52 seconds
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S2EP2: Sex Therapist Kate Moyle on having great sex, pleasuring yourself & feeling comfortable enough to talk about it

This is a subject that a year ago, or maybe even 6 months ago, I would have never publicly spoke about? But why not! Sex is a huge part of our lives and relationships and is so important to feel comfortable enough to discuss! So on this episode, we have an amazing sex therapist called Kate Moyle to give us the lowdown on having great sex, pleasuring ourselves, self love & sex toys!
8/29/202156 minutes, 39 seconds
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S2EP1: James Smith on competition in the fitness industry, relationships & masturbation, alcohol and cancel culture

You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you that this was actually the first time me and James had met in person... but it was! I have followed and been in contact with James for such a long time, that I felt like we already knew each other, which is why I think this chat was so good and perfect for the first episode of season two of my podcast! We talk about everything from the negatives within the fitness industry, to relationships and masturbating and then onto our own experiences with alcohol & cancel culture. 
8/22/20211 hour, 18 minutes, 37 seconds